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Rooster Teeth sobers up to the new year

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Recorded: 2010-01-06 22:15:46

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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    "Modern Warfare 2 sells a lot in the UK" => "http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/6910729/Modern-Warfare-2-best-selling-item-on-Amazon-in-2009.html"
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Transcript (in progress):

other Wednesday in one night in the drunk tank podcast on iTunes for free Jack and Annie Japan Gus but kinda live World of Warcraft III and gas is literally predictable and on there right in time of your life a the time of your life actually Green Day Green Day funny ever there was a Green Bay is interpreted by someone whose name is I forgot and I love all the all the theme songs are really old cell and mention gas bad bird 2012 nice nice the prophetic is like 2012 going to be at Universal in 2012 September 4 months no worries only if there text of the schizophrenic gives got destroyed on his personal comments I don't know if you saw that or not I don't like this gives you hell #can you try to start the other day Jack and misspelled It Go Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger at whatever they're calling the national championship game but they also your friends they're not my friends not my friend Kirk Herbstreit flat out hate texts like he doesn't even try to hide it now and he's calling the UK vs Alabama game and I really am not looking forward to that so I tried starting a trend on Twitter the Herbstreit is a tool bag Trend and then I realized I misspelled his name is Bill 4 can I just can I just say that I'm shocked absolutely shocked that Jack had a spelling error I could not be more surprised it wasn't something simple there wasn't Miss Bellum be nice to Jack group ever made for the be nice to Jack group so someone started a be mean to Jack group I don't know if you saw that I didn't but it's pretty funny I'll probably change it now so we should screenshot this before the podcast goes out in the sort of summary of the group it says I have proper spelling and grammar and in three sentences later they misspelled speech speech yeah yeah whatever what's up I guess we will talk about it when you started in couple months off and he will come back on question and he'll be running around somewhere and I can do it and then that'll be it for like 3 months and then he'll walk away from it and take 6 months off I didn't get a card or anything I'm still kind of wondering around is Hallmark naked Gil this Bandit car and then but I would have talking in a rating get like I was in a progression Guild I have all the stuff and now you know new stuff to come out of your trailer off shift I can't do anything anymore Jack just had an awesome idea we should start a line of Hallmark cards for gamers idea came up with a great idea we could probably so I mean you really breakfast in avatar the May of the I after that and now I want to go back in time and award the movie to the a to Avatar but it was stuck in a room and had the same movie 20 times in a row a big Star Trek every time one of the beautiful one of the best movies I've ever seen Titanic really sink was fun but it wasn't like 10 times left lasting impression on me I'm sit score can Epic Movie Theater Epic movie to watch over and over again it just doesn't look the best single viewing is when you think about giving out an award like movie of the year you don't go 4 replay value 4 was an anaconda would have won every award of the fucking but I still watch that movie like once a month the drunk tank Awards movie of the year in that shit you and I went looking for trophies yesterday we decided we're actually going to the people who are trophy shops in Kansas I don't want to give away too much but Gus and I designed what may be the best worst trophy of all time it'll take them a while to get the parts this weekend I'll definitely take some pictures actually get the curling iron the trophy shop really excited when they do that sounds like fun not really know in life we have was in the catalog would you how would you feel about a guy playing golf but I we we we we kind of personalized ever bit and you'll see it hopefully hopefully we'll have any luck on getting addresses for JJ Abrams for his honor find someone's email address 4 Game of the Year that's right we're going to send one to BioWare for the Old Republic trailer master I actually know what I can I can hook us up with a producer about where that get handed to him I think we know the cinematics director over there trailer 415 minutes yesterday she got the podcast this can take him all day he's got the trophy thing he's got to upgrade the mail server is going to switch out some hard drives do can install XP on 2 computers and other busy to be along be a menace are we getting voicemail finally I'm going to fucking do this microphone Cable commercial we I love that there's there certain buttons I can push him off and that's what I'm not certain but Gus is one but somebody asked me if I think about it or dislike ever and new Angels was in the fucking in the UK what you think by looking at this is the last level and then they like all right now play One More Level were you fight every other boss you've played throughout the game and then Eli group did Peter Jackson problem was created before I need to stop and they go right now if I didn't find that guy for like an hour and then they will put it again and then in the credit there like oh hey by the way you have to have to play some more and those three battles aren't they don't like there's like we playing the moment in the game but everything up until that point is like it matters to the story apparently don't like be really weird if you were watching them then the movie ends movie credit start there I want on 4 talking 2 hours what's the hair what's the second movie 4 secret ending Cameron goes to college I was terrified when I got to the start screen I have to play the start screen the start screen was in some kind of Devil in Disguise Starscream challenges in my house right now I didn't capture it like a series of hard and then be tomorrow difficult even hard and then somebody collection shit that I haven't done so there is the owl find 4 things that we've been I'm actually doing a video right now with all the different portals 21 in the game and those are like sort of like many missions or whatever and a third of the 12 that I found so far I have to do to beat the game but you jump in and it's like a challenge each time but I think it is I will say I think I'm getting better at it cuz I've been playing I've been replaying some the same guys that you 4 of them like you really do that's pretty and also every single kind of gameplay mechanic in the different give you an option to start and I find myself doing that a lot more frequent 2 hours is it good to have no Perfect People what was the magazine that gave it a perfect in Japan women famitsu I wish you know what I do not like 13 times only that but it's good I got a couple up that early last year and I got it that was like English be entertaining watching just uncoordinated goofy people fall off that thing and watching boobs go everywhere this fucking it was highly entertaining we were going to PAX East in a couple months right I can 2 months something like that in March we plan this right you want me to go so I can't wait 62800 wow it was a maxed out the center I knew that I consider yet yeah really I think they're only using half of it currently every year they have expanded until the 4 PlayStation Gus to easily like it was in the concert was next door to another thing that's I think the little over 20,000 to 30000 people in Boston MA Boston I think in 2007 did you there mother next can I go to have their preseason stuff is in a thinking errors on there somewhere but you might like is 28 + 26 - 20 now you're not going April 5th thru April 7th opening that looks like their home opener April 4th November 1st they would yes be yes the 26th it looks like they're playing Toronto at home but at least they're playing Minnesota at home book Minnesota we know much I can write a closing on the 25th fucking AL Central I believe that I was ever in a baseball but the Indians tickets are 50 bucks apiece Crossroads this spring training it looks like it's in Fort Myers Florida I will talk to can push I will leave it we can we can make a trip over something else right good morning other than his March Madness 4 this is having a really really good season they're still undefeated number 2 in the country in college basketball not the pros I suppose is Kevin Durant really text right now he's going to be a very very high pick in the draft he's kicking some ass right now and Texas is doing quite well and do or was it were number 2 and football number to in basketball a number 1 in baseball do the Boston Celtics and the San Antonio Spurs at 8 p.m. absolute 8 p.m. at so that's the last night I do that perfect dude fucking with watches 4 the Celtics play the Spurs in the Eli can NBA what states honor a married woman commercial to Paul Pierce but I don't to commercial commercial all kinds of weird legality stuff and it was a whole thing about weather you gotta remember that the location I don't like the highest building you can't show that in the video right I don't like that you can't show without getting permission to show them like are you have to pay the license fee to show eventually going to be for money you like if you made a DVD of like I look in New York City get paid I don't know the owner of the building I do and I'm pretty sure that is true on that and by extension I'm mad at you but I figured you're going to be ready to go it's going to be 15 years yeah ever worst storm because all my stuff is on the 2nd I can go down to the ground wow that's that's a good mental image were hammering AD stand I didn't make it of course Christmas the last month 411 year times over a. Of about 4 years Sonata story and pissed on the snow in Canada NBA on my penis as I was putting on the snowman I'm sure they have the footage somewhere sit by the on the Snowman I start yelling at me I should have but the camera angle go to the penis point the camera okay so what movies are coming out soon I can't wait thinking what movies are coming on anything Big Book of Eli was in the trailer for the movie with Denzel Washington and everything no matter what the movies about we try to think of Denzel Washington roles that he didn't do well and I can't I was good it was awesome worst movie Mother Goose and special that sounds like that would be terrible to hear they replaced Walter Cronkite his voice over for the CBS Evening News with Morgan Freeman and someone she wasn't there they could have someone we know Titanic ever Center The Naked finally got released 2 free download ever heard of it it's like the guy who made it the actual color palette he would have had and the sound capability would if you gave me the program for the school and made it into the movie man that's pretty cool but then Left 4 Dead video game movie thinking Double Dragon I saw that is I want find somebody who can switch back to PC because blizzard about half an hour or so probably 401 games on it like crazy ass or anything but anything about computers anymore something crazy I want to build something like 180 degree I hate that movie I got the hook movie talking Vince Vaughn dancing with Alan Rickman in Dogma we realize you watch them realize that the movie you can tell they've already given up I was right that's what I thought be was Vito you know that guy you're talking about the trench coat I think I wake up every morning and wants to kill there can you hear me now guy I totally stole is thunder can you hear me now he's done for live I mean ever because you always mean the commercial can you hear me now group of about a hundred people with him walking around I answer the phone the get behind them and start following the guy network network call the network and I just I know there ad campaign hey so did you all hear that while may be turned back on in China highest grossing opening day in Chinese history it's like it was like it was 4.9 million American dollars I don't see a movie called a simple noodle story Titanic opens it had the largest opening in Japan I believe I I think that Titanic opening was stolen by Princess Mononoke if I recall properly let me I could be wrong about that fucking Avatar 1.1 billion 33 million less than 1063000000 third highest grossing film of all time movie cost $500 and its number for right now I don't know man Titanic being in theaters literally for like like 6 months it was like 50 sit was still in some theaters was there about and Avatar compassionate only really know what's going to be in the theaters for a long fucking time and in 18 days it's made 360 million dollars in the US did Bernie from The Bernie show you that trailer for Inception the a DiCaprio movie I'm thinking it's not what it looks like he said he would take something like dark city in The Matrix what the Matrix really is a remake of dark city but I don't know if it was someone who'd done something crazy before I want to say it may be late or not may be was called Inception and Ben Kingsley that's the thing I don't want to Joey pants is the best movie today I think and did you see that Modern Warfare 2 was the highest selling item on Amazon I didn't 4 2009 video games but like anything may even beat the last Harry Potter film which is like meeting Jesus in the UK after did Harry Potter book price kids dressing up like and 4 crew for Halloween and Christmas totally creepy if you like you don't you have kids and you woke up Christmas morning and they were like be awesome we could do that but you said 2 weeks ago 2 weeks ago you never did was talk about Thorium you say that I just pulled up to remind myself to hear more about the power source that we have now that we have now and hopefully cheaper back quickly if you if you use uranium in nuclear reactors the waste products in the Box can be converted into weapons so the government had to go with that because they could build a nuclear stockpile at the same time they were building a couple years ago is it still in your pocket and you also only a hundred thousand years figure I can find in front of me but I mean to to acquire the fuel to run of uranium power plant if I recall the top of my head. It's been like 15 $60,000 on fuel and you could run the same power plant a thorium for $10,000 a year he Story 3 and in typical reactor uranium 5060 million annual cost for one gigawatt reactor estimated 4 thorium is $10,000 and 2000 square feet footprint 4 thorium power 3000 gigapower we need 250 tons of uranium ore 1 ton of rock thorium and we have its estimated we have hundreds of thousands of tons of Thorium in the US at least enough to power the country for that simple problems in California the way the thorium reaction works if they have to have the Thorium in a bath of molten salt and the molten bucket can hold it for like 10 years but they want something more permanent I also said that I guess like it's such a hot item that the Chinese government has ordered any Mining facility in China if they find thorium they have to set it aside and give it to the government wow I guess like India and China the big other really interested in it since they have of population what are the odds of only really do the research they say that the first couple of be expensive because ever built only $215 2 billion dollars the town's I need power like those small like Villages and stuff like that would thinking if you want to help the world right now or just help lower my electric bill camping in there so there's a company in the in the Soviet Union working on it and that seems to be the way things are going now was like I'm sorry it is is really going on I'm just glad you're interested tell me a little a little reactor I guess also apparently a lot of light lot of lobbyists who have interest in the in uranium power plants are trying to squash the whole thorium thinking old people do they sleep well at night children getting shot at the school's keep buying guns I like it like that okay on giant bit of money probably $10 bills would it take to fill a pillow was handled material highest fiber count you couldn't tell Jack I probably turned it on my birthday was awesome made a lot of money there's also some was started started the day before and then we cross over into our birthdays this is the reason why I met Bernie and Joe little poker game like 3 years ago 4 years ago posted his house and I'm just at Target if Luke ever puts me the combination I should have a Target I've been trying to find a way to work this into the podcast be costume old ever the Jasmine I heard her physical talents that are on Howard Stern she still with Reggie Bush and her in her to hear freaky sister married Chris Odom Lamar Odom Lamar Odom's A different light till the day of and talked about how I felt was 2 old Victoria's Secret commercial by Michael Bay what's were so busy playing games in sit down and not talk about all the games we have in front of us the other day which was awesome we don't have service so I grabbed a root beer and poured Crown Royal in it it was fucking awesome there in the crowd unbelievable this portion of the podcast you buy Crown Royal everybody who is not can mark it on the calendar in 2012 or whenever you turned 21 today was really good they had fun with you last night I've never played ever fire on all cylinders was fun and I realized last night we had what they call a Dungeon Crawl Jack she basically just go from Boston can I fight to fight fight fight I really the old is that stuff you like is dealing Frank story I have to be goofy early enough that people are damn near impossible to lose the Indy right now I tried actually died you were going right and you're not supposed to come over depending on the circumstances are penalties killed in angry is that from happening the dancing story other friend who would play with him and when she be in I can feel him trying to kill me actually work very hard to try to get into the role of a lot and then they want to try and make it or you can book you play with other players Adam and I are like be blessed semantics to charge you get no on the story with a bull rush it's just like a grapple attack in the other charge thinking exactly man you guys are so hot to find a video with her was in the first scene in the end ever if he's on a roll she was also in shorts last year there was no and she might be in the movie coming out this year but I don't want to talk about it a screenshot is he also your friend I don't know the number one Tina yeah I've never been to the worlds or we wanted the opening night of Alamo Ritz I was at the world premiere of No Country for Old Men really that was there and I was like $40 and in front of the only Alamo in Austin I didn't opens up close and then I open the village I open the Lake Creek and there it was the on the cell phone and then the Ritz I went opening weekend does it because it was like 24 the whole opening night this fucking guy was eating and I liked it a few minutes to eat one time for like I don't know 45 minutes hope in front of me and food plastic packaging 818 on Alamo sells was like I was in there watching Avatar and you know I was at a party and his son his oldest son and I was like I can't wait till my kid is old enough to go to movies like Avatar and there's absolutely no way she should be completely inappropriate right in front of the family of line 5 year old but the parents I feel like it if you go get something to eat at IHOP at like 1 a.m. on a Thursday night and is like oh there's a family here what like you can't fault them for taking a kid to the theaters movies Jason and Matt to we went were stuck in Seattle and we had a while before a flight so we went all the way to the movie theater at 10 o'clock and we saw that Samurai movie I don't know what it's called. I'm talking about 6 and go with your Last Samurai Teenage Ninja Turtles it was a China that movie it was subtitled I had one word may 00 and then was like A6 and A7 year old kid in front of me get used to it it's a cruel world out there Jedi find the other daily love that movie so much now why you love that movie it's a story about a father who protects his daughter absolutely Geoff Moore and in the dinner table area in France pussy in Phantom Menace I was in one of my favorite The Phantom Menace is when there in the other force field wall and they're running and they're like a there to wait for the force fields open in there and then like was Darth Maul's can I get like a lion in a cage radar only and he's just sitting there like meditating like that's a cool little thing Palestine convert 280 I had a ton of videos be in Dragon Age only comes for that that's we do tomorrow there is going to be nonstop from got in this was Jesus but can be fucking awesome