#416 - People Poison Cats

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Chris Demarais as they discuss shipped grass, dog professions, Gavin's cat poop story, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired February 20, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2lT394Y) and Casper (http://bit.ly/2lTcklN)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, Chris Demarais


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Transcript (in progress):

that's a hold of the story this week brought you by audibl and Casper audibl caspe ER I'm Gus I'm Gavin I'm Chris I'm Gus this is a President's Day podcast so I mean we celebrate the present we celebrate or just the Office of the President George Washington's birthday used to be George Washington birthday and Abraham Lincoln's birthday we're like two different holidays and they decided to combine ma now we have President's Day but who who is actually on his it's closer to George Lincoln's on the 12th president's always on a Monday or so maybe it's not like I said daily sliding so what I'm getting at so sorry I can't read today is Wednesday is it to our president this stays for you have Frozen okay H's president's pacifically pass it's just probably I'm looking it up I think Obama right now his first President's Day that he's just like you know soaking it in car kids getting like a happy birthday six people can get caught for that how many so there's one Bush to Bush Clinton Carter Reagan's dead tide the knot clean truck not included are we going to count pants in like three months sorry I won't do it play Tupac. Whatever say whatever the fuck really like it specifically non-political last week are we were not great year like on social media until even from this country you know I'm really bad at drawing like I struggle to draw stick figures and I was like Donald Trump to be president I'm going to be a cartoonist, could have easily It's oddly inspirational I'm going to start going to be like, I'm a cartoon artist now yeah but in three months are going to end up on the front page of CN and like the FBI coming arrest you talking so I can read all of it the crazy thing like before I was loves like Schwarzenegger like assuming he was eligible to run he's not because I was important americ about oh man yeah I wish it's just it's completely weird Mark Zuckerberg is going to run for some kind of political office I can see that just rich people yeah that's really what about it at one point I think it would be interesting interesting in 2020 to try and like crowdfund a run for the president's internet for internet and Simmons for president and then church in Tucker for president was like I think it was that was another thing that was an episode of a black bear Black Mirror the cartoon character fan for MP the right what do you mean it wasn't like the Prime Minister anything maybe I don't remember what are the rules for writing candidates which means you have to be a born witch meat after the they probably could states have like an unbelievable amount of power and when it comes to sex sometimes like they just leave certain candidates off the ballot that they don't like I think they did it in like the sixties they did it like I mean it we can let anybody for the party right she just thought I'd is really and if they did that happen I just had the figurehead be a fictional person that be the same U have Captain America run for president and he would just have all the values of that played in American Iron Man like they have the same it's the same concept then even what's going on now like with the registration act the mutant registration act like we have to know people who could be a threat we have to know where they are at all times they have to be on a roster I think a lot of it was written as U no commentary on popular culture and Society no I said so if you wanted to characters I got to get back to the point now I don't think you can have a fictional character probably you probably have to Chris James Bond does have a possible does the US the UK government made an actual real working possible that his James Bond Daniel Craig Spectre what's the fifth look up something other day about it isn't what is a real about that University of like it's supposed to be like James Bond has a license to kill or whatever but then I read like this depressing fact that wasn't that said something like in reality those kinds of Agents would not have a license to kill bees anything to do outside of the UK's illegal anyway this week they don't like what you mean I mean anything they do they don't have any kind of authority inside the us but they have I guess some kind of legal Authority from the CIA operating outside the US your prediction in trouble for or fired from the CIA it was like permission can't just go around poisoning leaders it could have been like you in thing this you know everyone in the United Nations agreed like a diplomatic immunity thing from Lethal Weapon getting so supposedly the North Korean the brother of the North Korean president was poisoned by two women like specifically they pointed that out like what do you think the contacts was like he was getting seduced and they like fed him like a cherry or strawberry which is what I like was poisoned by two women so I think I heard him with needles so depressed right up to him and stuck him real fast he said he got somebody felt something in the back of a Kim Bo the image different security camera of one of their women shank about that point why do I have to employ because they poisoning so they could get away like he doesn't even like if you happen to you you would think maybe just got bit by a bug or with a woman by me I don't know if you seen a maybe you think it was weird like why are these two women so close to me for some reason but I can't find it but one of the Assassins they really security, for her this morning she's wearing a shirt that says LOL picking out your clothes that the closet like we know it was like it I think you know U want something that's going to throw people off so I guess he go for the you know the opposite effect I get that but you think so either I'm sorry I heard about this repeatedly and it's actually really annoying to me because I got probably a hundred tweets yesterday saying hey look this guy looks like you with the photo Kim you get that I'd like to think I'm not your glasses look the same hate stubble on his face Kim Jong Nam any guys have similar personalities life 90 more like to do that I don't think you like the glasses the time if you put a vacuum and feel face and just so sucked everything a little bit in order twin brother and the president died but they don't want to lose power. Took his brother and put him in a power it's Dave and it's not a twin brother it's a all we just ran to do to happen to look exactly like the that's perfect maybe you can take over North Korea this dude was the leader of North Korea he has some kind of claim to the leadership he was the older brother and brother Shir the older half-brother but still the oldest son of Kim John L so he could be a threat even once you're not even flow that out nothing to try to kill sorry you're the hoe no absolutely not casserole fre you know right now there's a crazy amount of of leaks going on and apparently CNN knows the mall and I think the present was complaining about yesterday and I think the funniest thing was CN and reporting that Donald Trump is watching CNN in the white house right now and for him it's like how do you know one of these people in the saying that he doesn't have an idea who that is but sure they might have an idea they're just not saying like it's Rusty but no one wants to say it right I got it figured out I'm sure I'm sure that they're working to try to figure out who it is sleepwalking really nice reporter who called the tower and then Trump PR Guy picked up but it was supposedly Donald Trump with like a really shitty you know different access and publicist for a while ago I don't know if it's true I didn't say a legend tell me if your cop friends. I'm just saying that's right you are just hate that phrase is that what you say no I don't say it I just don't like when other people do it it should I say it is that right yeah I know you said you're not making it any easier friends you said that now what is your most annoying habit my most annoying habit I don't know you guys tell me yesterday asking me if you could be on the podcast asking him the message over to Chris Chris is sitting next to him and ask her if you can do it and look like better not do it it's like we're really busy I think you're my son I have it is that you're always me iron that's it that's just for me know this is really annoying but was always particular I don't do it still but if we're more and Ralph ablanedo there South office after you would finish something that you were working on you and you were going home for the day you need me to run to your car you would bring down the stairs Sprint through the parking lot getting your cortan 10 seconds it's all so it's like everyone thinks I'm really important stuff no but I think that he's the you're acting like a child or children who run everywhere I'm from the pub because walking was too boring and slow to Sprint Hedgehog the family if Hedgehog get out the door and there was a hedgehog sniffing around my foot and I was like 450 baby has a white my shoe on the ground just have Hedgehog running around already called me really awesome I love Hedgehog have Hedgehog and badges and U Back Yard or Narnia's if I had his record is everywhere and there's no raccoons in England which is kind of strange I just got a dog and his profession is hunting that stuff Chris premiere to the right and it was the spikes didn't work then one of the worst guilts I've ever had in my life so your dog as a profession I want to talk a professions my dog has a profession bright the only reason they have a sheepdog is so it hurts even like to like the 8 huh Hoboken shelter your dog isn't hunting or hurting or anything right will not yet cuz we might apartment but like our God we have the same don't give a Scottish Terrier at a dog and he did we have no squirrels in the backyard we have no Badgers because if he sees a rodent he really goes for any of these razor sharp teeth I just Kim if you feel like it you have a video where he no no this is not the right video so I went to New Orleans with Paula for my birthday and we were out of town for about 3 if you like that poem and I just can't wait till she sir English show me what a New Orleans for like 3-4 days and we couldn't put our puppy at a boarding place cuz you got him the shots so we had a friend and neighbor who came in like 3 or 4 times a day to take them out but they were just me I would take care of you I don't trust you to take Buck good to be fair I don't know walk it let it poop feed it I mean like three feet it and then you take it outside in that pees and poops and then you take it back up and you water it and I've had a cat once like that is always had hit by car are you taking outside to go out and explore life for 4 days but I had security cameras in order to make sure they're okay but you're wondering out and all those little Ness cameras and it worked great U can monitor from your phone but they are very small and they're can easily hide them like they are like these little round cameras with a stand you can or you can just come somewhere and then the cable pull them down well it's not permit anyway so it was melted on my desk because like it wasn't on the ground was in the desk and the puppy is a lot of energy and you just super curious he just walks around everywhere looking at stuff so it some point he saw the camera so he got on the couch stood up on the side of it knocked it over like started inspecting it and you think you just look at and walk away but I hope he was trying to eat it or what he thought he was doing but he keeps going and coming back consistently until the thing just kind of like heels over anything alright he's done and then he comes back again and completely smashes it and I'm walks away like a boss I could have been more but we just took a dump right nearby 90% of the time he goes out to the back because we U we have grass that shipped us and it was about 2:20. Would it be like you by like a couple pieces of sod are we so there's this company called Fresh patch alright I'll cash it every two weeks they ship me grass from California and it's really great because it comes in this small cardboard box and then you take a cardboard box U put it on the balcony and then it's designed for you just cut the tape and then you take off the top and then all the sudden you just have this a nice little box for them like a little ugly it's great some shit plastic I'm going to do my business here so 9% the time he does his business there but then sometimes he just peed or pooped some roles in the apartment and I just want to get inside his head like I don't understand the process and I literally sit there and try to think what goes to his mind then I realize he's just kind of like a little dumb animal why I think the problem is his brain is about this big and then that means that he just poop poop come out yeah okay U buy grass from California that shipped to you so you put it on your balcony why don't you just take your dog out we do we take them out but I mean they pee and poop alot when and especially like if it's like midnight or 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. this seems likely to potty train a dog you're in Austin to get from California yet when I got to go to buy grass in Austin grass showed up at my house and then I put it they get money their business keep surviving so you can just plan this growth in some mud and keep it forever the dog people have to be for grass to live what are you floor it's a Concrete Belkin have a mud will it live I'm not totally cuz if you have dogs pissing and shitting on grass constantly it's going to start snowing John hear poop is it when your poop story go to poop how about we will elemen forget it no poop story I probably view by cross from a different day that's how I know if I imagine this you wake up and then some guy shows up at your house and he's like here sir I have your grass and you grab it put on your balcony cut the tape pull it up and all the sudden now you're beautiful grass they don't have to hold a hello sir can I buy having them cut it over some Ross no no what are being don't have like those artificial turf specifically designed for this that you could keep on your balcony and reuse yeah we tried that it smells because it doesn't soak up the urine to go out and like you want to vomit to throw me it's like an inch and a half of oil which soaks it up and you could totally you can get way more grass favoring it locally so much more expensive now and I'm not going to get find me grass Sho up bring it in a container and cardboard unless he almost like Oster day for Valentine's Day I used favo favorite went to H-E-B and I was like just show me what they got I was like my wife from work and delivered it to her why is that okay okay no one's telling you to do anything. you have a dog your apartment you have a house you guys have houses with grass right or what floor you on ground floor stairs I don't like the dog to poop on the lawn Chris Weidman so we just walked the dog alternate Lee this dog is going to get older right and once the dogs or longer are you going to continue to buy this stuff because an older dog does not need to go outside that frequently yeah I know he's had it for a while since we've had the Pug because like man if it's if it's like 1 in the morning or 2 in the morning and she's scratching at the door and it's 20 degrees outside come as you the like it either bugs can die in cold weather or hot weather when they're very hot but you're not going to put I'm going to die taking it out to go pee no but she doesn't like it she does not like it you know I'm kind of annoyed that little patch of tiny fire hydrant dogs want to pee on something they love it I saw that she was like I like it I'm going to be here and now she goes to the balcony not to the front door and we still take him out a few times today if you turned off three times a day and plus we have a favor to come walk at the dog park to in our apartment complex so we go away they just don't have to go outside houses used to have like outhouses right didn't have indoor plumbing gotta go in the Outhouse that'll walk outside and do your business but men or women inventors indoor plumbing so you can do your business inside now you don't think a dog would appreciate the same thing so give her a puppy so we just put the grass inside because it's going to smell like shit inside indoor plumbing room that just hold the grass it's not like you haven't with my cat and I have a cat and a toilet and I told her I didn't bill but I put it's a little box inside of my bathroom cabinet and trying to open the bathroom cabinet and go in nothing just little box seems like a waste what a waste of my shipping plus I'm keeping this guy in business he was on the Shark Tank and it's like a whole new Bellator MMA Joe Armstrong the guy generic man and he has a holy business you're supporting it he's expanding it and that's good like you're supporting a small business and make sense for him we should it's good for FedEx the business for FedEx the big local business FedEx it has been a little room in your apartment think out the door so you think I should help Home Depot over a like local or over a small business owner repeated or single by grass there you have U go locally and support that businesses Brandon lost you don't know what I would say people who have a balcony their dogs how you hold it for longer you know right now my balcony door open and my dog even as I'm away can go and do the my balcony door open you have to crack and plus it's not super come in now we have like a another thing I got on Amazon a like Nash cover for the door so it keep the dog the bugs how to say system broadcast I don't know who that is Ventura patch what is the funny thing about slack it tells you whenever someone looks like and it's it's like yesterday time when you leave channels to like an appropriate that you can't do after someone is talking about something the Sydney organization with Ashley posted something earlier today about looking for people to talk about something like I didn't want to leave I'm leaving longer to leave okay I'm leaving right now before someone else post something how much does it cost to remind everyone this episode of the podcast about to buy audibl thanks audibl for supporting this up so the podcast audibl has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows news comedy and more audiobooks The Great to listen to when you're driving at the gym or shopping for audience audibl Safran free audio book the 30 day free trial for a listen to it audibl has to go to audible.com / RT and browser unmanned selection of audio content download a title free start listening today it's that easy going to free audio book with a 30 day free trial at audible.com / RT it's audible.com / RT love audibl all the time in my car right now so if you have for me send it to me I'll download it now listen here in 1984 Kerbey come like way more positive Red 1984 cents high school maybe I will release a new that audibl the who reads it alright baby I'm like the yeah look up for the Game of Thrones and we talk all the time everybody's pretty good ones U again ain't nobody does good Hermione looks like really wings of something I was going to ask how much it would cost the famous and sizeable till we can get some care for right now free I could understand how getting Turf I don't like about you into the ocular that was weird looks like about that why didn't you just go get the stuff busy I think it's like why did they sent me pictures and I was like I want that that that that you think what is it that favor guys out of you think he was the tip percentage of that I favor from some Riley where and by like 10 industrial box fans remember when we film The back-to-school short like I actually use it for work way more last night I went to visit Cummings for kind of close to the stage five years ago we were for his the flag store going to kill ever been there it's over like at Duval and 45th so I stopped by the flag store yesterday because it Go Flags delivery Keflex alright yeah and I was in there and there was a woman who was like going through all of the like the cars have a collection of cars like she's trying to buy like a Valentine's card like she was like carefully examining all of them with a today like to day is Valentine's Day who wait until that moment to like them and start working on it's kind of the same thing with you Brandon like what you do it like if you were busy the night before The Craft what's the difference with hiring a company to deliver you know flowers or anything else pick all that stuff online like that's there's our services specifically for here I'm sending yes Patrick I'm sending you some stuff for this conversation I like go to the store and go nuts Chris $100 worth of love please madman type stuff works like you give your secretary money to figure out something October CN annual would you get her just like you find out whenever she shows up with it's like royal icing whenever I like to get flowers for Tony will the nicest looking ones have lilies and stuff with room but they will kill cats like old ladies are some poor kid type on a family of cats get the pollen in them that I really like anyone's ever act like purposefully poison their girlfriends cats with flowers Pound Puppies have been like this is going to take those annoying cats are assholes I was going to say some people are assholes you hurt me I would never do it I'm just saying if somebody is a bad person and you can hear you could you put it on the cats don't try to save someone well I'm just saying what are aggressive mean they can attack you also but I would never poison a cat I wouldn't either I'm just saying I understand cats are assholes just when they deserve to be poised no I'm saying is you're saying like people poison cats what could be a possum motivation is the next puffle Shir I would take it I have had a shirt and like seven years. One of my shirts my only Shir the comic so why didn't you like your cat as much as you like your dogs cats are more independent and they're not as affectionate U Want to faction like the dog like appreciate you write like the dogs like oh you're the best I feel like you eat your pussy wouldn't need affection or validation that the dog is constantly loving me thanks you know appreciate the cat like you feed a cat cats like you I don't like a cat because you can leave them alone like that if you got to go to town for a couple days like automatic feeder have a little box that will clean itself I'm just really handy and care about you the dogs like the dog will miss you the dogs have to CU like I like I like I'll come home when I park my car I've got like a really low window so you but you can see where I parked my car from and I parked my car and every time I come out like I can I looked at window in both the dogs are there just like looking at me staring depreciation University of Texas for some reason spent a lot of money on a research study about dog personalities and they concluded that you don't you get a dog as a puppy thy actually adapt to your personality is so you have you know things around you that kind of augment U and then not kids because I believe that I think you know lots of times when people have dogs that are like really happy I think it's a reflection of their personality like they either didn't didn't raise the dog a certain way or they didn't never disciplined it whenever it doesn't cuz I got a little dogs you like little dogs are assholes but my dogs never barked unless someone knocks at the door thing go crazy here another dog barks at other dogs on the leash and she no like nothing can happen to her if she tried to forget she's like kind of like you know when you have Bros and there's a guy like come on come at me and you knows his brother going to hold him back so she's on the balcony she says another dog was in the least she barks at it but if she's not she's standing next to a dog she's like super I've had that I mean too much so she got bitten a couple months ago I think I talked about it on the podcast so we do have pictures that I sent Patrick so I asked favor go there send me pictures of what they have and they sent me pictures so we can see those pictures and he showed I was like look for look for something that has up to a dozen roses maybe two dozen and then he also seemed you like what about so he showed me the balloons and I was like yeah balloons that can we come back to the that is a ridiculous amount of balloons to you that's 6 balloons Brandon the end of a long balloon sets like meat with people Bible attached that's a decent amount if there's a little bear there is a bear that is trapped in a balloon I'll be your Valentine maybe kind of implying for the love of God let me know like trapped Pedobear something about I see the photos that this favor person sent you I would be pissed if that was me if I was that the motherfucker normally I just get a list of like 5 things to buy not got to go and like send photo they like you can interact in coming through random stuff yeah and usually they send you pictures for random task I mean restaurant in buy me something that cause I wanted a good amount of things around time so it was a hundred bucks so percentage good start to the day good things going to happen to me could you go can you go to favor to be like going to the bank I would take a picture of the security guards belt and send it to me is that fiver now leaving at 2 but never way to report it and see something weird man I got fucking pissed off at favor before you go get two favors to meet each other and take a picture of it put your hair the other favor guy take a picture of it and send it to that website fiver or you can like people to do weird things like that cash wrap that is like that like you don't actually have to have them go buy something favor they have to purchase something that you deflect fired up there in U can you not people do whatever we had so I guess there's a video to be made somewhere that come in and do their laundry let's the website PewDiePie use that got him in trouble never mind what was pissing me off for a couple weeks ago has some of their delivery people are on bikes I have ever had a favor to learn on the bike I have before but I'm trying to order some dinner a couple weeks ago and I went through and fucking put all the shit in ordered it got accepted it was immediately cancel was like before is a restaurant close I call the restaurant don't know where open of the right we do it again so I can't like to reorder it cuz they cancelled my order so I got to go through put everything back in again hit submit them the same dude accept it again as I go fuck are you cancel the fuck what's going on you can like text favor like the company not the runner was I can't come what's going on why should we cancel them in a reply for like 5 minutes please talk to me like that was the person who was testing your order he was on a bike and you're too far away maybe they're desperate for drivers I don't know how the hell could you possibly do it before they accept it the poison he should be able to see how far away I don't let to know it's really no because I hate doing that going through the The Wanted U know this song none of these Services exist to this day we must sound like the most whenever they have a career come in that says look if you don't have something in your food it's not our fault it's probably something was lost and delivery cuz we get a lot of complains and it's like when the favor or whoever gets there and read that kind of like an awkward he's going to check if they received the delivery but sometimes you like was my bread what happened at Red Baron working ordered luncheon and he ordered a beef sandwich from Jason's Deli and the default any shows up it shows up roast beef sandwich be more specific and it shows up and it's just a bucket of meat what what and he's like what inserts just like a tub like a little soup tub and just a ball of meat and then he's like white white what was going on in their default setting for a roast beef sandwich without bread like white like that's the default if you try to order a roast beef sandwich from Jason's Deli it's just a picture of it which is why don't we it's really like you're probably pick the kind of bread you want and buy the fault and there's nothing how this is going to be pissed he just deliver do some work deliver delivery guy maybe they saw the delivery person they're like in this person Kim Twitter or something I'll send it images from the guy who ordered a pizza online and he ordered none pizza left beef does that sound familiar at all he went through it's like I think you from Domino's in selections and hit none and then for beef like you want to be fun the pizza he hit me but only on the left side so Domino's made the pizza as a none pizza left beef little buddy what are you doing no pizza left beef meat sauce or anything it's just would like to repeat something like six years ago there it'll be sure we're not going to go so we talked a lot about Rosie the guy who the wheelchair outside of homeless guys had a real chair at the old office and I remember he got some cash and he went into attic Jimmy John's and he ordered a sandwich without bread just ham and tuna on top like he was a dolphin that's not interesting U night out sir. You the one that said he you're upset about not getting a granted that was his bad but still looking hate it as a whole I said I was having my leg amputated tomorrow I mean you saw me next week and I still had that you liked it I would I also can you help me out I need help removing my leg and you help the person out and then they never mind I decided to keep it worse for the the turkey Jung sir. Americ elephant frustrated you something special about that Brandon level of frustration in general no I'm really the car and I'm trying to dictate to Siri and I my talking and she interrupts me because she did text like a quarter of a second pause and then like I start screaming that's the only in grade Hangar driving deal until the drivers it's text Brandon when you send them the Siri or insane yeah they sound like they're like stream of Consciousness and I'll get this like like huge text from little bit what's wrong with bright right at the end dictated by Siri I wish you could do that automatically or poorly the like next U like when you receive a message like that like a little microphone or something to indicate it make you look insane very publicly hate Cortana facts about me it's the worst and I know you can turn it off I have it turned off but sometimes I see if it's any better I put it back on the other day I turned it back on I thought maybe it's good maybe they patched it few times I said I could turn a sign in as Gavin and it was like it's just doing nothing like okay have I listen to I said yet and I was just waiting to sign in as Gavin then it was loading the internet then change the text to say sign-in is Kevin with sir Kevin and then said Who U want to sign in this great public barely want to be using this it's sir that much better 25 seconds to end before with Xbox you say Xbox on his Gavin does nothing with the Internet it's just one second give an Amazon Echo your house does it ever randomly say stuff if you're watching TV yeah just like last night and it was that I need to go into the app and you can look at what it thought you said oh really you can say hey Lexie I know that shit but it was like send them about your crap cappuccino if your knowing if it's someone named that in the movie he had his Alexa when you don't say oh I change the name Alexis stupid like I struggle with Siri in my car like I can use it like you said it's a piece of shit or whatever but in my car it's especially frustrating because I'll also like to come in to trigger it and I don't know how other cars working on my car treats when I do that like a phone call so then it like there's a weird pause for a couple of seconds all that life brings up the phone so there was like I can see the command to bring it up the next to wait but if I wait too long then it ends Eminem for call I'm going to say it again so I can really narrow window of when I can say it and I always mess it up she need the Apple carplay software yeah I bought a really shitty third-party device that kind of uses it set a desperation I'm also my old stereo broke and they refused to pay for it. I don't tell the story again cuz last time I told everybody fucking destroyed me about it I'm sure it'll be better this time can of Coke in my car just so you know sometimes you just forget it and when I came back and I came back and it exploded everywhere so because the buttons were sticky they wouldn't fix the the manufacturer they wouldn't fix the drive that has ATI maps to the map sir in your navigation unit are done by the Jung buy CD even though it was protected behind a like a like a love this place and it's like one of those moments where you just like you fuckers and I I wished I should have tweeted at them that's only way to like make companies responsible for shit is what we don't want to read that ship yeah U like they don't since you reply directly to that Company Feel Like Never U deal with that you just give me would like some customer service person can't really help you most of the time yeah but the people on Twitter that big they can set something like hey I'm I'm having this problem and and that they rush to fix it because you're saying it publicly the normal way I will always just like go through normal customer service trying it from fix I'll do that first and I went to the dealer then one of the many factor and I like they just do their best to deflect you somewhere else so it's like a measure of Last Resort we bunch of us were going to Vegas a few years ago and you know something you know something happened and we had to cancel our flight and we try to get a the air lines of like respond us the money and we're like hey you know the thing happen has been inspected as a bit you know unfortunate and we thought it was very reason to Lan they refused to refund us not even like give us a voucher towards anything else want me refundable tickets to Morris but they wouldn't even give you like the equivalent credit no I don't think so it's very shitty Airline it's like the worst airline in the world it takes 45 minutes to get their customer service and fill all of us started tweeting at it and they just promised it and actually then but was the say fuck him he's a legit do the worst Airline there was an anonymous poll from the pilots that said their pilots will let their family fly on it cuz they don't spend enough money on fixing them plain or the worst customer service but they're cheap you remember all this to the flight date meat unfortunately this was after you no money past no reason you can I was bereavement felt like might be a little bit different cuz I think it was like almost 3 Grand cuz it was 12 was going so we thought they might make you know an exception under those circumstances there was a story about a year ago I'm looking for and I think I just found it where there was an airline mechanic who worked at I'm try to see where he used to work I think she worked on American Airlines for 20 years I don't see if we use work but he worked as a mechanic for twenty years he took a job working at Allegiant and quit after 2 weeks he said it was too dangerous I mean you are another you watch air disasters LOL A lot of the times causes for problems if it's in Hair Art manufacturing they're just bad maintenance you know and um when you hire or like have make ship maintenance a lot of worried about that I remember the exact statistic on the top of my head something to do my best here but there was a there's a big move in the airline industry for Airlines to no longer do maintenance in the United States yeah Del Outsource the maintenance to South America that sounds like a horrible idea that's cheaper to do it down there any last-minute run with your butt like the regular like every there's like a lot of that really do that with the name budget cuts on maintenance cuz they can't cut in maintenance right but I mean I'm saying and still get the discount as opposed to saying alright that we have to make budget cuts and maintenance here in the US we need less people to you know work on it on my my priority here it's plain or found it found it there was a Vanity Fair article from 2 years ago the top headlines the disturbing truth about how airplanes are maintained today in the last decade most of the big US Airlines have shifted major maintenance work to place like El Salvador Mexico and China or few mechanics RFA certified and inspections have no teeth what's the how do the qualifying at cuz I mean the implication here is foreigners don't know how to fix planes FAA certification they might have some other certification it doesn't mean they don't know what the I trust the FAA certification I feel like the United States has some of the safest air travel in the world I think there were times they will not act when they should because they're dealing with billion-dollar Corporation especially with a leech it happened like a year-and-a-half ago where they had like a bunch of incidence in Florida all after one another and you see the two with other airlines they found problems in their planes and have them fix it I have a question is a couple of different think I was seeing what the other day when you die is it because of plan you put could you put in your will a really really bizarre funeral type thing and then specify that that has to be followed to the tea or your will or your any inheritance you have it does not go to your children over probably do that like if they have to execute in order to get exact yesterday Sir Sly gold how I wanted to be out as I don't want to be buried or anything I want to get blown up or something you know that I want it who's going to control that like my request like to be blowing up it might be it but I would also pay for it like if I was like in my I had already arranged it but I was like in order to my hair did not know who you leaving I want to I want to be going out for a movie like just popped up on a spike an exploded that's what I was exactly what I was thinking like stick but then my family was CN if he grow to be funny to you leaving your money to I don't know I don't have any kids yet so but maybe like I don't know I've never the right now who will the money go tonight would go to like someone that would go to someone else or maybe the government let's not blow me up because I don't threat like if you don't and I really would like to get that you can make it happen right okay get with my money put in one so it's like big and cash right so you got like this like you know the blocks in Fifth Element That's so exciting but then put them in my body like in Fifth Element CU have to cut of my stomach block their own inheritance it has to be attractive the Nerdist podcast is brought to buy Casper Casper is an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost password revolutionising the mattress industry by putting a constant dealing with resellers and showrooms at passing that savings directly to the consumer Comfort mattresses of obsessively in your mattress at a very fair price was me to support a memory foam for a sleep service with just the right thing can just the right balance plus two breathable design sleep school to help you regulate your temperature throughout the night I could be easily online completely risk-free Casper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress in all reality spin 230r life on chest Robbers free delivery pain was returned it so they 108. So you don't have to lie down in a Sho room and additional $30 purchase purchase we're going to party and entering promo code RT as kasper.com / RT promo code RT her condition supply free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada thanks Casper for making and selling awesome mattresses and sponsoring dispatch I'm going to go back to something you said a second ago you said I'm going to go to white supremacist and you think I saw there's this this this television series on the viceland network television show on viceland call hate Thy Neighbor where this comedian goes and talks like different hate groups I like tries to understand what they're pointed and the first episode I think you watching YouTube actually the first episode he goes and talks to Nazis and Pennsylvania and the end like that he goes in like the white supremacist the whole time and that she told him legitimately about level even put them in any way and at one point one of them goes on this rant about how people from Africa are monkeys and people from Asia are cats MC like mix the would like the weird what the fuck is wrong with you man but why people that animal I didn't get into that I was curious I was hoping you would get into that I think in his mind my people are the only people, but Africa that CN own unfortunate people been saying that for a long time. Ugly I've never heard the the Asian thing Asian thy confusing the analogy he made was that Asian people like to jump around like cats and cats eyes are slanted like Asian people and Asian people eat fish and cats like fish yeah they be offended about that to an Asian person you like meow and you ran away with a be offended or with a brother bazaars it's really try to actually watching the first episode on their YouTube channel and you can one of the things he was trying to make something up on the spot I don't know man I mean I don't know if you're like if you're in a group about it then you probably thought about it at some and I don't know it's Pennsylvania has not ceased has like a huge swastika flag like flying over his house and maybe you can probably go to a flag shop I know there's at least one in Austin and you know if Flags the world or whatever but in the back they usually have a Confederate flag and a Nazi flag that you have to ask for their can you know if you have to buy them yeah I know it's got to buy them before and it's like you know I get it you know the economy was struggling back then socialist movement or whatever but that's the body of not sir get us not John Oliver he's amazing like I think he's the best the best president's last episode was right after the election 2016 anyway he kind of this moment and Sho this clip from his Sho it must have been when it first started and it was him hearing that Donald Trump wanted to run for president resident I think at the time everybody thought he was just kind of doing that to kind of get more money for the apprentice and he said fucking do it U run for president or The Daily Show was it okay that makes sense because it was probably I don't forget there's a lot of it from one of us in 2012 were apparently I just went off on a run about Donald Trump and how is such a lying piece of shit rate real life for 5 years ago but I don't remember saying that stuff but I have had strong opinions about Trump by that's what Oliver episode back was all that about the idea of Truth like really trying to simplify it and say there are certain things that are objectively true that for whatever reason people aren't accepting it's great yeah I was saying how he will just make up stats against people and then that will get quoted and then it becomes the truth instead of lying there was people report the report people say it's 4% but I've heard it's 6% 8% maybe up to 47% and all of her to the school thing where he will identify the date and time of a certain tweet that truck makes a the fact and then he will find a report from who-knows-where another person on Twitter or Noah website a fake News website and like he just mediately read something in a few degrees with it he put it up put it out there in time where we have to like really are news and vet like is this real is is credible 2017 is the year of politics technology doesn't what and Faking It about 17 what do you remember about 2015 it was the Philly yet I mean is a good year was it more celebrities were alive that was good 2015 Iron Man 2015 Ikon tell you anything do you think are like celebrities in hell like you like lol 2016 the back the last Liberties died but do you think more celebrities were like created light rays are ratios celebrities to to death going up I would think so right now if we were talking about that but I think you know the number of celebrities for the most part people who died a little bit older he know there are some accidents or whatever but the number of people who found Celebrity Status you know many many years ago decades ago as like as a lot smaller where's now with the internet the people here would say as a celebrity or who would be reported on this so much white or so in 40 years we're going to have years where it's like you know the the Oscar tribute is going to be like 20 minutes while I think 2016 is back to the lot of people you can consider Legends guide like not just take a famous person that was famous how many other Legends do you say I guess who I don't know if this is sensitive devastated when the queen dies in a long time around Sho Nuff like like she's like yeah I'm the longest reigning what happens to people who live a long time let's not make this about me the fuck anymore you think Charles is upset or kind of wish you'd died a while ago and he said that the record for longest person who's had to wait the longest to become Kim that's what happens when you have the longest 9391 in April Kim Queen to set alarm the movies from the seventies the parody to Queen and she dirty old in those movies is crazy Leslie Nelson is dead and the cleaners old so I don't know if I've ever actually seen an item did she when she night someone did she hold a sword and put it on both our shoulders Legacy have to lift it up I was she doesn't the night everyone I don't think she's doing these days LOL you probably get her a prop sword of the followers drop it like to get knighted above knighting Queen Another areas but I'd sir I mean you can be sir and you become like a lot but I mean being nice it is like a such a high on how you been I think every night sir you can't call yourself sir Chris today will night the military honors or different levels related to like like you know you can be like Kerbey U whatever I hope you will like a person of the British order LOL British public the number to United sort of honorary Knighthood like you said meaning they aren't allowed to answer to their names they do however get to appendicitis kbe if they desire what's the call the Trump Tower site for the British Empire president's get knighted no letting George W bush did it was nice but thanks though but I don't remember that was he who won their Americans have been knighted Sir Bill Gates Steven Spielberg Michael Bloomberg they out there at night is like you be some people turn it down and they think that being really I mean I guess it up to them they are then they can choose whether they accept the Knighthood put did that it's usually this usually pretty frowned upon if you don't accept you why wouldn't you something but it's done interested it's like I don't care did the um if I have some people turn down a Nobel Prize will just don't accept it feel like that's like this a political statement is it I don't know I don't know what I'm talking about what are the benefits of being a knight who CU Knights and Dames Grand Cross guitar special Gear 2 formal events like coronations includes a pink with gray edges satin mantle and a color of six gold medallions all members of the order are allowed to wear the group's bad bad base lacrosse hanging from a pink ribbon with gray edges all of various ranks wear their Badges and unique ways by leveling up in a video game just getting a spot in the British Order of Precedence that's pretty big what is that dude that's the system that developed the hierarchy of ceremonial importance for things like State dinners and Knights win their wives the right to be called lady and knights and Dames Grand Cross can modify their coats of arms reflect the other because she does know them with it so it was George HW Bush that got knighted and Ronald Reagan it seems like they're the only politician supposed to suck for Clinton sir he might have been looking for it never pushed back to back them that's it so I guess I had totally I think I would too dude I mean if I play my cards right throughout life but I do a lot of good maybe I'll get like a British like what would you have to do what Gavin Free have to do to become a knight to get stuck in to charge it will do a lot for a lot of people who'll what you have to be less selfish there's an arc three cause they're like a champion a cause not even just like donate to charity Billy if you like a voice mate make him a movie or something that like it's something for a week and we'll work on it you might have we kinda do like ma Kevin Spacey got night I like Kevin Spacey but K-PAX I was trying it Brandon Knight it'll be a lot harder that would be think you have a better chance of being knighted then I may be a few in. Are you suggesting you don't if you saying I think it's zero and zero could do to help the British economy and your dogs catch a local British farmer whose Partners grass for pets L got a poop so much while you're gone how often do your dogs have accidents in the house not at all the puppies getting a lot better at it really the only time will be as if he's really excited he'll just be light or the bedroom the fucking carpet that's the thing with trying to get out of butt the Wario gun I know you said not to store and I can't help it story so what we are going obviously we had a friend who took him out like 4 times a day but they'll still go to the balcony because I have the ability but like a grass got kind of food send a the started pooping on the concrete and then I went outside I was like well I got to clean up all the poop and I get there and then I'm overcome with this smell and I had to run back in the house I put my hands over my and I literally throw up in my mouth and like Paul is dead and like I run to the bathroom door but it's closed and I'm just and I literally almost purse the door busted the door down with my foot to get to the toilet so she opened it and then that's the top of the toilet was closed in a also how is this the poop story about the vomit story is a by vomiting because it was a ton of poop his the dog was there something wrong like there so they're pooping way more and it's super like something soft did you change your food or something trying every time I can't will either the puppy food that Penny like the soap any other certain type of food and we always get her to Turkey the same Brandon puppy version onlys and chicken so I change Penny the chicken just so if they makes but they don't neither of them it's just an overnight with her it was crabby this was like three months ago and so they poop way too much like way more and it's just gross and it's just I can't I just have like all of this I had to get a hose that connects to my kitchen sink and my balconies and I could spray it until the cat poop been story then I think so it was when we first got to me and he had a little box inside and I used to hate changing the litter box and then bringing the bag of shit will through the house to put in the main vent sir just bought this Big Ben and I put right outside the door of the box that's I would like until until bag on the stump in the vent I thought been once but while it's running and then I forgot to put the lid on the bed one day and it rained and it was like maybe like a little boxes was Italy time Shades to throw out and I just went out there to fix an open delivers off and it was full to the brim white cloudy water just like filled up so I was like his right about the war and then it was like you're too heavy meat the pushover I was can I get to spell yeah those are not toxic I wait I just left it the way it to be dry for a long time for the word level eventually went down to the point where she sits like I literally couldn't budge the bin it was so heavy was like like a bit of wet sand face like so then I shouldn't have to poop so then we eventually dragged it away to try and get some of it into the other Ben and it was it was like the forming of stuff inside you know it's going to have to cut the bin and then deal with it at that point how much is the Ben be at the cost of it is like from the time. Throw it away or not we couldn't we can lift we can't hear anything sir we just took a second Stanley knife to the bottom of the Been Around The Edge and we just let pulled up the thing and it will like Spilled Out and we realized that I guess it's like ammonia or something and catch and we realized individual bags we were running out of oxygen Pottstown could the smell was so bad so we will like doing this but it was still like getting into my sinuses and I was just running out and I was like stop slump and I rabbi cool. So we would like it was night as well we tried to the back of the Cottonwood doing in Pitch talking to some really CU everything was good with pasta hate Cat books change that stuff is deadly talk that I have no idea why when I went outside to clean it up I took like a sweater and took the sleeves and just like tied it around my face so I just like had this thing here I look like I was a fucking terrorist when I get out of breath listen your story Gavin what it was doing to the app the oxygen content was wailoa a monks the cash it or forever keep your cat poop to save time or like to save house stink the piss captain could really mess you up to get slimy restaurant that has ammonia what do you think of favorite guy would have done if you'd favor and that's not how it works he has to buy something the new Ben I knew better than to tell her part of the process as if I don't think I smell anything that bad in my life it smell like at 3 my face and eyes do babies ma lab and it was like you smell it wasn't like in smell like cat piss off cat food it would just mixed into this to Ultraman a Venom that's why I have The Grassman back to the grass are we had the picture so I figured this out if I was curious enough before I started it was that was your favorite how much was it they're out of stock if they're out of stock everywhere like no nowhere in town has grass the grass so it looks like you can't buy grass locally if only there was a service that would ship You Beautiful green grass from can I'm just I don't think so River the boat yeah that's her although I think people did agree with me I feel like I'm being obnoxious I want to have anybody with me about the knife like getting the knife for your father-in-law that's a nice gift I think a lot of people have some people to dress outlet shop online how much is a poo poo poo poo poo poo I mean I'm not Jason's podcast I feel like a man you can buy yeah cuz I just got pissed and shit on it right you can buy Riley Saint Augustine grass too much Augustine grass is $125 for 450 square feet so let's do some math U what can you buy at little square root of the word 50 so that's about 2700 say $0.28 a square foot yeah that's cheap pretty good so if you're paying 29 bucks if I can get like a hundred to sell it to you and 1 foot square patch the $0.28 you buy like a two by two one read your older than me how many square feet did you say 450 I like a two by two foot patch right that's a good that's about what you were buying right right now actually like I actually I buy I buy a 4 by 6 4 by 6 46 - 24/28 + $0.28 + $6.72 what they like I paid 25 bucks for it so you're you're paying like a dollar square foot them had a little more but it shows up at my house shows up but it's like 5 deliveries for you my problems dogs do their business inside and I have grass everywhere cutting grass in your house then we to let today know like I think we talked about in the past very familiar now what do you like about any fact that we have like ultraviolet lights and everything if you want to live in an UltraViolet Kim panels but I'm had a paint panels I would live in a glass house why I don't know I like grass it feels good on your feet it doesn't bugs in it and there would be bugs or maybe there would be but she be grateful but if you want some temperature do you know where your shoes when you're in your house now depends sometimes I like it when I was younger I always wear my shoes in the house I got like was just something that I were right about to get on the bed as soon as I don't want to wear many more I try not to wear pants I have a roommate I prefer not wearing pants as well yeah it's or or shoes or I mean like I don't know what he wear instead of pants are just in your underwear U put like a poncho Poncho like a big raincoat like a blanket rain Cape the tiger the blank was the original Snuggie did Imagine The Ring thing but it looks like it could rain proof what about if you're at someone's house but it's like a no friends everything is still it's not like you don't know these guys do you take your shoes off your mom keeping the person who lives there has their shoes off if I go in with someone and they take their shoes off of my shoes off I'll ask her just take them off I don't know someone comes over and they just the other side everybody's wearing your shoes on your whatever your floor and then you look at the bottom of it and it's like black and your little this is disgusting that people choose to wear when they get on an airplane and Airport you never know you know you want to be comfortable but every now and then just CU somewhere you like some absolutely ridiculous like I'll never understand when I see you know women wearing a super high heels that are real and couples like you really should be comfortable right or like dudes wearing flip-flops yeah I never thought about that U take your shoes off at airport and foot feels like super easy not if your pre TSA or kiss a sir to whatever it's amazing but to the point like to be super easy to take out my Gus then you're walking around the U don't like 4 blocks under any circumstance with flip flops generational thing I can call it was like where we going in tonight I worry at work and then you guys like fucking destroyed me like this like our workplaces just as professional attire place I remember we have one employee who started they were like a suit on the first two days and it on the sir day they were in like like super nerdy giant t-shirt and like shortening Marshall used to wear an undershirt to work flops gym shorts in an underskirt uniform here right now even that happened I just a little nice when I started first remember you being self-conscious about wearing flip-flops to it cuz you would like usually wear flip-flops then you bring shoes to run the time you drive over that cub and waiting almost kill us will my car it's like a Honda Civic and it's one of those like the Honda Civic it's a Honda Civic and it's a coup and it's so it's it's extremely low to the ground and Austin has like that we're at a restaurant with like it was a the parking lot was the field and Gavin never had dinner with me again it's what time to wrap this up alright so that's your buddy we will be back live next week for the pancake podcast so we're looking for today do you want to send us a podcast theme U can make one and put it right there send it to the email address when we did and we will play it during the credits of an opinion podcast if you like it we should pieces here let's try to do it maybe the week after pancake podcast work on it will go forgot some Logistics I feel like as obnoxious like everybody hate it, it was going to be like coming up next week