#412 - Drinking a Memory

Join Ashley Jenkins, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Burnie Burns, and special guest Sally Le Page as they discuss grape juice, Joe the Cat, weight loss, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 23, 2017, sponsored by Harry’s (http://hrys.co/28SDlmw), JackThreads (http://bit.ly/2kle6KR), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-01-24 16:35:00

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Ashley Jenkins, Sally Le Page


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast special dustless Rooster Teeth podcast my name is Burnie Burns I'm Chris Gavin and I'm and I'm proud of you guys like we did we went in the reverse order and it didn't misse you have to be to work going to be like left or right right left right of the second position they play vs hey Steve I'm always on this started what are you guys doing well, the rest of the podcast on guess so are you saying I'm not a host of this program that Gus those he's gone is reverse hose cuz I'm here well as has been listen misse what time you're off friend song topic Michael say I'm your host Michael and the heat is all the other people that's like do the same at the pie I'm going to put my gun down here you have gum in you unprofessional Boston a little unprofessional well the real host is this is my you don't know only host before words have done that I've been chewed it since I have you just like talk it in like a pocket that's not good for your face what if you left a steak out on the counter for 12 hours and then you walked up and ate it that's not a great idea right now but then they hang meat for days yes yeah but it also if you get something stuck in your teeth and you don't know it and then you find it later in the day that's not that doesn't go bad we have a special guest tonight but I think Sally would be coming by and join years later so we can ask her that why doesn't food spoilin you're there for like a week and a half steak that is correct it's a cheese that is correct the problem with the hamburger gets recalled a lot because amazing take the surface of it in the grind it up with the rest of it so they can't really in o that's what happens with glasses and hear our sponsors are Harry's jackthread jackthread skis me and squarespac thank you all for sponsoring the rooster teeth pocket I don't think I've ever been on a pag guys are sponsored by jackthread so that's a new sponsor did you quit jackthread I did that I was that's why I was making excuse that I've never seen them before so welcome jackthread nailed it thanks dude I do my best way to drink is know there's water from our lovely dinner that we had that doesn't look like it's white you so here's what I do like to speak it yet mostly water and then a little shot eliminate just tiny slow shot eliminated I'm not just lemon juice butt lemonade go ahead and how many soda fountains do you go to that have lemon juice he doesn't know you could have true, and for them to have like in O lemon water cannon that would buy that was one of my favorite things from the campaign was when there was some viral photo of Donald Trump's son and he was at a place I can in and out I think and he was taking a photo with somebody and someone pointed out that he had the water cup that they give you the clear cup but he had Coke in it and everyone was so everybody could identify you fucking Coke in the water cup how dare you so even this is a full-size full price fountain drink that I only put this much of the lemonade it's understandable squid level 8 from the fat which after they leave school you talking about you have Chris you juice on a regular basis not a plane recently and I ordered apple juice right next to me love then yeah he was like like a glass of grape juice that's weird right that's a little kids drink grape juice never grape juice that even though they sold that you can never is it real from grape seed grape name of wine without the phone with orange juice apple juice and then you may be the same like cranberry and maybe some like apple and pear and then the mixtures of different fruit punch and of Cloudy apple juice which is way better than just your from cide process I think juice become a cider what happens Foo this in the states you guys got here Southsiders and hard ciders whatsap cider what is it what is a cide me that Apple repairs spices spices I'm going to go to the internet juice was never book grape juice late is it flavored it just literally just one that's not that's not alkalized what is the most me to copy version cider is a term used in United States and parts of Canada for the unfiltered unsweetened non-alcoholic beverage made from apples so just unfiltered basically in unsweetened like the good kind of sockets grape juice why haven't I heard of that I know why haven't you heard of that so how old are you in the UK when you can have wine at dinner because I like they give it to you in a parent like we had we had you both came to the new year did you come Chris sure I suddenly had this moment of shit that I mention the New Year's Eve party in front of Chris Patrick was invited didn't come you just dislike and I'm doing with that played you said plans with their story but their alternative fax now we have destroyed the liquor drinkers we had probably half of a bottle of whiskey gone by the end of the night but we had about 20 for empty champagne bottle I was thinking about that I was thinking about that recently don't reason for the location of the champagne right by the kitchen people like champagne the I don't the liquor was like it around the corner call Henry on the bar so how many did you buy we pay 30 all together of champagne and Costas not in what people drink butt in stuff that we miscalculated like being a party I had about 30 lunch and I always overestimate the amount of beer that my friends will drink and I had that cooler that's a really bad ass cooler that's a wine barrel the cut in half so it's really cool and it looks great when you fill it up a beer probably two beers were taken out of it the entire night every butt beer by about 6 I think. It was like he was hit grape beer and whiskey of Harley shops in the hall closet wine coolers in the hot tub at the house butt Ashley you were one of the big culprits for that you and Barbara we're just up you can you guys were Terror you got it so also that because I made a Champagne Bar as I didn't get classy as fuck and so I got little bowls of like blueberries and raspberries and pomegranate seeds Atkins dropped couple and the way they go up and down in your drink on it but then it gets all Busey and you can't you want it I really enjoyed them up the special mug that you've got a special mug for Gavin he likes copper mugs whenever we go out to bars and I have in my house a copper mug last week because I drink a Moscow Mule that's right or Moscow Mule if you would say are you intended to Le standing is that particular MO not very it was more mules and Moscow I don't know how to make one so I was just drinking whiskey out of it when I tiny there was a place we go to look up recipes Jordans was like I'll make you a Moscow Mule and it was awful bunch of lime and some crap from the ball and then I think half of Lindsay's old Frankie pulled in that to it which I'm sure it was but I was only sounds right cuz I can find those that we drink we also additionally had for the boys who stayed up that night until I think 1:30 in the morning that's probably criminal for an 11 year old is like Teddy but they had a sparkling grape juice have you not seen that before wow there was a couple of kids a couple of little brother kids and I we had sparkling grape juice for them to drink at New Years like everybody else grape type is it well there's all kinds of I can't we were having hold six to the podcast Eric and grape what's the juice grape juice what's apple juice made of two different kinds of different kinds of grape juice there is the purple grape juice and there's the white grape juice which comes from cortical white grapes which are green grapes blueberry grape there what's up blueberries and grape my bad this is usually usually grape you just made from purple grape literally I need someone from the UK to tell me on Twitter using hashtag RT Podcast that you show me some sex with the back of your hands look small I don't know what's happening rescue his wife from that scary does a breeze me that the thing that bothers me most about Trump misse honestly does bother me if I don't like the way that he treats his wife and I don't know if it's just people cherry-picking moments butt like him leaving her behind at the car and it was some gifted a shift sorry Ashley where he turned around and said something to her in her face just like dropped completely she was smiling he said something to her than she's a really just start sprouting and looking down as I got so sad you know it's like I don't like that I like seeing that it's horrible I have this know I have a slight automats know how she lives her life there was something like that kind of pissed me off during the inauguration were talking about the inauguration of President Trump during his inauguration people kept posting photos screengrabs of Michelle Obama with this look on her face they put like throwing looks like just kind of like this yeah that can look but I need to give a sphere because I get the people watching or anti Trump butt Ashley the Obamas were super gracious the entire time and to cherry-pick these moments from her and make her look like she's miserable or catty the entire time she wasn't like that at all she really was not they were very gracious if I could you guys watch the inauguration tile it's the craziest thing about the inauguration was that to know the deal butt there there's one of the street face but you can't you pick any mo experis and make it look like the person is upset or Throwing Shade that she could have just like you know it's in the folder something or mean o sneeze to in the other they've only if I've only heard of grape juice from American TV shows so is it a new Lewis grape sores it this grape is it tastes like a Gavin you know what apple juices apple have slow pocket of goodness I don't the juice grape well you have a packet of goodness and you still like to order it on planes one bite thing like mine is Gavin face like a grape juice vs one sure I'm not convinced his real grape in it would you say that you love grape cuz now we get to make a whole new years if I smashed a whole bunch of grapes into juice I didn't think that would taste like grape juice what you have what that's that's exactly what grape juice is grape grape juice do we have any grape juice Northern Ireland check in they know about grape juice so we can keep Northern Ireland for the sink for the break because you're losing March you can leave Scotland responsibility dude face in the future this but I didn't care even if your Trump was like at the inauguration simply far away butt watching the inauguration probably the toughest part for me what it was real life I like the Obama presidencie Gavin you said on Twitter that you felt see that Obama was the most influential president of your lifetime of El Macho got shit on for that really well it's people who have very specific the wrong which I get which is why I said it's right after you leave school is over I would say is when you become you so the president that time is does influential so weird though because it doesn't really have a positive connotation to it I think I enjoyed the Clinton years more even though that was a fucking mess with everything El will Trials and see him like brushing up against impeachment Solid V I know I think George W Bush was a way more influential president in my life just cuz everything that happened in George W Bush's presidency 911 and the war sucking shoes she didn't mean o full 2008 the crash in 2008 happened at that have that one Riley election yeah just crazy like that I think of you I think of you like the Clinton years being like the Obama years where was this period of incredible growth felt like with juice recovery and no the.com industry came out on the court years everything butt back in the inauguration to tell far from you was watching over at this point was that it was tough for me to watch that speech that the Trump gave knowing that the Obamas for Barack Obama was five feet away and he's essentially just like in order to make America great he's got a cell the fact that I'm Eric is a big piece of shit right now so it was basically it was weird to hear the president night States get up there and talk about how she'd America is like our city centres are falling apart and indications of misery thinking that things are shity you know that I have him sign into abortion thing with like 7 dudes all around him like there's no woman in there and he's like no abortion El Wright happy the caption women sitting around writing telling me they couldn't have Reproductive Rights they had control over their reproductive organs and Sally now my favorite signs in the protest the day off laser-like I can't believe I still have to protest this shit which is I'm starting to really talking about some of the stuff still did you go out Chris today yeah that's right I wouldn't travel somewhere to go if you wait for it no I went out your light yellow people Texas is somewhere in from Texas butt it's like does me tickets amazing storms that they do it's not part of Texas with everything just rolls in Mile High Cloud banks with lightning flying through many things for Dale the wind blew off the my house there the wind blew off my placement like I walked hope you can rebuild Chris really welcome a slow Rock Lee Smith okay the map for your entire place so you live in on the ground floor when is guys like does that placemats under dinner pie places in the Hat in your life just like you just think the funniest things when you just on your own in the world I don't know you probably think about the same thing pie shop of fork up my ass LOL the fun game is plastic fork over that we're going to need a fork the one of the ones from the pizza butt you have a private conversation sorry I didn't butt you don't have to explain it now I want to know I guess I just like bring it uploaded like you asked me if I could show book for katmai vs Pink if you put the phone can this way out here are just about there and then cleanse with the back end up not of this is the I said I got it okay but could you have the anal dexterity to then pick up a grape that was on the table deep squat to get that table that's why I said that Steve the grape not scoop it up this is Apple spoon with works well that's not how you play the game Ashley no I just think it'd be a very interesting game will be filming your anus with the do-it-all see it clear that it's easier if you hold the phone cuz then you can like visualize this right you could do it if you had a hole in your pants I'm a volunteer until the problem with the Sarah Chris as you don't get your butt out of that so that's the really Kelsey this so I got the fork in my hand right now if you audio listeners in this probably about 3 inches of handle maybe like 3 Knife Works El how much of Alex like seven how much Chris Chris was out again line on the phone and you weren't allowed to go in deep within the lines so you had she had to clench to hold the phone so how much do I need at least tell me when to stop by fingers and that's enough to keep you about that much in there I think I can you clear your cheeks so from anus stupid that's what the rest of the spare room is clear this rest of the hand whatsap you can conserve your book One engine you can get in there but then it's going to Wobble the Wobble big time what is only beautiful that's what you want your glutes nice and loose you want your then you're going to need more length on the 4K if we write our own wedding vows can I you going to take lunch butt you probably missed a few times and the clenched over a long. Of time will be the Hot Pot the clinch overload you just like you just don't want to clench your not used to making a stabbing motion with your butt somehow I think that's a video I don't know how they give you just Lake protectively Define invoking of spooning would be harder talking with cuz you're pressing it's to unclench well now I know you are the greatest I think the spoon would be harder because you have to like maneuver it's more dexterity scoop up the cereal and then you know driving like the airplane coming to the hanger train coming out of tunnel like a million dollars flowers was talking to Chris about the forecast OK Google conversation have three scientific if you switch your brain just go there like what it where all the activities I can do with my butt it's a one that's always goes to butt specifically picking up grape swear you when he was a grape because grape slow leak three he didn't bring up grapes before we're talking about juice he was time I apple juice o you made fun of me because of my man the apple juice my grown-up apple juice and you said the grapes play in the get down to you and they say can I get you a drink mr. free and you said what would be a kids drink to you like if you said I'll have the fruit punch was that was that you that the kids drink do you your glass of milk has the kids drinks milk and I love you I said it's basically do that I'd love to discuss I don't know if I would guess it's like he's such an All-American kid that the fact that he drinks chocolate milk as a grown up just like I complete series Caleb like his baseball cap on his like he looks like someone sent like like an eight-year-old through a time machine butt the only like changed halfway into it looks like his name should be to me he looks like once every two months because he's married 2016 tiny Diner of embarrassed or something about because I was like I was getting like a weird little like the little face catfish mustache my mom's razors hurt like razors and shaving methimazole look like just given it not not her I would got a fresh one and I was you know now and then so I was using that and then she was like she found all these rate that I had one of her razors and she like I got you some razors face up when you first started it was a lot a lot said you didn't have to shave often or very much time it's just like here and it would take like 3 months for a razor shave and cut the crap out myself this conversation now it's now I'm sitting over here feeling like I've created this conversation with you guys having fun tasty but I'm like now if you like latest episode of the broadcast is brought to you by Harry's everyone everseal of shaving with Harry's products their razors offer and Incredibly Close shave and leave our skin feeling so smooth not like Chris is Mother's Lake Chris companies with these practices and reef in men's profits at the expense of their customers so Gavin and U2 Ordinary guys were fed up with getting ripped off started Harry's to fix shavin by taking less profit and selling directly you over the Internet harry' Choppers their plays at half the price with his you get everything you need for a close comfortable shave a weighted, candle five Precision engineered blades with a lubricating strip and trimmer blade Rich lathering shave gel and I travel blade cover. It's just so confident in the quality the plays they want you to try their shave set for fre you heard that right just cover shipping when you sign up and they will ship it to you plus as a special offer for fans of the show go to harrys.com right now and enter code rooster at checkout to get a post-shave balm also for fre that's harrys.com code rooster thank you Harry's once again for making the Rooster Teeth podcast possible thank you i o I have never been someone who used the after bomb that much light a lot of my shavin habits I established as a teenager when it was like if I like if I just like put the Rays of the wrong way I would just get a rash there in el now that she you see me shave I don't even you shavin Creek I just like grab my thing just say you are though you have a driver's I do now I just texted it and another like that for me I mean I don't know about you guys I might have super dry skin it starts to get like all like old lady and just like paperie and when it gets super dryer like powdery I got ashle Sting's like my skin is so dry so and I did but my skin gets especially bad after shaving cuz it almost like takes off the the top layer or something so the for me but having something afterwards like a like a lotion or a bomb is a got him got to have it year did Chevrolet ever have to do anything up here whatever I want my face waxed painful as shit and then I got a huge break out and I decided never to do that again cuz I was in the chest break out when waxed for 11 little roosters Rice's chest yeah he likes his chest like where it where is suit showed and that he got a horrible breakup because he really went to the gym is eight hours because you're see the super traumatized all of those pores are open because hair just got ripped out of them so when anything gets in there then it's going to irritate sit and it becomes like a huge issue but I'm so then he had a huge break out in head with his hair done it's no big deal I can go wrong with a point that they had that thing going on this bullshit it's not like it's a storm in the shot at my house when he did the incredible mermaid thing coming out of the water which is incredible butt yeah he had it then so I guess maybe that's what I would think you would want to reference why he had that likes weird pag like 50% of the stuff is the plane to put it out or is it just your mouth while that wasn't good enough because when you like super close everything through frame lot faster than if you would so I just didn't have the frame rate by then so you read it it with the new camera what you do is video the steel bar one that I couldn't understand how you guys were standing next to that machine with just basically low-level shop. I'll tell you how I was like is this safe to stand next in there like yeah we was 10 exclusive for you steel shot like you test one or was the first one that we seen the video was at the first when you sell break we did get the first one on camera but that isn't the one in the video you got you but you so you were the first we celebrate you're staying there just trusting these dudes lot of pressure a lot of pressure on my guys grape juice that's awesome you guys the best okay so we have we have a clean record grape juice she says it's juice that's how you know I want to read them that I'm hundred percent pure grape when's the last pure juicy drinks I drink I drink a beer made from filtered water grape juice concentrate citric acid grape does that mean was cuz it grape and Paul mixed in with some other stuff not sure why process in just like juice I think it's just because it makes it more compact to make it longer in easier on the front of just as not a low calorie food I love my Dad we got a brilliant guy butt man he King's begin the begin you weren't being a low carbs he makes you just have carb bread and that was it and he was even talk about it slow carb diet and he said his favorite snack on the Slow Carb Diet was a bowl of popcorn and a glass of milk Atkins Farms alright I thought the same thing just now what are you thinking carb what did you have you never taken communion what do they do for communion in in UK one just straight up lying to get the kids that's like a sip of what grape she was always my favorite the breaking boundaries tonight this will no longer be a kids drink tomato juice is another thing to Dave tomato just make a right sauce tomorrow juice juice of love grape juice off the menu entirely because now you have it hey from concentrate according to Peter Hayes our resident giftmaker from concentrate means the juice and content was dehydrated and compressed nothing more. dehydrated she's like sugar and Lake what do you think of these white kids drinking a memory what is that that's Apple grape soda that's rough what smells and tastes very closely linked with memory grape juice my very close smell like something that you clearly haven't smelled his you like 7 a.m. remember grandparents house cide you back in remember that time that we were walking from Belgium no we're walking Belgium and we were walking through Alleyway this dingy little Alleyway between Street we're just cutting through it to go from One Tree to the next and there was it was a like a 1 foot square spot only one person could be in it at a time and it smelled like the world's best smelling pancakes or something pastry there are waffles and we had no idea where the smell was coming from but we took turns standing the wonderful smell so it wasn't really anything that article about an experimental technique is sparkling grape I'm going to dump my the stuff I just bought him good job that's face uneven what you cannot really slow it face okay, ozone purple it's a magnetic brain stimulation to take him to have any improve your Precision memory the precise type of memory okay so they take a magnet and they go on your head come from magnets in memory memory memory memory magnet magnet magnet spray I said what are things that when do the Northern Lights o one do that for a Blog and Josh cuz I've been there I've been in the Northern Lights o weather like today they might not happen and you go all the way up there inside not tonight by see if they stay for a couple of nights to get it the whole journey and then never saw one of those things that I imagine looks much better in person than it does on video you took a video of the Northern Lights Out the plane window it was pretty fucking in press how's that different to be on the ground well I could see more of them and they were above them which I also didn't know is even possible in the clouds big dumb signs jokes that we had say I don't actually believe that that there is a crack in the atmosphere does the whole ozone hole in there we're going that's when she was there Ozone New Zealand it's really bad overnigh like the whole his closed it still thin but it's not as bad as it was because that gives me hope because it's not the eighties anymore and aerosol hairspray his confirm order wasn't yourself fluorocarbon Dora fluorocarbon Ro floral carb yeah cuz everything yes CFCs clear of chlorofluorocarbons so that was really what did it was like 10 good well I think that was the only with it that you just tell people cuz that's the thing that bake their consumer can have an impact to make it he was also like air conditioning as well contributed to it the way the air conditioners used to be another other factors but we have to communicate some of the people where they feel like they can have an effect hair killing nearest that was fucking Duran Duran that's what do Apple Eric Drive you can do that are you can Port ozone Gavin you're telling me you had a cup of ozone but you've never had pie o don't know if juice is what's your what's your vertical grape juice rancid o you're nothing like a grape o wine not very sweet very sweet grape for sweet there's a very specific kind of grape to make one and it's if you eat the grape it's awful is that what we go it's all like a shriveled and like driving like tiny and like really bitter build the um the normal like the big group such as filler and why not what makes the one the one what was I drinking in the Hitman of motion carbonated grape juice probably like crap and didn't ask what it was it was like it was that I always drink that was just water yeah go ahead Fallout 3 all right the poop toilet that weighs I was adamant that that be in the video they had a drinks in the toilet thanks that was a brand new toilet it had like paint chips in it we did they call that distressed it antique tip I'm sure it's fine are cats drink out of the toilet all the time and they're still up and running Joe the cat's got this thing now where he won't drink a toilet you can bugs me and her all the time why do I stream of the drink out of my toilet on your face and he's going to drink water very very drinks to drink drink your copper cup and we got him a fountain because on Twitter at once I get the cats of Fountain my cat did that I got my Fountain everything's great now time to worry about it we got my phone this is like this is a Die Hard fan to put in the house cuz of the flower flower green flower and leaf die flips off the pedals and it's you know it's little things really Lake flower Mesa slow good in the hopes that Joe the cat would drink it if he really wants running water no that's the exact that's the stupid flower fountain that we have and Joe the cat will not touch tours jump up on it look at it here and then like walk away and then wait for someone to sit on the right next to the front butt right now started this habit that he has where he will go out in the night and he'll hunt for mice that he gets a mouse then he brings it back into the house the other cat door comes up comes through the cat door goes up the stairs comes into our bedroom with a mouse and a reason I know that it's cuz I wake up at 3:30 in the morning and I hear this I'm a Coors annoys some woke me up and then I hear this at the end of the bed like over the edge down by the for the bed on the floor here throughout the kind of waited out the worst part the worst part is when the mouse isn't dead yet back and forth get away I don't know what they are it doesn't look like anything specific it's not like a tail or a Paul it's just like there's some wall believe it is just like just there and it's it's not normally he cleans up after himself but occasionally he wants us to know this old MO not to my knowledge are other cats doing the throws up constantly throws up all the problems he's really sweet to me every morning at 6 in the morning everyday of my side of the bed and just walked back in for the edge of the bed just meowing non-stop a non freaking stop where I would argue back with her every morning as what I do I'm just wake you up when that happens Lord doesn't see can't hear this it's like a nightmare juice and she signed me so it's locked look up so I also want to thank our second father the receiving jackthread when was the last time you order the clothes online and got to try them on before pain for them never right well that's exactly what jackthread Jimmy jackthreads.com does you can bring your shirt you can try anything on at home for free and you only pay for what you keep but it's big-name brand or jackthread in house line you can be sure you are a hundred percent in love with the items you ordered before spending a cent I the say that whenever we have any sponsor Dustin's to get the benefit of you know we'll get the jackthread the pick out the clothes and he is looking rather Dapper I tweeted a photo of him from Sundance and he looks very night she was all be sweater you look 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Calm and enter code rooster teeth when you submit your tryout for 20% off anything that you keep that's jackthread. Com code RoosterTeeth to save 20% on anything you keep keep never buy before you try ever again I love I love this because I hate going to try on clothes dude I really hate it I really hate it if I have to try and three things I can get that little boots I got to try and three different things done that's it that's all I got him I can take three pairs of pants put on three pairs of pants and then I'm just miserable and I get out of there I don't understand people go and try on stuff in like you don't end up walking away with something that's pressure that's why I don't Portsmouth I will take for these cuz I just don't want to buy anything else so if it's and I like the way the shirts can I buy it in 3 different colors Steve Jobs the same outfit like I want you to face right the polos with the bunny on them and jeans I got a bunch of us care doctor don't really notice people's clothes all the effort you put into putting on my clothes everyday face the unless I take you in if I was to walk out of here and someone to quiz me on what every person was wearing I would have absolutely no idea because you got to touch it that's true because it is absurd it's the way it feels like Griffey so Sally the pages here and we should have said yes but I'm going to find out two things I want to find out if she ever had grape juice into the glass for Sally and then I also have to find out what was the thinking return but we can come back and ask Kelly about biology show me the picture we said we would wait and talk to her about it something and also new story we started talking about butt then drop that point no does she have a mic a Sally I cannot believe you never had grape thank you well I want to try the grape Eric grape jelly jelly the culling children to sniff markers markers in the whole in your brain do you consider grape juice to be a child's drink watches any other juice is so I Apple like apple juice and kids on to drink well how do I say using apple juice is slightly older than o when you're younger you have I the orange juice or apple juice o milk I die sometimes Street drinks that you have a drink I die I still drink juice I in no way you think o I also want to point out it was in a bottle that was half the size of all the other bottles that were on the same shelf right oh yeah coming in from the side Harrison fixing stuff is this is Alicia slow year he was asking about not having grape juice Gavin work in a grocery store as a stock boy especially if I don't know what to say so maybe Lake so slow is the kids training you how to drink wine for those that don't like wine I'm so slow is it's it is said in like a champagne bottle but it's completely now call very sweet like that right sounds like I missed out on the fun sleepover version sleepover to years ago we decided that we hadn't had to sleep over and years and so we took my just leave all right it's got to be your same-sex friends come over Sonic and friends typically to be more than like you you know you have a whole threesome of platonic friends I had sleep if you sleep with them that's just checking you can't have it says what makes it not asleep yet if you bring an o what is the you just say but what about crashing at someone's place okay so this this sleep because it's like you went out so you went out drinking and then you go back to their place and you passed out on the couch that asleep o intentional face predefined Ashley the person posting would actually like get out in the living room in like sleep over right now I just feel like because I don't sleep I would say if you crashed your friend's house and they came out of the bedroom and slept in the living room with obviously butt no I was I was going off as an offer you drink too much feel free to sleep here because we have additional beds that you can sleep in but also felt like that would be a little creepy doll it's silly of me it's in my head cuz I don't think it would Ro so the way people leave party steel it's like I looked up it was 3 in the morning in there Chris was eating a bunch of pie bunch of pie I mean I was he was doing his best to resist tiny pie and they're all different sweet pies and I over bought those as well we had like 12 left so I do want to throw them away so I just started feeding them the Chris and he could have but I also didn't want to be tempted by then the next day and I want them in a Chris just give Chris the night for drinks we went out to the first annual C BBD Chris and Burnie birthday party which I get to be CBP Chris birthday big I got it tell me when I'm drinking I remember this so I was leaving we're talking about what a great time was everything Chris proceeded to give me I should we count it was eight hugs I'm particularly how do you have been drinks like Chris you have to if I live Chris the day we met I squeeze the lemon in your eyes that's one of my life video Doctors close enough and it needs it just occurred to me that in a in a week I'm going to be flying to middle of summer yes you are are you guys you guys put on like a winter coat you have way too many like to know as well that was that was like a bush working together all the hair on my legs I can tell you what butt also just like El you know people ever you eat a bunch during the holidays you know you put on a couple extra layers you like it's fine I have until like May fat but I realize I had like a week and a half till I can do the entire holiday because I'm going to go to the beach and sun you have a of my swimsuit fit I'm just trying to get in shape no but I'll be in for the beach part of the plant that you clearly aren't in the flat channel are you going to eat what we going to anyway I never go by the way I don't like that it's awesome I started running and I hurt my foot now I can't run I can't walk exercise and that combined with its O Brother, but I can do both then you can exercise has Myriad benefits weight loss isn't particularly one of them maintain it not putting on weight is one of them actually losing weight exercises and because if you think about how much exercise have to do to burn 200 calories for one single chocolate ball it's a you can lose so many more calories three times and then you come through and they recently seen you lose what you never had what was the most Gavin how much are you never know I've been asked you how much more you wait than what you're currently weigh what's like the highest you've been away from juice you never know what you weigh like I you don't even know you're waiting now that's o Atkins study they suspected this for a while there's a correlation between calorie restriction and Longevity is well that you cannot protein instructions proteins that frightens the breakdown products of slightly talks about the money or any Ro from right down and so as humans we typically eat enough protein I was like o like your vegetarian vegetables have protein in them but if you don't eat all protien how are you and gets hole right but we mostly eat enough for you anyway we mostly over the amount of protein but if you do restrict the amount of writing that you eat I'm just generally caloric restriction the signs roughly says that you will live longer so that's where the 5:2 fasting diet comes from why you foster two days eating only for five days he just doesn't eat for two so fat when your fasting I think it's up to 500 calories in a glass of grape juice and so it's not so don't just go out there o so if you catch diabetes early enough if you thought enough it changes your body's response to insulin enough the atropos is that why is protein bad butt so what can you eat what are you yelling really good things like to exercise and that you like to eat protein muscle and then it's like what you need low carb protein and Lake I found out white rice is bad for you and all the others it's like 1 feet is what I see very few new one food is good for you see you then it's good in every respect savers on book low-fat yogurt we think o it's good cuz it's a fight and normally they replace the front with sugar Wylie finding that sugar is worse than 5 so I actually like your gets to be with you then food fight yoga that's holding head up face so so everything that pretty people of small stuff because you think I feel they must be good it's a common thing across the board if you had to choose to be incredibly intelligent or incredibly beautiful what would you like knowing what you know about the world now and I was surprised by the number of people who said I said I'd rather be pretty in that was because every we'll just pretend that I'm in apple very good dunning-kruger butt smarter than me more miserable people happy because they don't know the problems casein protein contains nitrogen where is carbohydrates is collagen protein also has not shown attached to it nitrogen found some weed compounds like Ammonia and urea old of which I kind of talked to your buddy so we try and that's why it's cold year and ammonia I'm sorry we can get our money it's year don't we they excrete uric acid so the white stuff in Bird poo is the equivalent of that way because they don't want to lose all that water so they use uric acid which is a super concentrated foo look like the brown in the white it kind of takes a toll on I bought at you so it's hard to break down we go to get rid of it and so the foo is is that may be eating lots of it kind of contribute the agent but this is still early hypothesis that has a lot of testing to be done we still need very much protein for muscle growth and repair in general so prepare everything is like all the enzymes in your body all night of protein protein is Wate juice calories should I just eat only Celery Night well that's how you lose weight you have time you would feel so bad for that even though my stomach will be full of celery but I mean you can just eat and it's like we can lost for a couple weeks without eating food so I mean it's not good remind of starving you can text you just give them like if they're on the verge of of dying of starvation you can't just give them food and they survive right that's not a thing you can do is not whatsap in cousin tration comes it's like not give people food I'm still died even though they had access to food now because their organs already shut down you can't feed rich foods and it's quite possible that you will stop self digesting the bits that's perfect cuz that I wouldn't be hungry and my stomach would have stuff to do earlier there was scarcity of food well beyond what they were used to it so people don't of huge caloric deficit over many weeks at two or three weeks and then when they get eliminated from the show they put on my boat motor boat them away and then they could eat whatever they wanted to and it's pretty sure I'd like some of the stuff if you eat a woman entire jar of peanut butter going back so good people that's what they did to me they should have peanut butter so miserable she said no because I wasn't prepared yeah yeah but it's incredibly nutrient-rich spots and it's so yeah if you're starving I need to put on weight then usually chunky or smooth I just don't like the chocolate Americans grape feel like crap I don't want peanut butt just like the mixer away from each other butt when I think of the third sponsor Reese's Peanut Butter Cups podcast Squarespace thanks for sponsoring this episode 3 podcast Squarespace is the only one platform to create a website or online store the beautiful award-winning designer templates 24/7 customer service and domains and we've always said every time we had squarespac is found your help or did it to have your own domain name I should have Burnie. Calm and I've had it for years and is very popular rtaa that was about the Burnie. Come you know debacle that it went through trying to do the same Benny's Benny's different one that's the same burn my Burnie still with the you it was fine I tell him that all the time I know she always I wish you were Burnie Sanders all the website out this year that's where my products I have you been thinking about starting your website or online or start your free trial today at squarespac Rooster Teeth and enter offer code vs to get 10% of your first purchase make your next move with Squarespace every make your own website ever get your presence in the wetlands Facebook and YouTube and all those other things just have your own space because those things will eventually go away whether or not you believe it I really just think about Snapchat where people are wondering if the Snapchat numbers are what they actually think they are because they think they're going to an IPO valuation last I heard for Snapchat the valuation for the company was 18 billion dollars what you're telling me that Snapchat is worth less than whatsap slow I don't think Sally whatsap American tiny is what I mean for his Facebook bought WhatsApp it was almost like a defensive move because WhatsApp was in all the countries were you know no one has it does not use Facebook adoption that's how I try to talk to her when she was a billion dollar company was acquired knowledge and user base of people they just have records of people and spectacle now let's not discount online and if they take me Juice El on Snapchat where New Mexico videos write it so you can record videos literally everywhere you go with their glasses that you wear yes but the video is it might also be that I like on Snapchat I only follow people that I know and I'm close to in real life and like one of them has those sunglasses Snapchat so I could try all the cool filters I like to go in and then just close it but I still kind of you sir are you Snapchat a lot I just texting Snapchat die made I was walking home and I was just like I'm going to fill my legs as I will come over stepped on a dead butt and it's like I just posted this is a very weird one time when we should look for moving into the office and one of the guys over at the downtown area where we were moving it was that there was a mass bird die offs in downtown Austin that day skirted the road so we were in the shutdown citizens but I think it was limited to certain species that usually has a grackle I freaking love broccoli you when I hear that he had stretched out Chris I just love those piercing eyes have you ever seen them in Austin when there's lots of literally tens of thousands of them and there will be parking lots a rocket with them all the time so we have stolen the a suite together sometime in three other locations in the world Today show off the street to protect people from the dead Burnie know why the birds died and so they're like oh this is often when you go deaths it can be something to do with poisonous gases so that was a really famous case a famous I don't remember many of the details of it over these humans in this Village Die free much overnight they couldn't make out what it was they live next to a lake and there been some gossip bubble. From The Late Bloomer something like this is from the roadkill they wouldn't want to have multiple people in the world pandemic infection going to be just coincidence that multiple the death of half and in the same time and because you noticed it then you have the observation butt. So the other day I'm not spending time looking for bird that's around the world the date of this was January 8th 2007 so you know we almost we just passed the anniversary of it was dead grackle sparrows and please shut down 10 blocks in downtown for several hours Monday after 63 birds were found dead in the street 63 I feel like I sold it is way more burn a video about shacking a bunch of dead butt first video was it good as president which I don't remember and it's on the website I don't know I don't know and I think it might have been like sponsor only people who have something in the news about all these birds dying or something and people can figure out I don't I don't I don't know it was that or something and if the bird die poisonous gases and you have to leave is the birds die first and today just die of heights o you they are they need lower amount of sun poison to kill them to be nice poisonous is cleaned it can a gram thing so like you need more poison to kill an elephant that he do to cut a stray I'm so it's Melania Mo plus they have higher oxygen requirements and so they will die soon so the Burnie such a horrifying feeling to look at me cage in the canaries dead and now I'm getting the hell out of his mind like a the worst thing would be to look at the cage and see that someone forgot to put the canary in did you were there any science fiction movies you saw the slasher 2016 that's why I was asking you about it it's alright the arrival was the best movie of 2016 EV want to hear like a la la land but I didn't know it was okay Ro best films or I will send you can't talk too much about them I am amazed that I got to watch it without having any of it spoils anyway I had my 14 year old son we set down I said he's xd11 survival over the course of three weeks he's like the trailer I'm sure I already know everything that is about like watch the watch the game with him and now it's one of the servers I find it's so good that I don't want to watch a second time is one of those three different well I'm just like I like it is only for you sent that off the woods and you just don't want to look at the interview just to sit and think about what you say very thoughtful movie bird storyline and they just really got really there a lot of movies that are different on II walkthrough on Book of Eli is it is a good one to watch the second time around a lot of stuff the first time you go through a lot of movies you're experiencing it and and you're like a afterwards you can go back a second time and you have a lake a better appreciation for like bread crumbs how it's made all that sort of stuff and Book of Eli watch second time in its grape Suicide Squad why I cannot hear Arrested Development butt arrested Veldman's you watch again you watch what I mean there's so many like inside jokes and like yeah and there's jokes that you wouldn't get unless you've already seen it there's also like they have ones that pay off three seasons later and it was like the plan something and then actually like come up and see Eric oh my God too many subplots of that that goes too far with that Ashley took me out to see the Christmas special the one with the ghost doctor mysteri in the return of doctor mysteri of the side like that one because they they come be ready The Illusionist if you good one good film to watch twice actually is going to get everything the sci-fi film very logical primer or primmer but it said it was making a timer it was going to be Prima prima donna time travel movie and you figure some stuff out as the time-travel goes on about who's that some people have your place themselves and there's different layers and people have drug chart for this movie and when you watch it the second time it's literally a different movie because you don't you have two different times because the original like them right the different time lines in the movie and then figure out which who was which one and like it as well as carrying himself unconscious butt to do that too it was because he made in color and I just didn't really residence in Resident for me it's like the guy who made Darren Aronofsky me the first movie in the you made things like it won't see Jack went in at Global going through time she around the fountain I found it was the mathematician one pie pie and then drinks pie Requiem for a Dream yeah but that's Fountain was like a weird the movie like it you know you try to do was like future is to try to study near future but then you could go out far enough you know her vision of the future is very much a base in our technology like in the fifties when they talk about we do in 2000 was all about basic you know because they will then years then they Foo so they thought you would have a teleportation and that kind of stuff where is information they thought it would be same as it was then he had information is just like we've got to get on it is cheaper than coal getting their investments in solar energy are better or maybe not actually like the in so my race if they went hideously actual rooftop solar energy we have solar energy because we're not we're here anyway the energy from the store hi just me later whatsap it takes energy to push then when the clouds come and you just let it go it's currently still a viable there about the batteries but there are still places weather like Reservoir so cool though I like that team turbines you just mul the say hi the how do you do basically the same thing when she Walter jokes you can of thorium do you know much about Thorium at all I know but you don't seem to me that if whatsap we do cracked the energy problem and energy read red when we cry face you from so efficient you can put them on your roof batteries in your garage of the Powerball from Tesla think it those even more efficient to where you don't even need a power infrastructure anymore you just have power where you needed to solar cells are so efficient if we have that everybody has one it was energy is that a good thing you know is is the limitation of energy kind of keeping Humanity in check with population growth and development and everything else if we don't have that limitation is that going to then is that can cause don't problem likely because industrialize so you saying the increasing in size countries develop this is grape countries have very high Birthright salsa very high infant mortality rate as they develop the infant mortality rate drops which means you get butt the birthright stay very quiet please get rapid expansion in the population this was Britain during the Industrial Revolution and then mostly mothers have lots of children as an insurance because they know the baby's going to die of infectious diseases they need that children to work on farms or like basically that's as the country comes more industrialized I really don't need to have as many kids the birthright drops infant mortality rate it's pretty much already is and that's right. Slow 2.2 I think it is a replacement right and then you got to the state of like your of what the population growth rate declines and you start an aging population in Japan and Germany as well as a country become more industrialized that is what causes population growth to slow Chinese I think about to come up to it speak whichever ones are excited about it also has population the one-child policy since it's anymore lots and it wasn't it's also caused a lot of other problems like a female infanticide butt is still which I mean just just you know from analyzing a population what happens when you have a generation of men and there's between 5 and 10 million of them that cannot find a mate or partner in life they just can't find them what happened so that we don't think we know we know what that what that's that's whenever I would say the 5:2 10 million men is that's a good-sized army that's that's the scary thing about that to me you know is that it's some kind of Crisis what what happens when you can your of America we're going to these crises of I don't of the crisis all the good memories population decline because of industrialization natural progression and then also why are we fighting immigration so hard across the board has fre High population growth rate compared to how fall industrialized we all is because we have quite a lot of immigrants tend to be of reproductive age so that they just of the right age to have more kids so we of us right so yeah there's a lot of people law who was like government schemes to try and get people together dating and having kids with their trying to promote they like have like if your single like we will send you on this weekend away with a bunch of other like adding phone numbers to the ladies panties they sell in the vending machines face any machines o hell yeah but only on the men's only floors right now is there ladies pants on the are there you just to Lake have I don't know what if there's like there's a print sniffing night so you can go in the sand do I have Gavin spots on the Underpants pie is where everyone takes them off and put some in a bag sniffing an you write down who you like identify most would like the nicest smell which one you like do you know The Fountains is sniffing that sweat and then you'd like it to people pick each other's stink than that pretty much meant for each other Lake the world's worst Tinder well I butt uploaded all right so if you were trying to go back to the story about the study that it's just some signs article I read about other using magnets in the pre what is think works know I'm trying to think of the name of the term for but it's some kind of thing with non-invasive kind of stimulation 5:2 since it's a bit like radiation therapy it as a lot of states on the outside but then it focuses in on the single point. How you can like face on a Chima inside the skin without burning all the rest of the skin on the surface is it slow enough it's or anywhere o faces that you can do that and still very particular part of the brain and it makes a clicking noise as it again Atkins switch on or off will Justin be in today with the second letter people you see videos of them talking and then they'll stimulate the brain and they're just lose the ability to speak and it comes off I was trying to speak but something was blocking it was still trying to do it and yeah it's an amazing way it that's a no way you can employ an electrode into the brain and it's which is on and I think it's Parkinson's disease where you get muscle Tremors if you put your donut device and then if you override a sudden part of the brain it gives the brain was too much information so you no longer get these muscle treatment so you have to find these people have these little control is a controlled in their brain they'll switch on a Muscle Shoals switch off and they can barely control anything that they doing they say just call and cancel it and it's just incredible and then it's like totally fine a magnet where it's like a magnet pill to swallow will they put in your mouth nice o let butt that goes down and they control it with magnets and it can unfold and pick up stuff and like scrunch back up and then they pull out and it's used for like removing objects falling objects that you should have swallowed you like a kid so I was like and I put out so that after surgery the kickstarter Industries bass drum very fancy concert videos very the big what I see now is The Wristband that protects your phone screen a forearm I've seen an amazing the funk English and oh my gosh and I love how it was going to put out their Prototype videos now and it looks horrid it's just it's exactly what is that it wasn't exactly but it was a little project for the super face and everything else it was a cup when you pour liquid into it you the calories the contents of the liquid in the cup and everything to be like for years hours juice this years and we're going to make it doesn't do what we said it would yet and it tells you exactly you know I have a conspiracy theory about that about nutritional information in the u.s. nutritional information in the u.s. is literally the only thing that uses metric all can you don't think about it but all of our week we talk about ounces we talk about pounds we talk about pints for measurement everything but when you look at the nutritional grape entirely in grape it's internally how many milliliters is a 12-ounce Coke you had a 12 ounce can year old and a billion times how many milliliters is a milk milliliters is in 100 more 100 more Wate Wate Hall MO 12 ounce Coke the normal kind of cake how many milliliters are in a 12 ounce cup it's conversion here oh yeah I wouldn't know I don't know no flaws measures 6 milliliters think of one milliliter is first and then a little like small millets breakdown 200 it's right now there's a hundred milliliters in a liter right now in Arden Honda Center New Center one hundred percent as a hundred thousand face so are you have a concept of how big a liter of water is that make a leader what would I mean it's not butt what would a thousand of this would be that much like a little it was Learned was a decent amount of sugar for incent in a Coke cuz that's that's how you look at that if you're looking at the nutritional information pie looking for the sugar content and leave a Coke that's all I can think is about 42 grams of sugar however if they told you that a 12-ounce Coke is four ounces of sugar you like things like mostly sugar you know it's a third of its sugar or however much it is yes then you'll be able to make a more intelligent choice but now often signing times at teaspoons of sugar that's how about trying butt on the side of products I mean is a scientific measurement so it's looking at stuff in milligrams you don't really want to be talking about Millions like right now I get it it's it's the opposite of that England is book by the liter fuel efficiency is done by miles per gallon die just so nobody knows how it you know what is the difference between the u.s. gallon in the UK English pint is bigger we would say is a thousand million and billion sauce is a minion minion yeah I know I was never told her that it was a thousand million is it can be sads in those times and so it's fine it is a good point why would you not say a thousand to one magnitude lower yeah that makes sense so I guess like why did you become in a thousand that's when so you o trillion is out of a hundred thousand why not be able to have a thousand million when did that die after a thousand million is a billion o Sally upset interested I will guess is your closing thoughts for the Russia podcast for to the one last question what actually this is we talked about this earlier Mitchell, Two River to ask about food going off in your mouth of what is it food spoiling your mouth and while we're at it the other picture of Gavin that's somebody created I love this thing face like a memory Eric owes you have transcended his you know drinking memory I am I read it on the grape juice with his in between these and grape juice and grape juice they send it out of grape flavoring why doesn't see it in your mouth guys splitting takes time and it snow in your mouth so long enough to spoil it when you're talking about splitting and we talking about microbial activity between your teeth every 12 hours later but if you let me know the counter for 12 hours and feels like that would be more spoiled something in your mouth on it so we have of enzymes that break down sugars in your mouth to O that the bacteria in your mouth the different to the bacteria at just out in the ass and so colonize is the meet will be different then you'll get is a community of different bacteria that live in your mouth those will stop feeding on it so you say it's just a different position but it will stop being broken down in your mouth in your mouth with all the food alright jackthread and squarespac the mo