#423 - Once You Get the Boner

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier, and Jon Risinger (eventually) as they discuss rideshare and cab stories, the mile high club, movie ratings, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 3, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-04-04 15:32:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

you're going to receive podcast this week brought you by audibl Casper and Squarespace this week not brought to you by Jon right here his missing I'm Jon I'm Barbara and Becca and I were talking about this before we started the podcast live stream and I send out a cat like we talked about this before I send out a calendar invite people know what time it is like I'm not going to have to babysit them and this time I was like 4:55 I was like text Jon did he forget or was he just running late. Said you forgot the podcast off sites did he I think because his significant other is in town so I can kill he had other things on the mile be here soon so save all your Jon should talking for when you actually touch show up now but I want to get all the good ones out of my system yet he'll give us new material and see it writes those presents so I was telling you about this earlier I had to answer everyone knows Uber and Lyft left Austin this like the one thing anyone knows about Austin is is know who Brenda snow Lyft and we have like this shitty replacements for it right so bad but what's your preferred one ride Austin on just that ride Austin is and I don't know if you use it either but they basically made the interface look exactly like uber the the good part about it though is that you can choose to round up all your rights and don't need that extra amount to like a local charity Austin on profit which is cool so if it's like if you're ride like $15.60 you could run up to 60 bucks in the $0.40 to like I told Austin Film Society self recording and weighing yourself why did they brothers and sisters of Austin we are a better person than me LOL but I don't want to say you have any you prefer Becca I like ride to work I guess I'll try that one so I don't use it very often to this no I don't leave my house all that often but during South by S III no Uber I got to get downtown to Rainey Street going to be a fucking nightmare I'm going to I'm going to order Affair which I had to go to some meetings on there so I was at work during the day to go with the with the PPG oh yeah so I guy called the fair or not order the fair on my phone it's like your driver Miriam is driving a Buick Enclave will be there in 3 minutes or whatever see Buick Enclave, pulling you over here to the lot like okay that's probably an open the door inside do driving and I am and I look at the car again if it doesn't match what they do to not look like the nearest it looks like it doesn't match and he looks like Street of yes I guess is my car then he's like oh yeah I got the plates on the car switched out haven't updated it yet that's not something else if you know what I'm saying so I'm really cool really nice guy you got there really fast so I was generally positive experiences high from like the weirdness of the very beginning and then you know we wrap up our meetings and everything down there are no, no the one who will head back up there so we never get to go over there like at Cesar Chavez and 35 and wait there in the parking lot I call the fair and he's on the other side of the river on the Congress bridge in forever to get here if I could come up and down Cesar Chavez never there waiting man pulls up at this time the carpet cuz like I give me car and like I'm really sorry I got to jump on a call I don't mean to be rude to your call so I forgot my phone in the car and we're in the parking lot Lyft the fuck your parking lot yet honking at someone likes working around them all crazy okay this is going to be ride to pull up North I 35 the Jets in the correct Lane but I guess the leave is going too slow for him so he gets over to like try to get ahead in the cutover but of course he doesn't make it over so we not going east on season and we miss her and I can't see because I'm on the phone yeah that's a real circling back to the neighborhood we get out under the axis road again but she can't get over into the lane that supposed to get us onto the highway so he's like in a right-turn-only lane at a red light the light turns green from floors it and we couldn't front of everyone get on the highway right in front of a cop puts on his lights over a mother fucker on 35 like we were pulled over on 35 the cops like talking to him and I'm on the phone talking over is like you know why I pulled you over the kids I was like yeah he's in there an accelerated complicated registration registrations also 6-month expired oh my God what the fuck what a fucking Winter Soldier background checks cop goes back to start writing the ticket and of the driver Like Trains off the the fare Meter whatever me trance back I tell this like a you know I'm trying to meet her off and want you guys have to pay because I got pulled over and whatever so then we will get you a cop writes in his ticket we take off get out of the car and then I guess you couldn't downtown is good because it for 6 treated like there wasn't even a shoulder literally that's close so then start taking is back and he's like grumbling all pissed off about the ticket I finally get off the phone he's like you know that stupid ticket now I lost all the money I made I was going to make today to pay this thing when I guy that are and I'm sorry that sucks I mean when you come to drop it off here at Stage 5 is like a you know I lost all my money because of that ticket turn the meter off for you so if you give me a big tip on that fair I would really appreciate it oh my God the fuck is wrong with this car here so then I was so make sure that he drives off and go karts whatever. Open a ticket with their like ice the POR fucking account on the website to open a ticket to complain about how she has experience was this is on March 15th they reply to it right and Hell before we started the podcast like 5 minutes ago it took that long for the reply to the request an independent contractor this is the reason like there's this Uber Lyft was the whole background check idea they're and fasten all those companies do then if I don't the government have to know given background checks or some shit like that is not the whole butterscotch not ride the guy had anger management issues I'd like this guy has like a serious temper like you're something that needs to be addressed needs help and that he should not be driving a car with people in it and taking their money and guilt-tripping them for big tips it's funny he has dream that I had one of the best rideshar Spirits is of my hill try not the same guy. It was like one of the best ride I've ever been on it was this guy who is like a bit older probably in his like mid sixties and he's talking to me he's like so where you from okay yeah I'm I'm moving to Hawaii soon and I was like why you let me know why and then you proceeded to tell me the story about how he used to live in Hawaii when he was a teenager and met this girl and fell in love with her and just like how we always had this like really amazing spark with her and how I always felt there was like something Cosmic going on with them but then he ended up having to move back it's and just lost touch with her and getting married was married for 33 years have 3 kids and then he and his wife decided to get a divorce after that and his kids are all out and everything in moving on and then one day he was just sitting at home and he started thinking about this girl he met in Hawaii and he said of all I wonder wonder look so much time with the pass I mean over 35 years probably and maybe even 40 and he said that he didn't have her on Facebook he didn't know how to contact her no social media or anything like that thanks are you thinking that maybe her mom was still alive and the older people tend to landlines so he looks at how you looked up This Woman's phone number called her up left a message and said and I'm looking to contact your daughter it's me Bubba blah we met note 40 years ago or whatever it was for Motley Crue and then and then he said he left his phone number and then he said that an hour pass and I got a text that said be still my heart and it was that woman and he said that they'd started talking and then he decided that he was going to move to Hawaii and get married to her about that sounds like a plot of a movie like this any shows up and they're both shadows and shells of what they used to be but no he show me a photo of what she looks like now and I'm like damn I see why you want to go to Hawaii to marry this girl she's hot even now so that was a beautiful moment has beautiful my worst I have a bad one it was and who I was traveling on business I was like at Red out of the suburbs and apparently there's some rule over like taxis that are based in Chicago can't pick people up in like take him to the suburbs or something like you can you do one but not the other so I was in the suburbs and it was within their rules were they could pick me up and take me into Chicago and so I called in Uber is my first time ever using Uber in the long time ago and am so but your drivers taking forever super late I get tattoo by Mike traveling for business have to be there at a certain time so I give up on him and there's a cab in the hotel little round about like I'm just going to get in the car with this guy can so my work is I'm getting in the taxi Uber pool that you're my person and they get in a fight they are screaming at each other over who I'm going to get a ride with and I get spooked and freaked out like Mike Rover driver seems crazy then I'm going to get taxi yeah he said things are bad with the taxi driver Heroes then he starts driving me I got a phone call from that your driver screaming at me just because I waste my time on you just going off I'm alright already a bad day this is a weird experience then my taxi driver runs a stop sign gets pulled over has an outstanding warrant and is arrested alcohol I'm stranded on the side of the road and had to call another car please tell me the Uber that came was I was supposed to be the same guy so I didn't I didn't do it I called it taxi service the way I can Titan not going to this again I finally show up like an hour late you guys were not feu leave me with a taxi to wear this is before Uber even existed and I call the taxi and I was waiting for them for about 45 minutes and they didn't show up so I called another taxi and that sexy shut up at the same fucking time is the original taxi showed up for and then they started arguing to of just like know you like I was coming to get you I came all the way and I'm like yeah but you took fucking 45 minutes & this guy show up within 5 minutes I'm going to get this guy's car fuck you dude we're going to charge me like a skiff fair I saw it pop up like $25 I can test it it was very nice about it but a piece of shit one time at I must have been like this second or third PAX East Whitley County something similar with those laws were like you can only pick up and drop off we were at the hotel in Boston remember exactly was I know Bernie and I were there and they were some other people and that we're going to go to dinner we were standing outside of the front of the hotel I kind of just talking for her new do and there's like a guy with the black car you know there was like hey you guys need a ride there going over to work everyday All rights we getting this car we drive it literally like 10 feet that a cop pulled us over and the cop walks up and it's like to the driver says you know you can't just pick people up to call for a car did you call for a car service or did this guy just asked you if you wanted a ride we're like he asked if you wanted a ride because like the idea of you to get out he can't do that only guy so we have to figure out if it's a hired car you have to call them and just ask if you want a ride pick you up or anything like that pasta thing or is that I don't know if I'd done that at airport it's like I've been in a long tattoo line and some dude in a sketchy minivan is like she don't ride I'm sure I don't want to stay on this line in the cold and I text before this info in case guy but I'm pretty sure if that was not a real by car to charge you like 200 bucks or something like that I had to do in Vegas once I was going to miss my flight there was a really long taxi line on the go taxi is there a guy pulls up in a limo and gets out the Limo Driver License of looks at the line goes anybody want to get in the limo and like nobody movie I'm at the very back in this long line and I was like I walk up in like how much more is it take to this instead of a taxi to the airport so it's only 10 bucks more you should take it to people with the fair how many people can fit in a little like 10 different conventional like Lincoln Town Car then 1 for the like the bitches help man party pictures of them I think we shared our first limo experience together didn't we like that sounds really familiar when I was leaving the airport going to the airport then they're getting married now Gus and Esther are renewing their vows is your first anniversary rate in 07 the Regal and we got a week and you by Elvis I've never laughed so hard my face hurts so bad from The Smiling I felt like a cheeseball but it was just so awkward and funny dream about you it was a photo of all of us with one of my friends just owne this and there wasn't one of the State Farm commercial for like saying like Elvis comes out to like help them with their car insurance is like 2 of them I think one of those is what's the 1 yeah I don't ride to hire him actually for my wedding but she is up getting Rat Pack and personator impersonator yeah they were only two of them we got the budget remember when you have Frank Sinatra I'll try to remember & Wesson Martin nothing was Dean Martin also have and what your wedding the biggest to is I want to come to that but I had no money at the time and couldn't fly out to Vegas and I was just let me see someone famous like um yeah so our reception was at Caesars and next door in the convention center they're doing a press junket for The Hangover 2 maybe 3 so you know they're like sightings of the cats all around all day but I guess they wrapped up their little session and pop their heads in that my reception to see what was going on and I like I look up and barely cover was like just standing there in my wedding reception ever and take their money right away or you like seeing Michael until this congratulations and you've got really close to Heather Grant right away because for some reason I left the ceremony part and I got to the reception part really quickly before everyone else they were standing there were staying there in the Hall and Oates 1 of walking on how is really beautiful why is she so cute I need like really really small and person this is so it said recently it was a guy that was really fun and I like all of the A/C relay for a three quarter scale yeah well I Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul from Breaking Bad he apparently is like 5 foot 5 weigh yeah and like very very skinny some of the phone in person he was just like a little teeny tiny man that's so crazy is a Rosario Dawson the first comic I never went to and she was just like this bigger on yet like you look so healthy off camera adds 10 pounds rate with the lens you member that the animated gif today guy made like a selfie fusing different lenses you see that not going to just show is like how how the lenses distort the way you look in your face and that he looks like totally different from one end to the other find that Snapchat the way you look on a Snapchat front facing camera is like uglier than a normal front facing camera and I think it's because I lied I do have filters I'm on the giant ice and am I really don't know what I look like I'm so used to seeing glamorize versions of ourselves we talked to death but like when you launch like Snapchat of your camera on your phone and it comes on in your not expecting over at all it's never like a flattering angles think about when I see that is like that's what you look like when your having sex anytime red audibl is like that not flattering angles for women during the ACT I wouldn't yet so we can finally talk about the fact that you all got tattooed by Jeff and dad that the tattoo documentary find out how do you get spotting Barbara is Mark and now and then bless on of that pretty quickly I didn't try to hide it and there was a few times where it like I post a picture from s on the set of always open like a different Sho and I saw like a few come is being like is that tattoo and and some people just thinking that I draw myself with a pen or that it was like a piece of string that I'd landed on my arm weirdly but now it's a it's a little bird or talk to your the documentary was very kind to Jeff spinal artistic talent oh yeah like I did not show a close-up of my final product at all it was awkward spot other than where you been staying out kinda flexible he tried to get me to do it he said I need to the doctor he said all he has to do is Trace like I knew what I totally underestimated was how much just hands Shake against a raging alcoholic but yeah it was just like a squiggle wiggle writer is yet yeah he was like I'm so sorry for me because a heat race this from someone else who drew it and it's just two curves that's it it's teeny tiny but somehow he still managed to make it was good but they did find the tattoo artist that was there with him kind of like monitoring everything he gave me his card after he's like come by the studio I'll fix it up for you some personal responsibility for ambition Jeff on you probably but I'm not so happy I did it physical experience great story your first one but you have other ones ride 91 on her arm right there will bird type things through a cup Power Ride you like a criminal with your biggest regret tattoo Weiss what's the would you hate the most Sublime I know. Of a Sublime tattoo it says I'm like a ferret sleep is my first tattoo I got it there because I was like I never wear skirts or anything cool and tattoo though it's like having a really old it this way it's getting all leave you but I'm certainly not going to get it touched up and it's it's so colorful this not going anywhere but yet you cannot be removed even cover it with something else I could you get a cover it up like yeah I could I'd like I've ever heard getting to like a black circle is blacking out my bottom half of my letter on your foot to you remember when I was actually it's like a huge flower and that's actually a cover-up but used to be just a little flame and it looks kind of weird it was too small for my foot that had to hurt so fuck it was so bad like this one wasn't too bad hey babe and enjoy what I have now is like this big and it hurt horribly during but then after that like that night we went out to eat and I really hurt my foot really hurts wild in the bathroom my foot was seriously like this figure out I'm dying just from all the swelling and blood that yeah you lost that foot to yet I gotta right before I graduated from college like I took my last final and then went and got it is my gift to myself LOL kind of still at the hall around campus a little bit afterward this was a horrible idea I'm guessing yours is the Atari tramp stamp know how the blade tattoo you can blame that one on my neck I thought that was your attorney tattoo guitar tattoos on the lower back I've seen the transitory logo I love that one you love the tattoos of like a fifteen-year-old girl you don't know what they are they are the Tramp Stamp was supposed to be a joke to promote our old website we had a contest on drug game eart.com to determine what tattoo I did that we would like her to be able to vote and that's what it's like 700 remember I want to say I love you in a couple thousand views a day that was back in the day so I think they determine to the tattoo I got on remember how we determine the location I think Bernie and check shows the location last and you just went along with it is promotion for the website would you do that now no fucking not the one for the documentary yeah I was kind of hoping that you would get one from Jeff because I think you guys are have been best friends for you knows better know we known each other for a while so crazy here you guys have been here for a little bit Throne of his bathroom anytime it could have been you think you're full of regret and bad tattoo I like that you're a know what night that is I didn't know what was going on what am I never this episode of podcast is brought to you by audibl speak things to Ottawa sporting this episode audibl has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows news comedy & more audiobooks a great to listen to when you're driving at the gym or shopping or audience I was offering a free audiobook of the 30 day free trial going to listen to it audibl has it go to audible.com / RT & browser selection of audio content downloaded Titan for free and start listening it's that easy you get a free audiobook of the 30 day free trial at audible.com / RT that's audible.com / RT and I met you charms Loveless & Loveless me to them in my car I might be listen to Game of Throne to head over season 7 so if you want to if you ever want to listen to the books now is your chance to get caught up because this one book missing still has it yet I hope everything that exists do I got all excited I'm going to see the trailer for tease or for it they came out last week I'm sorry I haven't watched any of them I suck like any trailers your and I don't like I'm clueless about this upcoming season I mean the trailers also don't reveal anything that's one of you had to watch the melting ice they do the Facebook livestream there was there was one the one apartment account last week showed 3 different characters in 3 different locations but not the sending different seats of power okay but I still don't think that technically reveals the tease or anything but it doesn't I don't think tell you anything about the upcoming season. I know people keep I don't pass the Sho Runners have speculated and people have speculated that this season not going to be 10 episodes do we have any like official confirmation that shorter if anyone had heard that I mean I'd like 6 or 7 I thought Game of Thrones I'm hoping at least seven or eight are they do like the breaking thing where it's like the last two seasons but they make them shorter season sucks I can't think probably just haven't officially yet seachem Thrones Card interview go to the Civic Center 17th and would likely consist of fewer episodes the left at the end of blue cheese I guess what they said at the end of season 6 they said that they're down to their final 13 episodes so between the next two seasons it'll probably be about $0.13 total flake 6 & 7 are both right I think we watch the entirety of the series up until it's a good idea there's a lot of history there first shot Rock the first scene in the very first episode of Game of Thrones is the Nights Watch going to the side of the wall and countering white walkers how long is it until you see them again season 3 season the trailer before the series even start it was so focused on White Walkers and then not even about that shit oh I have a question about the teaser and I don't know this was but I don't think we'll spoil anything for you but there's one moment where one of the characters who it's showing like breeze out and it's like that but you can see their breath it's called does that mean like winter is finally coming or just sending and at the end of the last season against rate yet if I've been next book that supposed to come out is kind of Winds of Winter it's supposed to be like which is really sad which wouldn't have been something that I can't talk White Snake song season 6 man this is the longest it's taken to ever receive winter what's taking so long Gus a variable ride that your mind when you watch a show for like 7 years and really a month this past and their timeline yeah but here's to us when we do Heroes and half-wits your hundred film yet we talked about like in the game and we can make a not show for for a long time now we close to him to season 2 and we talked about like it's been so long but you like in game time so I'm a couple of weeks you like a couple days have been very long at all we went through a. We're underground caves for months putting game time was like two days time dilation man so crazy do you regret having to wear that chainmail hothead think or who did it first especially because the first time first couple times at work I didn't have a calendar and I realize that it turned my neck Grey the silver rabbit on your greasy hands and putting it on actually like it when I need to film something after that cuz in my hair is just mad at down at the hallway the other day and I was like your haircut Heroes not just finished filming Heroes and half-wits like that so much is it have a couple of pounds the definitely makes it does that thing where it makes me turn awkwardly guy and Morty awkward but like you turn my whole body is turning your head enjoy that like a nice little like thinking sound as you move jewelry really must hit the mic all the time I feel bad for whoever the control room and a little piece of tape on the inside to keep it from hitting the mic to off and that's good so your shirt by the way should we mention that I need season of Red vs Blue just started a blue vs Red which is apparently a reference to the season I think yeah just started the cast members to come yesterday I'm very excited about to season a red vs blue I think that from what I've read the scripts that are seen are really funny maybe the funniest jokes ever seen Red vs Blue is that like a slap in the face to Bernie and mile just let me know my scripts and the ceiling I put a sentence in there but I'm just saying like the best I man I've been the next episode of sister at next it was one of my buddies recording sessions I worked out and left for the first time in a long time tonight in awhile since I guess your credit sister I think I was in like 1 episode and season 14 oh yeah yeah I was in the guy who wrote Ready Player one and then before that I've been like Wanted 2 years I pop it like once a season that's true it looks so good it really does I should watch it I haven't watching it I was in Dallas all weekend to get a chance guy gets is when you want something like that or when we make something that you can have a chance to see like I didn't see the tattoo documentary thing for like a week after it came out like I get me to watch it at a tennis and got around with your backside I have yet to watch it episode of Heroes and half-wits odenkir 1 point I want to start watching it but I feel like it's going to be one of those where are right I need to spend the rest of the day getting into this because there was like an hour and half your this season has been longer it's been like around 2 hours and sometimes longer for episode and actually started down audio podcast on my phone and listening to in the car that man was heading off not Heroes and half-wits I would never ever noticed we are always open Rooster fight s all the ones that are available in audio form a topical I prefer the video but it says I can't fit into my day it's only way I can do it in the car and I thought I thought I thought you said you listen always open a lot like everyone I think that's like one of my favorite out of the rooster teeth this is so entertaining I just like a train wreck MN always open as well understood but I actually spoke as a not on it like a ball either watch it live that night if I'm at home or I'll just like the next day I think I just burned out on it like when before we had in our broadcast apartment when it was me who at the set it all up record it added it post it wet by the time on episode came out back then I would have listened to it 4 times like and want to listen to this anymore negative reaction time you think about it I was just I was so stupid because I think I worked at Rooster Teeth for eight years before he finally bought me a computer to work on I always have to buy my computer to work stupid computer it's not provided but I work 8 years I finally was because of the podcast against them to buy me a computer and I but I would edit off of external hard drive and it's even slower like a stupid firewire driving up to plug in and moving around to different computers yeah I remember one time I was almost done with it was when we were at the Congress office I was almost done at any one of the podcast and you could take me all day like we record podcast first thing in the morning then I really start editing it and I probably finished product rate at the close by like 5 p.m. so getting close to the end of the day I was almost done editing yet and across from money and he's stretched and his leg unplug my external hard drive guy like I just watched my program close and crackers like what just happened I'm free all day almost all my work is really apologize it's not your fault I mean it's stupid for that I'm done I don't think that anything would be a profession I could never ever do like I am so impressed and so does everyone who does editing as their career because to watching thing over and over and over last 5 seconds after hey there 7 minutes late high go to redo this truck vs podcast this week brought to you by a store in Squarespace I'm Gus Jon Barbara I'm back and I'm just so we talked about this we are going to come to like producing a Sho yeah it's like I don't send me no I don't send reminders or like I don't text me until like 5 minutes before less than 5 minutes before you check the at home no is actually just across town I just taking Bella to the lake season 7 minutes make second for 5 okay well if you're into my car is stupid cards Bella looks like a swamp thing cuz she was swimming in the lake and yes I just I've been on vacation for the past week and that mixed with the change in time I didn't think about the 5 o'clock for like 2 months now right I have not been on it since it's been turned five I don't think nor have I it's okay if you be patient things when it's right in the office I totally would have just I would have been otherwise I would have a reminder not my fault that's my fault Jon and your me like if this was my Sho have been like 4 430 rolls around of Mikey just where you come from of normally do it with Bernie and cab for the biggest dicks in the world about like showing up the last possible minute he just get used to it than that that's what happened I think it's because every on time does Slater not usually on the podcast so that when they're not there I'm like there's probably something wrong here and there was and I feel like a total shit this is this is this is what I just did is my pet peeve and so whenever you know that you have your pet peeve and you end up doing it it's it is like one of the worst things that you can do like a huge on punctuality & Beyond you Jon like if I seem to be people if you say you going to be somewhere be there and so will ease your suffering yeah at least I'm suffering from the control room quick on stuff I love our control group control through control group true until room in a science experiment let me of another group somewhere yeah that we do an experiment oh yeah yeah yeah to my team design Patrick might have the best team of people here at least as far as I can the entirety of it all but like his kids the broadcast Cruise like Patrick's out ride in today yeah he's a piece of shit how is on everybody's on sabbatical Jon racing wow that is good the retreat I have a name that's pretty easy to mess with this far as like my last name I feel like writing her is something that is messed with constantly cries Monger come around nose Gavin and it was even ride longer it was Bryce mongler key don't know guy calling by Inna singer seems like it progressed as far as calling about my last name and then Gavin British eyes is it I'm on the toilet right red what is going on on the pot read it and he would happen was he was going to try to tweet out here he wanted he wanted to give a little boost to my Twitter account when I first got here but he spelled his own nickname wrong and it says they arise Moncler he wrote ride longer and so that's everyone just ran with what that original tweet was I thinking like Bernie calls me that too many stupid little British person say Jon racing here now you know it was interesting cuz I always hear people pronounce it to is the wrong way in the right with a lot of people say risinge her or Reisinger yeah it's risinge and it's not because it it's like risinge is in it you like the word risinge but if I try to when I tell you how to spell it's RI singer and that helps you pronounce as well is that it's all right person is rising absolutely it's better than the hours for some reason it's really sad that I'm just saying like that selfie recent enjoy yeah but I don't either my favorite teacher Save-A-Lot with rice so funny such a rare name safe for the ER or something for this it's like S III like easier but Frasier the Sho exactly like the show anybody would never has been I heard someone pronounce it like that not long ago so and it was someone who's known me for a really long time but isn't I've never heard him say my last name I guess he's never heard me say it and I was so taken aback I was I wanted to correct and I didn't have the heart to on that. They're still this of you but I think that you know that you don't see the last name very often whenever we do on the spot begin the Sho I am just everybody myself and say their full name and off and I get a little panic attacks like a second before we go live and I asked people like I say their name to them just to confirm I'm saying right like something a few people I always question like Maggie Maggie tomany bike for some reason that doesn't feel right to me and so I guy question every single time it's a big fear of mine the other day I was doing something with Kirk and that we weren't next to each other he was off in another part of the set and the person that you know when we're doing the same what's your line are you looking Kevin relooking with left and they're like what are you looking at any blue Kirkland seems like such a weird like my brain to stop working for a moment that I mean before when I've been at a party and I've been with like a friend of mine and someone else comes up and I'm introducing them to and it's like let's say it's me and Jon and like back is there and I'm like hey this is my friend Jon Lake for some reason I just completely forget someone's name sometimes even if I've known them for years yeah it's very embarrassing red you like had a mini-stroke wet memory was far and then I'll never know your name again ever wear sentence of that for me or one of the worst things and says was Paul Shir came by into the Sho 1 halfway to the Sho forgot his last name like to the dead like my brain was just question if we know his last name let's just like we'll sort of think it's still Shir but let's not and so like it wasn't just you know someone I could joke with it was he'd been really nice and come just an actual celebritie say his last name the rest the show until the very end when I said thank you for being not and I just went you know what I went for it said Shir cameras cut and I pulled IMDb I just like quickly make sure I didn't not just embarrass myself in front of like I guess I didn't job interview this guy it was interviewing me his name was Dmitri I like in my head like that's a weird name for a dude to have of his name is Dominic like that's the obvious your brain normal and so then I just kept calling him Dominic like halfway through the interview guy pivoted multiple times and then I switched his associate came in and I referred to him as Dominic in guy who is not get the job what is what is there a part of the brain that stores names and a and cannot be damaged and that is as it happens with faces like Brad Pitt has that really can't remember a face apparently I'm just saying that condition never forget faces if he quit upset I never remember names but if I've met someone even of the convention at like 1 out of like a thousand people all look at them to be like I met you before because you go to someone is like scene at the grocery store you like I know you from somewhere yeah and you can never of connected yet and they're like really you remember me I was like well since I don't know your name or anything about you but I just I know I've met you and I seen you my sunglasses are great just for sunglasses ever you go and you love me guy contact and so like you just want to text you and all those people even attack since risinge of you know like scared of like embarrassing himself risinge or like hiding behind glasses Reisinger I'm such a diva you are showing up when I want to show up so I get here I'm paying I know I was out I'm looking like ask us to I hate I feel so bad I that's all that is all the gag of me being confident actually feel like a piece of chicken the same confidence man I got really annoyed yesterday we're going over the weekend all the news in Austin was like a huge storm guy was it super bad we did to be tornadoes and quarter size hail no really yet we had like on Sunday like blue thunder storm just the morning though it was like it was a beautiful day gorgeous I was on a flight back from Dallas in the evening on Sunday and it was raining there a little bit but it wasn't anything bad in our flight was delayed I think she's our plane coming in was late so when we took off the couch and comes on he goes hey folks just wanted to give you a heads-up you know we just flew in and you're so good you should write that down and make sure people know you said it what is the deal with airplane food but he he can only come in he was just like yeah we just wasn't is a rough ride getting in here so just wanted to let you know that things are going to say see that the entire flight just because we could expect like a really rough 30 minute flight here back to off lights so it's like whatever and I was like a mess I prepare myself really bad turbulence which to me bad turbulence is fucking scary planes going up and down like everything is shaking like lights are flickering or like going around in their seeds things are wobbling up on top nothing it was just like middle Shakespeare in their little Shake cumming on his just make sure you're buckled in I apologize for the really terrible ride we're about to experience is kept saying the stuff asshole cautionary Pilots like you like helping people getting their own head about how it's going to be ride like you're psyching yourself out over it I'm going to make sure like my legs are straight and I'm sitting up straight and I'm not like cocked anywhere in case like it happens to move too quickly and I hurt myself. I hate that way this happens surprisingly you know mile high club my rent because I'm not part of the mile high club I don't think anyone actually is there so small the bathrooms I've been in one that was everywhere come on Rich to be is a bigger bathrooms in like certain like our international flights of a big ol I've been in 1 point where I thought the bathroom was big enough to conceivably have sex in it against you if we can see you and that they all the other ones are always even if you take me and even if you like in business like it's not really the same bathroom I have to say horrible the first watching Ashley I'm so jealous say they apparently Ron a flavor needed that but apparently she does better than always up in is coming out next week but apparently there is a flight they were on where do you like hold bottom area the plane was Just Bathrooms I figure what airline it was on but it was something during The Amazing Race the Dreamliner I get to story vs and I like that big bathrooms in a lot of bathroom so apparently they know tomorrow High section I said I can never join the mile high club because whenever I go to the bathroom on an airplane without fail there's other people waiting in line for the bathroom so you can never like even if there's no one when you go in by the time you're done and you come out there's going to be people waiting even if there's multiple bathrooms and it's like I come out and they try to go in and it's like a note there's another person in there I think the way to do it now is just too like instead of being sneaky about it is just Proclaim it is just walk in there like we're going to take a second we're doing the mile high club and your else wants to join in after s can get in line but we're doing that right now okay but you're going to go yeah it's it I think it's there's a rule like just him to give me the bathroom at once but I have to I have two quick questions about mile high club 1 interview part of mile high club you have to have sex to completion or just what has to happen I'm just blue it's just in and out and that's mile high club I do have any more time question is if you just masturbate can you be the half my club no no no what happens if you masturbate in your inner airport airplane restroom when you have a lot of questions about your life and is there ever a time where you've been horny on an airplane really yes but I'm by my horniness leave burnie's no that's not something you should have said yeah that's it but I don't have you told the story of an airplane with you don't the worst place to have I don't get to decide when I'm horny it's done by whenever my medicine is in me then it's like everytime I put in a new injection it's like going through puberty again and it's that it's like and your penis is pop I like it like that it explicitly says on the box do not put this in your penis what would happen if you don't know but it's like I think it's a this is hot it would someone one time burn themselves so now they have to put this morning someone put the sword in their PP and bad stuff happened and they say don't do that cuz I'm just cuz I mean there is some sort of logical sense cuz testosterone does a in that area so just some guys like wine I can put into my leg I'm going to put it right there and the concept of being turned on when you're on an airplane this year usually next to like people way too close to you who are smelly or just like really gross and breathing in everyone's air and everyone's just like the least sexy place on her head she's like one place at 12 fights leave me to do how are you yeah that's what is the difference here they're still dependent on it helps with no it's not it's not exclusive and it helps I was sitting at home this morning at my desk and my head my AC broke inside man going in and out and it 1 point they left for like 15 minutes and happy that asking you know I just seen it that's not doing anything and then I just get a random like boner just have fun or just Eagle Rock Hard 1 and then they walked in and I was still I was wearing sweats and I'm scared that they come look at something because I was wearing sweats and I see turns me on I get so excited to see you Barbara and then you do stuff like that to see my friend on Twitter here selfie is it on purpose nerd on Twitter saying that somebody has to orgasm for the mile high club that's okay well I think we both know who someone has to orgasm what what about lesbians okay I guess the public person who usually comes first day against is it always and if you don't like you and I like the boyfriend and girlfriend going into a bathroom there but just masturbating in there just like looking each other in the eyes is the fun game in general an Olympic sport was it called ever break eye contact I don't come over the actual jokes to make a real to see your game plan I've never tried that I never tried to like film wet from limp what's the fastest I can achieve orgasm look if I still have right now and we're at it how fast how long would a wood privacy private something or just an empty room I'm going to do this no por nothing rough estimate for me would be Lexington I don't know I think it's like we're done let's get the boat that's all we got to do this episode is has to be called what you get the bus not yet that's all this is that once you get the better than its if I don't know why keep Stampy when its a boat ramps up yeah it's sometimes hard to get a random inspiration without the aid of anything that's like slapping must have made it like I was watching porn on a train and so I posted a picture of his laptop screen in the reflection of the mirror like you're not fooling anyone you just watch it for entertainment and not get a boner and Michael's like you're so desensitized to it you see it all the time about porn I mean like like what he watching like actually do porn that I don't that's literally I could not close out porn faster than when I'm done masturbating like maybe have a slight addiction to porn where they just need to watch it today or was it for the stories he needs to find out how it goes the cable ever get fixed I was just that was not the video no that's not like it was like two women going at it okay then yes then that's his watching porn yeah it was like it was like you're not fooling anyone what's the title should be there yet there's never time I watch it if I must I want to be having orgasms having orgasms masturbating April Fools pranks but I thought the one porn hub had this year was actually really good wow what an old reference there Becca I just saw it on Facebook okay they said that they were rolling out a feature where and you be there you watching porn hub it is automatically likes and shares on your Facebook timeline clu and any potential ya down time and of course of people like start freaking out about it and so obvious but why do they have that fucking life but I think it's more so is the lightweight is there an actual Facebook like button on some por forward this to your page cuz I mean if some people want to why wouldn't porn hun let them like share their content than any more people to watch porn hub this still a few games mom's boyfriend that sounds good this year I'm trying to see if watching for share then there's actually a share button for every social media what's on Reddit Tumblr Google+ StumbleUpon and blogger there's the food it's going to make you login you have to hit like is already cuz porn hub accountants hot daughter fucks mom's boyfriend and I got to the video related to how to connect your Twitter account to the Twitter app and allow the website to have access to your Twitter window Aurora which means God has already given permission to enter it's out there that there's a funny story I don't know how true it is or not but it look legit where this is daughter was headed like her dad as a friend on Facebook and her dad didn't realize that everyone could see any time he like commented on someone's public photo or anything like that so she just got like in his feed just saw all these comments of like him leaving is really disgusting comments on these girls photos of like yeah baby I'd leave you over the table and stuff that I love that's bad that's a no no no no just like she had to come as being like dad everyone who's friends with you on Facebook could see your public comments oh yeah you know me that's awkward wet every internet thing ever social media anything you do on the internet can be seen by everybody that's the room soon it will be sold by your ISP for her a great profit for them I love to a party and Humanity owner going to do a fundraiser to buy avocados is a fun little like fuck you like whether they do it or not that's just a very clever way to put it into perspective of like a your people to understand this so our elected officials pass to this right they represent us who in the world was like Hey we'd love for you to pass a law for you sell our web browsing history ride you make money off of fuck ask him to do that how you do not swear I didn't I didn't ask for that are you proposing that our government can make decisions they're not based on actual individuals we could be made more by another group that could sway them in some way companies work if that was part of our political system that would just be tragic that would be tragic I can't believe it I'm just so that we don't live in that site again I don't want people knowing I looked up nubile films God bless and on the first one would you say nubile films of Mile likely good night but young and fresh I didn't I forgot that was don't ever need to hear Gus whisper that ever again Blue Line retailer premium mattress for a fraction of the Cost Cutters Revolution the mattress industry by cutting the cost of giving a reseller's and showrooms and passing that savings directly to the consumer Casper's mattress is an abscess Allegiant air mattress at 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So you don't have to lie down in the showroom in additional $50 for the mattress purchase we're going to kasper.com / RT & tree promo code RT that's kasper.com /rt promo code RT Transit condition supply free shipping on returns to the u.s. and Canada I think I talked about it last time there was sponsor but I think I got 1/2 in like 10 minutes or less cast of match this alone are worth getting just for the unboxing part because you pulled out and then it does the little give me a few cuz I had it in the box and I was moving apartments and so I didn't have to move like an actual full size mattress and they were just had to move the box and they're just so I was like yeah that's my mattress now okay and I put it there and I think if you could like open it up and just put it right there and I just ripped open the cardboard and just went like everything in life for the first time that are equal to moved into my apartment though I the only thing I owned is far as Furniture was the cast of I and nothing else Jon and then Adam Ellis gave me a couch so I had a couch in my living room and a Casper mattress sitting on the floor and tons of boxes and that and I'd look like a squatter for months still there yeah I kind of do but only have anything on the walls I never was your guy never put anything on the walls I don't tell Max he is he is so adamant about that mean just the most horrendous crimes I'm totally different of me I guess when I was younger I don't know that I bought it from like that, concert like that the problem is that I'm probably gonna be moving again in like 7 months and that's sure enough for me to go not worth it for me to commit to stuff on my walls unless I actually have a place that I own I don't know like that I have an apartment and I use double-sided velcro or you supper where is that actually like hold up really well so if you put up some of the stuff in the Bungalow probably 3M command strips yeah those are really good so just do that instead of actually like poking holes mile just thought red juicy the dumbest in my opinion the dumbest thing I saw and maybe the last couple of days or Twitter realized that yeah people with egg Avatar they harass other people online so they changed the egg Avatar this like of a faceless body they give you other than that he will think about what is a dunk is it does nothing it fixes nothing it's just as I said someone to default Avatar because people Associated the eggs with harassment I change the new and something everyone just knows this is anyway I mean that's neutral rights rate anything Fitness fixes anything going to change my avatar to the eggs just said marketing Ploy probably but I think it's pretty the real there but I love I love I love that it irritated you know I just don't understand they had meetings about this I'm sure her I will take $50,000 Shir the new the new egg to draw it up April fools for Rick and Morty episode comes out yet I have not watched it yet but what came of it off either working or didn't watch it cuz it's just the place to see if I wanted on Prestige streaming live on the loop on I would love to I just didn't I didn't know about it but they don't swim team episode and it is it's been Is Risen 2 premiere of the of season 3 think it's the premier kind of starts it seems like it starts in the middle of a story then that's possibly that it wasn't but then they Adult Swim was week was yesterday they streamed the entire first two seasons and it was fun just turn that on and the one that pulled up was the one where they have the different timelines and Alternate realities and it splits more throughout the episode when the most like logistical amazing episodes of any TV show ever when I was I took a moment like this show is brilliant last night I thought it on April Bulls day because I saw that Uncle Sam was going to be playing Bob's Burgers and Morty like after the start a little bit and then we started playing it again and I like what you said on TV that was the April Fool's joke website at first I don't have TV the evening I played it like 5 times in a row good place to watch the first episode of Rick Morty and I thought it was really fucking weird and I didn't like it and I didn't try watching anymore and apparently someone told me this weekend they're just like oh yeah the first episode I thought it was weird I didn't like to be there but then I kept watching it I was hooked instantly me with the Archer watch I think first two episodes of Archer and did not like it took like a year off and now that he's raving about the God damn Sho I'ma give it one more chance and ravenously watched every episode there ever was I meant to speaking of cartoons and stuff like that this weekend I was at Dallas Fan Expo and on our way to the convention center some of the special guest had like cards that would take us to the center from the hotel we're at and Arryn zech and I were sharing a car with this guy and we start talking to him and we're just like what you doing this all by voice actor really cool like is there anything we would have like to seen you in or known you for and he goes I was the voice of Prince Eric in Little Mermaid High beer just like what's it like it was the biggest put your voice to the picture and he told us really funny story he was 15 when he died yet was 1989 when that came out and like he he's like an attractive guy but he's clearly like older women is like 8918 can t matter now that's a and Christopher Daniel Barnes is 43 years old and trusting something around there yet and very nice guy and then we start talking about like oh did you also do the voices to the sequel movies and goes no they actually recast me but it was okay because when they were telling me that they were going to recast me for it they told me that the reason for it was because apparently they have a kid in the movie yeah and they said that his voice was too sexy to be a dad strange little mermaid is somewhere free for streaming and I came home one day and it was on and it looks bootleg as hell yes she does she goes into it becomes a mermaid The Little Mermaid Little Mermaid fish like a stretch of like I was like let's make love everyday far tease glasses like you're wrong with this dude someone else do is voice my The Aladdin sequels like ever trying to far and then the prince of Thieves what was the king of and I don't know I think of you I didn't mind those too much and maybe it's cuz those are the only ones I actually watch but The Little Mermaid 1 looks like shit the Pocahontas equal look like shit I don't really need to pray in the cab bring some things did Sean Connery do the voice of Aladdin Stead so the 11th sequel of the third wet line prince of Thieves King of Thieves Robin Hood prince dad who did the voice is is dead the Salton now the brother brought Robin Williams back to the third one against which is very strange Red Robin Williams was upset with him far off remember the stories right in the promotions for the original one that he did not want the genie character or his associate hotline billing for it just needed that so I think you didn't want to do the second because of that why wouldn't you want that just cuz it's like using him shamed yeah I think it was I think it was a used thing like you just want to be used as like the reason why people would install the film or something that character in the movie so like if I was just now able to use the genie absolutely too I think is it was a little bit smaller until they just started ripping a million things in life always got to fill the film with this guy I could be wrong is going to prove me right or wrong I like to personally I wonder how many of the cast I know God for you did it but when on into the voice of the cartoon the TV series but I'm pretty sure Gilbert Godfrey 1 on and it is only one who needed to do it family have the same busy right there apparently making and I was asking about this really because they just came out there being a beast movie but apparently they're doing a live action Little Mermaid interested in Aladdin and a live-action Lion King Lion King not make sense because there's no humans in that movie so the Jungle Book would like a Broadway production of Lion King David the used like people it's really over the top there so I can imagine that being in film yet book without movie is living in the film is what it's going to be the point of doing a live-action version of I don't do anything like this like really well animated getting the Beast like I different seen the film but a good chunk of it is just Emma Watson wandering around a CG environment basically with cgb stand me I feel like he did it pretty well I have my thoughts about the beating the Beast movie I don't know I don't want to ruin anyone from seeing it I liked it and I think that if you watched you to be so they can you like you didn't because the kids are going to like it as well especially like when they do all the songs and it's it's really nice to have missed all Chick fil for it but the added so many songs to that movie I really and if you're going to add songs to fucking Beauty and the Beast they better be a Beauty and the Beast level and rude and they were not at all and so that was like the only part of that movie I think that was like really disappointing to me that's always an off day even with like the Broadway production so that I can get by chance have been a little better wear if a Sho has the songs in the ad songs into it it just doesn't feel right there's a flow to what you originally remember of the film yet so now I wish this is me be a little bit busy I was. Do these roommates if they want to do some like that I wish it was a little more than maleficen trout and tell the story that not been told maleficen was like it's kind of wicked Story Wiki the story of the you know a prequel alphabet and I like that that untold story but still in the world that you like you can still get this stuff the connection until these characters you know see one of the other if you're going to do pretty much the same story not shot-for-shot necessarily but you have to keep it relatively in the same sequence in the same songs and stuff like that you add a lot of stuff it just becomes like I'm familiar to everyone who is going to see that I commit to something different or commit to the what year your Twitter hear you Island avatar on say that says that John Rhys-Davies of oyster level stats the voice and I'm looking it up Dan castellaneta replaced Robin Williams as the genie in the lamp people and it was they said the reason to do it is he was upset because he said he did the voice for the movie but this me then took the character and overdubbed it was someone else to like sell merchandise in the commercials out of it wasn't until they replace feu on the new CEO apologize that he agreed to come back Titan Twitter now I need you to find out if Ron Williams did the voice of genie in the Saturday morning segments of great minds think alike I just need you guys I don't even know what that is great minds think alike Saturday morning on ABC good minds think for themselves it's great minds think alike segments that Jenny would talk about Allen's dream until the story sir historical figures at great minds think for themselves to themselves as I am realizing that there's an entire and to certain people that remember Saturday morning cartoons is being a thing because there was a time when there's a finite amount of cartoons available the child and the most of them or Saturday morning from like 6 in the morning till like 1030 and now just turn on Netflix to watch every trash out there and I see the Power Rangers movie speaking curtains no fucking love this so much good things about it it is I say this in the best way possible it is so fucking bad but like I tease her you're just like some fucking into it you're just like holy shit I'm rolling my eyes so hard but it's the Power Rangers I mean can't remember what article wet news publication said it but it was there was a title to review that the review summarize my thoughts 300 and accurately in the title was Power Rangers is worst movie that is easy to love because you it's you can you watching to go is tons of them but then you like over the top acting really crazy like waffle venereal you think a lot of it's in the small gym I think it's just it it's true to form for Power Rangers for me because Power Rangers if you're going to describe it in one way it's cheesy way over the top and like out usually unnecessarily to that level and that was a movie like you really impressed with the film is at the Power Rangers is not spoil is just kind of let you know they're only in the suits for I think they blocked it 15 minutes total the film and was another the TV episode their suits and then even that was cut short by suitcase or time like they would either one little fight with the parties and then again there's words and you see the regular sword for about 5 seconds then they're like I got big we got I can make the Megazord Amy Megazord that was a crazy person right now explaining the caveman start in the Megazord to begin with why wasn't of Voltron just always this point I don't know I don't know you know why was in Captain Planet just always out why did he ever go away why would leave is constantly fixing the fucking planner just jerking it all the time stupid who cares about guy could talk to that monkey cat the plan needs to come fix that only he was so sexy blue hair and skin had a really shitty TV okay you're color-blind they really make you wait for it to in this movie we're waiting for the stuff and and at one point like the music comes on your just like they do play the music of 1 point and Plaza side it just gets you red that blue because of the movie is a giant Crescendo to you know, the episode giant Crescendo to the big fight at the end I didn't realize that Bryan Cranston plays he died guy I knew he did like what I read about the casting for the movie that was before is Alpha some of our bill Hater Hater Hater Bill Hader throne for the generic white boy has to know if I don't know sorry to interrupt your power going to come back to Power Rangers in this of sea podcast Squarespace is the only one platform to create a website or online store they're beautiful award-winning designer templates 24-7 customer service and domains if you've been thinking about starting your own website or online store start your free trial the day at squarespace.com / Russia enter offer codes cheat to get 10% of your first purchase make your next move with Squarespace I was looking at squarespac site earlier we were locked up here internally used car to see if it's so easy and I say that's a good-looking website really even if you never made 1 go there I think everyone should go and try to make a regular website without space it's just crazy difficult just if you just want to see what it's like just go there and just try to put it like I said before was in this coffee have to put your credit card info I need to check it out so it's really really really cool kind of annoying how you tease Squarespace is when I first started making the first website was in 94 and it's like what was the name what was the domain of the first whatever it was it was of no no no it was at University hosted so it's like back when you have like a long URL did Matilda yet your username so I was like I'm using it was GS 1793 so was like to know some like a long University server slash lcg S 19793 remember mine visual serenity.com I will ask off camera not Twitter said the songs in the Beauty and the Beast that they used in the new movie were written by the person who wrote the songs in the original Beauty and the Beast but they were cut from the movie look up from you for a reason just saying people can make mistakes and you probably weren't in the movie because they weren't great the foremost word like whenever this like I'm not a big music person but when I cab and put out an album and then there's like a deluxe version what songs that didn't make it to the I would like and we probably should I could direct is kind of a movie is 1 hour of footage we saw fit to be cut yet season yes I'm always on the go and see that's more like the same thing is when you see like the unrated version that just means that they didn't submit this cut for a rate it was yet means that they added one more scene of boobs not even have like two people talking it was not submitted for rating horrible bait-and-switch it's like 20 extra minutes of wholesome footage in the unrated version who does not have a rating we didn't show it to the imaginary group called the MPAA these red well that didn't like the way they advertise whenever movies like unrated version I was put like in red like fun rate in like expecting a sailor boobs are a lot of sex scenes or something like that or more raunchy material you there's a documentary in a few years since I've seen her call this film is not yet rated the talks about like that process that cells go through is really seen it whoever is listening or watching you should actually go watch it not really an insight into how crazy the whole process of reading movies is they want you're all that with laser team trying to get this eart & rating for it I like you can always a fun time yet and Sho boobs so many times are enough certain parts of Blu work we were we were talking about this the other day when we were talking about Lazer Team 2 and talking about like the different ratings you can get you can use this if you if you want like you were talking to this hypothetical scenario if you want a PG-13 you can use a curse word a certain way but not another way guy that and then fuck but then it's like unlimited and then it's like a whole other set of criteria the same written down as I can you start worrying about nudity and how much you see what you see yet like you can have unlimited boobs for an R rating but the second you sho awang MX NC-17 it's not fair for of dogs and movie there's a lot of dying and need another not a bit to be able to Sho not really there's more than buttholes loved on in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and seagulls I know but it's in there so many times is it a muppet Rick I love my pets have you seen the movie owne the overnight not really crazy movie it's on Netflix blue vacation and we really guy just watching Netflix movie this looks interesting over really crazy movie has like I'm in a blank on everybody's names okay Jason Schwartzman and Ben from Parks and Rec I always overdo it and some women one of them I love them and you dream that me the New Black I know movie that movie shows a lot of time with their prosthetic Don's it's hilarious but the movies are highly recommend checking it out if you have was it a prosthetic hour or so Jon in Django Unchained power when it was Jamie Foxx's dick thing was big prosthetic in Boogie Nights anyway did you watch Westworld now yet there is happy baby the biggest on screen dog of every we are putting your talents are not being properly and then they I mean this is not like Bella height for talk about penises I wouldn't ride around with you to start but yeah they not just you know soon as they should have the piece in the back corner just Lube in the side like this is like the main character of The Shot Two Shot doesn't move like episode 4 5 pretty close to the end in the end after what's your name 1 episode 4 or 5 vs world I feel the same as a guy with a little like pants with a boner pants tent yet my favorite kind of tent I say so yeah I mean if you look up V episode remind me to watch episode 5 of Westworld tonight most nudity I think of any good I thought about you knowing about it specifically for like 10 mutant right yeah you know she's been it's so many things she's really great she's awesome at Westworld unbelievable and I wonder what that looks like when she receives you know that but you know whatever I can do this but yeah you're naked 75% of those close-ups of her nipples like I could you show me the lineup I could pick out 10 years ago I like saying right I know right I see it and then potentially more than just boobs to let me who knows what was going on there but it's a hairstylist like for the SHO cheap designer clothes last man on Earth in our watching it is really good but I realize because I was watching that show by myself and then Aaron came over those life I just finish this episode that eyesore watching is like yeah go ahead I realize that Sho is very weird if you watch just one episode total it seems like very and no its you have to know everything that's kind of build up those characters to that point how does characters and met the other characters there with it is very mad that way it's it's very pyramid building of a of a Sho I don't think it's a really terrible introduction to the Sho and watch like in the middle of the third season of thing but I stopped watching after the character showed up he like drove into town and a car and season 1 yeah there's like it was like the 5th or 6th early I got Titan people he's clearly not the mass last night and it turns because he's horrible not if you're the last man on Earth get it they were the first Avenue I tried turning it into can you stuff on and I don't like I can't make that commitment like I wanted to try to get into the feud FX TV I don't watch the watch the first episode of Psych was good I have a watching other ones you actually did I watch not done yet okay I watch the first 5 episodes of Legion we talked about enjoy the Sho last like 3 or 4 3 not I'm not calling I was really enjoying and I just can't I don't know I just kind of the time I just I play too many video games Attack on Titan I'm gonna be cuz season 2 answers do season 2 s I never finished season 1 season motivate me to finish season 1 and under watch season 2 with them and any watching me I don't watch anime I enjoy and I still make an effort to insert into like my media consumption yet but I'll do with my I can also I love talking about with my friends and I think so fan service for the first time I know I was excited to go it's like they're talking Attack on Titan which is the only thing I've seen but I know it very well so they had me on & season 2 just ride this weekend and I'm excited to see the new feature 1 coming out in a 10 Alamo the anime without such a terrible story to start of something like that something that I want to go see cuz I want to see more anime action tease I love Theatre Experience that's my favorite thing that that's how I watch things the most is I love going to Peter's anime man so whenever they Sho something like that in a theater I want to make sure I make enough to go see if you can bring plenty kind of Alamo Drafthouse on Tuesday Mornings does baby good morning you know I'm at work then so yeah it sucks you should just like take off Tuesday Mornings to work from home like off I'm going to take a tease I'm wearing off I'm going to send her ass to daycare true enough true true actually really strictly no children under the age of 6 are allowed to play boss baby you just can't take a guy to be a problem sorry I just got found out the AC team that was installing AC in my apartment they broke the lock my apartment complex is had to switch to lock put the new key in my mailbox my mail key is in my apartment and their office closes right now you need to go we're good we're wrapping the time like I'm like you're screwed or going with far away from my apartment so I'm done I'm going to just do a quick call getting it all over ride back let's wrap this up or call thanks ever watching Jon wrestlers make yourself now you're happy but no you're not oh my God what are you doing