#420 - Girls Don’t… Have… Wet... Dreams

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, and special guest Jessica Nigri as they discuss Burnie and Gavin the couple, YouTube’s restricted mode, cosplaying, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 20, 2017, sponsored by Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2mNgPlK), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-03-21 13:02:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jessica Nigri


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to the Rich Podcast okay if we just Dollar Shave Club me undies and squarespac U for sponsoring this up so fast I'm Gus on Gavin I'm Jessica Burnie and I'm guess I'm Burnie so we have a lot to talk on to say we've got a special podcast week it's open to the public and we can watch a YouTube normally we do this just for first member U First wee Percy first and normally only first number kid watches broadcast and we have some stretch goals for first week this week which I think we have a Graphic for that we have the different levels of it like a middle finger to the Fest Memphis this week that are special edition WhatsApp extra special first mm or going to replace it for on-the-spot 3000 Barber creative walk first number will read up in of drunk red versus blue Creed from season 4 season 14 Meg I cut cut for good reason everyone's asking about it so it's alright I guess we'll do that you know if we hit 10,000 gets even her reading an episode of RWBY would you play Gavin is RWBY would be fucking fantastic in it right for keep it up sweet Jessica will be a special guest on Tuesday what you going to give me a couple dollars but she said she's on a million dollars but we should be a very fun million I like Jessica cuz she's open my eyes to this new drink with Malibu and juice but it's very nice I was emailing Jessica last night I just let me know if you need anything special for the podcast and I will get it for you early request was Malibu and orange juice yeah you in Arizona U cancer Austin wee tropical compared to Arizona Arizona is U Can Elsa do you consider I'm in the summer like a wee here for RTX of U super humid but I mean it's in Houston like New Orleans nightmare it's almost Jessica black Fallout everything with the guys ever tell you guys about the time we stayed in the air B&B in Vegas and it was free WTV award just some in there and with a fireplace in the bedroom that turned on with a switch there any time glasses and that's super turned on the fireplace and we went to bed and Vegas jobs U very dry as well being a desert something happened where which every last bit of moisture out of the room is you left the fireplace on when we went to bed and we woke up and neither of us like it was like we could breathe yeah and I had to throw issue in the shower for like 15 minutes with Full Steam and everything what you figured out that's what it was like I couldn't swallow my throat would just click I've never been in that driving like that the hard drive is bad scary it was legitimately scared when you guys do that that's when you know you're in trouble when they click forget it man when I when I went to when I went to Park City for Sundance earlier this year it was the same but opposite where it was so cold I walked into my hotel room and there was a humidifier in there because all the more Frozen like there's no more I can't breathe like I'm totally dried out like all of the moisture is gone from me the room cold blooded plastic are you watching the pockets life for the first time we keep up with commen for Twitter say can't we just with hashtag RT Podcast will monitor it and will read it will make fun of you and your comments live on there it is one of the benefits being first member if you can actually participate in the production of the podcast of the hashtag are teapot and back on right now from 0-1-1 can confirm Arizona's terrible seem like you would be tailor-made for Southern California so what has prevented you for making the move results of U know I was born in Reno but we flew back to New Zealand when I was little really low should I get there so we can use it how do I say so the human Arizona so I've been living in Arizona for like 12 for 13 years now and it just it's just the easy it's like I tried I looked into like going to La and stuff but it's so expensive right so expensive it's not worth it and the way that people can work from home and do you like YouTube and like patreon and then cosplayin stuff like you can do all that stuff from home you don't have to leave so we know we had a big discussion about that one red vs blue took off we have the 2004 right she went to the guys and I said look this is internet money I mean when there was really no model like YouTube it was us by ourselves but got some of the count this money we have a storefront we have a location we can literally go live anywhere we want to we can go live in the south of France or if we want to know what exactly were you read it and everybody just want to stay in Austin for a long time with Detroit cuz you could buy a house for $8,000 at the time that we can all Buy trusting like a really cheap like living situation is really exciting because after I've been in Arizona for a while I'm going to get a bus and I'm going to renovate the inside of it and make a house but awesome yeah I'm going to go travel around on the cat bus or something Catbug but if the big bust with them tell not shut up U Gavin it's like an all I could have given the exclamation of Gavin just gave anybody could have given its exactly she said yes why did I think you would give me gyp for being infuriate you are way more infuriating than I am a database has traveled of you again you are so horrible travel with us so horrible to travel with what I can tell me what to the Special Olympics in order was wicked it was really great now I'm really tired of is every time we post anywhere that we're at the Special Olympics 98 purse of the comments are just how much they're happy that we're doing something with the Special Olympics a lot of people telling stories about someone in the family who is participating Special Olympics and how special that event that organization is to them and Heather so happy the Gavin I are getting involved with it and then there's another very small group people that all make the same day which is a we're going to the Special Olympics me and Gavin Free and I was a law which event is Gavin competing in which is a very insensitive joke to begin with but then I also always tag Special Olympics when they do that it's like I just blind your own behavior you have to be to the church made a billion times I appreciate you guys making a stupid fucking joke anymore things we went to special ladies get Gavin tonight Gavin did nothing the entire time I had it was like babysitting and taking a few Aleksandar I went to the event at a good time total of people what did you do hear that I had to organize everything I can I can tell you Gus exactly what he's referring to hit okay I just don't I just want to install WhatsApp that's what it comes down to let me know we land on the ground for six social media people there they only sell WhatsApp to communicate with each other that's how we were communicating as a group except one person Gavin who refused to install it so I was responsible for all of Gavin Station 2 on WhatsApp they told everyone get your dream bracelet I walk out of the hotel room we get the car and I said did you bring your green bracelet and he says no I didn't so we had to go back Walkabout Hotel happen I said all except we won't need it no one will check it and then was like yeah you absolutely need it we went back I put it on no one so no one else. I just got in any way we can U you can also see that in check your in short sleeves for you chicken I guess to travel with and you'll get all the information and I had to call times and everything for everything so that sweet see you then you said that you said you were really his wife Burnie sucks go ahead I actually witnessed you get bored I get I get I got for now I brought my switches plans out there like a normal human and I 2017 at this point I was playing. You in Fremont so you were just like fresh and we're on the plane up down the nearest fla can really sucks and I'm just showing me nothing on you City to lose everything that you had heat you had extra cups on this tree I lost one thing I lost I lost one thing tell everyone tell the lovely order it's what you love I lost my airpod that I was showing her in the Admirals Club he lost them in Austin before I first flight Wright I'm horribly disappointed as the worst thing to lose because you talk to me what are the results of sorry just only check Facebook and then passed Gavin what you doing I let you a power brick and I let you the adapter that lets you use normal human headphones in an iPad issue your welcome you don't have those things so I'm I would sound good trouble with that you came through your clutch there in that situation she's lost interest he said for an interview was so figure looming to just have hot wee tots them on the potty I don't think it's probably about the big YouTube story that's going on right now with restricted for everything just what I said U because I know I know what the scheduling thing he had to get your schedule for you I have it printed out as well just sayin I get all my stuff through my boyfriend Ryan and he's always doing it very rarely that's true white white. Yes you are text Jane which is another way we could talk it was literally don't think I lost everything else but we're losing something is when you're freaking out so it shouldn't put everything out running on the seats and stuff let me for 30 seconds I misplaced my passport at one point for 30 seconds that's it I just tell Gavin about it most U will just go there when they find the thing I was like throughout the whole trip U lost for things but found three of them again gets lost airpod phone did you lose your back now now U love someone else no I didn't your fucking liar I mean I video give me 17 compilation nothing except the airpod it's what I realize I realize five minutes too late and I'm a finger gets the Gotham say something say something that will just go lounge that's in the airport do you belong to any of those kinds of things trouble I travel a lot you kind of have to have it so Gus if you leave something in that place you can't there's no way to call them they will not give me the number I see the I see the ladies there answering phones there all the time but there's a little Gavin drinks I lost one thing Gavin still three drinks a day that we were there what's up Gordon College Sam's Club this is a general line and we can't connect U there did the general line for the airport in Austin Jessica two of them are yours when was my skill in three drinks in a day is too many for Wake me where my chair leg you have to like work to find it and kick it we got up to take a picture with the Russian Moto I stood up and of U I don't talk to either one of us on Twitter so she was that um I think I'm leaving the board of the Special Olympics her name was what's the last name it was a very inspiring trip and I'm really glad I went it was it was sorry for the inconvenience that I didn't stop and get on the line on since but I had it printed out and I have the email so it should not be responsible listening to our U alright with this episode of the there's no reason to use a cheap right in front of the camera yep there's no reason or pay ridiculously high price for some gimmicky thing with got a laser pointer with 17 blades make this more to try to join Dollar Shave Club for Dollar Shave Club of U Save money and get a painful shave from a disposable razor like the ones they give away free at the gym which as you know was like shave with a piece of glass or pay a fortune for the latest give me shave breakthrough we don't need that you know research in detectors or extra blades that can Dollar Shave Club price get a close to shave every time you can't beat the convenience or price of Dollar Shave Club them try Dollar Shave Club yet you're missing out an amazing shave at an affordable price there's no smarter choice on the market and right now they're giving away one trial of any of the races for $1 with free shipping after that just a few bucks month there's no long-term commitments no hidden fees you can cancel whenever you want your $1 trial Dollar Shave club.com / Rooster Teeth that's shave club.com / Rooster Teeth I could all shave club was watching this episode of rooster podcast podcast number for 20 I'm glad we're finally through it of people been speeding up jokes people asking about it forever because of dumb jokes right it is over this is 420 420 there was talk at some point I'm doing a remote podcast but it ended up not happening didn't pan out boy that helps the props you look pretty cool that you look kind of go to my giant head I feel like I'm really hot now let's really temperature wise Ethan from a seriously awesome kid gets couch how to get a better price as you can Target for those been under a rock for the last 10 years and are familiar with Jessica twerk Jessica is in my opinion the premier cost player in the world and I know you probably know what I think when people think of cosplayin in a macaw sweater think most people would need Jessica Nigri that for just about anybody else just where I'm going to come in here, your Landing Gus look like I'm like Marcus Fenix of that bandana what in like the middle weighs more than you I figured if you guys want to treat and you guys can choose how I want to be one but I'm wearing this event tell her to pay for something Gus and I have enormous heads I was going to go to oh there's a tiny weather on baby head I'm so happy right now I feel pretty but you look pretty stupid the internet will tell me about of Marcus Fenix Amanda Tree Service which was up your ass you have any plans for podcast six six six different things going on untraceable it looks like it's on you character generator they're weird the Jessica has no props for us to where I'm wearing red and blue will if I'm Lilith that's I get called that a lot of shit through these I met Jessica nothing back to it was at so I can tell you what happened and it is a weird lead into that I had in my notes recently I was at funhaus and I was on the show that you called Google Trend and on a previous episode I was watching a bunch of episodes repair so I can get my strategy down they did a whole thing about Pokemon and one of their categories was Pikachu and had to come up with a two-word phrase that included Pikachu and see which one who can come up the phrase that rank higher on will turn the searches and I forget what they did but one of the people did sexy Pikachu as a test afterwards to see like how old U compared to that was one of their off the head considered I want to look up sexy pikachu what came up in the image search was all Jessica and her Pikachu cosplay and it was funny too because didn't call that out so I don't even maybe didn't know it was her even but that was the first time ever meeting Jessica there was a time when she was wearing that costume I think I was six or eight Cloud 9 will that all night yeah I remember other than is the next year though she came over to his like it's like first and it's coming ball of energy and I forgot what you were wearing but you're cosplayin who is living his old is old memories are the she's looking at chow chow wearing told that we're supposed to talk about our checks London on Twitter I want to see you told us that I'll look it up and sold out record time and we will first year of and you always start First Year events U know a little smaller than U grow out so if your son is going to be as big as our cost and we just got a huge that it's difficult to start a new event and in Just Go full bore right out of the ground I mean there's a lot of people in the UK who liked her a lot of said that you had been so you're not you're not doing put on selling the most tickets you can you go to also make sure that the stuff for the people to do so after work and make sure that this other companies of panties showing all stuff that we have enough programming for them that it's a lot of work we could just be like a ticket mail-in just sell fuck kind of tickets but then everyone should experience that already exists their competitors at the XL Center October 14th and 15th I believe so hopefully you got a ticket and maybe we'll see can you say how many tickets were sold I'm afraid I would say the wrong number is it more than 20 yes he was more than one of the only people that we've been there the five old dudes gu Killer Jeff and Matt right now cut that nobody's watching that weight is the Tempest summary never again God damn it for Sydney I know everybody show up on the podcast I said they have an outside so I mean every announcement fishing well we had that a similar kind of a thing where I was talking about the immersion it's coming up to be a fun thing to talk to you talk about it's actually now the people who run first can see it and it'll be out tomorrow for everyone else to see but it's the immersion that we did in Sydney what are things you like to do Jessica that are checks we do a big shoot with you know black people who are the convention we didn't one shoot for our show day 5 which was here in Austin to hit eighteen hundred extra ski accident really cool I would love to do that kind of stuff so we did a Last of Us immersion in Sydney cuz it's an Australian upside down we didn't play last of us it's funny it's for the thing that was the reason this is a joke it's not actually upside down if it is I don't want to get into this it's just if you're talking about polar coordinates versus a plane wrapped around a sphere it to two different way to look at it upside down Jack Emily through the glass at U see people's crutches even see the top of the head in Christchurch earthquake bobblehead in the right way when did Christ rejected last big quake and I had a guy who took me round like a tourist guide to text you just for the day decided taking around and show me stuff and I was going to ask really would like one day you like I got changed it understand me a single thing I was can we go get lunch to go just have to talk slow and then it just became Justin machine ice machine I like machine is my voice to a guy would be never lose your accent you need to have it didn't have to happen anyway so we did a Last of Us there's a segment in the beginning of the game where your character gets his foot caught in the snare and he's hanging upside down and why you hang up again you're shooting zombies coming in the other charger try to let you know so we did that but man we underestimated the physical effects of hanging upside down Gavin and Michael did it and then this with me now so it was actually made a Twitter not by me but James the James and Adam were in the bonus episode but all 4 of them took days to recover from hanging upside down for the blood by the pictures I took of my face was bright red is of the tiny blood vessels in my face blood vessels all and that was it took a long time 10 minutes at a time but they would what is tough but yeah it was a lot longer I was totally wrong it was James a particular member you can see every vein in his head even after we got him up right in his face was like puffy for the rest of the day that you would YouTube we worry about it and we almost lost him was passed out great and you yeah it was a weird feeling what you got super cold hanging upside down we did a lot of research and I am at it yet we did a lot of research on a gus cuz you know it was like let's give this a shot we had a feeling that it could be a problem and Gavin wee pretty sure has had a stroke and in the past I was especially worried about Gavin hanging upside down probably shifted some of them around in my brain search we had a stunt team that had a good week we just hang ourselves aside yesterday medical team was not yeah but they're like that there was yeah he was that every time we went back because I would be to have around them they love us and we can go up again that I'm just getting wedgies time the time is the last time I could have done that I think without just passing out is it red with red blotches around my eyes BMI like my Skin's never usually like that around but I just can look like better right now because the makeup someone to come here to bring Tristan radloff says I can't talk about YouTube restricted you can mention it and talk about it yards to something else yeah YouTube restricted mode is any gets hurt about this that's good to know it was blocking some LGBT content main so here's what I first two things are one thing is that there was a big uproar in the UK about Google and YouTube placing ads on hate speech and hate groups videos and content and it took a lot of heat over that and in effect the Google was downgraded today in the stock market because of concerns over their brand safety which the big fucking deal for the company decides to Google and I don't know if this mode is in reaction to the for choosing a new mode on YouTube which is restricted mode and if you turn it on it makes videos that have mature content it makes them unavailable to you so just if your contact your channel is deemed a restricted like content you guys just becomes restricted and no video show it was already know if you turn it on as a login right took him almost like a age dating yeah I know in the hubbub is because a lot of lgbtq videos were then label cuz it just got sexual content more so than other videos I believe they were marked as mature ended up getting restricted so it's it's labeling a certain groups sexual activity as being restricted Yeah clean stuff lately lots of videos like nothing really anything about a video about Tyler is not in particular like super clean I wouldn't say I mean yeah he don't he want some food as well his eye his autobiography is great it is a lot of that so I should see if I've lost it may be just the Dangerous Ones when you say like a thing or is it like they get deleted their invisible which is one of the worst things on the internet because Peter but nobody else can find it if I just ran into this right for the podcast Jessica is would you say the number one way that you're out there to support yourself is to patreon for and care for you should find their patrons or their first memberships video or is that just says you can make your own platform into your own thing but I understand very I can get to start but you know what to do everything just have your own business or people are driving to you directly costly people that's just an excuse for me to look at pretty girls in next to nothing but that's why I started receipt with me underage boys from other countries have you ever thought about creating an alter ego hit directly compete with Jessica Nigri on payday Norman I marry that already started in Alton how I have been around at conventions you might be already doing it with in my so what are these wee switch out before was I went to go look up your patreon if they want to talk to you about it and I discovered something when you search for Jessica Nigri on pictures like I'm finding all the stuff that isn't U like it's other stuff for your tagged or it's in reference to something you want to do for you or they want to do a build with you or something like that but there's no it's like the Jessica Nigri official one would go to the top and you work in the search nope you're one of the biggest patreon and you're not even available to be found in certain commen the poor cosplayin considering like some of the biggest patreon the cost plays the old for that and also looking up Jessica Nigri and going like this I'm sure there's rules oppa which is a child online protection act in the things you have to do for that but man she's like cutting off your nose to spite your face for creators for Jessica Nigri there's nine returns biggest one has 40 patrons and of them Meg Turney the same way by the way you can't look up on search feel kind of like it's it's okay because I'm I do feel like kids shouldn't kind of be like that stuff on patreon his for Ike I would say like an older audience I don't want kids coming in like finding it and stuff but I think it's no it makes honey and some guy cool Jerome battle with herself Trend competition patreon.com / Meg Turney by the way if you want to go to Port Meg and Patriots Capital Juno space you're not really sitting here right now patrons when they are not showing you and your images do it right well thanks man you do Google did you get here if your Patron U Get exclusive content like that imagine you were hanging upside down taking a photo of the first so one of these all of a Jessica and her career Misa cosplay this huge crossover Gamin let it let it let it game and cosplayin an enemy and everything like that and you know being a pretty girl being of all the gaming is like there are times in history where that's put people crosshairs of like pretty girls are allowed to do gaming stuff whatever I regularly see cosplayin does for characters have no idea who they are and I learned about these Gamin characters through Jessica's work I think it's so funny because he is a dorky guy I'm like I should know all these things but I'm learning about them through Jessica use as fake fake fake fake know if you got like full like Pokemon yeah figured that like I know more again I don't know how I will tell from text message Boulevard chicken processing right now the only reason I Meg is really good it's supposed to be really good at it claims that used to beat me all the time that's not true at all you guys were puzzle fighter U can kick the shit out of me and I can disappear to wear like we would skip eating lunch at a call center job by Department really close to the call center city lunch we were driving my apartment Place much super super puzzle good energy back to work you be hungry you would really hungry you like can your lunch time cheap theater lasers for everyone. This one reminder for this absolute podcast is also brought to you by me undies you protected your wardrobe but what about the stuff not everybody gets to see that's where me and these comes in there seriously soft feel good on these delivered directly to your door when do some design in La me from sustainably-sourced micro modal fabric three times softer than cotton it's true that I saw me and be softer than soft Luxe, really soft luck son d's, never change your selection of classic colors bull shave and adventurous parents you can tailor your undies to your own personal style I go for adventurous guess what you can save time and money each month for the monthly subscription you're not ready for subscription that's okay you can still shave that's because me and he saw for your 20% off your first pair use our special URL for just me and he's.com / U teeth get 20% off your first pair go ahead revamp your underwear drawer you deserve it that's me Andy's.com / reach teeth wendys.com slash Rooster Teeth tell him Gus I'm going to you are so pretty sure I think I'll read it and read without the thing on your head 95 do you want to go where they actually got it so excited do you know what Virgin Killer sweater is that like a wife beater U burn on over that take anything off alright do you want to do I wanted to actually you never heard of this right and I want to see if you can figure out that's awesome Gus that should be fucking brother strongest liquid on how to do that so I told them okay I want I want I want to see a bunch of other Main and I wanted to see you so I can ask what is the deal with the sweater RWBY Boop whole sweater the little cat Keyhole bra and now there's the Virgin Killer so I didn't know there was any Kohl's at the front that big open hole I don't know Gus different way it's so that was like it's out called again of some sort what's the black guy mean it you know my God Googl Virgin Killer fre hot picture with a few other dating teeth on the front forgot to look it up on have you ever tried it yet study giant Ryan Ward am I good I mean I'm glad 3300 lights to put this watch myself like right now if I didn't move you're surrounded by other people and I'm a waiting for my part to come up I'm just like I'm what is high I can I can watch it home I can promote it and everything but just sitting in a theater with a bunch of the we were watching it I just like I don't know I just feel very self-conscious wee early on or first started showing Red versus Blue Hill theatrical you know we go we do q and A's and meet people and I think the first time we did a showing we sat through it and watch it and then after that we can never sent through showing red versus blue gets a nice to hit a lot sweate people in the lobby and we will laugh and have a good time but like we just couldn't sit there and watch it 622 real first year photos You Look Silly wee things everywhere like 10 years ago Gus or the Naruto headbands at the right time call me. Twitter a cupcake monkey ta not real name three the Legacy look up Virgin Killer sweater and they said the first image that popped up for them was fanart of the roof main RWBY characters in literature that's copyright infringement on Twitter and I had a very tense discussion with somebody that then turned out okay where this guy just kind of wrote me out of the Clear Blue Sky Blues name is Jose and he said he tagged me and he tagged the Twitter account for RWBY game and he said hey you guys are pulling down Let's Plays of RWBY game YouTube you don't even know that's what you guys do way to go and it was like some kind of hashtag like fuck this or hashtag like damn or something like that I never go back and go I'm sure that's exactly what's going on we're pulling down let's play it's not some kind of content ID YouTube kind of snack food that you're overreacting to ensure that exactly or doing anything they were like yeah it was like I apologize I'm sorry for the start I'm just like we've been doing what about people with just waiting for us to like suddenly drop the charade and go if you go 15 years you know it's like we're in bed how to receive when it's a gut reaction when we do something that there's a group of people just like fuck this you know these guys are doing this they're money-grubbing or something like that build up some good will with these people at some point and it's a small group it's not everybody but me jerk reaction of the internet whenever there's a slight change your perceived changed that people are doing it just because I hate the audience or something like that to change the first program that was that the name Billy for trying to like get rid of the audience or something like that you know it's weird how we were so many proposed names to change the from sponsors to First 8 months really long time Pro Rooster Teeth Prime of my crew it was plus restart a bunch of mini first as I get the part of our culture from another one we brought the double gold over from one that was gold double gold and something else unless I was just got on them on the website called he'll be here with the first come in and I got to the point where people if they beat him to be so the first commen of everything I ever made yeah it was just a thought of it as I can before main Community website since you think about that way I feel like we seen you know we're like old man on the internet now that we seem like the rise and fall of so many different things and like I still am stuck with some of the old means in my head and I still use them a lot so whenever I like send out an old man with social media sites so what is the other one is so good to hear I'm like jumping in the and the play that music and I'm like flying through it's been like to me probably ever hundred times but I've not yet will dump enough how it's actually Google the Christ it is about this like me Burnie on his Virgin Killer sweater stuff Digby Nova means that things get passed around have you seen the giant chicken yet but no can we go first I'll give us a dude in a suit monster chicken I'm so ready so you haven't seen it was everywhere I saw people who are on Twitter saying please no one else posted it's freaking me out to people who are convinced that it's a person and I believe it the move it it looks like an first thing as a guy with his knee snapped back the wrong way in a chicken suit okay did you grade A realtor give it like what's the coolest thing you haven't of U chicken gets massive that's that's a chicken no that's a chicken that's on for a company chicken is fucking ridiculous so huge that I think is more Tyler absolutely I totally could write it that would be amazing will of shit like that like big good pops up I've been my wife sent you that last night and you see it everywhere it's like we were really creepy apparently it's like some special breed of chicken and Brian Brian Brian Bemis oh and I guess he saw a documentary it was call that you said was call Chicken people or something people who breed specific kinds of chicken and it was like a whole segment about this breed of that cock block animation but with that chicken but did you read it yes I'll write it I think you can look at this the fat as it is a lot more feathers on a bigger with the burn you think the feather said the things that I can I chicken for the bee I don't think there's a limit how big can a chicken be what's up why is your limitation of size of a Feather peacock's tail is a bunch of fellows had a big fat play maybe see the chicken gets bigger but they the same size I had a bit I had to pick up chicken would have the same size bed is because more of them and they look small on the chicken I'll let you don't breed call Jersey Giant Brahma as well Brahma Bull no baby drama chicken that's what I saw people posting about chicken they're both they're both in there not that big honestly besides they say here is the mail typically get between like over 30 pounds and the big size you write a turkey gets a 13-pound turkey by pound turkey of cuddle the post got removal wait right here the Kentucky duck duck chicken right with that you can have the chicken on the outside Jessica turducke in chicken can you eat them wee County in Eagle kinda like against the law to kill an eagle or a bald eagle what is your brown eagle I think you're right and there's a brownie Pinterest of U gold is a golden eagle Jersey Golden Eagle Boston College's mascot white-tailed Eagle harpy I feel like golden U above the breast that looked up before cornish hen have U Dub's business like spreading peace around the earth and let it come down yeah it's like a food I used to go hunting all the time and she's not sure she told me right thing to do don't you want to take the meat off of them are you stick your thumb like under the rib cage like this world to meet it and you like literally you put your finger on you just pull the bread Albany off from the rest of the body I like crunch crunch like you don't need this you should really be a vegetarian baby when it comes to like I like hunting when I was younger cuz I feel like it gave me an understanding of where the food wee comes from like I can respect what I'm eating a lot more like it when you have to go out and you have to kill something and then you think consume it you understand that you took some things like and you are eating something that was alive at one point I get what you're saying there but does that prepare you for where we are now in preparation where you have factory farms and have a cat yes they are I watch them and I was like her but like I still eat now so but really there's no there's no way to raise chickens for meat that you can't do it any other way like there's no economic here by free-range chickens that's basically just for eggs that on a scale basis is almost no way to know if you're doing like natural keep doing like small Regional distributor you can do it but yeah if you want to scale a company to be like Nationwide I totally okay if he isn't doing chicken is good let you go to one of those restaurants U hate Gavin where they tell you like where everything came from there no no no no like to know the chicken butt watching animals die at somebody's house that's a good idea but I saw this clip she was linked to one of my videos because of slow motion it was like a slow mo scope video of a guy who issue and buds pigeons like a pest control this is kind of micro with some in some Cameo but the sack on the wire was some soda some power lines and he shoots it and you can see the bullet coming in and because it's like going straight away from the camera takes a lot to gets the bud at it this of what you went in the back of the bus neck and that head what would like that and then it sounds great the why it's one back with upside down and load of blood just came out of the head like for the mouth I was like what happens when people shoot but shoot anything like I said things in my head was going to turn into a lot of feathers instead of just leave Blood on the ground 2207 shotgun at a pigeon and a pigeon shark gavi in a really cool experience to get off of that but stay on the topic of guns we had a really issue as you experience in Austria where there was a reception that was in an Austrian bar it was just part of a Austrian hotel in Australia but it up and we were always bar and we got started wandering around Gus I'm not getting this was the best bar in the world this bar had a first Mall in a bar in it and had drinks very special station where they were serving Guinness and it would it would they had like a vibrating plate that would make it settle way faster so I could serve Guinness yeah I guess this is Emma. prefer traditional portal for me you said the fuck up there different some technology shit was at you like that have a cat in then it goes and had a perfect head I live at the can park in any Gus and hate that too in this bar wee down some steps of the side then a bowling alley in they're moving me like a little like Miniatures like blood like a pussy like a 2/3 scale bowling alley was that it was the kind of fool why you don't put your finger than you just only watch is that like the sequel to come plunk and then what if you had a shooting gallery in it where you had pellet guns with rifles and a scope on the rifle and they would run little paper Target all the way down to the end and you would sit there and shoot enemies run the target back to you see how you did this craze for never did it was incredible you go in you shoot a pellet gun U drink a beer U shoot it again like how much each beer of a around horse and drink and finish your beer and like go against someone like taking off would you throw up right you wouldn't be drunk by the time you finish the outside even if you throw up baby so get drunk off it why can't you drink 6 beers half an hour before the race by the time you the race would be like to run in sideways yeah kid I asked if we could the vibrating plate yeah that's it exactly the device it just goes and then out again it has been pulled the settings on it you made it look at it up like crazy it looks like that when I find out if we can use the shooting thing often cuz it's kind of kind of late I think we told he's like you had less than 8 beers right now it's like U you guys are you drunk when we said no to Gus right yeah stops in Austria's is ruff ruff there so did you drink at the German bar in Sydney chicke City The Hofbrau archery love going there I've been there yeah winter fucking fucking one of the one of the shots we did the only way I could describe the taste was a biscuit Sound fire and then stomped out boo in liquid form that's what it tasted like I'm hearing here on Twitter from you guys and drinks by the way Kurt and Clover Cricket Clover saying that the bowling without holes is called Cagle Cagle Kegel Bowling of German for noodles and a few more okay let me Skittles on game played in Australia's lot of mistakes like that we were at dinner and I said they were eating dinner and I said oh did anyone ever eaten kangaroo as well just stop conversation ago this is Austria and Australia what you eating fucking ostrich aren't you like ostriches are native to Australia right Gus I don't know about that so this is a thing the table you're not going to look it up I don't think they are not associate ostriches with us put your hands in the control room are ostriches from Australia are they had 100 the famous Philly cheesesteaks where did ostriches their native Africa I'm looking it up right now I just told you where was it made it to Africa Africa stor that Austria so when I brought it with a u s stretch what you think you with it what is it what would be like what made you think it's from Austrailia always associated associated with this is Ernest you asked me where did I come from I would definitely came from Australia movies are Australia interesting boas which are all dead now doesn't U and no worries are native to New Guinea and North Eastern Australia we saw one in the yes you are scary. Scary cats by Far Cry 3 micronet U for Badger does it work caught up in breath of the wild Evans Eldon are you doing anyways oh God how could you ask such a question what is your process like how do you determine what your see an image of something. Oh that's super cool then you dive into it and then make a crossword I just did sindragosa enough for us to look at Jessica it's where we just got in your head that was for whomever sindragos the dragon from World of Warcraft and so I really like this okay that was one of the things I can do it was I knew was from World of Warcraft I felt like nothing was credible blue and black I don't think so fucking crazy dude oh yeah I will not show it to you since I know you were here you're sensitive to that was it my buttcrack which made U look away Turney post the photo like that house you were looking at it tonight I know you know I like it when she places I'm looking for if you don't remember when you posted it Google image search Google Plus oakle because I thought it really just kind of like pay homage to it how many exceptionally talented like people out there that do incredibly accurate costumes of already existing characters so I like to kind of just do my own thing so I can kind of have a little more creative freedom and that way like I wouldn't I would say there's like a there's like a look at cosplayin and I feel like there's like the fun part there's like the super accurate part there's and I feel like I'm kind of like in the fun do your own kind of thing play part which is like this is the most fun for me like I wouldn't do cosplay if I didn't have really good time like as soon as I know I don't even close to that though YouTube last you're actually inspiration I believe for the idea to turn my car and Associated because of your mad Moxxi cosplay years ago and you had a cell U had sociated makeup but I think that was the first time I had ever seen someone you know you make a passageway that made them look like they were two deer Associated as I thought you could pull that off there so many oh my gosh I just shared thanks for drinks do you want one good like today are you going to get your vitamin C glass of pineapple juice art that's a that's a shield that the World of Warcraft should Jessica is showing me an Instagram photo of the World of Warcraft Shield this all over me Peter Michael it does look a little bit like you're in trouble now Richard Berry died influential chicken real Gavin loves one Chuck Berry the only trip I've seen is the one by your courage gun y'all can deliver them a duet with and Yoko was on a mic not she wasn't the mic was for one of the instruments and she does sextaper something exploring sound well I mean tobacco it up there's so many interviews wee just like you're watching him an interview just like come on dude come over get like his he was very supportive of her are there is like a lot of Beatles albums I've listened to be with music I don't think I've ever listen to Revolution number 9 all the way through really it was that number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9. Can get him to tell him burn enough for minutes every time I come out I bet you like some background noise happens I would play formally but I'm afraid you're probably get flagged number 921 number 10 just kidding different yeah that's definitely see if it's funny when you can definitely have a least favorite piece of work by an artist that you really like I think that is the one not not a fan of that show me the greatest remix night night Jay Z's Black album with all the instrumentation from the Beatles White Album was a DJ Danger Mouse yeah I believe that was like 3 or something anything like 5 Years Ago by 10 was all day seven years ago haven't done it was great depression with someone else I don't know I want guys to do people like a great girl talking is like an assassin tific something like a double life zombie cons of U go to Jessica sacrifice the truth every other weekend here to come yes how how to schedule really say more like like photo shoot on location stuff so weird it were Turney it down the shore I think we have like 15 this year you know I mean that you people sitting in this room it's okay we have I see probably 30-35 people that are on camera personalities that have a chicken gets funny because when for a long time it was actually a big argument over who would get to go and now it's now it's a little bit different everyone has been to these dreams of traveling for business or fun I do think it's a lot more fun to go as an attendee Tuacahn then it is to go as an exhibitor or an appearance or something like that because you basically go plain airport Convention Center hotel Convention Center Hotel commissioner Plano art by yourself we're going to cost you in then maybe you have a little discouraged you go to work on and you see all these faces and all these people that come up to you in there like it rekindled whatever like this heart and feelings you may have gets you know cuz I come up and I like you I don't want a build like Goose what was the DragonVale for the World of Warcraft name is sindragos how long was that I think yeah she took a long time because the longest I think she's actually the longest I think we pay off switch or Randy had like he's pulled in I made I made these arms that way to my armpits out of pool noodles so she had like four arms I had fishing lines on do we call a Randy the can switch is there any like that is anyway like build that you done that you wish you can go back and do to revisit some sweater there's a check out that I've missed that boat is a creature from the void so he's like a nasty monster with like and I started making it had like little digigrid legs like I was going to do with the cool claws everything but I um I build on it cuz I didn't like the way it was turning out and I threw it away and I think I do want to go back into it was I feel like there be so many more ways I could tackle the sexy that's of it wants to have you ever done of a cosplay way you would just completely covered up and nobody would know it was you welcome to the podcast Gavin you ask her that question before in a different form stealth walking around a convention but I was looking up my favorite Jessica crew like the Black Flag cosplayin what are the steps of the islands in Lake with a Hawaii in Malibu and I think probably the band usually my favorite Assassin's Creed game get into that series very much and I've always been kind of like lukewarm to chicken Black Flag was so that's like the one game where I was chased actively chasing Collectibles I was like I wanted to get every sea shanty fast travel in that dad still in that image search that's this is the day we met Jessica child and she plays to your bad says 2010 is that why stroking it I really need this right here let him Wonder - episode of the podcast is also brought to you by squarespac the squares for sponsoring this episodes only one platform to create a website or online store of beautiful award-winning designer templates 24/7 customer service and domains if you been thinking about starting your own website or online store start your free trial today at squarespac.com / Rooster Teeth and enter offer code rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchased make your next move with Squarespace just like we're talking earlier about making your own website and doing things on your own you can do it right now thanks first base is there cosplayin and haven't been able to do like this is like it's down the road or something just finding the time to do something there's so many costumes of God on my life in for like I would love to make Divas Meg from OverWatch like that would just be you he wants it's it's pretty tight though I would love to make that Meg just be able to like it so you could likely down in it it's got that come up top another funny. Wig made your real hair look like a wig Love is Here you here like a week you should be sure to Marcus Marcus is our production designer who makes all of our sets and everything like U me the lazer team costumes and the original popover in stage 2 News will bring you over there the busiest company right yeah he's awesome he's just my car so I gave him the concept for it and then he go Bad Company 2 did it everything check in Alaska the movie candy like she's almost like working on the car or something yeah we're working while you're here with your shave and Michael burry so that we could do photoshoots and stuff well that's always welcome I love it I'm at the station and go someplace that I like the real vacation and have to go somewhere she that look like shit shave and it was nothing to take a picture of it hit my wing Festival like when you do something you like like you're always gets never like a grind right up your alley write down that I work for joke about how little what people do actually always busy just running around. You always doing stuff don't angry that's George Costanza method of looking busy looking immersio for a long time hopefully that will come out soon yeah I'm pretty cool technology stuff yeah that it was it went well huge in the UK that he's walking around here with his GoPro very pleased to meet him and then but like Gavin and Ally who's also from U cave we're losing their shit Mesa cleaners references to the old cartoons and stuff that you but what's the cartoon that's different in the US than it is in the middle there a no no no age Mutant hero Turtles who the hell are those guy ninjas are too aggressive fire engine sounds like I was that like the reboot like a sequel or something and I have no it would they have everything except except ninja violence Lasik Ottawa ninja and I think I replace the United greater and Angela Simmons the wee little their favorite in the UK in the US like in Star Wars Episode 2 there's a head but that is removed in the UK version one hit wonder fighting and that's when U keep Ur because they didn't want to promote head-to-head much are video adults only rating equivalent like to hear it was putting the end of the night we got about 10 minutes I want to read another tweet Year please his fangs zero added you and ask did you guys hear about that kid again trouble for calling another kid a Hanzo Main look out for super happy but like some young girl called pretty trashed Hanzo get out it's a pretty good quality burn wherever you want disciplinary reports that fans would send us when they got sent home because of Red vs Blue merchandise and it was usually not even so like anything that had an obscenity on there anything like that which I've tried to avoid over the years and I know because I was one it it said blue Army on the on the right and the teacher saw it and said that's a racist thing in the kid was like no it's not resist any way to the Show online gang thing is the way it was written up in the disciplinary report and also since we have the shirt the shirt the just a block on it that was it they got written up for the original number 269 - that's true but you got rid of it because of that I would never forgot about that should we have to use wearing any videos so $0.69 wearing like jeans wee in fact the fence anyway 3 or 15 inch tire should I grab set limit limited run to think about that for coming to some retro shirts it's been bandied about those are my favorite author is right I mean I can do it cuz I'm original old shots that we can pretty happy these days feel like 15 years old with somebody was that the design for the original old shirts the jersey shirts and like I said just look at the shirt and make it like to have original designs I meet him in like 5 seconds and in fact that I designed them use their city and you can you can make them instantaneously to figure out the phone says that's it I know what the for impact doors right yeah but u words or Tyler Ward and the number that's it you're done remember what the numbers were all I forgot that was U 2222 us 42 starts with 5151 Kimberly's was -1 which was 13 to Tucker was Tucker was happy it was a text message that the party's personally have been established yet double zero that you got so many returns on because I could sure it was black prince use invisible character for most of the first season gets was close to her shirt with a black shirt with black printing on it but I should have into it go ahead say it again to medication your printing okay we'll get on that fabric race this plus that match your Meg Turney to church then thought it was a misprint I'm not sure gets old really well with the bow chicka bow wow yes Jason Williams fertilization or remember how things are dead when the iPhone the battery goes dead it just feels gross no I'm starting a new text message what Maniac your Mania play Closer U delete your videos after you dump them out so you had clear everything out cuz I don't back anything to the cloud I don't I don't blame you for that right now just another day does way there I'm out like a full hard drive is have you really thought I found an image you would like tell but if you're nice initially what was the conversation if you feel a hard drive with all one point something something of a gram gets a tiny fraction more field data in field data speakers your head feel like after hair color speaking of t-shirts also remind people to check out the rooster teeth stor burni.com Richey storage your One-Stop shopping destination for Fenris teeth apparel home decor toys and more rooster stor features exclusive much from all your favorite RT shows Leslie teams first teeth animation and so much more first members get 5% off everything at the rooster stor plus exclusive access to First members only products store that receipt. Call stor dollar steel first members not the benefit come for this first week for the stor take over with the truck to go to the store message discount U sold on My Bobblehead you jackass now we have no no bobbleheads how much was the bubble head like $1 us $100 one cent penny was on sale for $100 Mark feel like $100,000 but you should give him something special for buying that wee give me a hug you should you should take one pube to the crotch of that cover but if you're funny I print something if any of you had to it was 7 wee like an eyelash I don't I'm going to leave it curfew should restrooms dudes like sniffing this. When it's Ryan's Lord U idea what you ever get anything like that Gavin but I did get anything if you're a big fan of somebody by Hugh Jackman's pubes out when I get in for free if I don't know I would have my Hugh Jackman's in particular well you might be a fantasy jacket granted he's a Dreamboat the National Treasure he's Australian Nike wee to National Treasures nothing to us real treasure for Australia how to put a few mean you're meant Australia and a hypocrite assume I'm in Australia for the ostrich I was assuming Australia in that it is you need a rare it look like a bird but you can have you ever eaten quite delicious everything Horse no but I don't telling me about some crazy like horses the UN if YouTubers I know and it took us to this place to all the service horse and I was like horsey me hello my cat has it was still good like I was sad because I knew I could not eat that the United States I would like to see so good the whole meal was until like you about 30 bucks a person you had like 7 dishes seven courses of horse meat and it was all you can drink either beer or highball as I am going to drink a lot when we get a lot of horse so good we did a thing as a bunny with brags that he never gets food poisoning super proud of it and I've been through right now but yeah so hungry yesterday I tried to get bunny food poisoning in the airport to New York airport shuttle at work is Greg that PreCheck to be like 90 minutes gets reach. He was upset that already like eating my food and stuff I got him chicken sandwiches and I got myself delicious in plantain pie May of Delvin Savannah came back U denim crab cakes baked crab and then I was like sushi will give you food poisoning we can do this so I made him order the biggest Sushi platter from the airport of $45 plus 22 pieces of different stuff in five minutes to whole thing down off the and I'm going to do a follow-up video when we would see if you got food poisoning all but then we forgot they're basically just a Tyler to Sushi video of coastal U want to get someone sick and Report Sushi like in Omaha or something my favorite sushi in Austin the winner of the coast like sushi we looking up how much do she wouldn't give you much food poisoning yeah that's a good thing isn't it and I got a whole tuna plan rooster 6 pieces of sushi me 4 pieces of the year and then three roles cut up so it six pieces each other you're old so I was just like I may have you read this email I hate that shit I just hate it I hate mayonnaise in general so I got the judge to tell me that I can have him with Gavin teeth back in for The Minis all the Carly I'm not consistent you are very in condition on your opinion I think it just goes up and down by some how much my iPad but if I mailed out that the idea of marriage Main yeah you want U had a few last things that more of leaves tomorrow we talked for maybe Parallax Oakley go to the very giant what you say what you say see I think I have a weird libido I'm going up to much information here I think I might look backwards for everybody else is with the more sex I have the more sex and one half so my libido Stacks like if I like when you go to for a long time if you like I got you fucking lady no we're just got to have sex the longer I go without sex I actually don't want it as much and then once I have sex then it starts that you don't like mode I guess so I mean otherwise it's like you're a dude try to think about your event on the plane did you want to do that mode to bring it up every time with you again a wet dream on plane I'm pretty sure as the dream itself I don't think it's anything like an eventful the dream but I just woke up and I had an axe on a plane back from Scotland I just got I was problem I got rid of my underwear and I went Commando trouble am I shove it in your class and trash this is he different Jennifer Lopez here. does phone inflated the sleep once I'm more liquidy yeah but just like it spilled water then then we'll spot them and of it was like I don't normally I don't normally ejaculate with my underwear on so that kinda throws off the whole like control experiment you know you have like the slimy residue as well go and pick up my one I had was pretty much just pretty come it was like when did you have one of my Pollock surgery cuz I couldn't do anything for ya it's also wet dreamz the title of girls dot dot dot dot... But I can't wait to see the gift immersion of that with the text underneath let it down now they don't it's like u in the middle it's like if it happens and you're leading up to it and and you didn't have to do it you have to you have to finish something that can help unless you just waking up all the time and being like I wanted sex the more you would never wake up and just leave it yeah but wake up from it you're obviously just go wake up U of A two hours behind so I'm not waking him up when I call you Daylight Savings day believe in a place cuz we're real no no desire to live in a place where there's our planet and I don't understand why they had to put solar panels everywhere how are the entire if I can plan as you see there's a tool on Google Maps you can use that tells you you put in your address and it tells you how much sun your address gets in a year and whether or not it's a Mexican on Accessory to stall solar panel overlay the satellite view in the put back the amount of sun on top of that that we could sure use a slider U put how much money you spend on electricity and the tell you I put the break-even point is for solar panels am I from my bus so we can have like a school bus on my cat bus that going on today flush out but I love these bills like you can look up people have done with school buses because I said so great and I feel like funhaus is exactly right it's really cool stuff I can tell I'm getting old would you like a tour of your own go and grab a bunch of my friend first cat bus the lets players play Demon Hunter and funhaus they're going to do an East coaster in a couple of weeks is going to be shipped that dude that's going to be I just want cameras on the bus I don't care about anything else you can think but it's a nightmare first thought he first Consul Michael first good for his farts more hours and he's awake by Bruce might be more heart than men like and what time for watching we got try-hard podcast coming up next and I will get episode on Thursday I issue on the tripod Focus but I shouldn't you shouldn't do that A1 think I guess just give me if you want to support her work to go to patreon.com that way last for the Jessica needs for her recover the queen that do that are watching