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Rooster Teeth is ready for the holidays

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Recorded: 2009-12-24 00:06:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Looney Tunes and if you did not know that Jocelyn Jordan page no that was that was are intro song I'm so confused he's not here today very quiet today how are you this week I'll try to get out of here there Friday so we can I mean I don't I mean if I do guys like I think if Christmas Eve is Friday I'm at least working through Thursday I think Christmas Eve is Thursday today is Friday Christmas Friday 2007 any year any year you give them in a date I'll tell you what day of the week is May 27th 1978 what day of the week from Taxi Marilu Henner she has Tony Danza he does not have that has that ability to over in in he was able to list out pi to 10000 places by memory this guy's got to get some like super intelligent dude like he has like weird crazy memories a man like syndrome with the rain and things actually don't think he has it but he's actually like he's able to socially interact with people like a lot of the people have you thinking they called Asperger's Syndrome formula first offense in the Venn diagram that would fit person that's very quirky and very smart in specific ways and maybe isn't up to Snuff socially emotionally hurt the protocol right now wow it's riveting Dr Koop. But I live in the United Dr Koop to God every time I Dr 4 West g-raid for West 5th North Mr Sanders what are the HIV infection and that was kind of the thing that he did Cajun crab will masturbation advocating for masturbation I actually look like to check my sources don't let me go to a party at Jeff and Griffin's house I was there I also did a couple different things I also got past a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign on Expert with realism mode you had trouble with Joel right Joel and Joel how long can be placed on that shot you in the head I was ready to kill anyone it would be cool that in that game and that you get turned into a zombie that would be cool right and you know you would attack them you would not be your friend only problem with that do you still have the same interface or maybe watch other people play that's what she said 20 seconds I want to eat you a very quick retraction it was not Dr Koop that encourage masturbation Elders Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders remember the name masturbation row General icon who is 621 1992 also told abortion opponents to quote get over their love affair with a fetus I don't think Surgeon General man that was a TV show and like CNN or something like that and then he was going to be when the President appoints this dude he's a dude who does surgery on the president feels that if I get something I need to have surgery this is the guy that the week before the other party controls Congress checks and balances already short we played last night and we finished it last night Left 4 Dead 2 expert campaign on realism I was so angry could you clarify plane and I play with movie section first person shooter talks a lot more time together from the sky to the post for fence use a different Shamu and in the four hours we played the third level which is the More Level we had to run through the whole thing and it's a super long level I think we played that level about two and a half hours so I have no idea how many straight runs we did to it but everybody by the end of it had about 70 deputies at some point I can't go anymore where we were just angry this game is terrible thing about look at the movie there but Washington generals feel like everyday where it's not good enough that you're dead you're incapacitated where you're laying on the ground and your friends are helping can't see can't do it the minute and a half years the portion of the gameplay Where You Are they would save you how many how many times do you shot is on the in the fucking face emoji will be opening up on somebody with the machine running at you and they make it all the way to in the mall weaving a tapestry of a charity when I was on the ground at least zombies are kicking me and hit me I was imagining your life story and yelling at them and screaming at them while petting them you know you can just try to continue playing the game on the 360 when it first came out I found going to the mall afterwards to be a very creepy experience like you turn a corner and you just be a bunch of people in the middle of the hallway that would creep me out there again I could do that everyday on Vegas for work the other day and we connected in Vegas soon as we were Landing we should look at CityCenter looks like tomorrow and just open up and sold out all the years that was a place I don't know how we got snow yeah it is to make the building shorter than they initially had spect that would be the creepiest place in the world Seeking a Friend Jack is the French word for Brittany to Germany alright in cut Eastern European appointments of us were collerius European not so fun so fun so much so this weekend we went to drunk miss you guys got off a plane and came yeah I did that's why I went home and I fell asleep till 1 p.m. the next day why didn't everyone missed you at the party I was trying to get them all together to chase you down at your house by 4 a.m. in the family Christmas the next morning for the ramseys you heard me right. Can you hide stuff all over the house like she's in the air vents Google there are things I do still have those I think I have one that I found them all pretty quickly and then I could find one of them and tortured me with it for a few weeks date Brandon's desk was upside down his keyboard was upside down his mouth was upside down chair and she came in and everything on his desk is upside down when you walked in this morning and he walked in and said why is my chair of Play-Doh I said it's either because he really doesn't want you to touch something on his computer and the way you or somebody else either way just leaving Ashley how it is actually he left for Alabama on Monday for vacation and so I had to work on something so much even on your stuff before you left work or something so I was sitting there getting the stuff ready to record Netflix with in all of this stuff upside down upside down from the hill Jocelyn Elders figurine any my monitor to pretty much You Really Got Me not having a lot of PC's on the office Jack doesn't work on a PC and one of my favorite things in the world to do was to switch the keys on his keyboard be like in the are just pop them out and switch the letters so that every time you type to Jay he's the Canaanites vs no I'm not ikeyboard twenty years twenty years and still have in memorizes keyboard if I blindfold you right now and ask you to write a line can you do it probably I'm just saying if someone in the office after another person in this office to get blindfold masturbation row your flight back from San Francisco this weekend I guess I could first motherboard has finally hit for the pieces that supports the USB 3.0 specs to put on that very curious to check it out and getting it straight off of 100 Dr 2 HD streams at the same time guitar tomorrow night at 10 p.m. movie how to make 224 why did the to 3677 for and 159 I also heard that IMAX cannot keep up with the capacity for people that want to see this movie comes out on IMAX I can't keep up with the past the day I mean they releasing movie about a bird taking a poop and IMAX and they can't keep up with you because I want to see that Nicole Kidman scene for drunk tank what was the week that week another attraction at about 9 be nominated but it was nominated for best animated film and why would 9 be nominated for best picture and up was not will apparently there's a movie release right now called nine nine and not 9 the numeral 9 which was the any of them came out in the summer is the Rob Marshall movie it's the guy that Chicago doesn't hurt 999 women is that is that I get the musical to working on and Daniel Day-Lewis plays the theatre director who's trying to have his next big hit he's at after a few failures no arms and legs you know I just recently dig that There Will Be Blood was awarded the best film of the decade really didn't even win picture of the year it was probably be up there movie yeah I agree I saw him with in the same week too I think I did it there where we went and saw every single Oscar nominated movies if you understand this year keep that in mind what do you think will be nominated for best picture there should be no they won't because they said that's true nominated for Best Picture recently I believe no I think it's Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful no big thing about life is beautiful and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 94 best picture that I disagree with and some that is like absolutely should have been that we're not like there was nominated for Best Picture what's my name in 2001 What was Tiger Hidden Dragon I don't know what the fuck I was talking about was it 1 in best foreign picture and was not there by me so is any change there was no Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon directed by Dr Koop for like 20 minutes so that movie so I guess that you know plot story first movie to put people on my bungee cords in and remove the bungee cord if I fight scene Firefly food I guess I'm the only one hybrid pictures I had that I was trying to think of an accident for once in our life is beautiful for best foreign language film of the Year okay but why Pan's Labyrinth Life is Beautiful Robin for Life is Beautiful remember that best foreign language film and it was nominated for best director best picture best film editing and best writing to get original screenplay so that sets a precedent that if I was getting nominated for best picture it also be nominated for best animated picture would you give the people who voted on the stuff in of credit to realize that precedent and to make it apply I think people are very prejudiced against animated features and I wouldn't consider them for me the animated films of be in a different category than Patrick Lee for me so that if something appears in movie theater April be in the same category I think so okay IMAX films like bird poop sample Heaven's having some like the documentary has been from IMAX yeah I put them in there any IMAX movies but they're pretty sure big freaking screen but the dinosaur platypus movie that looks like nothing else somebody there narrated by Morgan Freeman at Full Sail IMAX film when I was a kid about like NASCAR and they had like putting IMAX on phone the phone with a NASCAR vehicle and I thought I was the coolest thing in the world then I first joined Twitter one of the first big movement was people were upset about IMAX franchising their name and they were in theaters that we really truly IMAX which is big screen and really all they were doing was moving the screen closer to the audience to give you that more overwhelming effect and so they were selling their name as the IMAX experience closer to the maximum be right there there any more real IMAX theater man very few actual IMAX theater that Twitter outcry reminding me I read like someone had like a gus to ask the internet knowledgeable person and someone wrote in and said I change my Twitter icon Greenback during the Iranian protests when is it okay to turn it back to normal the moment I'm not really all that into the Houston guitar any time because honest your of in having like this to do cool do nothing approach to activism versus putting boots on the ground and actually doing something activism so why don't you go do something instead you need to take it down the answer is your a fuck bag I mean really but this is what we're going to do we're going to wear green shirt can you imagine like the troops in World War II marching by concentration camps in St.Louis directions sorry but it seems like you know good luck there with you I met some Modern Warfare to boycotters in San Francisco outside company to be so because of that the number of people who signed the petition go through the number of people who signed the petition would be here yeah that's over 80,000 be enough. I think it might have been more for that one it's a longer-term thing so she will become a long much longer till audience any games like Halo 3 which is now three years old the dedicated fan base is there a hundred thousand people online playing a game at any given moment with these guys work I was talking to him later about the PC vs XBox day man like myself because I'd rather be uncomfortable couch with a nice TV and Surround Sound that's when I play my games that's how I like play my games as opposed to sitting in front of a computer the mouse and keyboard plane Warfare 1 on my Xbox into my computer and I like them a lot better and I was like for both damn it and then you know he regarded a game developer playing a game and it's like come on man you know that drives me nuts I had a conversation about this about pirating software install freezing at some point you just stop doing it you know you don't have to help me pick a video card this should be better than a 96 Yukon what the hell any level that is how much better than that and so I have to get some people to help me pick up downloaded and that is probably right now the Saving Grace of PC game it's really cool games to there and you can download them directly or not download them in a commercial but I'm going to have the car are you okay and then and then and then it has Community hasn't Left 4 Dead 2 achievements you can break it out into more detail what weapons have it so much better than they are on the Xbox the office one of them someone here in the office but Grand Theft Auto 4 download install there anymore I went through everything rebooted launch deleted files free download will it just gets like a dll error and its refusal to lunch anymore so it's money Saints in the next another reason from you I'll never know I don't play computer games this is why I've given up on PC what is a closed system I think you know you're not nearly that many issues you know because everyone that's another reason why I love Xbox so much it's everyone's on the same platform as Burnie could be running on my Xbox week hopefully but they're actively doing things to try to hurt those people because if you think it be better Kelly IMAX thing when you get closer to your face right of the TV the equivalent of moving your face closer to a small screen is not the equivalent of playing on the Giants planes hitting where they had a shot a wide shot of the field and in that frame was the full HD screen and I found myself watching the screen on the street and we were doing the same thing mulch has a better resolution TV did you see yourself with in the TV playoff Jack and management threw an interception directly I can't remember what it was directly WhatsApp and a touchdown in one play Jesus for this out there Vince Young in the Titans are now at 500 they started Owen 6 and under 700 was weird one of those games the only game that mentions lost was to The Undefeated Columbus anchors Burnie to know and I grew up of the Houston Oilers terrible motherboard move to Baltimore and then they got the Browns back later will eventually there the Rams going to move I don't know I mean the lla would be the seems like he was are not a professional football team in there I know they had one because I think they have a problem getting the stadium situation is resolved I think that's what that's the thing every I think every owner who's willing to do it or whatever like okay will plane the Coliseum but I want 200 never thought you know to upgrade the Coliseum the taxpayers have to pay for their place of business there a season Concrete in the colonial time there right after Katrina how man just if you would think the repairs or something like three hundred million dollars I believe that like the guy who owns the Saints ended up paying like 10 million out of pocket the rest is all government bailouts National Emergency natural disaster I know they were nervous at the saints were going to move like Oklahoma or wherever else they decide are you Saints but you think the NFL generally probably wants a team that you know and I bet 200 million of the 300 Just Dance was like really Before the Flood really just to clean up for Katrina head of the cleanup and I've heard you said no plumbing and to many people in there and August September Maryland there man I know they had a certain amount of people that the only I remember specifically was Katrina clearly defined what a thin line there is between civilization and general Mayhem in the Superdome shelter 26000 people better average attendance the normal Saints game to me that's going to be uncomfortable for date that's not a good be like worth of The Rolling Stones concert in the eighties attracted 87000 people in their football seating capacity is about 70000 and the crazy thing about that was the first time I heard about Katrina we were at Pax life path number 3 back when it was still at the meydenbauer center and we were out of town and we were about to fly back and some kid I'm going to get a big sword on his back and he said how you guys can get back to Austin Hurricane Katrina underwater 40 Slater the hurricane hit and it was three or four days after that the flooding started to break and then the week after that the government got there to help those people that's thinking how does a kid with a sword on his back no about this how did the Japanese video game character there Giant Store is in Orlando the time of Katrina actually I had a from New Orleans and like I had no idea this is like the perfect storm like this will hit and destroy the city and as I told your parents that it was like he lost his family and drove them out once he got near the city I know it wasn't you seen his photos of the of downtown there was no water or some kind of judgment Army Corps of Engineers I don't know what it is but the government paying for that I do remember something about that a couple weeks ago Delta for free you just say we're on the flight and get some how are the check that was the rumor roster how many in Delta sorry new 787 it had its first like a text for the first time are you going back from San Francisco and you're walking up to the gate you were two other guys you look at the plane Shamu plane you already tried alright awesome movie pointing a finger at me telling me not to bring on my giant alcoholic drink Columbus as always you looked at and what do you care for the pilot it's always did break off we were sitting in the exercise said it was ridiculous man there 448 flight how it happened maintenance that seems odd to me that their priorities wouldn't be of the way if I'm going to be an airplane will be a giant killer whale to the front of the cockpit there from you when I get on a plane when you're getting on the plane which I understand that the traffic is getting in the plane and everyone getting on the plane in the doorway at the front of the plane there will be a flight almost like the VIN plate on a car and you can check the information you can over your head sometimes how to create vehicles that use more fuel the Dreamliner uses but in this particular case where I would be right if you didn't exist Army we would be in a locked up battle with Burnie over the next four week overall in the Jack about the neighborhood and whether our neighborhood was a hey what you doing the podcast we dominated the best movie of the year the best trailer of the Year best TV show man suggested that we missed out on was there will to the TV show How I Met Your Mother and the office South Park and lost Las thank you and so we're going to probably How I Met Your Mother and that we had a trailer we missed be ODST live action short film screening form of that trailer was awesome that's what I'm talking about there's a longer one than that I think it's like 3:15 to 6 an hour and a half Halo diorama once for he was always believed that diarrhea when in there at the very end that little master chief head to turn on a little subtle move with so cool I thought I lost you obviously flight that's what Shamu plane watching disbelief what there certain moments in things where I don't how to take the touch by the of work I think that's a good thing touched by still making in general I don't I don't in the movie how did you that how to do that how to do that I just can't wake up movie what else could I do they had to do that that's the commercial of the Army in the sound thorium 602 Golden China for there be no flight Air India explain a command economy are there trying to get the name of the there trying to get I don't want to any Burnie all of the name is rocket thorium or something like that that's funny that's the name of it I just said that in Venezuela for Avatar name density of fucking spoiler for Avatar that's awesome I just want to say that they telling you something about it but all the movies of all the movie future vs the entertainment like I mean like you new camera technology workflow streamlined the process a lot made it a lot easier can you type of nuclear power plant that's much more efficient much more efficient much cheaper and much safer guess I should put a leash on there when it's cold Dr the Sun goes out for dinner anyway what's up with in Northeast on there I don't know from the trap Nickelback another hole for any screwed up the order from room service at the Ritz Carlton that's what I don't like round one I had an old episode of Saturday Night Live on from like 2 weeks ago it was the one where Blake Lively hosted and during the weekend update they mention the film that she got kicked off like she was on the film The Director said we don't want you anymore you're fired and then they had who is it come on Chris Elliott's daughter and she was doing a pretty Murphy impression please the pitcher Strikes Out The Hitter and a catcher catches the ball and of course there's the boss there basement like they do this Katrina Centerfield remember the things I want things I can never eat you can see and hear different thing that we can help with anywhere in the be no reason to and I said because are this week but actually Brittany Murphy was one of the only people we ever got in contact with for playing a voice on Red vs. blue back in the early days I was going to bring that up yeah she was it was a weird thing or somebody knew somebody who knew somebody and we showed her the script first way back when Red vs Blue is just starting and the end of her people in it what was the for African of the Hill really wow is this with 2003 despite improbable things that could have happened but it was just a connection we were talking about this at lunch I'll throw it up to you guys if you were going to cast someone anyone in filmmaking or whatever to be a character on Red vs Blue who did you want to be in Red vs Blue as a hero and as a villain what it looks like I just feel like giving up yesterday I guess he's interested of James Earl Jones Jeremy Irons but I haven't be like Olivia Munn how many change my answer what's a red vs blue energy gas to put in it then you just pick good actors who would you want to put on Las I'm saying like if you had to Who Would You cast is it like Army we probably won't have a notification every different day of this week we're going to put up a vote for one of the categories and Beauty audience award and will do are Wards in short podcast next week