#401 - The Clean and the Dead

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss being buried, the worst things to clean up, the 2016 election, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 7, 2016, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), Harry’s (http://bit.ly/2fwjhsS), Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/29tyrJm)

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Recorded: 2016-11-08 14:21:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome over to my dad's this week brought to buy Casper harry' zand trunk love you guys thank you for watching podcast I'm Gus Fibe in public burni I'm on my angle that is critical asphalt 30 seconds ago for about 5 minutes it was Sunday or Monday Monday what is my Monday started off bad 265 pretty early got a great parking spot put my car in park on Monday when I get back to work open up the door it was a giant turd right there like where I was supposed to stop to get out of my car and yeah it's like I'm not a person who is an animal bigger than a person it was like the width of my car and it was kind of like that Elon Musk which was he was when was BlizzCon out like last week last weekend he was he was watching blizzar announcements we're live streaming off-topic that's what it was he was tweeting about all the announcements blizzard was making but we're trying to live stream a podcast that's really interesting because anytime anybody here at the company tries live stream anything when we're actually live streaming from the company he gets probably has a secret that he can probably got a hundred megabit internet connection cable on my desk so I have my own internet separate from everybody else RT 4 pay the bills do about it but that was it was like they would like to do with someone drop an entire building and was on my desk so when you get put in charge you have all these responsibilities except one how can I make this better but I found it in the room and nobody was using me because I just got a fucking run yeah yeah sorry I've been trying to download Battlefield 1 watching the Xbox dashboard like a fucking her cause I'm sure some of you have been watching it as well because we announced today that our first step is about to go live on the Xbox dashboard and on Apple TV Apple TV it's already out there we just kind of waiting for just went love you shitting me like 10 minutes and just raise your hand if you watching this on an Apple TV on Xbox One and that's it that's the life I live now it's just slid sideways that's it is there an orientation lock the doors and I did use it today but it is not currently on restart it and you just restarted it Gus do you say what's up yeah I'm trying to figure out how to turn it on his butt and then do it I just did that actually work out here but that was cool short you see it was pretty good I never until I saw the store you know there's been like this whole like a GU about summer and everything I never put two and two together that it's a Spanish word until like the character starts speaking with a Spanish accent was like okay she just got back from Mexico I don't know Spanish in Spanish Gus what language Blaine take French Italian cuz I can pick up girls with Italian ice in Spanish because this is Texas where you said he can speak Spanish so I'm saying he forgot it is my guess so in Spanish do they have this solar pool for athletes were basically a role in the community college that's in fucking like a out of nowhere texts if it's if you're to buff and good looking it up to take Spanish basically if you play for the football team or whatever they want you to pass do they make you go to the easiest Community College Center for Spanish in the middle of nowhere education grades and I don't care what you want to look at your phone GPS I would like to point V graduate with honors Gus I will tassels to show that I was special and you're smarter than me have you ever had someone Presley what do you look for in an employee of you different for every position is different depending on what we're hiring for do you Google to see if it's only to pay for them Patrick out of bed and heard nothing they all still work at all still workout dude employees do we have a really high retention rate that I worked at a place which was a good company lots of good people work there but we had a 300% turnover rate in our worst year for that because it was tech support and people that do that job for like four or five months and then they would leave if I if you ever hear overqualified I know it's really frustrating to hear but it's a very actor things to tell someone they're overqualified for a job that is what the employer is telling you that point time is the second you get any other opportunity you're going to leave your going to be bored really annoyed with this you're broken no control and you left her up a little bit now I have a bunch of apps on my screen I take it back to my normal Desktop Windows do you do it you're talking about this is burni witnessing him right now to fix it for me the youngest whippersnapper let's see what you got her stop pressing my old MacBook Air still fly out of that window thing that goes over the top of them. You want how did you get up Blaine remove your password what do with something that he started talking about last week and we didn't get to that I remembered about mid-week what why would you bring that on me Google Fiber what a fucking Google Fiber Strang out to be working for Google Fiber in Los Angeles Gus a lot of her friends I think maybe was Seattle announced as well I remember the Los Angeles was definitely not everybody extra Greg Miller in particular may be that he's in San Francisco to the San Francisco and fuckers on the west coast Elon the Google Fiber was coming there and you're all like oh thank God we're finally going to get Google Fiber give me back my fucking laptop I love you little kid get off my lawn didn't fix it what you doing so we were thinking the time don't fucking believe to things you should never believe don't believe Google fiber installation dates of when they're going to arrive in your city but I don't believe Tesla dates when they say they're going to release a product they never correct but to be that guy when you are pioneering technology it's going to drift with fiber optic networks are not prying Harrington out with Nola is like the cheap consumer internet and building a fiber network is not pioneering technology I mean offering it to the masses I mean we already have providers in Austin - Central Texas to do fiber-to-the-home mygrande Smo Kickin It that already existed that would love to get the other you have your gigabit connection to think you have them to thank for it do we still have AT&T gigabit right that's been often there are Google Fiber the three different service provider second or gigabit and then Time Warner Spectrum Elder the fuck to call now I was at 300 megabit and all that happened because Google Fiber in out they're going to be here I switch from Time Warner to AT&T and switch off a 300 megabit connection is too slow do you switch off of Google Fiber - 18271 was talking I wasn't trying to fix my phone offic Spectrum as I know now why I'm wondering why do I things after the charter acquisition okay who's like the merger between Charter and Time Warner read something today currently promoting it now it's off the charts and get rid of the change something but someone died in this corpse lost it with liquid nitrogen completely freeze it and then they freeze dry it and then you can be buried in it like a 1000 Perfect's it's not just part of the Terminator James Cameron 2005 take more energy Gus to make enough heat to incinerate a human body or - making of liquid nitrogen I think the thinking is that we like you at least grade science experiment when your married and your child miss you don't really provide as much nutrients to the ground of plants but if you're Frozen and still busy with work it's not Thanksgiving you can embalming what it's like that's just mathematics at some point that we're going to run out of materials to make people if we don't like it when you're you're you're chemical so that they don't decompose naturally so they're never going to let you put something you're contaminating matter that's what I'm saying and it's like that all those materials are not Maya my one of my great-uncles used to work I don't know what he's doing I think I'm construction or something like that in her smash exhuming corpses and moving into a different Cemetery because they're going to build on the old Cemetery dude stay the fuck away from your uncle in back in the day they didn't know like that have the machine to supply to know someone was dead and that movie was called Poltergeist they didn't they didn't have the machines to know whether exhuming his body sometimes the coffin would fall apart because it's been down there and decompose into that and it's fun bodies like are they to find like you have scratch marks when in the coffin because people would be buried alive Chesterfield brother brother there's like it's her uncle took my great-uncle great-uncle decided to play a practical joke on his knees not practical jokes real and then the ex that my mom is it okay if this goes on that's my grandma she was super cool to get your body ready apparently was do they cut off a lock of hair before burying you cuz he had a lot of hair whatever on a walk and a poster with the scissors when cutting her and it woke her up so she messaged me to that funeral was like what happened I think it's can try for something but it didn't know how to bury people dug up bodies and move them right spoiler alert for movie that came out in the mid-eighties Poltergeist by Steven Spielberg it turns out that it still projected that no one gets like people yelling at me that Steven solar to actually director blooper they move the bodies and they build a Suburban neighborhood of the the old Cemetery but they didn't move the bodies of the big trick so that's what caused all the spiritual activity in the area my uncle to bring this back around to the uncle story my uncle is not my great-uncle that would make it really very coincidental my uncle is in the movie Poltergeist and he's the guy that they explain it to that like sets up the whole premise for the movie he's got to looking at the house and Craig T Nelson his character explains to my uncle know, and how they like relocated stuff built the suburban area in face is your uncle look like dude from the home video this is the kitchen I don't think I have the skill of this. 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Of time but time moves differently for tree communicate with each other I don't know 72 wealthy part of the Wolfie to go by the rules and what is a horoscope we talked about this better the author of your tree and have like your grandkids under being a wolf so that this will get him a little out of Blaine take it drop it drop it in people's cars if you love and it makes people sneeze burni change my mind I'll be true tell me straight up people's nose you're allergic to it by Metallica akzo Nobel on remove any tattoos I got the lamest to Gavin just Build-A-Bear didn't move a muscle like that like I don't have anything to absorb what happened what would you have done the pit stop I just had a new drink put down right in front of me Brandon came by to say hello you don't have married couples do and he got to the table then you immediately with his arm just knocked my entire drink right into my lap like that from the time he was on the table it was in my lap and might have been about three seconds and you do that when you knock over a glass you've done this before right now it's awful do you guys get an adrenaline rush when that happens unlike anything else do you have I not I'm like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan where the whole world gets flat and like I hear things from a distance I do I don't know why you guys don't have that it's you if I catch the drink before it spills you get like yeah that was cool about it though we got to find a way to play it off it's like a trick shot video where they throw the basketball bounce off the roof hits off the windshield of the car and then goes into the hoop the guy you can tell if you do - 5 hours and the best videos RT just walked away like no big deal right we can't ever do that cuz I've been doing it for 5 hours so they always freak the funk Outta to me it ruins the video they just go ahead and leave I can understand why he can't bring himself to do it I had that reaction when we were doing it but she in in Skyrim cabbages that one time for tricksho where it seemed like they were playing off of that we had cabbages you see it that over the huge dick but I thought it was your video right up until that moment it looks the same ya know something today that I can't believe that I did do I load up Minecraft Let's Play Minecraft because I was going to download Titanfall 2 to be able to talk about him play some of the campaign and talked about in the past but it's a 45 gigabyte game solar big on the Big Bang to be clear this is a digital download you're not taking it from a disc and it's all the stuff that is correct a bearing on how fast the copies date off of Jessie send it from the disc to the internet and invite them somewhere I will fix it 2556 right depending on number players every one of them 45 gigs is like that's too much for a game is installing some games my whole life think of what is on that disc 8 gigs that's all you need for the Texas on the game but it that it gives all you need is a to make Halo Halo it was pretty much I like I like it because it feels I feel like I'm getting my money's worth 60 bucks that's it is 12 Megs I feel like I couldn't download when it launched Halo 5 take up to 60 gigs Halo 5 - 60 gauge pretty game too much in text files and stuff I never say that again please the guy who downloaded into 63 hours I was 10% of the way the fuck it I downloaded and installed Minecraf instead of know what made me do that I almost was because of you just Minecraf just bored and wanted someone to play yeah I was just got with someone to play video game until your thought process was I'm going to stop the download of this one game and I've been waiting on you could you going to be done in to wait and download another game Minecraf for instance is only like 18 gigs Minecraf V mag game no what I never I have never played Minecraft on the Xbox from the PC I don't have it I don't think I have a single achievement my kids might have actually gotten cheaper for me no complaints but Minecraf music by game two and a half billion dollars they pay for that should be 20 20 megabytes somewhere between 20 20 megabytes depending on the world supposed to text your high quality sound I have Nola that have played Titanfall 2 solar might be worth the 45 big download will see our favorite doctor strange strange to be like that I saw doctor straight the show the first hour of Doctor Strange in that had to let you know I had to I got invited to go to the IMAX screening for Doctor Strange Thursday but I forgot I had booked a speaking engagement for the University of Texas's longest running speaker series so they could say no to that that's my mother and I forgot that I planned it like 6 months ago I had it on my calendar as November 9th luckily the dude wrote me and goes hey we're going to see you on Thursday looking for to Italy will ship November 4th November 9th of November 11th is when I had it's funny because spoiler alert no that's my uncle Tesla if you get those glasses he was also on help I think everybody likes my big dick thank you very much it's Dick Clark and Ed McMahon Strang show you that was Impractical Joker he was like on that a couple different times like it was part of the joke like he was he was a used car salesman that like made a guy buy a jalopy you know something whatever passes like a really edgy joke in the eighties I love that show brake light bulb 77 I saw the funniest thing the other day which was like the progression of privacy on the internet which was it was over it was like 2000 don't give me but you really don't talk to anybody you don't know online 2008 don't get into strangers car show 2016 literally use the internet to get a stranger to come pick you up in the car I'm talking for however long your car ride the other ten times worse taxi ride is like a 20 minute commercial for Uber in the first response you going to be just flat with your first response like fun how are you and the family I am not still they still are unrelated I don't know nobody have a chance to make a friendly face I guess the key is headphones the headphones I felt very lucky when we were in Mexico and I couldn't speak she didn't new bir getting an Uber in another country can you just like I don't know I got told I speak very good Spanish for Korean I was I was going to drop it I guess he felt like a big Factory down there's a bunch of Koreans in the area now and I was at the factory that was crazy it was like any good stories yeah we went to we went to Sesame Street but like Mexican sésam Plaza sésam surreal theme park because it was like. There's like no one there but like maybe 20 kids running around and it was one of the things that they didn't have the part fully staffed so there are some rides are shut down there are some rides that you go up to him and then they would break in and be like hey come back in 5 minutes and you can go back and you know I seriously doubt we did it too there's one I mean that was like it's fun you and here I was going to die and we get here like the engine backfiring while such a weird like Barbie with a pink one I don't know and they followed us around there is like a pink thing the Greater by the hand and started leading her away really I would like to go on eating like a really fun time can I get that you went all the way down to Mexico with Gus now and then didn't invite him when you guys went out you literally want 1014 Parliament motion fart a lot in the bus though duration right now looking for info Plaza sésam I'm trying to find out the name of the pink character yeah it followed us around though we went to a gift shop it was like it look like a gift like North Korea because there's no one in there and like there's like not that many things being sold and then we looked outside and it was like looking at it as like watching a funny but it's also strange empty V place that has like really strange things for sale and what do you think is the most unrelatable semillitas ever been on the way back since I didn't take the bus I the flight from Monterrey to Houston - Houston Austin you guys know there was a lot of bad weather over the weekend here and also let the rain so when I was flying from Houston to Austin Nola it's like a 45-minute flight probably even less but it took like an hour and a half to run all the way there and I could tell they were getting ready to run to the bathroom or something on my dick listen to the toilet while the planes doing this to him moving start you can't stop out stop I understand that things like another to stop and put my pants back to business half empty - turbulence this was the beginning of a long period of time do not really so I've been there I got you into that bathroom and I'm trying to get out but the trip was so bad I couldn't open the door the grounds it was in Austin between Houston to OKC Roo coming to Austin solar eventually out of my way out of the door and I come out into the galley and the flight attendant is literally sitting on the ground now he's like sitting on the ground bracing herself with the car she looks at me she was you better sit on the ground to fight to sit on the ground with the flight attendant in the daily rate for the trailer lights run run to your experience right when I have my dick in my hand Perfect's I managed to avoid that I just know I'm really pissed all over the bathroom and you didn't clean it I just found my dream episode so you pissed all over bathroom and did not clean it up I don't know man that's why I forgot how far off Target where you it was no I don't think I got any wonderful day the only thing people touching their truth and it out you going to the thing at that point she just things like that level so it's not like I was trying to say laugh when you on the ground I could the dude would have come back up on the roof that I didn't have a seatbelt on the bank and I'll be back about falling down it's about helping out if you knock yourself unconscious dude I just a little slow but that's love right there that mean you're as for me I'm probably hitting my head out anyway so you must be in the same to know because you're just barely short of a night of it at least Brian I'm at the rink we have today you know they're not the kind that have water in them already that usually just so lost in so many pits in them they fill up so if you were doing to it would be storing all of your piss and poop and if that was once everyone's here there's no way it would have slashed into you that's a good point Sorry on the phone when the button I would have left from the bottom of the bowl out on to the floor in a play what do you do what do do Gavin that happened to you what are you doing LIF do you do if you get out you leave the park I'm going to be pissed so good about one piece Blain taking pictures with it he's taking selfies with that you know you got yourself I probably just apologized a lot and be like I can handle that you would not pick up your own show with a glove Why You Treat Me So Bad venom venom oh my God what are you so I would get something this weekend I went to Philadelphia Pennsylvania I'm so freaking good really so good although I gotta say it's really good Cheesesteak that's in Austin and now it's like having gone to Philadelphia never been there before lovely city at Quiznos went really well the turkey did you have a reservation steaks and carrots we talked about Way South Philly no I'm talking about Delaware Subs that's a great Cheesesteak dude or something better I think it right to do what's right where was the hardware store and we talked about it for years the hardware store and then cook barbecue there as well and they had some stuff was upstairs but they had a Cheesesteak I was made out of brisket sliced brisket and it had Jalapenos in it and it was so freaking good as a cross between a chopped beef sandwich and a Philly cheesesteak I mean I have no clue let me know how do you count calories on BBQ Big Slab of meat have it says the sandwich size for lettuce things from this to this it was probably was probably somewhere between the corps but you're not there was Big Oak BBQ big out and it was Billy what is the worst mess to clean up clean up throw up from a lot of people I've got two kids so they're gross of shit I threw up after changing a diaper I did come out of diaper duty for like a year was like we can handle this if I didn't it's going to be a nightmare your own hypothetical poop vomiting over there because we suggested that you might see one of your out about the fully grown man poop kid like other Corpse Bride sometimes but it's like it's not really poop to think about like 6 months or so and I think it's his business and everything else I mean if you throw up occasionally throw up in the morning that I was somehow most people broke in your stairwell and shit everywhere bad dude didn't like his Texas heat so just got cooked in there for a while and so humid it's Mel just heard a noise by the control room and never hurt somebody's indiegog harry' Congress Ave Ste D arcade Twitter the 2013 I better use a fake name online 2015 I guess I can use my real name 2017 sorry to my fans for being late posting today's butthole pic okay I would love to see like what the internet looks like in five years like this evening escalating war of things that people do to get an audience and it's just like how many people to kill somebody on camera or something like that I miss my to be like walking into situations with somebody beat the shit out of them you know and they do that and they call it a prank or if that's okay if your practice over I see less of that now it's like in my mind like the prank and the social experiment that videos were always closely linked and I'm glad to see that like the social experiment that is her yeah pretty much but realizing how many of them were set up or fake kidnapped the guy and then take the metal things that Sam Pepper he was involved and I think it was nothing so let's in abduction somebody someone shooting someone feel like that was like about this weekend video with that real pranks like safe ones that don't hurt anyone products Big Star Wars screencaps funny or like are you going to the Rogue one preview what I'm going to do one more the company we're going to that one or the one next week don't do this to me I can't handle this cuz like we're going to be wrapping in the kitchen what color to do to socks on I bet you're excited Rogue one and I was going to be a bad predictor of movies I just like I think I just reached a point where it's like I'ma try to keep my expectations low and I'll be pleasantly surprised Doctor Strange as I know I can comic new movie Snow White solar mysticism garbage don't you know what do with that fucking great movie I laugh because you said you to leave for speaking engagement that was like part of the movie is the origin remember but I thought he said we were sitting there she was sitting next to me and I had to leave her and I met by the way it is impossible to get out of your room without disturbing literally every person that I'm so paranoid about it until on the out you should act like I don't want if I die I don't know I'm not going to get up but if I have to I don't want to have to bother for to people on the way out we had to leave early she said dead center she got there just before I did she said dead center which they were great seats no results Nola Museum that's where our actual IMAX theater is not made up imax's they have now we're just kind of like your license game this is like that right there because I'm leaving early and then she Gus I wish I'd gotten popcorn on my phone do you want popcorn and she's like out of a DUI can get some popcorn she want she like that kind of yeah so I had to like make another trip in an out nitrogen come back you're stepping all over every drop off at 1:40 tonight but the movie was really good I saw I saw $99 box also interested in the first row I think I was a dude I got sore neck from doing that that is not a good fit to be in the front row there's yeah it was okay I should have doctor things are going to work because we got there it was raining that day so people in line up outside for like 2 hours early will they do it this year cuz there's no reserved seats and people to do that we got like really decent seats right in the middle of the theater like showing up 20 minutes before the movie starts with at the start something at 7 and I was on the far right Roo and that that plays like if you get shit seating so there's probably like 15 to 20 good seats in a theater the rest of my dog should your other life yeah it's always interesting because of the whole movie with iMac setup between regular movie and it's only got like maybe when the frame is stuff like why I never talk to anybody who watches a movie like that I think it was the same way we're not just don't notice it laugh IMAX that's love like floor-to-ceiling Johnson I just know it was like this to them this is you I didn't see that do you think it's lazy filmmaking do you think it's kind of like brakes the viewing moment where you take her to the emergency on the road I think it is actually worse than not knowing if I think that breaks your love IMAX footage where's the rest of us we just get the emotional impact of it being bigger and that's what they're intending it's like when they did one of The Hunger Games they did a brilliant thing where when she goes up the elevator to go into the arena under the fucking Hunger Games on his corpse change the aspect ratio of the movie that goes from like I don't know it's like 2:35 to 1 when she goes up the elevator it's like as soon as it comes back it's a much more so than their transition in one of the black light Stripes of it going by it goes to 2:30 thats really cool in there they wouldn't all the flashbacks with black and white and all the present was color and the way they try to ditions was the Polaroid like slowly exposing on to the thing but call it would come in at the same time some people that we know it's the transition are these all Christopher do Interstellar Yahoo Japan a movie that I really like that which God how precious did the movie turn out to be as children of men and there's some of the tapes in there there's one taking particular where it's a very long one there's a lot of long takes in that movie and about to cut there's one where no blood gets on the camera lens at one point and then slowly gradually goes away like just like disappear solar cgp out I guess the other probably had a cut and it may be and I think it was practical it was something practical on the landslide that made it look like it was still there and then slowly faded away like Gavin noticing that like now when I see that scene all I can think about is blood on the street I was just wish I didn't know that anyone taking so long take it stresses me out because I just keep waiting for the cut and likes me extra special to JD he couldn't care less about it really was a burn ban burn ban the one with the flexible look like one that stressed me out the entire movie was just like that and I really the first time I've been paying on it Zac Efron because I watch on plane not really I just really like good-looking Tarantino movies shot in 70 millimeter hateful eight on a plane so I was like oh my God this huge viewing thing it was like man, I forgot I was watching on a plane but it like had like a fucking hardcore sex scene in it and I was like I just like it lasts a really long time lasting long and I was like I need to get past this I'll fast-forward to hit fast forward and Rewind sexy hope you are watching this and its uncut format enjoy it dude I wish sometimes I could just quickly censorshi scene because we just don't have the week off I love you and I watch the nice guys and give a censored the audio that really did know that likes it a fucking headphones to watch this movie and it was completely beating the hell out of the car that's what you get for fucking a stranger in the ass this is what happens when you meet a stranger in the Alps what are they try to do they try to find something happens like phonetically matched his mouth and said that's what they came up with a reminder when the podcast is also my hair is so things to harry' for sponsoring this episode The Rooster Teeth podcast harry' spy blade razors now include softer flex and your for more comfortable Glide trimmer blade for hard to reach places a lubricating 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don't normally use frequently to the cloud and then you must use on your hard drive yeah I guess you never complain the game is 48 gigs to play Big Lebowski - out like that in this in any way so we'll see if YouTube Lou this is the censored version of The Big Lebowski dude what you up V Craigslist John Turturro is making another liquid directing a movie and bring back his Jesus character from Big Lebowski but it's not the same at least favorite character in the movie The Jesus Christ show on the do in there but he's just like his brothers movies interesting people really latched onto the Jesus people like him but I think I felt like film things like that Waterstone but it's not really really long taking that movie where the guy falls the strike and they do that big clumsy the dialogue that goes back to the guy bowling alley Dude Perfect office video dude Perfect's new office the big long discussion right before the process of what would happen to our old podcast years they're going to Gus teet chairs in his office so he has to take the hand-me-down old office or podcasts the stairs that Gus didn't want to know that I have the old couch in my office is like the office I've been to many other you know the dude Perfect's in ridiculous dude you gotta see it it's your day off you don't never eat any food truffles video Behind the basketball court that's really cool random why is there soccer field the cost of on fucking bubbles damn great the big Warehouse right so I filled it out would be like see that's what we should do we should think of our office as the way Tom Hanks tour of his place and pick a great light trampolines everywhere fun stuff we should also be filing cabinet get rid of that there's people everywhere in this building and hugs and chest bumps YouTube V & Blaine and he was very distressed that I don't trust you you just said when you were here before the podcast and then burni like started stepping on the bag that he thought my burrito is in and you just staring at me like we do Corps of your personality one of your traits you like putting your foot on people's face I just tried calling on average ACT about someone you know because I tried I actually farted in there until a biker helmet today cuz you get pink eye drop trou and farting it or just fart through your pants other people have I'm glad that I passed this along to other people because one of my moments I had a moment of self-reflection was we went to Freebirds burrito and they give you this one is gigantic British people and they wrap it in tin foil to give it to you and we went out we sat at our table and eat it just put his down out of work and I was like I was like you got 4 kids and he gets up he leaves as soon as he leaves his tin foil cover breather sitting there taking my fat ass to the tin foil you can fly into the up and down and back and forth I guess I'm going to get another burrito the ruins Dora the grackles eat it so it didn't go to waste bir sure at some point in my life but I heard you but just recently not like in the last couple years to somebody and see where they want to eat and we can celebrate out he went things what's that to you can you stick your toe in his burrito. What was that sandwich was a sandwich my favorite and do whatever you like it was super sad when their food shows up and I just hit my hand like my fingers you don't own anything of mine that is so disrespectful it's like this is my toes like decade have you ever seen me hanging around in bare feet solar things that I do I don't hang around in bare feet I bet you're going to tell me something what V Nola smell do you secure so that I wouldn't have it I wouldn't be surprised Burnie 19 years ago what used to be in bare feet then we worked out of a spare bedroom for 24 hours a day and you were in your own home and you could take your shoes off did you let him take his son so that place is really far away you're coming just showed up at my house with a bir weed over somewhere else it stopped and picked up that burrito in the town of you too and then driven out to your house with it to eat it no it was absolutely true absolutely true did you like working out of your spare bedroom without your best commute ever well I like tomorrow the first no because you the last person Russia to quit your day job and so I would come home and go to work and I come home and work another meeting so the first know they want to quit I was home all the time yes and Jordan my wife at the time she was constantly complaining that I was never around like I was either working at extra job when I come home and I'll be working in the office the whole time she's like I never see you I never see you and I stayed home and I like work from home you're working at home is not the best thing ever like it sounds like it would be because you said so convenient so you haven't taken like online classes to fucking work I can't I've got my office at home with no distractions and stuff from there but do you like playing games and then I'll just forward that look like smaller spaces offices they have their cell phones that's like like Ryan in the office I've got two spaces for you and me what do you mean little big ass fucking really decent internet connection at the fucking 4 gigs over the course of 4 hours that I had diculous is the World War 1 ended the Frog down some healthy food funn my favorite Battlefield game for Lou Who played Titanfall between Battlefield about halfway through the campaign and Titanfall played any of the other Scrolls games before Livia I don't realize they came up with all those place names in the very first game like they have Skyrim Winterhold and places with in Skyrim in the map and even go to all of them in the first game you can go anywhere in this place is in what's the first school the arena really I think they made it so you can travel to other than the traveling part was way more fun than the main game saving those RT Karina they've been at it all this extra story and plot and back story just like the GTA Liberty City Vice City and San Andreas in the very first game of 03 I'll check it out and see but I would like to play a hardcore version of Skyrim where it doesn't give you any of your stuff like it doesn't give you? Or for those kinds of things are you to remember why it won't take me long and I'll let her Elder Scrolls games used to be like that ultimate was like that was like hey when you get to this guy tell him this word and it will tell you where to go next and you like okay there was any more Corps the told you where the guy was good tell you how many meters away directions LIF Nothin automate like whenever you talk to that guy do you have to like type it was like that you can so many places you can type stuff you can name stuff to see what it is I think has one of the biggest worlds in any game ever made that's like 63000 square miles or something I remember playing games like that like questing stuff for you playing a game or I would play a game and I have a notebook for the game with me at the computer as like as people told me stuff to tell out if you like it you be riding down like a character names and words and whatever I miss those days like I game who played Arena out before would probably think Skyrim is stupid dumb down and simplistic was like you have to do that so it's a mainstream game there's no way people would play at a couple now he was on call so I didn't get the sales it was like if this crap down anymore membership things stuff like that so I can I swing by I'm in the city you can go later this is the world the alternate side there's a resistance what's the password for the resistance you know it's like no I don't know you write down fucking miss dude and you like eww he's in the resistance would I find the password bring it back I had a page of people who are all like what's the password to this is to give mother fuckers once I joined the resistance and by the time when I found the guy who told me the password I was like then I was like alright you might like those black-and-white composition books that's what I had done everything I could you play the very first Splinter Cell game that was a mechanic in that number and find out the code after I put in the code and going through the door you have to run up to it and look at the more vision and figure out which was the hottest to the coldest of each press and figure out the time that I was a cool mechanical the same every time you could have been but it was cold it was what is a megaphone attacks and we had to be game competition I think that one of the rounds was a trivial thing I think most people remember and one of the ones was like something we've all seen a thousand times it's like what is the code that the terrorists punch into the bomb in Counter-Strike before the client it I think that was like the championship? That will determine if they've got it right like wasn't a part of it and he knew that I didn't ask him to 56782 but I just I just 1538 so I found it yet but it says 735-5608 and it looks like several button presses and even fucking even in the zip code the election but it really is the election is tomorrow the presidential election the United States of America 2016 out on to it like a lot of people getting really mad right now but it's recording tonight the election results or tomorrow I thought we should do a live podcast tomorrow she's going to talk to you about delaying it and doing on Tuesday and 7 do in a Wednesday night like a while ago and some people call me out for it but we start talking about the politics on the podcast - no I don't talk about it but then I tweet about it but my whole thing is like will they come here to watch the entertainment on my Twitter for my personal opinion I don't know do you think we can separate or would you care to the people that like basically found the company would you that founded the company would you or would you not want to know politically and you feel like when we started for the first Chronicles to 10 years that we did stuff I was very silent anything political religious stuff I would like anything that I considered controversial I don't feel like this one to be silent is very damaging but you really just don't think it's that hard to figure out people in the city we live in because the u.s. president controls the us but if you're lucky enough to be American and have to do it the whole planet and I wish I could but I can't because you have influence on people that are Yosemite happy that it was today we were discussing it after the Monday meeting with you if you've seen the first log on Mondays you know the way every Monday we have an all-hands meeting on Monday Vlog make that public to do it on the same meeting we were talking about the election coming up and I learned something I did not know which was this is the first female candidate that we've ever had for president major party should say it because there's been other female candidates for president just one of the major parties and I went back and I looked it up so it's obviously I would think a huge motivation for women to vote for Hillary simply because it evens the playing field a little more if we have a female president skyri said we have a lot of ground to make up there that's half the population right so if women show up to vote for Hillary it's almost like a lot and I thought about how many African American voters voted for Barack Obama in his first election what percentage of African-American voters do you think voted for Barack Obama was first won his first one Obama McCain when he was first asking what is the percentage of 2/2 out of how many African Americans of the voting African Americans what percentage voted for Barack Obama in the past and it was fairly High I want to say it was like 90% I take a crack at 72 it was 97% between 96 and 97 that would you just think about how people register in a party African American population things like 12% of the population in America 97 percent of those people you know that is like that is an incredible amount people probably I would guess probably 30 I'm just guessing here 30% of the American population is registered as Republican in 25 to 30% of Gus and it's like 97% but 90% of women voter to be a contest 75% of women it wouldn't be a contest it's it's it's really interesting to me and I think that this election is like kind of in swing now for women that are not voting for Hillary that are that are choosing which - 30 million people voted in the 2008 presidential election hundred and thirty million people to sizable amount turn up yeah so what will this one more thing already record turnout in early voting and people just show me about you Travis County where we already talked about this last time we were pretty close to passing are 20 20 2012 election general election totals in early voting we're like at 55% right now he's good about the outcome I'm not scared of any president results what I'm scared of more than anything else is I'm fearful about you know just let people know that you know the elections coming it's it's tomorrow it's going to finally be over to find the door it's really not going to be over I'm worried that we've reached some kind of Tipping Point we have such a huge Rift in the middle of this country and people like that feel like they have to be home on Saturday have been there I have seen some really disturbing videos and it's escalating if we can close to election things I'm really Disturbed language I've seen millions of people saying that the election is rigged before the election even happen but you know I mean so I think no matter who wins or who doesn't and I can't imagine if Trump wins he's like a little here he's not my president I can't believe these fucking morons voted for this guy if Hillary wins were going to hear a bunch of people saying it was a dude she cheated that it was rigged the media media media media device either way then we're going to be going to be a republican leadership saying you know during the bush and Obama years where the same thing you know the parties that didn't win a complaint about a part of that did when saying the same thing there's not many president with Carrie and stuff like that was right before I went back and watched that window they had dinner it's right after the debates and right before the elections and supposed to show up and then they have like a bunch of speakers and stuff like that it was Obama and McCain in there like to joke until they were so respectful of one another they were just talking about how great their opponent was not like the other one there's a guy I don't really like this make it early tonight for a while and there was a quote from him Corps and George W which was a hugely contentious election and he had asked what we said paraphrasing here that you know this is tough but very confident that whatever the results are Americans will come together at the end of this and we'll work together as Americans that's what we do we come together and work together we have solidarity sometimes it will be to come back from this you don't want to resolve you know what's going on right now with the election and someone play that Corps to him now and he said do you still feel that way now because I absolutely don't feel that way and it had nothing to offer he's like it's just it's not like he didn't want anything to do with this and he's like I just I don't think we're in that place anymore things are totally different place now so pretty fucking sobering across-the-board my parents and I butt heads above full cold but it's it's it's gotten pretty heated and it's got to the point where I just understand that I just don't talk to them that pay more and get his uniform because one of my family the swings at the time being very common theme here in Texas where everyone from this generation and their parents is such a different time I'm always on the same page with my parents about stuff really just like the general beliefs and stuff and it's really it's one of things I had to say interesting site where it's like I tried to think from my dad's perspective and like how I feel about his candidate and it's like I just don't understand why why he would want that and then I try to think of her for my dance recital the table it's like he thinks the exact same thing it is a immovable object and an Unstoppable Force like there's just no chance to look at you look at you look at Wednesday hopefully all the election dust has settled we have a new president-elect at that point in time could you say comfortably that whoever the candidate that you're not voting for that you would be able to say on Wednesday that's my president I'm in I'm on board with this person this is who the country voted for the Democrats I don't like to feel like swearing allegiance to a racist morons racist sexist moron and the other half the country will feel like you're swearing Allegiance switch when you do a corrupt criminal Washington Insider Washington Insider funded by the Saudis excetera excetera friend of Wall Street and Wall Street and its system you know what I don't see either side being comfortable with and we're so close to the you know being a 50/50 that is just like a lot of people George Washington pretty to the two party system would be what is America so here's my help I really I hope that we take this opportunity to get the momentum going for plaza building more that's the upside of this election more people vote and that we don't like losing momentum I'm afraid this will be like as I'm done but it's a huge election coming two years after this to keep the ball rolling and I really hope we get some good third-party candidates and people don't have the fear of voting 3rd party you know they say like okay next time we're going to like in the meantime I'm going to try to develop some real third party allegiances and try to build up some other kind of party with crowdfunder presidential run do you want me and you let's start over dude I want to say that I provide my birth certificate will you accept the outcome phone and internet party 2020 burn normally talk about that but I think that could be the next big party is like do you just run as the internet candidate and say everything that I'm going to do I'm going to focus on protecting the internet as we know it today and making sure I can go forward and grow as it has over the course of the last 15 to 20 years and it whatever people are trying to do to make sure that doesn't happen or just carve off pieces of it as ownership I'm going to protect and make sure that doesn't happen to do that person I think part of my life then turn it back on it's like it's a huge Boon to trade and I would argue by next election it will be even bigger I think we're going to find them or more of our life is on the internet that in 4 years the inside of my butthole Sabrina's all supposed to Elon Musk made this came out and said that he thinks we should move to a universal basic income so that was really interesting was that mean so guaranteed like you will make x amount per year that people like why wouldn't you just have the housing in the food be government-subsidized and I'm not provide that was it that's half dozen to 1 right but why would you give people money to then have them pay it somewhere instead you could just provide a certain level of housing in a certain amount of food to everyone when you're removing Choice from people that yeah but the money they can spend however they want to automation is getting to the point where your people to think of automation is being robot arms welding cars in Detroit but that automation is this is like taking over example he didn't talk about it but Elon Musk is a guy pushing forward self-driving cars self-driving cars exist they're here and I think are coming more rapidly than what people think that he's going to be just a few years from now when they're just out of their cars moving forward are capable of that which is a huge transportation company that owns no vehicles whatsoever they have ordered or put an order for 500,000 autonomous vehicles from somebody Detroit I want to say it's for like buying cause they said that yeah he said he would buy those autonomous cars from them the moment they got 500,000 cars tomorrow Uber we know this because we were not they would eliminate probably three million drivers from the road because the 500,000 card to just go all day and all night not sure if they would eliminate they would turn off their employee base in a minute do in Austin when a regulation passed they pulled out of Austin that gave their workers because they're not actually workers and unemployed their drivers in his weird kind of category that aren't employees they shut off those jobs in 48 hours they were gone there was never anything I don't know if it was because she didn't send it to do it the ridge keep themselves or someone else you know just like people don't you know people don't wear these things or they don't explore you know the deep sea we can't we have cameras and drones to do that so that you'll go off and do other things you know and it's just I think we're moving at such a pace and we're automating things that were previously not automated that I don't in the economy is going to be able to keep up with it so what happens when people can't work there there are computers now that write legal contracts and it will write them better than people there are computers that study medicine and make diagnoses there still will be a position for people to get your computer unstuck from orientation to horizontal on this is we're getting a lot closer than most people realize that it's a lot it's going to happen a lot quicker what happens if we have an economy that's not based on jobs and it's ever been based on in developing new ways to make less jobs the one thing that new movie about tens of thousands of people 10 years ago Gus to read an article about Amazon's Warehouse remind me Office Depot or something the company for products and they had automated trams that would go run and pick the products off the shelves and they work in conjunction with people they got rid of all the people because when the people on the floor they to turn down the speed of the drunks to avoid injury OSHA rules and things like that the people they could double or triple the speed of the drunks that they would move at 40 miles an hour with if there were no people in the warehouse conditioning stuff that the environment happy for you I'm really happy that he's probably not the people that do that so that you things to be like that if there is any alien race in the universe and that is not just artificial intelligence is every planet is what does life exist just to create artificial intelligence in organic life dies off and it takes over travel to space you don't need to feed it you don't you just provided oxygen really you don't need to worry about too much about like radiation on at least a variance so that it can tolerate radiation is much greater than the human body not built for that there could be a corpse isn't there bored so bored yet fucking whore to do in understand me examples of humans need not apply cgp you should absolutely go watch a lot of things I just said I took directly from that video in particular is a great example things that Society takes a turn and then people just become artists and Scholars something like you love musk to mention that in the interview didn't really watch the moment that was a great example that if you ever lying societal impact of the original Star Trek was that there is no money in that world that people live they go to school and they do what they want and there are jobs for them but everyone is provided which is great that is basic level of living it's a very like socialist society that everyone lives in and but you still manage to find jobs for people and things for them to do Corps pieces of technology in the Star Trek universe teleportation Transportation issues and shipping of all kinds and then you take the device in the wall that makes the food replicator it's whatever you want what do you not get what the what are you not going to return the money to buy the things you got that link you can make something or you borrow your friend's CU Nola mean it's interesting what you're saying about how you know that could be another place in the universe where they get life to some point and then they make an hour and then they die off your dad just left and he left with a dead under my trunk club no secret that great at making time to shop for clothes I still want to look good Trunk Club can help trunk makes it easy for you to look your best in 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to go to the show to trust Madison Building to see new to this vision of the future is just by in like I don't even have that that people are going to do that I mean I think one of the things we've seen for this election is not going to buy into this idea of losing jobs like and if it's fine until it's their problem so this doesn't affect me those people to lose their jobs not me and then it's just that creep is why I'm offic to mention consistency every experience we the same you won't have to worry when you get into new but if the guy's going to be a shot you bought it or if you want to come she is an idiot and has the worst breath ever if I make an online order the burritos could be much higher quality than if I go in order on the line I don't know if they take it as a separate person or they do it's a separate line or what but if I go there at like Titanfall part they fucking love me if that's what to do with side of the Chipotle okay that's a couple they live nearby they have cell phones but ignore them the first time I went through sorry I don't write to me and so I went in and then I'm at the register I bought a gift card for $20 worth back out and gave it to the guy the next time I came he was there again and I was like no memory of me you know that means it's like I was like oh you're all the fucking time I've ever actually wanted to be like dude I always say I don't have cash dude still owes me like I don't to be that rude but you know I never carry cash I lied very nice Clifton Woods bouldering I feel like livestream is this coming weekend it's this Saturday he's not traveling so much now like we planned something else coming up that she liked everything about to extra life really blessed one everybody differently but Gus you heard about me no I had this trip planned before I can work on your personal things they were doing a doing a site visit in Sydney for the new venue for RT exit why you get involved with that you're doing to me off today but I already bought a plane ticket and plan this and then the date was the $200 you can change your plane ticket but different the difference was coming back from Philadelphia I got the airport on your name as I pull up my the record locator punch to next Sunday with the kids there so I think it was between 5 p.m. we landed in Dallas and midnight it was with you last night Sunday it was 9 flights that we're going to Austin on various carriers every one of them sold out every last fucking flight was sold out and the first one we try to grab we landed V we ran to the one that was taking off at 5:45 it had it was a full flight dude was 19 people on standby it was fun because of the weather yesterday there were flights cancelled in flights delayed when I finally landed after peeing all over the bathroom they were flight schedule departing that was 6 hours delayed no shit when we landed we spent an hour waiting for a gate to open because there was so many backup lights to car from Houston to Austin in a similar situation and it was a super cheap rental normally I'm used to them charging you a ton of money when you give it to her bones if we had better because I'm at two separate groups of fans at the Czech stop kolache places between Dallas and Austin got to stop there in West Texas West Texas, Texas right outside of our hotel we came back in their Tuxedos and suits in Easley no pictures yet I'm driving no I didn't change the kids V I think I might still be drying out from from how drunk I was last year it's not like you didn't last year you did two years with the vessyl more than my body you're still working for the kids it's right now this Joe the cat is going to make his appearance the group led by 7-Day Survivor it's okay baby I have to be for like 14 hours to do it what you think of that before sorry I don't know what the street address of history is that she would go into like achievement on to this and lost your thought about doing like what the 7-Day Survivor do you think is more in the history of Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter and everything else what a cheap meant do you think you wanted one achievements I don't know that I'm defending Corps was pretty cool too no just fell asleep in the car that I went to very end stab the guy no no no I got a shot in my arm and it was like no sorry only people shooting in the first time I got shot in the face Grace now it's so crazy how far we've come do it the other night as well because it was so difficult to get game play footage ever recorded mile high club I think your do is like maxed out like you was blowing out and every second and it was something and you're just now I don't have it now anyone can just do a perfect 1080p 60fps stream no issues let you do it reverse blue in high definition for out of mind we have to buy special hard drive that were fast enough to record the HD footage does a hard drives like in your computer the time just wouldn't do it this is like compression wasn't even that good at to be like big V you never mention how many gigs I would totally would never mention how much space you have on hard drive will be like yesterday this room you will never feel it what is the thing you hope in the future you will say like I can't believe we did X what's what's the thing you'll say that why is the charger that's exactly right power wires through walls it's at I just can't wait for that moment they'll be a time when electric wires running all over the city to connect the houses to out your phone whenever Gus to be charged and you won't remember any of the way it is you have your phone in your phone stop working as it used to be when your phone was at home Seattle announce the the batteries go the solar tiles they did a demo of the yes I would ceiling tiles on roof shingles the overlap of the installation would be such that you would like to lose some LIF square footage of solar Ness you know your build a capture if you like that would be a big deal you know that you have to get them exactly lined up just right thing that time and most material is solar storm I give you a break when you find that that doesn't take long but it's okay because I love in general I like weird products the team with the big thing on Indiegogo was at the time I think I remember such bullshit hexagon tiles that were going to be a solar road that would generate power for the community as a corset and it raised a bunch of money it was like I haven't heard anybody solar roads and said no no no the was it so then depression - .2 million dollars and I think they built like a hundred foot section Rogue you like yeah that's what we just going to contact Your Vessel they give me updates on a quarterly basis as to where your compass it's on its way they said the other cup the right the one that's just a cup I had to fill out a form for that giving in to them that I was going to like take their little the little fucking up there and try to send me I will be clear about something the company was just recently bought by Verizon their name is vessyl and they were bought and then immediately turned off vessyl is a YouTube competitor that you got bought by Verizon the company that makes the cup that I bought for Gavin three years ago that company is still in business and that's spelt vessyl everything but missed out the last two vowel and it be like Grindr to find out what put in the captures kinetic energy do all day so I just want stuff to capture my energy and what how would you unleash it cell phone with in and if the life I would like a device that would store my energy when I'm restless and I can't sleep at night every single night and I want that to give me like a caffeine shot the next day when I need coffee on him not waste my energy when I'm when I don't need it now because I'm tired all day and then getting in bed and can't sleep I'm like once a year and I'm just like really sleeping I might have fallen asleep yesterday I might have fallen asleep while I was in mid-sentence talking actually like we were in the middle of a conversation that I woke up the next morning I was like man I crashed hard after that like you out really well and it's super effective it was like this does nothing all day Coke at 8 p.m. applying for a cup of coffee at 8 p.m. there's no fucking way I agree I just wasn't comfortable about the caffeine caffeine in Coke is the same kind of caffeine is like it's just different but the policy mechanism every Monday I have a second coffee you should have one but I have the white one just because we've been gone all day and then we do the podcast I will not be able to sleep tonight until like 2:03 a.m. because of the coffee I had no idea I was do this dumbass thing for a while there's like I just can't sleep really not like me because I make some like 92 with me or something like that I was making tea and I drink and watch a movie and time for bed to sleep or something so I just a feature of the Apple watch that the ad with the new OS that's what's to be like a relaxing feature to remove all the parts to a breathing exercise and inhaler and an XL and you'll be relaxed and I'll be like a relaxing Oasis in the middle of your day as exact opposite effect on me I watch buzzes and a ghost breathing offic you want find on this thing makes me mad. Shut up snoring after you talked about yeah that's got some serious issues going on I dude correcting myself it's a bollocks vessyl go ahead big dude like a bad Tesla it's all position - it's like I like it when I sing like this on the plane I think I'm like in real life I can't swear that you shut the fuk up she's gotten used to it blizzar know it's true girlfriends and significant others say that we on The Amazing Race the whole leg where she was dead fucking tired because we all slept in this one room and she said burni you suppose you stay out all night she kept me awake all night and it was fun but it wasn't because I was absolutely and I just kept her awake all night no kidding Davidson's Japan whisper they didn't know they talked in her sleep that's creepy and it freaked him out big-time well let's wrap this up so I'm thinking for watching don't forget extra life stream this weekend make sure you check it out and we'll see you guys next week Sky to be more towards its reverse wear Fairmont