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Recorded: 2009-12-30 22:26:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

ExerSaucer triple fun on the cruise thanks Mom that's extreme dude I'm going to go find somebody I'm Scottish and I have a very very heavy weight coming down on the floor so 2 things combined weight to age ratio is way off on that floor in case there's people out there Tony Hawk ride is a skating game that comes with its own skateboard it's almost like a board flat on the ground and we have hardwood floors Burnie gets on it and so the one trick I know for my skating days was how to take my state boards and shoot at people that I didn't like but I just got to step forward and you had some day from skateboard the sixties you can to think of you no not at all but I also complaining about the game so I got on it was just telling you how I be 2 scores pocket on the fire she poured it all the way through my shoes again sometime so I went to shoot at him completely different for the physics of that be right out behind me and then I fell down like a ton of bricks I had planned on that by the way kind of an easy way to cheat with the board game still here in the office I took it out of Ice Cube and the funny thing is she is going to telling you I had it all set up to define gravity be close to the painfully but when you hear me I thought I broke my heart my brother broke his arm when I was about fourteen he broke his arm skateboarding in his room and he make you do that I bet I broke my fucking riverbrook animal playing football contact any web sites be overly excited about this we need to beat his Spirit down here like the rest of us that is the life shortest distance between Jack getting shit on hold on hold on give me for my group let me lock it right now be nice to Jack Brandon Mall what kind of a door opening to his misery they should we talk about I got it would you like give me the song Hey Burnie please punch Gus when he is on the podcast he really contribute nothing I truly am getting tired and sick at Old waiting for gas Joel or Jack to make a grammatical or other mistake and they constantly rip on them for it because his quote burns on the guy who for the record I'm the one that people I'm just sayin we got no time for grammar being a man of importance you can tell him actually contribute to the conversation also Geoff isn't as bad but tell him to get well to be a member of the luckily the skip skip that's what's going on Burnie had to do it I don't know where you are you're doing a commercial and he complains about every 30 seconds someone not knowing what would the skip say calm down everyone sorry don't be mad who is the only guy that will send you the links for the link up after the podcast is over Burnie hey so what you got Terrorist on plane with bomb I got going to a lot anymore I'm done ever going to play again be up to 1.75 million frequent flyer miles well you should find another to in 2000 new be just like George Clooney and I was at one point I was on the TSA watch list not the no-fly list but the watch list how in the fuck this guy slip through the cracks when I couldn't check in at the kiosk for three and a half years I'd love to know that I love to hear an explanation for that according to a fly control for the last hour are we going to it's a black you can where you put them on it it's an exclusive deal with American or Delta shit of the new rules that they did nothing in your lap for the last hour of a flight right yes that's ever hands visible at all times can't get up can't use the bathroom can't get up the ladder example Life 2 all attacks happen in the last hour before Atlanta senior have to wait to the whole the homeland security with the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet this she didn't retract that statement I can say horrible stuff ever attracted basically you know if you're going to listen if I see a deep level ever to play I'm going to go over and punch him pretty much everybody must feel that really baby that's a good one cheap airplane ride you have to go to another Airlines booking system works a little differently but I think so but typically if you're going to have to give you how do you lifetime level like you can't get to play 5 million miles lifetime be County that's hard I mean this is been a long time building up for me and I've never had exactly executive Platinum not one time have you come close Gus executive Platinum once I think I had 85,000 miles 2006 miles you can use all your other stuff as well there's tons of them everywhere the Illuminati like the Masons secret of the Masons and it didn't work I don't know that something you don't want to like if you're going to try to blow yourself up and and that's not something you want to Half Way guy I mean you either best me want to half way but if you do want to work half way yeah everybody was going to Detroit plane crash in Detroit new would notice it would be and get in the Mad Max cars with shit find the wreckage you know I really like Escape From New York like in the desert and several filmmakers have been arrested over the past and they use for Providence interview having gunfire in houses for their movies the police come because people call because I'm going to fire for some reason I don't know why they're not used to Detroit police come and arrest them off not having permits to the movies right scary place in one night there at a web back on I used to be ready for bed and the little be the bouncer who sat outside in fact that he's had to wear a bulletproof vest and it looked like it wasn't that the Army wasn't quite right after the Gulf War and I would be like burned-out buildings and piles of rubble and on this was in 98 I guess but it looked like there were blocks or just like half demolished buildings and like people hanging clothes I don't like twenty of story windows and it was fucking run down and the place where we played it was called the old Miami and the guy that owned it was named for ever and he was telling me a story I was like this is scary place to go that's no problem you got to deal with these kids come in and try to rob me but I had a bigger gun I don't know I don't know be of Beretta they did the exact same thing after the shoe bomber member that's when we started having to take off for she was ever tried to blow up playing with and that was something orange yep it was not a joke that's fucking scared every connection by hours and hours and hours we were going Scotland Edinburgh and year and so I did talk for presentation with big big huge laptop it was capable of showing off my shit in real time anyway so we're going to play two laptops with transferring from American in Heathrow to British Airways to go over to Scotland we went out there and got 2 days and then British Airways had a different set of requirements for carry-on luggage you can carry on one thing and not do things and Geoff had his camera bag and I had the 2 laptops and I said that the guys were transferred American we can I have 2 laptops what can I do and he pointed out one of my laptops in the trash can that was his solution ridiculous to throw away my primary bag that I carried for years will he show you the for 27 hours to get there I remember being happy that it was less can't even remember pulled out of line every single time really and it's like people that like where did he play where did I gotta hand to hand combat training because every time at Arizona playing on average you just walked up and knocked the shit out of him did you read the interviews with the Jasper guy who took out the engine and that's an awesome Burnie in the guy what's under your blanket and he responded explosive device Richard be the key ingredient here the first stage of the process want to do this pretty stupid in the first place so you gotta realize throw your gullible anybody Umar Farouk abdulmutallab don't work till 4:08 then for more information apparently was pulled out pretty quickly but they started posting information from one of his social media sites maybe it was Facebook or something and the article I read about how normal this guy sounded she just sounded like a sad depressed lonely guy in Nigeria right now rich guy and his father's money got locked up in the thing and he needed somebody from America to get it out for us send me the story I'm a lot more sympathetic to him Stockton Jasper guy has like for a while do we have never been to Ireland and we got invited to an event kind of in a room and spend the night culture anything but the best thing is it when you have a Guinness over there it's phenomenal it's too much much different than it did because you have every scotch in the world right in front of you I just want to Scotland was the girl that we were trying to hit on for Joel The Return of the Joel was like copper color with yeah it was like it was the only place that color young Angie Everhart she did tell me that's a good call NN Geoff and I think we did the best Wing man running you could ever do it was we were fucking great where do you live why did great no I did great I mean my favorite part was when you got her phone number and then you called her and she sitting next to me awkwardly not saying anything engaged engaged girl I guess group is of of everyone who's in LA angel Vonage I have to say new to be fair was even better than that girl was the the fact that every two feet was a trailer that sold hot dogs that were out of this world and what was it was hot dogs we had a hot dog wrapped in a crate that was the best hot dog in the world and I think about I think about drinking Guinness and a jackass life away from my daughter and I head to a pub it starts up and split islay scotch and then you get home will you go get your hot dog hot dogs crates and whiskey all day and I'm not sleeping with Joel just want you to know okay on islay Scotch yes I love islay on My Singing ride someone correct me I'm sure it's great because it tastes like drinking and getting punched in the face it's awesome square foot of land where that dude got onto the plane in Nigeria from some very small towns in America post 911 where you just walk out there's no security you just get on the plane and I was really I can't remember going through a metal detector and when I landed at a real airport they did not let us just continue on to the terminal we had to go through security again so we the people and we don't have proper security so they send it back through again come back to you it's been a bunch and it's because you Jack in the Box near on the way I'm on my way something that you don't care half a percentage Point him out what the percentages across all podcast is playing Hawk for the best pool the internet the internet video like every every single there comes a good year for which one one do you know I just left it but let's find out alright would you like to know who won the audience Award for best online video what do I do Gus you have in front of you pulling it up best movie best movie so who won the audience award in the first annual drunk tank audience Award for best movie of 2009 Star Trek and we award the to Star Trek so we both Award Star Trek to the Driftwood award be receiving the trophy and a check for $10 hi Adam I haven't have it I was wrong there was a scene there was a scene and I'm not going to spoil anything here but there was a scene the scene was probably about 20 seconds long and the thing was it was one shot and it was a camera of three people in a room and there's no dialogue in the shop and it's just a slow tracking shot of camera with no dialogue nothing happens but nominal ever like the first time again I felt like I was 7 years old movie like this group is not great I have in my area the so much richness and everything what is it I can't I can't well that's what they were saying see you tonight possibly watch that it's okay and it's all to me the story wasn't unreal to say to start investing and there's a 3D Company stock movie I call the shots on 3D I think except for Star Trek I don't think that's the main part of it the presentation of it in 3DS part of the way we saw it so it's hard for me to write it but you know that being a realistic character on screen and even when you thought it was better this was the next level the next level that's great can't wait to see you Avatar Gus 405 votes the ability to be able to get a seat but you know what I would have done in that order I probably don't have a car and then in glorious bastards I think Inglorious Bastards is going to be movie the people come back to you after this year it's good movie anyways they don't with a Star Trek still haven't seen it but I'd love to have that hanging over be much better they're all taken almost be hanging over and take him movie The Hangover you know that so probably when to start trailer Avatar instead I definitely am not sure I agree with the Star Trek show personally greater than either show me the best TV show TV show 2009 the special one Always Sunny in Philadelphia the beacon for which we did not have it or not and How I Met Your Mother Dexter the office and 30 Rock and the audience shows somewhat overwhelmingly the office I'm surprised by the figure of the one they make us put in there is the one that comes in dead last Always Sunny in for that is correct are you guys excited like what if the end was the end of town I don't know more seriously if you wish to become a group same philosophy where it's just like you know you don't I agree that happens it's because the guy who plays George Costanza on Seinfeld Jason Alexander never won an Emmy for that he kept losing to the dude from Frasier interview he was amazing he was amazing he was really weird yeah I know like every time I don't know I forgot about it actually the post Seinfeld era is that show me so much money in syndication that Jerry Seinfeld went on Letterman to promote when the show change Towers in New York in syndication believable from like 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. the list I wish I had in front of me highest grossing entertainers and he's usually up there I was going to win one of the other candidates for best TV show the year is How I Met Your Mother it's already in syndication and its in a record-breaking syndication deal I think it was number 14 in the top shows in to backward side of the formula after the fact and like that's becoming more more more important after for season 5 season 3 people are pretty much done with there's too much stuff out there to watch you think that also the cost ride so significantly you think they're going to go life is like the road of Lost in benefit you like to go for that you know from the onset they want to go but certainly every network has standard contracts with actors in a lot of the other above-the-line people and all those contracts for five years and this is why you see a lot of she was going 7 years because they will do be able to the five years Elite year 6 7/8 cost guy right internet usually what is the final nail in the coffin but where can I show starts and when the show starts they don't plan on it lasting more than 2 or 3 Seasons the magic the magic number was for for television seasons in America Joel the same for Angel where did certain the numbers with built in for 5 years and knew what they were dealing with and that was like Hey nobody's talking about his record this year post episode that had an internship with 20 I think longest longest running scripted television show ever and yes that's fucking industry so different now and it was still funny still good 20 years old or engaging after 20 years 1838 - 1st 14 for sale The Simpsons start in a small town and we didn't have Fox like I couldn't watch The Simpsons to Life season 3 2 actually started watching it once was actually the show it is now it was good too crappy for season essential The Flintstones was like the end how far back does Texas go green TV or cell phones you know it's like you know the stuff that exist in society now intro and now during the intro like where they do the couch again flat screen nice good question I never see her listed as a producer or anything I never see her set show cartoon on The Tracey Ullman Show actors for hire book 2 for her she'll probably want of for the cartoon and now here it is crazy just crazy what's our next what's our next next one trailer of 2009 hands download the best trailer ever made well it's different with us overwhelmingly voted for we are ODST Elite commercial live action anybody in where you got it but I don't get better than Old Republic trailer Alden to Interstellar Star Wars what I think I go there DLC really well for best trailer spoiler Joel 2009 we selected especially with Star Wars it's not a trailer because it doesn't contain square footage from the game and it seems in the game it's tough being a trailer the most with you I think that trailer was that trailer was better than the game stupid trailer Miami logic behind that was I was not going to play a Star Wars MMO game after galaxies after I saw that trailer there was no way I was not going to play that trailer was better than episode 1 2 3 set trailer individually rendered Star Wars it should be like that it should be like that award TV show it was a great trailer was delivered at 2 trailer new Left 4 Dead introduction cutscene that was a very very good one wasn't it was it was good it was good to come out and then the guy was leak from valve as well and of course you don't half like 2 weeks from now and I just thought today there's a dude playing Half Life 2 on the top and it's a cell phone from Bell dr. McMillan of 2009 what do we do we do we do sorry Elite videogame of the year we should make a poll about which position are 2009 award goes to Joel 442 Modern Warfare 2 what were the what were the contenders that from the very popular Modern Warfare 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Uncharted 2 Assassin's Creed to see if I'm here and Batman Arkham Asylum that is crazy but was that there's Arkham Asylum or Arkham islay we considered well I think in everything but those are old people except for Batman Arkham reboot of the Batman game another half three statues coming out the legend was really one of the only new IP that we considered are they gonna make a group sodium Borderlands by the way is already on a second DLC in here that's pretty sad but it's pretty bad about yesterday that's playing what's our choice our choice for best videogame of the year 2009 first annual drunk tank award Left 4 Dead 2 yet and I'm sure to be controversial here's my recipe for Left 4 Dead 2 the the Delta between Left 4 Dead 1 in Left 4 Dead 2 was greater than the Delta between Modern Warfare 1 and Modern Warfare 2 mod award I don't think it's a good game but the game play that you were doing yes battle Life the game the whole second life after I finish the campaign old timey questions in 3 months what are you more likely to put in your Xbox Left 4 Dead 2 or Modern Warfare 2 you are year baby playing Left 4 Dead you can get more game play out of that than modern warfare you're right I know you're right what are you going to get the most value out of it like game to me has a multiplayer also in three months you're going be hard to put together Left 4 Dead game or you can have 2 left where you get four people together you can all play that's a lot easier in the first month that you don't tend to just drop in to a party and left for dead right show if I do use random matchmaking shit I do random messages I Left 4 Dead totally new Left 4 Dead 2 the way the campaign is done with the way they do the objectives totally different I'm a different man I really don't feel like there's anything there at all I think it's really just a mile high club guy they took my Hawk trying to explain over Modern Warfare show I have the feeling that the valves go to support Left 4 Dead 2 more than favorable support Call of Duty I think I'm figuring your decision because I'm going to get Left 4 Dead 2 that I can continue to go back survival multiplayer mode and I felt like I was more maps like one map at the end of their 2 Remax essential ride and I just I want more though I don't want to go through an expert so I'm pretty happy which one of you completed we can put them all achievements are so distracted now after so many years even if it in every game but just know this there's an average of about four and a half Mastercam Pakistan have four levels and some have five levels in them and there's 5 campaign so you know you're looking at about 20 2 levels that's his game shit with nothing she was about 13 when you get it in multiplayer levels 905 Geoff where you want to be somehow there interview goddamn story of Modern Warfare 2 meme Minnesota it's like you know it's like it's like in the trailer you see that space shuttle really fucking asshole Toledo another story I'm starting to think less is more because you can't compete with a 40-second cutscene when you just want you 2 hours of shooting maybe over the course of two or three days and then you come back to a story and it's like what was this guy might be very minimal humor yeah I left she was pretty just tried capturing no wait wait we the people wondering why we didn't Bloom this but this is just a one-hit video thing that does well on her own thing anyway Red vs Blue character in what's the for to argue for them to be a fight over the death certificate forget about it new DLC do these are just a little worn out video awards fifth best online video of 2009 the first annual drunk tank award the audience award narrowly goes to gravity-defying drunk the gravity-defying drunk what were the nominees again it was gravity find drunk it was over the 2009 davidafterdentist.com Unilever it won by a margin of six votes going to closest what was the second place pretty close it beat it beat be surprised kitty pretty cute as well some of the more recent ones are doing very very well davidafterdentist.com out 2009 new show me out and the sidebar is filled with all sorts of merchandise with the kids based on it where the dad is not selling shirts and pants he had a man on eBay says guy is like trying to give the kids different like in a pharmaceutical drugs and see what the reaction was or just buy a new car that is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life to get the Lexus terrible for the t-shirts for the kids alright Award for best online video I think we did Gravity to find drunk whatever I was going to go timey gravity says and everything 2001 I didn't get that drunk till noon that day parts to it you can still let down Liberty posted this was the plan again but that wasn't the guy who posted on YouTube and where this came from I don't know maybe some research unbelievable well congratulations to you nameless guy I hope you're getting the help you deserve or for at least another suitcase full of of Natty light of everything guy who lives in a jar filled with formaldehyde Elite guy like someone's drunk mess was yours what was the bottom of the stock market thank you Burnie benefit 2009 I'm looking forward 2010 I really am I've read articles about college for America specifically to the real estate bubble that's over LOL it is a long-term deal where were talking Generations but I don't know the United States of America movie times as good as they have been from 1945 to 2009 the optimistic Joel is pessimistic and is concerned that something might not be but just brings up an excellent point there will be extra videogame it's going to be a fifth half of the game was supposed to come on 2010 come out and push it to be fucking retarded year for videogame will see we'll see we are definitely heading into the next phase of the video game industry where we're not seeing too much original stuff anymore they're definitely not and next year looks like you said everything looking forward to is a major the Gatsby based off the book inside of video game sequel Life 2 the sequel It's your money when you're doing it over you know 2 or 3 times cycle once you have that engine and all that costs money is made in French how many people are ready to put 2009 2009 2009 on the move on people seem to be generally happier in the window of the future didn't you start an 2008 also this fall is when everything started firing on all cylinders and I started to come along mid-ocean ridge system hey gas with a big under the chair through your favorite moment of the year the fucking trailer of a loser are you Mike McGavin new interview continues 2 Joel his favorite in the trailer which then you come up this year in 2007 Janet Jackson I love Daddy I love you alright he's my favorite friend she looking for 2010 the rest of you are looking forward to brush your teeth and I think it can be a great year for everyone in general maybe even those of you who don't live in the country if she busy year for this quarter alright shit everywhere 42 Idaho old was 55 weeks ago that's what you're doing every couple of months the drunk tank podcast the drunk original drunk tank we should probably end on TTFN plug that I was asked to appear on a revision 3 show called Web zeroes and I believe that is up right now at revision3.com yes miss you guys the mission Elite web zeroes to go check it out tell your ex