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Rooster Teeth returns after missing a week

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Recorded: 2009-05-08 18:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey






Transcript (in progress):

okay recording hello everyone this is Burnie Burns hey I am Geoff Fran├žais custom sound of that might be moving this Geoff who had probably about 45 minutes to move your microphone actually doing great super energetic now Lazy Afternoon the first thing we should probably address why there wasn't a podcast last week we decided we're going to make a video podcast of us trying to play co-op block without the name of the game right I've never had it before then saucer spaceship and her popcorn you heard and cows and all that and how did it go it was miserable it was terrible captain apart from you there let's take a lousy game and put them controller and went to him try to play the game really didn't come out airplane it wasn't worth 38 minutes to wrap around it basically the game boils down to here's a cute game with horrible controls and it's almost like you had to like charged magnet to push one magnet around the table with everyone and that's it for the other magnet incontables and you think we have better control than you think to be pretty damn good at pushing all of our sheep into the ocean which is exactly where the wall 2000 water that would really change the game screaming as if the water heater like a manageable 20 minutes didn't but it would be great for your right slot machine mystery got to be fantastic but your puppy keep talking to each other hit the water so enough of last week's podcast how about this week why did the first thing that affected all of us that we could talk about is that we all got to go see the world IMAX premiere of Star Trek Monday night which was really really cool with the world now we can get that thing and I know that was oh yeah we have the Hollywood and they do a lot of really cool secret stuff and so they decided and by they I guess I mean JJ Abrams and journeyman Damon Lindelof decided to secretly show Star Trek like the world secret Premiere after the showing of Wrath of Khan they put on even through the guy showed up 15 minutes the actual the new Star Trek movies like while we were here working on some bullshit video fantastic awesome Mini Cooper in Austin as well and so I don't think I need to go see a movie in the last probably year-and-a-half because of Harry and the guys really cool and like that with you also we play poker with him and Roses tickets so I can take those guys it was awesome yeah I'm going to be a bit bold here and say that I liked it more than dark night I don't know if everyone else very different kind of fun and Goofy Canon you know if you love that you love them for two and a half hours Acacia read about it but the casting was tremendous by Karl Urban who played McCoy what's check out yeah yeah moment in the movie which there's a lot overall it was a good movie and I hope to make a billion dollars there's also a cool thing if you got an iPhone flash when the moderators are site he's also the guy who gets a ton of free movie tickets he told me about these prequel comic that they have where you can buy them it's a four-part comic series for like 2 bucks each I think it over price because by the time you're done at 8 bucks for basically about what the movie ticket probably not as high as the movie but I don't because if there's one thing that I would never criticize Star Trek 4 sets of the few more stuff would be the villain I wasn't too into the villain and I don't think the comic make the villain even a little bit it makes it confusing on top of everything else so you know messing with his motivation was the weakest part of the film I mean like I said you either going to accept it so I'll just say that I hate to give away that they get the Crystal Skull Indiana Jones but that's what it was Harrison Ford was rude to him in a restaurant once when he was out in LA I don't have any story how do you think is Joel was secretly dating Calista Flockhart and then an Indian Indians in his ear anime like how much 87 that's realistic because the last Star Wars movie Star Trek movie only made 40 million dollar bullshit I mean you know if it does by the way the last Star Wars movie was released did you still have the first 3 episodes of the million dollar Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon Network blue way home or if you know the video game talking about yeah yeah, they just like a little girl character in there which is Anakin's apprentice and it's just so hard they don't use it takes like Darth Maul kill them almost right away you know they give Boba Fett a horrible death which I read so he's been you know should we spoil things in Star Trek well there's another video which is great Joel did a great job in that yeah that is true selling Cameo by me in it as well and I very nice in the background of the even more on the side Matt Steinmetz delivery was a lot like Michael Cera from Superbad Michael Cera instantly register what it is we've an electrician Captain incredible with Annie from the cafeteria register domain Geoff Star Trek spoilers like Matt had made this site and just put up a bunch of spoilers for Star Trek it was a big debate whether or not to do that and I was like I said absolutely not yesterday and kisses forever malecon presidential election 3010 Wheatridge to these domains I have patience for salad primary DNS and I have to ask Jason to kill snow Street Smithfield jw.com this week always looking at boots you don't Joel building Trinity Sailor Moon. Gus Gus diary.com alright so let's talk about the world of video game system that allows people to create account on our site with some information pre-populated so like let's say you have a Facebook account I'm not sure where one of the Facebook I have a Facebook account to sign up with your Facebook and your real name as a username but you can change the Facebook Facebook account it's like a unified authentication system that all these sites and it's something everyone kind of wants which is like a unified Global ID that I can use to log into anything so you don't have to constantly make account on stuff it makes sense that people like me an email address I don't know what is the number one complaint against that you've heard and what people could use it to me we put it up as signing a receipt with the receipt ID sign up for a restricted ID or sign in using one of your other accounts and the reason why Facebook and Myspace are listed under cuz those are currently the big players if this thing can come around 5 years ago it would've been like Geo cities in Yahoo and all that stuff right so we would have taken that we put up a sign up with one of those accounts are signing up over the wording was a little confusing and I think we went through and try to adjust it normally what we do with any of these features now is that we put him out the sponsors first right and we test them for a week workout the little cake and then roll them out to the entire site obviously if we have a sign in thing we can't I get sponsors to sponsor this is kind of out there are problems with it and then make some changes really quickly open Google Windows Live ID Facebook Yahoo open ID Myspace Flickr WordPress blog right because it's just clear that this is in the ghetto Bebop. Board comes out and everybody's on board for now you'll have your own ID and it'll be important it's a future-proofing thing you know it just makes sense for us to use it because in the future a lot more people to have open ID account good open standard it's what you want the internet to beat you know you don't want the internet to be these five sites like Facebook or Myspace or whatever is coming out just makes your life a little bit easier for the other day that I wish you'd open ID is Xbox Live everytime I go to as long as you know you can change everything else Windows Live ID was one of them probably way to do that is like 60 I can change it I guess like that this is normally the one thing in my life that Gus is envious of the fact that I was in the Xbox Live beta group been able to get it is actually on the live lunchtime anyway so that's why that's why we if you're an existing member brush your teeth you can buy any of your other accounts not into your checking account is in the profile section except for log into your Facebook to your receipt they will put updates on one I certainly do it's just a way to log in and that's all it is so if you have anything coming to the site in the future and allow them to easily login like that that you say what how long could it possibly take the time for the couch it doesn't matter the fact that it takes time keeps people from doing it Humanity cannot move forward as a species we have an idea Star Trek spoiler free keep it moving you mentioned Battlefield Heroes first of all I was little Isabelle Albuquerque two windows machines left in the a it's a free game so you can complain it looked like Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 1942 murder someone in the face but I gotta say I was not overly impressed by it I also didn't see anyone in the vehicle didn't have any vehicle Battlefield as they were the first people to get the tank in the plane do whatever you want you think controls are kind of weird and I said nevermind it wouldn't go out there if it's something that you're not you know I'm just feel that URL you don't you move also weird it's weird how you let you go to a website hit play now there's no actual client you lunch on your desktop and we just saw somebody's Twitter are you can do it yes I think Elizabeth the 1 yeah I can always hear about how to play in the tournament it's a good time it's whatever you post a tech question like hey I'm considering me to 3030, sorry so we talked about about to begin a quick moment of silence to 3D Realms close what I'm most concerned about is what is wire going to name is vapor Gus it mean to receive from Silent 0 0 / 0 by that I mean you know to me serious Sam is now a better version of Duke Nukem Duke Nukem ever. Ever had like two sequels and God I forgot about that announced and has been in development it's crazy the amount of stuff that come out today all the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy everything is come out while you can for ever Prince Baby Harry Potter and the Deathly don't wear any so maybe even trying to be in the Army Jesus are you enjoying playing Wolverine are we allowed to talk about Wolverine simulator podcast the gameplay is a lot of fun I was even described like that it's like two things put together but I want to mention that to him included commercial rent came out okay but I didn't see the movie I'd like to wasn't planning on it registering on like that swine flu paranoia 11 for me like with a bunch of random people I just want to do it to answer your question Joel it's fun I guess it's a decent game but it is the most oddly paced game over play it like at the five chapter Game chapter 1 and 2 were decent chapter 3 was as long as wanting to put together and it did this thing it's like God of War on their play God of War so I'm not sure but I got to the end of chapter 3 and I had a huge boss battle I thought it was really cool and I was the boss for chapter 3 then I immediately had a boss battle rifle thing to do boss battles back to back then chapter 4 started with the boss battle against damn it I had 3 bottles in a row which is just really exhausted it is all the people in the movie and play the game everyone says they like the game more than it was like in the movie and now like the hero is is putting on punishing people and destroying people and weight of the villain would never do that you know folklore in the Middle Ages like oh there's a beast that live that is brutal I had a sequence the other day where I would jump on a helicopter punch to the window pulled it out of the helicopter and they killed him I thought you just throw them off he he has to understand who's boss that's the first time a video game kind of a movie is better than the movie no not for that game but I think I've been to podcast was that I was wondering why Pixar does not make a gaming division they make such great movies and all the Pixar games suck and got you pointed out very accurately depicts it doesn't make the games but why not I mean they got the same that does all that stuff they have environment designers you know that have modelers textures everything you need they just don't have game play for game design people but it's like they could easily do that you don't work together to make Pixar would make awesome games absolutely I like cars with Geoff Wright is it bad video game cars as atrocious and then read it to me was horrible attitude might be one of the worst 360 games today to worst Pixar movies ever then it's like we're not put any more effort into anything around that one successful Drake yeah so what about that year can you do me a favor you're confusing the shit out of me your wife and you on the site are confused the fuck out of me because you guys change avatars about once every other day and you guys constantly use avatars of each other and pictures of each other as your avatar I never know All Things Different are consistent in that you always use pictures of yourself but use pictures of crazy that's true so cut it out we'll have a real name it right next to it Burnie that way when he talks to me from like 9 years ago mr. T Avatar was probably afraid it was pretty Avatar dresses mr. forever I had that and the longest time I thought you were Gary Coleman a drawing that was of me but I'll go back to my other Avatar witches that leave the K-12 white with black just because you have a standard and stick with it which is to post a random other person's face as your avatar take someone else's app you are your avatar which building are you just like When Christmas comes in a person doesn't present a container but you can make a different account if you want to have one main account on the site and a site account you know if you're going to end up getting your tire IP banned you know if you find out that you have duplicate anywhere to go through in like investigating figure out why Gus to show me the greatest image of Gary Coleman are you talking about open Google Play Music but I guess since you so short you like right at boob level and then put in his face nice he looks very happy in the photo the top of the things drive me crazy this fucking drive me crazy I had to go out last night one of my one of my kids had a sore throat so I had to go and pick up some antibiotics at the pharmacy why would people go to the drive-thru pharmacy which is like the greatest invention in the history of the world's people are sick to get out of the car they just get their prescriptions filled at the pharmacy when you drive up to the drive-thru pharmacy in your hand over your prescription and they say this is going to take 30 minutes to fill the correct answer is never okay I'll wait right here in the driveway sit there for 30 minutes in your car and not drive around the building once or anything like that tell him to move right pull up front will bring it out to the line you just go pick it up in 2 minutes between two cars in there sometimes for 30 minutes waiting for them 33 minutes ago I was driving to my house yesterday that's awesome dude you know people talk about how people can park in front of that either I don't want you guys everyone everyone Burnie mama no problem for the whole trailer without a permanent dent in one of the desks that has adopted a policy that now he just says that's weird flight into everything from a car that's weird the great strategy round trip over a hundred bucks each way that's nothing man yeah I was good I was looking to go in Amsterdam for 9 days and hotel and airfare included it was give me $2,400 which is unheard of so I don't actually do it but definitely get some travel if you want to come out for anybody who's traveling to travel don't be a fucking idiot in the security line Farm on seriously it's like I just really you know and they're like you know you don't know you don't know anything in the car yeah I think it's unavailable get a frequent flyer number to be stupid July 23rd it's basically everything pretty much sold out right now but there's nothing to Sunday there still tickets Can an LLC be a pass this year that's in Seattle if you can travel we can do some of the East Coast we should give it up to Toronto LGBT 43620 I'm sure if you wanted this podcast she probably was probably absolutely that doesn't other words Fade Out