#396 - Werewolf Dick

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss laser hair removal, awkward dating stories, trips to Mexico, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 3, 2016, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Pizza Hut (http://bit.ly/2bxZ8mf)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

the bottle opener after running nice to where we are right over there Pizza Hut audibl Casper and meundie side of breath and I'm glad about son Gavin I'm Chris I'm Blaine I'm going like sixty not even it was in the moment I felt bad cuz Gus was like oh yeah I go pro today really proud of it and it's like extreme activities are you doing that you need a GoPro if she had a legitimate reason to dislike so just like well I'm going out of the country soon and I'd like to document it with a buddy can we go right right yeah that makes sense it's interesting it's very peaceful time over there no no trouble at all with any neighbors Chris and Blaine conversation I didn't understand this this just happen overnight and I was like no it didn't it was built over a long period of time that lands at 10 and sitting over there for like several months and you're like oh well I've been here since 6:36 hour later and like Chris pulling rank I was very confused because like I figure all confuse the gym is working now so I was like oh well that's what happens like immediately it's like we switched over from the old podcast a new one and then you told me about so sure nobody was confusing to you yeah I guess so when you come into that 66 have to do with wild memory no Chris works there for her students like that's okay it's like okay it's like I built this house with my the set was it was sitting over there for several months I know it yeah I do I've been Roa know it looks good it looks really good nice put it there yeah I like the bar and the subject changing as a dumb question nobody likes being wrong I got nobody nobody but you people get wrong all the time how are you 2 are The Streamys writes on the couch Chris winner and loser we have to win both winners we found out that one before it started because some website I was looking around and she was like look I think it's just one laser therapy writes for me but I guess I guess I didn't win it and then all the people who wouldn't award to one that sent in acceptance video so like I guess everybody knows they won because his videos being sent in those previously been shot and I was just like sitting there in in Saratoga for The Slow Mo Guys having both people like having known that you're showing because someone broke in Bargo and in the other one is a genuine surprise which way would you prefer it like Chris would you like to know what I like because it will give us a chance to actually think about what we're going to say cuz we hadn't done that I would have said something like if I if I'm going to when I was invited to sleep in England somewhere right now it's like half of acceptance which is like I find what I want I would have come more prepared everyone super self-deprecating like no one wants to be like Kanye always going to win you know here's my prepared speech for it it's also really depressing thing to prepare for a speech if you don't win always like being underpaid in a situation where there might be disappointment you put in too much man to after something I didn't turn out I would spend time working on something that never used to be blindsided like to invite where's the camera just switched the gym dude you was when you were talking about it's moving that's cool that's what Jeff does not want you to hear that by the way before the show he did not the right name you like to look that up and everything and was kind of like that movement is Luke always fix how can today so he could touch tank Fritanga super technical portion of the packet that we got into like stupid discussions about lenses angles and stupid shit like that I don't care about school and kids are just like you and everything in there like if you like you should read the book Michael chrichton missed of work are you trying to talk about being wrong and it be like to be running so we're trying to pass off like an expert opinion and you're just older rocks which is what we do and I did not put any time in the past so we can all the time and Ralph penis penis notable animals like cows chew their cud yes I can go pick up a touchy touchy subject Noah would you guys still headed if you could have done better I feel like I've been getting bombarded by people who have noticed that in the Netflix series Luke Cage they have a couch just like the one we used to have on the podcast even getting with tons of it so just look it over the weekend Netflix 2 and 1/2 hours on Saturday I can't really think of a Time Netflix yes you do you just chill well I guess we should start making out Amazon video I guess guy told me I have to use a computer to put it on for the shipping but I never think to check Amazon video for stuff if something is on Netflix then I check by bracelets mostly like really shitty Triple-A titles of flop like Transformers or whatever but they have like $2 right about it over the weekend which I doubt if you have Amazon Prime you get one free subscription on your Twitch Channel what was that about because they also said that you can get a $20 discount on new titles received always do that with like if you if you video games from Amazon you get like a discount missed something important I know the price but you have to use physical copies that's why I never do it I never by that charity event yesterday is gu Game Change of apparently every an amount of twitch subscriptions that they get through Prime they donate like $100,000 for every hundred thousand description side and $100,000 while 2 Game Changer charity which is like this crazy school or tonight I just like one of those grocery ordering services for the first time recently and it got delivered by this girl who was super cute like super super cute and I got really self conscious about like all the condoms you but then I was like I was like man I would like to talk to her again and so I kept ordering more groceries so you can see who's she pumping for you before they deliver it yeah Chris was it like message them until they finish up of what am I going to do before the snow comes and I'm like I was like trying to like I guess I should go put a shirt on and like it like James in La can you add stuff to order like a dozen roses and when she arrived with anyone out there sooner than that she kind of like a darker skin like half African-American half white chick that was there was a reason my dog with something or another I had a really hard as well she was definitely darker skin that it was really pretty girls name wasn't that happened in the trouble comes I'll let her know so it's okay new little cute girls hour delivery food in of this week also has a cute girl showing up around 2 that I have a feeling come from do anything that you want me to ask her out like she didn't finish it I put no I put on hold now they're following me Hay Day Ma how to get rid of lip guy Kim I like Max shift if your phone number that would be like idea yeah so like I had a guy briefly dated a girl that worked for favor which is the company that does it in town and she was telling me about all these guys like she would do she works in corporate now or did when I was dating her but she used to do deliveries and she would run into those guys all the time and there's like one guy that like I think that you can see their picture before they deliver so I just guy probably saw her and he was like he came to the condo is like in downtown Hilo the doors open and she walks in on the litter did you get the groceries over there okay come on in White House room didn't like go after him hair fucking terrible those girls that's why I didn't want to do that I don't want to be the guy he was like I said you're talking about it on a public platform yes according to you I'm reading Twitter hair you can treat us a hashtag idea podcast for watching the live stream man who's at Brianna man says you gotta Tri Craigslist missed connections yeah I don't think she was that worried about it what I don't think I don't think that's happening Cititrans for your own internal x 6 treated nice treat you like trust me I run an ex-girlfriend's all the time you'll run into her some point when I order more groceries that's going to be creepy it's already creepy it's already there's no escaping the creepy Factor here but it's like iro streamy the simulator. Hey this is groceries thank you so much yeah if you want to send the English way jobs guy missed something now that bite first time using the service and she's like oh yeah it's like no no no it's my first time using the service 2016 smart have you been this whole time it's like I don't know it seems pretty cool is it is it how do you like it gets gets the money and then I can go out tonight now not with you about how really sorry I wasn't talking that situation where there should have been doing push ups who sings you were hurt in a super negative way you know sabotage let me read this right here I'm glad you in creepy want to give a shout out to Pizza Hut for joining us and help you create a portion of the podcast that we like to call the feed the plane get in how to give a heads up I the morning the feed will be giving out some Pizza Hut side as well as a pizza gift cards to our listeners and viewers who can answer a trivia question about one of the games in the Retro bites arcade this week's trivia question this week's trivia question is what is the name of the woman Jump Man is trying to rescue in Donkey Kong and you can tweet us a hashtag RT Podcast and hashtag the feed and I will pick two runners-up and one grand prize winner the winner will receive all the pizza that's why I got a $25 gift card to one of us will receive a $25 gift card each Pizza just launched the first ever grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza with grilled cheese on the crust and inside the crust it's irresistible with milky butter crunchy goodness on the crust grilled cheese stuffed crust combined to America's favorite pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches these two cheesy classic side together at last get a one-topping grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza at Pizza hut.com for only 12 99 hurry it won't last podcast hashtag the feed will pick a couple winners and announce them later in the show enough to give the answer to the trivia question later and you guys don't answer to no one not again I don't know if you want to know the onset such the hashtag 2 Pokedex 17000 people no no no don't careful careful you might pick it up I'm just talking a lot so that it doesn't come across and I don't I never the one to talk to anymore okay stop each other alright thank you Pizza Hut for the first one to let you know that even if I didn't have the garlic knots the the stuff to the grocery store though so did you see him try to find something here did you see if she wants westworl last night I heard it was an honor I did not watch it though I didn't and you are no it was really good it was really really good I was a huge fan of the movie Up everytime movie that Michael chrichton back in the seventies but it was you don't have to watch that movie totally different but it's really got some good thought behind it do you think it'll be the replacement for Game of Thrones hoping it will be the replacement Game of Thrones we'll see how it goes thinking about how great it is a lot a lot he was in several scenes the first episode I feel like there wasn't a ton of set up right like it's not like a super drawn-out thing if we need it we were like okay here's the world here's what happening like it was no like the whole it wasn't like a wasted episode immediately or just like that's the best kind of World building now as he just throw them in and then you just going to pick up the pieces like Mad Max and it wasn't fucking World building that I did it and I know that in the movie they did like I think like Medieval World and then they did like three year old lady that in the shower just Westworld only showing westworl idea not mentioned any of the other worlds so I don't know if if they exist or not because I cannot see you next season ditional Seasons yeah yeah that's right yeah so I mean it's enter the premises it's a theme park gets very expensive exclusive and it's populated by Android like robots that look like people and the tourists go and they do whatever they want like shoot Roa by 4/2 Hammer whatever writes like to do whatever you want cuz it's no consequences because it's robots but then like the Crux of the show is you know the robots another memory gets wiped every day so kind of you for what happens when we start sleeping through and like you know things aren't things that you think are fully writes necessarily the concept the accident good just one more Soul were still planning on the number to the CAG 3 years Blu-ray player is really old is from this region a or whatever the UK is for Blu-ray and totally played like crap in a Us Xbox the frame rate was the same no it's like 50 vs. 60 the framerate of the blue is 24 like movie the 2014 expecting to do with an imported European Blu-ray for a movie that you cannot buy on Blu-ray in the United States and it's like it's kind of like that where after a little while the same kind of doubt and in the end we just I just screamed and then I guess we'll there was like it was like crap. And then like you be like shit it started again and it'll be like a bite but wouldn't have pissed you off the entire time yeah I'm just trying to make a viewing experience Pari know it was you nice house next cat just want cat to me the extreme-right tonight it's an experience I thought it was like maybe could be I could be at 10 if you don't have anybody so just bring it on my hour special nice okay I'll let loose movie experience iro by now. Blain interesting even though I walk he likes it there face-to-face doing that like jackass for like 7 seconds in a Luke down his dick was out in side long 3 miles long real super saiyan Gavin I was like there's no way that's because it was circumcised right the initial shock of no way after all this time according to Heart Queen had on Twitter has hm Davis 26 you guys aren't cyborg robots that look like people aren't cyborg I think she is correct but I feel like cyborg half-human like that they are the human element elements organic elements they're not just all Roa by cuz I was always confused because they called Terminators cyborg cybernetic but I think they have skin Android Android human organism designed to look and act like a human so I was correct and Android borage is like I've always had in my mind that cyborg was a human with some mechanical element or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended Beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements build of the body but that's like a human with ma Android is a robot with human element guy with one ball Star Trek reference everybody like a cyclops you killed it scientifically called Terminator cyborg it was an early time it was a long time ago the rate I'm going I'm going to pick our first winter here for as if you are first runner-up I should say is it has a Catherine you are correct someone will be in contact with you to get you your price I was first runner-up was the answer I got to do one more run up and then I'll text it to you just look at look at are you texting it to you now so you know I'm flying in a couple of days and you know, I'm kind of a weirdo about plane Tri and their lineup Flyin you can see like the specific tail number of the plane you're correct by the way thank you I know I'm correct in the fucking robbed the question you got right laser guy can I know the tail number of the exactly known to be flying overseas writes so it's like I wonder if I pasted that tail number into YouTube if I would get any results and they're absolutely results like I guess people film planes landing and taking off and if you put a tail number into YouTube you'll get videos of the South Pacific plane tickets at 8:10 of the visible on the tail of the body people can tell that's the plane that film it so that I could see basically the window I'll be looking out of in a video that I'm going to be on that plane looking out of that when that exact window what if you still the plane that had to make like a an emergency landing with no landing gear with of the what I mean that is kind of weird surreal thing that what what did you get from that experience there are people more obsessed with planes and I okay because you know how that film out there feeling all of that information they speak in the plane I saw a clip is that she liked 2 years old but I never seen in for the guy flying a prop plane and thought you'd find around it and the propeller you can see this go for Behind the Music pilot in just guy just like you can hear my hitting the gas and then the motor is spinning nothing there just like he just makes us like crazy Dead stick landing on them and then do so good at the end when I get up it's like he's pissed off at you just seem like that out I need comes over on the plane and just saying Luke it just falls off it was also he was like super in control but it looks like a pretty shaky Lands End Kon control on of your speed on the speed you just have to like deal with the speed you have it because you can speed up and slow down pretty hard but it didn't explode on Runway the park at 7 we're still the downtown office but a very similar video for it's like 2 Guys in their flying Roa propeller plane and this a camera mounted behind them and the propeller just stops and you just feel like Bond Street and Major Street in the city and just like the car stop for them to just see them come in and land the plane and then pull into a parking lot like this USA just went straight into a drive-through and ordered the bug is asleep but you never do 30 got to come back in the car I got in a conversation with a broadcast Patrick long time ago he might not remember this but it was like I was talking to him about a flight and I was kind of freaked out by looking at my flight numbers and I thought this is just something that I experienced he's alright because it's like it seems like you would hear about this flight crashes Life Flight 4138 you know American crashing in it on the news it said overseas calling a flight so it's okay so it's like he's reading that number and so I was kind of catchy that seems like something that would be in the headline like I was on the flight I think with Jason and we were you know the cat is only comes on when you take off and I forget the exact names but this is not too much an exaggeration it was like hey it's Jonathan this is Captain strong and got your copilot badass with me up here to be your take me to joke around then it was like I think that's where they're actually it's awesome but it's wrong I think I think the captain was strong and I remember what I remember yeah it's fine it's fine but it's not like it's like it looks French cat saying hello my name is Chris the swamp person small you don't my life without cost rooster practic in awhile Gibson what Blaine on the bus makes me want to tell the rooster space for my music I was going to say strength but I know it's like Sunday Kim and then there's like this whole complex is related to the anti-semitic Acura man who is actually redeeming himself I think I heard he had a great movie come out recently although this is not racist X Blaine doesn't see advertised anywhere and I'm told it's cuz I watch TV but the nice guys I think I should have enough for the plane and Russell expecting absolutely nothing has really funny black is amazing like I was handsome and funny I just got baby nice but they are a true treasure Blain it up look it up what are my number one this after the podcast is brought to you by audible.com some big things audible.com for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast audibl has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows news comedy and more audiobooks are great to listen to while you're driving at the gym or shopping for listeners audible.com is offering a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial you want to listen to it audibl has it go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth browser on Match selection of audio content download the title free and start listening it's that easy get a free audiobook of the 30 day free trial audible.com slash Rooster Teeth audible.com slash Rooster Teeth I've been listening to quite a few audiobooks cuz I've been traveling a lot lately and I think always guy I mentioned that I finished No Country for Old Men and just today I finished the road which is another Cormac McCarthy book fucking depressing Hour really You Got bond out fucking depressed and it's not if you imagine if every mind me a lot of it's a book I gets movie adaptation I haven't seen that we got to take that it was important but it's like if you imagine if the Last of Us was a book and we just super depressing that so that's what the road is it just like a man and a child like in a post-apocalyptic world just trying to survive in a little bit so they can get the spoilers can you text me your name means of the sun with in the description you are spiritually intense and control its logical information what is the meaning of the son of the son talks about how you like a track of money and I'll be like can you bring up all this shit and believe in law system and order that is over true but I believe in it that you think so I think we should talk about other people all the time do they still put your plane your phone to airplane mode Nobody Does that I don't even know if they're fully doing it like I do it I don't want my phone searching for Signal the inflate in my pocket violently the entire flight if I see people all the time you can do it I always put mine in airplane mode airplane mode you can get 10,000 feet to miles very the very end of the the saying I'm not Gavin the sun after all of that Law and Order the storied life man it's like if you analyze my performance on a podcast when it's not being taped bite when it's windy show live and when they're like 3 times I always do but I'm pretty today everything that light hits me who they are no the other one so I'm going to say the second runner-up here for the feed is Garrett Williams at the dustland congratulations to the runner-up in in what was the guy got one more and then I'll tell you what you after what you said the last time I said 2 more last time nice that one looked up that other people put together my 2 movies at once idea from last week oh yeah that was hard to look at and like it would definitely give you a headache will make your eyes fall out but it totally works with cat idea was that you just replied so you're watching a movie you replace every other frame of the movie with a different movie so you can watch two movies at the same time do you say I'm watching a movie then I just have a writes like you wanted to give you the in French of the office and you can pick and choose what you want so then could you see right you do like a shot reverse shot and it's like 2 different conversations every other frames oh fuck that that would you dark going to see it but someone made a proof-of-concept you can kind of pay attention I'm paying attention to a lease and then now I'm flipping over to talk to because that's of it is in the same room they were two completely different movies though yeah I want one of them on my phone through through the Twitter app which I guess doesn't do 60fps so I gets to me it just looked like a normal thing like a normal clip because anything that you for 2 seconds I was only seeing one of the movie Wizards dropping every other frame that will fit well in a 60 frames per second video that plays at that he has to drop every the frame but it's something that I did switch of 7 seconds and it switched to the other movie okay just put like $0.07 of what was the Avengers I think he put in with some of the movie weird but if you want to the Twitter app it doesn't do it I didn't have enough signal or doesn't do 60 weird I never thought about that I was even more confused on the whole thing was my for anyone from the whole listen to Pink Floyd watching Wizard of Oz conversation with have you heard that there's like certain movies that if you watch the soundtrack to them like he know where do Dark Side of the Moon dark side of this weekend oh it was it was really Josh! Do you like it the recommended he was like well depends you want to know exactly how they got the proton packs how they came across the logo for they're saying how they decided to come across the paint job for the car he's like they tell you all these things it's like all the information that like Justin the original Ghostbuster just had that already I was just really long winded to where it's like you should just cut some of the stuff now I'm watching movie Super let you know because I don't like going to be crowded movie theaters but I finally watch the Civil War this weekend plane thought it was really good I'm about 6 months well I got bored in the first like 30 40 minutes and then and then it picked up and I like really into it Spider-Man with you like a kid was like every other Spider-Man of the guy that's he's like 25 that can actually felt like 16 or something on my way thought you said he was hot on me I was hot movie review I never liked a lot of it was much better this way I know I want to see if Spider-Man movie was I'm sure there's a really good for them after credits sequence Spider-Man missed it I wasn't really true but like I feel good and I don't think there are you doing origin story because they bite established him as it is yeah or 3 or whatever it didn't matter they made an Amazing Spider-Man 2 of lousy today I didn't see that one because I heard it's bad I went to a theater and saw that literally by myself like it was like a week and a half after it came out in the theater was Barren no one was there I was like one of the other or something like that I do remember those like this is really funny photo opportunity I should take off my shirt and take a photo of it as soon as I did what did you think you were doing I don't know probably jerking off I'd like to see the photo that was blurred of me like partly shirtless cousin didn't we take his life deleted when you delete it I posted it but I didn't have the back story was it was why is for why you were shortlisted super warm Blaine from here guy was laughing his ass off and then fucking clean up guy came in was full so I'm going to say our winter here for the food is bunk bunker at Bunker do you win the $20 gift card and all of the Pizza Hut swag the answer of course is poly that is correct you are correct that is correct Dark Side? Congratulations you win anything about trying to find trivia question for this originally was supposed to be off but they couldn't get the license to Kansas I suck at Donkey Kong Kon terrible that game I always think I'm going to scream so I stuck one of the two has two different pilot kind of always think I'm good at it but then I'll try to play like I'm going to tell ya I'm not the only Pac-Man Xbox Live arcade Pac-Man Championship Edition game release Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 months ago Kim is really good if you do not you saying I'm going to pack my beach Tri guy gets up and she can take on Pac-Man the board transforms as your plane look different but notice the board transforms like as you clear it you go to the other side of the board in that part of the board resets and sometimes they can be like super tiny stupid like 2 super tiny 6 2/2 for the future well if I get this quarter you know like I have to completely finish this quadrant of the map before I can move on and actually that's not how you're supposed to play the old Pac-Man you could memorize an exact you know course where you and when you know because I was like program is that still the case now and I don't think so anyway I've never I've never got to the point where I could memorize a fucking made those like high scores in the way you just like my cousin was always really good Pac-Man and I can never understand why and then I think I was like I like this comes as missed Pac-Man Pac-Man there might make a difference in the way that you're living there for 30 minutes king of Kon but I think there's enough The Villa nice the word villain is the guy that actually isn't that much of a dick that long head 2 guy with a beard and stuff he's not that much of an ass he definitely favors we be able to see I think yesterday was a good day and I don't do that then maybe there's something to that movie but I'm also one that's likely of being an asshole so that I would enjoy if I got made into that you of it if it was like it you actually look like a huge dick and not in a redeeming way we're like oh yeah I like grumpy Gus hahahaha but it's like now that guy is a dick you know the difference you know this isn't me plug into my stereo type but have you watch Pumping Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger dark man it's actually really good because you're following Arnold but he's very much the villain he's such a fucking prick to Lou Ferrigno and it's really interesting watching that dynamic because Arnold you can tell is like super low-key like freaking the fuck out cuz he thinks for it was going to take Miss Universe is like fre guy was like inches taller than Arnold I talk to her about this but it's a really good it's like a lot of fun plus it makes you want to go workout is also brought to by Kasper Kasper online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the Cost Cutters revolutionising the mattress industry by putting the cost of dealing with resellers in showrooms and passing that savings directly to the consumer cat Chris mattress isn't obsessively engineered mattress at a very fair price Kim for combines two technologies spray latex foam and supportive memory foam to create an award when you sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right balance the readable design sleep school to help you regulate your temperature through the night I got to cash her talked about it many times it's amazing so comfortable I can easily buy it online and completely risk-free Kessler understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress that in all reality spend a third of your life on your offer free delivery and penis returns with a 100 day. 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touching belly man like this that and in the always open side or just like amazing pets that sucks dick what's up hey how's it going it's great I'm going to cry like after mattress the other day Patrick sent me a story it's a follow-up actually I think the story we talked about a couple months ago and you were probably upset because I want to go to talk about how there was this guy in Australia who was using a portable toilet like a porta potty and got bitten in the dick by spider and a portable toilet like or dislike anything for you and that story was indispensable briefcase toilet so apparently he got bit in the dick again by spider social worker and he said that he's after you got bit in the dick the first or second ever using the porta potty again but he said he really had to go and they had just cleaned it was like surely this is the time to go and he went and got bit on the dick again by Spide you know there some sort of bug that looks tasty I got to fly to spider bite laser hair removal earlier I don't know why go on plane stupid robbers hair rules Student Life discounted laser hair removal the thing I guess so I saw my ID from well I don't know what of the students who are doing it's like you know not approved houses made a laser the Texas last name yes Texas is that where he was getting trained or certified and he was like he actually offered it to me he was like yeah you shouldn't would you do it come get it done because I'm still learning Texas his address or where would you get it done what hair do you not want to have family around my cock really that's the only place that I would not I would want to get rid of any of it because it's a student nice in Kon why would you want dick hair back I don't so I'm not sure if he goes back anyways eventually though I don't know you always fully clean shaven I'm in a distance relationship and it's like every 2 weeks I shave it what do you say it's a bit like an elephant trunk now where there's no hair just like a razor on the shaft gets very specific Clippers and Bulls stretch out the hair is a stick-up in a contact okay so I'm always open person with a hairy dick that had that has hair growing up the shaft helper guy goes up like water 3/4 of stray hairs here and there the circumcised yes but what if your not circumsized and uncircumsized like stuff down there the skin like a bear with a hedgehog Pari the top of your penis yeah it looks like they're near the base how far is Hilltop of the bass player for now you're just your fucking fishing for my dick size Gavin I'm on of the percentage 15 inches is 50% of your Barry's laser like they're like it's not live people listening watching think about this about this that's fine then why am I freaking out so bad I'm getting like a major anxiety know my dick The Grandin bite you here here in there where would you want laser hair removal I don't even want hair removal NYC Wellington mind I wouldn't the things I haven't said what you felt from the Hyatt guy practic missed your class I would say just want you want this Chris Justin of Justice Megabus what would be what would it would be like like baby powder and feel like maybe like latex on why are you all three looking at me and asking me these questions what's your guess about his cuz I would just answer it I wouldn't for you to have an answer to how hair is your dick I'll probably have the same kind of hair do I have hair on my dick just like you described okay Gavin Menzies Chris Upton topless directional 2 full movie gets over there because like I realize like how deep of a hole I was in Peru animal you always the worst thing we did that thing the drinking thing quit drinking did you hear about that take it away man I don't know how it's like in our life to come out I don't know the concept maybe I will fucking by to get mine out because I missed a flight and I had like the worst day of a hangover it was A2 Day hangover what will you Flyin to San Francisco you didn't go I got sick and I call a cab and your heart rate was so low that we thought you died doesn't really fit guy drunk was pretty wasted I think I'm living it up a little bit I wasn't like your deathbed how many drinks did you have I mean I was kind of 15 shots of vodka cheesemaster level drunk it was the same way it was like you know it was worse because cheesemaster drunk was still functional life did you know you just play it all night the next day I may or may not have both spoke folks on camera like he was like well man yeah it's it's not even like to drink any more to the point and sometimes I stay up too quickly yeah I guess that's the way today I just don't like the feeling of headaches with some like wine and some champagne so I love typically avoid stuff like that you don't know if it's like the nitrates or something you like just give me a fucking awful headache to me the headache is in the west part of your headache and tired and you might throw up but I just can't think as well let me know what don't come to me very well when I'm hungover was your first time getting drunk I was out pretty late I was after I was 18 I was 18 to 21 and a half legal no not in the US not everyone drank like when I was a girl because he could just walk to Mexico and like it didn't matter that I could was no big deal like walk to Mexico get drunk and then walk back across the bridge he missed the past when it was fucking awful that sounds cool cuz I was leaving if I still lived in Mexico is the border patrol then you would come back into the country it was an American citizen you like you was in Oklahoma if you like it all the time it was like to walk across the bridge was like you paid a quarter to walk from the USA to Mexico then you paid a dime to walk back from Mexico to the United States what is simpler time that was just more expensive to least expensive to cross from the USA come back on the other side I'm looking at trying to figure out how we're going to get there this is 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It is so like that's a real simple one like one person or one person on the cross so I can wake up for school to show you like because they're designed to protect another car and killed on Survival than just someone on the street if you had the safety in the comics a view where is your boy will test Kobayashi Maru yeah what you said sweet so is it always rely on that related to cars running over people or are there others are just different numbers of people so it's for this reason program Kim nice to finish it it shows you like where you score and in vs. like where everyone else you're going to hell or not everyone in the car should be the first two people who are in the car if it's for people in the car with like three babies and then the person you're hurting is an old lady why doesn't stop or is this a really pretty really old person outside of the car likely I might have just writes it like he's the most Innocent but everyone's Innocent but the babies and it also further complicates it like what do what you hit these pedestrians were crossing against the crosswalk or these pedestrians were crossing with the crosswalk although most people who like 80 probably done some shady things probably not since you're probably right it's like I couldn't get away with that I think I want to see like really old people like personally with that in the fifties I never thought about that always know when something is just like you wouldn't say that I'm getting on Facebook now but your family members are family guy that USA Today for the first time ever and its publication history made an endorsement for president and their endorsement was anybody but Trump said previously that never made an error in judgment and this is the first time ever see I think we're going to sleep now like I'm all for talking about politics and something that you're not it's like I'm a guy with the internet in Silicon Valley social media just people just poison man tell me it was 4 days ago and it's this is up this is on Washington post.com x 34 years existence USA Today has had a no endorsement policy and historic first average of 34 years of tradition the board decided this election season to revisit anti-endorsemen policy and threw it out and penned a scathing critique of the GOP nominee the read more like an anti-endorsemen it's crazy yeah it'll be over soon Christmas is coming and I don't know if we're lucky and awful story nice I'm actually headed to bring this one over the real awful to me and I'll tell you the real story last week about who was it was I guess Like A Rang a Tang Roa rescue organization in Borneo went to rescue an orangutang that was held at a brothel what's your guess they had a shaved orangutan at a brothel in plane in Borneo and they had to go in with guns and rescue this orangatang from from a brothel but what lake was it a female or male use a female or writes I'm connecting the dots now that's that's how awful that is Doug never said they were just shave it down to those like covered in mosquito bites and I was just like super white people in the audience for that anymore x 6 or 7 years old she was sitting on a mattress something and I recently worked with some dude and they were involved with military operations and one of them it was something I never heard of him he was like hold it like a charity but he's actually like these big dudes like trusting guys like lots of money donating to this cause that basically arms a special unit of life is Kim mercenaries that would go in other countries and they would have free sex laser mostly they would focus on children I know you guys like did everything from like training to deal with the kids would also like you're breaching tactics were different so like they would go in and it would all be swatted and they would in their weapons up because kids are short and it would be shooting up and I'd like got into the nitty-gritty about like you know it's like you're at was it called when you interact so we see something on the battlefield it's your enemy you can shoot first that that thing was it called The Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement hour and apparently like they're just like you know we kill everybody if they run will let him go but like if they are involved the children sexually we just put a bunch of murderous Mercenaries listen it's a fucking sex trade not saying it like it's great that it's happening but that totally again they said if they run they let me go they fight back its acting in their self defense in a bad way around it apparently not but it is in countries I mean well they've done operations in America I think but it's like you know crazy other but it was a really interesting story and then he was telling me about like you know it was going to some countries that whatever they did they come into the country they can't bring their own weapons so they would have liked people donate weapons so whatever that would they would come in like that weapons caches what they had to do it so they wouldn't go in there in there be like fucking you know old rifles from like Vietnam and that's what we have to deal with that is really interesting story I'm surprised it hasn't been you know there's more people know about it but it's really cool sex trade sucks don't the kids have a choice Orchids near me Chris Duffin 3 director save it and suck it so nice and I are going to be in Pakistan The Change-Up into the the subject we did really depressing nice butt what really sad not funny well without going into detail we did our first theme the one recently or not but a few weeks ago that space X rocket exploded writes have you heard some of the latest speculation about it Come From Below so it looks like someone bombed it I think that was sabotage that it was Space X is what they don't think there's speculation that it could be USA sabotage The Rock and cause it to explode what what who did it USA it's a partnership between Lockheed Martin and Boeing 214 United launch something that makes and what does USA stand for this is the way it blew up they said that you like you can see if there's a weird anomaly in the video where it looks like something possibly a rocket or drone flies towards the Space X and show you all of this I have new 2 new conspiracies that are for one of those kind of old and it's like he had to pull it was inside job totally was by the way like this Elena Delta Flight of the for the past prank yeah that blew the fuck up on that second shot was cool check this out when it when it falls down like another explosion windows down the production full of man it is just fuel to gets an explosion from the audio listeners Orchard yeah I didn't say anything I'm sure there's other single bullet I think there was some speculation of that except the object that was moving what's 2 bigger than the original of that video the time delay between the sound and what you see is so crazy like it's like 2 seconds cuz the camera so far away with that person launching whatever that was it had to be super far away because they like secure the perimeter 2 hour Nobody's around USA facility right across the road sex wanted to go and like investigate but of course he wouldn't let them for all the Air Force conducted an inspection of the building said they didn't find anything missed slingshot we should just cut to someone the big blimp that went down Hindenburg Android yeah I was going to make a short about the two guys playing with a pistol what is it like a freeze-frame the couple frames from the nice affecting from the shelter what was also writes 2 different images one and another one I don't know I feel like I could also just be a bird could be that was like we live in the future like one space agency potentially use a drone to attack another Rocket 3 sounds 2011 of the side bite look like when the movie came out and I like Michael Crichton hair when I was in junior high and I read every book that you ever wrote and someone somewhere not quite so good but I just wonder is it probably I think there were more but I only have a red dress party supporters Lost World I know and then that might be if I didn't already did you park so I went on yeah like I was like I read books watch movies Blu-rays Tiffany the last known address Cat the first one was like I know I watched it in theaters so I saw it was like over his wife and liquor and watch again I'm like I like a plane or something is like I want to recreate the experience of the original I don't think you know because of the visual facts about time or so that I could no one had seen anything like that before just approaching it wrong 2 animatronics to cut it was like the first time you said dinosaurs that look like dinosaurs they just crazy and then you won't think I'm crazy with the camera angles like a slideshow cameras they put it where the hell they want without all the Jurassic Park 1 was shot like a simpler but the cameras always that human height 11 they first see the judge even the T-Rex chasing his always like it's never a crazy sweeping camera angle over the head of the T-Rex like spinning around 2 dinosaurs fighting it was like that looks like a big dinosaur because we're looking at it from down here you need a really good point there's a difference between when there was a fight and the cameras and then I guess it's like you could never do that with a camera especially trying to put something this fake into a real world the first shot barrel of the gun in the blood but you could make realistic looking down at someone to shoot a man in his life I was working my phone was good so it's the one with the Matrix you don't even watch all the Bond movies I will take some time yeah let's do it we'll do like a week that's if she wants to be like a weekly Movie Club man Gavin 2425 earlier before the podcast Blain with pizza we should do we should just make it we think it was like Tri 2626 the boulevard coming back for another the bill and sign back on doing one more maybe it wasn't signed by Kon who was the villain local if it was yeah yeah I forgot that it was like I was like I was like I think Skyfall had I think having Adele sing a James Bond song the best thing ever I think having Roger deakins shooted Bond movies the best move ever but I can see the DP you look inside in Wichita Falls guy was beautiful shot really well better than Skyfall sounds pretty weak though and remember that Chris cannot get all of his movies confused all the what's what's his name Daniel Craig Bond movies confused Casino X and Y was it really for I think he's got one of the better track records it was Roger Moore's I can't lie I was like really weird exploding is like the prime Bond movie that's like best example of a Bond movie the rest of Chris Brown guy and he had one that was really good and then let me know it's the same that good video game without his best one in my opinion was the best and coincidentally no coincidence same director as GoldenEye guy gets his balls like them maybe he was the most painful thing man that's rough is engine now he used to be completely bulletproof they're making more great they're doing in school he actually got shot for the first time they're doing to him what they were trying to do with his after more than that Timothy Dalton was supposed to be like the gritty reboot of the bond franchise and it just didn't go anywhere he was very accurate to the book have you ever had missed everyone of your head girl like aggressively grab your balls hurt during a really really really have to stop I think it's a control thing graduated that's why nobody ever has happened yet everyone's looking at me now when people people talk to you look at them but I don't know what it was like just like just like oh my gosh it was horrible it was it wasn't like play Kim what do you call those involved like no that's bad too because then you're like to see if it would probably rip it because one of mine is attached to the inside oh yes I staple down it's just one of those things in the balls guy getting his balls or whatever you think about like the one that makes me the first time so I knew Adam kovic like a little bit before the party and I think I was around so I'm walking around and this is back and bring them in to come introduce him to you and Erin and an errand anyways yeah you did because I was into I guess I was just showing did you meet him at 636 Paramount Theatre IL 76362 BBQ Hoover anyways and he just punched you know so what happened was I was I was talking to someone and I was like in a weird position or had like my my my sexy butt out and it was just like I had my legs spread and Aaron trying to be a jackass and succeeding he runs up and he liked kicked my balls but not like he said he was like trying to like kick my balls we actually just kick me in the balls and you and fucking Primal and freak out and you started like you just think you're drunk and you did it then too or you just go I was trying I was trying to hit in the face because it was like that's the only time I like it here if I wasn't sick and kick me in the balls I was like yeah just like I was looking at man just I was talking to someone and just kick me in the balls so you assumed I was you were doing that thing you know where they kind of like they find a position there their balls are like kind of a comfortable exaggerating and they kind of like to swing back and forth you know that's hair on your balls always in between I've been divorced twice what I mean Jeff always goes to my voice but never really hard and watches eye twitches nice ones on emotion I was wearing a cup for most the day and but he kept walking in the cup and then I took it out and tell him what I just wanted me right and there was this car I wasn't there he was just like being overprotective LOL I guess you were right you would lose I said that to you and you don't even know what time you wanted me in the nuts after pocket I dropped to my knees I heard about that from someone who was there it was neither you nor Jordan like it was like this like a legendary like awkward why would you consider coming forward you know most people just ask for it did you see that auction for that cat purse from a couple weeks ago I saw the purse I just where was it in the gets an artist in New Zealand found a dead cat in the road so she turned it into a purse and then auctioned it off and someone bought it to the Limit don't really like it but like I said it's sold I think it off and sold for $400 that's $1,000 for people said that she was profiting off the cat so she would just started at $1 and then into the prophet it looks like there's a TV show on device and there's an episode of Bushwick Bill he's wearing that fucking quadratic Netflix like Legacy Knoxville tell like their alternate party stories or like stuff that happened to him and his ass is fucking crazy I only lost his own shit yeah I read about that nice she is or not he shot himself in the face if she doesn't like it so it would be the time that he bought my note about how much is like $200 I think that's crazy I was like you can buy this on Amazon I don't care I want it right now yeah and I was like make a profit off the subject for celebrities to sell them too speaking of of celebrities I've got and I feel like as the store and maybe wouldn't necessarily normally talk about but did you hear that Kim Kardashian got robbed at gunpoint at gunpoint in Paris you think they knew that your robbed and Kim Kardashian I think so it seems that addresses cops yeah it seems like it was something that was planned that was a story I saw on either Twitter or read it and I didn't even click on it because I don't want any more attention going to the stupid phone you don't care I would never talk about them but the fact I mean it's still like awful that someone had a violent crime Target at them now propeller like it wasn't dressed up like police officers and they probably heard about it the New York yeah I seen it on the plane I would assume so fuckingawesome I wish I was like a pool party type thing drinking at the pool and at some point I was like I decide I want to go get some cash tonight so I'm like I was like I tell her all the time I go to the gas station around the corner I got some candy my friend gives me a couple dollars to get hit with some wearing a hat with a propeller and so I walk to the gas station and then I buy some candy and then I'm walking back and then sit there and then like I was with my girlfriend at the time and we're like drunk kinda like being drunk and something if you guys come out and just like grown up in front of us and one guy like sticks again in my stomach it's like give me your wallet and I'm like how much from 2 I don't have a wallet inside oh don't give me that you know I don't have I like I put $2 and it so I give him that and then he will he took my my girlfriend's purse which didn't have any cash in it and then then I was like I just had I'm just glad I had $2 and 2% getting less than $3 do you think you going to die I didn't because I like I was like I was being you giving them what they want it minus the fact that they wanted swimsuit like what are you I don't have my wallet on me because I'm wearing a swimsuit and you know what if he was like suck me off what is a give me the stuff to my house from where he was I was like I could see it what network is fienne there's a lot of people there and you almost get a always scared I didn't know what if what if you and your girlfriend have gotten killed in that Butterfinger became like that one time years ago I feel like I don't see this game anymore, but it used to be like people would drive around in his white Vans and Austin and Ally full of candy like a professional speaker installer and I got these really high-end speakers in the back of my boss looked up you were too many of them so that you super cheap gauntle by him and it's like that it's like they try to sell your shitty speakers like $600 until they're really expensive but one time I was at an ATM on Riverside and is going to cash out of the ATM in like the van pulled up and they want to have any money to get money out I was like no there's no money in it Ma have you ever been approached like that you're going to say that he was not dressed as ma he's like yeah it for the Mercedes dealership and every time we talk always give we will give a watch to the end like it's like a gift like thank you for buying an expensive Mercedes $800 lunches but we had we had 2 left I was so I'm selling for like 50 bucks the nice once again you don't need to run X ghetto like Toto side guy always like weird like if somebody approaches me in public not counting like if I get recognized for his public interested would have to say like if someone tries to sell me something or someone Tri still like to have the answer a quiz or like no I don't want to do any of that stuff if the person does not know my name there's no reason for us to be talking have you ever encounter those guys are like yeah I was saying I fucking hate kids going to be walking those has the words I came across one that was a cat Choose Your Own Adventure came out of Chipotle and there's this big like Fountain seat thing in the middle in a closet you going to to pass you on the one side and on the one side that day was this homeless couple that always bothers me and the other side was to those people that were signing kids up here son you up to save kids lives and I would like actually likes to their liking I will go back and live in Japan I want to the homeless guys and I'm always very nice like I acknowledge them always say sorry I'm not carrying any money I only got plastic in there like okay because I truly never carry cash the first year I moved to approach but go to clipboard she was like Hey we're out with other people today what would he think of Planned Parenthood and I was like what was Planned Parenthood and she was like yeah right like it's always been Chris like I was totally going to sometimes like there was one after it was with Jeff and I went to her office was downtown we will have competition if you come up with the strangest thing to reply to them and one time there was one who was like I really wanted to like they're like if you want to help us save trees or what you think about trees and I just looked at my father was killed by tree guy looking off so really I don't in in college means I can or would we make a game where we walked up the drag and then pretend to recognize people and see if we can get them to recognize us just being like Oh my God science class Cordelia and just like see if you could like you know there's like a point see who can get the most people to pretend that side of you more often than not the people I'm always really awkward in the situation that are not typically the people will be like I hate this Tuesday they like Focus their attack you know the guys are like trying to set you up for saving his life and be like hey you look strong enough that you can see the kids play for money but there was this one time I was pulling into my parking garage and there's a girl on a balcony and I couldn't tell if she was like super far away but she seemed kinda cute I parked in my spot I get out and she's like hey could I bite Amazon baby stuck on the balcony University I said maybe I shouldn't laugh Tri guy Pac-Man now every time I park in my garage and look up there like that so that's how Blaine lost his Jeep alright well we should wrap this up I'm not great so thank you for watching and we will see you guys next week by