#417 - Puppies Like Pancakes

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier, and Burnie Burns as they discuss pancakes, morning vs evening showers, Burnie getting left behind, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 27, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-02-28 15:27:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier


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Transcript (in progress):

gu with that everyone will receive podcast with Brock U buy blue apron biondi's and Squarespace you Gus I'm Gavin pancake and over there already messed up pancake U push it wasn't someone individually sliced the blue Breeze enough playmania Gus like a serial killer do that go to question people always u in it with that bowl of mush she was just trying to do a job so you just as you don't put in like what you want a chocolate chip 1 of a chocolate chip and Strawberry Shortcake strawberries U put on top after you don't please and thank you it was about served but he's not here I don't worry it's Burnie is running late so he's missing pancake just missing pregnancy he wanted to delay the start of the podcast why did show up as a part of a couple of weeks I don't know if we could push it to 6 and I said no so we're going to have for making pancakes with a bunch of U up here we got people coming in and out of here to sit in the chair this a dog up here now apparently we just lost one of and he can be burni 38 it really never done it is the for you never made one so he's been Burnie everybody know that it's going pretty good for the screw this greatly I got all the toppings U fantastic although I don't know who chose the molasses as awful as Pancake House look at the fucking mail that you never know blue eyes open that's gross I wanted to say even use for ruining food I made some wings 1, or me barbecue 1 time and I use some molasses in the marinade no it was not good it was good times I'm right by the way cuz the last time you cook for me I got food poisoning that was Burnie we got Brian a all of my steak was Brian with my steak and he was fine he didn't Bears to tell you something Brian he would not have said anything I'm blue you see the news Gus the apparently a bunch of Crystal Palace fans vandalize the bus of the opposing team's vandalize their own but they spray-painted Crystal Palace on the Crystal Palace Crystal Palace is not having a good season I don't know if U with it kilometer in the second her to find someone else where are they are spreading over the Middlesbrough bus Israel there's a little one out there wants one I wish you had the ones you did before the show started on the table that's why I practice before the show get Becca blush pancake eat at pancake Becca ever been depressed because never been on the podcast U depressing it's your dog by the way over there he dine and dash do I switch the pump cost does you're the one texting me cuz I with on it's a part of the job on the web content you tweeted a fucking photo of Gavin and I from like 10 years ago where the fuck you have that photo from my old phone I even I don't have 70 well in that picture I was Nineteen and photos June 18th I was just 19 28 28 now and that picture was from service Queen Rock Band it was guitar we broke up was because of the party because I came to America three times in a row I came to America and then like a week later U I know Michael is a keeper stand the test of Gavin I mean where's get cast this might be a great pancake U got it hurt someone else back over there on with chocolate chip also I'm sorry the lipstick you put on me is totally coming off right now so chocolate chip and chocolate chip or Blueberry Blueberry you also pretty miffed that you don't have that recent a bullshit she can't iron but when you have Becca Red vs blue.com I forwarded but it doesn't work anymore honestly I haven't tried go back I mean Gus it was back on Gus manage the email served Cafe the hard part now for me to try to talk to the same time I'm so nervous about fucking pancake so I put him down cuz I feel like we should at least put 1 and trying to destroy the camera I want to try this is going to be a busy week for you and podcast cuz you're also one always open this week I am and do you double but I stole your thunder ruper U post a video of ruper today which was probably cutest thing I've ever seen little baby ruper he's like 5 weeks old I don't know how you have so many of his dogs cuz why 1 is a nightmare is entertain each other I think that 1 that Steven J I'm frazzled I'm losing it maybe that's the current cell ID never going to for pancake I want to see living catch it we catch in his mouth I get too anxious like I want to try to flip on before they're ready that's my problem come up I think you're too concerned about watching for the bubbles will your ass and pulling it down with the juice on it so the science is it is it ruper pancake time we're going to go out here if your dog eat a pancake or fucking innovating here explain what Pancake Day is again Gavin tomorrow straight you think of this thing with that is can you explain it I can't for the blueberry Fat Tuesday with the same thing except able to fix it in the Bible that was cool shrove Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday shrove mean years it was the first Pancake what do I know these kind of Pancakes U Crepes we would be doing it wrong with you Gus it right every time you let me know if you want to make some pancakes can you can you make a gus shaped pancake so I can use I don't know your name we can't even gone pancake 101 you're talking about like graduate-level pancake over there new Mickey Mouse no.3 Circle 1 Circle yeah but I could be self-deprecating is that Big Mac on your shit Turtle what it is it looks like Dana on any on I mean it still Steven is that have chocolate in it wasn't burnt rice okay so Becca chocolate it's raw and it's burn because that's how I cook pancake I think I'm going to get food poisoning from tonight Krispy and rotten inside a what should they watch them Oscars did anything cool happen schedule of the judge quality yeah if that's okay on the first times ever watch the Oscars live what was that I usually don't have cable but I do have cable now because it's include with my apartment burn. And I get a clusterfuck that anything was holy shit I remember seeing the stage manager come out looking all friends again like two envelopes with him now just sitting there thinking like I thought they said the wrong winner they said the wrong charger there's a weird and I know traveling it didn't feel right something was about to go down it was about to get it I've never seen over there I didn't think that was even possible you would think like the chain of command for how many people have to hold that envelope and then pass it to the for checking no people have the same envelope on either side of the state do it to it so they handed off depending on which side you enter from the handle up to the person so I assume Warren Beatty in her from the opposite side of the stage from the previous person so he somehow got the offer so that's why he came back on to be like his 1 seems like he already for un and his wives acting like a weirdo but then you quite understand what you say you know I had it in my hand the whole time meaning they didn't have it couldn't have been maybe yeah I don't know something something fishy's going on there or just was a very simple mistake people who are presenting an award in front of me so Emma Stone La La Land and didn't know it Stone Emma Stone with 20 2016 she won an Oscar before now I think she was nominated for burn permit Golden Globe the right I feel like I've seen her acceptance speech before Tony Award shows 20 words that second griddles not the same time throw terrible over here corner Barbara know they're great for my truck yes about my shirt we are like it's a birthday present I can cash I have no idea what it is it's like looking at a Big Mac a tighter shirt on you before where to find out very quickly juice hono so I went to Vegas last week and I was there for a conference and where I was at a bar and I look behind the bar and I saw this ball of liquor that I never seen before I add to the spa the liquor in Australia before but I've never seen that whole bottle and it stands out to me because this bottle looks like something Automotive liquid were coming like brake fluid her head lice like the fuel injector cleaner headlight fluid so I was ever to Allen and yes the bartender to let us look at the at the bottle follow the bartender Kansas gets the most expensive bottle of liquor they have at that bar like a shot of it is $75 leash it and of course being attacked the bartender and giving us a double for $50 I don't like for today was a Chinese liquor that they imported for Lunar New Year think that they would sell it all to cast but since Living Years over if they said not selling any so they're like that we can so it's it's this liquor called mouta happy family UTI or something like that it's made from fermented sorghum what what is that it's like a week and it's like when you drink it it's like dead plants in bed and sales in your sinuses and live there now I swear to God I still smell it and it's still in my fucking nose and I can smell a need to get a Neti Pot I need a for something pancake it wasn't what it was not worth it with the cover it like with a cover it with a napkin because we didn't want to smell it anymore blue pancake Vega one over there to get around people on for the clam bring back 4 so if you ever see mouta do not drink it U either there it is says with this much a satellite clear virus is nothing in the world that can cleanse at like pipe cleaner and stick it up my nose and fucking job my sinuses clean to get rid of that turtle that had a plastic straw that's coming round again no set always outside it's like just the one that's making the noise how do you decipher with an o faces versus like if it's in pain or will it so her no this is a video of a turtle that had it was a plastic straw that got lodged into it snows and talk about on the phone I didn't last night and then there's people who are like working they have pliers and like they're trying to pull it out and it's like bleeding and the turtles like screaming and life thrashing around and they finally get it out in the thing was like this long like I don't know how I don't know how they knew it was stuck up there cuz it was like all the way in to the point was passed a nostril but how is it Turtle sinus cavity I don't know I guess they have long necks it was one of the biggest tortoise is pretty gruesome I don't like turtle orgasm I think it might just be Rob pancake what you did just like I'm eating warm better pussy pussy egg taste test for Gus jingle go back it's been done yeah I like to request a major 1 or with more a couple chips off the U not using anymore cuz if she keeps fucking up did you need a turn off or turtle we both know just a really big one but we love each other chip, can you load it with chocolate chips will be like the appropriate amount of water I'm told so how did you get these pictures from my phone did I send looking forward specific email that at one point in time that was where we were playing Guitar Hero and Jason and I had independently played like mad house I ended up next to him in the world leader boards like we're yeah but I mean if you still would like hundred thousand a hundred thousand and that's crazy it was like 1 different since the chances were ridiculous of that happening with what time you going to Vegas too much Barbara I like to learn U craps dealer I thought her dog the last time I was there I was ruper for the love Cigna I was playing craps and all the other crap tables and there's 1 4 it's like two old dudes are kind of close to each other for the space between them the old is it just imagine you're jacking off of the same time is the store now and I don't want to play craps between them he's like you got a rascal scooter and you can't stand at the craps table said got like a high chair for him he's kind of sitting there and in the other dude I don't you just kind of a weird guy and they got him my rights the weird one the one of my left is one sitting down and one of my right up after like if I was because immediately as soon as I pulled up to the right as the one of them I left like what's your name and you got set on that can't hear it we got more I'm going to call you Dominic U Remind me my grandfather was like what is a full-time because I'm calling the guy on my left Dominic U don't speak Italian food, right to started say Amore to him over and over I'll see you at the Grand pancake the Grand Turk anyways I'm going to ruin the grill I mean to try to have a nice big circle big circle flip it flip it U can flip anyway the rest of us want pancake the grand cake the granddaddy thanks Mom very watery legal proportion for me know when I get some chocolate chips in that for some chips and let's get them in have to cook it for longer taking it up. Look up thought I would eat that cluster right on that Brigham Turtle so you said you're pretty pancake like everyday how often do you all eat pancakes at once a year on this never maybe sometimes if I happen to find myself and I hope but that's probably like once every two or three if I go out for breakfast or brunch or something I don't tend to order pancakes or waffles waffle waffle have been there for a while so did you eat pancakes every day oh my God and then she needs half them to the dogs you don't cook I do but I don't have time to cook so I really nice to see you cook absolute meal you cook okra gumbo days ago what is okra gumbo I know a gumbo okra tomato extra tomatoes and onions so no me Michael's a vegetarian so I can cook with me I didn't for you can I can but can he won't marry the vegetarian Yeah It's Tricky how are you going to turn 15 years old anemic Terry just found out so I might this mean U is it me you're iron slow yeah okay there's so many terms have 4 people when I went in fre when I was in high school I'll take my chemistry class and look it up it's nice and like our chemistry teacher wanted to explain to us how some cereal like total has iron in it and it's actually magnetic so U put a piece of total like in a dish of water and it with a magnet he was able to like dragging around the dish that's cool tell me the shit to the iron in it and I guess like that's why he use that one as a as an example just like it's like it's later than you think about like you need iron in your diet like an actual different Iron like an edible 1 like you wouldn't go and take a bite out of it think it's like to lick some Rust yeah I guess I could use a cast iron skillet is supposed to be beneficial to because really actually get the iron confused and feel like it actually tastes like nipple that looks real good I like the idea of a pregnant woman just like looking at cast iron I used to like cast iron skillet I feel like her so they end up being dirty right cuz I can go to take care of them have to be seized engine at swear like Skillet yeah you never use cast iron not pain in the ass her butt is why I'm very picky about what I'll cook and it because pain in the ass to clean only can use like a paper towel and water worst case scenario that's the most you can LOL sounds awful sounds like way too much work cornbread's really good pots and pans in the dishwasher it depends on the quality of them I don't put my dick in there the coded I've been doing the last five years the dishwasher the heat ruin the temper of the blade deadly got pissed off quicker what are the to me a long time to learn that 1 let you know get fucked up good set of cookware miss you too busy with dog he happy I have 3 dogs I love it I love your fat dachshund Seymour yeah believe it or not I have one that's even sadder than Seymour really like a super fat the food of the other dogs yeah all she wants to do is eat like she's really old she's 13 and so she's just getting senile and and set from Pete yet today probably not have someone someone on Twitter using the hashtag RT Podcast 20 something that I should have done you saying that you don't have time to cook everyday or let me tell you about her sponsor blue apro fresh high-quality ingredients make a real difference took a porta know where your food comes from for less than $10 per person per meal Blue Apron deliver seasonal recipe for longer proportion ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals or let Blue Apron Skillet every team surprise U recipes are not repeat it within a year she will never get bored Clifford's First Guaranty promises every ingredient in Turtle the reruns ready to cook or they'll make it right customer service Peach week based on your preferences blue burn has several delivery options you can choose what fits your needs there's no commitment so you only get deliveries when you want them check out this week's menu and get your first three meals free with free shipping for doing a blue apron.com / RoosterTeeth you love how good it feels and tastes incredible home cook meals her boyfriend so don't wait blue apron.com / Keith Blue Apron a better way to cook shout out to whoever that was Twitter that remind me I should have done that Lithia Barbara if we can fun game it's a good look write your report I think it's a little more I don't want I don't want to destroy it I'm getting eager to I want to I want to taste it looks like you are what's the word criticize should probably text yesterday crepes Pixar heart of a farthing I have to make it really thing you was a little like spreader things make a real thing the ladle Flyin what time do with sleepy crap why different in it like a really thin pancake is it pancake and waffle batter the same U serious yeah pancake of you never be up the hotel we are staying at for our checks Sydney didn't know if you went and got breakfast and had a pancake machine to walk up to it and hit a button and it would like better and and Lake Cook it and then go to spit it out at the end hear some like really shitty eggs here some fruit fucking muffin and maybe like bacon here the head like fresh ingredients all the stuff pancake maker about ready you should flip it over to see the chocolate either drop it Barbara take another place it's really hot cake waffle what's that's a good-looking pancake oh now you're awake you're supposed to make it really unhealthy apro do it to make berries on top if you have these came out and the dog started shaking blue dogs afraid of thunder now see more is a little scared like the other night it was storming and he got in the shower with me you were taking a shower at night during the storm or person never was I was in the morning and what you have but if I don't shower at night it will not happen in the morning though it's just too hectic or this is the first piece whatever you want to say it over here so the pancake that is the ultimate pancake first teeth Prince Phillip what are you got your shower in the morning with humans I will shower in the it depends on depends on what I have to do the next Air how early I need to wake up if I have to be like on set for some text my hair up I cannot live just showering at night like I feel awful I feel so grateful for you anything after I've been wet well I mean if I touch the duvet not yes or no on lunch I tried to be your nighttime shower person for a while but I just can't do it I just got to be more like you said I need to wake up even for the call I'll still like get up super how long do you shower yet like 10 minutes now and you also do and leave pancake burrito going to let you know what you want to be more like his got to finish with the shower if I'm washing my hair and then getting ready that's like an hour and a half yeah yeah let me know I don't do that that seems like so much work the shower it's like the hair product in there if you wake up late do you just arrived late so could you come in looking like shit or looking like where are dry shampoo I usually just put my hair in a ponytail and take my makeup to work with me like an hour and we'll put my makeup 1 question subreddit now I see there's people who will shame other drivers on PC in this same other drivers who were texting or who are putting makeup on how they're driving us like this this is 1 diverticula to dashboard camera set up in a car when do the front and and one pointing out his passengers window so you can pass the other driver and you can see what they're doing well he's funny and being a dick I can understand like it's fucked up that's doing that why you taking a video and post it online just and get out of that does not grapes odenza poisonous for dogs they never want to eat onions anyway that okay that works out it looks good looks good ship the good as hell you should have been the only when you have time do you write a thing definitely cool down it takes a lot longer your pancake set the heat out of it will be okay even if we get a Super Hyper Gavin like I read something a couple weeks ago another how much I believe that I really look into it that said that like sugar rushes and sugar Highs are actually a thing her bullshit always true that a lot of sugar and Hyper make whatever you want any set u in love as a child I used to like to show off to my younger sisters U know when I first moved to Austin yeah I'll talk to them on the phone every now and then and then I'd say you don't have for dinner ice cream like 10 years I really have to think about that because it's multiple on some trying to split the difference not really trying to get in there yes 1 right yeah that was like the least into his reaction of ever seeing it cuz I all that's more like it look at me to Circle K Just 4 your special it looks cool. I want to taste most trying to talk it's on now I know you haven't gotten this is too much for you have you ever eaten anything out of the top of the trash that you put in and yes I absolutely right cuz I don't give a fuck but not missing anything but you know like this pin on top of monkey bacterial not like right on top of it so mine was a spring roll that got accidentally thrown away I was still in like the to go container at the top of the fathers of 5 minutes it's never been like more than a few minutes U walk up to it find it like oh I don't know turning at the slice of pizza episode U get diabetes from 1 Pi Hicks General hot but my buddies just wondering why I've just done to drink a beer the rest is for me so I recently got into a PC gaming in the living room looks awesome table my for that table because I wanted to eat in for the TV and it for just having meals now that I keep my mouth no I have a piece of that I didn't play Battlefield one that game looks really good I didn't amazing it's like twice as good as the best next graphic next best granite really good looking hono on PC suck a card game that's not even like a good looking like I'm sure it is set up what's really going on the left is the PC did people criticize you about oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't get that Steam Big Picture on Steam and I was like yeah once again I said that's how you open all your game to go directly to the shortcut on the desk for everything can you take the whole fucking thing you asked so I can put this this is going to be the vide again portion of the podcast I'm pissed off about something that I think you'll appreciate this sucks but while back and I appreciate if you don't play for on every play for unpaid 1 I'm out hit single player to play me finish level there's a cutscene at the end of the level the cutscenes playing in about 2 seconds from the end of the cutscene I got an error message saying your Xbox is ethernet cable was unplugged returned you would that's what Hitman used to do I'm sorry to get back to me remember I had to redo the entire level I would sell play how to stop a chance I kept playing then I got really because you cannot say that Gamin the middle of a level if you step away from it you lose your internet connection and it keeps you back out to main menu like even if you reach a checkpoint in the middle of a level it still takes you out and make you replay the whole day doing the fuck this game fuck everything about you suck and the industry of toilet and I don't like games the video games or pancake Ashley Township chocolate chip banana wait to little after you wait till I can you don't want to cook those they're peanut butter jelly and request it once that's like a Reese's peanut butter pancake so you like the way to and the chef jobs no I never work in food service that's really the best Burger King I was putting I was late delivering so I wasn't making a little bit I mean to her I wasn't cooking Springs Steakhouse Marina Intown for 40 miles apart from each other really small them hundred of them have you guys know University first time just me the same time I just didn't remember when we were like day or something you're implying that what two guys just had his birthday too I just on my birthday yeah I do what do you say to him for nothing nothing perfect birthday message for me I need a pre she ate it James from FunHouse set me a slack that was like I know you well enough to know you would prefer a private well-wishing for your birthday right living social media happy birthday James you probably better than most other people yeah but we know U public spectacle deleted a bunch of pictures of me and Gus hanging out being friends together good no no he was looking but ever since my last pancake that looks repulsive while you're there it's like after you have sex thank you I got you I got you Nick Rebecca said that they were the orientation today that I didn't pancake the her money what you doing award for the craziest pancake put anyone in the control room go to some pancake footage rice cooker that's a little rice cooker Goodwin Gavin's fun love you want what you want do want someone to make something in particular or you want no I just want to see what people are for you that looks like a message swirl with butterscotch white chocolate with raspberry jam PPP a lot of ingredients my friend with marshmallow fluff sounds like that's worse for you than the one you just say so quickly for someone to make something Hell Kitchen pancake party I want a great and ship potato chips or french fries french fry grape in French fry Gavin exam great price for a great price and at this point the how you present the egg okay it will give him sponsorship first membership first member because apparently you need more things to do in life than finding chips grapes and eggs when you're put some stuff to cultural differences some possible like stuff that is this is two different things like a chip and a crisp there is all over the place can I say french fry and Chip was the father of Oz bar is a Milky Way and a Milky Way Three Musketeers but I'm never going to change we have many GB because it's like International Food America Milky Way that it knew it and like any of those by the way no keyway Three Musketeers candy without with a lot of it because his neck is there which is good you guys ever have the Aero bars and I heard of this packaging yeah the bubbly pimples for so would like KitKat in the u.s. is made by her she but a KitKat everywhere else outside he was made by Nestle so does that work International treacl treacle treacle ring and I know it and it said treacl bu catering or British term for molasses with the exact definition I was just asking Gavin before the podcast when you go to the bathroom what's the thing that he pees in and it is a what's up and what comes out when you pee so I know you're in a I mean all right for you to make any sense peanut butter cups with Reese's and general it's Reese's in the states it's Reese and Canada Reese Reese peanut butter cups is it is it 1 piece in a Reese Piece pieces but it's Reese peanut butter cups we are they said that's tpg pancake treacl riddle getting a cold British is that too while straw but fake whatever I have a question about the spelling of a word or like proper grammar or feel like 95% of the text exchanges I had with Becca Arc is this grammatically correct Becca will run on Facebook about people's grammatical choices I'm so how was yelling at the way this is does an apostrophe that you idiot in general what is u pull its Nordstrom not Nordstrom's also Thursday Church nearby office called Promised Land you know what's actually promised land is the correct term that I didn't know that so when it was promised to tell with thought it was the promised land like the land of promise but I didn't I with my parents corrected me what's your most annoying What U Want My son always you and Grandma the people do my people mistake you should watch always her picture of you talk about that you posted up all to you on your Twitter that was like okay yes you are you're locking in on one that is Major and Gus U actually committed this crime earlier in the pi cast for the abuse of the word I see the word mean needs a new PR agent cuz it is missing out on all sorts of work and I was like yeah so like Barbara and I went to the store but do you want to go to the store with Barbara and me yeah cuz it's it should work if you take away Barbara so I can lot of people say do you want to go to the store Barbara and I but if you take out the barbar and inside you want to go to the store with getting a router it's getting worse and worse I noticed that all the time every show every scripted TV show uses it wrong and it's becoming so acceptable that it's going to become the ruler and the Killer yeah really who's obsolete you don't care if you use who and places her number. And it you know I am guilty like I should be if I'm going to be anal about that I should care of I 4 whose vs. who's like whole yeah could of people think it's like could possibly could have but people put could osca I would have broken up with him and then I was like I have to I have to talk to you about this I come to America you know you would have been like I think 11 years old texting texting in general how that's ruining Society after I read this you buy me on you perfected your wardrobe but what about the stuff not everybody gets to see that's where me and he's comes in there seriously saw feel good on these delivered right to your door and these are designed in La made from sustainably sourced micromode out of every time softer than cotton candy sucker than sawbucks undies become an ever-changing selection of classic colors bull Shades and adventurous patterns you can tell your undies to your personal style I guess what you can save time and money each month scription you're not ready for subscription that's okay you can still save you give me undies off in your 20% off your first pair if you are special URL wendys.com slash to get 20% off your first pair to go ahead revamp your underwear drawer you deserve it that's me and you talk on slash RoosterTeeth wendys.com slash RoosterTeeth finally got on that description plan so happy underwear just show up what's mine on today miniature I blame all of this on Millennials and their damn texting you fucking Millennial shorthand shit is driving me crazy U are the letter U and the letter r and so you're saying to pick up by weird patterns and I think it's because all people are you trying to catch up with us Millennials buy Abreva in your woods so I don't I don't look at our text conversation so I don't abbreviate shit I feel everything out crystal is going a lot better trouble with this but I do like sterilize things is that good thing if it smells clean that Texas Becca Zahn telephone for ever and then this thing gets it's so peaceful Gavin back me up yeah so this was Sophie's Choice to do this before Gus finally broke and move the podcast at 5 o'clock and then I was bummed so proud of you try to get a change to 6 and Gus to set nose pancake podcast is doing terribly down when you can take care of this please for context here we had the turtle weigh to sit in the chair because Becca said she wrote me a letter kick her out like a dad on the shower from Home Improvement sitcom right now the Gus did you see the Blogger I put out a second her while were you here last week I'll fuck that protect you till then before that the 13th was the last time you were here the problem plane take off again 4 feet above the ground always on the plane takes off again which is happen to me before it was some kind of conditions Wellington is pretty windy and we went to Circle back around we circled like 3 or 4 times in the pi to the fuel 4 keep circling so we're going to go get fuel somewhere else so we flew to the different Island to go get fuel and I was like a fool the circle have enough fuel to go to and if you're Landing so you going to coast and glide down here Lord that's why I'm glad I didn't think about that I just got super delayed everything else in the airlines so you bitching bitching bitching about it Blended have some of these lights blue bear was a serial killer chips and peanut butter chips and peanut butter chips Gavin's a burrito pancake it was amazing revolutionary no I want excuse to you with my hands know what I'm doing anyway forget it scariest takeoff or Landing if you've ever had a plane take off for me was actually just this last week out of La they had a lot of storms coming in it was probably the worst turbulence I've ever had on any plane in my life it was like usually when the plane is France in turtle and it's like a little bumpy and shaky this felt like it was dropping for like 10 seconds at a time people were screaming and I was just clutching the arm rest just like white-knuckling them why it interesting Landing Centerville I can take off and a jackass I will tell that I know what happened what am I living in Austin have that flight fucker they came on and said where she trying different technique for this Landing what is that what is that apro electron devices off every single 1 flight mode doesn't work ton of for phones were going to be checking everyone's phones to and what kind of communicate what was the for doing like some kind of guided Landing it doesn't like the batteries are everything the big and it was really scary I feel like we're in some trouble I just didn't want people calling anyone like morning that families it's really annoying that the Tony let me quickly turn it back on again when do the wars horrible has been crashing into the ground and dying if it was I would have you at home. so I think the worst service ever had was with you was one of the times you went down to New Zealand and was like you're describing 4 like it's like 10 seconds of the time it lasted for like an hour just kept going and going and I needed to piss so bad but like her being so terrible that I couldn't do it I couldn't do it twice like I'm going to piss my pants if I don't get up right now yeah like I got up in like the whole thing shake and you were screaming me to sit down so I can make my way to the bathroom and I piss people are the flight attendants but like the turbo so bad that I can't stand up again from the toilet like I'm stuck on the toilet waiting some there for several minutes he said he had to pay Burnie Turtle my wife and go he's been turtle Tree Service North Atlantic alright okay before this story start I don't take any blame for anything that happened this day story Gavin and I spent beautiful weekend in LA and we extended our trip by one day at the last minute which is always a pain in the ass because they're in if you try to book another night of hotel for myself the most with Gavin so guess what I had to do but his book his fucking the river then I also on you I will show you a text I said do you want me to put my advice separately and you said we're on the same itinerary that's just like you're not a lot you're awesome and helpful so we get to LAX return our car we got on the shuttle bus we come to the terminal the fucking busiest day of the year Gus I don't know what's going on but the terminal of blood people can get in La before that was the rain it was like it security was probably 6 times longer than I've ever seen in my life so I was also making a phone call at the time I ended up like 6 or 7 people behind Gavin in the security line Gavin goes to the it was and it was a cluster in there was 1 TSH and it seems like doing the whole thing Gavin makes it to that metal detector the moment Gavin gets through it just turned into like a Charlie Chaplin everything started to go wrong it was like and they just like bump everybody back so that they can put in your life yes and we're all going to the same as I could her all of us you were waiting literally on the 5th person lying to try to go to the metal detector we start yelling at the TSA through on his what makes this was before we even got to that point the moment I set foot in the airport we were boarding and 3 minutes like that's how late we why did trouble time and everything look professional travel yeah and then what happened so did you make your flight Gavin I didn't make the pi when I'm safely set the seat they shut the the jetway and I was I was out it took me like 25 minutes to get through security with Ortiz start boarding like the moment we set foot in that so I caught through the plane I was like she still people in the jetway there's like 8 people so I was just got in the back I went on I was like a text when I was like this will be one that way you could help me. I know yeah I was like these motherfucking I was just like did you go by me and I didn't say that I was like did you make it cruelty the work I did mess up what's up I have never made a pancake before today when with you send me like a human it was it was it was pancake if you miss the flight right we said plain a regard what you should wait for me but yeah absolutely you should have waited my mentor for my Tire careers following me I assume you're right behind mm because you were right behind me at all so we arranged to meet at 7 a.m. in the lobby when I was late I hate that you are meeting at 7 a.m. in La that would have been fun at like 6:50 I was ready ready ready to go I was like hey I'm ready if you want to leave earlier but nothing about not got to leave at 7 went down in the rental of your 780-715 he's a slight stroke down like what's up let's go let's get off at 8:30 but I was very busy my hotel room losing it now my car for here I just bring my key with me sometimes and if you ever leave it anywhere it's just people throw it away cuz it and shuttle bus on the way in for the parking lot I left my coat and I really like that coat on the flight when do I leave to La when he left the skillet on the plane we're on a flight and that your wedding ring and U get this and then it was gone would you like an extra dimensional portal opened up and swallowed it the first Lord of the Ring endin I so remember I turn mine Burnie every time I got out of the car to lock that car because you're used to just walking away from your car and he was not done he's in it but my car better in that car cuz we flew into La you got the rental car and then we went straight to what we have to do that day so all of our baggage including like my wallet and all that shit was in the car and I was like to bring back the car when we left the thing to do is if you travel with bunny don't travel with anything that you like just in case we are dropping the Burnie song can we talk about this for a bit we just get so much Jupiter around each other it's worrying bag of Rock Honda Pi was going to be so mad at you because that would have been the first flight I have a missed. Really I made it by about 30 second ever missed that because I always leave on time gu I can't because we have a couple of entries in your contest Gavin thought you put out the for a custom pancake that contains a chip and a grape make an egg and a grape yeah Crystal or something make a poem that's what's not great think I'm that was awful you're terrible how on the Mockingjay played in every is plated everything properly and present. It's an equity show you said it I said well I did say I could do I don't know that was a pretty small there Academy no but I did request a separate always so just those two that's pretty impressive within 20 minutes I mean is that the only child so far away just in case another comes in it's a shower thank you thank you Gavin we're going to take away the sweet little thing that happened you know Sophie she's a sweetheart very nice lady and the blog like you don't want to piss her off and she's getting comfortable here so she feels like she can be set so sorry cuz she's really good that's also a really good thing like when we went to the wrong place we went to the Santa Monica on Wilshire Boulevard in LA endin knock on the door to go in for an interview with Time Magazine I look at the building it's probably three or four for building and she was okay it's on the 17th floor and we look at that building or like that was not have more than until the story about the witness Witness movie on what happened to six rental car and there's a guy kissing a girl or a guy he was wearing an apron so U school from like set up a restaurant juice in this girl like dreadlocks like she look like she was she was like a delinquent award for the cash in her hand every dollar raps the tip jar with some issues like 10 or something like a big load of money vide for the street and so we decided we got some time since we went to the wrong location so we went into his juice bar to get juice what was the name of the bar what was the name of the juice juice served here I think was the name of the place or juice juice bar in LA I'm sure you can picture it right the sign the promise because he was even Fury you don't make any juice there they just have coolers with the bottles of juice in it so then you order off the menu and the guy literally turns around open to cooler pics of Bella juice out of hand it to you it's a human vending machine car shipment hasn't come in yet over bottles can you make it served here block and everything like they're just hanging U let's do some peanut butter there is trapped inside the store juice served here do you have any Memphis Shake It Up 4 yes I got it I got it be involved in a robbery and it's something else happen you're going to say and then she made the mistake had a couple extra days of vacation so after the trip she was going to take her vacation and I was a cool where you guys going to go cuz you're in La U Can Fly just about anywhere in the world right me up on that guy and she goes oh no her for 5 days and I would not let that go because Los Angeles is not a vacation destination her Monica the tourist place in it so I kept giving her grief on Facebook and everywhere about like La not being a vacation destination U go to La for vacation travel snob my friend you are like a no no no no destination vacation when I won't let it go and she start to Vacation she walks back to her car and into broken into and all of her stuff with no my God it was like yeah and they're both working I know I don't leave my stuff in my car every also rented a car but not from like a normal rental place they said it was like a very cheap City rental car that you had her turning off and burn the discount rental car we do in the early days of your teeth and remember the name of that place that was like a really shady you look into something like that we want to run to the car with no license plates remember it was like a black Chrysler 300 and had no license plates in there like here's your car and we like to have license place in a crime committed any crime such a shame I felt so bad for her so she when you're just starting out on vacation she just doesn't deserve that I know really sucks doing it the same person who stole the tip jar following us around or laptop set u in the car because we couldn't get the hotel yep check out time is the fuck out of the hotel at 9 in the morning or whenever you know they're like what are they doing nothing not if it's all wrong it's all wrong there's like a window of time where is pointless arriving anyway navigate on the shoulders I think I would have done Gus in the last 2 years that is completely change the algorithm provoke them in like 15 years more or less interesting the grandma conversation somehow getting your stuff stolen and thereby proving me right crime in New York last year I would have listened I think it is is supposed to be in a nice place not hellholes like Gavin I would forgive me for that yeah most of it to me on a subjective basis and I'll let you know I will not submit to you your 50 Shades of Grey is Mexico vacation why there's a vacation to Mexico well I was closer to here than I don't have vacation is taking off of work or whatever responsibilities you have and white Chillin yeah that's why no yeah it is no it's not because that's not typically working on the week like you're at U still so I said typically participating in the routine you need to interrupt that and that's why when you take days off at Cold vacation time vacation days your parrot Asian weekend I didn't take vacation what's your own fault yes you do I was never possible okay so that was what should have big vacation probably not have U course you're right now hang out there yeah let's do it I'm pretty decent Flyin from Dallas pretty decent play today freaky weird Airlines pretty freaky and weird for the Wii they don't assign me a seat when I paid at the gate living Siamese in-flight safety video and the Delta World and every time you for asking Pi question will you really sure that's why you got it this is not a tweet that a guy wants to read all the time does it ever bother him he would have said some sweet on a paraphrase here okay we just Becca I'm curious to hear she said I can't believe there was ever a time in my life when I dated assholes who didn't treat me well just because they were taught that get our don't date guys with cuz they're her I said it's weird to think my life when I dated stupid asshole guys just cuz they're hot yeah right that's a questionable to Gavin about it I mean it's it's questionable because you're currently with a guy this is it and it's like but ladies question my complete package what address Rock and everything damn only if you're a dude in a row that you wouldn't be like what does it excluded from that Michael's not because if that is the case what who cares if Michael's not hot like the way you look so would you rather be hot or smart what nights are smart hot because you're hot you don't know that you're not smart when you're smart you know you're not listen Burn I thought you caught it really make money with nice there is no selling points in ice apart from like nice guys finish last that ever knows that funny as hell his car he's driving this is also brought you by Squarespace a big thanks to squarespac for sponsoring a Squarespace is the only one platform to create a website or online store that 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got the freezer put it in the garage I usually don't have friends so I don't have to buy those for myself so do you just know about me ever I need all the time you could meet her now for Michael for lunch I usually your secret it's never been like with him intimately and need to meet up dirt bike I mean he doesn't really I mean I think you'd be more pissed off too yes I burn your face that would upset you Gavin his face in my face all the time spectabile not on purpose this year in the proximity of his face and your burn I'm here and I'm in the proximity of his face yes we do we do cavities is sometimes try to get a little with a sneeze very funny always from the mouth without naming names I was Wars okay that's what it that's what it felt like great way to describe a man in horse trying to that was very clever magazine just shipped the wrong kind of all my good stuff comes from Gavin from your other friends you like way better than the best British friend British people living I've never found one that whatever what's Russia does does your Forever get caught like with in your balls no like a good sucking girls vaginas that happens that doesn't have a good night it's parked at caught in my vagina lips all the time Michael bubble-up for the but yeah want to for now I assume it's very specific situations like getting on a bike from behind is Bucknell a Halo her at least well I was on the phone it back in but first but I like everything on it at the same time and my elbow. Caught on the steering wheel and then my full weight of my body gym. Set on it and the steering wheel so I set up my elbow hurt my elbow I'm outside by the way thank you look great thank you like that's like that's going to be a big dude so I think I feel like if I score some I'll buy one I guess it was the way that like that the funny burn yeah I might go I have to avoid Mike when he's absolutely have it because it's like the time and he sees me and he looks the things to throw at me as your Mario Party Go long full 4 hours from start to the end the brakes to like save the file we have on record on 150 tourneys I'm a see if I burn it didn't spoil it that I saw screenshots of the that was a different like her daddy and Michael did you guys read about the Huffington Post blogger who cheated on the marathon know how would like to her bike and it's a guy is a marathon detective and his hobby is to like break down People's race times in their splits baby tries it on with the GoPro pointing in the passenger everything has all the data everywhere anyways showing how her mile time rapidly decreased over the course of the race like towards the end she her last like 2 or 3 miles here anyway nobody nobody and it was crazy because she cut the course at the end she placed 2nd I believe she accepted metal everything every was great then she went home and redid the entire course again on a bike so that she would have the GPS data showing that she had done the a full course and turn that and I guess to something or posted that online and the guy use that put together all this data called her on it and she's like, fusilier yes I am as usual Iron Sheik what juice really attention here in 23 miles and then cut into the core if I check the miles I'm not cutting the course I'm like Chucky you like in a row like not there just like in one session I run 7 miles in one session I run like I've run five miles like an arrow with no stopping baby driving I don't even know that covered some ground on them Ran So Far Away the world Gus apology it was almost like she was happy to be apologizing in a weird way because of stress cheat on me that's my prism cheating in Fort Lauderdale race you're going to read this is crazy if she has her apologize I will read it here but it was just like she ever was the ending of course I mean I wasn't feeling well so I cut the course in all capital letters and headed to the Finish Line I got swept away in the moment and I pretended I ran the entire course would in fact I cheating all capitals fans should have been disqualified should have disqualified myself and it's probably cheap in marathons and half-marathons all the time why did she become the one to be investigated is also who fucking cares Fort Lauderdale half marathon that's what everybody will see you guys with some pancakes again next year by