#402 - Burnie Ticks Off Millennials… Again

Join Ashley Jenkins, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Burnie Burns as they discuss millennials not having kids, the ACT, Walking Dead human skulls, “doing the Gus,” and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 14, 2016, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), and Warby Parker (http://bit.ly/2fAjp7N).

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Recorded: 2016-11-15 06:03:00

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Ashley Jenkins


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Transcript (in progress):

hey everybody welcome to this week's Rooster Teeth podcast brought to you by audibl my undies and Warby Parker my favorite of The Parkers maybe next to Peter Parker my I'm Chris I'm Gavin I'm Ashley and I was absent this week so just went to Australia for what two weeks I talked about this why did you guys go to Australia what was the point of that my the standings but we don't said he wants to scout locations or something check the venue for the next IPA I thought the venue was it sits in the brand new Convention Center in Sidney in King The King in King's Wharf like right there darling Harbour date announced U didn't realize that you I know I know it's you by accident without knowing it Ashley was going to be biggest tell me what you tweeted but our kids didn't tell me when is soon as I put the Tweet out there like oh you should look this up and you fucked up stuf and it just gets really easy when you're having a conversation with me and you forget what's the part that we know that other people don't know and let me know as content like this life right and if you forget me dead people could not say to me anymore the phrase don't you remember we talked about this I'm like if it's not in the email it doesn't fucking exist we will do that all the time it's like oh we're shooting this thing downtown but you're supposed to be here it's like nobody told him to bee we talk about it or don't know. something similar like that so what your face where people were not allowed to say don't you remember we talked about that I remember you guys really liked it I started using car seats Oregon movie I like it like 8 o'clock the night before and it's like says it U hey I'm at this place and be ready to go to set my night which really isn't her responsibility night Sho the time I've been the recipient of maybe 500 feet in my life and my reaction is always the same not miserable because that's what I told you to be up at 5 in the morning sometimes and you're going to be July 7th that is 2 hours away but you said some weird things like in the us when you're on a production if it's a union production then they have turnaround time so where if you're done at 11 you can't start till and I don't know if the top my head but we won't be able to talk till like 1 o'clock the next day because we stopped at 11 p.m. so you start early in the week on the on the Monday or whatever your first day of shooting for the week is and then slowly over the 2711 where you're pushing and pushing and pushing it further and further and further night today yeah that was the time that we would see you that will be his thing though there were times in the UK when you were going to commercial there were times Gavin U shot for like 36 hours straight right it wasn't that long it was like 26 that's what I am and I thought around 9 a.m. the following morning and I just sat around for a day with my thumb in my office waiting to do this living I mean did you get paid yeah after 10 hours plus lunch or 11 hours U get time hobbe in Austin Ben night was Triple time so get like a full day's wages triple time U Can and it's Chris great cuz you can see if I'm getting a light crumbly that's still at work at 9 p.m. as soon as it goes of midnight because you got paid a lot for this dumps up to midnight so it was just holding it just took a shit made when you were making an hourly wage before you got any kind of salaried positions and what's the highest hourly rate that you ever got to think the highest I ever learned was I think I got 7 Bucks an hour I was the highest-paid on my section for 800 bucks night sweats my way from three pounds night U 326 pounds 50 an hour and then I started at like 2:50 cuz I was working in a restaurant and then I think I went up to 4:25 my next job 424 East War news from work I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure they sell cell phone absolutely nobody the only made I bet Ashley first job I loved her first job she worked actually you can tell your people where you're from U Macy's from Royal Utah basically she's like to drive 40 minutes to get to school every day over like the top of a mountain this is not a joke she his Mountain patch yes I had the canyon or I could take the pass gold and of her class at least one of your drove off the patch I know he crashed and died while they didn't always do sometime like something makes sense but fortunately there was very safe now what's up like they widened it now there's all these really hardcor guard said she worked in a mine Field Restaurant like a mine cart the restaurant and she was the desert girl what is the name of the place like the only part that was wide enough to have both a road and a restaurant and yeah I got it was a dessert girl so I dished out ice cream and ice cream dish towel cake a cake and then just like not going to other food for 2:50 restaurant but I have to admit 15 minutes to my commute to school what if you drive at 40 minutes everyday when I grew up in Houston I think I drove 3240 minutes to go to my high school job at Town and Country Mall in Houston Texas I work today it was this Ashley said she was the first Mall ever saw that like completely emptied out that for years after I worked there it was just like clear it was like a ghost town and I was like really kind of creepy and weird but I went to work today of your company called Houston trunk Factory which is now called bag and baggage and that makes a lot more sex old luggage and I feel for the 40 minutes that job we're good luggage salesman I got a buddy who sold pens and work at a pet store he has to but he's really freaking expensive Ben all that the ship and he can't lower and some do it so now when I buy luggage I like my my carry-on bag that I carry is a $300 back I can I get the same back four hundred bucks but I just I know that brand really well and it's great is our finest but you'll notice the ballpoint on the end is already covered and you have that you never had that when you want to work somewhere you never thought you'd be spending money on the stuf and some of your spending money on this thing in high school I was at work that Marble Slab ice cream did you really that's like my first job and then it'll taste oh yeah I always have to eat so many flavors you can make and it feels like negatives like 10 or 20 degrees and you throw against the wall and then they shatter like glass Like I'm made your style walking first time you learn that if you put a marshmallow Justin trai in French I never want say any fruit or vegetable I would leave it was wasted like at the end of the day you didn't throw it away once I scanned The Grapes to say was wasted 813-0854 U know what year a really great like old food it's not worth ruining a Ben yeah I think we do something all that all this food and nobody buys it I love it pasta de on the on the packet that bad yet its sell-by date I don't ever worry about the my title to me it's mental thing when I see it patch that date I'm like well I don't know it's a risk I like the ones that say Best Buy and I'm so U think it's best by the state but will probably ok I want found a bottle of ketchup that was expired by 2 years how do you know how long does it take to a spa places with U Were U Move twice one of my but sugarcan I'm going to come in handy eventually so I bought it and then like I say all of this next time I want something sweet or honey didn't make a book in Minecraft two years later actually subscribe to the service what if I paid like 20 bucks a year one time someone would just come and take everything from my fridge was what I was just hired Burnie open the fridge to get a snack and there is literally nothing how do you think of my clothes that's when I start chewing on his arm do I have to tell you Chris the same way I found some instant noodles like Ramen noodle in the UK and thanks but I think I got a ton of expiring like 3 years after when he born and I found this pot noodles and it was like 9 years ago I think it was in my bedroom I think I just took it back to the store and put it on the Shelf it was like probably a decade since I've been in the store I just put it back right with what if what if someone ate it and I thought it was funny enough to do it probably won't do it now I might turn date say anything cuz I got one time I went to the bank and got some money and I got like $180 but the hundred-dollar bill they gave me was a super old one is expired but was it go ahead the old like it doesn't look like that anymore I had that experience and I can't get rid of it 3 years now and I can't spend it it is a little bit better than sugarcan but a lot of sugarcan but it's crazy how you keep it up for a conversation yeah here too it was weird I got to see that's the old-school hundred nothing looks right to me big Benjamin Franklin's brothers on marble in Kool-Aid and went that's good enough what do you mean really you know it's different sides the same length but in America you have somebody tells you 550 pound note which is now gavi George but nothing is way too big for any wallet like it it always folds over the top piece Nami oh yeah they're way more than a hundred dollar bill India just it's so bright and colorful and it's got windows and should and can go through the laundry no problem cuz it's plastic but a new one they announced has that little window and said of that it's going to clear section but it goes top to bottom the window so it's like almost like a clear stripe that runs through by 2/3 so it's more like a future prediction what will be the date that the last piece of US currency is printed to know Jesus in cash form who knows I mean I thought you was going to take at least a hundred years from now but will call you I mean feel there's a need for it to exist or a merchant ship for $300 produced stupid reason I feel upset with me cuz I a hundred-dollar bill will do the her get the fuck out your way will I be able to hide it on a nation having your well I guess so yeah a hundred is the highest denomination of currency in the US I was at the bigger ones but they don't they just don't exist because you just like pick up of tiny lit act like this and you like alright hundred thousand let's go as opposed to grabbing those gold bricks U Know understand them up in the back of a truck or whatever breaks act like 10 years ago eats worms gold bricks is worth about $130,000 and now they're probably worth a quarter of a million each based on the price of gold and how it's going up so what you're saying is we need to go steal a bunch of gold bars is one of those things it's like you doing a movie it's like it's a shitload of money does a million dollars in cash heavier than gold is a billion dollars in cash heavier than gold her self so it's more efficient than the catch bass million dollars is hard to do in terms of space to take up about half that coffee table so we know our living your favor of higher denominations was that much more than we need to steal your plan your Heist go for the gold stuf a dude somewhere who just got busted for of the but he took the bus today your Fort Knox her place and trying to smuggle gold his but risky Google search come up here I'm looking Royal Canadian Mint allegedly smuggled 140 days worth of gold in his butt what's up gold shavings in the but Court heard Mr Lawrence of Barrhaven Ontario brought several chunks of gold in cookie size 7.4 ounce nuggets called pucks to in Ottawa Gold Buyers Outlet War he said he was paid approximately $6,800 per month which totals Romero that he had about a hundred eighty days worth of gold up his butt so if each pack is $6,800 how many Gold Plus would you need to shape up your butt where's Michael Cole your shorts we're not working yeah you think the AC DC TIG AC to use world today AC 2 optional when I take it we had to take the SSAT but AG Thang British system that we have there's and Tire so good this is my favorite beer in the world and Italy yeah I can I can only get it for like 3 months and I would you have it stated no this is in the fridge for extra life but we have to hunt for it all the time like after Christmas so we run out of stock but once the cell but it would try to stop by I might buy in bulk and my this is this is good stuff that II like the spring beers start to come in I get scared if you're wondering ashle didn't sign your Chee beer or what the hell is that said you like record for delay we had to do it so it's a Shiner it's made in your a but I've only had it like that imported in Australian that's why I've had it they don't have it in the US and its they have these amazing flavors like they've got like a like strawberry blueberry and there's a her Neverwinter when you can heat up on so good that I am tempted to move to Europe just so that I can have that kind of alcohol your iPad on iPad the but on top of that we have for this evening no I'm good I'm good you know what Ashley I the way I had an IPA this this weekend I order a beer at AC said you can will we have that and about 1 o'clock I'm really whatever they started if I try and listen to it later once I'm like yeah I didn't I didn't actually absorb anything else cuz I had an expectation and you didn't need it you don't feel like that's going to so much like you when you see a funny name for a beer or U see like the cool artwork now they have on the side of the six pack I used to order Shiner all the time cuz Colin 30 granny and I could say go to the go to the bar tonight thank you Colin I always write French psycho what do you judge a book by it's cover some kind of the thing the cover of the book is like it actually sells more books than anything else you have to cover video games sold I used to spend a lot of time just in the aisle at stores looking to me like that's a cool look at the glass on that and buying it and then deciding whether or not it was worth the Box in Singapore don't even didn't fit on the Shelf ever known is a fucking travesti just let me tell you something it's like you don't dead but I did I ask you this would you rather be super smart a really good looking like like top .1% and she was like if you're if you're where's the didn't on the happiest bee that is true also that all too much to know and like too much sadness that's so like how smart are you are you equally dumb no I just said that it just you can just starting with you are today would you want to be like top .01% smartest person the world is looking for a question is this based on Westworld father talk later when we can't do that in your in your area but I just like didn't Sho like all the attributes for your character attributes for a robot bee when you when you're building an AR that doesn't but I've already 10:40 of them cleaning out the fridge I wonder no no he's we should go home and watch Westworld tonight when I can talk but he was telling me that he wanted to start a conversation with Westworld which means we should catch up get caught up instead on and somebody and this is one of those periods and Walking Dead when you get caught up you're like what did I catch up on what happened it's like I have no idea last 3 episodes of Walking Dead or just but I can't even tell you over the course of any one of those episodes what happens take all one big long episode Westworld is really good I think I like it more than Game of Thrones bee clothing War site in world the gold act like that steaks when people can't really die in the still there some danger but there's more to it I mean you could ride your face off a cliff by accident that's truly seem in the courts would let you write off but we didn't really didn't Westworld we didn't Tire post Sho dedicated Westworld yeah that was a post it's like the best what do you think about westworl death compared to like that immersio but we did the Fallout 4 sniper because he was like my shot Tyler by accident actually happen in the SHO where to game drinking Sho I really like it I like it as well and I do wish they'd pick it up a little bit in terms of just the the pacing of each episode but overall I really like it and it seems to me is very well poised to take over where Game of Thrones theme song Didn't I mean it's pretty clear that's what they're building it up to be right but you know they just SHO on Friday they showed at the drive-in theater that's right next door to work to do here the movie the original one but you'll run it and there is enough back in the futureworl 872 a future world so they could do another one then and theoretically that I believe they even set up and future world if I remember correctly other worlds that have like Medieval World and stuff like that basically just Game of Thrones night stuf the dragons in stereo analog turns out it was part of it all along you don't bee watch Walking Dead get caught up on Walking Dead was one of the actors that have Fallout we did go hey thanks for the great messages Arriva didn't sending me thanks for watching the show on Lifetime and then I like I got off Twitter my caught up on him I know he didn't die spoiler one of the characters didn't die motherfucker it's like you never know Walking Dead character on the cover of a magazine they're probably got off I would say that Westworld it's going to be a great show to watch again when it's done watch and then I would consider watching again is probably a movie like arrival and it's just arrived I thought it was the arrival as well if you guys seen anything that's funny you said that because I was talking to Michael about it he said he loved it but he doesn't think it's a movie however seeing as I said the exact same thing like knowing the endpoint see how it all comes together I want to go back and see the construction but you know it's popular short stories novellas called the story of your life when it's the same night was just recently reading that on Kindle cuz I like didn't you go see it I would highly recommend that even before going to see doctor strange but I'm still only in the first hour should I sit in a movie theater get on the plane I think you should just go see it you should just go see it it's a very well-crafted story but it's also a lot about like Linguistics everything you have to be super into that soup was like top 1% or if you can be the prettiest person so I can do this you can do it if you don't have time you could always just buy the book or you can read it what your body looks original shows news comedy and War audio books are great to listen to when you're driving at the gym Gavin or shopping for audience audible.com is offering a free audiobook with a free 30-day trial if you want to listen to it audibl has it just go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth that's audible.com slash your teeth patch selection of audio content download a title fre and start listening it's that easy get a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial audible.com slash Rooster Teeth that's audibl.com / Rooster Teeth I love it when your steering the conversation towards that because you get more dead and Friends tickets you have time to watch a movie you could easily I was try to shoot it over to me twice whatever you the jungle book but it seems like you don't judge people the could I get back to be like failed attempt because there really isn't one anymore the little thumbnail U Get on Amazon his the the synopsis and then like the top 3 reviews from customers I read two books this weekend yeah I did well one of them I was just finishing a book that I started the other one was so good I think I'm having and really who wouldn't be with them back to back and reading two books at once so I read Workwear I'm curious to see where it goes but I'm not gripped by the whole thing on world first bee if I read the first page I've got to go all High School named Todd Bauer his fucking burn that mother fucker he did he would you the craziest thing he would determine if you wanted to read a book we would be at the bookstore waldenbooks U Pick up a book and read the last paragraph because it's crazy behavior there's something wrong with that shit and I was like I can't take it I read the first page and I know in the first page of them sucked in in the first page and then if I am I'm just there all the way through the other watching shows while they're watching it they're going to Wikipedia and read what happens a head of what they're watching from watching the arrival I downloaded the book and was reading it and there isn't audibl version of Ashley when you when I went to go get the Kindle version of it it also offered to send me the audible.com version of it as well so they actually is a recommendation if you don't have time to see the Rival U can play in the car and stuff like that you know have a TV in front of me which is always I will say this the story seem to be constructed differently than the movie is such that and I don't know if you haven't seen the movie that changed my perspective on the story but it just needs to be constructed differently I would recommend the movie and then go see the but go read a book or listen go see the movie enjoy your bee impressed by it and then go read the book and really enjoy it it is different there World War Z is the opposite you should do the book it's a zombie movie with the Brandy her up to you but I was about to complain about anything the creator of the modern zombie apocalypse Chandra said that World War Z and Brad Pitt killed the zombie genre why thanks a lot Brad Pitt really I don't know they don't run at you like a cheetah and then pull themselves up to get over a wall but they already had zombie movies that did that like 28 Days Later now this aren't technically zombies but there's actually Zombie Strike was so Romero asked in his presentation of zombies in the way the zombie is that okay that it was like it was like great novelization of the Romero zombies are supposed to fast on bee in the movie just kind of turned it on its ear and took it even further than say something like 28 Days Later George A Romero and horses Brad Pitt Alfonso kill the zombie genre and why he avoids to your phone's going to come back at 8 Brandon listen stuf and I just find that with this stupid lightning connector I never have had fun zombie but I have so many pairs of headphones but keep them in my jeans and then they'd still be in that and I just how many have died but now because I only have one pair of headphones to the lightning connector I never have them on me and it's so inconvenient it's like I didn't think of that annoying it's super annoying not having it you think when am I most likely didn't like those headphones no I was going to listen to music at work the other day and a fucking good it was bullshit I was having trouble loading a video chat with you I did I was trouble living video my work computer and I was going to pull my headphones out of my computer and let him I finally pulled my my computer meundie that I just the silly things U car dealer U didn't like so many others but lit up Tes they're expensive like $10 or something but by the time they spent fifty bucks and I was like and it's like okay I got my so I can't plug into the airplane anymore didn't have the Jacka Tumblr like or light night somewhere and I'm Michael I can't plug in I'll just get the free ones when they walking down the aisle I got those that's like two tin cans War and it's like it's a get Batman's like Story the face now or is it still super annoying and will be for several years I assumed I mean it through his phone. So here's what I did live on a hill and drive it goes down the hill and I was moving the trash cans up and I set my phone down basically so I could like get to the center of the wheel of the trash can so I set my phone down and I just said it it just like I put up for them and find but if you start college and it started to slide whole way down the driveway on its face and like bump the whole way living locket it's like compass eats its the worst I've ever Shiner because it's messed up on the back too so the front well I think I have AppleCare so just do it you know it's Ben I beat myself up when something happens like that when I make a mistake it's like fucking $200 mistake but my drone when I got it repaired itself from but it wasn't it wasn't like a total the gimbal your wallet and it's seriously I don't even feel like just came out he saw me flying around and I put it into the sport mode that was like 45 miles an hour in Augusta walking outside and I have to admit I was like on the compressor just want like this and I'm flying a drone and he goes round and round I go yeah I got that the building is like Oregon Smash in the fall but any walking to turn on a guy momentarily awkward Segunda night I can be trusted a plan for you don't you go to like Best Buy and U buy an Xbox and it's three hundred bucks like we got the replacement plan it's 50 bucks it's 160 the cost of the item so no I'll just take my chances that I'm not going to need that if they are not a lot of Xboxes are flying around while they're not like Burnie on whatever on Amazon the Jones a thousand bucks did you want the replacement plan it's $850 her life so they pretty much and you're definitely going to use that replacement plan as mine within the first 12 hours I had that thing so you got there Monday of last week and I've already I'm today or tomorrow I'm getting my new one they like they give me another Dron while they repair my have to pay for the repairs but I have to wait 6 weeks for it to be repaired your ship me another one that's what I've always but the iPhone and you can like go in and around of the awful a post office but a terrible and such or you can just get sent an entirely new phone don't charge you for the entire phone and then you send your old one back and then they did everything except for hundred bucks to pay a hundred bucks but temporarily U pay for two buttons and every fund it to you when they get your older but I don't give me the full price for U Get unlocked phones to write because I understand he will give me a rush it's not like I wanted to smash it like I was doing it for fun Chris eliminating the penny really worth it for fun it was the phone your pocket are like $610 U Break those all the time it's at 7 to the fact that he's fucking broke mine they're drunk and torturing that was not intentional in any way whatsoever I'm still not happy about what George Romero thinks I just had to hear okay he said max Brooks the author of World War Z is a friend of mine and I thought the film was not at all representative but the book was and the zombies war I don't know ants crawling over the wall in Israel army ants you might as well make the Naked Jungle far as I'm concerned I'm content to wait until sort of zombies die off this interview it's been written as he speaks my films I've always tried to put a message into them it's not about the war it's not about the horror element that are in them so that's what you think about it was just so different from the book about the dude so they're laid on so fucking happy I mean it's like it's a lot of civil rights stuf in there but it's like you don't see it until you see it and you can't not see it it's like all over the place like this zombie themselves as like a persecuted group of people and some of them like the one in Pittsburgh was it what's the what's the Mone powers that the one who never liked the zombie start City of the Dead Land of the Dead so this is really late one his Night of the Living Dead Doll the dead Day of the Dead and if you'd like to decade death and then he made Land of the Dead and I think that's it Dawn of the Dead That's the shop at 1 right yes and that's what we're a budget looking movie like it doesn't look great but this one bit when on zombie guy gets shot in the head with a shotgun at his head just exploded everywhere it's just like you to throw away the moment but it's like stupid it's like the most high budget thing in that movie The Original or the remake got pulled out which was like amazing like crazy over-the-top War moment and American Cinema now walking dead it's like every 10 seconds something like that happens to be his Burnie can't are you sometime just look at look at the screen for any any two frames of the entire show and I just go and have to leave the room you can if aliens watched Walking Dead date would think that the human skull is made out of paper mache in the first season it's like there's smacking zombies and try to kill him by the end of the third season it's like to do and like The Three Stooges Pokemon all the way through you know it's just like they do get there like in the center of your forehead they put a knife to the front door visitation walking stick right price and the rest of your skull U have to go to the Breakaway Cafe on the zombie lady pierced the guys going up on a on a walk yesterday by ducking you know it's like get it they kind of have to introduce new things but it's like sometimes you go where of the top like episode Arriva but I was catching up last night where they introduce these characters that ride around like Knights and a ride like they were stabbed in Zombie the head stuf like typical stuf and I think they felt like we got to have some new here so I got vertically like sliced off of zombie's face and it's just like his skull bear skull and all that stuff in the television yes like vertically slides down like an inch into his face like of come then date and then his brain just popped out now it's a brain stuf in there just like that was enough zombie dead so it took the face off but there was no window to the brain it was a pretty bleak it was trouble oh yeah sorry I'm in a scratcher get excited 7 season and I think that they're really running into a 50 a thing which if they reach their end game with that series were people stop watching it than the basics are killing upcoming characters over and over again shelte of reaching a point like Game of Thrones her about to outpace the source material they get pretty close to that Walking Dead never gave a shit about the source material in any case and they've been taken care of your hearing it's not I mean on Game of Thrones thanks for the brand name so it's a little different but it's different it's not like World War Z movie that's for sure so what is your favorite extra life went from this weekend it was Blaine throwing up throughout his life yeah his face when it flies out is like such a genuine Sho it's so funny he was be right and then he was like trying to burp and he's like is a lot a lot of fun like 3 feet of Mone rattlesnake rattlesnake and then a dry tarantula and night at one point and Harry always death I was there I know the skin of a kiwi exactly Casey's on the bottom of the food chain my why did the Cowboys U think of the train USC find a scorpion in her bathtub what I need to know the Scorpion but what if you put skull Pandora I didn't I just didn't want to smooch him because that and so I just left him and then he went missing what if you want to take a but I just heard that I would just sit on the corner of the bathtub and watch him for a while but so you know I am loved Calvin Hobbes there's first one Calvin hobbe U and me buddy U didn't wait a minute somebody says on Twitter zombies of the Living Dead they're the king of course the bone zombie look I'm not listen to anyone on Twitter since a that's right lost credibility is no it's not OK is the Serie of the marrow is the greatest and the her somebody got thousands of years ago you told me you could punch through with a knife I don't think so no and it's not like they're going to keep strong bones and I remove Brill Lumber his my T-Mobile phone skull it is such a good shape with good strong shape right because anything date settings to not break don't want to because of their weight distribution as well of arches but like you can build a notch with and without any building material supply is that what it is that's a big thing in the middle type type tonight come home there's a Calvin Hobbes love coming hobbe his kid and there's one word Calvin didn't take a bath so we got in a toilet flush toilet I did that once as a kid really really yeah the toilet was his I was probably the second or third grade and I know it flushed it and was like working Calvin Hobbes work for me and I did it and I was like that was it was my bad for the day do you have so did you tell your parents no I just got the toilet flush the but I thought it was like one of those kids like something then they emulated that is exactly that was like a window with an umbrella and act like a parachute so if it was a stronger better made umbrella and can in the spokes but actually hold it was and it was every bit probably so basically like Mary Poppins of the but the single best made umbrella in the fluid her cheaper to his head human skull don't know what that could be the dead is this the right or it's likely the person didn't live with other skull so you're really just kind of like playing along like yeah it's not really a human head to skull but if you have first human head U like that's fucking girl I believe it might be I think you have to be a medical doctor and you have a you can't like order one like I have but I don't think it's weird I feel like dying relative or something in there like bones keep but if it's a thing or two Grandma's skull ceramic if it's a real of relative don't you get like the rights to the job site love world of the Arts AC my grandma died in the night the IP to this unlikely if not the exact person he touches you know you are the people that you know they're definitely some people say well you know you can pay extra to get your pet cremated separate I did that you have a post but I have a lot of patch technically the veterinarian still has a lot of pet but I need to go get it right now definitely do they keep expired pets for their likeness this is possible but three-plus years that was such a test for a relationship in ways than you can possibly imagine as we have been dating for 2 months at that point yet didn't September died in December and and before that for the for the month and a half before ashle dealing with his cat going to come up there be great after the cat lovely cat longest cat in the world I tried to Ashley that they had just painted her stairwell and it was the worst smelling paint in the world it's not that I think it was but why first met you down in Australia and we went over to your apartment that stairwell stairwell was just playing with smelly feet a Gavin I couldn't stop talking about how the stairwell smells so much like me it was so gross why would his Department, walking that and I remember looking I need you didn't it was like it was the worst smelling pee Bethpage ashle a lovely smell but that's not a very foolish but then so we went to the chemotherapy thing and that we were early in their dating life and that I was I was a wreck then they are tied I was there when blowing like a really lovely date specifically to go to the Idaho that was the night when I actually said I can't really deal with this so just so you know I'm going to this party I'm going to drink to cope with this like I'm going to drink to forget this for a night and that's not what she got so fucking Hammer my strategy taking a shower to get ready I think I finished off a bottle of rum in the shower cause yes I'm the only the best of his spiced gol eats take a beer in the shower so I can on this phone it's it's nice and then my strategy that the party was I'm going to order a drink and a shot with it a little my own shower I can drink beer I can do both there's a nice feeling when you get some I can do whatever I want now how did you end up just doing like the most boring still go through dish because no one is looking Lifetouch I'm super tired or you don't living Chris Wright your single live by yourself you live with somebody Gavin Ashley I know do you gotta put this so it doesn't like anybody are you and Meg equally as clearly not the one of you is messy your first hygienic yet nothing's up just like housework stuff everywhere I didn't even see the floor with very different very different right now we're pretty on point the one exception being your whatever it's going on at your end of the closet until like 1 day of the week I'll go through and I'll pick everything up all at once for one of those get your clothes into it right inside the front door so when you get your cut off and the door is it food clothes or just down your underwear feeling speaking of underwear just fresh your stepping u a better day I think about underwear is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off and if you're actually taking off soon as you walk in the door why would you settle for anything less than the best feeling underwear on the plant would you my friends at me and sent me a few pairs a while back and I can't imagine wearing anything with their mother. I'm super excited about it you have some the her look at you but I think we're all wearing them I change your life I want you to bring about a change your mother breaks then finally like I'm bored or something my father used a really terrible and AC night your doorstep better day guarantee with any better they guaranteed it means that is if you're wearing like night video games get 20% off your first order vot.com / rooster teeth with the meat on a better day guarantee you have nothing to lose her right now for 20% off your first order that's me undies.com / Rooster Teeth and I'm ready dead so I got for me on days and I'm super excited thank you for sponsoring Hershey Park yesterday you want for you so you can have some my for your needs every now and again the other when you come and take your clothes off like that fair enough close away from the DC black on on Twitter dead actually a Sunday death of story was of of a skull being excavated and then accidentally punctured it so we can be done on accident will that work what are geologists classify burn his playing constantly again Ashley I have something to show you are you ready for this your. For the nowhere to have it Sho do we on the spring/summer one minute okay let him play Minecraft and then play two games with get me to fallout shelter U guys that I've been playing at your fucking ever and I play Minecraft on hardcor and it's really weird night for life and not donated like $28,000 I know that gavi the $80 that I have finished Fallout shelte of things I know I did well I did have the last thing was and they complete it and I like fucking ever every morning he does his maintenance but he doesn't have much why don't you just say so what but they're playing games Hitman is designed to be a football game license a valid question everything I keep your on PC there's a lot more to it now but thank God because he doesn't mean that every morning before we leave and and he'll be like 5 minutes and I'll be sitting around being like there's a hole in the side of my head have of the season for zombie even have to make anyone wait I don't want okay so much because I have a life again I guess you're saying that because 5 minutes and you end up doing it throughout the day and it's it's alright constantly underestimate the amount of time something takes time because I'm the same way I'll be like this takes 5 minutes or text me in completely underestimate all the time around that the U at on which is how I end up eventually 15 minutes later yeah I was just over at Savannah and I don't have nearly enough Ben everywhere we go I like her a lot like you a lot you're very nice very pretty like she was but I drive sometimes but I was playing I wanted to play poker she bugging me to leave because I'm at the light I had a couple of Fallout people who were like right at the tail end of training up to level 50 in post the side to move into another room because like if I'm over the room job move them and she's a come a come a come a come a come on we go out car I drive Chee playing Pokemon the whole way to work and I gotta be fucking kidding me with this look this is for research for what the patch your that's absolutely I've got to do comparisons between Sun and Moon and x and y and then just pretend you did it personal game Entertainment Company DEA your u u playing those again they could be finished and collected everything that's what took forever it's for like she was given value of completion I will say one thing I did not collect one category but it's the category that you can only get with lunch boxes and I'm just not going to do that I'm not going to pay like $400 and lunch boxes to click on Sugar Crush didn't just spend another small correction the skull was from Arrested Development Stockton human skull on eBay replica you can have people's dust but you can't have them pre dust but wait you can have this yet let me let's crush it and but it's pieces night why is that cause people to do weird stuff with the body or because it's unhygienic and hazardous to your health real real human skull with carrying case $1,800 if you can put it with your head it's funny when you said that I thought you were carrying case it's got a three-star rating how many how many how mad would you be if your skull got 3 stars I would like to get an MRI of my skull and then get it 3D printed like that is my skull like that we should go do that right now why would you want your own skull was like what my skull looks like he measures and serial killer and just don't know it yet Philadelphia for I wanted to take him on the weekend before the election because the election was already looking like a misery for the American people just like it was everyone's eyes just rolled in the past two years was not going to end on Tuesday there was an hour finally hear that he is going to just keep going and sure enough it's it's going it's probably I would argue more heated now than it was before the election but I thought since we're heading his election and honestly the whole thing just seems like a nightmare I want to take the boys somewhere that Like Makin feel cool about American government American history so I took me to Philadelphia thought about taking the Washington but I said to Philadelphia that was a great choice did you show me $100 bill and I did I had the Benjamin Franklin here we would have Benjamin Franklin house the didn't mention the Fourteen bodies they found it Benjamin Franklin's basemen I was just recently those a couple years ago they're like oh yeah we're doing some renovation work did they say they were his like they weren't like his Blaine kills but he loved them Chris Ben Beary much the but this up I'm going to see for disparage one of our founding fathers of this country yeah why you doing that we should mention that because I like this question come from date bee rifle for extra life is still you can still fit on stuf and it's Wednesday and winners will be announced on Friday that physical item that you may have missed on it for you still can that's it for you Peter his F1 Georgia Tennessee Ernie Oregon o'berry all the schools you want in there a basemen what do you want to be with you when you're done with it celibataire Chris she said she had it you made a garden of suck what is a succulent describe one of those looks like you what kind of flower is that all those are the same dream like this question especially comes out right of the elevators we can baby I like it on the table in the kitchen I mean like I was out of your grow in desert yeah I did hold on I'll send a picture through I'm really proud of it it's like I usually do abnormal things yes he was he was like this like this I try to take credit for it but you confused by the phrasing of killed it yes he did not know that she killed the but she can't wait she actually killed it her if she liked killed get life insurance to broadcast in slab his email address but yet so I guess succulent date apparently absorb water through their leaves like from the air they are just like they already accepted the fact there's no water so really if you think about it I plan to them because I thought they might be impossible to come look at it but I plan on it it went pretty well this one kind of like palm tree thing that's in that it's a miniature palm tree look like it looped back down and just like him there so he get all these stakes and try and prop it up is going to be a really long process to try and straighten it I planted sideways it's always Ben diagonal so what I did was I put the side that is living this way I put away from the window topic grows toward that work and it hasn't done anything but but the strongest Chris U never know the front burn house with like cups of coffee or looking out the front light glass door at the longer working mmm Ashley says do you think we should tell the longer we didn't vote for Trump it's like sushi we go out there and tell him who didn't vote for night one of the bad ones so I think I see you there cuz it's like he might spit on your lawyer said that and where he seems but he said those with the coffee cups I wonder like how many like how many of the people he works for but there's a buddy of ours Tyler he posted it like after the day after the election he was going to the airport and he's at now he's on edge everywhere she goes because he thinks he's like did 50% of the people that I see that every other person I run into and they basically just cast a vote against me and my lifestyle trying to make my life illegal essentially and it's like he wanted something that would and in actuality 50% of people really aggravating me about get dressed in Colin Kaepernick is the QB for the San Francisco Kaepernick and I said yeah Katie Kaepernick but he has a big head about him because he would not wish he wouldn't stand up during the national anthem night U taking a knee and then like other High School said she was protesting for that brutality and the police beatings especially African-Americans and that's why he was not standing up for the Ashley that was a huge uproar and then it was a big Source debate and other people started to like protest along with him everything fucking guy didn't vote he did not vote in the election and openly talked about how we didn't vote it's like walking U of O protesting yeah it's like you just like he did try to respond saying that like he's against the system and he would be a hypocrite if you support the system but I actually called this guy out two weeks before the election and this is a guy who didn't vote it's crazy really crazy about not voting to me is that voting in most places is public record not who you vote for but the fact that you voted or that you're registered so I can be looked up it can be looked up so you can see out of all the I'm going to talk to you about my life because she missed early voting and she went out the day of the election I was like I was like absolutely to a performing my duty as a because of voting opened at 7 there's a school up the street so I was able to go to so I got there at like 5 to in sweatpants and you know working properly 6:45 in the morning and I proceeded to stand there for the next half an hour because they had technical difficulties is there anything more American really nothing and then like and like watering and itching with people next to you about how you could be somewhere else posting pics of another lines are too long I was at the office and it started raining and I thought I'm going to early but right now I'm sure people are not going to go out to vote that's smart in the rain was perfect you have to wait 2 seconds to get to the back doctor skills with a 1 on Twitter that the parents bodies in Ben Franklin's basemen War for anatomy skull his the Smithsonian a likely story start in an atom 10 Anatomy School okay I mean there's a lot of us because I'm there now and by the way when you're done with this meeting about and I just like get rid of it on your phone and they buried them in the basement that's kind of and take them out of the basement there's like they're doing a school in the but it's like they put them up it was only one that needed that if they would grow succulent somebody said on Twitter that if we started talking about anything else on the podcast and didn't finish let us know and we'll Circle back to it since when asked what was my story of the AC seems really dumb it was I forget the context of what we talked about earlier but when I was taking the AC T it was one of those things where you read with her reading comprehension reread like three paragraphs and then you answer questions based on what you read except the story that they decided to tell was so fucking ridiculous it's completely took me out of this really intense test it was a story about how cats can jump out of a high-rise from six floors Orrville OH and they die but if they jumped from higher than 6 floors they tend to live because they have an instinct where they spread out and it slows them down so I can't and then when they lay of the land on the rib cage which compresses in their fun so it was the story of the cat that Fallout 25 floors up and it fell down and then it spread out when hit the and was only had one broken leg and it's idea of all these cats one cares who's testing that's right he's like the wind Sam Cat actually this guy was trouble this week the most expensive fre County Sam Cat Rapture I was away for the weekend Gavin Ip Man I came back how to scream and if I left it cracked open so U the screen with losing my cat was missing I lived for story that and I eventually found him and he spent the next week in Katy French but he survived but yeah are heat bee get up the screen in a clutch back in because he wasn't forcing it out anymore but it so you can get back in and eventually fell off that's my that's my friends a very but probably jumped off because cats when they're stuck somewhere for a while they eventually just jumped for it yeah he's like that was one of the most Petty moments Calvin and he was great he was sleep on my head my head like I have like a candle yeah he likes me best out of my new towels your cat bee head maybe your can almost sense what you get for being 1% made to the audit send me to the hospital what's up with the cats a minute it's it's because 99% of the time you can do whatever to the cat the cat is fine you can like smashing but his face I love your face but sometimes when he's like what's up into a frenzy his tales going to post you could you can't touch him yet he's at work what do you think just got in had to take antibiotics infection that smells does it and probably singing Squirrels with becoming on the the The Question Master earlier was a way better question and as soon as the perfect test question in Red Lake a meth test of the but gold recovery 4030 handle and no more than others night and puffed up like his tail so you can you can buy a cat if it's just playing as soon as that isn't playing it would be like five times hotter than it ever has before and it was their incredibly powerful George kids you like alligators his kids League of the but that may be because it's like it's like I remember when I met Lindsay everyone I met Michael I remember when they met each other when they are dating when they have a little thing crazy little night I think basemen but but process what are the worst things about a small baby such tiny child what's the worst thing cuz all I can think of is well I mean I was just going to say from being bitten by a child think the same thing South Ben Ben 10 tiny fingers I was once wrestling with my young cousin and act like rabbits and his finger went so far my nose and it hurts the jam on his face pretty sure I almost touch my breaks but maybe some jam on the front of my brain because it was like gross it was gross so they recommend for teething you can put your finger up your nose with my night is pretty pretty father might also like touching wetness U want to stop it right away is there still a DMZ but the thing that I'm really get to see what happens with you guys now that Michael and Lindsay are going to have a baby because I will say this I don't hear a lot about Millennial their feelings like this one is that the one thing I can say that those genuinely concerned me about people in your age group is how most of you don't like or want kids and it might just be the fact that we work in entertainment so I'm just around a bunch of your 20-somethings that have different goals but when I was like 28 but most my friends were like starting families and everything you guys are like no fucking way I mean I'm not opposed to the idea of it entirely but it's like not going to force it Chris stop on a beach Brenda Scott married and he's going to bed hello but you know things how's the weather the wedding is crazy what is crazy it was like a job is another job a lot of weddings most craziest wedding I've ever been to was and they were like they had dancing robots showed up at 1:20 at 3 a.m. drink 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were doing and also they cut off the music and they cleared the Dance Floor was like 400 people this way she's clear big circle and then like you guys are doing a dance competition with the professional break dancing troupe over there this a professional breaks they hired a break dancing troupe no no no no no if I can answer then it's a good thing it's like we date didn't one of them come out and do flips and breaks spin around and put a helmet on so we could spend on the floor on his head and then we are alike then one of us had to get out and that's not that's not that it's not that but yeah so did you get out there and bust him Fallout didn't know he was the thing where it's like there was no way we are going to actually complete compete competitively so the only thing where you can spin it back around like and unlike do it do the do the things they do story for this one I'm pretty sure it's been sleep recently cuz everytime but it was like there's no way we're going to compete competitively story to do stupid dances to like right now like what time your signal try to get some tonight yeah alright but yes for the gas will not didn't you bring something with you now so you went there single single smart right up until the moment yes until you in front of people and then also not as smart a single lady are you a very romantic environment I like that with the sentiment not like like for the rest of my life it was like I should have a wedding right U have a wedding to be married like you getting crazy now I'm like where's the bar is this weekend and let you see them okay coming you run the other way punch it my whole thing was like I couldn't understand that you're not even human where a lot of people that switch might come later not saying it will for everyone but if it does it seems like people are enjoying themselves longer I really like the further you get removed from your own childhood that you tend to want to go like experience childhood again they're like three naproxen have kids like you more more removed from the situation we know that's what I think I think so not want to get married it's like our childhoods had divorce in them so World War because it yeah that's what it is so I would have to experience that when they were growing up really angry at breakfast and dad would show up from the hood diameter of the story it's fine it won't mean anything was I couldn't understand it why did why did they hire a professional dancer was like I guess it was Brandon's father in law was just like I'm going to be really embarrassed. Hitman his friends also like they just hired at dancing just to embarrass us professional break dance a lot of other options so that one is pretty Humane but it was fun it was terrifying so what you trying to get some action and we just not really I don't know I was like no that was on this a priority you just like have a good time U men like white women actually I like brunettes and darker and I think how to kid when you were your parents age when they had you how old is you could be having kids right now get to have a kid U have an 8 year old God save me I feel bad for my mom but if I had to do with it like an 8 year old that I might not be like you 11 year old a regular basis death row but they're like they're grown up and they're nice and they the king speaking English and toilet trained and and with great manners like I know but the tourist thing is still like that's a big sticking point in the house was like a didn't go take me to take the recycling out could take this and do that and he's like your sugar plum golf on TV today like when I saw Brian being brought his son how old is he is not like two month old baby at this point months old he brought her to extra life it was like all I could do was like just woke up and I can give you like having a kitten but you just can't get enough for the kit and while it's a kitten it's late you're going to be a kitten for a short amount of time I love his little baby accepted the school also also kittens like you don't have to like wipe their ass go ahead and like him you don't know if we go ahead or more about this you don't have to write what her dad had it she has a cat named nutmeg Woods a Siamese cat and Nutmeg as he's a good cat to have lunch is a small cat and she can you smoke at super cute she's got the Superstition when first got her but we're going to get her she was living with ashle dead and she's like I'm a bring the condoms we have two cats would you like her big selling point about bringing nutmeg again was that she would lick his butthole properly maintain his but but there is something there there's always like a stuf there and I so instead he just like has little bits of stuff and I was like she will take care of that she's not going to stand for it take a pic a flick on his anus so U looks the war Swallowed a Fly who got another pet tool AC IP doll licking each other's butts she's as good as running his a bully so instead she just cleans their own but so we know what we have it's a reach was improved instead of 0 out of 1 but we have one out of two months her clean your butt ratio in up I really I know it's not going to be so I really want to put the entire kittens head in my mouth green every like couple of months he's getting If he if he said it was still in the litter box first day with pet shampoo and a lovely boss the cat has never smelt and Ben more fluffy I don't think like that it's snowing that's right pallet for you like gold smell you like bee office of Keith Sweat I like cats I like Frozen cats with but there's something about like a shampoo that just seems to me only I don't know I don't like to do it I think usually reserved for times where they get skunked or really muddy your disgusting but I think normally they're their body oil is supposed to the IPA but who maintain them against me maybe 5 bucks and it's usually fall in the toilet or he's just got some poo on him and I want to get it off well I'm in the mood to but I can't because no one who's seen does that anyway it's just one that's like it I'll deal with it you can also get wipes for the toilet plus Chris is the pool in the but but that they going to get on him and the cats are really like drinking out of ceramic so I just let her know the pools that stand in the but hole to get to the war Colin ever going to brace themselves on the cigarette going to see and then they put their paws above the waterline and breaks them so that doesn't mean the person but she was actually taking a bath in the toy but I think you're overreacting first if it's true but let's go nasty animals lick their own assholes or otherwise hold it for you at like you don't know if you get lucky I don't usually pick up my cat by its tongue like I can't breathe but it's been licking its butt and then looking the rest of the body so like it's all there I feel it is enough steps in between that for me to be okay with it green LIF you standing on U when his paws are wet why don't humans clearly Whitewater humans to clean themselves with their tongues or each other stinky something something get some on the back of my hand I would never go like the back of my hand but I would go like this and then rub it off because you want to use the space you just don't know why this fit with the bitter taste right but it's like why am I licking my finger which is way worse and then rubbing a hand as opposed to looking to taste it and taste it but I'm still in a meeting and I can even spray some stuff from Twitter also sorry I didn't mean I wasn't calling you didn't his obviously verified by the number if you are upset that I pointed it out futureworl a millennial of old people don't like being cool Millennial because it's so much variation in the current millennial generation because everyone still so young and old friends is like Google Nexus Colin Generation X I think it's like 85 to like 95 is millennial Millennial 7000 years Lachlan Rob one of the snow but the Ben Franklin discussion it was Franklin's house in England before I guess he moved to the US her you know he kept the house in England it was Franklin's house in England and then in the schools were of dubious legality of time especially private ones let me point out private and adamy school still very new School in your own home how much is a California in the valley there's a totally different kind of anatomy as long as you film it it's legal rubber band U When U night my cousins that were divorced from Sally Schmidt on Twitter my cousins that were divorced for 9 years and no one knew not even their five children for somebody didn't like it used to be three separate beds and you're even if you stay married your Living Years only together for the kids or whatever because it's expected so there was like divorce before even divorce was popularized to use contrail do the her probably right have to go to what do I do with my dude we wait we actually do it was a but I've been through it War so we went to a point where we did talk about that I'd like to do you just want to like you want to be together but not be married like you know just or just like kind of like just work it out and just think the floor until after the kids are going really good we had a very Frank discussion about it and we talked for a couple days and it was everybody's down here so it was a discussion when they reach the divorce point of the ocular a practical thing that a lot of times I just like nuts you know what this point but for a long time like divorce was like it was a thing that but you didn't want to be divorced because then you're basically like Undateable on marriage audibl yeah but you also keep in mind I'm learning a lot of this from television so yeah I've been divorced I mean only from working on my first son who was 20 and divorced so early Chee get married we like 16 I think what the patch another divorce to be like that I would just assume that they were but I quickly be like nope I'm out if it would not but if the kids would like I'm driving I'm divorced and have a kid to the office I got married because I got pregnant I need some but I'm realizing Chris but I'm just saying like he gets married really young and has a kid if they're probably like related related to the statistically they're probably related to the baby in some way Pittsburgh PA I should clarify this for legal reasons I've heard stories about people who know people a couple different people who were married to someone for a green card they had married someone else like they were trying to didn't care they were American citizens and a married someone they knew or had worked with in order to help them get a green card and occasionally they would have liked get together with this person for a weekend and act like a married couple and go around and do stuff that they were they were actually married and in love they were definitely married which is a huge commitment to make the someone for a favor and getting married for like 5 or 6 years and it has just have to get together every month and take pictures together to maintain their marriage relationship what if they I think it's really lovely that so that's it the super nice and I was working to your significant other so I can get married zombie audibl being married for green card stuf for immigration train sounds like David Schwimmer thing on friends don't know I'm going they're married but it's only like a married for whatever Green Card reason story right that's what I said you asked me navigate Fallout the pot so whatever that you're going to commit to something like that that's a big deal I'm sure the prenup or anything like that Green Card story Andie MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu Depardieu U he was a dream but he was also in my Father the Hero do that movie with all my heart he would Dron we will come out he was divorced and then he get his daughter and took her on vacation and she liked me like a bunch bee when he was trying to impress them and so told them that like he was her older lover or worry I feel like I've seen the end so then all the people start but they're all these Colin comedic misunderstandings like when he goes and sits down at the piano the resort and starts singing thank heaven for little but it's real creamer his of the Apes everything your the insect thing I do just poorly is a pretty receives now my life I had something I was watching you walking dead last night episode Walking Dead and I heard something I never thought I'd hear on television network television it was another telling somebody else I just slip my dick down your throat and you said Thank you to me and then her head caved in his skull was so weak get away with it or you're an asshole get the other get away with that but this was like extremely graphic first time they used the c-word and the F-word without censorship in television what should I use Walking Dead episode earlier if you want to participate in the extra life Raffles U still have time to do that Gavin U Know the URL to which the same people are still coming Saturday also I believe you are correct if you want to find out more information on how you can do that there's lots of cool stuff associated with it when everybody extra life this weekend and who donated a record amount of money or selling I think the posters and everything but I want to say it was when we finished the whole thing they would the estimate is about $850,000 total and I want to say was like that puts the pressure on her that she doesn't really and I think Jack was saying earlier that he wanted to have 500000 dollars donated on the stream we got almost $700,000 we left wheel who's really made out of in the time that I stopped watching it at home and arrived at the site and jumped by like 4000 yes it was insane how about to go back into Nations could be once to sabotage you and Michael to do crazy stuff A lot of times made it so that every eats donation 1037 would be 1 people fight us and I think Jack would tell the width of the large donations to we got hit by about $70,000 worth of paint that's what everybody extra life and it look like he ran off and it benefits the Dell Children's Hospital check and give you such an excellent job organizing all that the broadcast crew who was here for 24 hours this week you guys can't believe you're here today you guys were here 25 hours the previous week is it Daylight Saving Time right over on the weekend so a second like all nighter plus they've pulled two weekends in a row on your back again so a plus for the broadcaster you guys should be back next week and I will see you then thank you and everybody