#397 - Driving Mr. Burnie

Join Michael Jones, Gavin Free, Ashley Jenkins, and Burnie Burns as they discuss driving dynamics, relationship stories, phone problems, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 11, 2016, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/2dXsUgf), Harry’s (http://bit.ly/2bVnSTt), Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/2dH4Ijm)

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-driving-mr-burnie-397

Recorded: 2016-10-11 15:56:23

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Ashley Jenkins, Michael Jones


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everybody how are you doing sushi podcast once again we are dustless we are but we don't have Michael we have a 3-person podcast LOL well we might have something about two-and-a-half years ago what did you do last year is that true that he asked me like 3 times and I was like busy and every time something like that what is absolutely just as losing or inconvenient we can put in your pocket because they get put into his pocket they just getting moved so if you're listening to the audio podcast Gavin has a bottle opener that the size of his forearm and he still don't open really trying to wait it out or bottle opener Mo time with my wonderful time I know you've used it what is what what is the worst bottle opener you've ever used an outhouse let's not make it a big monkey guy fucking monkey possible to use the monkey in the house now they have it finally I don't know we have one in the in the kitchen for a while and we still do but it was like the the cap with the little tray underneath it that's like a guy to the wall and I sit there and like for seven tries and then I finally get it never lands in the fucking trailers on the floor and then I pick it up and I put it in the trash right down to the trajectory man you must be so disappointed with Andy it was really good I'm sitting next to fucking Andy Blanchard and I'm thinking what happened like where did everything go wrong locked up it's not that it's your fault it is first light at some point you can trace it back to you cuz I the company even if someone else is responsible U probably heard that someone else I'm not actually said about being on the spot with UT on the joke is that weird thing at this point that we had it but I'm not joking I actually hate it but no that's really tough .8 interesting weeks on the spot neighbors me fucking nightmare you got a great team name MO that I should have that I should have shortened it just didn't like 2 guys that have been inside anymore instead of specifically about her but it was very specific which it then I made it we made a vagina joke on on the spot and then sure enough later that week who new the problem the way we take stuff here soon as you take them like a Tuesday that's about the fucking Thursday so if something happened in the world likes it I don't know a presidential dead for being what I like a sexual predator and then you have a joke a day later that's like L gray cross the line right in there yet so I can't you take a joke after harry' Blue Apron which is Trunk Club tonight Trunk Club back alright so thank you all doing here and trunk club for sponsoring our podcast one sounded for second Trunk Club the spectrum of an address of Trunk Club - Los blue what would you get going into this podcast I'm sitting here thinking like how do we get to this podcast without dropping the p word at some point cuz it's like that pussy is I had to like U Know It sandbo pussy or something like that it's just crazy dude it's fucking crazy I was crazy about the people you're following me I was thinking people follow me on Twitter so similar minded folks because you know they watch videos MN the officer that came out I just tweeted I have anyone but from this point I was going to Tweet how could any woman but from this point and I was like it's irrelevant how can anyone and I guy replies like well I'm sure you don't know his policies those policies that policies at this point in the debate last night and now they're trying to push the talk about everything like that we're going to talk about policy and everything in the game for either one of you know it's crazy that we got like three three and a half weeks but I agree with you though I think it life at this point population large I don't know how any female voter can vote for chili just don't know how they can walk in the booth and vote for that guy I guess there's some guys who think you like being in the guy but now it's like half the population you probably won't vote for you even though I know there will be a large portion of female population that does I just know how you do it especially where the next president is projected to have three Supreme Court nominees in their next term just by the age of the Supreme Court right now anything about that that would be fucking scary with your fav you're looking down the barrel of that you know that we have had one Supreme Court nominee but they've been like you know what they called filibustering feel like the last eight months at this point we're just trying to get to the election so that they can have somebody else nominate somebody besides Obama this point iPhone - how it happens it happens because I'm nothing to do with that weird we just play game Play 2 games one very well we're actually recording it backs right up against it was like 7027 it will be finished like work and it's even on her like 4:30 ish and everybody else is pretty darn tired and then you and I will like it when I were going to go work over here went to the other room filmed an hour long video on there ran over a chicken strips and backfield another video ran over here sit down the podcast the podcast started I know you're not a bribe it was 7:27 and was moving files into a folder and like we have to be very quick on audio saves that room because if we leave them unattended they will delete them know who will just anyone who comes in that would you like that so it's gone I exploded you delete your but you know we have the the side room in the sport office set-up which is was the original like stream room in 04 like we do the mainstream and that you enter office became stream but the daily stream zorgen of the smaller I would you like 3 days a week and that room is so you know they can whoever goes 2 to 3 people stream in there and then we know we can work in the main room but that's worked out great for Gavin and I guess you are like two person videos not like white powder-like let's watch over life right now it's gone off topic we're doing a whole week about last since we never played it we already talked about that the entire game and we found it all in that room it's great because we can just go in there and do whatever you want in the other room can keep recording or not recording all the work that's why we've been killing that room as much as humanly possible more than there's been like actual recording is always his philosophy of life when can you record I went there today I can Hammer with right away well first of all we got to try to get everybody in the room at the same time it's like I was like I'm leaving now we can have that conversation at meetings typically like just see what everybody else I'm going to come and sit with us I want to see guy shooting at it already shot it but let me explain so you know Monday when we have all of our meeting any Monday or we can do like 4 or 5 videos is a productive Monday that's crazy yeah yeah videos just cuz it starts slow and we got to figure out who's in town who's an awesome but equipment is unattended for 2 days which means it's broken right like someone's been on play there's a lot of crap you gotta put back together because somebody took the desk in half the smallest thing will completely fucked up you know where like there's this thing I had this thing right here where is it where is it in some was like I don't know nobody knows nobody knows technical problems in one of the worst problems when we had one capture station at the whole company was based U use to capture footage for Red vs Blue and we need to capture something else we were just like I would get over my desk and someone else will sit down and capture every time I sat down at my desk to start a project I had to do 30 minutes troubleshoot to somebody else and just come in and completely rearranged everything so personally why did you do this I was trying to come out what were you trying U try to come over the way to like plug the audio into the video what what are you trying to do that stuff away if it gets ruined today we went in there right so that's what he's meant you were going to say because that room is not our main desk so we record something on that site office and then we leave and I don't put it on space or back it up somewhere it's just in there by itself for anyone to come and kill or delete or shoot into the sun Trevor Trevor today walk in and out legs and get Gavin I've been using the crap out of that room and everything set up there 2 monitors in there so one stream is for like the game play and then we put all the electric stuff on the other screen so you can like monitor it while you do cancel everything on the opening scene it's on the right screen I was like why why is this when the problem is like all the desktop icons are on the right screen to have a blank desktop on the left stream that's worthless to me and the game plays on the right screen and it's already however it still set up to capture the left screen so I can record the desktop somebody fucked it up like poop poop I wasn't put back game name so I don't know I don't know that's weird swap the most amazing thing about is the fact that how all of those events have gone off without a major hitch like I literally sometimes they are checking comments when it's like waiting for the Moment Like This 3 hour delay colossal fail it's incredible to have this one that just passed it we started with GTA 4 - life my screen wasn't on the screen so I was playing I could see anything there was nothing being done so I had to reboot my machine in the middle of the highway will the stuff and I'm stuck with two thousand people in the theater and then you gotta cut your losses and waiting for Gavin to restart his computer whose house was on stage I mean it was kind of all of our let's play life we just come over what you doing like a built in planks does not tonight anyway because Liberty City in New York City killed like 4 minutes but I'm good waiting for me and I mean this point so I will just go on as they leave I just a pistol cuz I just arrived and I'm going I mean every night there's been a month and this is why we had it's like to the audience not fucking is a lot of crap that was wrong and I ruler U not like me I hope you don't start getting restless and everything but you know it's not for good or back into it Adam Barrett has the worst job ever at let's play life it's just like a call it's just like weeks it's like we get out there and have to do the show and hope everything runs right he has weeks and weeks of like technical planning and getting everything up and even us like we don't have different sets so I came on in the mall for three things and I'm back out and then the Funhouse comes in and catch up on the stage all night every single set cuz he's like honestly just running and then resetting computers and stuff like that with Gavin if you don't work on the biggest stuff you could imagine like what's on the giant screens where he was a walk-on so all the way down 2 hang out with you at your chicken or horse and his game is going to put the icon by your name for weed Michael your chicken in my pool what number on Horseback have to be here that I was I'm always horny but dragged over to Michael's name and move the chicken to mine I like tiny things tiny details like that he has to deal with that too it's it's Madness be nice if it was completely forgot you guys have a good time New York Comic Con that everything we did around that whole event let's play Liv the booth at the actual convention itself everything seem like it was just a normal so much I'm sorry I couldn't go to New York this week normally I don't like really lament missing an event because I've been to so many of them but this seemed like a really good one it was good my mommy was in the front row where the parents are as well maybe you missed that he didn't say anything about it Jessica Williams fre last name right it's I never heard it before my life somebody yeah I've never heard that is like a change to a stage name like on Friday stream Place U tell me all the names of the hardest things like if I had somebody was laughing with him I feel like I'm changing that later then as there is a guy in the UK who plays David walliams make it Williams City really though they changed it to an AR stage name I'm not sure if you leave my name is Bernie Sanders wooden burn U can be auto correct and everything else you just came back really hard this last year and now it's finally turning back to where I don't see as many misspellings with burni with Andy if he texts me my name is misspelled the way I spell it right choice so when I was trying to figure out how to spell my name when I was thirteen my new name that I had given by Janine senior was the one who named me I was like okay I'll just use you here like at 1:40 if you are any wild crazy this is crazy Michael get ready for the beer yeah but then I didn't realize that I was doing it because this is really pre-internet it was so important to have a uniquely spell the name now when somebody knows somebody knows how to spell my name you know there's no they're not going to find anybody else and theoretically it should also be easy for me to get accounts on social media they have been used but somebody always registered my name the moment I was looking trying every single video game for us where there's like a clan or like a crew for GTA perfect example so the second GTA 5 U were able to make it which I believe was before the game came out because you could do it on the Rockstar Social Clubs U can go online and do it and we always make something like the HQ or something like that and remember we got 2 gd5 somebody had a crew like 2 months before we are telling me it had a stream in on everything so then we made it back apro right right because somebody took it then we go to Destiny somebody took fake age crew the document is not fake just keep adding words to it cuz I'm real fake and then they really go the last time I'm using that service can you please can I get the same from you I'll even buy it from you no response what is years of the time they're not interested what's up what happened so I just felt that I did UPS on the amount of people strangers who use my face and description on Tinder and actually match with people I know in real life fucking unbelievable are you serious people you know in real life for a life so I can on you if they match with you that I've never used it and I'm pretty sure that's the way that we're let's see if they saw my face and so I'll see what they said they match with you to match you both have to say I asked him who did it I should ask a question first what is this sometimes I'm just thinking that that's crazy after using for me like Twitter they'll take your picture and not just a picture of you but will grab your current profile picture and make it their profile picture then they put like they are not your name in their Twitter handle and it's like even if they don't pretend to be you show me fucking people accidentally follow those people as they think it's you I almost replied of people that have my friends avatars all the time like it dead person U of 600 followers what it's like like Lindsay Lindsay has hurt her Twitter profile as I am Lindsay Jones because I can see Jones was taken to Let's comic common name there is there's a fan that has an account I am Lindsay Jones except like I like I like that it's I understand the point of I am this person the other one is it's like what's it mean if you trying to fake that she is right apro not not talking about anything just talking about girl and it's like that too it's actually not at all pretending to be them but if I call like fill werrell the Will Ferrell account that Will Ferrell's face on it and it's like it's as if I was like I'm not Will Ferrell but like now that's that person's account and that I mean that account has like 3 million followers or something ridiculous like that is not associated with Will Ferrell it's like they don't name the fuck you doing with your fine it's just a silly comedian account it doesn't really have anything to somebody wanted to make an account on Twitter they named it after like their parents but when you just make it the same for no reason it's just baffling I can understand it was it was definitely seems intentionally confusing is that not you but I am Liv New Jersey the picture of Michael Andy Jones what the name says Michael Jones and it's a picture of me where's my refund that there are so many people on the internet that glances something for 5 seconds and how many people fall that person because they think it's somebody else that annoys me like a perfect example with the with the Lindsay Jones Twitter account they were tweeting I don't know how long a week or some like that - on Play Store like it's not your birthday cuz I thought it was Wednesday I think they think they're following Lindsay but even even personal I call you crazy fill werrell which has a picture of Will Ferrell as the account it has 2.8 million followers but that's a huge Twitter account the first thing it says I am not Will Ferrell app not in any way affiliated with the actor Will Ferrell Will Ferrell have a Twitter account he has $4,000 she has followers by a magnitude of Life 3 or 4 then disappear the account. So it's way more than that he's got like 8 times worse than this dude to come at some point @its Will Ferrell and it's in the name of the Countess this is not your forehead stress Will Ferrell Will Ferrell being able to actually come and do that take the 3 million sub stream in the photos and see if anyone follows them what is a camera look like and runs that account like who is that guy so I can go to dinner parties and Twitter account that's not Will Ferrell's account but it's me saying that it's little but it's not me or something that's not very clear and some of your work going to satisfaction you get in life thought of that you know that mean but I mean sponsorship probably you're probably take as much as the other on Twitter got rid of Twitter right now how this happened to change the verified accounts PewDiePie unverified himself as a way to do that was kind of funny I totally get it now because there's a whole new batch of verified accounts that are going out of their way to get verified for specific reasons and they just follow you all day long I give out all day long but he's verified accounts that I look down to verify let's follow every one of them in order probably I'm probably lower than PewDiePie on their list because I would wait let's followers and Pewdiepie guy but now I mean there's like some work 2 or 3 notifications on my phone today Life OK dog show Kansas followed you it's like okay with this and I also go to their account and I see they follow like 20,000 people it's like an account that follows more than three or four thousand people is not a real account like they're just doing that the public the number so people will follow them back and they do that so that they can hopefully get sponsorship from brands or something like that I guess I've been approached to get a sponsorship on a tweet you know before we have them the number of like followers of people you can follow and actually maintain it like I have two hundred and something and that's like way too much like 400 friendship I don't need anybody actually look at my feet the only alerts a lot of people will go Andy Liv on site but I only use it when I'm bored or like I have time to kill I'll take my phone out it'll be like 7 hours ago I'll pop it you know like refresh it and then I'll scroll through and if I see anything on there I'll reply to it but sometimes I don't look at it like 3 days if I took more than 3 times a day I'm in an airplane yeah it's like what I mean they're playing I'm bored I get in your car and do other stuff and he's going to get a license to drive a right I heard about that by the time I came back and was like back $0.40. She can drive again how is that right to say you didn't do it I don't believe you're gone for three months though even ages look at the tapes and pressing on and get your head shaved today but I didn't and then I'll be on camera a couple days before that time to get over like 3 days before that leaves you with like a month and then maybe 2 months of good 2 and then 3 months of just Shaggy Dog michae U race is how long does it take to just trim it down I haven't liked everything never leave town for extended period of time you should the whole thing was U never use Razer Naga just like trim it down with the electric will you know if you didn't want to use a razor you could always use harry' the sponsoring this episode of the podcast Gavin ever wants to shave his beard and he could use her to do that later Flex header to include softer Flex for more comfortable Glide trimmer blade for hardwood place is a lubricating strip and a textured handle Gavin II listening extra noodle harry' is so confident popular fre trial set to come to the razor A5 blade cartridge and shaving gel kit the free trials that we subscribe pay just $3 for shipping plus I have a special offer for my listeners if you enter the code rooster at checkout to get a post-shave balm for free with your order go to harrys.com right now and into the co rooster and check out the claim your free trial set and post-shave Balm U push a bump bump that's harry'.com code rooster harrys.com told her thank you for being so the longtime sponsor of the podcast still this one is here so I can do it I'm on it directly your house and everything got a little bit here and everything blades dead and it would save your face your your your facial hair fall out when you do know that's true that wasn't my only gripe cops have to have a clean-shaven face on like this we also U cops don't have a clean-shaven face the entire movie Super Troopers in the whole movie is like yeah yeah it was a big debate when the director said the same thing to me I'm like a high school save my face it's not good it's so it's like 14 year old boy like peach fuzz I think that's why I think we funny for money don't do it for MO Ashley ashle careful I'm a play that's because she never she never drives when it's the best car you can play that a little bit no we can hear just fine but just watch out he spilled so I might be wet but still also he felt like Phantom but this earlier so Andy spotright nearest testicles now who doesn't matter because you're crazy and I like about you is that I can sit in the car and I can do other stuff Ashley it's like in our relationship I feel like I'm the default driver like today she went out to the car first that sexism and I came out and she was sitting in the passenger seat my work are sure that all the time all the time all right but only if you're not driving it because that's the point if you're not driving it and I have to take it somewhere Tuttle-Click on the phone like that... Just having a really great show phones in the car and drive you just tell me what you want to be in that's all I got a bunch of stuff to do it yeah and it's very important it is and it's is your commute time Michael it's about like 15 minutes yeah I'm about 15-20 minutes depending and so it's like that you like that you like them not like there it's this piss you off because you know you doing the driving there are so many times already today on the way to work I was like alright we're talking onesie get in the car she's driving in my car as we got to do today to do my I swear to God I looked up when you're in the parking lot yeah it really is he gets sucked in it's like imagine if your 2 Play Gavin and never have any in-flight entertainment venue just let's do it in the play in the pilot came out said put that if you were told you could have anything the driver of a car it's cool you do you told me that one time it's like it's really manly to drive a car like they were excited about like the prospect of driving a car one day because girls will be really into you but that's this High School thing right there just like the older boys I think that they're old enough to drive a big difference when you're 15 and can't drive a car yet once he turned like 1617 who gives you have room for the call the moment That 70s Show probably like the college boys it hasn't I don't know what that has to do with a car parking if you know what I mean what are you doing everyone can do it but let me show you that if you let it ride just text but it won't let me I would love to be able to do that but they might be kind of Nerf the auto steer on the Tesla enough to be a little bit now there's a thing we will alert and say hey hold the wheel they hold the wheel and then into besides you don't get out of here anymore for the rest of this thing is you didn't just turn it off and on again U have to come to a Full Stop in traffic on the freeway when you get chastised because I would never like be in the city so his we do without my Andy here's the advice from the guy that doesn't drive but still have capacity diabetic lotion Erica gavi is that teenager to get the shittiest luck card we gave the worst drivers on the road we give him the worst car to buy Ashley Ashley when she drove over a mountain pass to go to high school every day like literally over the top of the mountain and so what's up and like I guess like one of your kids would go off the edge are you what you want we do have a - 50 pound bags of rock salt because they're shocked her so bad she had them over the back tire so I told her card came without one was it my first car was I got for $200 iTunes card Dodge 400 leather roof velour bench seats had to put my own Boombox in it because nothing worked and I sold that fucker to my cousin went to blinker went out cousin how much did what front blinker how much did you how much did you sell it to your cousin for more than two hundred bucks Michael new about the problem you want to make a profit off your cousin absolutely hundred percent sorry I the Survivor the cut South Africa almost never argue would you agree with that making a face why do we argue Yummy House life big argument we will see you guys camera Nomad nanobot 416 hours u in it together no pressure really love someone and we didn't let that happen and I Race So II was done here like I hate you know I think it literally that was my it was a weird weekend well it sounds like you were like you were U were in a weird space that you were thinking I was has my fault that's my fault the running around for now where's my phone reality show I think so much U Lindsey are you today sitting there and I were at work around 3:33 o'clock I'm going to work on my phone Verizon so I can use 90% of your data this month with 10 gigs a month and our plan resets on the 25th so exactly halfway through the month and I'm like how the fuck you have 10% let's open the app most used 8.9 gigs like walk up to her and hold it for him like what the fuck is this how what how just how do you do it and she's like we'll talk later we'll talk later what did you do at turn on YouTube it play in the put your phone in your pocket and tired time you're there I don't get it so I can leave in the world and we work at a place to work and that's the only - quick-service cellular that I want you so you keep bragging about your shitty grandfathered unlimited more expensive than a more expensive throw U unlimited plans on AT&T Solitude accent thing on the wrong planet mypoints find I don't give a fuck a message I got a message for literally every other person in my family I got it for her all the time Jeremy life account data hoes like so much about that then you both 15 get a hold of yourself so I can read it he just likes feeling it I have used 23 gigs that had that had like 5 days that is fucking insane cousin Wi-Fi spots lower than LG I swear it is sometime I need to drop off Wi-Fi to get it drop it off if I'm like trying to refresh a website or something and it's pissing me off I'm trying to use an app like a mo American Airlines or something to try and check my flight and it's running slow all you said I've never turned it off to watch a video life or watch a movie get that Wi-Fi out of here that's crazy that's why I like about me and Tony is that we have said anything so there's no arguments to be had of your own data you have at your house so you guys use the same Connection in life you have your on TVs on TV have your own TV so I don't share anything 2 TVs in their bedrooms spend my money by being a lunatic and watching videos and sell it right apro throwing accusations or anything so do you work RAC on hey Tony would you shut up a life I've done that before and usually if she's going out of town and I'll be like you left the lights on upstairs who I'm looking at don't want to follow it is going to cost efficient bulb U Don't - leave it on the whole night so maybe leave the light leave the lights on when she's out of town and when she leaves the lights on 7 days a week is like she's out of town constantly now yeah I just another reason why we never fight is that you have to be there someone to fight with you that's not true what percent of the time U over text on the phone okay well she's well tonight she gets back from New York tomorrow I leave for Vegas because your parking lot yeah she gets back let's have one night together but that sounds awesome dead in fact in fact it is at your house waiting for Mike to come home that's true but you were talking to before you like I'll tell Tony and you know so she doesn't walk in with you and your dick out sucks sucks when your dad hanging around when you when I'm life is Bulls out about his balls the most important places where like to talk about a guy that would get his balls out on a regular basis at work I'm like that's the office that he pulled out his testicles and made them on the window it was hilarious Jeff and I both on that to you yet and put them on him Michael life if Jeff does something to me Michael likes to get internet so I can if Jeff thought something Michael through a few my way that way to me so he stretched out his scrotal skin when you like you grab the skinny stretch it out so this is great the snow again Stage 5 you know there's the the door leading to the room that was Gavin's office so I'm amazing iPhone glass right so Gavin Gavin was when you were on a conference call I said he was annoyed because I wasn't going to be in a video while the video is going to stop by cuz I didn't pull in cool so Gavin had a few on the stuff into me like this is important then Michael and Jeff was trying to attack you with the scrotum and you can literally walk away but he couldn't go anywhere I was putting his balls on the glass but he walked in afterwards you're sitting you're sitting in your chair at your desk and he was on your left and I was on your right and he back with you and you were looking on our way now I just left her I don't blame you I have a home office for U lost your privileges Michael like getting into that at them cuz that's not a punishment for anybody Realtree let's just push that Neighbors Seth Rogen frat movie the part of it and then I went on the treadmill and left U cuz I want to watch the full thing you know there's a bit where they like their house is getting pelted with stuff and it turns out it's a used tampons and throwing them at the windows and everything and Zac Efron's like that was fucking hilarious where to get the fake blood Chloe Grace Moretz she's like it's worth it but every time I said what's wrong with you there is this thing that Lindsay always liked it's one of the older stars I remember her talking about I think was a video that you saw but it was 2 girls getting into like a fight is like hair pulling grabbing and one girl pulls out her tampon and started hitting the other girl win the fight that's fucking crazy wild but your dick out warpaint though I think it would it would you know I have heard that that they actually used to use some period blood for you don't we should - original medicinal thing that use it to try to I'm disinfect wounds really I read that in a book Walkabout the book that I learned a trick really I think we just went and told me that there's an urban legend that apparently does actually work where soldiers in the field eat the heads of matches to ward off mosquitoes and if you do that for a certain amount of time people extra come back to the US they don't get bitten by mosquitoes if they're in the military cuz they ate so many matches that way how do I know but I would say fucking hate mosquitoes die when they U what is a correlation there too but so far I guess you just change your getting bit by mosquitoes matthe interesting dude I got this thing now I'm fucking deal is where mosquitoes bite me on the top of my feet but I think it's like the skin is like there's like easy access to your feet oh yeah Ashley disgusting meditation New York Comic book covers with people break their toes all the time don't they times you feel like you can do this you so much I can totally just come like curve and we're getting messed up my feet for the the other toes are always like curled under like under each other or in wow group all kinds of almost like completely under my other toe nail next to the other two now I'm behind it like a little bit like that Mercedes name is Ronnie Lott and he kept breaking his pinky finger on his hand he broke it like a number of times anyone to the doctor and like yeah he broke again with split for he was cut off get rid of it cut off his finger because he didn't want yeah I know right grip yeah but they sell him all that well thought-out that's okay they just traded to the Jets just ready to give them crap but my father when we were the new New Jersey Giants right New York Giant burn your giant but they're based in New Jersey like you're still in New Jersey sport manager with one of your other brothers and sports not really like I watch football with my dad and I went to a few games with him I really know it was fun I went to a couple football games that's fine I've been the giant Stadium U know but he watched it like religiously every single week but if he was even he was like a giant man he didn't want anybody else taking a shit if I was playing you just watch that but he didn't even watch base 1 What U Want anything except for football like my older brother was a big hockey fan because he played hockey when he was a teenager amazing my friend from college who like to still go ahead and go to every fucking Longhorn game and everything it's like 15 20 years it's like what's going to happen in a football game at this point I love you but I feel like I've seen every iteration that the team was losing and then they didn't lose she said in her four years at UT she never went to a single game it's a lot of fun but I mean it's like I did it for like 7 fucking years and then it's like okay that's enough you took me to my first UT game and one we went to a tailgate and not with your friends from college and then we left halfway through the game because all the people in the crowd just spend all their time hating UT it was really I just went to like hate their own team football that's why I told you we were going to go out the middle watch the rugby game the rugby Championship from she's from Australia is she looking for a while we're going to go out and I found this bar when you go out the middle the night to go to this fucken rugby game this big Championship national championship and we're on our way we're on our way up to the bar and I'm like I'm like it would be really cool I never watch her again I used to date the captain of one of the national teams using them like going home I forget what it was like the play Gordonsville through let's put it that way three or four days before he knows it from the let's not do that was scrambling for other stuff to do before we talk about that I want to talk about this restaurant that we went to Gavin is an old man that we were - restaurant and Gavin was like we had to leave because the restaurant was too loud we bought it's not that I'm an old man I never liked loud restaurants I don't like live music I don't yell at you U shouldn't we really should not be here I just don't have the patience for anymore like before but happily sit through an entire meal or I can't hear anything or say anything but now even though we're like we order drinks like I mean we gotta pay for the drinks in this week I had to pee I feel like part of it the people that we're having dinner with you and we'd like to be able to hear them and not to see ourselves so I don't have to answer people when I'm yelling at them like a pencil Shoreline restaurants in cook for yourself at home not all Agreements are created equal fresh high-quality ingredients taste better and are better for 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and get your first 3 meals free with free shipping by going to blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth U love how good it feels and tastes to create incredible home cooked meals with blue apron so don't wait that's blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook and you can control the volume of the blood music in your own house yeah I'm watching election stuff and I looked at My Blue Heaven right now but I'm getting tomorrow we get Smoky Pork burgers and barbecue roasted chicken let's go every Tuesday Michael will be well I mean there's not much I got his own place on car it's irrelevant but I don't really like you some seven-year-old he's been living in my house like 7 months already is that true yeah that's a long time and I think he's been there since March or April but it's great having the house cuz it's so you can have your kill fuck off my meeting in my bedroom I can write but if you can't yes I pay the God damn it I prefer not to but it is nice when he's gone the nudity increases if he's like home for the weekend or something like that but it out soon as she gets home it's like a close explosion it's like it's like you're really close with there's nothing as good for a lady is going to like you a whole bunch of needles but there's nothing is nice to take you out so I can take off your bra I'm fine with it and it's also forgot it's impressive when you walk in the door it's like everything for me that you did not put all your clothes in a pile like it's there and there and there and there did you have to like it and every direction but guy was just saying we were we were in the house the problem for the shirt too so I can in the pile here the jacket is last Wednesday she was there on Wednesday I got there on Friday but they were like right next to each other so we thought we would just I was just saying in her hotel room so I don't have to check when I get there and there's a pretty small room I walk in literally every single fucking inch of the floor is covered with clothes and I every time every time we travel I should I should like cattle I should like post I do catalog it like I take a picture of my suitcase after like 2 days and whatever they want whatever whatever you've been somewhere like 2 or 3 days I'll have my suitcase open on my clean clothes in it on my dirty clothes in a neat pile right next to the suitcase Lindsey it's like fucking hell yeah it's just like you pack the bag U fold it everything when you packed it we got to the hotel and he went like this and this blue all over there it was like it's almost like she brings her Cosmetics bag sewing for our bathroom and instead of unpacking it she just like pull the pin on a hand grenade puts it in MO anytime labs in changing the set and it happened too fast but if you at the time left the room it would also be too fast you wouldn't even get there everything's already and here's a crazy thing is she on Pax everything everywhere she never forgets anything in hotel room and I know exactly what this Palace and you can ask me if you have to repack the entire suitcase we can do anyway you can't forget anything because you are literally doing everything if you're just packing stuff from stuff you remember he might have something to look at when you're walking down the hallway you kind of look into other people's hotel rooms and it's a fucking nightmare like what people doing with those bottles everywhere and just food and all the stuff just like tons of stuff and I couldn't be in a hotel room with all that stuff around me all the time you drive me fucking crazy it's wild what people leave for the room service - U don't like I am so anal yeah we just went to the hotel and they would like a few days worth of food and stuff but it's like you leave your email stuff for the hotel room to clean up yes why I provide the anal for them that's what I don't have to worry about it but it's like I had every single piece of garbage I had like I back everything that I put out where are the only when I walked out with a plastic container from a cheeseburger cuz he was too big to fit in the garbage can and I took out a tray table put the tray table on the bed and put that on there like please dispose of this writing else was smashed into one garbage can like I'm so sorry please come in my room and take this garbage right that's it I can't I can't fathom people that just leave shit everywhere even bottles you know we love Lindsay Barber and I went to Germany for Kenichi couple weeks ago and the the staff from Kenichi think they gave us like beer and like the Oktoberfest beer in a room that was all they had left us like - 6 Pax cousins and I were in the same room so we we plowed through like eight or nine of those and every every day we have every every every time we had one or two really rinse them out like 3 times washed life washed it all down the drain and then I put all the beer bottles back in the Life six pack thing and we'll just leave it that's all you do is come and take it does not appear everywhere it doesn't smell there's no drugs in the bottom it's like to wash it out like you're already coming in your room and take out the garbage U clean about I hate the idea of like fucking leave them everywhere they will do it wild clean up after yourself early the dream customer of anyone who works in a hot room and I was - room service which people don't do usually included usually says on the thing that extra trip I made a classic mistake I let Ashley and I'm not guy thing that now she knows about your talk with underwire just like sit there and let loose and explain to her how are you have to adjust down stairs sometimes there's a lot of different ways and go about doing that and it was usually by hand on penis in just a little bit to your right if you hang up retired in public now what you see is me taking the weird stuff he's like and then slide step and continue on the I know exactly what just happened like your balls are stuff that have Wednesday 2 is about when you'd like to grab a quick bite then that we stuck to you like this that's why you guys went to save a lot there's like to pull batwing thing you don't you don't feel like a Brillo pad now that's a rough area to shave MO the interim it's like an egg to where the big get this hardened wax so hard to stop and they just crack it like an Egg and I didn't get yours back crack and Sack come when you want sex but you have your keys at your head and leave cracking an egg into your boots I know that's what I don't like you I let it go it hardens and then you crack it off and it pulled all the hair with it that sounds incredibly painful it's a box of course it's incredibly painful but what's even worse is actually the skin right here that's the worst part to wax because there's a there's no fat to oscillate what is this right here just like sandbo and really it for me this hurts worse than getting my kids stuff was going to get me where we get tattoos wherever it's like skin and bone is a nightmare like this is fucking awful in here just like I can't even know this like the back of the arm it's like drawn on paper U Can fuc U all the stream what's the what's MO a story this is now about half an hour from the end is there anything we started to talk about and then didn't talk about because I know it's a Hot Topic whenever we finish let me know in the comic on my journal is anything we can finish talking about the audience would like to know how did Dan feel about not being present when the stream was 14 Slow Mo Guys for cinematography didn't even care I can imagine that even have bring John over last week is a waste of a flight to not get something out of it is great but he still won the award flying to London 12 hours on 12 hours for a day or two to three-hour thing I mean really destroy other parents to the people that mean he still can say he won that award at cinematography Awards full place setting silverware everything but there's no food but there's something really weird little on a plate and you can grab a cookie but you don't need like a resource for it was the illusion of what we want the other one we did have food and I was outside several steps over something like that it's easy to decide which is a slight Ledges but it was a lot better than the main Awards well we did not we not receive the channel of the Year award because we didn't campaign for it and he said supposedly we were going camping for a barber said we might tweet about it once I don't think we even tweeted about it I think I mentioned it on the podcast that we weren't going to be asking people to vote that she had a whole thing with a Blog dedicated that talk about how when these things come up we do actually talk about them why do we want to do it or don't want to make sure that people understand the audience especially that we really value their time and when we ask him to do things it just came up you guys go do this go do that so you know we look at them it is worth their time and are we asking for too much stuff and we know we've been like the big thing this year is we're just trying 2 people to realize all the cool stuff we have in the first program but they also the extra Life coming up to and it's like that's going to be really impactful for what we're doing and 2016 has been a great year was like day 5 crunch-time what's play Liv in the document serious and everything else and leave your team was the start of the Year camp camp camp Camp U no just a lot of amazing stuff and it would be really cool to like we need for this year because I think it's been a great year first part of the best year in the history of rooster the my opinion but the same time it's like we don't have anything going on like Lazer team cast and where that's going to help us or we see all these guys just one channel the year you should read their script as if you want to be in the movie we totally have that so it didn't seem like it was really important for us to push forward that being said next year I'm going to push like as soon as the thing starts because like sitting in the auditorium that we should try harder yes we just and don't the men in order to vote you have to tweet p100d all of their followers so race ruining internet as part of the broadcast like oh there was over 8 million tweets about this which is usually the reason why they do that kind of thing is because they want to be had the big number for how many people tweeted about it but didn't do it next year though it was short-lived I finally was it was nice seeing people even see her after 5 cause I never really saw them before the funniest dogs and they're really nice I had fun just trying to him how do you zoom the screen on a Windows machine Windows plus got it thank you thanks all right anything else the pizza I honestly I can't use it hi there it's like a foreign language to me just that one extra instead of windows it's the applicants whatever it is like it the difference in hockey well Windows uses control as that function the same thing as a button control season different spot easily identifiable if you look at it the Windows button and there is the back button on my iPhone 3D it's going on for years I had an LG Chocolat for 7 years and I met you when you have an LG Chocolat 2011 until January of 2013 while working here almost a year-and-a-half I think about it now I have no idea how I did that blows my mind Force LG I got an iPhone 5 and 5s 5 was the first iPhone ever got crazy but yeah I've had that for almost 4 years now I'm pretty familiar with that I like it like U is I like how easy it is to use my go home my mother she's got like an older phone for my brother but still smart phone but it's an Android but can't do anything about it like I'm like here I'll figure it out because she never knows what she's doing so the cake can you set this up for me this morning I grabbed it and I'm like I don't know what this is what is this it's like a totally different language and you don't use it I will say this though I got the iPhone 7 I got my iPhone 7 what do you think of us which finally came in it might be the least upgrade of an upgrade phone that I've ever had but the whole phone shakes it so much identical to the last one so I don't know why I wish I had a 6 Plus that I broke it and I went when they put out the success I went for the plus to regular size and I regretted moving down inside I feel like Gavin said that where there's not a lot of features take it easy going from the last as at 7 but going from the from the 6 to the 7 feel like it's pretty decent job waiting the 2 years maybe maybe it's not that much and you're like I've found myself describing a Gavin a lot of things because I got the realistic crazy psychotic twist I got my iPhone 7 before Gavin dead and I fucking glittered about it like for a while as much as humanly possible and I thought you were thinking it I would say 85% of the features like I can do this now he's like before I got my 7 so it's really does feel like the exact same phone that you have waited too yeah I never upgraded because it was like that I just came out and I was getting my phone in like 10 days plus I was going to Germany so I was going to get away 2 days after I got back so I just got the new iOS with a new phone again so to me the new iOS is the new phone Michael do guys like to do all that this wasn't going to be a big one the next one will be the big one so that's the reason they did everything the better isn't that usually like we fix the things that were wrong with yeah but this one is in the ass which is why I slept because usually they do it that the 7 would be the big change yet it isn't the 8:07 it will be cold the 8th and it will be that one it's called I did not answer and that's why I change the physical appearance so much on this so it feels more like a new product when it really is it really isn't yeah if only media and my my licenses for everything weren't tied to iOS I'd probably have switched with in like a week of getting the 7 because I just I don't care enough about the improvements and I can see if we fucked up about the phone back to me she just said she's really pissed about iPhone but it's only right because at some point in time Apple was like what is the nice color animated fucking everything and right now it's not all in black except for the goddamn dongle but never made it iPhone who was the last white iPhone iPhone 4 U didn't go in the house iPod headphones everything all their accessories are whites was only made a good point that the original markings the iPhone that became really well known for was the white headphones with a silhouette dancing around out there just like that white cord wouldn't exist if that nonsense those commercials I remember being like that blue 9 just a come out for guy smelling like skunk iPhone 4 but I'll do it in black and white the white one didn't come out for like 6 months now it was an issue with it and they just was really quiet about it and eventually like sweat it out but it was like end of cycle that but I can guarantee when they put on Xboxes they switch between white and black like when they put anyone out like the new Xbox is white whenever the but I don't like what I'm going to wear what I want to know I don't know how I'm like with them but it seems like every single time I say the name because I don't activate people's devices at home but when you say they had a cornada - the Kinect to the Xbox it's awfully like Hey Cortana turn off the Xbox and then it's like Xbox turn off and that was the way it worked and now it's like to talk to you can turn it off the dongles me that connection for the Kinect to the SPO is like for breakouts and it's awful yeah just don't use the Kinect they just need to make a fucking USB microphone that sits there U can put an extra TV with built-in because I don't care about the camera features put in the machine building the machine camera fucking terrible to get the piece of shit not only do I not care but look at all the cool things about the Kinect would people use it wrong but use it for something else like when they use it for like 3D mapping of a room UT computer Andy Maps a room like this and think it's a straight down View and you should dig the sand and build it up it can measure with a Kinect the height of the sand so it would light on a projector stream apps the light on a to be like topographical Liv U dig down to charge it turned blue like oceans and then was really cool though I know we talked about inbox for the Kinect but in the meantime I'm going to read this thing is frustrating wandering from store to store out here this weekend so that's a Kinect I believe it looks like it's filling up let's cloth that's pretty cool right that's way cool and anything like stuff to do that thing I said I was the in particular that Kinect out for PC when people were just hacking it open and using it for all kinds of crazy cool stuff that we never saw consumer applications for what would Johnny on the spot in the control room that was like 4 seconds I was that wasn't right with that shopping is frustrating wondering for shortest or on the phone close their ill-fitting or not what you're looking for skip it all with trunk club with Trunk Club U don't ever have to set foot in the store and you get your very own stylist for fre make it easy to look your best in clothes that fit you perfectly handpicked by your own personal stylist go to trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth type in your measurements share your likes and dislikes and you get your very own personal stylist still pick your clothes from over 80 top brands and shipped them right to your door keep what you like send back what you don't make a statement at the next big event on your calendar with a looked at and picked just for you and your style get started today at Trunk Club / Hershey teet that is Trunk Club / U think Trunk Club for me as for the response thank you all Liv Trunk Club sitting in our house right now I got excited cuz I thought was mine it's all Ashley also according to Twitter guy coronata not far off enough we need to start referring to her as Cornetto what to charge in Taylor Ann Taylor Loft Ann Taylor just like Texa stream guy see if you like him I like the fact that voicemail it does dictation for you that's that's cool it's pretty out when the voice phone calls to your mobile I don't answer a lot of like if the number is not in my contacts I generally let it go to Voice it will search through a crap phone number that's on there and it was say hey maybe it's this person call and I don't answer it and I don't know the number and there was a voicemail just call back United listening it has a text version of your voicemail it tells you what the voicemail says everything that you might Pax - into the house and leave you a voicemail I'm going to leave you with some fucking awesome it's pretty cool feature look I just read all the Miss Co tell me the buses if there's a buzzing and won't know about the bus and the bus so I can present you guys go and talk to you can take like a minute so just look at all the time I don't want to travel with his voicemail voicemail probably there's not a friend can I soak a voicemail who's going to read your number he does remember it's just it's reading your number right now Bennett region helmets Burnie Andy and I am leaving you so that you can see the dictation or transcription service that comes with the new iOS 7 life and it should transcribe what I'm saying to you so you don't have to listen to it you can just read plucking for it the problem is it's what it is it's summer all that so you don't get the whole thing I knew it was coming but I didn't know I would never like the desk it might take a lot of transcribing it's not perfect okay that says I got a voicemail but your voicemail right now today just go to voicemail can't give me the time you might have because you play the - overdone it I don't want to ruin everything I don't have it on you is that feature I think I like when we say I think I got one here I like these a map technology because nothing works I know it does this so well I've never really listened to this in like 5 years is there a 1-800 number right which is just crap - 16 second thing open it it says please have a pen and paper handy to write down the activation code you'll need to put fucking believe yeah that's it it's a robot fuck off answer phone number for - it is as if I'm doing something like I'm getting the treadmill repairs probably that guy another word for and I mean is that I am right now and I'm life span call later if you answer it and yes hello how long do you have before you hang up I don't like it I'll wait to see if it's a human or a robot it's a robot as soon as I hear it talking then I hang up if it's a human I was like no thank you and then hang up 3 seconds when I move to my number has recently been used for someone else I guess so I U see it cools for someone who marry a lot like every week without fail just one sometimes I just want to check up on the people who have them now and see how you're doing you're taking care of it and make sure they're treating him right every now and again I'm reminded of Italy please call me on this when you call the number in the whole on you like that MO Verizon technology Hurricane Matthew future just wiping out the entire Eastern Seaboard is it is it as bad or not as bad as what was predicted why do they say it was all it's it's pretty bad but I think it's more isolated than it was supposed to supposed to hit more story like New Jersey New York and Katrina and it's mostly like over 400 patients no no I'm talking about it like it was like Flora country has the worst hurricanes to hit the US on the impact that had anyway I was one point I thought I'm going to go to my weather app to see what the weather is in Austin but because I was curious if I need to put on my hoodie for this one and the default tab is current location and so they pulled up I guess they pulled up my last GPS coordinates over whatever City we were over and it pulled up and showed me the weather at this is what it showed me Jesus it shows me the status it said of cloudy or U Know sunny it's tornado what is that exist in The Lightning Thief they do like subtle animations life is like Patsy Cloud the cloud on the Apple thing has happened was like this slow moving Cloud they will be like the Thunder the price is going to be like I wonder what that was all tornado I do like the thunderstorm animations it's pretty cool life the times that Google's instructions would say I want to get from this continent to this continent let's go here swim from Africa to the United States and then kissing you on your way we will see that they have and they're like you would never see tornado like it's built in that they have this do they have like your steak cleaning a river right now it is crazy to me that they would include that in there like I say it's raining and if a tornado happen to come you know about that thunderstorm I guess that makes sense do the little icons U for the tornado for like at 12 noon it's like here's the here's a little tornadoes that have that may be sliding I should have I should I have my clip at home I should have brought the allowed to restroom but it was too dark and when I try to record you guys and it just screaming at the top of this we just didn't order food and then went to the after-party for yesterday that's why I like going to events with Gavin because if I see him or don't see him it doesn't matter like sure there's no way I gotta meet up Ashley blaston me like where are you going to meet up we gotta do this I gotta do that right he can go off when you can entertain himself he's like I woke up in a conversation he's in it I'm talking to people it's like and that was the same way it's like it's so nice to be dating someone who looks like you don't like go around with them everywhere and hold their hand and all that stuff about me like hold her hand like a little like walking through a party otherwise I feel neglected by you what's your hahaha I was play I've been playing Dead Rising lately I cannot but think about it too is that you know the whole thing that was wrong with Trump this last week and all the horrible sexist comments made you know it's one of those things you realize it because I'm not subjected to that kind of stuff on a daily basis mean U get excited when she thinks I'm about to get drunk as you get in to see her and then she does this she goes with eyebrows big score for USC unfiltered is great let's look at my filtered out as friends I mean your filter as in you're not pretending you're Dracula going like this game where you get flight Olean filter 98 life when they were big u a big star they let you do whatever you want hear someone else I just walk around and so you know that's not me it's like that's exactly that's U when your most U is one U 3D gender studies confirm like this is what he says when there's no one around I can call him on it the other thing black people say stupid shit you know I mean people say stupid shit people say dumb shit all time right now running for president but still we say stupid shit I can take that is like God and know what the fuck you was doing stupid move whatever it's not the same thing when everyone like this is the image you make like you give the public already and then you have this confirm it you know what I mean like this is not an isolated incident this is like what U are like this you are like this and you're the private conversation of you being you like it bothers me that people take it out a concept like that's just one thing it's like be acceptable if it was like in his twenties but it's recorded joke joke tweets all night hashtag debate my favorite part with people that don't follow me because the world is following debates I get these like these responses people send to me and I got a lot of like you know bro Trum people and stuff like that and one person was like yeah but you said some stupid shit 11 years ago I was like 11 years ago was 18 not fucking 60 photos of like hearing him earlier a week ago we were saying like all these things are come out that he'd said like people calling this is what most of that stuff was said for entertainment purposes and I was like you know what I actually get that argument because we work entertainment like sometimes I say things it's like sometimes I make a funny joke like on the podcast and made a joke about going to the bathroom and molesting a kid and it's like one of those things that later in life someone could easily just pulled that clip and clu made fun of molesting children or whatever you know I'm thinking it was a joke that I made at the time but I didn't make it in the context of a humorous podcast right so I kind of got that up until it's a secret recording sometimes you stream stuff on these parts just to get a reaction will be fun exactly I have another one this week somebody somebody message me right and they literally during the day last night and I go yeah timestamp 58 minutes into podcast 258 or something like that you said you liked trunk so now why you jumping on the bandwagon like that was for fucking years ago I could have never made a public opinion publicly has always been a piece of shit he's always been an asshole but it's jerk-off businessman and he's the star of a stupid stupid reality show he's always been a piece of shit he's always like attac people like Rosie O'Donnell and it writes Savage and it's like whatever like I laugh with State how do you not see the line there that's what blows me 4 years ago when clearly I was talking about like man I love when they make fun of trump on Conan O'Brien when they would use the lips where they put the face and it's just some guy going to lowball you for you know what I thought that was funny to me okay I don't want the chances I really don't want that U elections in general the presidents are the presidential candidates and this is just in general not the selection but they just take pains to be like you know I'm just like one of the guys - but I completely on YouTube I hate America enough whenever I give my opinion but she know I'm not I'm just like spewing stuff into the world cuz everyone's allowed to do that and it's very important that Americans know that the president of the United States greatly affects the rest of the world and you know what that countries can end up doing U go to Ally with the us there is part of us that just like to know what I mean there's a lot of you who just feel like when they hear that like no I'm not trying to change I'm just stating my opinion on it because even if I didn't live here it would still fight my life you know that you can the store to get a different view of the world keeping in mind I moved or season 2008 headache and create eight years of apologizing every time I would never but one thing that really drove that point home game people in my place of employment in the u.s. pay as much attention to the election as it was happening as I did the people in the Australian office just because they understood that the u.s. president is going to affect the big deal like everyone eventually there will be U Know Just ripple effect that that's just natural in a different country politics all that sort of stuff for Liv relations we apologize feel like Texa Imports whatever it is like the entire world is affected by something that made her and everyone Rochester coming back to haunt you at some point in time I'm at the office right now would you check your Twitter later will be all over you about it I'm pretty sure there's yeah I do a mo on the uterine wall but yet he hasn't been watching westworl anybody before you walk out of that was so that I can watch even watching it the first one quick game if you were to name video games that might have inspired the creators of that show what games would you name Red Dead Redemption games video games I don't know because I just see Jurassic Park Bioshock 1 best the - is Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock and Bioshock I can get the feel of like the all of the staff and you know what I mean like the world is obviously read dead but he even like the guy I liked it when they go down to see you like all the storage post and shit like all the water floods in every like that and still haven't made in the let's one thing from the thing as a RAC because we still don't know what the scale of it is like I have no idea but I have no idea there are it's all like it's all one play the hell it is questions when they talk about the people who work there and work on the park on the blue work on westworl dead in the show not work on the show in the show who were they talk about it like it's an MMO like the way they talk about storylines basically Quest givers the attendees just feels like one of the most unintentionally do game shows that I've ever wanted to explain to you but already like they're the basis that let's move on to the crazy we were talking earlier and with the broadcaster about it and that somebody said here dead Jone Risin and I forgot who was it that said that they wanted to watch the westworl seventies movie after they watch the first season of westworl and I was like you're gonna be disappointed yeah I like him a lot but this is not the sequel yeah only future will 2 secrets it's I who made westworl in Jurassic Park 2 the movie what was in it I think there's potential future seasons of the show visiting other Parks haven't gotten to it yet but even in in the 1970 film it I mean it's called westworl but there's multiple choices when they get there they just go into westworl so I mean it would make sense if they eventually added to the show yeah the security officer the guy with the blonde hair and blue eyes he kind of does like he's like in charge of the team like the like military ask Isaac if he don't he's the oldest Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth Hemsworth older brother and older brother he's the oldest and the kid from The Hunger Games The Hunger guy always sunny who plays one of the brothers teet RAC Trevor from GTA 5 in it 2 he's one of the 201 is he dead let's play I don't want to watch a show if you have HBO U of H pla Liv the first down so does fre really even if you don't have it I'll check it out and it's like Walkabout 2 started production bold move made it somewhere the show continues it seems like a fantastic show to take over after Game of Thrones inside Race season 1 Game of Thrones will come back then the Run season 2 The Game of Thrones will end and then we'll have this and season 3 so it's like I don't have this audience and also for all the new audiences haven't watched it yet it's only 2 Seasons to catch up on which I assume we're going to be 10 episodes each if you don't like world-building those kind of shows it might not be your bag but it's a really Texa really nice and so like whenever they power down or phrases like that is definitely some stuff going on that it's like this but it's so sad it's very cool it's all Co dead kids it's like if it will it will absolutely feel that was going to be done every show is driving without Andy violets in tits and cock off a lot of like freaking weird tits and cock though Game of Thrones as well we are already in 2 episodes of life human life life yeah yeah it's all the characters it's not just the Gunslingers in the pretty show Girls It's also the guy who runs the bar is that naked you know when he didn't repair Oregon nudity U Don't Forget You must be like look you can be sitting in the chair naked Indian probably at like 8 Yazoo City trunk like the cold reality nudity of like science the more RTX sydne is coming up Gavin U have been announced for RTX sydne U there I'll be there I don't have your official guess we're going to come right Michael I don't think so don't know everyone says that I'm not sure because nobody told me I'm going yet we're still making it Australia - if you go to both let's go to the store text me when you're the reason why is that game attac lunch today this is a recording this on Monday the try-hard podcast is going to be right after we finish this podcast Amelia 2 start airing that they kind of held off on their beginner podcast until we're done cuz they want to go like she mostly write a sentence about we just got your time but we have apro coming up and it said something like that would be on now don't be alright