#394 - The Blame Game

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss iOS10, missing flights, shifting responsibility, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 19, 2016, sponsored by NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2bvzA3K), Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt), Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/29tyrJm)

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Recorded: 2016-09-20 15:26:49

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the podcast this week brought you by audibl NatureBox and trunk club I forgot my trunk I'm going to trunk them off and make sure you guys well thanks for asking I'm Blaine I'm just sounds like Bernie Paula that I was like on the podcast was like what was that sound photo of Bernie is it is normally a very unreliable person but when it comes to the podcast he's always like he's always here he was supposed to be here today and then cancel at the last minute so Blain your replies I'm sorry I can't stay and you still over there with all of his fucking Hollywood Emmy friends and I actually went out to the premiere of he was like the cast and crew premiere of the show that they're Amazing Race very good and afterwards they're all I can go hang out and go to the bar and stuff like that and I just like Britney was amongst his friends and I was like I totally felt like a scale below those guys like they're all pretty and beautiful and they're all hanging out I'm just going to go over because you a headache Blaine you're really talking about it Takin coming out so it comes back out now so whenever you get a do you have like a list of women and as you can see your girlfriend used to having you still got it you still got the list yeah yeah yeah I will have the balance you want ride Emmy not sure why not try I feel like strong people can hold there and lay upside down. Did you see the gift that woman who was like a stretch as you'd like some weird yoga pose but she was like doing a handstand essentially and her legs were curled up back over behind her head and she did like a push up like that the only guy I cannot imagine the amount of strength you have to have in order to do that and balance video one of the women who completed the Ninja Warrior course she's a backflip on the red carpet at the Emmys Bachelorette balance balance so I guess you never focus on why they didn't so I went to the doctor fairly recent like I was like 400 can I physical do like go to work and stuff and I don't know if you know but I'm not that old yet but at one point the doctor lets me go see how good your balance is good it's good for me and I was like a lot of trouble map do you get older your head the fluid in your inner ear become more solid and your balance is in As Good As It Gets Chrysler's exercises try to see if you can keep me in your ballot for as long as you can it's like I'm really depressed now better or was you just being like your old ass whole register and remind me that I'm older if I can take better care of myself I like to shoot more fluid into it should be like some kind of feel like if it's just put more in it like a car do I take the old one out like you like you like you get your car oil change a rear oil change dog was he concerned about the concern that you're going to be walking and just fall over maybe when you are aware of asleep or get a full moon coming down the stairs like I said the other day no reason just slipped out from under me no I hadn't cut myself my head was going to write back on the stairs anyway there to witness it over I got my arm out and I stop myself boot Falls like a pretty awesome but nobody saw it the other day never leaving and he's got that stupid Razor scooter and he got on it and I was like oh you look really cool out and started on the scooter and fell face-first it was like he skidded on his face in the parking lot worst part is you just told me how cool that is also the coolest thing I've ever done I've done ever did was there were two dudes about to push me into a swimming pool moving like chocolate in the pool then I realize scrapping like would try to push each other and they both push me really hard and I was like over the wall reach back and I grabbed them both like by their underwear and t-shirts at the T-shirt on break or something it was awesome that was my life 1202 playoff cool because the second that you're like that it's not like nobody's there for if you like whenever you take a shower your Washington out here like soap so if he just looked at it and then just go back to sleep so if you could get to mod your life once and done on your deathbed just got to get over your best moment no one has ever seen Cano 1 woman and kids are playing kickball and I was walking by the base and some kid just kicked you out but I stuck my arm out and just like stopped at his place and everybody and I felt really cool but I like I swear to God I liked or my shoulder and my hand was on fire like I just said I just woke up like an hour ago so if you have with no eye Mount to shower for podcast I had like 3 hours of sleep last night but yeah I had to drop my girl from the airport this morning at like 5:30 a.m. to run on fumes here thank you so much basketball vacation island to Tenerife ride by Africa Canary Islands ride of the worst aircraft disaster to PlayStation from that Cliff was involved in the plane crash to Cliff with crappy because Pebbles nobody was really there that me and all the friends you I saw every year we just go down there and like shoot the shit hang out and we noticed this hole in the side of the cliff that way up like it's a hundred feet are probably always trying to throw a star in this hole and we just do it as well as we're hanging out just some with rooster and then nothing will happen with 20 minutes enough to try this one on for about 4 years and one that we like we could get started this whole week and it was really like this pretty crappy it's just like some of the folks on this homeless people throwing like 4020 Steins missing I found a chair plastic shed that been done from the beach the light off why was the Challenger came out like this into a cut and highlight has the with the sport we like yeah so I decided I was like I'm going to get it started and then I just went straight into the hole and I was like is like it was the coolest moment still here for you can play her like she was because she was loved numbers like a pro what's it like it's with what happened with the girl nothing nothing happened I had this one girl I think you and Dad met her she was like at our Texas a couple years ago and she was like as you would say. Really cute girl and don't ever describe girls someone says she is talking to her and she was talking like this is like this one girl that I just kept sucking up like everything I would try to do those cool we'll just completely fall flat that was like for ride around town I got the Jeep and I had only driven manual like if she times did you get a Jeep for now but every time she's in the car even when I knew how to drive manual car do you want to fight ride like my dad's a mechanic and we gotta go for it you just wish I had your balls like in her hands I could make you like him over there yeah she's she's cool and then she can drive that you showed me of something I was in the office for a while I was like really good arcade is amazing like that one because bars in Austin but there's like they have items that they don't have in the game that are like really fucking stupid I can't think off the top my head what they are but they look really shitty Adams beers and some Double Dash I did not people like that I did not personally like double that was behind you does it work Baby Mario thank Mario just before that canonically Mario Super Mario can we talk about his text messages free I don't understand stickers and place them into text messaging now you never done that yet you just go and update it what do you mean what up a conversation can look like wait is this an app this is just in messages give me I think Jony Ive to cover all of the way the software looked if you use right hard right now so I don't get involved with iOS and everything felt right and everything made it look pretty so everything was nice for the worse it is Blain there is an iMessage App Store and iMessage app store where you can go to buy stickers and other than that there's already have so it is not there and go somewhere totally different to this one I guarantee you this and if you press the text field it slides out then you go to the stick on the button and let me know you got to hit the little thing on the lower left of it I don't like the new iPhone like I think you made it sweet about it do iPhones have forgot I hadn't really didn't see the press conference or whatever didn't really look into it and then one day I sat down and looked at the specifications and all that it was like this is actually it's just it it's like it's not good like that removing the headphone jack I get that they're trying to push Bluetooth but it's like so you 1 to listen to your iPhone while charging it or something it can't do that what listen to my out phone number for Icon airplane sometime I delete Bluetooth like other companies licensed it's just better that sucks yeah that's fine I just keep upgrading created like their own now they have their a chip in the The W 1 yeah they like increases what I can do my pre show any Bluetooth connect to my Bluetooth headset vide know I know the Bluetooth works but I thought they didn't fucking Jack totally happy with it right now there was a camera laugh you know how these folks there was a letter how to write a how-to video I saw online where someone show you how to add a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to a iPhone 7 and all he did was he just got a drill with a 3.5 millimeter drill right through the how to take engine out of phone still turned on you make fun of the store like on all the stickers I guarantee you that's how they get a ton of users to upgrade their phone like the the OS like I remember follow one of the biggest reasons she updated the last time was because of 1 whole new Emoji pack like that is I'm scared to use any of that new stuff with people who I don't know if they have IOS 10 for acting like a black Boxer do that thing where you hold down on a message you can put two! Text comes through is like the update text messages you can like text messages and do something to tell me what it comes out sometimes I don't want to use Touch ID I just want to go straight to my car before I would just swipe to the right and I tried to tell you now that it doesn't get you to the car do you have to wait for a mess up and fail how many times do the hands of with them off and doesn't let you put all your other fingers on their fingers covered my dick head Emmy your I am sure your eyes are all different so I'm glad your a hole that you pee out of do it it's just what came on Saturday I don't know anybody called the urethra the the your a fucking weird well that sucked but it may not like that but for me it just inside that so Bernie use for the longest time read receipts which is too fucking hate because I feel like I was sent a text and I see that you read it and respond and it's depressing I just wanted to text but I realize that in itself was it's on text messages like he's acknowledging what I sent so I turn on read receipts and I thought you loved it but this is like a new city thing kind of like read receipts are just going to like adding another layer to text him that I just don't really like texting just need 334 and simple yeah you guys did for Brandon it's for like my nails in that category it's for people between the ages or just getting cell phones now like I guess how old are you when you get a cell phone now like 12:10 kind of fucking iPhone iPad generation like between 12 and maybe 18/16 is to get them into the phone it's not for us it's just too much difference with in that generation but the younger millennials totally different there's another name for them because I always see some shitty thing for instance I was at Mount bonnel with my girlfriend super romantic moment watching the sunset really nice moments like that in any fucking like she music playing and I looked over and it was like it was like exactly what old people see a generation as insurance you're just a bunch of kids literally taking selfies in the flash was just going off in the sun was setting and they're over there taking pictures and it just felt like such an old to throw rocks at them because they were so to do it off the leg of a chair right you place the wrong thing it's just rude like they were favouring technology over enjoying nature that's like one thing that the barber and I learned that connected dog was that like or missing moments every day but still I can look at and be like that is it to take a picture of it I don't remember it and picture in real life experiences for most like absolute I was walking down the street the other day I was it in New York last weekend was walking down the street and it was like it was dark when I was walking kind of Past Times Square and this one was walking down to direct me on the sidewalk and I don't know what she saw behind it there's so much I'll take a picture of it without stopping to like gets out her a soul or what's up here I The Flash comes out to take a flash photo in the middle you didn't get it the first YouTube laugh now that photo is me doing this I'm sure people don't know what I picture shutter speed ISO and put on auto your mobile phone probably does a better job of taking a photo a $700 camera or $3 once again your phone probably looks better has a better picture it's easier you don't have to look like you know lenses that cameras come out there like plastic kit for tography her daughter was having her second birthday party what is Bounce Around is full of it blew over to hang out it's been exploded on the paint already done so the latest we can break it the lights were off in my office and it was just on the tripod just really low on the floor I just kicked it over and it just smashed the very top of the Canon logo off still fine but not where the flash this is like the whole stuff in their trunk club shopping is frustrating for Star to store all my clothes are fitting or not we're looking for to keep it all with trunk club with Trunk Club you don't even have with trunk up you don't never have to set foot in the store and you get your very own stylus for free make it easy to look your best in clothes that fit you perfectly handpicked by your own personal stylist go to trunk club.com / keeping your measurements show your likes and dislikes and get your very own personal stylist the picture closer over 80 top brands shifting right to your door keep what you like send back what you don't make a statement at the next big event on your calendar with a look at 10 pic just for you and your guitar trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth that's trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth in the habit trunk here I just opened it have not looked to hit the clothes in here yet but you see what it looks like what is this weekend can I have a shirt you can located Blaine I think it suits you large professor it's nice fancy smoking jacket fancy boy trunk or free are usually serves I believe in our sponsors Gavin so I got a belt also and some Cole Haan shoes is really I just assumed that everything was once his to focus you get for free as do I so Gavin what happened behind some like in with whole the right behind a couch Gavin name names or giving her descriptions even say which episode or anything like that but do you remember on the set of million dollars but where there's this guy that was going around taking photos of people it was good I know exactly what it's like to be there was a guy I don't know Grand if you were to him but I think he's like a local Austin a cure there's this guy that comes to set your parently I could to this thing but he brings his digital camera and girls Runner takes pictures of everybody on set so that I can take a picture of you and like her and it takes a picture of you not me that he did it I thought he was like a picture of you yet I just Takin pictures Blaine can I take a picture of you in a sec I'm sorry I'm like really busy right now I don't see it on the bill directing and telling things with the word where things are going and he kept coming up to me that day and asked me if he could take my photo and I was like no because like I said just now principle the principle of it I'm not comfortable taking photos of photos on a wall in his house with the sign that says will not murder these people didn't mind is like behind the bush he was very weird but I mean it's not like he's taking anything from with it he took this one is like more and somebody just take a picture of it just seems kind of serial killer a to me I think there's another there's someone in the Working World to refuse she's like no I'm not going through that and he's like the picture is really bad and he wants to remember everyone he's always a great day to remember to forget my camera on my phone and it's like it's almost like a time capsule like going back like oh I remember when we did this and when I did that so I could see that you wanted to take photos like that asleep do termites like that like 3 years ago and I can text you lies it based on the date range and stuff right I get that and I totally get Takin photos of your your camera out and taking photos and things like that but it wasn't like these were photos of like Memories it's like out here they are setting up this scene what wacky times it was like he would put you up to a brick wall and take a picture it was every picture was a mug shot it wasn't you creepy calculated kill kill kill people that ride 1 of speaking of pictures of trouble in the new features of iOS 10 in that you can allow Siri hey show me all the pictures of me and San Francisco and white cross reference San Francisco on your face gu the recognizes that and I was just like same people different people's names that was showing me them and I was like pictures without faces and so I said show me pictures without faces and it just Googled that not pleasant show me pictures of me I could do that I love those I started getting into reading recently there was this one thread it was like one of the most shocking photos you've ever seen he was an ass credit questions holy shit that would like I want to a dark place was that show pictures of 08 this is some pictures of me I don't do that do to show me show me pictures of me learn how to talk back maybe hasn't it hasn't put you there probably wouldn't have let us know so I don't know I don't know if it's okay I can do that I probably would anybody technology exist without it and that level of organization I would have no idea what happened in my life like you asked me what happened in 2012 about I don't know you know I know 2012 I can tell you what I did in 2012 but if I get my phone out of me like I'm one thing and in 2012 we did because I can't I don't know if I want to work on that year I don't know we did 3 horde mode immersion no idea I don't even remember I was like 11 11 and 2012 Brandon red a list of things like Amber from in life and it's just like having Gus the chronicle it you don't remember before 11 and you don't member of 2012 I can go back to when I was 11 to remember stuff before that I don't know kind of remember like I remember when I was being an Austin and with them I moved out of Austin when I was 3 sorry I remember really remember a lot from that young but I have a couple members of Austin no I did not I mean I don't remember before 11 I have good memories of when I started school I guess around 5 or the memories before that just stuff I was scared of a toy fire engine is really loud it scared the crap outta me the movie scary what's the Hoover vacuum cleaner out of people playing pool and the pool cue doing that my dad would play this game with me and my little cousins where we would get their hands on the pool table if you just roll it or you hit the ball to win but my dad isn't an adult man boot Jenison Christian in problem movie Miami the other day because out of town once again and I was asleep and I guess my face is right on the very edge of the bed why my mouth is open and in my dream I might like kiss me on the mouth is something I don't like I just said she was doing in real life wasn't she wasn't in town I was just climbed up on his back legs and just put his paw in my mouth iPhone with another phone what the thought process the cat have yet to do that because I've never touched his tongue I'm going to try that I didn't touch anything else on my face just like straight into my mouth I mean think about all the times that like walks around like a little box of my mod so you mentioned anything about the story where there was a Japanese cosplayer to take photos with a 537 pound octopus for some reason and it's just like her with this giant tentacle monster yes I was wondering if it did Cano with Squid Ink Sushi naked she was acting out like every person's Vision to be covered like down there right I mean really kind of oil to put the right way up and say this is out in the middle of it that's where we have a dog who is also Named Gus no relation Booth we live action it's so this is how I find out about it he's a really good guy he's a really good guy so I've been doing for a week where his owner will put a handkerchief on his neck and then the other one for no reason for a week every day for liking every like 3 hours I would switch out the handkerchief and not tell anybody and just kind of like be at my desk Swatch employee did you switch out your your your the first was like you'd like to do this and if people were like who did this yeah that's Gus yeah he had like black pink yellow blue and red you do the weird stuff was because he looked like he would tell anyone that you wouldn't tell anybody and I would put them on and then I'd be like okay and then he would just feels like you're just specifically for this reason surround you cuz it's like they're just perfect for you know like I was driving 1 time in my hair can I get my oil a pulled back that's when I have longer hair that you say you serious yeah I like a little Rainbow bandana wasn't like the Rosie the Riveter he was like why do you need like a different one so I had to because they come in packs of 2 and then I can't remember I had a pink one of my thing for like I think he was like torture for something else and then I went to wardrobe department and I was like hey I'm do this stupid fucking thing can borrow some handkerchiefs and put them in your back pocket no I heard that sometimes some signaling that I was going to say what you're into like what you're what you're looking for dancing to the song what it what is that which pocket but she can put it in his eyes like an indicator of you and your phone but if you want to talk you just want to go color blind and you don't know which ComEd like it's an accident mechanic somewhere like a real salt-of-the-earth Lake Republican do and then some guy comes up and let you know Henderson's better story than that we rate dogs Twitter account with its like people send their dogs and they rate the dogs and all the dogs that are like 12 out of $0.10 if they don't do dog will be like internet and 1 got mad at them and tweeted at them then your rating system sucks just change your name to keep dogs and that's why you so mad you said will you give every dog is 11 and 12 it doesn't make any sense is your plan for dogs free to get you show me the best new story about the woman who fell asleep in there but yeah the map for the city London who had my guess is she was going home I think I think she'd been out with her friends and she said she can go home I guess you just have to go like A5 minute walk but you decided Takin Over instead which in London is probably a 6 Minute Car ride so I guess she got in the car and fell asleep the driver woke her up when she got home and she went to bed and woke up this morning got the receipt and the receipt was like 45 pounds so she looked at the map and it will be receipt and you're doing it for 35 miles around London and like the most roundabout way but not you if you woke up 10 miles away from what she said you dress as the map out when you're done you can see it so she woke up cuz it's early I'm trying to see if I can see how long the trip lasted for eating just made a bunch of stops along the way he's like right there I think it has I must admit a long fucking time what time a night I guess I assumed she was hammered Sunday night doesn't say a time when there was a guy who proposed to his girlfriend they're like running buddies and they did some sorta like map my run app for something and he ran along a specific Trail and at the end they're like oh well let's see what you know what time was and it's spelled out marry me but it was so fucking like there was like all these intricate details and it's like all there on this road for a block and then another black girlfriend must have done something right because he was just the most sporadic pattern of running but she was a thought this is weird but I think she would have thought spelling something right answers to the rout we're running some help for spelling that I assume he just thought he was lost a sweet story but it's just like I feel like something one of them never happen again like they're running a bunch of random areas and she's wondering like it's just his way of asking for divorce Apple Blossom and then going to the next 1 get 2 free like some kind of like crowd-sourced Runner looks like this is a pop set to spell out bit she's going to be passive aggressive there was this I was going downtown this one time and I called an Uber in the reserve that live there was an error and there's like a bunch of women in the car and I think they were on like some of the things bachelorette party and they're at the drivers ago there must have been a mistake like these girls had the Kart the same time that you got it and was like oh okay I'll just take the next with me like this so jump to it with a pack of women it's pretty cool a pack of women pack of woman I got a gaggle of women and murder of women and I was like hey why don't you just drop me off wherever and then just keep the ride going it's under my thing you guys cancelled ride I'll just pay for it you guys are so bring your bachelorette party let me take care of it so like I was like going from 6 up to my house which is like pretty far north and then I was like it is taking forever and then I looked at the map and the guy basically like all he would have had to have done was go down a couple more blocks down 6-3 and drop them off and then go to my place but they join me on the ride to my house and then back down and then over they were like they were in that car we wanted and needed I feel like a total cock at the end of the day to pay for the ride homeless bachelorette party but I'm told it's or anybody you know so her and her friends going out to Vegas for the bachelor Bachelorette and I'm like you know it could be a lot of them I'll get a sweet Planet Hollywood's actually a really cool hotel for like the younger people so I got a suite at Planet Hollywood it looks really nice the one thing that I'll tell you but it kind of makes sense is all of the Suites are themed around different movies but I was like alright I mean like this could be kind of cool and so they get in there and then out like I was so what with what's going on and they just want to tell me about what's with the problem and then she text me back this picture of like a full size board costs to home from Star Trek Star Trek series and not even the news a Klingon weapon Star Trek and it was a bunch of you know like you don't you shut up are you serious you know and it turns out they have this like really hot Volcan and I'm like waiting for that to go somewhere but it's not it's not a very great show but I'm sticking with it. How's married life what is the weather it's in like six weeks and yesterday she told me that I should probably go to the gym now before it's like not even hinting and soon as kind of a very fat and out of shape looks I know you got it you got to get under here and there parently we did and there was like a profile picture of you and woman with Carrie was right and you were like I look like my chest looks like it hailing in I got a little work then you should have to be together we'll go when we help Blaine at the gym yeah we can exercise to be better about it a few miles today I've heard nothing so I may just rent a half marathon that weekend she went to Seattle to participate 1 I didn't want to travel ride shares any weekend ride up to be anyway I just like seeing him if we can but most of all I ride a half marathon on the treadmill in my house only run on the treadmill in the day because at night if I have the light on on the treadmill on it trips the breaker only at night because the light is so weird it's like that plus the treadmill I cannot even the day or I could run in the dog on a treadmill but I think that's really nasty or whatever they like smart thermostat did you get the rebate with the Austin Energy come at me about something you have to set up there cuz it's like you get this great discount and I'm like no strings attached don't think you're okay but apparently this strings for like 1 $50 discount or that you can't turn on the air conditioner during the week before 6 p.m. so it was like 85 degree we'll all right but you're but why does it why do they care because like so if you can Moore air conditioning capacity or spend more money in the summer that iPhone protector in the summer because you don't need them in the winter so they're giving people one time $50 rebates to not use the AC and just like a pig looks like an expense that you make every now and then you're like oh this is really dumb but it's convenience in my life so I don't really care for instance I park on my street you know I have a parking spot in my parking garage for my apartment but my spot is like an the top floor so just park on the street like a dollar fifty 2 Kids 6 p.m. it doesn't matter anymore flight back in the do you do anything like that we're just like a stupid expensive just like now I like the airport security clearance stuff that I pay for is like a stupid expensive unnecessary it's convenient I need to get clear clear so you don't have to show your ID is biometric scanning and once you scan it you cut to the front of the line they literally walk you up to give me walking to the front of the next time you're at the airport just take a look a big blue light and it's like a kiosk machine like it like it and it's only in certain 1 crazy map to 1333 New York the other week there was an old couple in line so I getting ready to board right by me and we're getting on the plane there but start boarding Anderson out of the loudspeaker this like mr. Jones come back to checkpoint to you left your cell phone and your ID Michael left his phone and do a couple things there and then after like 2 seconds the old the older woman like elbows the man is like that you for calling you security said I flew out Saturday morning and my day was like 822 and Street checkpoint 1 a new one if I get one of those like it's new and then I get through it and I'm like oh my God my flights on the other side of the airport is going to chill here it was like 4 in the morning and then like I wasn't paying attention I dozed off a little bit and I missing flight like to lay you got so excited you feel asleep I got an hour and a half I'm just going to chill here and then yeah I was bad far too long at the airport that's terrible flight to Monterrey Mexico 30 minutes after that it was I have never missed a flight in my life I've only missed like connected flight where my inbound flight is delayed I'm done that but you are correct because you're not a psychopath I know but it was like already walked to like the a berry and to go to which was where we have an employee here who Booth Austin for the recent Lisa and her family is from another city named them I don't want nobody nobody nobody is watching and her family to come down to visit her one day and they missed their flight and they said that they just got to the airport they were having a really good breakfast and dinner can't understand how I feel and missing you I like being there with plenty of time and still missing your flight WiFi the bunny ones in Florida a poetic connection that you're there for just like in bed since like the best time I was drunk and I was super hungover and we're going to talk about that we did addition for something it's kind of a long story we'll out there and on the to talk about it but we missed to flight together and actually like it's far less stressful when something Shady happens when you have a friend there too just fucking joke around about it cuz like it was like such a shitty situation but we're just cracking jokes the whole time she was like totally chill I mean we were someone bought a plane ticket to go somewhere and we were supposed to go there we missed flight and then like we had to reschedule a day's worth of events based off of us missing that flight how did if it's such an important flight because we got there super early but it's fucking Austin-Bergstrom and it was like I think the weekend of South by Southwest or something so there's people just like in Exodus out of Australia I want to hear what she means I think we got there probably like 50 minutes before doors closed for doing paperwork stuff in the 1 transparency surely No One Is to Blame it was just a silly game to play now Bernie is watching the podcast because he told me other times that you have his flight looks still texting me right now I didn't miss three flight and they're all the same here within like 3 months of you go to get your shit together I don't know what I'm doing with my life too late to meetings that you like to always we have a Monday I show up at 10:33 on the dot every time it it's like the universe does not have a to show up on time only say that the university you know Brandon Trek shifting responsibility Lou what's what's the time of the like 9 a.m. sometimes will be the the Miami a g knows that I'll be sure but my sister knows I will be showing up like 5 minutes he always expects of me showing up 3 to 5 minutes I'm always on time everything except million dollars but I'm always deliberately 40 minutes late which puts me in at just around 10 minutes before you're ready for your walk in and get your makeup done in the Middle East run time for million dollars but I said that with my thumb in my ass for at least an hour or two if I'm 5 minutes late that's just about right Burnie Burns school out now I told him that no call me and then I'll still be leaving earlier it's a new system for you and we've been planning it for the other talent to work we don't call you until we're ready to go pretty much like you have vacation time when it's like a location that's fine but sometimes it's like at the Armory which is within eyeshot of Achievement Hunter so I'll be over there just like I said there for 2 hours waiting it's like to be working to make the video Let's play right now but instead I'm just I just got to make things happen and stuff like that who ever calls you I'll put I'll take it up with him I'm sorry a million times better with you than I was with him that's really you are the worst those that I shot the other day with the Marshal Marshal Marshal was directing it and he had an amazing shot list it was just like like clockwork or just hanging out like everything it was maybe the most efficient shooting I've ever had anything we've done it with a comprehensive and so it was never like that we get that we get this do we need to get this coverage it was like everything was amazing in the world and I know it's because I really enjoy it I know until the day before that was my coordinators naturebo out of a say we want to make healthier choices for attempted with chips cookies and junk what do we do eat chips cookies and junk so I can avoid the guilt with better snacks and she were going to put it on the whole wheat blueberry fig bars whole wheat vanilla animal cookies tasty snacks don't crash into the microphone G almost made with simple ingredients right to your door so you always have something better to snack on without feeling guilty there's over a hundred delicious snacks to free to choose from ranging from healthy to indulgent with no artificial colors flavors naturebo to Liberty free snacks with simple ingredients right to your door you always have something better to snack on without feeling guilty they have over a hundred delicious snacks to choose from ranging from healthy to indulgent with no artificial colors flavors or sweeteners the great ones like dried mango honey Dijon pretzels right now a nature box is offering to free snacks when you go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth a voicemail and go to naturebox.com / free Steve get to delicious snacks for free the offer won't last so get your snacks today naturebo Star Complex Rooster Teeth for to free Stacks thank-you NatureBox wouldn't know I guess with accelerometer know what I could you pick it up at the screen automatically turns on fucking believable that room like night time I want to see the screen anyway right but like I'm not ready for it yet the shade of yellow it becomes I don't like that you can set your shade of yellow you can can you fit in a shade of yellow cuz I don't like it don't you because I'm sorry I'm not what you doing but I go to sleep so you going to bed then you to never go to sleep right then yes that's an amazing man and I was stuck on a do that I can say I'm going to sleep now roll over on my side asleep in to have something that I have to pay attention to in order to fall asleep flight leaves in an hour and a half look at he was concentrating on his flight is an hour and a half after these countries flights in an hour and it was in the air right now there's a dumb reason the reason missing with a priest wow you need to be on time for things going anything I rescheduled it for next week so there's no I'm going back to Monterrey Mexico to meet with the priest because he has to like inspect me and make sure that I'm OK to get married in the Catholic Church it's A4 out nope no Gavin in in the long ceremony I've done communion and Catholic Church I did confirmation in a Methodist Church because she had to pick a new name for that you know we we we switch to a Methodist Church because it was closer to our house and we don't want to what's up I'm really not in the Methodist church but I don't remember it with the next weekend what happens if they don't give you the report card for the Catholic church is expensive picture to Mexico the night was in Austin but you have to find a priest to sponsor you and then you have to interview him he has to decide if you're free yeah that's right and he's like church every week for a year look man let's show up and then you bless me and we'll call it a day but it is free because you have to use you want okay so is it work that you see a church that you want to use and then that is attached to a priest and then that's how that happens because I feel like with Gus like you don't have to do that bullshit for the Catholic church but you gotta actually we only waited because I am so I had to like a collect like that's one of the perks the few perks like a Texas Texas thing or her name and it's a nightmare anybody who's actually been successfully married in the Catholic church that's all you continuing to make me not want to get married or something anyway if I had one guy come to your wedding physical party at the park do it in the star do I have to have to be what you wanted right a groomsman on the bright side though when you get married even if you're free okay what's your address again it's never going to happen how many people have two three four I declare are you going to Bernie's he said he has not asked me to so probably not did you Jack Johnson if not I can call but they're all going to be together forever cuz I'm batting a thousand have you done any gay marriages no this is the most appropriate time to do dancing from Austin I'll do it do what you fre Six Flags Runner can you do you do an exorcism can I do exercise extensive you're like really you're not a priest marriage ceremony officiating okay are you at 7:03 no you should become 1 what is it cool if I say I need 1 a.m. 1 sub but I just I hear about it it's like I know people hear you on Note 3 is like this very seriously official witness of it you can say that someone you can confirm the identity of someone who signed the document now they check your ID and then you could but you haven't talk to other people what you want to be a married guy all day and I did that when I was like 16 I have rooster was funny back then Mason said today was like something like people take like super seriously Becca says that she can teach you how to game the thermostat system currently you've got it all wrong all right have you seen the the answers to post it off to the Pokemon Black is my favorite thing to do ever comes out is it this guy takes it down questions we also with them stuff we said in like actually writes all the facts likes to educate because it's really specific to the things we just talked about well now I'm trying but you're really interested me to questions that I want answered that's not deliberately given what was going to be doing this right now he's like thank you night enterpris a nasty drunk we were probably going to go right now with everything LifeStream that meeting with the priest about never going to find out right there's got to be interested yeah I'd watch it if you watch it right now I like to be there today once she found out the day after we left the same as getting like married in the Catholic church in a small town in between it a date USB format my Twitter. She does like you to ever let me know who you're on a date with was that happened with it let me know and maybe I don't want this information disclosed just got really awkward yeah yeah I know I can't remember what it was I think I was like waiting for the movie theater at a bunch of time to kill I can actually showed up on time which is total bullshit let me tell you because you just standing out like an asshole waiting for the thing to have we could just be showing up like a little bit late when I was ready for you when it comes to women yeah so anyways I was sitting there a little bit early sometimes Jeremiah Jeremiah thank you Jeremiah for checking all the facts anyways I was just waiting there and I just tweeted and then I was like doing it when I was like talking to her but I got to go the bathroom I go the bathroom then you should just walk out of system if you a thumbs up emoji on its own and that means your day is going well you're not coming down until it's a good day it's a pizza it's a bad day I don't know what the hell you're talking about live tweeting a day to think about this but Jordan cwierz to do something at that was really cool if you was out in public like he's living in California if you want to and he would find a pay phone anyway the number on the pay phone and be laugh and say I'm going to be here for the next 15 minutes if you want to talk to call answer the phone in a company called there's something that's funny words like in those movies where it's like I'm going to be calling just a phone if you don't answer my free Jordans like iPhone Break movie yeah I was clear in a time when they were in their mobile phones it's fucking hard to find a funny looking phone booth now there's 1 is matter where it is but like they're all gone basically it was unable to London ones into Wi-Fi hotspots that's what that's what I said is there ever going to be I mean every to feel safe doing that but is there ever to be like a Citywide wifi in Houston then the company he said they were in do it like when broke EarthLink rout do that since like they put WiFi hotspot on homeless people put homeless people to carry WiFi hotspot way you could say you have a gigabit and you could set a time can you can separate a 400 mag wheel connection rooster eating alright thanks for going and 900 minutes and that then became public WiFi it was completely separate to you on that one and then everyone did that and then that was the free WiFi Boston would you do that but even if they said no you get half-price to know you and why would I do that I don't use on my internet but it's no I do not want to do that now they upgraded it to 1.1 but you didn't give them is it a security risk but you don't want to shoot anyone you were that kid in the sandbox gameplay to be getting a discount but I have to share Gus do you have any Sharon with but that's more than most people like right now if you have you actually make money in the winter because you sell energy to the city so if it if you have solar panels at least and you were used sell it to the city is making money is getting something yes there's no way to really stop that anyway there's not back to the community ride people I would use it I put in to Trek Middleton to life yes in OK if everyone else except for you and Esther and your dogs were wiped off the face of the planet you get ahold of Austin self WiFi be alright Cano services it kind of sucks I have to grow my own food and stuff but I guess you could live I could live off of like canned food and while you cannot go around and it slowly exhaust all of the canned food from every area you got to work you can go out to the farm I got a bunch of onions onions and I think you like it I don't need people in the out more about you should give up your internet connection for my new system a free why not give up my internet I don't get food example you say I need people you're right I do need people but if I give them a hundred megabits that is give me anything be more productive if there was WiFi everywhere they went going to be distracted looking at their phones should be more car crashes Takin doing this for your good they could be set on that laptop doing business in traffic Zippyshare to be what everyone is sharing a segment to get out to get it is there I was thinking about the day that is there something that a while ago not like him too long as five years ago seems like super Antiquated by today's standards like for instance with us iPhone Foursquare here's my example it's it's more like a social thing so if I stop by my football team travel out to this one high school and their stadium was like old had like grass field now the most have like a short errand so if you had put the visiting team's locker room the bathrooms they didn't have stalls or stall doors for the toilet and I figured out that it was like a psychological thing to where she had to take a shit you're doing for all your teammates and that throws off all the focus is looking the war tactics and everybody's got to watch it that your stomach is hurting interesting there's two slide doors on the end they're still do toilet and it's like an open room no walls while so I think by today's standards that would never 10 Lakeside the face that you make when you put have you ever tried to look casual as you poop no I've never had the need to do that when I stayed at a hotel in La once we're like let's say I'm on the toilet right here it was more like I'm right here like a full length mirror look at this like huge mirror right behind the toilet or if you're taking a piss you were staring at your dick missing and yourself and then I was over physical things to like to do so there football and everything about something else over the weekend did you see I guess some 1 Adrian Peterson got hurt during the game on Sunday I guess I'm assuming it's football to take him to the locker room to Stadium the fastest way to the locker room a restaurant in the stadium so there's like people like him red red wine is good for the other restaurants we got really close at the restaurant to the really good food you could possibly send invite by fucking high schools in Texas that are spending like 60 million dollars on the stadium the other ones made like 65 million dollars these are high school students looking at you like Katie alender a fucking love this so I went to Allen and I didn't go to high school there and I'm kind of I love people from the island but they also kind of have this with Alan Alan Texas lives that my parents live in but they had won state championships a while I'm sorry that's so sad for a restaurant that's not like some kids iPhone that's 1 state championship a couple years in a row or whatever and they got for this huge Stadium everybody like their dicks off and didn't pass anyways like this millions and millions of dollars worth of stuff and it's useless like they can't use it for a season because that's the issue I don't know he's like some sort of structural thing ever heard of a similar issue you know in Seattle Microsoft built that huge campus for Xbox right thing out there the other day it's like we're like all the Xbox team is and I like there a lot of first party software development beautiful if you never been there it's like they're getting ready to open it the City of Redmond Fire Department would not give their parking garage approval to be used because the the ruthless to load the fire trucks couldn't get in multi-level underground parking garage so the solution was Microsoft short fire engines for sale short fire engines to fit into the parking garages look like I wonder if they're like tumblers from Batman with a like tank still like a little with why those ideas they're probably the conference room like damn it how much does it cost to tear this down and then some idiot in the closet just make the fire truck smaller Rick's Motorsport trunk is what we need what am I doing this after 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it now since a lot of that stuff has been wrecked on like this directly with the store really exist Innkeeper at Star Wars is part of the storage room together one time I was fucking her anyway adding people always like always it is just as it came in and I think there's like some kind of out of his statement about it was like it's can and if you wanted to be or if you like believe it it was like it was kind of a weird statement but I don't know what you're saying something about throwing up and can't eat any more like it's just kind of like I guess I'll to you I don't know I just feel like that should be a statement on what is Canon and what's not acquired through everything out in college football where they eating their Championship nope didn't win it was like you can't really love them the trophy back yeah that's the Practical aspect of it but it's just weird to say like that it actually happened and it's like we would even a rooster recruiting do that please send somebody in the past I was so annoyed on Saturday with how late the fucking Texas football game started at 8 its like 9:45 and those kids were playing until 2 in the morning we 1 Lou out that night I just want I just want Define my whole life is spent in bed Gavin you're done you're tired you get a bad record it go to bed wake up with the rest but I would wake up a free checking the internet we knew that I would get up I don't have a TV in my bedroom to the TV and watch it with me people just like you and it's going to happen all right we've already decided the date it's going to happen I actually feel really bad because Dad and I did a sandwich a day or like are you going to come over Wednesday you're going to do this whenever it was always like kind of cheating joking around and say a time but you were like very sad about it as if I'm open that day actually let's do it but I had to shoot that day and I went and took a nap and I overslept and I woke up it was Texas Gavin holding the Matrix DVD with a beer and I felt like dog shit I was like I'm so sorry I overslept and I just imagined you just like kind of waiting around and then like you actually just thought I'd finally funn release March 11th that see it's the same exact time we tried to watch it that 1 year and you were to call the store watching you never even called me told me to go to the game 4 The Matrix send it to me it will be an official will be on our arcade the beds in hotels do 8 p.m. that's too late too early and I'm 37 connected all free now will be there in the morning feeling absolutely their website doesn't work I'm trying to buy his tickets right now lobulated if I go to get to Crystal okay I can do that yes it will happen I would bet the price of the plane that this won't happen night the ticket not the point I can't I can't buy tickets at how come there's the first excuse this way it's not now how come you can drink in a limo open container law there are certain instances when it's okay it was the device that mean he's not in the same in Vegas you can drink in a taxi the feel like when you the man but he knows he can't drink so you should be straight but why does not work for a taxi partie wants to and you can do that but not here that's why it why do you ask one of your dilemma I live in Illinois I was just curious if people like in the movie sleepers Champaign Illinois the last time I was in answers I was in Vegas a few years ago and I need to get to the airport and I was leaving my hotel and it was a super long taxi line no texts are coming but we weren't moving and in this limo came by and dropped off some people and the driver got out and looked at the line was like going to need to ride in a limo right now nobody moves like to the airport that's barely born the Texas going to cost me in a minute what were the people who hire a limo there is you Mike bachelor party or bachelorette party I can tell you my story what happened so sometimes you get these opportunities with Rooster Teeth wear comfy like a we need some social promotion stuff like that so I can do this if you if you make it about it will you do the same for you so like what happened to me once actually twice within like 2 months to where they were like yeah we'll see out a limo and come grab you before you this thing and I look okay getting a little to myself twice I feel like yeah I got it I will see you then Barbara set up something it was like we're going to some like scotch tasting event and they have like there's like she invited like 8 people and everybody was like getting like SUVs and stuff like that out to this event and mine was running late it was Linda's fault not mine came and picked me up and drive me to the front of the bar and it's a huge line and then all like Barbara and all her friends are there and I get out of the level below do you fucking asshole yeah I hear you and I don't know myself limos are disgusting that picture yet they're just jizz everywhere limos like I don't want to touch anything in a limo it's like covered and see that's the first thing I did as I masturbated in the limit drinking is legal then surely jizz in your pants and kissing a cross the limo is also legal but she going to do it you might as well get your money it's like when you have a hotel with two beds you only need one Eugene the other one yes I'm getting my money's worth and dialing Google voice to send you this thing is so you jack off in the bed that you're not going to sleep where do you do your MOS where do the majority of your jack answers for really clean my dick has no idea when tiny bits of steak down your eye yeah I absolutely am it's my dick what's the latest place we just played it no have you not just thinking I will be there to do in a hotel no one ever really I'm over the kind of guy what about you have any weird weird places and I guess I'm just not like that weird stuff on my own I see you invite and it has reminders an hour before 10 minutes before 5 and 4 and time of the event so that's to you though so we can not miss it was for you to let you know that I'm coming to your house and remind me maybe maybe just for me I don't know actually if you want it for the day before it I'm going to be if it doesn't happen it's on me boot from with this traffic and let us treat me like you do one of your women all right be on time okay alright just be 5 minutes early is annoying as it is being 5 minutes late you text me on time you text me I live on 3 Austin Street Austin out someone's in front of someone's house like until it's the exact time that you should be there absolutely that's weird I never want to be really weird if they look out and just see you there sitting in front of the house it's weird and I want to be early or late if I if I'm due to have a conference call at a certain time I wait until it's like 500 and then I thought the same thing to me is that way I'm not just out there in an empty conference I don't have to listen to the fucking hold music always work early talk to you later also Brandon Gavin and Gus okay on our end we have time you might be one of the worst things in the world I don't like it when everyone's like someone like throws out questions to the whole conference school and nobody takes charge like nobody says anything you think of this the other people I don't want to go I'm going to go to 4 and then other people just to get anything done here there's a guy I think it seems night that does the art for just going to the rooster teeth he does it for fun house is well with you can find this guy night boils and he did a picture of me that I looked at it and I was like I don't remember taking this photo and other holy shit that's like a digital painting LOL so I'm going to commission that guy I think I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do there's this giant wall behind my bed and I wanted to put a painting up there so I think I'm going to commission a piece of work now it's just me on the porch to me like my hand like Napoleonic self who was like a lightsaber in life even when I'm talking and I'm going to see if he's in there I'm going to see all the shades a portrait 1 and you got 1 feel girlfriend what I can I don't know it's weird it's not weird it's like a gift for her and one of her to for her to have not hang above my bed Airpor is kind of soft like lips she doesn't go outside because when he does he choose my night off this week cause I still really like it and soft and it felt really nice in the second frame the eyes went all red like it was asleep killer robot Terminator picture night and it showed up so I was going to wrap this up and talk about it I don't know that's okay we will talk our talks about conspiracy theories I like talking like that so if you don't know we broadcast a podcast live on Monday evenings exclusively for first members on a website you can click on the link below to get a 30 day free trial and offered members also get a poster normally we just continue talking for a little bit longer and talk about whatever you want to give me stuff that we missed it all podcast that's already do after this but it's available and I'll see you guys next week