#408 - Has Science Gone Too Far?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the day after Christmas, bad driving, the year in review, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 26, 2016, sponsored by Loot Crate (http://bit.ly/2f2ju6B), Mac Sales (http://bit.ly/2ibzvZW), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to listen to the podcast this week to buy Loot Crate Mac sale and me undies Burnie burn Boxing Day boxing day this is a pre-recorded podcast oh yeah it comes out the day after Christmas and I was like that's what everyone doesn't give a shit about Christmas anymore they definitely don't but it's one that you like to go when you return all the city gifts you got and you get store credit and then you buy what you really want to talk about your gifts you sleep or relax out the food, and all the booze anybody want to see like trees anymore eggnog Christmas do you like it down the middle so when do you have to take them Christmas lights is having Christmas lights up at New Year's still acceptable and do people want that I think generally they should be gone so we can try them but after the year is the nearest party as of December 7th or is that the junior mint December in the park in January in the liver December and January when you leave it begins is usually start in Years party at 8 or 9 o'clock at night day the clock it's not a Friday then cuz it into that one, Barbara thank you for the clarification you're welcome 1430 as I just figured out I think we probably are Alka-Seltzer the process can sometimes we'll discuss ideas the podcast verbalized actually did you know party sta 12 hours after the last fight burni burn your Barbara has refreshed and hear your the new blade you carry it the nickel after my sweater it's just a really awesome Google Docs that's really cool what you getting for chicken tenders why did I invite you now after you know Andrew Watts social media and our means he actually found this online and sent me a link because he knows he knows how much I love to go out to a movie Get the fuck out of live-action decoration it's nothing it's it's an app where there are cats in the yard and put food out and then you leave me to come back and then pour parties you take pictures of him which why I said this but holes because on the cat's face away from you that shows that little bundle but a little cute I believe I'm talking off the top of my head here but I believe the nickel atsum movie is about a writer who is depressed and he lives alone and a cat comes and visits him in his yard and the only and you can expand it one time it says I cannot be going too far as I have got you fart yes and we do not need an echo atsum games the point where any time I was on my phone and knew I was playing that a lot today so I'll be on my phone he's like how many cats you got shut up movie Mac after all still there I'm going to see if I have never just a bunch of skeletons you can on my wallpapers Okay I got an empty heart why isn't what I'm about to ask apps like that infrequent although you don't think I can tonight only 10 seconds or more I know that I know that music was so this comes on the 26th Boxing Day boxing day so you were talking about an interesting idea right before start of the podcast I was just telling you to hurry up so I can stop interesting which was late today and then yelled everyone you are a fuss bucket for why I was late you have a Christmas detour full why everything to me I wasn't even that long because we the final scripts for one of the show's been announced so it would be cool to see if Amazon told you how many square feet yard board you used in one year it would be in say is one the stats that I would hate to know it's like so much you can't help it because that would indicate you've got a lot of packages or Big Stuff true either way you're talking like a thousand square feet are we talking like $10,000 what time does Bachelorette the stuff and I'm as an avocado the last week because I like it so much in the recycling bin and every two weeks to take someone I put more in and it's like a two-month process to get rid of the cowboy if you had a vehicle then you could just do what I do which is stacking in the back of the vehicle and take it to work and put it in that I feel like that because if everyone did that would be if you break it down break it down everyone who was it would be 100% of everything you buy you get from Amazon yeah but I also have my apartment has like a giant day recycling would help so we can truly special and that's correct to try to make all him Beaver buckets really bad to the point where I make multiple Amazon orders in one day with a guy I need to order it and I can order it happened to me before with Amazon and maybe it's because I've never ordered anything on the same day but I ordered and eyeliner which comes like you know in a package of this big and then I ordered some C batteries because it had didn't know I needed those for anything I ordered them maybe like 8 or 9 hours apart they both came in the same box and I stay the bathroom I've never seen that before him like the same seller as long as it's not like someone else feeling it I think they'll typically do that as long as you love me well I never talked about this I had the dumbest experience in India when I was a Gavin it when you said they all come from the same seller it reminded me of it so we can talk about the ice cream seller anyway they are going through India he was talking about how to get to the street vendor where we eat this horrible like what was it called mom not know it was and I was like it was like the content on ashtray and incense coupon it's like folded up because we have got a response but then he said oh this is great ice cream seller that we can go to the cellar with it so I thought it was an underground ice cream places nice places for people who love wine the conclusion of that for me is ice Google haha like it was fun anyway right 4902 Rob with Rob was like you're still free to make yourself an eggnog and bourbon in their Burnie burn permit us to try to figure out what the correct amount of bourbon to put in eggnog good call good call loading up how much trouble do you think of using square feet why I'm terrible at the I don't know this much I think I could cover the co-pay of the death so how big is that I actually just had the other real world he was huge help I really big how big was the computer I mean death die fighting crat could fly through the the trenches and President also not real real diamonds but go ahead the human planets compared to the size of the picture the other major thing you could if there's a price of 20 million rankers that's what I think it is it no no no no I would say it's okay I would say it's significantly smaller than what I'm going to say it anyhow you're going to miss this by volume or whatever, it's funny signs Mac the Moon is the size of Australia if the moon was on there is that true if you put them in on the other guy has like a similar the circumference for India as a stray Leah star diameter original Death Star as 75 miles what's the death Return of the Jedi most of them have a death star hold don't want to death and I think for the original and there's another one that's just slightly bigger us and in this stock as a planet everything after that basically the prequels which one is all about as people know the plot of it is getting the plans to the Death Star which is a New Hope begins they put them in our gu in the whole premise of Star Wars begins with trying to get these plans for the Death Star in the handle of the Rebel Alliance I'm confused because I thought what I didn't pay attention to the prequels I really watch Phantom Menace I can't tell you what happened in episode 2 and episode 3 Tomatoes just like one giant movie with stuff that's interchangeable as green screen try to kill somebody Star War making a message to somebody pulls out a disk and shows people that start coming up so yeah what was that what was that prototype is it like in some ways PowerPoint presentation 100 what was the concept of somebody has Mac hard drive type thing so 75 multimeter I thought that was them setting up the Death Star plans like that was going to be the item that does in Rogue one who who has out there that looks like that's the same as you right now what is the temperature that he has enough to do they realize they only need the trumpet player on the US we put all the ships in their defense not at all I think it's got to be the presentation of it you can just join in the round on that but no like I said. It was like a telephone plan it was on the 19th that's what I'm in for Star Killer base 319 miles what was that was that a moon 390 mile diameter what's the diameter of the Earth circumference is 1 of 25005 bad Siz almost 3,000 miles so that's eventually eventually wait time at the Death Star if it's that small blow up a planet that's a really good question well I mean the green bean if you can make the green bean in my big the gun was a fight it I like cheese on my it is true the size of the beam was going to be like this massive the dish doesn't even the size of this doesn't even make any bigger it just had to be more to it but it still just want to be Italian bus stop it first movie is the time frame of the movie like the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi is this Mentor Apprentice relationship in this deep relationship him spoiler alert Ben Kenobi dies in in the movie when that happens it's a huge event and like Lou could affect the rest of his life they knew each other about 12 hours like they met on Tagged I mean Luke Skywalker woke up in vent hose why he'd heard of them before all the crazy old hermit then they travel together and go to MOS Eisley they get on the ship believe that's most of their time together is traveling on the ship which we don't see what could have been a month I don't know how long it is but I get the feeling it's very quick very quick yeah it's it's maybe a few hours right day they come in and older and they get captured by the Death Star in this one up so you can probably had about four or five conversations together total day that was the moment that they had it's like but it's like one of these iconic relationships in cinema that are real life is just like a couple of dudes you just met one day they bumped into each other something like The Fifth Element Gary Oldman the bad guy Bruce Willis is the antagonist they never meet they have a single scene together really Bruce Willis leaves and Gary Oldman walks out and does something else but I just crossed paths bad and that's the only time that's the only time you're interested in a New Hope and they say hear anything lower than thinking it was why can't see with the blast shield down nobody ever uses the bless you ever again like they've never when they're firing weapons or the Death Star goes off. Lord bless you Right Stuff Campbell maybe it's like an emergency thing like if there's a sensor on the helmet for the text there's a plastic it's used out here back then why him about the fact of the matter is there other movies that you guys watch like every single Christmas card Christmas vacation we watch the Die Hard the other day and Bethany was with us and she had never seen the movie before and I don't mind people do this for movies I've seen like many many times but she was asking questions throughout the entire order the pizza? The point is Terrorism like why are they doing that why do they want to go in the building Aaron was getting so annoyed he's just like you'll find out why I'm getting mad just about there I was pretending to be one of the victims of the terrorists was she really confused just like that to do this or you're not you don't get discovered why your The Vault atsum building the nakatomi plaza or if she was pretending to be an attendee about to accept someone who don't think she'd get away with it famous you could just ignore it but what are you doing fucker that looks repulsive when you can see two legs and out of liquids in the Traditions that you have in your mind of Loot Crate after you left I was working on and off to your house or Collectibles Loot Crate being Loot Crate brings you between 4 to 6 of the coolest curated mystery items every month straight to your doorstep it's the best surprise that you know I was coming there next creates the in is Origins awesome exclusive items for your from your old school favorites this January see where all started explore iconic Origins with historic items featuring Superman Captain America Mario and a teenager Ninja Turtles including as always the monthly t-shirt and pin have until the 19th at 9 p.m. Pacific to subscribe to receive this month when the cutoff happens that's it it's over Richard head to Loot Crate.com / rooster and the code rooster save $3 off any new subscription today at Loot Crate.com / rooster enter code rooster I could look raised watching this episode is Boxing Day episode of the podcast boxing like The Loot Crate comes in a box crat day did they do that on purpose so people hearing Loot Crate one of the fun things about is getting those things at the open how to get that you give your gift a gift you give yourself yesterday as of the recording of This podcast pushing herself forward in time yesterday people open gifts for Christmas that's a tradition that we do and Christian house unless you're in Australia know why but I've been the day before we open the presents so what is it what do you think is an appropriate gifts to get for different ages to get why like you're a good dog Gus theoretically what how many gifts should you get from your spouse what should I do about 30 yeah I got here I'm not getting you should get again you should be able to open anything on Christmas Gus come on now what's happening the festive social person so could you guys tell the audience what you guys got your significant others or are you just too worried about them hearing you don't talk to that one is still in progress so if I didn't do it we got to cut this I got her she as you know! She's has a super old Kindle so I gotta like a new Kindle that has the 3G on it and everything else so she got a new Kindle I got something my mind now and then I got her this is really specific there's been many times we've been at home and someone calls us and take you out to dinner out to dinner she said yes and then hang up him like why you saying yes because I have to run to the office to grab my makeup and then same thing when we're at the office and someone has to do something they'll be times where she says I got to go home to get my makeup at home so we can leave from the office so what I'm doing is I'm locating all of her makeup and I'm duplicating it so she has a set in both places so turns out make it this fucking expensive yeah like a good foundation Kakashi like 60 bucks I don't have to stop at the drugstore for my makeup Covergirl L'Oréal so I got to get a shot at the on who worked with us on on after gets down she works doesn't make up for us at the letters on the pocket he's helping me figure out where that came from I mean giving her a coupon book for free back rubs for sexy time when our sexy time access to my penis year did you give as gifts like throughout the year can I have $0.80 what if you sold something and you would like she would love that I'll send her a link to it if she wants to buy this for yourself interesting. She wants to go so what's us life is like married people who are married and don't know extreme charity that Justin will I must day after I married like a really rich guy then yeah sure hit me up see what about spending your money that I made and have there's no reason to you going to be like what we had separate counsel like I don't think I've been super close to day is good for you that doesn't matter for anything I think you just don't want to share all of your life you want to be us I'm not married I mean I was right now that you're going to combine your accounts when you're married or getting married just like that's it right I guess like I understand that never don't work and I feel like having a joint account could be a bit of a nightmare I can tell you though I can tell you all over big out your problems you might be surprised that like if you keep everything separate when those moments come you like or we can just kind of like we gotta we gotta exit strategy here I know people that have done that there were more like laugh feel like to get divorced because only the mental prep was like yeah we're not really tied together so let's see if we have separate accounts but he had a good day what's up die together sometime then it's like maybe maybe you'd only get married maybe that's your thing maybe I was I was saying that like you want to keep your life because you like living alone to hear that I thought you might I'm independent and dependent so I don't want to let off the hook he hasn't talked about what he's getting for Christmas are you reviewing the Symposium bits and Bobs here in a little bit I love that stuff. I'm still shopping for a few things but one of the things I got for Aaron if he does this thing where he called himself dr. Reverend Marquis us and I know it's hard and he called himself doctor for some dumb reason I don't get I think it's a joke so I actually bought him a piece of land on Scotland so he's a lord now so he's officially a lord or doctor Riverside dr. Reverend Marty how big is a skull and it's like it's like I got him a pair of underwear that has an elephant face print on the front and it's got the trunk you can put his dick in and I just I don't know why I didn't take a very Barbara gift again I just got him crotchless underwear crotchless that's me with the scissors with what is all this is for sale it was leggings for women with the leggings look like Michelangelo's David from the waist down I thought I would sydne find a penis poking through underwear to be attractive only the tired Prost one of the genitals of peeking through underwear and I was going to message that's funny it's funny it's funny that on please I have completed it was as I was talking and it was poking through clothes it's kind of weird looking guys what would it look like if there is just like a clit poking through like nothing vagina but just the click after Shoulder Through the curtains yet cuz I feel like the fabric if it was tight what kind of tub the skin and then they need to look at your jelly beans Dron you've got significant others the walks around the house all the time if I liked actually does something and actually like she's a bit a boob or something but we're just like putting up the Christmas tree whatever I'm like yeah I can see you naked anytime I want to but it's like if I catch like a peach it still I like that I don't know what it's like when you have a song on your iPhone it's just really sad that it might be text me what you don't think someone Gavin dressed as sexy as in having them just be naked already want you can we get in to see if it's like the size of this before this we were talking about Barbara what should I get for Aaron if I get additional guests we have this conversation earlier and I just said just get lingerie really honestly she can get some for myself him like that but still I mean honestly that's the excuse we get more I mean that's not really but honestly I said that to you I should I don't I prefer nudity to lingerie like I would just prefer that she's naked I'll get that for you very specific for myself like lingerie to be as it's like an extra business but us for a couple of minutes Nicole's place in certain lingerie where it's like you're pretty much can you get on Amazon for cheap the game pumpkins Justin boots near me as a breezy first bra ever he will not dislike it they're buying you a gift in return but the gift is just that essentially buying himself something I wouldn't say that exclusively maybe you wanted to add on gift us what we were talking about because you got him the elephant I don't need any snakeskin boots got those we actually went to a town I'm looking I can't find anything nearly as terrible as he would want because I just refuse to buy it but it's expensive like there's so many different designs and styles that I feel like you have to pick those out yourself because it's so specific to your personality and your style that like you could really fucked up and you spent like eight hundred bucks would you have a wrap yourself up naked in a box and lemon recipe hey girl give me a call you are used to I still wear boots all the time when I was a little kid can I see where red cowboy boots no bus I'm going to have some kind of weird I don't think I'm probably wearing cowboy boots in 2530 years now at this point was for one of us to like pick a horse the horses horse freaks out and goes running away like kicking and everything like that we can't handle the hostess or host gets Cafe as the skin of the Mask dog flea horse doing something similar it was one year ago we got the horse video watching thing it where the little baby goat was extended him legs and trying to but the horse and it said you're watching the Go-Go's the Box way up it's all over time legs and step that step and goes punk like that trying to block the horse but the whole time that the goats doing this if you watch the horses said the horses just eating a rope that's all that's what I was doing there was some horses really but I think the dumbest animal as a whole to be anywhere that was pretty dumb animal blossoms Dublin oh my God what is that sale monkey dog as a bug with it I actually can't tell what kind of poodle why is it walks and I saw this laugh more believable and some the characters in Rogue one probably probably just what can why did you round for Chicopee police cars out you know that was weird super disturbing is that one famous dog online has no front legs and can walk in a time like she love that dog yeah yeah it's amazing the things that things can I just like that it makes me think of one of my favorite videos of all time out of the Wonder Dog or horny Odie the Wonder Dog that you'll ever know yeah that looks like attached and it figures out his front paws to finish it still get out Target years ago I'm obsessed with looking at I can't stop sometimes I'll get into a rhythm of doing it but she on Instagram now that they they track your I guess the viewing pattern and when you go to the explore page they just show you all these like photos and videos of things that they think you'll like go on the explore page all the time and you never let me suck that way like the cats of Instagram accounts cute kitten videos all the time har on Instagram did you don't know if you need something take a picture of something that I think like it's a cool picture of an item or whatever I'd like for something I did that day and I don't tweet about it those little critters like I have too much in one platform yeah I guess it's because like Instagram that's all you do is post pictures so you can post a picture of anything it's more accepted their real purpose for it I just hold on to it so whenever someone posts Instagram picture I never took an extra coming in Italy do Instagram pictures now I'm not too late for you let me know what exactly I don't know what social media service should have the ability to share links on it unless they're going to fully commit to it like Instagram and Twitter and Instagram so we got off and I'm just like I can't be bothered and it was supposed to YouTube video I click it and it takes me to YouTube inside of Twitter I have a YouTube app she was like the new end cards right and you just end up with a blank space at the end of the video open the app that's as close as on a mobile phone right I mean it's like it's back to it when you look up and if you're watching a video of a guy building a mud hut months ago I talked about how excited I was for that bus and China that would go over traffic as I saw your post I'm sorry for you sorry 4 months later and also know that collects search for it on search engines in China death results are filtered but you can't look it up and say that they did a bunch of shady stuff when they make it like they legally crowdfunded into the test without telling anyone and then the owners you can get ahold of them they just left it down by the government was running people got it there's no one that lets people going everyday I got it from people and they don't know who they're working for weather in as it's just like that's a good point in the warehouse it might be if I like something it makes me laugh because that's a bus and you can actually see all the way through it you see through it and that's a bus that goes over the road in like this you shape but then they built a bigger version the bus to cover the bus die the budget doesn't think it's the same concept of like the bus going underneath this structure and I think the same exact shape but she does like me like a fake Plus on top of that work or something portable house already so you can just park in the middle of traffic and it's okay because it was still going the kasbah China China was recently still had your home for Less what did you read the whole thing it was an underwater drone it was being used for research the Chinese government found it the Navy Navy are they using their established protocols they took it to find it was found it was in the return it back in the normal channels that's as Chinese products that our government as the head of our government on Twitter trying to steal our drone they still are Chinese the worst they're terrible but living like we're turning the Drone and he goes yeah keep it just keep it for now I think they are someone you know yes you and I got from you and I should go get the bus would you drive that commute to work and I think anybody driving over right now that's why everybody Texans will let you drive over them going to happen you driving or something any trucks here big lifted truck China him you got the bigger truck the fucking drivers here I hate them all you know - why do we try when we get in the car to say how long before we see somebody make a critical driving the stake year happens every time I'm in the car I saw someone get really mad the other day I was like I was turning into a grocery store and as I was turning in the car for them there's a car for them us following him into the grocery store someone in front of him like ran a stop sign so the guy in front of me had to like slam on his brakes and stopped then you just stop there in a millisecond just like staring at the other driver that you are creating more dangerous because traffic is lining up out into the street as you sit here in a few out there somewhere. Get over it that person as he fucked up move on and make this work gavi straight and there was people waiting to turn left on a green light and I was driving along and I saw this truck start to turn and I'm like I hope they see me and they stopped and they kept going so I thought I'd like to slam on my horn and the guy I like stopped and then started honking at me and then he flipped me off I don't like it was why don't you go ahead the same thing but I was going to red light and I'm the second car they got in from a light turns green 321 hunky looks up before it's me it's like you know you weren't paying attention you know how you look at it was green and he flipped me off can you imagine if people did that why did it still not going but if somebody was waiting to cross the road now just on the phone and then the walks on came on and you like and then this morning I was like that from a guy on a bike comes out in front of them it was on the roof as well as into the street the guy on the bike stops and drives up alongside the car and it's very much for the wallet the guy that used to own a bike but at least he realizes his phone is also one that everyone Talking Angela like I'm on those people if I see someone driving at night with their lights off I will make it my mission to have them put their lights on like all drive up behind them and like flash my lights at one time there's this guy it was really dark and I think it was raining and he had no lights on his car and told him behind him and I was like flashing my brights and he wasn't paying attention so I just did a little like like to like make him aware that I was flashing my lights at him and he like kept breaking so that I would have to break because that's like you're breaking me and then he would start to change laugh because I think maybe he thought I wanted to pass him and he was hard to change lanes in the year back in front of me and I was like are you just turned it on so turn your fucking phone that's why I have to die it's so weird you bring this up because I had but that kind of like an altercation over time traveller traffic stories we would go buy ornament me and the kids and we went to one of the strip malls are going to the craft store to buy some ornaments and it was the week before Christmas so the mall parking lot is packed release outdoor strip malls so couldn't find a circle circle circle circle to find the very back row and their cars like going to leave the exit and then I see his face year that you turn left to get into but the car I need to cross the flow of traffic is going to the exit there going stopping going and stopping and this lady an SUV she's the last one she was leaving that for me she just pulls right in front the space then the traffic just stopped entirely and she just sits there what does your car behind her I get electric cars are just behind me then the cards are stacked up behind me they they they said so far there around now blocking the line that she's in so I was like I'm like I'm like hello cuz I deliver sweet him like waving waving him like can you just back up is it that can you just back your car up a concussion he does this he looks at me and she goes oh my gosh is her arms in her car was fucking cunt day was just like what year straight and I can drive to your car when you can crazy that's a better the altercation I had right near here at the Starbucks in Kokomo why do dude I don't want a couple like you don't take shit from anyone and it's something that pretty cool I don't think a lot of people know that about Barbara she just not take shit I'm too British to actually like people talking when I watch the movie opposite that annoyed I don't get out of my life death that confidence because Barbara legal out she gets a lot more social interaction than the rest of us because we go to a bar that's what you're single you know you guys would approach any guys would approach her and I'm trying to make the air still Ashley's like so much like I want to like leaving it open on out of Summer get go go go meet a guy call me Anna donate after death Day come quick come quick they wait for you to leave and then I've been I've been out with Barbara used to go out a lot more than we do what is 16 on a fairly regular basis and barbar super nice very nice but if the person doesn't get the message then she's like she's like I really don't want to talk to you I'm here with my friends I'm not here to talk to you but you better act not cruel or anything but a lot of people I know don't have that ability to do that I just don't like wasting time that's it yeah so Barbara Barbara holds her own in Pokemon fan of my time anyway this couple I was waiting to turn into a spot you guys know the parking the Chipotle for nightmares best late lunch time so I was there in the morning going to Starbucks and there's a spot that's opening up and I was waiting to turn into it from one and the out and there's another car I guess I had also I the spot from coming down and I'll so we didn't see each other so when the car pulled out I pulled in God and so there's a car coming down the elevator was there like playing on it and I got out of the car him like I was also waiting so I didn't say anything but I was just like you want not even a minute later this couple comes into Starbucks there like right behind me and the husband was quiet and the woman comes and she goes so you didn't see as you can see it's waiting for that spot and it's like I actually didn't I was also waiting for that spot you just like okay sure whatever the fuck you want to say and I'm like lady I also was waiting for the thought you're right behind me you clearly got us but we're cool and she was just like standing behind me like a human the whole time just shaking her head and her husband was just like people atsum as people like to be offended but now that I've seen that guy a lot to where I got yelled at by an old lady for a shopping cart thing and yet in the back of his head along with a shopping cart back in there like that everywhere that I got my kids in the car she was waiting for my spot. She screams something in my car die stop my car and I said yes I'm saying and like her husband just like this she's like she's like why don't you too long because I was like I was with my kids again so much have a nice day good-bye and I was just thinking like that guy's life sucks walks him just sitting there with this fucking face and like that also like that our bank accounts you know you don't have to do anything about the people absolutely just like to find somebody else I was like Oh no you're going to walk in here and your wife you like different people write to his wife the hold the door for me yeah okay we're on the subject where is the fucking do when you see a car backing out of parking spaces two schools of thought when is a car is backing up I had better stop the other school of thought is oh my god that car is backing up I got a gun it to get around them as fast as I can get it hooked up so frequently when I'm backing up the parking lot don't you just stop right like I don't like the Indiana Jones I'm not make the gate I'm not slow backing up I'm pretty fast. And yes I still like I'll be back in a half why out this would be honking at me for being I like to see the white lights on the back of my car and I'm already past the other cars are parked next to you that's when you stop texting me I don't even cover the drugs that but that's the norm are people that Barrel up or down a parking garage dressed like I've almost been hit like 4 times last week in a parking garage over the old caulking Carriage that your truck was so close just below the clearance wood hole around corner cars that the the last car had before the Tesla was a pickup in that but that until 2010 but they were a problem it won't get out of there 50 W Erie Dog now available for pre-order it's a fact mus Thunderbolt 3 equip Mac species future future and limited Port options for the elderly C Thunderbolt 3 dock users can bring back in active including external hard drives webcams and audio interfaces Ultra HD displays wired networks and more the Thunderbolt 3 dock takes full advantage of the Thunderbolt 3 technology with throughput of 40 gigabits a second offer 13 ports and connectivity all through a single cable connect to a laptop so you can do away with that confusing mess of adapters and dongles OWC digital.com see I can bring you could have kept your laptop with the fastest speeds possible actually only Thunderbolt 2 dock that using my laptop here I fucking love that thing is so awesome you got tons of ports so much you should you use if you needed to get one of these I'm a huge fan of them I thought it was so wonderful you kind of your talking earlier and I was asking when you were late I was going to do the address atsum who's our sponsors to sponsor was a new one and it's as if we would we be talking to somebody they have a thunderbolt Dock and I just because I've been working like productions for 2017 over to Russia to Mike somebody made a documentary about Thunderbolt where someone will say something to me I will completely misunderstand what they said any color and it will eat ice cream seller it sounds ridiculous and then I'm like what are you talking about you're stupid but you're right until you prove an idiot yeah I hate that like the Hoops now I am totally wrong play the plane taking off with that we don't talk about death 2016 out of the decade any plans 2017 anything you're looking forward to I'm excited to be right in 2016 down for the first month of the Gavin as ever we should really star years ago on May 17th should I start in November so that I generally always used to use to write in the year starts Garth out of Legos as frequently anymore as I used to when I was younger I wrote it all the time now I don't know what your check the other day wanted Le Pen for the taxes you could do a lot but sometimes you can't I don't like you know I don't like to do that I don't have a paper trail paper trail for taxes infuriated me online it's like here's the thing up there that long anyway how would you know if your check didn't get deposited today because like you know Gavin your hundred percent correct it's a holdover from me like I don't mess around with that so I write a check is that the system is used to pay taxes previously so I just keep doing that it's like my friends went and got big and they refuse to use the ATM to deposit anything and I would never do that and I can deposit it China people don't use the app where you take a picture of it and it just gets deposited and then once you get the okay just I just don't trust it death that right there trust it that's just means I don't know what I mean why don't my mailbox down to just jump at this point because I've gotten rid of would you repeat the mail every week or two the rest of it is like it just go to recycle bin right by my mailbox flyers and like some stores it's a huge Canada not to that extent packed with all these fliers so inefficient it's like having your inboxes old junk goes to it and then when him and then if you don't see a lot of this employer screwed she's such a way if you ever saw the process by which that happens because you think the mailman or mail person comes up and they say okay here's all the mail for Barbara and that's it right can I see in the face that I watch I was out of my mailbox in the mailman came by and he was like look funn the mail for burns puts in the box then turns back to the sorted stack of junk mail for the day it's so grab that and then puts that and I'm like hey how much would I have to take you to never get anything out of it I just can't do that if him and everyone on the streets but could he do it why can't they do that I don't know probably it's a beautiful male its bulk mail but it's still everyone has the right to send everybody else male base I don't the right place the paper on the planet DUS do you have to have a mailbox is full episode of Seinfeld actually if you try to turn off his mailbox and table the question him about stuff and I just put up a sign says no mail what does leave on the 4th why haven't I don't know I really don't have to do it like what you have a forwarding address Chevy Sonic not atsum in the loop like you have this morning at 3 o'clock the mail system to bring them down so there's nothing stopping mail delivery service permanently it's it's a whole thing if you yeah I guess if you like move to different country maybe if I actually had a shredder on my doorstep and that was it made it look like a mailbox put it inside where to set a timer for like the first time as soon as I think about me I should not go into a box that seals itself and then mail so the reasons for stopping mail permanently the reasons that are allowed hats are death and relocation with no forwarding address what's relocation no forwarding address if I move to my shed maybe if you got deployed overseas you still have the dressed up in a box so that's illegal not getting mail make your own let's make our own death and then what is the figure on death then we'll see what's the best you know like who says the nicest things you need to be nicer to me you're nicer to you at the funeral for Yellowknife Gavin was a righteous prick 2016 was a good year bad year for me personally good yes your personal things in 2016 star always open my own clothing line at the company vehicle huge milestone 5 years the company right that was just last week it was the 12th of December Breitling professional in Westlake as busy as busy year for me to travel farther than I have so I can totally just like the most like finishing one thing what's the life as a given as highlight you don't let's play Life religion of Texas in January holiday RTX sydne DeSean Jackson S1 why I said let's play out of the Harlot year did in one in Austin that was the first Lifesaver on stage so what let you know that I'm breaking to it weird I like to hear I'm suggesting things you can use your highlights your own choices Gavin Mac Mac putting you on the spot too much that I shouldn't do this but I really want to check the timestamp on the email he asked you before you asked me what time what time do you in the list that I couldn't do it here we go 1028 this morning I also got a text and I said yes you know it's 28 yesterday at 2:50 p.m. I also like 10:28 03 white MacBook hold on one second 90 C Jon Risinger temperatures yesterday at 2 p.m. I got it today at 10:27 did you not respond I know he asked me for my answer on something I got out yesterday 2:53 p.m. to 5303 that's why did you ask me before having to ask him holiday hours I'll say I just said yes I'll say wait see who kicks out maybe working with people nightmare the the guy Jay Tyler who had to coordinate a lot of that at one point what did you tell her you like and dislike as in bubble as he was in office finds out he's going like this. Like classical music you know you just like you just sitting there because honestly I just look like your legs and going on here just been like scheduling for $11 she said him and he said yes you did you were some movies like I'm used to hey we're not going to have this after Thursday and Friday and we know that two months out but then I can be available most bus of days so we schedule around it and it goes but now it's like oh I have to leave in 30 minutes because I have a phone call or I'm on a different show Norman it my third production this week and it's like he just was not like it was a lot of us he did a great job the calendars I can't imagine how that will have slightly different when you on a movie set and you should go to that because we shoot here it's like you're waiting around for the next shot and if I might be 90 minutes before you shoot again and it's like in my office and I could be doing that was not working and that is the last day that I shot my call time was 10 a.m. and then at 8 a.m. I got a little strange for 5 p.m. get likes McCormick on the bright side now I'm all day in my office like I can actually get it done and then go do that I had to do the same I might be already I'll just be vague I think it's not we do the same with with Jeremy why I had to come in and set up all the cameras rolling for his reaction something Anna journey is always first and she might not like I think you got the in at 9 and I will come in maybe an hour later so I got there at 8:45 you have slept he go in at like 10:45 no one actually never seen Jeremy walk in in the morning he's always that before I'm home I got one day ahead of him he's like I'm there for 2 hours before Year One position I just had to have a little camera in the rear walks or something I just had to feel like I would have been I had to let Rogue webcams and getting good footage at least told us a really funny story when she was in town for the holiday party about day you told me the party right you were there but it really didn't believe that I was there The Good Wife Gus barbar center part of two hours before the party crat what you the correct anyway I'm sorry thank you for everything that I did was there it felt weird cuz I was the only person from the first generation I felt weird when I was walking around cuz I thought the same thing yeah yeah yeah that was not able to attend I know where Jeff was he was out of town I wasn't talking about this spring she tried to pull an atom Rogue they apparently got this wardrobe box at their office that's like perfectly sized so she was going to try to hide it and scare Adam but apparently James she said James is being like to on board with the whole pranks as she knew something was up while she was in the Box waiting for him to come he texted Adam being like always try to prank you she's in the Box hey everybody you guys gotta come see this thing out really and then she showed me her text conversation with her and James or she was just like I hate you you always do this to me she committed Everyone likes it so much that it's a sad story when I do like the idea of that happening to her though she's the nice one of the group Little Richard says the phone has in it and don't have the finances and Edwards Realty the in a 360 video day before that but she we were in that 11 hours to shoot for 4 minutes from as I can tell on the last day at out underneath the wardrobe wardrobe for two and a half house for something and that they asked me to come back to him tell him something at the house that they're like come back after we finished lunch will be like 2:30 and I was like sure I show up at 2:35 I was like shit I'm late and it was like we won't need you for a little bit a little bit here a little bit littlebits like to think I could be a little bit and that's the only time it's perfect let's do it again perfectly together or one more for safety Elon after a while how much like what movie time is in war trail of being a movie that can be any happier I love it I think you'll love it too that was ugly something I didn't know there was a two-story house but the stairwell was not that big like the width of it so I was coming down at least was going up and she was only three steps up and I was coming I'm going to go move over and if you try to come down so she backs up she had stuff in her hands so she backs up down to the bottom of the stairs and then she does this to Bow your head and I was at as I'm walking down the stairs and walk down to go what are you doing and she doesn't bring your head up cuz I don't know funny yes I know she was goofing around or what but I was laughing so hard about it like it happened later and I did the same thing I was like my ladies like Lord my head down to finish doing something on the set and as a break of any length of time like A5 minute break it's always about an hour yeah that one that was doing the surgeon simulator emotion we did the intro and then Michael and I left that set went into the field streaming room and did a let's play dressed in scrubs and then came back to the emergency because it was that much time between Subs that was on the set just white like they were all there even though not all of them were shooting at the same time but they're just funny cuz they had like everyone's stuff and people are trying to sleep early use the bathroom or shower but we're also filming in there it's not a big space but you're wondering what this after the podcast is also brought to you by me on this picture where we're putting on a new pair of underwear isn't just for us you're stepping into a better day I think about it underwears the first thing you put on in the last thing you take off why would you settle for anything less than the best feeling underwear on the planet are friends and he sent me a few pairs Rita makes each day that much better for the price of two cocktails and he will deliver doorstep better day guaranteed for a limited time it wouldn't have got 20% off the first order I have to go to a special URL which is a man DUS.com / rooster teeth with him and he's better day guarantee you have nothing to lose go to macys.com slash Rooster Teeth right now for 20% off your first order at Sandy's. Com / Rooster Teeth thank you man if you want to listen to the podcast I love the product so much by myself do I have so many Andes Candies I have many enemies I have try to get some Christmas ones but the ones that we had at the office everyone already taken already setting Candy Christmas why they wanted like little Christmas lights on them enough legs every month is like a different one I got this one last year I think so you finally got things done it was just dealing with like the scheduling one who's here who's not here like you back earlier like Jon Risinger like me on that the land was a Thursday because tomorrow night I can do it change other people's plans I feel bad like that kind of like don't plan on anything just to be safe I don't know my schedule at all the season star pick up like mid-January so long I wish that we had Seasons year apparently they were talking shit about it I'll stop it now we're taking a break you are that's what you said that you guys had been talking about it I wasn't there when he actually talked about it but we said before year I think was either Ryan or Michael or just let me tell you something I wasn't in shape because you're such a nice boy I was talking to Michael I'm guessing a little busy now you're talking shit about Michael Jackson fucking shit talking how to get invited to go to the fucking meundie last week Sultan does my first time on a selfie all you people you have in the end of the year so it out of the thing that was going to do question answering my question I was gonna be like last minute bitch of the year like it out of your system I have a laugh with you what you did for me books for this thing and it said hey we want you to do this event with this celebrity that was my highlight of 2016 with a celebrity that be great I said I didn't grow up in the sky Sarah but it would be really cool as a cool dude and you know even though you know and I thought I'd be happy to do it was a video game-related thing is like so they can do it and then we're trying to work out the day we can all Rooster Teeth night night invite other people to come with me so I said how do you want me to bring but you just want me and this guy we think it is out of it so that's reason why I don't know if I can or not because I said to bring it with me so I can bring somebody and they said sure just what you want to bring and I can invite and see who's available until a few people asked me but I said they're interested give me your names that I can make the selection here you do it so we were trying to organize when we could do it and they said we'll take all three of you or try to organize one we're going to do it and there was A3 week. We could do it Gus why I said I'm not available here and here just not available here and here and I said I'm not available at least 2 days they say what you want to do those two days so he cut me out of it schedule day go do in Destin Florida that reason because buddy was cut out of it I got out we're going to burn what is it personalized message yeah I'm so jealous yeah well I would have been pissed about it hi buddy I forgot to do it I was doing it or invite him along if I don't want to jeopardize that I can't do this years ago but they were just like well this day works best so I was in Korea like about that was that I could not because Gus was in Korea we couldn't do it on earlier days he says it doesn't work with their production schedule didn't work at the tree in vacation they were still building the set we were there I believe it they're still building it will I can't forget what I was doing and remember that was what was looking for do it on that day I don't know Mac Miller much did Justin jeffre just so fucking shit out this cuz it just didn't happen to talk about leaving back in the day I was supposed to get interviewed by Adam Savage at New York Comic Con that's cool and we are waiting to talk to him he was in like another room or the bar and then his publicist or whoever he was with was like so Adam is really not feeling well so he's going to take off and were like me and this other person was the interview really like this is not happening anymore until I know I'm sorry I will have to find another time to do it obviously we're never going to do anything like that close to meeting and said that I was encouraged Death Note dog that looks like the thing they gave us a big win the target shoot date is October 7th 07. Is that a possibility with mr. Burns's schedule the time frame for shooting as approximately 3 to 4 hours respectfully the supervising producer for God's response silver fish in the sea the 15th he did say don't wait for me though go ahead and film about me if you have to just as I can't do it on that day cause I'll be at let's play Live comic on and then was less than staff sergeant Rogue burni will be traveling from France on that date being the later date and they suggest as you can see we can do the later they can do the earlier day and I'm traveling back from France like yes out with your friends with you to come I mean it's it's it's really fun I love doing that stuff I really like I got to be in a few this so this year in a whole bunch of stuff come out recently had the year I was just in / got to work with Allie DeBerry and again and Hannah marches on that show with the Elijah Dirk gently have you seen it yet I have a few flashes of something that was blumhouse thing the guys who do day did The Purge and Paranormal Activity and it is like an advent calendar a horse and I did that cuz I wanted to do that I can't talk about this now because it's all past as we have the screening last week text legs tomorrow we have as I got the weirdest phone call this year we talked about him podcasts like I went to this thing it was crazy cool I think we just saying that leaving it open to about burni got a part in Rogue one which is now that would be a good matchup could have to do that but I got the weirdest feeling Neko in your place I'm sure you would yeah I can't believe I just I open myself up to that I should have just gone and did it with the guys will be fun to make it next time something comes up I'm just going to go he also never replied and said I'd like to do it like there was no to the chain and by the way I also want to point out after it was clear that they cut me out of it. Scheduling Gus and Geoff stopped replying to the email chain that really got what I want death row two words an email chain by the way so how dare you say that was my late response but responding to the words and words hurt three weeks at that point we probably all were such good friends I was through with this opportunity you got received the word of phrase I got a phone call it was something saying hey we're filming a movie it's James Franco and Bryan Cranston movie and in it James Franco plays a Silicon Valley billionaire and he has friends and we would like you to come play one of his friends the characters in his lair which point one of his friends and I was like oh that's cool was that with James Franco potentially Bryan Cranston in Breaking Breaking Bad I was like yeah I'll do that I was already out I'll come out and do that feel like death so it's gonna be like you know we just want the character to have you know on screen to have genuine people from the tech and gaming industry Siz day new friends and stuff and you know we thought you'd be a good fit for it so the same would be you and somebody else too we haven't figured out who it is yet and then Elon Musk and I was like what you want me to be in a movie playing myself with Elon mus us like Elon Musk and Burnie Burns together so I thought I would get to eat Elon mus I would do that in a heartbeat what out there it was a blast I just us two and a half days on the set and was a lot of fun and I got to be on set Bryan Cranston nice to the planet but this was such a great relief to someone that I look up to be just like just a super nice guy and him on the set with that you see much of them on the same day and a half or just like with him all day but he was you'll see when you see the movie party scene when different parts and everything for the season it was like in a trailer him when I get there but it was it was a lot of fun and Keegan-Michael keys and my physical it was really over time now so here's the thing so as happens as we've discussed earlier this podcast there are issues that come up with production wasn't normal so I gotta call her cuz she don't like Thursday and I go home Tuesday and said hey buddy we don't need you on Thursday we need you on Friday and I said we can I forgot to do it no I said I said yes are you kidding of course I can bump it ain't no problem you know because I also why I'm so sorry didn't say that I live in LA it makes getting jobs way easier because it on the Travel me or anything like that I'm just there for it so it's okay I'll do it until Thursday or Friday and then Friday and Saturday or somebody that I actually hung up the phone as soon as I hang up the phone like you on musk is not going to change is scheduled on two days notice sure enough I was right they shot Elon Musk stuff 3 months later or something like that so I never got to be like a kid in a movie set in him just like I haven't liked got engaged to that extreme him just like I was having a blast the whole fucking thing is fucking crazy I forgot about that I didn't put two-and-two together the trailer for that movie and it wasn't until here recently yeah yeah and it's like I could tell that I could tell that the appearance of the film had been whittled down over time because I was like contacting them 2 months before anything us when you like promote this the trailer just came out you want me to like talk about it like wait a little bit and then I heard confirmation the Streamys bad for people to see it by now I heard confirmation they said they said hey you're year in the we made the final cut your in the party scene was like yeah I'm not done I mean I'm just a guy happy thoughts of you what is it credited as myself so if your credit was Elon Musk are listed as the heart of burn from us but I also noticed that I was patient that I was not making the Final Cut of the movie I mean I have so much fun anyway maybe you bad that you are I love that it's not like I'm so jealous when you go to the friends thing that's really fucking cool with that you like James Franco drugs like I said none of the fun kind not the fun kind of like Seth Rogen Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa that's cool I'm jealous of that but the best thing I got to do that was fucking crazy I did not believe you that is wonderful I would have I'm not going back I was on the climate change I would have done pretty much anything to go to the White House and I would honestly say if I was invited to White House off the general I would not going I don't think I won't be invited back I don't think my climate change for Millennials committee is going to be back next year I would go to see him first hopefully soon I'll be able talk about it yeah man for 2017 what you look straight mean I'm think I'm comfortable with everyone here I don't think I want to change anything I have there's a certain level of familiarity there's a few things I would change about Gavin and just stuff in general and be straight with me on that email I don't answer all year right now it's just you don't as the podcast group I think is one of the few groups it was kind of scared today because thing doesn't milk us elves go ahead I would like for you to spend a lot of US stories I'm even worried about like usual you're concerned because it's like you just tell conversation we have a conversation and I couldn't think of people sometimes we have the same Pathways of what we talked about but when something comes up and it's relevant even if I didn't know that I told the story before also tell because we've been listening you know and it's like sometimes even over explain what's going on for the audio podcast as I guess that's just part of life I recognize the fact that while some people have listened to 403 episodes of podcast many times people are awesome there's some people that just started listening as 400 out with some guys and that I revisit old videos and I guess some of the long-time listen to say I love running out of ideas you just repeating stuff like my dad is still getting along that I can film it I just like to go back to old ones cuz we can we can do them bad or slow I will send you whatever so the original the Seminole Indians that went around quick special edition remastered George Lucas he said to slow raised and it was florist like a lot of other stuff at 7:20 p.m. originally like a football to the face originally was 1080 to 7:20. That's where I went wrong where are on September 14th 4:44 p.m. hey guys are either of you a fan of blank Gus replies absolutely I used to watch him all the time as a kid death replies yes I said okay well he's doing a blank Show and he wants to come on and do you think I want this one wasn't really there we talked about what I said I said they want me to do it is it cool if I suggest the three of us to do it and I said sure just says yeah okay great alright they liked it I come back later and I said okay they like the idea for people to be scheduled email soon I'll give them this stuff is from achieving out an email for Jeff that cool Gus you want to contact them directly just guesses directly then sadly there is a one month Gap in our email and or text me again what we need and us and then is me replying hey they just called to tell me how happy they were with the election and everything and Jefferson the great awesome you'll never be as you put it I shouldn't have to type as much as I try to make opportunities for the people yeah lesson learned Gavin lesson learned never coming back and they took the offer on public with an offer to replace him I don't even don't even come here I was milking it for him Palisades out here Star Wars episode 8 come in eventually I got going on now and they'll be like hey what's up and I'll do it and what about it The Muppets 8701 glad I'm so glad that I could be to your best memory for 20 why was on a plane coming back from France like this actually I would really have to admit that it would've been cool to do it but there's people that are bigger than that so I don't think it was like but yeah it's kind of thing sometimes I think some of it's like this person I think of the Super Bowl is like to go to send Tyler Super Bowl the barbar hair sale Polk in him everything you just fell asleep why did you bear I love you