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Rooster Teeth wants its two front teeth for Christmas

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Recorded: 2009-12-17 01:11:36

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

go with the theme song gather round and let me tell you the story of Lost drunk Penny Dreadful tweet that was great yes it is at which point we should the date you have a say that happen how did that happen 2 years gone by so slow and dragging I didn't care for you I like it a lot this year in my sort of play but you like it started out really really shitty and got really good towards the end like that that's my life for the welcome our special guest Jack pattillo later this week and so we figured out that the podcast and the guy that runs the podcast did you leave instructions already been charged or no just showed up and were like so I Burnie you took the bull by the horns and took charge and I guess I did print trailer Monday for Joel what do you think it's like to be with Gus and Joel on a plane together very quietly and comfortable quiet if you were for sure maybe 5 or 6 words that the entire time I've been home and just communicate in the from Chicago with those guys there in first class and I was back and Coach with the refuse and everybody and that's a whole different issue old-time what was it like to fly with joy and go there and I was back in the in the back on myself so I don't know I'm assuming there was no no stewardess is going crazy and asking me I was dreaming and orange juice or anything like that but you know what I'm talking about American Airlines flight attendants In First Class recently in consumerist and anyway so this guy went to the captain and got him to sign a form saying you were threatening one of my flight attendants and actions may be taken and meanwhile everyone in first class with the guy I spoke on his behalf and then it's a huge debacle and now Delta has come out and said anyone who was on that flight we will automatically give you gold status on their crime just to get you away from American and said we'll give you gold status S&R Airlines 4 year I don't know I'm not sure exactly consumer is the whole stories out there like the response was like to read that story on consumerism and email them today if any of those people to contact you about this flight get ahold of us will take care of them while I was on that flight from Sacramento to kick in the ass is that Delta says ok we'll give anyone 10000 people say I was on the flight and adult American get the Manifest true vs like that lady from the show some sort of record out soon I was on the flight maybe we can think about this trailer Kick the Buddy what is it look like pure form stalker what does it look like okay yeah that's right he like that the back of the package what does it say on the back of the package is that like a description okay what else is there Eva is that from is that look like yeah just go ahead and say that one's good too the Grinch what does that look like yeah I think all those are great how do you like no no no no video yeah it does all sound good well I hope your son doesn't listen to the podcast Halo figures for my son because JD has my kid has discovered that if he goes on eBay and can look up Lego he can find guys that have made custom Lego sets with her own photo cop instructions and force a warthog or a Scarab tank it's like $800 and he doesn't have his list of what you want just a list of things that are ridiculously expensive Clone Wars troop transport custom made you live in a very different world Faberge egg white on spaceship 1 made by Jack the whole idea was I made it I was working for a video game publisher and we heard the Lego Batman license may be up for grabs so we we pitch Traveller's Tales right those guys make the Lego games we put them on publishing Lego Batman game so my boss at the time asked me to make he said make something cool out of Legos and being a huge geek that I am I love Legos and so I found a custom program online we can actually like youth program from Legos and you can actually design out like a whole like whatever you want and then I'll tell you exactly what you need in this program and there are web sites you can go to individual pieces of Legos and so I bought enough to make the thing and then made it for my kids set designer himself so he does what's a Lego world right out in California the best part of that was the shop where they show the guys working building everything that was going to be in Legoland but I thought your Las Vegas trip which I thought was pretty cool that's pretty cool ass Vegas trip wasn't held there but the overall tone reminds me of it did anybody see the VGA is the spike Video Game Awards I just got it is wrong if you want to call the VGA Awards but what if UGA is this the VGA to the ATM machine and then go see the VGA Awards game of the year in a nutshell to me the vgas feel like a marketing flood Fest I don't understand correctly but it is non-stop promotion and that's why I'm not surprised that a game that came out in the last month beginning of the year it seems a very very in the moment sure what for me the VGA is like that they try to push the whole idea of video games as this you know it's it's a new it's a natural thing now video games are turning and then two years ago the vgas which is the Premier award show for video games the winners were painted on naked women like that like the names of the games were painted on naked women and that was like their ballot that they open up and announce the winner and it's like what is this how does this help out video gaming culture in general came up and I was out interrupted mother fucker fucking but I mean like the really the sort of dirty Kanye West Jack & Jack accepting form Bioshock wish granted I would have interrupted and said what what are the no no I wasn't thinking it didn't it didn't do it before 2008 what how about that trailer is pretty cool it was awesome did anyone else pick up on the welcome to the group number sticks or something like that there's a couple things in there was a hint of six player I'm assuming Coop and if that's true I am very very happy do you think people on a regular basis fucking retarded from ass true I mean I figured if we want to do is sit down and do a run-through of the entire game that first like out 2 months of the game being out you can pull it together pretty easily like it but I like this point how difficult is it to get a left4dead2 play through the game but right now somebody in this room left4dead2 next week because he was watching Gossip Girl sorry it was even him you could even admitted himself Geoff the wife comes back to me said sorry Geoff can't play Left 4 Dead with you he's too busy watching Gossip Girl youth it's a great show I just got into it it's fantastically right yeah I will tell you this though you made the right decision where do you where do you where does the blood the blood flaming Japan Burnie entry bench and you're right we have this guy that we play games with whatever we want to win and his name is Andrew Panton and you probably heard about his name mentioned in Geoff in Jack 700 videos anything with the championship every time you never once we got there and we play with him and left4dead2 we were on that for now I think an hour maybe an hour and 15 minutes and it was like we just gave it up hard enough or just never stops on the board and it can't be done achievement of beating all the Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns on expert that's one of my proudest achievements blood Harvest on Expert was fucking through to have them in the closet until they fixed it we got into that though it was fixed by the time I got left that you're losing a lot of left4dead2 DLC announcement yesterday was pretty crazy what do you think about that we'll talk about it so it was announced yesterday that the first DLC for left4dead2 will be coming out sometime early next year what are you going to be very crowded DLC space next year next spring and that it will be it will not be tonight it will unite the Left 4 Dead 1 characters with the left4dead2 characters in some interesting playable way so will take place after like I don't know like somewhere I'm not sure where it takes place in the storyline so we'll be left 8 dead how would you let me ask you questions just an idea for an MMO game okay how would you like an MMO game is totally player vs the environment but it's a zombie apocalypse and your in a compound and you just have to work with a group of other people to maintain the compound for in real time like it's constantly being attacked and you have to get resources and leave every now and then to go get stuff in this return to the compound I love it I think of the out to help me with that it will be like how many people can you have in that theoretically series of compounds are in the world right and in a compound look like 7 other people maybe at some point and then they have 2 new characters and maybe then you could get to a different compound and try to join forces with other people but you have the hazards of trying to get from point A to point B to the zombie world but the only reason I stay play your part of it but more for the persistent World part of it done and there's no persistent World small games like why can't you have a 6 player persistent-world game and you just go as long as you can and people can leave for 12 hours at a time and drop back and it will be a check on things I guess some of those FarmVille on Facebook if I don't know anything about Farmville more people play that game then use Twitter status Facebook sold out those forms and tons of people play like bogie and all of those that have more users than 3/280 Grand a month and they're approaching profitability for being a 3 in them Red vs Blue he went off to go make one of those Mafia games where you you know gather resources to know and then you can spend money in real-world dollars to get things in the game and build up your army and your mom and this is everything wiped every like 6 months was that saying yeah yeah yeah he was going to work on that how does microtransaction games and do really well in every one of those there's a hundred that never did write probably anything before we get too far away from it as well just released a new update anyone cares about this in here but I guess I'll step into the role there's actually a new Quest helper like it died so if you have your quest log you pop it up and you're in like it'll show you the map is for the area you need to be at so like you're always there so I can show you where stuff located but now it's part of the game is actually like a little bit baby hope that you would do that stuff in game where you talk to other people and find out and then be able to databases like once it's own light headed and that's what I use and look up whatever you want that's what they were in Endless commercial for a video game but that's all they are to me it's like we now have 3 points in the year where game companies release trailer if you 3 packs and the vgas 2 big game yesterday I had no idea were even coming out he didn't even come close to Force Unleashed 2 True Crime 3 watching clips of it on this is all I need that's awesome yeah I'm watching that show is getting better and better every single episode that I watch it with my dad actually I'm laughing at everything that's coming on the screen and he kind of gets every fifth joke it's very very fast paced by in very pop culture reference so I don't know the shit out of it and then next week we'll come back with who we think should win best TV shows 2013 Rock Community the office is on there Mad Men the incomparable is the office Office South Park really good the companies in the wedding come on just come in the last 2 months lot easier to keep track of all right and then what about we're like Dexter any of you guys watch Dexter the finale just happened apparently it and everyone's going batshit over it heard anything about the show wasn't that should be nominated for the drunk Tank TV show of the year you can go to Russia. Com / drunk tank and submit a nomination now who's going to run the form alright so we're going to be a game of the video games and DLC video game 3 arcade retail Assassin's Creed 2 true legend true legend what's on my desk right now what would have been playing Put the door on the hero probably would not go on those great game it's a great game but not Game of the Year earlier in the year that Batman I didn't Brutal Legend Batman get through Uncharted 2 out there a Little Big Planet maybe they're still pushing Little Big Planet on Sony ass include with it I just got the DLC it is a lot of that but the cost seems like that DLC levels in there but the game itself is not those tools to make your own levels but the actual game is for 2 years straight and they would say yes to that but I play the game in Play rules with threes by individual levels inside those levels whatever hell you are calling someone I know what the fuck are sublevels Super Mario Mario game Mario Brothers for the Wii 4 player Wii game okay it's fucking sold out sold out sold out it's impossible for me okay that is at the end of stuff because you cannot tell me that they cannot produce enough to get stuff on the shelves it's sold we saw the NPD numbers it's sold 1/4 of 1.39 million cop how many 6 million it's not sold out anywhere you can every store in America right now manufacturing this demand where you going and you find the sum of sold but for this no fucking way that's the easiest thing in the world to do is mass-produced it's what we can even out in Japan before I came here I don't know how can you order produce 2 game consoles on the market than any other console and if they didn't they didn't make a million copies and it's not because they get 50 copies every Tuesday and every store and their meat Lee out the shelves they get 3 or 4 in in those three or four sold yet there is no it's really something I don't think I can do it when did they can end up with this going to show it at the level that they are producing at their manufacturing disclose this for almost free to make you gotta figure in their panties to make it this punishment Nintendo people who love the weeds only that the games that come up at once you are with out as I go first day there's no how many consoles in the market 25 million 25 million consoles on the market the print more than two million of your own fucking game it's going to Giant Bridget 32 million tattoo printed half a million ODST discs for day without form post orders or something fart your friend annoying thing about it too is that that's a kid's console and that's a kids game kids are going to want to play that game so they're actively creating some kind of situation where they're disappointed the Christmas The Grinch 10 best-selling games of the year I wish I had in front of me I don't but only 2 games work on Modern Warfare and the other is probably come out here or whatever Twisted Super Mario don't know in this case I don't you may not have this may have been the first Global launch and it's frustrating it just shows a lack of their understanding of what the American Consumer experience is like I played that game at a friend's party to about a week ago and it was so much fun I thought maybe I'll go buy a Wii so I can play this game and I want the Best Buy the other day I was picking up another game I don't know what it was at 7 or maybe and I thought I was going to the game and give a Nintendo $300 of my money but instead I never knew it because it was over I don't want the game badly enough now and I'm mad at them you still have to get it here yeah yeah you can Mario dude you're going to buy it anyway no it's Mario you going to buy it it's not sure if you're going to buy it it's Grand Theft Auto but there are certain titles that you know are going to sell its got a girl you going to buy it I'm going to buy it give me an average episode of what Felicity or doctors are there for Dawson's Creek High School College age teens living in the city like Jersey Shore I would hate basically I have a question when you watch an episode of Gossip Girl what the fuck is wrong with you I like to question I thought I could say I appreciate good that's what I know how do you watch it Netflix sold one season one right behind the movie Cloverfield Cloverfield Cloverfield was the main character in that movie where the the snobby Super Rich Elite people from New York City these young yepiz in New York City the only people I like them out whole movie was the guy operating the camera and then the movie is boring there's no monster that was funny I don't know I got people in the movie that like it like it cop and his son like I would rather see that guy's story then these this is about to move the Hong Kong you know like everybody in every compelling character in every movie or TV show that you watch has to be like poor or middle-class you can't they're Camino Camino Divergent if you want to relate to because you want someone you can like feel form everybody has to be like mid twenties guy goes off at the start smoking and drinking whiskey and then they hit on the secretary let me sell Maytag washers and it's somebody Force 2 dozen compelling Maria Hendricks Hendricks is in it and I was off the show she went away for little bit then came back I don't think no I don't watch it and I'm sure 2 I know that I heard from The Sopranos and that it's very well produced and I hear nothing but great things about it misogynist taken does the guy who watches Gossip Girl wow dude you know what do you want out of the game as a topless chick my wife she pop to my name this morning for the first time ever Assassin's Creed 2 ODST what does pressure washer 2008 vs Legend Batman Arkham Asylum Uncharted 2 and he scratched out the protest Super Mario Brothers Wii so I'm relieved that I know there was other stuff that I can't think of it there's a lot of work games like Godfather 2 in Saboteur out Dragon Age the fade Dragon Age out there people really dig Locker who does Ken 30 roxby Office South Park Mad Men Gossip Girl lost lost lost lost and Dexter okay I'll take out all actually lady not enough Burnie I would hold you cover the office for me what came out most recently granted a lot of cool games come out the in the year but it definitely seemed like the tie between advertising and recognition or hand-in-hand because everything was a promo even Zachary Quinto came out and they said I'm coming Force than I thought it would take this time I'm going to be the voice of the new Star Trek online game which launches in the first quarter of 2000 and 10 hope to see you on there it's like I could imagine something came up during a regular Awards and the Oscars or the Emmys and did something like that they do that all the time you know we came out there would you like to see someone like Penny Arcade do a legit Video Game Awards show are there but they're not really open to the public what's like to play video games say the penny arcade Charity Dinner is probably one of the most quote-unquote classy events right now 4 Childs way which is a charity they started where they donate video games and handheld video games to Children's Hospital of the world to the kids you know I'm going over these lengthy boring awful procedures they at least have something fun to do while they're there awesome ideas for the perfect I just watched the second episode of the penny arcade series the reality show they're doing is not reality thanks for Penny Arcade on the whiteboard in the channel to the guy who runs Penny Arcade Incorporated is the head-to-head ping pong Iowa's next video game 45678 to get eliminated video game series I'd like to Mario 3 limited them cuz they're not available next-gen systems is the Wii still standard if not I'll just take him to the professional hurt in Dragon Age yeah I'll probably take Dragon Age out that was really 60 Fallout 3 come out animation from the movie what you're going to receive.com / semicircular drunk before we do the movie thing what are you talking about crap so just on the 24 hour movie festival actually it was 26 and a half hour movie Festival this year sitting in one theater The Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar location watching some of the best movies that will come out next year I have been to one of the 365 Black Snake Moan difficult watch watch watch watch her food but you just kind of like to lose it I thought that's also a pacing issue too because if you if you hit a movie you don't like you then have to sit through it and it kind of in the rest of the time you're in there actually yeah the night the next it was pretty rough as brutal the best movie they show that year was Sweeney Todd a week before it came out Dreamgirls I think it was Charlie Wilson's War Dogs good movie it starts at noon and we have seen all of those 20 titles and Caicos nununu Out start doing on Saturday goes till noon on Sunday and this year so we saw 6 premieres and 6 vintage films and then we actually have one quote on quote presentation we got to see the Iron Man 2 trailer awesome really Force the end of the trailer is War Machine in Iron Man back-to-back just stopping ass it's as bad as we thought kick ass movie layer cake Stardust the book Shutter Island movie we thought in an indie horror film by the guy who did Hatchet called Frozen with Shawn Ashmore in its who was in The Iceman in the X-Men movies and it's it's the Farmville horror movies like I know it's a smaller budget movie French movie called mi'kmaq so much to say that was a fun movie but if you were to ask me what was by far the winner of this year it was actually the first to complete the movie finish the book in the movie pretty much the same time Gage trust me okay I want to say anything about it Avatar real quick thumbs-up thumbs-down on which one I would say 3 quarters but it's okay I don't know if it lives up to the hype for me for me the problem the problem for me was I kick ass for Avatar and kick ass was a perfect movie for the time the audience everything about that movie was perfect because he had music from Superman mixed in with it music from Batman with that will not make the final film the bullet then Shutter Island then it's a tie for third between Lovely Bones and Avatar and if you really push me out the avatars the fourth-best okay which is kind of surprising considering the amount of the above there was going to have it or I thought Lovely Bones in a very Pro Peter Jackson environment that's true Ain't It Cool News and it's in celebration of his birthday I will say Mark Wahlberg in The Lovely Bones after seeing his bits from the happening and I'm seeing in this so much better that's good he's real crime movies Shaw Brothers horror movie called Centipede centipede Terror would show the show Brothers with a lot of martial arts movies and like this is probably early seventies and it was really really twisted messed up DLC sold candy snatchers was in which is the movie about a group of people kidnapping a young girl that was kind of painful and test your endurance and I failed last year could you do that one cat French documentary about slavery in America and I'd like that was horrible you want to see yourself in the future you would have done it yourself you know people like to save everything alright so what do you got Geoff as much this year you know this was a great year for movies Star Trek I went through our trailer and it was hard to find me big ones like GI Joe and Transformers but they struggling with things that you would like to go back and watch her award and anyway I couldn't possibly entry would be 500 Days of Summer I love that movie girlfriend experience yes I like that for the independently Hurt Locker which was incredible disarms bombs defying on the side of the road taken came out in the US should taken as a fantastic movie I never saw that hurt that's that's that's my that's my pic from yesterday can you look it up on the interwebs I'm looking it up right now daichi with the Golden Globes nominated I just out there trailer category on your trailer trailer of the movie trailer trailer revolt it's a bit sad book teen book I read it years ago it'll be a good movie it's a funny story and then gentlemen Broncos trailer of movie it is nothing but just full of really twisted weird characters and with a loose plot connecting them all what is it what is it Flight of the Conchords Jemaine from in tight jeans wear Bluetooth headset it's pretty funny that was a good movie on DVD 2 come out on DVD and people like that what's up with fingers taken Hurt Locker I'm with you every movie that came out this year and when I got taken out did you miss about Liam Neeson's daughter is captured in Paris is kidnapped in Paris and he's in the US and he's like an ex-cia special ops guy yeah I'm older and he knows he has a gut feeling that something is wrong internally like his career killed his marriage and he's trying he's retired to try to reconnect with his daughter and like as soon as he does that she could in the world could you find them in a huge place and can contest last weekend or two weekends ago the red balloon contest so are the guys who created the internet right there and this thing where they put up 10 Red Balloons weather balloon size balloons all over the country or the lower 48 states and it basically said the first group that can come to us with the location of all 10 balloons with and I don't know if there's a prize that was just who could do it and I actually had a group that put that they came in second I want to date and in a matter of like I want to say was like 6 hours maybe maybe this morning that it was like 8 or 9 but it was like it was the MIT Group found all 10 balloons true out like there's one in Houston like Portland's like Atlanta but they're all over the place what about what's going on in the sky in Norway dude really important that spiral in the sky over Norway or there was Penny blamed it on a missile missile in closet see a Russian missile was fired and caused that what are they trying to cover up I think we are I finally got a successful test right there find creating portals to Hell over Norway to see that the Gordon Freeman guy looks like Gordon Freeman who works the only mailed him a crowbar and a headcrab in somewhere just in case take the Crowbar you know one of the options that will be good for every game that has ever made and will ever meet or you can come over with your friends because we're not perfect but it's 88 people date people that you can come and play with obviously we just broke a huge story on the podcast black helmet for $2,700 which I mean that's what was the highest priced item at the charity auction was play DMV in games D&D night and that can get one for like $9,000 out how much the other boxes nothing for or do they do that Sony Bravia TV it's pretty cool I was not cool anymore I was right at the front of the center right there and he couldn't bend over to like rip the lower parts of the wrapping of someone not help in any way are we are we lost our movies I think we have enough we had to trim it down a little bit here so what did you find what the Golden Globes had I know we were missing stuff yourselves try to figure out what is the single best online video that you saw this year any video online one-off series whatever your stuff there how many Mario videos where they are currently favored drunk and stole the ambulance I know that I just kidding article recently it was in defense of Jimmy Fallon in the Jimmy Fallon show and basically like those people saying that hey you know Jimmy Fallon is not doing as bad as people thought he was doing and they went to 10 different videos of stuff you don't in the show which included playing beer pong with Betty White which is great and in one of the videos was Jimmy Fallon doing performing as Neil Young doing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song doesn't sound hilarious it would watch the Jimmy Fallon show even know who Neil Young is the youngest 3 completion I'm going to list everything the Golden Globes picture drama they nominated precious based on the novel Push by Sapphire for picture musical or comedy 500 The Hangover it's complicated Julia and Julia and nine the animated movie what the fuck dude did I didn't get nominated for best movie in 84 animated film why is it that's ridiculous yeah anytime The Princess and the Frog and while we are stupid is an animated film Tim Burton hasn't found a world of creatures it was kind of hard to disassociate from that do the characters in reach looks if you come back that trailer like the model design in that game looks awesome it looks when you going to form the video who say it looks just like Halo 3 and right next with someone saying I can't believe how unbelievable that came with the ass isn't for everybody in every form he looks just like his big fucking complain about drove us crazy because we were doing an apples-to-apples comparisons in the office because we were filming in Halo 3 and Halo 2 in front of us and we would come shot 2 shot they do come on there's no comparison Texas that would say that Halo looks like Hillary replica of a map in DLC order Geoff included like Zanzibar and Last Resort when you put the wizard in the wizard wizard of form Halo and warlock from Halo 2000 right now your turn I just split screen between the two levels it was unbelievable the difference between Halo in Halo 2 but people still complain that what you saying not to laugh super Call of Duty catching up on the one that is the remake of all ghillied up on Modern Warfare oh yeah fucking right the play that again I cannot tell you how much fun it was to repurpose the first game really cool and it's 130 and I was running with a Farmville for Mario Warfare what's a bunch of people pointing that out I guess we can mention the video so no complaining that the Spartans in the Spartan from the book books about how you couldn't distinguish the Spartan from one another except by simple body language even the women from the men sometimes and the doctor doctor Halsey was the only one who could really tell them apart and clearly you can tell them apart and he works on his face is the EPA and in Halo 3 so does it make your search hurt ODST Halo 3 or 6 part with an ODST helmet it's not I mean it was snowing or are they Spartans because one of them was called George and it's before they were all dead and a lot of died on reach so you think it's unclear right now and you gotta give the benefit of the doubt and see what they were up to it I'm pretty sure I have a strong feeling every time so maybe this is the last go-round for Monday night but that's like lightning in a bottle like why would you step away from that ledge 585 I mean why would you step away from what make in Halo blue for 7 years and I know you love it to death but when I do it's a little different every once in a while right near you not going to make Halo game in addition to other day yeah that's what I mean like you know what you're now it's like you know you you're doing very well yet we had our largest one that right there's a billion I'm missing them at first but now I like the guy version of it which was his name is daichi he was the beatbox wildcard guy earlier in the year where he was doing amazing the commercial but I saw it online and that's the Biz Markie commercials The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody online videos a day and asked me to pick so hard and so long like the 360 over and over and over and over and over and over again how can you say I don't know heavenly mother watching that Jack in Jersey Shore profit for 10 minutes in the promo and then now the next episode they're not ghetto children and then fucking press release about that was so retarded there like after watching it and hiring experts to look at it we've determined that it's not appropriate and the violence of this kind is on a private lady in the face on fucking on a channel that primarily watch my 14 year old kid is not appropriate right now they're sitting there for probably 10 hours on pirate and every exec at MTV it would just make my taco pop added that this year that video Shawn Johnson there's a video of Home Shopping Network guide appropriate you know it's so funny when you look back at that the Kanye West thing people were so incensed about that how come nobody did that was staged it wasn't a month before their 2 months before that the whole Bruno Eminem thing went down and we all thought at first that it wasn't clearly was David said later that it was taken Eminem was in on the joke I guarantee if Taylor Swift did not know that he was coming up on the stage then somebody her management definitely sure you know that she's dating from Twilight it was pretty funny he was on stage and they presented the award to her and I'm kinda in a rush and he points out is doing his yeah it's mostly for San Antonio he was in Sharkboy in Sharkboy 17 friends that are going bonkers for this kid going oh my God I would jump on him whenever it's like that's a 17 year old boy Friends of the Twilight movies pervert movie youth girls weren't able to scream about that like I couldn't lose themselves then I would be what you need you need something like that every decade or so he knows arcade was it some sort of the national form what was the nineties Family Video the year cat vs cop that was funny it was funny world's smartest dog crazy is when I say stuff like break when they first start their model of work input of about 3 videos a day of stuff we don't make it but it just gets submitted to it that's funny out in the world I thought okay there's maybe two hundred of these videos and her going to go through in the first 3 months 3 videos of somebody eating themselves on fire or I thought I saw a backflip and never stop entry always be stupid as long as there closest lighter fluid in French the world's most gravity gravity defying drunk women with criminal eating them MN Cat vs Cat vs cop in workshops and ready to take it and it just walked up in her ass I would say like I was at the tail end of New Kids on the Block and then Instinct right around there so really you would have a lady like drunk like a run or anything like that it wasn't like that was say it was a like team overcome a hip hop Hip Hop Early hit them I mean they came out in the 80s teenage girls have posters on the wall we need to have rules that are capable of Loon Lake doing commentary over talking about philadelphus and you will take your words touch my Penny Arcade best time of the year we have taken Hurt Locker Inglourious Basterds Star Trek District 908 summer in Hangover 2 cop in town so you want to keep some of the hangover neither Star Trek Star Trek so we taken Hurt Locker Star Trek hurt is summer The Hangover I think 500 or The Hangover movie 30 Rock office Mad Men lost and Dexter I think we could at 1 to get it down to 5 or 6 probably 2 left4dead2 in Modern Warfare 2 the only major title that he didn't probably probably would Borderlands 2 right now in for movies best trailer we have the Halo reach trailer Star Wars Old Republic the Tron movie trailer the youth Revolt trailer and I put in the taken trailer to remember the trailer is being incredible but you like The Hangover trailer sold again was it I remember seeing that what the hell is this you said the Modern Warfare 2 trailer for 2 that's trailer trailer on the same time everybody make my taco pop world's smartest criminal the gravity defying drunk and Cat vs cop you know there's like 300 more of that we just can't cop TV show for best movie best TV show best trailer and best video game and best online video in roosterteeth.com / drunk tank drunk at the DC with a tank Geoff form of 4