#410 - Alexa, Show Me Horsed*ck

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss facial hair, Amazon Echo incidents, Twitter blocking, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 9, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2iXAnB7), Seeso (http://bit.ly/2iXI3mZ), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

eleven organ to receive iPads this week brought you by audibl sees so and Squarespace big thanks to our sponsors for but that is up to the task I'm Gus I'm Blaine the end of mine just due to the overwhelmingly positive response last week we're going to start off with a clip show this weekend what happened last week a lot of people didn't like it he's mad about it I was like no no no no no I thought you would be like that the audience was going to be when it first came up and then we were told well we'll see how that might be concerned that it will actually use wife perform better than some other shows and then nobody justification that we should do more but let's make a commitment right now if we ever do another an extra shot yes you are right now yes so episode 481 we do a clip show and no exercise but Mark this in 10 days Today Show Tuesday is like I was loving on glasses to Sydney Australia George yea yea I love you podcast we talk about the podcast that I know not give me a call if you like podcast and I'm like you can come and get her you can watch work the next 13 hours yea Mondays are my long days in mad mad world Gary Jules and Michael rooster I like that Alexa your girlfriend left Austin to go back to San Francisco and she was tweeting cars lead but had to press you were like you were all wrapped up in this I did nothing but what am I if you eat anything and keep track of it but like an eighth of a cookie he'll track it in his little phone tracker really all day long until we get to Sunday and then he eats an entire Home Slice Pizza which is imaginating a full size New York style pizza it's a large every time Sunday is just one pizza and that's all that was Little Cottonwood Terrace Pizza it's a half Margarita and I go in there and they know me now in LA I like to spice up my stories last 2 days I was at home I would you like to sit on my couch and did nothing as I need to get back in my routine I need to be in the routine of coming to work and still at work yea I'm going through the last two weeks of just not being at work or having any mental stimulation I like being home I still like being home and on vacation is just like I was getting stir-crazy yea you go to activity at your house are you there by yourself masturbating I can make you talk about masturbation haven't just start masturbating date starts itself live show in but he said he's never thought I should go masturbate and go masturbate he's just like his body tells him that is it he got hard from something and then he's like I'm going to masturbate now on his own just like you not something like I think I was in the shower that I don't like you guys need to clear out the truth once in a while how is all bush Twitter but we don't clear with you that is true that is true if you don't know what the bed with your so like I can't focus really well so if I'm like working on something and then like you know I just do I can't out train and then you know I gotta go rub one out what is that passing Twitter of this my life now you going yea off yea Hoops but CA reddi Gus welcome and you have an Instagram Gus Instagram take memo I don't feel like with Instagram I never think I can take a photo something that's important enough for me to want to look at her to share what you post on Twitter Twitter but something David post rarely better and engagement level no I think I answered engagement rate vs Sub accounts like little like stuff more on Entry but I like it lesson Twitter gam is easier for but find a tweet you made it speak stupid about Instagram and please so I can figure tell me if this is true or not said you put it outside he said that on Instagram you cannot search for anything unless it's hashtag so like to search on Google like if you would like you can put a picture up and you captured it like this is my breakfast if you go to Instagram searc for breakfast that will not pop up on my sees my hashtag breakfast Yea Yea on Instagram there's actually there was my name I just heard there's there's people tags and places that you could searc because of searc forward like this and we have the caption it has to be hashtags can you search for a bird bird bird the bird is the word I want to come clean about something do you have to bury bird bird bird tagging people it's two dresses I don't like them I don't like them tags and stuff like in the photo just I don't like it I think taking you too aggressive but what if someone is talking to you and they at you that's different on Twitter because that's a good dressing into someone I don't feel like that's what I'm saying it's your glasses on Twitter or Instagram tagging Twitter like if they in a photo you tagged you tag someone in a photo to dress up to press it I don't like it I just don't like it I never have liked it I don't like it I think that actually adding someone while there's a picture is more aggressive than tagging is tagging unless you pull up who's tagged in a photo it won't tell you I don't think love you remember yea look like 10 people into it because I went on forever and ever and ever get rid of new iPhone 5 haven't gotten play with my Google pixel all that much but that you can do not disturb a conversation so conversation was going I'll catch up with you later I but I like that a lot that's my favorite feature Twitter because you can drop a bomb you conversation or hear anything about it I just love people too much effort I don't care about them wow yea now it's useless for some reason Twitter and even some of the conversation it was weird it was taking place in but I couldn't see the person that was in the middle of it then so every other response to the depression one of the people 7 characters while you block guarantee it's because most likely it's because some if someone I automatically but then you probably seen that photo hundred times that's a little harsh but he was soon as I got a haircut and I think I'm actually changed more and more about the way I look because I'm really genuinely tired of getting photos of every fucking guy who's got glasses and beard I just I'm tired looking at pictures of guys speaking of which what is your deal what's going on haven't explained to you my deal you know what's up whenever I know me to be something off for a while I put contacts on yea it so I'll have the heads up cuz I don't want to wear my glasses with them and then if I'm running around and I have to take the heads off is how I found Gus walkthrough how to say what are you doing but I just got used to working again new live-action shoot and I never knew but again that's why I have this how the whole thing started it was weird that like I had but you could you have you can watch who's that you're not you're not every other due to what else do you want to go fishing what is a shaving kit it's a thing you put your mouth and it covers this part of your face and you shave everything else and it gives you the perfect goatee outline for 2 years now to go to right now Project Bike Race I believe it is exactly what that is we look up here. He was like this goateesave organ Trail until I was but a boy keep them one more night hair all I'm asking I don't know if you guys like hang out with people and do fun stuff but thought maybe you would know yea who played the King of Tokyo game the other day those funn selecting your own game comes with IC war between but I think game has mouthpieces still like breathing in air directly look like in your mouth new five-year tractor download free Yo Gotti first game is is brilliant because IC 83 This Christmas I didn't get this bootleg Ghostbusters who you going to phone call are you going to text Spirit Chasers apotheke yea he is just this no more my God little bit of Soul patches little square here and IC hair goatee does not include technically a goatee does not include the mustache it's not just this just so you know who's the character that has a goatee I used to back in those like shaving on my facial hair and shave everything like that would be that goateesave to say everything give me terminal due today like now what truck has to be right yea just keep you need to take this 2 extra life level we go there we go that's normally what you would say what is the ordering system that they went with year on them why would they do that that's a Napoleon dessert the order I need to point out that I might chart which is not discharge I also have in the right hand side of the second to last row they have a dolly like the Salvador Dali mustache with a facial hair and nobody else has ever done now all the way out like he's a pretty decent guy and he shaves his head bald if it's what you doing that and curling it like an old-timey man you know like one of those stor haven't pulled out any have you ever thought about going to the gym in like the leopard unitard that I'm absolutely over one shoulder white but what do I do the things I want to do I don't know where like what constant this would fit into but I want to go to the gym dressed as Ivan Drago and have a bunch of scientist follow me around and just be running down the statistics one thing weighs like breathing it is his day off I don't know there's like these what was that supposed to do there's supposed to be decreases your games basically like your performance drastically decreasing your head game is stupid my sneakers look stupid George what's up but you are and that you orders release and also little orange color with red white and blue socks so it's also frustrating for everyone of these TVs that looks different effeminate petite Way Everett of actually worked it's like I'm just trying to figure out what money from this podcast will be in the 2017 clip show I'm just really big the shortest pitcher W Sunny intro oh yeah yeah assholes Burnie lead will take care of you fucking least have the fun you know not like leave leave like if you were to take a week off but yea we made a mistake and let's never do it again but I understand is that barbar when she wears glasses just like some particular it looks like the movie version of not look pretty by putting glasses on her but if you're like obviously that's a very pretty girl and I think of her glasses & Beyond star to grab them but it's like the thing in the makeover as long as a lifetime glasses where I was always in 2 wife I would just like to make them darker dude fucking things I don't know how to take my sweater George David Letterman and you know in the commercial breaks there just sitting there in their chairs and obviously they're going to give the sitting president of United States of America 2 segments on the late night talk show so it would commercial there and come back and explain what happened when they went to commercial break where someone came over to Letterman's desk to give him notes or whatever and George W just sitting there and he has glasses on and he came off and he cleans his glasses with the woman's shirt that is helping David Letterman and it just seemed like the most out of every sees the president will help and do stuff or whatever that he was just using this wasn't some kind what is your do you know what your prescription if it's sad it's 0.25 but what do you want glasses or so it's for computer reading it's cuz I've had eye strain really bad on the computer show me how you used to be like this that's Ashley by the way that is exactly what Ashley looks like every single moment it's like this forever but I just realize I was and I was like oh my god look from Batman & Robin Aaron take a picture of me at dinner the oh yeah I saw that picture looks like you're not playing with the professor that turns into anybody who is Thurman might be because he's got the widest spectrum of 10 play really crazy ugly but can also put his enormous lead beautiful as well oh no oh no she didn't it was like the one from dr. strange the bald person from another planet hot though which is a pretty woman but I never thought of her as like like Charlize Theron she wouldn't be really after noon if you saw her on exactly but they're not running for the hair skill for a long time but it's not till this weekend I thought that this was the casting process by which you catch Tilda Swinton feel like somebody for this role who do we need well Cate Blanchett is busy so I guess we'll just get Tilda swim doesn't feel that way to you like she's like she felt initially when she first started becoming famous I feel like he's a knock-off Cable in check which black men fucking home is the ability to ruin movies for me he's ruined a couple of wipes spoiled dude no just like hey have you ever noticed in this thing that I'm like you just fucking rooster but the cast was Star Wars made the Blaine Darth Vader I'm about spoiled Empire Strikes Back for you buddy David prowse who plays Darth Vader he apparently does not is not allowed to do conventions anymore because between Star Wars and Empire he did the convention where you 2 Q&A and he was telling everyone else you're going to love this movie this show me cool things to haven't we learn that Darth Vader is Luke's father he completely spoiled the probably one of the biggest twists in cinematic history but because there's no internet in Cary but it was printed in the newspaper I don't think that's true always heard that he didn't know the correct line but the line he read while he was asking was I thinking David prowse at San Diego Comic-Con it's been a few years but I could have sworn you and Lucas went out to Mark Hamill it was like hey this is what's happening and then like he's like we're the only people that know it sounds like uproxx the reliable source I don't know what is got interesting eyes are itching I mean Library this year remind everyone this after the party fix audibl.com for supporting this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast audibl has unmatched selection of audio books original shows news comedy and more audiobooks are great to listen to when you're driving at the gym or shopping or listeners audible.com is off audibl has its go to audible.com / RT and browser one match selection of audio content download a title for free and start listening it's that easy get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com / RT that's audibl.com / RT I love audibl probably are long longest sponsor for sponsor for the podcast great Services Ashley China call Patrick has a pair of Clippers had to have clippers so I know so that David pictures are probably at a convention in 2015 spoiled I mean I may be the part of it we're here but the him spoiling it is right you can appear as Darth Vader maybe that's yea splayed base in Rogue one the big like souped up dude with the awesome rocket launcher in cool plasma rifle whatever it one way to describe it he ruins Rogue one at Star Wars celebration heard about that because he was on there can I spoiled eBay specialized in my character does this this this and then everyone was like and then Greenland Christy was who's going hair was like well that that was a nightmare 4207 Twitter Gina at wake up think dr. Pamela Isley is poison ivy dr. Pamela nicely yes near me on the water with me is currently going to get ladies doing that I read something over the break which made me think of you and it's like you talk about is how technology will affect what we do and how we exist and it was a crazy stat that came out over the break where they did a study in out there we talked about it on his driving is being something that will affect industry affect jobs but some of this study is really shouldn't be talking and driving is about to have on us they were not prepared for and will actually cause a crisis in a certain industry and that is that one and every five donated organs comes from a car accident and so there's going to be a shortage of organs for transplant because it's going to be less car accidents which is a weird thing to be concerned about because someone who needs a transplant is by definition unhealthy exclamation to correct it is not necessarily an accidental death whatever was going to get something to somebody took the time to look at that and study that reason yea but I like that analysis and I bring that up because I read I read about this volcano but there's a super volcano in the world that is star to become slightly active or just rest that's what her deal is but that's a bad deal and there's a there's a thing that happened a few times in history this is called a volcanic winter volcano will erupt little throw so much Ash in the atmosphere that it basically makes Winter until that clears and it was one year before they called the year with no summer was when Krakatoa arrested strato volcano in Indonesia occasion Midsummer Frost in New York state Midsummer Frost and June snowfalls in New England and Newfoundland and Labrador in which but became a year without summer and it was the year 1816 is when that happens I'm fairly relatively recent history right I mean to measure so we just skip summer one year and it's just winter the entire time and had a huge impact on the crop population and everything else hears I was thinking China has now they say they're going to beat their 2020 solar installation goals they're going to beat those now next year or maybe but maybe they mean this year 2017 so they're well ahead of schedule and solar is very quickly becoming the dominant power source on the planet so you're going somewhere with that winter and how it affected our live and population and the fam and everything else because it was primarily agricultural culture but what's going to happen when we can become so dependent on solar Gus and then something like this happens like what would be the impact of losing both their crops and also losing most of our past like something out of an Apocalypse movie like a post-apocalyptic setting natural progression of solar becoming more prevalent is you will install solar panels where you need power and you won't need the public utility infrastructure anymore so the public utility infrastructure that's going to have to degrade over time I mean that's just the function of solar becoming more popular so then it's one of these events happens there's not going to be like a backup system to be put in place and it is all conjecture but there's nothing they can put in place to drive power the homes are not to think about that it's one of those things you never think about the downside of clean renewable energy Blaine just speak very clearly skill does drink till it's very deliberate so yeah I was outside looking at all we're talking the Krakatoa erupted in 1883 and it was so loud that it was heard 3000 miles away is thought to have been the loudest sound ever on earth just realized he wasn't that the sound was calculated one hundred miles away the sound was 180 decibels and the Bee explosion at 6:34 to 3 times each explosion was accompanied by tsunamis as they have been over 98 feet high by 98 foot high waves as your mom gu little Tilda million volcanic Winters there was it's considered a global of volcanic winter but Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines cooled global temperatures for about two to three years so that I can use one of these things at that level we can handle that was one in 1883 there was one in 1815 it was 1 in 1783 it was 1 and 1600 as one in 1452 or 1453 and that was an underwater volcano common major occurrence that happens you know it so that's something I could definitely happen again we could I mean if this Italian volcano Gus what's the worst Yellowstone United States on a massive supervolcano erupts you know I mean all of us is going to be destroyed but that actually kind of like cover the hole with this matter is going to die soon of the atmosphere quickly one haven't sent me a clipping from a newspaper that you said that confirms what you said war has David prowse talking about can you match your one the biggest Star Wars fans ever again Providence of spoiler culture in 1979 or 1980 in what year was Empire 7099 to 77100 text the comparison I said Krakatoa was the loudest sound ever on earth 180 decibels your eardrums rupture 250 really am check off 25 meters away little bit speak man-made noise making thing according to this list I'm looking at Krakatoa eruption was actually number for the number one thing on this list is that a meteor or the comet that exploded over Russia in 1908 and that was supposedly 300 decibels of a 1000 but I make Birds explode inside their bodies all over the place spell Newfoundland Finland yea Newfoundland someone is very adamantly correcting me that's not New Finland it's Newfoundland Newfoundland Newfoundland Newfoundland is how it's spelled yea sometimes things are pronounced differently than they the city in Australia and I'll do it Saturday Melbourne Alexa exact opposite when you say Melvin Alexa Melvin so how much was it to go see Melvin inside exactly what I just said they can still tell the difference and they can tell you're trying to do it and I'm just like full-on Melbourne Melbourne food Melbourne all I'll be talking about Chili's Aaron Presley to Donna I'll be late for dinner Erin Erin Wilden hazy like arry and that's all you know hair it is like so small that it's like you talking about pronunciation Terrace Mall Indian accents to Rihanna's on it just like I like the name is different in that way I don't think it is though one of the little spoiled for the people Tiana vs Anna it's almost a different name nananana is 2 inch the summer without winter it was the year without summer but what's up with out with a release WhatsApp the best book 6 Game of Thrones right the summer without winter I thought I don't fucking know for sure that the next book will be out before the last season of Game of Thrones I think you said he missed you still waiting still waiting to do it I cannot do it might just mean I mean that's why I would like a whole different stories lady stoneheart would be just a bit of everything she kind of just a break when I said something about lady stoneheart show yea man that was there was a reason to ruin his people buy now then there but that's 20 years old some of those books what is the first one the first one to release Ashley read the first one it came out I think he was a stand-alone book and she's like Fuck the trilogy she's been one of those and it was like they were from not too much before the yea check but I think as long as the show Holy One Buckets come out ahead one book came out during season 2 dance of dragons but yeah that's what I think there has never been another book season 1 isenfyre the first name of the name of the series Game of Thrones 1st in theaters and that's it I don't remember anything about them and we're going to be going to hobbiton hobbiton Star TX City at least Williams is apparently a huge stor the return I'm trying to I'm trying to catch up with my knowledge and watching him again I'll just power so just on the flight on the floor dollars that was I'm glad you brought you bread little BAC around cuz that's the other movie that might ruin for me was Lord of the Rings story BAC to you that was it but it's a very specific shots when they're traveling into the West towards the end of the movie what was spoiled meeting with their return to the West in Fellowship I don't know who you talking about hey maybe the planets are rogue One to begin with Jenna Marbles so if there's a shot with what is Click Cate Blanchett playing the Glad really really like your new phone she's inviting some of the characters on the boat to go to the west and there's a shot or two of those two hobbit characters that got on the boat and she does this thing I'm try to recreate this camera if I can and I'll explain the all the on in but she does this so she's looking down because the hobbits are getting on the boat because she looks them and then she goes back to whoever is watching million on July 5th out exactly what it is it's like this like horrible like speak like a woman and today is the interview that kid cast straddling I'm in the middle 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podcast and for bringing people comedy I think I got the number of hot it's wrong there's an incorrect number of trying to find this I believe it's only one that goes to the wedding like you right now the last time I cried was at the end of Return of the King when they are going to have it there are feeding the the West Was Fun time you cried happy birthday hope it's been like 13 years later you're crying cuz you're laughing or you're crying cuz his emotional emotional which part in The Hobbit speak to the West if you are you getting teary-eyed just thinking about it yesterday I like the part where they had to slow motion scene where they all like jump on the bed with rototiller Dennis in the corner like so fucking happy out how to get on a different time why are you doing that with the names I don't know because I didn't want to ruin it let's go into the books as well are you just going to stick with I love the book I read the books many times growing up then I watched the movies and I went back and tried to read listen to the book CA fairly recently I was like oh my God I feel like it's it's easier to digest looks like that when you're younger from the books for the movie like I was like that was the right choice yea this is moving along a lot better are you going to watch the series with or without The Hobbit series he just going to watch the three the three the three regular if anybody has done a cut of all three Hobbit movies in to like one movie 23 out like a two-and-a-half-hour movie because it's a very small book oh sorry I thought the Rings movies together will probably be but like Britney working seven and 9 hours probably cut it down to like what probably be inappropriate the third Lord of the Rings movie called Return of the King I remember distinctly I don't remember anything about the Lord of the Rings movies but I do remember watching the third movie in theaters and I kept thinking it was the end of the movie because it would Fade Out to send it back into something else and it's like next time it's 5 a.m. free-balling the Holy Cross before I had met after Zoloft that is 2000 long ago I was by myself for myself later so stupid hope I've been but that's why I didn't on the brakes I watched a ton of movies did you do that no I didn't have URS texted you like 2 friends due and I asked you what you want to drink and cry but you and I need you get a really who made look at Indian wife I didn't come because I didn't want to leave there is a virtue burn this fucking city city I feel bad for my dog he really freaked out no no you can't call them I get nervous about like them up yea you don't want to fucking they had snacks snacks wife it's a little bit really make small pot for a charcuterie board yea age the fridge for 40 days in the the prop Warehouse which is stage 2 or Stage 5 of the main stage that you see here and he brought it was like when you have homemade fresh meat like that that's just like so perfect slide in your mouth so nicely plump plump Juicy Lucy style of marketing nice jerky homemade pretty he didn't like me out of wrought iron and I really like them and I've had those for like a year and a half Smiley and I never remember to bring it it's like so I brought the teachers out and I use them and all that it's like yeah and I was cutting and she looks so good Ashley the room in the Washington you're just a in clear us today look at their 80 years old I should take a picture of this fucking terrible about your special IC on purpose make the cutting the cheese joke are you kidding me yes I'm sorry I was just making sure Barbara would make sure that she didn't like on the opportunity right there what's a specialized I get a rash of tweets meaning behind number of tweets Blain I get a lot of tweets that explain me how you make clear ice and everyone does it the exact same way it can lead to heavy boots but never haven't which is why there's bad science website in the early internet days called heavy boots it was because of the fact there was a common misconception that there's no gravity on the moon and there's there's no gravity so how did the Ashley keeping flies away they have heavy boots it was just it was like you think you and you'll stick to the Earth and that she would fall faster because your feet are heavy beat the one that heavy boots moment of Clear Eyes what you say what you want make crystal clear ice that's what I want to do everyone says the same thing that they like so you boil the water first then it makes sense if you boil water how does that make the water. I get that kills in professional living organisms run it but it doesn't like get rid of water bacteria that makes your eyes white yes I have tried I did try it just to make sure and no and I wasn't there's a way you can like running through a pretty picture like 3 times or you go and buy distilled water or you can use my method which and which is what is a directional directional freezing so I have a little cooler ice to the thing with that IC want to talk to Hannah Hart but due to My Drunk Kitchen Premier IC said anything else is the perfect thing to do to lose $5 Coleman cooler for lunch and I took the top off and then you fill of water I got this got this is it this is the guy that told me to take the cooler you put in the freezer for 24 hours and it freezes from the everywhere else but all these down into the water beneath and so he's way better than the cutting board that fits perfectly Pikachu chip chip but look at a piece of ice you can see straight through it that's really cool yea it since I was making clear ice and put him in people's drinks also I've never made a block it looks like it I'm so jealous that guy like I can't I've done it like a thousand times I still can't get a perfect blockin you boil the water first Tetris theme remix and condensation and evaporation Pure Water by boiling it doesn't make any sense little Champagne Bar but I appreciate it quite a bit however but every bit of alcohol for that party because somebody asked for vodka and I have but two months ago I bought a bunch of fucking bourbon I got I have any lines in my house a fucking lines in my fridge I have probably heard public 10 liters of tonic water does nobody drink to that the one exception was fucking champagne everyone champagne Drinker destroyed that stuff you have a picture of me I can't find it I'll send you Barbara horrible and we went to like 4 in the morning no big deal barbar Barbara doubles down there till 3:30 just let me make receipt all the rest the pies they were thrown away he must have ate like 8 only half the amount of champagne and there wasn't that many but it wasn't show me pictures Anthony champagne on Riot and Alana and you like them I walked out of the kitchen I saw you lucky Uber and Lyft in Austin ride-sharing service that we have in Austin went down so I scheduled it earlier that day to come pick us up and then we left so late that by the time like all the bars are close by the light was back up we were able to get one no problem like 3 or 4 that we have like none of them were working that's why we are fine but it took us to the wrong place and I swear to God I entered in the right location and it didn't stop for something there's like a glitch I don't know what it was I wasn't that drunk me and Erin check this past week we got in and we are we are actually going to the concert and we're on our way and I was like oh I just got an email that the doors open at 8 I thought it was 7 o'clock or 7:07 and I was like I was like let's just get the Uber driver to drop us off like at a bar nearby and so Aaron was like hey man we're actually realize we're going to go to a different venue so like too much taking us like down the street to a bar and he like didn't respond at all at all or just shut down he turns out he was just like what I like great that he could get a job doing that but like you got it indicate that to the people in your car somehow I think so to even send a message or something when you pick them up just so you know your driver is speak but Japanese little irrigation Arizona Alexa bits Gus move aside I can't believe this guy got to go discount of customers that we come in and I'll just type up we just exchange stuff but this could be a text yea I'm sorry I realize that are you looking at them and everything he's probably hearing impaired I was I was at a restaurant the other day I was picking up some takeout food and feel like I'm sitting by the front by the register and this this woman walks into the restaurant and she and she walks in and the employees there was deployed was like in the restaurant so she comes up the hostess was like a welcome you to place an order and only like doesn't like walk straight to the cash register pics of a manual starts looking at it was like you know you want to place an order or do you want to sit down and figure out what you want to point out something and then we got to put it down why don't you sees something like she's totally ignored her like 2 or 3 times then I go yea but I have a funny enough I just remember something to happen to me today I was on the phone trying to cancel a membership and it's one of those things where you can't do it online for the stupid reason I hate Services we have to call to cancel early Heroes and half-wits we doing year did you can run out of his way to say hello just like to quit little wife people in to see Frank new new season Heroes and half-wits for tomorrow yea no it's over here hey hey we're due to rain what are the Frank Franklin Red vs Blue Franklin on my to and like to year 2001 hunting and he was on my team I was just screaming yea I can see that was the first time we met when we were what August 92 so coming up on 25 years I don't normally look like this by the way I Frank in Austin it's a place that serves bacon hot dog at Frank's is Frank Wright do you think of Frank when you when you see that every time someone says we're to go we're going to go to Frank and I'm like you know like picking up something somewhere so I can call up and usually when you call someone's like hey like how can we help you and you say I want to cancel my subscription the guy had on the phone I think he was high or something was wrong with him you said hi he said hi the answer that you could get your email like you're talking really quietly and every time he wasn't talking it sounded like you hung up on me so every now and then I have to be like you still there he's like yeah I'm still here and so can you like tell me what you're doing so I know that I could get off the phone with you at one point while he was working on canceling my membership he didn't know he had himself a muted so I heard him talking to someone else going yea man this fucking shit so fucking uncomfortable you know they told me this job would be more comfortable I get to sit down all day but my back is fucking killing me due and you're just going on and on about it and I was just like shut off for some but I work at the call center I was always paranoid about that like if I muted a customer keep my finger on that button so I knew it was still muted and that it was I was free to say whatever I want and Yea there's 2 things you can never hide when you're on the phone you can never hide the fact that you answered the phone in the bathroom people think you cannot hide that big to do you can absolutely tell when someone's on the phone in the bathroom your brain evolutionary basis recognizes the Acoustics in the bathroom and you like what are you fucking doing the other thing I can ever do please all of you guys can is if I if I'm in bed and it's a respectable amount of time to be asleep like at 7:30 & 7:30 a.m. my phone rings I wake up hello but that's what you up wait they can instantly to your phone to your voice well it's true you're clear enough try to answer the phone and talk in bathrooms at airports all the time whenever I hear Tilda yea I got it the people are really good at like I feel like I don't want to talk to Alexa whenever I'm on the phone so I love you and I've gotten really good at timing like Winds of mutant unused they can't tell the transition has helped me actually with that power hello hey this is Love YouTube of all on Alexa yea pretty proud of I just wonder why you have to be using your Alexa while your phone was so pressing looks like you don't want to stall the conversation by giving command Alexa what do you need to flush a toilet I think it's not like all the Alexa what's the weather like Alexa how do I in City conversations I have that device I don't to keep saying because I know people at home probably some people may have it and it's just like setting it off like crazy Alexa show me horse dick did you see the funny Alexa story over the little kid that played ditka ditka the little kid who found out and I would be very careful here in the way I structured this story because I don't do it haven't in this right organ you called my name you say War but the house and it doesn't go to Your Heart by that news story picked it up and the report on the news like I said and all she said was that of the order of the house apparently thousands of doll houses got ordered because she said that on TV so fun yea future when you get a notification or some kind I don't have any major Dallas Texas police frequencies year old ask her new family Amazon Echo can you play doll house with me and get mad all hous the devices complied story could have stopped here but it ends up being a local Morning Show on San Diego CW 6 News at in the story Jim Patrick I love little girl saying blank order me a dollhouse according to CW owners who are watching BAC of the remark triggered orders on their own devices that is so funny I almost did that during the game when I presented I almost did because it was a live stream I almost walked out you know you could do that with all due respect stupid fucking dancer that you have to do to enter my and I almost we have a script and wife joke but there's actually but I feel bad because I feel like we left home and I left the Xbox on home as soon The Runaways Empire I got this and I'm saying and yes and I was curious like how many Xboxes that would have shut off of people watching the game awards to the rent office but I can yea Alexa mere nothing go ahead Alexa Barbara but she called out to the echo today I date I think about doing it a lot I really actually do I get Bed Bath & Beyond I want to know what time it was and I said I got real quiet and I do like three aisles over yeah absolutely lights off I get up like an asshole still living in the past you could get up and do it manually but if you go to the box get one please go to the skill section of it and you could actually add skills to the Alexa to learn so I added the 7 Minute Workout to it so you be like Alexa start 7 Minute Workout sorry and it'll do the thing where it's like okay you're going to start with jumping jacks ready when you're ready stay ready and you'll go reddi and she'll go like 3 2 1 go and then it adds the most hilarious commentary in between or like you finish it said she got your looking so fabulous because it really and what you doing a place you like stiff as a board and like all these like different really funny things you should try it my favorite was on the other day because that's not like any of The Branding for the product name is different than the product the product is an Amazon Echo anyone know what this is voice activated Like A system that lets your house for me and our of its basically it was a really big gu I mean everybody has and Alexa Google Home Depot guerilla marketing one to have that twitch stream lead singer to Holmes talking to each other that's great tv remote for Rebecca it's like I got it for him for Christmas last year I think you can just make up and going blank who is Blaine Gibson and then he like put it away where he did like a whip pan over to the Alexa and did like a Simon Says thing that went Blaine Gibson is the internet personality who makes videos and lonely and sad it's on his I have to admit when we first got the echo I can ask it who is Burnie Burns and it would read my Wikipedia entry but the last time I can totally change your computer every morning out of my my life story Premier but it's like he sucks Pizza to say something when you ask something I'd like to say Thomas marchbanks thanks for the suggestion of saying Alexa order million dollars but card game what happened there let me know how to say thanks of course please respond to this episode of Steve podcast clear spaces the other one platform to create a website or online store that beautiful award-winning designer templates 24/7 customer service and domains you've been thinking about starting your own website for online stor star travel date squarespac.com / Rooster Teeth and to Africa Rooster Teeth get 10% off your first purchase make your next move with Squarespace thanks to Squarespace one to listen to the podcast you should have a website and it's a really easy way to do it right there and we all know when Frank was on here we need a portable but that was not a good situation what is Barbara I was sitting around for an hour just staring at each other waiting for 7:30 little release I was watching Terrace hous Terrace hous Terrace hous about the show cause I think he would love it Tyler Peyton it's a show on Netflix that I only heard about from Peyton it's like big brother but it takes place in Tokyo and it's so incredibly Japanese everyone is so nice and it's like big brother but they can leave the house thanks yeah they have it they're giving an automobile as well and it's like most of them the entire first episode of I'm just talking about how nice the house is and how like how excited they are Tilda to live with each other in on a video posting spree on like my lawyer and I watch all way past midnight just watching his music he's one hamburgers popular hamburger one day I don't know if you talk all the time like I said the guy that haven't talked to his wife and whenever we're in touch with wife strange that such a but I watch the video I posted and no way you could not talk to someone for that amount of time that was horrifying I mean it sounded like that was horrifying the kids were being like a really genuine about it it makes sense though because I did the math and if he stop talking to his wife after like the second child and it was the first child he said he still have sex with her what was that like how did she know where you are styling bangs like that even making and granting them why do they consider or make eye contact it was really no reaction like your I didn't even know she was there so we're just going to do it Oh you mean like hit him in the head with it Jefferson winter but if it's like we don't do something it's more obvious that they do another culture what's your thing are you doing our relationship is weird for and a half years at this point so we're not quite at the point but we're getting pretty close to the point where you're very long term relationship where you just like he's like hey are we going tonight I was here before I eat dinner because I usually too much but I know I just like the year before you eat dinner if you're going to have sex or not and if you're not going to have sex you just one you know you like move around you like hear the sloshing of your stomach ruins everything clam chowder that's Twitter for you by the water speak out star you get what you what your initiation move but you just had and that was your day Allison lovely woman but she's great and that's why I'm not going to talk about okay I just left she does a great job of like not being sexualized in her profession which amino prowse and stuff so I got it sees its crosshairs again it's about you until but yours Barbara date is just don't you just move the dogs outside right now I had a relationship with a girl who had her dog and it was to be on the bed it's like to be in a day year the date and where on a date together and the waiter comes and goes what would you like a barbar said I'd like to sell it sees let you know you just have an appetizer tonight Maui time like you mean it you're with a girl who had to have her dog on the bed and by the way this is the girl from but anyway she had a dog and his name was anyways No Sew sewing strikes election day we started doing things and then the dog comes in and then we stopped move dog outside and close the door scratch on the door and barking and it's like it was to the point where it was just so distracting to them or to stop the dog in and I'm just like so we continue and ended and then play with your to to it she's like I'm so sorry I lifted the dog and the dog was like right there and if it's cold little nose and you just like do you know what a dog want to be out there cuz it just like my dad are going to be up there don't want in on the action is terrible so did you put the dog I mean I just had to deal with it is that it or not but it's way more into and one of those things the west-world Android thing that people go freaking nuts about and what point is he when your ears that was years but I want to ask is then there's an average amount of time you have sex on a regular basis and everyone has a different amount of time that counts as sex when we reach this when does the clock start on how long we had sex for whatever happened searc in addition we had a chance to go with the vague answer so I can go ahead like it could be either or both or whatever you're doing Barbara but the clock starts winds getting stroked what is oral one oral sex yea but I guess it's like not have relations with that woman yea that's of oral sex in the form of sex but it's like when he's like oh yeah we can text I can text for her frosting for half an hour like your foreplay could last for x amount of time I don't know you don't count that it's just run up to the insertion of this sort of feeling in lower region is so and then you can cash it yourself and of course though I should look at go to the clock when I start we going for a short time right not necessarily you going for a longer time that you're trying to like my record and record what is the record 45 minutes get the fuck out of you serious okay 5 minutes yea that's like that I would think that in terms of time dilation you know for an activity you're doing there's the black hole Interstellar feel like going on the outside of it there's a fucking running on the treadmill and watching the numbers pick up and then blow jobs gotta be in there somewhere it's a no I mean I don't feel yea I don't feel like going the other way when I'm feeling down on somebody like Gus I don't feel like I don't the clocks that run in my head ever like I'm not I feel like it you're just saying that cuz Ashley is here now I'm sorry I didn't even see you BECU now she's good she's sees regular person are you if you are you doing it for Joy or is there an objective it's like the quicker I can get this well I mean it's nice when to go lyrics organ yea it's not like I got it and I'm done there's like there's obviously more than this but there's two I think big types of sex at or like pleasuring you could do with a partner said they're like very slow internet where you can take your time or like you know we're fucking horny let's do this and get it over with so it's like there's there's totally get that but I feel like most of the time it's like most the record for how fast they were not how long before oral sex when I was younger with her boyfriend it was like 5 Seconds you had a funny conversation yesterday or the day before when we were talking about the ones that got away like people in our lives that I got away FedEx Twitter conversation about that as well is it weird to talk to your current significant other about exes that you had in the past I think if it's if you're talking in a way where it's like the person that got away with and it's almost like you regret not being with them but weird I was just in there but I mean I don't feel weird talking about my ex but I know I feel weird talking about like current boyfriend texts you feel weird one you were just weird because like every breakup I have I'm still friends with those people it was never like a really bad breakup Yea Yea and he was like War experiences speak for him or anything like that so what's your problem no really are you that like jealousy protective Alexa stor but we were talking about how he loves the part or whatever and there was a girl from high school is it school where she went to Atlanta in our junior year of high school and I just always liked her and she moved to Atlanta and that was it and I was like one day she woke up and I was like because I couldn't I had no way to like when she moved away I moved to Atlanta this was 1998 there was no there's no Facebook there was no really internet there was like maybe some early like PBS and talk to her so she was gone like the way I would find out where she was I remember her parents name and I would have to call information in Atlanta like on the phone for one one and try to find your phone number that would be literally the only way I could try to contact her and that if I found out we're just looking right now could you simply go to the library and request a copy of the phone book for Atlanta and look for her but it's so it's so weird now like crazy Antiquated NFL my stalker if he acts like the message that you used to have to use to find someone if you were to tell someone that you call someone are you look them up in a book yea you crazy the name on the Internet like that's somehow more socially acceptable now that you know what I mean now socially acceptable as you can stalk people on social media like you go and you stalk their social media spoken Twitter Snapchat and Instagram and if you ever like you're stalking someone on Instagram you just keep your hands off everything and anything you touch like then unlike Instagram try to do that it was just like it you like to do in your life it's a tragedy but change it and it'll be a trap equivalent of that before net but that wasn't stalking people on social media this is a common thing that people did they would drive by someone they like of a drive by their house or on the bike or in their car yea like the same kind of thing that would sound super creepy when you say it now or you're going to hear me were you in the car the time we drove by that girl's house and John through something out the window what do you throw out the window Frank what it what was thrown out the window it was a dead chicken with something on it in a plastic bag it was like witch doctor to make a love potion gam your feet like it's a real thing potion they gave him this dead chicken in a bag of some shit and they throw it in your yard it was it was like tired or something I forgot but yeah I wasn't of plastic that's if I could even get it. Like the fact that he didn't tell you interview and I think she called the cops on him or something but she found you can't do that that's how I used to ride my bike ride by his house on my bike okay maybe that's part of why he had to go out of town and he was like I said hey I'm having a party on New Year's and he replied back I'm not to be here maybe in Paris and Italy but thank you reference kids stuff I mean you know that for either nor apparel CA out so to the get together thanks for showing it lfpl Italy Square pick up your right now I picked up Diablo 3 again for some reason of to clean the fuck out of Diablo 3 he can leave the money with that is Ashley 2 campaign last night you'd 10 most under-appreciated game of 2015 Tilda Swinton but I mean they say that the different markets no shooters one is a really good game it was that much to ask maximum temperature thing that you have that screenshot but we're looking because it's been fucking freezing in Austin release just went to the other day today okay we're about to say temperature on the internet so just everyone for themselves we don't give a fuck what your temperature is where you live Blaine the conversation but he was 24 I told her if its cold temperature skill temperature & Ashley pointed out she had on her phone we were looking temperatures for the following days if you go to bed to cover up plants Ashley you've been planting succulents she looks just like how you doing baby how do I get to sit down here to do this is she has her own subreddit and it's fairly active I didn't know that that was apparently was it what is it what did Slash actually are Ashley Jenkins Ashley Jenkins but I wonder who has our Ashley find out and maybe it's that private how to Barbara sobriety is a Barbara dunkelma Focus one and get you drinks okay so here's the next thing and she was she was asking me this question when she was like your phone what the hell you talking about explain what we're looking to hear someone explain why this can possibly be this is from yesterday where the high was 51 and the low was 37 so if they're ready that means up to midnight 37 is the coldest it's going to get and then after midnight the next day starts and that's when you start counting orders that what you want right yea the highest would be lost again is 37 the highest would get until midnight we could be 51 but you never did midnight hits and still needs fuckin 56 but I think I War I but I could still run what's the temperature range on today that I could possibly be at 11:59 to then be 56 degrees or higher on Monday does it go to midnight or is it showing you just the next 24 hours for but I think I look the low temperature is low temperature of the day that you catch that and I was like that all over the place that the range of temperatures from the previous day is lower than the low temperature something that they use like it starts at like 7 o'clock in the morning we also season he's everywhere Ashley Patricia this week because you let me do my job application taking a week off to help Val with the new store that they opened an online store I think it might and it's already super successful so they've got a lot of stuff they need to make damn that's a lot of vacation check because I sent IC me she was off her Christmas stuff to it and it was coming up and I and residents day and my birthday and Christmas birthday yea we have a Twitter I hate to share my birthday because I'm a complete fucking hate that someone else butterfly but you leaving where you going I was trying to make a stealth yea we're going to celebrate it because we couples at the party I identified a phenomenon where we have a lot of really great couples barbar you and Erin fantastic couple Ashley and I fucking awesome yea right there with you baby me and Gus temperature Clear vacation coming from Patrick yet according to News website lowest taking around Sunrise posted low represents early morning temperature and the high is for the afternoon really there we go okay but actually never check the weather at the law mid morning like 3 a.m. temperature around it so I noticed we have a great couples Rooster Teeth and don't say anything don't say anything cuz this game I can play everyone thinks that one couple is the best couple of Rooster Teeth they got for second you leave a 4-second head do you know who I'm talking about you gotta know it's not who's not but you like the cutest couple when they post stuff on social media like all you just love this company one Michael and Lindsay really everyone I asked everyone have the same answer out of & Grace they're pretty cute yea they're just super cute couple though it's also very genuine with them and stuff for whatever the rest of us are faking it but they're very genuine the photo I feel like she was doing something like this is life changed whenever he started getting really is been the happiest jolliest Yea Yea everything there was like a difference it's just like he got so much joy into his life and he wasn't happy guy before but like people I can get past it I don't know to go out with Barbara burn over the break and they should have been different cars and that was really weird to me that we don't live together I know but it was weird to me like I don't know you guys are always together so when we go out as couples and year show up separately that was weird to me I mean we usually meet up somewhere and take one car but we are just weird. Sorry we didn't invite you because they're Blain Blaine noodles new yea all right what's wrong with eleven little roosters coming out soon yea driving is fucking insane right now insane is good there's a couple of things that drive us and not when you just want to make sure that's easy to do is put it out there and people enjoy it the first thing is in this is not a little related to eleven little roosters is the first gu blockin so when you make a video available and has licensed for dinner or something and then somebody from a different country watch this video has been blocked in your country the first was like you motherfuckers you block them the countryside know your country's laws don't allow us to show up there that's what that they should change with that fucking me like due to laws in Germany they can't show this fucking but we have had the block videos answer me because if not the content or something like that for and music crazy for music music super hard in Germany so that's that's just come to explain what we're dealing with right now and eleven little roosters the other thing that super fucking difficult and way over regulated I got to be honest these contests online we're just kind of trying to figure out how we can do a fun contest for members and it's like once we touch other countries because not even every fucking state in the US there's some of them it's like you are not running a contest like an orange tint due in like over a $500 prize some type of thing signed all different or if it's a game of chance in any way like if chance can be introduced anyway if you can't do it. In the state you don't like some little & yea or like and exactly but like chances like someone could watch the video at a different time and somebody else so we are working our tails off trying to figure out how to do contests with eleven little roosters will figure something out but we're going to have to come up with a solution to this so we're getting just run around run around a very good show of it if you make Blaine best resale value some people may be invaluable and worthless are pretty much the same thing it's that it's a really well both CIA agents Ashley in the other things out all the ca I don't know if it'll be it'll be out by the time this comes tomorrow I really don't see that sees this why we cannot contest because I will get on the phone podcast and we're going to run it I actually in the trailer for Christ's sake the original trailer I mean but things have changed everybody 10 year olds