#407 - National Gus Day

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Craig Skistimas, and Burnie Burns as they discuss national “holidays,” eggnog, fahrenheit vs celsius, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 19, 2016, sponsored by NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2gVBBYK) and Warby Parker (http://bit.ly/2fAjp7N).

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Recorded: 2016-12-20 03:17:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Craig Skistimas


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to this week's episode of the podcast this week brought you by Nature Box and Warby Parker I'm Gus I'm Gavin and I'm Craig show how hard could that be Craig war from game attack game attack hey good to see you he didn't even hesitate 2 years that's gone immediately it's like you're talking about if there's something I want to complain no one complained to you about and it's about you looking for me to complain about Rogue one I don't hear me complaining that I can't talk about how cold it is on social media and called everywhere cuz it's cold like this year can I get a screenshot of something look at 2:20 where I live in the Arctic Circle I made a life choice to live somewhere warm in Northern Canada right okay great yeah I know it's cold I'm not a research Station Antarctica you can acknowledge that it's cold where I am and I'll be an ass yeah I mean if you want to check on Austin yes it is cold yes it goes like this well it's like 25 degrees Celsius yeah but I don't you want you just the fahrenheit Ru just do it the rest of us evil Fahrenheit that used to use Fahrenheit who did English people know can we move done so I get back with we can have a screw graduation day was 25 degrees in the US it was a 50-degree swing in when it wasn't from 75 degrees 227 degrees and 100 everywhere I saw a YouTube video couple weeks ago trying to explain how Fahrenheit came to be and apparently like the big selling point for it back when it was first rolled out as a temperature standard was that it had more precision and it was hard to make a thermometer that precise back then and the fact that there were so many differences in the degrees which was huge selling point for is you could be a lot more specific with what temperature is is it I don't know I've never even bothered to learn Celsius to 4 Celsius kojim from boiling 2 freezing 200 2 0 it was only a hundred marks Fahrenheit it's like 180 yeah but at the same time I mean like 0 in Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit us Owen it's 30 degrees Fahrenheit what is it Celsius and -1 okay but there's a difference there because there's 30 and you missed out on 31 so like if you went from 0 degrees - -1 Celsius but you dropped 2 degrees Fahrenheit so I guess Fahrenheit is more accurate podcast was a fighter jet at this point I would just like to be gone because he started of complaining about interaction of social media and then we went straight into a science question do you know why there because of you it's a recipe for disaster you told me out on the Green let me do my complaining about Gus coupon Gus from do the thing where he's trying to convince everyone that he was at a party that we were all that yes when it wasn't he was not there at the Holiday part is that your faul paid Stooges did you do all of that I thought we Gus get the master Barber guy behind it to me when I walked in and I give it to them 734 times death explained the situation we should have had its annual holiday party it was put together by Bethany or as you like to call her events is put together by Alex I really haven't seen a tremendous holiday party it was at the school Hotel downtown Gus didn't go I was there I didn't nobody tell Gus to everyone of you paid off that's right that's why I'm instructing 817 Troy told you the truth you can't handle the truth okay you said it so now do we have time checks and have him there was a speech in which 2 people got up and spoke who got up and spoke up before then you say you were going on that I just said I was there from 8 to nothing I left when you got there I saw you at the top of the stairs is that why you left so early the speeches the best part of the party 6322 waiting for yes I said I know I saw your back but you and me we're like in a big group talking to people when I walk you walk into the ballroom uark on the left side kind of close to the bar that was there in the back corner you're you're right there we also learned for The Parke at the Gavin has not tried eggnog going to come back to that in a second and every second but yes I really funny thing where we were shooting 11 little roosters Gavin Craig from wrong I believe it was a Saturday and I came walking into Stage 5 and I was walking to my office and there's two couches that are on my on the way to my office yet so there's nobody that I've been pretty much on that side of the building because animation just recently got and they're moving new people in there but they have not yet moved in it's pretty empty so I'm walking along and I see Gavin and he sitting on the couch and watching YouTube video and is very intently watching YouTube video on his phone and I can hear the video is playing so I can walking Gavin doesn't look up I keep walking and I'm like okay Gavin up at 7:10 then I'm going to my office and then right Gavin books up and makes I can't I contact with me and he got paid and I got a die you can walk by and not say hello to me I've never heard him so offended he was legitimately offended I said you're watching the video he does but she just walked by but I would totally love for you is different I feel like if you want what's the video when I was walking by and see you in a few days the couch okay you on the couch big big story change if you watch the video I feel like would you expect a response back why would you get Sophie I mean really it was like you were you were you had a look of death because I don't care about anything I'm going to pretend to care people think that's real alright let me sexy I see you the way I look at it though I know a lot of people don't care about anything and they don't care about anything until they really care about really care about things before what's the last time you really cared about Lloyd Tony probably yeah you care about that I mean I love it it's nothing bad is happening like that would be a whole podcast something is almost important that is almost as important as you are to yourself anomaly about his dogs don't like how he knows about your two dogs to dogs burni doesn't care about you and I love you Oscar Mayer Benjamin Benjamin Benjamin the dog as well it's been an us War 2011 War guy Benjamin overley like we going to get home so I can fix the Dogs Out how many kids I got it well that there's a good and bad to both right you know I'll tell you what you're horrible person there are several several layers to this right now I actually have to be like this I know picking but yeah I definitely can do that's on the internet with eggno so much because if I drink an entire container is 32 fluid ounces that's one point in Celsius the drink this whole thing will you drink one is well and Gavin said what is it and I said what is it is I don't know what I want to know what it is death he's afraid to face like a man is it safe 9494 text me stuff and what are they not like not in agreement for some reason so for him I made a character called egg and just spend eggnog eggnog eggnog eggnog like within a minute he was back in 2 Chainz drinking milk eggs butter milk and eggs you don't mess up I'll drink it describe eggnog in its favor describe it tastes like ass no is it Mill Creek stream Guillermo high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup sugar egg yolks it's kind of like is looking like an almond milk like a really thick like I said I don't want to apple drink that us both have a sale there's a give a try I want you track is an LG the rest of I know for a fact if it were things in your mouth Gavin a person has gotten to be your age and hasn't tried eggno you know after you've thrown up and about 2 hours later you do a book that's really specific but yes it's like the post above is one shilling you know you should never do when you want to tell if something is spoiled dairy product evil smell the bottom of everything we smell spoiled milk milk smells different when is spoiled but it always around the band likes it he likes it doesn't taste like milk eggs that's not good that's very good over here 80 grams of fat Alyssa for way way more than a gram the 8 servings in the container by the way this is not a star like 40 grams of fat in a Big Mac Daddy 2 Big Macs you can drink a couple of nights if I could do it 1600 calories it's almost like a whole day's worth of calories in a calorie tracker can 2 the into the benefits When you take some really take that's delicious delicious bourbon bourbon bourbon ey drink - it was like a copper cup with you love my wife with ice cream that's awesome you can only get in December the only for all the sororities did that house mother that lived in the house and only returned it still had one go ahead house mother with house money is just it's exactly sound like she's insecure she lives in the house she's like the the difference from a female and she watches out for all the boys and it was great because we could always like to make sure that different sorority she was like 80 so she wouldn't she wouldn't make eggnog for last meeting of the year at Christmas and basically it was one of those old school punch with nobody has any more right to put up the punch what is that said that Mom would make this punch bowl filled with eggnog and then head over there ice cream in it floating and then from what I can tell it was like a 55-gallon drum of bourbon poured into so she would actually make the egg nog no I can't make it now simsweetie guy don't you're not you're not that's also makers in what's the number to booze ratio 1 to 10 as much as death to taste however you want to do it now this report for the 101 people look like at 25 what's a pancake out fill the rest of that with whiskey muscles - you know that I got this morning the greatest wish it well you know everybody knows you don't like eggs out of us like a line with news that Ray was scrambled eggs if I don't make it back on that's why you're in this hotel this super the highest voted comment or answer to how much booze do you put in eggnog is 122 ounces per liter 100 liter liter no way fucking around 1 liter what is this personally I don't think so quote so am I still breathing Urban for every 2 quarts so you have to put three eighths of a cup for that people take a shot in there you'll be fine baby good good good I'm going to go first I'll give Samantha Wilcox on Twitter is saying that eggnog and rum is delicious cheese word amazing trailer - Roanoke super upset about that I don't think the visit of Knoxville grocery screw drink the coffee fuck now I want to ruin some Maker's Mark of that bullshit that you can drink it isn't wrong with it it's fine it's fine just drinking here give me one I'll drink with you want I'll give it to you pictures of pouting protest for you weren't drinking in the middle of it right now but you were about to break I don't know I wasn't there are you drinking already for this last Monday did you like those Tor Craig because he just he read the employee handbook that he's not supposed to drink it work us talk about it in the book correct answer bullshit fucking drink did you have you seen rock paper scissors video how much is it to get into the tournament today weather is going to be why did they cancel just everyone had too much stuff going on broadcast I just going on and then they had something going on or what to do if you made too much of an event just done it Gavin the crowd people would have to come into work but I wanted of us but we were up here and last night at like 9 o'clock and I was using the internet to upload something and send it the is already fun to do in rock paper scissors tournament so sometimes and also when they just won't be taken down and by the time I got in a message on Skype saying they were shooting something at that time can you not do that and still enjoy it way to go guys what it what was it that you were busy getting their story straight about the party that's how we are going to Russian America happy is that woman who I like like I don't know son but she likes screens that are hand and then like the realization hits her in her eyes it was like welling up with tears of joy like it is unbelievable amazing video I tried to show everybody here I've seen it 3 times because they shouldn't be talking about it on TV news posted a video which was resolutions for white guy this is what the resolutions just like I just picked is a ping pong back and forth and that's what we are and everybody like when he comes by then they just take it a little harder and it's spiraling spiral inside of the longest time everyone's going to be like you know I don't see race you know how I see people anymore blah blah blah cuz I was like the older Generations we can roll with it and now is it what is it people back to calling out race and be like we are aware of different races lets make fun of it or think about what people was the whole I don't see race thing was always stupid to begin with because I know you're just go over what makes people different or make people you need your right leg knowledge it so I think I think it may have started from a good place I think in the end it was it didn't serve the purpose that racism I got a little freaked out by all this stuff it's taking place on the global political scale which is almost like a mirror image for last century there was a diplomat Fishel from the government who was assassinated in Turkey today Ambassador 2 Russian Ambassador assassinated MTV the dress guy in a suit like only going to kill someone or at least said he was a cop which it was got him access to it he was doing it to get at you standing behind the guy during the press conference I think he was posing is something oh my God there's a guy in there what does Gavin walk me to the Wardrobe of your average assassination average assassin where to attac like what was on the T-shirt I killed the bastard all I got was this lousy t-shirt assassination is wearing a blue hoodie the kind of funny I believe Harvey Oswald was wearing a sweater what channel can I see the future on way over here on a peanut gallery man that's different if we kill this dog guy gets to her she like you call it out that is wearing the suit that that was just a weird thing to call her first thing I saw in the headline on the pictures I posted the first thing I noticed man the killer was wearing a suit yeah I thought the kille on the gun I didn't know okay so what I have a subscription to the New York Giants and the New York Times app on my phone might be the most depressing as I have every time I get a push notification from it it's bad news Russian ambassador truck the runner who is Betty for your time we have some good news can I get a good used for opiate equivalent of a mass shooting is against guns is so hard to come by that you just drive an 18-wheeler through people since I know you will do really really insane for a while a couple of wars and then even through the sixties he was assassinated John Kennedy got assassinated Robert Kennedy got assassinated when I was very young kid Ronald Reagan was shot as president he was shot and came on the news they were shot and I said Mom they shot the president and she got all freaked out and I was like I thought that's what happened when President get shot I literally thought that is a kid that that's what happened then we've got an obviously away from that there hasn't been an assassination attempt on a president or anything like that and just sore any major political power and I think this one's last assassination remember that the guy who attacked George W is shoes that's like that's nothing you know that's like a protest but I can't remember the last time somebody said there should have been some Diplomat or something like that of course even terrorist attacks that killed government officials but now I feel like we're creeping back into that like this today this might be a thing to happen War an isolated incident I think people are going to draw that line out and think that things are getting scarier but I thought I don't see one act as being a trend maybe you should look at the 2017 resolutions for white guy that list of Hearts I think the world of the world is fine reading something about how this is how World War 1 started this is a totally different circumstances not picking anything you draw the parallels between the two you know you made it there wasn't assassination assassination basically the Ottoman Empire the same exact place you know it was it's interesting and it's also 2016 you know it's a hundred years kids were they were fighting World War 1 at this point in time hundred years ago would be great if you have push notifications every time like somebody said that's what I was the cutest little puppies ever was born today eruption ever puppies and sparkles there's the app right there that's that's exactly what it is I want my good news as well about that I want to see some good news good news yeah I guess that's all I can flush it now it's like we've death war on us again yeah he was Franz Ferdinand was shot in 1914 so what was he was like right of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was hungry did the austro-hungarian throne those two things were together did the world assassin was wearing a suit did he get shot today did he get killed or in custody and he's dead Michonne guy shows last picture with him holding her is it okay well we can imagine he was playing with a lot of scary really scary someone says I didn't 94 someone tried to shoot Prince Charles Part White mist then and now United States in 9499 they did kille Princess Diana right is that the idea it was when there was no such order ... Last night I was thinking about it I made a tweet about it I don't know why I was thinking about the moon if you are being very adamant about to hit the guy that shot the Ambassador was an actual police officer us know real quick I'm sorry to interrupt but you gave me shit for saying I uploaded something to their internet and I use the internet to upload a science and United Gus saying I made a tweet about like don't you say I tweet about this right we talked about this what you think that's likely crafted a tweet last night just thinking and I looked and everything about them I don't know why I think I think about astronauts and everything about the Moon is only what should I look and there's only Seven astronauts still alive seven men who stepped on the moon and/or all fucking old I've been really depressed I think they will probably all be dead before we send someone to land on the moon or on another planet and so I'm talking about it and people keep replying smart the reason we forgot for a long time how to build a rocket to do this I think the logical thing is to go to the moon for practice and then continue on or like I said a staging area there in the guy like goat you attempted escape again what does die just to get practice getting off the planet of stranding trial runs like we talked about this years ago on the podcast about how all of the engineers who built like the Saturn V rocket like modern-day nice at the time of 5 or 10 years ago did not know how the sacrifice was made but they couldn't figure out how to make a rock it like that anymore so that's always a 2 year old with and ask them how they made Rockets assured knowledge that they had at the time was their fault is it go through and redo all the research they had to find these guys Lee City-Data NASA of Mission Control take it out tomorrow is Bill the same thing that is just got weed like we take it for granted we can do that again I don't know if if NASA or any space agency had to go to the moon tomorrow well I just trying to just sent an unmanned probe but if we have to send a man to the moon tomorrow or woman I don't know that we could do it did you see that YouTube video of there's a video going around talking about the most isolated places on Earth and the most like the farthest you can possibly get away from somebody in humanity there's a spot in the ocean that is unknown but there were people who have been to that spot then there have been there's only 3 people have been to that spot the deepest part of the ocean compared to you like 14 people have been on the moon or something along those lines is pretty fascinating to think that there's there's a spot on this earth that is in touch less than the moon it's almost like it's almost more difficult that way in that direction score right we talked about that in the the planetary animated Adventure like we don't know what's under our own feet the other much more talk like that even into the ocean to provide oxygen to a cell phone the moon and deal with the goofy gravity is a lot easier than literally crushed to death us if we just might have something for you you don't know about the ocean will be like say 20 people and/or unanswered oceanographers and no they will not be the worst day of their life they will call me to talk about it and they will be very upset that you talked about the ocean what do you want for your friendship but you don't understand Del - piano nope nope death notices short Christmas on the way and I would love to but Christmas I actually gave cards early Gavin Gus gave us Christmas cards from game attack we handcrafted them Gus is indeed and I got a card yet so I wanted to give you that the Christmas card we sent now this is Sparkles from game attack Parke is from what we'd like you to read it on the air this is this is very important and we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas so you find a suspect just American game attack of the game attack with a Christmas tree burni my wife thought Lazer team is above average and he's indifferent towards you sequel Merry Christmas game attac thank you very politely I mean you know she really liked it just not a lot I got it 3/5 nervously LOL read this while you drink it everyday about to buy NatureBox what do you do when you want to snack but all I can find is junk food relying the self-control to resist temptation start snacking healthy with NatureBox NatureBox make snacks that actually tastes great and/or better for you crazy with high-quality ingredients in a fre from artificial colors flavors or sweeteners so you feel great about snacking we got a couple down here whole wheat blueberry for Thai coconut curry peanuts NatureBox really make their service even better I can order as much as you want as often as you want no minimum purchase required and you can cancel at any time with their box and never get bored there new snacks each month as part of a real customer feedback ever try snack you don't like in your box or replace it for free right now you'll save even more and your boxes are forced to spend 50% off your first order your nature box.com / vs Heath Slater box.com / 50 or 50% off your first order naturebo.com / chief executive officer sponsoring this episode it was 2 podcast thank you we were there we talked about the the rock paper scissors Japanese video but there was another video I just took Gavin up for the podcast you seen this the holographic personal assistant now in the jar yeah I've seen the headline but I was in the video it might be one of the saddest videos hardest I've ever seen it's only like 30 seconds long but it's like guy going through his everyday life and there's like this little hologram next to his bed wake him up like super cheery he's at work it's sending him texts like come home early I miss you then he's going home he's like texting it like I'll be home soon I'll be there in 10 minutes to turn the lights on the air conditioner on when he comes home and he's like watching a movie and then like she's like watching movies eating popcorn like you going to bed and as you know I thought I was coming home it's nice to have someone at home for me Merry Christmas Japan is no one that there's no one there it is like it is a chat box if anything I feel like you from finding someone who's like that level of loneliness to where you're willing to totally buy into the idea that this hologram misses you and is excited to see you and say the same thing like Pokemon go to come home early I miss so what we go out Ru Pokemon so if you don't like that new Mario Super was that I don't let me be on it I played it for all of 30 seconds but it's like I recognize they made a Nintendo game on a mobile device place for games really play fallout shelter on my mobile device in my PC I just on the mobile gamer I'm normally not either I'm playing a few minutes to put it down I feel wrong playing a game on my phone if I'm not a plane it's like I'm blowing all this time on YouTube on when I'm on the ground as I'm going to be bored later on the plane I'm going to have nothing for you in the restaurant you got to have internet connection for its own on the plane yeah guy I hate that the world is increasingly becoming a way I can find a game on here that you can someone online my player the guy challenged me when I was only sixteen from SMG Studios down in a normal line you said on Twitter you can beat 125 on one more line will fly to Australia for a high-five and I was like well I can do this so I just played on the side of a steam for like 3 days straight I still have the music stuck in my head I did now I have to pay for me to fly out to Grandma and everything else for they can be put on this team as well and he may just cuz you was attack game so he made the giant buttons that you plug into the office so just let them play like this the controller yeah yeah you're very sweet and action Ru - use the internet to publish it and I'm attempted 2 SMG Studios and you have to come. Yes and he can play we're going to switch with us because you what's up with that that's pretty awesome with him one time after I die and I didn't allow myself to get too excited about going to happen and then it happened I know it's just good timing you know that can I please wait in line for that no Ru Craig literally ru event in Sydney they got some big hideo guy coming that's that's pretty big yeah it's another one of those things that was worked on for a while I thought they were going to happen don't ever have that was that was so long the process that we can't even tell him that that's crazy like I've always been such a big kojim us and you know what that means but I'm really Duke University Define from that and I need it now I get to watch now there's no pressure on me I would like to hook it up whatever stress you out like piss my pants don't I want to punch of like the most awkward video game on news that maybe he doesn't know that he's us he is aware of the downward slope in Industry credibility of Craig Miller is he may be he admires a man who leaves a big company to strike out on his own and for his own you think they have struck out yeah okay fair do you have no idea was going on it was death stranding trailer by the way watch them and the death stranding trailer put together the two trailers and they stink up there do you know that the baby has disappeared from the Norman Reedus one at the end up here is in the - order at the only time will tell okay that's your MO you highlight say I have a cousin in Guillermo so I can't say you just said I'd like to be able to say it the way you just said I can't sounds good it sounds resolutions white guy in 2017 I'm going to learn how to say Guillermo think about it get back to me see what was it called Death stranding guy that's anything about his like it the trailers look like a great movie but I have no idea how the game went or what the game is the trailer to look like the same universe so it's a while but I think you know him on Twitter kojim on Twitter and has been thinking a lot about movies like I said he's trying to take a systematic approach to introducing people to it into showing it that you is like taking a cinematic Purge 2 is game Metal Gear Solid is 3.14 what was the what was the one I had I think 9 hours of Total Cuts evil is probably one that was an hour long SolarMovie what are they called so I would say that Naughty Dog does that as well like Uncharted and Last of Us and Last of Us 2 that you will see that Last of Us 2 trailer looks good doesn't it but that's the best review for a game I've ever seen it's awesome you ever see what was it was so well constructed remind like showing a little bit of growth in the characters in the first it starts like you know what it is then it sitting out like then you just see the fireflies logos only if you really know the game do you recognize that and then just like the way that he's playing the guitar back to the first game as you know when we get done with this little connections back to the original game you think you can let me some good morning I hope so you only get back in there and - 45 Highland bus driving bus the wars the attack of us already taken so apparently in the last week or so talk to heimlich die attack yesterday I think what's in the last week it was quite interesting to me is that in the article about his death they mention that it was the end of his life he actually got to use the Heimlich maneuver to save someone's life not sure why and they like the nursing home that he was that I was like it was 86 before University involved in the development of doing that you probably try to help people but how would you do that though you can help people and then screw who did it would have come up with it it's probably just a theory and I would not that surprising that I could do this to someone and you War suit look great doing it is cool that he got - Richard I read that over a hundred thousand people like that is that is crazy if you look at all the people you save 2 vaccinations and then what that has got him maybe we passed your head like they try to calculate What discovery has saved the most amount of lives and then as a factor of Time how many people those people would have had any kids and it gets to be astronomical with the lowest Tor might have been the guy who took that particular Challenge and it was it was tens of millions of people that he would be new single-track to see if you would be alive if he had known that if you would have one Discovery had happened when I realized what Discovery was critical to my existence that's really good. I'm looking at a website here I have no idea if this is a legitimate website will talk about everything that you're trying to rank how many lives do we discuss the ranking system has an infinitely and the credit the people who invented synthetic fertilizer as having saved the most location - 7 billion - 1 Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch I'm going to guess German when did the Heat win do they develop synthetic fertilizer going to go look at the 1909 that really added that many people when will only continue to add more to the fact that you've never heard the name is either is like fascinating crazy and then the next one is Karl landsteiner blood groups star how that works but I'll look at it just right I'm just you know the blood group on Xbox is all the time over a billion billion billion discovered blood blood groups were discovered in 1902 so now the thing is though if you count the lineage aspect of it and you going to the wars anything to talk about I'm all the Transitions and it happened during billion people the basement somehow and like we have more Russian say that Super Save the same 2.7 billion people only the time in 2 Die by one means they have at least one energy drink unpasteurized but I would say that 2.7 billion population of US Airways last time I checked was 63787 good Lord so statistically one of us in here would be maybe two of us would be saved because of synthetic fertilizer probably demographics and geographic location probably not but it is interesting to think about that that just under 50% and about 40% of people are alive because of that crazy I mean yeah that's like the big thing right as there's more people on earth like how do we feed everyone she was like she the mother of the world how do we feed of your for the dump right like you guys only like so much farmable land in the world but we're not close to we already can't feed everyone in the world as it is either that's true maybe we should be making skatepark I don't know that what you're saying is you don't leave me starving people in the world because of the misallocation of food not because of the lack of looks like make food here but we can't get it on your side of the world in time or we just don't know enough food to feed a couple different countries but we already grow enough food the stuff in your post so verify for 10 billion people on Earth because I don't have a billion what happens with to expand just saying that sacrifice you were doing on Twitter using the hashtag RT Podcast of a Tama P send us a tweet saying paper was also responsible the creation of zyklon-b no shit what's up dick you it's the Gus of the incarceration camps and was he isn't that what I said I'm going to verify the guy is one of the best and worst people ever to exist well it wasn't is used might be I agree with Gavin probably also if you look at what he did create a little I've got some go to fertilize a the top of the list right - 2.73 people you can get argument that 2.7 billion people be added to the planet is very strenuous on the planet in the hundred years since he invented that and you wonder like a really long term what will have killed more people than synthetic fertilizers will have a Tipping Point at White send it over I just relation and it's not just food there's lots of other resources as well including what all that agriculture does to the environment and it could be a Tipping Point which then people start dying in an astronomical because of that believe that we're having a depressing part is it is it depressing podcast because it's the end of you getting vide you like to find the weather affects you like when I gets cold and gets darker than cold they're cold the places you are correct I am going to apologize but you won't you are out of us for mentioning the letter I was woken up because I have that little infrared cameras work around this like pointing at the window pretty cold out there but it is interesting how you can see the cold like creep towards the center of the house like if I stand by my windows bloody freezing your cat's by the door so that she doesn't by the way I wasn't going to bring it up I will try to have us of thermodynamics conversation he was like as a good Gavin don't fucking talking about I'm not going tonight not going to happen I need a fucking week off from that so she been reading some comments that I mean it sounds like you been reading comments and you yeah I have I have been reading comments and it's like it's taking a break I think which is something I never said it in my career comes for the video I never said that she liked everything I read the comments but you should read every comment and see what people say I'm at the point where it's like this every one of the comments when they post a comment but check with her today on this week on that check before we speak that would be really boring post I don't have the stuff in the way we were probably going to be wrong and then the people Craig test what's wrong with it something coming obviously tons of great comments and people who watch most people who watch a program will watch a comedy podcast and then they just called the video watching the video that's it leave it, then people to come and see positive then you get like just the guy who writes the fucking three paragraphs about how you destroyed his day but it's like 50 people at the mall and they're all us or just walking by people hello anyone guy walks across guy fucking ugly shirt and then walks away and you got home you said how was your trip to fuck you yelled at me at the mall he does you just like you take that away and it's like I don't I totally recognize it is my inability to cope like I have I have reached some kind of Tipping Point but now when I feel like this one that set me off today was somebody posted a gif of my conversation of comparing the modern house that we all live in that I live in and the house from the novel 1984 that the guy in his apartment that he had he had a camera and a microphone that monarchs him inside of his house and in my house I have like 40 cameras and I paid for them to be there and when they wrote was George Orwell wrote 1984 this was such a crazy concept that would be of recording monitoring device in your home and now I pay for that and I want it there and it's guy just like said it was clearly someone just read the cliff notes for 1984 30 Gus the cameras in 1984 were everywhere they were all over the place and they were being monitored by the government unlike that's exactly what it's like I have a car in my garage because she have a car in your garage there are millions of cars okay thanks for the information go fuck yourself honestly I don't know I don't know what I'm supposed to give back to that come home 14 years now actually I've been on calloused over out of character for me I definitely had even if we make a video of us playing Destiny that will always be some of the comments being like Michael is using sunbreakers with soul squeeze is what it is it's going to be one now it's funny us if we got together for the podcast we said he hears tor Capital Gavin definitely Gavin or is it more like me saying to Gavin how can you never have drink eggnog of your life and Gus is going to shut up he was just sizing you ru new ways to get a conversation Gavin eggno die can do that now yes I can because even if someone eggno but you haven't even had any as well die here I don't like it what war does not come is it called eggno is also a great question is everything right on this evening to read snug mug no egg mug guy was a kind of strong beer brewed in East Anglia was that no food 30 I'm going down the rabbit hole it so it's it's it's from your from East Anglia to say dial another country - for the love history doesn't have school the 7th on British drink with Craig flip - 1700 from your country saved for real I've never understood people who are really in eggno like it's always been dog ice cream and you know all sorts of evil Christmas type ice creams that are flavored after eggno giving their sisters eggno chocolate chip and it was really like seasonal stuff know any of the stuff that's the best part of the season ultimate wasn't pumpkin spice coffee guy showing up everybody make that shit up what would what would the world be like if there were not just anyone have anything they want at anytime let me on spending your pumpkin spice whatever whatever they do what they already do now which is they make a national attack Russian diver die for something that's just fucking made up like National National butter day national donut day - juice is coming up death seasonal but you eat the pancakes and you'll of the pancake us this one day it only happens that you're upset with the window of time specifically not the limited ability you could just get pancakes on the day you can probably get pumpkin spice other times you can get it if we go to like Star but they're not going to have their pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks so you can get pumpkin spice stuff whenever but then you're using up someone's supplies go ahead through I don't know if you're right time of the pumpkin pumpkin spice hey man I'm texting through and through all right Craig Dallas Morning News Dallas spent a lot of time in LA and when I'm in Florida but always came home part Florida Orlando really comes home is where my family is up so yeah 60 months there and I hated it and have you been there before so we've never done this podcast talked about that thing you did was call SlamBall on the court made out of trampoline will know there's just really is in the court but yes yes it was quite an exhilarating time of my life early twenties he pleases you like flips and stuff and doing awesome and it was like that was a real split today so apparently everyone check out this thing is slambal last two seasons and the second season on Spike TV and/or professionally so I guess I was professionally I was okay it wasn't like a star but I was decent I was the white guy on my team like that that was gonna clean of Fame Chris white yellow 1864 players and some great Slimmer replace back in the day yes pretty good I think there's a highlight reel of on the screw attack YouTube channel like several years ago I last got up but yeah it was good times it was I think it's still going on over in China actually pretty positive it is I was talking to the guy who ran it and he said there the other university teams in China on the street so really it wasn't wasn't quite big enough for the states or news - gnarly for the states I guess your time I guess they tried to like pro wrestling it to where they wanted like storylines and such attac do it and then you know this guy's a good guy just has a bad guy but the owner wanted to keep it legit you know and that it was legitly a sport made for TV so you know it was fun really fun really awesome 30 series 30 for 30 is attack and I haven't seen it but the most recent one I believe that they have released is the WWE's attempt to make a football league coming out XF it's about to come out in February and I'm probably the first one it was really interesting that in world league football no it was there was like the Frankfurt Galaxy 3 of the NFL Europe for Europeans Socrates right left right and anyway I'm looking for that wonderful everyone on SlamBall that would be asking me do you I don't know but on the XF L like I'm fascinated with it so can I just hold everything in like how he's worked his business over the years and how many failures that guy has had while still being 2 the toll of juggernaut in in his field of professional wrestling the idea of having a going into in trying to start it not only football league but he tried to do bodybuilding in the eighties and really try to turn it into like a world bodybuilding league and stuff and really us but I am fascinated by them and see what they're doing so I have never really been a wrestling fan of the kid was like UHF channels in Houston it was still Junkyard Dog and Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Kamala the Ugandan Giant is a good under the giant was like a real wrestler another guy just tried on people in the head I never really got into but I would appreciate that because it's like people are just so they know their audience they get it they program really great content for the audience and it's like I like I like that model lots of us had appreciation for wrestling even though I've never really seen him that much of a fan you have to watch and see how rapid their audiences I mean it's it's insane I also kind of parallel to its RT little bit and that you don't RT knows its audience they know what they deliver and and until he does the exact same thing in the production die is insanely high for something that everybody knows is fake everybody knows is scripted and like we're watching it last night we're in the hotel room there a pay-per-view on last night and and/or Whenever there was watching he's like I can't blame them watching this is awesome like it it's so much fun to watch it it's so silly so stupid but it's just fun it's just one the one that fell off the thing inside Owen Hart for Gavin 2002 I think it was just a safety device trailer last night is it on YouTube just look at it and there's some people that you can find whatever you want National December 19th 2 day is National Venetian blinds but if not don't don't be there just go for it I already Gus Phoenician blinds there we go that's good what are Peppermint's spicy good it's National hard candy day so also it also this is obviously a contentious day it is also think it is National along with years of Bad Blood / December 19th national day 724 National eggno West 25th Boston how do you get a national day was funny can I get a national Gus State University is the answer question is yes because December 14th has no other interest except for the one official one which is National bouillabaisse day Gus and everything what is that what it's like never can make a national day make it February 22nd is National Gus stay for now goat game that you can play with au what is the thing I don't know why okay so we go to fabric what you taking every kind of whining and not getting up you do it a long time ago we actually think you're doing you on whatever white 22nd why don't you bring National sweet potato day also National Margarita day. sweet potatoes and what what's up what's the May 23rd day National Burnie Rogue National test you are fucking you got that damn War crossover Tor - of the podcast is also brought her thanks for watching this episode of high quality stylish frames for prescription glasses they recently launched a new line of low bridge fit glasses design for people with low nose bridge is high cheekbones and/or white faces I have any special features you don't hard it is to find classes at fit comfortably under their frames including the low bridge fit 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I refused to buy either of them I don't blame you I just don't need that but it's just like if I never do that that's too much for me I had a lady come over to the coffee shop and tell me that I was too loud the other day and a lot of talking that was beautiful oblivion and he was a little old lady which friend she getting riled up even though you don't give me the guy it was the guy who interrupted the prank I try to play a Michael in the block if your member that think I don't know that I could text me back that thang up it was when I tried to smash my phone with Michael's phone when I have an iPhone and I change my wallpaper to his anyway we're telling a story from a different video the little of Texas lady voice is like the nicest thing about us I don't think you realize how much your voice carries she is sitting over there and I could tell you everything you to your concert I forgot I am so sorry I am sorry to disturb you because I just want to make sure you were aware of that was like this just like you Del so fucking quiet right now but I'm in a public place I'm just like I don't talk to people now like that I don't think that she's fucking fucking head that's when you've been somewhere and it's super loud group and it grates on you Gus I'm sure you've been there like you think they're going to become aware of their behavior simply by your anger like why it doesn't work that way with driving when someone is doing something and you're just sitting there like a bunch of cars keep coming and they just keep coming and they keep coming and like after a minute and half of that the cars that are coming if that's what you like I hate these cars and I'm going to pull up from one of those nobody's looking been sitting there for that long people so irrational when is the last time you guys actually called somebody out publicly for being loud or movie theater for talking to the movie how do you know how do you say hey let's do this what does it mean when wearing a suit what's that all about I mean actually I consider the people in the community to be part of this I thought I would actually be more likely to call somebody the community like and what you don't like whenever we just meet up and I thought it would be 20 people and it's we didn't lay people showed up at the III meet up that we had over a hundred till like 400 so many people as we were walking up to the hotel we just meet us in the lobby and I was wanting me guy the time I think I was recording and I said home there's a line wrapped around the outside the building it's like she's like I think that our people for the meeting I was like really it's a world champion of the guys we got we can't destroy the people's Lobby in like ruining it on lock down there to move everybody KFC of us expected that did you see maybe the war staff or the worst idea ever I think it came out like a week or two ago they're they're billing it as Tinder for airline flights with little one so you can try to match with people who are on the plane with you Amazon the goal being that you score by the time you leave Ru die like you enter your flight info and you have the in-flight Wi-Fi the same as before if you have the entire life I know it's going to be on this phone the plane and one who else is going to have this as if someone I don't know currently what's it called airdate air dates yet for a second I thought you said Airlines flight and I thought that was special plans for blind people and it was for that I'm surprised you don't mess up services of Tinder for instance how many years are we have 250 people that work here and even though it's against the non-existent employee handbook people shouldn't date at the office but it would be interesting to take 250 people that you know or like a group of friends you know what year in college together in high school we have to do that again with tender but you know what I mean take a group of people they all go into the sub service of Tinder only people in it is that group of people in friend that you just described Facebook the swipe left swipe right thing and then it makes those matches but if you like somebody in the group you swipe whichever direction on them if they don't know if they never know it but it's a way it's a way to like break that because the friend zone at 3 or so what's stopping you from everyone but you want to be an asshole through every guy on Tinder police wiping it the numbers game I don't remember that's true it's whatever it right is that right buy some shit stroke of America with someone else on your flight has this app okay see you then well I mean it would know if you think it's going to be only 2 people right that have it on the flight flight check to check in to chat and then you screw around you har around with us and it looks like there's options airport inflight or always like you can choose when you want to get together with them only in Flight also on the plane for business social party or dancing dating sorry to me that's all I'm looking for what you want to walk like - Rosalie 601 get out of here it's such a weird idea to me please try it I forgot to tell you last night but I like reading about like weird airplane stuff and I never heard this story earlier today about how I want to say it was is it is it Airline and Pakistani once he was like Pakistani International Airline that I know they had a the had an incident at a crash at one of their place a couple months ago just kind of play before they brought that line of planes back into service the head engineer for the airline recommended that the sacrifice of goat for good luck in order to bring the airplane back into service and that the engineer thought it was really important to do that sacrifice for checking in we are playing so they wanted to ward off evil eye and make sacrifice for black goat on the tarmac before the time to go I don't know evil always trying to get rid of evil eye how about is the original crash the original crash everyone died but that's evil how do you determine evil I was asking actually like you think things are going your way all the time who had platinum blonde hair in college we are going to Mexico what time to go drinking in college I would not recommend doing that as we go the Border Town right Gus would you was listening to a Border Town in Mexico it's probably been about 15 years 2 weeks death I mean I went with you that last night but she had platinum blonde hair and little old Mexican ladies walk up and touch her and I was and she says it happens all the time and it's because her hair they noticed her hair and they look at her and the way she described it she said that she was told they are afraid they're giving her the evil eye by looking at her too long so they come up and touch her so that they don't give her the evil eye inadvertently and I'm always what is the evil eye it was static buildup animal treats I got excited about National infidelity day but I seem burni was joking so I Googled it and Found May 13th - far away hold out till May news about the new claim without your fabric guy about the millennial's being blamed for fabric softener going away their rebranding fabric softener what does that mean will the faul it's not called fabric conditioner because it's because they wanted to hear right the idea that fabric softener the stuff you put in your guy apparently the sales for - just dipped and all the fabric softener companies have done together and if they're not calling it fabric conditioner is it supposed to the same thing at your house because those are not the ones Bletchley on buying that if it doesn't come to that I can throw in that I'm not mad at someone that's the logic is that it anybody out there have a softener the 143 is older than how old yeah I know those Boulevard California houses big on Twitter yesterday I saw the millennial's being blamed on you like to play millennial's on things I Burnie Soho evil the age get very upset News app this weekend on Reddit there was a post made about of what looked to be a teenage girl who was waiting in line at the food court at the mall with her grandfather and she was in the process of missing her appointment to have something done with her iPhone at The Fucking Genius Bar appt in the Apple Store and she was just waiting on her grandfather behind the largest recorded you know and she's like saying like if we were fucking way Mitchell Grant father leave and run to go because you're five minutes late for the Apple from the goat at tell them you need to tell them to stick to the biggest Gus the startup was millennial's inside everyone from 1 year old - 30 camping millennial's we can't just used the word like that to mean that younger people are you know it to me and now it's their thinking clearly anyone below the age of 19 at this point is a different generation it's you know Generation Z or whatever you wanna call it but I think the word millennial's gotta go I gotta wake is like every time you read it it's like some ridiculous theory about younger people that just been the exact same generation after generation every every younger generation the older generation is over sweetheart her when we were younger and we had to work hard and all that other stuff but new people become old that's it baby boomers who all voted for fucking Trump not all of them but a lot of them voted for Trump in of mad about the millennial's everything they were the hippies they were the people of us free love and Woodstock and protesting the Vietnam War it's like they got older and they got off of the regiment it was about the same the generations above I guess I'll generation say about participation medals and stuff like that wasn't the same when we were young building baby to get like you got metal for participating in the comeback was like yeah but that's because our parents didn't want us to see if they want to see us be upset and they were the ones complaining that you create evil eye symptoms of evil eye illness or an illness caused by the evil eye that include loss of appetite excessive yawning the line more than just vomiting just have a fever I tried I like when I get a fever and I have this thing that I do of what you on I'm sure if you had to start this time one of my favorite feelings is when you have a fever I have been thinking like a very long time I feel like and I always keep being so sick and having a fever and just being like laying in bed and then you just that one sleep that you have for your fever breaks and you wake up you feel perfectly fine is that what you're saying that's amazing to me that you're all sweaty and gross in your clothes like you were all hot Ru freezing so you put all your clothes on and then you wake up and you're just went through your all your clothes you had on because you broke it feel like I haven't had that feeling no I just like you for being sick with your kind of bragging about him I've never had a real thing I don't believe it exists I'm sure you're sitting there and I was like oh that's when we started the day that 7 hours old I don't care doesn't mean it's going to let me cook for you cook whatever you want we need to have Chris come out and Cooks fish that National Chris day would be the 28th of December which would be I guess we would we'd celebrate on the next podcast would you eat the pickles and that's just dumb then explain what you're talking about we were shooting 11 little roosters in the Armory which is an abandoned military building last week the rumor in a bunch of the ceiling tiles that got wet and just collapse down into the floor into the room you can see up into the gaping on the ceiling and you'll be sitting there and tripped and hit your cheek and you kind of freaked out you like us like ICE Rust water on the floor in the corner of the room was half full jar of pickles but Bryan eventually gavi the pickle jar filled halfway up with a yellowish liquid with stuff floating in it that's exactly what she meant was pickles and pickle juice but you had to remove it to pick it up he had to push it with his foot to break this to you cuz it and try to loosen from the ground so Gavin was Gavin when he offers people money to hurt themselves and do it do it nobody exactly and somebody'll how much should you offer us something about it was it was never going to happen I knew no one was actually heading to is doing is like he was going to do it drinking pickle juice to pickle what if he was in a suit just to drink pickle juice I would do that it will how much for your for him it was decent I was couple hundred I wanted it to sound like show - $850 on the list to me it could have been a thousand that we like that's like one this isn't one in that close close to 1000 but you know it's like it's already a very high number Gavin the market that's what I think I totally agree that's great the most of actually have a paid out for any back to get a hundred I'm not like that since Charles - it was a hundred things that I was really - I've expressed my disappointment in you for doing that I'm very disappointed you for doing that are we allowed to tell Guardians will someone really did see some of that I couldn't so it's like I'm doing what do video well that's it that's what you did what did you what did I wear to go of RT life the start of on off the other day but Boland will eat my watch in thousand dollars what you want watch 2000 dollars I think is what he said he needed it we always he's burn box Warby Parker's is halfway through his Chris call home shopping the way now I'm just dissolve what the deal was we were in the middle of recording 11 little roosters Blaine is one of the directors mention if you get sick because you drink some mystery fluid in an up band Henry anything could have been anything good rat poison and is is big test was of course what everyone does he open the lid and smell it it smells like pickle juice die great what a great time that's that's something I wouldn't pay it dangerous to Portland to work for that agency staying in a condo right across an ad agency and I walked into the condo 1-bedroom things us could be there for several weeks and on the counter in the condo was a little bottle of Kombucha and those years ago like kombucha still looking like I haven't seen myself like that ever since I've heard so much about to walk over to that look like a dick and I don't know what to say mushroom people seems like he's drinking it up faul kombucha smells like paint Chris might just be painting later the last day of this might just be like touch up paint back up 30 minutes later Peter said that after you leave presence of someone who drank it and put the touch up paint in there and like close to that very reason that I think it's like slightly fermented kombucha is a variety of fermented lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly intended as functional beverages for their supposed health benefits kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a quote symbiotic colony of bacteria and how do you say well how do you die from drinking that pains me would it be the painter and yeah the stupid office of paper but I think that's what got him on it in order to kill yourself like that for me I mean today's paint evil even come up with kids running around and seeing everyone I mean the kids on suing people are pointing out to me that food poisoning is ok when I say I don't believe it statement that I'm making and I know that I actually do believe that food poisoning is real thing I was watching Louie CK RT the other day he was talking about his kids won't eat and I have kids in when they won't eat your fucking serious about that and he was talking about how he was yelling at his kids saying eat the food mother fucker face Lisa K the one thing you didn't do is shove food is kid's face and yell mother fucker at it that's what he didn't do Us 2 comedic statement that I know food poisoning is that I'm sorry for the tragedy in your life for you I didn't mean to take away from that sorry I did I dress was was helping I don't it's just a constant fucking full of bitching it's just constant - just like everyone 2 gets upset by everything they hear every single fucking thing that you look very offended trailer resolutions for white people in 2017 let's not let's not get offended by stuff about that but that's offensive to people with horrible food poisoning cause everything for food poisoning before I talk about this Google set me a pixel phone YouTube specifically they sent me a new phone I lost something and I really Point use the fact that the what we call the home button on the iPhone is on the back of it so it is yes you just hit it with your finger like back there at school and like a finger but I would like to screw you time last night for the blogs and stuff companies like airplane windows that probably will get kicked off a plane in Sandpoint for modifying the aircraft but I would like to be quite do that there is one I found was like 3 something comes in this big if I stick that I would like after a decade of having well good :-) I guess when I scrub through video and find a better one I'd love it if when I Let Go it didn't jump like an inch either side of where I was on that's why I want it if you hold on one spot for like 3 seconds it looks in that time could I when you let go and it says review and I had to watch it on my desktop and expand it up what is the long scale be sure you know in the future on YouTube where when you were scrolling there was you can go up and there was a higher Precision level above that you don't talk about it some QuickTime Player on the phone you can do that the QuickTime Player on the ground on your phone right on YouTube Crazy speed what are they have on the phone like that that's what's annoying about it is already exists for 30 30 and then up to the house and I go 30 30 Gavin I don't know I think so yeah and I got rid of that I like that was too much bandwidth on the internet where people publish things will be great next week I realized there are people you can do that I'll be back to my normal cheery self let me say that I like you and stuff and it's funny