#409 - The Greatest Hits

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the best moments from 2016, including the apple or the egg, the Lonely Island visit, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 2, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj) and Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt)

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Recorded: 2017-01-03 10:46:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to this week's podcast this week brought you by Blue Apron and Casper I'm Gus I'm Gavin I'm Barbara Burnie or do something a little different this week now for the first time ever with you everywhere the same thing as last week actually the way we do ever feeling or process the first time ever we're going to have a little bit of stuff except show if you will have to do it this way we do it but we're going to January 2nd beginning 2017 Record December 26th sex podcast every week we did 52 I think in 2016 question and this episode where they talk about some of our favorite memories someone told me that best that because we're good we're not the only people that work on the podcast Gavin for the club should replace the real show Gavin about to give the crew a whole extra day to work on the holidays. We had a bunch of gastritis year 2016 so we wanted to kind of go over and highlight some of them do you all have any memorable guests that that is my favorite RT Zachary Levi was good she was happy about that I'm here I thought you were but I've been working all day I was going for a shocked reaction Zachary Levi was up there was pretty tough I think the Lonely Island was that was another one that you this year no answer during the conversation into something very inappropriate that was unbelievable you were signing up for when we take a look at some of our favorite moments with or 2016 like Barbara you're working at post year will Russia Lake in the Hills and that stuff was really good probably find out who is the person at the Chicago vs Chicago theater makes the call that we can thank you very much 150 Grant like literally the distance from here to here is 50 grams of 0 to 50 that's what's got to be if you follow the right people there's a lot of people posting all these like almost at the moment I feel like salt sex Twitter Grammy is it just nipples that wouldn't that's not fair I'm going to try to Chicago narrow neck he is so he wrote this thing that you can put me in this thing or I'm getting naked and covered it and then there's a scene that leads up to it that the reason why she's right now be careful I haven't been drinking all day oh be careful the shirt available really know what happened oh my God I was like man I got some titties going on but now that like there's escape room for them they look better shirtless the humanities of ice show me this this will put in perspective what Greg is going through right now so there's a scene earlier in the short that sets up where I basically walk in and I touch blue in a compromising position where he's got his pants at his knees essentially so he gets in that position to get pants at his knees but his boxers up from behind and I'm in I'm in the room at that point I go or not so get your butt out you know blue says I'm not really comfortable with my butt on camera I don't think it looks like that I'm like you mother fucker you're going to put my 43 year old body covering do on stage and screen and you're like oh I skipped leg day 8 weeks ago mother fucker dude blade icewood Let's Play La mr. Hardin is 2016 is actually happening in Louisville Ohio Catalina's the females have an enlarged clitoris go to see their penis was actually the women have dicks so you have an alpha female lead in The Great Brothers off of mail on the male's how to delete the female is talking to me as a kind of dominance thing like a stupid outdated term pseudo penis what sex is there but it's like a penis but it's not a penis I'm like Googling it right now the weirdest thing is though it may sound good the jobs all the time with your family that live young through that dick in many cases that penis into anything today and many of these play and many the Cubs actually suffocate inside the Mother's Day we got the kid can't even breathe as an evolutionary Zach how the hell did that end up like this is the best way to make babies the right there a lot of human humans split a little bit too honey what when did tissue between the vagina and the anus split so just to come to do that because you're pushing a baby I've never heard of vaginas the term yes the paint is gone just like ripping off a shirt funny basketball come out of your mouth on your cheeks ripping it's not kind of it because it's stretching so you much with a broken stories he just ripped his skin will split and it all makes sense that there is that my favorite moment we are in the gift shop at the end and there was a character I don't know what her name is she is pink and has like scraggly hair and earlier in the day she like grabbed my hand and took me like in this parade thing the later we are in the gift shop and I look over at the window and she's looking in the Wind she catches my attention just started waving Le slow loris with a creepy dude in this you think probably I was at Disneyland and the Queen of Hearts was like joking with me and came down and sat down on my lap and then left and it was a dude inside the Queen of Hearts outfit and Elsa and Anna Queen of Hearts goes like we both look at each other king hearts new world people it's a new world one time I was on your talking about like how dangerous the ride was one time I was on Space Mountain Disneyland and the ride stopped and then the lights came on yet and I've never been more terrified of them gotten back on Space Mountain again since I've been in there with the lights on you see that jumble of tracks I like how does this thing that completely like the other you not get your hand sliced off when you go other places the rest of the ride but you know sometimes they run it with the lights on like it's a special Blue Light Special days like that is pretty fun in Disney World post sets like a tour through like the dinosaur but every single one thing that woman Works in her show I can be nothing but dumb jokes anytime I'm just telling my dad show fantastic let's go what about the way I love you I'm going to plus sign does not light up every once in awhile fantastic I just like all of the people running the camera the gentleman in the booth so I think we know the Lonely Island a lot as far as being like they're not you guys and I really don't think about you always being very in touch with the internet and reconnect the internet you know you you produce videos I get huge you know how how does that affect you like it how do you deal with that feedback loops if you like on the internet you know you produce something there's that instant like comment box of the instant reaction I don't answer to these guys up for me personally goes right to my head yeah I got those go to my butt and then go because I have company thank you for I'm just happy that I feel so comfortable I just got here which part of the eye mean cuz I think there's two sides to it yes I post something and then there's tons and tons of instant gratification like all your the best friend in the other side which is always difficult to really try to figure out how do you deal with trying to find that balance in the middle it's tough I mean you can get like a thousand really really nice comments and then you read the one that is like I hope this person shoots himself in the head so they never procreate take it like you know Kevin Smith leg of that movie that they made about going and finding killing the people that like I said it's not like that the project is about as well wasn't that hilarious video molarity I'd like to thank Blue Apron response to this episode of the rooster podcast later fresh high-quality ingredients is better and are better for you so it's important to know where your food comes from for the $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasonal recipes along with proof rooster variety of new recipes each week price of recipes are not repeat because of the step by step easy to follow a recipe card and proportion ingredients prepared and 40 minutes or less sex make you get your first 3 meals for free with free shipping I go to blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth know how good it feels and tastes incredible come cook me some Blue Apron so don't wait blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth living inside your head Blue Apron a better way to cook seasonal meals Gavin get discount seasonal people just get overly excited about seasonal I can tell you that anything whatever that's like that hot like pumpkin spice lattes I know what you mean I want to talk about pick a strawberry and I can't believe how many fucking strawberries are you picking I have weights in my lifetime probably 5000 stories what are you doing what you want never liked fruit picking as a kid as a kid I did feel buck year when was the last time you pick strawberries the green hairy thing the Willy Wonka Factory I swear cuz my dad didn't know that I was with we were all sitting on the right they be like really crunchy in like better I love them I don't like I don't like this or do you want a strawberry you can get one I was sure that nothing goes out of season because of Seasons but it's winter here it's summer somewhere else right right you just cost more because everyone was intent on torturing an old set of ours right you broke it was by Design because we were trying to get rid of it but we knock it down Spore 2016 was the reveal we did for this new sets podcast are you on the new one but I told you I would work today cuz you're late all the time Sally La cancion my favorite podcast of the US there was this one like this bit but right now this this should be highlighted like there's something in the house to this from torturing the sets from this past year in Plainfield sets everything the people know it the well at the end they go for it what the fuck you're cute you're smart you're funny what's in there Sally Sally this is a bad idea the video version when will my I go for anything the tripod without the extra expected outcome for that Burnie was pretty solid now Casper crash thank you joining us on this edition of the Russia podcast we have no idea to the table sorry don't forget we're currently getting the other screenings for Ruby on tub and want to give a shout out to the guys that kind of money for being the latest addition to our family table with a good day trying to convince Gus to whenever you break it yet yeah sure go for it how to start a wholesale year Star Trek who sings Heaven is the way to build it never stopping it comes out June 3rd we're so excited to do this everywhere we go Greg is right yes very sound now I'm all comfortable you should have your furniture at your home or when you come home everyday the club's very welcome to take the table if you want to you're mine the table I like it better tell me if you're mad it was I mean my grandmother gave it to me a few times dumpster companies Cherry Hill like to take the day off after travel that's one thing I had on camera that I'm going to accidentally revealed his phone number when you dial and it is people like can you tell a phone number from the chairman of the beeps sure so when you just press on his name because I think you're ready you can just like play that in those old-style phones without buttons on my phone so you just going to make some erratic movements Burnie currently calling the Doubletree Lobby hey it's Burnie where are you putting me on the podcast I'm supposed to be where are you we got to the podcast you just sitting there where are you at today what day is today the 26th welcome to the Gus sorola dammit how's it going on right now thank you and I'm proud or shiny shiny and nude photos after a billion years Greg Fishel brand spankin new Rooster Teeth podcast sets back and it's only been sitting over there for about 3 months crazy times so we have our normal crew people that are here on the podcast and I feel like out of everyone who's here regularly Burnie you tend to be maybe the most explosive you have the most standout moment I think from anyone here right now shut up shut up Gavin Gavin or Google I just want to be a passionate person that we know that Google Gavin thinks that moment. But somehow like your brain won't let anyone know that sounds like something you would say and you also with stuff to make something sound stupid Verizon is that what you mean I used to work he will pay this in the conversation and no one takes the bait I'm guarded I'm always dying Island Garden or we check out some of the highlights for Burnie and 2016 highlights lowlights so we did we were invited out to be part of the equation Battlefield 1 tournament 83 I was invited and then I said hey you should also invite this young guy get away with that but I know that you like them great game great game Gus Greg a transplant but it looks like a lot of fun so we play this game right somehow like we got all sorts of bad information like it was a practice session for 3 hours and I we practice playing Battlefield for a week before we went out there cuz I was like I'm going to represent as a pro Battlefield players I don't know their names like sleepy and Sherman and their personalities for being what influences but they're going to call our category and actual celebrities electronic the guy who was sitting next to me more than it really is rapper The Game the other side of us was Snoop Dogg and Snoop Dogg I'm not kidding Gus they were in a room or in a theater where they have the EA play event where they do all the E3 announcements answer all right all of a sudden everybody's like they're all looking around because new dog had like come into the building somewhere and you can smell him from about probably about a hundred yards away I'm not I'm not kidding it was unbelievable like the smell of marijuana just like precede him by like a minute and a half it was amazing goals I didn't get a shot so they were smoking pot the whole time which is really fucking cool so I'm next to Wiz Khalifa it's almost taken from my perspective so it was like one over from me and Wiz Khalifa was right next to me and they were passing a cigarette of some kind I'm not sure what it was they were passing it back and forth and a blunt I was standing in a cloud of pot smoke for life hour and a half just standing there like breathing in this fog and I want to eat one of the organizers think it's pretty or you get a contact high from all this time I can contact I'd like to see you sex kind of worried because I know the stuff that Snoop smokes I'm assuming it's like that off the flight plan apple express times but I'm starting to worry heart attack Derek or one event I was at the stream locations so we're sitting there in a room and we're talking like those pictures of Burnie Next To You by Wiz Khalifa and we were like we would just said I wonder if you got a contact high from that the door like the swings open at Burnie walks away like a fist full of Red Vines and goes are you ready 321 go my best friend's boyfriend is going down on her and he unfortunately ended what was that was there might have been a wreck Gus this is the most shameful walk of all time I met up with a guy from Grindr and he had the biggest penis I've ever seen I had to take his penis out of my ass because it hurts so bad and he said damn you made a mess I saw it looks like a gallon of tea last one there's more my boyfriend came home drunk and wanted anal we had done it once before but when we are both sober and careful to go slow and use Lube this time he was so drunk he poured them all over my ass sets show his dick right in the next morning he went to the bathroom and found it under his foreskin I have been there all day Nigerian wedding I can't believe you thought I was Rooster Rock 393 on Twitter said you can tell the fucked-up people have I not I hear you want to apparently other people are also Greg is there right now mashup are you guys making vomiting noises well my favorite or one of the kids is there's 3 guys they have bricks if I the power brakes they want to see who can throw bricks at them but they can't tell him and he will see how far this one is like a foot up in the air GI Joe character was fucking hilarious what is the NBC or the other did you think that I dropped it or threw it up it just never does it never contest or whatever his woman but she wants to travel to see your mother if you want to bring a pair with her because her mother was apparently too forward is on the no parent no smoking Airlines and you're not a lot of prepared on the outside smoking play with this bunch of food puts in her jacket please sit on a plane and the pilot walking down the aisle taking off and it comes out walk down the aisle everybody smoking cigar chickens walking on the I only stopped in to see how you doing and he said he will be there on time so thank you very much Metro opens or the place where you can have a cigar and she told segarra the window of the play is it storming off she said she's flying the plane there's a parrot and it's in the window of the plane like a brick well played Burnie Burns for watching the great ending of the post show will see you guys next week seems like a rational individual to me hilarious this very day I like it when I get to the vein on your forehead come out right there the last time you heard me yell in genuine anger and genuine and I used to be an angry person but you never be able to tell based on the clips for showing here tonight I assume but I used to actually being a good person and the controller broke a broken Xbox sets dealing with like holiday orders and DVDs like in 05 now because there is an event that I had to dive through dumpsters was very Le during the least you know where the dumpsters are around off there and everyone was able to help you regulate your temperature through the night Casper mattresses soft comfortable I love it you might easily online completely free Casper understand importance of truly trying out a mattress in all reality 2030 or life on Casper mattress free delivery and payment returned with a 100 a. So you don't have to lie down on the show room Casper off of free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada get a Casper mattress or $5 for twin or 9:50 for a king size mattress topper compared to Industry averages that's an outstanding price point you save an additional $50 for the mattress purchase we're going to Casper.com / RT and trim promo code RT that's Casper.com / RT promo code RT terms and conditions apply thanks Casper or sponsoring this episode of the podcast Casper mattress how do you have a text message because they had sponsored lonely free stuff if you're reading this so I think we're trying to work out more ways to have more opportunity Gus chicken steak off Pancake Day I'm in the middle of trying to lose weight for lazy teeth my body wants to weigh 230 pounds that's what my body wants to do it wants to wait for me I can wait through hard times with your buddies if I just left it alone but I like my weight today no wait that's right you like to text you have a fat yeah I had a fat year being fat so fun it's so it's so fun I always have and I wouldn't not me I just think is it in my genes to be fat really what I would like to do blue described to me that he eat well all week and then on Sunday he eats an entire pizza that's his hand more but you just eat an entire Home Slice Pizza the matter I know right but I'm like when I finish eating Gavin with the lunch today by the way that was going to lunch with Gavin that's crazy does that make her a salad but I can eat somewhere right but I can't I won't have a day where should I just eat and just don't stop I'll go for Levi restaurant and go to another restaurant split me in the winter I like you Gus I'm hungry all the time so bad I want you so bad what are we check out some of the more interactions with food and what happened over 2016 let's do that some called it leave the bottle with housemates so it sneaked into the forest to have sex one day we are in our forest place and he put it in my butt we had to clean up as best we could using leaves and my hoodie I'm wearing a hoodie I got this climbing uphill absolutely having a funny smell test smell test so we went through we went to blades desk and found an old protein shaker everybody's touch it is likely that the cap on it as tight as we can all morning so how do you want to work there's a little bit in there at the same time how's that going to work now text you intimate that's too intimate I like your idea yeah it could be like when you share a milkshake I need to get off if I'm smelling something the same time just Gavin there might not be any smell left by the time it gets to my nose you lost me time to gag ready sex Gavin if you could be 2.35 seconds you are the official winner of Gavin or gaggle Gavin is contemplating it when we are ready give me a quiet place is a professional needs to go okay the ranch out of the don't see how old are you 21 we have some forms for you to sign Stephanie I have one question why I want a Pizza Hut give us back our clocks don't touch that do we want to do this I mean is it just I don't know if I'm drinking all of it I'm burning this medic we're doing allergy discussion right now okay cuz I know what to do men Ranch and vinegar is like her favorite salad dressing the graduations on winning the hat and also take this back to your seat with you the Toblerone that you see in the airport that this big okay let me let you know that Gavin Toblerone the ones you see the airport that are like their mess and I'm holding my hands about like what does it's just like the ones that like Toblerone and on and on and on oh okay so that you haven't seen that happen to Candlestick why did you bring it up because you like all this was a difference I'm just talking about the big jumbo Toblerone OK it's bigger than every other candy bar on the fucking planet show about it that's a bitch Iran terrorist acts in it's just a bunch of small Toblerone can I free on the bottom and one of the top to make the pyramid-shaped horrible you can get a big one as well I'm telling you I was like I really get a realtor keep keep me alive it would be so hot that I just got a load of that might be fun I feel like a chunk of floating Avenue candy bars have to Gap small job but a big what this is in a master program and then want a photo Barbara to each other anymore what is more to the left and if that's correct what he wants and that's true that just makes sense that there's less there to the big one is more value have it right right wait what did I just started arguing against yourself show me if I have a phone a dozen donuts and one big fucking donut does does the middle of all the loot go to add up to the same volume as the hole in the middle the big donut or hold them in Little Big Planet you don't use them you can qualify in that way at the time nailhead the standard Gap it's a standard Gap in there you have it up so if you're feeling up the space with total rounds then you're making like essentially the same volume of Toblerone or two chocolate ratio I just took the lonely Burns is the difference of the packaging that ends up inside I look forward to the weekly questions answered from the podcast he cannot wait for someone else to do the research and do the math it's actually real I feel like they would have to have a special machine to make that big of a the airport the fucking money until directions to Motor Company venture to say that that's not real the giant one so I got it we talked about it last week and I found a 4.5 kilogram to La Ronge still excite you found it on the podcast yes it is not as big as the the pictures made it seem to think that we did some math or weak 24000 calories into holy shit let's break into kilograms is 10 pounds perhaps I was a little bit better when does it expire stealing meds and he was bummed out that the ones you see in a post in the middle problem for October big toe burning lump I let you down Burnie asked me to pick up from the airport through customs at the duty-free shop yeah and I did not do that she doesn't care about my wants and my needs is one of those like a Gavin like a chocolate cake can I have you hidden it but I want to 4040 McCutcheon I don't give a shit or has that ship sailed for us to use about nevermind Gus gave up on that you already get embarrassed himself they are good when are you two getting the gross but apron or labor don't let spending all your broken phone back Zachary Optometry I loosened it for you the real thing comedy or are you going to you want to be around him for the grand reveal juice someone need a clip of every time David Schwimmer says the juice in the people vs OJ Simpson TV show really funny Barbara that that's the part you want to survive Gavin and I want Barbara snap at you when I only won by one point here you want by 2 points over there so year what is a one-point difference there you want um I will take the Burnie Burns wins the inaugural Teeth podcast steak off tonight yeah tides in are both of you listen up you two sons of bitches both of you but I just wanted to do anything about it so we had delicious steak on the post what we didn't mention because they don't understand is that I spent the entire night with bomb and bomb weigh what happened 34.2 no one got sick I will say this he did eat a lot more of your steak because you had a lot of your he declare you the winner and I noticed his I'm insecure about that that I watch every time Gavin over the course the podcast went to get a bite he will get out of yours and not mine over steak enter into him at the funeral for Brian did not get sick so it was also shared the night though any contamination from your steak would have your steak clearly Barbara or more of my steak and cheese funny maybe or 36419 it is that we shared maybe like my dreams + the steak like it's no big deal also absolutely I can what is it yet what does that mean what is the rear side discharge what's the gun I got to go to the toilet the wrong one so sorry that was not funny at all so why does anybody got best fits what you mean to me you got your Best Bets for me was all of us on this post but what does that mean you think I was the only person in the food section section but you had a bit before my Miller person that is dedicated sex when I get mad I mean how to measure miles got pretty mad in a couple different spots he mad though he's allowed it's always interesting it's always a different Dynamic when there's like some of the some of the kids come on Myles Chris Blain Barbara you become you're a bad influence on them whenever Burnie and I aren't here yet so it's always interesting to me to try to peek in and see what you guys are doing it I really do but when it's when it's when both Burnie and I are gone and it's like an unusual cast of like when you were on with Blaine miles and Chris like yeah I got up and see what's going on and I think our next segment to Showcase what happens when I when the kids take over my cooking skills have not progressed since College I make spaghetti and eggs and I think I've got a service for you what do you do what do you mean what are you eating fish source swordfish you buy stores buy fish take to the Butcher and go to the fish sex ago I want to I want to buy a just you know I put it in what I do for cooking is at whatever I'm cooking I just put dressing on it like a salad dressing like Italians if it's whatever whatever dressing I have I just like I'm cooking fish or whatever it is I'll just put dressing on it and then I'm going to cook it and let's get the taste like apple cider vinegar no she said it's like all these flavors mixed together into one day if I go to your house with me Chris and I Chris Chris and Teddy my 11 years you can make better fish can we get a Michelin star for recipe old fashioned dress whatever sword with I can bury up my flavors by addressing a the truth of pheromones from their hair chest hair top of the head you don't have to drive Barbara Henry you took it and didn't or non-existent that chest everywhere everywhere that's what girlfriends or girls that you cuddled with their they sleep right here and they like Massillon that's because not only comfortable but it smells good the reason that Evolution has like made it so that females are typically shorter than men is because that's where the pheromones come out for a lot of women I guess and so like guys to be more attracted to women that they could smell the top of their heads of interesting or or is it reverse where do pheromones come out the top of the head because women are shorter I don't know is it apple or the egg where is it off of the outside I got the egg Place free how far from the treated Apple Falls Apple la one egg I don't think I talked about this fuck my parents over and hang with my parents was going to my parents that I had to use the internet I got head to Chicken Little what wait what so we got we bought tickets to the 11:30 p.m. screening at 6 a.m. p.m. p.m. surely know I'll be watching Chicken Little the front of these people and she was like no I can't can't even enjoy it because the movie Jackie Barbara to have the way what I want to know we were guests at his cousin's wedding and his cousin asked him to go put something away in the bridal suite for him and I went with him and we had sex in the bridal Suite of someone else's wedding one day we christened their Barbara Year's to you back jet set is that bad blue crab I don't know shut the fuck up fucking shit I've ever heard we like to come here dresser and white holy shit I'm getting yeah we had to remake the bed take the covers off or anything but when you move around enough they're not monsters can get it hey we're back wasn't that great it was not because I wasn't in any of those terrible was in the rifle I'm watching the show you make the show what kind of feel bad that I feel like I left a few times like that people have happiness and joy in their life just to make up for this one we could do tomorrow are you know any good idea for podcast we're going to Nick's but we can come and we can just run all the equipment ourselves and see how well we can do it like me all of thumbs-ups you guys a lot of touching your equipment that's what you think the fact that they don't have to be there by 8 they would have taken steak off tomorrow is Monday Tuesday so I can take off tomorrow night and we will do it I have no idea how many more years as a thank you to the wonderful crew that produces the show all your love who are not producing all of our studios off topic here patch RT the patch Reston Patch you know how on the patch I would throw stuff at Ryan and escalate the size of the object and miss that part but OK on the final patch can I just ride a wrecking ball through the sets that or throw a barrel at him he wouldn't throw Gus at him maybe I didn't even like hold yourself it's more like you're blue like I said I thank you so much to the entire crew who worked on the podcast we gotta try this experiment as a thank you what did you guys take the stage and we'll go and the podcast and we'll try to figure what size to do that so you don't think we should have one on the stage that they realize that that that will make them stay late so this was our first podcast of the Year 2017 happy New Year so I'm expecting that was that stuff from you're not obligated to be a good friend and it was like a predated thank you your welcome