#428 - Johnny Depth

Join Brandon Farmahini, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Gavin’s accent, the Panama Canal, flirting, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 8, 2017, sponsored by ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb), Shari’s Berries (http://bit.ly/2gjcsXO), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2017-05-09 16:00:00

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the root podcast I am not getting word I am definitely Gavin but I'm not Gus and I'm burni this episode of the real weird that you said you got to say I'm bringing Brandon back to you at all this episode is brought to you by Smirnoff Squarespace Shari's Berries and ProFlowers try to touch not touch this one so Bernice got back in town right when you in La next West we know it last week I went to San Francisco did of log in terms of his My Buddy started a business and want me to come out to go to this dinner that she was part of the throat herself but the high-end dinner at you like that well done you can put in the title is a little bit I called it 420 just blaze that dank weed over a hundred percent and then like a little someone like me the comments but then after that Gap and I met in New York it will one with some other people we went to you a thing called the YouTube Creator Summit and then they had to think I'll bring cash where they are in the third year did you know that was the only the third year of the event that they had it I thought maybe I'd missed the first couple but now I didn't realize that we were invited to the first one we're batting a hundred percent like to get about it hundred percent well here's why right so the YouTube Creator Summit is it was normally a hundred of the top craters on YouTube but this year was a hundred and twenty-five and that's not a lot to like it it feels a decent-size conference room basically like I would like an auditorium at the hotel little presentation room or not he's got ballroom and but it's I mean obviously you could probably pick 500,000 people you know and still not scratch the surface of what people who are doing really well and you too but it was just North America to this time it was International headline and from around the world that Russia India I noticed some people were missing that I wanted to see that one from the UK with her except for Daniel yeah but I wasn't really from your Austin that said work is it is the Via like I'm from Australia via Houston it will I want Austin VA is an Austin via the UK that the way that goes I've no idea that's what I would say that no one's going to take you it was good it was people that we don't normally get to see you almost like South by Southwest in Austin with everybody come to Austin's the one week and they do have a mixture of presentations between people who are you to which the listen to see it from that part of people hire people Sears Allen you got like presentations from YouTube is any outside speakers sometimes you not you not expectancy those people in real life so sounds like real work gets done I like South by Southwest which is just a bunch of people getting gether and partying getting free stuff also a chance for the top creators to talk to the YouTube exact switch that was a little uncomfortable this time because you had things going on right now and the environment where people's ads are getting removed as a lot of people in that room whoever yet I'm much more vocal than others so I just sit back you're not one of them listen to other people yell at the CEO of you too they were we had a speaker I feel OK saying this could post on social media and then they posted big selfie with and Will Smith was one of the people that came and spoke to us and Gavin was at a rehearsal for the Big Brand cast of it which is where they announce other shows to advertisers and super slow show was one of them wasn't funny was Ryan Seacrest and Ellen Degeneres and I give a damn scented by James Corden to like he was dead Katy Perry wear the post basically of that thing so it's pretty cool to see Gavin the mix with all that stuff is Katy Perry going to be a many segments for moisture she's I would be cool and I think we get some views okay oh yeah the Elmo shirt if that's already know people like that should be you should be that he got recreate that on your own you're so very very short hair now very short Rouses go ahead of us without yeah I was like I was looking at Price Rite so I said before the podcast I've never heard Gavin say are so many people that rhymes with it so he says I pronounce the office in the same rights as you said the are enforced a farce go ahead safe to say the word farce thought I heard they are in their cost for the only thing is different is an app on the beginning of that I have heard him say because apparently he says it that way all the time and he just doesn't know what are you saying is I have that's how you say as well and for me as a donkey an ass is this pop my body right for your bum so what is an asshole what he would you say also I'm so I see how do you say ass whole are there be a donkey home what the hell is that let me put it in for you here it was something else to me it's a shame what you pronounce I save water and you say hi Ted what was the same way that your ass with that ridiculous action that you have that's what it's mean that you're adding orange to me the word farce is a totally different word that only British people use to me it just sounds even talking about the people who say that the hood off in ostia are Scottish people would say that yeah yeah Jackson can you do Skype I like the podcast putting the other one of the defensive like as soon as possible we walk into the room seats of the best time one of the shelves the other one back he took one at 3. It's going to be right for us to watch Park yes we had a singer recently with God and he's we're not guys were going to make his own recipe he made right sparkling sorola you're so I wasn't here for the show but hey guess what burni we're doing another drink for someone special today for fiber dunkelma having fun yet with priority list Barbara has our drink night Chesrown close actually Texas help me through it and I can hear me called Barbara spun spun is capitalized a good drink name if you have to ride your eyes and hold the emphasis on 100 everything I say but no I mean we wanted to drink Bourbon and Gavin to so if you have a suggestion you can always sweetest even has I got your punk ass dude I'll drink something I'll drink some booze we have Texas bartending here on Sat if you need help us out and we should have I think a list of ingredients that we could put up on the screen of what it contained see the PO and it capitalized please know that so that's one consists of 1.5 ounces of Smirnoff number 21 vodka over ice 1.5 ounces of pineapple juice 1.5 ounces of orange juice 1.5 ounces of cranberry and then a splash of grenadine and then you garnish it with other pineapple or an orange witch and a maraschino cherry and of course turn off is a vodka that delivers a good quality at a reasonable price and then in their little tagline is a Smirnoff doesn't put on airs leverage gimmicks or Jack of its prices to hook consumers it's a brand that stands quality alone I would absolutely order that I'm a winner because of the terrible name but if that was just listed as a drink I would definitely get out that sounds delicious what are bottle because never 21 to nothing that anyone has the right type of switches hits over 21 home this is your not 21 in America's pronounce me enough it was called in the UK cast Smirnoff I've been off since you don't know what up what nationality is Smirnoff names like we know they invented the Moscow Mule we should do like them we will get one I'm sure Smirnoff could hook us up with a compromise you know that I have a copper mug at my house that we were guy that just got yeah it's it's just him for when he comes over I think it would you keep it to keep it from other people is it like in the Box it's a fight every day I'm always like meeting people that help for trying to use it now he's having a drawer somewhere does my love about to meet up to you is that it's probably one of my favorite alcohol to drink and it's it's always been like top quality like whenever I buy it something for House Parties always like this in the Alamo Community where they drink the Smirnoff Ice where they take Annie and drink it and everything like that but that's really big time and I didn't know I know that was the protocol I can take a sip of mine is America's number one vodka I lost my cherry to the sink when I get out of here and you pop it hey Barbara how is it it's awesome delicious free doesn't Pretty doesn't Slow Me Down it really doesn't approve of you Leah fruity drink like I would do this vodka soda fountain drink vodka drink I don't care what you say Drinker pretty much to the disappointment of my father-in-law really every single time you always or something very like some and garnished with a lot of yeah even I was in Mexico like the weekend before last and I ordered something that I thought was just completely she can be generic and it came with a an umbrella this to people I don't apologize I keep doing it I still feel bad because I can't explain it like she's do his only eldest daughter only only daughter the only daughter who is the eldest of the siblings gotcha thank you only daughter I know that you're the third person I know who'd like super fruity drinks and I guess cab and Dan both like fruity drinks I'm loving this I'm loving this everyone I'm holding to the how many how much stronger is it okay got a notice how to make them back is really good too but he's like that too but we were in the Fisherman's Wharf for this blog have Gavin with a fish Prince why why can't you understand the hours in there are you had all the time sibling far would have been Fisherman's Wharf to wharf Wharf what's deaf it is I got this couch tonight can I switch that over a dog binocular repair Apache like very touristy restaurants over there and they had at one of them at the hostess station out which was outside they had a mock-up of one of those gigantic fish bowl drinks and Ashley I was everything my power to not go into that place because she wanted to go and get one it's like a typical brunch place serve a punch bowl of some alcoholic beverage but you need minimum for people to share it with you can't order if you just too much cheese go ahead and did it I'll put that in the block this week we we went to that are they going to solid we we do need some help for a future segments so the audience can tell us what their favorite Smirnoff cocktail is or what fun thing we could come up with next time don't say that we also need names for their drinks as well we're not 21 and soda that's why I know it set the bar very high with Barbara punch so you know do your best and stay out if you are 21 or older I would say the person we hung out with most who it was unexpected with Holly I really from Epic Meal Time I have a check every now and then spend like 6 hours with him on this and this thing cuz I was with her Hustle so for like 4 hours just shoot in the shit yeah he's really funny yeah he's also he just kind of every one of you who never stops going to have someone that size maintain that energy that I've met him one time and I thought he was going to just pick me up with one hand to crush me did you get the feeling he probably like that please for Montreal he's that's where I'm from so she just said she's your Montreal you corrected me when I said you was for Montreal don't think you know you asked me and I said I didn't know next not that's not true that's not all true that if she for that and I went well I was going to say that I went to high school in Ottawa to Montreal and I was 18 for college that text I sent more years in Montreal and I was born there but you're a fan of the Montreal hockey team no no no send it that's why that's that's how you know you're from her very well so I was told the story about Montreal because one of things that I've noticed is Montreal has a super high slugging average for good-looking people with a lot of good-looking people we know came from Montreal Shira Naomi Barbara dunkelman somebody else and forgetting it's like it's like the four people I know from Montreal are all phenomenally good-looking don't get to pride yourself because I heard a story as to why that is supremely wooden Montreal was being settled as governor in France with you went over there they would also give you one of the king's prostitute as a bride to go over with you so that the descendants female descendants of Montreal's are all the sins of these French processing French prostitutes that's what I was told that's what is very different time was 1987 an ugly people from Montreal as well I wouldn't Harley to look at what you're saying can you name names of all these ugly people from there I can pick six foot seven oh 60607 to that a lot of people are into that old woman you like a tall man you know that's true I saw the video the other day but shorter gentleman was very upset about the prejudiced towards shorter men in the dating scene have your day it should I did my first boyfriend was but an inch shorter than me did you wear heels never never I had to buy only bought flat shoes I'll be the girl that would have been like to see little shorter than me and I was always a thing like please wear heels pleading guilty conscience because I've been a short person in my life and a tall person my life I wasn't very late bloomer what order Frozen finish the file on my junior year junior in high school and then I grew all at once and I even grew I'd like three inches in college but it did I came home and I slept every day in my mom would like this kid is dying but every day to go ahead I call him a Growers not sure what do you prefer a grower or shower I don't know what the difference is you really don't grow or someone who looks small and then when they get hard that they're hello or that's it so you like a surprise or do you like all this is good as it gets I mean you guys the same size flaccid it just when he's a really big flaccid that for me to enjoy that so you'll think I would like to show 121 would you say have you ever been with a girl for the first time and you one ready to go that's what I'm saying like what you like so I can see them casually you're like your father I'm going to go it's getting to the point where she's pulling her know about and you say you still like oh no I'm saying I've been like a relationship for you around the personal time and see them in a knot a tie mean it's delivered Megan you like only or naked and sexual situation after work like after you're done immediately like covered up in the up you're done you is still caring like sex way tonight A little but she just came out of a pool or something would you be self-conscious like you just don't want to get too small so you keep like smacking it just me like a this is it naturally saying it's like the not until I'm with you like a little fluff Showmanship pre-game what is the second on the situation sometimes pre-flood yourself I'm trying to think what you are the room now what's the female equivalent that you like squeezing your nipples look another situation like after that you going to see you're like why don't want to see let me look at a little me and Cameron are underwear so you'd only present well in a situation like that. I found something with them yesterday that I feel so bad yesterday where I have to send someone up to send it wasn't out it was through his boxes but you can see everything out and everything we were watching it just like you should see if you can even when I just like send me a Dropbox link there's wet penis 3 bucks I mean you know a lot of things in life once nobody's in the answer the questions like the experience of being alive you want to see if you want to see it I'm just saying it's something to see you know it's not like I'm going to have to like look at it for the rest of the eternity I'm so live so long that I'm to be nothing about your Snapchat name just in case you want to like tell you what are your Snapchat account thing is my Twitter mr. from akini not check it very often you obviously check it very often if you don't know if your head that are Brando FTW I can tell I know you are using it and I said hey I'm going to start like I wanted to get to a hundred thousand on Instagram by the end of the year and I got the 50 in the first month so pretty fucking good about that so you know that I like you because I don't you Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat I do have Snapchat but I only look watch other people's Snapchat from the money into it is like I did give it a shot and I do like the conversations to have on there but it's like I'm not like if I was single I would probably use that my face and traction with Snapchat with me filming myself walking home one day at a time I stepped on it but it was dead not as my mother has nothing to do with the steps in the butt if I wasn't feeling through my phone his description on Instagram it says I live in Austin and that has a link to this no more my personal struggle as it will Point what are you what do you post on Twitter vs. Instagram okay so you put the picture on Twitter and expose it out really good I find myself not knowing which one and then I get exhausted and I just don't do you get exhausted really like I don't know the current exhausted why I used to not use Instagram that it wouldn't put the picture on Twitter anymore it has a link but I just use one of those If This Then That Thing You Do put onto it if so you use that in the cold was talking about having you just said it what's the thing that you use I didn't I'm saying I don't know what, service post to Twitter it on Instagram it takes the post and then put it into it with a third-party your login information so I can log into your other third-party thing so they can post on that need to take another layer of all the fucking kind I don't I miss I miss you me everytime I hit the connect with Facebook button only information I never had a phone call difference between two step verification and two-factor authentication as you're different than what's the difference I disable one to enable the other really wait till there's two step identification and two step verification to take a vacation to fax it within station no gas for the first time ever I missing the difference play scientifically Channel 7 versus 2-step Verification it auto completes for me know the difference between two step verification and two-factor authentication on the 2-step Verification I'm reading this on the fly from elcomsoft.com the dude in the byline look super nerdy so let's just believe in two step verification and two-factor authentication Bowl team to help you should secure their Apple ID adding a secondary authentication factor to strengthen Security will Apple ID and password are quote something you know two step verification or both and for the present and two Factor authentication are both based on quote something and have it's not or isn't he just so damn right that's why I dropped it out when I was reading it sweet okay I don't know this problem solved all right judge step verification one has to do with like you getting a text message and entering a code and the other one is like it's like a bigger hard key to telling a dongle that I can see? It has to have another key of the same time like golden I don't like anybody to come over and we can so a Facebook in like your ISP they can sell your search information right to advertisers that's a thing I mean if they want just pulling up but whatever you so I mean when people are running for president you know in like 20 years that had did not care about you no hiding anything remotely private is like everyone to know all the shit that you looked up like all the crazy crap or more like all the shit that you said it was supposed to be there so bad whatever people search for random stuff I was random stuff for random reason I just feel the same fucking thing I mean literally leaving the list had a list of the fucking thing I don't know what the worst what's the word when you looked up stuff what you mean like for your for the JoJo yeah we'll look for a lot of horrible stuff for that okay and then I don't know you hear stuff I probably the worst thing I looked up and I'm not ashamed of it cuz it was a crazy story was Mr hands and when you like about the guy who his friends trespassed onto someone else's Ranch and they found a horse and a guy has sex with or snow normally when you talk about that it's the guy penetrating divorce however in this situation before penetrated the guy and that horse was not gentle at all I haven't seen it I just never know Mr hands until she was you dude I got to see oh yeah dude I told you at first you like okay he's okay he's okay and in the horse just like to see time that I didn't there no just took him to the hospital get to the hospital like what happen damn it's like you try to make up I don't know he's at home something horses like this long sometimes appear since I don't have in the lungs yeah probably is it going to come out as now actually I think it lasted as long as the horse and luckily the horse was a premature ejaculator likely yeah I did not hanging out with her not show your quickly communicate to you guys that he reached climax very quickly to avoid okay well I'm I seen some bad should I mean everyone has seen 2 Girls 1 Cup that's like a classic one but I don't know if people have heard of or seen one priest one nun but I don't know if I should describe that no please let me just do this and then just go ahead right basically it's in a different language so I'm not a hundred percent sure what they're saying but it's like the nun is trying to suck the demons out of the priest but preparing the web all the time as a real man probably not a good idea probably not an actual Orthodox ceremony for raising money for a new crew Church things are expensive Windows life not just go straight to the ass sucking on the internet so something important so you got your mom your mom you're getting a job here but I'm hearing people's mom's coming up saying it's five to of trying to be on the ball or a try to be on the ball home from 20 seconds of silence and then we'll just play a Happy tune something symphonic do you love your mom Brandon your mom on Mother's Day is coming up it was funny at Brandon's wedding that's all there was a friend of moms just like super super popular amongst all day what was like Josh was all up in that yeah I looked and I saw that and she was dancing with Josh and Blaine I was like alright that's all I'm going to pay attention to that that's what have I denied you going to go somewhere else that's just going to happen interesting looking to see if I could possibly 31:1 so she's gotta be 50 I'm not saying this is not this is not a polite thing to speculate about his hot son says he looks young whatever age she is she looks like Josh very discriminating very discriminated the compliment that they would want to dance with your mother just saw past that's going to happen you know I can I think about it I did have something to say that we had a pleasant conversation about mothers but my mom dancing with another guy we told the rest of the story but would your mom deserves the best this Mother's Day she's been there for you through it all and Mother's Day is a great chance to show your appreciation when you send a hundred blooms for Mom banquet from ProFlowers this Mother's day you will make a real impression it comes with a free glass vase for just 1999 plus shipping handling and if you really want to make a statement you can upgrade to a premium vase and include Gourmet chocolates were just $10 more to use the delivery date you want and ProFlowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful and stay that way for at least 7 days or your money back ProFlowers sent over some bouquets and they are wonderful the flowers are fresh beautiful and smell amazing the only 100 blooms for Mom with a free glass vase starting at 1999 is to visit proflowers.com click on the microphone in the top right corner and use my code teeth that's proflowers.com in the coat if when you click on the mic this stunning bouquet sells out fast so order today right now in the side tab so I can keep watching do something nice to your mother forgot she personally everybody in general she put some flowers after that experience I'll be in town this week I'm going to Houston this weekend her some flowers order some flowers maybe Josh and blank in order some as well for her like it's great being being English because I have the fear of my all my Godmother's Day is coming up I remember I already did it in March yeah but your mom does she know that you're in a country that also celebrates Mother's Day because I also celebrate your birthday in March what is your lunch I didn't talk to you that is your birthday anyway I had to fucking do travel information for you for a long time and I meant that memorizing your stupid birthday search Tesla Mr trick I think you have a good night one gallon right okay just so you can say it does infinite miles per gallon okay that's good okay I didn't do that would be great Mark the shower thought no it's good now it's so you can have that stuff now it's driving you should yourself carry around a gallon of gas now just so you can. Tenth of a gallon of gas just as a gallon how much would it how big is it or how much does it cost a bigger 3.75 liters if you know the milk challenge would have a jug all we had her mind but I don't want a gallon of gasoline in a milk jug in my car so I can make some throughout the car so I can tell people this gets an infinite number of miles per gallon and I like this way better than having no gallons how do I say this conversation help out someone in need if they break down for you all you can suck some of my gallon out a list of you can steal in the country and they want to let you help anyone on the side of the road with anything I can't I can't even jump on you all Star Electric I can't jump someone else but you can get one of those jumper boxes to be a nice guy I can do that I can also bring down the gas is like are asking my whole life for other private a Tesla selfish the fuck me this but yeah okay how is it selfish cuz he can't help anyone as opposed to you who would give driving on the road Barbara in my God knows he would because he can't talk and drive and there's something broken on the side of the road and I say I have a gallon of gas in my truck let's stop and help them that can't be bothered right you're not stop and help anybody anyway no shift or anything but you go why would you think someone's like going to break down to be like her get this right I know a lot of people in it Austin & Ally totally nice knowing people but I forget like the public but you on as my circle of people I know are absolutely meant it perfectly normal human beings who might just be most people most people all over the world people most people I interact with fans of us and their authors Sr how many times a week do you think you talk to somebody that you've never met before oh I forgot to buy something you do that I mean you go buy something at a place often I mean outside of formal thing like that where the service thing just a random person give make small talk chit-chat not really haven't met my neighbor I was in a bar with Gavin today and these two girls started chatting stop and Gavin was like immediately like I'm in a relationship I know you were to go there I know you're in a relationship and was talking to people what's the point what's a new friend he's a guy it's it's like to be friends just like oh you know people had a nice chat learned about someone else's wife and the first 10 minutes of their life and you like well this is probably guaranteed to be someone interesting is the best this person has they're bringing it is before chance before the person gets like you know boring you might learn something okay so would you was that I was like I'm going to go out and I'm going to meet some new people just for funsies this was like during South by so what months ago and that night let to me hanging out with a I don't know what it's called a three-way couple or a priest or nun like I said that is called a try a try I'm going to try it to your inner TriMet 100K when I was out and I like had a great night with him having more coming to two girls and two guys a girl it was a married couple and boyfriend break up with my boyfriend yes I think both of the guys were buy and sell like they're all just loving up on each other as everyone's romantically involved yes I got your text yeah I think that's what it means it's not what it's like somebody was a relationship right now I threw up and it is what they call an urban dictionary the Eiffel Tower to make sure all clear here because there's a lot of people who are not two peas and onesie I feel like behavior is very different depending on if I'm single and is it a natural instinct is that you have like it's me that I have in that I suppress and it sometimes I'll just get those chatty flirty conversations almost a way to just kinda like stay in practice you know if it's not going anywhere I'm not going to do anything but damn I feel like even when you're single like putting you in those scenarios like you like it's a necessity you have to do in order to day like you don't go out of your way to do it like Barbara going and sleeping with 3 people at South by Southwest that is something she just what I'm getting around like she just went out and just wanted to do it right yeah I got all the peas and Ivy and the v in my VW that night it's really me to the square serving as fine as long as it's not acted upon the natural what is hard to find it's like I might choke you with someone or my foot it was someone is there any jerky is there any flying from turkey with a few calls as flirting just being like that funny like chatting someone up right I mean right to go somewhere I will be cheeky but I don't think I'll be fussy what's nice is I can have conversations with with women now and I can just drop that you know the W bomb you know all my wife on my blood and then it's like I don't forget it a lot do you really need it I mean it's like a little tray by your bed that's like don't forget this I'm not sure where they are like 5 of them on Amazon for like 11 bucks I bring and I'm slowly lost them pictures you have one I have one and I know where it is I just forget to wear it but it's like then you don't have like is this good girls like is this guy trying to hit on me so that's nice having people writing AmeriGas on his own people they don't drop my wife to wear a ring if I be talking to somebody and they would pay you every on I'm like yeah and then they would think like I was leading them on or something talking to the factory right now and keep with Barbara sure you do that shit all the time you can talk into me know people thinking it's like you're like oh why she talking to me unless you have her whatever you know what is fun I just never to give people the wrong idea she said that you see that happening I'm going to happen if you think you are so desirable and so if I give any woman just an ounce of me in trouble I think nice I think he is he's at and that like I don't care about anything thing let me know is that what you think I'm seriously you're just like I can't leave them on and it's like what you're not leaving the money or just hanging out and then if they say I like I got your number that's me like a girlfriend or whatever it is that's like it feels like you're trying to be rude or you're trying to like get them that somebody was always been scared of rejection but I have an attorney went down so if I can out of that before anything happened that I haven't had it why do you like rejecting people or you just somebody's got a fear of rejection got the idea Jackson someone is awful to me I don't make me feel hard matter about her I talk to you about that what's foreplay turnabout turnabout is fair play you're really special turnabout is fair play how do you make three syllables or one syllable turnabout time to spank you really okay so basically it's like she was on the table first I don't feel like I'm speaking fast I'll slow down so that people can understand that way for the rest of the ca I will just speak at a normal Tempo you be mad if I find a gallon of gas in mad if you hide a gallon of gas that's what I'm afraid of I think of this before like dying in a weird way where it's going to end up on read it like I look at the sky how we die the way that's fun what you don't want you to die and people go of course that to me is way worse women Amy Winehouse died she someone walked up to you and said hey Amy Winehouse died nobody went you know because everyone knew she was going to die drug overdose in nothing could be done about that and then she died of that I'd never the same way go ahead oh look what was so lame way to die doesn't like if something can kill you doesn't instantly make it cooler death like garage doors closing on people or like no it's awesome that's just like there's nothing in your life that you was choking on something lame is what she slipped on a banana awesome I'm sure someone I like so I feel like when someone dies like that I think yeah I could see how I've been in that situation before and I made a mistake and I got out of it and that person didn't like the unfortunate remember the name of the woman but the guy from Star Trek who plays check off how he died this last year I maybe could have happened anybody like I don't know who's on the car I was between his own car and gate or something like yeah I think he went he was behind the car and he thought it was a problem with the car itself and mechanical problem but it was supposed to have a break and Gage this drive is a hill so that roll into an opinion just like was Rafael oh bummer I say was recalled but I don't forget to the audience onto a latest like to think it's a bad situation is way to die on the toilet and outside of the body of water that say like you around I'm Irish I have a relative who drowned in public I found drowned Freedom colors in Ireland think about that you're showering or something and you think if I slip or I lean down to pick something up and I slept I bang my head on the porcelain I'm fucking done bleeding at the human body has two breathing holes in the both on the same side of your head if you have nostrils in the back of your head if the amazing yeah but something has to be an actual threat to evolve something like I'm sure there's some traits about humans it's completely random that that involves like it was just in they happen to be on you know creatures that had a really a more effective thing that got them to Revolution but it's still it's like if if you need holes that you're headed that problem I think for humans but I thought you could look down and still you could disguise yourself picking your nose really easily are going to Waterbury that you like this weekend and spend such as incredibly relative small amount of time in water summer does a whale only breathe through its hole or a dolphin let me see myself I see Mickey break the dolphin whole does it die no I don't think so probably that thing out refresher assume from his example though it's not possible what did I know I can mouth breathing to get a cold and like it's hole plugs up and can a dolphin what it's going to autocomplete here can a dolphin in Dolphin can a dolphin drown in the ocean live out of the water can a dolphin Breeze 3 second one the water sprays not coming from Dolphins lungs it's just water singing top of its head or on the blowhole being blown away before he inhales dolphins do not breathe through their mouth in the same way that people can only breathe through their blowholes so many valves and stuff animals call human mouth blow holes and stuff will like you have your what's the valve that covers your trachea when you swallow food just read that it isn't breathe through its mouth so I had to be evolved well that's what prevented the valve is the shut-off valve it was if it wasn't too late you just be like ones and ones you say someone goes to your place you just describe the perfect situation where you don't hear your mouth I don't listen I don't know enough about dolphins out of here but I'm assuming that if push comes to shove dolphin breathe through its mouth I'd just like to push comes to shove I can breathe through my also let me but it seems like a way better system than us we have like one hole at Sears to pay for this whole dolphins do not breathe through their mouth nothing can't they just don't do it Brandon has Choice that's what Patrick says can only breathe through their balls Dolphins Patrick Reed Golf and I'll just scares me is like the video this dolphin has learned to breathe through its mouth so everybody suck a dick all the time you too but I don't have a dolphin and breathe look up music is it going to be as believe it's got a blocked or injured blowhole the kids check if it's fucking blocks believe that to listen to higher than usual and open its mouth to breathe yeah so that's what you're breathing with mouth so mystery solved by the way out here crisis averted if you want you want to apologize to me Gavin you would apologize to me for me right being an asshole but what was the car so if you need to I feel like a college eyes and saying that you're right about everything how about looks like a middle ground if I can nutrasilver but if you agree to disagree that's it I got it I don't say that the same thing scares the hell out of me is the back of the head this call it is not enough protection back if someone pushes you back and you trip back or did you hit the back your head and got it done what I would put somebody because I was that all about and I lost my vision she couldn't something on the keyboard on the head is where it like that like swelling on my bit I don't consider that was a really bad fall though 3 days the way that was orchestrated days you couldn't see the light did you start bleeding in the back you hit it hard enough to use your head and my phone is bleeding inside your skull that's a huge problem and then you can have bleeding on your head have both not quite as bad but the front back and sides although you talk to yourself out the shower we know somebody who had that happen recently wasn't the shower that was a shower she passed out and she has a lot of it was supposed to meet at the big store it disappeared good-looking that's always wanted a couple people have eyebrows cars all the one who got one as well he's going to do what are you doing with scars now what do they do at it the new product they do that thing with the yard where they give me the green injection exactly yet but if she honestly not to sound morbid or anything if she lived alone I think I could kill her I really do well yeah just bleeding yeah just knocked out and I mean shit a big cut and head wounds bleed a lot I mean if she so she have been knocked unconscious cuz it wasn't middle the night you know she's okay she's okay. And her scars disappeared somehow how much you brighten I was like Wicked scar disappointed still there but they did a really good job I do I have a scar here before I met you I need your head so many times on that TV was you keep bumping your head on a diesel for sale Gavin it was one of the first times I ever traveled internationally I was invited to go to France to talk about red versus blue and they had a freaking TV both of those arms on the wall of my hotel room cuz European hotel rooms are this big basically so there was no room for the TV like on a dresser head bolt into the wall but it was bolted and suspended at this height let's just above my eye level until I cracked my head on that like 15 times in one day but I have an old cut off when I hit my head and everything else Illinois right outside the bathroom door to so anytime is it going I was getting ready to get in the other bathroom sometimes getting ready to go to this speech the only mirror was in there crack every time because I have more news about Mother's Day Mother's Day is this weekend as you guys know what you doing the show your mom how special what are you doing let's find out there's still time to send her Shari's Berries we have Shari's Berries berries and register the top ten podcasts huge freshly dead so I'll be starting at 1999 plus shipping and right now you can double the berries for just $10 more pick your delivery date and berries are guaranteed to arrive fresh and delicious or your money back you may think you've seen Gourmet dip cherries before but you're a very strawberries before but you have never seen anything like this there are they are not your typical Gourmet dip strawberries your mom will be impressed Shari's Berries huge sweet juicy and covered and decadent toppings chocolate chips shop nuts white milk and dark chocolate goodness if you need all those to me so mad at you only way to get amazing berries starting at 1999 is to visit berries.com click on the microphone and the top right corner and use my coat if that's berries. Tom and Cody when you click on the mic this amazing deal won't last long and Mother's Day is this weekend so make sure to order right now your mother has done so much for you do it now these are so good we freak out everytime Shari's Berries his sponsor is there still good you got a nice close-up you put a vignette on it do you like people live in yet Patrick New Living yet I see the mall looking at each other so um I feel like horrible Sci-Fi movies and they'll start with some stupid promise and I think about a month ago but if I move you should really recent member I remember there was one a few years ago with like a team of geologists that had to go under the water and a girl showed her boobs in the first 5 minutes are you somebody remember it Titanic but like typical cliche team of scientists movie but I think it was awkward it was like Hey I'm feeling so I'm so so much you like hearing my boobs cuz you're going to want to see them later let's just get this over and done with I'm here for the peer-review so few weeks ago Japan apparently announce that there are trying to drill into the Earth's mantle for some fucking reason they are this is real life movie this is real life this real life I'm saying it reminds me about the jump right at the beginning I from it's like nothing good could come of it if they want to drill into the Earth's mantle what if you couldn't power through its heat there's no way you could like be able to use that and not melt if it's not worth the risk the amount called the runs out of money it would take you know the money that it would take to process that possibly be cheaper I think is the man 220 how deep is the mantle 20 feet is 80 miles in less than 10 miles down do you think we have been at this I can't quite the answer these easy as that we have a good for the space we have been deep into the moon's orbit further this is up then we've been down what are the crazy scale the Earth is smoother than a billiard ball pool table Mount Everest of the Marianas Trench is the diameter of the earth is still within the variation of a cube what year was out there but I feel like it's 2017 you can make a perfectly spherical billiard pool how many makes up for the general public there's always going to be with garbage version of it out like this the standard for a like a normal for a walk but apparently there's a dude who makes perfect spheres I'm not kidding that what he's known for yes and he dies there's no one to replace him no one will be able to make sure but I'm really sucks you're perfectly sure you're calling this man can I might be talking to no there's no way he could he's polish is it until the stuff at least look up dude makes perfect feel like shit A Matter something like this for a bad sci-fi movie Spirit about a perfect sphere comes to space certain areas same as a commissioner he's Australian that's a really sir has made his career in the Precision crafting of specialized Optics else's lens in the Avogadro project need the Silicon sphere made to as high as precision as possible the research team searched the world for manufacturing options and found leister's Precision in hand crafting Spears Superior to any machine this this dude and I just read about the dude on the planet if you really likes me and I fuck you discover that you can do that you look at the Play-Doh and you like this and it seems like you just like so wait how deep is the mantle do we look it up I think it's 11 kilometers is 7 miles big and 7 miles D please dancing like a big deal what are the one it's it's like incredibly like most of them are the Earth's Marianas Trench deeper than 7 Mile 7 miles down and I think it's like they're going to go to a place that has the least amount of water between the Surface and the inner mantle I have a question to get her to trust it to go to the cross the water the crust and the mantle down like I don't know 3 miles and it is covered that there's an entire layer of gold that's about half a mile thick or something like that I discovered something it's under the Krusty or something very rare the last day of his life it would be very bad day for Fiat currencies in general I think maybe not currencies but you caught and compressed water right what are the water down there freshwater let me use his name as per its know that's just not they're not going to do it it's just so what's going to happen what's going to happen I don't know nothing good won't maybe something good scientific Endeavor the nunchuck flies out of the I don't know I don't know if you make a list of things we're doing and asked me which could lead to something bad happening really into the Earth's mantle is probably the top of the list that probably drill again like a millimeter it's not fun down like in portan part of the Earth's core dolphin Court impressively High when you're talking like this is a big house hold you think aliens I don't know I don't mean that your record so they're just drilling down for death that's what they're doing good now getting a projective here the first of which is to access a planet's mantle by drilling through the seafloor seafloor so II am through all the time the go ahead Johnny Depp good Lord so lonely that you must you must his building drilling machines now Boring Machine sewing machines yeah for you want to know what to build a big tunnels why don't you think about what you say I know I'm waiting for the day that building you work just fall to the ground we go straight down into the ground because the subway just because it's too much stuff like dug underneath New York City and it's a coastal city is there more than the Subways dude lot of stuff down there with the future was going to be highways under you know cities but the big dig ended up being a disaster we are going like way too long people died like 15 years later concrete fell from the ceiling and crush somebody don't go to the big damn thing like you know there is there is something specifically what to do with a guy over time on it go figure so okay so see you in a cylinder of water right under water 7 is half full of wood makes the best cylinders compress swimming away under the water in a block of let it was the perfect size of the cylinder crashed down onto the war because we'll come be compressed would you just get like it would be the same as it falling on you even if you would like way under it and it never touched you would you be just like an Island by the way I believe so because I think the water I think it's a puller your the water that gives you the strength would be pushing back with as much force you would then also be required to push back with his much force and also with the weight of the water that's on top of you so be even greater than that led piece of land phone watching that would be like watching someone get crushed by nothing you just squished without any visible anything maybe because then you can do things as long as you can have something that was waterproof or hydrophobic like you could put a cake in the cylinder fill it with perfectly clear water within the cake would just get smooshed you know which school is better than the hydraulic press Channel but the bubbles would pop out let's fucking James Bond villain device if you had a press that was this big I think that's right I think I'm right there but I don't know maybe somebody who's maybe somebody who's a hydraulic engineer to tell me different I should say for a move on the final objective was to find if there's life inside the mantle I don't know if you want discover that it go see her tonight if it read a repulsive down there she's the tunnel and I'm okay I just worry about it getting crushed know I worry about it like someone do I turn on the skyscraper that I agree with that okay that's cool but I mean then got example of density that usually necessitates a tunnel of some kind to bypass that in Versailles right I know what happened we're not going to build a tunnel underneath the farm if not look in the middle and then the London Channel like drained into that the London with the channel the channel tunnel actually water yeah the tunnel goes under the channel do you not know that the channel between fronts yesterday okay why you can't stop me then the score of the London Channel and what about you didn't know what I was talking about you could infer from my statement that I like the body of water between England and France place are the tenses like the London Idol broke and the channel drill to in London channel is the English Channel what the Bywater English channel is a shuttle and the facts about 11 cinema times in Ponca English Channel then shot out of both like a high and Fire have it in the Middle with the big bubble and everything in there so that's funny I'm glad you like I wonder what happens if they did just drilled the Panama Canal through the lie about making the series of locks that lower the elevation what the hell would have happened wouldn't with the water have just rush through and then Wipe Out the end of the ocean drain the different oceans one gigantic body of water so how can there be different elevations of water on different sides of houses in fucking possible it's crazy right well I think it's it was lame level right but in order to create legs they raise the center part so when you're going in the Pacific Ocean which I think is why would they build the river through just drive through think about today you can have a puddle up here in a puddle down the back on the other side though right on the other side will like if there's to come out here to come here but it is like a little river that runs between him and connect them which the ocean have they go around South America have that one if this was being filled the spelling the other one filled with what the other up you said the whole Ocean Ocean Oceans different elevations how is that possible they might eat where you go you raise you go up like they have down yeah I like he's basically they just build a tunnel through the whole thing they flooded part of Panama to make a lil bit easier for car seat like four ships for kids to go through it I know what it is now so if you actually like bloop bloop and then you're going through a man made with everything that's true because it's really hard to just like Tunnel built like a like a river through an entire country and like they did it and like what the twenties yeah how long endeavors so the nation thing to basic get over him what you're saying no no no no they are they created Lakes right yeah they created Lakes Apocrypha of the country you should be built the elevation up and they come back down to miss you have a look up water Highway over a hill yeah it's all it's just saying that you don't have time to find here big time how long is the Panama Canal how to get it it's weird cuz you go back like it's 40 miles I think to go to the Pacific Ocean you go how many least to go to the Atlantic Ocean you go west the computer really slow West what do the Atlantic Ocean to get the Pacific Ocean to go East what's today's remember that scene in Finding Nemo what would you say if I'm in those lights in Finding Nemo where they wanted to touch the boat and then he touched it and then that's what you wanted right yeah it's it's like all swirly I don't know I know I think I've seen on me to come up now I just know this I don't know I saw something on it but yeah I like they kept trying to make a canal there was hard so they just flooded part of the country make a lake and I like shit we got to get shipped from the ocean of the lake built some shit right this shit yeah and listen for the Pacific and I'm lower than the Atlantic and so is it raises them up and then lower some back east to west by thinking that you're there to change the elevation of the ship's the altitude essentially is weird things about the ship so they had to have the looks I guess brain is right that the reason why the book the law to dig as much with our land out to the city it was good we would build something like this straight Channel and then just drive through it with technology we have been like a tremendous amount of people died trying to build that I think like the French try to do it first and everybody just died so they're like fuck it you know they're French and then us like we want this so they organize some kind of revolution in Colombia to make Panama so they can have it your whole crazy history here's your reference just doing it that way freezing them up and then lowering the back out again I'm sure there's some civil engineer he's going ape shitt right now about this talking about this it takes a ship 8 to 10 hours to go through that whole process to go to the Pendleton up so it takes 10 hours to go 50 miles or whatever that thing is it's not around to be way longer to go you are correct to go around and wait longer but if they just like invested the money on digging out the rest of the world be too fast why that was something that I had a misconception of a different heights of water but apparently your razors you up out of one body water then lowers you down into the other body of water so you doing this I'd like to help pull over the hill with water that describe your building the freeway and you get to the hills like well we can fucking blessed to this hill or we can just go over the top of the hill know how long is the hill 48 miles like let's go over it let's not go through so instead of building we should just fly by later for the civil engineer didn't come up with the name is death they could pick him and let him take that hashtag RT Podcast everything should have been too many for in this season of The Amazing Race 2014 fun now that I'm playing favorites in any way whatsoever fun I liked that he was also awesome because he was just like I love the guy so and I appreciate that on the race but you are rooting for the team fun is fun but nothing no information from Twitter go figure major drilling into the mantle is releasing of the office okay I got the dogs good sign converse conversation I'm sure we've been to bed before you read about how much fun we have formed a bunch of people in some Vital Information that they can take her to drink what do you drink while we get those I want to let you guys know that this episode of the richest podcast is brought to you by Squarespace what do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to create a website or online store they have beautiful award-winning design templates 24/7 customer service and domains if you've been thinking about starting your own website or online store start your free trial today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and enter offer code rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase make your next move with Squarespace this is actually how Paula created her own like website like profolio website like what is Squarespace registry and I was like well I'll help you like designed the page you know later on but I mean she just started it herself in Lake logged in with the tools and created something like you know within the day and she's like not super tech savvy she always he doesn't know any code and it worked and it looks really really really really good so even if you're not an expert just not busy just want your own site please check out squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and enter offer code rooster easy offer code to remember thank you so much too for sale pacity on that vignette like but not today it's so sad oh yeah I'll be upset it's slightly alright see you then Eula unleashing the batteries and I think it's time we have on the video pump here to remember when we like a shitty green screen patio with a cash deposit it didn't knowledge of it show on the table it made of money 20% larger almost to the podcast night is the newest me on with you I got my mic was doing well he's doing great he's fucking lazy dude he just lays around all day long the cat Joe the cat Mickey Minnie wet earlier that I drink slowly ran out of the annex at our old office and I got so scared that I lost your cat need to catch up so I could have no idea where was so I slept there but I was like shit I mean if you can't get her clothes so I like prop the door open and flimsy on the weekend to try and find the cat anyways of week and it was a work night yeah but I need it how many because I needed help and she lived next to the studio Joe Lindsey's really hated having Joe the cat that's too because he peed and stuff and she was kind of mean you ran outside all the time as he brings up a still alive Mouse in the better life and kill it so I tried taking my new cat when you ask at Colombo and it's alright I could want the cat rescue so I took her outside she plopped down went as far as possible and then just one night because I just got free time and then she didn't move because I took a bike it really freaks are out Barbara defensive so our new puppy is like a muscle it is but I know you're a lunatic puppies one year for the cuz that's when I can like start feeding him twice a day I don't know that's just in my head. Like every time somebody ever go someplace every time he sees another dog he wants to play he just like he just so happy you just want to like it so I was like I wish for a day I could see the world like you see it like just completely positive like there's not any kind like I want to come take a look there's so much death and destruction and horrible this in the world you need to be careful why not just like one everywhere but a part of me I'm just so jealous because I wish I want that feeling if you want more misery for your dog yeah he's got a beer at Zilker Park and I'm like shit where the fuck is he ain't he ran to another through people to like hang out with them like no you gotta stay close to the kids a Happy Meal and then bitch sucking out of it none of the other dogs did that he just he just told me but he just doesn't understand bad things can happen and nothing's bad he's never been attacked no no no sorry that I should know a pitbull to attack a pitbull and lived your dog lips yeah yeah I guess he didn't go for the throw up with the pit bull like when after my friend had a pick him up and I'll pick up the puppy innovator picked up Vader and the people you're going after the dog and she was just like holding onto and kicking it and then we found out that they don't know she's cheese free hardcore and we can round out that that Pitbull was a rescue and it's like do I get your trying to do the right thing but be responsible owner and don't let this dog off the leash attacking like for dogs in our apartment complex I'm going to um looks like a little bit late getting a beehive making comment like this but people always say that about pit bulls or Rottweilers or breeds that statistically kill more than other breeds of dogs attack more but there certain dogs that if they attack you you're way more likely to die and Pitbull is one of those breathing people say what's up dog it's the owner I don't have time to vet and background check owners when I'm out on the street into mean it's like how do I know if somebody is a bad owner until their dog fucking bites me on the let you figure that out just like I say everything's good till it's not placing blame people tend to begin with the dog put down or whatever or that all those dogs are bed bugs totally get that but you could fight a pitbull yeah I can finally get any animal silverback gorilla I haven't met the right girl I would just wrap my arms be gone to see that video I sent you with the deer see this what's up this you see the deer call the demons video when was that one guy was sitting on the side of the road and on the side of the road and sing everything seemed normal then all the sudden this Mr hands out of nowhere and plowed through a man just like knock them over to the ground that is not the video you sent me of the deer that you sent me was about a deer for the first time was caught shooting on human remains okay there's a video I got here videos this was a good week for that was an article yeah that was a good that's it was home it was just a little fun with spots movie not the animal that did it that's not what I meant to send you me see if I can find it so why you want a different year based I read in the news about apparently 33 years ago and Irish Beach was washed away right oldest and sucked out it was just Roxy new beach okay go ahead so that people can go to the beach she was nervous and left and then came back to vacation time with another Irish people got drunk and forgot where the Beach Walk stumbled upon it later that's exactly what happened there to watch the Wayne came back it was gone for so long and others they can send it in the ocean to let me see that with the phone starts the store in the ocean that's freezing that's crazy where the waves are freezing as they come in probably on the ocean in Prior Lake thing but it's really weird when waves are froze you said you have to look it up but it looks like but it's pretty freaking amazing how does the freezer Frost in motion because it as it goes up there's more surface area expose the heir to the wave start to freeze so I thought it tomorrow that's pretty nuts people live in very cold climates scanner of her example of people when it's really cold outside taking a small glass of water and like throwing it and it freezes and air has to be hot water boiler cool looking girls really depressing that cold love you cool slim yeah yeah it's like it looks like it's pushing icicles are my favorite episode of Tom and Jerry where they break the freezer and fled the kitchen and then stick it in the water and it freezes the entire kitchen does up into the Taps and I love Tom and Jerry talk to the phone it is my Apple Apple TV getting my feet so we're going to show us a deer eating a human I wish the bus but there's something I've been wondering about for a long time will show you something really quick care less whether you okay let me ask you want to see this okay I masturbated oh yeah what you masturbating with what are you doing masturbating no no maybe later. Alright that's a passport in Denville yeah but what is it what was it with associated with the you know if anything cute or cheese absolutely torture this is this is Hot Stuff the devil from Harvey comics and clearly it's what they base the Torchy's will devil the diaper and everything like that Torchy's devil and torches to the taco place and I think it's cute when you're up food truck but now that they're in multiple states that you're going to have a fucking problem with that eventually they were two other businesses like I think of business in Houston for a copying some stuff the only stuff from their menu so that you know obviously already really go to email screwed up I might have and I really liked what you thought yeah I just been curious about it you better be up to replace my trailer parks anybody want to see this deer or is there no wait which did not the deer eating somebody right that's the one I don't want to see this is footage from a man getting out of car in Canada actually I know that place so we could go is it adds up the runs over man alright and I got a Big Lots in their pants go back in for short as much as this yeah I got pants on backwards right usually you're driving and it dear pops out of nowhere this year's probably run and not minding its own business getting his revenge on someone he's like that fucking truck killed my mom you don't see it but at the end of the video he eats the guy is the craziest dash cam video would say he said this week the thing you don't know what it is I have some what is it yeah I seen it when it was it was like some straight-up GTA pull it up traffic lights a plane comes flying in from the right clip some poles at explodes right in the street was like it anyway she said that everyday pilot and passenger just walked out an engine fuel tank exploded behind them from GTA online planes of the only thing that are just like they are in the movies when they land and the land kind of hard they fucking explode and it's it's always the case it's like under the plane landscape along the ground then go I'm okay so like I used to be afraid of dying I watch air disasters and there's like seven seasons right and then now I feel pretty good if it my plane was crashing as long as it wasn't on take off in my plane was like going down I feel like you know what I have a decent chance of surviving you're not thinking that for a second every time I take off especially take I'll take off at the only thing that scares me not knowing you're headed in the right direction that's what I could be no no no very rare for a problem just like to happen during Landing that isn't because of a problem that already happened during the flight like it's very rare that everything is fine like if the London gay the pilots forget to engage the brake the air brake that I could happen but for the most part if a plane crashes and Landing it's due to some problem that already happened on the flight but take off all this is eclipse this is the DJ Quik just all those cars like there was an ally the very tail and a tie clip the guy that these cars and meet Lee in frame is reverse light turn on lights I'm fucking getting away from this anyway that I can think of that I think is the Torchy's Taco that is the same by the way it's just the different color little devil in the floor there was a guy that I think you and I can know who was just sitting in traffic and a plane was something out of the plane it was crash landing and the landing gear clipped his car so the plane crashed and this guy was just sitting there minding his business got taken out by the landing gear but you're already in traffic and that's bad enough but did he die oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah Mr a jet crashing plane crash with the four people in this plane has you doing his plane crashed please find was a reason know somebody who crashed on impact Rising amount of people survive and less you stall and then you fucked I don't know what I can say about it so but I will say that when I got to the ground that he smell gas and it was like the motive we gotta get out of this thing yeah I mean I don't think I don't think a prop plane has the same type of fuel that a jet does jet fuel weigh more volatile is not there it's not it's not it's a true that stuff it's just like a combustible there's no way this is a huge difference between diesel fuel and gasoline does a huge difference there soon that the volatility would be the same distance between normal gas at jet fuel I was thinking was being massively Vault on the bus terminal made from petroleum is jet fuel more expensive flammable than gasoline what's up thank God for the internet Blue Point impact of a prize if you want it is very easily United also Jeff Burns it burns much hotter than gasoline father what is this a few will have such a low volatility gives off no Vapor anyway so it's hotter that's what you need it burns hotter I love it's more about her explodes more feel like a commercial plane takes long enough to get out of there when the things not on fire dude you ever seen a video where someone tried to let a bonfire with gasoline diesel it's pretty fucking impressive as you the same thing it seems like a big pile of debris that they want to burn the get up there with that little red gas can down this thing down and then you just cheeky little thing with a draw gasoline through in a line like a fuse to the grass so what I thought it was the fumes the whole time doing that right and then they just like draw it out then light it any watch this thing like a race towards it this weekend from someone that you can use bamboo in a in a campfire why is that exactly when you put bamboo and it just like explosion you can get bamboo shirts like I don't know I sound like a slow video tracks pandas can I get a cut of that the real danger that's like 20% of my messages to Gavin Army Jap in their stuff that I think would be this summer video about your situation I have a baby that about my family situation now we talk about the Bamboozle it was behind my fence and then the Neighbors on the other side the fence I just trim it all down looks of it fell into my Vicodin and the bamboo shoots like 60 to just come out in the middle of the Lord now you know what to do in them but I know where did you tell you now it's just a thing right hired a guy the pictures really funny Bugatti before picture of my back door out of my kitchen the guys who had the house before me were very great taste and they have the flu Garden in the back on the back door that has black bamboo in it is ok with black cuz it's over. Time and it's grown super take a really nice bamboo in the leaves are all the top and it was really cool and everything then all the sudden one day there's all this fucking Green Bamboo the Green Bamboo in there as well I have since learned that the black bamboo start screen and then becomes black but that's not relevant this part store the guy I hired as it had to send you clear out old is Green Bamboo by the back door it would last time I worked here your girlfriend said don't cut down the Bentley don't cut down the bamboo just get rid of the green band blue leave the black bamboo and he was like okay so just to be clear I'm a cut out all the bamboo no listen to what I'm telling you cut the fucking green band cut the Green Bamboo don't cut any black people I want to keep the black people only get rid of this new group member come home all the babies cut down because I cut it all out and I colorblind no just tell the difference with green and black now I know I just feel like Pembroke aggravate myself that I was like you know helping the economy like dumping some guys doing it and then cut down on my fucking bamboo Megan a big argument with a guy fire damn it everything else so what could have been what was his defense he had it right before I got home he said he was going just to be clear you want another baby right now and then I sent him the picture that I sent you don't ever come back to my house again I'll get somebody else to help me with my Arch get everybody I've stopped using services off the shit yeah so I can yeah we are experimenting with cleanest right just because Megan I'm pretty busy we travel up to get the point where so I can get home it's like all the house has been a mess for 3 weeks but neither have been had to do anything about it so it's like I was trying to clean it SPC in my living room right play PC games on the TV I just like this big it sits on the floor next to my TV unit I clean as like mood about some stuff and just took his backpack full of some heavy shit I just dumped it on the back of the PC so the HDMI cable in the graphics card is like everything was like all the places I just eventually clean myself then have people rifling through my crap and damn you keeping your shit straight is everything cleaning though like mopping floors and stuff like that but they would pick up the clean under expensive we'll see everyone lives and stuff 31 up games that money that I have it set up this weekend to Teddy's computer in our house doubles as the VR think so he we have to bring it if you want to wait if you are more than I buy sweet break down his computer move it over to the other room and then set up the VR stuff but I have it all in the Box over there and dude we please the Rick and Morty VR game have you played that yet no brain and it's fucking amazing dude it is really incredible it sucks I know I just got in the show we could go and I wish I had a be I was like running a VR system and I never to return to your games have you played you like when I text you this have you play job simulator it's very similar similar similar looks like shooting that's alright a little bit I thought it was all the way through this. Star Wars one is like 5 minutes to fix the Millennium Falcon anyways like this game this is the Oculus store where you like gold like shooting people with like no revolvers and stuff and I was like okay this should be fun but then there was this whole element of diving behind like barrels and shit so I can 5 minutes I was like completely dead my knees were killing me and I was like I can I'm not athletic enough to play a video game I had no idea I know I did to expect that level of interaction with a virtual environment of blood to me later yeah actually when I kept complaining about my knees the guys who I was playing with assume that every job related note I get that so you recommend wearing knee pads absolutely I got out of yoga mats very fun I just wish there was more Rick and he like games for it cuz he threw it on every game like it so it's basically like in the Rick and Morty environment their house because it was rich Garage in the one that I played and all of the stuff is there like there's a mr. meeseeks that you throw out and he helps you do stuff and then you go in the the the what does trunk and world where you get all this power yeah his little battery yet many birds part of that that's like that you and it's all good it's all made by that's the team that made the show or Lisa Meme creator housing Justin Roiland say signature yeah anyway I've never had someone that was license that felt like as completed experiences that that I really like Springfield and that is exactly 15 his old is it out that's great I love it when is another example of The Simpsons game I think the second car game that they made it was written by the people The Simpsons feel like you know when you have that what are you guys laughing at that we need to that's why I'm telling you that we need to wrap up this project that we have to write who is this I think it's still too hard to try to finish they do I believe we think that I should stay tuned for the trying hard podcast so what the hell that's so cool how do it on him what I saw you can't probably that was awesome I will see you next week okay thank you very much I am Brandon thank you D Bernini Barbara Gavin for a wonderful party was good to work with you again it's not once every serious people say nice things I assume there's something horrible for the post-show I will be asking Gavin was he worried about the queen love you yes