#425 - Gus Does What Gus Wants

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, and special guests Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys as they discuss animal intelligence, sandwiches, weight gain, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 17, 2017, sponsored by ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-04-18 16:00:00

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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to the receive podcast this week. You buy ProFlowers and Squarespace Squarespace that's ProFlowers will talk more about them later I'm guess your Nick High Gus come to see that it was no Nick scarpino Converse Monster High Heel cloud and his little sidekick Tim Gettys how we will be confused will point to the Sho I believe it's the producer slash producer and the pure one this is confusing cuz I'm wearing his things back when I first started in puff I was super pier and drink you know it's really not really sexually explorative and then I just hit the one that this guy I would be I can't see anything like that that's a cool shirt though this is the central game you know that store today Lawrence is like the Funhouse version of me so it only makes sense that of Lawrence we need to we need a dope ass like a teeth out here that has lots of pink and teal on it we got one like you the one by the way I could your ear and give your boobs are going to go more into like a pectoral muscle look which is not even push ups everyday on alarm goes off and everyone the office has to do push-ups go off once we just got a text medical doesn't set the alarm just went off you better get on there but I think how many you have to do as many as you can and whatever you want why do I get for a week you should go for 15 there's one 2 you're so great for five six seven eight Tim are you in from what is the example don't need to do it so please let me out of this this started happening I maybe I was gone for a day and then also know like well you didn't start the beginning so like when you miss of elementary school when you turn a fraction to your live in Spanish which raining to be the new Funhouse you know how that we can push up today but has a known for doing wanna push known for being super buff all of God there so many yeah he never noticed they're all Super Bowl games has like the most before it was cut but, it has like of it's got a lot of girth to and I just on his Instagram he was like this is me at 185 this meet you at 5 at time to lose weight you look exactly the same you do the same there's there's some difference in that picture in his lower region was he's packing some heat I could see the look in your eyes like I would be like that after one yeah everything you do a push-up I feel like I have at some point do we want to see Gus no I'm not interfering with your pressure years of ride a fucking bullshit I will follow make your life difficult Gus that's what Gus wants to do appreciate that and it's true little desk all hairless cats from the cross I made that part up and it does part I put it 2 you have like 10 gameplay stations in your one-man game plan on each one of them he was kind of running back we're waiting to be released so we used to do podcast let's play soccer in the park a screw and we were released those every so often with a regular thing and wanted to start trying to do it again so we released one this past weekend but was in that I use it was like kind of a knock-off Jack box but it was fun I started building a narrative about the game Barbie in a post-apocalyptic Wasteland has their skulls and every screen and it starts once go there's no explanation why there's a skull on this game but it's hidden in every single screen first light reasons unbeknownst to us right now hopefully we can start recording on a more regular butter space for VR and doing the kind of stuff that I've been playing some Elite dangerous and you are yelling at Elite dangerous fighter kind of deal yeah but you don't sound like your space your in space we don't need a lot of space for that can hang out here in the middle of a spaceship the way your office is that the kinda looks like a masturbatory am now very dark that wasn't much as well 2 and your desk is facing it's like against the wall but it's facing out so no one can see behind you if they walk in its purpose how a scale of 1 to 10 how am I allowed to masturbate there I'll just make sure you turn the light on for that kind of your hand Amazon air signs you masturbate 360 video show me all facing outward in this may fake profile what is the type of girl I'm sure that exists and I need to find it in my life and I can't reach the girls to use the camera to put out all the cameras you can get with one shot for the pulley good for one I got a Reese's 24-hour that just going to be doing a of course. Anytime soon a distance between between us and that much distance is there game I mean a lot of PS VR because we're a PlayStation household and let me know there's a lot of his beer which is interesting cuz it is like the most consumer-friendly version but it's also the Gimp not as cool as the real short version I was really impressed with how good like me if it gets confusing the setup right but I was very impressive how straightforward the packaging and instructions like it's all When U unboxing PS like everything's number live this first then this than this it's a lot to do but you know it's friendly little bite-sized chunks of iPhone of the are you know what's happening where 2 Androids are better but the apple is easier to use than I can I buy Monopoly Nick I'm definitely how old go to Newton back there 5 after about 4 years I recently heard if your family was San Francisco area where from but it rains a lot there anything lately and the other day I was like this is 3 hours after I left my car go back to check my car out it's sitting on the ground being rained on and I'm like that to dad still kicking Apple give you a call and he calls me and I am I get to. I'm stuck in the in the cycle of okay the new one two three iPhones going to be the shed and so I was always waiting September this years do I get to be like bezel-less and off-screen and like how to charge it by looking at it and it's waterproof but it also like water whatever because I cracked my my previous I thought I had to upgrade to the seven us or whatever this is it was going to be like a hundred bucks to fix the screen or hundred twenty bucks to get the next phone how to get the next one I usually wait every two phones I was hoping to get the anniversary One battery must look at the hacker hi just like I'll I don't like what I said so I don't like just rain Elite recycling stuff that only had 4 years on my funny money for the car for 12 years and my kind of guy eco-friendly sorry you don't have a drink yet so I think that it's time that that we got our drinks here we have a special segment brought To Us by Smirnoff that is classic was so we have a Texas your behind me to make it so a couple of what's up we work on it we say I want to try to make a special drink cuz I'm a I'm a big vodka fan and I like a very simple things so we work to try to figure out what we can make that I would enjoy drinking so that's it was awesome when you have like people working to make you the ideal drink for yourself so we came up with the sparkling sorolla which and get some your sparkle for a while we just one and a half ounces of Smirnoff no 21 vodka half an ounce of simple syrup squeeze of lime squeeze of lemon topped off with club soda and Texas going to go ahead make a seem to enjoy doing the podcast right now sounds delicious so of the name is way too fancy for you as a person specifically came up with that name fake butt your is it school that smirnoff's of sponsoring the podcast experience II where they're going to actually make drinks for all the regular crew and have a drink mine are the times that we have here for either Barbara Bernie your Gavin so if you're watching and you have a suggestion you can tweet us what you think some of your favorite drinks are that we can incorporate with Smirnoff and I make our own drinks forecast better be a time that's all I'm saying I'm sure that will come up with it and it was going to have to be at a good a Moscow Mule because you know Saturn of Smirnoff invented the Moscow Mule I did not have my drink of choice super and you know you can buy Smirnoff shut off and ask him why the copper mug you have that level of pretensions they want me to to try to get you probably so if you're over 21 you should check out some and I'll enjoy it with your friends just like we're going to do right now during this podcast then look at me now Look at me first which type of the copper mugs are like silver or silver silver actually silver colored smooth white balance citizen be sparkling Sorella Sorella your welcome on the right a little bit a bike just like Gus and realize the ride a medical just a nice change of pace from are delicious thank you Texas very welcome and you're welcome for letting you borrow Texas from always open to wanna mastication part you like to ride bike After High do my wife and I do live streams for we eat food on Facebook cuz I like it's like a popular format in Korea or people are just like either make or eat a bunch of food and have it like live stream in 2 people so we do it like once a month on the Facebook page he's going to be super big and Korea try to bring the form I think the thought was to get the format popular here for that in Korea but really Nobody Does that here so like why not like it seems like it's a kind of thing that would catch up whenever we have mastication part here because I know it means I get a free dinner so much you guys McMaster-Carr mastication means I used to play Hangman and high school whenever got a substitute teacher and I would choose the word masticate and people would be like to try to spell think I was trying to be an asshole but nobody knows where do you learn when you're like 12 and everyone alternate mastication part alternate name was Mutual mastication that's really going to be torturing each other I don't know why that's true it does it does sound a little bit like the kitten tied up I mean so I can leave your mouth getting up a human being that is probably the form scorcher eating that okay this is been a recurring theme for almost 10 years in the podcast now hypothetical situation share go forgive me if you were in a place where you could legally and humanely eat human flesh would you eat human how hungry am I miss just like lunch it's not like just as it's like Gus sandwich I mean yeah I don't think so about the draws me to you know why I wouldn't do it I'd be too afraid that I would develop a taste for it but I would like it so much that now it's all I want and all I can doesn't Indie movie out about that right now Sho Santa Clarita diet is it good it's only of the word huge Timothy Olyphant fan it's Justified 10 episode long so it's a very quick watch and I just thought I'll just get through it and see what this is about I really like it if you want to show to have on go through question if you would not think I was ride over but it has to be I feel the defendant ride like we're stuck in the Swiss Alps are soccer are playing with soccer team just went down we're going to die I have but this is the plan of a life yeah it was that was definitely do it but I have to justify I would just feel like turkey or Tim nothing Tim I wouldn't do that now I would actually try it would you even from people like you talked about like being so much you can get it again when I went to Japan and I a horse it was like he was really good but you can't order horse like at a restaurant here on the West not yet not yet to ride a couch so they can actually talk then okay what's the fine part pigs supposed to be really smart you have enough like the closest to humans other than like apes dolphins are in there somewhere like Simpson stop me I had another do you like makeup testing on on pigs cuz whatever smart but don't know we're smart but just like you're looking at me like that guy knows what's go out with the cat is probability kinda for instance the fact that they can a box be like wow that's really smart so it's like no that's just like Instagram is one of shit and you don't have dirt in your house except in that box if you had a bad feeling in your bed then you be upset about that fair I think I think a lot of credit they don't deserve you think that cats are Satan spawn and that they should be wife in a beer in about you bite off the planet I do I'm also just a huge dog lover so I don't have any more room in my head for anything else in that I was like camels if you've never had a camel you should go out me to camel how lovely I was Morocco I wish I went on a level 11 vacation how do I from Rocco and we want the feds AmeriCash in America we've got to hang out with camel twice he came back a changed man he would not shut up about camel just think of to ride the camels and I felt that that was a little bit exploitative because they were just like chain together and we were from a nearby Village the kid that was like let me know walking around like an to rest right then we went and stayed at this Casbah up in the a butt up in the mountains mountains and they had animals there an at all these cool animals in dead to camels and with pumpkin and pickles all the all the animals in a peanut came up with work as fuck out we got animal pumpkin a pic I was just the come up to you please look at you and then you give me some apples and the idiom in a pickle no apparently that's like camel camel and if I'm ever super wealthy like rolling it and I have my own coffee with my on the little thing that's why I can just jack off and I might want and getting camel is a used car dealership here in town that it was like a big deal for them for a long time to do it anymore but like their promotion there give me a few thing was on the weekends they have camels look just in the parking lot you are driving like I guess it catches your eye ride with this fucking camels and cartoons when your kid when people are running a camel they're riding on the hunt will you don't ride on the outside camel you right in between the how that make sense yeah like a nice little if it's a two-hump camel there such a thing as a single hung County Ride On Top of the holy shit your junk know they have a saddle you put a saddle on but it's really scary because I don't have you ever been horseback riding but it's about like 4 feet higher up than that yeah and so you get on and they like they tell the caregiver County order and you go up first but they go up there the front live person at like you're about to go over video of Morocco doing that and I'm freaking out I went to Israel a couple years ago me and they're at their group of kids I was with on the trip we all rode camels and ever and was like sharing a to have Campbell camel and there was some guys on the trip who the entire time they're just going because we don't have any soda or anything like you got to be protective know the I don't happen to be the first and only time I've ever been horseback riding like this when he galloped about something down and I'm like I like that so I don't like it a lot of girls discover themselves I just got animal kinda just talking to keep talking if you're having fun at the Isle of podcasting by the way they do their podcast the gameovergreggy show where everyone comes with like a particular subject or topic for to Spring them on each other that we first back in the day of the first like for 5 episode 3 wouldn't tell each other topics and then lo and behold we don't know anything that the other person knows so when they would like let's talk about some random obscure talking all this would like pink blink yeah like well this sucks got out the laptops are looking at a book like some better 2 up reproduce sometimes when a topical least try to have been the first year of our podcast will try to make like a list of shit to talk about but I stop doing it because nobody would ever talk about it now we'll have to talk about what I was Bernie's counter is it supposed to the one big list was that everyone come with smaller list and then people just didn't ever do it people don't like homework not matter how old you get your still like now I went one time a lot of a lot of school is bullshit one time when I was in in 4th grade I decided that spelling test your bullshit so I just refuse to do them like I went out I told my teacher like I'm not doing anything you tell me more I'm going on strike going to be like a little sign that said on strike as I'm not doing anymore of this or did you spell it right there so I got sent to the principal's office and I never to take folic acid bad fucking lessons more stalling at beas and Fight Pass in my life because I can't spell for ship the other thing your good yeah even autocorrect like I'll go back and read things that I've written and I'm like none of these words make sense cuz it just auto corrected it to the yes in my problem is when you fucked up the spelling of words so bad that right clicking on it doesn't even help you if you can doesn't even know what you're trying to say is really important if you're running social media for a company who was pretty big company like to make fun of you when you get those wrong out there is teeth Twitter account for free time you've done it in the past it wasn't me that tweeted it so I couldn't be like it wasn't me because I was just someone else under the bus but it's always you have to publicly shame them that's all they get better at spelling that's why I don't spell things I have other people at my tweets a true story it's very and if I can you please read this because I don't make sure my brain looks at it says it's fine and it were anyone else brings his like that's totally wrong with you. Because it's a combination of lazy tired and I'm not yeah I am terrified that he should be funny or terrified that whatever I actually really want to say will take down the company but I don't like that he's really funny so I just hang out with them all the time and I tweet the funny things he says you tweet I just want every five things that I say because most the time it's a little too much you guys like but everyone kind of you have to get out sort of the stupid jokes before you actually get the good jokes out and I'm not saying that like actually seven to Jackson nothing at all but every once in while you're just getting out of the guys you can run the car whenever you like I hope no one actually heard me say that in Tim's like I'm reading it right I want to start it over her at Russia teeth Twitter account ride just post quotes that I hear around the office but don't necessarily say who they're from go back and I GN and it was unjust should I size and they wouldn't say who it was it was always the game of seeing that being like I think that was Nick I like that sometimes it was next week 20 people there A lot of weird stuff over here oh yeah listening to was when you guys do all the fun like shorts and stuff there's always like some weird like that is this enough Dixie Chicks and that's what's a normal conversation is one from we found something I won't give it away but we something last week and it was me who said it as I said I had green oatmeal up in places that green oatmeal should never be don't leave it at that is that it is there when we watch it later we can get the contacts yet Great Oak a good meal is there any place we don't meals should be no not like green eggs and ham a screen up married oh my God we did a short once we're there was a miniature version of me and whoever wrote it decided they wanted to miniature version of me to be hiding in a jar at the Manny's which are panties so I had to like submerge myself in mayonnaise dish she got mayonnaise how much covered in it like I showered for ever try to get it out it did wonders for my hair my hair was like finding like like like a real good though cuz I'm always fantasize about the whole diving into Jello thing and some up maybe I should like that is fun mayonnaise RT very dirty funny ra I don't like when you open it is and there's not like layer of kind of water I might if I see that I'm just like peanut butter cuz I never open in seawater on Peanut Butter a liquid peanut butter all that oil goes the Popular Mechanics people he's one in fact I just had to confess see them of course not because I'm just because they're in organic those were at work because I hear is funny I had to come clean to Greg Miller the other day because I'll he was like which one of you has been eating my door peanut butter and I'm like you know it's me like you know I just 2 weeks I just 2 spoonfuls of it nice low dresses guide it was 3 weeks ago you like it big like doesn't he doesn't like on here we eat like a kid who's got a really good they count and so he for breakfast I'll have of yogurt with Nutella in it or your go with you but I finally went back to the peanut butter rotation was like what the fuck this is a brand-new Drive peanut butter on my guilty as charged to Greg and I are you peanut butter I apologize. Everything's good for you in moderation when you eat an entire jar of at a time maybe suck at the shakes because of all the the the Skippy goodness he has bad is it crunchy or smooth is a first move because it's spoons out better you get more of it on there and it doesn't like break off but the truth is something for the Spoonful I would say crunchy would be better if he gets a little country boy go there but if you're spreading smooth the chunky get to like you get in there then you start to get bread on top of it and when I was growing up my family like keeping peanut butter in the fridge that's bullshit I never realize how weird it was until I became an adult and I was like I got my own peanut butter like fuck you keep in the fridge was like you try to spread on a sandwich I'm just like a rip your bread up peanut butter peanut butter ice cream is on another level of success though so I'm like mixed with a that's true but maybe there's something to this Frozen now there's not that hard peanut butter only heard about this when I move to the states peanut butter waffles or people would just peanut butter on washer at a loss about that before I moved here but that of waffles I like the waffles are like that they're perfect conduits for sauces do they have the little there holes you just fill the hole put them in your mouth the great time at peanut butter so they might be a little too thick to put in the holes I know it's Getty the waffles are warm a spot that peanut butter and gets all gooey growing up my brother was at least of Love toe spiritos household sure and he would toast bread then you can put peanut butter on it then peanut butter yeah wish you would think you did but it's and then actually like doesn't allow the peanut butter to sink into the bread so just going to stay of on top would you think is weird but very good slide off and does a little bit his be careful on your biting it do it but it's extra buttery peanut butter we're a very large on Friday I got your bag what does enough love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Sho those things you have a hunch that you blew my mind because I was like I was ready for like a real meal we want to wait what was it called a Haymaker and they had this Italian beef combo sandwich on my heart set on this I did you order the peanut butter and jelly sandwich and like my heart stopped and was like Tim what are you do then what to my brain and it was like oh shit I don't know how to handle this right now and the thing that I stop over go with a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich on my big man came and I'm like this is a maker is this like this like this that's the best thing that I did know we're in Texas for that what I was like there's no way that I can finish this thing is a beast we had the habanero pickled eggs look like I would go back tomorrow night though Tim doesn't like sandwiches what kind of thing is that to say so here's the thing you know sometimes people say some dumb shit just to get attention might have been one of those times no it's go get sandwiches years of this all comes down to I don't like sub sandwiches because I just the way it is the superior sandwich we just talked about him the grinder or the sub is the best sandwich OG he wrote the same thing with them is fine they're fine they're just never exactly what I want them but I've had burritos that have changed you know why this is a pizza that I will never forget about I've never had a sandwich I remember the next day I have I have a sub sandwiches Dutch crunch get the fuck out of here. Tomorrow I don't know whatever you want what are you doing I don't want to say it on the podcast I think I know we should do that yes we did a whole topic on the game over baby shower sandwiches and I am still up for what's right and to have sandwiches that's true and which technically sub Philly cheesesteaks that's where I got the truck is all these people are telling me like Tim a lot of sandwiches in the mic I guess technically you're right cuz I do like Philly cheesesteaks I do like hamburgers I do like you and I like there's a whole bunch of sandwiches that I do like that was another game over baby Sho we get real deep but I'm getting a lot of heat on Twitter of people being like your a fucking asshole you do like sandwiches those don't count 2 sandwiches I don't think that was giving me definitions I'm just like there is a bread and the meat it's technically sandwich in my a hotdog is a sandwich just because B&B go see it is nam enable see. Nick do them at its own thing I fixed weight how about the hot dogs I would like to remind in this episode of podcast is brought to you by ProFlowers you know those people are just hard to shop for I like you I forgot 2 verse of your sister for her birthday it's just the worst trying to find out if you know they like that won't cost you an arm and a leg so we're to make it easy for you ProFlowers is my go to for flowers They're fresh pressed ride a perfect gift for literally anyone and they get delivered straight to the recipient stor how easy is that right now ProFlowers a special offer just for listeners get $10 off your purchase of $29 or more this deal works on Bethel and give like the 100 blooms bouquet a dozen red roses or even there totally unique plant guess my mom's birthday just passed the other weekend I just ProFlowers to get her flowers venues in the service for years in before their sponsor on the podcast great deals go to proflowers.com enter code teeth at checkout yourself a favor help out our Sho by supporting ProFlowers if you got a birthday or anniversary coming up go check how to right now get $10 off your purchase of $29 or more at ProFlowers but it's guilt will definitely not last long go to proflowers.com and Turco teeth at checkout to get the special deal thank you ProFlowers for sponsoring this episode of the restie park a stor were talking about whether or not a hot dogs a fucking sandwich true story and this is a pro maneuver for everyone back home ProFlowers we will have a sponsorship with them and they they sent us some and one of the time that's and we sent it to my house is a price to do cuz there's a weird scheduling with us and so they were just at my house it was a Tuesday when you're off and comes home thanks the for her opens it I come home and she was just like oh my God she was so stuff that was why I was there I didn't do it but thanks ProFlowers I totally say anything to lie by Omission you want something weird on the car that she was like what you mean by I love you Grandma ProFlowers there a good Tuesday flower to be a birthday Greg is watching if you watching any system never forgive you free teeth peanut butter well what's funny is this one or two scoops left nothing so you better get them while they last Greg cuz I'm taking it that when I come home now I know what to get you for your birthday peanut butter peanut butter of the month club could you get that here's the deal they're probably because when you start going on about peanut butter the it doesn't just stop at and creamy and chunky right the swirl peanut butters you can get like that like that peanut butter also like pie peanut butter Nutella your last response of this is like I'm not a club for 20 bucks a month to get 2 jars of peanut butter every month you get their newsletter personalized gift enough ride a Reese's Peanut Butter like they sell the peanut butter that they use in the peanut butter chocolate quite the same for those like Taco Bell hot sauce things where you like that sounds great and then you get in the bottle it's not that I don't think if memory serves me correctly it just tastes like peanut butter that's like scented with that the insides not inconsistency wanna come but I could be wrong but by the way and shout out to the peanut butter cup with might be the best idea is my number one favorite thing about her is when you make the fucking Egg The Egg & I love the Reese peanut butter cup but when you get it an egg for it looks like next level if they're not the ratio on this conversation of had a lot we were guarding Oreos as well I might the Oreo is perfect the double stuffed Oreos are not the ratio say what the peanut butter egg words like the Cup itself we can all agree if I'm not mistaken that the the regular size cup is better than the smaller Gus that's why when you get to the egg you like this is just a little bit too much but then by the time you're halfway through it you like what the fuck am I saying why am I even worry about this eat the rest of the a got up Reese's now oh yeah that's when they tried to like coffee what 2 weeks does and it was just the Reese's I try to play 2 X's game really good they're like really really really good Reese's had responded Reese's for breakfast I had everything I think the commercials my wife for her birthday every cereal to eat here all day that's only time I have breakfast cereal every once in awhile so much pressure have you asked those late we're stuck in my woman like you my everything Nick about on the Cadbury I got her flowers on Tuesday please do that separates RT much too much your head out doesn't a bomb diggity those things we have in the kitchen I didn't even know that I did it before I was even thinking I was chewing on it a shitload of medication is a birthday cake for a quarter the birthday cake and then I went in for another sliver the quarter which basically what I was wanting around the other stage a little earlier I want a chocolate and I walked into the Chima Hunter office never feeling a let's play your like what are you doing here Gus looking for chocolate in the fridge and I found it right had a bunch of Kit Kats there like I really what I want when I want it over here to States fucking chocolate cake wandering around like I had a feeling there was chocolate hear the Frozen cake cats were fantastic so maybe peanut butter no good Frozen KitKat there was an issue I have with the Kit Kat bar which is that inevitably when you're 2 sticks and you're getting all of your fingers if it's frozen you got it we got three sticks at least before you have to start worrying about that and Cheetos and fake recently so I had an amazing idea where I was like ra my girlfriend really loves to cook I could not come out here last night I was inside of a fight between like are we going out to eat tonight or are we cooking and I was just like if we can cook with hot Cheetos I'm in and she's like you have to give me an idea and I was like you the idea it's gourmet mac and cheese you have instilled that should have read stuff on the top weekend show some hot Cheetos put them on how I feel sounds amazing Amberly when the same to the up that Head Burritos the change me you just mac and cheese change me it did you you talk about it all day and I was like man you brought for all of us right now you should bring it to that spot like you go to we should we got an idea stop me from going Too Far Cry 3 Tim makes hot Cheeto mac and cheese for everyone in the audience but I'll have to do that for like a week I got a couple ideas for food and kind of funny live was going to put this out there see if it was listening but it's been an ongoing fight between the pineappl on pizza versus no pineappl on Peanut pineappl 2 I want to order just as shit in the pizza is half and half I just kind of put them out in the crowd I can speak into a half that's the probably get everyone's just they're going to hard on this you don't default the pineappl pizza a small pizza or a half of another Pizza double little little variety that's all I'm saying shut up to the kids up with the pizza on the pineappl yeah I was there that was that was Pizza on the pineappl like yours it was the pineappl full pineapple was getting all on it and the pizza on top of that we would like to know the pineapples don't belong there because we did it was a cheeseburger with bun with a pizza as a mini pizza of people will think that he is just kind of popped out and then you hear shit like this like and home and wake her up now and a chicken tikka masala in a burrito and I'm like God made a great thing about America is there's Endless Possibilities is really different Foo fake like being put in things yet you know so someone on Twitter with hot Cheetos Llewellyn sorry I said chicken crusted with khakis which is kind of like a like a hot Cheeto kinda thing okay happy amazing actually I think it's good it's a good garnish for anything that you don't know Silly wanna be eating I feel love like crunchy stuff and things that are usually soft so whenever my family would make tacos or burritos right thing I would always take tortilla chips and crunchy month and put them in from your GS4 was sandwiches whole time I could take like Fritos and put them in there we out we do that sometime said what kind of a low carb household but will take pickles every once in awhile put them and wrap them up your the real crazy only Saturday we going exactly sometimes there are sweet pickles which I used to hate it sweet love sweet pickles fucking terrible I can understand that I can your life every single pickle is God's gift to all my pickle for what are they called butter pickles bread and butter pickles to kinda know what you're getting into here's the problem everyone of us went to the same issue which was when we first started liking your young your love pickles are you okay great and then someone forget to tell you that you're getting a sweet pickle and getting the bread and butter pickle any eat it here like something's off your traumatized for the rest if you know but if you know if you're really in a pickle then it's okay unexpected pickling good for you good for you but Patrick is also a pickle of the month how are there double OG toe meal of the month club and if not I'm sure they're in the next RT box that is out of the box and we we just put an update about their double boxes on our website that people could read about how we're improving the quality and types of items so we're providing so Santa for double gol the worst way to sell something there's this thing that you can read it better than I do the whole thing a committee sat down wrote it I feel like this at least 30 good recipes you can do I thought you could do like a recipe a day sort of thing with the planning Hot Cheetos so hear something this is a question for you guys so we just stole one of your employees and the court has good reviews now kinda funny employee and I love is like a secret by the way he's got the anime hair on this this a beer salt that you guys how are ya and you'd like if you put the beer salt in the hot Cheeto bag that's next level shit never thought to do that what did you know Frito pie you guys know if you don't if you did Frito pie Butterfree doesn't unit when I was a junior high we have this terrible like snack bar I don't know why the photos is like snack bar right across the street from Junior High and they would it would cut open a bag of Hot Cheetos and poor like nacho cheese over lunch regularly Cheetos cover did not your cheese for lunch how are you alive are you skinny what's and middle school was a weird thing they ever did that on the baby Time lemonade and a couple Bagels because you never one bagel bagel the best metabolism when you have french fries for lunch that's it was a picture that I'm like uh cheetahs at the Heart of heart be still to this I'm not mistaken it was a Frito pie that's right we just cut the top of the bag off in the original way to do it right 2 restaurants in Austin that serve for you we was it when we were you recommend but my question is is it good enough compared to the other places in Austin or even in the states that you can put in it sits up there a southern-style poutine as well which is covered in white gravy instead of brown gravy interested and also as I think on it as well which is fine but you got of the brand grass and I'll talk to you guys but I think I'm going to Del Taco in Austin travesty that you still talk Burney and Burney and I had one of our biggest fights ever ever tell a Del Taco in La we were there for III and 2001 late night and I was wearing contacts the time I wanna go back to my hotel room take my contacts off bring a cyclist go to Vegas after 3 cuz I got to go back to the first time actually met him I said listen Britney if you see this one more time I'm getting out of this fucking car and I'm leaving any diseases are you that mad you would leave if I said Las Vegas again and I said in my mind I like rhinos I just said that right I have to let her so I got out of the car was the first ever been in hell that thought a great area by the way we would end up fucked. Let's walk down the street I find a 7-Eleven withdraw some cash and I find a cab a go back to the hotel I try to book myself a flight that night to come back to Austin how a guy who didn't really know this is all my stuff left a note that it's you back in Austin assholes the move got another hotel over there that's amazing that's why did you waste on Fitbit was angry with Bernie it was a lot see what you want but you didn't come home you guys going to run away and now I can't go ahead and go out the front door and yours like they're going to come looking for me 5 minutes and I don't come back inside I never bother he's there too much help I got and I can't guarantee that where I was going to have Twinkies so a little like that kid inside of you that's always just like they're always like a really how I'm supposed to be like when I was a kid I discovered that it was much more fun to watch movies and eat Twinkies and it was to do pretty much anything on well that's true and then it was like well I water my physical exercise I would just play it like video games and then I'm go back to watching movies so that needs to be told here about 1 Nick scarpino cuz you have him now he's this felt young man that is the day he was a little chunky monkey and high school colleges and I was like I have this thing that gets me to a cafeteria I'm living in the dorms and also we had a talk with him walking his go to Del Taco so I had a live of the most health on healthy your mind her life would go to dinner hang out go back I think it was like play PS2 with the Smith menu one even and it we got it was the worst a balloon. From to put in contacts I'm at around 185 right now I was to 65 and it was a big boy the stor here is he wasn't even and drum major and you was the German High School think of bringing that up from his brand-new exactly they need to know this than it was in the front of the line would be in front of them I need to do the whole day I'm a lot of people call me the white nick exactly but he beat his ass would be facing the whole audience or whatever football game time and that his drum leader I don't know these words band Ratt the band director was like you were not getting a smaller little outfit for you you're going to fit in this cute little outfit and you're going to get skinny so the story goes like I got I tried out for dry measure in my junior year and my Van Dyke and wanted me to play trumpet cuz I was one of the no big deal stronger truck on the line and he was like everyone the solos we have planned I was like no I want to be the leader of this band I think it's going to be fun baby great screens for me and he's like no I think you care about and like you sir are not graded inspiring the Youth of America and he was like I don't care if you'd like to attend device you cannot do this but he was like I'm not making a new a uniform for you and the guy before me that the uniform fit perfectly was like 30 pounds lighter than me and shorter and my dad so I spent the entire sounds like I'll show you sir and entire summer I'm working out in my front yard at night and Shadow Boxing by myself short list that I could lose weight and then when I would never want to eat I'm go in the refrigerated open up and I would stare at the food if I don't want to eat and where I know it's kind of like shake my head a little bit and I think I mind game with the food is that anything like 15-20 pounds and I came back that same year and that same here we come back from from the band camp which was another to 2 weeks prior to going to school and I was like what the fuck are those and I've and actually all those of the new uniforms you have a kinda funny and I was like you son of a bitch you son of a bitch but you did it the first time I'm going to make a healthy choice myself and try and and lose weight and try to be toe fake you do what you do cuz you don't have any contacts for a guy to work out it wasn't in college football high school sounds like the only thing I've ever done in my life was like 6 months of karate Kenpo and sound like and I was a huge Bruce Lee fan back in the day so I was like I think I could just throw kicks my front yard you on the tree up where are you now so so bad but that's a whole other story but yeah that was my first time actually trying to do that and then after high school I went to college in discover that I know one was there to stop me doing anything felt like I'm just going to keep eating that we had a great on their forgot to be like Carl's jr. / Green Burrito am at my college of the food court and I would eat that everyday when I was a freshman in college your freshman that makes you because you're to get to buy like a giant meal plan then once I get some possible to spend all that money you can't possibly spend all that money I was like alright well I'm going to spend I'm going to eat all that food so I would eat a pint of ice cream does like I would eat all my food is like I need to spend the money I'm going to get a pint of ice cream 2 with every meal I ate a pint of ice cream and I couldn't not put weight on it would look at me like I'm a date nothing I know I may be like 5 or 10 pounds I got a little stomach for that I remember when back in college my friend Alfredo his girlfriend at the time I had a little meal plan but she always cook herself so she never used it so the end of the year of years she would just have an insane amount of money on her card and she just gave his a Jamba Juice on campus we just walked anywhere like how much Jamba Juice of you make me right now and they're like that I don't and I can you do 20 yeah can you do 30 yeah Yahoo 55 we had 55 large Java Juice is made we paid for that shit walked out it was like Christmas for the people in that area okay I was like because we did as we took them in week 3 of them an oncoming traffic and it's too cold how much about you that was that the true story you actually said about you I actually there are people there at the gym Elite people my parents still live in a house that will attest to go like they would drive by and I did it a night and it was beas of shirtless and why shirtless and I was because I want everyone to see my chain literally like people will drive by and I feel like no just keep shadowboxing and don't and like let them look at your body let him look at your same do that if you're sure it was on them you know what when you when you're in that emotional state you just you got to punch dance through it that's really like to play but you have your your all about the mental aspect of it like you think of like to suck itself up looking at the food to Lee don't want to eat it anymore like it's all you live with you it's like getting over that mental barriers like conquering that's that's mostly like it mean everyone has their own Hang-Ups when it comes to wait live like that but for me that was the big hang it was like I grew up in a very Italian household and the food is always so good and as always so much of it and I was never told not to like not to eat probably have it was like you always do skinny 2 pounds of Fate that's why the same with Jewish families like I know my grandparents are just like you do nothing but Skin and Bones wanna meet at the time was very skinny but still they would tell me that and then my dad does this thing every time he serves us dinner and he's like scooping stuff on tour plate whenever you go okay I'm good without fail always give you one more scary go to learn to like you're ready I'm good with a brother as well and so when you go up an older brother you always have to fight over it enough food for an army walk in there be like enough food for your friends but we'd somehow try to finish it because we get that competitive nature are black I want the last meatball and he wants to eat as fast as possible to the forks very good I'll bring my camel eats really fast we're finished dinner in seven minutes or less I'm all about you when I go out to eat now to this day I go out with us there's like we go in like we're ready to order we eat and get the fuck out of the people who've been there before us and they're still there when we leave me out to be I enjoy the whole communal kind of social toe can you experience going out so I'm with you on the like we're going to a restaurant together you better know where you're ordering it by the time the waiter or waitress could I come by for like a drink order ready for my really good friends on Beyonce's is vegetarian and that creates a lot of problems because that limits what she can eat and we'll go to these restaurants and she's the one that doesn't do not prepare for what she's ordering only we're already and she's and the July order the one thing I will be like oh sorry we're out of that and she said oh it's okay it just like she was give up I think we're to rush as a society especially was going I think it's good to have people like that your table cuz then you get to talk more it's true you see that one go to Europe when you go to let you know a restaurant there and and the culture is about dining like I have I have I know you like on this pain is pretty good I can always talk about like you go and you're just your supposed to be there for the guess we'll see enjoy each other's company so they rushed you out of the other restaurants like trouble with that likes pain but you know when we got Australia New Zealand but they will not when you say you're done with the meal that is not cold therefore bring the check and write your very explicitly say bring the check yea yea yea we're done that be like you're there also not working for him I can we get the fuck out of here I don't want to be sitting here it's nice that was almost like you know you said you relax you like a way you'll your food digest and Miracle coffee maybe another RT network ID codes Tim would I talk to Mike and Ike OG got today God blessed Texas the diet coke was like this big on like I could swim in this thing all the way to the appetizer to ride this fantastic a maker at the Mexican restaurant The Alamo Drafthouse both are notorious I think for their giant go out like to call the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco and she has they have small drinks and it'll give me tonight Johnny on the spot with the refills also shut up to the wings here at the Alamo Drafthouse but not the ones Texas Gus I love see movies everything wrong but I've got some small points of feedback that I would like to give their management came out there watching me I need one when my diet coke is like halfway empty time to bring that you are you are you okay I'm going to check on you country baby I'm fine I think about it tonight that you're going to call through screen daddy or subtly method Bethany I don't know why she does she like she's so sweet and like I said that way that she does doesn't deserve any of us both of you like on Diwali access go back to the restaurant topic I don't mind the London the dinner if that's what the expectation is where I do mind it is when people walk into Starbucks for the first time and have never ordered there before and it take this week I'm trying to order anything to stop that place I've never ordered before I stand back stand back out what I'm going to do and then go up to the gas I was out of the truck the Austin your for Sho Nuff your notice the Austin Airport does not have like chain restaurants in it's all like local businesses so I was at the airport a couple weeks ago and I was at like one of those new used as I was by the water to take with me and the woman in front of me cuz of the cashier at this can you tell me where the nearest Starbucks is and the cashier was like well the Austin Airport doesn't have a Starbucks doesn't all right here you get coffee there if you want and the past years like what you mean there's no Starbucks in the airport and she's like well you know we will try to support local businesses so there's no Chains It's all Austin businesses and doing from you I would like to file a formal complaint that there be a Starbucks here and the cashier was like okay I should be like okay what's your name your writing on your note taking them know that was your number so passionate about having coffee before me I will have you had awesome job wanna time in Los near Port and it is one of the saddest and it comes to food options at the airport getting a second bar at the airport right is Michael second Bar & Kitchen then here on 2nd Street in Austin great place for brunch recently so we got screwed at SFO because Pete's and I have I have pizza here because he's very popular in California City California a very good I love good I like Starbucks choose between my kids here but sometimes when I just want Starbucks like nothing else will do and I fortunately Pete's won the war if we get to be inside the terminal and Starbucks is outside the terminal so it sucks cuz if I look at it as you're about to go to security be like either I get it now that the suck it down or I have to go if you security Getty can you drink your drink coffee before you get on the plane and the all the time just makes me get up to Alva to compassion over that I worry it's like I need a shit like they just closed the door I need to get of holding your poop in trouble holding I drink coffee and I need to go I need to go home now it's like you got a very limited window to get done now because sometimes like how how intense is that if I walk into a Starbucks or coffee shop and I smell the coffee I'm like it's go karts Santa by doesn't make you poop on our doesn't become used to happen to me either I remember when it happened it was when we were still in the Butte office down in India years ago beautiful when did realize that I started shooting every day and I couldn't figure out why but now it's because the coffee shops in coffee everyday like that happened in that office and I destroy the toilet there sorry whoever every single Sho we've been on recently like no idea what time do we start I guess I'm Sho a couple days ago Steven Ogg Museum Walking Dead and I were all trying Trevor in GTA 5 a he came on the show and he start him up poop 2 that's what happens and I you talk about stuff the log on log prank like that where it is a prank if you find somebody that has like a bathroom in their office right now to prank them she got you and all your friends to go in and now 1x1 leeville OGG on top of each other until it's just a bowl full of logs there are certain circumstances that went that I would want to be first in and that's definitely one of those I wanted to last got a lot of luck because I feel like game banks that was one of the joke and then I just I said I pray you put it deep in you I appreciate that yeah I wouldn't wanna be like this I'm worried that my love would like that you would stop I wouldn't be as big as the other logs back in the balls would you like to feel that I definitely think I mean if there's one thing right I think I can hang it slot size on our way too many destroyed toilets that the visuals are just too real right now but years here's a question for you that I have in this is disgusting so better answer for you but you didn't do you look after you're done with number to always see a lot of females that I asked that question to say that why would I look you have to look you got to know what it is right also like some good pieces of stuff in there and years like when I eat corn Baker 60 days ago how long before in Fantastic Voyage the back in a very important for your very important for your health to look at your poop is true you know where I learned that Seven Years in Tibet years that movie with Brad Pitt as a part with his three 2 months and it smelled all on his poop know it looking at it smell it and I'm like why did he not like I learned it from The Madness of King George and older movie examine you came George's bowel movement him and that was one of my favorite lines in the movie ever someone to explain his stinking stool you like is this supposed to poop scale mistaken I forgot I forgot to mention that girls don't poop ever known as we talked about on always open girls actually just draw a photo like a poop and just ride with like a happy face and put that in the toilet doesn't look it up yeah right you're actually draw the Emoji girls actually don't have a butthole before dark so we know what you're a live Missy well that they only like only when they're ready for but sex is when they just keep getting pushed further and further into the future than Plains NJ what have trouble with out it was like I just I can't do and I like to start drinking coffee people just can't bring myself to it that everyone has that reaction to catch a Trenta iced coffee with look for count as water now I am addicted to lacroi live lecroy lecroy your lacroi it's look for so I look ride cuz it comes from a place called look for if you look on their website they clarify kinda look to this up so I was wondering they clarify that they call their drink Lacroix clarify I'm not giving you that I never thought ride there such thing as an airbag while I'm in there I'm addicted to soda like an actual problem of mine so I might I've always been trying to get off of it and specific Coca-Cola just like it's fucked at Sea right now but they eventually worst thing that could possibly happen at a restaurant when you want I'll never seems like they only because it was Pepsi okay why is it going to rain doesn't ever in a rally and you just got a hand that cup of packed everything okay even go there that are you mad at funny things in the world United flights and Pepsi so I'm kind of rooting for this whole situation what are united make a deal to just like Pepsi exclusively on their flights how a Taco Bell a Coke or Pepsi or Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew bring it back but then of a Diet Mountain Dew and I like diet so they do and it's not part of the normal line up the soda so that's the problem that's why I just look for thing on my ra it so there's no calories your telling me I can drink as much as I want any idea here's a probably cry and I like to cry in my wife and I just started going down to look the look Ride The Rabbit Hole was just great like an hour like all what's the best flavor while giving it squarely doesn't have a Coke with the court is that doesn't taste like anything it smells like something it would trick you into thinking actually drinking seven a taste like it try it again next time like I might to see this or smelled your nose and try it I'm pretty sure in Payson to write blind taste test when you hold your nose and I want to do a taste test of all the calls and see if I can guess what they are can you smell people might look right now it's like a liar you know what I did just not an upfront taste for me like Diet Coke and Coke of you have and you don't you want to do something crazy for yourself don't drink I'll give you a big hug Drinker a big. Don't drink like a month yea even a week and then come back to and you'll notice how unbelievable overpower early this is so fun I love orgasm a lot but doing good I was out I'm a big fan orgasms like nothing except for when you haven't had a cold for like a month and it's a hot day you probably them cans open that first Sip and See the promise I love you so much they're selling things we're going in the wrong area when is the when is the bottle bottle bottle bottle in Canton Fountain a bottle. Of good Mexican Coke bottles doesn't mean I have and I can't hear you say a beard but never met before tonight can I get to cups is that possible thank a plastic cups your whatever I'm going to read this year I want of mine everyone this is also brought to you by squarespac to Squarespace for sponsoring us bases the other one platform to create a website or online stor the got beautiful award-winning designer templates 24/7 customer service and domains so if you wanna start your own peanut butter the month club right there she been thinking about starting your own website or start your free trial today at squarespac.com / Richard teeth enter offer code rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase make your next move with Squarespace we talk about it every time squarespac Ashley have your own website those guys have their own website and put the squarespac 2 very first website kinda funny.com on squarespac and how do we pay bill that beauty and we had it so it was like that beautiful I can't do that Butte, in there for no reason to think Larry has an a preacher Squarespace change their on tagline because of us because we build it beautiful but they don't like that anymore now it's any different anyway long story short it's very easy to use and it's very into ocean trying to sell sell and I'm doing it I mean you look over me well I'm not doing this I think you're doing I hope not yet it's just you put that are you put it I can't get over the coke I know I support you look you get no healthy you go in Lacroix and you doing the 10 to 12 so she how much better for you meant for you of your brain okay sounds good what are we doing it without smell your nose smell alright Foo Tim of Pellegrino how to fucking right now because it's just like it's just a little bit of a sense of taste and smell anyway yeah yeah crack your screen with this could just be totally different lacroi nothing sparkling water Waffle House on fire chillax I'll be right back I mean isn't a lot of taste just smell anyways right listen I think is lime I know I'm sorry that's a lemon over there I could tell I was a little upset so similar to admit there was no taste lemon live wallpapers cousin of live almost interchangeable core everyone Gettys of your local convenience store if you're not in Texas the cop was it called hpb18 hpv.com the local head shut off to Target which is the only place I could find multiple Lacroix flavors in on on the California I straight-up bought out the the Safeway you my ass off I was speaking about me being the best husband on the planet I was like you were around any place that sells like maybe stock up on some coke and let's make some a tower right now just Palm Springs and I was like cool I'm going to that I go to Target its Sunday Easter Sunday the clothes but I told my wife and I went anyway I was like I tried for you and they were closed so you should love me just the same and she was like your a loser You Lost That Loving sweet wife what's funny is everyone I talk on my phone off most of how much is a line like I'm just I'm just playing it up because the old guys married on these guys are still young and I cool and has exist it's just very few people of matter you guys a matter you guys are very lucky I'm honored because she just doesn't exist to most people and the thing about her if she dyes her hair constantly she had a brunette she was a brunette at some point she was a blonde it's going a little blonde every once in a while like a few of feel like price of years now and she's like completely different style of clothing so that because I only see you like once a year and every time I'm like the sonics you're convinced that you were just like hiring people yeah Greg Greg sore than I was hiring different people every time you meet her and I was like not you're just drunk great bit different in action figure and then like you have the normal one and then all the sudden it's like and I can get like Ultimate Spider-Man Spider-Man and the of you know it's all you said that point I don't want these anymore but you stayed through no I want to ride my wife's and every time I get home you'll have to share some the inner ankle tattoos you should be a dude a little bit whatever horseback ride call Belfair did I tried to call back an hour 15 minutes and we talked about shooting 445 back to the horse camel toe but I couldn't fit it in anyway I'll give you thinking of you all day did you see the trend of people getting underwear the house like built in camel toes a piece that attaches on to your front area that gives you a fake camel toe to make it look like you got someone why would you want a real camel toe maybe they don't actually want underwear riding up on the comfortable to wear that is supposed to actually looking so why not just make it like Smooth why does it have to be with you because this thing is part of the like the fun you know oh so you still want to put on a front for you had a bra that had like that I'll on it up here okay on the control room good job Mike as soon as you like myself and it's not like you go by Michael is that what it is Michael Michael It's Tricky by Sandra Oh my God there's a bunch of Nick Miller yeah there will never be another Nick and kinda funny offices I will not allow it because the only one it's the Highlander rule those are my favorite thing is my little brother little brother hangs on the office a lot and his name is Greg as well as Greg Miller so we had to differentiate them so my brother got the nickname call Greg and we all call him call me Greg in comparison to Greg Miller is cool very cool that's true but my favorite thing about my brother is he just found it just kind of goes with it and will have gas come over and he'll like open the door for them and I can you know the big famous game developer Gratiot I think that the guy who does the voice of Tucker in Riverside Lucy of Jason and Jason forever and Jason probably like 18 years now or something for the probably the first five or six years on you Jason his nick name was poop because we or Lesnar too many at all but one of the first things I would do with Jason was we played a game of quick as he was quick to actually and he fucking destroyed us and I was so mad and his nick name in the game was poop like it handles like if you're that good at game and that's what you call your name poop how I would introduce him to people for years as I hope and he's like that you owned it never embarrass never anything and is like this when they like you so that's all game I don't want to Vega scam the alarm that was lost Vegas game as well everyone lost their baby driver the premise of that movie includes the fact that his name is baby that's that's unfortunate name to have exactly what I think they had it here in Austin for sale camel and blow people's Altos really great movies did you guys see your name yet no I saw you Tweeting about that that's the 45-minute anime movies 2 hours 2 hours what are looking at the Kabuki a fight it was Springtime 45 minutes actually how was it was incredible 47 minutes that's why I was asking was I missed the hour part your price for 47 minutes maybe where it said that I had bought a ticket for it and then I didn't go see it because I got too drunk and I was like I don't want to go all the way to baby I can't drive right now so I ended up paying for the ticket and not going and then I went this weekend but that is a movie I'm happy a pic twice your name about it's about 2 people to high school kids who live in different areas of Japan who are having these weird dreams weather in someone else's body and basically they discover that there in each others body and they start leaving memos for each other and it's not a dream and these people are saying you acted weird yesterday and they didn't know why and they had to like this cover the clues about like why they're acting weird it true that there's another person he was in their body and then they try to find each other and it's die don't want to ride you at the end 2 Eggman underwater and shit looks like hundred percent soundtrack for that movie is beautiful the animation style every time I am still crying about that movie if you want another hour I'll definitely you know I on my to do list to see that is like 75 minutes long after of Disguise why Master P only thing I have heard from Tim I not turtley enough pretty Man movies recently the first time I think that's a bit like you seen the new one or the one in meters is wanna see the Amazon to ride for second someone I think was Tim fate of the Furious doesn't sound like something I would do largest movie opening in the world had ever 530 million dollars opening weekend Global box office because people love that French I like I think it's a lot of movies have come out with the previous record-holder with the force awakens opening all time it's confusing at the clerk was the previous record-holder sort out in the open in China at the same time as the rest of the World open in China like 2 or 3 weeks late open at the same time after the first one I think seven or eight million dollars to be clear on is if you're not part of the family that you should catch up and watch all of the Fast and Furious We own how how many phones have you seen in in this story from fate of the Furious and I'm sure you saw the last one and I see in Fast Five but I only saw Fast Five in the form of a master pancake theater literally the worst like I can't even handle this guy. I thought I liked you but I trade you haven't even seen Tokyo Drift Getty the Fast & Furious the first turbocharged the Prelude that that happens in between 2 & 3 What about love was it was both Bandolero has diarrhea for the past. Obviously I love it it's one of those to put a perfectly a tweet live anywhere like that it can be summed up perfectly and I'm paraphrasing but it was basically it goes from ironical to you love it very quickly to and I tomorrow I am a little the biggest thing I'm disappointed about with the fate of the Furious movie is that they didn't spell it a fate I said of Fate kids are dumb they couldn't ironical is a standard word it is an alternative adjective form of irony but it means the same thing as ironic ironical is the more old-fashioned Foo of the word singing an ironic is a more common form today Greg is ironical a word yeah your on the podcast by the way is ironical a word Veronica was not aware that mother fucker because Gus look it up it is a word so I can send you she going to put it on the part doesn't look as a dumb definitely going to get a lot of pictures into the couches double toe furiou is a very important factors in the thing is it's not just this one if you look at the top 10 movies of all time does multiple fast movies in there actually here's the deal I was proud of us when we pay it we took us an hour and 15 minutes talk about poop I'm disappointed in an hour and 24 minutes to get the guys on this one and thought it was like which would like to come in watch all of them and by the time he got to number 5 and Cortez and some kind of funny when you are so tight that they like they're not above his black on his waist I know that I can't get over it just like that the bit of hair all around up you know what about the top puff butt hair and then like the fume region is part of the hiring when I when I heard them inspection probably have to inspect you when I got it is actually just certain go outside and hose in Maryland ra run it goes like this is this is the dumbest and then somewhere along the journey or like I kinda want to watch another one of these and it by the time you get the seven you like you're legitimately crying because Paul Walker died and thing is that you will never meet somebody that has seen the first five movies all the way through the doesn't like the franchise if you want you'll never meet someone who's not watched them a joy to the movies and doesn't like it like it like you get to 5 and I'll send you like I'm not watching for movies to start life and I move with my barbecue was a master pancake Sho which is like Mystery Science Theater Gus Science Theater where they sing on the movie so it was my first taste of fast and furious and so every time then Diesel's on screen hearing what he was actually saying the guys working on the movie we just got on I'm working on my Vin Diesel impression and I just can't get over right now it's my life is Vin Diesel a car for came sorry kind of caveman slash thing but range in this move them into your Gus done it anyway very pretty sure we don't know that for sure we'll never know where is a character in the movie I won't spoil it that is the only good part of the movie to me but I also haven't gotten this one I haven't seen one through seven? No it's a new character yeah because I'm only supposed to stop trying to spoil thing I don't care they just take it one step further and I first saw the hell in this picture is adorable it is how I know that's not how I meant it or wanna make out are you come down Helen Mirren. I like her I would you do it Nick in his wife had their like to list you have other people you can beat and the top three on next list all those drugs are the top three so yeah it's weird a dress Elba Al Craig and Helen Mirren we're all were both allowed to have sex of them over me that were meant for each other lately I've ever done. Even know she had a your a liar I had a really fun whatever you like to talk about hypothetically experience it was not directed at me I was there when someone try to act on one of those gifts one for you that where you at now I know it was not me I was having dinner if you put on that list I'm so sorry I was having and Robertson from The Bernie 2 ladies and we're eating our food and then this couple walks over and the like hey you know we're eating dinner over here without you guys we saw you all eating and going to say I'm a huge fan was at the woman was talking a huge fan or go see you guys in concert and it's like I just want you to know your on my list and he's okay with it and the guys like I'm trying to cook my pork chop and eat it and would not make eye contact it was like the most awkward thing in the world and it's super great guy it's like you know when a good time is like she's like so we fucking or what I don't know what the reaction you expect in that moment is like you clear the table light your path here we go it was really really awkward situation of ever seen where it was. Instantaneous of a from 0 to fuck it's always been a bad idea but we had a friend one time we're all hanging out a bar and this girl comes out just looking sad RT fuck you right now come with me he was like okay and he totally did it just cuz he was with a group of guys you like 30 minutes later he just comes back a long time yeah it was planned I should know that I had to do that would she try to watch Netflix after it was just turned in this whole thing and like the fuck they told a thought and she was like do you want to watch TV with me why Steven that would be appropriate like I don't know how this whole thing seems like after we have sex is not the right thing he just left and came back to the part we were like it was one of those situations where you would you a each other on as guys Elite years everyone sort of hoping that they don't do it don't actually do like this like this is done on a regular basis I don't know that she does I think she was in to be honest I think she was just in a state were he was like I need to do this like I'm for whatever reason and I'm in an emotional state where this needs to happen right now and she was looking to fulfill that and she did it and no judgement whatever shirt but he he felt he was like I kind of feel like we both on some level take advantage of each other but at the same time the like both feel dirty about it he's like I said I could not do that like not knowing anything about the other person it's like that Lil Dicky music video pillow talk it's like you know if he likes doesn't like they're not compatible or like they release him out there I just could not be about that like I got a new Fast and Furious movies do you need another important question real fast. Where are you are you part of the family or not and if you're not part of the family we thought sex but just know that I don't respect you too much have sex with my girlfriend for the first time watching Fast and Furious 1 cuz I was forcing her to watch all of them Jesus Christ ride to do anything possible to get out of water that I was not going to stop I think the fact was that the movie Turn Tim on solo 2 story Tim also introduced his girlfriend to The Dark Knight trilogy the Batman that no one to OG and I was watching I think we're on a plane together and we were watching Batman Begins and when it is your timing belt your parking card was used on and begins in this the part where spoiler alert Bruce Wayne's parents get get help right and Autumn it's like do you not know how do you know that she's like I know it's gotten like 4 Min that bad that's the whole point of him to give the parents didn't die he would be a fucking surgeon a some cool shit through school double totally not into the whole thing so like being introduced to It Through The Dark Knight trilogy to say this is fucking incredible to my God that's the best I got the service you should have started her with a 1912 probably that I'm going to play starter she like this is weird not in return she would like this is super where that in forever and she would like please stop making seven no Batman with Jim Carrey arguably it starts to go downhill that's why he's like he has the bat AMEX card he's like don't leave home without it freezing freezing everything even see the icicles are just like plastic and they're just like a waving all the time but he has some of the best one-liners ever write me Barbara appreciate that that's when he's like what I say nice to meet you nice to meet you so that was the best how the last great role of the governor like you remember that much because I kind of thought it was it was human like thanks California that's what we have to do it yeah I don't think I thought it and then I don't know it was crazy like porn star from running for governor and so telling of California Conference. Don't blame anything on us yeah come on I mean doesn't affect me that's true I'm good mother affect you oh that's good did a great job Alex Grey the couch that I can't do the whole thing we have a small snack when you come to visit our studio oven temperatures go it's it's a little it's a little small but when they come we don't have desks for everyone to a little couch people a gas can come and hang out and chill I guess I short answer is it's for people who want to sit on the couch to the problem is when you have guests over then all they want to do is talk to you and right don't let you actually work but it's also really stand it when we come to Texas that's what we do here we just go to the room modern can confirm it so what's up and you were just kind of our life but little came there to ride today because we're a great excuse a reason not to do any work and you're super busy so I'm sorry about the lunch that was super fun I did more editing on my first blog how they got coming up reverse never seen the first blog about a lot of stuff to talk about I didn't toe I think I'd basically just document in my last month's yeah but a behind-the-scenes stuff lot of really really shitty editing can't wait people that do I move a great platform doesn't have a hand in his little a I don't on my personal fucking computer look up the PC in my office has Premier honey I don't want to go in your office that's where I'll your territory office with my fucking computer my fuckin everything you a lot because absolutely got to use a shot of the Sony Vegas though funny no no no no one knows that and I loved it I thought for it part of the child support a professional platform Seymour the bench we have a new Mac Pro USB ports in a C5 on it but whatever your life I know I know we're going to make a new pack Pro you ventrally it's been 4 years and 3 years since they made when will the second day 2 said that Final Cut was like an end-of-life system it was like I wish it was not good here and there like we don't anymore laptops be like this is bad nothing it's time to wrap this podcast up wake me where to get briefly kinda funny life is coming up soon what is happening to June 3rd and San Francisco California to be a fun time last year we had Cisco show up either that was great Barbara was there and was there you could Nick on the cheek at some point I use that as a gift to promote things and I'll do it again in any event ever to thank you that was fucking amazing well we will if we can go to youtube.com slash kind of funny in the best of trying to funny playlist on the front page kinda funny live Tuesday in 19 minutes in I remember right it was I came from behind the crowd and I crowd-surfed in to buy to the stage even turned you at the last minute turn you on your feet and just put me that you were going to go face-first no one believed in me how many people to do that I believe in them and I was just like I know I was still have Elite is pounding Coke so I'll be there more than I am now and they got they did and then they did anything they made me believe in magic what you mean when you cut that I know we're going on the teeth cuz I had to cut that you cut out the part we were like hit me up for you that you're trying not to other guys came the final if you in the air all the floating floating on fate I have to put in a lot of elbow grease figure how to outdo that we're going to do we have an idea this was going to be even going to carry each audience member on to feed them the mac and cheese with the flame impressive than my insurance was we had some point brought a fan up on stage because he had a kind of funny tattoo and so we showed her that I was trying to go back to where he was in the odd music Across her back and I was like fuck yet let's do it like RT cover the insurance and then you kinda like looks out anyways first flops down on the audience and start swimming like he was proud swimming yes I would have been able to do that without some serious groping you sho I'm sure things were touched you would have died anyway kinda.com / camel 3 June 3rd tickets are still available can we finally got the lot looks like him 2 Day event for today if your VIP but if so it's okay if I live three June 3rd gas seven PM yes Andrew should you be there who I don't know yet maybe Barb we had even told Barb she has to come a lot of maybes will probably turn in the last minute alright well thanks for watching everybody and I if you do not have a ticket for kinda funny live through yet go get one and we'll see you guys next week