#432 - Is That Me?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Chris Demarais as they discuss framing someone, garage sales, bathroom horror stories, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 5, 2017, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2sa1gGZ), MVMT (http://bit.ly/2s9ZxBm), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/2safJTb)

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Recorded: 2017-06-06 16:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to the receive podcast this week brought you by Caspar movement and Squarespace thank you for sponsoring some soda podcast I'm Gus on Gavin Chris and Gus everyone that here in Austin you know we're doing this live Monday night for first members there's a huge storm that's rolling in and about a hit our studio if the stream song that goes offline we probably lost power so we're going to go as long as we can hopefully that doesn't happen it has happened before it happened to go do it in the conference room we have a new poster we're going to be showing here man debut Patrick's going to bring it out bubba bubba bubba bubba podcast poster and it's a limited edition poster and the reason we're telling you about it right now it is only 300 of them first members don't get notified about this poster until 5:20 p.m. via email so if you watching the live stream right now and you want this poster you can go out and buy it right now before everybody else knows about it and it's up on the store right now be any left I don't know who made this awesome poster to talk about it a little bit so it was even in the works idea and he's been wanting it for a while now I think and then Mondo is kind of awesome posters those guys do the illustrations for the most hideous to draw the poster you can't talk so when you see the finished product Bernie had an idea of what was his idea like how much work did you have to do in order to finesse that idea into like a finished product that comes out he literally just said zombie podcast poster and that was it at all obviously John help me but why did you choose to make a Bernie and Gus so big and then sell any weapons you can come here I guess we have 300 available to purchase online and then they'll be another hundred at RTX this summer can I get 114 this 14 extra cast live a little bit of a reward a little bit of an insect no man this is pretty awesome I like this one I don't like it or if it got scrapped but you were working on like something else that you were drawing me on it and you asked me to take a picture of me going like this yeah it was personal I don't know if it's coming out at you all love the art Department of who makes a merchant I shall move to a new office fairly recently and I walked in there I think for the first time today since y'all have been said settled in there and there's so much cool shit on all of the walls it like so many cool ideas and news new merchandise I see coming out it's really really exciting definitely 400 of them but 300 in our store and then hundred if I was looking on that I was thinking if I had to do that from scratch with that I do it in my lifetime if I have to study and learn techniques for like 50 is could I then do that probably with enough practice can you learn to be good I mean subject matters in different techniques in like after a couple years I think that's fully be able to contest until I feel like like seeing I could I don't think any amount of practice for this the way you sound I know but that's an innate ability like I know but I'm saying I don't have blue eyes is a goose a lot physically that goes in her I like the way the air goes through your nose or going to be like do you want to know the rap battle came out today the achievement hunter yeah that was really awesome but quite surprised but I'm wrapping because he gave us a clip of him singing everyone's lines and then we could just go along on top of it listening to it pretty easy to the matching rap battles kind of the same way he lays down the track you put on the headphones and just kind of listen Beth and then grapple onto it it was fun I definitely did want to do it but I'm glad you convinced me did you see also recovered or you talking about the old Studio it wasn't that we blew a breaker it's that the electricity was installed wrong in that building and the fuse box outside of the building in that ain't exploded there was another one as well I was also at the annex I think yeah yeah we got rained out we had power issues that generator it's happened 3 times already if we plug everything into one of those Petro generators how long can we do the Buckeyes long as you keep the petrol talked off their head there probably is a limit how much power can help put right yeah we don't need that much I mean it's a lot of lights yeah but they're also live streaming to the internet would you get a generator we can totally make it happen they power like data centers tons of huge generator Tesla batteries all over the place puts on the roof we can store Impala to Lost like 10 minutes I'm so excited I'm so excited about it looks really scary it does Patrick that's outside right now will get like a thunder Mike really bad this is going to be great for it yeah I'm super excited about the test I should have I wanted to alright yeah maybe I could just do it now finally supposed to announce like all the final details in July so we're like a month to wait and I'm not committed to it right I put it down County if I cancel it I get it back maybe I'll do that I've already started to see you like all the spy photos like people are finally starting to see them like on streets and I'm test track so like everyday I go to YouTube and look for new model 3 videos it's always like some shaky video where a guy through a chain-link fence you see the car on a track the model S is there nicer version and I'm all for a long time I was thinking about it the other day like I don't really care about other people's cause everytime I see a Prius I look to see if it's you and I always look sing a super common but there's like a 99% have to pay for like tolls in California get its electric and I think that you get like a discount on your vehicle registration I think that a lot of financial incentives to use hybrid and electric vehicles extras can you add to this new Tesla next month but the photos I've seen the dashboard doesn't have like the speedometer instrument cluster in front of the driver like that's just not there there's nothing all they have is the tablet in the middle like the Like the Model S they said that there's going to be no instrument cluster in front of the driver which doesn't mean anything you don't drive but it's weird for those you can do Drive autonomy in the car is going to be so high that you don't need and what he said was when you're in a taxi how often do you look at the speedometer and I know that's why I sometimes I do if they're going real fast and I'm like I don't feel safe how fast are they going that's what I look did you look at the inside of a king like feel the wind blowing across that you can sense it when I'm driving down the highway and my heart always starts racing I like that because I'm shorten reality I would think it would be the second one actually business so genuine I took him to it he found a car you wanted to get but it was in Houston and they're out of cars in Austin yeah I guess and I was going to Galveston for a weekend Memorial Day weekend to visit my sister and me off at this dealership a bubble on my gum in the morning on a Saturday so I was like okay fine stop he shows up on my underwear and he's like let's go let's go let's go drive to drop them off in the M IQ test drive it like driving to cost me like 30 minutes later I don't think I'm going to get it honey I need you to come back he won't come down so Mike okay alright I'm coming back for you so I can go pick him up and then it's like 15 minutes down he's like he calls back actually you know what I'm at Subway right now and then and it's all my okay cool I turn around and I'm driving back and then 20 minutes later he's like so I tried to get it but I couldn't get to my bank was closed so I drive back I pick him up and drive him to the bus station and you take the bus back can I go to Galveston and then he comes back the next day in a bus whenever is banks open and gets it okay because he had a different salesman the second day you got a cheaper price because he got like a thousand it's like a old like a used Porsche a new one and I sat down next to you and Erin Leigh what's up guys and as I go congratulations on your car cuz I saw you treated like you said about the $2,000 like what you get because I got a Toyota Camry okay you can add to Houston for those cars over there on the police car that he used to have I think he's sold that to RoosterTeeth said I think he just going to park it like it's done that forever waste in the world from people holding on to stuff that they're trying to sell this clearly like people who want to buy those cars but it always know about them and he's to be like a much more efficient be consistent for one as I don't need this is anymore take it whole world there is a brief. Of time where I told you that I wanted to rent your house because you were not running it to anyone so even if I rented it for like 50 bucks a month you still be any cake remember I always try to sell it I'd have to be like get sold or feel them never sell them what is this supposed to do with me accidentally to Houston to buy a car like I don't know like that that this that just sounds like setting up for something wrong for something bad to happen like I've never done anything wrong that car the cars always been finding me but what if like I sold it to them and the immediately breaks the car's fucked up you take it back they wear a mask of your face and do it I pull a bank job with that could do that I really elaborate the man you could totally do that though if you had like it's like skin grafting effects makeup in like Majors could totally pick up a client on some friend do you like borrow their cars other ways to identify the person what was wearing like a turtleneck and black gloves and Augustus face alright and you're waiting like a spitting a bank I'm not spitting on I got to go to the name in it but I am I spitting to be collected a minute there's I could have gone into the bank myself earlier that day that's the cover you as Chris going first gas in the night every werewolf cat sneezing in I sold I had a little truck that I sold I don't owe you a couple years ago and are you here around Austin there's a toll roads and so I sold the truck to some random person off Craigslist and then like fucking 3 months later I started getting goddamn toll bills asshole never filed a registration he never updated it to the fact that he bought it it's files highlights one-off is there no way for you to file the fact that like you don't own the car you can fill out but I just never thought about it so start getting all these bills really like it's a whole house paint the toys like 20 bucks you fill it out and look like a landline anymore for this truck whatever site playing time but yeah it's because and you would know this if you got a license but if you try to get a license on a work visa it's only valid for the amount of time your work these eyes license to last to the end of the year proof of legal status in the country are they like why do they do it that way because like Technically when I have to work visa I was only legal to be in the United States and work in the United States and live here until December of 2017 so they couldn't or legal driver's license is proof of citizenship driver's licenses are state agencies I've needed my social security for bunch of shit phone now that's different like your credit check credit thing well regardless it expired when my work is I started so it's like in Big Red Letters so it always seems like it's like expire or something I see certain stage 1B and that's what it was said that he would like some clothes too my car should be so clean but it's never a queen like whenever it gets rained on it's not dirty water that is in my car on my car what is the dust in rain true there's this you know like when a raindrop false inevitably it dries Dusty like at the dries and leaves behind like a residue does an air is not clean. 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So you don't have to lie down in the showroom save an additional $50 for the mattress by going to casper.com / RT entering promo code RT that's kasper.com RT promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada big thank you for making such a good mattress last night and still comfortable cuz I was washing my sheets and such a whole new set of sheets just between two sets I have a question do you think that if enough people think you're wrong about something are you just wrong about it his example okay so I tweeted I was transferring the letter files like move like twelve terabyte sucks I'm limited to gigabit speeds and 113 megabytes 2nd and Everett was like a megabit speed on you mean by or like right right and it's like 90% of the replies with that I mean almost everyone thinks I'm wrong I might as well be wrong I might as well but you're not the difference is different which means that my gigabit is that you got Nate so that in megabytes a lot of people are commonly wrong about like one of the things is the you and I vs. you and me arguing like it's different depending on what time is it in and there's a lot of people who are very adamant like know if you and I just felt like people think I'm raw apple developer conference today but they did announce a new iMac Pro the world is officially ended and I Mac Pro iMac was there consumer line Mac Pro is there Pro-Line not an iMac Pro do they think that that's what in the word Pro next to it is just like this is better and you'll support but it's still like why are you making the iMac Pro 3 macro no garbage so like add the ports back on there or something but the trash can for the Mac Pro was a mistake and they're going to fix it but it would take the time to be starting about this was you talking about gigabit the iMac Pro it just feels wrong saying I'm sorry the iMac Pro was going to have 10 gigabit Ethernet bill in built into it cuz I was looking at 10 gig ethernet adapters that you can do have a thunderbolt and then like 600 bucks I have 10 you but you said between different pieces of Hardware but none of it is between computers dislike my computer to a phantom or something so that's why I thought about like when I saw they had a 10 gigabit was like the first thing I thought it was like yeah I would love that I need like 10 gigabit switch and lit out of my house is like cat support I feel like if I have a switch that supports that I can just plug everything into the Y for video on that thanks so much for 29 year-old I spent a lot of time when I mainly just lounging around on it but dad's been around we just been bouncing around when I left but there is there is a slightly there's a slightly annoying thing is that I don't have a lawn mower so I just paid some loan people to come to come over two weeks that's like 25 bucks but I never know what day that coming and I always want to move the trampoline because they don't go under it so I have like a circle timer sound like a tool Circle across so I need to keep moving my trampoline around otherwise my grow up into it it's already pretty late halfway up the trampoline arena shortening for me so I know when we take the Memorial Day podcast don't like the pressure in my ears and that you were going to make it or not because you were worried about whether or not the day we were filming was going to be sunny so you can fill them and it turned out like that was the one sunny day I felt like you're the only film so often would have been fucking miserable weather like this for the point in my life where I definitely have control over love things like I don't really have to do anything I don't really Kevin buy anything I don't want to do need sunlight so I really don't know what I'm doing until I can see the weather thanks Barbara Bunce to guess Judy and big lights everything involved in doing that is very expensive I would put me dinner that's been a lot before I made up an apartment for the first time I don't know how long I've been a few years I went to a bunch of garage sales this weekend and I think some people don't understand what it takes to make a garage sale like I just looked on Craigslist as I'm going to find garage sales in Austin I'm going to go to him so full up some dude would like a blanket on his yard with like three things inside them to just been sold since what were the three items the one I'm thinking it was there's a $20,000 pyramid board game from 1974 it was a Catholicism for dummies book and what was the other thing it was a thought it was on microscope play something that you're trying to get hold of you never know what you're going to find like we used to do the drunk Gamers website you know before RoosterTeeth we had Jeff and I had to call him every week we would go to garage sales just to see if we can find see if we can find any video game stuff vintage things shopping I don't know what for I think it's as a kid I always like going to garage sale cuz it'd be a way to get like cheap toys and commits my mom to buy me toys could be so cheap like it to like when I was younger like I knew I can find cheap stuff and I could get it I know my mom will buy me this thing cuz it's it's $0.25 or it's like when you're a kid that's like that's all the money you have like I got yeah it was the VHS is in Super Nintendo games I had as a kid second hand all of my games had other people saves on it I didn't realize when I played Link to the Past I didn't realize that where I was dying from was in the beginning of the day I was like I have all this stuff I had left off the shit again for some reason it was pretty good game I felt like who used to do the garage sale article for drunk Gamers I feel like we could go to garage sales that we would see video games at every sale like a notably like every sale there was something you know even if it like an old NES cartridge or something when I went this past Saturday I thought I really didn't see anything it was like there really was not very much video game stuff I wonder now if the resale Market is so you act like people to take it to like GameStop or garage sale because I wanted to just watch people look through my stuff and like there should be in your living room by the T-shirt I would spend a lot of money on this teaser what is the most I wouldn't sell my underwear no cuz I know some people are into that and we're about like if you don't know it did it's not like God was it on this podcast I told the story about their girl a girl that they knew who worked at a grocery store and a guy approached her about buying her socks one of you found someone who you know and the audience probably knows who I'm talking about but there's a girl that was friends with this guy who are to the grocery store and there's a guy like a customer that came in and told her that he'd pay her $100 for her sweaty work socks and she did it she wanted to the bad if anyone wants to buy my sweaty socks fifty bucks to do that some people of interesting tastes are into so like that I don't know if you guys have watch the Orange is the New Black Zumba first season and basically this whole plotline Word season where they'd sell their underwear like used underwear do they want the special the smell on the crust after I went to all those garage sales on on the weekend I went to the Goodwill that there's like his Goodwill Boutique store as I like those drive cuz I was in the neighborhood looking for dresses I've never seen that word what's in there so I walked it was just like a normal Goodwill I don't know how to pratik on its to give people did but it wasn't walking around they had a section where there was underwear for sale and there's like I look outside I can't believe it's only under here and there were like thongs thermal underwear that gets up in there cuz like that they should not be allowed to sell the hell could remove the deep-seated I bet if I washed the pair of underwear I'm wearing right now. Going up your vagina and ass crack it's like a pair of shorts for you guys like yeah your butt hole in your balls are touching it but like what about them talking about dried women fluid yes that would create probably a crusty thing on underwear that's left on wash for however long it would take to get to these men someone on Twitter portable underscore HEB is selling you should sell your sweaty socks on sale for charity at extra lock 27 know that I feel that I feel like that's like me the best I can come up with what is interested in that Noble crust why wash my underwear frequently enough to it doesnt sit there dirty for like days the time you leave it washed wash tickets place to happen if I took my butt my butt stuff now watch them tonight it would they would come out the exact same as my watch them a month from now congratulate dirty when you wash it it still watching play soccer in you go get smell that's like soaked into a fabric the brace like it like pits sweater or smell or like whatever it is vagina smell but like maybe if it can work like there's two can chemically maybe transform it and I like even something different will I get you spray stuff on it now smells like strawberries or anything in your underwear is bad for your vag I thought you would what about not putting anything besides soap and very like what point is it dangerous to leave a penis in a vagina do I bet they went for like a day what is that amount and then it would soften that would be can you have to take it out what point does it not become sex anymore you're inside a woman sex when your inner know why would you lose it because chili is hot because you're in yeah longest masturbation 10 hours world's strongest vagina lift 31 pounds with a hook and chain on there is it does not alleviate I thought that I thought there's no way I would say that it's crap well that's good to hear that's a joke world's largest penis vagina 19in has that record of the largest penis Jonah Falcon an American actor and writer is he single by the San Francisco Airport do the world's largest additional screening and I bet it was released but that would he would just fallen out every time I'm not with the world's largest 1919 never be satisfied with the penis and I guess the man she married was also over seven feet tall history lb and 34 inches in length best track only tractor Buddies the four steps and belts Eva you're going well Barbara huge nothing wrong with surprising I always think about that whenever I like I'm in a crowd out in public I look at all of the people I see you people are fucking amazing it's amazing to see like the variety in people like do the heights the weights the waiver one looks like video games I think about like character generator so when your neck starting up a new game like how long would it take to make all of these different people everyone has been those part two eyes a nose Emmaus I like a round shaped face but the slight differences and each one make like you could identify a person based off their face it like instantly but like you both have noses but I don't know it's like a slight distinctions in each phase will the exit I didn't think I could look more different to you I got a big nose too but I feel like I have big noses in different ways different people I don't know it like a nose could only be so big or so small but yet There's 7 billion people in the world and everyone looks different things I have those things I saw this video where they these people find their like real life twins should upload your photo and it scans it and find someone else you just go you go find out where they are and then just like rob steal their car Rob something go away is water like sleeping or something like that I'll play anything and he was like I don't know if that's me I wasn't wasn't it just some run that post Sports tournament and it was a girl who got off the bus and a friend of mine saw her and thought it was me and Mike went to go talk to her and I saw this girl later and there's a moment of my head where I was like is that snow is it my sister is it Natalie me get yeah but I don't you should look her up and I will look her up hey if you are at the school on this date so you could maybe maybe she's on that website Chris was talking about and maybe you still look the same but you definitely saw her I saw me you think right now she's like looking for podcast on YouTube because I remember being on that this one of mine doing this over Steve podcast is also brought to you by movement watches I can see the watch I sent me great Sleek stylish you got tons of compliments this is really cool all black movie started by two broke college kids I wanted to wear stylish watches but couldn't afford them so they started their own watch company watches start at just $95 at a department store you looking at 400 to 500 bucks move it figured out there by selling online with cut-out middleman and Retail mark-up providing the best possible price for classic design quality construction and styled minimalism get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns be going to mvmtwatches.com Rooster that's mvmtwatches.com rooster Moon watches make great gifts we're celebrating a grad or your dad Father's Day is coming up move into the perc place to shop go to mvmtwatches.com Rooster stuff that last one it's right there join the movement that you shouldn't have a bath when it's storming I've often wondered about that like when I'm taking a shower and it's stormy like could lightning strike and be conducted through the water and it electrocute me in the shower during lightning hit on like there somewhere on their house that was like next to the pie thing or something and they got electrocuted in the shower during a lightning bolt strikes on your home's water pipes and electrifies your bathroom give me hits drywall and come right through or thru your window two glasses lightning man who knows fighting it I don't know or could also hit like an exterior water spigot I was still pipes I would like ground but it just goes to the Earth that's why I let racal wise go to him too I mean lightning strikes into the ground Ryan Ochoa the what was going to be in the trumpets anyway it's going to be like One Long Wharf stream yeah but also just kind of like discharge everywhere but there's not water running I guess if you're running the water at that moment in the bath as in like if it just came up the drain crystal is coming to pipes coming out the top anyway, it's the time of the Ring right PVC recipe DC I think there are yeah she's like yes again who knows maybe it's an old thing maybe like an old house my old house had metal pipes yeah but my old house had copper pipes on the inside and then the sewer line that ran out was iron wrapped in concrete old has the fun oh houses in are not fun old houses fucking suck I had like Alimentum wiring Ida tooth is all full of shit now I thought having an old house when I bought my old house I have an old house and then like working on it and learn about houses would be fun it was it was not a full-time One Day by just a shithouse house flip people do I think I'm the other day it was going to replace a fan and a half way through and now we just have like nothing because you gave up on instant yeah I mean I'll go back to it but for that day I need to use heavy dude I like doing stuff myself but I will always hire someone if I might die doing it nothing to die doing it like mowing the lawn I have a room I have a room at the lawn mower I have a small room my house I dedicated to VR rats like it's like really empty and I can go around and do whatever I want to be are there but the feeling was kind of low and had a ceiling fan in there so I thought okay I'm just going to remove that see when you found out I don't accidentally hit it with my hand you know and when I'm not when I can't see it so I can just have to unscrew a few wires right like a couple of hours yeah I'm doing how's the fuck is this thing suspended and it got to the point where I got so frustrated I just got like my Snips and I cut every wire Problem song you know what I did I was trying to replace it I was trying to fix the fan first before I replaced it and then it certain point I was like trying to fix it ended up on doing it and then it like it disconnected it but it's still a fan connected by wires and then so so then it's let it you just get a new lamp or cuz it's a fan you know it's like got lights on it as long as it still operates like a fan though yeah but I don't know what you know I knew if I come back in time maybe but I've already done it Barb is already notified that it fell and I was like left holding it but it still connected by wire but I couldn't put it back up because it was too heavy I couldn't like get the wires to shove in it send it just like slowly setting it down it was dangling by wires for like a couple hours loud yeah I don't mess around with electrical shit I built I don't like every piece of furniture in my apartment but that's it I found my own light curtain rods and everything like that but I know at least I was doing good so it's not like I just cut it ain't like tie them all together and liquor what's up with you to be so easy 3 hours later like when did I start doing that living in apartment is whenever you have any issue whether it be technical or like something's broken before you say anything what are the problems you know how often couple of years of use the sea gets like Lopez and gift side to side on one of my wayward touch the back of the gummy toys or just wash it and then touch it like it put some gloves on wash it in your dishwasher no seriously it's just those two knots on the back of some tightness that's it the day was the alert for power for that so luckily the place I'm in has a outlet like right next to the toilet yeah but it was it was on the other side of the counter we plug-in hair dryers and things like that so I had to get like an extension cord and like just run it along the floor and backup did not look pretty so use it with all the times you like that was definitely your dryer so you just like sit there and like to sleep we never usually Gavin in Japan well if you want to come over cuz I've used it what about the the water squirts up hit your butthole and then cleaned it with up poop then that poop water falls back down onto the thing that squirting water up when I sing in the toilet is so this way oh so it's like a diagonal that's Martin still Chris even if it was going straight up the actual hole that's coming out is going to be so tiny that the chances of a speck of Pooh landing on that and getting stuck there ready to spray up again it would never happen it's possible but here's the deal here's the deal with it if it was my if it was just mine I was only one is using it but if it's someone else's and someone else suspected poo shot help my but that's going to I would never yeah and that's why I'm a get the same amount of poop from other people in your butt just from using the toilet because of the feet cool before you sit down the toilet in it and you have to use it so when you got to take a dump you walk into the stall before you sit down to take a poop you flush it there's anything in the toilet anything at all if there's like toilet paper or something it looks like someone's used to it then yeah I'm going to flush it what if it's perfectly clear water with one square toilet paper in it I probably going to flush it cuz I'm the nervous that what if someone like I don't know what if there's something that would have like a secret. It's underneath it's more stuff in it does it's going to go like if you'd like you poops in the splashes and I don't know does that happen like normally like a splash I mean it can happen a sap oozing flash on your balls or what does it slash on anything who knows what happened it's not know I always flush I just watch for how many times you flush on a typical poop you just once I usually do twice after I after I poop I flush it as a courtesy flush and then I wipe because usually I'm in a situation right now and I like spend time with the shit stinking up the room or anything like that person's problem it helps flush it creates more stuff in the toilet so it's like you more likely to do that I got you man I quiet how big you think the poops are from that 7 foot 8 woman vagina 1618 in oh yeah I forgot about that picture people were mad at me for sending people you put it in the group selection people expected it but I guess there's people in that channel who aren't here oh I didn't realize that there were other people who work here who need to keep tabs on on that check should have that like reveal feature and send something blood and then everyone would click this I feel like I warned everyone here before I sent it and then I sent it to me you don't want I want to see it this point it's pretty free about it man I know I don't know why talk about this so much but I got my haircut earlier today I feel like for the first time in a long time they listen to me and didn't put shit in my hair did you go to any place no don't put anything in my hair and then they like what the fuck did I just say that like I said don't put anything in my number happy because products is just anything where is when he said don't put any stuff in my hair people think you mean like gel or hairspray or something to keep it a certain way you should just say you're allergic to your hair like filthy fucking animal don't wash my hair don't put any product in my hair just cut it in then get the fuck out of here the stuff stuff to make it stay there because otherwise I guess that look good for the Kia I don't care I'm fine with whatever we had that I felt kind of awkward that big company-wide meeting and like the very start of the meeting they showed that short that we made for like a sale for the Memorial Day sale said it was weird like I didn't know they were going to show that you can actually watch the final version until then and I was laughing out loud at stuff I was doing on the screen like the biggest asshole laughing at myself in my own performance but if you're going to make like a the commercial for OnStar that's the way to go to entertain get felt like they were some performance things that they cut out in the this most recent one like when I was a bad boy mopping up I kept like turning around and showed my ass to camera tonight in there Ripple post depends on who's available on who's on projects I'm not really sure who edited that particular one like that shoot went really fast yeah what can be the two camera so it's like when you do to camera worry no going back and forth yeah yeah yeah it was good like I felt like in the past you know when we were down at 636 East always bitched about anything we'd have to know something like that be like 2 days of shooting but this one was this one was really really fast it's also it's easier whenever we're not doing everything you know it's like oh yeah hold up let me set the camera while I also act in it while we run the same time listen to Congress that went pretty fast Into the Night camera shop but we went late into that night remember I was getting so pissed off so I just wanted to go home feeding him getting pissed off and go home that trunk RvB read that you guys did it was teased in burnie's logging out with in life we have a problem is it's right where one of us in this one I interview my drunk self so it's me sober talking to drunk me and they're cut where it looks like we're having a conversation I'm glad we finally did it cuz bunnies been talking about doing that for like 3 or 4 years they're going to see how everyone's a different type of drunk making computer one computer and I did it like I didn't really friendly manner like in a friendly manner I kicked it it was just doubt it was that sauce and I'm very I'm very Huggy I'm very friendly I'm like a fun drunk I'm like not one of the people who like cries and fights you know I mean you'll see me drunk what am I like you but more like you are ready I think you have a lot of meanness and I think like every now and then it comes out but I think when you're drunk for me or like calling me at like it's just more easily just tripping you in the street and just you did it right before this it was on the one time I punched it while you were feeling me but I punched way too hard and I would not feel bad about it I feel like I feel like I don't see you drunk very often I don't get drunk who's thinking about that I mean maybe we'll find out one day maybe I'll do the series some point of my life I'd be scared cuz it's like I don't get drunk very often especially during like our shows like maybe during always open I get a little tipsy but like I don't know if I'd want to necessarily show that side of me on a production so initially they had asked me to do it and I said yes and then like when it came time to schedule it I backed out outside I'm still recovering from the cheesemaste until it's my favorite be like not every 5 years no no no that I felt so bad for so long it was when I woke up I didn't feel that bad and you know burning I came because that my car was still here and I came I took an Uber over here I got my car you know when burning actually ran into me we talked for a bit and I took my car back and was fine but then like as the day wore on I just got worse and worse that's why I would like I started I started throwing up in the afternoon and then didn't finish until like 7 p.m. that day it was it was real so the kids absolutely here let me read something else you trying to get Lee adds up before the power goes out here also brought a domain website turn on lights to make your next move with Squarespace award-winning designer templates in create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning template all-in-one platform nothing to install Patra upgrade ever first base is flexible for any kind of website is used by wide range of creative people musicians designers artist restaurants and more to make it simple and manager online store and inventory process orders print packing slips customized email Squarespace powerful marketing tools then sure the search engines can find your store online provide real-time analytics to help you gain insights on my Uconnect with your customers on Facebook Twitter and more turkey free trial today of course page.com RoosterTeeth enter code recipes to get 10% off your first purchase if you wanted to build Chris's sweaty socks.com do it right there 5 minutes space domain and you can you can manage all your customers house jacking off into your socks sold out will I get it only if you're the first 100 people Chris I know is really bad really bad but with a public restroom in Sydney let me recreate what I've seen while you are on I've seen worse I want less than that I've seen worse I went the rest is before you Tobe story resume it on that photo it cracked the seat after I was at a bar and a bunch of friends out drinking and I go into this toilet and it's like it looks like it's just like it someone vomited shit all over the toilet call Rachel I walked away from that and then we're drinking later and plan to my my friend and he's like man I destroyed was like what like yeah man I was because he was drunk he's like the toilet seat was really gross and I just had to go it was coming out so I didn't want to wipe it off so I just kind of like squatted and like Let it Loose he likes shotgun blast so I didn't even sit on it he just like bent over and just are you still friends with this guy I'll tell you who it is bummer whisper it and that guy's name is Marshall rimmer still that is pretty it was pretty bad I felt like it was a wake-up call like when I was younger and when I first turn I guess when I first moved to Austin I like started going out to bars downtown and I came from a small town but I didn't know what big city ships look like who was like a high opening to see how people destroy bathrooms in downtown Austin I hate it anytime I have to go to the bathroom at Emo's when they were down there like a on Red River between 6 and 7 I really gotta piss like even just pissing it was like oh no okay I'm going to have to go do it like I can always stinks so bad everything so filthy other people's poop is awful the fastest way the someone someone who's done the worst poop ever drove a story of a British Airways flight to turn around the same though it's not as bad as of the people I don't know you know when yours is worse than normal right like sometimes I like well that was that was ranked so is there anything in the weeds here with the fucking toilet talk is there anything worse than asparagus pea asparagus and some people don't smell it's like such a fucking foul smell and feel like it happens so quickly after you dispara guess I don't know how old that happens that it goes to your body that quickly sour smell recently took a piss off yeah the info is in the Piston at one time I went to I was out day long meetings somewhere and since the meetings were day long at catered lunch was provided but was provided and one of the size of the catered lunch was asparagus as like okay fine whatever I'll eat asparagus good food then before we restarted afternoon meetings as I got out I should go take a piss because I don't want to have to get up and interrupt these meetings for this afternoon so walk you to the men's room open the door walked up to urinal the previous person had not flushed and it already wreaked of asparagus like they was just filled with asparagus stench of desks fucking disgusting to be real dumb question and I'm pregnant a lot of shit for this you have to flush a urinal drain that you just in the older style ones like this Lil Bit of water there in Scotland I think I see nothing but I think they do that so that like this if it was just an open hole then all the smell will come back up guess the water keeps all that smell away well thanks for letting me know I don't know because your pee doesn't like stick to you know but this does an area under your legs where if you don't survive like done shower I'll hear the beginning of my shower go to the bathroom in the shower no but you know you're at the closer the toilet being in a shower that's already smells like the toilet and I know the drain to have piss in it and eating a pissy smell up do you know how I'm going to wash up your body and how gross you deep down in your shower drain before we get to Kristin Storey Patrick is telling me that asparagus has the same acid that's found in skunk spray put it in your camera then also it's a good time to let everyone know that Sally Le page is grieving June 26th so we can ask her maybe some of these clothes I want to know Sally LePage pees in the shower we brought you down here for a specific so and it's someone that you all know who you guys for that maybe I will after this is an early time in their life when they recently gone away from home had their own place or college apartment type thing and they had a girl like staying with them for the first time and they do I go to the bathroom to take a number 2 while the girl was staying in Psycho in a one-bedroom type thing and they went to the there like I'm going to go take a shower and in the shower and I was like well they're going to take a dump while they're in shower for whatever reason and I do not know why this person decided it would be better to take the dump in the shower I don't know why they look into the shower but poop and then I put it in the toilet or they took a dump in the shower no I don't think so took a dump in the shower and then shoved it down the drain like transfer it to the toilet I don't know what was the chief I don't know I think it's like avoiding the taking the dump in the toilet like having thus I don't know I don't this is not me to avoid here in the Pope's plops or maybe it's like they thought it would be like like a quicker experience or or like less conspicuous if it was in the shower I turned on the shower was so I wouldn't sound so this is so then they're shoving they're trying to shove them down the drain but the shower is just like making it a parting like a sauna it's just like shut like shit and then they have the scenario where it's like they can't get it all down the drain so they're just like and then finally they get it all down but then the bathroom smells worse so then they can't leave the bathroom because I know it's and it's and I have to wait in the bathroom for like an hour until his methods I know someone who had to take a shit when they're in the shower so they poop their own and they open the shower curtain put it into the toilet the old the old hand off but that would have made more sense then yes the name of that scenario is that never in my life do I want to feel the weight of my own shit you don't you don't you don't want would you want to know so years ago we talked about the idea behind shit stats would you ever be serious about that yeah but you have like a toilet seat that weighs you before and weighs you after so you know I like yeah it's too Hands-On to visceral cool off first warm and wet but it's just cool to the touch up on Reddit a couple days ago I think I saw it where the guy said too fucked up because he thought he was shiting blood but he realized that he had just eaten a beet salad for the first time in his life just like dying everything red say it's even gone to the doctor's schedule a colonoscopy you better something really wrong with him now if I it out there who like they're sick of the wrong with them and they say like I don't wanna go to the doctor like I don't want to know what's wrong with me cuz I've if it's something that's like seriously wrong it can be prevented and you spend more time knowing shutting like issues at one point he I don't actually know the whole story but like passed out went to the doctor and I saw that his lymph nodes are really swollen turns out he had lymphoma and eat it he beat cancer but like if you don't catch that earlier but if we better but I think on older II anything's wrong it's not I mean it's more like I don't want to be inconvenienced by this anymore like I want to go to the doctor figure out what it is and just be done with it extra annoying hey because it cost money but health insurance like usually if you go get an inspection it's like 25 bucks insurance is not that bad that's a big if something and then she was like your air is blocks let me clean it cost me like $90 cuz she's like score in mind at night I would have done that myself you were when that happened to me over that photo lake written it down same thing where the doctor tried to put liquid in my ear and it wouldn't come out he's like this is a reoccurring dream where I get stuff in my ear and I'm just like pulling things out of my ear never had that I've really fallen out there for me so I mean I think it's just like a weird dream I like something is in my ear and I'm like pulling it's just like do you get the satisfaction of it pump it out there maybe but it's like not never always more gross than sex I've ever had feel like there are like common recurring Dreams and Nightmares that people have like the ones that I hate are always like Teeth things I've never had a dream where I crack a tooth and then like I spit out a little piece and then almighty start cracking and then my mouth is just filled with like Teeth shards studies about dreams and when you lose your teeth or something involving it's like it means you've been thinking about something in your life or like a really to something you feel like you've lost control that is those are the worst to me life so a lot of times I stop breathing so the way that manifest itself is I'll be dreaming My Jewel be going normal and then all the sudden my dream I can't breathe and it's like I'm struggling and it's it's like a real thing works out you think it's real life and you just like I can't breathe I'm choking and there's nothing I can do about it and I wake up and I realize I haven't taking a breath in a long time it's like I'll take a huge breath and that's fucking awful I hate that really bad thing for our bodies to start doing my gosh not going to breathe sleep evolve to do that we're supposed to do that breathing is necessary for life touchdown always open last week but someone asked me to like don't you have any trouble breathing and it's like I don't know if I do cuz I've always had my tonsils just going to have to the big surgery and everything pawsitive for someone's like man look at her house would you be able to cook them does put it I guess is kind of cannibalism it is but it's like those which part of the human body would you eat for a million dollars none what about 10 million dollars can I say I like little tiniest little chicken wing Milt I can swallow it Like a Pill just maybe like I would eat your tonsils yes or your toe but okay so how much would you do that for like what is a shitload of money is it for like 10 grand need her tonsils and I don't know about that $10,000 I would not know I think I think you'd have to hit at least a hundred do I get out of this you no longer a big old you can breathe better maybe take me out for a nice dinner sure what is it looks like a bowl of Flesh round right round Telegram in my throat to you talking to what are you like it was talked about like tonsil fetishes are weird fetishes I remember I read as I love really weird AMA on Reddit and what time does ama from this woman who was a short of the brothel in Australia and someone was asking her like what's the weirdest fetish you'd ever encountered and she said that every now and then there was a guy who would show up and you never wanted to have sex he wanted her to pretend she was a dentist who was examining the teeth on his feet you like you didn't have teeth on his feet he just wanted her to pretend like she was doing a dental exam but I'm his teeth on his feet then the position makes sense playful tools Like A little sluggish she didn't elaborate on too much that but she said that he didn't masturbate or anything it just lay there and let her examine his feet do you think as like a call girl or prostitute that you'd be more like I don't have to have sex with this person I just have to like clean their Foster feet one of those I'd rather just have sex with this person I think I'd be good cuz it would like change things up a change up cuz it's pretty monotonous I see him into everyone I'm like yeah it's all work and yeah I can see that you're breaking the monotony of something different on the other hand you like man I got to entertain this guy for an hour we're not going to the bank for a couple of minutes and be done all of this time in character doing dog with Listerine I would totally watch a video with someone was doing that maybe a funny video to make people are weird shape which is why I'm sure there's someone who's into tonsils but one of them was talking about how searches for fidget Spinners on PornHub or like astronomically high like everyone's like everyone's so each and fidget Spinners now. Looking for fidget spinner porn so it's like when I read that like the second I read it I read like when they released us like I'm going to Pornhub I'm looking for fidget spinner right now it was like the try not to come challenge it was just someone using a fidget spinner like nothing sexual about it just like the only thing I could possibly think about that a fidget spinner could be useful and with pouring is that if you like had your like a woman had her legs open and use the fidget spinner to like Flickr clit and it was just like against your clitt weather there is an outfit it's been reported that is exactly what I saw this video where someone put a fidget spinner in a is like a food Facebook video and they're making food and they put a fidget spinner in a bowl on this boarded like hot chocolate sauce on and like squirted all over the place you know make it to pretty Lake chocolate spin like I don't know how you make pretty you could do something also something on if it's better make it squirt everywhere make a mess Schlemmer yeah I've had thousands of tweets but I kind of the other day and it was like a pop up tent on the side of the mall you said fidget spinner is $5 by the fuck I don't know I don't dislike it or any was like how the fuck is it that popular that there's like somebody went out what temp they printed a sign and they got a bunch of inventory and they're on the side of the street they didn't have a shop they sent all of this stuff up for $5 I think come back come back like what was your previous Incarnation you know his toys ages ago in or they just like brand new toy I can't remember I mean it isn't like a trademarked thing is anyone can make him right I know because I feel like nobody got super rich on fidget Spinners even though one person brought it like they've been trademarked at other yeah it's not their thing I don't know but I don't remember it being like a rehash or something different word like when I was a kid I used to play with my mom's salad spinner what does that that's like one of those things that it's like any pull it and it was like a wine wash like salad and you put it in the Silas Penny spin it gets all the war of it it's like a stranger if you put your lettuce in their attention spins all the water shoots on went out if you pull the lid off it would be spinning still so I can't throw Batman in the time kid what is just wiping off the exit not somebody I never been like I want my salad dryer I'm never with you don't wash it I guess I do I don't really like a lot of lettuce I don't think a lot to tell us are going to be back in now they'll take over the foot if it's pinning as they're all spending together that will spinning and the love it really dizzy and a couple of years so think you're ready for watching we'll see you guys next week if you watch it live right now on Monday stay tuned for cow chop TV bi