#431 - Three Bs and a Gus

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Becca Frasier, and Burnie Burns as they discuss donating blood, social media annoyances, dating vs being single, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 29, 2017, sponsored by Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2mNgPlK)

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Recorded: 2017-05-30 16:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Blaine Gibson, Becca Frasier


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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the forecast this week brought you by Dollar Shave Club and the mummy welcome Blaine what's the role again was that mean everyone going to be here is Bernie going to be here listen no no no yet your life is about to get so much easier when it's to me you're texting the wrong person should we be texting early yesterday that go didn't respond nobody's responding Bernie Mac hits where we were very worried about whether or not burners going to be on the calendar for the podcast does me no good I need the seat filled regardless so like I said if she's not here who I going to get to sit here in my calendar maybe hold the day and then it should be confirmed in go to yes okay once once once it's something better to be up don't take that you know cuz you were like I would find out the week of they don't need me on Monday they don't need me in Tuesday then you me a Thursday but it's like I've held the whole week you send me a time I'll put maybe on it and then what termite is the block your week I'm down the block 2 days yeah and then they'll block one day and then we'll go to an hour location stuff man it's hard you know if it's coordinating all that in like you're like generally know where and when were going to be shooting I would like the rest of the week is just like jam packed and then that days like I got nothing today except for this one hour let's get into the interdepartmental like to do on a regular basis about the live-action scheduling like oh live action took me away from my job for a day or something like that whatever they see when everyone complains about and Achievement Hunter they're the biggest bitches about this until I only had I only have these people for 90% of this week every single week I did but it's like if live action or somebody takes him for 10% of the time then it's the and it's all over it's like what you walk in there any other time during the 90% either all of them are a lunch or they're all just sitting there doing nothing you know and it's alright I guess this 10% is really holding you guys back from success this is what's happening it's on the real reason we brought playing out here slowly Rose to you talking about Lisa she was like 3 years ago shut the fuck up God damn it shut up everybody's everybody's protective over their schedule in the calendar and then fucking some of them don't even use our calendar I'm still getting mad at Gavin for not fixing his fucking calendar I did and I are still working out the bugs but yeah it will be a lot easier to deal with Collective what's a note that we appreciate means it's Memorial Day and we get Memorial day off now so the first try me now has authorized fireworks for Memorial Day fireworks sale for Memorial Day asshole neighbors I don't know where they are like two or three blocks behind me who buy like the big commercial kind that rattle your house so lucky do we need to be able to pop fireworks on Memorial Day what's the rationale I don't even more fireworks days is legal to pop fireworks in the city of Austin Travis County Austin Travis County not legal and I can help me with man people are popping fireworks in Austin regardless of whether it's legal or not is the fact that now firework stands are open and selling fireworks so my asshole neighbors can buy fireworks to get a lawyer so far south to get the fire Becca is also from South Texas like you so you guys must be happy this is like fireworks are a downgrade from firing guns into the air but they're probably your bullets like oh goddamn moron to have a gun in a way that would be so much fun to do that just once in my life to arrange the firing range shooting range and I went to the range you shouldn't be doing that shouldn't be doing that either and I don't know is it white or serial killers are uniquely American thing like a stripper it's pretty much a white male female mostly dudes it's the Night Stalker he was Hispanic I think Richard Ramirez Rodriguez what's his name here was Boston right or like the Northeast somewhere that's what he wrote that is like the media give it to Richard Ramirez that you live in so like what if you're like the Kalamazoo Strangler the Los Angeles area and later San Francisco oh my god of a great way to kill their number one in the department of name of the person so it'll like Zodiac Killer Of The Boston Strangler it's like somebody's name some flower guy I'm too deep i23 lowercase everybody know like it don't sound nearly as cool marketing right it's all about marketing that's what it is what was the last time we had like a big you know like publicized ordeal was the dude that did the Facebook thing like I think that that was the guy that like everybody was going nuts with that guy will not shut one person I know but still it was just like it got the hype of like a feeling I think the last one I can remember Jeffrey Dahmer was pretty high-profile cuz he was so nuts but then the guy who had the young like a printess and they were sniping people in the deal there was the DC sniper it was crazy and then when they finally got caught their setup was so strange they were in a car when they'd haul it out the inside of the car and they were sniping from the trunk the news yeah that's been a few years as they watch oh my God public normal the DC area have you anything like that ever where you been like like either an outbreak of something or you know serial killers really specific buddy that kept you indoors besides whether World animals in South Texas when I was pregnant I was just generally freaked out about mosquitoes at the Oklahoma City the building that got bombed we were there like a couple days before not related but it's still something that's like kind of spooky and like we were sued for like months after next and the next is that night like it's the whole city was shut down and we took that opportunity to go to a restaurant that always had a really long wait we just walked right in lemonade out of lemons I got ghost cops on the street while we're talking about that what happened this week in Manchester so that way this is actually still very recently play me incredibly terrible tragedy know who would walk into a stadium and set off a device like that to kill kids it's just unfathomable to me it was really interesting thinking about the Boston Marathon how many things happened when an event like that takes place it's almost like a routine that the public falls into there's this shock then there was a guy who made a terrible joke on Twitter and everybody went after that guy for making a joke on Twitter about an area Ariana Grande concert and then it was another thing right after that we're deep internet detectives had figured out who set off the Bomb by a guy we've been tweeting Ariana Grande everybody went after this guy and said that he were telling him that he's you just obviously like very delusional fan and thought he was going to get to meet Ariana Grande on May 22nd and it kept saying the date May 22nd look all his posts a May 22nd what the day of the concert when he's going to make his big hero so he's piecing the date over and over to me I sing weird creepy stuff about them being best friends and all that but you can find that probably at any concert for any popular person on any date and but the internet found it they were in this frenzy and they all went after this guy it's just like you know it's just no one no one thinks strength in those moments you know and you got it you got to keep a level head especially if you're not there when you were there dealing with this horrific event the rest of us have the ability to kind of level out and help those people who are in danger but instead we all just fall into this world with every single time I haven't seen the The Witch Hunt again what time will the name of the guy that they like the wrong person I did with the anonymity and that one maybe discount still there I think what it did was they found a picture of them dropping off the bag that's going to happen eventually people are if you have enough eyeballs I mean even even did that with like Quinn the Malaysia 370 flight disappeared you know they a lot of satellite imagery was outsourced to people so they could like click through and look for anything unusual in the website where you could look at images of the ocean and see if Blake Circle if there was anything in the water but they never found that Adventurer that looks like horrifying that has my name still finding fucking pieces and I always get tweeted one of that ass will find something to stop I don't care about this kind of thing I don't even blame Gibson on Twitter right like you have a different user between this stuff like I'm in the crowd clearly can't spell talks about how he's in love with Ariana going to be together then in the middle of the concert he's like it's over for good your slag I don't to be here anymore I want to find someone my own age goodbye forever but I've left I'm going to give us a reminder the concert and everything and people just like they got freaked out about it but we've back it was the first convention she was ever at I mean we've dealt with stuff like that or sometimes people show up with really high expectations and we're not Ariana Grande you know who's on a huge stage with lights and looks like this goddess you know I can see how people get leg wrapped up in that we had a guy it was in Florida I remember he came up to us and we had a great it was convention was the first day can we touch we talked to him for like 10 or 15 minutes really great conversation really nice guy and then he was then he said one to go to movie with you guys tonight take you guys out to a movie and I was like well you know we just got in town and we working whole day to come in super nice of you to offer that yeah but now we can't go we can go to a movie tonight but thanks for the offer that was really cool of you came back the next day and he was like are we tonight let's go to the movie tonight we're just like you know we spend you know ten twelve hours in the booth everyday we usually just go back to the hotel and crash I'll go back school I forgot the movie with some big movie the one where his car was on fire in the cage current fire in Colorado fire is it going to head a bad Ghost Rider Ghost Rider as a car on fire but the second day he came back he was like yeah I was guessing Ghost Rider and honestly now from memory or fight like I'm holding her what are you to be nice and say no can you know can't do it is I can just like such a huge fan and you post I never did post it on the site that he'd been to the booth and posted the picture with us and everything and then the second day was like you came back he was like really want to go to guys this movie and I said No and then he came back to third day if memory serves and the movie thing again it was like his conversation with us I think he came back with a resume as well at that point pivoted to give me a job but the thing about the things I said look we keep talking about this I just want you to stand we're not going to go out and see a movie we're just not going to go do that so I just want your stand that and then he hated us and we treated them like shit now he's gone it was just like he just came in with wild expectations which is what I think this person is going to be like it didn't match it she had an extreme reaction to it you know probably younger person you know you got that happens you know I get it and that's what this kid was going through I think and he gets fucking attacked by the internet for killing children it's just calm down calm down just to help detective or busting out your Pitchfork or something like that just figure out you'll always a good thing it'll be good for your area yeah he called for people to donate blood many reminder people that if around South by Southwest time if they had received any B+ blood that they might have a bit of Brandon in them that's like a creepy way to give you someone else yes you can go donate blood and not worry about that now that's on my head is this Brandon being in someone else can you do anything you guys have tattoos yeah they're just a Grace. I think it's like a year okay I've never given Blood book try not so you can't donate blood is it came in or just anyone gay they ask you if you've ever had sex with the same person same gender and if you say yes then they just call it an early 80s and it still like on the record and take huge factor tree Laburnum certain grace period as well thank you guys have you ever had a tattoo recently have you had same sex intercourse have you been outside the country think it short in the whole questionnaire by just saying are you boring is fuck yes you're fine if you're just living a boring life C Liberatore had sexual contact the past 12 months with anyone be your hep C kind of tattoo in the past 12 months or received a blood transfusion in the past 12 months does hypocritical that's a little hypocritical positive test for AIDS virus or man who's had sex with another man in the past 12 months drugs even once I've ever use injectable drugs including anabolic steroids unless prescriber position since I've lived in or visited the UK for 3 months or more cumulatively between 1980 and 1996 season 5 years or more in Europe including the UK cumulatively from 1980 to the present I traveled in the past year or lived in the past three years in the area for malaria is endemic zika has made that list yet nope can you weigh a certain amount right wake for a long time that excluded me can't say that anymore but then it was the tattoos and piercings and like every time I try to be positive so so I can't really text people don't I think I'm O Negative the O's are pretty common yeah I think the negative play near Fitness guy have you ever heard about matching your diet to your blood type that have you ever heard about matching your alcohol consumption your blood type I have not Gus because let me tell you this episode of the podcast is brought to buy Smirnoff and the letter L little segment recall the Smirnoff vodka drink for the four members of the restie podcast and this week it's Bernie's to have a drink which I see the recipe right there it's one and a half ounces of Smirnoff number 21 vodka one ounce of dry vermouth one cup of ice cubes and Three Olives clear ice cubes and you pour the cement off number 21 of vermouth in the mixing glass a dice and start a chill strain into a martini glass and garnish with olives we're talking about this before the podcast and Texas was saying that it is generally you receive martinis with one or $3 so this a long time ago that is considered bad luck if you have more than one Olive or like and if it's one or three even numbers of Olives or bad pretty much blood so we know it's been great we did my drink first and then we did Barbara's last time so she had to Caribou princess so whatever it was that there was very floofy Barbara Barbers put on my name and I know that we all are big fans of Smirnoff so it's great to have them sponsoring an episode of the podcast they have great quality at a reasonable price and we again like we mentioned before Smirnoff did invent the Moscow Mule so hopefully for the next time when we do gamma drink hopefully we'll be able get to a Moscow Mule at some point so you know if y'all want to meet at us let us know any other idea so we can try if we can't get to Moscow Mule for Gavin RT Podcast and if your over 21 we highly recommend you check out Smirnoff Vodka if your over 21 check it out and let us know what you think we have to take our two part that I need hashtag little thank-you Texas can you sing can we do that see whales by there like 6 multiple boxes going to a bar and he gets a beer and had to drink it next to the sign that has been able to be first sign you're talking about people wanting a match diet to blood type people try to explain it like an evolution everything where you back thousands of years ago you know you have this blood type because your ancestors are whatever used to beat certain diets and certain types of food so these Foods agree with you better than other types of food that is correct don't you want to dirty your 1:30 to go to Marty's to sneeze more olive juice Lisa you said I feel like now I haven't given blood in a few years at least I have it written down turn the last time I gave blood I have a folder in my ass all the way I'm trying to find it and take it straight from his body and ears a high protein diet heavy on lean meat poultry fish and vegetables and light on grains beans and dairy the make sense that's like what I eat already out wow type B which is for me avoid corn wheat buckwheat lentils Tomatoes peanuts and sesame seeds chicken is also problematic encourages eating vegetables eggs certain me and low-fat Dairy that sounds awful low fat Dairy look like chicken chicken chicken game list want the helmet so how to pick up Logan Blu-rays my house I bought it and it comes with I didn't know was going to do this it comes with the newer version of the film as well so I guess they have all in black and white on Twitter that dude loves superhero movies black and white Logan and Mad Max which I don't know if I would want to watch Mad Max the biggest thing I love about that movies a color so the lack thereof would you mean yeah yeah that made me wish that like colorists were an Academy Award category for the main show because mad Max's color was incredible like that you know like vanity or or EWR whoever posted pictures like way before the movie was out any before they had a trailer of what's his face on the bike and stuff and it looked like everything was it'll take a DC movie like I like a Batman like everything was desaturated in like gray and gross and the kind of doesn't look like it's going to be a good movie and completely flipped and now it's like this beautiful orange and blue movie that's what made it for me before in Mad Max first came out help Tom Hardy publicly apologized yeah for Highway 3 in Georgia Miller George Miller about that movie he said that when they were filming it that he just didn't see the vision and understand would George Miller was trying to do in that window film was done he was just blown away by how good it was singing classes with Marge will do it came to mind going to drink that's good that's delightful Burnie Burns but I didn't have a chance to watch Logan works I just got it last night thank you for opening fight sequence at the limo yeah I must have had black and white in mind when they filmed it because you have to light a very specific way in order for black and white to look presentable of to look good you know that you did it a certain way to shoot in black-and-white you're saying that with a high degree of confidence do you know that for us okay I'm stating fact okay I work in a white my favorite for conversations with you let's order filming the the switch parody play how old RED cameras you can manipulate the right you can change the iso and do all sorts of different stuff and post like afternoon that nephew shot it which is under that you would never be able to do with an old film camera I feel like magic in a way like I've been doing stuff with tilt-shift where I can just shift Focus to please get anymore till 2 if you like that at La construction thing I couldn't stop watching that it's the most relaxing thing ever to watch like little things we were one of my favorite scenes in the social network was the shift how do you take a cool metaphor for a vlog with a lot of travel in it like just making the world look smaller this kind of the whole point of it right so you got a specific post Ismail to to really kind of sell it like the the airplane shot of the planes coming in and out and like awesome person yeah yeah I think I shall I use in the blog before I didn't do anything in post I just used the lens and it was good but the lenses are the post stuff really like amps it up a lot you know you can get that depth of field in a certain place and get it just right it's amazing and it posted kind of figure out where that is better than you can like in a time lapses and they're off just slightly so that I don't want my previous do they pull the lens out and show how it works now it's a filter are you saying like it's a setting and now I feel like that all the time except the field and it just looked really terrible at what really blows you away is the iPhone 7 plus at the portrait mode boom it's not a pretty awesome it's pretty awesome though that's the one thing that I don't like the plus because they're so big but that's the one thing I was most curious about no a small person that the other day at the management know if you remember this but years ago when we were still down south of the rough outline 800 office and remembering I was I kept bugging you Von I kept telling her we need to accept Bitcoin in the store that we should be accepting Bitcoin for form for merchandise and then on Monday I saw a headline that $100 a Bitcoin in 2010 is not worth 72.9 million dollars what doesn't do any was 2010 when I was telling her we should be accepting Bitcoin as I don't yell so I think I burn on a podcast go by Bitcoin right now and say the same thing I said then which is like okay bye now you think I'll just continue to come online and this is probably the story that started the conversation the podcast all those years ago was a guy who had a hard drive and he bought like $50 worth of Bitcoins or something like that I forget I know you lived in the UK and then 6 years later whenever does bitcoins worth about four million dollars whatever he bought and the computer was gone so he did research he needed the hard drive back so you did research on the landfill for his area and he bought sections of the landfill that were used during the time that he would have thrown away the computer and he was Excavating trying to find his old computer used 10000 Bitcoins to buy a pizza in 2010 which were now worth 20 million dollars that's that's that's a famous thing of a kid who bought pizza I think I see the first thing ever bought with Bitcoin the first real-world item was a pizza what pizza maker accepts Bitcoin it was like almost like a Postmates things to buy him a pizza cuz you have your money but yet Bitcoin so said you call my local pizza place order me a pizza and pay for it and then I'll transfer the Bitcoin to you and it was worth like 3 million dollars now I never looked on campus Maggie bucks anyway the does Nova boxes like alcohol TV Bevo bucks but there's places that accept people box you can buy beer with them I think alcohol alcohol tattoos in my locks Apartments places changed today basically three years ago Bitcoin here is worth about $1,100 but everyone's going back till like 2008 and saying what it was there they're like little bit but like last time a conversation 3 or 4 years ago if we bought it because it doubled our money which is cool for 3 or 4 years but it's not like I'm not going to stay awake at night thinking oh my God I miss out on the chance of a lifetime I mean you can send you the chart here like the chart kind of spikes in 2014 middle quarts goes down and then I would like it's getting bad gas what's the Austin Cafe that has a Bitcoin machine in it Dominican Joe's used to have a Bitcoin ATM I'm going to sound really ignorant right now Bitcoin in the cloud because there's a lot of things about it from what I understand they're weird it's dates a locked with a key but then the part of that with the key is then you can see that Bitcoin every transaction was used for in the correct it's like it doesn't have a trail of everything on there I should just remember things you don't write like Silk Road and stuff like that right someone someone someone yell at me two days from now of why I'm wrong Bitcoin Trail looking it up I love it even though we announced this is a pre-recorded people are still going between us while it's happening we're going to watch with my parents it's a little like I'll get a Tweedle be like you were wrong about someone made a reference from the current season to me and I just totally went over my head knows I feel like a fucking idiot it's nothing that you would said to know but it was a scene I was in we was in my line but he was referencing a scene that could I participated in as outright I made a joke on Twitter and he's a mean machine sew them it's people start tweeting me about it and someone was like I think you're at girlfriend's an attitude adjustment is the fuck is this a fuck this guy apparently it's like it's thing attitude just meant like I don't know it's like I don't know it's just a joke but I was like really pissed off everybody started tweeting that same thing so like I guess it's a reference to a pole I made cuz I'm talking to Brandon yesterday and I realized Brenda did not know what the word gab meant like a cab right nose like that's really weird I'm sure most people know what that is so I started running a Twitter poll I was shocked at how many people did not see if I can find the most up-to-date as of right now it is at 50% and 4% do not know that word I bet you 56% is wrong too I bet it's only like 30% I bet those people that Good and Plenty of contacts shocked at how many people said they did not know that word it almost nineteen thousand votes so far it seems like an old like yams and yeah that's not it's not any word at all yeah there's a kind of weird place that we just a noun at this was probably happen for Generations where it's like you know he got like shit I'm good I don't even know Millennial words but you know I'm talking about though right turns in all that but they're your family for your words I do everything that I know things very disappointed to him know your father saying you know cool things talking about how to Buehler stuff was Ur yeah whenever we get in a discussion with your mom whenever talking about stuff in like Behavior or something I can always say oh well if you know we want to steer JT away from this I can 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Carver's shave butter for only $5 and free shipping after that razor just a few bucks does a $15 value for only 5 bucks in your first month box get an awesome way to handle a full cassetta for cartridges and a tube of their shea butter no hidden fees no commitments cancel anytime you like give us offer exclusively a dollar shave club.com Rich teeth that's dollarshaveclub.com thanks Dollar Shave Club sponsor to the podcast So speaking of Urban Dictionary schlep is that one guy in Hawaii Hawaii that is not over the age of 65 he will tell you that he lives in Costa Mesa and not much after that you'll stalk him and run downstairs to see if you still there playing volleyball but he will not be there he stays on the 6th floor and stares at you as you pass them in the elevator is the great the top 10 12 definition is someone's single-handed a beautiful goddess I get the airplane is probably like a jack dude who's your bro to the end it was unbelievable like yeah I have this this lump on my shoulder and what is that stupid Blaine to completely fail at something to complete failure not particularly marked as being One Stop carpet Rihanna Urban Decay just forgotten that the community like just now I was just gets back a dictionary never forget what was the thing car and drive around smoking a joint Gus is the most coolest kid you ever meet even if he does eat a lot of food and gets all the girls to say I love you Gus you're so huggable so huggable code to let you hug him how are we held someone sent a photo of us hugging we talked about the other day I finally finished it took me awhile to start watching season 2 like I was really excited about it I love season 1 and I finally finished season 2 last night and I thought it was really good I still think I'd like to seasoning one more but it was it was awesome I'm really happy to see that show just what I felt like they do one off episode so well like the love you more I love you New York and even I felt like the Thanksgiving one was kind of Perkasie like they have a formula and it's like you have story episodes and I can on story episodes and they really if you never feel like you're wasting your time I feel like they always do a good job of making you feel under tane and you still learning as you're watching a show it's such a good good such good commentary on dating the twenty-first century as well there's that whole like Tinder first date episode I watch that with Esther and we finished it we like shows like I'm glad I missed that I've never had to do that in my life like that looks fucking horrible and it was so like accurate to how that whole thing goes it's like you have these set up questions and it's basically a day can be interchangeable you stop somebody in and it's like you're got your going to cover the same fucking thing I'll have your brothers and sisters you have like all that stuff and it's like in seal it with some new girl Tinder date and it's like it looked horrible it looked terrifying we've been married just like the disease had his employment part of his life figured out in this season so that like he wasn't struggling with money as well as dating cuz I was a big issue in season one of these just trying to find a job as well as getting people but yeah great show Absolutely watch of the time that I've known you which is really long time relationship then you were single then you had a long-term relationship with itching like that remember times in my life being single and going into a long-term relationship and then being a long-term relationship going into single and it's it's you know you kind of forget what the other one is like when you're in it but it's like especially when your lunch really should be single seems like a lot of fun but it's so much fucking mental overhead it's it's just like constant work and everything like I would watch Blaine will give it was like it was like almost your identity was being a single person you know where is you know when you're the one term relationship it's way more productive you know it just like slang for having a relationship and be able to build life around that it's like a true representation of who you are as when you're in a relationship like that you're comfortable with because you have when your singles just like you're just fucking rabbit like I remember just thinking about single girls all the time tender and so like that sickening you see that awful speaker tender to see that awful video of the guy who was using a fidget spinner on Tinder he just like stuck it on there just like that what are fidget Spinners Spinners everybody's been going nuts or those and I think it said the same thing on website seen both fidget cubes and Spinners at gas station fast impulse counter they've got like Pokemon cards like right there for that year old nephew wanted for his first communion gift all the kids have audio and Carries fidget spinner and he was so happy with it feels like running around showing it to everybody spending it and try to start asking can you do tricks with it like you know put it on your finger tip it like a spinet arise I don't forget that out yet I can't do that yet in this generation not really Dunkin man down in like 4 months turn it up as it's before we started talking about Christmas before modifications before we start talking about this like a billion internet videos about this and you should probably go watch all of those because that's about our level of knowledge and what this is also the first episode of Vice from last season that covered crispr and what is basically hits it's a way or it's like at a peptide that can go through DNA and then find certain sequences remove them and replace them so what does that entail like what does that so basically you can on a macro level U in theory could rewrite all your DNA so I can turn my skin like milk but there are problems okay so yes theoretically example so it doesn't it's not always that easy what people are finding out so in one example they wanted to change a trait on moths they're like okay we want to take this moth and change it from one color to another color so they did that and they ran crispr and they're like we can know what sequence governments that so they took out all those replace them with the new color but what happened was all the new moss of the new color their wings didn't form right well that sequence is also tied to Wing formation and we just didn't realize that it's like all your DNA is very interconnected about finding all of the different connections to modify so we don't really understand all of us in embryos to allow parents to select eye color hair color and other physical traits for you start doing that why don't you do with embryo though just seems like you just do that at any point your life flips self let's do your night like it's it's it's your starting place you're starting with less started with the stem cells that then create everything I would it be cool if you did that over from brown to Blue and your eyes slowly clouded over in blue over the course of like 2 months and then we're blue with the end of two months braces but for your eyes you're playing God in our DNA survivability it's just lately quite a bit like all bananas are probably going to be extinct in the next 10 years open Anna's are banana trees are clones of the same banana plant there cloned and right now there is a fungus called tropical report that's affecting all banana plants Southern fix them kills them and it makes the ground where they can't make plant bananas here again before and he had a really great exclamation of the whole epidemic is the current banana flavored the super retread hear of a job in Port banana flavoring in candy doesn't taste our garbage compared to the old man at the old bananas were really good and now currently banana sucks no I can remember that right before any more time so it's going to happen again in our lifetimes bananas knee replaced again we're having different banana that we're all going to have to eat strand Big Mike bananas gross Michelle is the actual name is French for Big Mike but the reason is that there was a breakthrough recently where they think that they can remove AIDS using crispr technique the life expectancy for someone with HIV is now the same as someone without it it's because it's this is the latest development in HIV treatment I saw a bus driving by like on my way to work for the day and it said something about an HIV preventative owner if that's connected so I saw a billboard about actually took a photo of it cuz I thought it was for Heather for a while delete antivirals and fight off but it's awful I knew a guy this is weird I knew a guy who got stabbed in prison are not that's not the right way to say that he got stabbed in a prison okay and yes and that the common thing that's done is if a prisoner stabbed you is that they would paint it with blood and sell the prisoner of course didn't refuse to be tested and so or tell them where the blood came from or anything like that so he had to go to the antiviral treatments and apparently they were fucking whore like painful yes I'm working for memory here again but I think they had to give him a shot in his hip bone you are correct did though and I will never advise you to not get medical help but if you have a super bad headache and you going to emergency room you just tell them you're having the worst headache of your life that's a very specific symptom that they will then give you a spinal tap do I'm having literally the worst headache of my life they will immediately gravitate towards meningitis so this is the airport and 38th I think get the pill that prevents HIV I don't know what it was like when I was younger and nobody understood what it was crazy epidemics in the killer once I know I'm driving like I live in the future I'm driving by a billboard that's like get the pill that prevents it by the way I used to when I was in college I went to the Student Health Center and I worked in basically sexual public self sex head health education and I would that's a terrible billboard because it's amazing how little people know about sexual health and that billboard is potentially damaging can someone read that billboard go the pill prevents HIV okay doesn't that use the word the pill and so if you have that on the bill when it's a terrible billboard when she depending on where you put it that's a really bad idea to him cuz the pill is obviously not great protection against HIV it's probably the worst method of birth control to prevent HIV start to go like super Infowars but that Christopher thing sounds like the beginning of a movie where it's like a zombie outbreak yeah yeah yeah what's a small part in the movie Emma is the famous Emma Thompson the older actress Jesus the scientist that cures cancer and then everyone turns into the I Am Legend stuff yeah Empire what time is it scary stuff to see you like a new technology like oh what's what's the worst possible outcome from this is something that like what's zika is that like the current like people with brown eyes become more attractive I feel like overtime right like everyone gets blue eyes then there's less brown eyes than all those people forget and then it goes back forth talking to women because it's always hard to figure out what the hell we've been used for that day traction it's always I always go back to the one comment I heard that was the most ridiculous comment where she's like that guy so hot he looks like he could change a tire I'm like what the fuck does that mean that is so play the tire but more so with women don't meet a guy and they like him cuz he's completely different like he's from Italy or something like that accent especially Drive women crazy in particular - movies like evaluating all the girls that are dated and all of them than like vastly different from one another and I think that's the case like I don't know if I actually have a type just the times that they all disappoint her know but Chris I always try so hard positive because gram where it's like you can see the activity at your friends are doing and every time I'll see Chris Damaris liked photos wait wait wait what you said there's a social thing I can see what people are like what they said in Suffolk that increase every time has like a million dark-haired exotic looking women liked photos from like 20 different Twitter what is passive aggressive version of Twitter that's a good point what's the numbers game Becca got to try these guys they got to try it home run for those kind of data briefly spin that exciting speaking of social media an annoyance with Snapchat because I guess they had an app update and now they put your bitmoji on your snap like you on your snapcode like before s'time never going to stall the bitmoji app I'm not going to do it by staying away from Instagram and Snapchat until one of them got kind of figured out which one was going to make it and I really think the Instagram because it's for a long time seem like it was eating their lunch in a really well-done like they're very realistic here's where I agree with you and disagree with you at the same time you are 100% correct the face filters are way better except chat it's what I hate about Snapchat I hate them I hate the face filters I just hate I do with my kids but we don't record anything but it's it's I stopped watching People's stories on Snapchat cuz it's just them barges in a different filter every day you know and the boys some fun stuff cheat I follow her on Snapchat and she does like the filter switch with the voice changes and then she does like super aggressive Pulp Fiction quotes in the mouth like that on my Instagram app and it drove me so crazy that I just deleted that have like unread notification stand it if it was me what do you have 9000 Gmail are two emails right now in their unread because I haven't liked address in me I cuz I haven't really started working in and I all like I always know how many emails I have on my phone I'm at 3 right now I try to keep it like single-digit unread emails in the day email management software program in and help me like there's one that sits there is still hot and usually like your istics it can kind of figure out how important email is that's interesting like eleka learning algorithm it figures out what's important to me and what's not and a little put stuff into my inbox and then other stuff into like a separate box and then once a day it's like here's the less important stuff you may have missed and I okay then I'll scan through it like on over this was actually important like these I don't need to know about tell it hey this is it's learning more all the time like this was actually important this was not important and it just kind of like learns about how you who you interact with and how you interact with Blaine emails are like top priority trentavis automatically gets like I can see them right away there's a bike hesitant to say that I don't know if people outside emails from fake email addresses to people and trolling them all the time do you guys have reminders in your phone or something that happened occur every week or every day remind me to watch and then I went to a whole thing for my last longer my motivation and how do you stay motivated and I was home by inspiration and how when did people talk about stink inspired and working on things and staying busy and being creative that or Fitness or whatever that they was attributed to motivation and I got to stay motivated and beside my my personal philosophy which is I don't believe in motivation because motivation is the emotional component of inspiration you got to wait for it to come to you the trick is how do you do it when you're not motivated like how do you always continually work that's to discipline and you're one of the most disappointing people I know like you said their track everything that you eat you know if it'll be like I haven't been into the gym in 36 hours or something like that like you know when the last time in the gym you got to get back into the gym for 36 hours. Going to the gym that's running a little long I might be sick or something that's the case which is The To Do List to do list you can just say add this to my to do list every day add this every Thursday add this every third day app it's an app does it do Amazon Echo updates on your phone are you reminders every day at 3 p.m. it says take creatine and then on Sundays it says floss how do you say I think the only recurring thing that I really use on my phone aside from calendar obviously is like the bed time you read me over it made me late for work I think I shoot several like I don't know either I die and I don't want to bother like figuring out the best way to wake up it's way better than the way it's slowly starts at a low volume and then you kind of like slowly come out of sleeping so just being Jarred and scared and somehow fucked me over twice I gave it a chance 3 times in I don't trust in his bedtime and irregular alarm bed time is 10 minutes before my get out of bed and then I can snooze what happened was like one of them over took the other one cuz I also did that I did a backup alarm to safety and they both like cancel each other out or something what's your alarm strategy I'm supposed to do list to your things to show blade Evan who works with us actually I think has one of the best strategies ever a problem currently trying to solve in my life is how quickly I pick up and check social media just like rotate through it bang bang bang bang you know and it just like it's such a waste of time not even contributing just reading stuff now and like the only thing I see if I really valuable is people communicating at me on Twitter I checked almost all of those I got really Furious because I realized the other day Twitter is now no longer showing me all of my mention the first we bought another Twitter Rapids garbage and that's weird that on Twitter that it would be over an hour between someone messaging at me and so then I went to pot and yeah I had 5 in the last hour that I just didn't seem Twitter wasn't showing 2 in subsequent hours or previous hours I saw that there were other mentions that didn't so wasn't just like a timing thing you just they weren't going to show it to me the only thing I used to Twitter app on iOS 4 is either posting a pole or using the integrated gift function in it feel like when I go to post a gif every time I say if it's a crapshoot of whether or not it's going to have motion It or Not by the time it gets to Twitter I can copy it from Google image search for Evan bregman does is he does not allow screens in his bedroom like the phone stay outside the bedroom they charge in the living room so then they wake up with normal alarm clocks and then get up and go find her phone so you can put my phone down so I had to get out of bed to turn off my alarm clocks that you're in my case to have my phone by my bed because being a distance relationship is something does happen and I need to like contact Alana her she needs to contact me because like you know sometimes like there's a two hour time difference between us and San Francisco so she's out and I go to sleep before she gets back home I want to know like okay she got home safe you know like she's doing better than reminder when this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by The Mummy The Mummy zero gravity VR was a big success during this year South by Southwest now it's available at 30 Rock it's open to the public now through June 11th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily enter up to Plaza on 49th Street side experience features all kinds of props from the film and is a photo op with the sarcophagus make sure to check out the mummy zero gravity VR experience 30 Rock if you want to know what that's like we actually filmed art life Michael and I filled in RT life during South by Southwest where we got a chance check it out who's really cool used to be are really cool way to see behind the scenes how they film you know what seemed like this that was you know probably the most iconic scene in the trailer where people are where they actually do we can practical effects where they use on, and they film everyone in zero-g really cool experience really should check it out if you're in New York never check out 30 Rock go check out the mummy zero gravity VR experience fun not talking about the mummy talk about something different I saw a ridiculous headline this morning that I had I saw it was like this is totally podcast talk and I'm agreeing to bring you the headline it's on York Daily News listen to headlines black man receives white penis transplant penis transplant team has done one once before and so it sounds like the headlights kind of misleading make it sound like a mistake but no that was my plan if there's a problem is a problem in South Africa where will it be the first the first center 17 years after he lost his own penis in a routine circumcision parently South Africa's a problem with circumcisions gone wrong and they have a very high number of penis amputations or partial amputations every year and that's why I dislike the steam South African doctors now have like pioneered this penis transplant Technologies one you don't have to do it to where the fuck is it getting fucked up so frequent leave if you are doing it and this guy was getting circumcised at 23 it's just a really really bizarre story and I said that the other guy you know they did it once before and I think in December of 2014 that you know that was successfully of the guy was able to regain urinary and sexual functions with his penis like it healed fine but it's like I can't imagine having to live through that and then for this guy going through medical tattooing of the deadliest you get laid a lot more if you like oh by the way I'm black but my penis is white I don't you think anything interesting that someone couldn't see I feel like that like a dude I'm right with two dicks it's like Becca usual thing but nobody's and that nobody seen before cranking dick itches a little metal rods ticking cuz we like there's no way that's like saying love people die from car accidents so we are going to pad the streets with pillows instead of putting seatbelts in like just solve the circuit attention we can do that a lot you know I mean with the big event that happened in Manchester not to bring this conversation down I'm sure we're going to see very specific reactions of security measures to that event to that specific event River when the one guy went on the plane with bomb and his shoe now we all take our shoes off for the rest of time when we go through let's play all picture of a watch Electronics ban they never do what they did before but we always react like they're go now they're doing the shoe thing and they're going to do it all the time that's what's the electronic band well there was a limited laptop ban from certain Middle Eastern countries going nothing to the UK into the u.s. and there's been talk about that potential expanding to all international flights coming to the US where your electronics cannot go into the cabin with you um that there was go through additional screen lock and other secondary caught on fire in the car before I think more targeting malicious do they have fired I believe there's limited fire suppression the app that data to invent all the option but cool fire or just stick them in there that's why they always die that's why I would never take on a trip guy that works in like you transfer to cats from Canada I don't like that must have been a fucking hell process to get this cast on what's your dick in me to take enough cars I'm going to the vet or I'd have to bring Joe to the office every now and then move it on your shoulder so get at your feet and lean on the pedal best friends from Texas move to Hungary live there for like 8 years so she moving Texas to Hungry with her two dogs one was a pretty big dog had to be in the cargo hold one's a dachshund are there no rules for taking an animal out for to another country six years at this point these dogs are like insanely old and she just moved back to the States actually she moved to Ireland for a little bit and now she's back in the States so she has traveled all over the country with these dogs like 15 years old is he holding up and put in quarantine for a month every time when she move down there I'm just gonna hang out here all day can you take my pet on a plane or anywhere and it's weird like I see I think last year I was in the Houston Airport I think I took a photo but I just don't find it where there was like the restroom is like the men's room the women's room and it was like a pet rescue was a sign for the restroom in the airport leave security about bathrooms is I've been in more places in Brooklyn this last weekend hotel lobby bathroom or more unisex stuff we just kind of need to begin with but I think a really cool effect of having a unisex bathrooms is the bathroom stay way cleaner are they one holders or is it like stalls that has the sinks and then stalls with full doors basically and there's a whole roll of those just like 8 or 10 of those which also way more in the worry about like when you know you're at a stadium and run for the one lines really long and women's bathrooms are equally filthy it's just the urine is in different places I was having conversation with long because I went to a place like they had this guy cut in front of me to go to the bathroom that guy but then heading unisex bathrooms score I can just go to the bathroom and then I start talking to her and I wonder do you think in like 15 years they're going to have like that joke some kids can be watching a movie where there's going to be the joke where the guy goes into the girls bathroom on accident and that's going to be like an Antiquated joke absolutely I give me like what's the thing that has been lost your make sense as a joke far is a big what's funny about the movie Poltergeist after they play the national anthem in the television went off the air and went to Staten and feel like I feel today be like what sort of in the same van but I feel like horror movies is genre a really screwed over by technology because for a long time like you're stranded in the middle of nowhere and have no way to call for help no cell phones are so ubiquitous it fixed just had a cell phone or coming to the Chinese restaurant that's why they're doing a lot alike. Pieces like Not only was the 80s like a cool. But it also would like cell phones were as common that's why I like some horror movies you like I think even some films for a while try to embrace the cell phone side things like there was that he was a Korean horror film that I think there's a u.s. first call One Missed Call was like a horror film that centered around yeah like around cell phones and around missing a call that it's not like the ring or think there's this phone call then you're going to die if you hear it that kind of stuff I kind of hate that if you ever watch in modern horror movie or anything like I watch the next I didn't like it but that was like one of the first things they dress soon as the shit started hittin the fan they're like my phone reception is gone and I hate that we have to like check that box off for any sort of warm didn't A5 cell phone towers die die harder it's always like so change of subject a little bit Texas monthly had their annual best barbecue in Texas list Texas monthly magazine Texas number one Nazi has Ben Franklin for awhile not Franklin anymore pill for Cooper's no number one is snows to Lexington I don't know where this news has popped up to number one on Google and had like a map of it and it showed the only thing of note on there was Snow's barbecue for the entire city the default view of Lexington Texas where is that in relation to Austin right now cuz I saw the top 50 list but they only rank the top 10 it's yeah you just get to 90 and then like you can't you should be able to cut across the air but you to come your go around and get to that I guess so what's Google it's a 53 minute drive from our office what's the best barbecue in Austin Franklin I'm I'm I'm like actually trying to like mickelwait keep the weight off meets I just like brisket a whole lot I think the best thing about mickelwait is there sites I think a lot of barbecue place never been a lot of places skip all of our queue places focus on the meat and Skip on the side waiting to size a really good their sizes and you recognize it in Kuwait what's I think my only exposure does Salt Lick is in the airport like Salt Lake is one of the most overrated place it's kind of a tourist trap I feel time for Salt Lake and then I went there with Ed Robertson was in town and we went there because he really wanted to go there and it was fantastic it was it was just I was like why don't I used to live right next to Salt Lake like a mile away from Salt Lake where we first we're working on Red vs. blue and I got so sick of things you only place to eat out there was Salt Lake and it wasn't all your so lucky as I can only eat so much Salt Lake Salt Lick is not on the top 50 list massively underrated only cuz it's so easy to eat there everywhere else to jump through hoops just to eat barbecue this place called style switch up on Lamar style switch the time you like ovals amazing amazing make me feel better when I dumb but I wouldn't say I enjoy the act of the food itself Nicole is number 8 sounds like a hipster place in Austin this July that's a handy list for you to check out before RTX which is we did this thing where we went to the barbecue tore down in Lockhart that was a fun one people like that or would you three different barbecue places and after the second one I predicted some people to be like I'm not going to the third-place sure enough that happened I thought it was funny and I thought when we just do that you know Austin like we go to Every incredible restaurant in Austin like Gordo's and nickel weights and it's just one after the other Bang Bang would like this to be like an all day thing to be like a hobbit like breakfast we get breakfast tacos from Torchy's that we go through all the different places that once like he ended the night at Fogo de Chao but the you know all day before he was like going to tell if it's on a Saturday or Sunday cuz weekends are a little when we called you home slice on Sunday in the next week Olivia through and 3 and I'll go back home so I put it down I'm set I don't want to try anything else that I don't like that pizza that I have to go another two weeks before you can smell it to see if it's just like when we did that make our own pizza thing for Pizza Hut a couple years ago I think we had a balsamic drizzle on the pizza because we realize it balsamic actually works really well if anybody wants to send podcast themes were looking for more you can send them to podcast that right there so if you have original music for us to play in the outro 60 seconds or less send it our way and maybe I'll hear it and upcoming podcasts in your fidget Spinners Escabeche it's like pickled carrots and onions and jalapenos Mexican restaurant don't like that you don't like that menu brisket Frito pie that's really good Christina de Consuelo Burnet just north of 45th by Pasha Long Way South South Congress and 290 or habanero Cafe which you probably thinking Tex-Mex these Best Tex Mex little bit of a hike little bit go into the Main Street and beat of this place called the Garcias and you have what is Joel Hayman's favorite thing to eat in the whole world which is the chicken Garcia it's a fried chicken breast with case I want to see some cases it's so freaking good it is so good super healthy to go to Culver's I know where does it take over change your Minnesota think someone there but we've been going there for such a long time we don't call that restaurant Culver's we call it Blue Roof because Teddy would call it Blue Roof when he was a little kid he was like 3 years old so we go to Blue Roof well speaking of that it's about time to wrap up so I want to think of him for watching if you're watching right now on Monday live please stay tuned for cow chop they got CCTV coming up next on the cock block if you're watching on YouTube or somewhere else go look up there video pawn shops