#411 - The Poop Playlist

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan, and Jon Risinger as they discuss movie mythologies, underwear, bathroom etiquette, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 16, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2k1nerQ), Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/29tyrJm)

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Recorded: 2017-01-17 22:50:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, Josh Flanagan


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to this week's podcast this week brought you buy me Andy's NatureBox and trunk club thanks for sponsoring this of the past I'm Gus I'm Chris I'm Josh I'm John and I'm going so hopefully bring it the show up and get you off again and then after that I didn't even get credited YouTube and the site description it that not even mention even know that we are closed for Holiday Martin Luther King day off and help us for an hour and a half OverWatch even though it is just most broken thing in the world but I've learned a new love which is making custom games in overwatc that you make the custom games OverWatch reflect other video games like you can set the setting so it's very much like cod where everyone is spli soldier in the health of the liver damage lives like how you playing Call of Duty die really quickly or there's like other cousins I've gotten into play more fun stuff with everyone having fun with over what your favorite this this a strange human museu the base around I can bald defenses Symetra offenses Genji and defense sense upset Saturn's everywhere and then you said damage really high and he'll 3 low and again just have to make their way through I can Vault like Village the first point without dying from the hidden truth like wrapping them in just instantly killing of Innocents like 10 G's like going through like this German Town it's pretty fun interesting why does nobody ever vote for me I can get doesn't get cards are played it for like good Diva can easily get for gold to get like top eliminations top damn it's everything like that but then they just don't get the same situation for gold was it 18 consecutive kills 22 told him and she's getting nerve to just a little bit little bit cuz she's okay right now she like if I have a good eve everything okay I'm the witness right now actually if you want to head out of you for playing the witness considering how long it's been since the witness came out and I remember I just finished my first run through Skyrim really I'm a little behind as well yeah I'm about to go through my first run through this on his one as well and so yeah I'm going to have a witness yeah how how how horrible of a of a brain puzzles that know it's good it's it's it's a game that oscillates really fast between making you feel very smart and making you feel insanely stupid and I've definitely I think I've tried not to look up how to get passed up and games but like I've ever look up more than that game and like it's got to the point where it soon as I hit a rogue like my note game was very loud and there's one puzzle like in the Hedge maze Alternative Audio cues like I can't figure out what to do that when I look volume not like I'm not hearing the clues that are tell me where to go in this maze there's that's really similar to the 11 little roosters to think there's somebody using that as well you're not allowed to plug your shoulder today is out today and I love to play your show this early for ideas for what I could have done so I almost wish I'd played it like 2 months ago when it apparently was already out if you say it's been out for quite about it on Twitter like for RT 66 teeth out people have solved the puzzle for the first episode and 7:35 right now so it came out at 10 a.m. so that's what late night and I hope there's one puzzle in the pile as pretty but other than that I think things the 15-minute commitment thank you help me as a potential Dragon for you 3 hour long movie time on the internet for my content on YouTube and I'm content what's the last long thing you on YouTube probably watching redlettermedi podcast and shows on there that range over over 20 minutes away your rights as on YouTube isn't it nobody got time for never on like we were talking about to her for the podcast are never like I'm sitting around home using my laptop for Nebraska and then I'll turn my TV on this put something on and I feel like lately speed is on all the time but I think it's on IFC it's like and you leave it on and leave it on Heart by this point and I was like okay that's like a comfort thing I just turned it on and just leave it going to sound like you don't like spee do not like snow I like speed I'm actually a Die Hard County van like always like I was a great era - yeah that was the end and very that die for me there's so much stuff that I need to watch and I want to watch there so many movies I need to get to and somebody Netflix series I don't really put very much stuff on Just for this like as far as TV shows just for the sake of background that's again like we were talking and YouTube is what I do that for but at spee just keep watching over 3 Channel 1500 Channel or something ridiculous like garbage I don't want to see someone and then to try to flip it you're want to know if that was a nightmare so I'm not going to watch you like we want to what are normal person that one every now and then like what was it like there's a Cookin Channel that's different than the Food Channel weeds there's a guy that came in one time when he was talking about how he works for the never got on both those Channel food and one channel corn grow the next IPA. I can give his Cookin Channel bad a Fourth of July special here in Texas and I peed on his was like 6 years ago or something and you just like get to see all the inner workings of those reality type shows like were they they took all the food first which is not the person cooking it's like a bunch of ships in the thing that they bring it out prison it's like a family and in this actually to get a nice sheen on it be sprayed it with bug spray and then the next day they found all the shopping for ingredients stuff that one of my jobs I work for a company that was for the menu and we would do tricks like that all the time instead of water to get like drop the stuff we would use mashed potatoes instead of ice cream because I was just mailed food food and make it look disgusting go to like some mom and pop restaurants where they like put pictures of the food in the menu this is what you think McDonald's Canada put out some really cool videos a while back I think they're trying to sing like Goodwill like transparency stuff and they showed from even the most part from start to finish the process of taking a photo of one of their burgers and even like the final photoshopping of what they doing like watching the guy place like pickles and stuff with tweezers and like take a blowtorch to just slightly melt the cheese so it will take over the edge like that level and then he said it down in this this little box with the photo it's got lights on it that all go off you know for it with the stove everything that it was it was an amazing thing to watch but that's what it takes to make that McDonald's burger and fries like that someone like that is one person they do that on all the Hamburglar also we also used to mash potatoes ice cream on the 11 little roosters and I should point out that it's not X where later episodes there's like food on set and then I was getting so hungry and one of the that's all if you're on V I've been on stuff around set and you have to eat in the food isn't like them stay warm for forever but it's not the dog killer short hair and you have eat that meat concoction that they made a mistake like it was better than Ashley fattest in that all see that ass and I had to eat like V hamburgers I was on I was dying but but he the same X I had to like spit it all out there was like shopping half a burger in my mouth and spitting out and doing it again when we film years ago or down on the Congress to do we film that short about the interdimensional talk over the Internet sandwich using a bite out of it film and wish that had been sitting out for 8 hours at Wick covered in mayonnaise and I would take a bite out of it for 10 I was eating it there as soon as it was a trash can out every the food and drink like a little cousin no matter how many times I clean myself there's been a stomach but it was great for my hair oh yeah they're my hair was so shiny and it's got a lot of proteins Heart lost her well then you're welcome on my right now he's on there other products the John Hagee for as much of a crazy person as you are Chris your kitchen and your house is one of the most meat and like Thai T. Clean purse I just like you really had a change of sure that I can go because you stay now state of my nipple yeah but like you like you walked out until just now you're saying but and you're also just nothing so anyways but your house is very tidy at least your kitchen I haven't really better than your bed right now thinking love to see what's in your cupboards and what's in your refrigerator bottom about the food yeah talk about you and your food and I'm thinking about cooking fish oh okay so I got made fun of Reese's on the cover and I want to ask 3 other gentlemen and manly men about this so I had to move apartments with in my complex because they did tests and it turns out the my building's Foundation was moving so it was on sound they had to move me and so they were going to pay for movers to come move all the boxes each other everything into boxes so I had a couple of guys come over right and and I had to Lynn Aaron's brother come over and I Tyler come over to help me to the last bit take apart beds and stuff and Andy and Tyler were putting my kitchen stuff in boxes and I was in my bedroom trying to take apart my bed and I started laughing about something I go out there and their I had like a whole bunch of spices for cooking how many places probably a good like over a dozen different spice is if not like under 20 skin clothes there because that doesn't seem outrageous that they were like me attempting to to chip away at my masculinity V because I used to say yeah that's that's dumb know you're in the right thank you they're part of how I've gotten healthy you have to get very like you know creative with what you cook in order to make it takes two limited upper lemon pepper man 11 like that's about all I use as a little bit of lemon a little bit of pepper I'm a fish than that Chris I forgot it I just used you know oil and salt and pepper baked tilapia fish or is that just a color of a type of fish like you like many different species of fish fish under the white fish umbrella think that pink fish but if it was the thing I think it would be okay alright time to plug Chris new show Chris fish you went to Chris's house you would have his fish maybe label fishing Blue Apron sponsor that you miss to help was just thinking about like ordering Sushi you know it's like fish and then that's the only why you're trying to Sushi Chris the ones with avocado the ones with avocado yeah yeah I don't have a favorite the crunchy T Patrick Patrick's Like lyrics Let me that there's a Farm Bureau channel that the shows include live market reports life agricultural news and commodities reports featuring grains cattle and pork markets wow die just like if you're a farmer or involved in agriculture in to see that would be very useful Weather Channel for Farmers farmers use Weather Channel's well no more special I just found out that white rice is in As Good As for you I know they were talking about that you just found that out yeah it really healthy Rice's like oh yeah yeah yeah you get rice bowl versus like a burrito with bread wrapped around that lasts like Brad supposed to be bad for you right now the price is supposed to be good for you by that logic right yeah and then it's like oh oh oh the rice you like is bad for you yeah I don't like I mean it's okay in moderation white rice is fine so long as it's not good for you is that what you're saying I actually like Japanese like dining that's why it's gotten the connotation of being healthy and the truth is it's not really that much healthy and let's do a lot of excessive carbs like white rice as well as a low sodium but what is healthy about that diet is how the riotous the food is and how many different ingredients go into meals and and the food you eat there and that the lot of nutrition to say that we should diversify will we eat a lot more have a lot of different ingredients are in food so expensive so people eat lettuce tomato onion bread I'm sure the last time I was in about a week there and I think I lost about 10 pounds in that week also I was also walking about 10 miles everyday a lot more walk in physical in Austin you know I live half a mile from like a pharmacy and if I want to go get something for the car I would like a buddy when I'm out of town or anywhere I got no problem I'm going to walk there because it's like you've been around your area you don't need to like his not the fun of exploring like when you're traveling you like to go see what I find I think I also I also hate just walking like in my neighborhood I'm just in like a like a suburban area and I hate just walking around like boring old suburban areas but like when I went to London this last year like walking around downtown bustling place is interesting is a lot of stimuli going on around you and so I die enjoy that a lot more I've been 9 years ago and I don't remember the food actually being that healthy baby I made it to the missing that's a common misconception that Japanese food and like the eat so much healthier that they know they have fried pork cutlet with egg on top of them doesn't seem that that healthy and then I also mr. yeah if you going to mr. donut toys like every time you go back they have like a point program if I can get 3 donut it was over the exact equation but it was like after four visits he could get like a little tote bag and all these things it was very well here to break your donut shop in the bag it's great when I was in a couple months ago but the week before I went I read that in Korea Krispy Kreme was having special promotional Pokemon donuts and I was like oh I'm definitely going to and you can't going to go there I absolutely did they have you can get like a dozen donuts and some of the donuts were they were Pikachu Donuts Pokemon pokeball donuts and I think it was Bulbasaur donut and get them all they were really like that stick to magnets there might be a little T Total Choice Gus I like eclairs or like anything that's like stuffed with like a chocolate cream or even a custard that I'm kind are you boys man I do not like cinnamon stuff and sprinkles Gus to be fun for me. It's not personally that's going to make them other than anybody else to say time to make the donuts or am I the only one around here 9 I don't know you think the Apple TV Rebecca, I found my photo I'm very photogenic a photo it's funny so far ahead of us with it with her are there Chris Pokemon for only Korea that was an actual Pokemon and smoothies at Starbucks Pokemon Starbucks I was like there's a Pokemon every Starbucks are you still playing Chris the only person very very hard core pets Pokemon go to the capital or something and wonder it's like from sitting around and waiting I'll check on it just like Camino yeah but you did that face to write I die die die did the hardcore fans crazy let me downtown like 300 people downtown it for one night at like 11 p.m. it was just in the height of that Bernie and I have gone to San Francisco we were there visiting this company in the company it sent a car to pick us up and we got off the plane and we made our driver and he's taking us to where we're staying at the hotel and then yeah I guess we're talking about Pokemon go you'll have a few minutes I can take some of the San Francisco you can stop stopping at every place we stopped there be like hundreds of people catch whatever hear it was just Chris reminder to buy me a picture where we're putting on a new pair of underwear isn't just fresh you're stepping into a better day think about it under where's the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off why would you settle for anything less than the best feeling underwear on the planet are friends that Mandy sent me a few pictures of while back and I'm kind of measure wearing anything else really makes each day that much better the press it to cocktails Benny's will deliver your new favorite pair of underwear right to doorstep better day guarantee for a limited time they're going to have to put up the first order but you are special URL me nbc.com / rooster teeth with the me and he's better day guarantee you have nothing to lose so don't wait any longer go to me and you talk on slide for she's right now for 20% off your first order that's me Andy's. Com / Rooster Teeth thank you Mandy for making great underwear I mean underwear? You're ever run out of clean underwear and then just gone and bought more before clean the other the dregs of the underwear would like your like your last day so you shouldn't date like there's no elasticity flight coming on in canola there is hugs and icelanders are meru briefs as of this last year for boxers in a more like boxer briefs and boxer briefs boxer briefs I just didn't underwear. Like a week ago he got rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need them I did I can make them to Chris 3 I have I don't have like a last resort underwear but I do have these things really hideous board shorts and that's like when I know I have to do lot like when I run out of everything else I have usually shorts and I wore on to work one day cuz I have nothing else and even Bernie like without any contact with her ugly as hell pic take these out to wear them when you don't have like I was thinking like you wearing the take your clothes to the laundry I do you want them to work though yeah I did laundry that day but it was it's a good like this washing machine here yeah I also don't like when I get fat which is right now which is sad cuz when I lose I lost my beard now you can say all this like this fat can a hanging on my and go do this every morning to keep it tight V also don't buy new clothes when I gain weight as like a weird way to remind myself what yeah it's almost like she looks like look like so I'm going to trip somewhere I've run out of underwear and I have to go to the store and buy more but one time I was in I had gone to Minecon at Disneyland Paris and when I was getting there I had a really tight connection washing BC I barely made the plate like literally running the trying to close the door and screaming at them going on the plane landed apparently my bag didn't make the connection ice and Airlines like don't worry you can get your back later today if you know we know where it is exactly what sodas are to her till like 5 so then that night like at 10 p.m. donut talk to Airline all day long at 10 p.m. yeah it's still in Germany to be here till tomorrow cuz like I don't have any clothes I didn't have anything at Disneyland Paris and like I need to go buy some clothes cheapest place to buy clothes the word for men wait what you said men over have been underwear for women underwear for children they do not sell underwear for men so I had to buy swim trunks alright I'm going to ask and I Google underwear yes I'm a goofy socks and that's how I went to the loop I saw the moon trunk underwear that shirt for ten little roosters remember that your captain the right right then and there was a joke ever The Joker on it but I got cut because no one else knew it Captain EO was not like I have to be out as soon as the silence was never trying to find it on the road so it's 10 p.m. because the park itself was closed so I can only go to the hotel gift shop where I was staying and that they was going was on property so they still had a very huge gift shop but it was no no underwear for men to be found and they're lying to reimburse me for all the other day would you ever wear jeans without underwear I go commando no I don't know about that I feel the jeans I don't know like what the difference and I'll just seems risky rocks Wick night if they're not and maybe I could do those I think Dennis just like coarse and rough and irritating that gets him that I feel like I'm in danger of exposing myself yourself NFL you do work place like in same things happen to pass up or here who I don't know you know so I have a set up with you know BR headset stuck in my office there's always You're My People you could don't fuck with anyone with the VR headset want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe and then I can get kicked in the balls yeah they're going to cool down then like someone to be fucking with him when the Medics. Yeah it's a very scary time to be in a BR headset and like people around and like you're exposed you know what is the experience what is a time to lose your pants X and V are game like that looks like it's a wonderful experience for the people not an image in your pants fall down - that's terrible that sounds actually terrible game you get the bigger dick big in the v are game benefit you at all I don't know just be funny I think I was playing this game and V are gathered a it called a Arizona sunshine and it's like a zombie game where you go around you can shoot zombies and stuff and I got to a point in the game where you have to go down a mineshaft and like okay getting a little dog little scary then you final flashlight like okay had to carry this around and then you're just in a pitch-black mine and only light is your flashlight on I've done that was with horror games I I find and play har game by myself it's the hardest thing over for me to get through it at all if I'm playing with anybody else next to me it's all a joke and funny to me and I can play any har game what server is not scary I losing one more person next to me but your dog does not count did you feel comfort with your dog now do you feel any say 17 pound ball of fluff do you think if if they say there was it like a threat what would she would do if you were getting attacked setting the some dogs do we're like if you like a hit someone like the owner like a dog to get protect like I don't know like if your if your dogs with Astrid get really protective with her cuz they're so dog accepting your masters like hit me and Bella just like looked at them and wag your tail I was like I don't Bellacino's and you know like should you want to stranger Mascoma you want to test the security of my house just I just dog I will mask my scent know why does my dog know your scent I don't know I assume some point you know we've hung out enough work here my sense somehow rushing to get Russian hookers you know I was going the task of masking your scent what would you do Chris wolf urine actually was a good idea the lake Cabela's Cabela's stores things store Channel Island it might also make your dog think I'm a wolf so they sell coyote urine etiquett not that wolf urine but close enough to maybe not wolf urine but maybe I would get some other sort of like having smell thing mask my scent I would dress and like baggy clothing and and cover my face and I come in and and like the baggy clothing I guess what is acacian dog recognize my body Chris I start beating up and I tell you and you have to you have to play along with like screaming and yelling and came and X your stuff you have to keep playing along you can buy a 32 ounce jug of wolf urine on Amazon 31st $35 only 13 left in stock though we can do this spice of life sentence of urine it is not Pride what is it do if that's okay the road in Seattle are there Furman what do you think you're dog would do if you just started putting wolf urine around your house I don't know no I got I've been up there they can tell the difference between other urine said that your dog would be in constant height of like a then maybe your dog with if we covered your house in urine first attack your dog with rt V8 like alert of predators wolf urine and ask yourself in baggy clothing beat me up and still my clothes not no I'm not LPN okay yeah let's do this let's do this I'm so for this my dogs are super protective until they see the person like you think here in the ways of the hear someone outside the go crazy barking and you know against the idea yeah she's just like she just likes to meet new people she would not care if someone came to my Chris Titanic sinking big Chris might need some help with his microphone is really making a stripped screw oh my God good Lord's hold it. sinking and I could other way is it whatever you do do not edit this afternoon. yeah it had to have been Chris you go through on Chris reminder this afternoon to buy NatureBox what do you do when you want to smack you can find his junk food relying your self-control resisted Temptation oh come on you eat the junk food so start snacking healthy with NatureBox Nature Box make snacks that actually tastes great and are better for you with high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial colors flavors or sweeteners so you feel great about snacking the great ones like blueberry Nom Nom Santa Fe corn sticks NatureBox recently made their service even better than I can order as much as you want as often as you want with no minimum purchase required and you can cancel at any time with that your box will never get bored there new snacks each month that's why I buy real customer feedback if you ever try snack you don't like me your box or replace it for free right now you save even more nature box office teeth pants 50% off your first order we go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth naturebox.com sliced rooster for 50% the first naturebox.com slashers teeth thank you much just watching this absolute podcast she got you more ads to read I have another one the nature place rocks do you sell Mike Arms by any chance when did you T sinking like it was like loose or something and then I tighten it and then over time it would sink down and then I don't know it broke stare at a talk reject Chris Paul X performance anxiety I can hold it hold it now just want to hold CCC I love that on this page with the wolf urine it has a little picture below that's like a little ad that is a new your savings for super hot tubs in a wolf urine page okay cuz the kids you want to put wolf urine in your hot tub have you think are you doing is it going to tell the little on Rescue with sideways Mike's coming out for the advanced tech support now all this the control room out one of the time to come up I can try to fix it if we only did it so we were talking about earlier about how it's always on TV and maybe think about how during Christmas I probably doing Christmas time I probably watch Die Hard 10 times because Die Hard was on TV all the time like that everyone considers it a Christmas movie heart good movie it is not a movie I want to go back and we watched a great movie like that Chris Canty the whole like that thing that guys are like othe but I don't think it's a guy thing anything it's just it's just a good move yet it's it's really good I might have watched it so much and fact that over our Christmas holiday where we were off for the holidays I guess what we're up I had a dream about die hard and but it wasn't like a normal. Like in my dream you can put it in my dream I dreamt that I was at the movies watching like a brand new film it and just come out as a new Die Hard movie that focused on the origin story of Hans Gruber that'd be so cool my mind constantly Jon urine is what I want to say wrong now it's a great movie and it is one of those movies you watch over and over it's like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or you know any one of those like Classics I got that we had a viewing party me and and Nadia and Barbara and Aaron in and Bethany watch that we had at a specific viewing party for it this year again I'm not saying it's bad movie I'm just saying it's not one that I'm like especially for Christmas I want to rewire wrong like crazy Die Hard Die Hard action movies John Wick - are you very much I was watching the trailer for John Wick - I feel like they might be trying to explain too much of the universe what is all Center in stuff like you're getting maybe a little too deep like wanted to explain everything away with no just leave it kind of mysterious equals a rough and that way with something like John Wick that was like just that kind of that just right chemistry of the mystery in the new and World building in action and interesting character that worked for John Wick but like why would I you know I love you die character like if there was a series on t I don't know if the name of the sequel the movie The do the the the problem the used two sequels which is either just make a copy of the first one which is you have no new story to tell or they all go to deep and go medic Lawrence on it is exactly what I think about it I don't want to go to court in situations like that such an extreme example of how not to do it I mean like I don't know what else you're supposed to do but the expand the mythologie explain without but not like just dumping a ton of new things in there as well as it being paired with a new story worth telling like something like I think often with sequels and and in addition to franchise is off and just left tell the story as we can because then you get a Finding Dory like Finding Dory was not a story that needs to be told her was new store that was like it was it was like hey let's make another one so we could sell more toys we don't really have a story to pair with it will just make it well I think it's like you give information but you also have to have to give new mystery so if you're just explaining everything and also know that's that's it there's no other okay yes I guess that's it I don't want to find out the currency conversion and John Wick for the chords to How many dollars are worth it I don't want this thing but I also don't know about this other thing now it's like classical echos hanging out information yeah I think I think I'm trying to get did it okay good sequel yeah that like that did I hit all those marks for me like didn't go too deep into the mythologie and had a new story to tell on A1A - man. Rooster aliens Kreme of James Cameron Titanic 2 minutes I am really need to know I am really sad that he's only going to make Avatar stuff cuz I movie that's filming in Austin right now battle Angel was supposed to be Jim Cameron and I'm supposed to his scripture with the sun version his scripture that it's like he's going on record and said he's not like any anything he wants to say about the world he's he can now tell through the Avatar movies that he doesn't want to make any don't think that could be a good after movie I like Avatar I think that it's possible it's just it's got to get it's got to get to new stuff it's got to have a good story that's not Pokemon with Chris I liked Avatar I want to see with that actually enjoyed it I didn't have like anything about a rewatchability for me but I member I think I saw her twice it was beautiful at the time and I never actually did like the characters in the story been so long I don't know if it's like the experience of it was really cool Chris Wright first time I saw 3D Orleans wild this is like this is the first and last time I just didn't I don't know I thought it was a really well directed movie and a really poorly written one who both end up same person did both there's a will there's a few months ago for someone asked can you name two characters from Avatar Weaver character that's about it land of a blank is anyone excited for an avatar you want you watching him talk about the making and they're super excited like behind the scenes videos and talk about everything is integrating everything is like his is like there's like five or wires and everything can you can you plug yourself into a special adapter Lucas and he's Building Museum million dollar movies in Star Wars that's cool movie Star Wars museu Star Wars that's awesome that Lucas is personal collection of final popular art including a femoral related to the Star Wars franchise will fill a futuristic-looking you Museum plan for Ellie's Exposition Park T now it's like that this belongs in a museum like it that's his character and now he's making me Sam okay let me watch Rogue one and I thought about how it was fine like it wasn't my favorite okay and I think about how much people shitt on George Lucas for this prequels that's got to be really shitty for him but he built this franchise that people love people revile him for his work on it yes I remember when he's gone people say about him sequel thing that you either make something great and and get something new great keep adding to it or else you might you might take what you created I think that's reason why I think that's well was like Bill Watterson who created Calvin and Hobbes eat stopped because he had nothing new to tell he didn't want to run into the ground and want to go the Garfield route and just an intern you know his creation and - just a joke of itself and sell it like crazy and so he stopped and people were like no no I'm still there I'm like Bill Watterson you make anything I will buy it but that there's something there's something honorable about going I made something great I'm going to leave it alone I mean I I do that's like all that none of that would exist without George Lucas I still think he's like very smart I still very smart very creative person but I think he just kind of like he did try something new with the with the prequels and it didn't work I think if you think George has gone beyond Star Wars and had like maybe after the prequels with any of his his film Ventures like what was that that wore film red red tail Red Tails I got it made something that had done really well or at been critically acclaimed or everyone loved that had been another palate cleanser the prequels that being more of a like oh yeah George was but he did he well he didn't directed buddy produced Indiana Jones so you could argue that that right that's why I said that after the prequels when he had to Tainted that image I mean all the way Crystal Skull in that kinda try not to you know yeah so I think the thing that makes George Lucas that was that he Metals even with the old films and not really like that one to me felt like and I didn't like Rogue one but it felt like the stuff done in Rogue one felt like stuff George Lucas would have done like CG Tarkin and and that having a movie that ends all the way up to the start of the next movie come like Revenge of the Sith is like they're building the Death Star and he's already like that food specifically yeah that's all they really nailed that things like the way that it should have been leading up to the prequels I like to start this is a sequel to episode 3 I don't I don't that have to line up with something else that happened I don't want me more stories where I know how the ending is going to turn out of wanting more stories where I know who lives in your die degrees when Han dies I'm shocked you know well that's why I wasn't honestly I wasn't that excited about Rogue one till like it cuz it's like I know it's going to happen the only thing that would like are they going to get the Death Star told new information about like episode you know like 8 but they did do that yeah they were not in the proper time information about stuff like that we could have talked of kyber crystals the seemed that's been talk a lot and other but they were but not in the movie on the movie and it kind of focused on it quite a bit and talked about it quite a bit and then like I thought maybe something coming in nothing really happened with it I'm not really that excited about the Han film now like I was sort of excited Donald Glover doing you know and I was fantasy for like 30 minutes I really don't care for some of this stuff I don't like the most recent you put out but I think was really good I make myself sound very on fun angry music like I like Angry music that has like that I can that I don't know it's for some reason like it if maybe spee and then when he's like his kids he's got a very serious Persona that he's created his channel Childish Gambino like image and and he's gotten it's a very it's a very Stark difference from like the Community Care dry fell in love with you next to Charlie's going to be at a party once you it was that Titanfall launch event here in Austin the back out of that 3 years ago performed like we're doing a live show up at the front of the building and he was before me out in the back but the venue was kind of like this abandoned building and it was no green room for him or no bathroom backstage after he perform to come out to the front to go to the bathroom in the general bathroom with everybody else is really weird people like them bathroom like like at work I mean I feel like we've had that had like long conversations and bathroom San die this one time whenever I was taking a shower and then I think Miles was taking it that I walked in on that and they are all having a talk and then we can I like so everyone was laying is there anything that became the thing or they're like we basically had like a pretty podcast podcast in the in the bathroom to ruin all the good stuff but it's fun is like the best bathroom ever have plans showering he wish I wish I wish I'm not like no no no I won't take a dump like and I'll go out to the bungalows I don't want anyone watch me poopy fart freely Runtastic yes yes no fecal matter coming out with everything about it the worst farting around here it's like you by surprise ever get that we like Wick and it's like I'm sorry do you know romantic interest yeah but like when I was married is like now as far as really getting there what weird is it ever like does that ever like to ruin them killer romance like when you're married you that I don't know I think I think there's I think it's a married 3 years and I don't want to know anyone's farts I don't even think I think of it's just funny noise it is funny but I want to smell it yeah but I think you just like I got to fart when I press and hold the dated someone before but I still didn't like how long did you live with them two years because outside to fart just like maybe go to the bathroom or go to the bathroom heart I mean I didn't ever far it isn't like why you disconnect pretend like it didn't happen you're not going to laugh at it what you going to do not laugh at it and I'll make some sort of weird noise like that I don't do sound but I just had to but I don't think that again I just the farts are funny the other when I'm around if I like a new like I'm going to date with someone or have a new girlfriend like I don't mention on the podcast before he's not here to defend himself so much of the story about how he and Ashley are traveling in the sharing a hotel room he will not take a dump in the hotel room down to the lobby now that bathroom we all poop yeah we all do it I'll have to just want someone like this you about his bed like the guts or the courage to like post that picture of like Jessica was not a cheap she was that another bathroom in the same thing and she's like she just took a selfie of herself on the toilet and it was the funniest thing I see on Twitter for a while then it's awkward myself take a dump yeah check your form feel about people hearing you take a dump I'm going to go okay cuz I usually I'll play music in the bathroom not another specialist printers self conscious about the sounds of you shitting but then you're like all it but then you realize you're about to be judged on your music selection to feel like pick songs you think the other person that you had his game he's playing Childish Gambino you must be angry yeah to be careful I wish you do that here at work as you know you hear the worst sounds like ever in a guy's bathroom when you have a bunch of old dudes in there cuz they don't care and they just make this there's a popping sound in there just runs and just the worst noises ever die but imagine if we there was like also the soundtrack to lalala I think it was a George Michaels on Avenue funky by John you or whatever where you can look like the play my poop playlist it's okay today the last week's podcast is just coming public today but last last week I'm not going to say it but I can see the exact phrase but Bernie said something to trigger assistive home devices to purchase a rouge teeth product off of an online store but yeah so you tell people's devised to make the purchase something yeah yeah it was Google homes program at a point where they're talking about getting married I never talk might let's get married when should we get married I'm ready to get married now will let's get married now we're married what how many kids does a 167 the names of our kids I don't know you don't know the names urine kids stop getting mad at me and then they just like simulate 22nd fall in love fall out of love the angry even to go back and forth one would be like The Crisis crisis yeah well it was it was it was interesting talk about that on the podcast before I said that I wanted to have all the all the different devices the other 3 I could think of talk to each other and have a conversation and stole my idea yeah I love that I love that kind of stuff with like I love you will use twitch and streamy service do Hanson Place Pokemon like that's some of my favorite things that come from the internet when phenomena kind of a rises from that and you and your you just start seeing things his me about you know these two robots are talk at each other what's going on there be like what is this and you like this is amazing those are my favorite things and it was really interesting watch actually used in Alexa to buy stuff like that like that piece of it actually scares me I do not own one yeah I don't know there's a great moment in the two guys from polygon have a podcast Cool Games Inc and they said they were that love people from polygon they work for they're very telecommunication company and so they were renting officer can't afford an office in there with him I think and during the podcast one of them got notified that guy working on his bathroom like doing stuff to fix plumbing as you guys are crazy gets a notification that the hit his the Amazon like a prime button and had orders to toilet paper to be sent to his house like like the plumber just order toilet paper test internet Chris Cannon I so it's like it the plumber it's like his area of expertise the toilet is going to need some toilet paper better Spore and button and going what happens if I do it and then like nothing happened that he liked looks around that's pretty funny someone mistaking me or even on purpose by your house just at your house just like you order your name Tiffany order a thousand condoms on Amazon Portsmouth Lake in that it you want now I can only buy you stuff you've already bought think I can be used to really like we talked about this and last week's podcast but there was a news report where a little girl was talking with one of those devices and she asked it to play dolls with her but it Miss heard and and purchased a dollhouse for her and showed up at the home and then the news reported on it the newscaster said the exact same phrase and everyone was watching the news there to Mikey's on Xbox with Kinect voice activation nevermind just having too much fun going to have to realize that before Chris Martin trying to unify themselves with more with peace and everything my wife have been using voice commands on the on the console for a long time and when they had to be like all this other thing I like but if you're not like really into gaming or you don't understand it doesn't make any sense already had it should be in the cut for Xbox users a great there's a reason I really want to try to position at them never complain about it until just reliving the future I want to listen to the podcast is also brought you buy Trunk Club no secret a lot of guys aren't great at making time to shop for clothes I still want to look good Trunk Club can help trunk love makes it easy for you to look your best and clothes that fit you perfectly and look amazing and pick by your own personal stylist go to Trunk Club. 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Com / Russia Trunk Club for making people look better cuz I don't want to look at Chris people Josh T know I like to to talk about flying all the time and place and I'm really not that kind of stuff and before we came on to take this I saw her for a while now and wondering if I taken my last Light ever on a 747 you look big trouble and I saw her before we came on that United tweeted that they will see 747 operations by the end of this year so that I could the window for flying on that plane is really narrows it like something like your last would you want to make sure your last night as I can take a trip now I need to figure out a way to justify it one more time to have it be like my final happens when I was a kid like that was the plan like that was like the plane I thought about like that the only plan I could like offhand Nationwide it's old and now there's more fuel efficient ways to move people around so you really don't for the most part you really don't see giant planes a 4-inch two more things like a little smaller than to and even think about like what I'm writing on I just I get in and like to go to sleep now I care about anything about like that's a funny statement I didn't think about what I'm writing on I just get in and go to sleep now not as not as weird as like like play musical each not that weird try to play music for the make it like that but never use it set of a better name for a cyborg scene in nail calls instead of letters it should be bloody bloody what I am just think it's like I don't like it the derogatory term machines would have for gas much blood he's over there I like the Republic 87 call people and yes I'm for real by the infection to call people give me text him people are weird human body like it's just meat and bones that looks like a weird thing that's like skin getting very existential here. Humans are weird to think when you're touching someone poking their meat no I said something about a lot like just how weird being alive or like being sent it is just being deep about life I think about as I get older I also think about death a lot and I want I wonder if like that have I passed the halfway point like what where where was the halfway point in my life where do you turn and it's like now there's less in front of you than there is behind you the literal Half-Life year I think about like I guess I'm not a point for like I should be having a midlife crisis it's anything like people struggle with their own mortality and thinking about the big computer if I slept bad and I got a crick in my neck and my neck and my shoulder still hurt it's been a week that sucks that would not happen until younger person you stay home for New Year's Eve yes I did I was nervous about the fireworks not like I wanted to go out but I get worried about this because I have some neighbors who live relatively close to me who I like big commercial fireworks and put them on like Wick huge explosions yeah like smaller ones they feel like they're super cute they're awesome they're smart the idea of a teacup pig doesn't sell them like big but I really want and I don't have that you could eat it do that Gus I want to Serious answer if you owned a pig and you had kept it long enough that he got big enough to eat would you actually eat the protein I know I don't think I got that they're delicious there's a guy in my apartment complex gym and I and I like walked out on you just there's a big and I asked could I put your page and he said yeah and I got to pee so he lived in an apartment I don't know if you had it like I think the pig - secret because I know you have to really like your apartment complex to check it it's just getting so big that it becomes cumbersome you think there's an animal what happened and I guess if it ever because it hears a deal and it's like I can't handle this pain anymore I need to like put up for adoption get slaughtered right like you could get you have a dump the rescue because it's bacon in America to live to just old age and death I was exchange rate and then Gamin and think about how many hours of work would it cost to buy this game right but like to think of it in terms of pigs like how many video games that's my barometer on whether something is a good deal or not we should go to the concert or something it's like 200 bucks it was basically a PS4 like I don't think the hours don't lie now it's like a value judgment that's good thinking about all the time jobs you know it was always like that I want to hit so everything boils down to how much does that take away from my goal what is the value of it how many hours of enjoyment will the sad to my life cuz of video game can give it you know 2252 whatever I actually like games that are shorter now because I feel more satisfied with and I know I can finish them like a game that's like five hours for like 10 hours at tops like that's great for me because I'm like that's a realistic thing when I know game take 50 hours 3 and I'm never going to be a time to finish up doing all the side quest only RPGs try to stick to the story as much as I can I had to do some side quest to level up and make sure I was level appropriate but it's like I got to get through this cuz I got so many games to play had you beat it 38 hours do you like it I was at a friend's house for a couple hours I was just kind of kind of that was one of my favorite when it was 3 on the super amazing and it has a very simple story with really good characters and after that unfortunately it doesn't it turns out he's not real ghost that's a memory of your dead father or someone I feel like was pretty straightforward that was like feels like everytime - might not laughable following sometimes I was like some fantasy stuff having the series that really kills me is Kingdom Heart so I don't know why that seems like the most straightforward mythologie that you could do and they made it so insane where you literally have no idea what's good I mean you're like you just because I can just get some like never before Christmas convoluted story telling in video games can become yeah I don't understand why that isn't the case right now I'm playing through years of war and it's definitely actually so far makes sense I understand this and this and that I can to the story was in the universe very the same thing just one was extra weird cuz if you play the Venture came out with like a revised updated Edition yeah if you played the original launch version of War one they were huge sections of the game cut out and even by the time you reach the end of the game like late and just wore one there's a scene where they're like oh we have to go stop you know General Raam on the train yeah he's got the bomb talk explained by Miguel that wasn't yeah bastard version put all that stuff back in when it comes to game is where does story lie in my priorities for you for the Beyond enjoy the game like a good story I really that's what keeps me playing I skip through everything a dollar I will skip through everything I don't care and for the most part of these games you can just get the story even by skipping through that you don't need that like it's really long games like I can just finishing Skyrim like-for-like I skipped still understood the entire story and I love that half of a really great game the first the first and then there's a point that turns readjust I don't again it goes into nonsensical story to have a Twist right expect something really dumb yeah it's all like Matrix Reloaded don't like the again expansion of Mythology that's taking the wrong direction and I think I'll have another kind of feel the same way about everyone Raves about it was okay kind of movie you haven't seen his new movie The handmaide and you should cuz it's the best movie it's amazing it's probably can't find it anywhere you probably can't watch it anywhere it's such a limited release it was out of my mom watch it over Christmas break with your mom if you don't know what it's like this yeah but it's good what's going to head like a few parts to it but I was before but it's good though yeah I have a movie podcast no I heard it's awesome the zombie one okay but that's good yeah I'm always a little weary of like John R film The Get Hype to the Philly get burned on those know when I get done don't feel like way too much candy 7% around tomatoes are some good movie it's not like Attack the Block and it's it's fine it's not amazing I agree I thought I got over - I think the story is cool like the alien mythology and that that tethers that I think the movie that kind of centers around it is not particularly interesting or exciting what does that mean you said the store the course everything is cool but the actual what actually happens in the movie isn't particularly like you can't funn I like this fun I enjoyed it but I thought was over but I thought it was at Alyssa's okay bye fella see me about the raid the movie was I was bored really yeah I thought it was like when I had the permit guys going to fight his way through 30 stories of bad guys are Gus sounds really cool I made it up there's a better version of that and red but yeah there's a better version of The Raid same same exact it's really good I like to learn to watch the other day on HBO GO I thought red was way more absurd I thought dread knew what it was okay I don't know anyway I never thought people could watch it most people most people had defended it 6% on Rotten Tomatoes how many Flappy Bird movie 2016 I might have an unpopular opinion here whenever happen 16 barely qualifies but I saw, not think about it and think about it talk about it when we can I feel like I'm going to say something to my favorite har up there between arrival lala land and maybe when handmaide and yeah I haven't seen him and I feel like I'm probably like a rival more than Lowell and but I definitely feel like out of all the movies lala land is what I'm saying the most yeah I enjoy the right I wasn't as hyped on his everyone else was I thought it has anime what's playing at has an amazing twist and then after that - it doesn't know what to do with itself it was a great on the you know that lady's movie they put out like a V affect Orioles and show you like leaving you a shot of you think I watch The V effects of arrival and all the top me was that I thinking arrival they could afford any Vehicles like almost every vehicle like even like 9 because like far away like even just like every like trucks just like that put in digitally is like every fucking vehicle not just the helicopter that or the spaceship I thought it was good movie that was I think that's a great example of I don't know I guess talk like 10 Cloverfield Lane to the Cloverfield verse like we have this this world we created let's make another story from it but we don't need to just do the same thing over and you've heard that supposedly the next door film movies coming out later this year really made the first one and he were like any obvious like we're going to be and he said and forever ago he was like I think we could tell other perspectives of the world going through that going through different stages of that that whole problem robot had a movie on the Slate for later this year called God Particle removed from this late and now it's like there's a? As to if it got removed because there's an get Cloverfield if it's getting if that was a secret code name for Valencia we need more secret names we do we do Chris I so agree with you what would your secret name be done on my mommy in that when we reference you and conversation we will know we're talking about what is Chris secret name virtual dick bloody bloody my feelings Chris anything to Captain bloody Captain bloody project we don't have a rooster will you some sometimes when I can you say what production had a secret they have I feel like me a production that names you and I are working on something you should come with us something for right now game is not is not a secret project no no no it's it's it's are you making up dr. Blair dentist X Venture dr. Barth project the bar the dentist Adventure bar the dentist then show that we don't need any more cement project Adventure where is 1600 I saw two terrible on one flight I watched two of the worst movie of 2016 back-to-back yeah they're not my pic they're up there with the bad they're bad I watch Ghostbusters and Bella or Superman yet back on the flight I was like I'm ready for anything and then I watch Suicide Squad and I was not prepared and suicide watch live experience The Suicide Squad blew them all out of the water at least I was like I think there was a good movie in there the good movie moving its entirety in it's still for the most part of bad movie but it fixes a lot of the questions you have that you feel like you're missing out information and actually gives a plot line to everything that Luther does it actually fixes a lot of the the story problems the movie but by doing so it makes it 3 are movie and it's long it's got bad pacing it so it doesn't really fix it but it's like oh so they had a story there it just was a 3 hour plus and I would also get annoyed anytime Wonder Woman showed up they played the same museu every time that I did it it's Wonder Woman in your face like drums I would give you could have cut the volume on that by had to strike the flight or down yeah we're good they played the same notes over never getting dressed the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy it is that the anthem throw all three films over and over I mean has like 30 or 40 individual character that one thing then I don't know what you might be thinking of is like there might have the same traveling music what I was going to say was not any other same problem we lost because anytime on lost that they were going to slice it out somewhere that your real it's the tribal music the Montage walking across the aisle you want some crazy I have received my movie coming out so Shawn hasn't been coming up right split okay right and we all don't like channel on because I'm on makes bad movies now I actually heard from some of that action put is a credible source that splits Ashley supposed to be good I don't see the visitor the visit was good but it was okay I feel I do feel like it's possible for him to make a good movie that's why I've gone and seen channel on backyard my wife a couple months ago and I can't really give her any set up for it was like it was watch this movie I'm watching it and she's kind attention to her more more then you start getting some of the reviews and he's like super hero movie movie like the way that it built up like his told misdirect the whole time just saw it recently and had never seen him you have never seen that's funny I heard it was good that was someone he didn't know did you would she think when you told her I was not like she probably would Toyota talk on break at 6 and a regular bus really good and then they'll know it's the beginning of the division board for sign that was still had for so I was like okay that wasn't bad I enjoyed the villages this is the dividing Point Cookin that's like that's like half of a great movie The Village and then it just goes off the rails kneeling on the music in the village the great soundtrack I don't want to never walked out if given the opportunity would I take it if if you could like have a movie erase your memory get to watch it again and scratch would you and what would it be the boys like that like if you get opportunity that's kind of a bad thing cuz I'm yours going to be watch outside instead of getting to explore new experiences would like something like usual suspects really cool experience I think about people not finishing things and like being V like so like you donut finishing movie walk out of the theater I've never walked like I have it was for like the Bewitched remake the other guys what is very very very specific reason we had a newborn it was my birthday and we had and when you have a kid you don't go anywhere you don't do anything so given any opportunity go out it's like it's like Daddy National very special it was my birthday and everything you do in all the world is go see movie so we we bought a double feature and I can't really stop before the other guys is good movie and then we got another go at other guys and I was not enjoying myself and I was like this is a waste of time and money that's good I didn't go do something else and so we left and I never let it finish later like maybe a couple yeah I like when I watch Rogue one the other day when we're done Esther was like At first I didn't like it at all the first has a really bad she said she said it was a kind of movie where if I had walked out because it was so bad and boring I wouldn't realize all come together that's kind of okay at the end to your point like you could potentially walk out of something that you think to be awful that in the end it's either really good or kind of comes together like relationships are like sex or things that people walked out of there like just like Rogue one you just stop mid sex life the climax of this is going to be great Emily that works at Lake Chris be more Awkward certainly it would be awkward to stop minutes X and leave I feel like I'm not in my time to even just stop and leave without saying anything video