#403 - Gavin Free Can’t Say No

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and special guest Zachary Levi as they discuss not responding to emails, Snapchat spectacles, the NES Classic Edition, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 22, 2016, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/2dXsUgf), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2fMco6d), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/2f0G0xM)

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Recorded: 2016-11-22 13:17:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Josh Flanagan, Barbara Dunkelman, Zachary Levi


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Transcript (in progress):

Henry hey everyone how's it going when we receive podcast this week Rock a Bye Blue Apron nature box and squarespac thanks for sponsors sponsoring this test as always I'm Gus Gavin Zachary and Josh and Gus Barbara thanks for joining us have you watched are a lot of smoke so much for having by the way and was reminded that Rooster Teeth was in Austin was like I got to reach out to those guys because I watch Red vs Blue like way back in the day Olinda and I doubt he's all up in the right common my partner machine and just give it to sésam to it we got to see the whole facility and all the different ages and I met so many people and I can't remember most of their names except for Zack & Josh Gavin Gus of course because we're not together I think that's awesome you have probably seen more of the office now that I've seen is first an absolute beginning you all know each other and now there's so many difficult a lot of hey Guy what's better thank you yes thank you. I ordered take out and someone was Gus guys guys guys just no no no I was weird it was weird it was on the receipt printed dyt type black bastards I don't know what would be wiser muscari just got a little A Game of Thrones air I'm all over that meant speaking of nerd stuff sorry I was just showing Gavin right now before we start I was so happy a little while ago because Westworld retweeted tweet of mine and it started following me on Twitter and then you can like one of those pretty cool so good in the sésam a dumb dumb dummies that's going to explain their dumbness but I can't call security for God's sake just called security they want to the classroom situation at watching a video of that one Tech having sex with a host of the middle of nowhere are there but they don't know me TripAdvisor return address is on it so that a lot of rugby grown up I was talking with Josh a little earlier and I felt bad because I cut him off its story because I wanted to hear the story on the podcast and I don't want to get hurt now it's like super hyped what did you do this weekend I went to take an emergency trip to Disneyland this weekend because one cuz I just dinna want to get away for child again but also because Tower of Terror is closing for good on January 2nd forever the ghost in the hallway going to Rod Serling with Chris Pratt get there but that is also changing are disappearing in front of a Swiss Family Robinson became Tree House became Tarzan Treehouse then you fucking Tom Sawyer's Island became Pirate Cove I'm sorry I did that I drew the line there I'm like Tom Sawyer he's still gotta be so ugly Disney dislike Tom Sawyer's Pirate Island or something but they didn't show Fantasmic so I was but I think you just don't like change but progress is good but not if you're going to like destroy our childhoods at the same time a few years ago I went to MineCon in 2011 and in 2011 they had it at Disneyland Paris now so I have time to walk around the park and I'm not like you just because I know some people like a really into the history in the law and all that stuff and I really wanted to ride Ellen's a lawyer and I wanted to ride Space Mountain while I was there because apparently the Space Mountain there has a loop and it said it says yeah and it's Jules Verne inspired and it's like kind of Steampunk it was closed the whole time I was there but then people kept telling me that I should I should go in the Haunted Mansion is Haunted Mansion was totally different there and it was closed the whole time nobody was open but it was depressing as fuck it was like an old coal-mining town where the coal mine had collapsed and killed hundreds of children and the children everyone was sad about it was like in the u.s. you go to like the Haunted Mansion like the ghost are happy they have in Party City look at all these dead children what a horrible mining accident how do you make Casper the Friendly Ghost and he's American Casper tonight what up pretty dead inside to me your inner child when you after watching Casper like I am just going to be frigid and cold Barbara have you talked about the other by Chris I'm getting reports on Twitter that the Orlando Tower Terror maybe stay but I'm investigating Monterey Park and it turned out that I wasn't there was this small amusement park by it that was it was officially licensed Sesame Street Park classic sésam oh yeah I believe Plaza del sésam or something and it was like but it looks like like an off-brand Park in Korea or something like it was terrifying and the people were all grouped up front so there like us amusement park and rebranded NY Times Square in New York those ones go chasing around retire from Times Square to Mexico Times Square the Times Square Elmo then you go to Mexico AutoZone 2000 yeah I mean it was it was intended for Ashley the I survived all right and there is that my favorite moment we are in the gift shop at the end and there was a character I don't know what her name is she is pink and has like scraggly hair and earlier in the day she like grabbed my hand and took me like in this parade thing and I was like really creepy and then later we are in the gift shop and I look over at the window and she's looking in the window at me like this if she likes she catches my attention and I look over and I start filming her and she goes just got the waiting is really slow loris I was just saying once and the Queen of Hearts was like joking with me and came down and sat down on my lap and then left and it was a dude inside the Queen of Hearts outfit and Amanda queen of articles that like we both look at each other Kingdom Hearts the world one time I was on your talking about like how dangerous the ride was one time I was on Space Mountain Disneyland and the right stuff and then the lights came on yet and I've never been more terrified of them gotten back on Space Mountain again since I've been in there with the lights off when you see that jumble of tracks and I like how does this thing that completely like that you know but you know sometimes they do but I sure do like special days like this terror is pretty fun it's like a tour through like the dinosaur but every single one thing that woman works antastiq let's go what about the way I love being a plaza sign does not light up every once in awhile call the gentleman in the booth it's like A2 or 3 like a Jurassic era and Ellen DeGeneres is hosting it and it broke down twice when me and my family were on it we're just like we're stuck in this car with all these people and it just wasn't moving no one is coming out to say like sorry folks broke down so we're just sitting in there with all the lights on for a good 25 minutes to Ellen's duck glitching out getting pretty good I mean we did Rosa Parks wear when the red does break down the characters 838 the people like him the first thing a the line and were down for that was the one thing that made everything around Newman who makes all the stuff right but you know I wasn't right right so then procreate and then they found out that we ended up finding some dino eggs they're like old a beating the beating the system in that regard but yeah that new man with his barbar so I can and then I'll feel the power can roll down the hill through the Barbara so this is what is a Unix system I know this Westworld line through phone doesn't realize my pictures in my Sal why give up lawn mower man and always movies that just did not understand what computers look like a some reason it was just like they were all I got shot in the Matrix the first one where he's not typing away but you can see his screen projected on his face and I was in a lot of movies as an alien as well as it's like the screen is in Reverse in the face like what are the 5 best ways like backwards computer like actually anchor sailboat look like Energy new technologies like that time so we're going to make it look cool and interesting on the film Weird Science tunnels in the glowing eyes weird games I think they did a fairly screen would text you know you can take your phone for the Moto Style and get mad when someone calls World duck a thousand bunny rabbits duck like that amazing things you want on the internet it was it was really busy. She said that you should who are the mega64 guys like they're really into like the Lord Disney Land I understand that but you gotta come on you gotta check it out when we get off and wasn't that awesome like what the fuck it will happen in Disney Land over there cool stores no we just let me know he had never been with James and Elyse from funhaus so we got the the tour with them I don't just got we just we just as much we could do in two days I've never been to Disneyland navigate to Disney World for Disney Land and urban Disney World but I've been to Disneyland a lot but I grew up in Southern California and is the LG but it's way smaller people come from Disney World just like both ends and you can't but it's also like I don't know you kind of feel that way about trusting that it's going to learn a lot from that and then by the seventies or whenever they broke ground in Florida they're like what is a little bit bigger we all the land around this right here blue apron for sponsoring tonight's Rooster Teeth podcast Blue Apron is the number one fresh ingredients recipe delivery service in the country some of their upcoming meals included roasted pork and braised cabbage with barley and glazed apples Thai green coconut curry with sweet potato and Jasmine rice brown butter and Chestnut no key with brussel sprouts and pea shoot salad Nokia said it right I said it right about the service times at times I love using it it's a really LOL it's really fun thing to do at the end of a day at work check out this week's menu the first three meals for free with free shipping I go to blueapron.com / rooster teeth yellow how good it feels and tastes to create incredible home cooked meals with blue apron so don't wait that's blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook a big thank you to Blue Apron for sponsoring this episode the rooster podcast and we got a little we got a pinch hitter all over in the other Wizard101 I like that is definitely one of my friends like that is red on the inside like a split open the lines of like literally Ellen's least threatening Sith Lord this is what I look like that's what I think Ellen's Barbara Cuban still have to say something like being home the Australian shorts and put out today on YouTube it's to promote us going to RTX Sydney where we get in a fight with a kangaroo you I saw on the comments that you this is your soulmate whoever wrote this comment they were very upset that we were commenting on Australian culture is that I don't think we should you should be doing that I don't think they're qualified that's pretty good pretty good don't don't really know I just didn't space the unlocked one of the seals your Independence what is an example from the government back when you die Casper the Friendly Ghost the exception of the friendly Gus is not one of the Friendly Ghost but he is the friendly but can't you be like the friendly friend in a friend a group of friends that doesn't mean that there aren't other friendly people in the world you could be like you know if any room Social Circle of ghosts and I don't have a way to look at it but I know the Casper lower section snow in everything she was when she wasn't part of the car you could sing to you which I'm glad is a part of the internet that seems to be behind us now that that used to do countdown female stars were going to be 18 I didn't I wasn't invited she was drunk at 12 and then Drew Barrymore in E.T teeth okay take it easy so it was a door Henry Thomas audition for Elliot in E.T Fortune of the title the YouTube video does weird and I just got like all the sudden Henry Thomas what's he up to these days I was looking Henry Thomas tough weird the last time I saw him was in Suicide Kings the last time you saw them you thought you saw him and Saving Private Ryan the first five minutes that one guy was on screen but it turned out to be not be Henry Thomas that's the last time that I saw your Thomas well the last time I saw him was it suicide that would be funny today you know how I don't know I don't drive you can rent a car in one place and you can just return it wherever I just did that you can rent one in Dallas and return it I just didn't know if we got everyone in Texas to rent a car and return them all to Austin are you coming up to the people to return the car express it before when you when you're ready to take it to another place they start charging you more and more I think as more cars are coming in Fayetteville start increasing the fees also as you're coming in to drop it off try to discourage you from dropping out like it's not only for example there's not only one Hertz location in Austin was like oh it said of this one I'll just go to the other one a couple miles away if it wasn't for all the hurts right I have one sale is there like a difference like do the employees who work at the airport look down at the other locations like I'm there to work there Knights of the Meander down to get a cup of coffee or something if you're not going to Terminals and paying four times as much just clean rush and grab me some people in general the airport people Travelers were people allowed to travel I listen to I think I'm a gold star traveler I'm still an asshole I feel like I'm in a of the people I just feel like internally like I don't externalizing but internally I'm going from Austin to San Francisco and in front of me was a family I know one side of the aisle that was a woman daughter Noelle was the husband Thomas Edison system rounded by arm right there other arm for them in the room and duck the woman in the medicine aisle seats and they're talking to each other but they doing that quite yelling things like we're fighting in public and let me speak to them we're getting ready for the people that latex gloves and mitts you pulled out like sterilizing wipes and begins wiping everything down in their role like the tray tables to seat the headrest like she is like everything is being sanitized she does her side with her kids she was on her husband side with the other kid everything sanitize and she liked it I lean forward on the shoulder and I don't the argument was about but you are right sneaky feet should you put his tooth is about to put his on Nickelodeon watch Nickelodeon and I can you tell me the number of the channel I can't find it offering food and drinks and she will not let them get anything how long is the flight it's like A4 hour flight to San Francisco and if she has her own snacks that she was brought up and she starts like passing out drag racing what are the kids asleep when of the kids get sleepy so God the husband starts like opening up or a blanket and getting the pill out that's on the plane that goes up to the overhead bin the carrion he's got this giant Ziploc bags that are filled with sheets what kind of sheets bed sheets the same for their hotel wherever they're going to bring her own she could so she did look back and give it to the kids to use a pillow but in the bag that's in the bag this is the next level in San Francisco like that's a choice you gotta make Black Sheets you've got it what's in the bag she checked but who knows like extra kid gavi of the probably be safer down in car in San Francisco and over here the husband talk to the flight attendant like you have got this flight a long flight ahead of us we'll find a Sydney sounds like you're fucking kidding me LOL on my flight from San Francisco to Sydney there's like two rows in front of me really it was like what are the fucking hang out then she packing up sheets in food for that Bob's would you like one related fitness furb table up the stuff is crazy this family is a super germaphobe or something whatever at the hotel take off getting a taxi go to the hotel check-in I get my teeth and I turn around and there walk what did I just watch 24 I spent 24 hours in almost constant contact with these people going from Austin to see if they have a look happy no it was it was absolutely crazy kids I'm not socially awkward like you are Gus but there are things that happened in my life that give me anxiety it's really I can prove that I mean they're not a thief or a want to prove that I'm not dangerous and like the weird thing is like when I get off of him and then I just somehow they seem to be going right near my house and I keep following them for a long time like energy psychology different now that you got dammit YouTube all the way around the world equivalent of that that might be too far then maybe the record for that ever that's that's pretty far if you look at the clock it's pretty much almost to the exact opposite side of the world I think about it if you actually were a spy and your assignment was these people that's exactly what you have to do you have to be on that judging them for their personality I'm worried about like what year a place to be everybody else feel that he had to give up what we going to do it what time I was asleep and I don't like falling asleep the flight attendant took my shoulder to wake me up that's what I wanted saliva and I just asked I just drooled on myself we tried to save it but it was like a waterfall HBO true a lot to do that like nothing sometimes and Elsa duck a little late I just can't get it right I feel like I always have to call it out too I feel like if I see you then I have to say can you wipe their face for them it depends on who I'm spending who space and space something right did I tell you that before you know it's there or not but it was in someone's eye and I love you so the normal teeth cleaning completely normal a toothbrush at the dentist that normal kind of teeth cleaning and then she came at me with what looked like a welding mask like she was seriously prepared have probably told you that years ago and I was like I was like I've never seen anyone had like that much protection and she like what's up and she's like should I just got back from a conference and the number one presentation was by a dentist who was working on a patient in the patient had a cold sore in the eye and he got herpes in his eye and a desire inside his head and she was so now it's like she goes over prepared to tell me that stuff on my face you're not worried about aspect of her of a dentist her but he's getting into your eye are you know spinning basically you were operate time so I would think that you probably didn't know would like the route to go for that just yet and is 2 is too sensitive and very sensitive we need weed like getting your nose pierced ears keep growing end up with no pain sensors in the eye right that's why I can like do Lasik and you don't feel it you know I just got to hang in there no the hawk was the book The pressure was weird when they push on your eye so much that your vision goes away and then this is something that they did not hire me for when I got lazy weird I tell everybody about when they're doing laser in your eye with laser you've got to be prepared for the smell of your own eye burning but it's not something to put in the literature that you're going to smell your own eye as its course by this laser and it's that's a horrible smell what do you think it smells like when it's not funny what's up it's all right now I'm sorry I should I just switch this is where you going to get the offer no seriously you're not going to do it now he's too far I was getting right here just north of makeup did a cat eye makeup what if you have a place to go later than when we first started a lot of our different shows I wear glasses for like 8 years I got lazy I stopped wearing glasses for 6 months and I like a bunch of the internet, it will die down about me not wearing glasses they never did so I just I have not at all your work last night I work all day but I don't what if you if you really didn't want to wear glasses you wouldn't mind would you so much it's like I used to when I was right it was like a ritual thing and I LA County extended from that into this this blocking distractions like this much but I feel like it's part of my character so even when I wear contacts I still wear glasses with no glass in them like just afraid to say I don't feel comfortable contacting almost never wear them I would wear them like using VR for a long time that way I can see everything fine have you considered a monocle gavi a virtual world in the VR no I was born with completely perfect vision thanks that's great 465 642 that's funny right there I'm going to read this here what am I doing tonight of Summer She par test is also brought by Nature Box NatureBox make snacks that actually taste great and are better for you created with high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial colors flavors or sweeteners so you can feel great about snacking if your box recently make their service even better make an order as much as you want as often as you want with no minimum purchase required and you can cancel at anytime simple go 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Com / 3 speed for 50% off your first order nature box.com / it's right there you can see it like that and then the orders right under it right there which comes first order thank you naturebo Center sponsorship with them is that I feel like since you change offices I don't have to intercept the Nature Box shipment how do you spell to like cut off the past and I have to go to get snacks out of it I haven't seen it like for you going to your office you son of a bitch over here probably reading it how many bags of naturebo sites have your own 40 really pounding on the interview tomorrow fuck you Jos anything I want to let out to go for it you guys ever wake up last night too Connecticut if we have to get like Kitty with Thomas and then you get to events like this make the best the absolute best I just can't get enough of them laughing and you finally get to bed something to do with it kick my legs like that space sleep go back for a second here I need one more about this when did you wake up laughing I do it on a regular basis while you want to pounce like probably 3 times a year for them here actually give her her to wake up laughing I know it's weird but it's like I'm having a dream or something is really funny are you like it's like a lunatic serial killer impression will be like fre print and I'm like nevermind? Tell me if you woke up laughing Warfarin half life Hideaway treatment plant on my way back from Scotland I'm not telling this story again I had a wet dream roguish men in their kilts what is my next one of you and I'm fairly certain that Plaza The Guns of my Gus I may have a chance mount mount messing with this a new edition is your real name if I had today is anyone else mad because I had a stress dream about the podcast what you should know about this I dreamt that was stressful but we were about to go live and that I was mad at the control room is really kind of out from 10 didn't give any warning before 10 so I was like I had to run all the way across stage my life and as a result I would like too late I got to my seat like right after that so it started I sat down and burni was here but then the couch was empty weird Gavin so I like I texted you and you were playing the game on the Xbox season 1 your like I'm almost there I'll be there in a few minutes everything was going right and I was like I just can't imagine you actually being stressed about that you would just start anyway I wasn't here I was like I didn't I wasn't set up Twitter what goes into producing a show me stuff like I have a bone to pick with Gavin so sweet I'll be there in like half an hour before I actually just like right now and he doesn't reply that should be taken as a no like if it was like do you want to do this and I don't reply that means no I said yes let me know anything why yes no no no wait hear me out that's what all this is about I need to know numbers so please at least say yes or no but if you don't say let me know yes or no like a party invite this is like a production thing a work thing production social Place Suite 71 barbar to back you up whenever I send you the Sal again reply to them but then I text you and you said yes but that's a different reason that's because the invites take me to the calendar app on my phone and I'm not signed it or something I don't forget that every time I accepted you don't know this man get a badge if it's a yes I know if it's a yes or no question yes means yes and anything else means no no no no reply English as second sale offered that she won't say no to anything like he just gets too confrontational say no like you'll say to him hey do you want to go get lunch and I'll go with lots of people are eating everything is English online black if you get if you get 150 emails in the day and you have to write notes each one you get away still out there it's not about of 29 two days that's that's that's where it's better than no response Google does autocomplete to you can even just say no sounds good no I'm OK write to your plight saw your email now I'm very I'm very OCD about like notifications on my screen. 1921 e mails get away from me it's very difficult for anybody also I feel like when now we live in a crazy time of mass mass mass communication where Once Upon a Time the only way you can even communicate with someone even before written the word right you have to actually see someone then we can write things and then we could send things and then after we could send things it was a long time before we have hold of someone really like mirro a telephone right and then telephoned in central locations for a long time like you had your house phone and then in your work phone had the phone but it's still there for up and still really let's see what's a 1990 is right before pagers but up until like 90 the only way you could even communicate with someone or I see them I write to them and that was who fucking even at that point you were writing to people like every other month or something like that if you could call them but no one else could actually get ahold of you no one could grab your time no one can say hey I need you I need this or whatever that is but sometimes that's a good thing right we can wait we can communicate with someone who actually need something but now we're all beholden to an entire Facebook message system going to tell your Twitter messages of an entire Instagram messages Snapchat all those things on top of just text phone a phone calls and writing so yeah my e-mails can get it again it's going to be a continued dialogue and I can't handle that continued dialogue I need to be able to say no or yes and that's the end of it but I'm fortunate fontelina let's a production coordinator messages Gavin hey are you available to be in this show the shorts on Friday he doesn't respond then they don't get the email again creating two emails rather than you think know if I know her email so I know I'm available I'll get back to you I don't know why I don't know yet what is Barbara have you replied to every email I sent you I don't think you've ever sent me an e-mail so that's really sad the way how many emails did you get today right turn today probably around 150 how many did you reply to if they were from work actually I haven't responded to a lot today because I was showing the Skyrim just busy busy with things but you're going to reply to them in person this game is one-sided about it I thought I'd like to email this to many of them it's too much and you might that you sit down Sal and you like this like 20 New York life because I've just been emailing not people even some inconveniences a whole lot of people I hate it when I'm making a concerted effort to clear my inbox and I'm like I know I'm like 5 days behind at this point somebody says it's like on Tuesday and a meeting on Friday to us know by Tuesday if you want to this thing and I'll say well I replied if you say so it's probably not going to be a possibility at this point right and then I said send it to me to come back again for letting me know that whole do you know the show me up that fast like I know I replied yes so what are you doing just sitting there waiting for a bus Jurassic I'll send it in about 2 hours but yours is just as worthless as me not responding that's just wasting your time where you are what was that, because it's pointless respond you don't even know your real name okay Monroe middle name is my last name is Zachary Levi Henry here first folks or or Wikipedia I mean they could have checked out heard it here first you have to deal with it found on the Ice Skyrim photo of a buddy of mine for a long time I shave my head once and it was that so yes it's me like looking baby it's for like a shaved head or care to find out all we should know if I fully shave my head without you Ellen's coming out of your mouth Jurassic of the camera I think it probably pull it up Zachary podcastone of Terror RT Podcast #hashtag when you look down and shut as your face and you do likewise if you like Michael Phelps Jos do you get energy for sex fur on Twitter sésam a Terro jet are they just made that just called out you just made that schedule like flight tracking the use the force faces but only one of them the other one is sitting around on a fucking dick that she has a nice dick her down right here actually and I accidentally sent it to this place you got up and hurting today we talk about what happened to you overly familiar with a shotgun 2001 shotgun I don't know nobody's asked me six numbers on it yeah that's good 4561 control IC of control room gave themselves number one door and we get it cheers y'all Terro what is the webcam Snapchat glasses today how was work did you put it like this I love it walking down here and it made me think about the Snapchat spectacle Sal walk past a man wear two Barbara said I never thought I wanted Snapchat spectacle until I realize you were hard to get you I just got them what's the button on its charger charger charge button put it duck a starter button shows you the charge level on the case that you're my color choice too if I might be so bold I feel like this is my a I feel like it's very Snapchat so how does it feels like yeah has a bunch of that's when you got herpes I press the button I clicked it now what do you want from it wearing the deer faces in the weird butterfly tiara your face that was space was you taking them up and looking at them and being annoyed at them that was great I'm Still of the Night when it's recording a very good at telling you it's recording with the left you're going to instead of looking at that order two lenses not I just want you know I love you but honestly those from smartphone because I feel like when I'm somewhere like backstage somewhere and I'm periscoping or live streaming from my smartphone I walk up to people and the first thing I would say is this is life online unless you allow it was like a little red light that was next to your white light or something like that this is recording it on the line hitfilm circular video Vistas wait wait wait I heard it from Sal and Andrew told me was designed for guys like white people what was it yeah because your vision is a rectangle and response was that and we won't have a rectangle for a really long time no Sal a point to go to figure 8.7 Henry only one Court in Hazelwood got it was playing for anything look at the one on the right is recording yes I just left I'm telling you it's recording this right now this record yes we should have three for the money Kotex feel like Don Johnson would have dated a girl who wore glasses like that on Miami Vice ozone Snapchat though cuz you could tell it like it is and come up a circle blue screen on it no middle of people that's around phone that be the best ever stranger Game Changer who was nes people before it stops you can hit it again to extend a video so I can record 10 seconds what if you're getting close to the end we can hit it again I just had another tenant how many people have software in them the case you put it in as a battery so you can charge it on the go you have to plug it in to charge that and discharges from them indicate that you can read like his was happening I kind of just using it as a camera a little bit extra they're older they're not all they're not all as good as each other they're all very different but I'll come of the same world but every single one of them regardless of the production value of Storytelling I still think every single one need to be washed by people right now because he's are all cautionary tales what's about to happen to us on every level mainly technology listen to this okay or just started right angles does a rectangle pretty soon right now but at the end of the day all this shit like this is this is terrifying terrifying this is the first fruits of what's going to happen to all of you kids that might be watching right now but they're pretty young and like this is your deal I totally understand just beware that if this becomes your reality and you're not actually interacting with human beings any more than humanity is doomed we're all doomed I'm just going to throw that out there if you like great in our butterfly Tiaras as we all just are fuckin rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic pictures of guys talking about what are we going to question one of the three most contributors farmer right we can do this and big Pharma stop making a zombies and killing a snake pharmacies Crockett how much should I say I like in Georgia with a soda One Direction right now how many kids this Christmas this Christmas are going to get their parents to get them these glasses it's going to be a bunch of videos and snaps on Christmas day of of people that's going to be wearing them all the time like the Furby for the what a way to go where were these are classic what is the version of that this year I'm telling you this that you need that and they're not wrong but at last I had a few little Dopey NES which has 30 things on it there's people selling those for like 3 Grand on eBay I can I said go ahead go ahead I feel like this is a total fucking down like they couldn't fit more than 30 games on that thing I mean by hard since I'm this big but that's a bullshit move so they couldn't make more of the damn thing didn't end 04 console that is 30 years old and they can't make enough of them boxer is not as good as Microsoft and Sony they should have been just by being like yeah let's go for it let's give everybody the history and the memories I think the game looks like you can damn baby give me a wireless controller why do I have any email faces everywhere quest for next week two more circular camera just one of them tricks a raise I want without you asking me to go grab it or you could have managed that are using a sexual offense right now blue circle and put it on the call Ashley go to get back to the post one of my whole life what am I doing this of series podcast is All About You by Squarespace Squarespace site specially designed regardless your skill level there's no coding required for intuitive easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for one year start your free trial site today at squarespace.com / case we decide to sign up for Squarespace to make sure you offer code Rooster Teeth get 10% of your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful adventur looking at a restaurant website the other day and I and I realize it was squarespac this looks really good and then like I view the source to see what they made it and should have those in their squarespac your restaurants pretty good I was reading it I was like I might have thought about this a lot right to play the Red Baron game a lot when I was a kid it was like a World War 1 like flying shooting it I thought a lot about how the gun what you can the propeller and I would have thought a lot more bullets went through between the propeller I would imagine like stray bullets that stop for the propeller live stream of bullets it's so cool how much insulin how much free space there is between each rotation they really have quite a lot of time to throw a bullet through that and it seems like it waits till the last second of those guys made it to run at full speed because that would have been really dangerous if it flew off and I totally would have tried to take off in like blue demonstration of that and also I was surprised at how well not violent the impact with propeller was like when you finally got right I was expecting like a huge like moving it would be getting like Terror almost fell and hit the blue the bushes so far it the bullet doesn't even know that the proposed movie that I just treat it just like a station a piece of wood that you mention that right now looks like it was really really always been interested in before they figured out how to synchronize that kind of stuff what they would do if they would just hammer on bigger pieces of wood on the back of their color and if it got hit it would have to be like that it's not actually hitting it I'm going to say is take out pizza website for a plaza never been to this particular pizza place on classic Jos no not right and I'm also in the Nintendo I love you I really enjoy your products for Mini Me Trevor I think this particular move required a little bit more for the cord it's a boy duck a design flaw because people people now Phoenix television I'm having mine Gavin what that would be I love you gavi Gavin but a football field size television is like you moved into a new place and he just went nuts are only 85 weird on the phone what size country this is not punish anyone for this but it's technically illegal for people adventur what have you heard this I think there's supposed to be some kind of Licensing fee that's involved with you or am I in Barcelona the police anyway eventually we're going to get police in our home yet certain things which is foreve that's why you be Snapchatting everything you do in 1984 that you had one camera and a mic in his house and it ruined his life I got like 40 and I paid 200 bucks apiece for them cameras and mics wherever they go the same way you got the a little tiny Alexis we got like 6 of them I got elected duck everyone as controller only smaller than I was it also feels like I might be able okay well we just went over that what you really are dead inside I will say aesthetically and even technologically psychologically it does feel like a good classic NES night can I feel you can feel like to feel controller you are correct your joystick you are correct Barbara technically you shouldn't be watching it on the TV over 55 inch KTVN time for this us code title 17 chapter 1 section 110 TV broadcast a movie so we can only be displayed so long as no such audio-visual devices a diagonal screen greater 5 greater than 55 inches and any other ports are performance or display is communicated by means of a total of not more than six loads we will okay okay okay 2010 what if you watch on a big TV and stand really far away that's a lot that needs to change there's another love you changed it ruin something Barbara I used to do all the time of course with goats they go we have that watching TV as I know you guys we used to go to exact you like Austin Texas right I love Austin Texas rate theater change your call the a watch Breaking Bad and Walking Dead we would go just watch those back-to-back every single Sunday we go do that and get food and beer and whatever you want with a bunch of other people who love Breaking Bad a loved one of my paid for the license we know that shutting down they shut them down so you can't do that well that's because you got to pay for the fucking license fee are there people that still do that can definitely afford that license fee if they wanted to product or thing to drive traffic to who to what you're doing and send you that actually make money then I think they have a grievance they have a reasonable agreement to say you should license this product maybe it's a half day I don't know what it is but I don't know I mean particularly if you're charging for tickets to watch that thing you have to be licensed for that is totally illegal and like it I don't know the weird thing is she was like people have different rules for that like I know people who would never pirate anything they work in the film industry they hate piracy they would never heard anything and then she needed them is a totally different category like what I have to I pay for my cable subscription so it's fine if I will because since its Inception right we have an idea of Television because of what's been pumped into our homes 460 + I'm in hell I mean when was the first television broadcast in for you know for decades and decades and decades and decades the Americans and really the world you know we have this idea of television or series which is free so it would stand to reason that you're not going to feel bad about pirating something that feels like television or that is television September 28th 1928 well that's almost that's why you're the best condition for that but everybody because everybody paying for it by the way everyone's getting into this whole subscription thing which is great but what happens when all of these cord-cutters weird like I'm not paying 80 and then they're going to cut all their course and then going to be subscribed to everything for $2 and I cannot be like $120 but your subscribe United just like to me Apple at least you're going all the card it was like I'm going to own that movie I want on that movie I want on that album whatever it is everything else is subscription so you won't feel music isn't that way it's not your Spotify they're competing on that music level sésam is Alucard Xbox Live to do that broadcast television model and we lose what essentially are shows that get programmed not because they're profitable of a ton of people watching for the kids in the public interest because you're a cow sale because you're a coward to do that it's like the election what are the boys Been Everywhere horrible Mission that's maybe not right away but an ancillary basis expose you to ideas that you normally would not have any ideas like what the CBS broadcast of the kids cartoon that had the breaking news like for kids on something I don't want to fucking watch this but at least I learned about stuff you know to me when I watched it. It will be at CVS for breaking with new stuff name another one or I watch Sesame Street and then you leave PBS on and then there be a documentary like Nova or something like that CBS ABC and fox OBGYN those you either way I'm just real right that's that's that's what happened that's that's just what happened get your mind out of the gutter so it be hot toy this Christmas is going to be hatchimal with an animal in it and it hatches a puppy do you have to have an animal ever for me to tell you that NES Buy $30 MSRP if you can get it if you can get it yeah how much are those glasses 133rd and I guarantee you maybe I'm wrong but I guarantee you Snapchat and whoever they're working with as far as soon as they're like actual production vendor they're making game loads of those classes right now they will be available online missing this issue that I told you that is timeless right to the study is already those pop sunglasses will be better so people might be like Moriarty's by the way I'm just fully guaranteed Foods Nintendo saying now we will try to sell the one that I 60 games on it that's why I'm fucking pissed off they could handle the game's been around I have a for the record we are not backing up any of your guarantees guarantees the game is too much too much forget those games yes yes anybody who loves classic NES anybody who really really motherboard considered the idea of just buying a classic NES and having a lot of those games right you can and by the way and what are those costs in a second hand store them or let me ask you this why I play Skyrim on Xbox 360 why the Christ did I just buy it again on Xbox one tell me because you got there why did you because you got the remastered Edition because it looks better getting away foreve a little bit more fun Chris Pismo trees and bushes nice new HDMI image won't be that late the gavi Idaho I got overlooked what does it feel the way October concert by the way is on there she comes on there is regular I don't believe it when was when we were way way way way way way way more Gavin the licensing wait a minute hold the fucking presses they're selling this whole time they're offering you super contra Contra how do you contract Super C Super Nintendo game only had four buttons it's true all right would you like to listen games now this is bullshit there's no regular concert that look like superheroes a text okay so here's the 22 titles that are common among all regions of the Nintendo Entertainment System classic edition Blue flight Castlevania Donkey Kong Double Dragon 2 dr. Mario excitebike Galaga ghos of goblins gradius ice climber Cruz adventur Mario Brothers Mega Man 2 Metroid Ninja Gaiden Pac-Man super super contra Super Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers 2 Super Mario Bros 3 The Legend of Zelda Zelda blue nose Bully game JOS A North American version also has Bubble Bobble Castlevania 2 Donkey Kong Country Final Fantasy character is Punch Out featuring mr. dream not like you said it like it is and punch out with the same game and I don't appreciate those are both excellent games as much as featuring mr. dream not even Mike Tyson lost license a long time ago startropics par tropical with your weapon right yes it was like kind of ahead of its time. If you would like somebody who had never played that game before they would be ahead of time has passed as far as hanging around in the world like I didn't really see the final fantasies and everything hitting until we had Super Nintendo Genesis right that wasn't it wasn't classic NES RPG rolling around and had a Super Nintendo handheld it was like a stupid boy who seen those things yeah that's what they should make it would just be printing money that they're saying that because you don't need the analog joysticks you can just hear exactly just picking itself actual like a uterus has a lien holder the whole thing I should mention about the clothes that were wearing that you'll be able to put all of this on your wish list on Wednesday and I believe it will officially go on sale on Monday this is me yes and I remember stuff for babies onesies sweaters of cups 100 star store Thomas duck out in the next couple days come Sal really awesome they're apparently indestructible at Hershey your awesome I'm glad I've never seen it like this before also it's really well I'm being told me off camera that the the gift of this holiday season is Million Dollar but the card game which is going to be available on amazon.com start tomorrow available tomorrow on amazon.com so crazy that is really if you want to leave tomorrow either you had a card game that actually figured that to wear this onesie I checked this was under my own volition I chose to wear this one saying nobody asked me to do is fucking bad-ass we just talk to you can you can she put them on Henry dealing with the Goths fre British problem that I have I have a green card I have a scenario for you got you got you got million dollars right a lot of money but you have to have a hundred cold sore spread into eyes weather a cold sores are headaches aren't they all that's of cold sores I don't just want a million bucks the reason I doubt that somebody got herpes from another person in there essentially dissolved in their head like that how does that happen tonight there's a lot of things that aren't sure if you don't Google anything all year don't Google that just don't do it not safe for life for life now and there's usually things like your eyes dissolving or no Madison China One Omaha was that people died a yes LOL people dying we watch it like sleepovers where are energy by noon this morning to go to what the fuck I'm reading that's enough never got sunburned and Nightmare how to read aloud 5 headlines I suppose I should be did you hear the things that people were getting ocular herpes from VR headsets from sharing VR headset earpiece while unsubstantiated it's it's not proven if that was actually the case so shout out to him play we are here during exercise the head of the dra I put covers over the VR headset you can wipe down with her like a lady she put it behind you weird but it wasn't affecting me take the time laying bricks on head to Table Rock Trail and shit on her table which by the way would only be adventur circular area that's so you gotta move that you're getting on with her child and husband just watching he would even care trout I would jump in front of her seat and then kind of lens for and goes hey lady I got a present for you and it just kind of her seat spins around right to not reveal the trousers and dropped right and then you should what if she's in the middle you're just you just said she didn't want me to Barbara walking down the aisle through the mail this is a condition called hyperdontia the guy has like 3 rows of teeth I like them if I can we watch Highway to Hell a second one that is a clip from China if that gives you any hint of what that is par for Singing in the Rain haven't clicked on that are the crocodile win it's probably a crocodile hanging from the antlers of a deer as it will that's cool but we need a word that describes a GIF just as it links or is it without having to wait all the way around the last one Russian family photos from there a lot of people. Do you want to Black Men episode with Abby's yes what's with the pig in the pig in the prime episode 1 season 1 I'm going to say one thing number one that is the most that could happen right now I like it I just decided to say hey president the United States yet or prime minister we and they genuinely grab somebody that was close to them a relative of a dear friend and said unless you fuck a pic on camera boiler alert to anyone it was not watch Black Mirror you fucking me too but if they said unless you fuck a pig on camera light for the world to see we will kill your relative is Pet Shop in Addison what if you're just responsible for if you went and fucked a pig you could save the life of another person that was it was similar but not exactly what I had in there was grading Disney Sal a jackass to me you know it's like super disturbing it's it should be the serving every episode of that show with the exception of San Jacinto friendly I'm staying at hotel on Shaw space weather YouAlwaysWin no nice guys in the head and his amazing sweater how would you check a pic to save Gus his life yes I would yes I absolutely I'm very altruistic person that even if it wasn't a save anybody I think anyone's life I think but what about the unfortunate thing is that everyone in the world would have his weird judgment and like they do in the episode instead of going you don't watch that TV he's been forced by terrorists to do this on like everybody turn that shit off like that but that was an interesting change from whatever was like yeah and then it was amazing flexion of where are we going in the future who are we inside of people the won the first Bryce Dallas Howard it was the ratings on I got bad reviews and weird dying for good reviews and thumbs up and all that we become so obsessed that's what you know that I could go on for my wife and I got picked on for driver the driver. He he he I was like oh okay weird and then he looks my wifey ghos he's a 5-star passenger you know I was like oh okay Google weird was this your way to drop that you're a five-star five star passes I love you in the city but why did you kill it you know what happened a little bit earlier what is this is a company that is offering you incredibly convenient and cheap and valid drivers today they are vetted vetted vetted in California of them themselves they have higher standards than even done printed and background check that's it but it's over over pulled the fuck out nice it was already done when we passed a referendum that would the city Barbara Gus note buy in Oregon in 48 hours you have because it was like yeah we're already doing that that stuff you're making it hard for us to do this why do you need to control the business especially in Texas like that's a business leave that business alone and let that business do what they're doing if they're doing what they're supposed to do let him go there been any problems right like did you there were no issues everything is good most fertile Burn by the way but I'd appreciate some free rides thank you spectacle adventur fine but it's minor there's somebody would have to experience all that they talk to you about Uber from the moment you're in the cab in the moment I can't I never heard a better commercial for Uber than a cab for five fucking minutes all they want to do is talk about who Burnie cuz I'm in La I can never catch an Uber at the airport to do is cancel on me so I have to catch a Yellow Cab so then I go and then they complain about food for the day I had to take a taxi from San Francisco Airport several months ago and tell me that this is so bad about texting or whatever whatever the destination like I don't pay my credit card card card reader Works what doesn't work to reboot it so it doesn't work like come on I've been sitting here for 10-15 minutes if you have any cash right now I'm sorry but I spent the money they built they built a network they built an infrastructure that works and it's good and it's clean I try to use fast and I got to town a couple days ago I told you space and downloaded the app but all my information in and I was sitting with the opposite swipe to get a ride no swiping nothing was working though hitchhiking I should you not last night I went to egos to go fucking karaoke by myself cuz you damn right and I'm trying to get a fasten to pick me up nothing I hitchhiked for the first time in my life of Congress like it's an apartment complex for God's sake let me tell you the issue with Uber in this whole thing I like over to Troopers super mountai make an app that actually works the city behind if I won't be around but we were the problem I've got with them is the issue the legislation they voted the the the city Boston voting the legislation was it June Gus on April 1st it was April it wasn't going to play until February the following year the legislation was passed on a Friday by Monday it was gone so they pulled out turn off all those drivers jobs in with less than 48 hours notice ever had water with the choice if they want $500,000 cars Hoover owns no vehicles they've ordered $500,000 Thomas Vehicles the moment they're manufactured they want them and what they do to shut up all of those jobs what happens however when a city like Austin says you need to do all these background checks things that are already doing her chance and now they have an opportunity where they can know they don't have to worry about any background check because there's no person in that car that you need to check with the person who's writing basically the only responsible human in the car exactly so why wouldn't I go to one of his cars in cities like Austin are saying you need to do things with these driving to go fun don't know driver at all while they would just use the time print of the cut their finger prints available right here are you here are you here now the jokester has this just happened I got to thank everyone for being here and we will love you mean