#404 - Gavin's Porta Potty Proposal

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Gavin's strange porta potti proposal and is robot sex cheating? This episode originally aired on November 28, 2016, sponsored by Braintree (http://bit.ly/1qLWDxR), Harry's (http://hrys.co/1KozljX), and Tipsy Elves (http://bit.ly/1CBZ1fa)

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Recorded: 2016-11-29 16:48:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to this episode of the risky part of this week but to Buy Braintree harry' and Tipsy elve big thinking our sponsors will be talking about them a little Szechuan to show you that that's what it said about it I'm Gavin I'm Brandon I'm driving is under the assumption that I talk to Brandon differently than I talk to anybody else very nice but this is a whole new Arm System is it's not clear which way it goes you got married she returned to get the wrong way to where the cord was winding up and I feel like it was about to snap and we're going to go by the last Gus Brandon to walk in before me and you talking with someone and I walked in and Brandon should with is all over the table together like four seats sorry about that movie and then you tell me going gerd Lane claim to space is important right now in the studio and Stage 5 animation department has moved out so it's kind of weird it feel like when you go into a shopping mall man in modern American society and take half the stores are empty so that since animation moved out a week ago that space hasn't been like repurposed yet although I gotta tell you it's one of the hottest political battles right now we're at the company play me where you're going to sit now that structure this conversation with me he got floated to me just Redwood be going our meeting in the last 30 seconds is like it's like a I've seen it now I have to go requested that burni addiction anonymous to have it at least show me what the work-in-progress is what you have to get it from Glen is it going to be what allowed to tell you we decided in di Food Lion is really short yeah it's kind of like that but the problem is that he reminds me of the old job I used to have that underwent layoffs like that's what it is but because it's an empty space it doesn't feel like you know maybe something happened and something something bad is I see whatever that last week they're trying to charge me around and went up against the wall on this my coffee in my hand Michael is that you going to die but I have my phone on me don't do anything is going to get to San Jose 1/4 so try to try to go to the right realize I was doing it backwards a flag flown upside down like that I like I stepped on a banana and pulled coffee laugh if you thought I should have got it by my immediate fit best argument for having security cameras in the studio that I've ever heard that. So I got 4 if you want some Lovin candy a suffocating security company wouldn't install those what does invasion of privacy or something we have been having I don't like it all that to be comfortable in the office they need to get better at hiding cameras yeah I found my to meet you later also you're a bad person - it's you that I think of when something feels slightly a message like this is some filming cameras I guess the rest of your life to come from the British LAN different like a warm blanket you can pull over yourself I'm being watched every Zachary he killed it like he just jumped on that thing we're kind of what kind of convinced that he has one and just acted like he didn't because he got on the thing it was like a natural on it which is very intuitive and he's to pick up that usually takes like maybe two before people get comfortable it's time to let go a little and then he just jumped on it was spinning is in this building but I try to get on it earlier and I tried for about 5 seconds I know I can see myself Brandon can't no problem I need a production and I said if they're just got like 2 bars left in charge and I can't find the charger what's the charge for what was supposed to connect be just the thing you have be see if they can break out box with like a little like a little girl around in plug that goes with the laptop cover those around you plug this a voltage on it I can't find it so I'm sorry on the actual I wish every for that came with like 3 AC adapters to take a pill every what you need and let her know what just so you never lose me what time is it the company makes my drone what is a computer by the second and they make a stabilizer for a my mobile phone so I have a stabilizer that's for my DSLR but it's a massive it's hard to pack so much smaller stabilizer that I can put on my iPhone - and welcome to this of with it's got the weirdest power cable that ever - stereo mini USB to stereo mechanic stereo what are the three bands on here you know it seems dangerous yeah I know it's like stickers all over it do not plug the cable into anything else a brother's wife does it make any sense to me because it was blowing so hard so is going to try to fly my drone today because we were doing some fun stuff we're back star Productions on 11 little roosters and I want to include that as part of the blood drone shots for part of the plug if I have time to do and I got my super portable navigation back after I smashed it into the wall $280 a month away and I think I got a flight so you should change your title of that video to you I did $208 worth of damage it is about a fender bender my car my life that's way more expensive animal subjects - so I got the truck back I will fly today I booted up the what connects to it to do it and the GPS said this is now currently a temporary no-fly zone and I think it's because there's a major movie now that's in one of the stages here and I think that they set up a no-fly zone with the FAA for drones because I'm not going too much into it there's a there's a really popular director that's going to movie it so pictures of the set and stuff like that would be a big deal to you that for like Game of Thrones so it makes total sense UFO building then two people keep flying drones of that thing I don't have it and I still under construction so they shoot it down without getting in trouble I don't think before it be shot out of the sky addiction considered settled it was a few months ago I don't know if they have settled it but it was way more cases like what are the rights can you just fly your fucking drone over someone else's property so on air space you own nothing yeah we talked about this one as I how high does he will probably go burn judge rules man had a right to shoot down drone over his house a you life you wouldn't want people financially drone yeah yeah I think it's an interesting problem because I do think it's it's a growing industry we're going to see more and more these wedding ironically what's going to keep people from flying like recreational drones is not the FAA with airplanes are property rights on stuff you would see what happens we're going to have a lot of commercial drones like delivering shit like Amazon Pizza is up again and then they will be told you can fly drunk as you get the way the truck runs like a space but for the smaller vehicle license the actual physical air space Air Traffic Control where the drunk to communicate with each other to determine the right away I was watching the Star Wars movies and they showed traffic in the sky and I told him Lane always seems silly to me but I guess it makes sense but it be weird like I want to fly there but I gotta go down there and look what you have like not at all here no no no figura pilot Mr for me honey you're clear for takeoff from Austin like your flight plan space gotta know like what the specific out to do this forever did you control the traffic there but its like 1% of the journey but they actually do have run into you have rats but it's not like I gotta go to Houston from Austin take a left to get the Dallas I can fly to fucking down on the way to Dallas there are corridors if you have to adhere to I know that they do that of course that's what I'm saying like how does it make sense to go down and take a right that's why they're never my car if there were that many planes it will be different but did you get hit in that traffic and it was today the shutdown were freeways today with semi trucks hit and run 71.3 hours damn what happens frequently around here semi trucks hitting each other my you should think they said hey baby talk to me I won't bring it up again they shut down the freeway just like whatever reason Star City of Austin loves shutting stuff down especially cuz like for a festival and stuff like that RTX hey that's how we learned we can shut down Congress Avenue to shoots a 5 I wasn't saying I can't believe will let you work at the Congress office we had where you 7 another subject of another Hot Topic you're not cat Jason wasn't Six Nations 7 Jason would have been 6 really Nathan 168 Joel technically would have been sending you or Jack it fun so I kind of know what everybody cares about what started the damn war that the company was going a desk would have been electrical be for the washing machine why he was at the counter of the I did I emailed you two ma said we have recently reminder burn this my next year maybe even next week that could new be the next Bitcoin the next day for Charlie Brown trees. all you have to do is update a few lines of code no late-night so complicated recording no stress about staying ahead of the curve Braintree payments is here to help learn more at Braintree payments.com / future teeth that's Braintree payments.com / 3:15 and you can start taking money on the thank you for watching this is for the podcast suggested every product coming with multiple power supplies and just like separating them like two places my strategy with wedding rings is actually liked one of five wedding rings because you said I only got one of my car when I would probably get put at work a couple at home purchase where it what kind of ring you got this gu to lose it if you're wearing your hair meteorite if you not wearing your ring for half an hour well I don't know it's better to come home with the ring on when I come home and likewise to see it bothers her a lot when I don't wear it I haven't been wearing it large note next to mine you know what I find interesting about the marriage ring situation is that women wear ring starting much sooner than men like men don't wear anything when they're engaged so I think that's probably why it's a bigger deal is like what I've been wearing this again ring for how long she's like a year and two months a year and two months they said that's not it for her other women to know that this this D is no longer available you are man she's not going to make people like you know want me more yes because it's like look that's not available not you but yeah that's what I meant my my fingers I can pull it up what why did the US Capitol no nothing or nevermind sorry I haven't had a cat and a dog we have a dog and she said that um she was younger she the show together it's nonstop and it's like you go to the groomer Tom just said already have one I don't do that what's a Furminator man this is I just assumed by the name of this is be some kind of man pulls out all the Loose Hair Mr you the Furminator but like you one time and get the brus to do it yourself I've done both of those things but I still don't rush it because I didn't like him and I looked at each other like gavi dogs love being brushed East try again Gavin she's been through a lot she a bunch of Lou she did about Sweden what is this window right there beside the bed on the side without a flash from the camera behind her door and say goodbye really yeah are you so you if you're laying in bed Rin the left side I'm on the left side like I sleep on my left side so it's like everytime I go to bed I'm like alright goodbye I think I'm wherever the hell that is cool and comfortable when it my man he's outside your body your side of the bed I'm still at the side of his body I watched it like a videotape of myself at night wake up in her position but I fall asleep in one and two before fall asleep on me tallest a little bit but if I move I know I'm like this is I'm not gonna fall asleep like the feeling of dozing off while your head straight back is much more relaxing than any other position you know the feeling I love I love falling asleep with something in my hand and like to give you support when you drop it hey did you guys wake up for a half I think yeah yeah the baby shop the baby no not that worried about water that's what ever hear that story will get very mad at the parent but I totally get that pieces of pizza in - horrible mistake with a wicked-looking - you know I mean it's like with such a huge huge impact on your life and it's never like you know they're at a crack house getting high if they went to work and they don't realize that yet yeah the dentist years ago he like went to the office to pick up something on a Saturday and like his kid in the car and then while he's in there somebody busted in with a broken tooth and had to go to emergency surgery it's like I mean I can see how the of you would forget that my kids sitting in the car just awful awful terrible terrible going the saying like humans are Priscilla Lan compared to like a lot of other animals I don't stop and look around a human baby kind of with his head up when I when I was like holding it there like 10 different instructions on my child support and I'm going to get this thing that I just I can't hold this but it's a it's insane it's like is the mortality rate of animal is is high but usually kids can die in a car if you have them wrong right just for the sale I wrong or like suffocating it's it's yeah yeah they don't really know ways to approach it like Lane to confide on their back you know but it's just one of those things that's just what I see my baby dropped is never just is sleeping I saw it which was like an antelope giving birth in the cat was about halfway out and then all the sudden the mother-in-law gets up and runs away baby pops out be like what the hell and then she just comes up and like lays down like with spas around the new Cat Cafe is like Shake It Off and looking around like how fucking short is that animal's life it literally as soon as it's born is he what a great day for that it's it's Nature's brutal horrible so it makes this so much worse as you're not just looking like left and right something it come from above or below and eat you yeah and that's it what chapter in the book The Sea is terrifying like he's really Mike is really going to see what you can see like what that's exactly right what grows in the ocean doesn't feel like so you're talking about your wedding ring your very recently married wedding ring out of the meteorite that's pretty cool yeah he made his own wedding my the band with a post about that years ago I thought I went to your wedding thank my God is going to make money so now I gotta say it was a period in the wedding where you had to repeat after the priest in Spanish and people were laughing no shoots enunciated but he was just like anyone and speak English that's alright donde esta la biblioteca you refreeze with laughing I'll turn around I need the worse every time somebody told me that it wasn't that bad I knew oh my God it was that much worse my aunt was the only one who came up to me and said you suck I mean tweet about it it was funny though sentence in Spanish that would be it for me my reply International Lopez is bad why don't you tell me that he can relive the humiliation any time you want on your head in Spanish which is even better are we tortured Brandon enough make you not allowed to make fun of them no go ahead really my thing was like in people supplement like I can take it at my expense and it my fault as you like James Austin to be married I know what time we getting together before they look together for be living together I mean unofficially space since we started dating so I almost 3 years and no one different just like going home and that was it have you guys had sex yet we're still still kind of planning some kind of way and yes we had sex that was like all the honeymoon was was just like no touristy shit or barely anything just hanging out it's too much information I just volunteered problem with being married and I'm worried to Mexico it's like 2 hours out of Cancun 2 hours out of your commute like the hotel was up on the Rocks so you're right on top of the water because I don't do be shit I don't know because I don't like sand gets everywhere it's everywhere thank you and we just like for 5 days just like eating Non-Stop and it was in Mexico we could do anything with probably in the four days that are like 20 pina coladas that's nice and they brought them to me and I was like trying to say space was like can I get a double shot of rum I should be able to order pinochle I feel like I can run the is really thin and is so stiff I decided a little bit I feel like I run I'm sure it's really slow depressing to the land only the sound of that driver's laugh is when I whenever we travel a man I feel like any regular country that has the metric system and you get on the treadmill at the hotel gym and it's in kilometers not miles well whatever see you at 12 in the speed limit in trouble digits of really ugly Sprints for whatever before The Amazing Race I was doing sprints and I was sprinting 10 to 12 miles an hour have you ever just turned up as fast as I can go and try to rest well that's the highest it would go like I could do may east of a mile what is a half half a lap around a track in a cycle Southside days like this printing stuff what's up this is Albemarle CN is on Reddit if I'm immature and I was totally immature as I said you're immature for me but are you from I mean I spelled it that way do you say younger hold on I've never said it out loud I just stayed in my head cuz you're definitely wrong Tipsy Express over this morning yeah but I guess I just in my head didn't know but in my head it didn't explicable maybe he's talking called Expreso Brandon we think about 125 people spilling to about 40 Ford may be may be 40 yeah you might have like 25 - 20/2 - 25 and 40 it's a very big building so it's like as a result of not when you see people it's kind of a bigger deal so there's more of an obligation to stop and have a cat Universal 150 more people here and we're walking out you like yes I guess but I walk I specifically tractor running people which is a picture black and white for example the flag like the Oklahoma Land Rush can I rent one of those bouncy castles and just put them plug Cafe I will give you let's do it I know you said you're doing it and I'm going to be in it that's all that's the whole agreement all right there's this place in Austin I think it was was it a pinata place for a bouncy castle place that got shut down is an ultimate gentrification story with the leaseholder had been there forever they were leaving this place and the landlord was like no you're going like every day according to many people broke every possible Covenant when it comes to Leasing Property kicked out this pinata place and then replaced it would like the most hipster thing you can imagine overnight bulldoze the building so that there was no right way to put Cafe be cat in the Cat Cafe is the pic not in the least just happen to be there heat for the result of that even yeah this afternoon that the Streisand Effect star to the business and in the is it there this the right are you at I think they did you have such a brand new East Austin building to you like they knocked out like some old Harley hundred year old building they built like this little thing with another like I just feel like so East Austin ma kickstarte days to $62,000 cat Butterfree man walking down the street she cat - would like all the inventory was in it fulfill their Destiny Vault with them too like the next like overnight they bulldoze it and paid a bunch of kids to pretend to be dead in the rubble there will be big enough I went downtown this weekend I know this story sounds already horrifying I try to avoid that when all possible on the weekend it's not never do it but you do to people like you 7 how to stop going up stop stop drinking ever since I moved out for Jeff's with other drink every day so that whenever I get drunk every night drink most nights but I was not drunk every night I have one whiskey drunk every night drunk 7 ever drink anymore total lightweight is like a bad is bad everybody drinks anyway so we're out and this place is one of the places where the bar itself is quite small but the out door it was nice it was people I'm going to porta potties in the back and I didn't bother looking inside see if there was it called done today can I sleep at 2:10 o'clock there was a line to Liki Tiki Liki is a lot for the buck and it looks everyone so if you didn't love because the person in front of me that didn't want it wasn't anything so we got to the front wedding with out much on Thomas Star totally normal behavior Behavior I was like I'm not worried about the door people just watch me walk - 2 in 4.2 seconds someone just barges in the door and stands next to me I'm like how do you stand next to someone in a porta potty very uncomfortably close I'm like what you doing I'm paying him it was like I just got it I got to do this in here that's too many people around I just go do this and it's out this little thing of cocaine right and then pull it like a little strip does a line of coke off your days within distance of a coconut Could Have Lied that on my kids and I'm like oh my God I don't even know where to start like I might get arrested if it comes in as out unquestionably they would not they would assume like the guy just walked in and I don't know it was like it was like this is totally doable thing just something to do a line of coke next to a complete stranger and I'm like oh my God it was what it was like a little thing on it I just gotta figure out what to do a line I'd like to just speechless if I wrap up my pit my pay hydrostream is it staying pretty steady there puzzle room while I finished up and then I got one out and then he followed me outside talk to me realize I was British she was like British I let me to not circumcised smells like I mean you just saw my penis I don't think so I'm not sure we might not talk about it and it comes up in the story he's a gay man and he was like you know I've never sucked off an uncircumcised penis you want to head back in there and I'll blow you and I was like is so far if that's what Coke does man to Gavin said yes and now we both need to go back man in my head I'm like so blown away I thought you just said you just splashed out of my penis and be no the way I phrased it was so weird I was just like you know I'm not into that at this point in my life but you know maybe one day I'd like to make excuses writing instead I was like I'm going to put a few be around in like 10 years we can totally make me wish I was gay that sounds like no fun a gay person thinking she could have done and they're done cooking that I've never been to do do I agree with Gavin have like there's like a confident with that what you do it's what you do it's right what to do if you have a man and a woman you guys I think it's way more like he's like hey you want to go yes I wouldn't hang around here I went very quickly from being very confused and very annoyed and then immediately calm down and just had like a nice chat with him and then politely declined a blowjob in laugh that was mental I'm glad I should come downtown for you to come of Mother's Day it's like I think you experience that's a pretty strong example but your experience what a lot of women experience when they go out to bars I get frustrated when I go out in groups with nice girls who feel like they have to put up with guys and since then the rest of us going to have to put up with this shoots guy who's like clearly she's clearly not interested but she's not rude enough or she's too nice to say fuck off I'm not interested it so she just kind of evasive but she clears more than you think I have to go over and tell the guy to fucking beat it but I love going out with Barb because as you can imagine Barbara gets approached a lot and she just like she's very upfront with people I've always appreciated about Barbara she has she doesn't with she got so I could talk to you right now I think I should be like hey you need to take off like a little the people she doesn't know if they don't get the message she's very very clear they like to drink and then she's like I was going to a friend of mine and was like look man she's not interested right like I've been called like some pretty bad stuff and they just like you seriously need to yeah in case this guy and especially alcohol involved yes no no no what are - brought to you by harry' sometimes finding the right gift for a guy can feel impossible it can be difficult to find something that's a thoughtful gift but also useful luckily Harris is here to help if you haven't heard of them before harry' store started by two best friends Jeff and Andy who are fed up with being overcharged for razors so they started their own research company to give people a great shame that they deserve does Aldi have 7 sets that has a midnight blue Chrome Razor handle 3 of Harry's german-engineered 5 blade cartridges a foaming shaving gel that smells amazing and a beautifully designed gift box is a special offer for fans of the show we partner with harry' to give you $5 off your order when your - code rooster at checkout free shipping ends on December 9th so I can go to harry'.com right now click on the link in the description I get a Limited Edition holiday shave set while supplies last don't forget enter code reader at checkout for $5 off thats harrys.com code rooster love harry' is I just got to buy myself another place I forgot mine and Korea but I'm super happy to be sharing with her is once again something I could harry' store supporting this episode of the podcast I don't know if you can see it was in my car but burni through that coaster and it landed right on this cup right here nailed it Irish Nord on Twitter he told me that I had a tag hanging off of my sweater so I got rid of tag Irish know what the fuck in bed by the way Ireland was like he was warm it was like I have no idea it's like soft skin it's is just an extension of soft skin oh I know what it is and it just feels like that like some the middle of your penis and it's just like a slightly loose the vision of that but I clean it you got me laugh right out and get clean so I said you better and I've never had to do that so whatever uniclean before puberty or any kind of, but it's like stuck on the laugh you know that's right I'm glad that you're not circumcised it's a lot of people look like is the Nathan Zellner and his brother David and one of them is circumcised and others not and how it's like a big white one and it didn't appear so pretty it's really funny it's like you would think that would be a consistent for a run but I'll be honest not much point in doing it the right the rate in the u.s. for males between 814 to 59 as of 2014 is 81% so you're in the majority for a second I thought I was a freak my messages are the only people I know who are circumcised are Jewish so weird I think I look when I was born you know my the doctor ask my parents if they wanted to my parents are from Mexico and I guess it's not as common to Mexico so they should know so weird so far the is the dancer comes Britney I don't know that's a good thing maybe maybe not maybe you like I don't like this I don't like message network of my dick I knew it see you don't like it see what she was I cut my intact penis and now looking my Hyundai look so that's what you want right you want angry looking largest with the video when I was in a car accident of some sort and there was light bleeding and what was the theme of that be there yeah it was the The Heights what is that mean somebody may make some real films they really do nothing but that's what you think when you look up autocompletes for people already that you look up someone's name in autocomplete know and what the most popular Gus what you think carola Dunn The Summit note Gus a robo white people trying to find Esther Gus sorola Twitter regulation shoots thoughts are very valuable to people brother's Gus sorola age the net worth is top is Nathan Jones leaves RoosterTeeth nothing of circumcision all day tomorrow it will be so which one was circumcised on which one was it when they were older so I think they circumcise David never like me we should have done that so they didn't circumcise May the Nathans in the club and I like each other in some weird talk about to brother's penis is and do this by the way 201 Kentucky the other when be pleasurable I like to see the North Pole I would have given you some of the Texas piñata why is your name Siri my mind the female lead man Hathaway thank you I was going to say Kendrick butt Anne Hathaway when she passes out and she's like she's like in zero gravity with a ton of the centrifugal force felt perfect to me didn't feel safe there anything centripetal force and centrifugal force is fictional so may know I've no idea centrifugal for she learned his fictional why is it is what it is nothing is not real isn't it actually was no it's okay it's a catch-22 did anything like the world still spinning of all the relatives it is like a locked on and then they need to stay outside today centripetal force centrifugal force is not real thing but you can you can feel it but it doesn't exist that's why I are that's why I can phrase it cuz I don't know what I mean Google search here to see if I can get better is it going to lie Cafe what is that this is the part about the soyuz docking with ISS 7 just like movie we plan and then shoots Trading that's so cool he's amazing the amount of matter computing power my to think about trying to figure out how to do this if you're on the ground and they tell you like to write this piece of software that is going to take me to all these different speeds and angles and everything into account and it's going to bring people from Earth and put them in this place in space how do people still think the Earth is flat out to see a video of that whenever you on a plane he looks out and he doesn't see the curvature of the towers of how can I remember what I was supposed to go through it was like one plus one can't be too because 1 times 1 is 1 I think that was it net worth laugh movies in kids Lou CN st. weeds look at Tila Tequila was giving a Nazi salute at a Neo-Nazi dinner in Washington DC the other day there was this idea that you should question everything but you should you should get information you should question it like when you said that you to force is real I was like I was like I've been told my whole life is Robo May to Gavin right I'm going to look it up so I can look it up? A new phase now I think it's vs post-election there now it's not question everything you just don't believe anything everything is fake and if anybody has any information they are a sheep like you can't believe any source of information out at all and if you believe any source of information then you're inside of a bubble or an echo chamber just saying that this is the way this is the current my how about anything you like you're you're you're being fooled by the media and that's the new thing is now we have all this information but none of its real information that's the approach that everyone takes an unanswered question everything the standard default is to disbelieve everything that you hear it I don't know that that's a healthy mind-state to me know that's not like your opinion wedding now it's like is this is and anyone yet who comes out of squirrel the way I think we've seen you know that's all Fox News proliferate so quickly now my stuff is not best setting powder said on Twitter that CNN is 30 hours of pornography for 30 30 minutes with you and nobody noticed and you know I started picking it up and use Outlet started running it it was no fact-checking nobody can know the cable company says there's no way that that could have happened Wilder with the Trump protester going on said like all these people were bussed in to protest and then it was everywhere it was for a conference and then he was like sorry my bad but then like that's like the corrections like no one ever sees your crazy and it's going to come back in a conversation with somebody in there going to be true until someone forces them to look it up really remember that in the future I mean everything is going to be documented right like you can get think forever well until the Revolution and were all gone I mean at some point things are going like everything is going to crash what would it be not about you but it's some point it will in time know why what is the sun will consume the Earth out there my sister I'm just saying there is an end and I think what we have to be worried about your money so I call the Superman problem which is Siri inflatable and all the time and the villains there plug is always to destroy the world with his wife right there the world and that Superman has to be a thousand in beating those villains because they only have to destroy the world want to win one out of like 10,000 round he could fly around the sides of us and then come back together and that's how time travel works in the face like he just got back the other way that's why people didn't shooting you and then I thought about those things some people trying to argue recently that that's not what happened but he didn't reverse the Earth and go back with the time that he flew so fast around the earth using gravity is in a cyst that he went faster than the speed of light that you shouldn't be traveling but the counter argument is at the very end he flies the opposite way a couple times to restart the rotation of the earth that is correct so accept that theory while admirable does not hold up if you want to use gravity is a cyst around the Sun true movie human fly but if you can do it laugh of the outlet pretty pretty fast you the Son of God this is a much greater than you think I mean it takes 8 minutes for light to get here he flies slower the speed of light right now so really don't worry about coming but physically I mean that he did one laugh of the it was Brad Pitt to get built up some speed he was going to stay through it all so why does he fly the Concord that's my information for it to change the rotation of the Earth called only 2 people and we'll go from LA to Australia in 5 hours I was going to be well I promise you a development of those things you read about that you're fired YouTube airplane what's the Concord when a business being too expensive and the horrendous crash if I can take over backwards and landed in a French or tell you some stuff the problem is Concord you're crashing people who have a lot of money and people have a lot of money have access to a lot of lawyers it's a slight decrease your risk profile - big Concord also much more regular maintenance because of the stress the supersonic flight and needed to be there with the engines in the body that you couldn't last that long so as a result I just created more moral that spans two and Sciences there were a lot of factors that went into that but you were finally saw Batman vs. Superman it was but not as bad as people make it out to me I think I'm OK and I think there's like a bunch of other shit bolted onto it I think that it was a lot out there Man of Steel benefits is Lex Luthor has a razor blade the hell certain sequences like in sand believe me you could have created all of that setup without her being such a major character felt like yeah I don't know there's a lot of good men I just love anybody who regularly appears a Coen Brothers movie I love those people but Frances McDormand even like Brad Pitt George Clooney it's like anybody is ever going to come brother's we instantly love them Javier Bardem now he's awesome he's the villain in No Country for Old Men is also one of the bottom of a Quantum of bollocks no he wasn't Skyfall it's got one of those boxes Greenway James Bond expert I would totally Reliant Gavin for weight loss I really like - Casino Royale yes it was a decade ago that's crazy yes we got in Goldeneye I think we like the - bass out of like the last rites by the same man Brandon Skyfall was really good Austin with our people I don't know anyone and Let Die tonight I might stick with Skyfall wedding Adele sing a James Bond song seem like the biggest East a dragon's head although we're not my favorite James Blunt lyrics my favorite James Bond Roger Moore is very on popular Lou ring fucking dope spy who loved me docking great he's very likeable George Michael man I don't think I met him I met him Richard Kiel Happy Gilmore James Avery soyuz a interesting guy. That was really big guys the guy with the name you have to charge it until Peter Mayhew played Chewbacca I met him that was like a picture with him fucking nicest guy on the planet we were at with the reason why you meet these people as we will be doing some of these events like we don't do them so much anymore because we are RTX and Sydney and archaic and now let's play another event and we kind of save yourself of that belief to go and be guests at conventions and then we don't and his wife it's like the nicest looking to him as a plan and it's like I'm sitting next you woke up like this fucking thing I'ma take on fucking believable Richard Kiel 7 - yeah I saw those two guys ass like that the way I like to ma thing on the front of the brain and pituitary di just like diamonds with the body's natural chemicals to stop growing until I noticed that I didn't know like that's a cause in the NBA probably out of the a Pueblo or something oh you're going to look up his age and as high as he he never stopped growing and it was trying to what city was the world's tallest man is 11 inches yeah I just didn't stop how tall is Shaq 7 yeah he ends up just dying from complications of being to like you 22 Master Chief is 7 foot 4 Gavin how tall is Master Chief out guessing 7 - sucker are you all answering in armor or out of arm of Alabama 7 4 + 7272 interesting so yummy yummy 7 4 7070 Pueblo is a foot-and-a-half taller than Yao Ming so if you have weird Shaq looks small I could reach up and dunk without jumping then he didn't leave early never to jump in his life probably could break under them on every door frame being to to show now Swedish act like looking like a little kid in my last house I don't know if I'd ever talked about it a long time ago my last house to live in when it was originally built in the forties was built for 4 quarts it's really yeah you've been there before that's why I like the ceiling was low out the door frames were smaller than normal and before I renovated it all of the light switches were really low to the ground crazy you shoulda left it was it was charging it was difficult for me and I'm not even like that at all but it was something else family the usual no I mean I'm looking into it that he was he was going to follow us may be looking for that he was doing like a revolution may be like yeah you're right be the fastest ever flown I'm not trying to like bring back his dad love it's not like he was really soyuz Lane espresso so I had to come back to it. the reveal that to places where man was like a big mean thing of like that the way they settle their differences with the Revelation that they had ordered not talking about this we talk about something else if it's a big reveal and something if you're going to orchestrate a review on your writing reveal take as long as you want to set up the review like to put all the building blocks in place and take a whole season or two seasons or eight episodes or whatever but when you do the reveal the reveal itself has to be concise and like here's this thing and here and then you can like show all the things that they built it up whatever it was of revealing something was watching me it was like a 10 minute review Lan like we already have this information was all over the course of this 10-minute reveal it just took for fucking what are I'm so far ahead of everybody else on screen I know exactly what they're going to say when is Ed Harris going to figure out that he's got them is right here on his head is a wrinkle East Between the Eyes Nose skin I've ever seen on anyone love westworl last night was the penultimate app what is the ninth of 10 episodes is the correct usage of connection of times it's the centrifugal this a typically it was she was going to go multiple Seasons the second to last episode tends to be the biggest one in Game of Thrones episode 9 of every season has been phenomenal again for like the season 4 lost with one exception that fucking incredible just incredible anyway I don't know westworl coming back it was it was delayed like as close to that project and he said they just ring but you could imagine except for like ma there and every problem that even earlier this year while in production be halted production for three months to finish writing the last four scripts that everyone out there shooting then we just stop come back in 3 months we gotta finish but if they do a second season it becomes cheaper over time because a list of building is built if they have it Falafel out of black dick we want you come you going to be - episodes going to be a character back give me sitting perfectly still in bed for about 8 hours plug listen 70% of the time on screen you're going to be naked and is Mr don't forget that like I should watch Parks and Rec the guy who plays Ron did a full frontal scene in Deadwood on HBO really and I didn't and it comes up and flashes at me like every now and then like you can unlock if you do that people will remember that forever it will burn I think it's damaging their I don't think so but Noble robo yeah you got 4 months ago ring cutter for one who is Jake is Jason image January Jones from Mad Men she was the hostess are alive when they like every guy I like lost his house can be a lot of fun and he did a thing where they're looking at Clouds together it was just like you just made the whole sketch just like you just like you wouldn't meddle with it was just like what the fuck video is the new coach for Tottenham let me be the one Tipsy else has hundreds of Christmas sweater designs that are like nothing you've seen before they're not for the fate of Tipsy elve sweaters are all about fun but are serious on quality control is Tipsy elve.com on anything that Workshop now so you have the best selection to choose from and have it in time for your ugly Christmas sweater party that has the beer pong shirt 20% off sites Tipsy l.com Gavin ever pour me a beer ever in my life Gus I will take one of your hands can we do anything right now play really admire that yeah we played quarters that's Brandon hurry up Brandon no come on you know that's not work out well if you help me Gavin hold is water still paper towels for me of camera so my mind isn't straight on North 4th Avenue in a full suit on a shirt will the sun to come to the church right now so it doesn't you're right Gus that if the clarification is now and you are yesterday didn't you think you could have said that either way yeah yeah yeah man I didn't customary man Brandon you are very recently a married man Gavin you are very very good Body Solid sponsorship right there you going to church this morning a sentence William chocolatier for white chocolate on your C forgot to go to be when your duties on strange so a very man very happily committed man down there in the suit right so this question came up as we are watching westworl I thought it would go this out if there was a westworl out there and I had sex with a robot would that be considered cheating if you vote Yes Gus to have sex with the robot is a cheating what were the westworl robots yes why okay so where's the line and so we got into this discussion so I want to hear from people on Twitter yes or no because another out but yes or no is having sex with the robot considered to be cheating is that what is the robot is that the westworl robo like the way that I think what's Robo but we also know the characters have gone outside the bounds like when you first saw them in those little loops and they like the Hall of Presidents people like is that it's about what's the line a vibrator is not right yes I can is that considered cheating because I have been invited to fall in love westworl the things you are fucking thing that a human and behaves and what it takes yeah but still there's an emotional level of attachment there it's not on the part of the right you're not sound like a dildo or whatever so we take a dildo up the 0 year old make an Android like I definitely gu - a long pause if I buy a fleshlight and look at stuff while you know what's going on now yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I don't like sex robots will be normal you will have on your body for like 15 year olds you know we know I guess that's a great idea getting someone pregnant or just you know being depressed for 4 years what are you up with that millions of years without that yeah but we keep inventing porn the my stuff we make is to improve upon the basics right you don't think sex is a basic yeah I just feel like you're fine it's hard to have sex if you're single it's like you have no idea have sex with may be if I meet somebody maybe we dated for a few months maybe I'll have sex in 3 months porn all I'm saying is if people never pick up their phone and I'll text chat line in Orleans like phone sex operator people can do that they will buy sex robots by them or them too soon flashlight you just swap it out and take it home put in the dishwasher my stolen would you bang Robin Williams and with that go ahead and Bicentennial Man at the end when he technically becomes human in a porta potty if I get some coke Sheriff and you're like oh hey honey guess what I the everything looks exactly what you think will you were you were shopping and I just went out beforehand you set those boundaries in a relationship very clearly so you going to go we're going to be like okay look I just want to talk before we do this there's a sex robot is it okay if I fucked this robot like you got offended like a iPhone picture of a girl and I liked is going to provide this is our rules not really sure because it's like The Uncanny Valley soon as that isn't an issue anymore that it is an issue that you're having sex with once you cross that threshold of believability at this point what are going to fall out as technology advances to fall out along the way who are not allowed to watch internet porn and they're very likely my husband is watching internet porn it's like most people on the internet guy his house is like it's against the rules of his house porn so much better what about a hotel that would like to go do something as we go for the long the hotel was that me about this house is like a slap to the hotel but that's the rules of his household but your household Travels With You speaking of that there's anybody my cell phone but who gives a shit yeah I finally watched season 1 of mr. robot anyone trust Robo out hard core unless you really on the way the stuff you told some guy with the drill I didn't like that I didn't want I could get past that can skip the part we had to torture Cafe Lan I just stop playing with HOA 7 she would like to add by the way my first video game I think I found the perfect video game fast 7 Days to Die game is fucking awesome I played one or whatever .02 and it was garbage it still got it but it's way better space like Minecraft in a zombie apocalypse with my car also has zombies but it's a game we always talk about where you basically work all day like fucking crazy you're watching the sun going down this the one that's like I Am Legend when the Sun starts to hit the Horizon you just fucking Bolt back to your thing but you've been building up these defenses and it is not your to hold off the zombies on my end of every 7 days there's just this massive attack that comes and every 7 Days the Massive Attack gets harder and harder so it's like they start adding things like 20 different kinds of zombies in the game forever as long as you suck why did you build a Mr robo because I don't ideas a moment and in Mr Robot where I felt it crossed the line between being inspired by something and someone just doing their take on something like it was inspired by a very popular movie with you can guess if you seen the show and the reveal that happens like towards the end of the first season and that is the way they do it seems very much like the source material that was inspired by and then they also Play the song from the film adaptation of my watching my watch Cafe at this point so I completely I did enjoy everything like what the purpose of me watching this I'm watching someone's fanfiction if I haven't seen that movie but I enjoy it even if you're enjoying the connection to it didn't kill her I don't know maybe it was just a man and the fact they were so a bold-faced about it after like there was nothing to indicate that all the way and I guess there's a Twist be candid Mr Lee reveal that but if it seemed like it would be on homage to me when - just like a copy which I gotta say I don't like fanfiction I look at their to be one of those successful Fanfictions of all time but it presents itself as like that a lot of people don't but we started and everything else is original and it was more like being a fan of a multiplayer environment and doing a fun take on that that happened also be based in Halo but I was also a shame that was the multiplayer is something started space on Halo not it's just it's just a big original sci-fi Story Only I didn't Space movie that had a really funny characters gavi is Star Wars derivative fanfiction it would be you know you have to look at it look at it any other way you can be really great but that's essentially that's the category would fall in for sure you brought up Star Wars out today I am really happy that Star Wars is a thing again could you fuck me be 8 and get away with it if he'd like is he was a little fire what is it was thinking what if it was like Delores level intelligence or Cortana but it was shaped like BB 8 so it took like a woman he had a full intelligence and headphones sincerely upset if I can I might be I might be on Gavin Spectrum we're good we're heading towards the end of the store all going to be together or just thinking about you this is fun I'm not going any further than I think if you can text it and at night think about talking to it and looking forward to talking to it that's gu that was just like you meet up with be be a - in the morning you said your not going to if you don't text me I never look forward to texting. I would love to meet the person that Gavin looks forward to texting with You Gavin is laying in bed thinking about texting the most amazing person on the planet because you don't see that you don't like you don't text anybody our conversation that we don't exist to me now that I'm in a relationship and the next to me yet so I get what you're saying but it doesn't happen I would like to I just can't imagine who that person would be like this the wait trust me I can't wait to Skype someone later would you like 12 times 18/16 2840 noga talk about anymore 7 12 years ago you can different how is Red vs. blue season 3 days anyway I'm glad Star Wars is back it's crazy that when I was a kid it was gone forever after Jedi like 15 years before another movie and you can even watch it all the time on TV and now we have don't realize that we always went out of theaters it was fucking gone and then now we have to promote you buy the buy the toys they only sold at Toys R A new episode 7 last year Robo on this year episode 8 next year's that we're back in the Cadence of regular movies I think that it was a good thing doesn't require that franchise before it was movie three years and it was just really - 2001-2002 the original was it 2005 because I knew Gavin movie theaters to see it together the Star Wars Trilogy now is going to basically turn into the Star Wars like the novels she's going to have one like the way I learned right I should have walked away at that point in time after the after that we were going to see episode three together explore France had to travel to the UK Gavin are going to see episode 3 we met in London and I said hey you want to go see the movie and it's always out this morning we came early and I thought it was like you that's a fucking your Lou different myself again I feel like I've done in the past it was all your fault. I should have it so it's downhill interesting room here for someone on Twitter is 17 years a good roll if you feel the need to ask his consent before bring your sausage it's cheating I would imagine that you don't have to ask robots for their consent vs a cigarette right now we have a realistic animatronic but realistic models of people that you can have in your house if if you bought would have been real don't leave you bought one of those in the house would that be just the thing that you have any house or with you should give you other be like this is a cross the line you can't have this thing if you have that you're going to ask for consent if you have in your house that isn't human that's with anything anyhow the human a human Okay a statue of a human is with you Pit Stop liquor electrical tallest doesn't have head or legs or arms or anything I don't consider that I would never would you a stripper I'm assuming there's a significant amount of people that if I if you and really should be done in somebody in the right order the real doll and didn't talk to their partner about it first be like this is way outside my boundaries that you did this like this is like you have this thing that you're personifying and you've got it in the house in your having sex with on a regular basis Mr removed on my way is that what this with the first victim and see that you're having sex with right right and I forgot the language of like in CT inflatable animal Sandy loves and kisses and stuff I don't know if it's real I just they like to I'd like to have seen that really loves him lives with its Austin of the TV show My Strange Addiction laugh to the top of the top for autocomplete for guy lives with are lions wolves Bears the video where is the video what you doing there just he loves he says he'll get them has a cousin a kiss how to make him kiss him listen back is not hurting anybody he's probably happier - of the days and all of us I bet he's full of shit he might be foolish and I was okay with him kissing it but then he grabbed the wheel and made it seem like the way I was kissing him that's weird that's over the line and I'm okay with that but so to the Smoke different it's about time girlfriend aftermath is no it's not is it CN emotional connection okay I wasn't sure what you meant about the person they're totally willing another name my neighbor with somebody through okay let me see if I can say that that's why every time you said you have to have an emotional thing buddy we will see you guys next week bye bye