#418 - Burnie The Paranoid

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the Nintendo Switch, Apple AirPods, Burnie’s prank paranoia, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 6, 2017, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2mNgPlK), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-03-07 11:41:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

RT Podcast hey sweetie by Casper Dollar Shave Club squarespac miles and I'm Gus what was that what was that thing the cock block intro cell if you want to listen to the podcast I think that's only going to the library right yeah this is not there people who watch this after the fact of you you're not going to see that well there you go Rochester Park Aquaman you know is right there Brian Bemis any right over here who is in charge of everything that he does in terms of how it looks and feels what is the big thing of most came down to the end of that Ethan Burnie you look really happy yes it's a block of cock that's a block of cock The Falls that was the exclamation I'm not taking 19 true blue confusing on that but I hate let me miles is wearing something today he is wearing a new Rooster Teeth jacket wait up in the studio is going to be very hard on him and so he might have to take it off human get a hotel night says Rooster Teeth Gus RoosterTeeth miles to so happy I still as long as you have a new shirt how do you think some hats at you really cool where you find about your stuff that we take credit for it did you really I was told you the proof I never do approval but it looks cool so would you long to make the dough for sure do it get your game yeah if we even if you hire for tractors and then there may be much video I mean Richard tease no longer existed love you too and sales I think it would be my switch to do Burnie so today I did a lovely set of interviews with mr. miles Luna evil and then you are the blogging Gus commented on my phone I don't know what's wrong in my Sydney blog for highlights and a cut that looks like you cut up the info buddy all weekend we like yo Halo actually wanted us to try to make everything some RT life stuff and anytime somebody was every time so I'm assuming you didn't go he did that console anytime so I guess when he would run and go he goes RT life and get to my ground and it came around and smack them that was the best glad you're here be before we went down to Sydney for archaic Sydney Patrick Matthews over the live-action Department can I say dick in miles and I listen can the two of you film so video holy Ren australi just like whatever that we could together RT life did you film I hadn't turned it in yet what's wrong with you I came back and I was like hey I got some footage of even that one was too late I was like that I put on my blog the week of RT XM like we're putting out anyway this isn't right stuff and then also they needed to edit it back from the the week that happens yeah there was something else we started trying to hear that hi Jared I said this whole bit we're testing to see if water really does flush the different direction down the drain it's a very hard thing to prove the way to do it I feel back up a sink ctrl-c ctrl-v coriolis of our everyday smarter every day and I'm very handsome they did like a joint video that you can actually play them both at the same time to get across the globe from I did it fairly restroom give me what is like little piece of skin on your thumb like at the cuticle back and you could pull up if you were going to rip your some apart or it's going to life just be awesome if I could unzip your phone right now that's going to hurt for the next ingenious way to mess with twins go ahead right as continue message identical twins and identical twins right they had like a sperm and egg and it becomes a splits right when I happen 810 and put it as like had a frozen embryo whatever they do with ice 20 years later pop it back in and then the same person will be born 20 years apart is a call I mean cars twin twin Gavin identical twins or clones their natural clones is that fair to say I have no idea you could get an actor who can play his younger self in the same movie at the same time that could be like Mom Dad why you keep enrolling me yeah but you not being at 20 years actually like meeting your kidney and be like man dude with get life okay Gus the plot of a movie that I want a Great Prank Michael twin fuck with their lives forever obviously you're going to be angry about your parents making Get Ridiculous decision what twin would be angrier the one who's 40 when the other ones 22 older one you don't have to deal with all the problems that the first one caught like if their faces up with the Martin poster elaborate like I like Wednesday might look like if you was 22 they probably also you that I wouldn't make the cologne at that point or the additional twin sorry. twin I think we had a really good idea to try I don't know I feel like younger guys like to put in a time out you wait 20 years for your turn box OU they're in the future when somebody it says fuck you crazy playing God shit you're too dude what what did you say why would they be the same if I called you and me 28 year old clay no I don't think so all the coding I've done is gone from Burn that's it don't you remember from the thrawn trilogy of Star Wars books that you have to incubate clothes for a certain length of time otherwise I get to go crazy Asian 47 was a fool come on NFA the tank is an accelerated growth that's all bullshit. But they when they make clones it's a baby thing I mean it be weird to feel like a week alone this new human and it's like a 45 year old dude with a drink 42nd miles is Geoff voice is my new everything like I want to hear Jack, Royal as you really don't he was whining about me to whine about the stuff that just dude to his own life actually does a good Arnold Schwarzenegger impression everyone's gu enjoy all the impressions of him and he doesn't impression of it was doing impressions of him and it's really funny it sounds like a Michael can Michael can we learn how to speak in Australia go on say rise up lights as of lights going what time rise up life so now that's using razor blade trillion say it again as a black barber and I wearing hair color you just shoots makes you would sqwincher know you had that back and forth the entire advertisements commercial to try to convince you how to speak Spanish I would like to try to convince you how to speak Spanish the product you speak Spanish the voice of a tape spell socks you know socks like you're speaking Spanish we really couldn't get that was what happened evil down to get on a tiny cup I'm really glad I move my switch over to this so does it make any sense to me either audio podcast listeners so what does it what does socks look about that work that is what that is what kind of redundant miles try to help me out of the Sonicare give me Jackie's and it's weird it's got as little charger but the the toothbrush doesn't fit on the charger there's a glass like a glass, charger and the toothbrush sits in the glass it comes with a glass it comes with a glass I don't know what is it wirelessly through the glass right and it looks cool it's obviously meant to look better than your average it looks like I can people keep a toothbrush in a gus right that was charging through it right it's like the next-gen version of everybody when you brush your teeth knocked a glass for is God damn Joe the cat has developed this habit whenever I turn on my bathroom sink where every isn't a house in comes run in and get some drinks out of it drinks out of the street and a person like this is so cute like a little morning ritual fast forward 4 days I'm like get the fuck because running up and then I can you take the glass that glass which I never use filtered water give it to him I take my little copper mug that I have for my bathroom and I drink out of a copper mug he drinks out of the truck that's not my coffee mug that your mom has it life for Moscow mules still come over yeah that's why he doesn't do you want anything enjoy all of our guns but I never drink my liquor After parties I still all the beer left New Year's what's up with you from going home right now tonight and get him it that's a really good question mile that's a really good is it really podcast like I am so going on right now it's like drinking myself into a stupor seems like a great weight like fast forward you to call in for an interview this morning and we having a hard time getting your connect at some point real Burnie Burnie there yes it's a fucking nightmare what turned out what he was trying to say was like later when you can swear I wasn't trying to call you guys over taking a cool head but you read the student a wind tunnel between two aircraft hangars turn on Wi-Fi calling it works out better to turn on Wi-Fi calling is your Wi-Fi work shit it's got a lot of places we live Hard lives taoism fun and I think there's like you can buy this little device okay that you plug into your home network and it basically creates like a cell signal so I bought one year in Stage 5 colon cancer she first moved into Wi-Fi shut up and let him talk and it worked great except the problem was that once every 24 hours it needs to have line of sight to the sky in order to acquire GPS 4911 Services as a big deal I would have to put you in a really long extension cord in a really long open 24 hours I have little choirs it sounds like a life of somebody in solitary like once at once a day get to go what you open the photo is it next to a window like if I had a fucking window I wouldn't have this fucking problem can see through window I can't lose my stomach hammer-throw and I just done what I thought maybe like cell maker service 106 Rue plus your phone works till when they're probably can charge the toothbrush free ones Michael applications got us into the full four days of letting my water run slightly longer for my friendly cat of nine years ago and just now so you did not did you get ready this of sea podcast as brought you buy Casper yeah that's all I retailer premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper is really can I see the mattress industry by cutting costs of dealing with retail showroom president directly to the consumer Casper's mattress in of Cecily engineered mattress at a very fair Price Cutters made of supported memory foam for a sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right now APPL design sleep school to help you regulate your temperature through the night gavi the week is not in that was you can buy Casper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress and Gus Robbers free delivery and payment returns with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in a showroom anything additional $50 for the mattress purchase twin the kasper.com / RT Andrea promo code RT as complex RT promo code RT turns get supply free shipping on returns to the u.s. and Canada kasper.com / RT code RT go by there get what you got over there alright so everyone is pissed including us most people a lot of people people tend to be people iPhone as they don't like the fact that they got rid of the headphone bullshit if not not a big deal Apple products kind of sucks right now the new Macbook little Brandon that the laptop doesn't have a bloodied lightning headphone jack how about that little dresses dresses right so I ordered something Gus how much RT thinks you look them up prank the basement personal how much $360 hundred fifty dollars you ordered these things and they didn't come in because they were out of stock and then come in for like 2 months whatever I'm going to say is this yes it switch of Apple products in the beach with a hundred each other for headphones as a lot I got airpod I got to tell you if they have advertise these things better nobody would be upset about this because this airpod Zelda kind of look dumb admittedly but they might in the last few days they just work but they really just what it's great but I just want my God have you ever heard my laptop make a noise is that I mute button on that what's that yesterday he talks to you what's a lot of messages what's going on what does that mean have your thumbs bleeding alerts my friend I have some of the office where we going can I buy some college buddies you do you like to go back to life comfort zone Joe SHO show my phone that's where that's very hold on hold on Hulu or just works broadcast come on I want to go I can email with this life security screen so that then I can show him first about app I don't know I just got to be careful and I got I got to go can you charge the case and in the moment you open the case I just got the money over the case it recognizes the case and it tells you the charge of your eye airpod Joe and case itself then when you put them in and recognize that it's in your ear and it turned out nothing really stupid I recognize that look stupid that's not the point I don't think on the great and I'm so embarrassed by them now we wait okay brother cool because when you pop them out of your ears they pause the music now let me tell you this did you know that you can send them to colorwar and I'll make him black fan it's like this like a completely custom controllers and stuff I think I can pay like 60 bucks or something yeah just send them in the mail making black safe they look switch sticking out your Edibles I'm working a very cool projects right now I'll be a cool project and I'm changing the color of something in my life and it's now it's all y'all going to see pictures any luck this week speaking of things that just work Nintendo switch cable get get had a really stupid problem with it you have one yeah yeah yeah actually I saw that one on Prime now the only reason I didn't have one of the Mist pre-ordered on the out get it later but then I saw they were available in Prime now delivery service in as life in a nutshell show up instantly in my life it's a cell Billy's at the price point for two classes same amount they cost the same amount no matter where you buy how do I know I'm good I'll just wait anything but yeah I just say you didn't spend any effort like everyone else that you didn't wait in line for fucking 8 hours YouTube it's that everyone here could have done that you did kind of elite service at Amazon Prime now it's free you got to be a Prime member to get it right when I get out of here I don't want that troll room so I had a really dumb problem with it when I first got it I put the dock behind my TV cuz I don't want to see it like a big deal to Doc for my TV and for some reason the doctor's on my TV my LIF come whenever connect to it sounds like it I like it might work on broken what's wrong with it and that's it first just was like put it from your TV put that in front of your TV I mean I just got my complex put it on there I seen a bunch of my family this enjoy time issue I've had zero problems with my he was my first wreck sure that I put it in on the TV I was up Zelda and I looked and I was like yeah and I'm just a shop in my luggage and I'm just to keep it but it looks like I better let me I don't like giving you also keep miles with game of it runs and 900p on a 4K TV as Never As Good as it's just excited for the game I'm not down the game I'm not even down the graphics the game is fine but I'm definitely only going to play how do you want to put it on the TV like as one whole day with a charge for it on the underneath choices that are interesting machine please please attach the SD card position with the charge position because SD card I'll never need to move that and then I'll plug into the back where that goes if you'd like I don't understand if I work this way but you first get it you plug it in this like a software update they want to cry whenever you're into this after I pay everything and I immediately filled the stupid 32 gigs of internal memory it has 26 Zelda want to switch down let me know if I'm ready for an SD card and put it in a CD card as I go stored that another softer than I was so inconvenient 3:30 prank people at the street like that we know I'm excited about my airpod very hungry this morning I'm not excited about the switch I'm Like You Gavin I like Nintendo but I don't go out of my way to do Nintendo stuff is just not my thing cuz I feel like I've played all those games and I'm just pulling a different version of the same game as soon as they can some pricing with what I'm talking about breath of the wild link about the breath of the wild that has impressed me the most is you know I hate open world games because I didn't even really play the regular sum of three Affinity played Olaf as you approach open world in breath of the wild is probably the best open-world approach ever seen in video I will say that I've been watching Ashley play it seems like a fantastic game with the puzzles and dungeons of she was rolling these Boulders and then like stopping time and like pushing stuff everything the game seems great fan of Zelda game I probably I'll tell you what I Joe a lot more than that though cuz I've been watching her plate I started playing another game start playing Horizon zero Dawn that game is fucking alternating right now between Horizon and cell dude Horizon fucking good I actually bought a PS Pro to be able to play it how is it like it come out okay and I have an HDR TV there's some weed for Canada graphics comparison to other day we talked about the Final Fantasy Spirits Within movie and it should have screenshot of it we talked about how I like in 2001 when I came out it took 90 minutes to render a frame on a server farm and a screenshot of the protectors Horizon zero Dawn and her like this get a record in real time now on a PlayStation 4 look at 60th and on a low is like so much higher than the fan of you play at deadline in GTA and when you think how long it took them to Ren to Tron Light bikes they of the first time I felt really lame that switch commercial came out unlike the last big presser like no it was at E3 when they were like Sho now here's all things you played on the Train played on a plane bring with you as a person this weekend so I went over his one at least see the hardware I know cool and we went to dinner no she only really Absol not even fuck this for me mile no sure I know I know but I'm just like I'm worried you're going to fuck it up I know just like I like my buddy Mitch was like dude let's get some I left frozen yogurt that's mile of my current and mile at all so I think you can call it that you can't call it hurt when you're in front Twin Dragon the whole time when she was great she was super fun we all come back after drinks and they've started watching like something on YouTube or whatever real I thought were going to hang out and do some it's the same has Bomberman you want to check it out yeah we started playing it and they go so will beat me into taking her to these breaks off and on the controller and now yours that I do control should be a magnet to that's kind of like sloppy slimy things applaud other people have the first thing I did you really get it on unboxing get flies off never really go Nintendo for their Hardware I appreciate that I can the try different stuff like I think that's really cool they're not just trying to who just love it and make another machine that's essentially a small PC that plays a game like they do weird stuff and I appreciate that I don't know I'm always going to go to fuck me dude breath of the wild I like I'm not I'm not a big Zelda fan boy like I love like the story and the themes of Zelda at Super life pure and classic a knight save the princess from an evil wizard I love that I think it's in the best music video games I've never I didn't beat a Zelda game until after college is offering the time I thought was okay I really like the top down pride of this one was my favorite and for that is linked of the pathway to the Past miles that played on the other ones like a pretty good wind wakers good I wasn't awake or fan I could not get the Skyward Sword and all but like it twin game just play this one there's there's something get shut down the crafting of sick of crafting and game like a lot of the stuff I've gotten tired of it or I'm intimidated by now because it on the lot of time but I love cooking in this game Wikipedia unified grab all ingredients in your hand and put them in a pot and if they're good ingredients you get good good food ingredients to get blurred out shity this Gus what's a good ingredient you have APPL so we're going to don't want to push it like seriously this is there something really special about this cash it in dependent what you may can give you bumps and cold resistance or extra speed or faster stamina refill that I can apparently cook some spicy peppers and maybe some mushrooms get myself not really do have a couple complaints I'm sure I mean it's not like I wish that weapons didn't degrade watch Ashley play it like it's a weapon every five hits the last longer and I like I'll encounter some situations like what I don't I gotta run through all these enemies I can't fight them we have two swords and there's no way I'm feeling like I'm sure the master sword will be here for ever seen it yet put in weapons work can't fight your way through it I think they might be trying to teach you how to use the different weapons yes that's on here can think like this. I understand that aspect of it early play the game notes like that to me that's no different from getting guns in Borderlands like you don't have a gun that can be like you have a few that hold onto but within a few levels you can say fucked you don't you don't touch a convincing world and throughout the tongue like everything from the music to the game play to the level design get me just the world is it all saying the same thing to take everything to the world of Zelda that you know the world that it's dead it died because you fucked up a hundred years ago and this is all that's left fix that shit kid that's essentially the game like you go out and like first off okay. He can get into Skyward Sword like I got I got in touch with you and nobody got into Skyward Sword it's like it was my brother's favorite team but there's like an out the first hour and a half that I game in the first hour of Twilight Princess all tutorials bad tutorial huge difference so in Skyward Sword of the teacher that you have a stamina meter now but you talking a PC the embassy talk to you forever he says you on my cat's on how get my cat you run over you climb up the house well you got damn it you get the cat you come down here bring the case as Thanksgiving my cat keeps fucking talking in some fucking breath of the wild the room that you start the game and you have to climb and let me go I guess he's climbing in the standing of Stanley me to play the game now I've been playing for 3 minutes granted great thing about Horizon of Zelda please there's it's cut scene heavy heavy storyline really fucking cool but Daw the cutscenes except for some the ones at the very beginning intro ones none of the cutscenes seem very very long when we're having conversations with NPCs and stuff like to take you out control away from what happened with all the glasses what happened to explain what happened to it just getting off Halo action OU what are the you have to program a blue can put characters in the game but they have to give me a bunch of speech you know like that big long discussion trees or anything like that because the characters aren't allowed to talk to you always are for the game developers you're an outcast and the rule for Outkast as everyone else is not allowed to speak to you it's clever like you can literally only talked like 5 or 6 people and when they talk to you it's a big deal because they're not supposed to be get in trouble for doing so what's your interesting like in in Zelda games before I got a problem and I wish climbing and paragliding did not use the same meter paragliding standing still not even stamina if you stand still never like I'm going to be this level of tired for as what you can do is it that moving pozza game eat something or drink and elixir and I will give you more than that and then keep doing it. switch for the plugs into a Gus via speaking to talking with other NPCs and shit again from the gecko the games like yo it's the end of the world like him if there's ruin one dude and I got so used to like running around this a remind me when should suck I got excited about did you fucking really I was like oh yeah and it's like another and other Zelda games like you know you're supposed to end from them but I person here it's like if it's raining we'll see them PCS running a tree and lately behave like fucking people and I want to talk to them each one of them has actors in Mass Effect it's that so little it's just too much if I could use a cocktail after his appearance on the RT Podcast I would say maybe 40 minutes of Zelda be transferred I raise that Tower and I was like I want to save this for my future because I'm always bored on the plane with a full today only told she plays it up screens can I have a thing we just wanted of exclusively for travel experience you never do that in games you never shave anything in a game always if you get something you would really use it like in Doom if you get a rocket launcher if I find a rocky which I'm using on the next enemy I see it in real life like on tonight I am I adopted your strategy to using weapons in breath of the wild since I can we have bitched about what you want survival fan on just thought of enemies and then you're a bossy like I should have saved it but then after that it's like I didn't know it was still fun the end of the game am I not be as efficient but that's fun it's a it's a fantastic game and like you said Zelda psycho additions to Joe Bowen Arrow this so much Bowen arrow in greatest bow and arrow in Last of Us I love Burnie enlaso or Crawford Tomb Raider London Olympics 2012 like to nominate as a candidate the torque bow in the original gears parties not like that anymore fuck that shit but I remember I play the shit out of Gears 1 on the 360 and that weapon gives you just enough time when you're hit with a to go and then the cameras went mental the archery mechanic in Skyrim is also great cuz I'd love that you thought you can see where the arrow hits the person or the horizon this what like it's an open-world crafting game but they didn't take it too seriously can't get over encumbered like yeah like but like no I'm too many fuck like sweet you know for my sake breaking increase my weapon inventory like I take him a CA Memphis by one slot as it once was hoping for like 2 or 3 yeah I still got 3 more seats that turned into him and I put it in like foot mode on my table can I use a Pro Controller with an airplane mode or that every break in mile oh I see what is airplane mode it's Bluetooth airplane mode there's no such thing as you get on and they tell you to turn your shit in airplane mode now you can have it whenever tell you that door is closed your portable the truck devices must now be an airplane mode they say it every fucking fly he went through a. Where they let you use your phone and take off and now he's just shows in there so you're calling people as your flight is take me to health calling people no I'm not calling people on the phone it was on the phone for you miss the flight suck balls talking as we will take it off if that's true come back Gavin got on it like a fucking coward please see if you have to play in hold it attached mode while you on a plan you can do it you guys should know why you can do it and you do fucking let go of it live your life the way you bi-weekly got set on with it on Twitter we got sent a movie that one of our fans reviewers recorded on a plane where he's next to a dude playing music on his speaker phone miles for an hour and in the video the little ten sack of it Fitness the firefighters have you need to turn it down because I turned it down all the way of yelling at her she walks away like he refuses to turn off just as a pendant the bowl that's passenger if that's the case it was like you can try to look the video up trying to find dude I don't believe that you should record people without their knowledge and do the public fan Curtis King on Twitter while we're talking about people on Twitter I get to broadcast booth that Peter Hayes watching this podcast and makes really great gifts I got your back he called he wants to know he's fucking head with you RT broadcast what you guys get going about what are you doing about that all they did was just a fucking dude I gotta tell you something we could have video today we finally put up the video where it's at first members watching it we put out the video where Blaine's Blaine's got his revenge on Chris play Star Wars put in there because it's like I'm in the mix like I was involved with these two things like Chris played the prank on Blaine really for Star Wars it was my idea but I like told of the Chris to go do it then and I got a box I game play the hug and you know just decide to trust and then we did this prank with Chris and I got involved because I had to convince Chris to go out and do this fucking thing and this prank is terrible dude I can't watch the video because I get agitated watch like the first 2 minutes I'm just like I can't watch this because I live through it it was horrible it was horrible now I'm like however here's looking at me giggling I'm convinced that something is going to they're coming after me I'm next I'm convinced that I'm next that it's coming at some point and I don't like to be laughed right now your father you're fine I'm not fine no more punches the first actually punch somebody who comes after me that's why I will write my fighter flight is flight like if some scares me I go towards it or if you don't as your fights a flight what's up Fireflight for those here what am I doing this episode of the podcast is also brought you by Dollar Shave Club there's no reason to you price for some gimmick you think I've got a laser pointer with 17 blades make the smarter choice and 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my girl what is a steerable kind of name for rumble switch controllers for almost like he has the one by bit inside of it and you like alkaline getting shot this now I guess I'm assuming has like multiple things inside of it like I want you switch game which I feel like you should have just been the Wii Sports of this thing like they have a bunch of games words like a moving around can you count the marbles based on how it feels so I can mess with like the balance and waiting either just cool I don't that's the thing that I kind of like it on ask for that but they're like you got any other stuff we still on fucking do it but one has like different Rumble areas in it was it was like rumbles in the tragus make me feel like it was dude what game is on Xbox but you use something in there that recharges and it causes the left trigger when it's ready again so I can without looking like an OU you play games from 14 to they were like OU HD Rumble you'll be able to feel how much and you have left in your gun that's been and you know there's a yeah I'm going to be a square I can I game rules like Halo Glendale terrified now that video that did last for two get one did you guys have you get to take off on the stage on their chairs no fast are you allowed to because you started the company are you about to punch an employee I've never I've never punched an employee of come close I threw a coffee mug one time had employed in general I just work through anger anger through a coffee mug that's probably was so punch anybody I'm just someone just walked in on camera and Burnie fucking jump seem like you were dragged into this or that I have receipt with anybody can beat you up video basically wanted it's like if they don't have this one you could do it you have done for me and everything is he said no more no not no more just know hidden camera footage that was a big rule to me like don't you hidden cameras did it with the Scorpion they did it with the Scorpion thing and I wasn't happy but and then we did it hidden camera thing with Blaine and I went along with it and we didn't game with me fucking Chris and now we got the hidden cameras in a repertoire and I don't want it and I don't like it so I got get out of the authorized it's like a mom you can't ever get out you're in the family Lord the Rings like romantic like that switch to later after you and a fucking nightmare I know in the chair like that you like barely in it are you awake call me who is that stop I had to look to be sure because boys thing with anything and you know what an idiot he is Chris's was his evil Christmas DVD made an evil what would you like I don't think I would come up with that I don't think I would come up with that that's too much what are you looking at legio the movie get out Tell Dunkin I was also good probably in very different ways why is Adam taking pictures of us why you think pictures something right get OU like these cameras as a screenshot of it okay so when I capture your can tell you story Mike Mike Mike cane and she have 1080 and not me higher my cell phone my phone cheats for K my drunk she's not OK not really though what is a drone is like really highly compressed ill and I mix the footage in like I feel like scale down the 4K stuff to that size or 1080 I know in my head I should just set my fucking phone and set my drums recording anything but I can't make myself do it is not very future-proof on a DSi can't do it some stupid blogger and I need the flip-out screen looking for a woman The Cosby Show it to me what is it what is it I put them in my office does it was it a fancy camera flip screen little getting what is it for Lumix what is a Lumix cameras as there are lenses at like 10 lenses there that's a really wide on this like in mile I got a complainer get out is really good worst way to go in to see a movie and it still exceeded by what you want the bomb I want 7 out of 10 want to I thought it was very long and I felt at times it was overly self-indulgent cuz it was like where are red dude with the Charles Xavier I feel like he was a moment if you know what the trailer he was R rated I think like that moment was enough but there was a lot of those moments in the movie and it just kinda like water down all the other happened I did like the story in how about 20 minutes shorter I would like it a lot with runtime on it that long get out was 2 hours when I saw the runtime for watch life is going to be way too long I'm going to be in there and be like this should have cut 20 minutes from it I was happy with the length it was like I was happy didn't finish it sooner as like yeah just drop out every so good and I felt like normal you know I don't like going out and watching movies in the theater but I felt like I had to for this one just for the audience reaction I feel that he's likely sit and wait there was a just don't worry about it go see if there's a woman in mile who like any movie she was really into it like whatever those I could jump scare like she would scream like legitimately like high pitch squeal it was like okay I have the post question to you cuz it supposed to be by but another person works here if you tell somebody all dude the plot twist as crazy Horizon waiting for that could be this don't ever say that I think a plot twist is just one something that's just a that's just too short I'm trying to send you something that a plot with as something that we can text you last the entire fan with that point got it plot twist at the end of season 6 of red versus blue twin comforter talking about cuz that was 10 years ago 6 years dude I've always said all since he's a knight I never thought 10 years old damn damn good game Michael first one I think it was my favorite of the series for red versus blue specifically I like the colors the first time one season we've dealt with a lot worse things than that just that little no but JD please. I just finished that the other day it was really good it would have been the first one I felt like putting a normal I felt like it was only one stage that was really kind of a challenge I wish I may be done at on a harder difficulty I remember you and I went to the Halo was a partner Summit or never like to sometime last year where they were no it's letting people know he hears all were doing here some the sum of can be coming out there talking to Halo Wars 2 that made me feel like I was back in high school trading up to somebody cuz you never said anything under there like here's an attack of some Halo Wars 2 and what the fuck get free cinematic talk about story and background you know it was he who shall Logan here but I'm not seeing you okay there was a teaser you probably seen it cuz I was really someone that was a teaser for Deadpool that ran into Logan that was too long I haven't seen it was too long and it was it got forever if we got almost done funny towards the end of the end if it was cheap at the beginning as too long has to on the beginning when it give me know it is long towe now Mile and pot was wrong it was alright crazy first Deadpool was amazing I'm worried that like you want to make sure that they stay with the same tone pitbulls is a movie it's really weird it's basically like forcing and that's it it it is there's not much today feeling a lot of soup with him talking but if we see he's a bar he's on the ship he's regrowing his hand he's on the highway fighting classes mean it's like the whole movie I mean I'm just worried that only there going to be like I don't know like the lunch down and make whatever movie they wanted Deadpool to get Deadpool did so well as an R-rated film but now it's like you can go to for the tease or the new one would be fine there were so many ways that could finish it movie Deadpool such this is weird character of he's annoying but he's also clever and like it can get really old really fast I don't think it did not mean that's why I was like I'm done with this I really like this Logan Logan and Deadpool I can open up the door a lot more for R-rated superhero movies and I just looked it up Logan made 88 million dollar opening weekend was really good I just wanted to get out get out of 270 million dollars on a 4.5 million dollar budget it's really hard Matt told me something that between what was number one of the beginning of the year but between get out or warm and snow something else something else hurting figures with turn in between get out and something else Blue House Productions had been number one at the box office for all but like two weeks of this year so far and it's pretty funny look what's a split dude it's super exciting getting all these are rated superhero movies for people like us it's like we're older dudes that still fucking love should be here as an interesting hey is that also is not a centrino dude to like superheroes to look at what I'm trying to get a as there was an which is what's your superhero name the incredible bottom easy chili powder miles away that is there is a strand of of superhero movies getting prettier and prettier which I think is cool as shit but there's a lot of kids Now who grew up watching like superhero cartoons on TVs are not going to be told this movie has this here that you love you can't go see you tonight appropriate Wolverine people would have been like 5 when they watched X-Men and now they're old enough to watch him like the cartoons online at the theater Door like printed out signs of the Drafthouse put all over to the counter saying Attention Parents Logan is not a typical superhero movie it is rated R and was most likely not appropriate for children and even understand why do I have to have those stupid signs the movie that's what I guess so but I also think it's people like are over reacting to the way they think people are going to react like a culture when we talked about this during Deadpool is that they think my parents are can go and complain and then we'll make it to the Marvel won't make R-rated movies the future but nobody's complaining it's people complaining about people that are complaining you know I haven't heard your reports of parents saying I mean miles can make you legitimate complaint about kids watching cartoons and then they can't go see the movie that kind of sucks when you're a kid it's always sucks we told you can't do something I just fucking little superhero when we played Resident Evil and can everyone was fucking don't know what a great game this was yes 7 and they're like two most amazing Resident Evil game in years and years and Kenny wanted to see it so I said what do you watch some of it and we'll figure out if like this is cool with you he's twelve now it so he wants it he was fun you can handle just one so we were you ever a kid and will never it for me Dad if your parent was like yeah yeah Kentucky alien when I was green dude hit in the me like I don't like sound like Mortal Kombat the movie I saw the kid was like hell yeah that's fucking dead as shit this is another bad as a kid where I met a dude to really like superheroes I hate you. I remind you this APPL Squarespace Squarespace is the only one platform to create a website or online store there beautiful award-winning designer templates 24/7 customer service and domains even think about starting your own website or online store for free trial the day at squarespace.com / 350 into Africa Rich tease get 10% off your first purchase make your next move with Squarespace you could give it up your own superhero website for pills superheroes remove invented on the spot testing power bottoms backstory at the store its way to go there the radio with the radiation kill through the toilet while you're taking a perfectly still there he got a mutated what is the power button Gus that mean real life fictional narrative super life like you writing all but you know you are you are receiving if a little too much and it on the Boogie on the top position well it's it's like it's your position of the sex. It's not like a fitted you're taking your receiving and I believe a power bottom as some of the can receive in a very intense level I believe that so it is I'm sure they will too much work required that you just taking a pound I would die would disagree but I can your active you like doing all the work on top of somebody just post that's how I've always interpreted should I might hate you might be getting fucked in the ass but you're making it around as how I have always interpreted that let me let me look it up Urban Dictionary we are calling embarrassed to ask about it but you know what Gavin I think you're right I think I was incorrect so according to Urban Dictionary not exactly the World by Source dominant bottom bottom is usually submissive to partner a power bottom enjoy as maintaining control over the top and or the penetration the normally dumb dominant role in gay male sex power bottom supposedly have skilled tons in a way I can from you so I'm just reading like this I mean to sorry everybody CA virus that is a bad name if I was to think of a Powerball must be someone who is underneath someone's off and then just go in absolutely meant to like plowing them in the office okay like a Pneumatic drill get you I get you anything you know what you should do you should tease you tax and then eventually they will catch on to tell everybody or power bottom and then I have to sleep with a lot of men together in a sexual relation I'm going to cover your butt okay here's some really sick of by talk about to the podcast for sure to the voicemail the fucking time when they ask you when you go to when you go when you go buy something your receipt email you your receipt is fucking great they said that by default yes they should email you they should email you the receipt it says paper it delivers to it keeps a record of every problem is every fucking company when you say yes email me the receipt they didn't also put you on there fucking mailing list in the mail stuff that shouldn't be allowed 670 10 day to be unsubscribe from a mailing list I don't know what that is about yet when you have to sign in using a username and password unsubscribe from something you didn't sign up for an upgrade and have to go to unsubscribe from it son of a bitch I should be a law against the kitchen when you get up when you get a receipt that should be at how about this print a receipt sent me no receipt the worst like I said I want to work this to you sometimes when you go when you get an email receipt and then you like okay and then like your coupons or whatever. Putting out like here you go like I didn't want that let me give you like a long piece of paper this big yes I thought that's that's the worst part there's nothing on there that I want that doesn't make it the still piece of paper that one I get excited about Extra Care points Michael can you please get my switch point that's awesome just like ridiculously receipt costume with him so amazing that the longer seat at Whataburger that means I qualify for a free servic they have access but they have a Rewards program now on the app you use it if you go and you buy something there 5 times you get a free item I think of Whataburger what's the free item you think you would get a burger neuberger that's why that's why I deleted the app can I get a burger so like eating usually when you get x amount of something then you get that fit when when when I was younger the Whataburger does 12 days of Whataburger thing around Christmas where I think it's like at 12 weeks I know the days it's like hey princess out here the coupon it starts off with a coupon for meeting from school that day get a coupon for shake awesome at all events on Christmas Day get free Whataburger my brother and I went with that morning we got we get all the Christmas stuff we print it out or whatever girl coupon we drove to the Water Burger down at the end of our road 24 hours so it then when it was time for lunch we were like what you want I want to Whataburger so we coupon I went and we ate Whataburger for every meal that day for free because we have to don't you have like family Burgers hey man there though by the way they also no longer offer the free whataburge 25 I was way too old to do this I went with my buddy Scott the dipshit I was messaging earlier LOL I'm a trainer I'm in truth I don't know he's totally intrigued by did you alright anyway no he didn't reply like fucking he lost his entry small Shake honey butter chicken biscuit or a taquito a HTC One Hit and I guess it's like a local thing for local people I'm just too fat dude good from the control people were turned you know that yes a good daughter and she shut the one down by me I say that nothing big burger in an average be fine dude fuck by but never had mighty fine. Fuck Five Guys go get Five Guys hours but the problem is a walker in Sunset Valley burger that I like like I like thin like McDonald's cell within patties Gus before like the sick people do that I'm like you like Burgers & BBQ the people make as always fucking huge figured I'm with you too much juice is what makes it red when it's like overcooked on the outside utensils disgusting I'm animal how you should approach on your birthday so you just changed your birthday everyday the burger you might have been cloned at Pacific cell you're fucking fan with about my information that's all where are apples I would I would be three bucks not to give out my birthday I don't want to give out my birthday the fucking mighty fine they don't need my birthday they don't need it thank you Google it I'm going to say I could but they won't give it up for my fucking fre burger like a chump so I'm going to Seattle this week I'm going tomorrow and I'll be there for one day so you know I'm going to fucking way to go to Burgermaster Kirkland now there's another one there's a one-to-one like a Crosstown it was just like an old Arby's know it's a lot of restaurants that look like they took over and yeah it's a really specific look like Hilbert's was really weird noise by my house took over the super old-school Taco Bell oh yeah that's what it was by my house but then they moved and now they're over here by the studio we going to Burgermaster can't wait really do another discussion too and I'm glad miles on podcast so I'm glad I gentle enough for some specific dumb reason you're calling you I'm going to Burgers Twitter I'm going to call you out what's wrong with me but miles I love it and I hate to judge the way the other people use Twitter I use it way too much so Miles retweeted the factor La call me when twin the fact that Pizza Hut followed him today I'm so excited the fuck do people get excited when they interact with brands on Twitter why does that really I find it I find it hilarious that I find it more than that I think it's super funny I think it's you that I can treat a pizza and treatment and treat Pizza Hut like a person go by Pizza Hut how you doing sweetheart and then whoever runs Little Caesars Twitter will go well what about us and I get to go Little Caesars bad you know I still love you too much fucking fun what two runs the game grumps and Starbomb Twitter towns that dude doesn't with fucking Wendy's and and life Ninja Brian and we just had a conversation that works like it's just pretending that that Wendy's that it's Wendy your texting Wendy and me like you're Wendy girl what's going on we just I don't know but you can say whatever you want to that's okay miles no I'm telling try I just wonder why do people get so excited story that came out a couple weeks dude that though Ebenezer Park Rosa parks' Ren like a last 23 years Caesars did it fucking check sorry that's the way I thought that was really Rosa Parks at Linden is Rosa Parks life sold the sixties she was 81 and 94 Rosa Parks rest in peace Rosa Parks for a long time he would pay her rent I guess she had gotten robbed at one point was he was 81 so he got her an apartment to pay for it that's tough that's awesome very cool never going to become a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready and you know that you dude I get my hot and ready dude that's going up as like when they got Little Caesars it was a big deal it's like $5 Pizza pay $5 for pizza that's been sitting under the heat lamp and you got a fucking like it I mean that's what you know you go to Little Caesars where they have bouncer like one of my favorite commercials are you the most impatient guy in the world as the guy who was driving his horse out of his car is like if you have any time to waste get ready right now that's what you therefore remember that was like my eye when I was younger I like went to some like youth church thing like it was like something like a Christian rock band 1, it wasn't sure if she was like cool youth church and I have some of my favorite part of it my part it was at the end I knew I was getting him ready I'm no man you know what I should have just said Little Caesars Pizza I realize we're awful I swear I swear all the time I swear Legend call you on ocelot images me like yeah yeah you dude it's okay I love you that way miles I learned it from this building I swelling way less and content and I do and realize that I tried any of your guys is that correct well that's like that's more like kids watching that more your thing is like super super family-friendly which is good because it doesn't need to be that for it to be obviously very interesting you know people watch it you know I was a Gavin guys is incredible you're like a savant a two things I don't know how you do the exposure for massive explosions he also can take what is essentially a 20 or 30 second video and make it compelling addition to watch over eight minutes not many fucking people can do that like here's the thing we're going to do we did it there was it's hard to my last more than a minute when he actually think about it write it it really is funny thanks miles you also have a unique problem and I'd love to see your audience get more involved with this where Gavin is content in particular Slow Mo Guys as has a very unique problem in the online content World in that Gavin content is very difficult when you can take it to turn into a gift and I just posted everywhere and it's like what I think is video you don't mean you can link with the timestamp if you want to it's like I get that get sore easily share but trouble making a gift from the video it so sometimes this video is like 10 times faster than is the skip loading dude 70 megabytes is a Vine account as someone just made of just my clips that had way more followers than all of us combined it was just clip so long anyway not like Michael social media so you don't swear in those videos I saw you you were yesterday was an appearance on TV and and you're pretty but how like we need to make sure not saying it is words how often was at midnight maybe I'd only was that mean that he was something recent that was a good thing get something life how have you ever tried like honestly try to an entire day without swearing because I've really it's hard to learn on the episode of fan service it's hard I said fuck once and it's all cold but it's a lot like I buy smokes and you can't we last on that entire episode cuz I would start listening and she's right here could we all go there so I will only apologize for swearing one that was just recently really good can we can remember was I was abused on Hank Green having a podcast I gotta lotta respect for Henry was talking about something and I forget what I even said was like you know people purchase this way and then of course people who come in they do it differently but they do it differently in a way that just kind of fucked-up her body else I was like stop as I was Hank I'm really sorry we're fighting Frozen for swearing I swear for a people that's more than you yeah that's a good call that's a good thing is smarter than me now I'm saying I never swear I'm saying that something that I'm going to be on this week's episode of enjoy the show the new show by John Horizon of the nobody watches wow Joe the Sho can we talk about where did we talk about the new FX TV show The Legion so I should have mentioned it really were talking about Roman legion stuff it is about the camp the comic book character Legion yeah like Professor X's schizophrenic cell I'm glad you make sure you could talk about that is the villain in the villain in Logan supposed to be some kind of like interpretation of cable and go to spoil it nobody can see in the thing put him the villain yes for your fucking it up I'm talking about the trailer Jen Wolverine Comics I was like Logan was like to brew tea for me you know all that stuff like the weapon x and all that Steven said but enough any point in the whole like 17 years it was at keratin 10 appearances to ever wear the Wolverine yellow the one from the car the first movie 1Weather was the tiger stripes didn't even wear the classic brown one with the you know how they never were that I mean that Wolverine was in that of issue never warm I never wear mask he was Logan don't remember who was cast as Wolverine years ago dougray Scott I was trying to remember that the other day the guy from Hitman dougray Scott I'ma see if I can with this dude and he was like things were in the Comics Wolverine is short super short he's like 5 and I was bored okay nevermind it was shorter than that anyway but you know it Wolverine Comic is way shorter one is way cooler than an actual Wolverine yeah man which is a badass Wolverine is just like a minion little something there me promotion the Badgers are worse like they're very similar an actual Velociraptor was like the size of a chicken Spielberg was like that's a fucking way cooler name blow it up after they didn't know they're both from the weasel family oh yeah boo yeah EXT Legend was funny in that she does that with so many things it without Logan emergency mattress price little bit of a surprise but that character I knew that character was there something that's your interpretation of this character and I was thinking about it and then the villain guy shows up with the robot arm which is in the fucking trailer and I thought and they confirm I thought that the Stephen Merchant character was who it was but they always be like some kind of weird version of cable but I realize in the comic there might be a character that's this dude with the robot arm apparently Steven much and his characters RT been in this universe of movies his character has but you did but it wasn't Steve much okay got it see I agree with that I also all the X-Men anyway what do you mean we're watching it right now it's on screen should I said that this movies not canon mile as a writer you can put something out intentionally saying it's none canonical can you think I feel like arguing semantics I feel like there is saying as you could before part of a certain storyline like this could be though this this movie takes place out of this other long going storyline as a part of this movie series that's the same actors in the same medium still fits think of that magnitude it's like you make the whole movie at the very end is like 2 seconds is 2K if it comes out at the end of the movie Gordy it's on the screen is Can Academy cell Gavin I'll talk about the blog last week Gavin and I have to go to a bar yeah I'll go to the bar and you that video don't think I don't the video that bed with you are you intrigued are you having dinner later I can is it going to bring I'm okay about the couple mugs Leo everything's fine I just have to like leaf blowers March can be a long month April can be a long month and it just like this just let's go let's get on the path and move buddy do it let's do it let's go eat one for them to do something this is a test Arizona weather