#415 - Gavin Forgot The Podcast

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns and (eventually) Gavin Free as they discuss disgruntled airline pilots, Beyonce, and Donald Trump's handshakes.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2017-415-na97ah

Recorded: 2017-02-14 06:06:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the rescue podcas this week ran by Blue Apron and nature box thanks blue apron too much fun seeing this episode of the podcast I'm Gus I'm ready I'm just so I had Faith last week Gavin showed up the last second I hear video games I come up steak must be You Can Count On Me Barbara Valentine I'm kind of nervous as to what it says we can reroute everyone show me a bone Barbara I hope you get fucked :-) so when they show the pre-show before this for the video version of the podcast we guys in a recording but they love to get front of camera and yuck it up but, we have the stupidest conversations here and I walked on set and I even said to Barbara we had a discussion about it but she has no that's tomorrow so Valentine's Day like getting visit solid using a hundred percent you're going to have sex on Valentine's Day. I'll be very disappointed get I mean it's not Valentine's Day at Valentines Day what else is like that what is what is like the Surefire you're going to have sex day Valentine's Day is one of them Mondays this another one you even have your evenings free now the podcas every production at this office has encompassed my boyfriend and competent I saw him on the production that started shooting today with the name of working on that team work on the project working on a bunch Brothers right now he's working on the bus is not working on the Barbara project what happen so do you like is it good to put we don't see him for a while with him yeah but we were sharing we got the short end of the stick because we were we take a trip to New Zealand with about 15 of us and weird an air B&B that slept 14 miles was the 14th wheel in that scenario miles and blames teams go for a few days so he's you slept on the couch but with the way they selected who would get to pick which bed so please was an order of people signed up for the trip so it since I was asked to go to Sydney so late in the game obviously I was last that's bullshit so we did that for every place where you stayed not just for the Airbnb okay for the week and you guys have one location rooster and a lot for the steak Yeah but we only had one let me guess who was at the top of the Jews in bed list get away I can just go ahead Bethany Anne Audia Josh's girlfriend right on day planned too much more than that oh yeah she's much more than that but you're so the audience would be familiar she was they planned the whole trip so they should get first pick yes but yes but also there has to be 2 knowledgement so what's that mean for you because you have been there somebody else in the room not if you organize totally put yourself first don't you fucking tonight's Trudeau what everyone else are being around them draw after Bethany and Josh's girlfriend so where were you sleeping are you sleeping in the head that had two double beds in one single bed and me and Erin up in one of the double beds that was I think made out of cardboard yeah you need a test of many miles was going to be in that room with us it was me a single bed and it was me and Lawrence and his girlfriend Stephanie is get me miles in there but he decided to take his mattress up for Blaine was sleeping in a closet that was bigger than our room so it needs yeah it's good until they shared space up there and we were left all four of us in the basement so moral the story as we couldn't bone you could you could you ever we could you like I'm a fly and then we could have done before I'm always I college I had sex with my girlfriend we're on a trip with like as soon as I go University function and I had sex with her and it was another one of her friends are sleeping in the next bed and I've always you can tell I'm sure she could have fooled around in the bed with other people in the same room they know they always know being quiet and shy but you're not there's no possibility Universal as you think you are you know you never quite as classy blue sleeper secret get stuck in a bed in the sleeping Arrangement you don't want to adopt a strategy that Gus and I have witches snorela I mother fucker then nobody will be in your room at night last night of the thing that I found that you put it on your iPhone you put it in your night Center in the bed with you and when it hears you snoring it kicks on and record that so we have recordings of Gus it's not how it looks like this is for the day it was up in the attic yeah that's what somebody showing is you show your chart get the speaker's up there vs 2:20 in the morning next day. Well I don't know anybody but one person in that couple snoring really really sleeping in the room with yep and we're also in the same room as where the washer and dryer work and everyone was doing their laundry that whole week fuck me so what we're trying to sleep we had snoring we're sleeping on a piece of cardboard and we have the dryer going I'd I guess not the Holy Grail of any international trip using when you travel internationally you in the pain gone for like a week or two at least if you can find a washing machine like halfway through your trip it's the greatest thing ever dirty clothes home do you know what was that about I just put everything in your luggage when I was down there or not we will talk to New Zealand we bought 44 pounds worth of Chocolat that we brought back you need to like we had a case that was just feeling Chocolat I know we took a big suitcase that I really didn't need like I took a big suitcase she took a small small one then when we're ready to come back empty all stuff out of the small to carry on into the big one a mince use the smaller one for chocolate and you're still under the weight limit I guess actually when I got to the airport to come back they made me way the carry-on and it was like 20 kilograms and then one of those already checked in yeah but Airline United States of New Zealand like I would have had to check that are like I would have to pay more for it so you know I got have a bit of a trial question for you you know you got my pics of your check and the smaller one that you can take on the plane right right you got to carry on then only a personal item and then the other one the kind that has the wheels and then you can pick the handle up on what you call that I called to carry on with your day been other names for it a little, Karen bowling bag ever heard it referred to as a roller board never heard it as a roller board okay for Life by a flight attendant what I learned after told me the other day it's actually not roller board it's roller board I would roller board we're just in case you roll a board the plane when you set a time it was like isn't it sounds like um is messing up the title for that roller board I feel like an idiot now board I can only scary all your fault see you guys also much New Zealand right right by the way what is it was somebody checked bag real quick though we always give people advice on travel travel up Barbie have to check a bag when you're troubling actually almost always have to sell one of these I have is global entry Global Entry is kind of a waste if you check a back honestly this because you don't talk to a customs agent and Gus a hundred bucks to get a guy go through an interview process but you like Ashley doesn't have it but I have it so it's like I'm going to try to see a facet is it super fast and then I get to the luggage carousel to wait like way before anybody else at security at least you're not game that I don't like that like really crowded and you're sitting there with people who are stinky cuz I've been on a plane for 17 hours your circle that part do you know about the steak that point like you're a clever part of the steak when I when I came back in from my trip I did global entry and walked up to the machine like it was really crowded so I had to wait over smaller 3 people in line walked up machine-made liquid the way it works is you like with your passport in it takes it is Kathy's can you fingerprints or question my passport in there still a passport in there get out of here and I look like walking past the Customs agent I put it on the run today, his passport agent looks me this video will be back yeah probably he might not be that busy you I yeah that's fucked up the ass hole for a point where like I haven't done go with you like I cannot cross that line like I would get in trouble if I do anything I'll just have to have to be totally get it though because I can't leave stuff behind a lot but nothing do I leave something behind as frequently as in a scanner like if I make a copy of something or do a scan and a flatbed scanner I'm like over 200 on remembering to take the thing out of the scan it with the password again are you holding in there it's true I don't know how you would do that also I think I time travel I do too we should I get the Amazing Race new zealan is very strict about their like biohazard stuff when you come and you can have any food like nothing when you come into the country that's where they have the RTA dogs that find food so Aaron actually travel to New Zealand from Austin and he was meeting all of us there we travel from Sydney he didn't know anything information about where he was going I don't have custom car didn't put an address he just put air B&B and apparently that was cause for concern cuz he got pulled into I think about 2 and half hours of security get out of here and they started Googling him and they're like I missed your Mikey why is it that your IMDb page says you're 43 for your password to your 29 and he had to like try to explain that it was wrong and I knew it because of that he was stuck in security for like two and half kind of gave me like a little bit of a hard time like when I was going into new zealan Airline on here for 5 days why you here for such a short. Of time look like I was RT of Australia's I could just come over nature in this time but you put your occupation filmmaker that's why I'm here which is a huge it's a huge industry never know you sure which I think I might start doing something didn't know what your patient I never know like if I'm going to RT X Sydney is on a business trip or is it have a specific thing for convention Australia card La so I was put that I always put holiday we're talking about when you leave the country that you to pay for your to fill out Gavin I had RT life for I was trying to fill mine up and I actually grabbed the thermometer from so what are the best you can do is have a pen I keep in my backpack only for that reason you feel like a kid in school again 2 hours after borrow my phone number for complain so I promise you I'll pay for you now when you go on a plane you have your Bluetooth headphone I talked about this before I have my Bose headphones that have a Bluetooth adapter that I can put them in or I can put in the 35 millimeter I got one set of headphones and I can either use my phone or the in-flight entertainment fucking had fun with your I mean happy message I did have you responded to some I want to go check it normally works 2 to pulled Avail back is normally I forget to park on the podcas until like Saturday and then I send out a group text message to everyone if they want to be on it and Gavin was the first to reply to replies and yeah I can do a podcast blue Burnie replied with a drawing says yes fuck you Anna Barbara pie. Blue my favorite things in the world is now use that handwriting message thing on the iPhone cuz nobody else uses it and it's I just love to like write a little message I love writing never share with anybody yeah so will come back to you later but it was about somebody's got release from a famous YouTube let's just say yes that their DM's were a little bit off brand for this particular YouTube start but I've always said that if you're like delete your browser history if you know you die somewhere so I can see my browser history - Erase My DM's with Barbara we send the grass messages to each other it's just unbelievable yeah it's terrible I'm going to hell probably roller if I believe didn't post about that I post this is ran the bullshit to send you a lot of like very unflattering photos yes you do that I would never want anyone in the internet even those are a lot of those on the internal ready he's working again nature - anything weird here okay that's basically just the most unattractive photos possible there pulle we have that butt up this is a random conversation is me messaging her randomly on Saturday night at 9 p.m. I said you'll never guess what I just found and you guys what do you find and then I sent her a picture of Waldo and I said have a great weekend cocksucker you son of a bitch dumbest Beyonce with Barbara or instant messaging so I just believe that if anything goes wrong but we gotta talk this is not this really travel or are you off got to talk about the United Airlines pilot who lost something something was going on like she has personal problem for the something was happening in her life she was going through a divorce among other things there have been something else Trump Hillary Clinton according to her she came on the plane in civilian clothes asked or said that she didn't vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and then made people take a vote on whether or not she should put on your uniform and informed about you as well and if not later we getting off that plane it was one linings just when it when it happened I I sent it to you is all I wrote on Twitter and then neighbors clarification later you said tail over what happened and it was one line in the entire article which was United to the apology letter even though many passengers had left the plane out of concern for their safety even though I don't know is how long those lines like you apologizing especially people left the party or so or they made like an announcement on the plane that they were sorry about even though I just like you your I am not smart people flying away pilot you know you're probably thinking was thank God because that co-pilot probably for all the time like I am walking to work to try something crazy that is like she's probably going through this steady descent that led to that point that it's in the car look somebody talk to this lady you know it's it's British feed everybody Welcome to podcas Gavin fre new calendar text message everyone and they confirm I send them a calendar invite it shows up on everyone can hear what you just did an achievement hunter when you realize who was podcas I was in the middle of a let's play then I got up Bo it, so it's going to be a lot 2 comes out where you just get up and run out and what do you say what the game is Hitman Hitman 2 Hitman Barbara would you mind fireman please give gripe here she is black but are not the one who has to be stuck for four hours listening to this right in the cockpit write anything to fly together right so go okay okay I guess I was we stick together like a flight attendant said to work together often but you know like Cindy's in The Pilot lounge and incomes bill today would you fly with a psych I flew with Nancy that is like oh shit still get her clothes the whole time we're approaching the people are going to support me if you everything is broken Bob San Francisco that's like a firefly didn't want to wear that because it runs like a nice custom to a mental breakdown occasionally in management prestige after you have to let somebody go because you're not a good fit for the team that does happen to regular Thing 2 thing nine times out of 10 when you inform the rest of the team that you've let had to let somebody go nine times out of ten the responses okay cuz they work with that person all the time the recipe is like because I have I haven't here like a Shot firing I don't think so. Find where was like nature that's where things that does come up with such a good opportunity to talk about it because we're not talking about it during a specific conversation about somebody who used to work here but what happens is when discussions do come out about somebody who no longer works for the company in this is any company not just your teeth but especially for Rashid because there's a big megaphone that that other person doesn't have you will never hear the company say anything about the person who left or why they left or anything like that because it's just it's not something that's done in business and I think it's specially entertainment because it's like you're broadcasting it's like all of this person can't do X or their ploughs if it for this you know you just you won't see that and I don't think we've ever done that anywhere but sometimes we get accused of like trying to sweep them under the rug if I know we're just doing professional and we don't just announced that it's like imagine if it would seem like the whole company was against somebody else so we just would never let you know it's on some objective level you have to realize it's kind of not fair I mean so what I'm seeing people that's what most people who used to work somewhere don't like that place when they no longer work for the people involved with that play let me talk to your friend of a job that used to have an hour ago I loved working there get a left when you get fired that you'll have good memories of this place what did I get fired for could you get a drug overdose what if you child porn what if we got like an intercom system and you just kept talking over it will the time to let an outside if he showed up and said you taking a vote yeah pilot uniform I can wait with physically another employee can girl what I had to say about spitting on someone and then head-butting them probably that would do it spinning head by spending Gavin, but I was blocking any showed me his gimbal or has a little bit of trouble when you walked up to me so I can go get it sounds like didn't like a primal thing I didn't think you spent a lot because it is a bit of a missed it wasn't meant to be affecting you spit on Jeff and shoved him in at Halo video drags bike doesn't want to go to Bute office right now to feed arcade machine that you have no big man is coming with little weird I saw the video of us I thought talk show it packs they just recently posted on Reddit I think Dominic posted it was us with that talk show host was totally unprepared to speak to us and fresh and not have yeah but we'd like to 60 and I video I think I might not have been my heaviest my heaviest was when we did the beard short with me and you and I - 8 for that that's what I like to probably lose weight do you think you would ever do like him acting from Always Sunny just like that found puppies for fun and my ideal weight is below with my body wants way my buddy wants to weigh 230 that's what my body that you could wait 350 what you're sentenced me to thin when I did is that she for Joe Nicolosi that guy who do the Cat video on so I played Steve Jobs for Kennywood Studios then I saw that it was like lost too much weight too skinny so that so much which I wish I knew more about Fitness before that because trying to add muscle at 40 is war harder than adding muscle in your twenties and really easy to lose it you just cut your calories you drop the fat you dropped muscle as well but honestly with your back I walk around you build muscle just holding your breath weight lose fat without losing too much muscle you can actually do release didn't forget Weezy from being fat death yeah there's a couple of times where I was like I think the really good wake-up call for me was when I physically had trouble like time when my shoes like reaching your yeah I like you like the reports of my body blocking other parts take anymore no I don't think I can ever no one else I see it all the fucking time when I get to work Buddy something tomorrow I've been in 5 years you haven't exactly 5 and whoever thought of celebrate by being late for the first time so I have the picture of you guys that I love so much you know it's a terrible photo taken but aren't you guys there on the same day or you were already here but I have I was here already for two months when we took that photo you pick me up from the airport it's my first time driving to the airport and I don't know why it was me who decided to go pick him up but I got lost 3 times trying to get to the airport I'm glad you but you won't let I wasn't I should have very early and I parked and I came into the terminal like a like a good friend now we will sweetie I actually I have a little gift for Gavin in in light of his five-year anniversary so I say happy anniversary is it what sorry I drop some of this on it get me a release of fre fre some people hate group trilogy your mother Valentine I gave you 2 they always get how many any of this election was like yeah good point I wasn't asking you just gave it to you Barbara community members met because I'm going to college orientation they were both wearing a people like nature and I tell him it's I love that kind of stuff this week I put a little bit of what it's like to be an Arctic city as an employee you had get a chance if I get a chance to see it yet the people reacted to was the walk down the hallway where I stopped by their estimates every three feet to take a selfie that is like it was every three feet right exactly it's it's it's literally that's the Guardians walking me through and its people waiting is that we passed the gardens and I take a couple steps between each photo then the Guardians don't get too upset with me but I could anybody that the company could literally stopped and if we stop they could be in that spot for probably an hour about it is that there are going to be people who get to you and there are going to be people who you say no to what you just have to keep moving as long as you to keep moving hopefully people understand that it's like if I stop for everyone here I will be here within I would bet to make it so people keep seeing as much as I want to get everyone I tried to physically as much as I hate me for that cycle always taught me to be like we'll get through this very little free time between anything at Sydney so I was literally was always on a mission so I just I had SEC on stops are keeping the guardian preciate it where they kind of in a lot of ways have to be the bad guys sometime sure I'll stop and talk to whoever but every line. get to the panel just 4010a got to keep me you know the whole situation I was actually late for this because I was just sign in Taken Gus can wait know when you get off the stage not trying to go back people always like Bo approached the front of the stage to try to get a photo or an autograph so there was one woman who came up and she had like a baby and she's like I've been trying to meet you all weekend but like I have a baby so it's been hard for me to get around and I had to be like I can't because as she's like I'm stopping at our I see just this wall of people approach me and I'm like I have to go but I knew that if I stopped to chat with her I'll just be in the garbage truck with the heater be there for probably 40 minutes weather like for supposed to have everyone out of the great time it was awesome I cut it from the Block but I did there's there's some parts of War to talk directly to the camera you know I'm not just like a get down there just like talk directly in the way out to RJ's I was talking about Donald Trump thing we're now that don't show up as president people in other countries will constantly ask us about Donald Trump look over drivers this time if they want to talk about something so they just talk to you about the current political situation in the US but one of these a cut from this blog was people to ask or sometimes like what's it like to be famous and we're not famous like Gavin you probably have the highest profile of any of us but even still like a normal day in Austin isn't bad at all it's where we are internet famous which is a totally different thing get recognized probably once every other day and stopped and the people stop me or very enthusiastic and really awesome but RT X is I think that's an immersive experience of what it's like to actually be a famous person with everyone that radius knows who you are like chances are like 99% of people Gus you welcome homework and no that's Gus I want to have an interaction stop and talk to you and aside from security I guess that RT XTC poor looking for us and in like a regular day today situation like I'm not looking for Angelina Jolie today but maybe like they're she has but I don't want to bother her but here it sits people know that they're there to see Rooster Teeth and then aware that zealan 2 for coffee it's like I can't even do that you know you mean is that like your pilot app sunglasses yeah seems like it seems like you would be impossible to navigate just the normal world that Rick had to be an actual famous person just don't look rich like it was just wearing crappy sweatshirt and a hat I would look up alright I score some of the smart I like biking down the road in the French Quarter New Orleans World War Z part 2 got axed you're making a part 2 ending way dark anything that movie where they cut Matthew Fox's character from the movie all together Matthew Fox from Lost he's on the helicopter I'm gonna spoil a movie probably like four years old is the Matthew Fox's character is in military get on the helicopter to pick some off the roof of the beginning and Brad Pitt ever seen it yet standing on the edge of the roof counting down and that's how they show you how the infection works and he doesn't get infected so he gets on the helicopter and all the song instead of killing himself jumping off the roof and Matthew Fox's character is it is on that helicopter still there you can see him as a military guy but then later from his wife his wife ends up in like this like abusive relationship with Matthew Fox cuz she thinks Brad Pitt is dead and then like she has a kind of like she attaches herself to a guy who's like going to protect you know any apocalypse and it's like this horrible relationship and then they have to like reconnect later I read this and like it all turned I don't think I saw any of those scenes but it's like a really fucking. I'm like you know that might be too much like 20 days later thinking last bit there with the military's kind of in the same thing you know when we hear I will let you read it when I'm I never this after the podcast is Rock You by Blue Apron not all ingredients are created equal fresh High Calling greens make a real difference to support know where your food comes from Chris and $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasoning recipes Alondra proportion ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals she's my pride in your recipes each week or let Blue apron's culinary team surprise you recipes are not repeated within a year Z of never get board bloopers vs guaranteed Promises at every dinner delivery ready to cook or they'll make it right get some ice recipes each week based on your preferences blue burn a civil delivery options you so you can choose what fits your needs and it's no commitment to only get deliveries when you want them check this week's menu get your first three meals free with free shipping we're going to Blue apron.com slash rooster teeth yellow how good it feels and tastes great incredible home cook meals Blue Apron blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook thank you blue apron for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcas 10 from sending me delicious food ever go look at the rooster teeth Twitter right now the tweet that was made Monday at 8 5:35 p.m. oh my God it happened this morning already I think the greatest see it so if anyone doesn't know Beyonce posted a picture just like his owner Instagram and as of today it's the most liked photo of all time on Instagram thing has 10 million likes 10 million light yet and so Lindsey came to us with the idea you when we were in in Sydney you did this is related to the you didn't morning show appearance and before you went online I know that we can you there in a studio before you go on TV you don't hear this is really quick the hosts are talking about you don't know what's going on but they were talking about that Beyonce photo there at the time they're like it's the most like you know photo on Instagram with got a thing at the time of the six million likes or something and then you came out and they shut the water balloon video and then you said like how many views it had those I wish you'd said we're more proper than Beyonce because you're video purple headlight dammit I'm sure you would have really screaming at my TV in the hotel room no screams at Ben and you can see the screen with the show on as your way in but that's the scream had nothing and having my own test fire Chocolat you can't buy in the US buy some here get some is on it though your quest for tween this weekend Fleck $20 shipping a 40 pound bag that you've got I can buy a 40 pound bag of 40 pounds of Chocolat yeah but yet pay for the over you lucky to the got away with it but you would have to pay the overdue fuck you count on me United Life by the way Solium based off what was Bo anyway so I was over there I didn't know you were are you tell anybody no didn't go with anything so listen to me I was in a store I saw Whittakers Chocolat and I bought some for you to bring out where is the I feel bad I just got like dark chocolate mocha that's what I like chocolate every big variety of them was down there I was at the airport at the Auckland Airport your get ready to leave and those McDonald's there I was walking by I looked at the menu that this television screen menus at the menu and it had something on the menu call Georgie pie knows I don't know what that is I have to Georgie Pie Guys Like Georgie pie steak mince and cheese or do you want or the other one steak steak mince and she pulled it out steak mince I was like 3 bucks or something it was one of the most delicious things ever had I guess Georgie pie used to be a chain of like me Thai restaurants in New Zealand that McDonald's required put them out of business and now they like resurrected the Georgie pie and you can buy it like only a new zealan call the Georgie pie just to shut down this get rid of notifications or something it was fucking I don't know I've had before and Bo inside out of the hot tub you were so the last night and Sydney all of us were exhausted and miles and carry come up with the idea of hey tonight let's just go in hot tub and then go get McDonald's for dinner which you look down upon me for that I was sitting the lobby waiting for people who love the rooster come down and I like a what are you up to us again where you going on Macos the weird you like we're all going to get in the hot tub 2 if I kind of swinger party at the McDonald's in Australia I don't know if it's all McDonald's there but this one particular had like Gourmet Sandwiches really including a grilled halloumi burger with halloumi the kind of cheese there's no meat on it's just cheese and some other ingredients but it would have chees like fancy it's not melted you have it I did it was it was the best thing I've ever eaten drunk off your ass know I was completely sober I was just really hungry and tired and it was amazing me and my I actually ordered together we spent 36 really wow we got a lot of money we got how do you got sandwiches all day no it's okay they say hunger is the best spice hunger is the Best Buy second Best Buy's is sitting in a hot tub with keratin didn't know my God. Stop working my I went I attended the hot tub section I did not attend the McDonald I was invited to the hot tub session Gus where you invited the hot tub sex no I already had yeah United the night we will hang out with all the hot tub early that night princi actually has some friends in Sydney cuz I think I would have invited you the last time I was in a hot tub was that you're at Sundance Square I got hard track of all the vodka and peed on the Snowman that's awesome your hotel you know the last time I was in the hot tub got really gross really fast and then when the water settles so stupid it was too much sunscreen clearly when ending a hold of Eminem I was like pulled like white Bubbles and then some Debbie like a yellow green staying in the bo it was like someone's like flag you are such a pussy I figured of an imagination it's cool I actually got back in the regular pool of the hot tub just the kilogram of me I could that so much cleaner little Georgie pie little it's for the Big Mac down under which was the picture of a Big Mac no no no it was not a Big Mac upside down but it was a Big Mac that the assembled the correct way but the bun with upside down yeah that sounds exactly like the burn was upside down but in those buns the meat was on the bottom of the lettuce was on top the lettuce of your body went to McDonald's and said that they are and they didn't have it I think it's just a promotional thing I don't think it's an actual saying you could just go to McDonald's say I want a Big Mac to put the top down on the bottom in the bottom of it Tokyo the black cheeseburger that have ever seen that that thing looks fucking weird dude why is it black the bun is black like it's it's black because it burn author release off or something until after bleeding might be looking thing I go to Sony Italian places that have squid ink pasta you guys are had their this out yeah that's it she's black black you know how you got path around potato pulle jokes coping with the most storage space like Google that was 09 it's so weird by the way this weekend um jokes RTA about my dumb jokes I told him the post-show while ago just made the RTA and I was like 6 years old it's so weird the somebody else's version of it RTA who does know what the fuck a parent is what are they World of Color I look at the front it's yellow in it San Francisco - not the same thing I was ignoring texts just now as I was texting me at the store then it was you texting me about the pole I put in like a piece of text that comes up saying the RT Podcast has just started that is 20 minutes of me left in the video how to cross over and ignore his texts so how can you leave a Hitman video the one player game I was playing as let's watch let's watch so I just left I feel a bit bad about it was a FaceCam on the East Coast but I saw Trevor came in front of those people when I saw the office Travis like I was like why would you want to talk about that other thing that DM stuff United Airlines pilot I see like that because I know we're making jokes and stuff but I actually really really like people in crisis you would have liked if you on the plan she'll probably be okay but I just like why you it's like it's a it's something human about it because it's like a lot of times you hold the people of like to write this article about this woman a year from now should be like an I just my life and I did a stupid thing or the guy who popped the slide flight attendant you took all the blue drink obviously do this like Georgie I mean I'd like one of my fair movies last year it was Silver Linings Playbook with Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence and I love that are the best movies nobody saw was a Jake Gyllenhaal movie called demolitio I just really identify with people who are like going about their lives and they just like end up in this like emotional or mental crisis I don't know why I like that so it's right see what these people and they're going on right now in the YouTube world where one of the biggest YouTubers historically and today ShayCarl has had this huge Scandal that's come about because I miss get the allegedly of top of kids who the hell knows this girl who's a self-professed cam girl release their Twitter DM and the best thing I can say about the DM's from ShayCarl alleged to this lady is they are significantly off-brand forever ShayCarl for ShayCarl like you know she calls it the whole images of this family you know and it's very much the family party and it's just like you like I don't read through a few before I got the just of it but please leave a Tiger Woods text message remember what those were like they just like off the charts a course blood in the water everybody's going nuts about it and going crazy and he made the statement about letting out his family and you like then talk about his started drinking his alcoholism came up and everything's this whole thing is coming up and it's like you don't get I get that it's like so counter to the image that she has just for full disclosure mean we follow each other Twitter and I've met him and there's no work by Wednesday they were like friends and anyway I don't I don't know she personally but I would say that like you know when these things happen and people get like they they do snow that blood in the water and they go after it to me it's always like it's so interesting cuz it's it's a huge deal in this guy's life like it's all he's thinking about 24 hours a day this week I'm sure this massive fuck up for you know this thing that's happening to him being accused of it remind love, my love Drake Over Carrie Fisher. The month before it was a story that came out from Carrie Fisher herself where she talked about on the set of one of the Star Wars movies she had a three-month love affair with Harrison Ford who is married at the time I never was like all that's that's you know in Harrison Ford's not married that woman anymore not for decades probably and everyone's like it's like a Princess Leia and Han Solo they had a and it's the difference between like those two things when something is happening in you know when there's is Major cataclysm but then you go out enough years and really honestly nobody gives a shit right nobody nobody cares Time Heals I guess time you'll I don't like that phrase though it's trailer so we just think that the internet has such a short memory at this point if someone you got your balls pants you never realize I mean like they're there a big event like something else will come along and then nobody will care about the ShayCarl thing and like you know any time he's in the fucking crosshairs people still care Michael I don't know if they don't talk about it very very much you forgotten I'm sure there's continue to go up and there's a fine Brother staying there still people that are telling that line you know and read it when there's even the article about the Farmer Brothers anything is always somebody who shows up you know and doesn't it's just like you don't know that's that was I really think we have them with the Fine Brothers totally unrelated something like the Fine Brothers was off the fucking chart I never seen anything like that before like that went on for a long. Of time a week 2 weeks people were making apps to look at them unsubscribing people into driving for the channel after evening we could that I'm like who's unsubscribing Divine Brothers today like who is guess so but it's just wood Karen I was going to just like you know this is like anything else where it's a scandal that comes up it's definitely you know touches on the thing that people really respond to you which is hypocrisy it was only presents himself way and then they find out they're acting in a different way you know that is really people go nuts over that but it's like it's just it's so crazy and I don't know just say one thing about this is that she should have video of her scrolling to the DM's to say okay blue can see this these are the DM but I can have a DM conversation with someone and then I can't delete DM's that make me look you know that make me would make me look bad I frame a conversation delete I did that actually on a tweet that you sent me it was it was the funniest text messages you sent me where you were text messaging self at the off I delete these two things parts of the conversation then I have a funny your conversation about Gus he was talking about 2 your authentication Gus text me the middle Boston New 2 Factor authentication thing and I can I deleted from that I message I deleted a couple different things a so that I would reveal what service Gus is using and Abby there was one that just didn't add to the jokes so I just removed it but you can definitely do that stuff with the DM conversation and I don't entirely yeah you could definitely say yes and have a conversation we sell Fulton the conversation which we have too often today which is like you can't believe anything like everything is fake truth ink more so we had to look at the way we react to things like even if it is fake why would somebody fake this going to fake it because we get a huge reaction to people really it really doesn't have anything to do with anybody even people who watches contact I don't mean it's it's one of those things where somebody who you know shares their life on a regular basis there might be the expectation that they owe you that part of the life to share with you as well but they really don't you know she's somebody's doing it as long as he has been doing it was that was fast and I am always fascinated by the way that the hivemind online the mob mentality takes over and people just like laser focus on something and it's like trust me he's having a hard enough day today as it is it's like people online coming after me is not going to like you know prove anything that he feels like he's world is collapsing don't need to add to it anyway I haven't even heard about it you told me the right before start of the podcast feeling all day on my computer so I really haven't Jane Lynch keep quiet we were mmmmmm War stopped the film later this week I know it's just bad timing I feel like everybody pulled off this conversation somehow it I was gone you like as we like with a guy the same way when she posted the video for scrolling through the whatever tabs was Twitter and her that I was a Google Search and it take can you legally post a tweet it was you said TW on it so she had to look that up before she decided to make the video can you legally guess the answer is yes Google by the way not the best so I was like to get caught up on but I'm feeling three days this week which was like 2 days to try to get caught up on like all the other should I need to do you show me secret stuff I think I saw him here than halfway today then I got to film a dog's butt for a couple of days will be doing this weekend Rooster Teeth podcast version of Heroes and half-wits to be great I know everything there is to know about D&D Trudeau that you know as much as yours every fucking at the Saudi riyal every time what are roll what do I have to have to add to it is a team player what's a special gas is now going into its fourth season I have no I think so like her season stuff on my I was not season number of submersion has been produced like your regularly over the - 3 your break been one of the seasons does the TV show with it for a while longer than expected this week we should figure some stuff we should do roller yeah but you won't go off waffle La Foresta me a full screen and he's like would you guys want you want this and this or you want Burgers & Beer numbers and beer that sounds awesome expect you to go to like some cool La place or like some hole-in-the-wall or whatever it was we drive up blue Park we walk over and he goes into a hot toddy place in Austin really overrated and there's always a line that goes right out the door another one Abraham Bo torches get the fuck I was fucking sucks really sucks about it it's just mediocre like this nothing good there he's wrong it's who was Gus 2 just over the pilot get off the plane Georgie of not like no one I'm not one Veronica pilot changed like naked probably an awesome if she'd like you realize your civilian clothes would like those warm up and be pilot Elite they did a lot today just hard because closing up like the stuff is on the plane is a huge Finance I-25 Grando something I think yeah then I thought it was a fucking customer did that would never fly United Airlines customer cause the other all their passenger yeah they're dead that person's never getting on the United flight again another will see she might pilot be demoted to like a pilot there's any demotion like right then I can become like a gate agent past that they follow potentially lose their their license to fly a commercial plane commercial airline pilots have to undergo a physical and mental exams every couple of months to make sure that they're okay to fly and if she's having problems they may just revoke her license but I did to FedEx did the motor to nonhumans, now that plain stories I have something really funny that have been on our flight over to Sydney Cortez agrees with me torches over it okay flight to Sydney 17-hour flight luck and have an unsub - flight apparently someone who was with our group went to the bathroom and wait while they were waiting in line with little kid comes out of the bathroom and he hasn't vomit all over it all over his back his back and his dad was also waiting in line from to come out that boy comes out he goes daddy someone threw up on me apparently an older guy who is Roy like in his mid-forties or something got sick on the flight like a ran into the bathroom and threw up all over the Z didn't lock the door like it was pissing I don't know if the kid was going into the bathroom and then this man also try to come into the bathroom to throw up but threw up oh my God how you make a super villain that's all you do why would want a refund holy crap that would your kid yeah that would be I that as a parent I would have a reaction amazing with throwing up on your dog I'm not a parent but I thought I would start punch until I found the right person look before you vomit I get it in the whole situation Z I don't think the guy ran to the bathroom with that I know if I just came out of him before the guidance but I've had projectile vomiting for I couldn't control her I must have been like the right there apologizing right must finish it so long as you can borrow five minutes sometimes couple of waves get some to the love throwing up in my opinion in my experience it yourself you're done it twice I definitely feel better and then you kind of judgement cool because I like way couple minutes I just really can't minutes I start vomiting I can my body knows it's finish your process and move on that's it like it's all out I know the drugs out for me it's just like pick a pallet why do you and Esther get like food poisoning or it have something as she so often I don't know where this is really something bad post a picture of everything you guys you know I know exactly what it was I know there's that restaurant in New Zealand Monsoon poon I almost went into the picture the one in didn't he loves this place so this their color firecracker which is it's like a super spicy dish I got like a picture of a dragon next to it on the menu when you like get the spiciest thing in the restaurant I love it's really good I ordered it I ate it Tuesday night I did not eat food again until Friday fuck me up so bad I'm too old to eat something that's why the fuck where you didn't like crazy shouldn't fire didn't liquid it was spicy there was ride it like that's how it was it was bad like putting liquid on the phone the fly or anything it was done by then on the flight back I took maybe the biggest shit of my life ever on the plane but it was on like like like a Monster jump on that plane how did it did it flush okay for the suction on this thing is pretty that's true I'm almost I sent one off by accident sensor right the only time I sat down on the plane bug the changing table unfold it and fell on my head really that really the under the floor I'd like to say this wish it myself from Auckland inflight entertainment system did not work we would like everyone board plane and like you can see you like you like the It guys are on the plane like working like shit and we sat there like an hour they tried to fix it they couldn't fix it up no entertainment Willow War that was 11 and a half for 12 hours to fly from Oakland to San Francisco direct flight for like 12 hours look like I just need to get drunk Mexican I gotta pass out I just got it that's normal thing to say yourself feel that black I thought you meant just for fun just helping you take a pill sleeping pill didn't have it what are the one from my people were I could but it would like 3 p.m. or something we took out the middle of the afternoon is no way that would work on an airline that guest passengers with a sleeping Gus I have never ever been knocked out in any way I've never lost Consciousness except for going to sleep and I'm I want to go as long as I can imagine I was awake when I pull my wisdom teeth at effective I just made you smoothie smoothie all the time at like 4 seconds away from fall asleep every point in my life also I could eat 24 hours a day I want to do a podcas I could where you fall asleep have you ever been full I have you may be like member and I want to go back and do this because I want to break the record when I eat the tacos at Pork fries and I ate what 14 tacos in full from eating he said he couldn't sleep when I can eat 24 hours to eat right now I can leave meals and then go eat another meal I can do that never been full have been like we when we went to go eat the I had it for first place to get a taco record he has he has described these tacos Gus still a little fried or very good for like the Pacific Northwest they are amazing Pacific Northwest tacos for the video of throwing up that's something you have 14 or 15 the video is basically get that camera on my phone but 90% is just for us if I delete Gavin videos of his phone would you delete first Gavin videos or our text message what's on him does a big gun Black III 814 tacos 15th I wasn't I remember Rock Solid it was like poking concrete I set the record record temperatures 15 records 15 takas 815 tacos there like you wanna go one more like you up in the record I know the new record with 50 broke the record - 15 Taco set a new record and then I just likes it was like that my stomach is pulled up and went outside just threw up I need never felt like that before that only that's ridiculously full Thanksgiving dinner give me like 10 minutes totally Factory. After eating it's fucking Stellar best defense for the next I can eat constantly depends on the I can't we should do it the thing at a restaurant like a 12-course meal one an hour but I would like full size on pressure do that the waffle where I'm trying to lose weight for lazy this I can't do that right now what do I have to do certain stuff I can eat like I can never do with Michael didn't those 12 lava cakes and I'm way too much like sugar and everything else I care cuz there's no sugar in RT cross section of a sphere or like a slice of it a transverse lie see if we had the other slices like getting smaller and getting smaller so is a sphere of pizza could you eat that I guess sure from the large that I black out can you start with the talk to just be like this Melissa be like it in the size of pepperoni and what this looks like it's it's a pizza bigger the middle part the biggest widest part yet would be like I would be like a large pizza - Meadows of the - medium to be now there's one night where there's only about four or five of us he stayed home the address the people in it for dinner and we're like let's order pizza surely they have some type of pizza delivery system and totally normal thing to have to look it up and they have their sure enough is a Pizza Hut in Auckland New Zealand and couldn't call the new and pick up so we ordered online order 2 large pizzas there's five of us though the food parently large pizzas in New Zealand are about this big inside the personal pan pizzas use regular that's that's the way it should be that's that's the rest of the world it's just not on there a large problem with the amount to give you know I know they give you way too much I really finishing meal it's true or not yet I would just keep going I did not stop until all my food is gone you know how you say the lost by of a cheeseburger is just ask it was like the best of The Good Sister the first couple people hate when I say it like 20 times in the course of podcas ears look ahead what do you eat a dish that was 50 lost bites of cheeseburger weird because that's other people's life just because I haven't been well it's it's Dipper in Gravity sang to gravity all the bush all the stuff inside like all that it goes really you need every you need these 50 but is to be held like this get like 4 minutes that's fine okay honestly if I'm being if I mean till then I'll see you I eat so much of my kids food so they don't eat and it's just like I'm so I'll have before chicken nuggets shirt here we go with do this pulle having a human trash can you really love food food by the Greek food is the best foods and I love to hang around Lindsey Joey from Friends I just want to tell me everything just tell me what to eat get my 2 kids and I got time for that wasn't one wish you make while make it on - life right new movies at CineBistro fre get pizzas from podcas what are we didn't even have ice cream Sunday Monday steak podcas steak off throwing up some package podcas in 2 weeks so that means we should put the pizza before that we shouldn't have one 1/4 so we have four feet pancake podcast ice cream sundae maje this is Biggie's by this pair is more of a spectacle and a more of the stuff going to mazing build than actually a snack do I want to eat a pizza though I'm making the paint guys can we can we tell Gus right when I bring an outside I know we did that 2 years ago last year we made them I know but I don't want that did that was a bad idea at this fucking try to get that fucking money you know another big car dealership sponsorship we are in your self-control resisted Temptation you eat the junk food so start snacking healthy with nature box Nature Box make snacks actually taste great and are better for you create a high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial flavors or sweeteners chicken feel great about snacking are there a great things like the sea salt pop pops cherry berry Bonanza nature box reset the service even better and I can order as much as you want as often as you walk with no minimum purchase required you can cancel at anytime it's simple you go to naturebox.com check out the snack catalog for over a hundred connect to choose from the costly adding delicious new snacks to the snacks you want them delivered right to your door when Nature Box you never get bored there new snacks each month inspired by real customer feedback if you try snack you don't like Nature Box will replace it for free alright now it's even more nature box is offering our viewers 50% off your first order we go to Nature box.com / that's nature box.com / teeth for 50% off your first order nature box.com / 350 thank you make your mark forecast and making delicious snacks the popups are really good Barbara you look a little different she looks I wonder based on the placement of where all these hearts are who did the treaty with them North that is what side of the tree does moss grow on the Northside of John Wright why Norris never heard that Gus wind I see my cousin were the lightest but it's Sunrise. You don't know why do you know what is Gus no idea but I should give me more time she must earn his money grows in North Tennessee for Moss to grow on the Northside of trees in the northern hemisphere in the southern hemisphere martians whatever Tennessee to go in the South like the plugs just gravity pull your truck down it's like burgers Gravity Falls directions to Globe is being from like a video of North America being the top that's not the bottom too. This is Dan Johnson sister Professor University of Ohio Cincinnati of a tree gets less sunlight than the other parts of a tree it should be cooler Board app and have more shade perfect condition for growing Moss gravity not only in the Sun doctor will the sun rises in the East sets in the west roll to the planet is it so I get hotter in Australia because the angle of the sun is even more like this the Earth that have a perfect tilt to it like the amount it tilts for Australian summer is greater the amount that it tilts for really North American Summer try that you look for cellular page please it's not like you're feeling the list how do you say the person that is like how many degrees is it when you can tell if it's where one side of it yeah but I guess I have to be like off center for the axis of the sun to adjust ever heard that before I was on the same amount of on the pit always the same tilt it doesn't change what side of the sun it's all that is correct it's not unless you blue round pill affect like how much we're just we're different people if you know where I'm sure you the corrected numbers release and it's the wrong information hey Google right now what's the width of something I saw was it may be snow on the roof subreddit someone posted a screenshot get they look me up on Twitter they wanted to follow me and that I have blocked them and they said that they never sent me a message and never added me and it was like hahaha that's so funny typically Gus bullshit that. The person who posted that is either a liar or more on my best because there's no way I'm going through and finding every new twit a random account and blocking any just so happen to be that guy could you block it then they delete their account in this one registers that name is still block I don't know I don't work you were scrolling through your timeline or like click on a tweet he made I did something and accidentally blocked I thought I would have found that account getting a time between probably that's why he's lying and actively or he's a moron and his forgotten people but I know that I wanted to in that moment I just took anyone Otto Bock you anymore either at 10 black them or white black them earlier but like we we smell blood in the water and I think it's some point everything to be that situation where their the ass and what they making a steak at some point your life and if your whole life and expect people to behave themselves constantly you're going to live a very disappointing life you're very disappointed in pretty much everyone you know at least 50% of them it's like what's only messes up. Kind of be ready to forgive you know it's someone someone block me we Unblock Me Like sure I will but I do always ask why do I block you cuz I don't keep a record of either it's like why do I block you and was like I don't know why but I could be that stupid to figure out I don't know treat me any more block that was it the reason I called you fat prick ones but I yes Bo black I said I said I said and black you guys guess I just read that you doing the podcast and I was like I was like that's fine so I'm blocked him and I think he was look for that someone for that piece of shit just didn't seem like somebody and then block him tonight I was being rude to me and I could fall in I was like come Bo Burnham Art on the unfollow book where like someone who follows me is always like saying the same lame shit ever have again so I'll just block him and I'm block him I would like great night for me, get if you want but right now you know fully clear somebody out a lot of ways in a lot of ways that a lot more passive aggressive move with Gavin talking about these on the blood when you block them they know you blocked but when they just found out they're not following you anymore then they have to click follow the K have the option and they can click follow and you'll see it that I followed you know that you and say oh so follow you back and then you like it 70 sublevels we live in the stupidest world that we live in the world world I feel like sometimes it's like an old-time splits you can good feeling I didn't Hillary Trump thing was that split in our lives and we're in this one and it's hilarious another one on there this is the one that you know people wanted to I just wanted to talk to you about like politics when you were overseas I feel like I think Zak opposite reaction where any time I met someone down there like we from our United States they were just answer me get silent like they did not want to talk about it didn't want to hear about it they were just done with it why didn't you can a fucking liar I am no it actually from can you see the Canadian minister America the Punjab the Canadian Prime Minister successfully counted the Trump and Shake It Up yep are you talking about this thing that he did Trudeau where he like the handshake in the shoulder why does that the whole thing as a young some people's hands Trudeau I like to be like the handshake exactly where was he even about her life before she even had to push they usually to keep the handshake a normal thing he was like with a public post face that's about Canada and the people there and they posted something about how Trudeau had been practicing as handshake for the last time awesome he's great he's really the most famous Canadian Prime Minister in my lifetime just like that morning to wake up in Australia go to my phone it's like Trump an Australian prime minister you know get into fight Australian scandal I was nervous there's going to be something that happened while you're out of town that would not allowed to get back in or me at least so it's time to travel to Canada new K will a green card so I am okay but Gavin is a work visa that's true so they can I mean with either of us we could get denied for really no reason it's just up to the Border I-240 mince leave I prepare ready I'm ready to not be allowed to happen let me know if it's coming the biggest real life groups before they get to You Gavin people in the air with green cause who didn't know it's happening and they got the board and they're like on get it fucking unbelievable that's why I was worried it's not to get pulled I mean get out here so here's my whole taking immigration is that the population of the u.s. is now having children at a rate that's less than the sustainable birthrate just - 2 kids per family medicine cat like death rate and everything else or a lifespan in a particular country and in America believe it's about 2.2 we are having children at less than that I think the only demographic group that is still, at that level or little bit of evidence are Hispanics which is never going poop but that's part of the reason why soap release the only way in that in that scenario is immigration get people from somewhere else to come if you're not making the people so just a long-term strategy immigration makes sense it's always made sense for just even where we are now won't turn it make sense to have immigration Japan's going to go up there with me about your pants think that will reach a point in the future where the Japanese population of the climbing so much that they need to have so much immigration that the country Japan will be inhabited by primarily non-japanese people they would have seemed to plan was to keep the Japanese population is the cat with a just not opening the gates to anyone I need people to take care of them when they're you don't elderly but as we continue to as the population continues to age the money in the country does the stain like Social Services writing your retirement fund us his birth rate and you said the sustainable growth rate is when 2 / couple United States is that 1.88 Japan is in 1.41 1.41 Germany's even Lord German is at 1.38 crap about the tennis game of something with the German National Anthem to happen but Jesus her but that Us open when I was in the u.s. I believe it was what happened was us organized so head of the incursion of the German National Anthem with son what's an incorrect version what does that mean pulled was the Nazi what not see one usoc live now Bangor I know anybody that put Nazi version tennis match so it was the US Tennis Association has apologized Delirious skirted the issue with their statement 2 for magic Hawaii Saturday between American Alison Riske and Germany's Andrea petkovic at the Fed Cup Tournament at the Royal Resort in Maui Pride of the German tennis players saying all three vs of Deutschland lined ohmygod translated the song of Germany how didn't want it I don't know everything of like Windows athletes from Kazakhstan won the competition that are playing the Borat theme he's now on every video of him singing this not see that what's the difference in the lyrics by I don't know it doesn't say here's a tweet from the United States tennis Association USTA extends a sincere apology to the German Fed Up Fed Cup team and fans for the outdated national anthem acreage and dated that's it just outdated I want another Germany Germany Above All Else Bo well it's in the world for protection and defense it always turns brotherly together German women German loyalty German wine German song Sorry new retained in the world they're all beautiful chime aspires to Noble Deeds during all of our life unity and Justice and freedom for the German Fatherland towards these Lysol straw brotherly with heart and hand you need to know about keeping the New York Times is a terrible publication Mark Cuban sucks very bad restaurants I love ComEd some videos understand what I mean when I watch stuff to escape politics and we like been political recently but it is interesting to wake up everyday - like a new this immense piece of news and I don't want to talk about it either but it's just like it comes to pop your life and I believe in 2 videos you should try not do it that we talked about scription to the New York Times and the New York Times mobile app is the most depressing app in the world my phone buzzes and like John always happy when hard to believe there was a good one couldn't wait to get - 2017 Canary in a cage at this year's told me I don't think it's a valuable lesson and that is that all the stuff for the ideals that you're rather than all the constant in your life then never constant they can do everything that you are you life is based on can be undone there any point really know it's very true it's very I was just thinking that was but you know women could easily not be allowed to vote for whatever reason it's going to happen. yep can make sure the damn courts keep keep us safe so there's nothing to have it every time and I feel like you bring it up more anybody else when we talk about blocking people on Twitter you know Gavin is real up a gus you like to do it a lot in fact you black people you don't even it will like message you say lucky block me block me black me it's like that is just try try not to be completely uncool like that is just don't hit the bottom of the barrel if you can possibly avoid that it's really my know that you know that your Twitter account isn't something you have to deal with if you don't want to a lot of times for like sheep, Thunder look at me ran on the site as well but Twitter in general I get the idea get this notion I don't think it's fair to tell people who are entertainment you don't you should be talking about politics especially usually considered of people in you know the Liberals in Hollywood say stuff but 2 of the last for conservative presidents in this country we're entertainers don't shop in Ronald Reagan an actor in a reality show star it's a big boat devoted to the highest level the office people who were talking about politics old working there tainment so it's really funny to me is when people say zealan RT Mission talk about politics but at the same time I have to recognize that I enjoy Twitter significantly less than I used to you know because of what's going on right now yeah I really do and it's like you know it's these things are happening I think we should I I liked it beginning part of 2017 - 2017 was looking like a year of action vs a year of emotion or 2016 was just like everyone's ammo the other emotions were so important in oh yeah and now it's like giving you like the action really does take precedence over emotion and so but I know it's a drawback to just our thoughts and our lights are going to change the world if it's easy to get lazy about it and I for one am going to be running Queen Beyonce and 20 20 for the 40 40 for the first time ever in my life I have called my congressman yeah I did call Mike are my Senators then I'll know someone actually cancer it's not I called about immigration is my congressman one of the people who wrote the immigration executive order immigration ban so I I called in reference to that you say hey I didn't like you know I said I expressed my thanks I expressed my displeasure with his stance and told him as one of his constituents I hope he would change his his death on a possum you gotta think of a call to your congressman's office is be the same as reading about a thousand emails or call or write a real letter how far behind each of you with a pen how far behind all of you an email just point at 7:07 on the flight back so I did tons of an international flight for the first time in my life I don't know how everyone else is Manziel I find international flights I have never ever had it if I I guess I had on American I was tweeting about how is watching the Superbowl live completely over the middle of the Pacific Ocean Z visit this the Planet live tv as well just like on the internet and watching TV on a seat above the ocean is it also says before or after you send me that video of you and discuss that was already recorded that because before we - Gavin set me video of him Barbara found out I was a quick visit so she was like can you make a video documenting your experience and it was just Gavin filming his his feet completely stretched out over little foot - 7 second video I was like this is my go over the mirror and I just find it so you could see my smug face there's a good video Turner wrap this up Paws for just one second and that's your cousin is really I just load up the podcas pie watching the focus on the pie put put the camera at the laptop and just continue I'm not pulled on but let me look at it last night I got to make sure I got everything you are asking for fre to Gus what shall we release the RT exiting podcas and I'm I voted no no that was that was not a good setup for the podcas Everest and it was not do it was hot sweating loud really hear anything better than you can even hear each other very well know that you can probably watch it on the Twitter at 3 and then probably don't do that because it's not it wasn't arrest podcas I wouldn't say you not much more time plop plop that later all of the ones in the actual big rooms that the arena size rooms were really good but I was good audio out on the on the floor too much going on his duty to my reminders at work and try to sing that dictate to Siri search stuff I want to talk about me next week on it why you have to have his because he's getting a physical Google talk I don't want you in the podcas until he had amazing self I don't want everyone pie