#421 - She Wants the Tea

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss calendar invites, regional slang, showers, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 23, 2017, sponsored by MVMT Watches (http://bit.ly/2n2cNFN)

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Recorded: 2017-03-24 16:44:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to the cast this week slot you buy movement watches OU & RoosterTeeth apparently episode this episode so week this episode week I don't know I'm Gavin and Burnie on the way first photos once pancit what is soup recipes normally podcas for week and a half on Mondays right now recording a second episode for an hour Thursday in celebration of first week with lead up to our anniversary on April 1st how many years 14 40 Interstate 15 years is more than 15 years so it's really easy cuz that's a big milestone 215 RvB season 15 yeah that's always competed some people thought with one yeah well that I think that's what's confusing me so I gets our 14th year but 15th season and I definitely didn't forget completely forgot calendar Labs Bea reminder 10 minutes before when we going to do a 10 minute let me look at this event right now I'm pretty sure you're full of shit alert one hour before the alert time of event but you didn't respond to the calendar invite him I would respond it one hour before I have an hour before that didn't put it right so if I don't respond it's still in there but it only says it at 10 minutes before he must survive to accept it moves up to now moved it goes to what is it in to hear I put an hour now move before I know you the counter are going this week so you wouldn't have made it if Muriel hadn't texted you going to get some food service screwed up some Ariel was it reached out to I would not have been here all chip in my MGB for the day that I went home as I'm going to finish this summer at it I've been working all week he got interrupted to work on different stuff and then I left and came but I still first I finally watche the Y where you realize that the podcas had been but you didn't say that video with me sprinting I think I was on this sat with in 40 seconds and yeah I just realized we had incidents where Gavin was hurt on the set of emergency room and paint ball hits Gus you have played paintball in the past it was a paintball that didn't him hopefully will anything painful injuries when you get them feel like they don't look that bad that moment but they get way worse over the course of the next few days or so to really Gus really hard to eats when it was like that did you buy your lunch I just don't want to risk it so I just pulled my late down I just pulled stupid ending plug it was a media the swelling was it was immediate so anything about it hit me in the face Eva LaRue Ohio OU and then you have that moment was like alright I'm an incredible my pain how engine am I right some trying to like see if all my teeth then what's worse immediate pain or immediate number you should feel feel the pain coming in give me the numbers if you feel like completely numb and in fact I don't know how bad it was instant pain was like a punch and then I had a mouthful of paintball & Paint that shit was awful some spitting out of the stuff and stuff so I'm like it is the papal shower is just one of my team loaded some of the stuff mainly Peyton people from our perspective Gavin was doing his thing his head goes back he lets out kind of but they have Yelp and then he lowers his head and doesn't say anything for like 30 seconds even though I'll ask him are you okay are you okay in the eats its combination being in pain assessing whether or not he's lost any teeth and probably probably pretty mad if I wasn't mad I was just shocked and & the moment hit my face so the rest of the world was going to me I was right was it and I was just like him in the face and she like hit your head badly on a metal bar and get some gas open Michael himself doing on yesterday's what's a different way like if he showed me how many seasons question Twitter Arlo Bank your Becca saying that their local but I think that's the way I send them there they convey with the invite so I haven't RT Podcast thing my alert is 10 minutes before its back on my side Becca is on your second is on your side but she's also not on the air so I could so she did get them from the calendar like cuz the calendar it doesn't originate from my calendar there's a stupid I was trying to trying to look the part you quietly but I also don't I'd like him sitting on you and I like you be getting shit on okay I got shit on Monday because the previous Monday I shut off my airpod to Austin are chip to Austria Special Olympics & the laughing at me I can hear them so guess what I get on Tuesday but you know I went to the airport and they found my funky airpod what's a control room burn it doesn't change the fact you still lost Bob with bucks in there laughing at my picture pure Lounge some of the get it was with me she went to the downstairs the in politics is American Airlines at Austin-Bergstrom Airport but I went downstairs by the carousels with the luggages that was the OU the club where I lost in closed at 7:30 and it was his lady who was nice but very very slow your mercy zootopia I said that out don't like Kno The Shadow I could feel that happening with Gavin behind me and he just left the room it was like they said they won't because you're not Bea for the Nabi at one point I can't make it and you I hate coming your way cuz I got some so you held them up and show it to her and she was just like yeah no yeah I didn't look at them not even interested in knowing what I look like and I got to leave it so I was still trying to work that angle through Twitter support with American Airlines and they had told me about three times over the course of 3 days I will contact them to let you know in like them contact me and I'll call with they have gotten back to it then I was on Twitter DM hits American Airlines the Admirals Club has your airpod with the Twitter app cuz I've been talking to that Betsy Michael son because she was Jessica Nigri on Monday remember I decorated since she was great she always open to & my God that woman the Emerald Club has your thing lovely lady who I've never met at the Admirals Club Burnie was Britney she came out from behind security after her shift was over ice but it said of time to meet her she gave me my airpod and I walk but before I did I asked her I said oh I went downstairs to the luggage carousel lost and found the general lost and found for American Airlines and they weren't there she goes I would never give the people downstairs anything clearly there's a line between the lost and found people in the Admirals Club in the Los in town people down for what yeah I get it what you mean someone on Twitter Heroes 42 days is wants to know how you can prove they're actually yours and not just another pair of earplugs I'll tell you how I know because she Sho there but again let me clear my calendar invite when you turn them on was it now before I think it was one of those who open them up it says Burnie their pots on OU the Riveter I'm like no airpod to have that turned on will be able to do that driving to open your is my life my mom wouldn't be connected that I wouldn't think I guess yeah but if it was that close but I don't know the way now let me know and then I'm really awesome God of a kind of bleeding no thanks to the horrible people in the control room are you saying it wasn't funny when you lost them it was hilarious we we kind of forgot something at the top over our goals for first week we're having this podcas because of first week and this broadcast live to the public available for normally a few if you like this and you want to watch future broadcast of the podcas life you can sign up to be a first member at receipt. Come with a 30-day free trial & of this week we have goals for people to sign up for first or are we at so we're over 3000 so we've unlocked the year the rooster shirt the Jon Risinger gets replaced by a puppet on on the spot goal Barbara mix of log goal and if we have 5000 a cheap mint Hunter will read up an episode of Ruby if we at 10,000 be drunk in Riverside blew video gets really have Michael Monday excited about the Ruby redub even more excited about the drug red versus blue and I've not to run counter to the A I SHO so we only need about success and sign ups and I'm sure there's probably close to 6,000 not more people watching on YouTube right now I don't have any or have any face get a friend to sign up for free all right now first membership 304 Rose but you could give to a first never know what does referral hit test and they constantly it's one of the way more things that s what does is a permit in the app ever Minds you in an Elsa periodically send you emails well it was such a hand car I don't want to be bombarded with labs to try and sell the cup people car I would agree with that Gavin it in their program is if you get 5 people to sign up they give you like a $10,000 off your next test was it's just it's an extraordinary amount of money did that you're generating for the company would you just it's not associated with that kind of thing you know I'm a gets you do with model threes it's more like was more people can I buy them how is work going to order car not get it for 3 years and I know how in the process that's what I but if you just let me one Barbara image of something only telling the story because it got resolved and it's okay for me I don't know if you remember a couple months back re tweet at this thing's contest at United Airlines was having fligh under first Polaris flight from Chicago to San Francisco new movie talking about this and what you wanted to win it I was like oh I don't have enough miles just so that I'm winning it for now take a screenshot my tweet that but there's no way I'm going to win that I want it are you serious you know how much I spent three hundred thousand miles on it but the problem with her I found out about I found out I won when I was in New Zealand and the flight was like the day after I came back from Australia so I have to fly to Austin then immediately fligh to Chicago to San Francisco to fly to Austin and I had to film Heroes and half-wits that day I just can't do it I replied to them as like listening I know I will and I know I can't get those miles back of Miles back I can't make it that with you want to give the seat to someone else or just so you know something else you can do it go for it I'm doing okay you know we can't refund anything I would like two weeks later the email me feel really bad for you we can give you your miles back what cemetery is an international flight a domestic flight activity such as being 25000 miles round-trip to play and really well used up like five or six international flights have been on this thing yeah that was dumb it was like the first time they're flying with a Breton was like the first time they just received this plane from Boeing get outfitted with your brand new like super top of the line first class seating and it would have been the first time a customer sat in that seat in that first class seat to fly I'm going to come early if you okay with Taunton with that money money to write that many miles take a long time but to fly all the way around the earth is only 25,000 12 & Tile apps of the planet she's right she's absolutely right he only wants you just fucking mouth I couldn't have been talking back from Australia and we had already planned to fill this Heroes and half-wits things and we had a lot of scheduling trouble at the time that we couldn't have possibly moved it so I would have fucked over Michael what but I did was going to try to coordinate when I Monday we finally set a date with Frank was busy I feel like there other people here I don't want to speak a hundred percent confidence but I feel like if there was an opportunity like this for one of you guys you would delay or production tips that I would however use that for my blog so I'd make it part of a production Gus fucking Rich ass in the seat drinking martinis we already established that we're not doing is it more directed at me and get Barbara or specifically it just Gavin I plead the fifth cell Gavin if you were supposed to be the Special Olympics for 10 days that was initially or she was going to Friday we're going to come home tomorrow will hand it to him Sunday because we had to the merging for Gavin get always looks knocked off and then 2 days of them DV as well so came back we had to come back to that that's why I have been like to have to do my videos cuz we are at was not your head emergency motion MD Bea and DV luckily get some of that labia airpod not his reason to buy them three years ago we did a series of binaural podcas on the RT Labs Channel like it and where it sits preserves the stereoscopic virtual audio spatial audio the properties and I get out of relationship podcas with me and Ashley and Megan Gavin and they said if you have those their presence like it works really well and I try that it's like it's really Bea things are stupid expensive late there a great product how much you think these are Barbara the for a fucking headphones how much are they $300 okay I shoulda never buy baby Photo Studio headphones get no these are hundred fifty for your but and that just seems too expensive to me 150 9 right like when I compared to other headphones and prices of other headphones and even your but that's actually not as post was about 99 but I was excited to try Bluetooth because the dumb stupid dumb plug with the master always said that my given 160 but I will say I've lost maybe 10 pairs of headphones to my cat the original white ones that would just go and leave them anyway catching the worst like a waving your phone across the cat in the cat open the music to play get the kids yeah sorry about that would be a lot worse though if the cat just bit your your phone then because there's ever product yes without tomorrow product red AIDS and 40 hrh re just gas though I've heard I've heard it just raises awareness by just saying a sprayed anything get a raise breast cancer research thing where is the temperament the awareness of Roman from the project has even less money that they sent through for a recall they can so little money to real-world Solutions are remedies you know for AIDS the disabled that's how we do it we just raise awareness of a when I hear the like of that shower to do extra life every year and had charitable initiatives that's one of the reasons I was very reluctant for rooster teeth to get involved in charity stuff is because I didn't want to create another step between people and the organization that needs the money feels weird to me to put yourself in that place you like give us money and then we'll give it someone else will help somehow and maybe a mixing a few shows you have a Bono's One Foundation Under Fire for giving little over 1% of the funds to Cherry what he did to them without having product red on the product on the actual apparently is what control room just said Patrick I can never I'm sorry I should know your voices by now Patrick I love you maybe I'm just very dumb on the subject but like can you go up to someone be like that you know what AIDS are and they say or what they did AIDS do you have yeah but I think I can borrow like people forgot for a while then it came back as I remember APPL that's working for you on Trials I really the time I went it was last outbreak in Africa I subscribe to the re Bowl loss ever in it and I keep forgetting to unsubscribe random things about like you know new Assassin's Creed whatever for new cases in New Guinea late what's this oh it's really took a long time for Peter out that last outbreak but one of the most recent headlines is this vaccine that's apparently going to very successful trials Ebola to worry about unrelated note was also mention that if you're watching life for the first time you can meet us at hashtag RT Podcast how much you have a Bola then you can but I have Twitter feed and will gets the outbreak came out of pulling in was going to call the Ebola Michael a for the bad biggest loss of ever had and nobody on the podcas law and that was terrible 40 said about it there's a Barbara that I really like if you don't apply Barbara Tesla who at the company would you be most likely to buy a test with Ashley if I pick somebody to buy a really expensive Tesla with some of the company would you have to pick Matt gets right side when you are here camera final trial results confirm Ebola vaccine loads of page slowly provide protection against disease December 23rd 2016 so you hear her to hear first also on the World Health Organization website if you're talking about it because the outbreak they did a great job of containing it is fucking shit the name of that City in the u.s. the walk up messed up Flint if not get messed up for that anymore even though I still at they say that they declared that the level of contaminants in the water is finally back below the federally-mandated levels but still no one trusts that water with good reason yeah I have trouble trusting the water movie was brown specifically sometimes like we're colors it's like yellow whenever tap rooms at yellow goo coming out of Like a Prayer felt it would still give him illness for a while there was no commercial filter you could buy that would fix it yeah I'm pretty relying on this Kristen tablet sucks and I SHO no no it definitely has a smell sometimes but I can kind of just drinking tap but it's like that tap was late Austin tap for your TAP always shit I guess I prefer Canadian tap water if I had to pick one of the other clearly making a comeback number clearly Canadia flavored Waters they're coming back to market after having us over we need more what tree flavored a fuel has dropped off a little bit tree flavored needs to make the research we need we need to catch up when you hear the fuck off they are the best flavor of chips Ellie was only but something today that they have in the UK some kind of Korean BBQ to tell me about chicken Tandoori something Korea many maybe that's it told me some new slang today which I'm loving someone even wish slang from someone in Texas but she's English too so she knows she told she told me allow it I just say it for whatever reason allow it allow it. you left a light check with her on the specifics I know literally every American slang test me Boston without the wicked fairy go alright at Nebraska Cornhuskers right now guys second nicest dude yeah I feel like yours is back storing everything but the blog tomorrow it should come out Friday for struggling to get it done cuz it's a busy well on the trip previous blog for South by Southwest was editing that on the plane the plane and then slot to write and I did find you like a Capper on the thing I found an article here it's 40 American slang phrases for the Brits need to know I said I'm going to the definition of translate with slang term is Barbara mr. Canadia transitive verb for leaving abruptly ghosts relieving abruptly what did you say saket Bill tap the book means don't take responsibility for something you haven't even tried the but you don't have to hear the phrase yes I've never known what it means think about a Gavin how about I bought the farm I don't know that you're my way too expensive that's really me but the farm was closed without hand World War II Era military European Countryside properties resulting in damage for which the US government was responsible to pay their for buying the farm so amazing crashing your feet swell shoot the breeze small talk really this fat City Ocean Breeze talk about which way the wind will taking that phrase and just it's like a foreigner heard that phrase in his trying to everybody Amtrak Empire Finance fire the way Pickens hurricane Gaby how about a get late V what is it out what it what does it mean whatever those are need to contact but what is it what is plead the Fifth Amendment which is what do you know anything you don't have to create yourself basically flavored spill the beans give us the truth or tell the truth let the cat out the bag British English biggest pickup on the use of the word spell as a metaphor for divulging but that spilled the beans is that American option that we talked about on always open a couple weeks ago still think it's filthy it means like give us the truth that he is the truth so it looks like all that too so thank you I got I got you got to make the Sho for the control room that's a good for you which is by Gavin Farm know why Michael OKC Barbara slot bonus would you not buy Tesla for well everybody everybody who would you be on the bottom of your list control room probably just get to work faster to make fun of me some some pictures of Chris was it maybe Japanese teriyaki chicken maybe it was fat XL Australian barbecue kangaroo was it Australian barbecue kangaroo that sounds horrible yeah week is Cherokee cast when you admit they lived a different life than you and what is fat and they freaked out about the fact you know something the concept that I thought that at some point in my life I came up with the misconception ostriches or from Australia bothers a significant portion of our audience to where they contact me about it poorly the American what is the class where they teach you where animals originated grade where horses from the horses where the fuck are they from American horse that surround a horse run everywhere cats come from I got I want to see like my goal that's a great line in a rival the translation having arrival when she's up against another translator for the job the beginning as the colonel asked him what the the phrase this phrase means in Mongolia know right and he said that he asked him he said he meant to go to war and she said no it means the Quest for more cows or something something about the for more horse re SI Wate was about the saddle to of language even like going back to lie car slang language in stuff like that so many like new wants to meetings that can be easily lost slang language what are the chips that you like it up to remind everyone this episode of podcast is brought to you by movement watches chip remember absolutely love the watche the sent me it's Sleek stylish and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it move it was started by two broke college kids I wanted to wear stylish watches but could not afford them so they started their own watch company as you do want to start I just $95 at a department store you looking at 400 to 500 bucks moving figured out that by selling online that we will cut out the providing the best possible price get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns by going mvmt watches.com / rooster that's mvmt watches.com / rooster join the movement get one just like me black watche with blue hands and light brown leather band and this and this copy Bea can swap out the bed pretty easy too I just get was but I guess you just you just send it out I sweet chilli Sensations it's actually the most was it was this Chris Wood Center Kno stomach right now this to you. But it's Thai Sweet Chili yeah give me prawn cocktail come on Ellie yeah, that's right what's the weather talking about on the podcas everyone hates you the packet Walkers crisps and of all of those like flavored chips like this was it taste like something else you want to think of it the other thing why eat a piece of potato covered & chemicals to make you think it's something else I hope you got a chance for a long time and in the flavored potato chip potato chip barbecue and sour cream in re me late in the nose I can leave the American Chris game is awful it's just like classic & in the sour cream and then sometimes so having a barbecue barbecue flavored Kno with the barbecue meal cuz Smoky bacon get up um cocktail you don't have Bea yeah my awful you going to roast beef versus chicken she said the first thing she doesn't she wanted to throw is buy prawn cocktail crisps and a pint of British missional seems like you would be gets amazing to try to make me ill on the Strip we talked about at the Bobcats and Monday chip eat Me Maybe eat an entire platter of tuna sushi like to see if you can make me sick we're going to fish at the airport at 9 the one time I've ever gotten ill from eating and that was when I was in college I live with Matt and I came home with a whole package of Fig Newtons and a gallon of milk and I proceeded to eat an entire sleeve one half the package of Fig Newtons and one go and about 3/4 of a gallon of milk camera phones on everything for for like 3 hours oh yeah but that was that I think that's an extenuating circumstance that was volume yeah that was on for a record I was just bored and eating Non-Stop and most nervous about shrimp at different places of the mercury in the yeah I was like as easy oak allergies in Austin this week deal-breaker for me in Austin if I have oak allergies cuz I didn't hear it I'm a little sniffly remind me but I haven't been sick sick in a really low medical that was not allergies this is allergies and right before Sydney I got nobody everyday for your entire life that's not medical advice for someone else would do that that's what pick 40 never Unity Flonase and then you were bloody nose no no no the Flonase I think the Flonase was causing it just has problems for the first number for I wanna who went to Shake Shack remember & I no you had a double cheeseburger cheese fries and a milkshake I've got to get a shake it's a special 40 minutes between the end of the podcas the post SHO Jessica holding off work between her but she car yeah the post Sho was a big deal. Post it today so I can watch it now with my receipt first number to listen to this is a hundred percent worse at the very least a free trial for first appear in the sweet feed talking about how they're going to get us to the drunk re Bea release your not so just give up your get I can guarantee is worth getting first membership for did you ever think you'd be using Jessica Nigri Zayna's to sell first membership somewhere you know dreams do come true for some people be watching her demonstrate that fork in her but was at 2 its a member that would cherish for a lifetime I've never seen Burnie clear table faster the killing me was right here I was just like to see her in the CD cover photo shoots part of it I hope it's okay to say that I saw a teaser image for the episode of fanservice she was in both I think it was definitely miles and maybe grey are both them that sweater killer Brits water which I didn't why it's called that can I get a Subway challenge six foot long Subs in 1 hour I could do that why do they the whole platter sushi in about 7 minutes I didn't think I mean look and then the size of human right it's got to be volume of person you going to spell the summit and then stuck on it that's what I did and I might gam was touching my stomach it was hard as a row that when you open your mouth wide enough I could steal I could see that it's just like I was pushing you against Bush NFL what we were talking about 6 years ago I went on a trip with the prefix using a very similar to the. We're in now like all everything that's going on and at that point in time to go Gavin I left in the middle of stuff to go to Sweden on the Europe trip together hand on that trip Gavin we got a sandwich like A6 inch sandwich and Gavin I wear their with JD would In Like A Time & M's only me and he makes me eat the whole sandwich in one bite but I had to have the tires and sandwich into my face I got it it's not easy as it's not far but I respect for my lady friends I like that we haven't changed no nothing is different I don't think that each other to do things like that video of you jumping into a car without you no it's on sleeping people able to earn money working at Wate Trace I would bet my entire day's wages for someone to like eat all the condiments that I had the cash when I get 40 is there a is there a reputation that Brits will have his bedding I don't know I just like seeing people I know does holding the cap the water bottle and Gavin said he give me $5 if I pour water into the cab and then poured it directly on my crotch this is like the easiest $5 I've ever made when you accepted that she got you that you no he should have amped it up I did it then Michael was going to eat the five-time gummy bear in an hour and you're going to pay him something stupid 2500 will I mean but boy he started I watch you be like this is not a good time I love you Metro that and then like a year later put out the actual video when the very simple first was just a stor in the found the foot trail of us and we should try to assassinate each other was shoes no I got you a lot lately we didn't do it on this trip but yeah Barb it's me just in the parking lot get someone in the face was either Gavin or Burnie but was with this you're serious you specifically I need what triggers that is I see Gavin from afar and then I like walk towards and slowly with my camera the worst thing I ever did the gas ex feel like was Dan gruchy was in town co-founder of the swimmer guy and they had gotten back from the sub shop and I didn't get the camera well place after the was so fast that I couldn't get a good shot of it but they're walking with their subs and I know how happy people are the boil and I just walked by Dan I suppose this and then Gavin was walking in front of them I walked by Gavin as I did I reach down and I grab the sub out of his hand and then took a couple more steps in front of Gavin and then just punted like a foot but I guess my lunch as a footprint like I took the bit where those the whole and I just like the uniform house 40 40 90 Gavin they got some height like I was looking at my sandwich in the app for about 2 seconds was great Heroes immortal I think I was like you weren't so defensive and I saw him and Jeff walking into the building with hamburgers and I kind of made half a step over just raise my hand a little bit you like football we have to protect your food out of my anus and protect my head and stuff but I realized how much I ate off my kids plates one day at dinner I was sitting there talking with JD and they were both like it is insane how you can deceit forever RT 24 pieces of sushi 40 time a large amount I really would like to know I wonder if I can eat longer than Michael can talk that's an impossible we should have told you if you tap that 38000 calories in time at least I mean I think so I know they still do the same format but they still make videos are you going to come this year it's going to be busy summer Jun 23 to 26. The summit to and I was just talking with the archery the gentleman who runs our check city and will be assisting this greatly with rt X 1/10 as well and I said hey I think I want to do another convention down in Australia but not RT Expo just like one I'll just go by myself felt like to attend one convention yet yeah and those are fun because like my buddy runs packs young I just a run that he's one of the people who organizes it pulls it off he was Pax Australia but you said I don't stop with him and tax it doesn't feel like a convention that would go to as a single appearance you know it's not new I've never been to Pax outside of the Russia but you know but I could just go you know just me and no that would be okay to do an event using at the same time coming around one of the Armageddon for something more bang for your buck Jessica says were sneaking around outside I don't know what that means people sneaking over there pop in here and say hello don't like OU crazy though because you're feeling milliond dollars but he is an extra one of the people who contributed to the 20 campaign for Heroes hello was only the red light was only tens of thousands of people watching well thank you very much for contributing to the million dollar but car game Craft on campaign thank you guys so much for making my friends come here just absolutely incredible everything you guys do when it's been you Kno one of the coolest opportunities that had to meet you guys & Beyond set so thank you some pretty stupid scenarios I would say this was one I did last night we were out till 8:30 at night 9 at night about an hour outside of Texas outside of Austin was because we had one shot that had fire in it then I can't go deeper into the match so we had a whole crew traveling out of someone's butt again Marshall apparently to do this one shot I took all of 20 minutes maybe to do so we had to drive an hour there an hour back with a full production in my backyard was a question I was told Insurance what is fake fire but me season 1 with the Limited crew ridiculous terms less official looking into different chunks of the round table and it's a sexy episode of the Barbara is the rooster teeth gets points are Barbara and Blaine and Miss Jessica Nigri yep I was trying to scenario can I can get them both topless but I can think of one for that can to go to topless Miller dollars but dollars but you can't wear short for you funn to discuss dollars for your shirts that's it but you really need to get going to take up a shirt that's what I'm saying right Google live the rest of your life in your dishwasher and he's like so I have my shirt off that shirt wearing a dress shirt doesn't come out tomorrow early it's a limited edition shirt goes on sale at 10 a.m. and once it's gone it's gone in Detroit today on video Jefferson more videos on his sabbatical the most first members get a 5% discount yep if you get one time at 10 a.m. to two shirts there's that will the other one also tomorrow okay he's like Two Sparrows some cool Line Design on it too if you could breathe in a dishwasher would it work if I just watch can you breathe in a fridge I don't but with oxygen pump in the fridge but eventually run out of fresh air Gavin getting your dishwasher and run a snorkel out the top and then shut that and you're getting to be quite nice get one if you have to like turn the heat on there on the water in a dishwasher super hot shower Cube my ex I can't imagine shower and like the get your ass home really clean my ex Jordan cuz I can't mom she started a business where she renovates like houses like that's her career now she like to do this house flipping thing she does and she did her thing that she does is she has the shower head that I've never seen before she sends me pictures of there's a shower head she put in this one house where it's a normal shower head but then this whole thing that goes on the wall and his Jets the whole way that seen it before yeah I'm like like these mad so you like Anna car wash having a shower that my but hole specifically isn't getting cleaned it up that's why I bought is good cuz it your but hole just used in the war and the rest of you see that butthole water than you can but once you know if you step in the shower sack lunch time Peter somebody never like I'm doing it to myself so it's not this way it's that way so you sit down in the shower now I'm standing up but my butt is behind me who did Michael Jessica the TV get sticky when you're shooting are we going to Mike for you Gus one there's anyway call you Jessica you're weird because you're one of the people that I don't often just call them by their first name I just call you Jessica Nigri your first last name Celine Dion Celine Dion Stevens Celine Dion and then share last name to come say hi and then going the address in Boca I seen Barbara I have seen proofs of them like one or two like little things you guys put out that she was such a good job over there Michael filthy casual shouldn't town this whole week and I have been able to in the whole week because really dollars but last night and then we got in on Tuesday and we were doing some things today Gavin guy gives emergency and I had clearly with JD's birthday polarized I'm leaving fre Gus jumped off the stage she had all the time all the time always had a 10 I don't know how she doesn't like a super mode maybe she's 18 hours and something like comments about my watch on the phone the Twitter feed this watch is I started wearing it's watching cuz I gave her my Apple watch Gus made fun of me when they always try had stuff in my hands I was trying to look at my watch and it wouldn't turn on so that right path with Mike and Gus just goes yes you look great doing that whatever technology for you like I said you with the socks thing I just feel so bad about it I would home is like I'm not worried about the watch anymore I don't really recognize that that thing as inconvenient as fuck charging a watche I'm done I got too much shit that you take it off every night then yeah we'll try to travel and I got another cord gets in trouble if I had a lightning thing or whatever can take it I'm not doing anymore watching anyway this watche off of but I've had it for a really long time hand watch forever this watch was when red versus blue took off this was probably I can the first seven years this one thing I bought myself with this red and blue watche & really old was really all I want to see a gift to yourself drove my pick up that I had at my telecom job I drove up with first like you're ever spent but another pick up and drove that one until but like 2012 and then down 2013 Tesla first re catch it anytime you don't need me you know need me I see you everywhere now I got an immediate lesson in that right away I kind of like it cuz it's almost like in GTA you see that those unique cars or you're like what's that girl's name with the pink car Kno liter engine the story about the when I took Teddy out for his birthday to Cheesecake Factory open so so I was a Cheesecake Factory Teddy and three very nice people walked up to us our table right and he said you're Burnie Burns and I said yes I am Hello nice to meet you and they said this was a to with the car they said we saw your car in the parking lot and so we tried to find you somewhere in this mall in the complex and it was like probably two dozen stor is one of these outdoor malls and it was weird because it's like so you look for me in the Cheesecake Factory I was Factory cheesecake to love Cheesecake Factory so Teddy to get macaroni and cheese cake deep fry cheese they put the calories on every meal you literally can't fucking hate that place too many options Health Gavin problem yeah it's like I want to make something good not there make a billion different thing Phoenix really different cheesecake standard mac and cheese to make fried macaroni cheese with chili little balls of fried macaroni cheese and they have a macaroni and cheese burger Rihanna how the green chile mac and cheese dog SHO play about that anymore it's not. It's also smaller buffalo cauliflower bites like a fucking good I don't know at one time it so maybe I have that I got to Sam so good buffalo fried cauliflower buffalo it is amazing how many Logan there would be other kind of soft opening so I went like for the same reason Gus was interesting the place this is the first but sitting in this chair for this island the Getty City first off your mail that's true they do Spencer and 2000 miles to get your but no I did Mel's before when I try to buy something and I had to change my flight and it just wouldn't let me hand that happens sometimes with when you buy it ticket it just feels less egregious when you cash because you know it's just like that's normal course of business and but when it's your miles I can personalize it just feels like home I got a refund you there a currency but somehow it's more cuz it takes so much longer than the record I wish I could have got on that flight that would have been fucking awesome it would have been that they would have blown me from Austin to Chicago then I would've gotten into the Polaris Labs Chicago the for Chicago to San Francisco spend the night there then Flint San Francisco cost you can do that today but they will pay for all but it would be the first time that plane flew ever with a password on it the 50th time of flight is just as new was the first really not to be worn down and some week Messi or anything about it when it's like this 7000 time is funny-looking rickety you know Gus is well of airplane Gavin I will be flew over to 10747 Vienna we were a little concerned cuz we are booked on Austria Airlines & Gavin look him up he said we'd know why you would say things like that to stars there someplace Was Won star so we in a lot of just trepidation about what can a player going on probably the nicest flight ever been we would love to be Flint a business cause that's definitely true that's definitely call him I've been but I see the nicest way never flew on was one leg of The Amazing Race we flew from Georgia to Dubai before the Emirates plane if I could fly Emirates on a regular basis I would totally fligh but I've never flown Emirates RT fucking none of the bathroom you go down to a different level and that's where all the bathrooms are we hand it seems right so they just obviously designed airplanes to be able to the cargo space maybe she was like your OU I've got someone who's the prince of me a Snapchat and I say that but he works at an airport and he regularly sends me Snapchats from like inside cargo holds a plane but pics ground crew and the planes hit up I don't know that's why I'm not saying what airport for anything so I don't know if I would get him in trouble but it's really cool I can send me like this like the inside of the car going but I never thought about hey but you know me I like to look at it was really good I was worried about you I got you can you give me feel like a long episode of Black Mirror that's what it felt like to me was right wasn't I invited the main character the black milliond in a loving this TV series English and Ashley when she went down to Australia she was regularly turn down for hosting jobs because she has American accent where it where is in the u.s. is Australian applies to goal that's really interesting yet has he sounds Australian will put in hosting gig and they rejected hardcore another place they don't want to marry connection because it gets so much of it in the content the import for America with this case was a British actor doing an American accent I'm saying it's like he was saying I guess he's a British actresses then I can be talking American to work on British TV show Friends I think it's about time to wrap up the year the time to wrap up the time who watches a person on television or movies in their country that has American accent that we don't consider famous America because now there's anybody things it's like that was reversed John Oliver we all know who David Hasselhoff it was funny to us the David Hasselhoff was big in in Germany but there must be people in other countries that are Americans that are famous and we can you was on The Voice was on Vice news tonight I saw story about a an american guy who has broken into the Mexican wrestling league the luchadors biplane like this kind of like parody of trump really yeah he walks around with American flag with photo of trump on it and if I tell the Mexican wrestlers every 90 place to heal down there but his calling I just think he is super popular Mexican wrestling because he plays his character Greg Miller hope you had a good first week and please do not give us ten thousand by Monday see her have to watch re I love you