#414 - The Just Had Sex Look

Join Brandon Farmahini, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, and Todd Womack as they discuss flushing condoms, Super Bowl commercials, things that can’t be unseen,and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 6, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2lcIziQ), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb), Shari’s Berries (http://bit.ly/2gjcsXO)

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Recorded: 2017-02-07 16:57:00

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Participants: Brandon Farmahini, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, Todd Womack


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Transcript (in progress):

hello what's up I can see the Rooster Teeth podcast I am Brandon I'm Chris I'm Jon and I'm Todd real quick this episode is brought to you by me on DS Shari's Berries and proflower the fuck the soccer Mexico bowl with that is that why I so much too much too much too much Melissa make your balls bigger or smaller bigger it really yeah yeah there's a fluctuation size when I take my medicine like is it like being or like Annex no it's fine if Kno could you set up like a GoPro in a time-lapse just so you can watch it I'm just going to sit is once a day or you take one like one picture every day you see people age and stuff will just leave your balls shrink and you don't get I'm not giving you any sort of details on size that I will say there is a noticeable difference turns out it make sense to what's the size difference between a jumping into a cold pool and just after having sex 24 well that's a big difference right Chris what is the difference metric system that he will use to like to like check how much fat content you have it those things oh yeah that right in there it's not a caliper Zack Calvin Todd Todd what do you what do you Kno? Possibly? We are undecided the show that dictate? No doesn't have? Explain to me grammatically how a sentence that says what do you Kno make sense without a? Your life what do you Kno statement Jon will be right and that's always like Todd works you worked on barely and then I emailed and I move to Austin gets up and then we sets up and then we made a thing nine months later we made it free yeah you gotta work with Chris a lot right not sure why not Norma rose on the show is Patricia there's some great episodes is really check it out don't know which cameras yeah I did we switch that mile in my my camera mood and then Friday when I did my intro and I supposed to a ride to Cameron say I'm your host right thing at the wrong cameras so like I was kinda looking just a little bit to the right of the awkward versus people who like don't let you know I'd like to lady I feel like I need to check your head you put your hand up time Jon risinge drone the hostess but that's reaction to be reaching out constantly like looking at the other two the wrong camera when they get to you yeah yeah yeah they're the worst right thing is God I would text a handshake and I think Patrick I believe Patrick I notice this when I first interviewed him you can detect when the handshake is going to come up right I have a move it to stand up and a slow back away I don't want to touch steps a person feel uncomfortable by greeting them lady she ate that handshake oh no no no no I have a problem with the variance of handshake and also the opportunity for the things like hugs and respond so I can stuff I hate that there's not a standard that would like there's nothing like there's show me like going in for a handshake and someone's like we're going in for a hug terrible it's about power what situation like at the wedding reception right we is came in you know that we're friends with my big tough father-in-law and everyone that came in I was like I am going to meet them in exceed this handshake so I made it and I was like full for and like I have dainty hands I have like pee so you like I could rip your arm off is it make sense though yet know I like okay I will say yes a hand shakes every we should learn how to give a good hand that's a normal thing that's something that I noticed we shake hands a lot of people we go to condom like that we shake hands are at parties make a thing with with the industry things ever she learned it make a good firm handshake a hand dinner get a good grip do a couple shakes me down with that I'm talking about social gallery and you don't know what what's the deal for this one are we are we are the handshake into the hug we do little side hug every do a handshake and then turns into like a slide or something slide and then the snap what if the snap goes wrong you got you got no way out just got off slowly walk away and I'm talking about you know is people dude I hate when I movie that's confusing me I have a question for Jon and addition to the sides of your balls changing does the strength of your handshake very with someone losing their Vision all their other senses gets trouble no I think it's like when I if I don't take my medicine does my say let your hands that's what I could you were saying cuz you're saying on your wedding you're trying to aggressively handshake right and so I was wondering if you because we have less testosterone you're less aggressive right right so with that affect your handshake I guess maybe in a micro way I don't think it's that goes from like hey Chris to like I could go to that but it's probably like I know it does kids freaking effect like how much muscle mass I can like create as an a good time in fact like the stuff I take I'm told by every doctors ever prescribed to me like this is stuff that people would pay money to get this basement like legal steroids a dentist if she's concentrated testosterone how do I get human growth hormone I don't know don't know how you get it you just don't know if then like I just strike up a conversation like I don't know how to get drugs I don't either the dark muscle you have to you have to ask for like juice is it like a work your way up I need a source from juice I don't know any pro I figure to be like I want to give me what you want to gets I want to get my my my my wrestling to the next level and then you like wink and the person Chris and handshakes Kno and I feel like okay let's food that's make the connection there Brandon let's make the connection handshake much like you get sick if you go to you Kno you eat food at a place where people don't wash their hands you got like what dysentery no that's not right so I'm just getting like soap doesn't it no idea what they've been doing worry about yourself a Brandon you're married yes you have kids someday you have the ID how much money that costs does and like their stuff now we want to do that we can't you know so we just got another dog which I think a kind of feels that natural instinct to want to have a a kid and he's fucking crazy so the dog you later yeah a little later had to go to the emergency room with him what now since you're rude lunch and he actually took a call from is that a veterinarian yes and it on your the car and somebody else is talking you like have to hear their conversation that you talked about the dogs pooping problems for like 15 minutes yeah like driving to lose them. Problem. your carpet too serious issue I'm not here to talk about that I'm here to talk about this dog she's crazy and he somehow got his head and arms stuc do a Bowl is like food bowl in his kennel and we took him to the vet and the vet like you know in 30 years I think I've seen something like this twice and it's like one of those Spurs emergent 5 and pliers not take pliers to the you've had a dog go the emergency room because of a frame sticker on their head you had a dog on the medicine because they ate Lube Lube did you everything about that what the thing is Doug the Pug love loom how did he know about it this isn't bad I mean tried the same dry dog food you Kno it everyday has a plate of Missouri ever had a dog get into the trash where there were tampons Kno that's gross having a worry about that because that's like plastic or rubber I guess we'll you want to do that you really want them you know really commit is it whatever they've like pierced it and you can't tell right now it's a bit I'm trying but used condoms do not like a condom trash can the same way they would have access to what Baskin in like three days with like a like riding condom is everyone in the toilet plastic like the size of a cup to me I always think of like when I flush something is it is it bigger than what it might be like is it make sense like if a turd is this likes to look for Crystal I think the risk is your member you say never so what if you flush the condom and then all of a sudden like you Kno it finds a fish and just like crap so like a net you have like a little fish that's just like flounder in a Wast how mermaids are made supposed to push I can't I don't know if it's for a fact I don't have any activity for the environment environment also I be worried about my Plumbing if I do I feel bad now in an apartment I don't care then come and I can find like 40 condoms be like what the hell is this and be like impressed it's a weird thing to cause any think about condoms it's like your ears it's unborn babies or flushing that and then also if you killing it's not unborn babies is probably not the best way to describe it's okay it's just seen enough but it's like the potential to make Bay honcho plus that's a cough yeah I don't I'm just like adding it up in my head when I'm also killing fish Jon yeah I know so stop it well I'm just saying it's like the trash don't flush condoms down the toilet if your dog gets into it you put in the trash do the thing when you like ketchup like you have a kid who's smoking cigarettes you like make him smoke a ton more see how you want this more like a good person is funny stories rabbits and one embarrassing but you looking at me but he did have he thought he was going to be in a position is going to have a lot of sex coming up and bought a larger box of condoms we normally would and then that opportunity went out the window and it was not having sex or stuc you just a giant box of Just Cause and no big box super sand instacar used to I don't now so instacar is a a food delivery service great I use it sometimes the crow adding condoms on instacar you have an issue you don't have an issue it seems perfectly and it sometimes I'll be like look for a look at all this do you like going and like buying everything it is I'm in my thirties and it's still is I you that sucks yeah I know but I'm it's still like it's still stealing to me when I go by condom like I'm still like slightly embarrassed cuz it's it's almost like when you go and buy like just diarrhea medication they know what this is for and it's like you go to the store Kia cars like they Kno what's a septic you take that keeps you from that makes you poop fiber 5 no White Sox It's Like You by diarrhea minutes and XOXO they don't know what's going on like iCarly you like Walgreens to get like condoms and then have like a box of like Pop-Tart and new batteries is like what kind of light diet for kids what stops a girl from getting pregnant so something that facilitates is I don't know if a funnel like a turkey baster is it keeping it but like Emily would have been if you would have any super a so then gets like prenatal vitamins or something because in like now then they should about these before I guess that's for after you pregnant then I've ever had a condom break no I don't know nobody else like afterward you go to the sink and then you just like put it on the sink and then you fill up with water and then you expect it and you in like Flynn on very clear break out yet yeah but I think it was just like what did you do something about it or did you just roll the dice you know it was it was before finish it was like oh shit get a new have Chris headed kid feel better I'm sure you take care of you Chris responsible probably get him like hung up on the the bowl of this food thing there's a great picture that Chris Masson the time travel episode where he had a little is it Jon is a little minute I'm the adult ed it's a great site and jacket I think of really really fun father I'll be at maybe a little absent money a cooler onkel the prize you be surprised how quickly the kid itself like a better word mature as you or or or a inspires you to the position so I think giving a child you be you you did right up there and be a good dad the Dyson anybody else they bow out there ever have a kid to give me roar you can we can we like have Chris foster kid for like a few months you have soda social sore is gets very serious relationship question nobody sees this the same way you guys remember the song 99 problems but a pitch ain't by Jay-Z and he has like he's saying he has 99 problems because he's in like a good relationship right and he doesn't have to worry about that relationship right is that yeah but man that's a broadly I have many problems but the the dog investigating my car is not one because I'm protected by to the right that's it right where that went that's it do you guys know that that's exactly what I mean I don't why why you bring up Jay-Z lyrics cuz I was talking to somebody last night about this and I mean everybody unfortunate girl no it's not about a dog is about a drug. I'm not even kidding can't back me up in these comments folks cuz these guys did not do their homework I did because lady are you Interstate you listen to the lyrics of I don't know anything you need the dog I believe is outside the car if you're having girl problems I feel bad for you son is that is separate that is like you are having problems of any nature and I sympathize but it is not my protecting to start the verse off with girl and end it with bit write your Congressman then you're a mean get involved cruising care oh no the reason it came up cuz like sometime whenever I get out of a relationship and I'll be like I'm and I kind of state was kind of nice Kno problems but that doesn't make sense if so nobody agrees with me that what that I don't know when your alternator she she like to me I might have I just don't care alright fair enough Jay-Z I've no idea what kind of music you listen to Chris Slipknot Chris you don't last night did not like as thing you got to watch it all right there circumstances which I will watch it but I didn't watch free cool commercial I watch the entire game from start to finish the mail I get really close to overtime for the first time in his and it was surprisingly close it was like if they had me like is were killing them and then they scored nothing the second half and Anna and the Pats just kept scoring is going and bringing back up to eat who and it was really close it was one-sided and once and then one side and on the other but there was a commercial thought I think you would like from Amazon it was like 15 seconds and you think it's advertising their little low what's at the echo device where you say all by me the Persian MP3 annual I got a is kind of lame and then old teas to drone like I Kno or digital Monday what a fuck it's called I mean this this has to mean something a little bit more write like LSU in this country you see her drone it hurts ronar me she had theirs it opens up and it's her at like on top of the state of their top and it's just this if it rains of she's in the bottom middle of the screen inches giant black sky behind and then star start blinking lighting up and I might listen to Led knif there but I'm like perspective why was like that's too far away and then the fucking lights start of the move in formation and change lights in for in the American flag everything turns out she had a bunch of drones I just ordered a bunch of Doritos for men drone wow and they would like to move you know how freaky would it be like the guy controlling a we all fly away like you created an entire swarm like a drone Army at the end of her if it was just Black Starfire she's always pretty drone teas in 2 years ago now I sell I drone Flags stage risinge steps the world she did she did she did a literal mic drop and then herself drop is what she did you just say a Chasm do we pointing out we we wait for one person to pointing the show around it but it's crazy the way that the drones and you know the way were so willing to use robotics in the air like as far as advancing apparently first robotics in the air wife since it's like uber is working with NASA to develop a self-driving flying car Joyce all it was like me that on Twitter today we're not getting flying cars Melissa good all year and it's just a big get out of paying independent contractors a shit ton of money like I can see the motivation that looks like concept art from some failed ride at Disneyland okay that we're not going to get those and it's just a big drone dude that actually has two arms that they like demonstrate that the lift capacity I can go and pick up a chair and can lift I think about 40 pounds if you feel like making jokes like that the Drone Eagles going to come into your chill Gravity fat is you know that's 80 pounds away from a small person wait what that is a small person a child came out of the video Dover Chris turns out he did the the Drone told him by snowboardin and I mean Super drone or super drone they're going to pull snowboardin and then even like was like carrying around a point like he was flying fire drone I didn't say that is just New Bern the future like that mean they're absolutely little children they wouldn't even have to fly that high if you bring a few inches above cars and trees like you think like 10 feet off the ground I think I like 20 you think it's the high problem or a weight from that's stopping us from using drone but the Drone teas it's gets is a little both yeah but I'm just saying as I felt like he'd have to be flying up and you be like 200 feet up in the air at 4 drone to work yeah but I mean what I have like differences maybe that's what it is maybe depending on what structure you're going there's different heights would you never bump into each other about using this right all right all right down on The Phantom Menace what that all is going to Chris's head is like or somewhere is like a million Lanes of like flying cars going in different heights from each other back to the future helmet in Halo 3 some sort of logic to it but I think it's doable but when they needed that come to you to figure it out okay Department of Secretary of department is give me just you happy just as good as anybody in the right now they depart drone show traffic southbound drones going at 10 can't even the job effort about your Trump that's like a little bit more like for in herself but I know it's a little bit as to it she like talking I love you I love Chris can you can you say what's an iconic John Travolta one look who's talking babies talking yeah that's the president got no higher form of Comedy the impression just lost like every 140s okay on that note that's what everybody know that this Valentine's Day give a gift that they can unwrap again and again matching underwear from me undies are the perfect gift for you and your Valentine this holiday they're unbelievably soft and come in limited edition prints me undies knows that your 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Com / rooster teeth with the Mandy's better day guarantee throw it anyway? I'll go to me on this. Com / RoosterTeeth right now for a 20% off your first order that's me undies. Com / RoosterTeeth I got to admit the matching underwear part is what sells me you like the idea of like walking around it's like a little bit romantic in a very prefer got your underwear peeping Tom did actually get me Andy's high quality the good kind of underwear you know you're special and you guys have in where you keep your underwear like tears of underwear as far as like when you gone past the good underwear and now you'd like to put off make laundry for too long that's like I watch the one with the tunnel holding it again okay after I take it off to throw it away destroy it destroy underwear I put them on you flush it down the time then I rip them off like I mean I mean gauge so yeah probably danger in that is that underwear to hold by do the same thing with jeans and then there was one day and college where is doomsday scenario I only had the holes with the jeans with the holes and the underwear with holes and I remember just holding are those my balls that I can't I think two slices of Swiss cheese is going back and forth like a so I definitely recommend throwing the old ones out and getting new ones if you ever bored answer whatever for are my farts shredding my underwear that is about underwear that types of questions I'd like to ask Yahoo but I don't need to like Google it I don't really give me like that complete auto complete Orono yeah I told on the best one to what does Shredder and where does it what it is about under that gets a rude if I could see how overtime and with certain chemicals that kill the road at night yeah like where are chemicals coming from downtown stairs right it's only your butt and maybe your penis right chemicals come out of the penis that would have rode underwear yeah but you would think that they would have to both be in the same area do you ever get P like through talking about is like you The Science Show scientist what what can I'm just saying that I don't think the chemicals are tearing it apart but they might contribute over time to to to the material breaking down possibly the only Factor what the other factors friction and then like what parts are are like get pulled on the most really like Redemption pressure and time for the man's on DS I'm Jon just I am always happy to talk about science With You Chris I'm always so happy when I see this like I love science and I love it like twice as much when I get to talk about with you what else can we learn about signs today gets you an underwear ad a good question more we want we can we can mind that this what's your question so let's say you Kno you shower in the morning right the next day comes you have time to shower you put on your clothes now you didn't shower but do you still replace your underwear when did I shower you showered like Monday morning and couldn't shower Monday night couldn't shower the morning so you put on clothing okay yeah and I probably getting the underwear you gotta know but I'm saying you actually do that I've gone to the same underwear yeah only if I'm I'm not doing anything with my life today is Anthony is when I'm at anyone is going to be present when my pants are off as in I live alone and there will be no a sexual partner tonight so if something comes up what are you going to do like some anticipate no no I didn't anticipate there being a possibility of sex and never had spontaneous surprise text never had surprise the prices like it's usually like a plan a current 32 interim a good feeling about a sad history of a perfectly normal yeah but it's not very like sexually affluent history Kno what do is go June is going to be your month I've got a good feeling about you in for it now I know when I have sex in June I'm just going to be thinking of you God damn it Brandon was right. So if you guys saw but speaking of fucking disgusting body things there was somebody who I think a woman who like woke up and she had like some like a weird sensation like in her nose and she had no idea what it was I don't want to know the story of the doctor and they found a bug crawled up her nose and was in her skull and super close to her brain done what was that weird that's weird is gross I just makes me shaky the video I don't want to stop I think that's a monarch butterfly guys it's a caterpillar that let it live porn was that lady was that that was the nasal cavity I can't do that kind of in a bob really caves in your face that people don't really realize how these can only face yeah but I don't like it's like how do you get it out do they go yeah yeah and he has to get that homing today claw and Rib it up I can't do that kind of stuff what's up just that kind of like nasty body things like that put it up on the I can't do that you can't unsee stuff like once you see if you can see and it stuck in your head and you're just plain tree playing this nasty image you had I can't do that stuff what's the worst thing that you've had done to your body like medically like medical Pro but I don't know that dr. do the colon exam I thought I've had a had a like check out that your Risa and how's your point where which as if I had to shut my eyes I had no I had to shut my eyes because I would not want to see I wouldn't not want to have that image of what it looks like to be probe like that to have the thing in the thing up the thing is that something that you can never get out of your brain forgot it out there you can never unsee things going to like I'm proud of my entire life because of medical problems like I like a man with the word before I had my testosterone injections one of those one of the things was weird about me was that my my veins were not very prominent also getting blood with the most difficult fucking thing to do and I had to get blood all the time they wanted to check on me in so I just had to do it constantly know Miri you go get give blood you know what they go for the arm and they just a search find the the vein pretty quickly get it in there and do it I had is when I was younger where they would not only miss the vein in and try to look around for it with the needle like that's bad I've had it where they've done here here here other hand had me do jumping jacks and push-ups to try blood a push these veins up and then try again a head like five holes put into me everything about sneaking in with somebody else's blood. Jack's blood why you why you feel like that's made you less likely to like do heroine I have a this is awesome saying like know I scared of needles and I have to give myself injections I have had I have to get injections my entire life I have to get injections for my entire lady I make a recommendation at the vet so basically what we'll do we're going to put a string of cheese on the beach no I actually I like it I do love teas I have like a phobia of needles I hate them with a passion but they are part of my life forever and that's just a great tragedy in life yeah is ironic tragedy yeah as an adult I can't look at stuff look away, problem that I still look away just so that I might like 10 stop cuz I think it's gets harder to you know cuz if you're if you see someone stabbing you you're more likely to you just part of somebody's what time is scary when someone's like working on you and just seem to be like completely oblivious like I had lady when you get your two session is it a physical little bit sorry picture is pointing rude in other countries gets even you are interjecting that you were pointing you were going gear testosterone injections where do they inject them like okay nevermind that's not what do you think I was just wondering what were you wondering if they injected into your Spanish do not put this and your penis do not for this in your balls what happen if you did I don't know but bad things I assume to fill it up with a get temporary liquor if a doctor tells me this medicine don't put in your balls I'm inclined to just go with them can you do me a favor I'm going to ask you to do that I'm asking next time you go to the doctor can you ask what would happen I will ask thank you next time I go to my specialist if it does make them bigger would you want to come with me next should ask any questions you might have about I'll think on it let me come up with a list I just isn't my friend Chris he's going to be do anything today he might have a few questions I appreciate you at all them if it did make them bigger would you be more willing to try it like if you had a date that night white balls I think you feel better right what what does what what better you don't feel like I have particularly large balls but then again like I don't you compare because you're constantly looking at different proportions are ball but like I don't feel like those it's it's just the proportions you don't know constantly looking at balls and I quote you're constantly looking at we did an episode of what do you Kno on pornography and April O'Neil was on it who's really really cool and awesome you Kno the porn star April O'Neil she's super cool as she goes like, cuz she's like Big Nerd but she was in a porn based on Star Trek and so for b-roll I asked the company to use Star Trek porn Kno we got me good Star Trek parody that's a start for I think probably search ability I thought it said so on the company sent me a DVD you Kno to be able to get food taking her boss to no no no no now I guess I should anyway so it was the sensation of work that's bow search the weirdest stuff at work we all do a porn no yes porn Kno you I remember we were porn gets used to look up is fucked at work will know if something came up and I was porn bloopers what in Ravenna the website some of the stuff is very not cool inappropriate someone funny it was only it was a poop Gerber do that he can't see if you got that super power you guys ever see Zack and Miri Make a Porno Kevin Smith you cannot see there's a there's a scene where one of them this the there's like they're actually is a porn star in the cast the rest of like all their friends and stuff and she showed it to set and she said she's constipated I don't know if I should tell the story on here but she said she's constipated that I can you okay or should I go and there is a anal poop visual gag that is terrible later on I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I feel bad for bringing that you don't want getting in the script that actually just put it like an image in there are just seal I can get it like somebody's watching me like you just said 50/50 subreddi alot we see that out yeah I did I was only like crazy as opposed to like 10 a.m. let's get our coffee and go to 50/50 don't got to be like like a cute little kitten falling into a basket of flowers or or or a bug being pulled out of someone's Mabel couch and in you cook it you don't know what it is a roll of the dice is a no-win situation you could just go with them subreddi I have it it's like it's life's a risk for terrible throw you guys ever do like Chatroulette what type of Dick relaxing is amazing streets genitals one time I have a is a Christmas get-together at Zack and his house and he was like he thought it would be fun to sing Christmas carols on Chatroulette and so we were everyone's kind of a drinking so we start doing Chatroulette and of course it's mostly do people singing and eventually but it's quick as it'll cut through it eventually settle and we're just seeing in this we're just seeing into do jerking it and then eventually like weed and it was like the whole room was like laughing it's like you know the wrong what is wrong with everybody is wrong with everybody stop doing that stuff we weren't anything weird Zack off by yourself and your own room of Shame okay. it's kind of poetic when you think about it that's okay how will it stop stop you just keep bringing it up more and more stuff was going to say that it that I had that movie today we have weird things on her computer here at work where I just had up on my giant monitor as pictures is a really good place to go find like visual like inspiration for like the signs or or or aesthetic or a style and I just had to a Pinterest board that was just not the design that are just full of this cons of Justin tons of Nazi paraphernalia and clothing in designs for project but I was like I'm at work I have not see stuff all of my computer had to avoid making political just a thought enemy watch SNL God it was good man I just never did watch that one skit most McCarthy as fantastic job his and I don't really care for her as a comedian very much but she was so good I think she's good we just kind of like built on her you Kno the characters she has and every movie which is just super super crazy too much and it says it's fit in so what was in the middle of the show was another you know cold open and it just came Outta nowhere and it was so perfect somehow they just always trick you into not putting funny sketches throughout you got everything this nobody has your back on the way from the crow Nazi I get it and that kid Crow dog suicide besides the equation shows hard it is gets is that to be writers who are you I know guys have written on that staff and they say like just it's all political and like the good stuff was gets killed but there's always enough for like to really solid shows that's a mindset for most of that that entertainment environment where it's a lot easier for people to say I'm not saying this nutcase and not saying that what call me a liar I'm saying that your a fucking liar I'm saying that that mindset is a very common mindset in the entertainment industry where are the bad stuff doesn't get made when I tend to think it's true I think there's some political stuff to be in this whatever you want to do this what I mean is I don't know any writer from Hollywood that I've ever talk to or read an article of the doesn't complain about their stuff getting altered or the good stuff not being used or or or just the trash that the nearby sharpest you would think ideally at the Chelsea Handler Netflix show and they didn't like my a beer the device that have erase them I would have the best writers that are available because I mean I don't know very want to work resume and then I believe they would have to pick in the every single week make them feel bad about themselves and then it's you Kno comedy especially that quickly made can be such a subjective thing that you're not going to hit the mark everything time you just can't and there's so many different voices between like other writers different levels cast members producers I mean it's a crazy that they even get what I got feeling people ready in a week with the best talent in the most budget yeah but even the best talent in that given time can make bad stuff another thing you should I am saying that yeah I expect the best stuff from the best writers out there Brandon green free what it we demanded yeah I'm just saying that it's such a subjective and in an ethereal concept making a funny sketch that you can't just for sure always have an hour salad great stuff the comedy never had a flop the sketches like a different Beast that is a weekly you know it's what every 30 even like Key & Peele which was produced beforehand not everything is gets there as well as gold and it's controlled environment is it the same two people in there if you have like so many different random cast members and in the house but writing staff was more talented writers on I'm here with the staff that was on Dana Carvey sketch show like after he was on SNL it was Stephen Colbert the guy who wrote The Orchid Kaufman Charlie Kaufman Charlie Kaufman interview Tim Meadows and like 3 other people were like yeah and it was a total flop I mean you can't the every every comedic writer every writer has bad stuff in them that will come out and not be made well cuz there's also like there's steps Beyond just the finger to be Kno and I'm defending don't know I'm so I watch no TV everything I watch his movies like what dramas like taboo gets what should I do movie star talking about awesome to this world the drama I do want to say something aren't you tired of guessing what you want the Valentine's Day wouldn't you love and easy foolproof way to look like a pro this year proflower is and making it easier than ever by taking all on top of 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Com click on the microphone and then type in my code teeth don't wait or day the deal expires soon everything about that is actually comes with a vase that's the worst thing in the world you show up or just deliver flowers in Cycles fuck with him what am I supposed to is worse than having a kind of Ace is never having a frame for posters why do people say boss why do you say chasm is there German no but that's the thing though right something so who's that I don't know $1,000 have you ever had as in barely got any flowers Chris me know why would I get phone I don't know why she get flowers as anyone ever got a new phone we are flowers the flowers at this place get ahold you can't tell them you going to do it and then not do it was that discount code I a charge the device is going to be 10,000 someone put her said we know it's like my pointing yeah it's way nicer if you point with two fingers tonight so is it because it looks it's like having a you know it the flight attendant written somebody with a gun that's what the thumb not yet what do you do this when you point do you go to like this appointment with their thumbs like for their like this with their hand classes closed this not the same thing at all that's weird did you see the trailer for with a stranger things to that it was night it's amazing that come out of the trailer for that thing is not coming out for forever all they needed as a couple shots that in there you know I mean there's probably a lot of people hadn't seen the first season we not so much about the way I'm going to see it have seen this point I mean I mean there's no is that I never was like oh my God you haven't seen stranger things you know what I think strange things is one that most people who are going to actually see if seen it by now they should take it off Netflix so did you need that is not as I did you guys get our checks no one what are checks my show on Friday on the spot because I couldn't go to and yet it was on it was just and cold gray Maggie do another one if you have me put some they were they were saying they were saying that I should have an episode of on the spot we said although the bald white guy that we Kno the book is also we worked with him like I Todd and then whenever the camera cuts to me we can just swap the Round Hill Music Thomas creeper Mall the same clothes it would be awesome can't tell white people party right I'm sorry and I like crazy Hyatt meanin meet me and Aaron went to pack South on our way back the panel what did you talk about on the panel wall we showed some 11 little roosters we showed some what do you Kno question and Excel and we also showed an RTA a early and then we just talked about you just a lot of everything was it just you and Aaron panel the resignation of Chief is to do two look similar enough to each other ones like probably the same haircut just generic white dude that's pretty accurate stretch Chris wider I can see that question answer time someone told me to like it was fun and what questions did you get what city and state was it in it was in San Antonio Texas and but no it's okay we are on our way back from San Antonio and we went to this restaurant and so we are looking for place to get like breakfast lunch brunch food and then there's her know if I should say the name anyway I say the name of the place called Kathy's Kathy's Which Wich the first warning should have been like it's a restaurant that's one letter away from crappy so that's like a restaurant that was like that had the balls the name is of crappy so we go and it was weird cuz they're like two restaurants and then like another warning sign was like they're like what you like what you we need to the bathroom and no well there's a bathroom upstairs but really you're better off going to the restaurant next door to no will know if it had a good food eventually drone startup with the good stuff so we're look at them and they had a special cuz was like Chinese New Year that is Chinese New Year special and it was it was Chinese New Year special in it was a crepe wrap saying but in it was great with fried mussels in pork and like chili and okay just like everything right with mussels from San Antonio muscle right now so then so the minister the same faces we have to go down the same face we really know about this and then she like the muscles are not feeling well today so they're not shrimp or like okay what does that mean we're not feeling the moves like they're little she didn't what didn't want to serve the muscles they were little Salman black Plagueis meanin we just go ahead and order it because we're is a curiosity thing we wanted. So I survived it was like this big and we were eating it and then we're like water we was the thing because we didn't know what we were eating and we opened up and there there's and there was this log and every word I want to use analog until food is like with the last things we can figure out what it was please tell me you didn't need anymore that's straight make sure to make describe Brown law not a turtle look like a turtle Mustang as heard it was like a bright light was a breaded log and so we go to the waitress in we are like the waitress like how's everything looking like it's good we know what city under a bridge right we like what is this in the shrimp and we're like that's not sure if this is really long this is the shrimp that's not shrimp mushy like let's that's the pork that's the the the pork that I saw it back there was definitely no no no no no that's not pork this is the pork we don't know what that is and she's like she's I don't know what that is either so so that you like will let me take a piece of that back to the chef because I don't think and then she was like that's not on the menu so she comes back out you like well that was a true that was a is an unflavored churro that's awesome I try to get the other girls there it seems like that's an unflavored true that was in what was at least so I can everything I guess in a crazier churros there like next door and the big city if you guys aren't feeling the Chinese New Year thing what she brought us is like Chinese people that's fine is there like let me get home and gets free dessert is fine good food eventually good food eventually never heard that term before you just have to get to the first round gauntlet wall of monitors life that's why they hide the back oh my gosh I mean if they just like recommend you not to Trinity festive the thing I didn't know where the Chinese New Year part came in and it was like I think they were just like well let's just put stuff in a crate the two idiots will never notice stretched out version of the oven that shit and I want to go to Kathy's now I want to see this log what the special a problem and you have to wait for another Chinese food good food did you guys hang out of packs off at all I mean weird we are there for like Friday and then beginning a sex is like Khan's light know it's fun we have a lot of hands a lot of hands to Wast in sanitizer there Chris Cabana oh my gosh what's going on with you can't stop laughing music video that are found this burglar in England right and it as like one of my most favorite things in life it's people getting hurt on the internet he was trying to break into this house and he went through a window on the second floor but then he got stuc and his ass was just like hanging in the air at as they Cat when they called the what is a jake Todd did he get like is fat his and then like the other they got a lot of good stuff Manchester United they had a no she just got her 65th year as Queen how does she 422 usual off my Todd yes gonna live forever Prince Charles he has the record for longest waiting to become game she's got that is cheese you think so just going on they need a make they needed make the brother the little brother Henry King that guy's awesome Chucky can say that what you did he dressed up is there's another time and I saw that I was like I'm that guy I want that guy's making and see that he'll never be your it's okay you have a king oh yeah I forgot remind the visor of we got it nursing what is she holding on for yeah just got through a red box everyday and be like man crap crap so right to care Zack Arias gear and then go about your queenly day she's really doesn't do anything like she's like it's Jessica presentable as a figurehead and that's it yeah yeah but there's a lot of figured I mean it's one of those things that help matters like apparently have to be before you hang out like generally she does not see the president of the u.s. cuz she's gone through it's all is presidency hanging out in London like walking around or avoiding her no is just like you're not good enough like you can't like you you gotta you gotta give it time you're invited but it's is one of those things that if people believe in it than it has value even the queen monarchy yeah but I'll you a lot that's all this also do you have are talking present that poetry wolf Kno it's not history lesson of the Queen's duties by Chris Damaris places the last time you saw that she's like we have a flag and then they have a right what is you do for barely save them from committing like basically country suicide by having them stay in the European and goes around and in and takes pics of people in seven to be fair tomorrow cuz it had like power for a couple has its influence how is the queen influence do you Chris not me I'm up I'm British but I'm just saying it's like and I feel like our country is needs to do this then people will listen have you seen British Parliament on TV public opinion is influenced by royalty by the queen a I think that it's like it's a figurehead it's if I want to know it where is this where is this where is this coming from where of where have you gleaned this insight into the British culture from from Athens right hand hurting woman's for the English have you been dangling I mean what's the Queen's name the job Elizabeth fit that's her last name I don't know a lot about I don't want to disparage The Crow looking what should I clean and I'm just the crow queen of Jon Aquino like the queen I'm just saying I just feel like you're disrespecting to clean and I hate it and I want to know Chris I want to I can make amends I'd like to put this Discord between our two countries to rest and I want to know how I can make reparations to I never messaged me is like Davin or something I'm like a lawyer you mean a bastard I believe so you guys singing TV show only represents not true. You can see James Bond is change of subject alright Chris also another thing help you guys out for Valentine's Day is coming up very very quickly it is it is too quickly there's no one like you Valentine this year treat them to a meat as they are freshly dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries starting at just 19 99 plus shipping or double the berries for just $10 more just go to berries. Com and use my code to export a show by supporting our sponsors use my code teeth is berries are decadent fresh juicy sweet and irresistible she's berries dipped in tempting white milk and dark chocolate surprise her at the office workplace her coworkers are sure to be just as jealous and she'll be overjoyed without signs day right around the corner there's only one way to get Shari's Berries starting at 1999 just berries. Com click on the microphone in the top right-hand corner and take teas that's Berrie. Com and use my code to help sport or show by supporting our sponsors use my code teas it's nice cuz you know you want to get chocolates for somebody for Christmas the first thing you go is CVS and grab like the balance I don't think there's like CVS truffles romantic Christmas flowers Berrie South NC Trojan sponsor the RT Podcast is just trying to get everyone lady late or not mad at Valentines Day is hard it shouldn't be it's tough that should have me two days after my can join my friend ahead not get all the Stan line up my Valentine's Day should not be something where a guy and a heterosexual a super the woman should be just completely pushed into having to do some sort of big hole bleed everything with you it's an old is just keeping the same thing with like the guy has to do something for the girl for this holiday and her to keep her happy in the garage with the guys girls getting nice things but you just said that you just said for you even is two days after birthday a time of year that should be celebrated you cannot pump your brakes because you have to be set up to do something Friday for your wife I gag ran it is stressed out about it bullshit what how do you fix it what would you you don't have to kill yourselves or get car and ladies like that or Shari's Berries or Shari's Berrie Forza Valentine's situation but I do not buy what I what I'm commenting on is the whole like that it's the guys want to be on downtime say do something to the girl girls do a lot of stuff MTG card industry right the pretty sure I found I say I don't know is that Chris Miles the Coors beer company invented is it existed but like made it's like a holiday to American holiday is just like to sell beer if Valentines Day oh yeah which is what Brandon it celebrates a victory of the Mexican Army against the French not even their independence right not even their Mexican new ideas and what beer company I think of course that's one weird beard what you saying Coors started to Miami or like major the thing yeah I like the same way they were saying grating companies Valentine's Day at Coors did I don't remember I'm okay with that what would you like to see Chris what what Corporation would you like to see a what what what's a holiday could they create a corporation that has its or holiday office Trojan Depot Office Depot they could create like a pencil holiday how you go I will say this Get the Led Out a lot people buy a lot with pencils I was at. Yeah I agree and if there was some holiday you are sticking to this two-finger thing to fall the way through pencils I'm following it with the 2K Chris is going for part holiday that's what it is it's not holiday so it's a draw draw thing for your friend day true friend never grow friend has me feeling you're my location that's a lot of pressure Zack as you like draw something for your best friend I have to say that I was wrong the marketing team for Cinco de Mayo and not course I see her. If you check the tapes actually said that so I checked it but nobody's with me but he won't use tapes anymore so so pencil day so bad today it was already said it the marketing idea behind it is to sell pencils the day has to be something like this Kno there's not a Best Friend Day free sure there is only one of those but seriously though how do you know if the friend if you don't know that there they think you there insects now that that's wrong maybe you're talking about I just text my friends I want okay well then maybe you should Valentine or maybe get them some pencil drawings in pencil shavings are nice we can spring him on the bed if I have a question speaking of holidays in wastefulness right what do pumpkins are edible food right yeah yeah yeah what do you think third world countries are not edible food Chris what do you think third world countries think about pumpkins and Halloween what do you think they think of Smashing Pumpkins and that a little more wasteful it's all the same we're carving pumpkin carving food as decoration probably thinking a lot number 30 on the list for things that Americans do all year long could scoop you could scoop out that and make the higher the dish from the who doesn't even then you can also eat the in the inner the the shit like what are you proposing not even even the pumpkin eating the rind aluminum siding that donate all of that I'm just wondering like as if there's a lot of other cauliflower is yellow naturally but we have to cover it with leaves while were growing at the keep it white if it is not covered and turns yellow changing its flavor a nutrition not at all it cannot be sold and why because no one will buy it cuz I don't think that call of are supposed to be white but why because that's what we learn to do I don't why but who is the first person to the Queen of England I wouldn't be surprised if she has influence and she can get those things done she's an influencer why did Zack we need to tell people to eat yet why why we are we coming over cauliflower I don't know it was that somewhere along the line someone figured out that white cauliflower sells better and so now you can only sell white cauliflower please have bad marketing agreed they can read Market as like a new type I'm not saying this is a thing I'm saying this I'm saying I think we could do this all right so what you want to have we going to fix this we should have to find a marketing play story of Milan Jon marking campaign what is Benz of positive looks like a special type of cauliflower who likes actually it's like healthy all-natural cauliflower cauliflower idiots when it comes there food and it's all natural it's it's it's no longer it's not bleach it's not and I add to this you got to add words to color I got arsenic-free cauliflower W like white has something like like Alpha cauliflower or cauliflower Prime is what we're eating know cuz that's I feel like a damn word to it you know I like the arson one that's greater than is the new yeah no I thought I'm actually is with you Kno you can easily if you save you spend it in a way that totally played on people's ignorance with food you could make it into the new super food and then I'll send you slow why cauliflower and Olson you have yellow Crow think you're going to sell like all your assets put all your money cauliflower Patrick found actual top five things that are ways to tell if I food in America or five apples for teas it we give him to eat potatoes number teas is wasted and number one thing that we waste bread I understand that cuz sometimes I look at my cabinet I have like two breads to like giant loaves of bread and their mildale do those are the things that people buy the most bread cheese milk what was it the apples apples are just things that people yeah the People by the most pumpkins on Halloween I bet you the most wasted food in the month of October is on a pumpkin meundie from the grocery store, grocery store like we all make mistakes we still at the smash it or stealing I think I carved it the house I think a friend of mine and I got in my car at like 2 in the morning went to the local Albertsons in California and stole like what city did Albertsons go bankrupt after the gardens this is why there's our Master Heist plan the dark was the Scarecrow grocery store so she's outside and she's a giant crate a pumpkin that take it inside of an the night's over sleep leave them outside is really just a pile of pumpkins outside in a in a closed like a note stores usually food Chris how many pumpkins do you think I wasted like how many pounds like how much in pounds a he's not English $2 worth no no no wait like or how many tons if that helps you think about pounds 11 do pounds just ten million pounds know how many thousand pounds low off what in America on Halloween probably in American pounds as alternative you have any idea how much food that is Chris thinks big yeah yeah I disagree with that number you disagree with it is there alternate in package do it a 18000 tons that doesn't sound like a lot of whale 14000 tons yeah that's be 36000 pounds are Kno 1800 ton 18000 is 2000 pound you mm mm is not 36300 600 million zeros at all those yes I did I not disagree correctly incorrectly how do we get it yeah that's right you're on Fox say what I said that I was like yeah I knew that was what is it close to 10 Macy we'll see that's kind of a really sad time in your life when you get an argument with Chris Damaris and he's right happens a lot of my fucking that was way point it's 3.6 million pounds and you were a second go huh percent alright I'm still like I still is not as bad off as it's great it was worse I don't care if I was wrong Brandon it was more wrong I think you both are wrong for having this argument right now and everyone listening right now is wrong still tuning in for this play with super run yes yes 30000 yes that's it I you yeah that's like embarrassing really that's what I'm going to go home tonight I'm going to be how much does a pumpkin weigh how big is a pumpkin just an average pumpkin know if a pumpkin is 8 pounds how many how many pumpkins is 36000 I have to do the math portion of the RT Podcast alright that will get us off of talking about pumpkins and weight alright fine is not much out there any more to talk about you're surrounded by me I would love it when you have a list of thoughts covered pumpkins is covered all you a bicycle accident yesterday at halftime at the movies came from got them all over my body actually what you do I was at a party and rode my bike like 10 miles to it and then I was like the Falcons are clearly how to food drinks is in a dark and as on the path rude good bypass and City eat it on the bike path and I almost broke things my pants are shredded and I got home and I was bleeding and dirty and my girlfriend's like what kind of party with free to come over the bow like turn on the in the Super Bowl I what should I go to 90 actually in the bathtub give me a good NFL stuff in the bathtub yeah that's I just thought we were bringing up Brando I screamed like a horrible like I was getting stabbed because I hurt so bad and then I got my bike light off my bike and head to look at all the injuries I had to make sure like the bone anywhere anything like I wiped out do is it a weird thing to ask someone there in about the injuries has like it's one has like a feather armband but like could you have a bruise this size but it's it's in this area what's up Bruce from I don't think so that a faux pas like a social faux pas I think if it's it depends on we gotta read the room do are they flaunting it I don't know if anyone's fly Kno you can flaunt a line describes the assholes? I signed a lump the other day was in my groin area gets orders Let It Go hotstar no but tell me what your mom now what are you story give me your love you did turn out that the languages might need a ride in the my growing in just shut the bunch of his house or not there but tell me what your mom I said the other parts of the body and there's there that are as bad to discover stuff and there's a certain shapes things as bad as comes up in a lump never really good good luck the other side that's what it was was it was in a father like to scratch or something like right here in the groin area and I was like that feels different than this side and it was like a raised lump right between the groin and the thigh and it's that's what it turned out to be but I didn't know that could be a thing I didn't know if the internet at home well that's what shut up you look up so I give me WebMD what I say has MMD know I did try to do that thing where you try to look up stuff and you don't look at the worst and possibly like a possibility down the line and Mike I was looking at hernias and I was looking at it which was also terrible they say it's terrible to try to diagnose something you have to try to find a picture of something you have in some looking through and I'm like fighting like is it a hernia there's different kinds of hernias some hernias can because not even by lifting and sounds like what is it and so I just like it didn't hurt like at all unless I really put a lot of pressure on it exact same thing and I know that's why it was a lymph node went to a doctor was like specialist I go to for the thing I have gentle dog is like ice the worst part is they do a biopsy and they're like they're like no I'm sorry there should be something that required we didn't hear it was wet by the time it is like go hang the curtain the appointment wasn't for like a week so just keep an eye on it it didn't grow it didn't shift then get hurt and then like by the time I got the damn it was based on was gone and she's like yeah I was like him anymore I think we're the guys here broadcast when I brought it up was like gas a lymph node but I didn't know and I actually had like swollen look at the weather I even if I wanted to it wasn't that was scary it was scary to be sitting in my bed by anime like just by myself on morning being like I might have cancer yeah the worst part of it like a whole will call you Wednesday and then you like watching the clock and its 4:59 and over calling on we can't call now it's into the day girl doctor for super offended Jon practitioners a girl doctor doctor be a general doctor had a blitz nice lady like General like chat like anytime you have a problem my body like if not for the fact that I had to his number from part of my my condition I get my Crow and checked all the time it's fantastic but if not like that I just had like my general my at my special as I can check my girl and she was like Sean do a full body check that I can kind of like a like a checkup in like five years she's like have you had that area check but I don't know her like I never had another what satellite what's the a tetanus shot that's good but actually it was it was hurt as much as mine. I might have talked about this before but as far as like weird injuries I want had so I was I can't believe you're still doing that to finger pointing that I have french fries and I was like on a date type saying and then what's the date type thing as a date not like full date but it really hanging out with a girl right she was about to get abducted the night for hangout thing but it was like you know I was eating french fries and the girls I want some fries and then she tried to bite the fries out of my mouth lady in the trash but she missed and then bit my lip and like and I'm not talking about like there's a lot of blood and there's a hole in my lip how did she miss puts like you like jerking movie have to get through a friend try to what she like I'm so can I get drunk and like charged gaping like thing in my lip and I was like oh I had to like is other things or I'd meet someone in to be like so this is what my friend White had this like weird thing on my lip I a thought process is like I'm going to move on this guy for a while I don't know and with my messages and reply out of mouth did you a you like you break up that day because I was eventually I'm going to go to app did you make out bow we don't know who yes we eventually or that night that means that they said sex that mean they had sex where is you gonna what was that word human after that night we missed or am I going to go to you had sex that night with a bloody lip no I look at that stupid smile that's in like 15 teas that's actually the appendix I've noticed I don't like kissing and biting and telling white work like Italy trying to get a girl to accidentally bite you I've never had no not like that kind of what your face Chris who he has the fence I want Kno I like boobs and Toes Valentine's day you told gag let's let's let's let's let's delve into this what what does Chris like I mean just like girls and girls and boobs please try to tone down the steaming this of this what's your fetish Sean or inside of me and I just haven't found it yet so I feel like I'm going to have a Kno we can you get some point every night you go home you just try different me like now try out clothes I'm all out you walk away and then I'll send a butt plug like falls out of your jeans you like always is never where to buy butt plugs you buy a butt plug anywhere I don't Amazon we got what my fixed give it time to yeah I think so it's a good more what's your face kill a mermaid before I have to find a necessity it's like the more desensitize you get to everything else the more you just kinda like a grand I got I got to find something is is is public affection a fetish like Vision ISM Bowl ipda are getting getting that I think you have to like doing doing doing fun stuff out in the day like this like yeah I like in Ocean City subway that would be a fetish if it's like the more specific it is the more likely Jon risinge you like that kind of excited it's like is like a what's what's what's the weirdest place you've ever had sex a lot of weird places I had been very sexually active person my life talk about this show always open but what's the weirdest place besides the bedroom nothing really exciting I think I've not seen her or or we haven't had sex in the car text a card saying that I like cars in make it could be exciting if it's parked an interesting place the idea of the car is way better than the practical application cars never turn out now that amazing is your roommates no that's not interesting that's just now haven't had sex in Brittany's house yet what happen either a mountain I just had a cuz I'm watching his house right now the cameras on the cheese pretending to be one of the end of as happy birthday I really I really need to step up my gauge to be when I can't have these disgusting comments talks with you Southern law school is cool he was at the cool music it changes a little after you're married because like my father-in-law, Christmas he's tall you know what we got a dog and his kind of disappointed cuz he feels like that delays we get kid and he's looking means like you know is wrong is like you look you gotta you gotta get on that you got to get have kids impregnate her is very strange what is it do you think do you think since you got married that he's come to like except you and embrace you more is it I mean with it is Delsea Drive make an awesome really this is a Brando weird gift like father loves her as a knife this is a knife Melissa power play me like I'm giving you a give to get out of the weird I mean it's only not a weird gift 210a 99 food by night for like the 12 year olds like hi is what I like a kid is like a cool thing apparently Gerber woman's goodnight the best they do baby stuff in the same building bottles at is a that's a weird gift red it doesn't look like he's been a if he knows the Gerber nation and the Gerber reputation they're sure he'll appreciate it will now he knows it's sharp but it's just Brandon that's a hold of me okay what what's the best what do you get with like a really nice whiskey alcohol is good for good direction that the Border holder for is not do you have it on Apple TV are you trying to show up tonight that you bought Kno is on the border of Texas and Mexico group in El Paso we only one I can we would buy knives but it would be like a switchblade in like things that are illegal yeah so I have a couple of those the yeah he could eat you know I was like almost look for stuff that's over sounds like knife that's a really I don't know man I don't think it was that bad I got a knife for being in someone's wedding once but that everyone got like it was I got like a pocket knife watch that everyone had their name on a lot on my way if you want to opt out then just go for it well I don't know I don't like and get it on the screen swivel see it but like that's it I mean it's a good looking there's so many nights like that I took the bottle of whiskey or like let me think a second I mean anything other than the vet found his alcohol in or like some really nice does he like what does he like to smoke cigars some really nice cigars in my car though I got a mother gift card Golden Corral gift card I like Golden Corral please $90 you could have gotten like a Fitbit or something that's like practical like we have is to take Abby I like to give somebody like a you figure this out what message does a knife send as a gift though it is it's like it's like he's just like Brandon is trying too hard anyone else here who the father-in-law and anyone else is anyone ever bought a knife for someone else for a father-in-law for a special someone in your life it's we have some control over Shari's Berrie is next time to look up gets her father-in-law's and you know it's not going to be there going to be a tour bus number 8 as a weird game of Family Feud make sure whiskey was number one a dartboard a dartboard form and a rag the Hat Jen I mean nowhere do I super nice how do you say is a weird gift dude I'm sorry I get really is a bit Brandon it's in character what do you get you and courage that's trying to get with what happen responsible for what do you get your mother-in-law I'm not the nice and I don't know why did you say that in slow motion I was hoping if I just took a while to say it I would remember it by the time I got to the end of this ends and she was probably is the nice it was a knife that be weird right by funny whatever you got her she did the same thing like you got her like kitchen gloves she was like you're welcome all right I think we've run the course you have had quite a podcast the fuck it been Todd thing that's going to hurt alright thank you so much for watching Your Teeth podcast this week stay tuned because what is coming up next you can also watch the post-show I think the first member Chris first so thank you so much guys have a great day bye bye thanks