#427 - Nature’s Gross

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Becca Frasier as they discuss Fyre Festival, disgusting things in nature, rideshares, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 1, 2017, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb), Shari’s Berries (http://bit.ly/2gjcsXO).

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2017-427-sgrt5h

Recorded: 2017-05-02 16:00:00

Runtime: 01:34:20 (5660.38 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier


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Transcript (in progress):

tonight you like confrontation did you scream it up at register that are the whole time was great it is when he finally did get to Hershey her window rolled up and so she couldn't hear him talking he was like when would you like to pick this up Jesus they're like with your phone mmmm hello when would you like to pick it up it never registered she got out of her car bang on the window and do the paper all like she weighs more for life in that moment that it would have to serve you first and then heard you come next really weird she was just calling to the new medical I don't or just not because like 6 years old she should know by now she's old and crotchety I can really lives in Austin and Ally space for lease near East California me all the time but there was a post on the Austin subreddi couple days ago calling out the mods for not like clamping down against like cereal troll account and there's a fairly popular post and it got removed it so now then there was a follow-up fuck like that was actually popular post asking why aren't the mods patrolling I get the stroller counts then it just gets removed when will trolls be can unlock every word I mean that the speculation is that the troll accounts are mod alt accounts interesting point connection have a few those in my day who knows like someone was in trouble that you can't in your position of power Shifty. 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won't last long Mother's Day is right around the corner so order now big thank you to Shari's Berries for the podcast and send us some delicious strawberries so far away like Barbara and be actual mother I miss my mouth everyone so that we could to me going on in the park it's okay he's claimed that now too set a maritime Mother's Day weekend now that I'm a mother Michaels like ee Flex disappoints me every year zebra watch this Neverland full never in full Door Spa Castle Hill I have a little bit and then he never looks back at me has a first member account ultimate employee discount Tim play button you can press my mom listen to the first one I was on and then just about always open but I wouldn't send it to her in your prayers are always watching always see them and I can mend your ability to like keep it real knowing that in the back of your head what's the most personal thing you said on always open just everything I don't know I can't pinpoint it to one moment but there's a lot of things that I say because I just don't give a fuck and then I think no one ever brings it up in any family conversation for the most part I'm the same way whatever it doesn't matter to me but man a couple months ago my mom was like I saw the video of you doing the charity stream you got really drunk and I like I want to hear it Mom I don't talk to me like I'm going to Sochi non-alcoholic know what you got it from the you don't get it from someone who spontaneously I thought you catch it it is genetic a lot of it is like an addictive personality or just one like friend or family member who's like this is normal and then you're like okay no way or if you just like your threshold of your ability like how much you enjoy it how much you need how much you like sucks taking if you're not calling you life is more likely to it's because you're trying to deal with your having when we work for the call center here just like little flask would you like to drink about nobody like a Route 44 like a big gas station soda or something it was always full of who is it like yeah so what you can escape this what is this like 445 for the 421 that 435 sentiment but I guess not then that would be way too much I don't know I don't count for it snow at 41 I think it was only like a dude that's coming I don't know when it comes out but she is so fucking funny in that episode 27 like you Patrick this one so what's one of the best ones I think she's just she's very emotive and she plays that everything with her entire body which is always really funny temperatures like really enthusiastic really motivated about whatever it is she's talking up but I know I can I had to go back and watch that just cuz they're so much color blue around it I need to see any first member can watch blue house that the last time you had to run off and put your pants kindergarten okay never again it doesn't count you're still learning of the sphincter has a point no I mean I was in control but like it was like a thing where the bathroom was occupied and I couldn't get in and I think scarred me for the rest of my life letting nervous about not having access to a bathroom in your pants if you feel like you have to poop and then you like prairie dog it a little bit and a little bit touches your underwear but nothing really goes back in does it go back to get a little stinker I told the story of a Helmet Podcast before but was a long time ago so I'll tell it again actually really embarrassing I was years ago was like 16 or 17 years ago I was living by myself up in North Austin Hand apartment by the Arboretum and I was on the toilet I was taking a dump and my phone started ringing just before like smartphone try to cell phone is ringing and you on your cellular lift in the living room because it wasn't so you can do anything with it like I'm here my phone's ringing it might be important to start with Walling off of the toilet I'll come to go pick up my phone while it's raining dog god and I grabbed it and whatever phone call or put it was not worth getting I hang up the phone there start walking back to the toilet and see like a tiny little nugget of the carpet the biggest and come back out and like fucking sterilize my carpet right there. But it's your own that's okay it's like a tiny little nugget dictionary.com Rogan's of thing I never heard that one but I am only ever heard you was in my day thinking like an actual word for it the little the shit that's on your ass hanging up Middlebury many cc's is the name of that specific name at least four stages of colon Eskimo word for snow developing feel gross now even giving them and I didn't shut my best friend was in the room cuz she's a labor and delivery nurse and she even brought air freshener in case I did it myself so it wouldn't help her home I didn't eat it like a real bro right there yeah yeah she was so it just happens because you're pushing so hard yeah just didn't feel like I was in labor really long time so when it was time I like she just really have you on that by then like dangerously close to shutting myself but I've never actually done it like I wanna Linda convenience stores screaming where's the bathroom did you did you go do you park that just to poo for you we were eating some really taste Spicy Thai food before we let myself slip really it was only like A3 mile drive home so I can make it home about halfway there I realized it was bad and I had to pull over inside pull over the next gas station I saw it was under construction severely is adjacent to a bus station and I run I ran so fast in my shoe fell off and I'm white I like what's happening and I'm like looking around frantically in the gas station and the guys in the back you like go to the door it's in the bus station side so go in and it's like the bathroom is just the studs they are there out walls and there's a door but you can see like this like a good 3-inch clearing on either side of the wall so much oh my God I hope nobody comes up they just do my thing I know this guy and I finally do the walk of shame and the guy in the gas station goes did you fell did you fell in the toilet there was at least you made it I made it yeah we were we were out in the woods somewhere we're doing this video I saw your video and it was out in the middle of nowhere but apparently there was a porta potties that were at the entrance of the place then you drive in we are you driven it in someone's like oh there's no bathroom right here so I just went into the woods and peed but then each other to go two are coming on the shoot showed up and I was just like yeah I just finished peeing in the grass out there I know you're really lucky we went to use a porta potty and there was a sit in there and there was a smaller shit on top building a little after a log cabin we had that the trials immersion in a workout like kind of the middle of nowhere and there's a porta-potty there and one point today I need to take a piss so went out to the porta potty and our past are being done turn around and leave and like in the back corner look above the door was a giant wasp nest holy fuck I might see that with me I would definitely not act like crawling all over it in the toilet and Lake sting me and my couch looks outstanding but still have my dick out in the room with the best wildeck alright well it's about time to wrap up here after Becca's great star out of him we need to talk so thank you for watching anime Buckeye Saturday have you been animated Becca no that's a great first one okay get on it because I know