#429 - Gavin’s Golden Bathroom Rule

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss toilet paper, what constitutes a drink, pronunciations, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 15, 2017, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt) and NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2n25cac)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you hate her one this week brought to you by Casper and nature box I'm guess I'm Gavin and buy and Burnie and I'm driving I'm curious how long you have said keep going you have to have it you have to get Spotify for both in broadcast yeah it's actually question we just we had a big debate at a recent Greenlight meeting us at the question who is the lead creative Heroes and half-wits okay really so person doesn't work anymore or currently on Hiatus who is Jeff I was wrong I'm not saying that I'm going with your information that he's treating on it and Boot It is it came up in the meeting Frank Frank yeah I know that's right so welcome that sounds like that you had a bunch of meetings but we're trying to find out who makes a show that was like 2 weeks ago we were we were green letting you the next season of Heroes and half-wits Maya what time sheet so like to call it then Jeff and dragon for the truck I had three drinking lunches let's keep that going to have another drink it's right there are three drinking lunches to this could be a big mistake to run a couple hours I'm running I'm going tonight that way for the Mexico I'm going to San Francisco are you going to take out like 7 in the morning so that's basically really late tonight yeah yeah just adjusted the 8 p.m. and I'm like sure and I got there at San Francisco San Francisco flight it's very doesn't actually like it he doesn't like it because Gavin is faced with the conundrum of does he fly American Airlines and do a layover somewhere or does he fly virgin and flight direct and then it doesn't count if not stop direct his own doing and then it doesn't count as a flight for real guess what's going to pick you pick the Virgin Air America Pageant because I just want to get him so why'd you pick it going to get a quick and now you're mad because it doesn't count as a flight for real are you that stupid new terminal at LAX all the celebrity one you sent me that membership yeah and every time you fly MP3 grand every time you fly you fly what is that for like a private terminal her there's no Paparazzi something like celebrities MLB say that it's like 5 minutes from Curb to play here's the deal here's the deal here do I thought about that that celebrity terminal it it's designed to be for celebrities were they won't be bothered but what will be it'll be a bunch of rich people who want to be around celebrities and talk to them constantly that's exactly what that's going to turn into I think at least I mean it would have to be a pretty high I mean if there's there's not a high chance that you run into someone in at Terminal A, did you decide to go through even just fly out of the normal XXX I see actors and people from associated with what kind of actors that would pay that much to fly that you're like the really big Starlight Drive-In over soon yeah I would assume like okay maybe I'll run into one person is that worth 3 Grand but I did read interesting for that answered it right now 1500 steps to believe that for passenger from the moment I walk into the airport in the moment they step on the plane and this time Andover juices that's like seventy steps they put you want to cart basically being a poison even that bad you aren't here I was with it was so it was actually an Deli in an airport and the car came by and it was like 11 at night isn't that one of those little Charlie things it takes you through no no no not the tram like it was just like a cart so I can let your card old people with the guy driving the car and she's a cars in DFW a nice top and goes I'll give you a ride to your date and I was like I'm not getting in the car like that because of the mighty python because I don't want to see I know yeah I was like I walked Twelve Gates which in DFW is like a mile and a half but I'm still going to walk it I don't feel like you taking that away from someone who really knew I was right that car is if I could straddle my carry-on and I just hold the back of it and write it I cannot be in the car Ellie and Ashley both got on the car they rode off into the curved Sunset around the bend I lost them forever just didn't get out of the principal totally totally doing it out of spite the principal Thank You Gavin go to Vegas that's why I got out of that minivan screaming like a lunatic so I want to call me and I wonder if I should even do this goes by sounds like you should know I'm going to call myself out on something but it's like one of those things where the audience did you in general doesn't notice something and he pointed out and then everybody notices it and thinks they discovered it themselves they do so so we should he has been a humorous content website for a long. Of time three years as such three to hear things that were I think acceptable to make jokes about when we started this company that are now no longer acceptable to make jokes about me personally I've been through a journey live learn things I would no longer make jokes about those certain episode of the receipt animated adventures you're talking about you got out of the car or truck and you ran off into the night that has a joke in it that I'm like I would make that same joke today but it's literally 11 years ago I think I made that joke but I wouldn't make it today and it's so then it's a conundrum of is it right to take it down or is that censoring or something I got done with my own joking that definitely you know what it is so I can calling someone like a pussy or something or I don't know what is it you can tell me you're calling me out now it's someone take this clip of the podcast and just take the Gavin portion of it so it's like he's making the same joke you want to see if you refer to me running down the street past trannies I said you you you jumped out of the van in transvestite out that was it like that would be a seedy part of town to be actually would make that joke that I know I feel like I said if it's just that as you get older you I used to really like a fancy checks I said it's like made me happy I guess but then I found it so many people becoming more sensitive like our audience was changing and I was just defending people when they were getting upset I was like yeah but I stick by my joke was funny joke and then now I'm like is it really was offending people that I feel like I'm definitely do it quietly to me so now I feel like that's your choice as a if I may say so a comedian that you should be able to make that choice and you choose to make the joke about it that I feel like that Bok one of them's that that bothers me most about people get super offended is they laugh at all the jokes that we make and comedies about dark stuff you make fun of stuff that's hard like you make fun of people being stupid that's red versus blue or people being lazy that actually makes people's lives really difficult you know you don't make jokes about a guy who's got a great life and lives in a big house tweaking it something funny to make fun of stuff that kind of dark and if I go all the time Burnie and PS thank you had people get offended when you make fun of their thing and I don't think that's fair let you can't wait until we get into your territory and then be mad then be mad you left it all the other jokes but it's like oh you made fun of my thing that's that's inappropriate some stuff for it's like you learn from the people you're finding the extent of it and I think at that point you can make a judgement call on whether it is still good still some stuff but I'll still say but then if you offend a big group people that he is how this is making my life was like yeah maybe later in the night so it's a really definitely changes as time goes on as time goes on as you learn times and is your experience crumb cleaner maybe that's funny that mean you think that should happen do you think it's because people share so much more of their lives and their experiences online with people and and can relate to people that they've kind of ripped up to for a Nissan Rogue groups of people who are against this type of slander against this type of it so I think that over time because the social media I think that emotion has become a kind of currency that people have to make a post every day and they have to contribute some way and emotions are the way that they do that and I don't know that it's a legitimate currency I need a lot of ways it's counterfeit currency cuz I think I felt when it comes to political stuff with huge now when people make these emotional outbursts there is this satisfaction with this dopamine hit that you can't we talked about this I think India connected. They have that you were in they get that satisfaction of OI I spoke out against this thing ultimately emotion over action really means nothing and I think 2016 more than any year taught us that that Emotions Don't Matter nearly as much as I hate the fucking actions even if it's one day and go out and do something go out and do the fucking thing but what is everyone changing their Facebook profile picture right exactly what if everyone does it it goes back to like it was getting shit about raising all that money for red and it turned out to be all for awareness or we're we're we're we're we're of your welcome yeah exactly thank you Father for making us aware it's a button we need actually looks like the money go to like do something any other time you told that joke I don't think that have been any offense taken by because there wasn't so the new linger around it wasn't widespread if you wouldn't say I like a trans person but don't you think that has more to do with us then people who were dealing with that at the time because of being a transexual and transgender I should say being transgender is something that has existed for eons probably as long as there's because I just say the word like the water's pretty ignorant about it until recently and take away those experience of those people it just means I made it felt more alone and it to the fact that they couldn't or that they wouldn't feel Justified speak out against being hurt by something that really I guess like I'm really in the minority and this is just going to be a joke and I have to deal with it where is now they feel like these people are also going through this thing and art have funding issues just like that history of being marginalized for so long and then you know like you said like finding other people and build a community from there and it online from people and selling it though I don't think so I know it online I think I ever really get offended online yeah that's that was the thing that you struggle with the most is that I defended by someone I don't know yeah I know you have I don't know you have guys but that's that's the thing that I feel like I should be more apathetic about when people make threats to me a lot of my shopping first of all I live in Texas if you're going to come up to somebody's house in Texas good luck I'm traditional text and I'm a gun owner took this is a very strong Castle Law so Anna and I guess cuz I'm a grown man I don't take that stuff very seriously I mean I'm aware of it but it doesn't like I don't knock out by it you know I also think that most people behind a keyboard on the Internet or just like you know what is making off-color jokes and trying to get a reaction but people feel threatened I feel like I should be more empathetic about oh yes somebody did that you threaten your life for portable sexual assault or something like that I should be more sympathetic than but at the same time my gut reaction to go like it's an online threats on porch and it's not because sometimes it does sometimes a woman maybe they get it all the time every second of the day now that's why I'm saying anymore empathy when it comes to that try to achieve for the block this week I recorded it but I was wondering if I should put it in there there's a sign at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport Austin I love you Austin Bergstrom Austin Bergstrom Airport and I get through a sign that says we are at a heightened awareness of our heightened alert status for terrorist activity so don't leave your bag sitting somewhere this sign is a permanent sign that is a fix to the wall and in fact I know for a fact it's a new sign because the old sign got so faded in the Sun that they had to replace it it's like how can you beat a heightened awareness for a longer. Time that I signed can survive are we really or is it just like a everything's dangerous now everyone be scared I did that just permanent after 911 fucking facade of security have you been in many shared bathrooms like whatever gender bathrooms I like nonspecific I've been in the event we just went to the hotel has all the bathrooms but I will deposit is one too though just communal was great I find it is I like doing the window where haven't done it many times in my life it's my heart like my heart rate goes up when I woke have a cubicle and I see a woman because I think I'm in the wrong I'm just in the bathroom like that feeling every time if I just forget where I am for II like it's okay I never look like a girl it's like I went to a bar recently and they did something that I really love they had like the two bathrooms that you normally have that one says toilets and one says toilets and urinals so it's not like men and women just like this one also I like that a woman do you dream of using your know maybe the best right and be complicated mean for that in the full monty remember that you're the beginning of the movie this is a woman who is there be a lot of equipment that I would need to make that happen she got back into his your kind of like like like push your hips for a little bit with this address I just like lifting my urethra I like you just feel like like you need some overalls and make it spray heart literal spit on the banner is there you go how do you know you're my favorite right right in the woods first light right out doors when they try to my own bathroom cuz I don't want to clean it up if you make a mess homeowner homeowner that's me home owner at home so how often do you pee outside on your own property never ever never come by my old house I did occasionally I have never done it Stephen pissed in my backyard I was like that's not weird I got his backyard I pissing you the full come right in your backyard you had a screened in porch I see the fulcrum it as if that's like a typical night for you know it's very nice of course you're going to be in the yard cuz your blackout drunk is that a normal thing yeah yeah you got her when you're drunk so he threw the screen you'll appreciate this dude he had a screened in porch we chat about just over hip level down with solid wood just over hit level and up was all screen and so I would love to someone and peeing like below what I thought was hit Level privacy clearly anybody if they are on the deck they would have seen it had a dick you haven't so I see moment you don't have to be so often especially at bars what happens to Barbara at bars that happens all the time men try to talk to you people give you drugs I just tried a different I know you love this bar goes into the bathroom and girls want to be your best friend but yes that does happen Okay but that wasn't where I was are so friendly and bathrooms that's the worst I have that would have a support network know that you going to a girls bathroom when you're drinking and everyone just compliment you how hot you are and life-size don't say a fucking were not I think I've ever after the word in the bathroom too so I don't know what happens all the time when I go to bars I always accidentally what's way to give me give me a contact with him through the Gap and bumble bumble attempt on accident somebody that you don't tend to write guys all the time when your way to cut it when you're walking when you're leaving the girls bathroom or going into and the guys bathroom door swings open for some reason so many bars does what the fuck you want to run outside States like that can you give me standing in front door and watch them and potentially but kind of intense So Many Dicks have with urine coming out because you're looking for but we went over those pics you don't want to see a flaccid dick I also don't want to see a flaccid dick but you can't help it look that's what you're saying is that you be the worst guy because there is plenty of opportunity in a men's bathroom to look at other dude I would be terrible I hope it's okay to say that it in my head I don't do it but it in my head it they're gone like if I just like to look I can see it I can see that it's either day so you don't search Santa procedure ice front you don't think about this you about your own privacy when your urinal I mean I'm blocking it put your black and just thinking about it I'm saying so you up you tell your head no I'm saying it's in my head that I could that I can look and see somebody else's dick and then they can look at this month just so you could just that I could see if he has your friend but I was his real name but I seem to remember I think I got all them in the RTA yeah but you've never done it you've never taken yourself up on this offer notificator half out of the bathroom in Chicago O'Hare Chicago Chicago hair and I was in Chicago O'Hare Airport and Ice I did the thing where you like some fortunately see through the crack in the stall and a guy was masturbating and white but that's way less he just wanted his dying in 30 minutes what you sow so masturbating me masturbating masturbating Convention Center to bathroom experiences time I was paying and some freak kicked me in the office and I find my penis against the year I know he was genuinely not touch the urinal we can hand sanitizer the boots don't fit in there was the best place the other time I was in it was a convention I was in a store that didn't have a lot and I was doing a Tuesday so just had one hand on it wears his weak connection at a convention I think I would walk to the hotel go ahead just before I was stuck at do that and then I will check I will check him crashing through like I guess like he will Midway was William self and he ended up like a home against my knees and I was going with a guy in a wheelchair again :-) he was really sorry we taking your heavy crap I thought you said you were going to tell the story about when some guy offered you cocaine in the in the porta potty know where was not the right word on your shoulder just came in and did it Rob got one out that was like a year ago this week so we should suck dude approvals on these are you talking about like the lock mean broken on the bathroom stall and my high school the bathrooms had no stall doors no doors a normal thing yeah it's fucking like a prison your fucking take your dump and you look other people in the office yep the high school was trying to take a dump in the morning and try to make sure you've never had to take a dump at all during the day I don't know I never well I mean I almost had a female friend in high school. Don't think like oh you got to high school I can use your bathroom stall doors I didn't have any friends I didn't talk to anyone the first I thought it was Frank was barely halfway seriously that came out of that meeting that Frank is the creatively but he oversees the post-production for the shop I learned all of this all of this was learn the O'Hare Airport has something that I fucking hate where all of the out of the women's Russian to like this but I seem they are all of the toilets have that seat cover on them and it's the automatic switch automatically rotate out your hand over it and it changes the toilet seat cover someone else's just looks like most of crumpled plastic wrap that's all over the toilet and you wave your hand and it like rotates out and like new plastic ground cover the toilet I think I read something that that's even dirtier than just using a plate toilet seat because it's messing around and something about that plastic what is like that that's way worse I don't care how clean the skin on my ass is what if someone like you with a kiss on the bum I love the way you think who gives a shit right I totally agree with you it's like I try to be very clean even out to give a fuck about that they have like the toilet so I never sit on toilet seat ticket to say I guess so your kitchen you would you be my sister or would you let him do it or not sleeping with a guy right after using a public bathroom all the time but even if I even if she said this before she give a shit I don't give a shitt I don't like what I say is not going to be like yep the toilet seat Jones The Jones on him that's his problem listen there's a lot more germs pry or he's gone how much are you still at class if you're lucky someone tweeted do something today and I kinda need your help remembering this it was several years ago but when did we decide that the term selfie was going to be out so late and that there's any new terms for it first talk about the term so it wasn't going to last me how I said what are you called we take a photo of yourself and these two are like a self portrait and I said have you ever heard the term selfie before I do you know it was actually who told me it was an Australian thing and you guys why selfies not a thing that was going to say selfie in and now it's just like I thought it was like well I thought that's what you were thinking we should have that in the future they would be like that so you could take photos of both cameras at the same time numero of we have to conversate one point apparently LG now makes a phone that can take a tooth where it takes two photos at once to take the photo out of that camera and a photo of the front of a nicely framed photo something and the picture someone's face good I just saw an ad so I took a picture of his face going like this and then a close the other picture that was sick on the other side was she roll of toilet paper rose at the same time close friendship I know what makes me madder is the empty roll of toilet paper or someone who has a new roll of toilet paper and it's just sitting on top that's what I do I hate sexiest thing on the panels who work in the Bungalow now animal said I see that all the time and I see toilet paper put on the road the wrong way all the time wrong way there is no wrong way the wrong way is it coming down the back I'm coming down the back under under pressure I need to be over and you are you own a fuck her house had us or if a cat comes up and goes like this just whines and here here here also it's a universal thing if it just turns over then if we're going to come down anyway the other side his back against the wall he's doing that no pets are doing that so cuz I'm not doing up behind its do that gets up what's on the back of it was not happening why don't you just like the other one you're right that would never have that was the best reason I've ever heard it's a good gift or gift thing because one way or the other right away but if you got one of those hooks that is open on one end and he can put one on me. You should do if it's one of those ones we like it and like a thread a new ball grow through I'm never going to do that I'm just going to pull up on the table when you're an animal animal animal toy that because I can scrub it and you have a question for you you're an animal because it really doesn't differently it's like the same thing with like standing or sitting to wipe when you are pooing and you like take toilet paper do you scrunch it or do you fold am not an animal so I sold it I make a swan Kevin he can make a text in between I don't scratch it but I also don't fold it like I kind of just like do we have readied a paper here that we could demonstrate techniques with a roll or somebody else on camera for short and it was clear how their life is strange that I'm typing way too much on this podcast an effort to try to sit to work now you'd stand up before not completely I would like kind of like cover yeah but still be at like this sitting position so now you just read your hand on the back when I do like to tell I'm trying I'm trying a new tickets going crazy I guess it goes back to the wall or anything stupid kitten cat technique team over for life like us to do that for some reason I kinda like your cat's I don't want to like you catch but I kinda like you keep your doors close to the bathroom used to definitely keep the seats down so no one walking around in the bug war but Joe the cat has developed this thing I will put in my Instagram story he has developed a thing that I fucking hate what's your Instagram just burning he's got this thing that I can't stand where he thinks we have this connection like oh this is our thing I know I'm not doing this when I wake up in the morning when I go to brush my teeth he shows up on my counter and wants me to like turn the water on for us to drink right of them out of the faucet that I'm not there to like Fortune was very inefficient with water which is cool because the water runs for like 30 seconds we go slick what's know what's that a shower it's probably like 4 seconds of your way but not peeing in the shower could you just turn on like a little trickle of water that we doesn't wait too much as I do trick video for it I don't like but then looks like now it's got to the point where it's like ice headlight 6:30 in the morning I do a little and then Joe is there meowing for me to get up and start the water so we could fucking drink are you just not giving him enough water water every one of those like everything things tried it got an Amazon but some fucking water found some I can look it up I'm sure if you hear me to make a gift out of it it's so it's looking a little flower and it likes its fresh water not good enough a thought for you I should I like this and I like that and I are the last person I very similar but I don't like feeling too much information on my anus so I go for a much thinner self up only go like which is the last photo of like that and that way the surface area and then I just feel like I'm nervous about that like a surface area I don't know why because your anus is very small year and is very small I had ambition I said this is you had to put myself in a situation ever hit the edges of my like a scrunch fold I do that Barbara second for sheet and the chi-square hand side about paper now what I'm worried about that is if you have a gap you're going to miss a bit I also have a sense of where my hand skin is and where my toilet paper is like I'm not like what and then if you know if I do get something on my hand yeah there's something called the faucet Regal 18 what's going to love Barbara to get me that's going to happen right who gives a shit you ever pay attention if it's text your side out or not to have her I started to it recently put that in my fucking head do you want but you're better inside out is better it's a difference difference on your ass hold of totally different by the way that's why they make it that way to every to every to every toilet paper brand is like that we have one side that's rough in the other side that's not so it supposed to concave rough oh yeah totally different world yeah you never thought about that before God damn it tonight because the last thing I want when it comes to Buckroe is Buckroe is too slick like I don't ever wanna be like you and like him off too fast it off the floor in the corner because some people have the little but crumbs in the back and I never want to have that note I'm thinking about this is the most I thought about it like what what's run people Runs Out you can buy wet wipes I don't use something that runs or not apparently there's a huge dispute between plumbers and sewage Basin for the avaar been pulled out these wads of flushable wipes that have been multiple times like these huge massive conglomeration of these to leave like oh are you far away from it you can toilet this time Chicago O'Hare has the protective layer that rotates Amir Blumenfeld years ago before before Vine made a super short YouTube video working Chicago hairline and he was using is called this is Amir Blumenfeld let me sleep latency will recognize his voice if it is alright send it so stupid Co in a bathroom stall and compare it was like a dude I got a little kid with I love that even shut off the video before the guys can you just take it portal I remember that I don't know where I saw that posted for the first I've never seen a total of the does that I've only seen that ever at the Chicago airport scene that would just encourage people to take dumps on the sand and I could I see people work old is toilet has plastic wrap on it better take a shit on a CBC news of that whenever the new technology I need anything how can I mess with it like hell I wouldn't do it might rise in the number of people who will like shit on one hand when I was in a dire situation was camping in the middle of nowhere right didn't take a shit in a toilet what would you put in the woods and try to work all the time I guess I'm making stuff up I like have to there's no clear memory of doing that but it's people just like to sit in the corner here and just like or grab it and throw it all since. What is that what is that animals that's that's a part of your brain that some people think is inappropriate when you do it in front of someone and some people there anything where the fuck you like those people are like a dog just like looking you in the eyes and taking a huge the friend he went on this last weekend with the Mentalist what are the shit down the shower come cuz he thought it was funny and I was like that's repulsive and I'm really glad I wasn't there and I thought I would like that's what we go to get clean he wipes his ass in the shower could nope no offended by the RTA weirdos in the shower and I came in that and I piss in the toilet and he said he is if he needed to make the story work he said I came in and pooped I like that's ridiculous hear you say that I mean I didn't do the things I wiped away though but I poop in the room with somebody else there even though I will say in your defense you even have made in the past when you're in a hotel room you leave the hotel room to take a dump in the lobby I do know that the lobby very specifically the second floor looks like the conference level hit the mezzanine tells you go to go to the second floor it's world of the conference rooms are and if you go there in the bathroom all by itself super clean or not I want you a hotel just recently New York Cisco to the hotel there at like 1 in the morning I went down to the second floor and I was like on the conference level of cool if the men's room went to open it was you or someone to the lobby I just pooped in the house for the scene in a public restroom I cash it so big that you just you don't know what human as well show you the photo have I shown you the photo. He does it say I would have College of God you will see photos of their poop translate physically I need a fight gym at favorite it I remember approximately what date it occurred and if so do you have a picture of poop on your phone you'll see if I'd rather not look at it okay if I hope it'll take a long time you don't have a tag on the market is a favorite the Golden Rule the show this to Barbara Barbara can't wait to see how he's hanging Barbara his phone what's what's going on in that picture like a public restroom in Sydney to the start of the stop turn back the image was so appalling search for the bike over 40 minutes the podcast I haven't left the bathroom yet but what's going on guys for the Golden Rule should be coming out of your anus you're not funny at that moment you can't be funny broadcast flex-loc right now are you giving for your reference do not put it in the shower why don't you cut it out of the image that's just why are you can blur out for something to do with our talk I was walked in on a girl in a stall because she didn't lock the door which is by the way one of my pets yeah I hate when you feel like the bad guy is everyone just seeing it now landed in the controller and so I open the door on this girl affordable jewelry for your good it's just that I open the stall door and there's a girl who has her legs open and her head like this like looking between your legs which is watching because then she popped her head up when I open the door the course and get me on the spot since you was what you doing between your legs look I don't know but I just I felt so bad because you walk in on someone who didn't lock the door and it's your fault all your fault maybe she was looking at maybe she just as fabulous as healthy thing to do each other cat has health problems I agree with that I was worried about us we took him to the vet to see if the drinking thing was a problem and the problem was never kidney prototype from fuel tap that would let you control it from a nap then you could just roll I hit snooze and then the tablet come on for like 30 seconds that's your solution will be trained to go wake Burnie up and run haul ass to the bathroom help me with this thing right here what am I doing this FC podcast is brought you by Kasper Kasper online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper's revolutionising the mattress industry by cutting the cost of Duty with resellers in showrooms and passing that savings directly to the consumer casters mattress is obsessively and your mattress at a very fair Price Cutters me to supported memory foam for a 6 or just the right thing and Just Bounce plus it's readable design sleep school to help you regulate your temperature through the night of course is very important in Austin Ritz hottest fuck in a good night good-bye easily online completely risk-free Casper understands importance of truly trying out a mattress that all reality spend a 30-year life on Chester office redelivery payment returned with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom you save an additional $50 mattress purchase Pagoda casper.com / RT entering promo code RTF casper.com / RT promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada Castro's death one of the things that people here was to ask me the most about I think the great mattress absolute right out I guess I love my Catherine the Great thing I like about it is that I always sleep on the same side of my bed no matter what even though I live alone and it doesn't think in like to leave a person Mark like my air mattress did hopeful like that it's very stable so like if I talk to turn of my wife that doesn't really affect the other person very much like my old mattress was a fucking shit but not this one for her great have you um Gavin of you or Barbara have you played any player unknown battlegrounds but you can I just wanted to be included it's fucking great it's fucking great just started playing at yesterday you guys got the cheapest place in Battleground elevated ok fuckingawesome so it's like everything that I liked about Daisy but it's very funny clips from it's like a game of funny stuff can happen to talk to Adam beard and else about building a PC for me which Starbucks are you doing I can play with it can you do a play with people who are on the poker feel bad stealing you to do it though because you do Let's Plays during the day he saying that it's like to say me look like I don't want to keep you from doing on a T100 let's play to come to a podcast let's play does that make sense content content it kind of The Hunger Games like a plane flies over an island and a hundred players drop out you got nothing feels like you land and you got to find weapons and you got to kill all the players do you like that the weapons are you can pretty much run into a building and find something great something like you know somebody get the sniper rifle in somebody usually get something like a pistol or something and then just like a matter of staying alive as long as you can and then as the game goes on it's the playable Ariel gets smaller and smaller was forced to get into an area where everyone else's player unknown Battleground you would like a lot just don't starve I love them and I got a game you play called wild 800 Alaskan Survival Games Early Access we need a term now that means I've played all my Early Access games to the point where they need to be updated for me to play them again while I'm waiting on 7 Days to Die I'm waiting for them to patch a cuz I've done everything in seven days time I'm not with astroneer yeah and you just waiting for the pageant so you can have something new to do in the game and I'm like that would like five games at this point the game I'm playing right now but I just can't get enough of is pray pre it's it's the first game is it prey or pray pray it's the first games has pulled two well I just want to walk around I look at things I just like I love being in that world I felt like I really like that game early on But as time has gone on like I'm starting to get if they're starting to wear on me a little bit I'm not I'm not like I'm around and products such as I picked up the mental stuff okay I can be a coffee cup now who invented a really great Parks it makes me realize how weird it was it was early in the game with it like just hide as best as you can in this room chair made a plate because my kids when I watch them play that have no no don't watch spoil it for you I'm playing on PC and I have done next to me he's playing on Xbox someone's like 4k on my PC if he's on it it's so different it just hurts it's like it's waiver on PC and I hate saying that no Rainbow Six is where the point while I can barely keep up on calling so they can look it was like super straw because they at the motion blood motion blow on a low frame-rate just makes me want to vomit Mercy Lauren 60fps is find one that's cool I thought it was you soon now I think it's it's good time yeah way better console out there just like the N64 expansion Pak they just need that you need City Market why you just every year you get one for cheap and you just love it and I know it was in your pencils but it's like 50 bucks you have to play this game you need the latest version of the stupid ex chip and then they only sell it to people have that oh wait for years so that I can so do that and pay like 50 bucks to have you Xbox One developer won't make a game like that because they know that their Market that they can sell to is extremely small I'm at Walmart getting some one person I don't have so many games I moseyed Bay City describing a PC and I'm drunk likely as you can drive me the airport but I got on a plane I was coming to Austin's coming back from LA and a guy was it was fucking so I texted gun texting me it was 6:30 in the morning and we were flying out of LA and I wish I was lucky enough to be upgraded to First Class where they give you basic whatever you want to drink and this if you want anything I said or she should I water the water I know when she's going to sleep so they can orange take a water apple juice orange juice gets you know I just like calories in I mean I don't I don't like taking calories in the fall asleep vitamin C swim and have a chat with a few minutes but this you next Migos orange she said something a screwdriver vodka and orange juice 6:30 in the morning International so I talked to the guy he said that I didn't talk to him he you turn me and explain himself to anyone I said my flight was bumped last night so I ended up drinking all night and so this is kind of a hair of the dog thing I think it's fine I'll find a manifest from my flight dude had for screwdrivers and then started drinking beer to our flight drink probably three or four beers and was totally said I would have been like in the other than to do jumps over the drink carton pees on it like that don't poop your mother or something because you dumped over drink Articuno Georgia for deer releasing plane captain and you think I don't know about it directed yeah but it was like just got was curious fucking business her what was up with them totally fine I was less coherent just be tired and he was using the entire bottle of vodka that you can bring your little bit if you get a glass of orange juice before a little bit of vodka into that and drink at you get another glass orange juice for glass of orange juice with vodka in it this guy was pounding drinks to be right now that's different the fucking bottle so we need the other I'll give information about giving there's orange juice I put a little bit of vodka in here and make a screwdriver drink it out there still a little bit of vodka left in the bottle let me get another glass of orange juice put some more vodka here and drink another one how many people have one it's the bottle is one is the cups water bottle the bottle of alcohol cause pre-measured that is your drink one drink if you say I would like one but one vodka One vodka soda they don't give you like half of a bottle to give you the bottle that's one for an at your leisure if they wouldn't wrap it up otherwise they give me the fucking bottle so you could put yourself out there for you just for you thank you are Canadian brother entire Mexican brother and Rich like you need to light it up and love it I killed the mood with my race of shit sorry few drinks and you in the fucking the truth comes out that offensive and I was trying to help and I don't think everybody's open if Texas ever offers to make you one of the specialty drinks don't fucking do it I definitely think he would use two of those little bottles for one of those drinks and that will be called wondering because I recommend I was wondering if it's a drink if you drink but it's too but you wouldn't order two drinks separately if you want a double someplace you would be the one to give you the second in this I need to put in yourself but you can get to mixes with it was wondering because it's two different serve alcohol now label the NAFTA Mexico over here for some reason we can make fun of Barbara for being more so that we can make fun of you for being Mexican please more acceptable to make fun of Barbara for being a Canuck I mean so much about Mexican super negative and what's positive about Canyon they're not like derogatory you have a funny accent chair that's so kind of you got when I called you a picture of that was like even you realize don't you that I like that was too funny see now Barber side thank you Bernie virus Tim Barbra Jean Barbra Highway thing happened to me this week I was filming with Dan doing some slimes that is weird in the back of it and we just left between videos set up the next one and he just took it didn't like weird movie was like I knew that was weird was it what was like I just had the sudden urge to hug you and I had to talk to you I don't know what I have never happened to you before as we have said hi how are you doing 12 years I've had you oh yeah I've never hugged talk about that make it happen I was 20 year on the podcast we never had never heard I got criticized this weekend for being a one-armed hug you gave me to untuck are you at your truck that was a legitimate moment though yeah what is going on here we Never Hug never hug each other really well it's going to be like an extra leg stretch cool I'll save it for you hugs Jeff I'm sure you have drunkenly don't know that is Barbara or Gavin you worked with you have a yak when I was a fan I'm a wrestle can I have you one time we had horizontal hugs sounds bad we wrestled one time in London like the next morning at the fly out here on the bathroom now so sore my back in the mail I cash it I'm really sore right now because we got trampoline for video and it's the most fun ever on such a child I come I cannot still good it's my back out about cigarette on my trampoline I ate there before me I was reading so that the Daily Mail posted your video with the trampoline the mouse traps to load a nice day hit a link to you or do they did leave to the bank they did show a lot of screenshots with a link to the video and it's awful text Gavin I don't know how you can live with this like just saying like you have too much time on your hands do understand that use a fan with a GoPro could have done the same job or why did someone to jump on it you can have the same affect my Throne of golf ball on all of them fuck are all of these armchair commenters doing it every time when is is my favorite that I know as I'd like to believe for the squeeze that video in between another one and coming to work as well have coming up toward a movie it's great now it's not the thing to is like it really drives me crazy about traditional media is that I don't think there's ever been an article about some guys or about Russia teeth for any of her so she shows I can read the article in its entirety and they spelled everything right or they got all the facts correct this point I Think It's gotta be fucking intentional or on stuff you know or we put stuff in a documentary everything fucking wrong and they constantly spell slow mo guy from other you guys are on ESPN at it so here it is here slow mo guy jumping on The Mousetrap day or so that's more settled to me and even drop in the W that's acceptable A lot of times we just can't hold the floor my brothers and then anyway no mo guy I think if you think that's even saying it it's somebody typed it out they had to get it fucking wrong they had to get a wrong it is always a little bit wrong it's not completely wrong still living like they have this popular web series called red and blue it's not fucking right now his name wrong every time happy time for every fucking time? On the pots or not that's what I'm talking about so fan sent us a package I know talking about and it had a folders and binders for each Founding Father of the company and had like a letter to each of them and some like stuff about them in each binder literally not one person's name was alright I know you're talking about yeah like no one if I think it was like so Laura was you you have Halo Halo you weren't even sure what was out of work put in it like the package delivery was to Meeks that then they want me to distribute it to people and my name on the package was spelt right but inside it says hello Miss Dunkleman and that's spelt wrong and like everything just dyslexic maybe but it probably doesn't work for a major News Network yeah I'm going to Hazard a guess you know how the other stuff wrong but you don't misspell the name of the press secretary for the White House you know that it's like it's fucking write the report on the web stuff fucking Rebecca conspiracy theory I had where I was convinced Jimmy Kimmel trying to undermine internet video for making fake viral videos yeah everyone on this site if he keeps making these ever think that no video on the Internet is real that it's all the Asian Sauce bacon made by someone else since I just feel like if I am going to be applying for a job or Dora talking to a company that work for them I would take the time to meet you spell their names right maybe maybe get a ride maybe if you work in journalism and reported something maybe get some of those things right you don't misquote everything with raising the Mist on people's fucking names and the names of shows if I can why did you take time of your fucking day to write this article if you're not there anything fucking right or was that there's been a delay of a hundred on screen talent in one day those are going out of business dying you fucking cunt there was that one the other day that said that drunk gamers only reviewed one game ever and that Matt hullum and Joel Heyman work at you buddy riders for it makes sense no I mean the drunk everyone remembers different circles we told that story a lot about the different circles almost right groups of people coming together but it's like that was like just before getting like like they're getting retold but like just misspelling some words it's the name of Gavin's channel is the slow-mo guy if I get a call that the snow got it it's just it's ever so slight it's just don't give a shit by 1 let you know what I mean if that's it but the put on the fucking Network because it's contact the people want to watch bicycle Cooley and once Liam Liam and then it was like you and Jeff is energy passed they call you friend said Burnie and for a great uncle named Fred maybe that's where he got it from Fred Sorella no friends and no one of the other names but then I think the other Mexican name Spanish names that would go with some Spanish names that are in Mexican anywhere in Spain I don't know I've never thought about that I don't know Patrick. The deafening silence no I don't know his name is that even that cuz he was associate the UK and the US is like we're the same language we just split probably live very far apart their first names that so American Brett Chad Tyler yeah yeah I guess it's supposed to be short for something Chester is it is a masculine given name off in a nickname for Chester which means Fortress or Camp it is uncommon name of English origin yeah but they both died out I guess I'm not trying to hide anything happen today I'm curious how each of you would react in that situation so I was on a phone call and I was also going to the grocery store so I pulled into my local grocery store and I'm parked she starts my phone call probably took me 2 minutes to finish my phone not relevant to the story but thank you for asking for details I wasn't me someone waiting for spiders and getting angry your clothes your clothes very empty parking lot until I was aware of someone standing in the parking lot watching so I finished my phone call I got it in my car I start to walk to the store there's a guy standing there I would describe this guy's being in his mid-fifties well-established I lived a lot of his life so I'm walking towards the store and he goes hey is that a custom paint job on your car as I drove my car with the associated vinyl wrap and he goes he goes did you make yourself and I said yeah I actually work in film so I had my heart department they made it and then I had a printed and put on the car and it goes well it's definitely different isn't it and I was like did you wait here in the parking lot to just tell me that you don't like my car and go tell that guy was like nobody ever talk to that guy back he said that he's like you know I just I just notice your cards different and I and I was like walking the fuck is wrong with this guy like why would he sit around in the parking lot waiting for me to get out and tell me the inside you doesn't like my car in the most passive-aggressive fucking way it's really bizarre he just be like yeah yeah I know it's different sorry we're out of the white color I just really need attention so I recognize you when we drove somewhere separately we drove to the same place earlier today separately and it has been an interesting past me where you came from the other side your you listen to me you drove out of the parking lot before me I followed you the wrong way to go to hear you let me see the following following me you and he was the wrong way he went down Manor go to do when the wrong when he was following you then he was fooling around me the wrong way but he said that you going around I thought you were going the wrong way I thought you said he went the wrong way and then you went with him because you went the wrong way for following me why are you at the wrong way I followed you in a different direction that's what I did with the wrong way but different directions there is a Street in Austin that my GPS cannot pronounce you know the name a street number is a bunch of awesome Pedernales how do you pronounce chicon Chicago cone street it says chicken chicken chicken Street accepted pronunciation and Austin will be chicken Street you said earlier that you went down Manor which spilled Manor anywhere else in the world that street would be called Manor in fucking his loss is called Manor someone's name, and that's why it's spelled that way one of the one of the first times I went to LA I was on the phone with someone else before you out in and out by the airport that's like I'm at the In-N-Out on Sepulveda they pulled up like Oh Oh you mean you're at the In-N-Out on Sepulveda supposed to suppose that as fuck you fuck fuck fuck everything about this looks like Sepulveda never heard some of the way you did yesterday I'm sorry that we don't have the same accent as you guys I don't think it was being corrected and told I was saying it was a mentor way where this is how I know the street to be and you said you're sure seem that different aren't you just want to stay out here until he that you're saying it different about this didn't you say that like people say Montreal and Toronto I think I just said wrong as an American we have never going back to Melbourne Australia ever again because you can't say it right just remember fuck it and embrace exactly you say Melbourne to Melbourne and then Melbourne like they've they will even make fun of you for trying to pronounce it correctly in Australia yes but how you would read it Melbourne how you pronounce Melvin Melvin I mean I'd set the way I said it because that's how I read that well I also didn't change it based on how they said you say do you say breakfast no but my mother was the Castilian Spanish Barcelona Judo sings with the list that great but I don't even like occasion we first met you like you would tell me things like Spanish things about what the fuck are you saying are you would have liked seeing from Spain and I've never heard that we went to Lester right how do you say that we should let your now but I like after what he said no lice lice Esther how to say that friend like me but you don't read that way so why did you said no Melbourne I've given up trying to meet you in the middle I'm just saying that this way by everyone goes to Melvin is like oh yes and Melbourne wrong but it's like it's just a place named read it I understand it whenever Montreal he was in Montreal and then some other people who deserve the same Twilight's Montreal but tell me what's a Munch Montreal for the offer anyway Montreal Toronto Toronto people who are from Toronto don't say the t-shirts Toronto Toronto yeah that's just one thing it's someone says Toronto obviously your number if you want to get really into Toronto to run for you for you going to vacation to pass out I never go to Melbourne but I'ma give up on trying to pronounce it is that proper way that is October so I'm stuck with an interesting scenario and by the way I just want to say I have I have the greatest Ellie is awesome she's like it's taking Gavin and Barbara and go in and making one another new Percy Jackson from viral the personality traits of me to barbecue a good snacks and also the only Jewish people who I feel bad like your parents are going to suffering and that thought it was an unhappy was on my mother's side makes me that you know of yet so she's as much so it so she's your favorite cuz it closely how much progress in such a little time we can have some soap British off sounds do that I'm doing the keynote for PAX Australia which is at the end of and they're holding an event in a place you might know called London to the UK London London London we're having our event there and that is something like two and a half weeks before a strip so it's enough time to we're coming back to the US tell you something you do not want to go from the UK to us Trail but we go somewhere else or the other way around and do a fun thing and I'll go to Australia from there so wait so what's the order it goes UK first UK first one done and then we can two weeks it's like 11 days with enough time before came back of us would be like move on and go to Sydney from there somewhere else we never had anybody know where you would find Sydney first I miss your voice and everything the little place called Africa I've never been to go there can I come with you because I know I'm trying to convince Kevin to go with me to the South Pole of doctors we have to go to Brandon you go to the North Pole does many YouTube videos to be made around the on cell phone let you could do everything that's been done and you too but just at the South Pole spin at the South Pole billion views green iPad a garlic pressing the salary of elution of penguin dance and it would react to all of those videos with react then we'll just watch the video I really got here before the blog is done I want to go to the South Pole what means I want is too expensive or riffic leaks I also have a check off all the continents I want to do a picture too close to the pyramid is right now all the way to Ellis Island to take a picture with the Statue of Liberty to close to with its acronym Brooklyn Bridge we were next I'm such a waste of time it's crap and you're much better just looking Statue of Liberty from Manhattan I think I've still never been to the head of shit I do want to take a picture right up into the base of the Statue of Liberty is the Bible guacamole will probably still at you get in it or is that over what you want and you want to be able to go to the crown about 3 to 4 months in advance or two things the crown of the Statue of Liberty and Alcatraz you got it if you're going to go to either of those places don't expect the book the same months ago 2 months and months in advance and you can like scalp tickets cuz you're tied to your driver's license your develops went to Alcatraz day off and you pay the day off was that mean what does that mean you would today of course you always say you're going we would just like you want to go to Alcatraz let's go and eat what was that April of last year okay maybe I'm thinking of the night the night thing you forgot something that exact man takes up by 1 at night so I thought it was hard to get to you have another one get your own beer you can have free beer in this like a fucking hour on a plane like the rest of my stuff please speaking stuff let me remind you this is also brought your bike be the best Segway and cusses history is how what do you do when you want to all you find is junk food realign your self-control to resist the temptation please you eat the junk food to start snacking healthy with nature box when we got here we got your box make snacks that actually tastes great and are for you created with high-quality ingredients that are free from artificial colors flavors or sweeteners I feel great about smacking my purse well we got what we got right here have garlic planting salt vinegar chips Asiago and cheddar cheese crisps blue box with their service even better now you can order as much as you want as often as you want with no minimum purchase required and you can cancel anytime simple go to naturebox.com check there stat catalogs over a hundred snacks to choose from the costly adding delicious new snacks snacks you want me to deliver them right to your door when did your box you never get bored there in each month is fiber reel customer feedback and if you try if you ever try to smack you don't like me to replace it for free right now even more and it's offering our listeners 30% first order we go to naturebox.com / which teeth don't you know Mike's.com / 54 50% off your first order nature box.com / RoosterTeeth I've not tried the salt in vinegar before and I'm actually very excited to try them access to things Birds share the love you are Point that's me Britney the Statue of Liberty is not on Ellis Island what you said you not right Ellis Island is the appreciate what he was doing so I got it in my head you guys at Ellis Island is different than all the immigration literally the feet of the Statue of Liberty I just want to be all that was that was on the show Good luck with that you put on top of me because I thought it was empty for me or my laptop and easy ways to backup everything on it so on external drive the way too big to be back so get ready for it super happy Ashley what do you make her happy more drinking at a bar and I'm done hit me and get a little tipsy that she did this she did she hit your goal here thank you you're trying to get me in bed it's like I don't even realize you're drunk over she was certain level and then it's off the fucking anybody right now even more fun when they're too drunk even my too drunk is super sloppy thing that I don't like about me being drunk is I think you found a very specific category when you drunk you either a angry drunk or like a laughing drunk okay honey drunk I am or allow drunk I hate loud rocks I'm a dum dum I get super dumb and it's like I get so mad at myself and exciting so what's the dumbest thing you've done when you're drunk you're the fulcrum that dumb that was pretty dumb I did a lot of dumb stuff I'm going to lot of them something I can make you so mad at myself when things break I'm glad about when I'm drunk I never come up to the top of that roof I have never been and I will not put my body in danger yeah we know I got his like that I had so many friends and college who they were type the type of drunk who would wander and I was always the person who have to look after and ever just wondering way for me and I have your softball remind me of this this ad in the UK you know how we had a Liz like shock I'd swear I saw your recent car crashes something that was one for being drunk and like thinking you're asleep here and actually starts like with the superhero guy reaching up to get this balloon for something he's in a superhero costume and then it just cuts to him just as a normal bloke fooling and like smacking himself like a company but about me like you know if it's for when you're drunk and it's just a superhero Scrabble enjoy doing when you like doing sober drinking running running for me is dancing dancing is so fun when you're drunk cuz you when I'm drunk is it something you do when you're drunk that you do not your friend then you're going to tell us something to do! But you never made out with dude I like to move it on the dude when you're drunk have you ever made out the word Ellie appreciable George Land Camera stuff I don't think I've ever kissed a guy that people any amber situation switch that preference I can I get out of gay guys to get straight as he not just maybe by such as whatever their game titles fluid bonded with people did you see that thing that story that I guess there's a company that owns the MP3 license and they said it's over no more MP3 is dead is a format what is the traditional format now the standard format they said now to use a AC okay okay let it go what did I say audio Advanced Audio codecs what it is which is stupid because Apple stop supporting and half pug half and Grub and we stop making an easy format version of this podcast because of it what is an MP3 now When I Was Your Man MP3 for the compressor 3 so that's I'm sure it's all motivated by money it's all motivated paid paid right that's all motivated by companies at 1 to lock down content what do they have any authority to say that like in the USB guy goes in the Jif kids say the cost of Jeff never like fuck you ask if there was an act like a fucking license is that B3 yeah there's a company that owns it so it's like frohawk for something coming out her MP3 player do they get money for every mp3 by the riaa I think what they're doing is waiting for mp3 to spread so they could strike and to everyone at once I never realize how similar our eyes to RTA it's just across that you're with a cross on it crossed wild it anybody want to go to LA now in addition did you know what the other if your member that one time you gave me your first class I do remember I don't remember that no tell me about it we are on the flight and Jordan was going to be on that flight to you but you didn't know she was necessarily coming on that trip or not but she deceit and economy until you switch with me so you could sit with her and you gave me your seats with no hurt a lot so I'll make sure you said she like 3 or 4 times and it would sell I also said this is a thing that happens to me on a regular basis is if I don't so much anymore honestly but when a military person get on the plane over give them my first class seat to them guts and Jeff will be like here first I would always do it now but I'm just jealous of it but the week we rented or really weird situation we're actually came to San Francisco for the world that we did she came to the trip is all but she can't get the last minute and so early now books on my itinerary and Ashley wasn't and then all this and I got a great house oh my god did Ellie get upgraded Ashley did and how we going to fucking tackle this and I Vision this Mary or I was going to have a coach of the two of them but actually because of our new stupid travel system we have it Richard she's so stupid you're just to get feedback for but I thought I just talked about the podcast it fuck it sucks that he was booked on a snowy does so she was booked on a separate itinerary so she can get upgraded mine was the travel system Eugenics with come see you it's just like everything better than we have yet to see that but will find out oh yeah I walked in for the way save me a half of those like having to deal with that scenario will be launched to using that you know I was it would put on if you have any questions talk to you Bethany or staff and the Cadet lawn still walked into Veterans office 600 their lines on this thing huh yeah everything you want to book so I like I look up Southwest so is it not ever lie just say most of the flights there are certain to San Diego or often they do it direct to do a Non-Stop direct I would love a time in my life where I'm not like traveling I miss those days I'm so it was fun to travel when I was like what's the list crazy traffic if I didn't fly for like 10 years I'd be new coming it every time every time I'm at Safeway to having did post something today we're getting illustrates where he is in life where he was after the it was after the let's play live tour again wasn't home and I would like there's what were you told about so you made a sweet where you said tomorrow is Saturday and is the first Saturday that I can remember where I don't have to set an alarm I can just go to sleep and wake up whenever I need to wake up and it was like refreshing but if I get it cuz I know what your life's been like for the last 3 months and you haven't been able single day in the last few months cuz I don't need an alarm because my cat will wake me up I did something the other day at an airport you know you talk to see how many how many seats did it take a journey through the thing or sometimes airport still try to find a seat that faces the direction of Austin that take a screen that one time and this was at a time I didn't have Google Maps so I just tried opening app Apple Maps and I was like why isn't it search showing an arrow anywhere at the door and I was just spinning in circles with that little dicey that's the really sad thing and I hate that I did that that's the cut the games I have to make up in my head and pieces and started at 4 and someone just posted a animated gif during the Ruby season 1 livestream when I walked in and Kiss carry like in the middle that's a long time ago probably to set aside maybe it's freshly Ben and back like a momma bull come on now that's a 6600 yeah got that it had that place so much bigger than it was so long so long about that we've been in this building 3 years that's crazy so what year ago we did like the movie podcast in the U-Haul over there so we been in this building longer than we were in longer than I was in 66 I guess you for 4 years and 66 I'm saying that me Barbara dunkelman pushed out of here the parking lot makes me nervous it's full now it's really good not full but they took away like 3/4 of it yeah people look at Google Maps and see it go and see it to the back parking lot the Housing Development behind us to do this so the studio where we live the campus is owned by the City of Austin and we rent it from the city and there's a big development that's going on where they're building which houses in commercial development as well that's very cool new Alamo as part of that but we came to work one day like half of our back parking lot the defense was something way closer all the buildings and now they're really houses there I just know what happened all the trucks that were parked back there go to all the transportation trucks for the film's yeah I know fucking I'm also wanted was to have him those people fucking move into those houses and we've been here for years and they like yeah they were making loud noises at 2 in the morning that's kind of what we do and this is yeah we'll have to suddenly like not explode stuff I was up so much stuff out there watching when those machines like to eat up to grab on if he thought it would like to heavy machinery that is like one around if I eat up all the parking lot or just bring it up and it looked like one of the robots on Horizon zero Dawn to me like you was just out there like you like grazing on the parking lot and spitting it out Military members in uniform are not supposed to accept anybody else see them they're playing really wish this was years ago when I felt like I saw people I think I'm done in a while but whenever some of the fly in uniform I feel like that's less frequent now and you should be very very frequent that someone flying I was wondering what the fuck me flying active military people on commercial airlines it isn't enough I wonder about that I don't see that as often they do have a section on the American Airlines were they ask you with a boy sits on the check-in machine it says all US military in uniform out of uniform or no I don't like that weird to ask every planet are you a member of the military it should have like a military button that you press if you are trying cuz it implies it must apply to like 99% of people checking it on Military maybe more yes I would think so apply to everyone. He's like salt and vinegar chips that's what he don't respect that for everyone but really making sure that the military people feel like that being so I'm going to go veggie chips veggie chips or what like the ones in there it's a tumor it is terrible YouTuber that's what this beer tastes of the cat that metallic his people they lost it that's awful someone is going to fucking clean that up what's up bro where to go Barbara game I thought he would catch it now 85% of the revenue guess she's a 85% they're making 15% of what they normally make I know how to add a discussion about that in a book money other ways too Focus there at their energy I need them I'm at a decent time with him the Creator Summit I like that for him expose about the YouTube ad revenue and racist comment but ended up in Dupont Indiana to like take that video down I can go back on it comes an idea it was still like it was still it seemed like at least trying to get to the bottom of it investigator I feel like when your bread-and-butter is the hot-button issues of YouTube you're going to stop at some stuff occasionally but getting Phil DeFranco does a very good job of of navigating that guy has a level of experience on YouTube that not many people have it's complicated platform crashing on Patriot for the Franco launch the number one on there any questions so he did a thing where he had his at total dollar amount you should do I think it wasn't an option it wasn't an option so I think it's unfair to people who started earlier that I can't choose to do it without like it being an event but it's kind of normal to hide your money like that's kind of a weird thing I got it running everywhere like on the time transparency where you can give it and I feel like if you can get it then do they expect it fifteen thousand thousand patrons minute call enough yeah it's nuts and her perspective 32000 people supported Lazer team and we broke a record for crowdfunding Indiegogo and you know it was a one-time event this is a monthly subscription Gamin doing you been doing business for 15 years I think the last numbers I know what the lesson was released for but I should be careful that we have drivers on refugees but we will publish number for the monthly subscribers on Russia yes we're going to see that now I felt like we didn't talk about that for a long time and now it's a number you can Google it look it up I don't know what it is and you if you're watching right now love you're one of them thank you thank you I appreciate it what time is an airplane anyway I do so that you don't extend it say not yet remind everyone if you're watching right now stay tuned after the credits for little sneak peek of CCTV which is cow shops new podcast which should be starting up next week and until then we will see you guys next week I love you guys are fucking weird bye bye