#406 - Gavin or Google 12

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns and special guest Geoff Keighley as they discuss eight years of podcasting, the worst drunk stories, Gavin or Google, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 12, 2016, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg)

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Recorded: 2016-12-13 00:54:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Geoff Keighley


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to this week's episode of spee podcast recorded live at the link I want to thank all our sponsors for this week Blue Apron me undies and Squarespace and also a special thanks for Pizza Hut who kindly supplied Pizza to everybody 4 Lazer team to start slimming down have you been working out what's up have you been working out I have been looking pretty well there's a reason for that and so we had to start early so because you are so far ahead of him in terms of beef yes that's exactly it it was really sad for the first Lazer team I've been working out for like like a year-and-a-half two years and Michael came in the same trailer that I had and in you know its 12 I don't know how old is 2012 that was the day you came into the gym and he said I think it's just being in his mid-twenties he got as many games as I had look up go to the gym to get ripped is it always Blaine let me know what you're going to say that's blue the shittiest version of someone's the peak of Tuesday slice like you gotta like he's going to be so high for me to notice if he says anything that's like Fitness or gym related of course he writes a script that he's in his holiday short my mistake by the way I don't have funny the first shit we ever put Blaine in that he had to be naked in it that UPS short that we had for the Amazon drones and he took that and ran with it didn't he likes to hear himself naked video that makes you take your clothes off somebody did a side-by-side comparison of us in his gold shorts for The Rocky Horror Show and my gold shorts for The Amazing Race side-by-side like to work buttery music search for eating a lot I can't stop I've gained about 10 pounds in the last month I've no idea why all day long I need to eat like I was actually heard me earlier I was like oh my God I'm fucking start recording something as for the note and I had to be snacking the whole time and I cannot stop eating things wrong with when I was in college I actively try to get fat like everyday I wouldn't have a gallon of ice cream but regardless if I wanted it or not I'm going to eat half gallon of ice cream everyday and see if I can put on weight and it's all just right here like right in the gut it does not distribute so I know what I saw you have a laptop it's probably some troublemakers gets me into the teet shit I'm in trouble I thought about before we went live the three of us were sitting up here missing his backpack at all I heard you say was oh my god did you drop something why because are you Baseline douchebag as well yeah I upgraded to the plus iPhone 7 which by the way awesome to hear that Apple has totally botched the launch of their wireless earbuds about are not available their courageous move to get it done so I have my old iPhone so I just kept it and then Googl it's basically because this is so sad when I'm in the airport and I do a 15 minute time lapse of like watching the planes go as soon as I start the time lapse you don't know what you're after the camera which I believe is in your back a book for him to be alone with my Impossible Jump I like to know now you want to know I don't drink stick it up your own vagina my own vagina sure why not give it a shot can you drink you guys look like a bad open mic night thanks Duncan and see what happens this is a new drink like a glass of water or something God damn phone so anyway so I'm like I feel like I'm like just like you away from getting out of the Apple ecosystem because I've got this i got this laptop I'm done with the MacBook Pro what time is it why try that again you touch your girlfriend to it is it makes it Barbara dunkelman everybody taxes done for the evening what's the most number people ever blue time for parties I like I like it down here or people RTX did you hear that where the after party here at our Christmas party rap RT 24 doc music you have to take it out because he got us in the booth he's done with a lot of people at the company got its in the booth and got a strap and that's what I mean it's like I'm actually here and what he's pulled off with this Bunch people read and just like the other one was most interested in let me do good eight years of podcasting as of tonight 8 years I am serious I am seriously shocked that they're applauding that how many how many decades is that got to go on down to the last time he was joking right cuz we 0 10th 2020 it'll be 3 years that's how long we've been at this number is this this is 407-6469 so we get to 420 Sandhill Patrick that's something with Gus after we started talking about this event we realize we don't do enough live podcasts and so we toyed with the idea and I'll see how many people came from outside of Austin 993 Cedar Park is not Lazer headphone came from Canada Post, what's up. Get up. but I believe today is the last or that receipt I never stopped liking stuff ever it's amazing so I was thinking back over all of the amazing things that we've done in the eight years of podcasting and rooster cheese and I thought it'd be fun to play one of my favorite segments with a thinking about and your family how would you guys like to play a little Google or Gavin game it's totally different than the one you know that shreds and blue James my favorite world Wes is awesome have a nice Throne of games that you can strap into it all right let's do it gavi Googl sure all right what if I said no okay the mind of the young Gavin Free who comes back with an equally or Worse more ridiculous answer we can try to figure out who said it Gavin or Googl yes or the things home with me to Gavin which one said it let's find out read me the last time we did that in like check out the front page of Google right now it says I'm feeling lucky on the prowl what we can claim that after all these do Burnie or Bing what's up alright okay so let's play Gavin or Google the first race Barbara and Gus you guys will be scoring often wonder special guest for the evening join us for this or we have to do that Lazer gentleman Johnny is right down the middle of the theater mr. Geoff keighley at the game awards Ford from the problem that we suffer from and that we like a civilized City so he got a little delayed yeah if it works you're in the middle of nowhere in the desolate Harvey Smith actually from Arcane give me a tip on Twitter saying you have to download facets that's what got me here thanks to her because I used to be here him and for him that he's in France that has two Studios but he looked you're feeling pretty good so we have three or four word phrase cheat we have a Gavin or Googl based on the autocomplete are trying to find my entry for this evening alright Geoff Barbara Gus this is or number of first entry I'm Gavin has there ever been has there ever been the phrase that Gavin or Google first response was has there ever been a great the group is a raisin has there ever been a great night there was reason hot day the other was has there ever been an American Pope has there ever been since I think you're the older Barbara I'm sorry why don't you start us off I think that because of his fascination with grapes that he has a great overgrown is a reason I think that is Gavin I'll go Gavin to the correct plus I don't like Gavin thinking about anime but like we invented the poem again I mean that's what is it the current pope the first pope born in the Western Hemisphere the way we were making for the Western Hemisphere okay the next three word phrase is why doesn't my doesn't pay why doesn't a ball ever stop rolling why doesn't a ball roll forever y doesn't ever stop rolling I don't know but why is it ever Summer westworl Forever what does the answer say what's up what is a complete actual words why does my ball roll forever okay why does the ball in or whatever why doesn't the lion left to right it says why doesn't a round thing go on the other answer was why doesn't a dog try to eat it's own bones why did that one right the first time why does about the other way it's an insight to the mind of a Madman we know that nothing has changed I still want bones in there and try to listen to the dog eating bones or the other I'm going to go bald barbar and yes you are correct but I want to give a shout out to Geoff trying to help horrible first answer okay obviously a dog doesn't try to eat it's own bones because they're covered in fur buttery Chardonnay this next one is what would happen if what would happen if what would happen if PewDiePie bought YouTube what would happen if PewDiePie Butt YouTube another one is what would happen if no one voted what was what is the job where they just like what they have an election like what's the point doesn't come back out literally nobody but that's what he got this come from behind yourself no one voted is Gavin you got to go the other way what would happen if PewDiePie Butt YouTube not good I guess okay 10 degrees on the day I had should I go the opposite as I have a chance of winning at the school I was trying to say hello my name is game he's a good-looking dude oh yes you do have time I can trust you it is really honestly if he is the answer by the way I just want to fly doesn't Gavin's backup dancer both of his answers were better than the Google one was why doesn't why doesn't a spark smell good if you drink per I don't know that that's true I can see you it's fun what concert was no way that was tired always knew he wouldn't check the fecal smell into whatever comes out right even if you had your farts smell like food that you ate or does it smell like fart happen alright how come how come there aren't how come there aren't any D batteries the other answer was how come there aren't any gay snakes I just take them as I get them iPhone Geoff tied up what's happening first which one said it Gavin Googl Geoff Smith batteries being Gavin the batteries being Gavin so Googl want to know about snakes barbar in my mind I'm going through it Gavin is a lot alike camera stuff and electronic stuff and Tech stuff so I figured like the battery when would be right up his alley but also guess now he's asking about gay snakes online batteries Gavin batteries Gavin Gus unfortunately I'm going to have to agree simply because I think you tweeted about this a couple months ago but I think Lazer troubleshooting batteries people think that they just had a stutter makeup for the Boos that you got the tie-breaker was taking Gavin Googl everybody what am I doing this after the park at not all ingredients are created equal fresh high-quality ingredients taste better in r Blue Apron know that when you cook with Incredible and greet Chris at the highest quality standards for the community of artisanal suppliers family run Farms fisheries and Ranchers with its Japanese ramen noodles while call Alaskan salmon or heirloom tomatoes Blue Apron review the best for less than $10 per meal blue pen features new recipes that are not repeated within a year it really comes to the step by step easy to follow a recipe card and proportion ingredients to prepare and 40 minutes or less check out this week's menu at your first 3 meals free with free shipping are going to Blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth the about how good it feels and tastes great incredible home cooked meals for Blue Apron so don't wait blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook and keep blue apron for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast as always thank you very much how do you notice that over time as you've done more for the camera stuff is for autopsy about everyone here that it becomes easier to read like a script for a teleprompter or something because I had to record something earlier with gilby Adam Ellis so that he could not go three sentences without slipping and it became incredibly frustrating and I was like Skillet feel like this is a moving and that's the way I like it I've been doing stuff with him recently and he memorized those lines you can go on for five senses Florida State buttery flaky crust buttery flaky crust also a later video about flooding and I had a lot of what you think it is about you. Blake the terrifying statement of your about to close up when you're never seen it before it's or like and where is it going to go is the question where's it going to end everything starts growing either too fast or too slow sometimes I was always impressed with Matt when he would record such lines when I was doing season 7 of VB he would read them for the first time and do like perfect deliveries in the only time you would mess it up is when he would laugh at the line because it was funny it was I should really read these before I just read them but sometimes you read all day with sentences mid looking at it 9 because I have experience doing that when somebody else is messing up really badly it video of things you through on prompt or wherever you'd like that one thing that you fill out that you remember to the day and no I don't remember it's just like it's just one thing you got that one thing up and it just drives you nuts yet everyone else has no idea and like you cannot get through that scene no matter what you try to do we just get like getting a laughing mood where I don't want to give anything away but we still do well I was doing a scene with someone in the company who is really funny and I had like luckily it wasn't really but it was from like their angles I was over my shoulder and I literally had to do the same with my eyes closed because I couldn't look at them and I feel like biting my lip the whole time cuz if not I would just feel like shit it's difficult I couldn't get that thing off DEA Leon that she is very much like concerned with time so you start with wasting time with you people time to get in trouble she was are Lazer team 83 so if you can do it but you have to replace the wood as it has ever been aware that you can place like it said something like Preposterous or something what is alliteration like there's two things or three things that all sound the same at the beginning of the word that will tend to trip me up now thanks for explaining alliteration to say dude we were off the top and you dragged me back towards that way 1300 actually we do when we're performing I just constantly go over dialog or dialogue over dialogue in fact Geoff Ashley not just presented on the game of word you invited us to presenter game or backstage rehearsal period with him we had two of those like award show banter teleprompter backstage we should practice it because what typically happens the word shows the celebrities come in and then they have never seen the scripts they have this like your fake Taylor Lazer to go in there's a teleprompter backstage you go through like a zoo out and do it on the real Taylor Properties a broadcasting all over the globe the first time in China right live in China and so it's you don't get it you know like a locked up as I would have in the past but I still my heart still starts racing you have more time to actually know where there are people here or 50,000 people be more about the idea of their family people around the world watching slice in China specifically that what do you have against the Chinese what you can just make crap up you're in the minds of like that's why I memorized it and then all the sudden it's gone you're slice are these moments which is where they will put nothing on the prompter until it's your turn to talk this is not like a director will accuse you just heard walk out there you have this experience and she was like there's a black screen and your life I hope it's going to pop up what do you do right nothing there everyone's looking at Geoff shot like it's not even on you but reaction where you know we don't we don't give a second thought to it but then tonight it's like it's going to be in 100 people in front of us if something goes wrong I feel much worse about it here because they can actually do it Chinese China drunk the PJ uppsala 9 are you not even going to? Gavin was curious about gay snakes have you ever seen how do you put a bunch of straight snakes or Brian laying eggs snake is the easiest species to be gay because the Dex yeah yeah so if you saw another snake back up and pull up a difference but that's like a snake Gavin's giving other dogs and dolphins stuff what is the score we should get a better sponsorship from or be Parker because these are Tyler Oakley Warby Parker has his own line of glasses now I'm barbar this sucks we gotta shit I've got that phone it's like you don't Burnie or something what's up his favorite page WhatsApp that's not that you must be so personal Cooper and Becca get out what I can and I will turn this contest around right now so help me God how quickly could you turn off the pump in something so I know that we've had people that had a little bit of trouble watching the live stream was my biggest concern is that now that we're here at a bar local bars streaming the podcast here I'm worried the stream will be Studio on third parties to provide it with your partner how much does it cost a lot of money when we had 3.8 million way switch distributed in so many places slice platform that I know part of what's great about it because there's so many different places so it's like Facebook doing their thing Twitter Youtube twitch someone goes down. The other world but actually nothing went down but it's kind of crazy there is that one pipe out of the theater that goes to like all these different places in the sun goes down cable Burnie and Ashley Ben said you had to memorize it wouldn't be terrible today ladies first you started pulling away from the Rogue SV barbar Soldier fucked it up Chinese G now while we're doing this they're done and in mind was something the other whatever the hell that's right you have a chance like overwhelmingly is there's a lot of presenters and they will add to the banter and then what happens is someone like today okajima comes up and then he says two words and all the time the music start playing at night and it's like I always get mad at award shows whenever the person who wins right just like they did to the guys they look it up if it let me feel like the first time I ever learn was what was it what was your memory when you realize George Bush doesn't care about black yeah it works I should on the Taylor Swift thing what are you doing up to the speech I mean I didn't really recognize him though that's the name I just remember that show about diamonds R Us so Geoff the game or split about that because the video game industry has tried to have I feel like an award ceremony a couple of times and for as big an industry as video games are there like domestic box office is bigger than that you know compared to television Industries are one of the biggest industries in media and I don't think it had an established or two before then what was what was it like what was the hold up there I don't know I mean I like the first video game award show that I know it was on TV I worked on when I was a fifteen-year-old kid and get this was called cybermania 94 hours and it was hosted by the late Leslie Nielsen from the Naked Gun really and and Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement Hollywood and I actually got I was a kid and I was ready to game time so I got to write the the nomination packages that were narrated by William Shatner and as soon as you get up there's a side of 1994 there's a reason there wasn't cybermania 95 crazy like the person Hilary Swank Matthew Perry like all these people who went on to do in a bigger things with their career that cybermania 9 team was the big winner at the show 1794 just came out like December of 93 for 10 years it's been an amazing game and then and then I was at Spike for it was written by the guys from The Lonely Island before they were the Lonely Island or something it's like the three guys in Leon about that show but I can't let go and then do they do you like foreplay this worked out this way fre let's play that was like 2005 and then we did this make stuff for many years what's going on 8 years ago I've never really clicked in many ways I think cuz it was they were always like TV networks people didn't necessarily play games for coming in so I hate games are a big thing let's take like a Hollywood kind of like Video Music Awards model and apply it to get inside it never really worked I was a part of all that's what I always said to myself hey it's cool if people want to do these things let's go in and try and help them but you're always dealing with like you know you guys know the power of being independent you can set your own rules vs her trying to tell someone else like why this matters to game or is on there like that that's great we're going to book this you know the cast of the Jersey Shore Presents that's what you know that's what I was always the battle of the game was like 3 years ago I finally fed up with kind of all the traditional TV people saying here's how we should do it let's go online and I mean you guys were Pioneers in this and saying let's do something independent online or we can make a show like the other Gamers for gamers and now we can be like around the world and fre to watch stuff like that so it's like I always us and say hey you going to watch on TV I'm like no it's okay want to be online that's where people are we were in like live in 4k I don't think why would you ever roll it back on the traditional television 220 are really try to dictate how it should be run and the only in my mind the only respectable award shows were like that Awards and bathtub but those are very much geared towards the industry it's not like the program I don't have people in the industry they're like sitting there at 10 that's when you want to have your peers congratulate you but for me like this keighle would want to do always love that we can be in front of millions of people that's like a huge opportunity and part of the reason people tune it is because we have all these new games for showing and cooling Newton are three like things because at the end of the day like I'm not sure there's no way she would just watch in a workshop maybe did you see recently the Kimmel bit with the new Nintendo that was kind of really game or just liable link that wasn't Jimmy the Gent link wants to be part of that it's hard to know where someone's presence what do you say and it's like I just like oh that's cool Reggie slice scriptures that you want to prove you can know the game G Street in general every question ever in him deleting his channel Gus United I give my comment that it was like it's so intriguing to see people in mainstream talk about Gamers and I always feel like I'm resetting a couple years like back to the days of like Mountain Dew and like or slice is that when you talk to gamers in that way are you going to use the word Gamers it's like you like to do you know what you're talking about Jordan tribute people would think that yet game or is it like that you know kids and their parents basement drinking Mountain Dew and like that to game rooms were in the slice game are like are just regular people and I always talk down on a night like this we like celebrating so it's not like we always said we're doing other shows it was kind of like Hollywood parachuting in the kind of like make fun of Gamers make drops doesn't work because we're not there and actually we're just as cool as you guys are if not cooler and it's like you want to come and celebrate the creators are sitting in the audience then come and celebrate but don't come in like make fun of you know game was because you think that's cool right because it's not here anymore and it feels like 20 years shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones or are you guys making TV shows for movie fans programming for movie theater doesn't think everyone's a gamer right and it it seems so out of touch and tone deaf from people you don't want to take in those movies your life people change but like when I was a little kid like I didn't really know any friends I don't have any friends to begin with but James really just want to talk to anybody about this game what is the game you want to talk to the game I wanted to talk about Middle School was Final Fantasy was it to in the US in 03 in the US was the SNES version which I think was 6 in Japan the one I want to talk to someone about but I didn't have any friends but like the home video game stuff was not a real thing like I wouldn't talk to you like Ultima and things like that and it just felt like there was like 4 or 5 kids in the entire middle school that I can talk to the kids about what talking about now and there's like Global events Canada Lazer what are you're missing out diamonds like if you didn't watch popular TV show or you don't watch a popular movie I haven't watched westworl yet and I feel like I'm missing out of park like especially with you guys we've all seen it I feel like I'm missing out on a big part of life but it's like I don't have time to watch that this game and to watch that and to watch the show and like or the problem with his problem was also the great thing about them it's like they take a lot of time to play movie watches for 2 hours I'm done what game is like when is Final Fantasy 15 like I'm going to play this through I'm going to finish it I'm not going to live another game soundtrack three or four times a day you could take you have 102 drop the bass starts at like I appreciate the quality of the donkey boob ratio and westworl do I like that I think it was still a little closer Lazer you want to see I feel like man I don't know what's your reaction to any type of iPhone Super Nintendo vs super imagine being a grower is just more convenient because it like it's like I don't know one of the more difficult part of always iPhone 4 cracked screen but they like I might go inside for a warm at your largest right off the place you quickly but travel back to Gus this quite for whatever reason people just have to climb I like vaginas get like you know blood flow through so they get enlarged a little bit like the clitoris area feel like passing out the entire lights and everything just like an inflated balloon if you were dating a girl who's a girl I drops in a are like all the girls in high school how to draw John Cena workout just blue at the bottom of stools it's a great year for game boards after that last one to remind Brian meundie picking up so it's your world we're putting on a new pair of underwear isn't just for us you're stepping into a better day I think about it underwear is the first thing are on the planet are friends Ready Mix each day that much better the price of two cocktails and he will deliver your newspaper underwear right to your door better day guaranteed what time is it are are 20% off their first order of are special URL news.com / 3:30 with him and he's better they guarantee you have nothing to lose slice right now for 20% off your first order that's me nbc.com / Rooster Teeth thank you me and cheese for 20 the contest and forgetting the most awesome underwear in the middle of that everytime I press the spacebar and it's true the entire company just up the street like all of it Benefiber sounds telephone what all the awkward pauses just to show how many of you are first members someone probably watch this what's the time anyway how many of you are Chinese and first members tonight we're working on it working on it they're working on it I should say probably the most interesting Lyft driver I've ever had before a couple days ago and it was actually taking place there which is the company I guess I got into this guy's car and he had lights all around the inside of vehicle that change colors with lunch like LED lights in the front one in the back seat it was like kind of car it was playing karaoke encouraging excited and like happy to have you in his car but he wasn't Southern dude I was just like I like yourself because that's how I roll life is good song you want to sing along or singalong home I really don't want to see My Prerogative right now My Prerogative what's going on interrogative you left your key machine in the car we were in was it My Prerogative I just like I've never felt more uncomfortable on a car before because I didn't know what I was supposed to do yeah cuz they're innocent you guys are paying attention telling you the story Geoff are we getting drinks or don't tell your father I was listening and participating and passing out Gavin was different slide on a late night in real life drunk people find their way into places you wouldn't believe it's for the same for the the whiskey molecules 500 hour places when I was trying to do how about ended up in a place like a hotel room yes I was going through some of graduation thank you so I was going through some of the recently deceased found the footage you got out I had to save you but you were convicted from the hotel in the stand on my head scream out in the hallway around in their hotel room and when the guy came he said what are you doing why you making all this noise and Geoff goes I'm trying to punch him in the dick can I have one of you guys so drunk he was rolling around my anus and urethra just offer you money to shit on your 8 years would pay me $2,500 his wife look like she wants to immigrants as a challenge to him there's no way he's going to do that he won't deliver Lazer just shit on my dick the only way to firmly the bottom of the barrel and it's white on the spot extra life 2015 how to scrape oh my God I well I can tell you that I don't get drunk that often the game awards but I just recently went to where there's a ton of people in a room and then there's that little voice in my head just before or after you presented well after I take it where's my pictures of Johnny Depp or just shows up on stage we not going to RTX sydne the great talk right now and I was convinced that in the few moments I was talking to him at cancel yeah he's like out there nobody was like it's just one of those things where that's the only thing with drinking that I don't worry about it that I respect that's why I only drink I was a little bit tipsy at the management meeting for this morning the 4th at 12 o'clock always open and start the podcast with a shot so we had to this morning because we had a special guest available to us this morning at least Williams was at least it sounds for her I always doesn't sound funny how what was at least started on my phone's microphone for that really today which was two hours before the management meeting and we are all doing well but we had mimosas at least really funny I can probably travel so far diamonds and nobody else Subaru care definition for marketing intern Gavin says volume in Austin since March so you spent a winter in Canada and then move doesn't move why why why you do she cares about her family but what what part of Canada one of the cool parts of water parks North of the Border Montreal Montreal the record very well has the best looking people in the world all the best from Montreal from Montreal Montreal Montreal Harley morenstein from Montreal what part of the account you from Geoff Toronto okay I'm not offended was one of the kids what do you like now nobody better than someone on Twitter here dangerous doc said that extra life stream Gus was so drunk he sounded like a serial killer taunting the police on the brink of being Burnie lift up his shirt and put his naked belly screaming I'm your boss diversity iPhone team good luck with that if you have you removed all this but it's still there extra life what was your walk me through the emotions I woke up I had a headache what a shuffled into the bathroom shirtless looked down and saw a red hand mark alright hit me didn't he and then the least bad when I first woke up and then as the day wore on I just got worse and worse I think like I was still may be partially drunk when I woke up and was still vomiting by 7 p.m. that night the kids we had $1,000 if we do it right we had to spend the last two years old the wheel of Destiny where if we got a certain amount of money donated to us we would spend the wheel and Gus filled out each of the compartments on the wheel one of which was home made cheese so when we landed on it drunk doesn't like homemade shit 1020 17th Ave the golf from million what will put some stuff some of those old ones I didn't get really remember I told you before so you should be embarrassed you should be where I don't ever want to be embarrassed about stuff I did but I'm drunk like I don't want to do something or get it so I always on that stuff if you killed someone by accident yeah Golden Burger in front of it and it better be leveling off doc I got diamonds gavi the thing about being around people you respect it was Gavin's first trip to VidCon and he was around all the other top YouTube creators he got so freaking drunk that I like we were in the elevator and he I was leaving already I put my foot on his chest and back in the elevator all the buttons and I got someone else's problem the doors are shut I wasn't not now we're just two dudes having fun Taste of China I hope so as long as Meandering conversation I'm saving all the other places we can go with it and every year they do like from China we talked about it a million people watching live in China that we can be on sewing from Popeye or getting the closest we've been to a legitimate ceremony celebration game about that but it's like we can get better and we're fine here and I'm just happy that we're finally having control of it so we can make it better or make it cooler and yet every December let's do it on my calendar I think I was told you were coming too sport stadiums in South Korea and South Korea couple months ago and I wanted to go see one and I have one and I was in so that's are the League of Legends finals or something down there looking for it so they only used two and a half and moved over there right now Eastport Eastport anything about sports so I'm doing something I know something about messing with this causing trouble so inappropriate in deciding what we were going to wear to resent the game awards I had a black T-shirt under a black jacket with jeans like that's probably what I was going to say that was appreciate exam over last year you have addressed I would rather be the guy that one The Witcher 3 won game of the year and the CEO of CD projekt Red great game but he came out for me except in like a witch shirt t-shirt and jeans and people like I like it like that very disrespectful gu Rebel you look at me on stage together right exactly America jeans or black pants vs I was wearing khaki colored pants about 2 or 3 minutes before we went on stage but I had to go to the I had to go to the bathroom Okay so come with me to the bathroom operation so I was worried like showing up on stage with like I want to wash my hands I was leaning towards things like this on the front of my pants you just let all of your pants doesn't stand out it's just a different shade the whole the whole thought process was worried about the dribble should be taking your pants off hung them on the door or anything and I wasn't thinking fully about like Mike brown pants you wear specific link or if you don't do it sorry Shake job you can I mean you can pull up and have a dribble or you can call I'm doing the same here pull over here the guys agree with probation if you're just taking that medicine drunk last night when you text I want I want to masturbate let me look up my like tiny little stub Intuit or not show up groundhog 5608 Sycamore way it's like it's also like which came first the chicken or the egg like r do you start flaccid and then we want to masturbate or do you want to masturbate because you're already starting to get a rep soon as I make the decision where I'm like I'm going to masturbate even if you're not feeling it you got it you got to be committed process by that you just get the call and then you have to go masturbate what wait why you want her so I don't mind I'm just going to use You See Me 2 I'm saying is that I never take my penis at its fullest go-ahead outgoing you don't decide that you're going to you just like usually is for a reason and my crush just tell him your reason Give Me A Reason Saturday my penis lets me know it does this is it feel like you're in the back of a lift I put a man's head in his hands so it's really use you like you get the call and you have to showtimes who is the set that completely understand thanks let me get started on this Japan's who likes that penis let them know hey maybe it's time to go don't worry I had to sign up no Barbara people that say I mean I need to stick around I got three and a half minutes if you got 30 seconds anyway sometimes if you want to avoid Lopez posts pill to about your and now no semen Gavin DeGraw he mentioned out loud you want to give up the extra cash though so I can about the pipes you don't know she can have it you can occasionally have just probably was a little slip and it's like I don't want that to happen when I'm about to step on stage in front of how many million Chinese people blue jeans or I could have just one intern then did you did you check yourself emergency actually everything look good I actually did check thanks baby washing my hands I was so far away from the sink I know there's this hand dryer is not doing it but I thought of you I do have one more meeting to go to at some point but let me finish the promise it won't be that bad maybe I'm sorry your hands into it and it's there G force on your penis skin must be always are a lot of Gavin's body now I'm learning a lot about Barbara arancinos a blowjob is it all right. Wait wait shut that cock in the Tyson Avenue No Hands what is or services offered by Squarespace Squarespace sites like regardless of skill level there's no coding required easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year to start your day at school to sign up for squarespac or 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful like we always talk about you should be building your own home on the way up because you never know when platforms are going to change and all of a sudden people or unsubscribe from your Channel logo prime example of why you should own your own space on the internet change or an interface change and everyone loses their mind for a while and this one seems pretty serious because a lot of people are documenting how they're losing subscribers or less actually complaining on Twitter Ashley was one of the people inside and it's very serious she said shit to get YouTube on Twitter is that you can't do that doc shit I was right after major change on YouTube 8 doesn't like we're not all that on you remember you got rid of my points the other night, I'm not shit will change some things around on the website sites to reward the behavior they want me to do it we wanted the end result of removing the mod Emma system on the website and people were hoarding them and they weren't like giving them to people like a plus one that was repoed now that we have a back-up plan people mad stuff even to this day people mess up way higher than it did back in those days golden your journals from like 10 or 7 years ago vs today more people will know that today the amount of the back then because they were holding their points which is all Point contact did we lost that stuff that is going about forming a people come together and down until it from the mypoints would like a -1000 like forever but he's one of them it's cool so how long you been on the website to 1414 you see you started the website does not exist for 14 years and three website the website is different yes that is when the website launched that is correct answer I love you I'm just on the website and I interviewed you guys probably 2006 and I came down to the house and just remember when sway from MTV came down to visit us and we all talk about the guy who's with them they're pretty sure it was still really no different yeah I saw them in your candy when we were in Illinois always 2006 film that and actually that's one of my first ever episode of Spike shit to tell really Qatar 2005 years ago today I was so in addition to us having eight years of podcasting as of this episode you don't respond today marks the fifth anniversary of Barbara dunkelman coming to work at Rooster Teeth Productions what is services like 5-10 years Rooster Teeth Let's Play about the Dyson air about 30 seconds 104 Lake Brandon or anything like that but yes speed and that's why I blow up a gift how are you at the company for now that's your fucking reward how do you know what it's like to watch it but I was like that's the thing I don't know movement watches for sponsoring Barbara Smith anniversar. The company I don't talk to you later than 5 years let me recite it was our anniversary where's the closest 10 years Brandon Brandon and I really can't allow that this seems wrong yeah he's not right for you we actually went out for drinks tonight and I met Chris for the first time and I feel I'm into his eyes I think I met him ten bucks to squeeze a lime intern but it went in my eye I think yeah and you can't go on like this to me because you were real Chris on last week's podcast foot to foot you never skip how to tell if it was him that I'm talking about so R so go ahead of this anniversary for the podcast was hard enough for you are anniversar podcast we had a few users we had people submit questions for the podcast a couple of them here and get your feedback on it G travel very much just got off work I've got them backed up on thank you cards for Brian it's your last day last day hidden intern intern sorry so how did the RT Podcast are what was its original purpose I had a strategy for a while in the middle years of Rooster Teeth where if we talked about doing something and we talked about it for long enough that I was like fuck it I'm just going to do it and I would start it and then that would get people like oh shit this thing's getting going I got involved with it so we didn't the podcast I came in one day I said that you and Geoff I put down the money to be recording a podcast and put it out and then three months before the next one we get it to launch a Demon Hunter and then 3 months later it was like we did another one and then Gus you picked it up from there like I did the first four or five that's when the so many the song it's Gus go with the theme song it's the same thing Ninja link over and over again that's why I put on my back for years we don't really know what let's play was at the time we talked about it so much I just read your posting video is up in my journal of like mile high club on Call of Duty and it's like I feel like like when you get the ball rolling then people like it's a little bit iPhone or they don't get left out but then they kind of like oh shit the ships are moving they would like so it years later he are making you know why I was interested in taking over when you started it was out of out of spite not for you someone thought someone made a journal on the rooster teeth website back then move with or without the podcast saying try to explain to us that in order to make a podcast you didn't have to pay money to Apple and that we were so stupid that we understand I'll podcast work is like mother fucker I know how podcast work so I wanted to make sure we can't making one to prove that person wrong G vs LG web developer Back Down Memory the company would you self do we have rt doc now I see him quite this question came about a good version yes I'm not feeling done several like retrospective he don't know if we've done one has a hold everything or something I cannot think right now it's probably honestly Brian first second 2 or 3 it was around the 10-year anniversary of really bright I think maybe at some point in the future it's always hard to talk about it because we're always in the middle of it changed more than I think it ever change before in the last two years so I feel like even a documentary that was done 4 years ago is very inaccurate like 6 people in the documentary 56 say it's R 215 Barbara Cypher people Brian the guy who dropped all the In-N-Out Burgers we actually used to that that was a big deal like to be filmed him sleeping with the Geoff game what a great use of expensive tell you he's been a great help with that let me sad to see him go and never come back RT are Insurance have a great I think ratio of get a rate of getting hired like Blaine was in intern running and that's why that happened off the podcast or older retire will they retire it and have someone else start something new or different how about handing off his I see the trajectory is eventually someone the future I will quit Rooster Teeth and the next day I'll publish your book that tell all about everything but I don't get to the podcast I don't consider myself your credit is are produced you fucking bitch ever or I can just be your shit so always yelling at Gus always it's it's it's it's crazy that I've talked or that we've talked so consistently for eight years like to go back and listen to it it's like you almost have a record of your life over you know how to say close to a decade and it's it's intimidating every week every Monday you all wake up in the morning I be like fuck I need to I need to think about stuff to talk about tonight what happened in the past it's something I want to talk about this but never goes away it's like you know there's another one next week lot of stress a lot of work what's the cordless spreadsheet I've been on like 95% of them or something crazy like that bike show we did for 9 years now so it's probably in there that long but I'm also a control freak handing it over to someone and being like you do it now if you hadn't had to hand it over to one person Brian included who would you is going to sound like an unconventional pick I would probably handed over to Brandon farmahini yeah yeah that's what Gus sure they should agree with you enough why a lunatic like he said he would obsess over like anytime I have to be on the podcast all day long he just sends me links about stuff that you want to talk about her telling Brandon don't talk to me about this I don't want to waste the conversation that I think she worries about it as much as I would like a cleaner so I think that would be like so worried about it and make sure that it happened that stuff was going that I would trust him to do it even though I yell at him all the time episode with him because there's like 5 show starts in the Phoenix playing like to do do do-do-do-do Viking themselves down joke confidence Chris Geoff friend the great guy so you got to look forward to and then but I thought I'd like to try to hand it off to him he used to help a lot with broadcast in the early days before Patrick Brandon are you still leaving to go to the first Studio can awful I'm sorry Patrick stuff that's cuz we we we we built this studio that by All rights should not have worked and everything anybody else ever really fully understand it the correct way 3/8 years every time we do it RT Moore play for watching everybody we will be back barbar