#400 - Any Questions?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Halloween, Bluetooth on computers, plane incidents, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on October 31, 2016, sponsored by Loot Crate (http://bit.ly/2f2ju6B) and Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK).

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Recorded: 2016-10-28 16:26:27

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome and Steve podcast this week brought you by Lecrae and squarespac thank you Loot Crate in Squarespace for sponsoring this episode of the podcast on David S pumpkin on Gavin and Burnie David pumpkin pumpkin to podcast number 400 it one of my cult no that's totally Patrick told me doll versions of us are those edible David made one of the barbar shirt golden whatever one of white button-down fucking garbage what's up what's up on catch whoever they're awesome that's amazing for the bakery about red-headed either so I can try to do things for RT Podcast 400 I'm going to take off my Steve Buscemi you guys here pretty quickly also I'm really happy that I can keep my skateboard instead of having on my shoulder like this for my Halloween character my main character that I just hanging on the back yard for sure for sure this three years ago we did actually this is 1928 two or three decades ago which lot you don't know about the David pumpkin sketch no call is she mad she just realized that she was writing it and realize that that's what out to Tom Hanks funn how many regular who's the Pelicans like you watching podcast American on the drugs but I do know the characters from 30 Rock I thought it was from an Adam Sandler movie cast Gus is just like David S pumpkin Gavin is dressed like a zombie sounds like someone forgot they were supposed to dress up today, neurologist on what I thought it was just like a half an hour ago I came up here so you won't cost you much no I forgot we were dressing up so I grabbed you like her and then I did makeup on my face is a conservative Harley Quin the forehead and when she had her fishnet stockings under shorts shorts the camera setup for the podcast does not favor that it was basically just all pussy Bethesda I suggest you begin your cat and put it on the table in front of Patrick try to lie what's directly at Microsoft lava flow Growler the short-term the hello my fellow kids character from 30 Rock play my Steve and in the eyes cuz I can't see it the first thing is that we set up a voicemail number is the voicemail number so we're going to take voicemail if you want to call and leave a message some poor person in a child with a believe it's Patrick will be getting the voicemails and it's like I needed one that we could buy 329-300-8969 toll free number she's not from here I'm going to put up the survey for the first topic so we can have a survey that up and you can take the survey like a pole and then we'll come back to it at the in the show so many benefits to being a first member and if we want to keep in with the stuff in the future if we keep it hopefully the voicemails were trying to like actually taking live calls I would fucking love that on this show and future shows if you can't we can't just give out your phone number Gavin suck it up for the screen that's why I was screaming so don't bother doing that everything that's going on there right all I want to hear talk about the topic but we'll get to it Bethesda announced last week that they are not going to give review sites early copies of the game anymore cuz she said they're going to give them to in fluid they would give them to influence her so they and I didn't know this is the fact I almost to a week before it came out so I didn't realize it was like that I was just normal things like they always do anyway I started only giving in to what you said not to review 311 new policy work moving forward they are not going to give review copies to review sites more than a day in advance review IGN Gamespot no talking about how important early copies are for refusing help people depend review so that's a survey one fir we'll come back to it when was the last time were in the last two years have you made a decision before launch to buy something based on a review of that thing that you weren't going to get it and then you decided to get it or you were going to get it you're ready early review of it you like oh no that sounds terrible I'm not going to get it now like it wasn't very often hate it and don't like it I still go see it just to see it for myself I think I tend to read reviews for stuff I decided to see anyway yeah like if I'm not going to buy a game I don't go read a review about that game games we can talk to each other about games and review in about a decade I just it's just Word of Mouth for me once the games come out in like 5 different opinions on it I don't ask questions Vine ever review so that was you barbar game based on review and I have like the weather it's working out thing from people talking to me or whether it's extra reading review on a site or everyone in this game and I fucking love it kind of a thing I have on really old games look to the Wikipedia and see all the stats I will the review scores if I'm interested like a retro credit for that it's like all the different review it because that collectio one place hard to write a question without it sounding like you're fishing for marketing information I don't know why you haven't seen what Aaron's rent hey I'm on my way to jeans barbar from stranger things how to cook I love to have the elastic waistband too good for him he wouldn't tell me where is a real trapper too soon dude of games I'm playing a lot of Titanfall 2 Bethesda companies good companies good no idea what I'm out driving around right when you come out I felt like I loved the trailer - E3 David the first Titanfall was one of the few online shooters that I felt like I was good at like I could put on multi-player game and told me it wasn't easy but I was it wasn't like cod or Halo 4 I'm just like literally at the bottom we just sit in the corner and Gus I could take a couple times on it one I would be in the top three consistently okay so I was I was very happy with this s how many people on Twitter and social media talk about how much they loved it that's different so that's after lunch right now so I should know beforehand if I figure if you're going to buy something at lunch you already like the you've already played games by the developer before or you've seen marketing stuff in your head about it I never thought about buying something at lunch or going to see a movie opening night because I read a review early review for it but those early reviews are very important are those early copies are very important to places like IGN and blogging sites is that mean game cuz that's a review of that point is now I'm sure they can provide their opinion but since it's not a critical review look at it they're going to tend to be positive about it right what street I'm very happy with this white streak I wish I would go a little girl I want some gray hair and I can do this every day for me and that's it and I really wish I had some more gray hair on right now yes I thought that's one of my balls really hurt sometimes if if trimming the fat people PR my beard but no electric so close you can see it at 10 to go ahead and I wish my father died when he was like $30,000 vibrators could have just Blended longer par with your level so I got it we talked about it last week and I found a 4.5 kilograms tobleron still excite you found it on the podcast yes it is not as big as the the pictures made it seem to you that I did some math early what is a Toblerone tobleron tobleron the burn from an open the sun even Rises like a big FedEx package it's a little bit better when does it expire so what was your reason to get up feel it meant to him to go but he was found out that the ones you see an apple in the middle 400 tobleron Stockton big tobleron one I let you down your cousins at the duty-free shop she doesn't care about my wants and my needs is one of those is like a disease Gavin that's way too much chocolate feel like a chocolate cake you going to be able today how come you didn't invite me getting the end one will be worried about touching it I don't give a shit or has that ship sailed for two years ago Gus gave up on that she bought her to get embarrass himself there when are you two getting the greatest bottle opener lever doctor that spending all your brother metformin fir the real thing cuz I still don't like her I got too much weight at 1 but was going to go no no no Kill la Kill ending Michael is done like that pretty bad too Google the lava cakes when you go back to the video as he eats them he turns red like his body is just like trying to fight and sugar what's the distance to lava cake did you is there is there hair dye that you can buy that dyes your hair gray Vine feeling most hair dyes to cover up gray hair but wouldn't want some just come out and cut a piece new Rimmel burn for an event and like it seem like out of five waitresses that we had on that trip for him had gray hair I remember that like it was a trend going on that point in time where you had silver white and then bring it back to color other than your normal color is hard to get to Great especially is hard because you need to bleach it and then basically is like a tent so it's actually called until I neutralize the color and make it kind of like the greatest don't really like yellow and it seems like a long time and so much effort in and I mean makes hair changes color fairly frequently right he has blood on his black ass like a lot of work to make it right like you think mega6 it's a perfect time to like change colors and tie early move down the spectrum of pillowcases & towels are destroyed light gray color hair color cream does anybody want some trouble and I'll cut it for you if you're too embarrassed to come out arthro in the mountains Microsoft in lava cake with the first big year we did it right it was 2013 that one I think pop the barbecue sauce as well that was pretty grim well but then we didn't get the big one the revisit did not see that I'm fixing the link Fix-It does hot milk was it last year no lost Airways milk the cow with milk I bought everybody else wants to do this I would like to do I might I might not be here might not be able to attend extra life insurance when we move the weekend it's like somebody was going to have to miss and rather than have 10 people miss two of us might message you should do 7-Day Survivor so I've got it all and I will do 7 Days 14 and 15 hours to do it so I just sit there actually didn't watch it but I'm like popped up in my Twitter feed about 7:20 points to get that 20-point the completionist before they can sit down and go through everything in the game at all but the thing out because I wouldn't do it you're actually finished shooting Michael the day's work I got a link in my journal have you rebooted no ever no I thought right now near me just like you think they're sorry yeah well I thought everything here what am I doing this after the podcast is brought to you by Luke price on a quest for epic gear housewares and Collectables Loot Crate offers an epic Ranger pop culture items for less than $20 per month you're more of a fanatical fashionista the loot where are monthly wearables an accessory subscription will fill your closet with cult classics and of your favorite franchises is a typo in this and you want to get fancy get a bigger box an even bigger loot with Loot Crate DX ready or want to measure your potions and get ready for November is and chanting theme magical you cast a powerful ancient spell to deliver you this one percent exclusive crate featuring bewitching items from Doctor Strange Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Big Trouble in Little China and more you have until the 19th at 9 p.m. Pacific to subscribe and receive that much great when it could have happened that's it it's over make sure to head to Loot Crate.com / rooster enter code rooster save $3 off any new subscription today check it out they got multiple boxes for your convenience welfare office by then but Firefly has a box that they're doing now to Park Place Bingo on Fir so it's 13 years ago I just like come on did you fix that like your pics is perfect we even have the confetti in the top of the frame here so dang just awful like perfectly I'm sure I'll catch fire and price you did thank you what was the button called link to click on their in their little chief speaking of computers and laptops the worst laptop in the world the MacBook Pro volume MacBook Pro was waiting for new iPhone I probably would have watched it yet I was one of those Barbara let me tell you it's great one the few announcements I have actually watched it could be also tell me about it the only mind-blowingly Innovative no headphones picked up not having seen it would you just say I've heard that there is could you close or that like you can't like is a different charger or something like that that's all I've heard iPhone 7 wonderful right Innovative no more secrets no more 3.5 millimeter Jack lightning audio no Bluetooth I already love this Apple laptop 3.5 millimeter no lightning audio also you cannot plug in USB cord into it so you need a dongle to plug your iPhone into your laptop or you need to go cable those existing report there's USPSA there's no like Square USB plug your phone into your Mac laptop using the cables they ship you with either the MacBook Pro or with the iPhone you have to go buy another table to go to the headphones you cannot use on the The Notebook you have a separate pair of iPhone headphones that come with it British out your kind of courageous the Korean seems to me like the kind of shit used to see from Sony when they had internal departments that were fighting and that were communicating and they reach developing Computing Technologies I still think that if Sony on the PlayStation 2 with how many units of that they sell yard like 150 million one of them made it so that the fucking Sony PlayStation had used memory sticks which was Sony's proprietary like SD card and if they do use memory sticks for the PlayStation 2 everybody would on a memory stick and everybody what about Sony peripherals like cameras and phones and things like that they just couldn't do it they couldn't get that unifying Vision at the top that allowed order it yet and it was said they had they wanted to make an extra like 10 bucks by selling 8 gigs of memory fre 38 Megs of memory yes write 8 Megs of memory 4/3 by his wife the new laptop is better than the current MacBook is that you cannot charge and plug stuff in at the same time does my MacBook only has USBC and I can't do anything while I'm I can't charge it and do something what's going on the 13-inch version with a few of the 13-inch version the USB C port on the right side are not full speed only the ones on the left side not advertised at all well they play that what are they doing is Microsoft Surface wow you turned it off or something before you do that let's the magnet unlocking and then a little touch bar at the very top in the replaced all of the escape in the function keys would like a little screen that you've been is context-sensitive depending on what application you're using it when they just killed it on USB C I'm not lying I think if they made it off the MacBook Pro but it said I'm about surface 3 no probably and regret the fact that I don't have a Google pixel phone Google pixel phone as a USB C cable out of the box and plug Google pixel into a venue Apple laptop can plug an iPhone into that's all I'm happy with you date during the beta program so they have the portrait mode Solana Beach last week magic chocolate Barbara but you're a bad wreck at the corners of it cuz you can't really get into the sake of Canada have a fucking separate Halloween to know okay I want to make sure that you're not late we could melt tobleron and make one giant triangle piece yes absolutely you can I don't portrait mode but we're going to give me a notification I got up to go to your settings it should say if you don't know me go to settings General that's it anyways and I have to tell you checking for update checking for updates 1940 Camry but he didn't tell me that was available who didn't say thank you yes thank you for asking I wanted to do all the work for me so it's fucking retarded maybe more we started the podcast two decades ago and retailers 2008 it's a bit crazy Lou it will be at 8 p.m. December Steve this December makes you think a different December in the one that's coming up here in December will be at 8 years when I say this I mean if someone in this yeah yeah I know I agree with you you can about this December and have a beautiful correct this out this October this January can only be in the pot you see if this means within this calendar year he means it was in 2016 so it Vine I'm probably till about noon just went not no your not I just passed you I will just call it June I will if we sit like this July we had RT a different really decided to come in here and we had our checks in July that's the way that I would say in the past tense I wouldn't last July because that would imply the July before the previously last July it was this or last I say this we had our checks in July it was it was lovely so I just came out if I said Barbara look like Margot Robbie if I'm saying her name properly Chloe Dykstra very accurate really oh yeah I'm thinking someone else I thought you were eating when they show the Harley Quin design and thinking that it was based on one of her versions of it like one of her costumes ever cosplays was like she'd done it previous to that I believe Scott on Twitter who created the original visual effects for Star Wars so from what I understand the other day just dropped a lightsaber to bury common costumes at Halloween I guess you would say probably would have had a lot of people complain about for me but a lot of people posted comments on the photos that I posted a very original someone to dress up like the day after the David Pumpkin Festival skit I saw so many tweets that were like I'm already telling all of you don't anyway that's what I was like I'm definitely doing it now I'm definitely buying a good pumpkin someone else doing someone else dressed up as this and I'm annoyed about anything I gotta I gotta say that it's like you put up with me for 5 years the Heath Ledger Joker everyone is dressed is that non-stop the last five years but I was like we don't even get the Halloween and people were already ridiculing women for wearing Harley Quinn costume it's like what was the result why so serious why so serious the movie internet 164 Diamond I make fun of mega6 One time I really do hate that fucking repeated is the little :-) all the time I know that you constantly think of you every time I every time I tweet about them people get really upset with me cuz I think I really don't like taking a dump but it's only one of them who don't like all of them individually I like a girl so let's make it 64 Vine one away Vine is gone and they said it's going away and going away it was promoting mega6 video they made for the death of Vine like 3 years ago it was really funny I'm like 3 minutes you dilute video down more and more there's no punchline joke is actually my dad and stuff they're just like do you think he could create something for them and it just like never really panned out but that would have been really funny license to show they are grateful on Twitter because they are the masters of the snarky retweet like they're just retweet something they won't no comments on is there anything to find old stuff and stuff and it's just like when they were doing it it's like you just tweet that were directed it I just do the review that they did that to me one time they were all YouTubers react in hell has frozen over apparently I have been run out of YouTube headphone jack to be just brush it like it was nothing to do they make a big deal that was headed over there was it I mean I don't know cuz that would be so self-aware it like 2 months apart the guys giving a presentation talking about how to audio jack is Obsolete and nobody wants it anymore and then doing a presentation after that that says how great the audio jack because he said you want you want to be using these letting headphones or Bluetooth so so much just take the MacBook point the headphone jack be like what do you want me to plug into this right now what does got this guy wrote like a definitive Guide to the cables and dongles you should use for your new Macbook and it was like a fucking for page article like this kind of cable for this but not this cable this kind of cables good not this oh my god when I remember when I bought the Xbox One and was complaining about the elaborate Contraption you need to hook up the Kinect I was wrong they have their debts and every product no thanks like it is absolutely ridiculous early it's more mass than the Transformer that is now inside it so it's like even more stuff on the outside awful awful is wonderful but it's smaller it's less hot is a good and what it's about the heat of the original Xbox keep it in the cabinet and you usually put your head in there no I put sensitive component of their mother fucker one the other phone I had the Xbox behind the TV and it wouldn't go through the TV new controller I can do 80 feet away and it's like Xbox out the other the transceiver in both the Xbox and the controller now they do Bluetooth natively you don't need giving using a PC you don't know do you what the hell was just so full of shit I heard you bought that stop making a new survey everyone's got loot everywhere how me how do you pair a keyboard to it look at the logic ones I don't know what that is what Bluetooth Bluetooth the giving the little Nubs which also blew two things come with enough but this is just like whatever like I bought a keyboard with the keys and then I got a mouse and it will the wireless but they have two different things to different Little Star can you put one up in the keyboard the keyboard and the keyboard goes to the configuration okay open I bet it's mega6 desktop PC PC RPGs that don't have a PC laptop and a PC desktop no I did not buy laptops typically top laptops I have a laptop and a desktop no I don't mind I don't mind has Bluetooth one doesn't really have an install the driver computer for your computer dish it out you have to look up on you what is it portable Bluetooth audio we were planning to do with thinking your a fucking anyway this is great product I is your new PlayStation this morning one of the smaller the club sandwich and I think it was also they redesigned it one of those is cheaper because like more plastic like real buttons on it instead of loot which one's is it like at the original PS3 I like that everything was touch is great Xbox one of them was touch not feel like cooking I guess you don't like touch buttons capacitive buttons light that iPhone that came out that was like more like a plastic cover than the sea it's like plastic and cheaper burn down Xbox burn Xbox this Monday November 7th Monday game today no I think it's next Monday this coming Monday you'll be able to watch the Rooster Teeth podcast if your first number one time for like strange it shows you can watch live streams you can watch all the first contents and other British Chief content on the app or PR Xbox all of the worst family write like a Demon Hunter funhaus couch I got my motherboard is no longer for sale I can't click it to go to it to see the specs on it what's it called it's an Asus Maximus 7 Intel gaming motherboard gaming no 280 I'm just I'm just give you the basics dafuq in motherboard do I put in PC just trying to show him it's like you should stop doing weird crazy builds like a desk that is a PC now it's like everything's going formula mpcie combo 380-201-1180 and Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 module delivers the latest connectivity with Express on one side but I need to express 10 gigabit and 6 gigabit a second on the other but here's the deal here's the deal though why mine doesn't have Bluetooth I didn't know that the is the right side more powerful on the left connections out here comes out much faster is unbelievable sounds going on and that cable that goes that goes from the piece and some doubles tomorrow if I don't pay that cable with the cord that goes into the port so I can unplug cable and plug directly into the airport and it doesn't go as fast as you and I know it should work that way I know that's wrong that's why I pointed out have you done a test directly into that hole that's what I just said but have you done it but I know it's faster if I hadn't done that you would probably just thinking it's right it does 120 Meg's a second sustained through the port like just plugging directly and if I go through the monitor does a hundred and thirty master it doesn't sound transfer only accelerate it because it goes down off the desk gravity helps it right the number of people who say V log is amazing who is not trying to be Lava would be longer and be loved and be loved because after video blog writes a Blog is already aware blog is a weblog like it's already is shortening like is video is definitely a playoff lava Wi-Fi hacker Bryant is GIF or Jif probably just because it's fucking is right when he says the village and that's not right good point but I don't trust his judgment barbar and we're winning tonight no bueno yep and sup with you no I'm still watching the same TV I can't one of in the in the middle the house and I can just buy a new TV if I've got one that works I just can't but I'm still using my move it or don't like your friends his Michael you want to take my own TV it's not a great TV you don't do that oh it's cool I can do you have a TV in the bathroom Gavin come on is big is that couch I feel like it's not a problem what do you look at when you're on the bus I don't know white hairs on your balls TV in the bathroom extravagant to have a TV you can put one there new TV but he doesn't have a TV so retrieve a TV in your bedroom yeah I do I have Vine try not to the living room in the bedroom really didn't have a choice you can ever move if I did that because when I moved into this house it had a big wall mount and a special place in the wall that was carved out where the TV was supposed to go and if I did put a TV over to look for you why do you put a place you don't know sometimes in a museum they have to build a museum around that pixe I need to see the TV just rotate through different art I never do that that's a thing I can do like my kids toilet is in their bedroom like that the toilets are by their two bedrooms it has a thing in it that I fucking hate where it has a sensor when you put your hand you the toilet the toilet automatically flushes and that sensor is review on Amazon it sucks and the fucking sensor died it's a little box that sits under the lid to cooler thing I would get by having stuff under the lid the tank one man not the fucking lid with the scene of assistance yesterday it's a loot it so what do you call the thing that comes out the top just like me but it's not what you think I'm still like to catch up with you thank you Publix early so if you're wrong admit defeat so if you're wrong it can I have it so I think I said a different version of the tracks with their different versions of the Maximus 7 someone on Twitter who is a stomach giving credit Connor MacLeod is a Maximus Hero 7 and it does not have Bluetooth I don't know what I was I was sadly I've never had to go stop that a Bluetooth in it ever I might have supposed to be going out of my way to buy for Katie's computer because today we wanted to We Built to normal sized computers and we can be there but it was for like PR because I want the kids to have access to be out so we will the real Baseline system that was in a Micro ATX case like that was getting everything in there was tough but I really have your computer that's about this PR shut the fuck up with you since you're on the toilet doesn't fucking work and whatever the thing is I took that off and I put it beside it and grab the plastic pull it up it's fucking toilet doesn't have any place to put a handle on it but 200 bucks for a new hole toilet toilet isn't working is that one of them pulled the plastic thing up and then they pulled it up in such a way that they kind of set it to the side so it didn't close again and a toilet heard water running in the house like water running and I would have stairs in the toilet has been running for like probably like 2 hours straight just like running out of time to fill the tank up but just rainy and I was like I was like more too but I couldn't get it out of my head how much water was wasted in that two hours probably right but I know why he's like that with me all day it's not waste time I know that I was back in the water treatment system and everything but it's like I just felt like I couldn't all you did was waste whatever money that cost the toilet centuries have you been on a lot of airplane bathroom before have you ever had one and I never disappoint but never been there I should do that sometime the fuck I'm just one of the sensor for the flash for the first time ever I was on the flight on British Airways and the toilets and there are censored you can also press the button if you want to doesn't work I didn't know that sat down to use the toilet I felt like the suction will suck you out cuz I yeah and I was like basically just like suck my lips will go ahead and I was very but you can it was very very unnerving I believe Enchanted in the in the airplane bathroom to see how far like off-center I compete we're like little like redirected if I had to flush let me take you can suck your piss from the S off my body who took the toilet isn't ever going to suck that's true that makes sense if you try to make a few people that like go over the edge of his testicles Squarespace Squarespace site sacrificially design regardless of your skill level there's no coding required doctor intuitive easy to use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for one year your free trial site today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure you offer code rooster teeth to get 10% of your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful it's a good time to remind everyone is that if you're doing stuff online it's good to have your own home I think the shutdown of Vine is a is a good reminder of that you know if you have you all of your contacts and you don't know it you may as well make a booking website and own your own ship great deal that eventually will happen to every website every single website but it's got to happen everybody else like YouTube will eventually people will have another alternative I mean it might take a very long time I did anything but would take down Myspace and Facebook came along and it was you don't do nothing anymore but it's like we're is the oil if your trying to build a business online you want to be with him most of the people are or you want to make sure the people know where they can always find you and when I mean think about all the time that people invested in making their Vine Channel work we did Vine you're fucking hard back in the day when you can edit weekend edit instead of having people stand over you just use your hand sometimes yeah this is going to say that think I remember which one it is when you get here I think it's Gavin go one three two one and then like the first ones and we no longer have one after the first batch the one where you turn Gavin and see Joe or you think you turned out one and two generators now what do you think is that what you think is the hardest mind that we shot like a milk jug one messing up the X-ray specs one that was so tough like the transition that was like we have non revealing bra you could have chose something a little better bro no just like no that's this is the reason I we will keep leaving the room for you to change and then be on you it's like I mean you save me in the Bible if you must fuck it like no difference extra the act of pulling your shirt off is slightly more violating some reason people sending me links to buy a Bluetooth card to put my PC I know about that I know about that you could get that can you stop so there are two different versions of the Asus Maximus 703 Maximus 7 formula which I write about that has Bluetooth and it's a Maximus 7 hero which does not have loot at what I have you got there Gerard desktop that have bleach in it extra cheese and I do not have a Bluetooth icon in my little sister and my on my desktop computer a couple of plane accident with a couple of incidents in the past week plane caught on fire on the runaway plane, fire and let you know here in American Airlines flight no protest there was because the plane and your Instagram video starting to get VIN cult on fire and a ton of assholes with their fucking carry-ons out on the tarmac that shit behind let me know if you can see a plane that's on fire you're too close you can physically move away from people go back to help other people off the flight 200 yards away the explosion plane and I mean that happened a couple months ago that's all just like it was an uncontained engine failure is the current speculation so piece of the turbine just as they were accelerating to take off a piece of her mind just snapped and flew out of the plane I can't begin to imagine what that would sound like like those engines are going so fast out fast I have to go to take off on a treadmill on the on a regular missing again 5737 one of the most common 737 $1 70 miles per hour to have to be doing I'm going to say 210 Lancer is for Boeing 737-800 minimum takeoff speed is 174 miles an hour guessing stuff when are you going over is that like a tiebreaker for some evenly apart I think it's no I don't know I never like that to try to get you to try to be conservative we will try to guess conservatively dollar R.I.P in Benavides is the $1 the been made but they did $1 in the next week should be like $2 the person next to them doesn't just haul off and hit up with you today there is a 1400 in the other next week is a 1400 and 1 which is a great strategy it really is a great strategy but me blast is one has been up there the longest so it's kind of like giving it an advantage to the people who haven't one you can essentially eliminate one person unless they get it right when I'm giving it right you can go up on stage I got to watch price is out whenever I get sick the price is 4/5 bucks that was it it was another incident where a Major Nelson tweeted this is how I found out about it he saw a 747 British Airways 747 making emergency landing in JFK I guess they had hydraulic and landing gear problems was it taken off on coming anyways coming and it was coming in for a landing it was meant to go to that Heartland is it any made a very quick stop in the middle the runway during out there somewhere so I guess a pretty long so when you land I don't really need to go all out on reverse thrust but sometimes I guess it's showing you what you actually feel yourself sweating for a little bit and I love everyone who put stuff on the floor like it starts like Flyin a lot less serious not an aviation incident but there was a British Airways Captain someone tweeted me this earlier today it was a British Airways Captain who took nude selfies of himself while in the cockpit of a plane that was in he said he was taking dick pixe the head of the cockpit how did they find the airplane cockpit does not say no I don't think so control masturbating probably wearing stockings no just giving somebody sitting on it rajapakse a hoping for nothing like on Twitter send us a Airbus A380 engine failure test like they do to engine failure if you want to see what that looks like so it also barbar oh my God the cast from the seventies not look like a current photo complaints world hasn't been yet YouTube videos like 20 minutes for what is essentially I want to watch like 5 Seconds of it was that thing proven to get someone for Gavin so in pussy that seems insane to me like you have that much responsibility like what goes through your mind to be coming that's a good idea the entire right the most yet really like it's like asking if you know someone gets done something for so many hours that it just becomes like a out to them and I don't mind like I have a friend who's a surgeon and he's partners with a bunch of the surgeons and he said he would never let one of his fellow surgeons in his partnership operate on him and it was because in their faith in him because he would think too much about it they have too strong of an opinion about it since like doing surgery is like one of the single most complex thing a human does he need to treat it like an everyday just like to them it's just like after like you're thinking of 15 surgeries like whatever you're just doing something at what like in a work environment you want to be a part of just never like to go to knock one out right now is it like I was like there's like posts about people like getting busted for having sex at work you don't mean that you think it's weird for having sex on moon rocks I haven't extra moon rocks or in vacant houses it was another one that was the real estate agent was that all there was bang somebody in a house that had just been closed down so I could technically somebody's house what happened I don't know if you feel a little suspiciously Mary covering up it's a little too 12 you're too far the other way for that to happen by the office probably his back went out and he jerked it in here I got a puppy that's probably probably so have you heard there's a really strange news story that broke is past maybe this past weekend maybe late last week in South Korea have you heard this weird conspiracy theory that come out about their president usually being correct your in Korean president of South Korea has been Consulting a personal friend who he who is a shaman to have her like proofread confidential speeches and make help her make policy decisions and the shaman has also potentially allegedly misappropriated millions of dollars are government funds to them self so and then I would just like to come out and they're realizing that there's this group of shamans who are part of this weird old cult who have maybe secretly been controlling the South Korean government behind the scenes for the past few years which is just so there's been like a mass protest in the streets so I wish this is happening I wish I would have full copie for the President to resign and for investigations into this cult that might be controlled Korean it's the kind of thing but yes I feel like it's not being covered really anywhere I read is terrible I forgot about it on 4chan is like the bullshit that I like did some searching I found it like on some Japanese news site then like the next day was on the BBC then the next day was going in PR truck front page news on any of these but if you search for the right terms you'll find like legitimate news outlets and PR the BBC are doing stories about it talking about it strange PR that same cult is also has influence over the media here in the US and they're kind of pushing it down keeping it under wraps you think the US has a college there but now Williams out hello sexy sorry I probably let me check so what's the term of a South Korean president of Korea apologize I was a mishap with a charge of them living in the survey from earlier responses in just about an hour if you're not going to do that with you and the boys got anything of note game of President since February 2013 still coming up or what did you think of England you did you never been before but never been to England before I was just there over the weekend from Comic-Con I am partially really get to see anything though just let me know we don't know when we're in a city for a car you really actually get to see that City unless you stay an extra day or so Comic-Con is at the Excel which is in the docklands which doesn't make them no way I was surprised at how lovely and pleasant and nice everyone was because my only representation of England is Gavin but I don't know if you mean the same guy who writes on my arm I have to know you for a while first I didn't go straight in with a build up to it first one right the Harley Canadians have a reputation of being very polite and nice and so you like Southerners and stuff but I don't know it like do British people are they known for being really sweet nice people and I think it's more to do with the fact that they love you in the fence and they were very excited to meet the cost of ribs I think because every Chief and I've ever met has been wonderful typically a convention is like the the best example of a out of place because of the people who want to talk to you in no you crazy one that was rude but why would I be coming to see if they have it how many people like it was all level of RT extra time off and we got recognized there early so it was great to see the amount of fans in the UK yeah I think it's like it's like that since it would be like to be actual famous person because you can't go anywhere and not run into somebody or saying hello to you and things like that but I can go like 4 blocks away one weekend of celebrities who are in television shows or movies and they see our line which is crazy because we have so many fans in town and all of them I don't really remember any of their names they're not like I'm not familiar with their work so I like CW shows and stuff like that or like a lot of them come by and look at us look at our line look at us again look at our pet shots behind us and just be like what does he doesn't usually you don't you end up dude are you in a bus together Gavin early cannabis with Verne Troyer and Christopher Lloyd and so it's a chance for all the special guest from the convention interact and invariably the question we always get is like it's like so what is it that you guys do what is like a little accusatory you know what's going on we would come back at the end of every day and we would have I'd have a box and Gavin will have a box just filled with booze and yes I like what in the world was done they were like we were all like a lot of products like different types of chocolates pension it's okay the blog I like was something I went to Chicago I was like stuck in Chicago is like to go out and get some pizza and then and then I just said I was talking to somebody right now if you're stuck in Chicago I'll buy you dinner and I said well I'm going to this pizza place so you're not buying me dinner but if you want to come I'll be there and he came out and like 2 other people came here it's like we said it's is if you make content that you would want to watch the people that end up watching it like that tend to be people out like you so it's almost like I was going back to our video back in the day which was one of the first big fan events for Rooster Teeth is that like you kind of show up and you have this big group of friends in the city and you just have never met them before you know you just looking at like dropping pick up the conversation it's easy I love it the community group is also incredible that every single night review case a pretty big one is behind us right in rooster pilot one of the Cities receive the most traffic what does was it something I did something happen over there the driver that was going to take me to work here he needs I was like oh my God this is crazy I was like and then he's going to talk to you cuz I know you don't like to be told to buy your out driving and I was like that strange is that we know we're not strange because you know who I am and if you want we have like a lot in common and we just talked the whole way it was fun images of weird start with something amazing enemy to fly back to Austin to start at our house we know you're starting your house we came back as they told her we're going to shoot like our in home introduction package burni I'm actually we're Gamers no that's all that's that's what I told her you were doing instead they started this from our houses but we're going out to LA the race was still weak from starting but we had to go with all of our stuff like so we were wearing like just like very adventurous clothes and her backpack so we can walk on the driveway and the taxi driver goes your everything right like we were already expecting something was going to happen and you have to so it's like you really like this guy and he's like look like you know because we were still like thinking we had to keep it such a thing yes I like that yes I was I'm told that we have two voicemails ready I will do that worry about that a couple years president recipe the more often than not turns out to be right but how does this make the rest of you guys he has ever sent me how much as you guys do Warehouse Market is involvement of that has been now when Gavin said something instead of us doing a fucking idiot we go Gus what is Gavin trying to say that maybe we try to figure out what I plane if you don't jump on him as quickly but your head like that was his place to say something like you're probably right my favorite is been awhile it's been it's been all You Gotta Throw Some Thai restaurant near out some Club is the first caller was from with her too far from here and I should take the approach of being I'm still right get a new toilet can you take your car I think the second one is going to take some time to explain what he means he's been over it a few times and he says it like the filtered version of it that only makes sense in his brain but then when you hear the explanation by the time it comes out my mouth has lost over out of his in contact it's just like a bunch of what's the speed of my mind how did he arrive at this like what was the train of thought that stopped at this walking station because in my head it's like what about this other than this would happen but if not have him with us and you come out you say what was the first yellow that makes no sense but I always have said those arguments the Gavin is one of the most brilliant people I know Gavin is a super cinematic for the plane he did this he did this thing one time we were doing it we were throwing rocks in the water remember that and I looked over and Gavin had had his eyes shut and I go where you like shutting your eyes and see if you can throw the rock in the water so late you're going to hit it and it goes no is she goes in the blue of the water comes he shut his eyes so that like capture that moment and it's like as a memory captured it and it's like he's making his own eyes the camera so any other input and it was the blue overwrite your memories I'll just see if it looks the same as when I was a kid when I have a bowl of cereal and I would let rinse out the ball and I just threw the spoon in the bowl and make a splash on early Shut My Eyes to the Sky when I'm trying to figure out what shoes I want to put on a pair of shoes I'll look at it I'll close my eyes but on the other pair shoes in open is it compared it looks like sand in my head laugh I don't know your situation eats foot and go which looks better because that's cruel because God I believe me I'm like over a thousand Lifetime on there is always a hundred percent I'm like that my girlfriend was like you over the course of my life many women have done this many one scores of women but we do have another 8 years of $400 do you guys have any regrets such as things that you said you think that you guys wish you could have gone with you haven't done it yet it's someone in the house with this guy so much I regret telling the airplane wet dreams storie I recover something you keep in touch no I would say probably nothing I really regret you know it's tough I regret anything about the first hundred audio podcast on an external hard drive because he was slow as shit and I didn't realize interior hard drive really and you can fucking criticize me about fucking Bluetooth and other Computing stuffed animal Drive does not every profile I thought we didn't have the courage login the 411 on these days from video premiere a movie a movie I've been using Final Cut Pro 10x because I like Final Cut Pro 10 there is no protein is it the ex we had to learn how to really learn how to edit like what was Thursday one that came out that everyone refused to go to it was $10 that she has like speed ramping tools the rest of the universe so I don't need a powerful crat that's nothing I've seen your project sounds I just put out I was adding sounds for the head coming out of skin wax them one by one through a frame and paste it and I was like at the same time on the one that have to work on this week I'm pulling up in like 3 weeks so I was like this one to a completely different interface like it looks entirely different can just do that and my plugins don't work like my friend plug-in doesn't work so I told my friend to put it so I was working on it at times and other stuff just plays is Blackfoot is now so it's like I'm going to put that I'm going to take a video and put it back in and redo it for you time machine back to ya I have to the porch out there might want to save the pretty longer but you do your timesheet also have your project a good point adding an external drive with my phone I guess it's Thunderbolt Master one that's one piece blog Richard on my equipment I get a Blog for the first members where I went over all the equipment used for the law and I didn't show up the Samsung hard drive. I love that thing for the little solid state hard drive it's like super fast through a project on it I just plugged in wherever I am I just thought you was busy so it's the wave of the future the doctor it's freezing thanks man I appreciate that was your head whatever never regret in Life podcast podcast out of absolutely what you got I think everyone knows what mine is she had to guess I was going to bring it up on Twitter yeah I'll just leave it at that and it was a statement and I didn't think about what I was saying or it came out completely wrong and people take it the wrong way as they should have $800 approximately laugh on these different as a percentage damn annoyed when the phone kept ringing I feel with you and now your phone is going off constantly out of course that wasn't phone was going off I was mad that their solution to the phone going off what am I doing talking to this stupid that you'd rather throw it at the office then just pull the plug is too much is too much I was used to being angry and I'm not angry that you have changed gavi just like but being drunk that's much more like in video Seven Drunken video No Regret Life Master filter that point yeah was good have you ever seen the extra extra from last year have you Gus I was scared for you what's your biggest regret is that it what time do you want really funny drunk Gus on that stream and I don't know if doing nothing when you come back in with your jacket on and you like pick up the mic and try to say something and then you I was like what do you need Gus and go over for the first try to say something but the mic is turned down here you go since someone somewhere how fast was falling off I had ever gotten so drunk that I couldn't stand up and I thought you had to stand up with you couldn't walk no never let me receive videos all the time like you in Russian Airlines trying to go up the hill and they just fall backwards I've never been there when you get up and walk down the street level but I would yeah I passed out way before that point and I do mean play the dude in the UK but if is walking with his head up and it was pretty great story from London out what he got and I hope she does get mad at me for telling the story let's get let's guess who threw up in London she was there with the Ruby cast was it a ruby caspersen by the way I said I said I said oh so cool cuz one in comic on the entire Ruby cast is going and Michael Duncan you know I got really offended by it where we are now call me when out all my money on during that same one that we thought we would do differently I'll take Barbara I'll take care of things so I flew into London on Thursday got in pretty early and then we met up for drinks with Allen who was in town as well and some of the number one country and like you doing letting you go to a pub so it has one and everything's bigger everything I think they make the drink stronger maybe I don't know you're coming Aaron I guess just drink a lot anymore so she started drinking when he the bank and we hadn't even want that date you there since we basically got to our hotel and went back to sleep that's no excuse I know and then after that and then after that we went out to dinner where we had such a no it was some other type of something I don't know Fortune something Legend soccer lesson plans and I already can tell that she was getting a little toasty will drunk and then how could you tell cuz she told me that she was drunk and right after she said you want some water she has no pics of her classes so I can just do it all at once no she's not she's being funny about it and I think they just decided department head about on the phone with burn welcome to happens all the time so I think I said one fucking time record so we were about to close out and leave the restaurant and she just ended up leaving cuz I think she was feeling too well obviously and called us and you burn we got in the order and she instantly like leans her head down driving keeps looking back at her and I know she all right do I need to pull over and she's not saying anything and I'm like kind of like rubbing her back was like oh I think she's just tired and then she goes just like that flips off the driver laugh cuz she's drunk and he was like she alright and she was just being sassy about it I guess that's pretty stuff and show them that we were maybe still like 20 minutes away from the hotel this is a good morning Vine and flashing buttons she rolls down the window no and their heads out the window and put your picture and then all the sudden laugh, but all the sudden I have a hair on her back and I felt like like movement in her back and I was like oh okay he didn't seem to care too much and hold off on the outside we get to the hotel and she thinks like she's just not feeling well so she just takes off and goes up to her room and then meet Lindsey and Carol get out and really I was like maybe there's like a little bit of residue on the side that we should just clean up we go she said it's just like should you tip the guy like crazy he likely had wipes in his car so all 3 of us are sitting there like cleaning the car off team Rubicon Titanfall friends three white in the middle of price is the voice of one team review and not your actual characters in the show it's so funny she was fine she was Vine happens that's that's the worst when you get that drunk and you're going to be sick and you're that far from home or like or you can forecast out yeah that's that's bad that you want to go ahead and then we'll just wait until she feels better to take the car because I didn't want her to burn me to pay what two hundred bucks whatever the surface count your lucky stars you through Furious 7 that the first place you went with the currency was higher value than the dollar 1.22 pounds to the dollar 1.122 deuce deuce deuce deuce it was a time where is it was 22126 I think that was it I would love to call you that we have to make it open first members like same as a group and there's that sliver of insanity that's in the public audience that I want to go photos of podcast 400 the actual 8 year anniversary the podcast is in early December like around the 9th or so why don't we do on anniversary 8-year open to the public stream and maybe we could call them that you would like shall we do like we did the one life live theater event where we did it at downtown Austin for the State Theater one owes you a lot of that would you like for lunch I'm coming up on the calendar every every voicemail tonight sounded like someone trying not to wake up apparently that second one the guy was sick he tweeted at us he said he was taking pictures you become part of the show review step up to the money you are Harley do people sometimes get taken aback by like that I can't wait to finally got sick we will talk to you literally the way either that is fair warning I feel like you are part of the show to get your survey went with respect we have respect we talk to each other like that in the last two years have you made a game and purchase decision before launch of a game based on the review we had 1100 respondents 72% of people said no in the last years they have not based in pre-launch decision on a review that was up 72% so 28% said they did in the last two years have you made a game purchase for a decision after the launch of a game based on review 70% said yes they had so clearly their people are making decisions for review as they're using them for games that already come out not fir games that about him early so they don't even really know you do I mean about what is your primary source of information for making game purchases is a region the options and I'll take the top 3 review sites new sites forums let's play the genre not the mushy brain podcast word-of-mouth trailers and marketing on on YouTube are not synonymous with YouTube or other please specify number one eats with Let's Plays 45% of people said they watch Laugh to determine if the next word of mouth that was 18% was there but there was only 3% of people that you can get from people talking about the game they played if you have played it if you have to see someone play and have fun in it I can see what that's the biggest driving. games and purchase it in to get it from video based content 25% get it from text based and only a smidge like 5% get them out of my sources you might hear some responses for where people get information to some other responses were load up baby twitch livestreams but I did include on there that's what somebody said for places to get information so we can all of them really but their primary one purchases without cross-referencing reviews Let's Plays and thoughts from Friends unless it's a game I personally anticipated from a studio that I believe in and I guess the real question is Doctor Strange going to be a good 30% of our audience doesn't care whether no good but it's a pretty high like five one ratio the fuel that doctor strange is going to be good I'm looking forward to it was like a horrible and all the reviews are so fucking great that I'm like I'm actually going to go see it opening night down at the IMAX I'm going to see it Thursday and I think I'm going to think I was going to be completely wrong just like I was with you got it baby hello so sorry I missed this post earlier Barbara when Erin walked on it is costume someone someone wrote God dammit Barb I missed it I should have thought that they said we need it who sings anybody else watching Black Mirror Steve British watch Black Mirror Bob start watching that this weekend is going to Ashley JD and I but JD and I just played so much civilization sick and we never going to have you watch the previous Seasons no don't spoil it for me please I really will stand alone weather in one of the episodes from this season this season three just came out one of the one of the season 3 episodes is easily the best episode of Black Mirror ever and maybe one of my favorite episodes of anything on television I've ever seen so fucking believe that such a title San Junipero one out with that one it's fine you can just start with any watched on Netflix check it out fucking amazing what would you classify as being your previous favorite episode of sci-fi Barbara stressed out I don't know that such a broad question out Steve Michael Star Trek the Next Generation episode the Inner Light which ones I don't the flute okay that's a really really good one I had to sit down and watch that episode it was a fantastic episode you don't do anything about it there's a lot there I wasn't too crazy about this season but overall quality what they're going to do things which were wrapping up here pretty soon nothing remind everyone if you're in the US go vote you have one week left and then we're done with this get out there and do it like I'm sure I want the election happens if you eat a huge relief feeling finally that's over but for about half the country going to be like no it's not over it's like I said that I couldn't is everyone really won't be leaving the conversation so I think I've talked about this out of pocket before but I vote every election possible even like the pit early City level ones that people wouldn't think about him because I guarantee you politicians are people in power pay attention to what districts have the highest voter turnout and if not many people are turning out to vote and I go and vote I guarantee you that we're getting more attention even on the city level eats really try to get my neighbors to vote just so that we have a higher engagement rate so that people aren't even on the local level will pay attention so if you can and you're in the US please go out there and do it I was watching Last Week Tonight the 13 states do not have early but you don't fucking listen to me not to mention of how and I know for those of you who are outside of the US you probably are even more sick of hearing about the rest of us but we're basing Travis County in Austin Texas and they said fir early voting we have in the first week we hit the totals that we got for the previous year like 30% of the people have voted in early voting so far as it goes I feel so strongly about there's going to be a huge turnout 10/200 president started video early start British podcast review the new set but we thought we talked about that you said so much we did it for 396 instead cuz nobody suspecting it will crank over 400 people probably been anticipating I hope everybody who's been watching this for the people who listen to everybody will see you guys next week thanks