#426 - Social Media is a Flat Circle

Join Gus Sorola, Miles Luna, Chris Demarais, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the earliest community sites, pig ownership, dominoes of life, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 24, 2017, sponsored by The Black Tux (http://bit.ly/2op5lpS), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj)

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Recorded: 2017-04-25 16:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcast Alchemy this week brought you buy black tux and blue apron boyfriend blocks burni and I'm Chris he didn't hear if you show up late for the podcast was never had anyone really a regular cup of coffee I'm going to lose it I think I need a mess with the Google Calendar thing is right now account do you have it exactly at 5 you should make that 4:45 then I'll just wait to the work and what time you heard Lake set your watches 10 minutes ahead no God no I just said a lot of reminders on my phone I just ask Siri to never leave me alone ever Sunday don't forget things cuz I'm terrible memory I mostly go to fall asleep I'm super optimistic about the person I'm going to be tomorrow and it's just get up at like 6 its like 7:45 I'm going to be at work at 8 finally getting out of bed for the first time in a long time this happened but last weekend I woke up Sunday morning I wake up at 7:30 in the morning I'm alarm 7:30 Sunday morning I woke up he's gotta talk to your papa coffee how you do the late and you stop to get coffee would only let him let me get to the mic that's all I heard was going up with the fucking class I know I would do anything you asked me to do I don't ask me to sign up for the podcast let's play in the park by tomorrow I had Chris doing that were working on the pot I was working on the podcast and then you said I'm going to go change and then okay I'm going to try to change my password and I will let me log into my Xbox account because I had to have a Skype account I don't know if I'm going to set up your argument here you were in the other room on an Xbox sign-in dear gamer tags that he could download the game necessary for us to play in the podcast let's play tomorrow yes got your bottle its 5 o'clock I got to go get ready for the podcast what I like zoned out cuz it was like I was having to log into different account it was merging with Skype and then it got is a mess and I and I don't know what time it is but I think I like it 45 minutes trying to reset password why are we doing the podcast let's go to finally have space for it and have set up to do it to be a little bit the hubbub over the first one that I saw which would you and I believe Barbara Barbara and a bleep bleep Chargers really cause all the time all the time she's just might as well as he does so you guys like a little bit of controversy that you put that lets play video on the receipt Channel versus on the left I did not put that video anywhere okay turn that video win in the powers-that-be put it wherever they put it powers-that-be at 7 Alyssa okay I don't know I started it and I just gave him the video do it yeah I do not log in and upload that video I got you a really funny discussion today with somebody where there was something going on the company I kind of agree with the way this group is doing this particular thing it's somebody in the room Adidas when I say someone she's Time To Get Away With Murder to hire people can you go to do things this way that person who suggested that you have to do things exactly as I said it would be like a long drag Down fight I know what I'm going to start telling people that I was doing a podcast let's play again immediately like Trevor Trevor I'm just Anna video not what you wanted not the right person that has me and it was a video I turned in that light didn't come out for Mother's Day was Greg Miller Game Time video that I did last time steam tot recipes games on McDonald surprising to me three videos that I wanted to make for a really long. Time that we made that are really funny and we've been sitting on these things coming out but other finally coming out there go to come out after IMDb for this season are they those videos that I have to be present for and yes yes oh my God interview that's finally coming out you'll be fine doing I'm having to go through and edit the fucking drunk Red vs Blue Miles open is magma mouth no offense what was the podcast where I wasn't here and you started talking about it was I'm not going to Lane and my buddy knew about that thing into miles like consider that my revenge okay every 14 and saying Hey Bernie we even even late on this deadline for a while I love you I respect you Cohen's going to rip my dick off if we don't get a script from you soon where's that script me like I got I got a great idea at you told me that I said I love the enthusiasm that's a terrible idea what we're going to get that you're going to take episode 2 season 1 of The Chronicles you get everybody that was in that it was Jason Matt Dusk Jeff and yourself and us and I appreciate them and you're going to get shithouse drunk yep and then see if you could record the episode from memory with me serving as a narrator to some what does prompt on sis to prompt and I feel terrible that job that's all I'm going to say I didn't get a chance to do that fucking job too busy watching Oak right glassware no we made it to the second one that we can show this week I'm sure I can I can still on the keyboard it whatever it lands on but at the end of it when he was also done you're like I know we'll get a video out of this though we're definitely going to upload it at some point and I'm weak and I said ok really you like oh yeah I did it down and enough time to pass and then you know Mom and Dad weren't here on the podcast opportunity I knew that if I open My Big Fat Mouth they made it we get to see it you're welcome it is out of the people miles Lieutenant everybody else on the bus and I've got to get this thing out there but that was because everyone got us all the way to 10,000 first subscriptions during first week from ocean has very clearly not going to happen if I was surprised you working out of a bitch about something do it I love with me but the timing of it weird you can know what I'm talking about here okay we are up for a bigger trailer so many many years ago and 13 year 2004 we were up for best comedy site on the internet Red vs blue.com where was up for a comedy what were the other night and we had a onion very clearly the onion English Whitehouse whitehouse.com better number dancing baby. Net the way that the Webbie's give out some awards are via public vote and they go out and vote for get your audience to vote for you and men are first year 2004 you know we were nominated really was 2004 work so was everything you didn't 2003 first year was like so cool we got the audience can everything you know he's there and say they destroyed it actually destroyed it for like two and a half weeks you're promoting this both modern humor for the other modern humorist clearly did the test time we were up against the big and was the onion onion had never lost the comedy category ever ever in the history of the wet and so we ask the audience for what two and a half weeks about who's a pretty good put it for a while long time just seems like we were just starting out to make a big deal to do it and you can see the results of the vote after you've it so people would send it all the time screenshots of it and think the community was tracking it and we were like winning for the one like it was 20% we were just doing what they do this thing on the Webbie's where the last 24 hours they turn it dark and you can see the results I told them announce it somehow in the 24 hours that the turkey dark the onion pasta after 3 weeks of voting and they won the award in our audience cuz we've been talking about it for 3 weeks or like what happened what do we do what happened and that the audience feel bad about it they're like and nobody had any information for each probably just would you agree the number one reason why we don't ever like as much of the founding guys we never asked the audience to vote on stuff for it or did anything that I'm the reason that we do that one of what a few years ago we were up for show of the year for the Streamys and we waited till like the last week and I was like I wanted to like stab myself in the chest before asking me all these before I finally made that video Acid of a forest and I wish I'd known that just to show how long are those other web sites for human except onion exist and I'm looking through the other nominees for otherwise in 2004 the coupon Community the winner for best community 2004 anyone want to guess not no biggie park or slash. It was a livejournal and I had a livejourna Wikipedia dictionary. Org Friendster and Suicide Girl Princeton Community force it was just naked people of naked people and by the way is constantly pushing on me to follow okay set an alarm doing but I'm doing something right on Instagram that's like I'm showing me earlier today you made an Instagram post which is longer than 140 characters that we came through and like just ended like a quarter of the way through your thought so then you click on the link and I don't want to click on the fucking link Instagram if I get a good buddy I thought it was a really good it was hot customize your message for the platform would you help me out new social media Guru you and your fucking velvet jacket looking all Dapper over there one of us should I use our successes should be giving up on that correctly written a separate hundred for the character message Fort Wainwright that one you take a screenshot of your Instagram page that has your fucking heart written out all over and a picture on my Instagram is the only platform that makes me like people that I know personally that like the more I do the less I like about this weekend SEPTA I went to a restaurant with the best place to have like a big pool draft for just for big red I've never seen that before it was amazing fucking amazing you should I can send me open platform when I crave attention but don't want to bother the people I know on Twitter she needs to see this but they might like I feel validated just rediscovered my Instagram I had and use it in 5 years and is likely to have this thing I want to take pictures and play feel there's another comment or like your Twitter has my back they like mine so how do you like them apples and kisses what is a trying to do is it was difficult for me to post a indecision be this hard on her own site in 2017 if I post an image in a journal on the site when you put it somewhere so I put in my image gallery night get it to their on our site but I'm not sure like that's going to show up on anybody's radar I get the same post there's only the post Twitter and Instagram and not have it on our side as the post because I'm sure that's why you were 2004 you had one was it tell me Christina livejourna well it was coming it was before like you could get Facebook in high school because it was one Facebook is only college she had to call if you had ever University email yesterday for Facebook so it's like the precursor for that end in it was a lot of people posting like you know really sappy like high school stuff and then can't wait to be friends forever with people and like for people to postpone things like that I didn't really post that often what did you post like right now head on Tumblr Tumblr ice most adjust reposting Instagrams I know that's right what are we doing with our lives and circle it is a flat circle strong like 4 years ago like if I wonder if I want to go to different places to read about different parts of the company anymore talk about recent I go to reach your teeth or might go to Twitter I want to talk about a cheap mint Hunter go to the subreddit if I want to talk about Ruby this somebody that you let me go to Tumblr to like see what you were saying about ruby and her stuff we got to go to the tumbler headquarters in New York I don't think I've ever seen a website in real life but the tumbler headquarters is 100 sent like if you were to take that website and visitors just playing random gifts everywhere and it was really really really nice what you really thought you remember like that earliest community site earliest community site Friendster with her when I wouldn't really called you as soon as it really wasn't a community was like a platform to make your own personal website as opposed to like a uniform thing okay you to fuck her look old but it's really important to realize this because these were things that we we would have put our business on when we started I love you lay down the start you too but they start a Facebook whatever everything's happening it's like that we didn't do that we can go on fucking thank God or tripod give me we were tripod just like shut it down right I think it's going around what tripod I can and then just like shut it down license like iPod tripod from in the.com era that just you know this seems like these massive pillars of the internet but guess what let me tell you something real fast about like Oh I thought you all probably never heard of writing on May 6th 2008 choir 4.5 billion dollars and then you want to know what what did they do it was like I said with a search engine I was like I remembered when I cqll and they were bought for a hundred and ninety-three million dollars I think it was in and I thought okay well that's it we got the messaging thing I looked up those guys are smart they made a messaging client for the internet and then they sell 493 million dollars every four years there's been another message and client that all they all do the same thing I mean Snapchat does a couple of new things with them with the filters know that the really tall do the same goddamn thing and they get use WhatsApp sold for 18 billion dollars and what's so that's what you were thinking of you solder broadcast.com I thought it was $200 but I could be healing muscle PayPal guys to use Google photos Nighthawk let's hear your back he just got to get out of here when does one of the few once I think continued success PayPal still huge competition don't think I can we have this discussion the other day so we got for the last second to last day of Laser team shooting which we just finished Lazer Team 2 we shot for very quickly we went to it was just an easy shoot and for the last second to last day we got the gourdough's trailer to gourdough's Donuts trailer and coffee card for the whole class did that and so I paid for it and then Michael Nicole and cold and paid me back and Gavin is going to pay me back at some point which that money's gone at this point but they all one pay me via venmo and I was like I don't know what this is I think I've heard of it but I don't have it so I had to make an account so that they could pay me on venmo if it's the ultimate oversharing for have you not use it unless I want to do something embarrassing it's just stupid jokes always the same joke it's always the same for dildos every time every check so I looked it up so you literally looked up the first ones Millennials like venmo because they don't know it's PayPal Braintree podcast wants her on an 2012 Braintree 426.2 million dollars in 2013 PayPal acquired Braintree for 800 million dollars 800 million that's a lot of millions what was paypal.com original web address young Fellers www.seamless your money.org that's what was it x.com a single letter URL that told that companies on you I think if you go to xxn.com Erie directechs.com place where hackers go to think that's why they changed the name it seems like people didn't see this being like me ww.com it looks like you left out something in the middle of the web address for Wi-Fi awesome here yeah they won't let you in as all the other letters let's find out if you go through all the other letters oh my God no I want to know now before it's like it's the same thing I was you know the old version of that used to be who had single letter tick single letter tickers Stockton I know of anyone besides TT an x on his ex I think is it really might be so take out how much it would cost by the whole alphabet in and I think single letter domain names ridiculously expensive there like crazy expensive because you can have a single letter. Yeah yeah for the longest time with those were no they weren't brought up super early and you couldn't get them it was there was a country that struck the realize that their country spell the certain thing in till then they just started selling the country domain names with a Tanzania they had TV or something like that I know it's been a few of those like. And stuff that they were selling it was like a country that doesn't really have much but they sell like all of the domain names right should be with Olivia Lee bit. Ly ly is Libya get the fuck out of here that is the Libyan registry so much my CLS and we've been around forever you have to understand the internet I'm glad but I grew up in a time before the internet was everywhere which I kind of thought I happy birthday is the most brightest hey Kristen I share a birthday like we shared a birthday at this company way before there was enough people here for two people to share your employee number 30 or something this kid I was watching my but I know I had enough for the internet where I had to like I remember having like a physical map when we go on road trips and yes I'm at me did you print out directions to know you had a text Rand McNally maybe I will have to fold it back up and everything but a cell phone till I was 16 I know you guys is all that's fucking young shaped like I know people that elementary school kids that have cell phones that weirds me out I don't know where to go to mobile phone at 12 when he was in middle school is going to the middle school he finally got a mobile phone and we totally bad. Because they were kids who had mobile phones at first grade and I was just like to meet up as I just never did that to his mom and I were just like to hold off I thought about my smartphone there couple weeks ago I was just hanging out and I was having a conversation with a friend of mine in Australia and a friend of mine in Los Angeles and I went book that's cool like that's incredible I'm just casually put in for these conversations and I tweet about it like this is unbelievably be so grateful that this thing exists and I was like are you hi you just told me I want you but I have to send this message to space and shit first but do it if I want to call you if I can't that's cool then you can use it for better things than that now I don't know how much trouble you have to go through when you were a kid to find someone that you admired and liked their work and find them to tell him you're fucking idiot give me the stock them you have to write a letter to send a self-addressed envelope I text an extra envelope and kiss you and tell me to fuck off that I'd really appreciate if you could sign it that's actually kind of cool though the idea of just like mailing people like fuck you let her sail the old-fashioned way you could how many like an actual handwritten letter any more like you don't hear the letters on a regular basis I never gotten one stationary yeah that I used to write them a letter and it says fuck off Tim videos we land at 8 if you want to take back the $3 and ninety post that because it seems like a legal requirement that have to return the case I think if you wanted it you know like there might be their only coffee if you want to have the ability to copy at 8 yeah that's the thing how many fast for 2 hours and 37 minutes and 15 seconds you up the fuck you I loved America's funny somebody was so great that was my family would watch it dinner I'm able to change the entertainment and I would go ahead of the curve yeah they were way ahead of the curve and it was it was all the best stuff it was all super clean but I can usually they would sell Bob Saget we go somewhere and show the dirty ones that they put like $0.20 on it was okay funny voices I was like Bob Saget more than Tom Bergeron I love Bob said I don't know about him he just seemed tired the Blue's Clues guy change there's like who's this is what you do with Steve and numbers are probably done way longer than Bob Saget everyday yeah totally check it with 89 and 87 Bergeron's done 2001 to 2015 Alfonso Ribeiro Tuesday's Carrollton oh yeah I know I just feel like he was on everything for a long time everything everywhere everything like a whole like Drew Carey Dynasty he was a big part of that and he was like Kevin James to like Drew Carey's Adam Sandler basically like everywhere the Adam Sandler goes Kevin James is now it's I never associate Wayne Brady with Drew Carey Whose Line Is It Anyway she ate him he wasn't on The Drew Carey Show was he was in the policy number that awful woman that's the only thing I remember me Kate the girlfriend was hot like you're happy because beer what did they change the entire premise of the show like 6 season dinner something what was the premise that I seen was just at first they worked in the department store and switch you like a dog, or something or write like a different of like a totally different kind of business it's weird and then they had what's his name that had a great late-night talk-show yeah yeah yeah the boss he was the boss what the hell is it with the name Craig Ferguson that he was the boss he was mr. wit is that right I don't know so much about the show and never was an employee for Cleveland swinford louder department store which we came in the internet shopping sites they transition to lego.com as when does yes they with the times but I love Craig Craig Ferguson I was really sorry when he wasn't doing the late night stuff anymore I was hoping you can get the Letterman Letterman really funny about Stephen Colbert apparently has really come on strong now the Trump is president be completely flipped after he was amazed he will know that you found your using school there no absolutely normal around the same time Trump went on to do an interview with Colbert and there was no hard-hitting questions is all softball fluff Peach bullshit fucking awful yeah but there's a difference between a candidate and they and the president when do you think you should treat those two people differently no no I mean obviously how to say has much more weight to it and you go to be asking you be asking a different class of question but if someone is in the running you want to make sure that you give them real questions but you can back years ago like what was it who was it boxer briefs some good ass that was at Bush the first Punta Gorda Clinton like a box of softball fluff bullshit some real question do you remember that so well that he would do that stuff seems to me that if you're interviewing a candidate you have a greater ability to influence that you know if you are making a decision of the person with the present you're just making a criticism on the party in power or the person and power little different to me I know why not that you know Jimmy Fallon ruffling Donald Trump's hair that was just like wow even when I saw that I thought man you're not going to want that image around snow it's still around it is it still look up Beyonce photo that you tried to scrub from the Internet and try to remove something from the internet if you put it on the Internet it's there forever LOL yeah what are they called is a tractor that there's a term for that when you try to suppress something and it becomes bigger I don't know it is called the Streisand Effect Barbra Streisand her house from the internet to see people who were putting images of her house up for selling image of how can I make more sense than everyone waiting. Soon like everyone that knew Were Barbra Streisand's house was because everyone reported on it the Streisand Effect is what that's called it will be her Legacy let me read this thing right here what you mean that thing right there on the steps of the podcast brought you buy black tux that's why I'm wearing a tuxedo looking great for a wedding or special event has never been easier with the black cocks.com with high quality rental suits and tuxedos delivered to your door the black Texas giving guys a new way to wrap and get this the black tux offers free home try-on to see the fit and feel like all of your suit months before your event the best part is completely done online you know I love that so no trips to The Tux Shop required the black cocks.com if you create your luck or choose from tons of tile selected outfits starting at just $95 these suits him out of it or me from find Italian wool the highest quality on the rental have any issues are expert customer care team has your back every step of the way after or during your suit will arrive 14 days before your event that's a full two weeks to try it on make sure everything fits if anything is less than perfect the blacks will send you a free replacement right away when you're bent over just drop your rental back in the mail shipping is free both ways how easy is that to get $20 off your first purchase visit the black tux.com / Rooster Teeth that's a black truck stop / 54 $20 off your first purchase even the shoes for every my dress shoes this morning was like oh wait they're already in there and socks yeah this is all from them you look like you have a bow tie but I can put it off I'm sorry you look like MI6 like couldn't get James Bond for a weekend and see if you can maybe find somebody I mean I can get away you may not be able to catch the perp but like you look like a guy Susan Motel cowboy on Twitter she's been putting a lot of great info on Twitter she has she put up all these single letter stock ticker symbols I'm sure we the ones you know Casey is Citigroup it was formerly Chrysler I don't know Chrysler lost theirs there a symbol for Chrysler gotten to the point tonight and it would be out so yeah I was something you think they would keep Nations Bank merged with Bank of America Bank of America was much smaller than Nations Bank but the name was way better so Nations Bank became Bank of America just another asset like anything else in this to me a stock ticker symbol remind not be treated on the American Market anymore though cuz those are foreign corporations Fairplay wait what the fuck happened to Cingular Wireless who got them because they can give the Southwestern Bell I missed a lot of eventually became a team building a house all that stuff is going back together for KS Kellogg a bunch of them or not anything anymore lady was you to be Gillette but now it's nothing explain that when Gus Qwest Communications is Cuba Free Press if that's soon as I don't have any company he of course is AT&T v is Visa and then the other ones are 100s Sprint but if you like American Steel United States Steel United States Steel security shuttle Factory Chris and ask you where the right now Chinese beautiful of loss is a gift from errands like a birthday gift or something else like their anniversary that's a cool shirt only got to eat for those of you can see it on the audio part alright Chris is wearing a Hindenburg disaster shirt and his a sloth hanging on the blimp I've let you imagine how many years is going to take how many years do you think it will take for someone to make a World Trade Center with a giant sloth on it I know right that's just like me I know that's out there but I'm still able to wear on a life you really is true tragedy overtime is comedy I guess so you don't mean I really had never thought about that a lot of people died you never know about the word disaster I thought was a pretty big clue but oh the humanity that's cool I like animals I'm really considering getting a pig really wait wait like 4 like Tony and you be able to pick master I didn't think of that but yeah I don't know about the phrase Master seem sexual and someone will you tell me the master sword sexy object like this goddamn right now there's an Instagram account called my best friend Hank it's a miniature pig and I was like messaging with the internet while it was the owner of the pig is like this is my best friend Hank the pig and end and he was telling me like you give me the info first breeder in all this it's really I think I need to pick okay dude I wish I had not looked at this Instagram account do you want to pick now I want to pay it off with my uncle I don't take care of your buddies her bunny ears on that it's really cute if you are a seven year old girl right now but I just started but it bugs me that's got more Twitter followers to meet her resume this fucking pig head in my house when our cat had more Twitter followers than Ashley and it was this unspoken thing for over a while until she passed Joe the cat in Twitter followers right now with You Chris I'm with you too much Bernie Bernie Bernie he's a mature responsible adult that's good he's got like what are you still on the third floor so I don't know where I don't know pics can climb stairs miniature pigs can they climb stairs the pig master and I was like man you know I have like I may have an extra bedroom with the pig fence guy thing I don't know I don't think you make it stay in your apartment and put it on your balcony and you can pour mud from California what are the flights from California to put on his balcony so is dogs and go to the bathroom what am I going to do all that I don't like don't Chris Christopher I don't want to discourage you from owning a pic if I gave me a joke but Let It Go but as always are you are you going to be responsible Pig dad of course of course I think you know I'm trying to go with the times man of course man that's why that's why I'm hesitant because I'm like bouncing responsibilities are you guys heading there though I don't know about stuff but I know it's going to be a good pic that I think you could I just need to be ready you know some good. He's got the heart for it like I really can't smile you know it on the low my only worry it's like they're very social creatures and I worry I have my have to get to pigs or like a dog to go weekend is it a herd of pigs but your pics what's it called when you become a group of young pigs is called a drift drove or litter litter make sense groups of older pigs are called a Sounder of signed a team El Paso Hobbs or a singular of bores founder of swine sounds like something you would say to something like big bass superhero sound like an old in from the forties you sound really wouldn't matter that it's someone and it would be hilarious I mean in history was it really important to know what the different groups of animals are called also on age is the weird thing that's what is that a thing with a lot of animals like they don't know if they age out of their plural forms out because he was young are one word and then the older ones are Sounders founder of according to motel Cowboy pigs do not climb or jump in the wild so they aren't meant to climb stairs it's very easy to teach your mini pig to use a ramp when they're young however treats adult pigs can learn to use a ramp without much trouble as well I don't have an elevator give me a $3 and I'll use the smart in my last read my last message with my best friend Hank sorry couple of the questions but it's messy require a lot of cleanup with poop and food poop and food also does he cuddle sleep in your bed or have his own miles miles tell me what time that you would say that was sent him in the morning you're feeling lonely in your bed at work I was already at work at that he wakes up at 8:45 like I'm awake I don't want to see you up for the weekend I had a conversation with him this weekend and that was my life while I was like Fallout question is a lot of a project like a jerk or other stuff you had if you had the ability to own any animal I know it would be unbelievably loyal and faithful what animal probably slow or what quokka quokka from Australia dude the fuck ristic a very popular selfie with a quokka it's like the cute little Buckaroo and shrink it down to a big mouth that's miles and it's fat that's it we have a picture of a mouse. Combined with a teddy bear the actual bear teddy bear how far is Cincinnati to the clock is good answer on Telephone cats any animal in the world being a big guy like I'm not going to make the easy Puma joke like and like you said it's too friendly nice and it will do a little it's loyal dog you've ever 5 to 10 years a Silverback gorillas I mean it's a fucking good one dude over would never pick it up they would that's what you do know you hate you hail the Uber with her like Silverback hanging out behind the barn or not you get in the back of your thing someday he'll make it fit know you only get convertibles are fine day I can you put down would be cool just rip them out nobody you be the master then at that point or it's a mentality thing so yeah I know I think it's just wrong with her friends hanging out the symbiotic relations carry friends can I give me The Termites Termites in your pocket all the time and I'm not going to name a gorilla he's got his name is ugly but you wouldn't question it felt like any animals survive I'm not going to win I think I can kill a bear but I gotta grab an ice bucket one the one that gets close to the edge there for me is a silverback gorilla fight is over and above zero point not much there's not much that I can do with silver make you get it done like being in a fight when I go to punch me know I'm going to duck he'll never see it coming you're not know we could have fuck you dude they wake up in the hospital no you don't get their face ripped off yes or their genitals ripped off no they do that he was like went to go visit a friend who had like a private zoo and he had a clutch of baboons that would have ripped his face off and tore off his genitals can the two most important thing as if it was an act of Congress that remove that man's genitals I was walking the path and Congress face and his dick yeah right I think so yeah man I would like nothing like a horse do they reattach I don't tell you you never do that to you close circus Club but they used to have a swimming Pig yeah and you go over now it was they have to like you are young Pig because older Pigs Can't Swim because they're get so fat that they could start cutting themselves when they try to paddle and I know if I don't make it to find out the documentary about Ralph the swimming Pig get the fuck out this is the kind of shit people would show up and give money to get tickets to go see this before they heard it was America's Funniest Home Videos of live entertainment internet so bored there's a day or so much time he has to do with no internet no it's like every 5 seconds I'm good at Lulu between Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat or feel bad I feel bad that I got to go scuba diving underwater with scuba diving in San Marcos aquarena Springs that got closed down because they won't this could be one of the reasons we got closed down certification circus they just got word there's a Sunday you know there's endangered species of salamander that lives down under ground that the spring would shoot up into like the Ocarina Springs general area and I can tell these things they're blind and we could die easily so and I'm I'm I also don't mean when the internet showed up people just worn in the Ralph anymore but no the circus shut down but they keep that area roped off and open for divers and that was where I got certified I got to do it. It's because it's like I know it's all fake but there's like a giant clam and a certified scuba diving I want to get recertified cuz I don't remember shit other than don't go out too fast your head will explode yeah we know somebody on the medical thing we know somebody who got the bends and that's why she came up too quickly actually she was brought a fight I'm telling somebody else's story but she was brought up too quickly exercise and the benzes when pressure gets really too quickly and I can't believe nitrogen bubbles up in your blood streets and it hurts like hell virgin it's like pressure at the pressure allows it to be able to get up into your brain and then as you start to ascend if you sent you quickly it's going to essentially take up more space I guess and not be slowly it will slowly start to go back down and then fell back out to its normal pacity got them using words for life but you quickly can expanding your brain and I can really fuck you up I've been discovered it while building some sort of underwater tunnel or something somewhere and people diapers will come up from their lunch or not divers but workers are coming up for the lunch break and just not being great you have any connection here is a weird thing with pockets for my pressure Delta Delta P accidents yet I think what you're talking about is actually really interesting like I heard about this also I think I saw something about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge nice always wonder like you look at an Old Bridge like that but how did they connect the structure of the bridge to the river but I always wondered that and what they would do if they put down like a giant Bell or big structure get all the women compressed air into it to make it really high pressure so the all the water gets jealous and out the workers would go down and work in there and I think that's what you're talking about it was really high pressure in there at the bottoms of all the all the air being pumped into everything that went today had to beat it up slowly leave otherwise he would get the bends coming out of there I'm sure we got a lot of that stuff wrong so just let us know politely, numbers out there watching life pretty exercises gone wrong did you see that headline about that Florida police officer who shot a woman by Mary I didn't see that yeah they were doing some gun safety exercise and he shot her with a gun he killed her and I because he didn't have blanks in a gun he driving you should see what safety course are you taking a real gun and firing blanks out a person anyway like so many things that you do wrong to get to that point and I can't get to the bottom of these articles what's the fucking best case scenario here that's a cop is firing blanks at people that's what happened ever he brought his personal weapon in for that exciting that's what it was we were even when you're on set with a fake prop gun yeah there's like security and protocols for that works you show that it's a prop you like look it is empty it was a prophet is a toy this is it is the gun we are using the blue thing on the set of for dr. Dawn when we were because they had like a Halo pistol the Halo assault rifle that problem as there's like this Pretend This is a fucking gun no you don't get to touch it absolutely not a good reason the shit out of me I don't lie I don't know that I've been shooting ranges I don't want that kind of responsibility at all I don't like swords and like yeah and when I have a somebody and I have a rubber gun and a hand it to me always walk up to the person to be Point yet and say here you want to look at it that's what they look it over and everything that's that's that's like every so often there's somebody who doesn't realize that a blank is a very dangerous thing to in Philly somebody who like put his head in your paycheck the bank and then the TV show Airwolf the show with it the lead actor on a shot himself in the head right there was no was near wolf Patrick's Educators remember yeah yeah remember either but you're just remember with lead actor shoots that's how Brandon Lee died right when we got no I think it was shot with a blank at close range know what happened was I think there was a bull see the guy from the CBS television series cover up there's like a blank and a bullet or something and they got like shut the shrapnel out or something I don't know how bad it's only thing as I understand it they had guns that was fired blanks and there was a misfire or they were the usual I've a mansion on it earlier in the day it was a misfire in the bullet lodged in the barrel so the next time a blank came and it was loaded properly but head is this I got a bullet in the or some kind of debris in the barrel of the gun from a misfire previous to the next thing fired fired that out and that's with him that some for Hitman blood Money shit yeah dude that's it you know that's unbelievably on for do you have like a weapon at your house I have them at Edwards weapons Gus's probably like absolutely everybody listening I have active land mines around my perimeters at all times it seems normal to have now I feel like I don't know if you're comfortable with it through appropriate swords and that's the one who would carry around a baseball bat in his trunk but he said that if he carried just too bad he thought if the police ever pulled him over there he was carrying just a weapon around a ball like a bag full of baseball equipment with them little league kid stuff in the trunk what is trunk and all the others in there too it always looked like he was going to go play baseball or softball my sword by the way don't buy I gotta go buy a gun what creeps you out the pantry felt like you needed to do on yourself with medieval weathering how do you ever do you ever do drills we see how fast you get your gun you never do that and I think of you would not do that to you going to handle it honestly I don't know the gun was sure to the kids and talk to you about it talk about gun safety and then tracked it and it said that scared the shit out of my father wasn't long for you started like getting me acclimate to firearms in a really young and I think I fired my first gun with his help I was he when I was five and I was giving my first gun as a present on my ninth birthday but you always demystify guns for me it was always that I checked lately said if you ever want to see him where you're going to look at them or touch them let me know I could always do it with him and so it was and he would take me out regularly that's good shoot and train me and teach me about the proper way to use firearm so that it was never like the mysterious thing I would you mind is back yet you know try to try to do it in an unsafe way his kids are curious still go look for it that's when trouble happens when you try to finish it it's Robert going to do with a sword today crazy as always like people who sleep naked what's your plan its own breaks in your house I don't fuck if I'm naked or wearing clothes on breaks into my house it makes zero difference to me a better off making you freak people taxi you got the advantage now it's not like wearing underwears going to take my balls more or anything you know it's just a weird line of reasoning even if you want I can come in my bedroom I'm sleeping with a shotgun of the Silverback Gorilla I don't know I'm torn up like I thought I would say Silverback but he said that that's such a good one I would pick would be probably like some kind of bird of prey like a hawk but you could tell it like go get me something or go get me something from the store like it and I like dive in it like or nothing you know I like birds of prey I think they're really cool like Hawks and Eagles hours ago I was her flowers already so they would I look like with no feathers curvy female skeleton that we seen a bear without fur it's really weird it was like a giant All Out 3 Radioactive creature ago they call those younger you go I think so I said yeah that's not a man like you like the automatron DLC for Fallout 4 automatron build all the robots and shit yeah I like what I see I just on the plane for Harbor which by the way sometimes I like the DLCs like in your missing an expansive and then someone's like this is too big for her too big for Harbors free confusion like enough with this question I'm done I don't give a shit about this Android anymore did you finish there I saw your Tweet about your ad on everybody was going ape shit over Link and Zelda game Horizon zero Dawn is incredible I think I might like for the rest of the wild I got the hell out I'm just saying nobody I feel like nobody on your plate again ever was playing Zelda it was just like whatever they like the problem I have with him I did not like going from Zelda we can climb on anything and just get rubber cement in zero. Sometimes you'll encounter obstacles that are like this hi and you can't jump over it come on I should be sure about my only real complaint the game plays amazing I think the story is really well then I had like this super moment in the story like listening like I normally kind of had half the sandwich quick like that you listen to Everything I read everything it was like a really emotional moment like listening to like these stories in these journals and was like man this is what's going on right here super deep in that game with the story because when they had no story and it was just the way you access the story was horrible it would a little more difficult super deep but you just had to go find it this is this has the best of both worlds you have a really great I think campaign story but then the World building stuff is is presented with journals and things like that a lot of your loss I felt that way about the original Bioshock I thought original Bioshock at the perfect balance of story that you need to know being presented to you and additional World building stuff that you are able to find a collective the audio logs I thought it was I guess I will say that the wild is it's because it's a Zelda game the story kind of like I know what the story is Right still go and if you're not going to get the sort of stuff that I'm assuming you're talking about where were you can find out about individual people exactly what the game in the future of Earth you don't know what happened to like Civilization what you following like certain people feel like home if you're like that person or that person you kind of get attached to them and in the end you know like that was way in the past their own obviously long-dead following them right now they have a good ending right from the time they realize that everything is kind of going wrong to the time here like if it mean honestly you guys but there were times when I was playing the game and I thought this seems like a really good Halo game you know I mean it just give the way it's presented and everything it was just I really like it the other way for structures were investigating this long that technology and all that you know but just went even deeper with it we have a connection to the people that are the four runners and then it makes more sense to it it's really cool connection if it's also where kids like their when you're accessing old technology like it'll use computer or technological terms but there are more primitive tribes so that they don't understand everything that computer might say corrupted registry repair and the transfer that like okay I need to fix a corruption somewhere like an evil that I need to fix this I need a going out like kind of misconstruing words and you reading more into stuff in really is there it's interesting that the first four game for PlayStation game ever going to platinum it was absolutely I'm on the last mission now once I'm done with them to call back I love the way that they have handled Collectibles racing games to be way more difficult to do so I can let Crackdown I look back and that no way anybody would get 500 orbs in Crackdown it's not going to do it no way 300 Greenwoods 200 hidden orbs order the fuck that was thank God because of the lies we have Michael Jackson ever a weird thing to think about they just didn't handle that let you down this whole weird Domino does Gavin like tries it is so this one blows my mind it's okay if Michael never made the Crackdown video he would have never come to work to receive we would have a lot of things probably that we have today but what makes you wonder it's like you don't we have who didn't write that was that we will come here or we would have never been in our lives thanks to crack down on the City collectibles a new human life is about to be brought into this world that's fucking weird it's weird to think about that that's this is heavy shallots between ancho chiles like I think about that when you get married that I know that I introduced them in then they have a kid it's like yeah like 10% of their lifetime income on the website at some point community members have a community members have the children they we get 10% of the kids Income Life Time you agreed to it I've done every one of them legal pull that was really weird the first few times that we encounter that really you know we're dating then you seem like the next year you know what, Connor later we're married you're looking here's okay I'm just now at the place in my life for the I like the idea of making a person is hitting me so please don't want to get a pig yeah yeah but like I don't know it's like a weird thing I was just looking at like Lindsay posting like progress is the lucky lady who do my best friend Hank parasites growing inside it is no it is and it's like a little thing that gets planted inside of you and it grows and takes up your fucking ass out of you like aliens yeah it doesn't come out the stomach it comes out like it's just as Grove life you can't say the words vagina congrats you can get a pic now is that why you don't go into the stomach making it just so you know just in case that comes up later not for lack of trying to you when I make it no no no no no the radar somewhere you make it a scam 3330 27 today guess so that was the age you were when we started I was going to get the fuck out here the group 3939 Richard 14x years can be a nightmare why I don't know that Gavin will do what he did to me was it called me on the phone you said I can't be friends with you and I can be friends with 40 year old person I just don't know it's all the same to you don't act like a shirt with the sloth hugging it's 36 people by the way I looked it up I mean things like 3735 on the Zeppelin and one on the way not to go wrong what night is it I don't know I mean it's anything like a ride or something what's that I got your cell phone airplane 1908 wonderwood podcast is also brought you by Blue 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apron so don't wait that's willing 4.com / Matisse Blue Apron a better way to cook I got to say is not is not an extra bonus at thing but I started doing Blue Apron I fucking love it so I used to cook all the time I only know how to cook or blend healthy things delicious bad for you so the thing I love most about it is that I'm trying things I never would have tried to get caught and potato stew that sounds Shady but I guess I'm eating at this it's my new favorite thing is awesome I just covered one of my favorite like ingredients to eat because of Blue Apron know it was celeriac celery root how to get something once for like they sent me like salary at the fuck is if you like it up and like matchsticks in a pickle it anytime I see any dish I see it on the menu forgot celery root Salon child so I was like 25 and ifuckinglovescience Jimmy hates me right now I feel like everyone on that launches the worst that's what is it the thing or 10% or 20% of population that tastes like soap or something weird I don't know the reasons I bring this up is cuz Chris you been doing some cooking lately I cook sometimes ya WhatsApp chatted about something to eat cooked I cooked egg and bean bag and a river I saw the initial tree I love your picture I'm just home and I was like that actually I know it looks good and it was look like shit so I like I was like I'm going to make an omelette type thing so I crack some eggs and I was like kind of stirring around like all I should put beans in it of course I usually go willy-nilly with this thing how you wait for the 30 seconds to be counting down for you to start deciding what ingredients are going to put in your head I'm lupini bean and I like drain I didn't drain it enough that was part of my problem yeah that is a drain it and then and bean it so here's the deal is my issue was in my house like okay I'm going to make all those things and you put hash like potatoes Brown said it has two tickets to 24 Diner like potato and it's in Medellin B&M potato free hand then there's a bunch of juice in the beans inside start mixing the egg that's not the best one picture during it became this like it turning grey but then the egg disappeared for a while then it really what do you mean disappeared I think we should do we should go to restaurant and try to order food that Chris may have been on the fish with red I said after that was you know Esther and I do those three food undersea Facebook page how do you get that job by the way I actually got to do an episode you make all of the food for us and you could but you got to eat the food with that stuff right I need it we got that we gotta do that customers MasterChef how much Chris fish it's good I'm not well what's with your fish it's just like you know this if it is what makes this whole RTA about to watch my dressing dressing on it have you explained everything to me cuz I swear to God that makes sense it's like all the flavors gay and one yeah but when I ask how you make something I would hope that if it was dressed and you would tell me what kind of dressing and perhaps you saw you read the rest me one time it said add a pinch of salt anyone with this shit don't know you're talking to someone who waits till the eggs on the right now you're right you're right one for me anything with you have this wonderful way of showing that the audience did a really fun thing where they went to the only Slow Mo Guys video that was under a million views and they were they were watching you get again to get above me like 20,000 way I think he's the only suck the only series that has over a million views for every episode I think is RTA I think so and blue probably does but it takes a while now for those episodes to get up to that point the closest is NDB before the season of MD became out ever had a million views except for one it was the crunch time when it was me and Nick Rutherford and Kirk Johnson and it's just not traditional Russia Keith 960 is well I am doing great they got you a million views like before this next season came out that the seasons came with like great suggestions Velociraptor won the rapper legs yeah that's fantastic I was Wayne really Embrace that went to sing like the supper putting out like I know if people out there watching the new season of Red versus Blue Bunny what is fucking killing it the best one out of four is one of my favorites that I haven't watched yet so I'm not going to like the best season of press coverage to in a long time no hear been reporting on that none style over the weekend I know we talked about it but yeah it's it's been really good to see unicorn meat Davis the best headline we've ever had as a company which was season 10 of red versus blue wired Road how Rooster Teeth won the internet with red versus blue to grab the onion if you want to we want the internet can't take that away from Newman kid but yes I'd like to we did that Founders episode of MD be as fun as going to be in some with you and Matt you know I did that doesn't happen very often anymore the kibosh on that it was nice to work with you forgot the diaper bag just so good I will give every 20 years yet what is a 19 what do you do for big to our next year between what's at February of next year old between February 2018 believe you and I have work at it for 20 years and remind you should work with me but we were to Jeff yes just didn't move here till 9 like January 99 over to Matt and college Joel and pretty much more than that a little bit before I met Joel was Matt's friend I'm sticking to that it's been 23 years I've met you before I could legally drink with a true yeah I was I was 19 and that was right before my 20th birthday long-time every conversation we were done by the way something actually people will get upset on the podcast as we can do this and for how long is 6 years 8 9 9 years this December will be nice so I got a little break and people saw that video of the cow counting story that I took with the great can your story seems like we talking about and I told them the same way apparently for years apart and told them they my tree I know about you guys but I treat our conversations on the podcast identical to any party that I go to or a bar I just talk about stuff and he will be times when I'll tell the story that I know I've told before but I'm talking to someone who's here on the podcast and they haven't heard the story like Jessica Nigri and I'll say I'll do that story about when I get this one time this evening that video that somebody cut those two stories together that's the first thing they saying that is should I tell the story about the time I got drunk you're fired anybody does no I know I have but I'll tell the story but seemed to me the party it's like I get the reaction that your review and you watch something and doing something weird what is your to party in a friend of yours that you've known for 5 Years meet somebody new and tell some story you don't know the story I was there both times it was still a new story give me the second I don't think so and then even even as the stories being told you're like you don't remember every story that told ever know if you were me that told the story so identically for years apart I probably told that story at dinners and parties probably five thousand times now that was when I was a junior in college I believe like I did that Tony has an ebb and flow to it like if you've been when you find the way of telling that story that works why would you change a hundred percent correct it's like I'm always fast am I seen a comedian and when they develop material that way like to go out the workshop things that would work sometime and then they go on to Netflix special after they've been telling jokes for you know 6 months a year at that point I'm still got to make it look fresh everytime you tell that story is the deliveries everything when you're telling us some the story face-to-face you're going to hear us repeat ourselves read any fucking press interview with a reed Lake Florida road the Press always reports in the same exact thing always again and again and again so that's where I was when I start getting interview for stuff when you're taking off you like be prepared to tell give the same answer this time and time again because no matter how many people people have heard it there still infinitely more that have it yet and ask questions here it's like your story story while I thought because I feel that sometimes away but like when you go on dates or something or you're like yeah store it's like the same questions or you you know whatever and you not telling stories did you have like your 5 Go to stories in a day or so it's like if there's a lot with your best that's why Story by day and there's a lot I just trying to keep it just the way things like there's opportunity and it whenever I see an opportunity to tell a funny story I'll jump in that yeah yeah but he also gets boring so then it sometimes I'm like I'm I can tell this story except for this person is my home now just like you don't feel sometimes like like a comedy routine I mean you're like I'm going to go to this bit and yeah I know this story works like its exact same kind of flu or Entertainer's we did For Better or Worse we thought I don't usually work just try to find as much about the person that I was talking to it better at acting interview for sex I agree with you let me rephrase that in a conversation like you you need to like pull out something you like please know that I'm interesting interesting that a no for me I don't I don't give a fuck what you're talking about if you're talking about something passionately I am just enamored by whatever it is you're saying nothing more incredibly attractive to me then passion for something people Hitler videos by you really believes in what are you saying I've been going to say if I was a totally unrelated but I was I was traveling this weekend and I'll stay at this hotel at the Midland nowhere and I saw maybe the most confusing product of my life so I walked in and it's kind of like maybe like an extended stay hotel I walk in there like a couch a bed TV coffee maker frigerator microwave the microwaves brand was microfridge who sitting on the frosting cook microfridge here's the deal I bet it's supposed to be attached to a fridge that's what people were speculating on Twitter is that maybe Savannah combo unit Adidas remove the fridge there was a fridge in the room it didn't say Mike refriger whatever heard the opposite of them fridge would be max out then use your microwave is it a free sitting my car was in your wallet in an island in the middle of the kitchen okay so I have that too and when I moved in my current house one of the first things I noticed was that there was no light in the microwave and then after a few weeks I noticed it wasn't like it was burned out but I changed lightning and I look at how to do that you had to pull the microwave out of the wall and like take off the molding and do all that your place the light and it's a God damn it I'm going to this I did it like I am all about trouble too then just go and then that was it and then who ever lived there before never change sometimes your place like the the turn signal to the headlights on cars like 2 minutes so I'm taking apart the fender I'm going to hear that we just all right elbow deep tiny light bulb here why the fuck do they make it that hard sometimes my ex-girlfriend's car in college to replace her alternator I had to take off for other belts AC belt everything is a Pontiac I remember very well I think of all these belts fucking alternator you know it was just it was crazy to me absolutely insane that 64 Chevy the Beast always make fun of the one thing about it was it was so basic that you could see all of the parts and you can sit in there like I to replace the fuel pump at one point I decided to crawl under the hood I sat in the engine compartment every like remove the fuel pump on a car that's bad got new ones put it on there I don't know anything about cars like oh I think the fuel pumps bad let me try replacing that bought one for his like a couple of books go in there fix it so quick 30-minute AutoZone it's like you push the accelerator and it was just like a rod that connect to your carburetor and opened up to later if I add you want you want to go faster here just turn the screw to let more deaths in and you could like just the mixture of fuel and air depending on what you wanted to do so so fucking you fucking basic do I never begrudge like younger people who don't know how to work on cars because you're so different now you know it's like the guy I grew up with cars you know the used cars we had when we were teenagers still cartoon with the seventies Mancino that were they were 10 years old by the time I was driving in the late eighties and early nineties so you can actually work on those all the time and it wasn't that big of deal you know we had a ratchet said you could do everything now it's damn near impossible so so excited and amazing race one of the pit stops are detours no Roblox Roblox they had to change the oil in an Armenian taxi last night and it was just like it's the older audience other than dear me to them but they just hated all the younger people couldn't figure out how to change the oil in a car it was second to give me a little of the kind it there because I like I did everything to spec but I guess I was in a rush so I can let the oil drain out completely before I put the nut back in and and when I went to fill it back up over filled it so I had to go back under there and drink something out and then fill it cop again I keep checking the dipstick you know cuz now I didn't have the exact amount right I had to go because we can give me like 10 times faster than anybody else watching this season of Amazing Race and man this last week someone fucking break down try to make those labels that was hard to watch The Strangers yeah that's some serious drama no one on the race knew each other at the first episode the old like me to pick their partner and now they're going on the right side so they fit really well to be like not fit at all she end up just like some people we get along so well. My favorites like Ashton bank they did not get along I follow him on Twitter Twitter Twitter because when I didn't know that I went through all the people I thought were you know if you don't try to guess who's going to do well in everything that's the epitome of two very different people who argue a lot but then like when it comes time to like do something out of the van where do this RX that's cool what is amazing quote that has navigating he said okay this intersection take a hundred and thirty-five degrees what is 135 as a financial analyst race very analytical and who is that dude you going to YouTube channel they did this for our season I never seen it before they put up so much behind the scenes stuff I mean they just put up a 10-minute on energy conversation so she knows to working it out one time I'm just like here's one here why are you here why are you doing this and it just send it back and forth they forget what they were doing the date they were argue with each other it's like the rationale for why they wanted to approach the situation which happens a lot on that show and I would like we would console lyrics I can go through so much fun doing that show you watch The Amazing Race season we were really do it twice a year the show was not the point of you once a year so June 28th and 29th starting at the end of March and if you live in the US it's on CBS and they moved the show to Thursday night at 10 p.m. and I sent it went really well that's a really tough time last week we did two episodes of the started at 8 last week Survivor won the week because Survivor has been forever I mean the Four Season that parents we would we would put in a blank VHS and record it if we knew that we were going to be gone so we wouldn't miss it and it was like it was incredible like that was the most exciting television remember as a survivor of the Season actually went back and I rewashed the the final Tribal Council and we choose tells the other one like if you were dying in the desert I would not give you any water to drink yeah heard about rats and Kelly yeah I forgot how fucking good that first season of Survivor was good like they were dating for voting with it was just sit there forever until somebody change their vote and also like they could not get rid of Kelly because she kept winning the immunity trying to get rid of her but she won't like the last three in a row if you would just getting rid of everyone else on the way season of Survivor was amazing it was and nobody seen anything like this actually at the time it was fucking crazy like you think about television ratings nowadays and I don't know I feel like you'll be happy to get like 4 million but let me see what the rates were here I'd ratings they're 6-1 the first episode of Survivor got 15 and a half million viewers the finale and it built from there the finale got 51.69 million viewers the different world August 2000 have a share their does it show that there was Cher was Cher 1849 for the finale was 22.8 enemies almost 25% of all people that were watching TV watch The Walking Dead gets like eight nine million its enormous you know that sounds a bit like I think like Big Bang Theory which the Nerds are people in 20 million viewers like the biggest rated TV show right now point my life was made what is were doing interviews for Amazing Race was talking more traditional TV reporters and this is what you guys say we were the gamers that's how we were listed it was a category of Ashley and I on The Amazing Race we go you must love The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory but with all the laughter place like a great it's just like a single but the kinds of meat that show think I mean I think those are the guys who made Two and a Half Men as well make TV I mean if they have dominated Primetime television for a really long. Time Jesus this is worried about to get on the series fucking rabbit hole from Twitter Vishal Patel cow want to know he did you guys ever watch that show the mole did you watch the member is the greatest hockey me about I don't remember what you said about it was that it was a really to show everyone had to work together kind of like Amazing Race application to work together to accomplish past but one of the people competing in the show was a plant from the show who was working to support everyone had to stop him from accomplishing their goal coolest of the show was not yet famous Anderson Cooper yeah he was all my God that's right in order to avoid every week you would eliminate the person you the least about them also if they would have to take this really long Quizlet when you were at dinner on Tuesday night who was sitting to the moles left or like what color shirt was a mole wearing when you were taking the bus from here to there an observation thing you everything I don't know but I will say this I will say that as that show got to the end everyone knew who the boy was and it was clear that everyone knew who it was and the ostracize that person when they didn't like in the shows everything they didn't hide that and also it was for you know reality of like Survivor when they say we hate you so loud and people understood that people did not understand the show them all if it was cancelled and its second season of celebrity more showing the show they're really just say nevermind we're not going to show the rest of the thing and they just didn't even early in the second half of the field I want to go back and read watch exact forgotten enough I probably don't remember anything I remember who the mole was at this point but I'd like to go back making me want to go watch reality TV 2012 more reality TV the registry that's exactly what the reality shows took off the last time was the big writers strike and here we are heading to 10 years ago heading towards one again it was just right to me mm mm what superhero see a hero and the internet because the first season was really good then second season was the first season started great and ended weird and it's so the last of Ariana season was like yeah because the whole we have in the first in for talking about still at 12 years old but the whole wheat thin Heroes there was this one of the biggest it was it was a premonition of them all on a city street and they there's something was about to happen and they were cars everywhere and they were all running up to each other and then slowly that have it would be pieced together and then you this event was coming if you ever happen didn't happen on the street exactly is not all had a premonition of it happening like an office Courtyard and it made no sense I need to just run out so I don't know I may be like this severe rewrites at the end maybe I saw a red thing as an interview with I believe it was JJ abrams's talking about the last Rider strike about how it was right around the time they were finishing up writing the Star Trek reboot and they had written it I finished it the writer strike started but JJ Abrams and whoever else was on that film we won the other writers are producers so they were on that movie is producers and they went to set to film but they could not touch the script is it like the actors would come up to them with like suggestion for better life and all they could do was like I think you're talking to them they could not change anything about the kids so they had to shoot the script as it was written there and all that stuff too because there's so many times were you are like I will this line might be better I would you know what singing on screen I think we should do this this is really painful is a real struggle for them to their lot of things they wanted to adjust and fix but not what Colton was a writer on Key & Peele and so he's in the union for the wga and I hear it hear it sweetheart just recently where and it's one of the big complaints about the union has now with the current rules is a lot of web releases of shows are considered to be promotional so they don't get paid the writers or get paid the way to get paid him like if the show airs on TV but there are sketches that Colton has written for Key & Peele that have been put on YouTube by County Central and they've made an individual video 75 80 million views which is hundreds of thousands of dollars that a video that that big will make and this just know this is promotional that's it even though these companies will take the revenue for them self seen so many it's promotional my last time the Writers Guild struck one of the big things was the web series that they made for Battlestar Galactica I want to say where the office no no it wasn't long ago let me know anyways like what stuff is always they can't ever get it straight and you know when they build these with Applebee's, your contract between the unions and the Studio's they don't always understand everything and then when they get there the studio is like exploding the shit out of it but the contracts are keeping up with Mason so far to 1305 to 13 Battlestar Galactica Star Galactica let's see it was cold as balls to go for 204-294-0406 so good it was so good okay I know I'm going out on a limb here and anybody been watching the new season of Samurai Jack no no new Rick and Morty every time I cut you off from talking about Samurai Jack that people will kill a no no you're fine you're fine I assume that was going to be it and it's it's okay if everything except maybe Hotel Transylvania but I know that the last episode that premiered last night is just like a love letter to the entire series and if you haven't watched it yet your fan please watch season 5 Buck it's good I have to pay I was on the wrap-up miles is leaving early Trisha tablet know how can I can I can I can be wonderful thank you I'm going to stand up and button up my coat but we're done we'll see you guys next week everybody know well now I'm going back to right now