#422 - Burnie’s Sunset Party Hangover

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Burnie’s party, buggy Microsoft tech, weird plane crashes, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 27, 2017, sponsored by The Black Tux (http://bit.ly/2o3woX0), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/2o3JxiK), Casper (http://bit.ly/2o3Fkvm)

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Recorded: 2017-03-28 12:59:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought you by black tux blue apron and Casper are find sponsors a kind of match the Blue Apron I'm just Gavin Blaine burni Gus we're just here we got to talk about first week goal how do we do how to repair will we got the Wii unlock the Ruby episode 3 dubbed buy cheap in her that was the $5,000 that was the last week I can do Thursday we did that we only have 4 days left to like double that amount unfortunately we hit the 10,000 goal give me really and you know what I was in a meeting today and they didn't fucking tell me now I know why they didn't because they would give it to you to do this to me I got it I got the hell you hear on the air fuckers it getting hit the goal you really didn't want that to happen I just think that thing is like it's going to be a pain in the ass first of all how to get to the wearing Tu releasable thing I mean go to remove glass from its a hundred percent skin off my back I'm absolutely can edit that thing before I head off to anybody else I don't know I think there's a really state for it scheduled yet but it is it now has to be edited like Burnie working on it we're going to have to start working on it okay well I can I see what the deal for what I wanted to do this week on my Vlog because I don't like to Special Olympics was like it was so much fun and I couldn't find anything else to remove from that thing so this weekend I got a little simpler pain I do like the Q&A off when I choked on my puncture for so fucking happy about that I'm so happy for you guys the Swiss Alps in Austria big simply for the goofy accident in high altitudes through photography what is an Austrian accent Blain Schwarzenegger gay you go bug arnol trivia DoubleDave's just followed me Austrian with me is it at is that is is that a language recovery is Patrick in on this because now I'm certain you so insecure and confident fictional look it up real quick it's not I'm hearing from the angel on my shoulder tonight I will fucking with you I think they mainly speak German or a lot of the same thing now we know you say German in German I feel like all eyes on me in my ignorance right now so let's just let me know what kind of what has propelled us for the last yeah we'll go back stuck my Arnold theater 9 years here so this Saturday we know it on yours this Saturday marks or 14th anniversary the other company the company yeah yeah yeah for you and me okay because your long Monday evening from Gus me to still kiss and we drank last night and I have to admit that I'm a little bit little bit mini peel back the curtain a little bit how the podcast Works go ahead what time did I text you to ask if you could be at the park at 6:11 a.m. you want me to look no it was a bad to confirm that you were the first to confirm them first because they might have been shooting today and yesterday 1251 burni denied reply all day then later that night like at 9 p.m. to text me asking for someone else's phone number know that yes I can give you that person's phone number if you tell me can you be on the podcast tomorrow so how about this you text me at 12:51 and I replied that one pretty quick and I also have sex with you come over we're having fun that you like send me a pic with your address no that's okay I got an invite to this thing and then I had to talk to him so then I thought I should invite him over this phone number the other person by the way was it your number Blaine we have your number I got a late invite so I'm at 1:48 is when you got to leave sorry about that since you text me at 4:20 and said hey drink some my house for that she's trying to for yeah yeah you were online but it took my nice just took over and invited you and you were not you were hugging you one if I 44 come over pins location and I said what's the occasion in mind troubling you send me the Glorious fucking phone as soon on Cindy what time United 44 Ashley put that thing together 56 can I get someone's number if you tell me where they're not you can do the podcast tomorrow then you said I can and fuck you in the bus I feel like it was originally built as like she keeps on the roof until sunset Celia as it turned out three quite heavy night surprisingly surprises and someone stop bleeding at one point what happened there I actually like I wasn't many people there had to miss that so she's only like a 10 year old screen I was wearing shorts so maybe better to do with it but riots in town so she wanted to see right also Colton is in town because we've begun production of Lazer Team 2 so cold and done you please Herman enlisting franchise he's in town it was to be drinks for like right and Colton being in town called men couldn't come because he had a personal thing you had to do so like yeah he's like next weekend we're going down to Lockhart for barbecue I was feeling earlier today and we're feeling by the university so you been on Steam already been in Lazer team Tu I was feeling all 8:15 to all day I think straight from there here to do the president for us coming in on Monday other than no no no schedule with them special so I could leave early so we were filling up by the way she fucking hate Mondays come along with Monday yet so we're feeling out of the university and I got their furloughs at 6:30 this morning there at 6:30 and 7 to start serving breakfast catering catering is like big trail it's it Outlet kind of buffet style like a table and you go and have breakfast talk with some stuff and I was there and I was like the only person there at the catering and I'm going through and like making myself a little taco and I like this group of college kids come by and they're like this is food free can we just have this isn't like they got their back to class or the movie where in the movie The know you're not have security for the food it was fun to be out there and see what was going on on campus it was close to should I say yet today's the only day we're filming there you can I just like college kids congregate in certain areas on campus and they hand out like food or they'll have bake sales and stuff like that so I was assuming it was in that kind of region that seems about right for college kids come up and think that I mean I could totally see like it when I was in college and university sponsored thing boys hungry in college doing okay always 3 steps Easter there there's a parking lot right there Man Memories we had our anniversary first season of big group went out to Liberty to 6th Street and that night I was so freaking drunk and long was in town and we ended up doing on a quest to find the ingredients for grilled cheese and cheese you just it was just drunk and cheesy food cheese macaroni cheese we walked all around campus we would actually right by that place that you guys are up for something today that has found you get a Grilled Cheese Truck Yeah we waited like how like 5 gold cheeses and some mac and cheese is really good what's a grilled cheese grilled cheese is Real 2 pieces of white bread butter both sides put one in on put the cheese on top with the other than say the cheese what is the cheese it's not real golden brown gotta go yeah you got it you have to use for grilled cheese you have to use fake cheese if you use Velveeta or American cheese it was it seems like dry or like degrees separate out from each other and stuff like that has to do the work to be like a grilled cheese restaurant over in the triangle with the matter Ted's Sheds now they have a brick-and-mortar over with the trailer at the triangle it was like damn I didn't realize they were over there right across street from a GN that place in there's no McCulloch school house when I got an Oakland to a couple times did grilled cheese places like they like mess with the ingredients and cheeses that's a promise I only like the vanilla grilled cheese I want comfort food for tomato in it and they've got to put stuff in and then finally they got to see if someone who fucking your sandwiches in the UK English breakfast looks like it looks like an accident and I was like these delicious I always leave the mushrooms I don't like mushrooms only mushrooms either I like and I don't like cooked carrots I love carrots fucking hate that for you vegetable they are much better could feel like sweet baby carrots I like carrots but I like cooked carrots rapid like sweet baby cooked carrots what is that English in there I mean totally went up chips with that in a while that's what that guy that's the guy that strong that went to the Golden Corral just like I want to know something that should be sometimes but put it but you looking at that is the best hangover cure on the planet I mean you're pretty good traditional Mexican cure for hangover Stu that is very thick soup for Hardy that's made with like stomach lining and how many or like a primate eczema cure for a hangover is no I've never tried that I the Ducks jet immersion took me on the app me about the hair of the dog actually work scares me cuz that's like I could imagine cracking a beer and drinking a beer while hangover like that's the last thing you want it seems awful and it smells awful I'm drinking it instantly feel better no kidding that's a great way to develop a problem in your life if you don't have a problem or solution is there like a collective hangover from that though like aren't you just prolonging it to me right now I'm not hungover I just like I have this I have done this the day after I drink and also I got a little obnoxious I think last night I could come across that line would you do you make was particularly funny because we ordered you having some so eating contest we were but she wasn't I was so drunk we're headed pepperoni rolls in this this local pizza place called double days which I discovered man who grew up in Austin and I've been here for now 22 years we both love this local pizza place double the end it's probably not a fan right for pepperoni rolls of paper and runs over three dozen pepperoni rolls did you have any of it cuz they're all fucking gone by the time I got there so I said look my pepperoni while she was awesome and then she ate one and then for some reason I asked I said I had already eaten too and I feel guilty but even so far she has I've had three I know you had three or I can just what you have another one time in another way should I go to be into it so then we got to eating kind of heat the most but then I come to find out or I realized this morning that I just a 5 she already had sex she wasn't eating anymore she was done telling me tell you that I would leave her alone or that she was just trying to see how many she can get you like stuffed in the 626 she would even bother to get up and leave from her space on the couch would like to keep the roof going she was just knew I was drunk enough to go now I just got out who the fuck knows I've no idea I don't remember it was such a happy night but I don't know where it was weird to see where we didn't drink all that much like I'm not out of booze you know you're so I do have a lot we did we did you have potential to for the phone from to be born really fucked up to cuz she started she playing this thing and I just kinda woke up I can kind of Grumpier a little bit in the morning because we had we had a laser team dinner the night before at a place downtown where was like all like that the Buddha call Bug blue and crew like writer-director you know pretty sure stuff like that and then the cast moving out to dinner and then the next day I come to find out actually had told Colton at dinner we'll have drinks tomorrow our place at 4 and I'm like I'm like I just got should I got to do I was out of town all weekend you know and so it for for Sunset but it seems like the Sun's light at like 6:30 or 7 so it's that I think it was like going to the weather 752 was when it was so sad she was actually supposed to got heavy cuz she started this way too early it was my fault I actually got drunk but you do I just trying to jet to check the remains of a check down the cheese master I know listen I don't think I'm going to jealous person but I got jealous of Ashley and Gavin yesterday doing good because Ashley was doing something well she was doing something that she does for me all the time she was scratching your head whenever I come home she just like scratches my head really good it was happening you just go back like you did not like a head massage you like physically like just like to talk to him did you get it to me I think it is a she didn't see me so I can think of like treating you like you're the cat let you do as a joke and I like it feels fucking amazing okay so Blaine did Dylan so pretty you were just a choice now I didn't go I also wouldn't be here today I would have gotten fired I also did not get head scratch last night NFL with you you fucking little I call the house just sold the road to Hana is gone down receiving head rubs over on the roof she's going to town on you I definitely lost for head rubs yeah she's looking for some money we were going to talk and I mean it's not like you ever want to turn down for your patience it's been great in my mouth that I tried from my mouth into Blaine's and then I was no good so I just put them straight you're not you I try to get some point Thursday on I'm sure you're like a spitting in my face I was done with it but it was like I was going to hold in my teeth and I'm just like trust me that one of them like fully rolled back into my mouth as I that was wet if you have that many drinks if you're just sitting here Jason on Twitter just gave one of the best descriptions of hair of the dog he said hair of the dog when you drink your beer it's like in the movie Pleasantville when all the color start the flood into the movie that's how it feels to try it next time I just was really up for it but Jeff gave me a Jack and Coke one morning and it made it great first edition black dudes like you I never would if it wasn't for that immersion who discovered that it was someone someone who was hungover until I'm going to drink again now pain yeah that morning when we did that emergencies talking about the immersio wearing Griffin and I took Jeff and Gus and we drink all night till like 2 in the morning then we went home we got them as we could get them we went home we were back out at like 5 in the morning and we went got Gus and Jeff out of bed then fed him a bunch of food for the video game food makes you feel better so that was like the worst Pizza I would call it pizza and everything you had like we had ham way always Foods you see in video games I have a feeling this breakfast Gavin can of beans or something like that for modern-day video games but it's like a big ham with a bone in it it's like a leg of lamb or a rack of lamb or something like that a big long conversation about nice cartoon food looked at how like a ham with the big ribeye steaks in cartoons on Cooks yeah it's on cook T-Bones I would always get hungry for them to on Twitter here a bit map of pixel is asking if your back to wearing that Apple watch how does the Fitbit know I'm done with my black Pebble Pebble yeah okay I think your Pebble got acquired by Fitbit I think right and then they're shutting down their operations I believe I've been a lot to catch up on the watch this watch is when red versus blue took off literally feel like the first seven years of the company doing well I was still just like I didn't really change a lot about my life on purpose I didn't like I still drove my same truck you know everything else and then this watch is the one thing that I bought for myself is this watch this we can see red blue watch that about me but that was one thing and I've had it I've had it now what Tony or something like that what's that was the second nice thing about what is a really light like sex doll Okay computer stuff when did you get my Canon 5D maybe it was later to get your whole movie theater projector that we move to Austin from you. So that would have been like years 6 or 7 cuz that around that time would have been expensive not so much anymore but you had it was done proper would like nice long tables and we moved into a new houses in Newton you have time to do it yeah and now it's like that that that house has completely shave my view on houses I the house was too big it was snowing in Texas they have these big how the lack of a better term mcmansions and it's just it's just too much then when I moved into my own place but for 5 years after that that place was Tiny the place um bug but it was that the place was like 1300 square feet does the Second Life the second most recent places like it's interesting the way it's laid out but it's actually square footage wise not that big not the one that's up high that we were at last night the one before that one for a long time Game of Thrones to the backyard all that stuff yet I was at 13 Hertz crash eat it was a hunting Shack initially it so they told me there's a bug I think I give me the picture you crazy I just built in 1932 music here's a picture of house when there's nothing else around it shows this fucking picture and it helps release fucking Woods trees everywhere Bug Wars part but is one of the stick pictures it's so old looking paper super thick enough and there's this kid just like standing there by the front door like this and he's like this look on his face like staring at the camera like the fuck did you show me this. They're like I want to make sure the realest I got my G do you see the kitten this me that nobody else sees it but me so what has this kind of freaked me out so this like going to like open houses in the houses are for sale in the time there was this one I looked at a couple weeks ago was a really weird house in the look like they have built it over time and that was different sections of house and they take him outdoor patios in like Waldo man and they were inside the house now was looking in the master bedroom at all there's a bathroom here at on sweet attached walking to the bathroom where's the toy toilet was in the shower was like a toilet was right next to the shower and I like well maybe they're like a special container for the toilet paper just like out there and like and like where you would totally get it I'll just wait so would the shower water go into the bowl put it really close it was a little out of the ring I didn't buy the same time I don't know where you met a shit and shower so I don't know I was leaving the real estate never seen this before but she started taking pictures what do I favorite things in Congress is the Congress office that is Downtown hotel the fish me a shower in there but there's a light switch in the shower and it was all the way in the back so you just like had to put the shower head straight down and help no water got across to the electrical heat switch that was inside mostly say oyster from like he know he or whatever when that have touched it switches in your in your bathroom anyway yes that's it in that bathroom goal talking to Nathan in the video but I'm coming out the bathroom like up in pain and my head's all that messed up cuz if he does something about when they're going to the video but I'm spraying the air freshener but actually sprayed it because it would show up on camera let me get like 4 take so I was spraying the stuff over and it was this Landing is that we will ever the time switch was when you like Crush what are in legs and seeing you eat shit in a bathroom putting on a totally different note if he's went that's when he said that I was just week and I was watching Nathan video Channel with his brother David and I was watching fiddle sticks and Fiddle stick same thing with the monkey yeah but it was 2009 was the raid on that as I thought it was like college when they did that stuff but he would have been at your keys by that point when they're going to fiddle stick stuff do you still wear with this for a very long time he was like he was like employee the first one on original group to work at like 6 or 7 as an employee number 7 and finches favorite don't start and he works with is all the way up through I want to see season 9 ish anyway he went out with his brother David is older and they made a really tremendous gnome called Kumiko the treasure hunter would you be haven't seen that talk about the podcast before but it's just an absolute Mark Workman he wasn't a couple months ago we did a short with him he's in recent word Nathan what does I mistyped my internship started after Nathan left his bug because I think it was the day after the election so the onset of I was a little we'll go on what was the video it was Burnie was a hoarder and he was holding a bunch of random shit and escorting Nathan as well unique was in my pile of junk now let me buy black tux Elite great for a wedding or special event has never been easier with the black tux. 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RoosterTeeth that's the black cocks.com slash receipt for $20 off your purchase thank you for sponsoring this or cats black tux to the great service I wish I could have been around much sooner seems like a no-brainer to me going to a formal event recently went to the store tried on a dress shirt cuz I blow through white dress shirts I think I had like two where's out of them and I throw them away but I was awfully wasteful do I dispose of old I know but like that you just must allow them and they get ruined they get stressed out there goal City to the point that in the mail to get dirty cuz I'm very sweet person so they get kind of dirty rotten egg machine spin around long time so much after I put in my closet to the event that hangs out there and in by the time I'm like ready for formal events like the day of the formal event in my fucking white shirt and I could either like go and get that one plane and potentially it not look perfect or just go by like a Chris's clean ones the store so I was just by Chris clean long as it's like this more like 25-30 bucks oh okay let's find wearing a shirt without washing it but you look crisp and clean these new shirt sleeves I got one own an iron I do do you ever use your own but it's for shirts that have color with the white ones sweat stains and shit like that it's like it's brown and gross and sweaty person I think you're gross in specific ways with sweaty that one of them except first ship that I know I bought a shirt I tried went on it fit and I looked at that specific tag another okay I need to match this I found another one I was in the stack those fold it cuz I'm going to Chris's so I left the one that I tried on like I'm full of it right now because the day of the wedding came in the shirt sleeve came up to my fucking forearm is relatively low but I had to wear a suit jacket over or so then I'll just like well she had so then I did like immediately as soon as if I would have severed the sleeves at the shoulder or just owned it and then slide the cup down to but then I would have to have it but it would be cool I would have put that they would have just really uncomfortable to have this leave like Huntley sliding down inside like a river but I didn't have some that have cuffs and collar that no she could be cool but look like you're wearing is a sweaty person to discover that my week of Fun House videos that I did with them at least I'm not saying I was sitting with the least I'm like that she just kept mentioning the fact that video she mention the fact that she sweats to the pits of her t-shirt every time she plays Google Trends because it makes her so that it was a week with them almost 2 weeks when we launched fun house and I was like am in back since he's got to come back so I went into the week with him and it was still shows you're still coming out you went must go there I also the podcast and I was invited I was going to make a trip just for that and frankly I'm looking for it during the week cuz my kids are in school so it's like if I'm going to go and take a trip I'd rather do it during the week and on the weekend because there's no line but then I got to go on the Tom Arnold podcast as well on the fuck are going to tell her about that sounds awesome I don't know yet they have to promote it it'll be out awhile but it was easy to talk to you what's a Curr stories Blain legalize waiting to put podcasts out what building a back catalogue and waiting at the light right amateur Evergreen content Edition I don't think I'm going to say like you couldn't be topical if you do it that way though so I like this way talk about the things that matter when they matter flying by the seat of your pants what we talked about today that's all the party that we had last night that's true our anniversary coming up this Saturday Sprint time so the last half of March is taking forever like a month away everything slowed down agree I agree with you it's actually slow down how much the second half of March is out of this to me how long it take the Sun to say yesterday it was a long time you know what time is it is so interesting because when you having fun it goes it doesn't just like double it goes like 7 times faster than boring time it's wit ya even though that the same amount of time can I was an hour away the Reconstruction to drink like what did I do and I was there for hours how do I spend 4 hours cuz I know I talked to this person in the message that person and I time Clippers Nets three people I talk to that took for our just got to remember all you got to do really memorable stuff like I know I got rubs I know I seem to remember that great so I remember that having a blast of sorry I missed it would you take a great from my mouth no but you would if we did if I didn't bother you earlier the day what's it's likely that you would come really I was really tired yesterday okay that's why over like 20 at this point on New Year's Eve 2014 2015 you are getting out of this year and you just didn't even get bailed out this year yeah I even texted you like 2 days enforcing are you still coming to my house this weekend when I went to Mirza 2014-2015 I left before midnight man you were drunk vampire oh my God that was terrible I was a spy and that's always invisible that what you had another contest with Megan that what you having like going to make a drink stronger than you would try to catch up on drinks tonight the weather is like pouring booze and drink because we had a bottle of every time is it we will try you have a goal that doesn't make any sense but involves Megan Subway this one was a very specific goal because I forget what we did it was one of the first times actually ever came to Austin and Meg Gavin Ashley and I decided to go out and go to putt putt together and we were going to have beds and get kinda drunk except Ashley got fucking hammered she hit more food in on other holes than the ones we will on she was getting off like she would put the ball down and do a full the way home and she is trying to calm her down and make was like I guess we really is one of the first times everyone had been in one place at one time and I was like dude you are super bouncy of the frogs I am going into the other set of 18 and up in the parking lot of McDonald's over that night the reason I got drunk as is Meg or actually I drunk a snake shows the drink for the evening and you remember what that was it was cotton candy vodka bar or candy or whipped cream bug bite Elite birthday of all use whipped cream vodka in Diet Coke so it tasted like vanilla Cokes and I actually really like that and just did so much of it but fast forward a few years later than yours if not months later I still had a bottle of this whipped cream vodka so I was just trying to get back to drink the rest of it so I didn't have this cheap Sorority Girl probably probably had it since you think I'm Whalers rum know nothing about his favorite drink cabana boys look for and I can't find it cabana boys have it it's a vanilla rum has a shirtless McBee relentlessly I can't make fun of you after just got brought her rum and Malibu rum and pineapple go to drink is Malibu and pineapple wherever you guys the thermosphere pain in the ass but I feel like not every bar has pineapple juice a lot no it's nothing to do and now he's pretty standard known as well I think it's not too hard to get it like a white russian must know because sometimes they don't have the couple not but I got it last night it was freakin Cherry Coke out of it and then actually sprayed raid in it so it was like it was something flight out and I was like oh my gosh that one of my bug I still drank a lot of them bug out there but wasn't ideal yeah it's not really she cut herself and bled all over address still remember that I should change that she did she did she the pretty white dress on and she changed out of it when I showed up Every Witch Way will give me head rubs using a let me in and actually go the think I think I get invited to things now because of my girlfriends probably some reason the John gets invited out because people hang out with right now John but she didn't see that along I was there and she was like where's your girlfriend and I was like no I just took her to the airport just like okay it is like let me into the APPL time so she took off remind me at 7 to be Ashley how do I can you guys want you to hang out with you sir from Brandi wanted to hang out with you I want to play like Korean steak and I think I might have an idea realistic Silva in 2012 and never again it was I must have made a pretty bad place Wars I usually followed you to your house once because he was on route to another place I needed to go to and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever because I was just like he thinks I'm following him home he thinks I'm calling and text you and tell you I'm walking by your house but it's not to walk by your house I want to prevent that awkward situation it would be okay with making it awkward because that's why you should listen to me I'm your thority on making it awkward okay alright when was last time you went against his house when he broke into my house for the Emergency time to think I've been a broken for an immersion any other time I was outside with house 5 bedroom into trying to get Addie a signal that aren't you like when I was hangover Street passing him why all the time and that was it has literally though that's the last time I was at his house was making a stupid video in his front yard do dorm pranks the best burni prank the best how you feeling what's going on you got some of the works video in town yeah that for you I'm still thinking about it people were talking about your performance is like that but I don't think they understood like you went into that and I was like how much do you want to know about this prank that's what I'm talking about Chris being prank by those like dudes and like spy outfits whatever I don't know Ghost Recon but you didn't want to know a lot cuz you wanted to have like a genuine reactions and so right it was fucking scary like I didn't know I didn't know there was going to be that explosion whatever that was before I knew something was coming and whiskey the way Blaine described it is you're going to go and you can do this he's going to hand you something make sure that you take it and put in your pocket make sure Chris it isn't but if I was like okay the fuck is that I know you guys and then while I thought you guys just have a conversation and then it'll be an event and I go what you're happy cuz you'll know when it happens you will know what it's like okay so we went in and that's what happened to you and took you way to write yeah dude I was just kind of lost a little bit like I got angry with those guys and everything else I just say it was it was intense it was great yeah just like they were asking me questions and stuff and it's so I just had a visceral reaction to them like really need real I know I know it was like the guys come storm you the fucking guns they're putting them at us or you recently still there I got a point guns at me to write they didn't I didn't let them pointed at Chris like people needed understand that Chris's like totally safe entire time will like you guys since you were aware of it they were more they could play with you more oh yeah we were I was worried about was what Chris's reaction we are even going to do like an original passive prank words like the tickets the other room we could come see the other rooms and I was like we would break Chris like we might purple damage to his liking the first week on hand at the case took every precaution there's people that had work done like jackass and just like all those like prank shows what does this one through a door let me make that mean literally came through and they just fucking shattered yeah it's crazy and the other thing about it was I mean Chris could have gotten up and went running to a wall or something like that I just really funny instantly want to get on the grounds but I told him if he goes to the ground you need to bring him up cuz when you to see him for camera but he like toenails great is his reaction was to just like hide with you like I could cuddle you the first page that they throw it the van in fancy go out we go out to the desert for something like that and then they pull us out in the desert and do the review out there but they work first which was like they was just stay where they weren't military guys they were just kidnappers basically but then it didn't make sense for what we were doing for voice refers to admit something to you that he couldn't take back knowing I'd that's why I hate I hate and Ashley I love her that's what I hate about hidden camera stuff is that if you hidden camera stuff who knows I mean who the fuck knows what could happen you don't know man who knows what's going to listen what happened to listen I have business in my office and nobody wants them or benign ones like sending emails or messages as a person to another person yeah but you don't know what that react to going to be don't have any control over that no logged into your messaging account star to send message the female employees like hell though it wouldn't get to that point but yeah that was that was a fun prank I feel really bad for Chris he was he was he was fine glad it's over glad the prank cycle is done yet everything is complete it's all done all good things come and trilogies know what you want out of this Alien 3 with all over I really I can't believe I didn't want to be involved with the Ghost Recon 1 but I have to admit that I was very moved Star Wars one that was doing this because first you said repeatedly had nothing to do with the Star Wars one what I did repeatedly you like I had nothing to do with it I was an innocent bystander they let me in for some reason hey girl you're the Mastermind so go to The Mastermind doesn't match mine Chris yeah he was the one that really love a charge but oh my God she took it and ran with it I would let me read this thing right here I want to talk about something when you done with this alright I'll talk to flight for the Hershey Park passes also brought you by Blue Apron not all ingredients are created equal fresh like all the ingredients to make a real difference so it's important to know where your food comes from for less than $10 per person per meal Blue Apron recipes Lumber proportion ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals in her variety recipes each week or let blue prints culinary team surprise you recipes are not repeat it within a year she will never get bored bloopers first miscarry promises every ingredient in your delivery first to cook or they'll make it right because my stress Peach week before your preferences blueprint has several delivery options to choose what fits your needs no weekly commitment so you only deliveries when you want them can you get your first three meals free with free shipping we're going to Blue apron.com / keep your love how good it feels and tastes cream credible home cook meal so blue apron so don't wait as blue apron.com / Keith Blue Apron a better way to cook a sample of the service I absolutely I think it's a great day even at the end of the day after I have been at work all day it's like a good way for me to like I like it take it to way to unwind and just like decompress I think like you just focus on making your dinner with them if it's really good yeah me too messed up while you're signing up for that I'm going to see Scott send me to jail see that nothing over the weekend about that type of paint called vantablac on my gosh I saw that now it's a type of paint that apparently absorbs like 99.84% of light know I had seen something somewhere that it was a pain though yeah so they can apply it to different objects and when you look at it like a photo it just looks like an object with Photoshop out oh my God that's a basketball painted in vantablac yeah it's a real world objects I would have to see it before I mean I feel like a bug or something whatever they had on paper just get a piece of paper that was in then whenever the paper you couldn't see the car there so I can example of screen helps Seattle. So I was going to say when you described as it how does it show up on camera and then you really don't know who made this I'm assuming this is for military applications for telescopes on satellites is really going application right now but really it's very fragile and it breaks offer easily how does it do it I did it just like to take it light and then letra flight to internally into it so I'm not for claiming to be an expert on it but apparently it's black carbon nanotubes they just stand up so all the light gets sucked into them and it's very fragile the brakes off at 6 offer is Elite and you can't buy it will you license it from the company that produces it and I'm they won't see how much it is but one article I read said that it's more expensive per ounce in gold or diamonds wow can we pay the person with it I wanted the reason for looking anyways like I saw that would be really cool to have something painted with it for the podcast but it's just wait till one up the cell should a Tesla would be an invisible invisible please let black as hell Tesla you can't do like any sort of motion with it though because it is so fragile like say I were to wear a suit covered in that it would just check out the door as anything m-flex you break out of the most expensive Flex ever Black Sabbath another one that's okay yeah you're talking about like how you like a string and you throw it away remember like when was like a big deal and I think the early nineties when detergent commercials made a big deal out a ring around the Riddler you never hear about that anymore we have solved ring around the collar as a problem is a couple things I hear about you acid rain you don't hear about you hear about right now the color is so that we don't have that but people do people would still get it though a string you're right I feel like I'm here about that since late 90s early 2000 straight and Killer Bees Africanized Killer Bees they were going to come up and go over well United States of the Killer Bees everywhere and now it's like we got to get more bees where the giant earthquakes in California Los Angeles and San Francisco I feel like those stories were pretty crazy and I don't hear about those quite as much for their kind of sitting around earthquakes typically let me see the way that goes and there hasn't been an earthquake so they're not just going to run a story about earthquake that happened so combining the last few things we talked about if there's an earthquake and it shakes like a beehive do the bees come out and restart stinging people like do we start stick in the ground probably recognized in the whole yeah it would be a weird thing for you is your butt animals knowing the earthquake coming and they freaked out and they run the what does it mean animals go crazy and they started attacking and I Like Elephant in must go ahead elephant must if it must isn't what I say what you said must write that I never heard must I don't know elephant must must have us elephant must I feel like it the thing as you know what it is but it's not like jizzing out there is like some waxey Gordon the Apes it really like it and I will attack its owner of like 20 years and what is testosterone periodic condition and bull elephant sketch rice but highly aggressive behavior and accompanied by a large Rising XXX hormones testosterone levels in elephant and must can be as much as 60 times greater than the same elephant other times are you in must right now burn the ship flies on my ears just turn into killing machines like crushing everyone and everything like that and then why talk to it so cool down there be like again sorry about that everybody people been through Elite elephant attacks I didn't know that's what causes sudden to the know what causes the rise in testosterone better know if the rise of testosterone causes must or must cause of the Rising 2 stockings at the ear elephant ear wax the Q-tips fires out all this year's what's up on the planet the same time that be some to worry about the point of the elephant ski Blain how much how much does iPhone can you inject before it's dangerous to know what sort of like it will help you make you cuz it I think it causes imbalance of hormones right but doesn't taking testosterone make you come come back to it with right that is correct your body reacts should not doing it your body's reaction to it technically is caused by the time but it's two different things we need more like bath salts type things that I think are always interesting story people that eating faces people that just got home I'm going to say if you put it that way but like fucking bath salts is it packed sexual but if anything happens so what is bath salts is it what is it the class of drug is it crazy crazy drug like some kind of amphetamine what are bath salts in the eat people's faces on it would like it directly from the lens for it to bounce right back into the wouldn't I don't know you like hiding in someone's house covered even imagine Gavin coming home long day at work goes to bed he's just sitting on his couch and I just feel like because you're watching television that be perfect for a for a projector room if it the wood Wars with that reflection it which will then close the image to become I've been and will go where the sound dampening is too much and is it stick clip of the guy in that anechoic chamber white flight in zero sound any possible in now it's just like it is really sounds like laughing with you think that there's other rooms that are like that sound room where it like good as devoid of all sound to wear like it will overwhelm the sense like you think there's a room that exists if you sat in it it would overwhelm your senses like for something that's that's what they say about this is that this anechoic chamber we were going to do a podcast in one but it was very expensive to get the room food just look into my face it was the noise floor in there was something black -30 decibels or something but I really don't have decibels was like a factor if it's not that people can send along to the time in their 40 minutes Sprint sense because the sounds of their body overwhelm them like they can hear their guts moving and their heart beating flooded the Fahrenheit is the same like the difference between 20 and 40 is the difference between 4 and 60 Fahrenheits all the same like it's like negative but you hear it I thought so the way that like I don't know I doing on the Richter Scale thing again the Richter scale for earthquakes is it's like putting a tractor it's mad or something I wanted for something that you can taste see or touch that would make your you just freaked out your mind would just feel like I can't comprehend this and then you freak out so I said okay. pineapple and doing drugs I feel like most people fall into one of two categories either they have a drug problem or they don't use drugs at all because on the job going to talk about like marijuana about like something something else I mean marijuana legal in a lot of states in the u.s. Like Cocaine probably borderline too but it's I've never met me but he's like an occasional heroin user on the weekend you don't you do it that's it you are a lifelong heroin user that's what is going to be people who just there not addicted they're just mad I took some heroin for a while and was fun I knew a casual cocaine user I stopped talking to her because I was like you do but she did every now and then when she was your friend she just feel like I really don't know it's just it's just that was like a limit that I was a little too quick cooking Ciara dating whatever the boy version of that is so it was a choice of whether you want to keep them in your life on a romantic basis that's a little different if you just like never speak to you again cuz that's okay now it was just a little too far for me marijuana's like whatever mushrooms and also everyone has a drug that they would just never ever do are you leaving bug you like this is a drug that they would never do like I honestly believe if you put every illegal substance on the table last one I would ever go near even after heroin is acid LSD I just wouldn't do it really I just feel like my brain would destroy me like my own imagination would work against me and I don't want to be I don't be at the mercy of my own imagination about how good your imagination is there a great imagination I'm afraid of what he would do when he became the Super Bowl from now she don't want that either who was that for from Prime what was you. support my theory here is the web drug drug on table in front of me is there like any special circumstance like this last drug eat a lot of your downfall if you'd probably be taking heroin to the medical Bay denied Oxycontin hydrocodone hydrocodone but I had a thing we're going to take it out where I took to the pills and I had a whole shebang of them was a big orange containers full of them at those orange containers of those UK as well Elite for prescription pills I have a feeling you seriously we would have the hospital and got your balls operate on that and give you prescription medication not put a drip in my mom and she can you at home with the jet didn't said you medication pain medication what are you using question you never seen prescription pill free people take pills every every other day and every other day I take them everyday use the orange bottle to know you genuinely don't know the answer that question this is infuriating to me that you don't know the answer that that's a lot I didn't take a pill what drug court here Gavin is at even had a question you're offending Outlets that you just put on your tongue and it dissolves like him so much prettier but I have put a pillow my butt yeah black can I eat a lifesaver for putting my butt going the wrong way though because about nutritional value from a certain I have to have like a snake to get it to your stomach fat quickly doesn't work who does liver digestive or getting the cold big job is a pool of water out of waste in the you could be hide you can't run a grape into a raisin in your butt and then ship it back out that's like I can make that coffee with no raisins the raising of the fuck away from it I can be sure if you jam a stick up their ghost I can come up there according to Jake and murdered here on Twitter they say vantablac actually gets hot at room temperature because it absorbs so much light energy that interesting nothing but that side effect how hot am with all this said it is slow down certain point it's like the equilibrium or just like that's awesome like a house of mirrors but it's made with that pain he just be the opposite of Maryland I would but I'm saying like you'll be running into these walls you wouldn't know what's up we're going to be no way to judge depth and anyway we're getting a couple replace your from people in the UK about medicine I was at Key West 663 says they come in a box and Bottles but they don't tend to be our inch and fix our TV says her generally brown or dark sea plastic glass over this side of the pond that means you say something I've never seen guards bottles apart from at the vet really but then someone else just tweeted yes did you use it yesterday he doesn't wait till tonight yeah that's basically learn nothing pretty much Temecula original story I ate I ate two of these hydrocodone every time I wasn't you taken out to the first one had the next one eight hours later when I took the second one I was just sitting there in a thought or another one and then the moment I did that check my lunch I said I'm not taking any more of these than put I put it away I have them whenever I go to remove those like I've always felt very fortunate that I don't have addictions to any drugs alcohol specifically cuz if people my life who are addicted to alcohol and I'm so fucking grateful that that it gets me like I am won't do the hair of the dog from like I won't drink today because I drink yesterday I have no interest in drinking with me neither you know I'm not really maybe once every two weeks I get drunk once a year that's my thing get your phone to your note yesterday was my 2017 it's not like frequent but I go 3 times a year I've been drugged yeah yeah yeah yeah he's right he's right nice at least you can admit when he's wrong problem in English prescription drugs to the consumer good I think there's only two countries in the world are you can do that United States and New Zealand are the only two countries where Pharmacy ghost can be marketed to the and you never ask your doctor about sleep and I don't want to change that used to be the case in the USA by midnight you sending all the sudden fucking the tiger came out I felt like it like hand-in-hand I hate that I can't buy Advil Cold and Sinus with on my driver's license I really don't like that the in an hour just sick now it's got pseudo epinephrine in it and that's what he will use to extract make meth but it's got to be so ridiculously analgesic expensive 12 bucks a package and it's like to see Breaking Bad 16 pills Smurfs man but why should I what's the worst the goal of the one to go and they like to steal it or there you go steal it like he's doing the legal way but although I have why they moved it back behind the counter and that's why you have to show a license fiddle Ryan bohlke what is stealing it looks like taking it out from the running out the front door did you want to talk about that United thing yeah it was bad day with my Xbox yesterday her just to call you I'm not I'm not crazy I'm not crazy the Xbox Elite controller by the way completely awesome controller but my talked about it before because the super heavy duty with $150 controlle the cookie things behind it rape scene of the paddocks and iPads switches and for years on the podcast I talked about why don't people make a premium controller cuz it's the number one thing that you use in a with your system and they finally made one it was great I got mine and probably Tremont in my left shoulder button just is just much it's just and I feel like it's a crap shoot with all the Xbox One controllers and I got those Chief and Locke controllers my chief controlle the patches ghost goes click click click push it so quick action that was the seven my bum put on the lock one had to swap it for the one when I got my One S the white controller to come so that the right on my d-pad as much I just like click click click dead like an iPhone home button that died what does it work like does he was slightly Touch won't so this is so after I guess he broke two years ago at this point that the left bumper 120 call shoulder pads because called right bumper left number seven lucky button was much I thought alright you know what fuck this I like his controller I'm tired of the most I want to click back in 2 years I've been dealing with this on the order myself and Elite controller to order myself a new league trailer gotta came via Amazon got it got out of a button doesn't work out of box out of the fucking box the a button doesn't work or doesn't like licking well I thought it didn't work at first but I'll just jam it as hard as I can and move my tongue back and forth then it then it won't work if you take the front off of just be just little I don't want to do that I mean that you return it can return it for no money yeah I got another one then I returned it it's going back tonight I'm like invested $300 and used trailers only get a hundred fifty back at some point and the new one arrives I'm just like I can't bring myself to try it because I'm convinced it's going to be garbage you do favor I'll take a fuck off to like it I feel fortunate that I haven't had any trouble with mine then you - Florida's Cash what's wrong with it Xbox I like the Game Hub jet solution to change change it every way possible now but it's like the main issues with slowness and just clothing and now if you pressing the guy brings out the side bit and if you trying to figure out where you are on that malware your cursor is yellow of up if you go over to Matt too many clothes it what would one that first week we the early days Rivers blue we made so many DVDs we would test the navigation on them and remember one of the biggest debates we had was Gavin menu option on a DVD 5 things Play movie chapter select behind the scenes outtakes and Extras or something like that the Beatles when they get to the last one and they hit down what should happen you should have two schools of thought she go back to the top number of option it should say the bottom so what do you think for 5 options what should happen at the bottom of the men that you enough to do nothing to do nothing yet if there was 10 I do I spell to scroll back the top to the bottom but anyway so we had a lot of the base like that but the thing it was never a debate ever which is you organize those buttons in such a way that when you hit One Direction when you hit the other direction it goes back to where you were and the Xbox One dashboard is such that you're going right right right right right and you end up somewhere you I went to Fargo left but they know you're down here because it's too many things that lead to that one thing going right so I left from that thing is just a random selection something Reading in the new dashboard is game DVR very quickly get to the amount of time Backwoods that you wanted for court used to record the last a second right now you can go straight into a list that says 50 and 30 minute to minute no I know that you show me that's cool too the voice commands the big reason I have my Kinect unplugged it was quick it to do with the controller double tap double tap box and protects a really food in gavi like the previous screen shot by hit and why do double tap bring up the menu and it looks like the normal like signing menu and settings and friends and all that other social stuff but then off of the top of the right it says hit X to record it why disable chatpad purely because you can customize one of the buttons to be record the last 3 seconds and now it's a one button press like Nintendo switch you have actual screenshot button you can I set screen shot on record last 30 seconds on the biggest people swap out those kids hate that I hate controlle jet on it feels right with a chatpad on it feels like this is the most complete experience right the could be in my hands and I like the way of it to use the paddles for paddle what are using for so I have a crash and jump and Sprint and then the 4th one is always like United Way over whatever time plane that flies on the bed you have to take your for your thumb off the stick I almost I almost the way you're out of learning to use them because when my a button when you work I just thought you know what I'm only the pedals on make one of house in the back and I'll just as likely doing this and I should know I hate having to click in the stick that I'm moving with that will always be a part of me no matter if Sprint is on a Ben Affleck stick get get out of it the other problem is I sat down to play Elite Dishonored 2 with the kids they one of them want to see it and actually your girlfriend talks about what a great game just on her to work and she says it has one of the best levels in history game speaking about that yeah it's it's like a mansion where it's like everything keeps changing the really love that one too with the kids it was a 53 gigabyte 52.68 gigs so that I don't feel like that point you should be able to ask for a refund because none of the gigabytes you paid for and you how many of the original game are you playing in sounds like a mistake on their part I remember if you like why is money Dishonored you downloading 52 gigs of information and there's one thing I update week 2 gigs and go to like Minds 52 game so I must have just got one of these weird circumstance where I got 250 to gamble tonight to download and didn't realize that already girls with other games before for the push an update and up some clients it just Wars in to redownload everything I mean in areas where the internet that that will ruin your day blue Adidas me week I mean it was great yeah that's if you were back in the UK and you download a 53 gigabyte update how long would you be waiting for that metallic when I left of the speed at the maximum speed was 10 and I think I couldn't get it where I was I had fun because I was a certain distance from The Exchange that would have taken British nearest restaurant time flips six Siege updates like everytime I turn around it's like a 10 gig update I wonder how much should my hard drive on my PlayStation is eaten up by 6 I said I see days as well because it probably time out and I have to restart the worst right I feel like resume it if I believe it will not and it would have stopped at some point back when Halo Reach came out I skip school and was earlier I'm sorry The Ballad of Gay Tony I skip school to play it and it didn't complete so I skip school for nothing I don't like about like the GTA 4 DLCs cuz it just makes me realize how there's no good deal see for GTA V I'll get the know that I can't pain though I can't make love of Gay Tony level right expansion with the original tires on Ukiah today Tony was better than the original game Lawson Dentistry good yeah well it was a greenish it once you turn it off it was you don't have played no GTA 5 online no multiplayer have you briefly launcher played for like the first couple of days ever played outside of video we just my My Level so she can pass over now you can see every time I love is on camera so much your entire plane GTA is captured yes and I'll come out I may have been edited down I've never played Just For Fun outside of a video it's weird to have it all saved something similar with red dead you know I'd write it wasn't like the online open-world I would love that even though the DLC for Red Dead Redemption was fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2 I'd like for them to go in the direction to meet with sacrificing your multiplayer 2 DLC I still would love to have an online world like to have a GTA 5 looks fun I haven't played it I mean I have loaded it I'm at Wonderland City just not knowing what to do when somebody comes by and just to tell you I'm going to public specially if you have a woman game it's not an hour to play with your friends really fun hello GTA online me I should buy some point let me know this thing here this is also brought to you by Kasper Kasper online retailer premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper's revolutionising the mattress industry by putting the cost of dealing with resellers in showrooms in passing that savings directly to the consumer casters mattresses and obsessively in your mattress at a very fair price Chester's me to supported memory foam for Sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right balance plus it's readable designs sleep school to help you regulate your temperature throughout the night I got one not that long ago and swapping it out with my old mattress took 5 minutes so fast so easy I'll get back to you can buy easily online completely risk-free Casper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress and all reality you spend 1/3 of your life on Castor office redelivery pain with returns with a wonderful day. So you don't have to lie down in a showroom you can save an additional $50 for the mattress purchase we're going to kasper.com /rt entering promo code RTF kasper.com / RT and promo code RT traffic condition supply free shipping and return to the US and Canada thank you Casper for giving me such a wonderful mattress and I Gavin profusely so fast to swap it out here the old one but a much better one United Airlines flight United Airlines fly bug what is the Hub of Gus pants so it was yesterday right yesterday was it yesterday. I think it was getting years ago someone tweeted that a couple of young women were denied the ability to border United flight because they were wearing leggings 10 that's all that's all the person tweeted that he has all the information that came out at the time and then she blowing in teenage girl jet that the result Recon teams girls and they're eating and then people obviously got really upset by a very a night it was saying that leggings were not appropriate clothing for big on a flight is there a bikini if you wanted to probably probably yeah I think what they say is whatever is comfortable and appropriate for the environment I think that's what they what they actually say so I was initially what if I didn't know what to think about it because I feel like it's one of those things where it's hard to get the whole story on Twitter like I don't know necessarily what's going on and it just didn't make sense to me because all the time on a plane and then the courts at snowball from there then United took too long to reply and then they try to reply to it via Twitter which again not enough characteristically explain what's going on over here and there explanation was that the people who were denied boarding or flying on United pass this it's okay this is weird shifts for me go ahead which means that they were flying fre as either Airline employees or friends or family of employee family pass that since they're flying on that pass they represent the airline and there's a separate dress code for people who fly like hell on the plane now so that flying is a representative of the outlets it's just a rule like just the rules of when they flight like what you see Pilots her when you see United employee flying or but their line plane flying there dressed they are dressed like there and work day that's how they dress when they go and you would think I'll just hop into plane the in the shift or something that's the case they just have to dress appropriately for flight and I know about this because I have relatives work for another airline and we will get these fucking friends and family passes when I was a kid you're very nice didn't want some very nice and gave them to us but I had to wear a fucking shoot to go on the plane and I was at 11:10 or 11 to 10:11 at the weather that's exactly the point that Gavin just me the point is exactly right I got a free pass you play by different rules Heroes have always existed I was 10 years old I remember this that I had on under different airlines on Delta I had to wear suit and at the very least a button-up shirt and tie it with a lost cause I know someone who's got that for Delta and they will have the price they want so this is this is and ever and reacting because they know they definitely think that like somebody was singled out for some reason it's a rules that existed for very long. Time and it is a totally different class a passenger van just somebody who bought a ticket the same thing at all until I was I heard that I was like oh okay what you people don't know what that is I think I didn't understand that that was the case because I get again United Republic Twitter for some reason is not enough characters to explain all that and then like 10 hours later in the day they made like a post on their website and then link to it and by the end of explain happened here's the fucking rub is that really the truth came from the passenger who witnessed the whole thing she was seeing if it did next date over and was watching it and then started tweeting about it and the girls ended up getting on the flight like to head up in the trailhead address so they threw address over there leggings and once this tweet With viral all I could think was that I learned there was a benefit pass I thought that's an employee that's associated with a huge PR nightmare now like he gave these passes to his knees or his daughters or something and now he was she who are the United Airlines employee as it's tied to some employee and you know what that person's not going to have to answer for this this thing for the pastor's game food in Falls person rules and we got this whole fucking PR nightmare for United Airlines like they hate women and I don't want them another one to do or like a burn plane or something like that you know and it just seems like a very old fashioned roll it is super old fashioned wrote this fucking airlines are super old fashioned to you know it's a roofing Burnie was 10 you know it's true we would like they're hitting the Wright brothers backs of are dinosaurs made on the plane the big middle burn every time thank you. I do not but it wasn't comfortable things travel it was just misunderstood and mishandled I think in the end vrcc the wording behind what it was like someone went on to their website and pulled out what the actual phrasing was behind the rule it didn't really like you couldn't from reading that you couldn't drive like you got to civilly so I can't wear tights you erect I think the rule is probably written Ambiguously and intentionally hit that shit yeah that's stupid just like spelled out more otherwise this is going to happen so yeah I don't know why it's not more clearly defined I'm sure it's just to interview Vegas we can we can have flexibility on it mmm just one day it just wasn't flexible how are sweats on a plane and sometimes it's not good because if you fall asleep and get a boner and got sweats on with a boner bad day girls I'm talking about right on sweats that's what it's like classy sweaty see more of them right when I look at your wearing actually Danny's to always wear sweats in lower least let my videos and Griffin was like you look like shit she wouldn't let him on the video make a friend so he never was this Griffin know who who's the guy in some of the first part of the star not like sweats like you know like one big guy wears see no pants and Fiddle like to like nice sweats there's no such thing as nice there was other like you should be sweating and you know I'm saying I told him I said LG G2 have on if they're not jeans they're legging stay this look like pain so dragging seeking sayward stretch Lycra checking I was worried I was wearing some slacks at the first archaic Sydney and I guess they look like James cuz pretty wonky what was like first I first got on there looks like there time I know they had the prince of denim yeah but they weren't actually don't know what they were but they look very comfortable week and I do believe he got them from American apro so he told me we were talking about United it made me think about that story I texted you the other day where private jet would be at the private jet 1 diagram that you showed me what happened there but I 380 was lying in this direction below it was an Embraer flying in this direction a private jet so 830 so big the turbulance wicked created cost the private plane a thousand feet below it to spin head over tail 5 times if you look at the diagram it looks like the plane equivalent getting close lined Blaine's Twitter remind me to talk about it flips 5 times before they regain control of it and landed safely video game spit all over the place in the ceiling and I had to be the diagram of injuries I mean the first flip has to be so intense to enable you to make the rest of the flips you know it's going to try to get back in there controlling sure that sounds her there like centripetal force it work there I mean spending on an axis soon as you like thrusting it like faster than your flying you just going to do that a few times I'm try to see if I can pull it the diagram maybe one of on it I want to see like an actual Recreation today's hit right in the face with 5 time how do they know Fisher TV Guide the jumbo shells like the black box register the bull win it known that plane a thousand people you don't know what the fuck Square jet Auto plane the else and you're flipping 5 time from here to wire in the sky or something like me like clothesline know where you're like flying Obama just arrived on the garden side seat came off the ship pain so much better than one is like the light of God when you're hungover because the lights plane 5 times that the photon time we settled it so they were those scattered across thing happen now I gotta feeling I'm Flyin plane that the first that didn't happen I'm glad about you not to have that how did they mention that is that's everything's smooth it out and I just say they're going along and normally if they didn't know what caused it but it was enough and then only signs would you be able to tell you upside down I think that live in that would just be the lady that shows your horizon whatever just go and I'd like to the pilot like you they're always like trying to keep the passengers calm and collected like just experienced a little bit try to relax told you to fucking Buffalo I was that I was stuck with them that I got into it like traffic control recordings of some guy who had hypoxia so he did he just wasn't getting enough oxygen and you cannot climax in San I was reading about plane stuff but this is recording this guy I know what is flight if it's a pastor jealous and Tiny plane but she's so high on lack of oxygen in anyone describe the Africans always like able to control SP that he's trying to give you like barely like what if we talking really slow are able to control heading please list of the stuff you can do in any other than that okay I'll let you choose like reduce altitude and eventually he comes down he likes getting her mind back he was like to know what was going on but somehow I was able to relay all the correct information will Destin from smarter every day did that really all that deliver it makes sense why you have to put the person's you put your own first and then the next person makes you like you for act like you're about to die and you become like just have really sucked a stick it's like this and only had to do was take the mask and clip it and he have been okay and to his credit he lasted longer than any belts in that chamber and they're telling him hey put your mask on anything about to die if you don't put your guy how I got anything to me about everything and she was talking about like how she was watching Everest best with climbing accidents because she's on Japan time so she wakes up at 5 in the morning and then she talking about climbing a fucking it was like 1 Word guy was like they were carrying a body and then the guy in the back is like I can like a loopy idiot cuz he was like a low on oxygen and then he starts falling in there like let the bed go he's like watching his he's falling and he like let's go he just has no response to try to save himself he just let on he just likes flight off of a cliff so are you for it yeah and the guy that they're trying to carry apparently he was like realizing that he was going the whole group down so in the middle the night you just rocks off in his bed roll off of Cliff sacrifice like what a fucking great stories every climbing story is like and then never that it down flight slid down the hallway and then he landed on some stable ground and lived and was like okay and then someone came down to help him back up by the time they got down there he's slipped again and I will yeah he already like don't even for the down it's just like it was the creepiest Most Fascinating story ever like just listening the shit that happens whenever is probably one of the landmarks and Everest is this but he's gone now over the Avalanche or something that someone took it LOL he was swept away like that Landmark is going into his coming and you tell me about a plane that woman right you probably got you on Kik a listen to air traffic control I sent you that air-traffic control recording of that accident Heathrow yeah I'm crazy to listen to the major major aircraft incident and to listen to air traffic control and how they handle this situation like they don't necessarily know everything's going on but the way that they are rerouting playing that was the flight way they had ice crystals in the fuel and didn't know they were crashing into like a hundred feet from the runway by just like the crowd like a hundred feet of Runway bomber is a picture of it was like you can see what landed and just like this to the right all right let's stop the runway the only calling Mayday as he's crashing so all the sudden without warning plane that crashed in the land and the plane go around and around someone who's made a get the list the aircraft type and the reason from a day when you like medical to Atlanta sometime and the reason says like time is 777 reason is Crash the aircraft has crashed Isley obviously but it's like really interesting how they wouldn't so do you when you listen to these does it matter to you if that plane crashes and that person dies is it still usually want to listen to you for like do you want to listen I'll be assuming that most people died in the airplane crash on the same place Crash Landing never gets off but like I don't know if there's like that not safe for Life tag on my credit week like if you watch this you watching someone die and not affect you so I don't know if you guys are into it to look at it when I get the chance I'll never looking any dash cam video from China That's would be my recommendation Y scooters except for driving 18-wheelers that are with no like licensing regulation under it somebody or just like the best is Here Comes as cute little Chinese couple coming out to an intersection of this semi turn in court your face and it goes just Falls over like on to them just tips over sideways falling on you time I'm at Mount Everest makes me think about Gavin is Big Bang Theory about if you fart on plane you can just run down a mountain actually don't like you said you were telling me that someone real and I was like I grew that was like your friend you are you still the association Yahoo wasn't Ben Thomas I think was a guy was just like yeah I can see that and that's like the chances but we've never really I don't think talking about this particular example that actually proves what you're saying is true that stuff I saw it wasn't really just what I just saw competition jump and less you say the guy had an amazing jump and he quit too far and went past the point where the hell is and he just landed but it was like the runway it was probably like 4 feet too far and it was a big fucking difference in that guy flight transfer downloads to for words right but just enough for you to know break you later he got right at the bottom and it was good timing on the head of the lying everywhere so I hope he's okay I don't have no idea how much you would sell if I don't know they float when they're in there then it's weird that that that ski jump is way different jump in anything else it's just too little sticks on your feet but somehow they the camera is only feel like a fucking Flyin down that ramp with the same species that are going down there like stopping wind in there still fucking soaring and those guys like it they ran Outta hell they're dead they're just like Great-West Life expectancies on a dude in the Willows wingsuits of squirrels I don't know how it safely 3010 jumps it's got to be you get up to like 50 jumps you have to retire at that toy you have to yeah it is you're going to bug you know you've gone far enough you give you seen what you're going to see the margin of error and maybe I just don't understand the physics behind it but I saw this thing where was one after the other they all just jumped off boom boom boom boom and then he went on his own apro could see his shadow on the ground there like that is too freakin close to the good touching like tips and trees and stuff too like they're just like not do that burn the Sky live a bunch then try that is ever happened Everest is more dangerous bent row seats like this the death rate is like 10% of it was it Tony was saying like a tu is more dangerous K2 I think was somewhere near 30 she said was one other one that's more deadly than K2 and it's like I've sent you one and three chance of living things go with her but she never stopped raining so we have to try really hard doing I'm going home eating like my HP training right now and don't really know the guy that he built a house plane in new was basically I can walk in refrigerator you would sleep in there just get used to the cold like people are they go nuts I feel like staying warm to be a lot easier than not being able to breathe yeah you can just lay up shortly the New Britain to let me see people train with the thing on the treadmill with those are Amazing Race 17 thousand feet up clarify I had to blow up two air mattresses and I ran out on every slight 29,000 do double that and it seems like it's not you can doesn't it doesn't scale why you would probably weigh less oxygen like I feel like it's it becomes exponentially worse the higher you go through at that you when you're blowing up stuff oh my God you're still blowing in the same out of that it's just let song blow it up you just tired right when I catch my breath and you've there's no breath to be caught that's the feeling that I had like a big breath in and there's nothing to it it's just it's just that it would have never had a feeling like that my life then either one of these metal staircases with Ashley's French boyfriend at the Blue Jean Pierre the mountain guide who's with us she's like almost there game head scratches she's right there you want to go outside my crash the time for the podcast week ahead report over here to find out I got to find out why Ashley was giving Gavin head scratches I made his hair really pretty little is that what you're doing over there jealous I didn't you just offered up head rubs we are having a debate I was talking to you about how head scratches are burnie's favorite thing in the world and and they are speculating it's because he has so many hairs on so I tried it on you to see cuz you also have many many hairs and I gave you a cone here it was nice get dressed so nice knowing you I think you will be very happy together are you pretty other nice party yesterday thanks boo it was really fun time try hard podcast following up next the part of the cock block stay tuned check it out I will see you guys next weekend send me your questions on Twitter or I'll make a journal the receipt for the Vlog this week is questions you want and I will go around and talk to the individuals at Rooster Teeth Productions stallion off the phone but I just try to have a need your vote this week