#395 - Gusless

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss oblivious airline passengers, Twitter arguments, Gavin or Google, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 26, 2016, sponsored by Braintree (http://bit.ly/2aYdvv5), Ring (http://bit.ly/2byor7r), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2016-09-27 15:32:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

he did not make it that's a first you never miss the beginning of a punk ass mr. perfect what to do because usually I'm like hey everybody Welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast we have Gus is empty chair Gavin Barbara Burnie and Gus a chair and did he tell you this place is because he's not here right now and Squarespace for sponsoring the podcast because he just stop everything right now he's going to miss everyone who's watching at home all over the world cuz Gus can't get off a point in time and we should do it we should just replace them with someone he's here a lot of people here for a while we can just replace it with somebody else I would wait until we fill the check I don't know he's not here on sale energetic and charismatic like a cardboard box or some sort of like people that Gus is not that way I have a story this weekend about like using a kiosk at where was he that he used to keep that he was so happy and the order and then food comes in they found the iPad and you don't have to interface with the first that sounds great that sounds terrible then just talking to him I traveled with Gavin this weekend and we do it one point we don't see that you tell her plan but don't bother not occasionally we accidentally get seated near one of them just like this one usually happens I don't know why I feel like the extra every time Gavin got way more miles and you get better status on the airline for about another week so he gets upgraded more than I do but he also likes the bulkhead row which I can't stand it that's what you play Lance trailer I like it cuz you're close to the front of the stand there and wait like 3 minutes it takes to get off the plane it's crazy like as soon as the plane pulls up the game everybody's up in the aisle and just waiting it's like here like this with your head every time your plane lands just sit on the plane for 20 minutes to do I used to wait till I get off that people freak out when they get to you and you don't get up there are you getting everyone gets back from me it's enough that I can just get up put my stuff together because you have to be very easy to travel with and it's played out on the flight and you got apocalyps back you have a lot of traveling like a kid with a car full of stuff Gus weird a lot of stuff it's like on this trip we went it was an overnight trip at all I got was a pair of underwear t-shirt like talking with my camera because all my other carry-on baggage is taking up my other stuff I have 2 bags when was camera I'm almost done and that was it okay I just put on everyday 24 York Al the oil dial on camera then I'm going to like accidentally revealed his phone number why can you tell a phone number from the chairman of the beef stew so when you just press on his name because I think you're ready you can just leave that in those old-style phones out Press buttons on my phone so you just going to make some erratic movements too much but you actually do burn it currently calling the stuff hey it's burni where are you putting me on the podcast I'm supposed to be where are you we got to the podcast you just sitting there where are you today man what day is today 226 welcome to the Gus sorola dammit how's it going guys thank you and I'm proud of shiny shiny and new photos after a billion years weird a great brand spankin new Rooster Teeth podcast sets - it's only been sitting over there for about 3 months try always wanted you is the airport with all of the kiosks and the um the um the iPad you have to talk to anybody it's not only restaurants but it's also like the little stores to buy the bottle of water everything that anybody could have that Maker's Mark on the rocks or would you like to make his Mark yes please weather for Weeki Wachee Lonestar Peter would like an updated and beautiful and break it like normal talk about is just like a little girl SLO Merv Griffin style like big rooster teeth Fogo here going to but I got home yeah that's what this was a long process supports the set was designed by Marcus Laporte just like everything else that we do know some people notice so I think the process started probably six months ago it started immediately after the out there they're going to launch it like what makes some people noticed because we work on this one started the old podcast that was taken off of this Riser so we were all lower to the ground so that he will complain that we looked darker and that the Xbox sign behind the old park as it was higher because the platform is gone we're sitting on the floor people people pointed that out right away I did not even like compilations United back and forth to different ones and some they would like which is I set up earlier today we recorded our last everything on the Russia podcast set the the one we just left and they were going to be breaking down and putting this setup I was like all that that's kind of a cool moment so I thought I'm going to grab time lapse of that and I have to try and he said about 60 Minutes to break it down and put the new one in as a great so much time left for 60 minutes no later than 45 minutes was but he was facing the way that works is a time-lapse is the old said they're breaking down piece-by-piece goes goes goes goes goes who's going to be there in about 30 they would take off of you like push it down enough it would just spring back up everytime I hear spy Gus and I can hear you guys are so close could I choose Gus or what I made someone really mad at me because you I mean really matter I want to get a rental car and I use the service called a silver car talk about the pockets before her all they do is they just ran out of here so it's like your car they just went all they have is one kind of car so the guy comes by and pick you up at the airport a good place to get your car X-Men he's like before all the time a little bit so we get to the place and when you're like checking in to get your car get to launch the app and you scan a QR code on your car so I can register it that was so then like I pulled my phone out and get a release can it wait wait wait wait 2017 out in the back he's like Asian guys like houses like goes and gets it and you'd like drives that out is like brand-new it was only like 10 miles on it was a cool John or whatever you guys like how much weird is weird I kind of walked over and I will quite understand I can wait before I give you a ride so call you listen I just told that guy over there that we don't have any 2017 Audis and he just saw this one come out and you getting in it and he's really mad and I turn to look in the parking lot and there's an Asian sorry it's like and like I need to say that you rented it before him he was there before me and recognize that it was a 2017 - 7th 2016 headlights look different on the side yeah Philbin Comeau like I really believe you are settled explaining that even in the year like 2005 I scan my rent gavi like wrecking - Suite we saw the one of the weirdest things while we were riding in Gus is 2017 Audi and then we're on our way back to the car that we talked about very early in the podcast one of our early sponsor one of our first ever said maybac isn't maybac for me by the time we said maybac but it's actually my maybac a very expensive luxury car a rolls or a Bentley but probably the most plain-looking luxury car from the outside except for the one we saw it was unusual car how would you describe a Gavin a car covered in Black Velvet it was covered in black velvet velvet material it looked like this it was literally like this Black Velvet weather well it doesn't rain very much in Los Angeles so as long as you keep it in the garage I guess it would take one but she fucking car covered in suede it was it was that's exactly what it looks like I thought the exact same thing as you cover your car it's way yet just shrink when it rains it was well that's one of them but the thing was covered in velvet de har it was also like not every part of it was covered in velvet the hood the roof and the trunk were but like all the side panels were not the places that would get reaga the against Belleville on the side clothes if you wanted privacy in the backseat of your car yeah I was noticing the curtains like that car looks like looks creepy now because it has curtains and curtain but it hurts like hell and is that okay son okay then it's a little dangerous what would you do to a car if you had all the money in the world you just want to see some silly I know what I'm going to do it Nuestra - I think I'm doing it I don't take my idea before I do it is a start it was not out and do something else I'm going to cover my mind with the leopard print that wasn't one of my sponsor said by the way we don't know a lot of people are tweeting using hashtag RT Podcast I can tell that you have a cold find me I wouldn't notice I didn't say that you mentioned it sounds like shit right now so what happened before we recorded that intro Gavin was saying I sounded like shit and then you got on Gavin for saying that to me right before weird weird million dollars but sat and thought it sounded like shit I said if only he sounded like he said he just woke up I probably did just wake up how about that you don't tell people we go again but you sound like shit just you know he would walk up to me go like literally but every time like some kind of like little snarky comment it's like you would like to look at your hair will never understand just kidding. Every time we do that I think I would learn to expect that he was going to do that and every time I just do it when you send it that's why I reacted the way I did when you said it yourself noticed plexidor that like are you going to wear that are going to do that that would be a confidence blast definitely but not like you can perform that's I mean the sound of my voice is not really my performance for this if I was voice acting the sound of your voice whether or not my voice is nasally or not energy level and I can't maybe like change my voice to sound a certain way when flying but we said it so someone on Twitter with this age underscore Panda one that sent me that claims to be a Mercedes-Benz expert maybac is Mercedes-Benz write their own Barbara Stanwyck say the reason that everything was covered was because of all the Radars under the bumpers and panels if we wanted to we just cover it unless they have those little holes usually awesome references let me read this when am I going to discipline podcast is brought to you by Braintree payments by next year maybe even next week there could be a whole new way to pay maybe it'll be the next big thing or the next Apple pay or maybe even both porch a brain freeze. Payment platform is easily adaptable whatever the future holds so you can easily adapt to accept everything from pounds to PayPal to that next big innovation for any device with just one integration and when a new payment method comes out all you have to do something a few lines of code Hogan a late night so complicated recoding no stress about sticking head of the curve Braintree payments is here to help learn more at Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth that's Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth thank you very much for sponsoring this episode of the podcast so it feel like in speaking with this guy or what's weird about this guy who claims to be an expert on Mercedes Benz is not saying your not I just wanted some really frustrating me today last week social media last week we talked about how during the football game for NFL game Adrian Peterson got hurt and had to be carried out through a restaurant at the stadium to get to the locker room let me look up exactly how this went down someone tweeted at me and say that they were laughing at how wrong I got all of the facts about that but I was I think would say that I was butchering the mean listen to me I said which happens to look like a restaurant some of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium actually three articles that said that it was through a restaurant partially correct it it is a restaurant that is however the official tunnel out of the field X-Men partially correct looks like a restaurant best thing is when they say only partially wrong because I thought I was right basically that I was completely wrong but because I thought I was right then it so it's not my fault you enter into a human to think I'm taking a break I don't need that so I kind of like I'm going to go on Twitter anymore personal out for 5 days and I told you to come hang out with me the other day and you didn't respond yes phone number sweet to go do something you're not plan to go public like one time you I think you're complaining about how like you get notifications on every single platform and I was like I'm pretty I'm so popular and then I responded to myself saying please don't fire me text conversation with Barbara which is PS I think it's a bunch of us going to that thing and I wrote PS what you just wrote was an extra PS it's just you just a message she is BTW happy with that PS I hate you a message 5 days what's a BTW a message to be done by the way however the first thing you said Son but by the way we're just doing that by the way because we've been talking about it before by the way is shut up in conversation can I say but I'm very happy that we've hired somebody else at the company he was featured in the rooster teeth lawsui that I put up this last week and it was Evan bregman and the thing that makes me most happy about Evan he's a very intelligent man knows a lot about metrics tells us how the light program or content in ways that you never look great it's great for him with that stuff because you go through that stuff and the best part about him is that he pronounces both with an L he says but I don't like him anymore laugh Northeast New England he said but he's no he's really but Michael doesn't say he doesn't say differently twice yeah they have their own language to me I was in my mind it's always been like in Upstate New York think further how do you say the sign of sophistication unicorn see the photos and you want improve upon it as you say how do you say 4/2 laugh what words are going to be both of those and then post that on April 3rd to go with all those weird words you're saying weird sounds like th oh yes I see I don't know but I've always had my entire life and that was to my but in College Point out to me and then I wrote that - blue team based on that I never noticed it until we did that scene right now is like a mother fucker now I can't hear it even in this age when you said not sure it was such an easy gift for your character but I guess I should probably head but you they feel bad that we have to be on the same couch as we were before this is not the same as it's a much smaller more into oh I'm sure back anymore those chairs that were on the old podcast settling Thiel podcast that now those chairs weird a nightmare I never liked those chairs it was a nightmare it was like waffles gravy like crumbs he purchased on the armrest part so we're good we're safe and comfortable than the couch kind of feels like a like a like a car I would like it if I was your position because it's material versus the other one was like a leather leather yeah it was brother I think I need to let the chairs and so I kind of wish you and plus I kind of wish we had cloth armrest Hulk the right way to say it but I told about my genius movie what should I do yes I'm very upset only if it's actually true story out of it I'm upset with you and I come back to this you want to go with us we didn't really upset with you you start off with Gus I don't know they haven't told me that means you're going to go to RTX what do you think we're going to try to build that means you're going I know but in the conversation you specifically said is you going to RT sitting up de but then they didn't book me but they booked and so I don't know conversation but you did say that I think about it I think so but you wouldn't answer but you didn't answer question are you going to say more like you was that the one you said yeah I don't know then I go to Bethany today and I don't hate you just tell Gavin if he's going to RTX in your not cuz I was with him this weekend even know if he's going but Dan's boat to go but he's not so it doesn't know if he's going in Bethany right so I can just can you just look up at our previous conversation on slack that literally it's me telling you that you're going to RTX sydne in that your book that you are officially confirmed and she said that to me like I'm a fucking psycho interrupting her from what she was doing if you go are you sure you didn't ask me whether I'm whether people know I'm going I just said are you going to RTX it that's what I said she said book Dan let me just throw this out there you did not get in the way you're saying it I don't know I don't know this goes back to another Conference of Reason like are you going to check sydne that's like I'm asking you because I think you're going and we had this conversation before you have the officially booked you and you know I told you that you're going let me ask you this what's in it for me to say I don't know I'm going what's in it for you cuz you're pointing out the fact that you don't know but you know Dad's going so I don't guess that I'm going now I know I'm going but why would I say I didn't Lighthouse a benefit I don't know I'm under your mental I don't know what it is so are you going to text me let me know if you know you are texting that's how you answer the question not by saying will dance book so you know that's it nobody tells Gavin he's doing you're not but they decided to but then you literally said you were going and that you're not I would love it if I remember this conversation better cuz I really really like next day I've got your back I go to bed and go please but I appreciate you and I'm sorry I made you sound like a lunatic I really like a guy I don't really remember are you guys maybe I was annoyed at you for something Travel and Transport on tonight remember that state of but we said we're going to the bathroom then I went to the I guess everyone just left and we just do it what's making each other laugh have you paid such a pretty picture have you ever been watching something Barbara Aaron wants to watch something else okay what's like on TV like I'm watching something and you don't want to I don't know what you look like watching them so I see what his mind in his movie what should I do watching a movie watching a movie at home but every other frame is of a different movie right there watching The Matrix and every other frame is Reservoir California simultaneously do you think you could focus your attention on one of the movie while someone else fixes their attention on the other one and you just have the idea of the one you want to watch or you think if you had one a - you just have 200 and watch two movies at switching to movies impossible what's going to be like the to replace the frame with the other movie or just move the frame - off to the other frame but the idea would be to have both play at the same time you have to replace cuz he moved after then you're watching two movies right you're doubling the same time it would have to be like every other frame try this I will never have the exciting moments at the exact same time is the other movie so you could be like focusing on this one as an explosion that was like an entire hopefully watch both movies at the same time yeah I need to know of like Focus your attention well I honestly would not a thing I could do that I don't know if it's like humanly possible when I told you everything I've seen proof of concept of this that utilize the polarization for 3D televisions so you could have glasses basically that have 2 left I told her they should send it and someone else were to write I polarizations and then the movies can be shifted off the frame so that only appears on the left and one only appears in the right to be taking the technology from 3D movie plan to have to move and remember the viral hoax about the guy who invented the little sensors you put on your head and make your eyes blink in the frequency of 3 Gus you seen it right yeah I Think About You by the weekend that was really is it a hoax that visual effects of high it's really well done you don't have like another mister attachment to like keep your eyes moist at the same time while your blinking non-stop when I have to open and close so many times in a second I mean the speed would be doable but go the other way and it will take some time but you can never blink and open it doesn't cover the hole and sometimes it comes down to the people as it moves and then comes back up your vision you temporarily blind SLO Thiel de motion blur BF4 moment or something I don't know it's something you could do things I want to know if the broadcast crew for pulling off that introduction on today's podcast because we worked on it we were convinced it could possibly go wrong with the switch to live so you guys did a tremendous out out to the broadcast crew for dealing with the old podcast set being on the floor and I don't want of our platforms could because they had to break it down and reconstructed every single week and that was just like piece by piece but sometimes other Productions use it for recording for 6 months most commonly used out of everything I do like when you talk about the pretty camera I noticed watching the opening credits to a movie the most like regular like awesome shot in the opening credits always has the director's name on it next on the lookout for that now that I was to be like you laugh out weird to me when that's not the case though sometimes you watch a movie and then like the directors credit is like nothing or like weird a shot of the same name is spy hard on the opening credits of coming off of musically like a movie and his name comes up and goes like he likes to eat James Bond actors official and you're still alive that's cool there at the same time all the presidents that are alive now like I just thought I would like a quarter is Lou Ferrigno but like almost all the presents for my entire life are still alive I'm crazy but I just think it's nice to appreciate people being alive but you always be bummed out when someone in one of them dies if I'm at a complete out of the funds until 2016 or whatever else I forget which is really sad like I had to think for a second that Reagan was dead like I was going over my head like who is not alive he was one of the older president when was he president 8874 7071 East presidential debates going on right now it's going right now it was 93 when it's like I can't really take listening to either one of them and it's certainly not Trum for that long I just can't do anything at this point anything said in that the baby would be fine for you or if you miss it doesn't matter to me that is like Trump like 3 weeks before the election the day before the life of pets I just try to show everybody how stupid media is and like how you can easily manipulated to the point where you could potentially get somebody who's going to be president of the United States I was trying to prove that I like that was fun or someone could effectively just amass enough money to then control the largest most modern military in the world is essentially if you draw the line that's what's happening right now just someone with a lot of money willing to invest the time and the energy into running for president under such as buying a military you know I got a long discussion with son was in LA for a couple days and I was home for like a day then went back to LA with you guys and I was out to dinner with a friend and we were talking about just like how they were talking about how someone with a lot of money has so much influence like a billionaire just spend money to make things happen like Peter Thiel like but they're not you believe it funded Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Cornell Golf Course out of business I think he has acknowledged that is true and he did it anyway because they a and then because they publicly out of him as you know being relevant to the public interest and of course he was like that's a very private matter he held a grudge against me when you get an opportunity he funded something to put them in the business and if this person was saying that they were at like an activist event and that the billionaire got up and was like Google to donate $750,000 to the event and then during the course of that they raised like $800,000 and then I got up and going to the match tonight so I'd like another $300,000 and they were saying it like that so much influence to like be able to do that you know what I mean to do that to them famous person and I said you can't buy that like and what comes with it just like people listening to what you have so I can make spend $800,000 how many people is actually influenced by things he does make things happen but the same time that billionaire is looking at what they have and saying I need that I need to have a voice that people listen to and so the way to try to get that is by dropping big chunks of change the same this site there's a lot of ways that you can influence a but Trump was so but the money is more his understanding of media like how he gets so much value out of media for nothing nothing he just like every day it's like okay what was the inflammatory thing I said yesterday I got to talk then let's go and it's just like it's literally he was 100% correct when he said earlier in the campaign he could walk out onto 5th Avenue and shoot people and he wouldn't lose a single mother and I was not even a very controversial out out of the out of the ordinary I really do wonder what it would take like if I can see a situation like I have a friend who thinks that the Trump campaign was a play and he didn't actually want to press like a test right like he just wanted to get enough attention to where he could start this was their prediction that he could start a Fox News Network competitor and like that's that's worth a lot of money and like just take over the whole audience from Fox 2 News Francis is like he would drop out of the race and then we started on that work and so this whole time I've been kind of thinking I was there right now to drop out of the race or like the submarine his own campaign he do it like I know you drop out of the race stretchy from this point forward I'm just going to start saying like off the rails like we're going to put people in prisons and stuff like that but he damaged his own campaign enough to not get elected at this point just like is it far enough along but I couldn't stop it a baby pull down their pants and put his finger in the baby Gavin you just said that but I think it completely to change people's minds a beautiful on camera I still kind of crimes were doing all that crazy Trum he goes to jail it's kind of tough to be present when your in jail for a felony you committed on National Television can you do that isn't a crime just like his position on everything in life are left every but the people who do supports and so I just go from one side to the other than you were doing something like everyone repeal Obamacare I think somebody said I'm looking to take your guns away elderly voters in this country saying I'm going to take away your guns is the equivalent of declaring war in the in the same country a civil war that's why we have that amendment in the constitution is to protect people from the government year olds arguing with each other like smelly but it's almost like I feel exhausted like I can't do that I can't let them win by just beating me down to where I'm a pathetic and I just don't care I have to continue caring and I don't wanna wake up and you know make an effort to continue caring I don't know how I'm going to vote I'm not saying that I'm considering voting for Trump because I'm not going to your a trump supporter thanks for going to lunch I just I also feel like you know I don't want to vote for a two party system but at the same time it's like I just I just I don't know what I want more you know at this point I'm just like I'm so fearful of what could happen in a trump presidency I think you can win too I really do think the way you do but they don't know what they're going to do and I think the people who want to go for a lot more fun with that but no I don't think so not anymore I did with it it's the people who vote just kinda like is like a statement you know you can count on that this weekend when he said that all Hillary Clinton does it say things that can be fact-checked but Donald Trump says things that he understands that people just want change to what is supposed to mean what she says facts and he just says I want change Gmail how much for talking about it today but I but I would love to research and see like what you do rich had to say about the change campaign Obama - that was Obama's big thing is just change right and there's some really criticize Mike will but you can't just say change you gotta say what you're going to do you know I know it's funny it's like Donald Trump is sending a message and he will get it they want they want something different than what we talked about before about 5:38 after the party conventions there was a huge disparity in the odds of each candidate winning like it was but it was way ahead and Trouble behind and ever since then the lines have been converging and now it's like really really close that looks like a butt plug for the end of us I definitely think is going to win the election in November I want to see November 8th for almost a month away, just lock himself in the Oval Office eagle let me know everything had the longest winning streak of transfer of power without violence right well I know what is the longest running show me the oldest government in the world and I think Gavin on the couch over there has probably only person who can say they have a longer one or a crazy stat the other two hundred and forty years which I think is right now from 1776 is that that's where the long one of the longest and government in the world it was a crazy start to the day that the queen has been the queen for 25% of the time that the United States has existed wow that's awesome yes you said it's been over for 2 years she's been on the throne for 60 years a quarter of the time that we have existed she has been cleaning cleaning Gary Johnson Libertarian presidential candidate that actually have a chance vs. Trump Hillary thanks sweetie but you're a hundred percent right there on the grass there on the graph you see that yellow line at the bottom that you think was just like the x axis that's his father are people here who are far more on the actual political right of the spectrum not what our parties are out of your parties represent either the left or the right even though the problems associated being the right the actual political philosophy and being right meaning that's like your libertarian and those people those people are now voting for Trump they're not going to leave Hillary about people working for Trump you're gonna vote for Trump you're not you're not switching them at this point but like we said earlier what could happen to this guy it's not going to happen a lot said I'll give you 5 bucks if you vote for me that is what George W bush did when he was elected because coming out of the Clinton Administration we were running a budget surplus which means every year we were taking in more money in tax revenue for spending and it was on her way to pay down the national debt which is a huge number but the multitrillion-dollar number that the budget deficit contribute to every year this is the trade deficit budget deficit display the number on the screen last time what do you think Surplus but your money the government isn't here to make a profit but they were clearly taking 20 so a refund on a money but I got a $600 check in my mailbox never that it's like that this election is like it's going to be some sort of record for the amount of people voting not necessarily for a certain president - and but against a certain president to not win I think why didn't President wouldn't have to be honest the motivation for me so you just say Trum plan can't stand Hillary because emails and I think that happens every election I wouldn't be surprised if it's in line with every other election I feel like every thought I can't stand that other person I don't know it's just like you're getting a lot of attention at its current right anyway let me know - also bring some thanks for Rin for sponsoring this episode there's a home burglary occurring every 13 seconds and most happened in broad daylight the ring video doorbell has been proven to stop burglaries before they happen by allowing you to see and speak to anyone approaching your door using your smartphone no ring is using their advancement in technology to protect your entire property with the ring secure with the Ring of security kit that includes a ring video doorbell for the front door and a ring stick up cam but Wireless weatherproof HD camera to keep an eye on other parts of the property let's eat some of people work here you that's really really cool for a limited time to listen to the RT Podcast can get up to $150 offer rings of security kids go to ring.com / but she's now doing the millions of homeowners who protect their home with ring ring.com / Rooster Teeth for up to $150 off your kid that's ring.com slash Rooster Teeth through the cold you'll see your front door and talk to people even when you're not there it's like it's perfect for me and we'll talk to someone I want to see them just talking to the phone you can see them give it to you just so you know oh yeah just leave it don't knock it the fuck away from me I was just admiring the bar on this new podcast set on both sides like it is stopped know any better you want some actual alcohol but just like Pizzeria barbar you want to actual license so I can a feel like it looks like cocktail what is 100 in Maker's Mark on the Rocks but sometimes you know what people get those steel ice cubes so they don't melt on Rockside like when ice melts into a drink that's part of like the ritual with me and I like it but I don't have water to my whiskey I don't do that I just left the ice slowly due to what is the definition of ice in a drink alcohol at rather than beer and cocktails cocktail could be just the glass for the garage drinking liquor but I could tell you mix something with something else really drink consisting of a spirit or several Spirits mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice lemonade or cream sockets. This is a beer with other ingredients Ducati Lisa spirit Spirits mixed with other stuff you can a spirit or Spirits the definition of something you can't take the fuss a Spirits mixed with is like saying sugar - - it consists of a spirit or spirits that are in the Holy Ghost religion weird, in it to be but nobody likes the Oxford comma what does Spirit the mother in the Holy Ghost know what is it I have no idea all the son the Holy Spirit holy Gus a different different versions of Christianity say differently I think we're in the same place fraternity composite Jewish on the Virgin Mary as well she likes hanging out with him so it's right in there we tried to go to a restaurant the other day we're walking down the street is another story and not me son we're walking now of course the whole time of course and the restaurant down the street like this like a little to the side so we walk over and like I stop for a second at the door and I looked at the menu outside outside of the doors to the door and pull it open it and it's locked and I look at the menu again and I guess they're not open they're not open right now I don't think they're going to be open anytime soon and the whole building was empty it's completely torn to shreds just look at the menu amazing open today like renovating the place cuz the menu was up but they must have gone out of business so I moved here I would put them in Trust but for some reason I was inside of a circle so they're looking for 2344 the son to do a version of long it's not like I'm just the first platform because that's more for information like on the last first blog I went over everything with you the green light show in like what a text I just got to use always open as part of the example of a cutting mat process always fragile Blog videos will you look at your upload a video on Facebook now so they may split them because it's like the audiences like they watching some people really like the one that looks like a venture fund go doing something like 8-9 this one we went to the Emmys and then went to the greatest movie but then there was like the information stuff and we want to try to find it and I'll just want the adventure happy fun stuff but I'm kind of half and half information for first number for public barbar you just want to be paid until I started making a - like I feel like we talk about everything in our lives in the podcast but really we really don't and I do mean like I would never talk about going to an after-party not maybe we would but I just like to talk about it it may be a great time it was very nice and was intimidated by mod Buffalo Academy in toenails AMA mod I thought I'd make mod before I met her the other day and it's because I know another mod or we know another mod and I thought Burnie Burnie was talking about that much like another young woman named mod what happens when you guys laugh about MOD Pizza Emoji debat people use person named mod counter who was they were understaffed and she was remarkably unhelpful and that is a wicked contract you be here hey I want this pizza please choose what you can pay me back this week that what you said for pizza I'm telling you and give you what you like or you can get the name of the peace what do you want the Jimmy what does that mean do not order like that you get the crust and you get the thing I didn't order that way I can't help I want this now gets cheers here's what you do okay look up here don't you order by name please like the Jimmy Princeton but it's cool mod Peter you could modify them on anyway okay so what you want to do you want white but you want to play waiting for you I thought I liked it and I'll text you when I'm the one that likes to make you like a little snippy jokes every time you order something or say something to you first I was just ordering a salad and she would just like something like coming up for you it's a video of enemy he was I guess he was in the UK at the drive-thru I love this job right you want the extra large digital large you wanted million Gus I want a large GTA V super who's really behind this normally that's like you're killing me yeah I got a plane that was the penultimate what are you doing wrong but I used to have that so fuck off he was the second worst person ever at not getting him that I didn't want to talk like I was watching a movie with earphones in he's like talking to me and I'm like I'm like love your piece hit pause and go like this and he goes then I go back to watching a movie and then he's like to me that you're talking again it's like it's just going to be a big year phone plan to start looking at what she's crazy just like you what are the chances are great that you two have in common you're both back International Gavin Japan and they give you like all your little like I'm asking your socks that you don't like a little bag that I had it and he recognized it but I'm afraid I'm going to get there at some point what's the flight was he going pretty consistent so I want to see like just like your time that he was talking was like it was like 20% of the flight but he never went more than like 3 or 4% a flight without saying something like it was just like consistent hey I don't I'm not really interested in having a conversation with you if you just fall asleep but I was watching X-Men apocalyps literally the only X-Men apocalypse movie is being constantly interrupted and like I said I got back to my movie I'm watching X-Men yeah I did the whole like I had the whole earphone out look at him go hold on mod like literally that is my interaction with a guy you like too friendly at the beginning exactly right I make with always the moment someone tries to talk to me and they immediately not conversational just in case so just start talking French with someone I meet you I don't need to ignore my gu have a nice conversation like it was a weird on the way out everything was fine till 8 because I sat down actually the extra we were just chatting away and I said she was an awesome that they were investigating Austin for a new a new location for the hotel and it just so happened she manages that process for the hotel chain that we were staying at and it's the only one in La so when she works at has it what are the chances that I was weird that's crazy I'm going to the hotel where you work today so tell it was the Sofitel but we were but they did you say you stayed at the same Hotel I'm plan earlier today where there was a it was a very full flight and of the 787 so it's 2 hours and 3 three groups of seats prices at 3383 what place is this you do this from Al Al your gym and so I'm in the middle of the night and this couple comes in and they get separated like the dude is next to me in the middle seat and the woman he's with is in the next aisle over she's in the middle seat and every now and then I guess like she want to get his attention to all she would do is lean forward and look at him if you would go like she's looking at him 15% erection like she was passing out then like 5 minutes later her head was like I like her and she was like and then she wanted to tell her husband about it just get through the full height when you swap with although I do want to meet up so I can stand one of the worst you say you also told me that he was on another flight where somebody voluntarily switch seats in first class with somebody else so they could sit together like suggested it's a real first-class don't change for anything from you but like you said first I would coach for straight people say no there's a glass cup I'm sitting over here in the aisle you know if you need anything on the guy who was sitting next to me was like oh you want to sit together I'll switch with you I was like what did I just see it's because I had an aisle seat I love you I'll see you cuz I go to the bathroom a lot all the time so I like not disturbing people and I get to go to the bathroom so I was in an aisle seat and there was a woman sitting next to me in the middle seat and her boyfriend or husband was in a middle seat a different way that's different and so she asked me she's like hey would you mind switching with me so I can text my husband and so will weird your seat and she points to like another million is like no I don't really want to sit up but I guess but you can't get a middle seat in first class right right now when do you get the upgrade it's like when I left it so but I think Barbara are you going to win it depends I probably would do it if it was a miracle they were separated but there was something in there kid I would do it but I would like I wouldn't switch out of an exit row like because it's a better seat than I was the last one I was upgraded on I was in the aisle and I got to my seat and someone was in my seat and I was like it is it is this your feet are pointing at the window so is this your seat and she was like oh my in the window it was so long ago and I didn't look I was like alright he's like you want Al I can move on Iowa is such a Al a three-hour flight who can who can just have like 3 times a look so that is a strategy I see them plan flights for someone to sit in the seat they want and then like two men to the person comes and goes had one that's why she got the right ticket and like I'm sitting like 20 rows back then why you here why not take a shot before it was London - Austin and someone wanted me to switch Saturday boyfriend but I was too a middle seat and I'm on the island and I was like at the time of her flight is not your flight leave early American but it was an older plan sucks so all that you need the TV screens were about this big maybe about like 5 inches or so for but we'll square and mine in particular things were kind of yellow and really and they only had maybe 4 or 5 movies to choose from three of which were a X-Men with my dress and they didn't have this thing where you can just click on the movie and start watching it they were on the move it's like you could join the showing that has started 12 minutes ago or you could wait 25 minutes for the next viewing only what the fuck a big Peter time would you like to come over and then the movie start over and to top it all off there is some creepy old dude in seat next to me who kept fucking staring at me the entire flight in the seat next to you and like the aisle so I can out for me probably like you could be German in German I'm a trip to Germany so that was really cool experience to be honest I did I learned that I'm bitter bitter with me and one beer leave or I'm close to there be too much before I must have beer but I don't know that one which is a leader out there I learned the important things beer and they won't be like what kind what do you want we got this on draft in this and this they just bring you a beer whatever their specialty out of English pubs will have in a regular people coming in and sometimes you just woke up until her feel like I have a plan and they just give you a hug I love it I love not having to make a decision to fight beer or wine is that where you got it from them you're on your way of making decisions and all the different options I think so I do have a MOD Pizza in mod Pizza just one of the name Owens even if it's crap on it the German fans sorry I didn't get back to us by the they know English very very well and I guess they have to use the washer should you run a but like we had like we're at an anime convention and actually were the first ever American guest at this convention that usually just have guests from Japan they had an interpreter for Japanese an interpreter for German so we were just kind of like in not in the loop of anything going on all weekend cuz I could be at the ceremony is missing with German and translate into Japanese never been like that for one of the other is going and they had an interpreter there just in case but we didn't need it because everyone understood English like talking about most of Europe is how amazing it from his English always feel shit when I go to this country people apologizing for the English speak English better than most ComEd million be like sorry for the mistakes English not my first language so I couldn't tell yeah I didn't know I don't know any German except the phrase I just said so I went out to go like 1 or the city a little bit and we went to this pastry Stop Shop and they had like a bunch of sweet and savory ones and I was trying to say that I wanted a sweet pastry but I didn't have any drama so I'm just pointing things going idiot what do you want what you want how are the 9s a friend you can get about three words of French out and looked like they'd appreciate it if I can hear it you're welcome to try to start speaking English to son in France without asking them first they speak English very upset with you feel like walking out of an English if you ask them just be friends but just pronounce English like Gemma Pell who is Christina parking lot of footage but one of things that happened was we ended up in France and we were going through that we were in the french-speaking part of Switzerland and then we were in France after that until I walked up to somebody and I said speak up just a little bit of French do you speak English and they said yes and I said great that we speak a little bit of French I said in French and they were like well your accent is wonderful and I was like thank you very much and she's like if you don't a race for million dollars and the finish line is like literally right there if a French person compliments your exit and do stuff and say thank you do not do that often at all I got someone to do it is also barbar Squarespace Squarespace site sacrificially design regardless of your skill level there's no coding required for intuitive easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for one year but your free trial site today at squarespace.com / rooster teeth when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure you offer code Rooster Teeth get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace you build it beautiful when are long-time sponsors helping you make your own website Squarespace thank you so much for sponsoring this test and are new set a podcast on you because you're beautiful a corset Al - beautiful plan I really am very impressed with the way I wanted to go back for second and complain about MOD Pizza the first opened they like you mentioned a special pizzas like the Jimmy or whatever there's no way when we first opened they had a pizza named the Gus when you go to order the first thing they ask you what's your name I'm going to have you fertilizing my name with other things and I didn't want to do you want the other things it was like I was like white sauce Pizza name is gluten free 701 point out a couple things first of all there's a contest going on right now that I knew nothing about which is where we're envisioning the Russia Fogo but your fantasies just for fun I'm actually not sure that's illegal black business take U there Jack U unless the winner of Week 1 of 1 but it sounds like I'm kind of undecided but I'm talking my kind of Rin the point of not talking about it but there are times in the past where we said hey there's this thing going on and if you guys could go out there and vote for or contribute to it or something like that it really helped us out right now we don't do this very often but you know this is kind of thing we just like we want you making a sound we don't know we're coming from yeah it's so and then Rasmussen but there is something going on right now but doesn't vote for Rooster Teeth for free music here and we're actively just not trying to but you're probably the only time he mentioned maybe it would be like a tweet about it or something one tweet but this is a case where we decided just not to do one of those big campaigns and asked you to vote and vote it's one of those things in order to win that one you really have to go all out every day and it's like I mean there's years was like Hey we're trying to do some things that we need a little bit more media attention for we're not really doing anything like that right now you know that the only reason we eat we talked about it cuz we do have debate about the concept we want to have to do this extra life is coming up you know what I mean we're going to be mean that's something where we ask people to contribute to their QB money somebody goes to such a great cause and it's like I mean 2016 crazy only for the company itself but like everybody personally like doing all this amazing stuff best year it's been my best year yet so I was trying to go back and look at everything in 2016 so next year you know it's crazy president have to try dudes that's why I get so many different women by little but he's a little bit what's a scale called Candis cayne get the scale of the sexual scale write something like how like what level of bisexual or gay or straight you are that's why Matthew 7 always open right she said a lot of stuff there's only like out there that I don't want to bring up again what do you do to a cat don't you don't you should just watch the episode was he mean to a very loving to a very light white sauce garlic mozzarella Canadian bacon and roasted asparagus thank you Susan for me that means blue fish fish fish fish yeah yeah yeah let me find a place to eat a place they love to eat and you love it too we're going to son I got to see that show me healthy we are walking on our way to go get Indian Indian food which would be a big thing for Gavin and I have no one around this weekend Infiniti SUV American Indian food Indian food is good Indian Indian food for normal we ate like at this nowhere like nothing special restaurant and it was the best meal I've ever had my life but it was close to the british-indian than the American Indian and I'm not talking about American people very confusing and it is very confusing so good what's Native American food Yorkie Native American food wild buffalo flatbread Lake Navajo bread of head before you give her the details here in Austin though they have Navajo food there like a corn salsa with stuff I'm not a fan I have to admit I'm not a fan Fogo de Chao I dropped him a new podcast celebration I'll go right after this I'm going to be open but when you push on it at 10 when we go to Florida we can load up with me I don't know if we won't get that a lot because but today we didn't do it we could still do it we do it Fogo de me and actually do your idea of - it's what I want gotta get with Gavin I would get around each other we think very much alike but then we go it's like very confusing to me really confused I just figured that I'm going to watch two movies at once it's like trying to watch two movies I want to do it you brought it back into it the hard part would be the audio that's the hardest part you can listen to two things at once actually like it hard to see how fast I really enjoy brain break in the break you put a friend for the end of movie and then watch a movie then you're telling me movie will be running at 50% speed what is so that I can see you want you two to our movies if you did each frame intercut you're watching both movies so its a total of 4 hours so if that's what you need to cut every other frame out survival identical even imagine how much longer maybe twice while I listen I want to say very happy pleased that the podcast reveal was pulled off in the way they do yes no you're just being realistic not pessimistic you were being pessimistic and cynical he has like you out from a prepared thing to a live thing they just like how many weeks we just didn't have the intro to but I guess I was thinking what if like that let's do it or something right I don't know how that works for the live broadcast was the only time it worked right there we do we did try to hurt a couple times and it just like either stopped in the middle or something have the preacher was late normally do if it's been appreciated appreciate it was late today because the video file just stop playing part way through that's why it was just a lot of people think that I lost give me hard but so Barbara said she worried that I wasn't trying to take a hundred bucks from work and we're doing that I don't have people online that are asking is because their first members and this is a sponsor's only broadcast the first Members Only Liam Kelly tweet photos of the set yes you can absolutely also already tweeted a photo of some things I like about for first members what can happen if they get like inside information and I see you know stuff like it was in the first one and talking about the green light process actually would like it if people would go out and communicate that to other people it mean it's information that we provide to our first members but you know I think about you it's like I like to like for other people to other people the reason your first that's right the other people being first to something that's like crunch time protein production and a weak acid and a female to have seen the first 4 episodes of crunch time before the visual effects were done back in like on April or something I'd seen the first one so I was really good and I haven't seen anything again until it launched it was like oh she did I didn't hear it earlier I watched everything real footage basically an order but without any of the intro anything I love the interest on your end just like all the sounds fun fact about crunch-time Gus and I are actually in a scene together so I know it's absurd one right weird I'm in there too but you can't see me at all and the guys who were writing and directing the show felt bad that we wanted to give you a better can you still get you in for this thing for a different episode so I'm going to show up in a different episode where you can actually see me and hear me talk to you about it yeah just kinda like that and it's funny cuz my email and then I saw the shot and I'm like not even in look like there was one glass I could clean put it here we go to the bar but there's so much action that goes on in background that I don't think a lot of people realize like I had to do the same motions with the same three or four people and that seem like they would come up they would talk to me and order a drink I would like me to put them and put it on the table and likely something else and I have to do the same thing over and over but like you don't see it leave the same time every time that it's not and there's probably like 4 or 5 other groups and who are doing the same motions I think my one came out now I'm not as interesting because I was mainly went to film Slo Mo puppies with her in the first episode and then I knew I was going to be in a bit but they hadn't received any sort of script and then I was on the set and I still haven't seen anything on that Andrew Disney was like I'll just be really excited about you just like Kung Fu when you want I'll just do it weird technically in a scene with an actor that I've been watching for a long time I saw her she said show Desperate Housewives and I was with her and a scene with someone who was on that show which was going to say who it was a trailer Zach yes they are almost the same movie but that our first day on the new podcast set with a round of Gavin or Google - Attack Al which one said it let's find out hey I took a - the four-word phrase and I typed it into the search engine Google I gave it seemed to the four-word phrase to the young mr. Gavin Free identify the most popular autocomplete and that I from Gavin Free and we're going to find out which one is more ridiculous which one said it Gavin or Google Barbara Barbara spreadsheet to the first phrase that I typed into Google and also gave too much Gavin Free was why doesn't you gave me but I reopen leave at this time why doesn't my first autocomplete was why doesn't the moon have a name Why doesn't the moon have a name because the other was why doesn't my poo float why doesn't my poo float Barbara but you have the the first which one was Google and which one was Gavin I'm going to say this and I'm going to say Gavin was the moon Gavin and Google was I think the opposite I think the opposite I think Gavin is more focused Point goes to Barbara dunkelma what is all the planets have moons but they will have names always just called him and he didn't know all the other one is the capital of all the other planets are moon lowercase M inside the Moon is its name right so I mean that's what we're doing it's cool man it's cool Luna like a sinus cold so I would say if I had named the moon out to the Moon's name is Luna I would say the same thing True Detective not really I just Lou tancinco a satellite is the moon capital M that's dumb it's done all right I mean they're almost like the moon of my photos really fast on this trip we just looked it up how many moons do Jupiter has a right at 12 right I was just like 10:12 its like what $17 look it up it was like over 6064 something huge son in Jupiter planet bring something sexy but the next race that I entered into Google and gave to mr. Gavin Free was what would happen if what happens if the first answer I got back was what would happen if you never cut off the umbilical cord from a baby what would happen if you never cut off the umbilical cord from the baby the other was what would happen if you hired two private investigators to follow each other Gus I'll let you go first this time I could go either way on this I'm going to say that the umbilical cord is Gavin Barbara private investigators Gavin please tell me we have a tie I thought that private investigator one but Google came out with his genius and can we do that make a visit because I like that one cuz it seems like to me like it's such a Gavin think Gavin talked about earlier in this plan to be early a couple of alternates in case it was too close to the Google one ever what would happen if it would say what would happen if you boil an egg for a week what would happen if I never open never shut up it's going to come out and you're just going to be like they cut off your record in the clothes that dries up and then it falls off it's pretty gross so that what you have is a not hanging out and then is the bloodstream a belly button. Are you really belly button to put the stuff on it dries it out faster and whenever someone sticks their face a lot with Aaron as usual he tries to and then I listen fucking listen when your boyfriend you you have to know your full access like Ashley will not walk up a flight of stairs in front of me she always has to walk behind but she could touch her but no it's the opposite so I'm not just like grabbing at her butt behind push like I'm helping you come home go ahead and try to reach you so just watch this is I don't like sketching thing I'm sending you a stupid sketch Gavin because I just want to reset entered into Google search engine and - Gavin frees brain is the simple phrase are rhinos are run rates are not talking about the rhinoceros are - when I got back Usher born horn first and the other was are rhinos just obese unicorns I don't know who to make the first year but I think it's your turn to go first because you didn't win the last try to trade it again I was born first and then our run just fat unicorns I'm trying time with me okay I'm going to say that Gavin said horns first what do you say unicorns he de Gavin to be single Barbara has extended your leave now to when she gets the final Point Gavin wants to know if those were born first and Google was but I thought they were just don't unicorns do they have a phone when the phone is probably just like a little time for me it's slipped my mind and I would hate to have to use that we're going to play that specialize - do the right thing please actually for one week only next week will have a I thought you guys wanted was for the public this week out of pilot episodes officially so tune in Wednesday night at 10:30 if you are first member and Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. if you are not first number on YouTube a Rusty Taco Nickelback what we normally do a half an hour for them to Circle back tonight just asking why we can finish except for I didn't finish telling us how to vote for the Streamys because I just wasn't doing that was you did hear about that but we reserve the right to but it will be but hopefully you guys will come to your life and you don't see that as his bugging you but it's something cool that we all do together bu everybody and we will see you guys next week on our other and you said yeah buddy