#413 - How Up Is Space?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Jon Risinger as they discuss space travel, owning cats, cringe-worthy eye stuff, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 30, 2017, sponsored by go90 (http://go90.show/2k92iit), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb), Shari’s Berries (http://bit.ly/2gjcsXO)

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Recorded: 2017-01-31 09:58:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

hello and welcome to the podcast this early this week spot you buy go9 ProFlowers and Shari's Berries I honestly forgot the order if I did sponsors first or people or come off like we were talking about I remembered I just did snuck up on me still you Gus Gavin Barbara Jon from Gus we were going to start I mean like I knew you were working at the primary disadvantage just starting at this time is that people could potentially be working on something something and forget to meet their phone I like other things like that so it's interesting to say the least to be streaming so early going to be done before we would have started normally there's probably going to be a time when we get to some other you're going to finish going to walk out the doors and still be out yeah I mean I saw it what was long like a monies were really long as nobody get here before 9 in the morning anyway and it whenever we do the pop we did the podcast at 7:30 and I'll be leaving around 10 p.m. sag I knew every Monday was a 13-hour day unavoidable that I was like low a live numbers will be this week well know if they shooting at 7:30 in if I missed it will be a try-hard podcast in our newly restructured podcast block call the cock block the cock block off plug do Super 3D podcaster five try hard at 7 to let a dick I couldn't determine whether we should be first or last - Island Middle sandwich yeah please don't tell me you actually can bologna know it why I never go out with bologna I didn't know a lot of stuff that's good a piece of the kid this is the only thing I can drink on Passover because I was long for a long time to make it look like down like orange squash and ribena and stuff but never actually grapes I don't know what that is and then you pull up in that much and then you put Warren and you know if you drink it all like this not real things like that you gave us for all of those and would you make a sandwich with bread and peanut butter that what we listing Foods bloonies where the package is where it's like balloon looks like it's upside down? Yeah I like eye supposed to like because it rises up off of the package on the end of stranger things the upside down Downieville what would you say the bunch of baloney but the time again is amazing are you can fuck up more than me at the top of the show and now I'm hello someone know some of using the hashtag RT Podcast someone tweeted that they're watching for the first time from Estonia wow that's pretty late there was there was because I was walking by Becca's computer and she's playing a quiz the first I guess they're playing a quiz of like I just a blank map of the United States and they a wood saying they need to pick with at State wasn't see how well you know the states and then what to Europe and just we didn't know anything how well did you do that Gavin on your up yeah there's like you know like Lithuania is love much smaller countries that I wouldn't know the place we're not even like them Sweden know I don't like map that does are any of to click on whatever want it gets too cold I did it for the us-12 and I thought I need to stay it's pretty well I didn't do too well I'm not the only one that really know or like California like what they look like you, I would do better on a map of Europe that was blank then I would labeling the Canadian provinces I know I couldn't even think about eye British Columbia Province know I have paid 0 tension the Canada Canada places which one's even things like the other ones there's like is Paraguay that in is that in your of America I just not it's just an area-of-effect some eye Braves decide to hold on to all these things that you're that you're taught in school and that's shoved in your brain and then your ass to recite and then your brain only holds onto so much for some reason I have kept on I've decided to move all of this the countries of Europe eye my brain to remember basically everyone who's ever been an X-Men that's on my brain is. I can tell you too much about comics and movies and and cartoons and could tell you nothing have you ever been in a place and you don't know know where you were on the map Kassel Germany and so I know where Germany is the castle is in relation to anywhere else in Germany to London on the general area but I couldn't like you used to do when you were in an airport you would try to find a seat and then you look on Google Maps to verify it Apple Maps app and I'm just like I don't even u.s. annoying is it if you delete Apple Maps like I have good cop and then you press a link to something it doesn't is open Google Maps is like you need to restore Apple Maps garbage garbage garbage I forgot to delete Google Maps do that they got rid of stockhouse Define allow you to delete the stock apps or the default APPL awesome. Awesome crab I don't probably stick with the iPhone keep buying them I don't I need a new phone I broke my phone and I've been using an old one of Andy's for forever and just been waiting for taxes using Andy's old phone cleanse that before you said it's like it's like it's also like in a box things Barbara I know it's in for whatever the bad stuff is right now. I'm waiting for tax season to be over - before I know if I have money cuz I got screwed over the taxes last year some like waiting to see how it was didn't change my the what you exclude and said they got to then they're like You Are why I like as you said you had kids and I was like I do and they're like know you just don't have enough that I don't get to claim them completely claim what you got I don't know kids hair know so then I got some way I don't want an iPhone but I also don't want to learn a new phone we know has an iPhone as what makes you want to be green Texas the a like so hard to get rid of it is the iMessages everyone uses brownie causing me to have the side effects for Android hey girl I text you yeah know what about you bitching about APPL what I like complaining about how shit it is invented the fucking platform the invented the idea of this kind of phone and they forgot how to make them thank you can I tell you something really bad about what I bought this cuz I was sick totally lame and I only wear them under hood cuz I'm so embarrassed Ryder long hair like that how it's beat to my dick anyway I'm sick of losing headphones that I never have the lightning 100 I know I've lost the Adaptive the thing and I was just sick of never be able to use headphones as like and I try these out and I really like him you're sitting headphones I'm sure your butt easier these ones and these don't fit in the plane and then I would have liked the wrong ones the out this doesn't fit in my phone is like bring your charger with this is so small I'm just going to leave it a thought I'm truly embarrassed and I hate myself way more than I did before I on them and I don't want you more than before that would hang out like that I thought they were just like they stick out like do I mean they out there yeah but it's know tooth headphones that exist prior to those stupid pieces that are have a pair of overtime prefer over here to connect to my phone so they're not natively Bluetooth and wired okay but thank you for the flexibility if I need the wire I still plug them in then if I want to Bluetooth on my you have I have over here when that just connect in the back and there and there Bluetooth in there the best thing ever I like you just the fact I like know Court I like it but they don't need to look like those Abominations I used to have like an early District start really nice cancelling in-ear Sennheiser earphones and do the head like different attachments for the part you put in your ears like the shape of your ear canal like you would get in there like seal it off that we can hear oh shit in your ear like blocking up the pressure what your nose and Squidward just like a big shit out of my Tears it took like 10 minutes to get around blowing up and getting ready flight all the pressure whenever I use those like little at your butt things the inside of my ear like where it there supposed to sit is really small and very stiff so I can't really sit inside so I always end up just like falling out of my ears cat like I want a man like that would you have individual Bluetooth cans if they can somehow stick to it without plant tulip a plate that was magnetic can you put the Hydra your air is bracing it's just slowly like squishing your you tomorrow or text me I was let's meet tomorrow for the first time ever going to Australia I'm on the flight that goes Dallas Sydney would I think it's 17 hours and I get a little break one of the longest flight to London never been at flight from England to Australia in the history of flying I don't think anyone's done that I always calculate I think we can do it let's Light It Up two pieces of luggage will bring a couple of helium balloons cat a cup of you hold these cans of gas case one check one bag Bridges you carry on there 32h seat hazardous the hospital on this flight Australia soccer Perth to London by 2017 that's crazy and go to from England to Australia and 1 hours to go to space a 787 that high up let's not be crazy the gravitational pull of the Earth traveling from London to Perth is not like some sort of how office space if you pet sit and how office space eleven if you took your stop Point annual Sydney point I just did that is that what you coming up when you're in space orbit orbit around Earth with an altitude between 99 miles and 1200 miles you can definitely be going that high is also something that extends even more gas than just coasting over to Perth what you on about from were able to go from down to up which involves more like a fuel and then just going from up to here and then like me just going to coasting until I hope it will have fun plane talking about getting out of the earth that involves so it looks like GPS satellites orbit at about 16500 miles above the law that's a lot that's a la to Sydney is how many thousand ex5000 Mavis 1351 at remember we gone back to the Moon not gone back to the Moon having trips there let's go ahead on the bottom of the ocean China might be the only country planning to send a person back to the Moon conception that we'd be to look like people be living on the moon and there's nothing there plane is probably going to go to the shed right but there's nothing there sustaining us if you lived on the moon you would still need the planet yes so even if this Earth becomes a lifeless Rock we shouldn't go to the closest other life let's rock just for end it you'll need clouds and rain and stuff to live on it I said that we should go back I think we could establish like like a almost like a refueling station or Ford operating base to get to other places or like the restaurant come on a restaurant a revolving restaurant I think we should be at this point we should be at like vacationing to go to the Moon shit just like a different Celestial body Australia's basically. Spot the Difference it's like the Moon I mean it's cool that it's in like it has a different seasonal pattern to what about Mars would you go to Mars a visit what if what if I had a teleportation pad right here they're just take you there if it was instant oats if it was spend three months on a spaceship what about a week on his face yeah he's also complaining about like a 15-hour flight wrong with you bars I'm going to do that I don't know if the internet's good isolated video Jon what we going to do space on another planet a cool concept of you been inside of okay know if I could be if I could do I would go do you could do that go inside a volcano like figured out if we can get his you can wear a diving suit and go into aluminum foil suit going to Mars versus going and I would say it's it's those it's those places that man has never actually stood it's theirs and there's something amazing about all of those it should never be me I should know standing on Mars and of space it like what know why would some other came back not so be like what did you do what what experiment did you and I feel like I'm just bored and looking around and it was and I was trying to be a villain right now because you would you Perth to go to Mars Island promise you I would know to get to Mars even if I was the best person cuz I hate you I don't want to be alone with my thoughts for that long if I went with you I'm at the light we're pet out there maybe that'd be alright the actual Space Station International Space Station a much the initial built with inflation I don't know I don't know if a token included what about the 2010 costs 100 million dollar 10 billion dollars a hundred and fifty billion. order of magnitude more billion dollar and that Sandra Bullock Island face is expensive could have paid it could have again it's like people start living on the road I know it'll never happen cuz it's not sustainable but like what would be the cost of like real estate there if the space station is a hundred and fifty billion dollars to basically on the space station living in the most expensive apartment rent Airbnb ever over 25 is the additional down payment know if you're my know if property taxes load amount Winona 21 order at it SPO getting as eye to eye what do no PMI know which way I don't know how to price out the insuranc on that I don't you want to get Grand back just in case if you're crazy where are you trying to live it's actually affordable know it's $178 a month $78 a month yes it's just broken it you can live in space you got to get up there the commute a bitch you would live in space place is amazing know if I should be there what then you don't get to come and I will go and I will I don't know send you silly picture she said it took three months ago to Ma's would totally go you spend 90 days traveling easily a hundred if you plan to come back right Years Years even if I even if I travel to Mars another 6 months of travel back movie times of change of state you 20 months of March before the planets realign for return trip so it would take two and a half years roughly I can do it if we were we had like a data stream of stuff to build to get to the bishop I would only do it if it made a modem noise every time you connected you like on the internet Jon if you miss two and a half years a V8 like of Life everybody the beginning of what you mean you mean I could skip two and a half years of what's going on right now I would love to do that I mean everything's wonderful nothing bad is happening people from damn right I'm a bad guy from planet people eye view in our jobs go9 to free Digital entertainment service with TV shows you already love original series Life Sports and live music watch free on your phone your laptop your tablet or cast directly to your TV go9 has original series inspired by favorite video games like Battlefield and Street Fighter go9 he has live concerts behind-the-scenes access to some of your favorite musical artist go9 has the best of Eastport announce original shows from Studios like Machinima maker and noticed be sure to check out Roost G'zOne original series what do you know now streaming only on go9 available on iOS and app Store Go nighty what do you know apparently started today I found out that every time you realize it was out already episode know I didn't know that they talk about time travel so I always watch the first three minutes so you I was like I was jumping into chunks Jon Let's just rubbish know I was like jumping on read it really quick just see what's going on and someone had posted that it was I was like what I wanted to see how's your other probably that is sick I'm having a good time know you love my life. I feel bad I declined on OverWatch and white from Jon the other day let's a call skin so far, I've got both may skins and I got the diva emote a good killing that game as far as like making idiots like me spend money on loot boxes every 3 months 20 bucks every three months is different than the $700 to get a phone if you buy it from do you do the contract because I don't have enough money in my budget to do stuff like that right now then I got screwed over with taxes for your phone and I'm trying end and I have my vibe put a limit on monthly bills cuz things Stack Up pay for it they begin to stack up and I had to once I got to a bit of a budget crunch but I just have to stop doing those mother think if I want a new one I have to get rid of one so if I want to add the phone at the same thing I want to cat I want to cats so fucking bad you should get a cat ever you everytime you post anything about your fucking Kitty I don't just go out the door but I refused to get a pet until 1 I know I can't I eye a know have no problems you know getting all the the beginning Gus cuz I have no cats outside I'm know cat stuff and then - I pay for insurance for my pet and so in case of emergencies I always do that and so I am insuranc another bill inside I can't do that until I can get past text eye occasionally will go through all my recurring and make sure I have a crap and not using which happens what time I just have Xbox Live on an account I didn't use for like three years writing ten bucks a month and I did about it dad he was paying for some service for 30 years and he only found out about Ali was quite thirty years eye thing was an AOL account that even between 10 and 30 so I looked so this is not a mortgage calculator I just divide Colombo Colombo 50 billion dollars by 360 months okay so this doesn't even take into account interest or anything so if you were here a percent interest long a great deal as a good long you pay 416 million dollars a month 606630 years I do that you're saying By The Station if you could only put down 416 million dollars or did you know everyone that's got the everyone's going to know that I had a good taxis in the day that I tweet that I got to cat that's how I'm going to do if I if I don't get cat after like April that's like Jon got screwed by taxes or you could work for really hard right and then be like hey on your player iced yeah that's also something that could happen but even then I'm still just like holding on to his how you do that don't make it actually will help things like that and make some money reduces your mother. My $55 Kitty when she's so bad when she's so bad the want end the desire cuz I also really want to cat or dog here's eye do Instagram there's a count called cats of Instagram that doesn't do it for me too much sometimes I'll be at work and at home and I feel like I've reached a limit I need to find the cat a kitty here has Alex had it Alex had a kitty the big found she got her own proper things to the veteran everything and brought it here it was a good fit in one of your what happened was I what I work over the Bungalow yeah I work over the Bungalow and they asked a question about a logo as long as those times was like I know this question would be easier if I could talk to her in person and so I walked over here and I walked into the room like mouth open right a say something and then I saw I can't who had it but someone had that kitty just nestled in here and I noticed that in just stopped like there's like there's no I don't want this is all you need more cats satisfaction you have a place to poo and he gets along with kitties yeah she gets excited at first and then once it's no longer like a like a like a big things you about anymore cats know my fear like I think your cat go of my fear I don't know because like cat clawed me really bad and then these cat did that to me once - but now whenever there's a cat near me on like it know it scared a couple of people who don't like cats like go to be over by the whole thing was that when I went and watched bringing Ashley's house for a month and I got Joe and Nutmeg so I had basically Hound 2 Cats for a month and I like this is the best thing ever like them just like like Joe coming up like on the bed just watching some of my computer and then Joe comes up and starts making biscuits on my chest I like this is like the best of the best cat that right but that just like it snow start talking like that worst animal like I would end up with like the shittiest asshole cat or the shittiest asshole you happy. If you get them from a puppy or kitten you can make it I don't know the first thing about training animals that the training the love it looks like your hand in your to go to the hospital we talked about cats in an episode of spot a sign not the one that's out this week what an upcoming one so check it out please on plug the other shows topic house you can have my jobs you can have on the spot of scienc 3D the Lego the fuck to put in a at the beginning of your fucking title we're number one a fucking idea he didn't have a at one point and I saw the logo and it really bother me that it in at 8 so I'm actually glad it has name is your fault know I didn't say I had no choice is the first one with one or just write something that I'm going to be about discovering help we are in space a lot of scienc happy the post-show for a spot as I'm going to be those businesses do that like you see like a a plumbing a Triple A Plumbing flight know but it doesn't matter. Call me at any point and have anything other than that, at this point like it has a DOT or go. Pizza everything now TV Gus. Dog domains / Gus you could do it. Pizza she got Pizza Corolla dog look like. Gus have to be from you need a man for someone guys, guys., one of them there's someone okay how can I tell the story without giving up too much personal information I have a personal Gmail account any word you can't say to say the word Smurf I have a personal Gmail account that I don't really use that frequently I normally spot everything but I have the Gmail account that I use for for some stuff and there's someone out there in the world this dumbass who lives in Houston who thinks her email address is my email address and login email all the fucking time you like your email know know know because like whenever she orders a pizza from Pizza Hut I get the delivery confirmation she's trying to sign up for federal student aid and that account is with my email address to Kenny Messer that stuff could you say if you like pencil have pizza or like having it's a it's a I don't know who said that on on the on the livestream I believe you have any record of that record of that a know I mean if they can pull up the tape of that happening if it's just rain like this let's go do something crazy like this like ordering pizza applying for federal student aid what should what and I got the confirmation kind I was a Nikon RI Road what could - still confused as to how you and assuming middle-aged woman have a similar like some commonalities in our name is it so it's what city is there no female equivalent Gus that would cause there's a gus character in film somewhere I met a Gus the other day I was at Park City for Sunday did a panel for YouTube on BR metal Jon end up there was one of the guys should pick me up to take me to the panel he's like a you know I'm here to pick you up are you going to Augusta the other day like to hide behind me talking and one of those like I got Barbara today and I was like over here and I hate that girl going on and then the sounds like a bird basically comes in and I like a boy did you actually think they could be told about you small talk and I just tried to be nice meme a conversation know only make which state end - do they asked me a lot of questions when I go to the hairdresser is there a polite way to say that you don't want to talk to her barbar wanted to my haircut at the SAG Lan email to answer today how do you do I have a question about that how do you do the people say like pick up your phone when you're getting haircut but do you like to put your arms out over the cave like how does that work when it says root do you think so well I think the thing is I go to a a hair dresser that has like robes and said of capes so you have on hold so I couldn't do that with out like they should have a motion good like a window Perth if only hair could get off of a phone that's awesome plane so I can't really see the screen some kind of a real problem I don't know how it gets diagnosed but I wonder sometimes if I'm like party narcoleptic because like when I take my glasses off to sensory deprivation visual sensory deprivation so I have to struggle to stay awake on my brains just turning off you have nothing to focus on what you just fall asleep flight like sleeping finally face end without glasses is there a distance where you can actually read perfectly clearly okay so I'm looking at my phone. iced is coming into Focus eye scene for those watching the audio portion. Cats it is extremely close to space Pet Patrol bed I can't imagine even going of set badly like a superhero time in a Min how bad their vision is because you're trying not know you have other better than 20/20 with glasses and I noticed I get a lot less headaches and eye strain and eye point it's very on my bro I'm not wearing glasses I'm like to prevent wrinkles in your little ass so many times if something's wrong because I have just such the worst resting bitch face you do like on Style cpanel and I was hanging out with some people at a bar turns in the lake spot when you first eye Daniel short hair little so of like the fishes squeezable faces you never look like know it Johnny as hell the stuff The Fill date on your face like you lift it up precious like you like ask all your features that's what that's what you let you know with your fingers hold a monkey give yourself a facelift you act like you don't want to punch someone anytime's is my resting face you look like someone just told you to do a really big math equation is what you look like neutral like a robot that's in standby the drift off that is a talent a pretty good that's so cool scary please stop it hurts out you can you can you cross your eyes what you had the shape has gotten ever a cross - like it hurt to give me a headache and I just did how much you can hurt your body without really doing anything just like my gun light like this damn if you would like if you didn't care if you were dying you on the brink of death you were going to die is it going to he's going to pull the trigger a minute could you kill you shop Adidas trade until like a vein in your head pop type it in the diet I'll be right with you dig into your jugular and just trying to combust in yourself a story about a woman who starred in the toilet her eyeball pops out let's go drink some water bro it's a boy let's of fiber fiber the reason I know that is because I saw just looking a spot on a suit out by another guy it like it wasn't it's not as gruesome as it's end could still see through it and Moshi what really she could still see how broken television for her but like let me read the singer the transmission waterminder perfect end this war might even this after the project is also brought to buy Pro Flowers aren't you tired of getting what she wants around time today would you of an easy foolproof way to look like a pro this year proflower to make it easier than ever by taking all the Gus work out on top of their already low price is right now you get two dozen assorted roses with fre glass vase for 29 99 plus shipping and handling all you can upgrade in for 999 more you can get 2 dozen long stem assorted roses with premium face and chocolate to go to proflowers.com and use our promo code teeth you can set the delivery day you want order know have it delivered on Valentine's Day right to home or work when your work is Gus over her gift you know you did Valentine's Day right the only way to get two dozen assorted fre roses with fre glass of a starting a Tree on 99 go to ProFlowers usko teeth help support our show by supporting our sponsors of the proflowers.com click on the microphone and typing code teeth Don't Wait order today the deal expire soon and on Friday is coming up there the store two weeks ago do it so much was you thinking about it right now just open up another tab don't stop watching this stop listening you talked about eyeballs popping out ever seen that that show on viceland call party Legends you know it's vicelan to channel it's like a vise. A channel one of the shows they have a cop party Legends and have celebrities go and talk about like crazy parties I've attended crazyshit the casino parties and one of them this wasn't a party I don't know if it's interesting story anyway they have Bushwick Bill tell the story about how he lost his eye little bit bills the rapper from the Geto Boys the busy long story short can you shoot it or not he did he had smoked weed that I think was laced with formaldehyde and he was like on a really weird smell to hide and try to kill himself too so that someone else will get life insurance money shot himself in the eye and then thought he was dead and was like walking around at everyone Deerfield you just so fucked up oh my God that must have really hurt their stuff I do not like my big like one of my biggest irrational fears when I poke your eyeball yeah that's okay I almost never wear contacts but sometimes I do and I had to I was doing a lot of your stuff on Friday some eye contacts on because of that eye when I was taking the hits it off like he was kind of tight and the the divisor Park phone party like kind of brushed up against my eye and it made my contact fold up like a taco and I was like I need to go to the bathroom trying to delicately pet but surely it didn't really hurt it was but I didn't want to scratch my eye trying to do I mean it's only happened to me a couple years ago and you guys will never be able to relate to this is a stupid makeup I got so, here I am with know but this is when I got mail without makeup you're not wrong for thinking that I got makeup on the inside of my top eyelid but that I couldn't get out and so I had to pull my eyelashes and then close my eye so that my eyelid will flip over and then I had to scrape the makeup pop going to war you scraped your eye what was water I even do the thing where like pushed it with my eyes closed towards the center but I like the Bentley that the thing to get stuff out here I put towards it but no Patrick sent me a little stupid here of how you can kill yourself as a true friend for some people hold your breath a bowel movement mean straining and holding their breath a move known as the valsalva maneuver this can cause an irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia this combination can activate a nerve in your chest at Singles the brain to change your heart rate and drastically lower your blood pressure this put your body in panic mode training a rapid rise in blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat so you could have to be unhealthy as well in order for that I love you Central of my face the new super smugglin little dried Burger blow my nose a lot I've got mine. really gross and disgusting eleven B Jon the grumpiest person a reason why my the grumpiest person Roost teeth you're always been. I'm not always looking stuff that we decided that's not you that you aren't she always annoyed which is why people think of the face matches the person Ali know you've been pretty clumsy recently not recently what general pop in and stomping around tantrum you just been like little bit Huffington be that way yeah Jon don't be that are you saying that it's all done on your actually a barrel of Joy I'm not a barrel of Joy the world is a dumpster fire right now and dumpster flight I just you said how are you doing Jon a little while ago and I said I'm doing a positive and happy there is happy a bitch about stuff like a bitch about my crappy iPhone I think I think I think it's I think people think that I'm that way but I'm not that way like I think I think I think there's a character that gets portrayed of me we all have character and the character of Jon is the like that inside his stuff it's funny everybody comes from the character it's all good I'm good as long as you good I had I had I had a great weekend you should come over soon and play Halo again and we play Halo right I love to complain cat go crazy I'm going to hit you up for it says hang out and wait for what I still haven't Gus Jordan might be the only person who's been where's my end the lost in the mail happy that you invited me over once we had steak and really messed up on that Japanese stuff. Stuff I thought you invited me but you never did do was ask I seem you like talked about it that was my old house a couple years ago I saw it and then I want to go back in days like this all wrong the couch is going the wrong direction and the should totally done this way with that was the same house where we went there when it was it was nothing right you walk to the window and went there with us you've been to a construction site construction site with no shoes on hey Jeff and guys like Jeff want to come see the house and then you would like me to go in bed and just came with us from Jeff's house you just didn't you leave the house is it is different but I don't think there's different everyone's got the normal of leave the house for something on your feet how dare you been it was funny for instances like that in time you'll BMW with cake today and let you know yeah if my Visa doesn't stop working before then I think I'll still be here so be fine nothing in the world that can affect that you know every night while I'm a broad tomorrow permit exam Sydney and some of us are going to New Zealand after that but I'm really nervous that there's going to be some type of to getting back into if while everyone of rooster teeth that is going to Sydney something happens it's like flight termina level of happening and you guys can't come back for like months I mean that was a real possibility that's why I went home to get a new Visa of everybody were talking Bernie and and and you and you immature all of fun how's it going like that like if they can continue a cat spend a fortune on internet 3D is masochism of Chris Sanders big interesting I've already met but what I'd like to termina stuck in the airport for the whole time I mean know like in the terminal he couldn't you can leave the termina me while he's in the valley he can't leave the International Airport area I feel like that's a very rare occurrence actual happened it wasn't built um announce termina built that like terminal in a hanger you know it never on the Siri good movie and I thought you're going to say we could get back to you later I thought you're going to say it just me and Jon this is what that could be a change every night to fix that can iced a yes I guess it has to be otherwise Island before it was dead to play it makes it makes your life kind of a joke cuz I've now but the thing in the back of my head right side every time I can and I'll just get stuff out the cat in the what happens is going to be a huge shock you couldn't come back to your keys here that's one me about like a damn cats I love him but it's like they have the right to stay in the country and I thought Rock Your Body Kendama passports I guess permission to take him there or just look like every country a different set of like quarantine a vaccinations and all that stuff but that yeah he said if your Johnny Depp you just stick it in stick a dog in your girlfriend a purse and then getting a big trouble and then get divorced a divorce I only if they're in the process not even pirates of the Southwest what no treasure don't watch anything I'm in where it's on scripted can you imagine like having been in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and you you know what it was like to feel that we don't know what the finished product looks like yeah I wish we were going I feel like I would want to watch it just a know what's a reference and I'm talking to people about it right away and that he's never seen his movies make sense as to what movies has been answering the erratic like the choices he's made in his career just the range of like amazing to just the shittiest things ever he's done it's because he just doesn't see what you make say just keeps making them you just probably thinks it is what can you just like he goes to work doesn't matter if it's going to get paid more than almost every time I think about work can you imagine if you got on the plane commercial plane Johnny Depp movie in flight movie know cuz you're got your brother I watch the first two episodes in a cell rough could have three with I guess just came out today what stuff what I'm so worried about quality control will let worried about the call hear that risinge the care of it I just had it today but I just think like stuff like that was a time where we let's changing of the out of his and she went on to and I was watching everything to make sure it was like the vibe is right but a few changes to stuff announce great not barely anything like I wasn't there for a lot of things been the filming process like I was never on sat with you guys are you after you fill one sequence yeah that was it that's even like together and even look at the first episode like the big round table it was spot in tons a different section I was at the table the people there was fun house I think I actually am plane where there yeah the ticket and pieces when I was the table there was no one else your scenes because I was never there for them so that's why I want to watch everything's not until you see myself and stuff but to see like what you guys don't a little behind the scenes secret but there's no way everyone could have been at that table at the same table was too small but I think in the final version what out real on the geography I think I couldn't get every single person that was when let's play started we had all the people from the let's play finally met in that like battle video and then we will take a picture know that you will be people will never be in the same place I had it was lovely I love that one with the Anchorman versions of it and I came out and it's like where is everyone I look over and I hear people go Jeremy Jeremy and he just shoving yeah we're bored waiting for the next set of that was the day before it yeah that was a way we will just hanging out shooting and a drone with overhead announce IL Suite they got a drawing so I what really cool and none of the crew about that right now that's not right we took a company photo the other day I was in that wasn't here are there you guys are we took Abby a drone you took from a drone by only way they can talk some get high enough thank you so much they positioned us all so now we are we facing the sun which of the worst way never take a photo never have your models facing the Sun but then we're looking up at the Drone to be angled so that the sun was over there and we're looking this way so what kind of took it it was a drunk and going to be like this I don't going through it to fix like some people the highest here like totally like a bunch and so was like he was kind of taking the best for me today they never really was like why arrogant take some iced tea captain that I would love it if that was happening because I was flying that day and later that day I flew every Steve of everyone was out there what special with the iPhone 7 plus - Gus second level of Zoom at with a different LAN they would be cool 3D detail because some without that waving we should try and time that when they have a video or the left on the right side of the app on my phone where I A just pointing his his phone a padded plane like way off in the distance of the Sun he just by himself end you point it at planes in the sky and it gives you an overlay showing you like what flight today but I gotta to this piece so cool I was like it was like square round the plane and then like have little line then showed up all the info LOL put it out like if you're waiting you put it outside and it's just like this is your plane it's awesome we had someone pass out when I was flying back to the London someone collapsed by the bathroom light right next to me and I will flight end came running over an hour and flight did they say what happened she was fine she got up and went straight down but now it's like 5,000 feet and then it was what we just kept going to miss my appointment and England this person is control control my life Domino's end up in the you could have been as simple as amazing whatever you travel in a situation where other people - 7 other people it's really just such a gamble but I shouldn't have the appointment so close to when I was Landing you can minimize my time in the UK let's you know what to do I feel bad or thrown over here what am I doing this at the podcast is also brought you by Shari's Berries there's no one like your Valentine this year treat them to an unforgettable gift that's as unique as they are we don't have any I'm sorry these berries are decadent fresh juicy sweet and irresistible she's berries dipped in Tempe white milk and dark chocolate goodness surprise Ryder officer workplace are quarks are sure to be just a little jealous and she'll be overjoyed to give her Shari's Berrie zinncredible collection a gift you're giving me perfectly package in a gift box with all of the details taken care of without iced a right around the corner is only one way to get Shari's Berries starting at just 1999 visit berries.com that's berries.com click on the microphone at the top right corner and type in teeth is berries.com and use code teeth help support our show let's party our sponsors use promo code to think of Shari's Berries response podcast and for making delicious strawberries wish I wish we had some right now question for you yes SAG Awards last night did you happen to see the video of Winona Ryder reacting to the speech after they want you know she I've never seen someone so doped out on stage with the sheep in the speech to little bit was very distracted she was deleting some shit that wasn't there she wasn't it I don't like if I were an award ceremony I would not take anything or get the South Parker Matt Stone Trey Parker went to the Oscars for the South Park movie took a bunch of acid went to the show I can't think of a worse situation of being & Beyond something like that I'm giving doing surgery on someone like me a bad eye the you would encounter right like you could conceivably go to a award on award show I guess you would not corn pie that's Berrie you go and say that they would it be bad for me I don't I don't I don't like not being as I'm done with that I like being in control of my brain I like being knowing what's going on I don't like any of those modes anymore I decided I even drunk is not so fun for me my truck so it's not fun for me I'm done with not being in control so much energy while I'm drunk in public anyway I put so much energy into like wondering if I'm drunk wondering from doing something stupid wondering if I got more like socially awkward too much and I can't turn that off I realize 32 I don't turn that off you when I'm drunk know some drink and that's how you turn it doesn't like I always feel like to have a handle on myself I feel like I have a handle myself but I don't like that I'm questioning it the most out of control at some point when I was like on six Street and remember what you know it's End 61 up when I first moved I was a control not really when I first move to Austin cuz in England iced eye sag on the pub and have a few if I never used to get of sleep the letter A that I was like the week I moved it we like we will win downtown every it was meant to do that for us Yahoo RI was the things the Michael a really good at drinking Mark was plowing those Long Island Iced Teas yes just alcohol and alcohol you think it's like to have a fight with the house and if I'm out I might have like a side and that's about it, I know it's right the right people together then I'll definitely still go out every day I told you I had an idea I wanted to use wine instead of beer for like a drinking game is that know that's the fastest I've ever gotten drunk and then sober it up you couldn't just go and buy a bit the thing to get even buzzed or or drink whatever my favorite is wine as far as like wine what kind of wine know saying the wine drunk is a red wine or white wine red wine iced cab drunk but it's a bad hangover if you don't get hangovers drunk to the point of vomiting that night multiple times uncontrollably woke up the next day had a mild tummy ache and that's it can I have some of your blood I got things wrong weird superpower but I think it's too the district show do I know. I was really wasn't drinking I got drunk fight really yeah and I a first-time offense and I guess it's Tumblr out of her know I left I actually left let's play Live early because I was America given her Jon does a Jack and Coke easy to put back and had a few people buy some for me and then we had that we had some tickets that we gave staff so they get a few beds for fre and I just was watching and then I also hadn't eaten and I was like myself and I could tell that I was getting really drunk and he got this is weird Jon does not fun when he's really drunk became very self-aware controlled myself to get out of the theater and went to my car and hung out my car and vomited figured out how to get an Uber to come get me you in your car drunk wasn't right thing was driver's door open just sitting sitting there in the garage no key in anything and I a vomited and I got the Maya the you know not to get an Uber to come get me I said the guy called two of them cancelled one and then cuz another one and May like just focused on not throwing up in his car the entire ride home got home and woke up know know hangover maybe The Hangover is stored in your son that because your son has become small you need a hand getting there on your toes like they're normal a lot of other things about me I got a rib that's higher than the others so now specially the phones that what it's called what I mean is that just random or is like there's some sort of is it genetic must be generic know what it was like that's like that on the list ask Sally at some point so much people have special items why does Jon have one there's the normal and then there's the baby which one is your drawer drawer Anthem this one and then that what I like a baby could you get surgery to LAN doesn't need someone to know I'm good surgery will it be but I probably nip this in the butt a little because it keeps growing right so it's going to be like here it's so Defiance what you look like if I would never do it now I just can't think of anything else that I would do this thing on me and I can see it all the time people have to look down to see the nurse I have to cross iced tea made my nose is in every shot ever seen in my entire life ever shot of your own I'd like to take a picture so I can see that movie that Robin Williams did that was called The Final Cut and it was in a scientific science fiction world where people were born with a chip they when they were born they got put a chip in the head the record everything when they died these guys over the Cutters woodcut basically a trailer their life but it was through their perspective said that it was just his nose and shot of every your life it just got more Styles in would you know like out trailers and movies a different cut and styles like that somewhere just like that Susan get your butt done I have know I have zero ass and I'm end it's it's just like it's surprisingly like none exists a butt implants what your leg becomes your behalf like almost literally like when I in these pants if I don't pull my pants up eye enough you just came to see it at all to stand up truck Trail just boxes you would still see a bump of us though let's see you bro bro flight free flight but you still have the cheeks you can still see the cheats trouble finding pants that fit him he's got very muscular thighs and a very spot where he dresses the average shopping in Houston you guys like that's like the high school students and I've gone from a first grade level to the second grade reading levels in provement to have straight as heck shoulders do and people are constantly telling me to stop shrugging in, I didn't realize that until like 3 is a know you it's not in-motion it's like from his next with shoulder is always the first time when I went to go get a suit jacket for a dance and all jackets are tapered likely will feel like go get one go buy one and it would like point because it was trying to sit on my flat robots shoulders and my mom's like doing this and I have you can't really see it with that going you can tell ya but pretty square and slowing them down that's pushing down this is me relaxed relaxed like you don't know the difference in the know we're just like we're just look the doing what I'm doing right now standing up and just the number one, it always about me is I was like I would relax and spot truck again call a know not in the video know it looks like they are not like some things I will go at like it sometimes the most time they're there I'm just trying to do this like to start doing it like this actually I got I got in a car accident once and that was it but I thought I was okay a you checked out and took me to the the plate like a place to get bunch of scans done and they kept trying to push my shoulders down further to get the scanner and I was sore and so that I feel like I need you to push it down for them like I'm doing as much as I can and it just hurt because there's machines filled with square shoulders beer something's wrong with Gavin like the let's Nacho that's right a few books eleven Jon do you know what happened recently this month what do I need to give you more information America he wants to go for nothing a gimmick it's gone a gimmick is gone I mean like a technology gimmick technology gimmick as you can this is the fattest going a fair the original iPhone no longer has sales or service cuz AT&T shut off the edge Network and finally game is also shine yeah that's in still you can still do gimmicks of vines 3D TV Samsung and LG both flight to make a name of 3D was not do you make sense movie theater even James Cameron's like 6 months and I forget how 3D looks and then I'll go see a 3D movie and I owe yeah it sucks I didn't add enough to justify the expense it hurt two or three gimmicky seems darker you know cuz it has to like filter through there anything to watch TV like even if it's just a movie what I see 3D glasses isn't James Cameron making a new movies that are sequels I think it's something else that'll Angel something you know that's not good he was Island he wasn't sure that but he's opening up his Avatar Land Perth at in Disney World some like that I don't know if it's Disneyland or Disneyworld know you got a boner about his Avatar oh yeah someone points out the entire time about the Arc of and they were using long lines example we're depending on when you see the movie depends on your reaction to it as a the first we went solo Lan went crazy about it and then those who and sought-after those went crazy about it said I don't know what's so cool about this than everybody was sitting on it and then then it circled back around two actors in Oak a movie and it's kind would you do with Avatar it's like it has to go to that Ark and then it's it's it's it's back to default you guys were talking we're like name one character from know that you too cuz I think most you can name what and then I know that's a lot of you an entire race I seen that movie Out of Time my favorite when a fucking robot fight the entire movie with its fists and stuff and then at the very end I got a fucker Power Rangers fighting without pulling up with this I like those weird thing the whole time pulled out and slice the only good movie it was really good a shelter cocoa he's great in that hardcore Henry movie like a different person I don't like the movies a whole but I like a lot about it to me and I liked it so I think I liked it a lot when I saw it because I was so different than anything that I've ever seen a good mix of CG and people let's see get directions house not as different good I really enjoyed it I thought it was bad and shopping like a pro never thought it was it was weird the LA Fitness figure so good I loved it it was great there A lot of times like this feels like the help to say what's your face the same as it was there was a scene that mimic did very similar to theirs it's like I'm the same actress who put the the shit in the pie in the help on her so I don't know as well the hell with it and that's why it was like me basic combat verbal combat with no a racist white chick yeah and then there's a scene similar to that which is the same kind of a confrontation with another one and that's what I was like in my watching he know another that's all that's all what it was it was fantastic all three actresses are good finally past a hundred most got a hundred four million dollars at the box office if you talk about movie that I watched again recently you are not seen as his child ET it's no good I wish I had a bunch of 10 and a half million and it made of a 750 milliliter or 10 I think it's probably like that it is so much to screw around flight half an hour like figured out what it is this cat of it now they have fun with it flight 5 minutes then it dies a few days I found out that they remastered it in like 2002 on the replaced Rockies like the million-dollar pump it with CJ and know that they were placed every shot of a gun do know about this let's TV SPO the really really like he regretted using guns with his kids and so why'd you put kids with guns so they see Jesus died a hundred Grand River the guns and putting keys and sound effects of a gun like this but it let's go cigar leather set the sum is 1 what does nothing wow a reference to that in the trailer for The Watchmen movie one of the character or when does the attempted assassination of Ozymandias yeah the guy in the movie has a gun and start shooting people in the trailer he's got a walkie-talkie and he pulled it up like that a few that was that about them with their stuff from the to do that let's watch a video that was like going through my things you didn't know were practically most of my new practical one I was actually impressed was a fun. Christopher Nolan likes practical for the most part you can and the truck flip sequence in Dark Knight motherfucker flipped the truck with a huge pissed and they're needed that shot it up and made it over and she would like seven cameras like you during you he was just going crazy with that shit in the Dark Knight Rises at the beginning or like that one plane attaches to the other plane at starts his dragon and I are at the you just showing off now he's showing up with him giving him money for Inception like the whole way they didn't like doing it without I finally washed to the party very good I'm going to get to the middle and I was like InstaLoan actually did a really good actor in fact there's out there is a single line at near the end of creed that I will start crying and I'm a heartless robot on the low know and but there's this first fight dhoni's first fight in Creed is a long single take the entire fight is a single take with multiple round Bell Rings a do it and they did it without like it was a - 13 takes eleven 13 with a good ones that used eleven and and they always like this long Steadicam thing that they this guy was in and out like this city they took my the stadium guy actually went and took boxing lessons to kind of get used to the whole ring everything that we a whole thing shot one shot in his impressive definitely like if you want to go watch a really great single shot take that wasn't fix with an ECG go watch Creed I want to see a steady cam rig like a full size one with the braces on it with a a pronoun for Henry's Angelina yeah well that's what his head was was the Steadicam was that he had that was good it wasn't like the whole thing I'm just so impressive drone shots like I was looking at the Jon shot from when I took that picture of us and just it's just crazy how you can shoot 4K now and then you can like crap in a little bit and give it some stabilization if there's any it's like that's the way to do those shots now on Facebook a snot was that 8 megapixels I looked at like that it was on Tony screen and it look okay what time to wrap up movies coming out at 7 next and the cock block I feel refreshed and rejuvenated I'm a little hungry though so I see so you change the time to save