#419 - When the Ball Drops

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss balls dropping, Brandon’s wedding, friendship, and more on this week's RT Podcast! Also, be sure to stick around for a special interview with Ela Darling discussing the future of VR adult entertainment. This episode originally aired on March 14, 2017, sponsored by MVMT Watches (http://bit.ly/2n2cNFN), NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2n25cac), Seeso (http://bit.ly/2iXI3mZ)

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Recorded: 2017-03-14 11:17:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

show during the by everyone walking movie podcast this week brought you by movement NatureBox and seeso thanks to those guys respond to this text I'm Gavin and you're pretending to type I'm not typing right now I'm Blaine I'm guess we have a new I should I should mention right now at the top of the show if you go you're Bernie and you are doing that go fund me for the Olympics and while we're broadcasting live tonight if you donate to the GoFundMe Bernice matching funds for it so if you want to increase your power to help us and people special them pics go visit that URL should be on the in the Stream right now and I only hope we live right now is going to be matching up to $5,000 worth so no forever. Forever no not if you're watching this on YouTube it's not like did you know you can watch his podcast live every Monday even let's check out the link in the description below we got them all out of the way not a test I should about you should line your head so they're not and crashes into your head is this fancy fucking Birdie Pro Shop broadcast to rub in the fact that I don't know nothing you give a deposit down there when they come out in like 30 years supposedly they're going to come up on time off we're going to enter mass production by September you think that's really the business they want to be in or making batteries on a boat can I make action for Limelight really like them over going to do production for when I get the car thanks a bunch I think you got your Tesla in April of 2019 I think if I had to guess my guess is going I'm going to be I'm very optimistic March 2018 by this year in 12 month I'll have it while I was going to say 21 but how to spell with 20-20 just cuz I don't cuz I'm not I mean you know they gone they got Rockets going up there ass like a fat version of their car was built on the same frame it looks like me when I eat pizza I like before and after on Sundays or just like do you know the difference between you based on what you mean yeah so if you saw a picture of you you could say all I had a pizza after it would be you do on shirts are tight enough that you could tell that woman last night when I went to was that movie called Atomic blond South by doesn't do any South by Shir great get Converse No I have it together send text to music with you I totally forgot I'm not right never get a shirt that's custom designs and make me look a little skinnier like oh my God vertical lines except when he gets to about right here with the gut where is you naturally expand have the line slanted in Savannah be like to be like this but when you were to be like that it would be straight get the design when they said they would be like that Seattle didn't cancel exactly like that good perspective on it or something planes to crash in it so there is a limit to how tall the castle can be so they make the top of it like a more narrow to create that really ordered some was green beer I was you cuz his land what's the Green Bay I mean it's cuz I see Patrick they play this week funky stuff we have a really hoping you drink it and then you smile and your mouth is just don't know how much is a handful of biscom enough now that's just weird things that are naturally a different color broadcast made it and they know what a weirdo I am about stuff so I assume that they took that my special needs and concern for you say I want got a sore throat Nikes Patrick of not having watche the glass which claimed she did understand why dishwashers have multiple cleaning settings like why don't you just automatically do the lights sanitize like furnace yeah but melted and like completely wedding city with the amount of stuff you put in the material to put in there plastic versus Metal putting in Canada to let me wear my shit like weird like trusting it her being you know there's a city in Canada where all of the water in the city like the top water just became pink and people started like getting freaked out about it and the city was like them in the door about it just keep on going just trust us everything's okay but it's the weirdest thing like could you imagine like getting up in the morning oh my God take a shower and it's just like nothing but love answer so we're just going to throw a giant bomb in the reservoir Brandon Johnny have struck allowing the potassium of fuck me permitting permit again in it, Granite thank you permanent what is it should be able to get into our sump Reservoir and their by into the town's water distribution system forgotten pomegranate just read it sweet this Trainwreck brand calcium I'm for my help I'm going to help permanganate cour you said that yeah when you learn how to read did you learn like using phonics or did you learn sight words. Explain fucking read them in at 2 encounter words you don't need these beastly memorization you start learning list of words that one right so it said of like being able to read something for medically you can only say things if you can have experience in that Ward already which way is the way it the way I think most people are caught now and then such as the Lakers you just have like characters like an in the Arabic you have like she's you and you know that represent what is you mean Persian either I may have her as I know nothing about the culture you must not say hello it's not all I put offices get by put offices get by yeah I know I don't know how to say Hello by Lee if yes to parents because my dad speaks with his friends but you know my mother you know she's the white so we didn't speak at growing up in my house cause my dad and his friends they speak I it's kinda like Spanglish you hear that term they just become a mix between English and Persian how's your mom you're dancing with her for a while lovely lady at one point it was me Chris and Josh we were like doing this number or on your mom and we like bread not funny moving on I'm going to let that happen now can I can that's why I spilled beer on Gus and he left my wedding and if it wasn't me it was I feel so if you spill anything on Gus it might as well be her I'll tell you off podcast I'm imagining it's someone got he should have pants that I should my pants that's exactly what happened in his pants I was excited I was like we have like three alcohol Gus is can have alcohol all night Gus is going to have a good time no surprise that you I want to be like I had a good time I did have a good time I V the wedding favor and 11 x at weddings people will get a like a first aid kit basically it'll have stuff like a hangover powder I think we put phone chargers and it cuz I was like Halloween II the rich rich people need their phone so they can leave and I put it inside replica Fallout lunch boxes and I was like I think most people like it smells like I think Gus is really really going to appreciate it but at the hotel they put his first name and Gus are Gestapo there was a lot of people have hotel that had the same name so there's gave it to some like random person and I was like the satisfaction was just like ripped away from me cuz I was like the only person that's going to really like this is Gus so then Paul McHugh Mom after the fact went to that hotel and made them track it down wow if it was it was from my perspective it was really confusing because the itinerary for the wedding everything was going on with in that lunch box so this I never had and I was like well I'm in Mexico I don't know time for where anything is like texting other people like a high feel like I love your wedding around whether Gus would like it or not I had very little to do with the wedding and stuff get and they told me that they were going to get them and they were looking into it up until a week before the wedding at this point I'm just like you're not really getting in there like a no fair enough but I really involved in that plan to ever Brandon the other day the other day Brandon asked me what stamps I had on my invitation what I mean like the postal stamps on the in the envelope that he emailed me texted you get Star Wars I remember hearing it's at a putting in more and so I was like looking at each person and which ones would they like like Josh plan again I put Chewbacca kisses Harry Potter no makeup no sorry what was the bad guy from The Apprentice in Phantom Menace he hates Phantom Menace so I was like I put that on them like he really liked it you both I put all lie to yourself nine Brandon your life I'll get to it okay it's like you're you don't reply it's cool just say no cuz then it's like you feeling weird position where you especially for wedding invitations you have to find out and get an RSVP so then you feel really awkward going to people about be like it hey are you are you coming it's a guy want you to feel like yeah I just felt uncomfortable yard an awkward person to begin with him already an awkwardly when you at when you came up to you I'm going to voice my wedding but I know you probably want to go I know I go to things I mean did you go no it was in town somewhere else. Like phobia of people feeling obligated to come to something that I'm doing was really strange thing cuz like I remember when the invites were sent out you kept saying to all of us like you need to come no I didn't say that I just did not always liked you come we would love it New Richmond oh wedding and it's not as a flight to it no aside from like maybe Josh or something so we're all like it's a new experience down it's not a super fun we had a blast I'm glad you had giant robot Mech people dancing with us we were to dance battle that kind of sucks but you still fun yeah I did I'm running we need a running private buses to take people from here to there just to help with it just cuz I'm that parents divorce Paul and it's another two years before Paula gets her citizenship no yeah I got I got like a free pass for a little while really has been you can buy all the garage from California that you won't be counting down so she gets it and then she's going to have a laundry list of things that to hold me responsible for no just like I'm sorry what's the grass and California by his garage from California so it's dog piss on it presented without context most high maintenance should I do no thermostat podcast cuz I was her all the time complain you like you're cool now okay that is so nice and that was such a shit tone that you clearly don't mean it and that hurts the weather in his gesturing is like you said that with a cool like this Troublesome really want to jack off right now no I actually do with my hands I think I just kind of strapped in this position to let Bill know yet so I'll you Royal night has it's not Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nighy back the hell was he always he The Fish Guy was he The Fish Guy in Pirates of the Caribbean taking off Gus you and I and Chris jerk each other off cause we had a discussion about like VR so if you watching the podcast stay tuned after the podcast is over we have a supplemental interview that we did with a with someone who makes VR porn so stay tuned the credits will I will have that are we going to have that her live yours yeah it'll be like when you speak highly of it or can we dog get whatever you want okay cuz I have something so it's so nice speaking of something she did mention that I never heard about that blew me away putting tended where there's like a device the kind of like a flashlight we talked about flashing lights a lot so you can put on your VR headset and then you have you know the things you hold and then you put on the you know Fleshlight type device you can okay and then that sings up to the software that the VR company has running that's link your Oculus and then the alive performer has a device that interacts with that flashlight type playing on your thing and so they can put things in motion with it and you'll have that sensation control how controllers I don't know if I controllers or you might only need one Jake video that this guy made that we um we're working with like a hundred director and it's the same thing like imagine your mom walks in with you jerking off except 10 years from now and he's in this like Giant circular apparatus with like all of these Minority Report like this place flashing up por and like this like same thing like the bus that's like jerking them off like I highly recommend checking it out it's super funny thing that we came up to learn about this device we were talking earlier about it was my concern was getting with your have the airport you have the headset on I was like how do you control a creeper you finish I could have you get on your mother's a condom OU I thought you were talking in the event that you came with this thing on their mind kind of a heavier little apparatus like something with a little bit away that you put on your waist and then you have this thing that can have that same kind of motion you look up like we're so close to the point that robot ritual sex yeah Robert Expedition man like sex two people The Shack but not be touching each other like a man and she moves her waist so bring whatever you have the same sensation no cheating say like Esther was wearing the penis and it was being controlled by someone else like say I was controlling the penis so whatever I was doing it was going up with that b she touched in with me that's really weird your penis is it should be penis it should be and I think that's wrong but with your head hey that was some point that boundary will be broken it's close I think the technology so close like you just need better designed South End I mean I was I was completely just blown away your on Twitter who is this Murphy no they don't said well jerking off in the future is going to be dangerous if somebody does like hacking your computer or something like that and you're just like you full screen mode like so we can really take you for a trip that design is so your penis could be crushed the difference in sizes what if they could make it for like cuz I got a giant dick so what if I could by the way for like a Brandon space was like a no CD you can imagine a monster swans yeah like that we talked about some of the stuff later it's not spoiled nobody but game you can watch her watch it I don't watch the show I mean I'm going to did you know that sub solution podcast brought you by Bill level of the watche you sent me it's Sleek stylish and I was get tons of compliments when I workout movie was started by two broke college kids on it to wear stylish watches but couldn't afford them so they started their own watch company watches started $95 at a department store you looking at 400 to 500 bucks moving figured out that by selling online they're able to cut out the middleman the retail mark-up providing the best possible price get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns mvmt watches.com / rooster at MV Mt watches.com / rooster doing the movement thanks to and watches for spot to disapprove podcast High fashion free search in life you buy things up on and eventually probably won't need any more like my Wii U and I really need anymore no but if I sell it it won't make much money because it's old but if you could on by it like press the button it goes back in time and you get all of the original money you spent and it would never been sold for Nintendo if everyone could do that which company do you think would be the most damaged by people on buying all of them are company Mobile phone I think there's no man's Sky would be on ball I would not on by it you wouldn't know I was I was happy with the Xperia dick 5% her that it had problems it was not a great game but I felt satisfied with what I got for what I paid for Gavin still like I did when this happens in you click the End by thing does that undo all your memories not then there's no downside to this I would absolutely do that too literally everything I would eat a hamburger and button on by it but not hamburger cuz it's high in fat her and trade like at Chipotle if you on ball humbug it would disappear from your gut oh well didn't you just went against what you just said which is the and then take at 3 why can't the food but you can sit down a time but you're done with at that point there's no downside of this I would absolutely the worst million dollars was around where you getting money to Bill done by somebody get all the money back that you know how do it how much money do you get from light your entire apartment we don't like sulfur and potassium magnate or every with possibly the be interesting to the like a break down the valley let you know I have homeowners insurance for like my house and for all stuff in it this issue when you like try to figure out how much insurance is like you print trying to break down how much would it cost to replace everything like if my house burned down and I had nothing left how much would it cost total to replace everything with you have collected over my entire life oh my clothes on my way Tronics like everything about data or anything later than that like the price of the material of the house but I like all of that like what if you would write one check for all of that would it be to try to think about your retail value yeah that's a V jacket that I bought it like that like a no thrift store it was originally $75 but I bought it for $20 mode you how to do that on a no why would you say that your most prized aside from like dogs and in living things your most worldly possession hold you say it is my most worldly possessions I guess not really like what is the thing that you value most in one position that you have that you just Valley the most my laptop really Gavin on my phone my stuff that much Phantom I mean I don't know that okay would you be the Beast of econ Place yeah but nice note from someone else am I really so if you're if you kick down your door in your house is on fire you say the fucking you know but I say like a memory I can replicate my wife's engagement wedding ring okay I would run back into a burning building no I mean it depends on how bad I'm going to explode I mean like when your dog dog swallows a ring and let it out of the damn is it also you. So wondering no he went after the ring our new dog and it freaked me out of buying this like super protective case for it yet I'm not sure I'll be by the office since we got to take him to the vet pretty soon he doesn't know this but we got to take off the ball zoo porn Stefan every dog thing trying to get that figured out with you that we can meet the whole thing all the time we had him like glue you should really get a neutering Michael yeah but I mean I can always have to wait till stuff comes out and then like I kinda looked and when there was and then I looked those gone and then so like I called the vet and I'm like look can we schedule they're like well as are they completely out so nigh with and Paul had a black grab and put them upside down and I use my phone and took a bunch of photos of my dogs balls why I emailed them I emailed them to my vet one bullet because they're so small in this here so I can by my bed and I'm I can work I just want to warn you there are photos of my dogs balls here I don't want is this are we at the point where we can post on Jordan no just not sure if one's day or two so you just feel yourself in a hole and when's your next appointment I am not going to feel my dog's ball there a name for that when one of the Bulls doesn't descend cryptorchid cryptorchid treat her like is that happening the balls in a drop but they have to go in and like you like real surgery can I put people whether they stop them start at the top of the head I would like a putting like in your abdomen and innocent dropping off the other before you have even for memories the kind of like a balls in my mind most males by 6 months of age UB registrar only 0.8% still of undescended testicle without any intervention so 99.2% of human males have their testicle to send by seems like another phase of its the Bulls drop in there really only 6 months old to someone someone on Twitter on the laptop I don't want to spend this time like I don't want more information on the search history by Boys testicle at the time where I woulda knew what my skirts and was it was it was never empty your movie Queen Latifah Bill water bill in right and you're like this kind of like holding it in your palm and then you let the bottom part fall and then you have most of it here and then it kind of email then it going to goes up like it's no it's like hanging and dangling in the Wind what eat when you look the song balls dropping during puberty, how old are you when your balls drop since that's all tell me what this is about Brandon just make sure I'm not afraid if they don't drop and then you hit puberty how will they have a fit through the scrotal opening by then they figured it out like when you see the pediatrician has worried about this by then so don't have to squeeze baby testicle I don't know I was talking like robot sex instead of balls and I discovered today so it's not Discovery but my name spelled backwards is bad right but Neil was playing all day away I said my name but he scrub the old you back and it was fun Gavin spelled present bag said back quits because now she sounds different because it's a little hard she is not Gavin Gavin and I know how to say that because that's a cigarette for me true he is clean for him to in English. Stack exchange.com the wrinkly sack just behind the penis which holds the testes starts to hang a little bit lower rate from the body but when that's what I'm saying good luck drop up you baby come over yet I don't think they become useful they become activated make sure that's the reason but they still like dropping your like they don't drop it and then you're like well why is one of them way bigger than the other this is caught right he's you don't know anything back then cuz we didn't have no resources Brandon stop you don't know what you're talking about my first erection was a bone misplaced that shot through you did not and I like that what they called a boner like his a bone like initiate like I do the tumbo no before you ever had an erection yeah I had some weird reason OU in school older cousins what's up you here like Words going around you know when you're younger it's cool you like I don't know that means like remember it being in like Elementary or something at really young and this guy brought like a penthouse which is like filthy photos and he like showed me some things like all look that's a pussy and like oh cool and in my head I'm like what the fuck is this doing on phone real no second grade how old are you in 2nd grade that's pretty young thing yeah but you don't like people that you don't know what it what it is yeah I guess I can understand like people using were special when you down with you don't want to look under cooler be out of place where is now he's going to Wikipedia you can learn everything is explained getting caught red-handed like people talk about South Park in like 6th graders 738 or something like that I didn't watch South Park parents and let me but I also just didn't have an interest in it and I did see one episode South Park and a cord that fucking episode like non-stop because it would be cool hey I watch South Park you and it's someone called me on there like that you only seen that one episode of like it's Tori I said like get me those days were people got outrage that South Park but it's some point culturally it just became oh yeah that's South Park to where they can kind of say whatever they want to do whatever they want a certain exceptions like Scientology people some people with crazy about but it's weird though they still did it but it's like so many other people I mean on the weather like like there's so many things that if we did it would not like this really big big thing but you know they did it it's like one of those things to South Park of course I think it's because we get burned out I guess the complaint South Park is for the most part very clever very well written and it can be viewed as a very poignant social satire there's lots of you know I think honestly you know if I would try to make someone I'm not as good as those white lights all you're just don't come across I agree with that but I think the people who were leading the campaign against the material that show didn't really care about that it was more the fact like RT can't be exposed to something like this rather than well this is in a few no satire parody and I was also shown everybody was in junior high when it came out and watched it right in my penis out of all the complaints you know there's ratings on television shows in you know someone should know what they're getting into parents complaining about anything they still think children should see shouldn't let their children see it like I never think of that's a good logical complaints no course none of us have kids so what the fuck do we know the true I'm sure quick to point that out now do we have any bill that isn't Gus come on it so I made it when I was little we were doing a dr. Seuss thing and we made green eggs and ham so they actually like put food dye into the green eggs ball her because green tea the white what degree the green who is the we made scrambled eggs and remember eating it and I saw my teachers with could be no teachers and I said oh I did you're so good I wish I could throw them up and eat them again and I waited and I didn't hear but I think I did hear it so I said it again but louder and in there like hahaha you know is if they'd heard it in satisfying but I think in that moment I realized that wasn't funny joke and they're just call at this moment trying to like forget about it yeah that was the big thing is you like that you're not you're not doing well tonight Brandon Dominique ball that ball in the park so I want to make an even more comfortable to say hey what's up and do better like I feel like going up to someone else something that wasn't your best performance is way better than you not nail it right now you know someone's playing basketball the coaches like going great he's like man I can't wait after the game so like he's got sucked no to be in your head about it sure movie Bill help though let me read this right here when remind you this is so the podcast is also brought to by Nature Box what do you do when you want to snack reminder self-control resist the temptation you eat the junk food so start snacking healthy with nature box instead her box make snacks it actually tastes great and are better for you could with high-quality ingredients that are free from RT colors flavors or sweeteners chicken feel great about snacking on the great things that the sea salt pop pops cherry berry Bonanza on it works really with their service in better in order as much as you want as often as you want with no minimum purchase required in you cancel anytime it's simple go to naturebox.com check out the snack catalogs over a hundred to next to throne and a costly adding delicious new snacks to snack she wanted to deliver them right to your door with a gerbil never get bored then you Stacks each month spot by real customer feedback and if you ever get a snack you don't like me to box or replace it for free right now save even more each box off your fan Stitch percent off your first order we go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth that's nature box.com / 54 50% off your first order naturebo.com / RoosterTeeth thank you miss you bunches bunches and for making delicious snacks I movie make money dies no fucking by no love the Bell cast always happens like it's it's it's a little intimidating I think it's crazy with everything that you currently do on a regular basis one of them will be all lost I don't know is like when the company get split ends or something or what I game like Skyrim all apply for a hell of a lot of time and then I'll put it down in the maybe a few months later I'll come back to it but they will be a time where maybe it's RT happened where I will never play Skyrim again this would think about what I might put it down in 10 and come back to it and maybe that was it for the rest of my life like that that was really popular that's like when did your parents pick you up and put you down for the last time aren't we to think about it like him in that kind of contact number is 419 okay so I'm going to make a guess and say podcast 1979 single you last by cast I feel like you got 30 more years of post what was that really into dating looking with the halfway point right I don't know I don't know it's like the Whole Decade it's been 52 your class fuck me sorry special podcast over you every now and then isn't it we did it once we did one every week once please say yours is going to be when I hopped getting to me cuz I don't know what I'm doing right now someone 70 who's President I think you could be doing anything it's like 300 some podcasts from now so you giving me like 6 years to live her not so I feel bad like 65 movie trailer rental Devon has very little thought about me thought I just let you move on the longest so I don't work anymore yeah but I mean that's you doing voice you constantly spinoff which is really impressive anymore and then the person at the company you been like you something started up get to go in and spend off and like we Invent Yourself for Lady Gaga I think at one point or another I'm going up there ball with everything I feel like every Department we have originally came from one person because it was so few people like Tech is a whole department but for a while that was you advance the whole department that was oh so you like there's a whole bunch Department I see Jeff it's crazy all of these huge Department sometimes split into multiple departments I released them from one person's job getting it's like we start doing something and we can is gone that I was going so the marketing department with Sophie left we forgot the best way we can kind of do something and then we're like alright well let's hire somebody who's good obviously we can't make this work so I went out to I've been I've been trying to make a concerted effort to go out to the movie theater more frequently I have been down there yet to pack probably Sky Zone you know about Regal Theaters so I went last week and I went and I saw get out what does awesome and in yesterday when I saw Logan was really good I thought it was good yeah of course I did the fucking stupid thing I wanted to beat myself up so what was it on Friday Friday evening I've been drinking a little Masters like you want to see Logan on Sunday that's opened up the at the Drafthouse app on my phone what is a 1 p.m. show 120 V 110 Sunday tickets and think about it Sunday showed up at the theater was like to pick up my ticket to the credit card they hand it to me alright the other three with you homeschool Island on it that's weird looking at tickets again like no one to end throw movie video to another screen public walk around the Draft House at 1:10 to take it again at 1:10 on Saturday was drunk about it for Saturday so let's just go if you like once you go to what movie did I think cuz it's Austin and most people drunk all the time when they buy movie tickets they have to be like yeah you got the wrong day but I happens like 7 or 8 times a day no one probably sat there I'm at tell her to show you from so dumb have you ever like just kind of like been thinking about something else and like drive-thru like fast food and like you know okay alright here's and then you like a waiting then you just drive off and you'll I forgot my food it's never happened for my food Temple you just like just not even thinking just like completely zoned out on something else like $25 no unit of getting it back right so my most recent trip to San Francisco from was out there it's going to fly out Friday and then I was going to fly back to book a flight on the road a Sunday like late late at night and then just get back Monday morning right the fucking flight for Sunday at 12:35 a.m. thinking Sunday night Monday morning and it ended up being Sunday morning and I like I remember like opening up my phone and looking in his Lake check in time you know for your next flight in Dallas to Austin and I liked me so I the box to send it straight down the toilet. That's a fucking gone every toy story about the guys I saw it to Seattle airport who had a similar thing ball coming up to the airport a day late I don't know how that happens because you get so many reminders and yeah check-in no I was like I was in such a rush and just blow through airport well I mean I die did you know so the reminder yeah I don't know I don't know who it was cuz it was because he was it like at the middle the night getting those reminders like when I was a fucking sleep see if I told the stor you guys be going off at me and saying I'm like the dumbest person in the world that you want me because I understand how time works you trying to eat up happening but fuck up to happen with me and I'm just like the dumbest person and where I just don't understand to let you know down there so I were on this post was just in general it's Gus ones trying to turn on a PC get some in the power but he's like it's not what I think on sunroom I need the tech guy for the whole company and I was like we go to the power plant on the switch on the back of the movie I was off in ela I forgot about that that's really embarrassing until the stor the sky is Canada she's in charge of the tech for the whole company seems like your own damn it damn it I might have been drunk then also you might have it and I was like I didn't even ball the check in the back as I see me now looks like maybe he doesn't your world crashing down you're like oh no he's like and now we're very good friends more than welcome back early enough for your kind of scared to mention something because you didn't want to not mad at you just like to sneak in the back and like turning on to guys are really scared to talk to you don't think so I'm a I'm a friendly guy I mean you would like base level mean already so I was always like I don't even use to decipher like online interaction so in real life when the mean this came through it's like I'm used to this already I think you're into me when I started I only noticed stuff that you were mad about when we did podcast save it all ball little at all it up I think I broke down my walls with you by telling you what kind of my life on yeah but aside from that I was always really really overly nice to Gus like hey guys have a great day or AB you like I always the person that can you do me a favor and look out what is it in but can you have a great day and you just like me I was trying to like lovingly like a little brother kind of pissed them off was it when you're an intern yeah yeah I was like it took me like a couple of months it just and stuff and then at once as her like warming up to be bold and I was like a little brother farting on people and even with I thought we just did until last night when you're just like me off fucking awkward in the movie theater Iowa works I don't want you movie went for to stop and then Blaine goes what happened with us having I was like hey but I'd love you haven't killed him we still watch movies together we watch The Matrix together you know so we the party together I don't know if it's like a real that you created your head over there you're just like being funny dude but let it ball at least we separated over the years that City close to the river stuff you know because you need to come to get big and you see not see the friends much and down no don't work it out so you should get someone in here like this conversation and last night's conversation but was separated it's irreparable now so it can only get worse Blaine I like you Blaine should I like when you direct stuff to help Blaine her I can go other day it was a dream so weird getting fucking busy to come again came to Austin you probably one of my best friends putting out the whole lot who makes you say that TV but you and I be best friends if we met no based on interactions if I swimming leave at like 5:06 I no tubing down the river together he met my old girlfriend and we hung out talking the duck out that would be great friends I'll text him right now everybody though I was number is there any great friends I don't trust that cause he got hacked that one time so I don't know how to show City bead and talking to me compromising information undescended my number I guess Sprint phone number the ELA have you had your fun of no man are you high like the year no matter how old was a fifth grade you got a phone number in 5th grade it was a middle school the final 12 13 12 13 in 5th grade I said Middle School I changed it to middle school so that's about the 1213 Regent I think I don't know good number neutering how old are you when you got your first your first phone your phone number I don't know if you say 2/10/14 is one of those things parents get you like only for emergencies and then you just don't listen and use it a lot and then they have like the printed out bill at the end of the month oh my God like you cost $500 that you have ever given this you suck around this is only for emergency anything to get that phone and what you got its like 10 days you go no existe popular everyone's first for anything that is passed you guys look up at 10 on it and then once you've used it a lot different than they are now planes twitte South Plant so it was one of those things like only for emergencies I change my number when I got to Austin because I like having local numbers where I get annoying to be like heaven area code that's like different like it doesn't really matter as much anymore these days since everyone has like contacts are stored in the phone just like touching a person's name that was super weird to me when I move to is that a mobile phone can have an area code and you really tell where the person is from better than the phone number to take me a long time to first time I went the First Coast Australia Its did he do like the UK it took me a long time to figure out what the different codes man like the different numbers yet any any number in the UK the starts with like I 100 - is it landline in every number starts with an o seven is a mobile but the entire country starts with o seven is not like different mobile number area codes you have no idea what someone's gone I her the world biggest rocket ship which was a better friend from La Mesa School things are going great they're talking and stuff like that in like they're really hitting it off and then they decided to swap numbers if she saw that his area code was from like one of those love your parts of LA I guess which is like it's a lazy no it's nice throughout I'm sure they have them they're nice they're bad parts and she just like walk straight up cuz like out in La Bay Seinfeld episode it happen to him while you by the same caught what you by the honey then I can get different area code if I went to California Boston caught you probably could I think you just call in request a new number and say this is the area code at 1 look up using those that keep adding area codes places like you said has like I finally saw like a commercial vehicle driving in Austin with the 737 area code really it's been around for like almost 3 years now at this point yeah they try to give Paul a 1-1 change numbers and was like at the purpose what I'm trying to do here and like we had to go in there and she had to talk to like this like I thought she was really cute he's like I'll give you a deal don't worry I'll fix it and I was like well whatever it takes no it's not a big deal I guess I like I like I never even realize this is your area code is an Austin down you don't really I mean it took me awhile ago you haven't talked too long a relationship she's quite as an instrument from with the friendships this company everyone's too busy focusing on the status of the friendship and like how it is but just like just have a passing friendship and nothing will happen to it's okay you know her apartment so I'm never going to work post you and not say hello unless you like punch me one day I'll send a few to find a friendship Center Friday the same I say like hey what's up Brandon that's the extent of them remember when we had a secret handshake that have a secret handshake this is what we got about this is what makes me walk away from a friendship just like I'm going to get weird if I want to go the other way I'll pretend to be on the phone hello as you pass friendship Define as like that's like Jagger new friends and I grind up strangers I hate when I hold the door open for it like them like a stranger and then okay thanks I make a good point and say you're welcome dried no English to do that that'd be cool I would love to do that I do that all the time because people but I don't like it when people hold the door open for me and I'm just too far if I'm like 25 feet away I feel like I'm in a rush I will also acknowledge that I am very good knowledge in when people shit sword ology really awesome moments like the last time that happened I be like I'm in that weird area where it's like too far too short in the in the girl laughed in his fine and in like the other day I was climbing out of the tub and wall so we touch my hand you run up the somebody and defend it you know otherwise you're just like no doubt you feel weird when you know if your hang out somebody in you say goodbye so goodbye and then all of a sudden you realize you're both going in the same direction but you already said like it Jason Harder wheatley's left for stuff he was hanging out at the restaurant my apartment complex and you know the natural thing where we got outside was like okay bye and then the garage is the same place as por apartment and so she started walking the same direction they were going and I had to go headcrab her arm no none who would you say goodbye we have to go this way I would be in a situation like okay and offered shit happens people awkward so it was when both people go into a lift in the lips between it away I don't know what I feel anymore in elevator no I mean to have been good friends again on English to French funny on Twitter moments they're like people are in an uproar about Twitter or Uber and Lyft not being in Austin and someone made a really good point sing like an event filled with tech people to people there like all about tech they can't figure out the clear at all since with the ride shares and stuff like that I can only it is will get into it because obviously I'll just ran putting where there's like uber operate in like four hundred cities and I'll just one in Austin thinks it's so bright and early and they're the only one or but I love you that is funny like people some like the reporters like very popular Tech reporters have been commenting not so much on that but how much animosity that get from local Austin people about commenting about that putting like on Twitter people just like will attack the people here from out of town that complain about Uber like it's like viciously I mean it's Twitter you know you're going to have like haters and stuff but like makes the city look like super City the ride service Rideshare services that we have a replacement Boston her I'm found one that I'm like totally have a very frequently I use the car to go to been a long time since I use car to go do that when you drive up to the car so I'd like after I knew that they had like a little smart cars and then I drove off and you found me in that shit little car and then I went to get Chipotle that day for lunch and parked it and I saw a car to go that was a Mercedes GLK park there and I just cancel my little smart car no switch over the Mercedes like a much better so is it any different amount of money it costs like a little more but not much but I will say I wish I was a little upset if people like I got much smart car and it was a little dirty you like gum wrapper stuff like a domestic I like who would leave their shit like this then I park it go over getting the Mercedes it was even filthier that was not what I had but that is that is, but it was trash all over the empty water bottle the door well was just like to shove with Like Water Burger wrapper there's like an empty Vitamin Pack thrown into the back seat like GNC receipts all over the all over the floor board what the fuck does this Rosedale Nikki and see to that car like that meant just leave it like not even take your fucking someone else to clean it it would he thinks going to have the car going to fucking magically incinerate on the God damn trash can up your fucking animals yeah I like you have some like God given right cuz you register for the service we just it's like you almost have to actively try to make that car look sit here that should be long music still a brand new car that should be coming in the car in the ceiling that is take pictures when someone is done with it of the state of it and noticed movie Analyze That count it used to be that mean that you desperate did you see me when you finished your rental on the screen in the car it would ask if there was any new damage on the car it would ask if the car was clean or dirty but it doesn't ask if the cars clean or dirty anymore I don't know what everything and I understand and maybe I mean I'm I'm surprised they're still in business in Austin after you know Uber and they were they were operating before Uber and left for like 3 years I don't know how they're still busy to stop using it was like way more convenient I don't feel like walking mild find a call her last night when I was going to Paramount Theater was over was that was what you were I was like let's hang out and then you left yet I want to movie with you high me off that you didn't want to hang out with me afterwards no I just I remember I remember is Ashley was like alright we'll just go ahead now you guys heading out you and Ashley with you usually do you need a ride home tonight and you post just walked off it was like yeah I'll see you guys later I walked him to take me home in the G-Wagon that's a cool thing like a very nice her version of My Jeep putting me when it comes to like how you're treated and Industry I'm glad I'm not dating you but and all my memories that date and I know it's great it's easy so is it a date what's the selling point makes you easy to do what is that me and you all the activities that they want to do so you can make a decision on your own now that's not sure I can make decisions when are you doing them because you're exciting you want to do and what did you just try to please will they both most the time it's because I want to you don't want to be dating for like over a year now much and love simple interest on a similar images you know we can do sometimes we have like really active outdoorsy kind of like let's go out and experience to sing a gerbil in your shirt and there's other times were like okay let's stay in in like beat of video game you know it's like you want me to give me with her we played coming home was it was called real on them gone hom the game and we also play something where you're like I asked by agent and you're doing some investigation is it her story yes her story P.T with her it was our first date that was going to getting her personal stuff yeah yeah I think if you lose your virginity ball playing P.T no so basically we're hanging out that's like a person a hanging out and look you don't feel like we've been talking to each other for a while distance wise and we were like he no let's go get pizza let's go you know like OU let's play this game and stuff like that if we hadn't liked kissed yet and I remember my mind I was like I'm not going to kiss her until like well after we be P.T will it took for us for fucking ever to be P.T you found it and then after that was when I first kissed your so what was the moment like that that moment where are your playing P.T and something happened and you needed this this was no it wasn't after he's not a very romantic game it was you want candy the right do you want to sell the story cousins are going to the lights post red against that kind of romantic romantic bulbs that you love so much I can't do that or Paul of freaked out like she just like I can't shift everything to be like that for trout it's it's with that Doug Benson in it and it's like the People's Court accept the message if you really high and then makes his decisions while smoking marijuana only like 15 minutes long does like the he'll come in they argue get deliberate so you go to go smoke out of a bong that comes out make his decision so what what it is it is typical like all they owe me money pay me back since I get like this always stuff like that and then it was upheld and like the actual court of law like is on the show that they are going to abide by whatever the ruling is what are the times I forgot the exact circumstances but one person had taken out a payday loan to the person money and it's like they were getting ripped off so like the other decision was just like we're going to pay your payday loan I will just help you get a loan with a reasonable APR that out of the way to help us purchase game screwed over at the cuz they made a bad deal like this no reason for them have to do that it's really funny it's like 15 minutes no it's not just in terms of like really small consumable like medians of like that high maintenance the kind of range of a web series range from like 5 to like 15 minutes but it's basically about a Wii dealer and just like it's the story isn't about the weed dealer you don't even know the guy's name it's just the stories about who he's dealing weed to had to give her land right cuz it just it's like really funny and really well written but that he picked up from HP looking for no I mean that I'm at Katja blichfeld HBO would suggest about transition to television so we finally have a release date so you virtual finally have a release date for season 7 of Game of Thrones July 16th yeah it's awesome the way later than that I think they had to wait because they needed to shoot some of the scenes in Winterplace 7 episodes now right get a really good night's episode of the Season what's going to happen that I've no good episode 2 of the next season is a good one the one before The Last Game of Thrones season is 10 episode 9 is the one way like freezing happen like every season it's only 8 episode 7 7 sorry I just getting caught up on a few more seasons that's going to wear your getting a gas from off camera would so is this like it was this the last season IMDb TV shows used to be you have ever on TV shows that work like 22 episode and season and then now it's like she's at 6 you know where we can't have we need like any you know what year and a half if you like the quality over quantity 7 episode 1 the correct probably getting like as Nikki and Paulo episodes in Lost Mississippi Gus want to be 6 episode that says Nikki and Paul I forgot about that it's like plastic filler episode and almost at the point where like they know they are making a useless filler episode oh yeah it was like I was like yeah he is he's naked let me know or make it doesn't really narrow it down he's making a lot he was the bad guy the robber he was in 300 who did who bolted Paul OU from his watch lost now would be good I dropped out after season one man I was actually talking where shows up he was like movie yeah the one where they think the first time they come in they just randomly run up to this conversation and like hates like hate Nikki and Paulo and you're like what and then I think like they do a montage her you see all their stuff that happened in the show and they're all the sudden like now into it but yeah classic Filler episodes shoot out the other day by a random stranger at a place an ostomy bag nauseous no I just I just made like no it's on Oltorf your cell phone but it's like a the only have beer most of the seedings outside and they also serve beer garden okay so I can I just described stuff that's what the fuck you're talking about coffee shop on East MLK v no sir go ahead V Sir Pizza in you know sky was ordering Indy places around town with the get me wrong I go to a lot of these cool Austin at places but the other day like sometimes like you don't really like Papa John's like a deep dish that she's text was overheard me and started like berating me like I was just like super corporate hate in the business and I'm like look man I've done my share here we wearing a McDonald's cabin time I watch cap no joke Brandon he like wouldn't give it up and I make them like that mean you know like they're freakin special exhaust is amazing and at one point he like shouted and called me like putting you like Isis probably some like stereotypical Austin asshole that's only been in the city for like 2 years and Booker unless you're going to like the most Indy places I'm sorry because it is some big corporate on his paper products Papa John's good that they're big companies for a reason right another product that people buy hope you're not and extreme I would have just destroyed that guy then like who the fuck asked you title racist man's like 32 like shit I mean it's like he was the exact stereotype is like 5 minutes but then he kept coming back in the conversation oh my God and I was like yeah you know you're think you're being funny here but you just come on dude you just sound like a huge douche do you say we no cuz I was with I was with Paul I don't want to become a thing like it took every ounce of like effort not to like say something to him but what does he care conversational things like I would ever caught him it's his people that complain about like East office and dying when they're the ones going to the businesses in East Austin bringing like development to those areas it's like you're actively contribute anything you complain about and you probably been in Austin for like 2 beers do I have the right to be a curmudgeon you tonight you knowing when I came Boston rough I don't think I have and I've been here for like 11 years I feel like you can't and less you were in Austin when the old airport like the Mueller airport with still active Okay me that's the barrier cuz I had kind of a city thought about South by Southwest I like what's up it was like this weather fucking sucks I'm okay with that because I don't want crowds and I was like my with in my own right to make that comment and I feel like people a year after year and they're already complaining about South by somebody it's fine it doesn't matter I still hate sounds like when I first moved here but I really like it no I mean call best avoid downtown or going other places at the same but it did her like I was like I'd love to go there so we can go get a drink at second part in the front of a place to go when we can go to 313 Hui go to Starbucks so I don't spot I went to a diner on informal get somewhere and it's like a diner and it's connected to a coffee place right next to it somewhere in East I think it's East Cesar on or go. I couldn't answer that Caesar whistler's no I heard a little smack is it someone is going to answer that her everything like and if I'm being unreasonable here they had a the porridge right and it sounded kind of good but that is also por it's just like nothing else for you to like beef up your meal with that I asked for a side so I could try it but you want no part but they wouldn't like the only way ball of por it are you couldn't get like I said you can get a side up or and it's like that's a huge commitment because I got doesn't it seem like ridiculous they can't just give me it's like soup like a sign of it and I've been a huge risk but I'm in for side of steak like The por that you have to cut a piece of por. You're not ruining all of the POR it's right it's like it's in a big container already like a rotating Smith Parker things back in the you know kitchen I don't think it would have been that hard for them to be like fill up a small cup and be like that seems reasonable and it's like no never had porridge I know but if you saw por age would you like I don't know maybe say please ball I was going to come on I don't know I have a formal complaint with broadcast with broadcast was so this clickbait thumbnail bullshit on the last on the spot is responsible he made the thumbnail he put my face in his time though so I clicked I was like looking through the RoosterTeeth and I don't really watch on the spot all that often unless it's like the cast it's more to go Gavin is on on the spot like and feel like they made a bigger ordeal out of that and I clicked it and it wasn't someone with a mask and I'd like him to be pissed about that gets more views the other way that we did only the joke in a RT PSA about like something super quick in the show like I think of something yeah we have like a girl was like lingerie and it was for literally a frame it's funny cuz when you look at the analytics for that episode you could see that people went back to that exactly I can see it and then that's what we put as the thumbnail on at work because they're being a regular viewer just back in the day I would have watched anything regardless forever watching out when it's Danny like it set up in my mind because I was like that's bullshit that you really good commentary on you know putting those people in your number Gavin shoulders in the background of his video with all the Gavin I love about this and I was like what should I do not think I might even this the podcast is also brought you by seeso comedy nerds Rejoice seeso has the comedy you crave with the debut season of Freak Plus more for your favorite comedians including Paul F Tompkins Dan Harmon McElroy Brothers Jonah Ray you should be 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399 a month no joke it's 399 a month for all the comedy want anytime anywhere at 3 to go to seeso.com right now to sign up for one month free with promo code RoosterTeeth at checkout that's seeso.com spelled seeso.com promo code RoosterTeeth seesaw.com promo code RoosterTeeth thank you see so and I'm sorry I messed up your at I messed up I also need a product what I was given a t-shirt to wear for the spot yes and they had was like a medium or a large at it take off the shirts put this on and I'm not exactly sure if that's a lot that I'm supposed to have them do my part and I'm going to make sure you get some of the sleeves light you asking if it's like a female cut that to the wrong Shir virtual roulette can you wear that and see what happens how do you should stop it on and sponsored episode will do it first members instead of whatever they actually vitamins wedding but I missed out on it because it's good Shir Boston RoosterTeeth Lego Brandon I assume sometime I forget exactly no I don't think we have made those announcers yet good dog see that crafty what's a articl on October 14th and 15th yeah yeah haven't seen people to double double gold filled the first is on Wednesday and then the public will be this Friday how much does VIP Gavin if I went to London you like hang out and show me a London places 350 pounds but they passed the 27th off 45 for the weekend what is a quick or not mean I didn't spend much time in London and London you still working like industrial London but I never really was like hanging out by Big Ben and then is that this is new to me as it is to experience things together and do they really is it still really think he's a real or fiction I don't know if it was still like I never said only have an accent yeah the different the last feel like the last couple times I went and I met you when I was still in England you like I did not have a good time the first couple of times there I'm going to miss you a bunch of other things went wrong what's wrong with it what are you eating lenders they are sucked up everything in customs and then took the weekend off then we have nothing to say to that week that's the second time that happened to me that was mcmc on that really stood out though should have been a Star Wars and you should have sold pictures of the products as like I owe you that was when we went to the ice machine and then I'm with you and your her to Russell get hungover getting on a plane the next day like why the fuck am I so sore when do the bathroom and look at myself covered in welts that was what I had seen that take me under navigate at 11 and I had to get off a random station to vomit and I thought he saw before I got on the flight South come over to America and I know getting involved with people drinking and that and then just stop doing that because no need to drink everyday when you're living in England as soon as I meet up with someone from RoosterTeeth it would be straight in the deep end like me Gus for the first time in like a year and he would just get me absolutely ruined I forgot what I was supposed for the 22 old enough enough super drunk in a while make up when you're 18 down like Shaq at 16 you can Shack but earlier legally no excuse every for your boss to drop daily weather at let's go you know like I need something to demonstrate how demonstrate with Brenda balloon I need to close this weird team player for so putting that on yeah you know I wanted to help you my part what's a Ela I caught it early his Paul I order from Amazon and the box of just sitting our table for like a week and I well I got to put this away and she got mad at me like I was your birthday present was like it was sitting here her no that's my story so it seems like you have a package sitting for a week on opened but I know that was me and I was like well I'm going to open this email this you some point nation was I mean well I decided that I don't like real paper mail so I just don't open it and I was going to see what what would happen in my life if I just never opened an email so since November I haven't opened any that I've got but I come it's like a deep worry now you take care I'll take me long time so you haven't checked it in November we sent out or are RSVPs for a wedding way before November did you know that I'm not worried I'm getting arrested feel like tax evasion or something because I didn't see a bill that would have Bill somebody I could ported someone's going to come in repossess my furniture but so far nothing by this I mean that credit get spot I'm scared I'm going to get something for jury duty and I'm not going to see it and it's weird I mean I've never had a jury duty summons like how do they pick you never have I ever have always when I was a student so I'm always going to be in life sorry I've never had one either one for like Federal cour acted like drive to another town but is that we're on it her I don't know the specific details but was like this when I first moved to Austin her first move back to Austin I hadn't updated my voter registration so it still runs without on the border so I got someone to federal court at on the border and I think three hour drive away so I drove there on the date I was told to go to the courthouse and they're like oh yeah we were scheduled next week get out of it fabulous that's crazy I'm going to get issue because if I get some of that England's I'm living abroad and I want get somebody so don't worry about it since I've never at one time never had it 6 in a few hours ago you know Reddit based on the situation I have when I'm not a resident permanent resident citizen my work visa but it's very convenient when it comes to light getting into the country because anyone who's on an esta Hora Visa waiver which is like tourism instant us now uses those machines and then have to get printout and thing and any citizen and sits in a Canada and permanent residents also use that machine to the point where the on and like Sutton V is also you said to point where the only people who don't have to use the machine that people on like really obscure V eases my mind so when I got the plane into the u.s. everyone like get City huge line for Liz machines and I just go straight to a bus and I'm always like that only Post in the outstanding alien or an extraordinary alien her stomach on my blond is to casino people on a flight typically have a few, so I'm just like straight through on the waitlist through customs even though I'm not a citizen or permanent resident never seen a long line though the Austin Market we went through International once and it was like not really go through Austin now it's wonderful get your Dallas and it's like using Houston they separate Paul and I even though she has a green card I was just like your by hope I see you again putting Austin it like super nice super chill there's like no lines they have so many cuz it's a brand new custom they just opened like they have a with Houston to England with with mag instead of me going through the automated gate Wate spot when the door opens I just go in her life and I did Eric ever separate when I was growing up my father was in law enforcement so we had he had like a radio in her house so you can listen in case anybody was calling him and he wasn't out and you can take with you or any other other chatter on it one time a friend of mine was hanging out of my house must have been like 11 or so some chatter goes on the radio in swatforce was talking about fighting of illegal aliens my friend like it's this amazing look on his face and turn city with aliens are real no you can we go across into the country illegally it's it's kind of what I was like going through my Visa process there's a lot of paperwork and it's like a contract till you see yourself or something and not you and I am fine it's just like you just referred to as the alien yeah this is are you closer to getting a green card cuz they're going to try to crack down on all the work he says I mean since you like you have staked like you have property we have been doesn't mean I can live in it so weird I actually was telling you this soon as I can say specific locations but I was between two locations and Gavin's house happened to be between the two places so I was walking and I realize I was about to pass in front Gavin house was like What if he sees me SR game like Olive Garden good pull up with Maggie or something like that so I was like fact I feel like I almost texted him and be like hey I'm walking by your house but don't make it weird in case I see you and I was like I mean I haven't hung out with horrible thing happened Reddit Blaine if I swing darling is closed again what's weird about that but they're pretty Wate but then I would have been like to hang out or something wrong with you know I like the neighborhood that Gavin lives in and I was there and I saw that there was a house for rent near his like on the same street as like a man that be really cool to see but then when I moved in here and he might be like what why is that are you in French I decided I wasn't comfortable doing it because of that I thought you get weird what if I moved in next to you would be like total Bros right Bill walkway connecting your house I would be fine with it because I didn't see my neighbor I would barely see it there's incentive gone and I can borrow sugar and stuff never use sugar but I might borrow some sugar I might not high in carbs I ran into one of my neighbors at the grocery store yesterday that was really weird if you like line behind me at the grocery store feels like to putting my groceries on the little belt no look like what are you doing it's like this like that well I'm going to go back to buying my stuff now and keep making my purchase and then you pass and again later on and it's like still my bag and started running really bad habit of running into ex girlfriends and stuff like that like on the street would like a small it's a small City but it's still too big that that should happen as frequently as it does for me but then we're going to happen where I was at Frank with Alana and we're sitting there and I looked behind her I'm talking to Anna look behind her and they have all these polaroid pictures and your the fucking Polaroid of a girl that used to date was like what are the chances that is so weird so I was like every time I saw her the other person was staring at me as well so weird surreal experience like a conversation anyway I got kind of distracting was like this is kind of a funny moment but I should telephone it definitely tell her so yeah so you brought it up so I guess is never going to talk about any eggs in any capacity oil should with the current post anyway we had a weird experience to where I am I parents are in town it is a surprise visit and I like Hey we're at the laundry and I got there and I was like I've been to this hotel for sex before the room that I had sex and was like two doors down you remember the room you Brandon I mean you know I like roughly like floor and location roughly I knew about whereabouts it was Furniture you had for awhile you know so you know that they've had sex and you had sex with other people on the furniture Midway Furniture number the table yummy metric table okay what you shut on a table with his knee brace Furniture gone is it one of those tables how do you actually has a lazy Susan so I could just like this it's a table like you directions for like at the end at the end you finished it's just like shit it's like being wrapped up like Spider-Man you finish on the Lazy Susan the spot we don't really I don't actually have a laser ceiling light laser her butt no it's not the actual mechanics of it are a lot easier but you do it all the time to table you don't that just your favorite no one else can answer this question that's the way this place no about your favorite place you that I'm boring when I the my bed like I've done vehicles that you still exclusively only Vehicles because my living situation horrible yeah is the fucking worst you have an with a mattress in the back of no I had a Chevy HHR which is like a hatchback car and he's a fucking worst of the two door coupe I think I've tried in my Jeep because my Jeep is just like the smallest little not be a good place to get good Honda shocks in the front seat like the passenger front seat or in the back no cuz like I don't have any window tinting on my front seat so just feel like the whole world can see inside of my back seat is like super tinted what are you trying to do this last time I had sex in a car wasn't Zilker Park now who's at Leroy visits it was okay you the bridge what time was it like what they think it was about p.m. on probably like it Saturday or Sunday what day was it last year was it that you were time also having sex with me oh shit that's when car is everything for me is there any large Dunkin community in Boston talking talking was there you like gone watche by and Cox Cox no nothing too crazy going there cause that's when someone else has sex with the person you're with right but I think they're just watching strangers are the stranger Like a Stranger never been a dog why are you curious you trying to get into that if anyone was watching you in the could you have sex with me watching maybe I be self-conscious I just feel like I had never do any sex tape or anything I just know because I probably did you try to make sure that you always have the best angle going their way I would want the person to see the other person that I'm with cuz if I just this is all you don't know how are they not going to see you how the only going to see that person her just like I hide behind other person's NFL transactions like Lord of the Rings perspective you could be on a lazy Susan caught for watching we'll see you guys next for our interview with Ela darling for we talked about VR por should be very interesting for that's alright hello welcome to this supplemental portion of the receive podcast with special guest with us Ela darling high and that we got like these two slugs also I Brandon Chris so Allison town for South by Southwest to talk about VR porn and it's so it's a field that you've been kind of pioneering you want to talk about what got you in trouble get you interested in using VR for this type of application the first time any news this is going to be really really good for por um basically when I try new technology of two questions how can I fuck with it or how can people watch me fuck for her so I I'm super excited about it I don't really have the text background for it so I found and he flew me out to the east coast to do our first ever shoot and 180-degree 3D like solo porn and it was really cool it was really great video and it just felt so compelling it felt like it felt like you were really connecting with this person in front of you so it's really cool so it's a lot more it seems like you would have to direct your attention a lot more to camera since you're performing at Cameron that case in that instance the camera answer for some point that people shoot Bill actually put the camera on the person's head so it's like a first person POV shot so it's really cool I did a 180 3D por nigh did 363d por we made the first ever VR porn Holograms and we use that technology to make a dating simulators you can beat me in virtual reality I'm a really tough day at a time her and so that was really cool and really really like that experience because it felt like you were really talking to a real person hope you like a quick save in a quick load I'm also kinda sexy but I'm so the next up was obviously to make it so that you can actually talk to a real person at and so we want the first-ever live webcam platform virtual reality which is now called cam for VR and so fun and yes that's what we do in the world through CR can girl and I could talk about VR por and all day long get some research on the website checking out the the VR 360 Canada no we have we work for me works like that's fine like I was working and doing this and it's like a big no was going to come a lot of research to and what I've been through I mean about the big question for me like always like in in and watching some of the sum of this production is always like what's the compelling reason to do that kind of thing the arcs it seems like lots of times you're you have a very limited window that you're interested in and a very big window that's maybe not necessarily interesting it's so we make a broadcast using the camera so essentially we take a static 360 Photo Sphere like a photo capture of the space and we broadcast a small portion on top of that because you're right like really you don't care what's going on with my closet nothing's going to change broadcasting not so I'm so I think when it comes over for reality experience is it's really important to have a reason to do it in VR like don't just throw the technology at something because why not and sit with VR adult experiences it feels really if you was like you're genuinely sharing this lived experience with someone and with the live cam it's it gives you the sense of connection that you just don't really see in traditional Gamin there was this one guy who you came to like two or three and I can show you say weekly Camp shows the same stuff you know but stuff or Electro stuff for whatever I'm so one day am I sort of had to reschedule so I only have one person at the show and it was a sky was like okay cool you could appreciate it what you want and all he wanted was to just talk about his feelings basically like his girlfriend or just broken up with him he felt real place where he felt safe with someone he thought he could trust and for him after talking to me like twice and like a sex VR show he felt that connection and not you see that sometimes with Cam experiences with Cam relationships but with virtual reality it's just so accelerated it happened so much more rapidly or used to hear stories like that to look a long time ago you know when phone sex lines are still things like you would hear stories from workers on those lines would say that a good number of calls were from men who just like needed someone to talk to or needed someone to unload that like whatever emotional baggage they had absolutely with AM/FM you before I guess like phone was the best way to have a connection with someone but this week even like it's like the next level of that exactly is that people are nicer people just treat you nice or they don't harass you the same way that people sometimes do on the internet and I think it's because when you're in my VR Camp Shir you feel like you're actually in you feel like you're actually sending at the foot of my bed and you don't give some of it in their own house you know like they just there nice to you you're also I mean when your eyes of you were you know you would become a real person been you know what kind of immersive that in Mercer you're not just a flat static image of the things I really like about the quality of VR is that when I'm coming I know that everything they see it something I can struct it for them to to see you to view my room is decorated no way this order conveys a sense of my personality everything that they say it's just something that I've created an internet on our phones will Amazon the give you are to me or on the road they're just completely immersed in in this experience I've created for that I'm having so much more fun when you when you're in that in that place you talked about like having this dating simulator or like having this way like other levels of interactivity that you don't normally aren't available you know what do you think about like the idea of like next steps we're like let's say me as if you were here I could be like well like I'm really into the fairies right now like I couldn't really skinny you as a furry reskin me is a Ferrari or like all I really want more about a hint I sitting you listen to do like a sail shade of the fact or cartoon think how far you think like that level of interactivity or customization away it's definitely here I mean you can create your own custom avatars in various VR apps and the computer-generated VR porn experiences but I think for me when I try this experiences I just can't get past the uncanny valley the idea that kind of just waking up to a cartoon right now which is fine sometimes but not necessarily my name the safe place so I wonder about like how difficult some of this is like out of you were talking about different things here at you talk about an experience he talked about dating simulator get talk about you know traditionally produced por and you know when you're when you're dealing with all of this it seems like there's a lot more that can go wrong and a lot more difficulty like I remember I read when you talked about doing the first VR porn that you talked about little earlier you said that the guys just kind of left you in the room and said okay now make por and you know it is difficult is it to deal with this since like it's in a ball v technology and it's new it's a certain like better level of performance and sell Direction and it sort of raises the bar for performers which I think is kind of a good thing it is tough her it's especially if you're the person wearing the camera I like if you're the guy and that's no you can't use her hands you can't make noises you can't talk you like every all of those things in motion for the VR so I know for guys or whoever is wearing the the camera when you shoot that way it can be really really difficult especially it's already kind of hard I imagine keeping Wate on site because he's got people watching you and it's so comfortable and you know right now get a crick out of your video so I can I have more fun with it you have to really be the percent of you you've created for yourself you have to be the most version of that possible if you talk to somebody who hasn't ever experienced it at home but you know likes porn but they obviously don't know what they're missing cuz they they never try tonight I guess what would you say is the thing that they should consider it like it you really don't know but this is really why you would like this is why your current experience life is just losing so much traditional cornbread to VR porn is like a Polaroid compared to an IMAX experience it's just leave vastly different it's so awesome it makes you feel a real sense of connection with the person you're watching it makes you feel like you're actually living that experience instead of just watching it has raised his hand to ask a question has there ever been an issue where people got into like personal or two connected because of that experience where you feel like you know like you needs to take a step back not that I can recall right now but people do that all the time that I mean I've had literally back outside of my apartment building and then send it to me what cool thanks for that I'm moving now Brandon should stop I wish I thought about this earlier you're talking about like 3 skinning and you know different types of experiences but I think it would be ideal if in the future I could change what the male performers penis looks like left leaner get angry intellect and I don't want that too I don't want there to be a body there until it can be actually put some ice Paul I want people to be able to make a VR representation of themselves and have that be the thing that represents them because you use a perform if you put in whatever buddy you put in is going to end up being a exclusionary you know if it's a male body then when watche the experience and I don't want anyone to feel like this isn't a product for them you know once we can represent different body types different genders different racial backgrounds of everything and then I'll feel like something that I would want to include but until it's absolutely inclusive I don't really want to but it might experience are there any particular things that you've done to take advantage of I mean besides what you mentioned like to take advantage of the format like I could see something wear it so well this should be really cool thing to have like a threesome type thing where it's like oh you can there's like people looking back and forth and yes like that 60 shot like ice her threesome scene and it was pretty cool but I just feel like the most compelling part of the are is the personal intimacy and so temporary Hut start having some some 3some says you should like message people first just like put it in like behind them I don't tell them so they like just kind of look behind like for whatever reason all of a sudden there's actually people having sex in the body you in the kids to me in a VR experience that would be the coolest POR in seeing like a weird orgy right like I was like shut type something like you just kinda like all this is a very nice tea parties and the like slowly as you're looking around like getting crazier and crazier but I guess like his stuff like this keeps getting more popular more money we put into it we might have sex orgy Tea Party you talk also about how you know you want it then I'm going to her Brandon for second you talk so how you wanted United to be really inclusive with lots of customization it would be interesting if we point where along with VR headset you can also purchase at Home body scanners so you like scan in your self into VR a minute then do you become worried like you love people too worried about people stealing news off of their phone and then this like you're worried about no she's still not be so my body the at so atomic weight Depp's camera which is really fancy way of saying Microsoft Kinect and basically just capture like the performers body in space so I would doesn't need the copper space on three axes and so everything in that space to be captured so we kind of did a body scan sort of like to see it become widely available or anyone like that hom you just by the Vice and it's just it's just something that's plugged into your computer and you can use it when you can't you're whatever the people but you want a 3D model of something like I feel like that's one of the big bear gets right now is VR so I wish there was an easier way to represent everyday things I wanted to make something with someone at this company to scan it the big concern I have like and I think about the airport as a guy is what about the mess like if you have a headset on or anything otherwise you couldn't no get your keyboard messed up electrocuted because you are so which sort of takes a flashlight selfie you have this device and I'm basically it syncs up with whatever the performer is doing you can find one that isn't up to the curious so like whatever is happening to the prefer and yes yes it does it's like a reciprocal device you could have blown my mind remind by choice awards Kar I'm so and I'll kiss you just just into the little sleep in then you clean up afterwards it it's like you just put it on right now and then as things are happening in the thing if it starts like yeah I don't have a penis so I can't really describe it cuz I've never really used it Bill dog devices and so whatever Bill does that dildo is reciprocated in the stroker so it's illegal I mean could that was awkward that's amazing I'm not nearly all of that was your concern YouTube Brandon words away virtual reality sex that has to be it no I was just saying like I wish she get one for the office and like no let's not do that he'll come around to discovering VR like you have like a background in gaming or anything 33 over here so I tried it it at E3 and I was really psyched about it and I know just from the first time I tried it was like this is going to be awesome for por and I think two of the biggest experiences in virtual reality or porn and Lake social VR so it kind of reminded you are what was watching I was watching Dota 2 in VR few months ago and when you're watching people play this game in VR your microphone on your headset is turned on so he will you can talk the people who are observing the VR no I was in the lobby that's game I was going to watch and an avatar spot behind me and I heard a woman's voice you no talking while this crazy and I could see every headset in the root her and I mean oh my God dresser and headsets to her can you hear me version of it is going to have voice voice compatibility so when you log into like a private show you can speak directly to the performer and chill here you and talk right back I love it we're totally futur I want to make sure that you do you're here for a South by Southwest and you haven't handle it looks like it's a Friday from 2 to 3. Thursday Thursday at the Hilton candles call VR porn Futures upon us what's next if you're in town for South by Southwest you should definitely check it out thanks so much for doing it was it was really cool I'm glad I learned about some you devices research field research