#399 - Snot Rockets Around the World

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Gus’ trip to South Korea, missing flights, cultural differences, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 24, 2016, sponsored by Battlefield 1 (http://bit.ly/2ernU47), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), Braintree (http://bit.ly/2aYdvv5)

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Recorded: 2016-10-25 15:57:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone walking to the forecast this week brought to you by Battlefield 1 blue apron and Braintree Begley get our sponsors and a big thank you to my city Segway San I hear about all the time when I'm going to podcast I'm Gus I'm Gavin I'm Blaine I'm not Barbara and I'm good for a while I'm up here in Korea's here three weeks ago I was here on the 3rd the last time was on the way to sing everything is going to be left alone the last time was about that time I was Korea's root word it was it was it was interesting like I got to do a lot of things I spent 2 weeks there and the Highlight the thing I want to do will definitely visit but DMZ and there's like a number what is only one that allows you to get into the JSA we just like this iconic blue buildings where you can walk across the border I don't know what the iconic blue buildings Ru describe someone if someone can look up DMZ JSA in there they like to do and you just be on your podcast where they have some outside the door ready to pull them back if they get grass right right that's the north side in the night occasionally pull people into North Korea so on the South Korea's I have a soldier there by the door what is the sea like that making sure that I didn't get to pull through the door which outside of the year we found from North Korea so I can see my nobody so I was going to get to this later but we don't realize until you go there is that there are soldiers watching you the entire time let you take a photo facing south it won't so that photo we just showed it's like iconic people who know that what people have seen that photo could probably not tell you what the building immediately behind that person if you're probably right but I've got a mirror you could take me to go I'm lost here so you can take a photo into North Korea to South Korea there's a big sign saying no what that building looks like they don't want the North Koreans have detailed information about that building cigar the windows are picture a picture with a picture but this is facing cardinal directions spitting North that is North Korea's government building I still would like something from Outdoors you just can't turn around you cannot take a picture of that building that's the only pictures that the North Koreans have is that food I don't know they don't want people the building work so that you can take a peek and see if I can pick someone up from in front of the mirror when you combine a mirror for No it's it's a one-way mirror though they're looking in looking building so you can look at the photo place in South Lake Tahoe what are north of him and be like Drivin take a picture she said like I'm half black half Korean God knows V military checkpoints and you have to submit your passport to the United Nations a week in advance to get there than the United Nations has to approve you even being in that area don't make it to respond that's what that says no no you don't do that anymore but that is my most proud father walking walking across the North Korean border and I had my old iPhone for a long time and I was like alright I got this sing transferred over but I'm positive something my last transfer from the 5 to 6 that's when I lost my father and I'm glad to be rid of it and it was like here's dr. Willow pick what person you want to be and everything like whatever we're going and iPhone I don't I didn't care but then I realized random Gmail account account that I was Pokemon came back the full off of that game is anyone still playing the track I checked out my kids started playing Pokemon on the DS because they played Pokemon on mobile I got him they got him you know I got that sucks cuz you'll be like at dinner and you like put it away put it away you did that with Pokemon go but you know there's nothing I could do but check them that we put it out to Dallas this weekend before that I know for a fact actually had DSS in your house plastic to mod a PS4 for a week will there be something that came out like Animal Crossing and I played for like a half an hour ago I remember this fucking thing get out of here as she would play it for a week straight and now the Nintendo made a big giant iPad thing with hooks on a light switch sing iPhone Pokemon go everywhere we went it was like normally loaded with the trackers came back but Ed said he was sure that's a big news today that the trackers are coming back to Pokemon go walking work of the Triad you fucking kill you if everyone was going to incidental that the trackers when people stop playing not anymore done and people will not come back on track with her back I think they waited too long I know I agree with that then they waited too long right now even if they're like there's a Mewtwo out and about right here I don't have it just like I remember the commercials Ru Times Square near me - and there was fun together and I never saw it happen and Commercial Pokemon go a long time ago they're announcing it was at some convention or something like that before it and everybody I love I don't know if I thank you for I feel that my father will screenshots with Burnie jealous I don't know if we can and we can put it into this knowing that they're not reddi CrossFit the board of the register DMZ your fucking Huntington North Korea like that a lot I'm sure yeah like numbers though I have no idea thousands there were 30 people on my - Okay and like it ended due in 5 days a week and I said there was an annual thing where they weren't sure I was initially they were not going to let me do this to her because there were joint South korea-us Military exercises going on at the same time I was there and then they rescheduled some of the cause I hear you're coming so that there was one day while I was there I could actually go and if she was sometimes I'll be walking through soul and I would hear like the loudest jet engine I've ever heard in my life but the fuck is that I want I would look up nobody like - F-18 just like hauling ass across the sky right I'm in an area where it could go down yeah you are so crazy to look up look up and be like there are more planes with missile right above me and I Cuban I can hear them push it does on a regular basis and they're just hauling ass I chose to be here right now like a month ago or so and apparently what is going down like some the soldiers around the Border like a fucking it's on like we're being invaded right now it's happening so we got lit up there by 2 that's when we're at the DMZ we got lit up there by American troops so what you got when you do this to work it's like a 50-50 chance you could get either let up by South Korean troops or by American troops and we got Gavin get lit up by American troops is the guy who's the guy who did the presentation like keep come on the bus and they take it with passports and look at them to make sure you on the list then they look at you and they say do you intend to defect to North Korea and do you have any explosives on you right now 7 lb American and I was like I was like no no I'm not doing super serious like super super straight forward and they are very proud of the fact that they're stationed there and they say like you he said no we're the only unit in the entire Army whose faces are enemy everyday you know we stayed here our enemy stands right there and we look them in the eye every day and I forgot I'm going to go try I forget what they're with their um it's slow going with the flow it was something like in front of everyone else just really check out screenshot on I got to cross this in math died because they stepped on the imaginary line walked across the guys across there could kill in West Germany when he just gets pissed about on the line you get shocked nobody was really just recently and I found them in a today I learned on reddit.com is that I Envision it as Germany and then a fucken wall down the middle of it and that's what drew me on the westside in East Germany side of the wall with all the way around West Germany like it was a Night Like This it was like West indicating the Western World Germany but that I guess he had to fly out I was going to I guess that's why they have the Berlin airlift the right when they cut off the supply routes and I don't like the Americans had to fly bombers over it drop supplies onto them because you want to be worth and surrounding someone entirely North Korea I was going to say do they have Blaine I forgot it did the video conference that the shirt really sucks it's from The Faraway land of Dallas certainty of what's up did you get me one before I went to Korea Blain ask if I could bring him back in North Korean flag so I look for one I'm up for some strange reason they don't sell North Korean Flags in South Korea I don't know why but I bought Blaine some North Korean money and that he could buy his own North Korean flag and I think I said bring me back some frat guy that went in the American flag I the one and he was going to steal a poster that Ed Kim Jong-un on it and he got arrested he's there to this day what a fucking idiot he's always like to impress her press conferences was reading stuff they talk about being tortured I cry and he looks like he can tell me when things are not match to my hoodie and like this string was like up here back here if you listen to the audio podcast thank you you're a normal person I bought some boots so when you go to the DMZ you can buy North Korean liquor and they had a bunch of different bottles and I bought the one I thought would be easiest to bring back so that we could drink if your on the podcast it didn't come back for reasons I'll explain in a second but they called it wine and nobody is there to hear and they called Mountain Grape Wine so I bought this bottle of wine and a - back to my hotel room I was like okay before I put this in my bag in for everything about United States I'm going to so it had a screw top lid on it so I tried unscrewing it and the screw-top was so that's it the screw-top was so weak that as I was trying to unscrew it like buckled and tore up like it did it was not ready for that torsion table at right I like what that's like weird that's never happened we can play the guitar restore that's passes house and I was like oh it's because I'm following him home and I have no idea well thank you how you doing this wine into a glass and I it's it's it's pouring into the glass and instead of being read like wine it's just Brown Road and I look at the bottle and I realize that there sediment on the bottom of the ball pythons sticks and dirt does MattyB know so I pick up the glass and I sniff it and it smells like gasoline and dirt yeah that might have been it might have been there was brown and like gasoline that said it yourself you'll and wine glasses she had one and I was like I'm not going to do it so I put her finger in it gasoline so much it I felt uncomfortable try to bring it back on the plane to try to light it no don't say that I'm taking it in the sink and I was convinced that there's like some Petroleum in it or something I'm not taking that back so explain to me like do they have a shop and is it run by like some real North Korean dude that song is so they trade it with the South Korean I don't know how they got there they have a few North Korean things you can buy the explanation some guy smuggled it up his ass and that's why it was so weird noise from North Korea restrictions on Cuban cigars yeah we should have had Cuban runwa sing or try some Cuban rum production used to be based out of Cuba and then after the rise of Castro and the Communists move to Puerto Rico so let me know that Puerto Rico is the home of Puerto Rico has a lot of run production but like the Bacardi Factory and places like that used to be headquartered out of Cuban and I only know this because I live in Puerto Rico and then after all that happened they move to Puerto Rico Fairplay but I don't try to keep in cigar once before my life and I really like them they're just like really like intense the really intense like a like a high ammonia flavor from I never called you feel like Columbus but I didn't like President John Kennedy I feel like the guy from Aliens what is the sergeant is Sergeant Johnson from his face off right here Sarge from Aliens what was the guy's name 2008 we still going to go on the border nobody looks too we should smoke Cuban cigars all the time you get to Mexico when I was growing up on the border smoke cigars and get drunk all the time I was like 14 go to go drink because I could drink there legally before I was Twenty-One and it's now it's like one of my kids wanted to go to Mexico to get platinum I just feel like you're going to die I was not much older than JD when I would walk across the bridge and go get drunk in Mexico and a half but I'll be fifteen in March and it's like it's a countdown for me because he's now 5 months away from being behind the wheel of a car and Gavin won't will not be at that point young man the breaks out that's the thing we were just and Jordan and I were talking about that this weekend we didn't do driving around have all the hardware that I need to go to a full autonomy we call it level 5 autonomous driving they have a video of it like and I would just like the control up there because of regulations or the lack of regular was a weird video little weird video because it shows this autonomous car driving down the street parking itself all set to The Rolling Stones Paint It Black why did they choose Paint It Black for because it was just as well and it's relevant Italy minnows hard it's like it's like some of them said it's like a writer from Game of Thrones that you guys are pussies and it's been kind of rough episode was the reason of the end of last season character from the graphic novels and he's a very long running villain in the graphic novel series and he's really nice he's like psychotic over the top and at the end of last season I'm going to talk a little bit about what happened last season he was the introduction of Negan and he has this back which is a bat wrapped in barbed wire called Lucille and he pulls all of the main cast those survivors that we've been following for now 7 season we get them all like down on the ground and he's got a bunch of men all around them and then he in the graphic novels G going to say who but he usually kills like a very primary character in the graphic novel The graphic novels primary character is not what it is in the show because they switch out characters in and out like they establish that in season 1 of Walking Dead the show where there was a character in the graphic novel who is there for to the approval of what would have been like 5 or 6 seasons of the show and it killed them in the first episode I was like clearly all that's wrong with that point in The Walking Dead Telltale Games in the same way they don't follow you know the same thing in the same world but even when you have characters on the screen they don't follow the pathway of the source material like an alternate universe both sing characters so you never know what's going to happen and the best way I can that people who read the graphic novels were very kind of upset about this Blue Seal moment being a cliffhanger because it's very sudden thing in the middle of the graphic novel like in the middle of the issue with this thing happen and it was probably because of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones where people who'd read the books like this you know and then when it happened on TV and nobody freaking out about the Red Wedding and everything they were talking about it it would be the equivalent of that if the Red Wedding was the last episode of the season and it showed somebody pulled a knife and go I'm going to kill somebody I didn't so the AMC The Walking Dead they had this V huge responsibility coming back until I can make this first episode that you had to pay off that cliff and in a big way but then it really just came down to who does he get and the people who would have read the graphic novels were saying it's it's probably most definitely this one person other - 11. I was saying you could even be the main character Rick the gavi sing all the posters and I've been crazy it's like they going to kill the main character to the nuts a lot of different levels I'm speaking a spoiler for you the catalog for Less grey episode amazing Jeff came in this morning like that sucked was that terrible really in a lot of reviews and I don't watch Walking Dead I watch the watch the first season I've never watched it bee on that but I read a lot of reviews from people who said that they felt it was too forced and obvious because they felt that the writers give them too long to think about the possibilities and that in their mind they kind of narrowed it down and you was going to have absolutely predicted could you leave that Cliffhanger for too long he will have a lot of time to mull it over and really think about what the potential outcomes are you think of the reverse of that though they also said that if they killed off someone in the season finale that's kind of like a downer to in the season on so it's a big moment yeah but I mean do you want like a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouths after last night's episode so it's like you want them to walk away from a season like that or do you want them to walk away from the first episode of and season you know like it's like why I want to see what happens next or do you want like pissed off a bunch of people it's like I will be back in like half a year yeah I think they did it right last season had a moment that she pissed me off so I was like I was getting really worried about the show where Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are two shows where Give me the main character you know and they'll be in the and it always in there just dead you know that mean that's that's part of the few shows that I really like them all bets are off like in Game of Thrones if anybody could die and I feel like in the next couple of Seasons where to get really far down like I'm afraid like Brienne of Tarth is going to die everytime I pick up the glasses they're like oh no he was how he didn't die just like you was fucking when they don't show it like your head coming off you can just assumed it was like they did that was crazy with his character and was like he's definitely dead you know what I mean it was like without question this was going to come back and I know you don't know that's still left in that Game of Thrones and you have to take her word for it I think once she reference that she killed him but that was it there was you want me up wake me up in the sky on the same flight as me talking if you have like a little haptic thing going on on the plane rides I fell asleep with my headphones in it when it should be allowed to feel like this is actually where I type is like that creepy like one of the most embarrassing experiences ever on a plane happen to me the other day I can but let's see if you can talk with everyone so I was asleep on the plane like this keep head down for the radio listenership which and what kind of trouble did and I guess I thought I would wake up with $10,000 wake up but I didn't and and I thought you could just have an altimeter that was when I slept through all of that I had a few drinks at the airport so that was probably it so the I got woken up by the flight attendant she came by and she shook me on the shoulder feel like with your snorela would you like to meet tonight so my head was down I looked up and I open my mouth to answer and an entire mouth full of drool just spilled on my - my chest was cold because all this liquid it was everywhere and I look at her to go I just drooled on myself will have the beef and then she walked out and I was like I need to change I think I might carry on iPhone chess which is covered in saliva every morning do you swallow your normally it would have spilled by then but I think it just like accumulated my mouth hadn't spilled everywhere and it was it was more - Hollywood Story on a plane today where was it was absolutely terrible but the work was hell iCarly why your life and your own spit I probably I probably could have the money big Stree probably because it's like I just woke up like my brain wasn't fully firing yet and it was just the first thing that came to my mind lesbian spitting beer out it's like it's dripping off the bottom of the on a plane today and I did this number I was like I was leaning up against the walking by the window and saw you settle in everything and I want to go I want to go like like that but I said I went like this kind of drifting and I'd like it was about to fall asleep and I just made this huge North and on the plane what I look like in the throat I know what you like Elvis Andrus what is culture shock you can get out early like in the UK but when you leave American to go to other countries like China the way that people deal with phlegm like way different everywhere in the world they don't give a shit about that's not a problem for them but you're going to like I've heard like Americans when they blow their nose in public like what are you doing don't do that it's like it's really gross that's what you do you know it's not a big deal and for them it's like a lot of a lot of other cultures most other talking and spitting out no big deal on the football field I'm okay with that now except for I had one bad experience was like what are you fucking do it wouldn't it would if somebody did that you know where there's no it wasn't you know what they was a friend of mine he did it he wear in the pool guy I like like like out of his left nostril squeezing apro and I'll just look it up I think to this day I think sing with my friend spitting in public in San Antonio is illegal because it's just ridiculous now I love those there's a lot of things this weekend where they did Ramsay or Reddit with Gordon Ramsay 177 music 7 News first with everything reddi Ramsey interesting they had stuff from Reddit for stuff that Gordon Ramsay had said when we can get in there asking if he had to guess which one was doing anything talking still get rid of the podcast is brought to you by Battlefield 1 - - one day Battlefield one was just released this past Friday October 21st through game I've been out of town have another chance to play it yet it's a number one on it into super excited about this Rejuvenation I feel like we've seen so many World War II games excited to finally get in and play a World War One game and the fact that you just shot something Battlefield related the other day I did I went out to the desert talking about in Nevada keep coming soon it was the desert and I have to shoot real bullets and safety-wise it was tough actually twice Pizza Pit I just got I just really like 10 millimeter lens things you drink out of it like medieval knights like one of those big long yard beers so it's $1 for one that's what this request is available now for purchase and download so make sure you check it out and you can check out the link in description to Battlefield.com absolutely pick up this game needs to be one of the biggest games of this holiday season not to bring it back to me for a great franchise great iteration the French McDonald's Santander looks a lot like me and I've gotten like I think tint weed smell like hay or in your real world 1001 - it is saying you look like someone else - Armstrong V store shave a stripe down the middle my head so no one ever fucking send me the thing that I look like someone so I can have you all the time to Gavin never looks like you ever I love when people think I'm going to regret saying this I love when people send me that one guy that's covered in hair over his entire body to look like me I get that hundred Sasquatch thank you that was the one that goes to the paycheck wasn't sure if it was him or not so you were talking about what time I'm playing him anything about this on the way back on the plane from Seoul to San Francisco but is this economy I got seated next to this dude he was in the middle seat I was in the oil I got stood in the middle seat who was very nervous flyer but I love and it's been a long time that had to sit next to a nervous flyer and this was a turbulent flight for whatever reason it was rough it was shaking the whole time not like fucking love it anyone provide an outburst of turbulence just consistent turbines for 12 hours and so we'd be there and he was watching Star Trek Beyond on his little in flat screen and anytime the seat will start shaking he would posit bring up the map try to look out the window it was nice you can't see any of the Window World of the Pacific does nothing keep looking around like this what you looking for what you looking for I don't know if he's looking out the window at nothing and looking around the cabin Blaine the just want to feel helpless if he's like so in his stuff out like trying to think of what he's going to do on the plane goes down nervous and kept looking at his map that I was going to do Sky saver I brought up the map on - later I'm trying to sleep he's moving around so much that I can sleep through but him looking around I can't sleep there needs to read that sorry I pull up the map and I'm like there she can look at the map on my screen that way he can like watch a movie and every now and then glanced over his shoulder so he can't see this one wasn't still every time every every now and then I look at my map and then he would pull up his nap but just make sure it's the same info picture of plane on fire he might have needed to take a shit and he was like how much for a little we have we were in the exit row if you could have stood straight up and walk toward in the egg surprise real estate nervous flyer bee frequent it was it was it was an empty seat but it wasn't really bad it was just like that but it wasn't bad for myself if you could choose would you rather have a smooth flight I'm like you are full of rubbish man it's like it's something to do I like it I'm not having it I always think about it when I'm going on the runway it's like this is bumpier than any turbulence for every experience and I'm always freaking out and then run with bumpy I think it's been happening lately when I land in Plains I feel like keep making Corrections like way more seriously than I've ever noticed before but like the land lights I can I can feel it till I grind shifting of the seat on a toilet out with anything I don't know I guess you like if you let him cross wind Landing - .4 a good I guess I'm flying in a lot of Crosswinds these days is what I'm saying that I don't remember that previously loved the shots of I don't know what you plan on coming home Alabama Airport St Barts which is like ocean little bitty runaway mountain and so people think it was the land toward the mountain your inclination to detect these buckets massive amount but then this was coming down the mountain now just in the last and it stop before you go to the fucking look it up it's like the for the video just like in the water genius ability he posted his frequent flyer miles today Twitter did you see that I saw Gavin DeGraw do you have yours I have mine I was the only one to compare here so that's that's the exact like a hundred and sixteen Thousand Miles I was pretty weird that I have a hundred and sixty Thousand Miles bee have way more than 150 but you only have 10 more segments that I do I just really thought more International longer longer legs like your average I didn't average on yours this is Gavin on 151000 miles of here and 73 segments of the triple platinum I'm trying to pull it up and the airline website does not recognize my device not have a nose when is the year of travel what happened I was going to travel whale St everywhere last year with the front 7 to England a bunch from I didn't trailers - executive platinum in the seventies eighties again another 20,000 ahead of me before the year's over so far it has more probably coming I'm at 85 you want to see the greatest thing ever you have the other thing that I sent you guys this is what's currently in my Airlines app right now this is the image I look at every time I love it he does have that one they're loading a YouTube video good for you The First Family Feud I really don't know that's it really I have never had happened to me before the other day at the airport I was flying from Newark to Austin and I'll talk to you about this before how in New York you not to talk to anybody you sit down at an iPad you scan your boarding pass that's terrible and you can like order your food or drinks or whatever hell yeah so there's like this dumpling restaurant in the Newark Airport I forgot my boarding pass and it's like you're a fruit fly Ru was your flight information what you want alright I want job I want pork dumplings I want soup dumplings I want a double gin and tonic like I go to check out and there's like a little credit card swiper there and so I can check out then it's expensive thank you for being a loyal United customer I say thank you for your continued loyalty United Airlines is paying for your meal what the hell really that's cool so then I was like well we'll see maybe just a malfunction or something then like the food my drink and my first it comes out like this awesome comes the waiter waitress uniforms United Airlines appreciate your business we're paying for your meal or going to check tonight including gratuity so I think you're flying united we really appreciate you not being with like much but it's nice that's good glad that his phone on airplane and they're like confirm that we have your phone they called they called his mom with his phone and and now they're like no we don't we never had your phone server that I sent one time I can't think of his phone because I lost it that's what that's the short of the story is and they didn't come around talking about that I just like I don't want to hear about other people's customer service problems on Twitter I get exact I got it you know that is what hurts I load my American Airlines app right now it has I have they're listed you have 0 upcoming trade you I have no travel books are you going to go to the NBA without traveling I don't want to say yes or no to that because I will jinx myself you know you are in complete control of your travel I might be I I let there's a thing that came up and I need two people to do it and actually was one of the I can do they're trying to find a second person account you should go you should go because it's a trip to a sing in Japan and I'm like so hope so we'll see we might not have the trip might not come together here to Japan twice and said yeah I'll take a bullet for you I'm going to let him go with Ashley please take me crazy on the football field that's what you said you wouldn't try it on and she's old talking about Beyonce my boss is protesting a little bit too much you think feel weird. Wait how many miles have you put another one together to hang on San Francisco for a weekend balatarin ever last week I was thinking about it really is like I was in New York I just said over the end of last week and within the 7 day period I had been in Seoul San Francisco Los Angeles Austin and New York but that noise in 7 days that was fun it was the most brutal jet lag of my life that's when I did it but I was in LA dead in Austin so forget about I was in LA I in Atlanta then I went to Seattle and then I went to New York so they can all four corners of the u.s. in like a 60. Is the I definitely have never done that before and I was like hey just to let you know it was fun I got to the point where I did I thought a photoshoot and Indiana then went straight to Vegas to do the battlefield thing no no brakes I got home I slept for like 15 hours which is like double sleep for me but I got the part I was at the airport and 102 - and I was like I don't know where I'm going it is not possible to tell me where I'm going and then like you're going through Phoenix back to where I was like funny things iPhone cases like you have to tell me where I'm going because I have no idea I had to experience this year that I never had before which is I woke up in a hotel room like I don't know where I am and I literally didn't know where I was in the world I mean where am I learned that an unpleasant feeling I did yeah but you like him in a pleasant I just feel so uneasy this love you will never get travel Josh ornelas they just recently took a trip up to Microsoft in Seattle they were visiting 3432 talking about some upcoming rappers blue stuff I think maybe they got to see some stuff that has to do with some Halo stuff I did when he went up there he was it was the first time he's ever been on the plane I saw that he said he was 25 I asked him is it healthy when you take a flight which was the weekend and I'm 25 I think that's to me a lot when I was younger and then I think I went to. I didn't fight at all between 15 and 25 I just never flew anywhere because I was going to see extended family and I was like I wasn't yet traveling for work and then I started traveling for work and I was like I wasn't playing I was like really nervous and like everything felt weird to me like Blaine today I would have been on one in 10 years was like such a weird feeling I would where I went to school we drove back and forth I went to UT's I would make a trip to Houston and UT we don't every other week and I was like 2 hours by car so never never never had a year of my life waiting for I never even was a blue baby Ru baby well we didn't know it before I was one of my family commercial flying was weird it was like to just come to the gate and you can smoke on flights I was there it was there was a point in time this year when we went down to sydne for RTX sydne and like 5 days before the trip this very important thing came up at Sundance and it was really it was a really good team relate to some guys at Sundance Film Festival in Utah and it was it was the Sunday of that weekend so Gavin because he had commitments for like signing himself he flew down to Australia for a day well first they said you just not going to sydne yeah it's like they just cancel the thing for me I was like you have to leave after one day I was like yeah that would be insane management chart with you showing up Golden V light is like $12,000 back I was the same way to get recognized like that and I was like this the same thing as before but usually if I meet someone that boy so you know what you doing in wherever Ru going and it was that the point was like what you doing in Charlotte and he did the whole check he's like I'm in a lightly tap your genital areas ball I'm ball out of here keep fantasy I love it I think that's great you said we could take the glove off and do it sounds like you got the sing I want to - 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don't wait that's blue apron. slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook big thank you to boyfriend I'm a huge fan of their service all their food is delicious and you will love it if you could fly if I could fly on all the time on an airline on airline on the front of every seat in front of you is a big red button and it just says crashed plane gu while and you can push the button and if you push it and the plane lands you get a million dollars but if everyone pushes the button the plane crashes at once but over the course of the flight how many people have a 300 people push the button but 1300 will get a million bucks I split it to do individually about to push the button but you press the button surely something could go wrong right or wrong on the plane anyway that's where I feel like I would not push it I wouldn't push it push it work it out somehow but yeah someone to be way more scared of crashing like ultris Gavin the truth like to do next to me that shit out or what you do and I would look at the person next to me and I would go click and I know that I push the button that makes them way less likely to V what kind of melee mashup wasn't there a game show in the UK with a very similar premise of the line guys or something and they got in a guy broke the system is completely the same way just like I told the other guy and he's like I'm just going to stay with you as long as you can see if you went to France last year for something similar that's right all shows the international markets and things like that I'm not really entirely sure what Google's goal was at this event because they were talking a lot about you to read as a premium platform maybe to try to attract content to that platform or maybe there's a possibility they would sell content I don't think I'm going to sell content in the markets will probably end up rolling Ru - bread in those places eventually but we went over and presented in an OK thing about YouTube is that whenever the new one of these big presentations like brandcast or something like that they always have somebody come out to represent the creators on YouTube and this time they invited me to come out and talk about Rooster Teeth here on out so it's cool to be able to fly all the way to France basically have an 8 minute speech on stage in front like 2500 people and then that's it so I was in France for like 2 or 3 days because I had to take Miss USA so perfect to the beach again so here's the problem the whole fucking time I was there as walking we talked about some sure on the Left podcast last year we did this I was walking down that role of all those fucking Yachts that are just like every single yeah yeah do anything with it walking the block basically there's anything there we are now they all the businesses rent a yacht and have a reception area on the yard put your damn shoes off and I was like there's like those printed banners welcome to this kind I wish I was the weather in middle of my truck and one of the nicest places in the middle so it's great when I went down and I went the year before that we had like a 10-minute thing we'll talk up on the stage I was like you know you leave on Friday and it's Wednesday and I had this inflatable couch like out in the ocean I'm going to swim out to it and just found out on this couch split in and there wasn't anything I was just like free floating in the ocean to the ground it was like 4 or 5 minutes to get from the beach uncomfortable around certain levels of opulence like that I am totally comfortable in any level that feeling too much keep my car like feeling out of place how do you I like being surrounded by this is way above what I should do I should not be here right now I love that feeling zon but just like I just like I get kind of a sucky feeling on a presentation in York recently that was really cool and it was like it was like one of the coolest like backstage Drivin - is a podcast event but there's a lot of people that have podcast like I got to meet Katie Couric that day and I was presenting with what's-his-name from NPR Ira Ru I'll ask him and I'll let you love love in PR but they were just going nuts about this guy and I was going nuts about a guy that I've watched for years is Ed Begley Jr talking like it was something else where and all that other stuff and he just and so we were going from the hotel or somewhere that we were we were going to the event and over showed up and it was a Suburban it was as you V and Ed Begley Jr psych I'm not getting it I was like oh yeah it's like his whole thing as environmentalism and conservationism and he's like I'm not making any St I wait for the next one but you just wouldn't get into an activity where else can I tell you the opposite of that story here New York yesterday and I had to go from 30 Rock to Newark Airport at like 5 p.m. during the peak of rush hour I was like I'm not going to make it I'm going to miss my flight what you do so talking to drivers I hate is there anyway I can get on a helicopter Port just to make sure that there's an app there's an app you can use in Manhattan really to reschedule book a helicopter to take you to the airport how much was it let me actually I did not get on this helicopter it was $1,000 for a 6 seater helicopter and split it however you want if you have enough people but it would it would have been just me and you like helicopter X4 helicopter pool or you can like share it with them you can set up like a crowdsourcing someone is like I don't want to sit in traffic for the environment fuck everything fuck money I will spend this extraordinary amount of money just to take 5 minutes to get paid for the place in which that would be a viable business Manhattan is that they have three heliports in Manhattan today I figured I'd just - like I like it because it's like a nice view of New York and how long the journey was to the cost of spending $100 a minute I wouldn't take it because of that it was money to spend when I went down to Australia I probably still the $3,000 to tell you anyway we were not know what Stree and I was trying with Joel and Joel is a nervous flyer and he tore he doesn't like to fly I don't care if it's the right word so he convinced the convention to bring him down business class to Australia and they said it will Burnie since were flying business class and you're on the same flight will fly you business class as well do you want to fly you business class what you really think of me to say you said you have absolutely no difference in price and it to Australia from LA to sydne is about $2,000 to fly and if you get a good price if you buy Turley $2,500 and you know you know like last minute or something like that the price of business class was like $9,000 so we get $7,000 different and it'll just just the way I was right it doesn't like matter like he's spending the money that I was just calculating I was sitting in a chair for basically 11 12 hours and it's $7,000 for me too the chair for it so I'll give you $7,000 if you sit in a chair for 12 hours I will sit in a chair for 12 hours I'll start right now I will take that job so I think that's what you looking at I'm going to go to the bathroom if you want take that job like to do it it's like that's a ton of money you know to mean it's like if they obviously know braintre I would take 12 hours of my day to like her and $7,000 so just like I can't do it I couldn't I couldn't get them to pay for the coaching job is classified and he was like I don't sleep on planes sucks because it's like 17 people fly business class because I got upgraded to business and I use for it and it was like it was like 14 hours I was in the area and was like a full night's rest I'm sure I snored like a mother fucker I have never once requested beef learned anyway business class to that to me this is like something I would never spend my money on and it to me it seems pretty insane to request that if I'm going to go somewhere I can meet you can make this request it was like you're flying me here to this job you can make requests and I just for some reason will never feel like you have to fly business class so that to me is the douchiest thing what if it's like a huge inconvenience I had to fly through the night like from the u.s. to London and I had to work that day so usually you fly through the night and land at like 10 if I was required to work that day I would probably ask this question so I can sleep through the night and do a good job with whatever they want me to do make some time from Austin to Heathrow to go to the store the whole time and so he said over the course of your mind or whatever show me the chart there like looking the level that I hit that like to use snorela snorela bed now love I had for you would talking appointment for going to be YouTube me you didn't sleep I would love for that to happen because I sleep talk a lot Hibbett Sports where is Michael the flight tell everyone that I'm coming and it starts recording you at that point our monitoring and kicks on the recording if you start snoring you stay awake if you and we can do it Pax West we had these sweets it was like a like a Homewood Suites or something close to the convention center this week to bedrooms and a living room and kitchen and snoring was so loud I can't I left the room as I left the room we were sleeping in it was like this week. The bedroom is Gus any better it was like separate bedrooms this make sense I cannot sleep in this room I cannot be anywhere on the floor of this hotel because Jack was snoring so fucking loud I love it too awful I just on the way back on another console when I was leaving I was going to the airport hotel front desk listen I've got a flight at 4:40 p.m. what's the best way to get to the airport like okay if you go to the airport there's a Non-Stop bus that's like an airport bus that stops across the street and it'll take you straight to the airport you need to go there and check in there at least 3 hours before your flight that's okay if I go there I'll check into those before my flight I'll get to your point in time that I showed up at that place three and a half hours before my flight how much ticket I will get on the bus I've never been more pressed for time in an airport PA I was running through that fucking airport I was like what the heck traffic like by the time I got to the airport it was like they were by the time I got to my gate they were already halfway through boarding what city was asking so so like I've never been that close to not getting on an international flight that feeling you get I trusted other people think you can choose whether to be stressed out when I was on a panel because whenever I'm feeling stressed and sometimes I V been Surly I try to check in and I like the person will be like you better run and I think I'm I think I'm just going I just take my time I try to go out that's fine I was just like you can you can choose not to be stressed as long as you know Chrisley in trouble if you miss you know what is really calm about that is my ex Jordan she would we really everywhere can I be like in order to be somewhere at 9 so we leave the house at 8:40 and I know it's going to take half an hour to get there and we're going to be late and she had this thing where she's like she's not late until after 9 o'clock we got her something she was totally relaxed about it didn't give a shit one of the homes that we just like being late is like because he was in LA for someone is like we're going there but I like people like that as well here like 40 minutes late for this meeting it was like 20 minutes 25 minutes it's kind of in that same vein of just like not worrying about being late and stuff like that where the best pieces of advice I got in college was your grade is not a representation of who you are as a person you have is that you're like not I had like a really hard test and I would be honored that you're talking and I got a call me down and then after that I just like I just called you a little bit more because I was like just don't sweat it you have to be a repeat offender before it's the judges are you up so early you're late all the time so I assume you're just too late for me now I'm punctual as hell you've missed flight sometimes several flights ever my flight going to La when I was on a panel this weekend as on panel with an old friend of ours was the moderator Shira Lazar was the moderator and said hello that would be fine as well it was good to see him of the Fine Brothers and I was going out there I was going out Saturday night for a Sunday panel and I'm going to the airport usually takes me about 15 minutes to get the airport was amazing it's where I live it's just like it's like I just wasn't perfect straight shot to the airport now that Austin is finally a fucking City we don't the way to the red light to go to the airport finally after 20 years living here what changed they've made an underpass that used to be there was a fucking red light right before you got on the airport but you don't know you don't it's all the same to the Riverside and 71 light that was there for fucking ever and then it took to build and repair is that right is that right thing as yourself so about 4 years ago like they were wrapping it up like her third trip to Austin we and we drove under that for the first I was amazed that I was going to but I was like I was like hey we left and we had 15 minutes to get to the airport so I should be there an hour early I got there 5 minute 7 points are boarding because talking 80000 people went to go see Taylor Swift's 80,000 people it like I have Burnie Shake It Off Taylor Swift like I was like holy shit it was just packed and then I heard that some guy like also decided to climb up on that huge overpass on 71 that goes to 35 years. anything like that I know it's a person in trouble but you know there's like five thousand people in traffic on talking jump rope and then we got off the freeway it's like they shut the freeway and it off and turn it back on as soon as we cleared and got off the freeway fully off they pull the codes off in every way just like my flight you're not a bad person I stop by your class once because I thought I saw like a suicide jumper we were like having class outside on top of the parking garage and it was just like sitting there like looking over the edge and like himself so I was like a teacher out there a little bit more about it and then like the rest of the class and I was just like watching it like the security guards came up and talked to him he was up there just writing poetry or some bullshit but it was like 30 minutes of watching it that's what our people think it's cuz I got up there and shot a bunch of people it's people jumped off of it off how many people jumped off the bunch it's actually a yearly thing that a kid at UT will commit suicide in - mostly around finals and it's got to the point where they're stressed they put dogs that are like one of those like a nice little dog you can put on there and then they also hang up posters like your grades are not what Blaine said is correct your grades are not you I failed many finals it's behind there successful gu and so we got all set up me and the boys this weekend actually said she's not going to do it but she played 7 till like 5 in the morning go today so she secretly civilization fan and I know she hardcore she didn't take him with us and she doesn't fuck around she doesn't think we're going to have a little talk about where the TV in her room and she just like what you said you going to bed to watch a show she just like to watch it she's watching fucking Charmed which by the way you have a sing Charmed it's a shitty fucking stupid fucking terrible she seems like she's like a normal person but you may actually I told you I spend time with a woman but then the old for Blaine but yeah go ahead keep to be like super hot Kore in something like oh I just stayed up till 6 a.m. so I can watch I can 92600 Franklin had a chance to play so I really haven't had a chance to play too much I've been out of town a lot but there is one game I can play with my wife so I've been trying to introduce Esther - virtual reality so we've been playing this weekend we played a ton of keep talking and nobody explodes hardest bomb defuser and I'm the manual guide you have good communication we have really good communication were really good with my kids perspective on it do not listen to them they don't listen to you they Panic don't panic and I'm like your mother it's like that this is the page and I Can Fly that's a really really fun game I think it's a good introduction for someone who may be having an early experience we are before I think it's good asymmetrical gameplay it's a good way to like separate you learned your profession on a screen like you could but it's a way to block off a person's vision and like you know make sure that they're not looking at the other stuff that was in my notes which part of the podcast I'll look into it or not I have been looking at Twitter but I will look at it right now and if there's anything that we tried to talk about and got off on a tangent and we've come back to it and we have to stop subjects to finish this is weird by next year maybe or next for Charlie Brown trees.. Platform is easily adaptable to whatever the future holds so you can adapt easily to accept everything from pounds to PayPal to that next big innovation from any device with just one integration and when that new payment method comes out I'll have to do is update a few lines of code no late nights no complicated recoating no stress about staying ahead of the curve Braintree payments is here to help learn more at Braintree payments.com / Richard Cheese that's Braintree payments.com / Stree keep thinking Braintree payments for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast I stayed in a weird area of La I've never stayed in before last week when I was there where everything was in Ontario telephone on out there but I was like close to beverlywood between Beverly Hills and Hollywood been through Hollywood ex West Hollywood X West Wood photo for places it was like Westlake it was a very it was like it was a heavy Jewish population there and I'd never seen a kosher Mexican restaurant before but our hotel was right down the street from what is it called mexikosher pork tamales number you should have it but one of the rules I understand in keeping kosher is that you can't eat meat with cheese you can't I thought I was just nitpicking mexikosher real Mexican kosher real good yes really I'm looking at their website kosher like a set of rules by which you prepare and consume food no you just think that's like the most bass line thing that you just said there's there's way more rules and just no pork Claymore I just said one asshole nobody if you can't you can't eat the milk of the animal with the meat of the animals so you can have chicken with cheese I assume or you can have beef with goat cheese but there's no way a cheeseburger that's right out not having it that's how it's right there bee Islamic person basically it's like a certain way that the animal has to be butchered yes and then the meals for parents I want to eat Indian food because I can't get Ashley a trip to India documentary which by the way I should point out in our previous discussion of miles I did not get full miles for because apparently they used my these two points from the company to buy my ticket was probably just apro on a card I just paid full fare for years but mind it's like they put me in these points for me and I lost like ten thousand miles is results and you never had I'm looking at their website Lincoln Police plane travel time and it comes to that I'm in and kosher keep just - Port I missed your text because you're not even there so I was right not kosher kosher but also the combination so it's something you in Israel was gone we can't eat those ostriches that we never see what is it like ball no idea it's all the what ostriches going to lose either Blue Ridge baking so it's more than that in the restaurant coming back I think they were just there were problems with that specific location to La I got in at like 9:45 and am I Am Pm and it's like a half an hour trip up from LAX to where we staying at in the standard picture that I didn't mean it I Didn't Do It The Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard it's like over-the-top ridiculous like hipster so much so that I'm checking in at the front desk and it's a dude in front of me on the other side of the counter normal so far right behind the dude at like I level in the wall behind him is like a glass aquarium a big one but there's no water in it it was an old dude in a gold suit laying down even like laid out there is there that's that's the other people have it but my night was an old dude to go to read a book what is a real person real person to walk up because I guess he was on break and then he gets like in and gets back on the Pokemon that picture in 2 seconds but the picture I sent you 2:20 7 Grand 7 Premier probably making some good I would like to think that that's like he doesn't know what he's doing and I want Indian food that you will never eat Indian food anymore because she got sick on the trip to India and our director Matt Haynes did as well Gavin I really can't overdo it and get sick but Ashley still there she still won't eat Indian food yes I did so good but I will say that American food is trash and I can get it I need to talk and get to know their what is 1015 I get to the hotel I look up the closest place at 10:30 right so I'm like I think you delivery but they close at 10:30 so what I'm going to do you don't want to come see what I can find out so any Kore where are you you guys San Antonio I order Domino's Pizza at 1:59 p.m. and then you like he was drunk coming back from the RTX think we should meet up then he gets back to you so tell and tells me he got a pizza at 1:59 on dominoes he ordered it and so I could never let such a dick move that pizza is at 40% spitting coffee they should be ready to go bye bye all you can you can no longer order Domino's in 5 minutes would be great I'm always super apologetic and restaurant in like 45 minutes from closing I promise I'm just going to blow this is me I'm so sorry that you are an asshole I got to give any props for that he did to those 20 bucks yeah I felt really bad for you I got a fence is really is a form of Stree and orange I like you come home charme and oranges good for and I like you come home drunk and you order a pizza and a two liter bottle of fanta Ru a fucking Juggalo what Ru doing that I was at this this this hotel in this part of Italy I never been in before and I was there with Jeff nobody here in this hotel room and the hotel had no ball so we got to come back to the hotel to drink at the front desk was walking out and as we walking to the cooler and and place I can help you look at the beer was it called when they sell beer in California grocery stores sell hard liquor walking back to the hotel it's at the front desk and ask her I can buy beer the streets about a mile-and-a-half that way mile and a half and I'm not really like what it was they're just like the convenience store I can walk to it is like a six-pack oh yeah there's a 7-Eleven a mile down the street in that direction so are you telling me there's no closer place to buy beer here like to I like totally walked into that 7 11 I will look to me burn this two things I will always I would like to get with you Bruins area talking about it's also a small can of Pringles that sucker is gone in a second so much money right and it's right there like $3 for that was v g was already too stupid expense it is $16 not including tax inversion the world in Vegas things to Sears with your face weird and lost money again how much did he lost two hundred bucks will who runs live action he he went out for some of us it was a production DeLay So then he was out in LA and Las Vegas they have the production delay had to come back to Austin and then go back to Vegas for the same thing but Alan just stayed in Vegas sing with Premier customer service I was leaving today - it and then they found out there the next morning he was like how much is it to change your flight the day of nobody out there he lost two hundred bucks on the trip we went out then he came back in he was miserable about that I guess then we went back out he won 400 so you guys up there was because he was with me and also money every time I went to Vegas 101 at 200 then I was never going to do what you want so lucky to get us a couple hundred shots everyone ever so it's like yeah sure let's do it I got a few if you want it at $200 like walking up and then we'll was like oh man what are we doing next on red I put my 201 again or 400 cool today and you still have never lost you've never lost 100% success rate on roulette I had something but it wasn't just in my head I was like right now in my head sounds like a nice weekend we're half drank bottle of water blue plastic where you found it if I pull into the sky now I get panels at the Directors Guild of America like Flipagram and I like took it and I threw it across the room it lands on the table and sticks The Landing I get I get perfect I never even tried it before I've never done it before and I'm a hundred percent Lifetime on bottle I never going to do it again I'm a hundred percent lifetime what if you don't want the other thing that I would like to know press the button that's the thing don't know me not her Ed I just you know what is the field goal kicking babies fucking it was flat like a duck with spitting like a flat spin I mean like 135 years ago I never do keep going just to see what it's like listen that's all and ordered something that wasn't big mechanic thing is I'm really craving other things on McDonald's menu Gavin has never eaten anything but a Big Mac when it was going to order anything it was good we had something I had to look at someone else's house before I got I guess my parents will be happy meal in the past and I've never had a Big Mac ever my whole life that's Lucy one just like that I can ask him but you can skip in line up a Whopper great everyone wants to know I value your in ru the door in the summer sing your checking account before he actually every week on Sunday he eats a full large pizza from Homeslice much additional Sunday and got a large pizza from 33313 Faygo Root Beer Faygo Root Beer okay. I actually have a Faygo Root Beer if you going to be up there with Faygo is the square square root keep asking on Twitter what you find out about tomorrow they're dying and I need to go back and talk about it and you never get back that shit I have one really long Toblerone you're pretty close actually leaving not going I'm going to give you a further hit airport tobleron I know what you're saying the duty-free work tomorrow so the Toblerone that you see in the airport that this week to let you know that one g what is Princess the soup all the ones that like tobleron and on okay so that that you have a apro have it take a Gandalf stick why'd you bring it up then that's why I miss blue medium okay it's bigger than like every other candy bar on the fucking planet this massive meteor Toblerone what do I say about it it's not a big deal it's not what the fuck is this that's a bitch that's normal phlebotomy talking horrible you can get a big one that's why I'm telling you keep me alive nobody got that I just got a load of that might be fun I feel like a chunk of floating - Bee Cave Barts have the gap in a massive tobleron and then want a photo but you should talk more what is more to the left and if that's correct that's true that just makes sense that there's less of a big one is more value have it right right wait what did I just started arguing against yourself so if I have iPhone a dozen donuts and one. Fucking donut does the whole middle of all the little donut add up to the same volume as the hole in the middle the big donut hole in the middle of a big dinner in that way it's a standard Gap in there you have it up so if you're feeling up to space with tobleron then you're making like essentially the same volume of Toblerone air to Chocolate ratio I just took the only difference is the difference in the packaging that ends up inside I look forward to the weekly questions answered from the podcast he cannot wait for someone else to do the research and do the math July 1st learned you can buy as well get a little longer for their own I can buy the questions on the table as to whether that huge one is actually real thing or not yes or today have you seen them and tell them no I I feel like they would have to have a specialty machine to make that big of Toblerone I mean there's lots that's what the airport that's not real giant one was the second favor but no it what is this Photoshop that can't be right order me massive tobleron in the town I grew up the two things that I like about you did you think it only one in production how many weeks to consume 80 centimeters what 7 inches in centimeters is 31 inches is 838 and 7 want to buy this. Oh my God you're my hero you're really how much is $110 you just like pictures of good I don't want to fuck a duck that's true things and one of them told her one of them was still there you were because that's smaller than the other on it cigar it's his idea gets stuck in you little toffee bits root out of this order placed and hazelnut. We'll talk later alright we should we should wrap this up a couple things in order here again in my life but I don't hear it I would say there's weather I think I said this before but it always say it every fucking time you to play me like Hey we're going to be a little bit late coming into Austin could because there's some weather in the area I think there's a weather all the time like whether the weather is like it's like it's like bad weather is good weather or just clear weather but it just said there's weather just drives me but has a different in this traffic traffic is always road traffic know what traffic is I think there's always traffic not at night no traffic no weather outside is weather on the road traffic going to Taylor Swift because they cleared out for the fucking blue traffic before it the weather of note what I'm not laughing at you okay I'm watching this podcast Stone in all this tobleron talking the little ones that packet where has all the white chocolate in the duck Pokemon with the ones you like to come to your way of thinking that our chocolate is like Mom and Burnie nobody because chocolate melts so they have to put like vomit and a wax into the mix today and it taste like that to preserve it at least helps because chocolate is melted in this temperature is right but a chemical is found in vomit into chocolate in the United States that is totally true I'm just referring about I'm referring to Hershey's Hershey's milk chocolate kisses taste like talking Hershey's special dark that's really good to her she's not she's anything in Hershey's cookies and glycerol Holy Cannoli 8th on the most part use to replace cocoa butter is made from Castor beans vomit beans Castor beans I don't want to read anymore I don't want to read the people say there's faith in humanity is restored I'm getting sick of that statement when I say that you haven't lost me like not some stupid like somebody like rescued a puppy North adopted up on some bee adopted a puppy that was like at the at the pound with all my faith in humanity is restored to say that was the best day ever you really think everything that's like whatever took away your faith in humanity the Holocaust the Syrian refugee crisis I call that guy gave the other guy shirt it's like that's that's what it took to get your faith in humanity back then go out and do a good deed is like you know the good guy last night last night I don't - San I don't like when people say that you can get somebody won something you can't win it always comes up at Halloween like so-and-so won Halloween this is keep one Halloween whatever just something about that fucking Drivin the guy who started the show where every week someone with science guest room sheets yeah you don't think anyone has a question for the questions at the end when you what is between the recorded time and today which day was the best Global as a whole for the only time in Iraq that - reddi the basket so it's a global World we're going to let you know that they can stay tuned for the heart podcast on the attack and they can check it out there but start screaming right after we're done here at home and sing Street