#405 - Some Dogs Love Helicopters

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Chris Demarais as they discuss dog comprehension, blood, eating alone, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 5, 2016, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/29tyrJm)

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Recorded: 2016-12-06 05:23:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the receipt podcas this week Rudd to buy audible Casper and trunk club thank you as much as much of this as I am Gus I am Gavin I'm Brandon I'm Chris but he's not Gus Bernie he's so he sucks so much he was invited this week really is like burning your cut I told you the joke Paul always makes him tell him of the podcas who's out sick today when I go to my dad's friend is taking of your type and I can sit down as soon as you say I look and then I saw the stuff on look look up since it's okay I'm a little freaked out right now because I gave blood a couple weeks ago cuz I want to know what my blood type was because I figured right where you only need a tiny drop to find out your blood type UK blood type make sure that I donated blood kid I mean they can tell you this there's a disclaimer that says like this do not ever use these results everything has disclaimers DIY Health thing is going to be have a disclaimer but I spent I just feel more comfortable cuz I don't know if I'd be in a situation where like I'm bleeding in there like someone what's your blood type baby blood you have so we should both be naked is blood wait wait wait wait so you give blood if your blood type and you can't even tell me what it is I just looked it up and because they also test for some other stuff and apparently I have high cholesterol what what's your cholesterol you are so I can look it up like if you give me like 1 minute I'm I'm I'm Legit a little frazzled as giving your blood type is that a personal question but I made it through security I mean if they figure out compatibility based on people's blood types because you want as different as possible right now like it like it like h of the zodiac side like you know how people say that you're compatible or not compatible like that kind of like what I was like me up to be a thing to her I was like you like yes you must have the blood type of either your mother or your father is if your mother is a and your father is because you Bab probably will be negative be positive love you too you guys should get married in Japan 2 of the gloomy so an hour in the same building so what if we get a big bag of B positive blood and we keep it near us opening hey I just I feel like this is something and my cholesterol's apparently 2:03 and it desirable range goes up to 199 animal ever no I mean I don't want you blood if you give blood so I can blow the bed of accepted Pine yeah yeah yeah have you seen it I mean I buy milk before I said I think I sent a picture they took all of that is all Brandon be positive positive and negative blood the drain really slow you would have made with that but anyway yeah but you're blood cells take longer volume is QuickBooks blood pool liquid from anybody posted anything from your blood that if you donate blood you burn 650 calories blood hope young age and I took a pint of blood for myself every week for that my entire life can I fill a warehouse with blood that was inside me and how much space can I buy that's probably a good thing that every week for your life and then you stopped doing it when we can you explode your body it still takes you to Muncie to regenerate either your white blood cells or red blood send blood to the red blood cells do something but if I just got him Fusion live Hard Sell according to answers there are five almost 5.3 million pints in an Olympic swimming pool so if you game every time why was it would take you 8 + 83000 but I'll be supported by the standard size how much is it so I can't believe I'm looking to see how much is the blood live I had a tube in my arm that could just drip blood constantly throughout my whole life and the different sizes SpongeBob if you go to Walmart yeah I bought it I am not right and he had those people standing I feel like it does a big one that was in the kid that's not what I how many kids did you be able plastic hard plastic one that is filled up slowly through it like we have to hold it open and then keep pouring in milk and dog and stuff until filled your milk and you know it so we can mention there's what I'm not I'm not so which is the blood type that is compatible with everyone like the really gonna make it in this one that nobody else can use except for you can't give to anybody and everybody the greedy people fly guy what are no no prolific never know how many sperm you have with your kids you know I never did you think of the high can we can we can you order that kid off we talked about this before I know we talked about this 08 average human ejaculate contain how are how long does it take to fill a kiddie pool Walmart kiddie pool how long I don't think I can feel like a lifetime calibrating instruments of the size of a Walmart kiddie pool do I have to actually just to fill it or can I get like a just a dream like if I'm giving I don't want it it would it would evaporate faster than you could fill space and you could feel you're just right now how much recovery time you need there are variables in this city as you in a room nowhere so you're not had sex in at least 24 hours sitting down doing it yourself with a lot myself the laptop and whatever your favorite weirdo hornet Chris let's be honest I think I could probably just keep going side of the tournament you know there's no way my mom that's possible like physically I mean no I don't want to listen to prove it but sometimes you like break your dick a little bit and you can just go immediately if you don't get it so I kind of happened I hate that you forgot about me good question I don't know okay well it's doing that we don't do that I feel yeah I feel like it's time to turn in 5 minutes the name of some girl let me think on that let me give me a moment I'll come back so someone who is this Madeline delabar on Twitter using hashtag RT podcas sent me an image showing all the blood types and who can give it who can accept other people and there's a similar to a B+ can receive or yes and give to No One except himself and I was like hell yeah they're down there down to negative let me hear Chris continues his calculations responsive audibl has an unmatched original shows news comedy and more audiobook The Great to listen to when you're driving at the gym shopping and for audience audible.com is offering a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial do you want to listen to it audibl has it go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth browser on Match selection of audio content download the title for free and start listening it's not easy get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com slash Rooster Teeth that's audible.com / Rooster Teeth of that service may as well get a free book when something go do it so one of the weirdest videos I've seen online using weird stuff this guy injected knockout just tell me what your texting into his testicles and then recorded using and he just for like 4 minutes it's insane it's absolutely crazy for minutes where did you watch this what are you doing what are you doing how do you find that this is one website I think I should Atlanta animal bloopers 4 minute flow who is it wasn't it was insane and I mean I don't want you continuously I was just skip ahead and then as you're skipping like 15 seconds smaller smaller we're here we're type and she said that's why I've been in a lot of pain lately it sucks I like this job problem I've ever talked about it I've got this thing where sometimes every time I chew or any time I open my mouth my jaw clicks and then every now and then like once or twice a year it'll like really hard for like a day and it's been doing that but it's been going on for like two fucking weeks now she has side babybe said that so he's got to wait and go with you just not even do some anti-inflammatories over-the-counter stuff to help that we've been so crabby I'm just crabby cuz I'm me Minecraft 4:30 a.m. Monday is like the nicest person you ever met just smiling all the time skippin in the hallway that's great I forgot the school was when I was in kindergarten we had to skip and I couldn't do it so I got a needs Improvement what subject was this skippin know that's what it said on the report card Space Racer you are you saying you couldn't do it I cannot do it can we take him African serval how to remove trunk Gus you can't bully me what the fuck how to donate blood actually do but I'm not going to count how high can we get it doesn't matter what that's the silhouette will be worth it I'm not doing it I get to Skip Along The Edge so sorry about this come on now okay private school never would have great day don't forget to let me know if you yes yes Chris is on foot now I'm thinking trunk its nose how can I compare scope this or that you're just hoping needs Improvement parrot hopping with one foot right wil like one of the first that you did well it wasn't skipping it was it was walking legend of the brofist yeah but that's all I know that's not a picture of your picture it was so what did you still get on the river with you so cute the other subjects were also weird was like I remember was like socializing and satisfactory but shorter than kid on my bus teet on the bus every morning I don't feel like you never want to be seen in his pants or did he just some little kid just turned around at the rhino in side panel of the bathroom I was like I just ran out the door in the back of my life and everyone in it I just walked in the room bad luck in bathroom at school but of the school there fights every now and then right like little bed we are and the rush towards it and start yelling and it's one time I was in the bathroom pissing in a urinal and then these guys got in a fight and I just started and then live bunk until I got it drained it and ran dog female talked about it before I went to a city school who likes like that all the time it was amazing like the level of meanness and like I don't know almost like a barbarian side kids are you kid watching this right now Latin lake bomb threat the things became more of a thing it's 13 yeah those people had sex in the school I never had sex in school no one here thought you did when I was in high school there was a shooting once and was like that before students were a thing at schools like this one girl was mad at another one and she brought to shoot her and ended up like someone the other girl like wrestle her and then got shot into the ceiling like so they didn't get Stephen to get a shot but all that happened I think I got suspended blood thing ever Kid movie Days forget you someone comes to the school and try to shoot you in the face with a gun I remember the last thing I saw I didn't see it was the changing room I was already done changing wil played field hockey 07 big beefy guy went walking into the changing room was really pissed off looking on that he went in the door closed he came out and woke up and I was like and then I went into the changing room and I was just like screwing blood like he like slammed his head against the wall yeah that's cool yeah side live absolutely do I just like it it's really cool anytime every now and then when I'm like out and about like you're in the weekend like the middle of town right live I walk into a trace and just walk around like I don't care anymore what was in high school every now and then you see like you know kid was in college graduated from you know your school come back and visit and look at the teachers ever seen that movie like I never want to be missing or like you know being like man people going to see me and I'm in college like jobs at age of 11 or Whatever Whenever kid who'd already left came back and I feel so old it's a real grown-up subjective that is like when you're a certain age like if your in middle school and high schoolers are like so much older and so it would sure that when you're in high school and college kids it's always moving and then like what you look like based on the year the first summer based on the year the moment when I was writing 1994 every day and then it was 1995 and I was like whatever I definitely remember 84 remember Reagan running for his second term some of the Old Clock for that I might I might never know I don't know that's the one Nutrilite writing that down School no it's not working 2384 no that's when I remember writing it down when did this 9191 North at the pool Rudd in the commercial now I don't but I remember now I remember getting Super Nintendo on being like super excited super excited and somebody was already halfway through Zelda level Super Mario 64 game on the new Nintendo is it any different they're all the same what what is Zelda housing would you like an open-world Latin nonlinear kind of I mean that's the last time they been telling you they also got rid of heart pieces what the hell that that meat meat meat for like food and like food and stuff that you don't have heart pieces of my heart pieces so then how do you increase your health capacity you find a really big steak you might Health like stabbing in the face with a with a sword and I meet for my favorite game food help pick up with the chicken in a Latin on the Super Nintendo so yeah yeah yeah chicken with white wil the whole box and or game simulator working camera and that video and having to focus on your ass and your barracks pose as your welcome yeah it on purpose yeah that was that was not that was maybe either that one or the Super Mario like that sucked Super Side the wind fucking burning hit me with the bull it was funny cause I don't know how you survive getting kicked in the kick in the back on the first time I've heard you have a big bruise I gotta know why that didn't like I don't know how they didn't separate something in your bag from Franklin MA to eat the hell out of us I swear the Francs back of it is now we don't know anything so much blood it was sticky and it got everywhere and then we didn't realize they aimed blood hoses out faces as soon as you they like it they like space at one point when we got everything out at Michael's trying to reattach the new he was like hold still so I'm just holding the tubes for holding the hot then but at that point it side spray and I couldn't move for that one of the face like pouring down my face and a really fun with that the one that probably felt the most like the game like being in the game that you said it was fun exactly like it wasn't really anything with the game we just put you on a little motorcycle walking around in The Wil but I feel like I had the first shot of the day that's right just like that they're all fucking day but I think about it nearest big industrial concrete pipe and we will try to get the cost to do a whole loop around 3 pipes into the the dirt bike thing and let you didn't let me off this bike so many times I'm so glad you're OK. 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Thank you City Wings coming in and I just found in one of the rooms is like probably the best This and like that often type Brian yeah and then he went to lift it off the floor it was stuck but they want expired and I was trying to get blaze drink him and he was thinking about it but didn't but then see if you of that you would definitely rather overdone It wil there is something that Chris did and he shot it and I was like Chris you should not really this video because you cannot take this back and he didn't release it so there is one thing let me know that it was horse cum what would you get snot super off no it is pretty super off Brandon let's be clear here but what if your butt was it something you ate you know what it is but not show it I really do alright I'll see what it was search for some it was it was a 6-3 6-2 and someone had sent in an adult diaper and I remember like I ran I think you gave it to me in your life remember this in your life like I don't know if you like we should do a video about this and so I was like yeah I'll do it I'll try it out so I put on the adult diaper and I peed and it was really weird it's really weird that I can tell you it did so your face is just pissing it surgeon skin though yeah but it was also just me wearing only a diaper so did the most experience like taking it heavy sweating it Saturday then we looked at was like Chris you just don't really it would have been interesting was can we find this video put it up was it warm of course it was fucking warm it's been awhile I don't know what it's like to get this song gavi of a piss outside in the cold yes see me oh yeah it does seem it hits the ground are you going to hit the ground blood on my body so what you have to and then that's not a lot nothing I think we could go back to the Armory and get those pickles at some point the pickle and the juice it's crazy how you find random stuff like that like we were like the unknown factors what is the Challenger that much pickle juice also if you know anyone who's people reach their hands get them I just got like a lot of hands you space just like is anything added to it is it like a pickle jar of pickles left about it but it's already weird enough to wear at some point someone took a cucumber a fruit in a jar vinegar and left it out for a long time so to me like an actual pickle like out somewhere it's not as weird as cucumbers really love pickles oh oh my God cross leg crunch feel like if a cucumber touches any of my food I can taste it you're insane like there was cucumber close to my food I know it like I did it's so overpowering and all I can taste I never had a cucumber sandwich that sounds awful no I have not eaten neutral taste though like what is it I don't know what it tasted different than other people because maybe it's just like so strong I remember you said like cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches like butter sandwich classic sandwiches in Australia I was so happy I was like our flight was delayed we find me to take a nap I was starving but the flight is kid I would give it up but he said yes if I can send which season was cut off how much we put into when you make yourself a sandwich or I could make you a cheese and tomato sandwich that you would love me that should be equal to the steak off English sandwiches gross in the box office skippin yes it's not until the first week off because you suck about 10 minutes because of the universe and visit me on a different planet depends on the guy I think it's physically impossible if there is a boil space zero gravity is there any video of them like trying to get around in zero gravity one of the first animals in Space the first animal to orbit the earth I don't think I came back came back like I did that day storie was the dog in helicopters a lot like President dogs they understand what's happening I feel like that breath of dog is traumatized by the changes was like freaking out like where I'm going what's commercia people of grapes dogs have grapes some Dogs 101 the trilogy nobody dog could conceptualize how what's happening he's going dog that are beautiful dog barking really made to be like this thing vibrates Salon Wailuku the crap out the way I said it once a couple years ago someone was talking about how traveling in a car must be to their dog right like you like my dog with me everywhere we get in the car sometimes go to the park since we go to the vet all the dog nose knows that we're going we don't know where we're going moving the owner just ignores it that in turn might my thoughts about that kind of money on end yeah I see that and it space least to something with just a bunch of tubes and it's alright I like my mother they weren't sure if you meant could survive the launch conditions or could survive in space at all so they sent the dog to see if it survived the launch and if it would survive being in space I guess with today's technology they could have sent up a bunch of accelerometers and like women that they probably probably because you know it's like today I want to talk about something a few weeks ago Bernie floated an idea that we should do a live event for our anniversary for the podcas which is 10 years with a couple of decades so we're going to do one of them before I give details about it I want to say something so we're going to do this live event in Austin and we're going to we're going to have a link to RSVP please do not RSVP unless you seriously are going to go to this because we we don't want to watch people from out-of-state aren't going to have any intention of coming RT peeing and preventing someone who is here and could really go we don't we don't want them to have a bad time so please you know when we put up the link only RSVP if you seriously plan to attend what brand is growing well we did a Show recently we had to have read it 3 times a week and about 40 Gus live show and it shows what it's like the Space Needle show and you know we had like I guess like a few guests every week like Rooster Teeth people and some like funny actors Comedians and when you just throw it out like they're like that it's like South by Southwest people are just going to like to lick lick lick lick I think there's a worse or better than I do I'm sorry I'm trying to give him the information so we're doing a live podcast next Monday December 12th at the rattle in here in Austin I will have a late yet there it is if you go to RT podcas live. Event brite.com can RSVP you have to be 21 or older that's the catch it is a bar so if you are over 21 and you will be you should come check it out we'll be doing a podcas live at Celebration of the 8th anniversary was the passing of the receipt I don't know you and I can I get there around 12 so I'll see if I can find out if you type in so we do have two of the same type so I'm not lying that's still the term I feel like it's not recording recording recording recording stuff steak Maybe 175 is a capacity video taping taping is a noun like you and say I'm going to recording of Jay Leno that can go to a taping of I think it's so I don't know if I can film it still used even though he usually accurate film camera just don't feel like actually that's podcas storie because it involves a lot of different variables Gumbo Fest member Brandon store hey Siri at 9 bachelor party I guess I just enable that hey Siri thing I don't use it before and I was in the middle of playing GTA and I said something that wasn't hey Siri but it detected it as me doing it I was like what kind of response I was watching the video on my phone it happened again but I forgot it happened so it just randomly interrupt the video with us I'd like to hear itself will let you know I want of my ex-girlfriends I was so pumped as you recently were talking her name is kayseri and in doing so she had to turn that off because she liked enabled hey Siri and then and then she be having conversation stuff and it's like yeah my name is Casey Real of what and then her phone my phone is doing if he realizes Korean hey Siri sound so similar what is Spanish for cheese what kind of the great thing about their Futures if you don't know where your phone is but you know it's somewhere in your apartment and you just scream hey Siri it will hear you and be like I'm over here not that I've never used it but I never use it for that why I sometimes lose it in the couch and I left the button on the watch the things that sort of the most useful feature of the houses are not I want I don't know I just I don't feel confident spelling it without looking at it like without writing it down but yeah I can smell it Paul and I can never remember her name but he made it here two and a half months to remember never let you know it's really weird pastries near me okay so I think Paul can you and Paul I can remember Paul now we just live your life surreal like oh hey how's your lady I should let you know so you broke up kesari space and when I was expecting seem right at all I don't know podcas Chris spell stuff scroller Chris Bell stuff and skips bullshit things to do in school spelling spelling it like it was never anything difficult to this day I've tried like or somewhere so I don't have to spell it I'll look it up right now I know there is one way I can never remember how to spell no matter how much I try and remember it hemorrhoids RT men hemorrhoids the amount of Amazon the second H comes in H right like that's going to happen hemorrhoids live it with a hammer the average human in blood prolapse out of your butt you're taking a dump right like let's say you're sitting on the toilet taking a shit you know how it goes but I don't think I'd like to make it like a star or like a circle or have imagined it like you're making a half moon the breath that's what I thought yeah sometimes is there something I can do to like a week because you have a bigger Rudd what I do this right I made that mistake I thought I thought you'd like if I just take a bunch of Imodium back my shit up and in the middle so I said of hahaha that was so painful because the ship before the hemorrhoids was healed it was it was rough it was it was not good sounded lost I don't remember maybe a week I should be about a week we can have that you didn't have it yet that's why I'm taking a dump how long can you go without taking a dump every day contest a week Hunter I could not make it a week at 8:50 Legend why not just say I didn't like camping trip but I didn't go for like 5 days I mean more active in your life your body is just going to use more of it so there's not really something if you just keep chugging apartment keep sucking what you don't like whatever how long can you go without pooping well Mandy I got I don't know if I can make it three days might might might if it was he went up through the roof when I moved to the US and I never thought this food is different that's why nation of shower like if I food I'm absolutely going to shower like so you got some days without showering like a weekend but then I'm like I got every other weekend still and I got all those baby wipes presentable even though I know not to leave the house but I still want to shower and brush my teeth and get ready for the day at like 8 in the morning Sunday I woke up I was like I'm going to have a little coffee shop close to my live in a cup of coffee come back home to the coffee place in fantasy to take my shower the coffee shop and it goes like this the kind of girl who just ordered food order coffee if you want coffee I'm done I'm waiting on my phone and a girl walks up to me she's like are you Gus from RoosterTeeth Chief Keef yes I was at I was at Walmart like wearing a wife beater and a giant jacket going to get it like I had to shower and I was going to get a haircut h didn't our Legend well it wasn't greasy I shower the day before that is fine but it's not the same and I bumped into a friend and I start talking my friend and then to two guys came up and I'll carry you Christian I want to be like no I haven't showered or anything I'm going to get a haircut now they're like getting haircut at Walmart yeah like I don't care 108 Walmart if you don't have September 1st like how many people get haircuts at Walmart One the least one Fusion the people in the kiddie pool so really interesting tweet year using the hashtag RT Podcast hashtag this is Matt castellana the reason both diarrhea and hemorrhoids have the RH is because real / what is an old Greek word meaning slow well there you go I had to fact-check and I copy and pasted that gu the bullshit I'm not that I'm not that clever recently within the last few months when I have time to go to La for stuff that I kept needing to be in the office the next day so I kept taking red eyes in the same way they were during the Streamys you find your influence and then there's Streamys and you flew back the night of the streaming do you food back that night so I want to stream one little bit Paul and then at 12:50 I flew that's where you went but I was like where did Gavin die I landed at 5 a.m. in Dallas then please Austin Land about 8 and then I went straight into achieving how to do the destiny raid because that was the only day that week that we could finish the race and I had to be an Exposé in the beginning and I kept it twice in the same week and being recognized in the at 5 in the morning off to you just want to know why I've been drinking and I need Latin you have really slept it's like your mind is so the possibility of being recognized are you going for me and Erin have a friend another Baptist RT bachelor storie party on like Bourbon Street in New Orleans where it was like I was so incoherent yeah like I don't even like I'm leaving normal only knew going to get in till 3 so you don't you don't want to disappoint because I miss you it's like we're tired so depression took it back by real fast Matt Cassel on of everything was had a follow-up hemorrhoids from Hyma meaning blood and rail mini flow diarrhea is diarrhea and render a low-flow was the first one in hemorrhoids blood Heimer so what's going to happen I don't know yellow diarrhea so we we learned our are Greeks so what I'm sure Matt Cassel origins of words it's pretty interesting words or so and it's all there so like not much changes for the origin of the word doesn't change you know it nobody looks it up and nobody remembers do you think any helpful in life if you were to learn Latin Jesu make so many of like you know the base and are worth in in in English I think you would be coming so if you want to be a doctor it's money that I took 2 years of Latin high school and I'll tell you like if you want to know like word origin female just learned like any of the Romantic languages no in Spanish I do have to have a ticket Latin yeah but that's way to learn Spanish or you want to I was just a lot more useful than learning Latin Catholic church masses in Latin till like the sixties and have been way cooler why I don't know what you don't know oh man I found out so much like all G so you turned out so so whatever I've always thought always had this time always churches by how Bloody the Jesus said and this bleeding out of like every orifice his kneecaps he was missing you because like it was just holes and you just saw a bone like it was death 283 Fusion h of stuff missing and all I could do was stare at it because it look like I was looking at the priest and I just like analyze like every inch of that so yes it was that was not I was not nail in the feet stabbing in the gut and blood thorn crown right they drag you and sitting next to Gus and we were talking about how Bloody the G super strong G tension control room can you look up Korean buff G suppose I can find a lot of Jesus's head you have known about it or not but they're just ribs so is about 20 minutes and it doesn't yeah I was trying to figure out a way after dies we could figure out some stuff today looking like that I know so much I don't think he would have done the same Lowe's lighting Jesus for the link. Probably not let me of everything I want to go I'm going to talk to me Trunk Club no secret a lot of guys aren't great at making time to shop for clothes but they still want to look good and trunk club can help Trunk Club makes it easy for you to look your best in clothes that fit you perfectly and look amazing hand picked by your own personal stylist go to trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth type in your measurements show your likes and dislikes and trunk club will send you a trunk of clothing straight to your door handpicked by your very own personal stylist Trunk Club is backed by Nordstrom because I have access to some of the best designer Brands trying to start a selection skippin you like send back what you don't Trunk Club is not a subscription service order clothes whenever you like from your own personal stylist Take 5 days to try everything on and returns are always free get started today at trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth the coffee does not mention their their boutique store so I really wanted to check one of those out and we had a chance yet hopefully next time in LA where the of the shopping centers and I know there's one corporate office out there it's in the ship before is it pretty good I saw storie about a Amazon I think it's an Amazon grocery store and I think the market is Amazon now and I was like I'm not sure what it was but you walk into it and basically as soon as you walk in you scan your phone and then after that all you got to do is go pick up whatever you want and you walk out of the store that's it it knows when you don't got to go to the cashier or anything you just grabbed it and walked out the door on a roof how do the Nae Nae the commercial was super it was like we use like smart technology like ours and just explain the store yeah I know they just threw out a bunch of words I was all about it cuz they said they use robots and then it was like 55 years old or something I like plastic cause maybe I'll try it maybe that was fast I'm still using it I think it's a credit card Wooden Shoes by Diners Club in 1950 while then and there no American Express established in 58 wil in Apple stores you can walk in and use your phone to buy stuff I never trust that I'm convinced if I do that they're going to think I'm shoplifting live when you walk into a store like let me see that I've never had knowing about it I'm always here air filter got away with it the first time I was doing it I was really excited and then one of the Apple employees came to offer to help if you know a nice guy I was looking in the gu I want to go in and I'd love to hear from someone who works in Apple Store where you are supposed to show your friend I guess to someone on the way out where you're supposed to say you're not that's not how it's marketed it's just like take a picture of you if that's when you would like to Alaska going to proceed oldest tortoise Gavin got the email yet but I mean like you have to have people standing at the door with iPad so I imagine once you buy something from that store they might just get a little pop up and after of this really friends like friends with little the barcode reader annoying as hell was that status like way over the top can I sit with you was one that was over the top and they're not nice I'm not nice just like that it's not like they try and be there but they're not intrusive the annoying in my opinion they give me exam traction but I don't like being like that I could have that whole interaction could have done in like that side of the woods it was so much like flush and fill of that I'm just not into it try to be nice or just impress your type Drake but this is a way to disappear different not like his father teet when you walk into something H Hunter Hall replied then the strippers at a strip club is being that nice for that long seriously like they are well I'm rubbing that generator for Like It wil yeah but they spend more time the beer The General great of a strip club by the no but I mean seriously thank you for like the whole ship that that that to me is extremely Chris side who is the Twin Peaks waitresses if you want you can have one of the way it's just come and sit with you and pretend to care about breath trunk bikinis you can have someone come sit with you right sometimes you go in and you see a dude on his own just with one of the people who work there like the entire meal I think I have to pretend to me that it's alright I was like we finished finished shooting 11 little roosters and then I went home on my lunch for the day and maybe do a little work I go to this restaurant restaurant there's no one in the restaurant because someone at like 930 or 10 or something like 30 minutes 40 minutes for the I sit there and I'm just like you know sitting there eating and like I'm on my phone I pull up my laptop to it like I've never done this but okay yeah yeah the waitress coming out on me and was like I can tell just after offering me free steak if you want to try this to make sure I'll try to do in their life doing that and then I finished eating and I pay and I'm like going to finish this thing I'm typing up and down young decent looking dude is in the email address also Chris and she was like you want me alright I was just like I don't know I feel like I got more attention than I've ever had from a whiteboard and I was the only person there sitting by myself I mean the way I see it if you're at work and you have work to do it's always a lot faster then like sitting in the back for the new phones you know she's pretty just like being extra cute rooster the restaurant no no no it's awesome nef of like walking through a restaurant what's with that why haven't you got a car the whole thing it's still okay if it that's fine facing the Clippers the way I live in this country right having no rights in this country to stay I'm not making mistakes really see if I actually run someone over for a crush on someone right now cuz I mean it's going to be very bad for me if I can ever be responsible for that let me know when I can hopefully I'll be listening to the wrong people yeah cuz I have the right to enter and I have like they want to put me in when you get a green card I'm trying for ages trying to Mary Mary Chris super easy get married you have to be alone anymore notes to All I can do for myself I do not like when I used to have before space when I have my other job I will travel by myself a lot and it was awesome to go by myself even even if sometimes like whenever a lot of us go somewhere like we're getting our checks and Sydney I love myself I don't want to eat with a large group send me travel travel in general but I think I've had enough trouble on my own - in random cities but always just get rooster if there is dog skin like fun food tonight you should go find a place to go eat by yourself the rest are we G it works um you know like I do as an excuse to do work I really don't get much work done I just want to the same place I'm hungry I'm hungry right now Chris you do you have a home a place where you live there's a refrigerator in this home what is in the refrigerator at your home right now a lot of stuff for mixing a lot of food I don't have any food mixers yeah what are your favorite pictures of mix for me okay I don't really use mixers you're straight with you got your beer you know or I'll just drink it like maybe I'll put like water or ice or something if I'm going to make sure I like company you're very thoughtful I like by something like cuz you know different things that RT and like little can pineapple juices I don't have the Pina Colada don't even know what's in my fridge right now I have cold brew coffee eggs some kimchi cheese butter that sounds good are you out a lot should I keep apples in the fridge that ice cold reform exercise no milk not milk it's from Thanksgiving I mean condiments mustard ranch dressing ketchup side full fridge it's not there's no food it's just like condiments to go with food Cincinnati I feel like the conversation is not interesting enough to go 202 Little Tree Circle papa papa babybe the commercia now alright I don't want sandwiches or cucumber cream cheese anything different like it's full and there's never anything to eat I look in there and I have turkey and cheese and mustard for sandwiches those are my toes pw80 pedialyt when I'm sick it's all so yeah it's supposed to be really good for hangovers babybe like you like that rehydrate you and mcwaters lot of likes super concentrate Gatorade on steroids if you had really bad diarrhea or vomiting food poisoning it's something you would drink to keep him hydrated and it's like it's like one of those things like you've been drinking I don't be hungover trunk some of this super contra Gatorade. We just drink this instead of just an everyday life so you don't want to drink it just it's like really serious like drinking like a popsicle so like yeah but it is far more expensive than water to ya we'll just drink water can you see what I was saying like yourself it's cool I will say the last time I did it was not great Paul was working on Thanksgiving if you told honest I feel bad let me delete racoomb Paul is working on Thanksgiving and you know we didn't make any things giving food no turkey no anything and the only place that was open was Kirby Lane so I was like well it'd be kind of nice to eat something that's hard like a ham sandwich so I went to Kerbey Lane alone on Thanksgiving and had pancakes she said it was just me alone outside about Penny the pug that was just the two of us alone on Thanksgiving night eating pancakes turkey know they did I thought they would have like a special thing I told me look for it but they didn't I felt really bad Brandon because if I was I texted you like having your ass and I made some joke about you and Paul are having your first Thanksgiving or something yeah right and then you're like oh I just ate pancakes alone and I was like because my mom came for Thanksgiving it was just me my mom and so I might add some friends and stuff you know like people who are like straight you know I didn't have like you know like friends who didn't have like family and stuff so I was like oh yeah I come over you know bubble buff highlighting all the people you invited but yeah it will but it's like I was like you know like stranger things it wasn't a big deal or anything and he told me that was like I didn't invite Brando look like when he put in my head all that Brandon just got married it's got like a pug dog that is fine if they're like your family like in Texas yeah but we can travel kid Paul it was working and it just said okay I understand that I really did I felt really really bad for us to dogs? Breath jokes show on Twitter jha show said oh sweet baby Belle Cheese's Gavin Free just reminded me of one Babybel cheese wheel in my fridge from weeks ago thank you the black rapid when's the best time to see the dog 2007 blood type what time is it type like this wil the a in the beginning question I have a question for you Gavin you are dying okay you are dying and you like sorry I'm sorry I find I only need a blood type be a very rare blood type but you're dog shares it what would you do so I can take the dog blood kill your dog has ducks are having a blood to share for humans I'll probably take the blood sacrifices dog for me your dog your beloved dog yeah I feel like he's looking at this I feel really got it if I was like you know what I'm going to die for the Dunkin live dog can live on and then I type it and the dog gets run over like a week later I feel really kill a dog live stream more important than animal life unless it's your animal I know I just wouldn't want to be ready and I'll just buy it on the dog Gus terrible but I hate the idea of killing audibl but if it saves a human life any life I probably do it but anyways you have a dog that I made into a racoomb II don't know that's a tough one I don't know I feel like nobody would want to but you really shouldn't piss away a human life if the possibility is that to save it for Me Maybe but anybody else now here's the deal is you need a lot of blood so all your dogs it's like I'm like I'm going to die sorry I love you anymore but I didn't matter they forgot about me I said I've been running around I said I'd sleep on the we got a quick minute clarification so next week even though we are doing the podcas live at the bed you still going to be a normal release if you're not there we're still going to broadcast for first members on Monday evening and then they will have the regularly scheduled on YouTube and audio and everything else like normal I don't hear differently the live element if you are actually there wanted to have any real quick also want to remind people that we do have the holiday store sale going on still right now the 12 days of Rooster Teeth and if you want to check that out get a gift for someone going to get for yourself check out storie receive.com 20% off select items that's I don't know why the store doesn't bother us this time would you sell your dog the ten million dollars side dog I don't know if you say my life is worth less than a millimeter do you think I just made your company benefit who cares what the past live in the future I just saw the most pretty innocent man was an asshole squirrels on Madison raccoons and stuff that's what makes what makes a blood type have no idea no idea it's okay it's alright I have a question it's like 3 a.m. and you cannot call me right now what if what if what if what does the name Benjamin of Benjamin was dying and they're like we need more dog blood where you need as a child to Benjamin might be the thing in the world that Esther loves the most money more than me probably I couldn't understand Benjamin is my dog so I don't know that she would allow me to take her favorite thing in the world to save us a bunch of what if both dogs are sick and they need your blood they need your leg blood of one leg cast removed dog so you're in it let me know just feel it would save their life and they're going to live for at least another 5 I don't know like it was just like the ankle and foot new Prosthetics days come a long way no I mean I'm just speaking out of my ass but I feel like going away Yeah Usher I could do that I don't want to get a dog now I don't want those kind of questions tell if you want me to kid is to anything ever and always do everything that I can make with a dog so innocent and dependent on you to provide for every 10-15 minutes depending on you are a little ride home ever is the best part of your day when you see me you know that's a pretty solid Gavin and quality recently figure out what kind of health insurance I would get for my dog I was like alright it'll probably need this this this and her life and I want to protect them until 10 if she lives after 10 I might end up process that information wil I'm like I know she'll probably have these health issues this is how much it's going to cost and a period of 10 years this is how much I pay for health insurance but if she lives after that then I end up like probably spending too money if you could transfer your dog's brain into a robot dog but it would actually be your dog's brain only thing you're going to Paul and that's all you could say that I've studied it into a robot dog that have skin it would just be like the world is our is our Apple TV a baby keep telling me they lost my feet where you connect 12 2003 Peter Hayes Peter Hayes after 1 you just got favorited what's going on over there something will tell us later control room time you don't think this is been since last may be replaced here Matt Castellanos blood type is determined by the presence or absence of antibodies and inherited antigenic substances on the red blood cells surface blood way more than a blood type then dog blood types dog blood I also want to know if it's type so I just got to the blood types of blood types of blood cancer what is that yeah that's blood cancer Gavin of black dogs don't get sick as much as humans that's right if something's wrong with the dog if my if my dog's jaw hurt I wouldn't know what was wrong with it but it would like maybe not want to eat and would like to have much interaction with humans oh yeah my mom's dog is dead if the live with what should be done he said if she can't she's giving dog dog ate one it doesn't have bladder control kid wears a diaper to it to it it doesn't have any teeth and its jaw collapse and then 3 if it snows collapse 04 it's not like it's his ears or like scabbing over it kid animals like Mom you got it you got to take this down steak he's just like no this dog is like he's falling apart mom no no no no he's drinking water on his own I like the compliments like the fact that he drinks water on its own she still have to feed it and that's so sad it's this if it if you go back and look at the the left play with my mom video I did a couple years ago she's holding the little dog smells like a cigar B16 the only health problem he has is his death which if I was 16 as a dog I would not mind felt so blind so blind, it's also blood supply and its Gus Cab in its nose collapse if I just don't know teet Dog laugh Chris and it has no control this let you know you know the right thing to do in this situation I might catch up to you I'm not doing that you're blood Chris Brandon a robot the Roomba wil worl who are time to wrap this up so well thank you for watching this week's episode of the podcast we will be broadcasting live from the Rattle Inn Downtown Austin next week can I get a ride to that you get a ride if you're in the Austin area you should come check it out let me look what was that again RT podcas live eventbrite.com you're in the area please only if you intend on going and maybe we'll see you guys next Monday