#434 - Anatomy of the Butt

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss medical emergencies on flights, how to shower, food delivery, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 19, 2017, sponsored by Maltesers (http://bit.ly/2rxjbDQ), Wag! (http://bit.ly/2sBlqdk), World of Tanks (http://bit.ly/2rzydsV)

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Recorded: 2017-06-20 22:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

what can you receive podcast for Bernie was dabbing a second ago this week brought you by malteser threat and world of tanks tanks you a dabbing that we got a piece of a fan art in the mail I was wondering what that was the patron saint of podcasting controls are inverted front Square on that artist man who knows he wants a rest that paper for something else I think I saw her no longer over there so maybe he sent him one tangle what about this making fun of Hunter I want that shit I don't want I guess you got on it they are ruining RoosterTeeth why did you for like 4 years what is wrecked their offices boxes on open boxes and just like you want one pick one time before they go through the wall and worthwhile thing that you receive what is your favorite got me parsley you personally I hate you say that something what would you think yeah but you're out your lives with hole in roof shuffle through it up on the roof in the hole in the roof when you stepped on it yeah do it I was just filming it that's doing it that's the same fucking ever doing it I was just telling me talking GPS I'm going to piss on a couch chewing on your balls across your couch plastic bat Miss tiny little hole in the ceiling why turns out that room just hits it cool y'all have the weirdest ways to occupy your time the ceiling has a bunch of dents in it to from Jack but we are we are scheduled to try to film a Battlegrounds let's play tomorrow epocas let's play should work I'm going to Tweet out the server in the morning tomorrow probably play around 2 p.m. Austin time to 2:30 and then I'll tweet the password once the server's up it's fun we did this during the E3 live streams with a lot of fun yeah they're really cool part about it is the custom server it allows you to go to spectator mode can't do man I had a fucking great run last night I was going to save it until we play with disabled on my computer you can hit a button record like the last up to 20 minutes of your gameplay what you first but you only place I prefer to play solo with Blaine every now and then but I feel like I always end up choking me like I'm actually much better than that like for this is like that mean it's like there's a hundred people in the game you might finish the game even came in first place to make it like three kills because everyone's killing each other the entire time yeah and like somebody kills get all the way to shoot one kill they win the Lost God they were they were two teams left two teams of two Ron Jeremy are one team and they're up against a team that bald head both guys alive still the very end both so Ryan I think shot a Dude down them he went behind the rock I think he yelled does a dude behind the rock is he down here by the rain goes around the rock this way he's not left side and the guy dies as he does that and as he watches the guy died then his buddy shoots him and downs Ryan the Jeremy comes her to sit around cuz I promise and kills Ryan and then the guy cheats jerk mean hahaha it's like I said that is like the people fucking Panic people I thought you wanted to show down I thought you want to show the bar that's why I left you just better at that game that I used to be under pressure now I'm way that I got to know how we was travel together and you hate it and it's terrible for you and I had a great time we should see how far we both get in that game let me say something what you hit your account I had bad luck traveling somebody else now and it's not a good person that bad luck traveling with Uconnect though she she has in it she has a checked bag that's immature I check baggage is too much time yeah tell her to ship it I'll do the whole thing where I take her somewhere and get her a fucking real soon start a feeling that she missed ya she meant that she missed her flights like listen we're two people working on this we should meet missing points let's just let's just you know it's like I said whenever we do things like slash job titles like on the writer slash director so she runs the store / social media manager back in the early day do we worked our ass I'll try to get all that stuff done we didn't do a great job at like reaching the potential of any one of those positions until we hired other people in like specialized and what we were doing but at the same time we didn't phenomenally fuck anything up so what happens is it's really frustrating and has been for years is when we hire someone to do a very specific job in a melee gets worse and you would think we need to get better but it doesn't get worse and then we recover from that and it gets better they have to learn all the baggage that goes along with it things Barbara unbelievably on we had a we had a social media crisis you and I had nothing to do with RTX this year I did not attend a single planning meeting then do not want anything for the Celtics like 18 months ago if it was before the last show different ball with the fucking thing as of this last time to do that either anymore because your last trip it's weird that like gut-wrenching stomach sinking feeling right now and I'm not a good morning I'm driving to work now is less than 3 weeks away isn't going to be fun what III later this week Dave and I are going to call so that you're not going now I'm gone and then like basically the week after I'm actually taking a week off with the kids and then I just don't know what is for this point for me I don't know why do you know what do you go for Gavin would come where they keep like unintentionally insulting you which I totally get that you would be insulted by these things like they just like well we Fleet a bit, but you don't need a hotel room so open the door down was naked on the bed I was like no but you should I open the door and the light Shone on to it Gavin frees anatomy of the butt because you say so many different things I want to go to the full anatomy of a butt okay cheek to cheek to cheek to cheek sweat trench go ahead and then spread to see the anus cuz they anus is this here old and like this probably where it has nobody wants to see someone that heinous like a bum is funny as soon as I ain't is on display it's not funny anymore so that's your anus is what your poop comes out you're really specific though and your descriptions of things are you say asshole in sometimes you say Enos are the same thing I've never seen someone says in my own what what what what is inside your butt play why I don't know that I have never seen my own up look at things in the mirror on the floor and then never Barbara nope never done it that's just you to me why it's important to inspect your genitals that was a go on moments you got to like if you want to use guys obviously can see everything that I want to see like the unit on this Venture just be me wanting to see my butthole to me my set out to your butthole that was incidental butthole there like an inch apart play with me I can imagine how the mental conversation would go don't to come on butt skip mirror it's kind of weird right now not doing it looks like the elephant in the room it's definitely going to be it's going to be messy look at it look at it and I don't mention it would be fine not often do you think about your image more than any person would I see a dude's butthole went when the girls who suck their fingers in your butt during sex he said they been some glad they just like they don't have gas so the other side if you can reach around from the back to your ex to what so you have someone behind you to watch what I want on your surprise when they get something to go and specific to front to back or can you be by now why would anybody specifically back to front you do specifically reaching around words you are reaching around but it is not a reach-around deadly Kitty misses the butthole rectum is the inside what's the who sing your butthole alright that Sally will be here next week after doesn't she won't be able to answer the fact of what who was butthole or who is Seton Gavin's but we should clarify that Sally the biologist not a girl who likes butt stuff okay I like that subject and go somewhere else for voicemail answer the question your butthole butthole like actually likes any of them saw them that's why I haven't seen anyone's butt hole because I never when I'm with a guy I like spread them okay why I can't see with a mirror Otis from like business light behind business find business so there was a medical emergency on my flight coming back from III initially my flight was going to be LAX to Austin flight and I was going to last until like close to 10 p.m. so I rescheduled I found it but I found LAX to San Francisco San Francisco to Austin art get back like 5 hours earlier so are we booked it that morning flew LAX to San Francisco I was really hungry but there's none like A5 minute time I had to connect set off the plane run real fast get to my other day got on the plane take off and then right around the time we're back near LAX they're just trying to pull the food carts out some of the back of the plane starts screaming medical assistance medical assistant assistance does Landon like a passenger in the aisle what's it like at 5:10 to put all the car toy run rushes back there let me start doing the thing with like is there a doctor on the plane anyone in the medical field nobody click that information when you buy your ticket can you put your occupation when you don't have dr. machine there was multiple doctors on board and everyone on the plane just like there is really creepy everyone's head just like turning around at the same time I look back now I don't want to go back there I don't do anything set my seat what were they took I could even see if it was a man or woman or what but they took that person out from the row and like laid them out in the galley of the back of the plane and they were like laying down the whole flight there was no medical personnel that I saw at the gate in Austin waiting for us that is most of the medical emergencies that I've run into him play that's been the case were you on the plane with me why I was not on that plane with make music been a little emergency and I couldn't bring the card out and y'all still going to be food there ran out how to get to the rest of the food because the person's laying down so I have to wait till I got back. I didn't eat till like you must like after 5 p.m. that day it was so I got it I had a little stroopwafel in the morning on my first flight was really good we were leaving my place in La after III and our flight was that you that Matthew the backwards mathwords okay my flight at 8:30 and he's going to be there at 7:30 you can change at 6:30 to wake up at 5 in the back where you are yeah so it was fine we were totally fine the problem was we just didn't communicate very well I don't think I communicated to her that I had a rental car and that we going to be another state in the process which in La can be kind of rough and she didn't communicate to me that she had a check back shed turn back so we made it there like tight on her check back and also tight for the rental car but because we did run car she couldn't check her back like 3 weeks but I didn't say on ditch them see you later I thought you were right behind me you would just slow many feet when you got on the plane and they close the door before burning security I had a rental car all through I know it how you can get an insult I'm bi Canadian Barbara's Canadian can I get it no it's I think it's a residency the number for my battery was dead so I call the rental place on my key batteries dead in this car I think it will send someone to jump it I said just so you know I'm in an underground garage okay that's fine to worry about it okay guy shows up to jump the car big regular size tow truck he looked into the garage like I know if I get down there by the time you got to the level I was on it was like 2 inches of space ghastly tween his lights and like the lowest pipes and I every time we would get to him you'd like get out and look and like the slow leak for you like okay we made it we made it don't trust anymore I'm have to get up early for my flight return it right now so I went return my car and then I had to wait for a lift to take me back to my place so I returned the car waiting for my left and it's like kind of by the airport it's dark it's like not a highly traffic Street and I'm standing there waiting and this dude walks by me kind of sketchy looking dude they wait wait go back why was the sketchy like maybe homeless maybe not the kind of dirty yeah but you like stops around comes back to me it looks Migos do you have any drugs play me cash if you have drugs correct do you have any drugs no sorry really should be sorry do you have any drugs into the night looking for drugs cuz I felt strangely flattered I think I might be a little be so proud of you it again if I get out is going to start because there was like if this car stops is 8 degree heat on the side of the Texas Highway between Vista and not downtown to get back and forth where are you staying downtown on Airbnb was nice it was okay yeah it was like they said like when you look at the listings I could suitable for four people I walked in it was maybe a little bigger than the platform but this set is on the cover of us in the bathroom at the place in La and she came for E3 and I'm just moving in and everything and I don't want to be there for short time then she shows up and she does that thing that women do which is the Explorer shows in the front door and explodes like makeup and clothes and this is not a big enough there for like a week to describe the process Barbara it happens right there's two beds in here and it's fucking huge in the hotel room anywhere the attractive the woman the bigger the explosion have you stayed in hotel rooms with a lot of women how many is a lot you left the Dominick's in your butthole is that a politician in front of her butt up at like this and then he would miss and hit her chest Emily when she hits the door after working over she just like explodes close like she can't she will not be in her clothes like for five steps into the house just like the greatest thing ever but if you do that no I don't how's your penis go ahead and just around the house not all that often honestly if I'm being honest yeah I'll have diarrhea. Here's the thing there's you guys had it for a second is the rabbit anime doesn't hit her in the chest but I think he's just going to do a high-five and just stop butt what do my laundry my laundry downstairs my bedrooms upstairs so what to do my laundry I have very few close very close I feel like you have to close because you like to say you have few clothes that make any sense to have so few still have to wear clothes every day I literally have I can wash all my clothes probably two loads I can deal you may I have some dry cleaning stuff like suits and button-down the stuff that I can't do but yeah it's like I basically if I go 2 weeks without laundry I'm out of clothes so stupid plays anybody weeks by 10 days straight to do laundry because my Condor they said his photos all the time machine off the door and it's got a listen to bungaku get sponsored by a bum bum door like I got a response right in a little bit but I saw one of the dumbest things I've ever seen this weekend at Home Depot and I walk past the appliances light bulbs in beef jerky that still fits your things no man eating beef jerky and drinking Monster Energy drink at 8 in the morning and was farting up a storm on my flight I overheard the flight attendants call are Road the danger zone plays going to play because you'll sense is a dead end by the altitude and you can only kind of smells because that's people like energy drink do they drink in the morning overhead set an alarm is it play the Flies overhead and it going to drop secure packages but when the plane is flying overhead you can't really hear anything else if you move around a lot during that being a plane on the plane is that all the time so people feel like all this freedom to fart all they want because they think they can get away with it you know it's because no one's going to be like pinpoint who did it and you can't hear it like can you hear oh yeah yeah they put a washing machine in that drawer you have your big regular washing machine then you got a little drawer washing machine on these and soft if you run two loads at once like you can put a washing machine on this little stand and it's like a drawer you put like your detergent stuff in it another washing machine in there you get Justin something here do you wash your underwear separately. With everything in my put in like button up shirts on the wet towels no supposed to die put it all in one else yeah I mean I watch everything together to that can be washed then only give a shit about that yeah if I like Colace pill I've never had that happen but I wouldn't care anyway the only thing I don't watch together if I have like a new very colorful shirt fucking the washing machine with another washing machine under it the washing machine by its the top the big washing machine was $1,800 and then the little washing machine was like another $1,200 fucking lot like I like the old cocktail table video game that's in the tabletop that you can watch set just stack a bunch of all stacked up but to do that ass whole thing where I bet the little one doesn't work it out the big one like a bit it has to draw water from another one sheet of connecting directly at cell do you think I did nightmare agree with you on one of the TV that before old Max TV on old TV that you don't want to ruin an old TV is still at like an LCD old TV is it goes to one of those old TVs at the box with antenna on it no what am I said no you let me thanks to question its let me read this thing it's a shut up statement in the US and they said it's doing ad copy read or going to play a little game I want to do there call to action so check out malteser on Instagram at instagram.com / maltesers give him a follow we play a little game where we going to try to roll maltesers down a tape measure into a bucket from say they're perfectly round pale your truck start at 10 ft Barbara Guilford you tried also Gavin you owe me try you try I'll try it's over here and I'm not going to help you on your safest you can do it and if you wonder like three from UK right by Mars the fucking at all 121 slow like can never surprise you the weight of what they've been the tape measure Missy that really light up early have no wait come on dirty filter we can just cut that one what happens if she doesn't get it to cancel the podcast she nailed it off the backboard from further or you want me to do it thank you is harder than it looks you should see if you can do it from the other set different off topic tell me to put it in the bucket for you like there's not in stuff like it's like you only like a couple different places what is more like a farmer grows the most how long does it take measure my favor so fall Instagram what are you doing multi-grain I don't know sounds like barley in malt he's our goodies away from how many to many of them what you want a really good welcome welcome to the u.s. and Britain can I say that's awful it is really as hideous isn't it why would you do this in my head I would hate that I want you are nude aquarium if it was just the Chrome bit that'd be Wicked I'd lie like suckle aquariums if you have jellyfish after we Circle right yeah the corner by the ocean has Nicole eat them individually it's like squat food up them what is coffee pot aquarium what did you turn it on just said they probably have a betta fish in there cuz that's the only fish that can live in that small the tank just putting think that fish can live in a tiny what the fuck the miles can be an aquarium yeah what what what happened with flopped out it's just the compressed his boxes around everything and it left very little to the imagination and it was like it was the first time I've ever seen an erect penis can you move out it was like pull up right but small how big is maybe he's just like really turned on Wings around you Twisted chaotic Monk on Twitter is saying malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried in a process known as multi-grain Cheerios don't say sure Celtic monks tell us safety Raiders germinated cereal grains have been dried circle look up that Wikipedia for the edible components of its green so wait so Daniel lions are the cultivated for edible components yeah yeah but he believes he's a bit dandelions people eat dandelion Leaf dandelion that. Example are rice wheat barley oats and two are never heard of read me Wikipedia on the list first me to look up Wikipedia Maltese term hit the first one that I've been trying to process known as in Summerville light cut and paste something and let you know you love Hitler we're casting a wide net here somewhere in our audiences got to be a mullet farmer like somebody who's like air to a mall fortune or something like that so he knows everything about that person exists on the else uses my God like milkshakes people are tweeting us the most ridiculous aquariums I've ever seen in my life the most appropriate Aquarium dumb yeah I guess that would like them out of your pants in bed cuz it's just work you get no reward out of it and you look at it what do you look at the fish looking fish in the womb if you have a lovely Aquascape aquarium full of fish water work it's true leader go all the way sharks or nothing that's what I really want a big aquarium but the only place I have that would fit it is upstairs and Immortal come through the floor it was Heavy in the plates out of the try to get the kids or it's like suckers use glass that's it just this is your glasses your glass color coding system now turn it up they like there's 12 glasses in our cabinet in the course of a Saturday all 12 glasses gets used so your house for people so you have more classes that outfit still have a dishwasher dishwasher the dishwasher it look like the cheapest dishwasher I've ever seen in my life is made by Ikea you just put the hot water wash on today's that's a lot I just don't like it's talking in my can't stand that either it's texting you're crazy and I'm at home like can you kitchen so you been spending much time living alone a general I mean is you a place clean now that there's no one else if it's so clean everything's good with kids specially my kids are kind of older be on the stage but it's so nice to when you put something down and it just stays there and it's like doesn't go anywhere you know I like I like I can set this you know headset for my computer right here on my desk I come back it's right there in my dad someone who's glasses there yeah yeah probably used Gavin going to get started you need to be drinking people drink out of those glass different different would you like gross so I was at the Serbian be right yeah anytime I go to an Airbnb I hate the thought of using the glasses that are in there like I do not I will go buy disposable cups red Solo cup makes use those instead of using the glasses that are already in the NBA make sense to go out or drink a pooch It Anyway individually wrapped plastic ones I'll use those I will definitely not use glasses in a hotel room next to put a toothbrush it that's what I eat for dinner that's yeah I've never used One auto Chlor like Live Pike sanitizing machine no they just rinse it out and put it back depends on where you are Alter Recycling when you recycle Coke bottles for instance I always had in my head this idea that they would take the coke bottle and it's match them up and they get the glass they melt the glass to make you cook bottles nope they just an account for all them put in recycling you drinking beer gets gets really cleaned out it gives your bloopers mind you thought it was rented but like I wouldn't think just turned some out and just I guess it'll be later than 6 Plaza thermodynamics someone had it before / living in a different couple window something no do you have anything you has never been anything like a post-apocalyptic for recycling aluminum that uses recycled they recapture an enormous amount of aluminum boat I bought a trash compactor bags and trash compactor my house I didn't put it in there but yeah I bought trash compactor bags and I had Alexa help me do it was a big deal like I feel like nobody explained that to a caveman when you're done eating it's a food left there's a place in my house where I can put in my cave there's a place where I can put the old bits of food that I didn't eat so while I have too much food that that's a great mood because it might be bad it's been out for 4 hours so I put it in this device and then do I put it in a jar like a container and then this the jar smashes the container the stuff inside of it and makes it smug presses it down like stomping on it and then that goes into a back I forgot the whole bag can I made it exists with my voice and also I didn't buy this thing I didn't make this thing it just came to me one day but I moved into a new house the bag. Because it doesn't crush it doesn't do anything it's all smoke and mirrors you put stuff in there we have this thing play out put in bottles and light bulbs in it look like it done there's light bulb squished further but not broken vacuum it may be like removal of to compress it is no air in a light bulb that wouldn't be but then suck it up out of the bag there's no luck holds the bottom bagged upright vacuum yeah I don't think it's not there I think they put a like argon estimate yeah it's different I know that's you breach the thing at the filament dissolves itself if you tons melts mattinata from my birthday got me a Korean barbecue thing it's a little about size of small cooler very small poodles lunch coolers did you crush it in there trust me pricing and stuff and I ran into sing where they also got me with this little Korean barbecue they got me this like Japanese charcoal that goes in it chuckle might be the only thing I know that's flammable and listed in being flammable that you can't light on fire charcoal is impossible it took me I'm not kidding it took me an hour to light the charcoal in this fucking thing for five star next to it I didn't have that so I will trust me next time I'm going to have like a gallon of diesel gasoline and all those fire starters in the world all I had was like newspaper and Ike you went out with an axe and like cut off little pieces from firewood and she made like tender and that's a bunch of a difference between coal and charcoal think so will Chuckles from wood charcoal from wood you can like there's the guy on the Primitive technology did it where he made charcoal from wood and then Cole is from you would you would mind call Cole flammable yes show Chuckles would like how do they make charcoal they like you burn wood for a little while what doesn't waste heat on like the moisture and would like to try in this nothing there you burned it already to remove that moisture and other than you can you can get hot fire with charcoal then you can with wood and then combined music 1600s temperature interesting I just don't waste time okay go ahead do that have fun I use my gas grill to make my little beef brisket sliders that's what you going to ask why we shop in this wood from I have a cold firewood call me log into 1500 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature for cold 990 degrees Fahrenheit so you do not want to use that for your barbecue no really fast full cream barbecue place in Seoul Korean barbecue place and it's like propane or gas or some kind but like I sought out like a traditional charcoal place is really good yeah this is too much noise in 8 hours to make dinner then charcoals per femije occasionally like smoke supply store I got I got those coming now those anything it's like it takes one second and first world of Japan's first world so it sounds like the cheap commercial shitty doing today Forge stuff that you use it's it's like that stuff is like probably have gasoline who knows it fucking made me work for it it'll like cylinders of charcoal you make everything will complicate this was a combination of me and cuz Matt's wife also makes things extraordinaire Lee difficult because they're better if they're harder right she also knows how to do everything and everything every fucking time like hand sewing buttons and shit like the way you make ice cuz I know a good time will you make Icees in fear of him yeah ever refill the ice tray before it's empty that's a good question what do you mean I like dump our eyes know like just if let's say it's half full the entire ice cream of a bucket you should feel like you should empty the ice tray into a bucket people who only way I have no fridge that makes ice for me in any way except your glass to small for the eyes everywhere you clearly have a refrigerator that has the ice in the door on the outside that is the house I've lived in break for the 21 I just sold the house I have now neither one of them has had ice in the door I can't realize time I had that year old have water inside the fridge. That sucks twice if it's two different ways stuff in the front without opening the fridge so I've got like you the water on the inside or like the one you had he and right before I left to La for III I was a change out the filter in the fridge and I went to get some water and as soon as I put the glass on it like I filled it up and I took my glass away and it kept going no that's what you don't want so I got I got a quick shut off in my one of my closets okay so I shut it off and I prayed that part off that Faucet Park like it's like a little plastic lever in there that triggers it to activate and the plastic just broke yeah fuck because you change the water so then ordered a replacement part of the sites where they have like every exploded diagram of your fridge and you can down I ordered part EC 1897 after the fuck it was it's not the same it looks the same but the activation like to push it that the plastic is thicker she got to push much harder push much harder fucking hate what's the difference I had originally she was much easier in the ass thanks Samsung plane that can lift more weights you know them my fridge ready to go think about that flight 40 seconds what fills up I want to always have that much more stored and it was cuz dumps it in one he will want that right up until the moment that you have children and then you will curse at that thing that dumps all over your brakes and that's why they don't make toilets with the the elevated tank anymore get the pressure because it's the hot Blast away with a normal book general in general in my house in my life I want more water pressure stop that it's not a thing it's a thing no crate tank upon a hill and looks run down a shower head water filter in it why are you worried about the water doesn't stay in the glass in my shower anymore no trust me but the shower hit the water pressure in my shower head in that you can come out to do what is it just like the pipe coming just like break, water get like one spot that says your head above water park in my kids in Alabama and it was this really cool but just you say it like what's wrong I don't know went to Alabama fucking huge bucket like almost as big as this stage I'm probably exaggerating but big bucket like size that wall and it was elevated up and it was on like a rotating hinge Gus and when it filled up with water it would have filled up enough it would then dumped over and then once the water was out of it it would just rotate back up shirt it was a great thing yes but it was every 5 minutes it took for it to fill with water and it would start to tilt and see it coming and man it was like didn't knock you down at all just yacked out it was so great I don't like a ton of water you will love the next giant balloon June video the In-N-Out cuz it's that he should giant balloon year for peeing in the shower thing talk about in the pockets again but you were in here that way almost 20,000 people voted what's a good but 77% said yes but they do pee in the shower what's the latter people always get mad if they think you're trying to shame I didn't make a pool so why would they know the argument you are an animal and your filthy and you shouldn't do that that's the shaming part without shame you just come after me you said hi I'm so Cleary self in the shower did this in the Floor coming up how do you wash your ass crack in the shower please show kitchenette how do I do it how do you say weird things like what are you doing Nancy version of what do you mean how do I reset you mean over a little bit. My legs going to be a full of piss do you are your legs just feel for them because they don't do an old buddy Suds foam like shower gel nut and I just stand up the war that will be soap like stuck under that because the war is going around it so I have to do liens and pulls and to get really rinsed you know do you know do that what to get a washcloth I mean is that involves a washcloth or like a poem for something you know what does people are weird that's weird if you're that afraid of your own body speaking of piss this for ever if you ever want to walk your dog and you're not at home yet well that's good tell you about wag Freight rates and you love your dog what the reality is it sometimes you just can't be there to attend to their needs to have someone you trust take care of your dog when you need let me tell you about wag On Demand app for getting a dog walker kind of like an Uber for dog walkers it's a lifesaver especially if you have a busy schedule wag provides easy booking for all needz they have thoroughly vetted Walker's you get quality people to have lots of dog experience you'll be automatically paired with a certified Walker available near you wag offers informative and fun features for your peace of mind you get a text message when your dogs walk starts live GPS to track to walk notifications with your dog pees or poops and a photo report card summary after each walk best part you don't have to be home way I can send you a free lock box you can leave alternate home access instructions in the app to let your walk it in or you can take alternate instructions only walks your dog there's no group walks services are insured so you and your home are covered wag is really a must have app for every dog owner can stress that enough it's a one-on-one experience just your Walker and your dog sound a group a dog's one-on-one you get your first wag walk free by texting rooster to 25324 text Rooster 25324 and will send you a link to download the app and get your first dog walk absolutely free great service is it us only in the US so I've only used it here my dogs are in the US so I know that will you do that that's a different what does a dog that's your dog a number protective dog alright that's a good point back in the fridge break your Colton call man grows finger got stuck remembered that's what some people are real assholes dog owners in the podcast wireless network I blame you like I see people all the time walking near where I live who'd like don't pick up after their dog if you're not going to be that respond the dog poop on the sidewalk it's like do they clean it up I don't care what I mean I can walk on the screen that is like put the bag in the pocket you are adoption on the road there are so many good-looking dogs in Downtown LA other good-looking dogs in La I want to pet it show who was it was Jennifer C said it was Jeff in the womb of the Jack Daniel's bottle I think he was it you said whenever you what is an ass we about to say the day cuz I didn't instacart deliver some milk just milk crap those milk and I wasn't hiring food that you don't want because you hit that limit that's true you could choose the delivery time and then the outdoor what if you can just put cold stuff in it there used to be a storm fridge by small fridge I think I moisten it because it's in the fridge I don't know why they didn't it when it was in front of your house milk and groceries sitting in the front someone's house fuck yeah I take it once a week they would deliver food to you kind of blew everything right it's already all cook everything's all done and what you do is when it was your day of the week like what so you're getting your food on Tuesday you just what they would tell you this in the morning leave a cooler with ice on your porch doing the delivery during the day they put it in the cooler and it stays cool and when you come home so fine but if you do that regular that's a pain in the ass you might as well have like a powered to look he's going to just coolers color refrigerator they have them whatever you want. Otherwise look up a dorm fridge for god sakes what do you want to work outside cuz I work outside so put all the things you can fit in the home when you have an order groceries if you're not home so put the fuck you get home make it late at night outdoor compact fridges okay put your fucking money where your mouth is in order one right now I'ma thing you're tweeting about it has to be good enough and driving everyone in a panic these are design outdoor use for like attached to a barbecue how big how big size of milk milk milk milk Stampy's one is that what you want exactly and I'm not convinced that would walk outside here's an outdoor one outdoor refrigerator with freezer okay so now how do I convince delivery people is it please put it in the little cooler or whether gundred dollars size of an ice maker it's 250 more that's a refrigerator that's refrigerator mailbox is out that if I told you can use in for envelopes the baby cold milk specifically milk how many people in this world are getting milk delivered to them where they can't actually be there if you can come see busy mailbox it should be cold easy live in England in 1960 where did I have Milkman grown up milk bridge for it when they delivered it was cold masaga Prime right now get a fucking cow team in the backyard range does Mikey like cold milk because that reason cuz he got such a fresh milk he doesn't like it he also doesn't like milk he can get actual cow milk before they do that like separation and pull the cream off and everything they would fight over who got the top of the milk of the Blitz in World War II it's like a London Street that's destroyed it's been bombed and is like a Milkman stage play the whole photo estate the photographer wanted a way to get out a photo of the destruction but the UK government would censor all of that so he had his assistant dress up like a Milkman and pretend to be a Milkman walking over the robots that he could get a photo of the destruction out anywhere prove people like this photo from the US on v-day when the Sailor I think is kissing the woman in the streets and she did not want to kiss him he like grabbed her husband claim to be that woman oh there's the milk tell Anna how to set picture in my head with firefighters in the back like still putting on some older it was like he was smaller in the front or something looking down pour something give me the multiple Vanna Milkman in Austin yeah in your backyard my dad ready to accept my milk right now not know you're going to be here tonight because it for another day schedule today knowing that you beyond the bucket the shrug shrug where did we argue what am I going to get a car go get your own fucking milk driving home from work can you stop and buy fresh cold milk and you can drink and get milk do you need milk to drink milk a mental problem here's a good use of your time to drink the fucking milk on your way home from being out Gavin you want somebody to start a Kickstarter for your cold mailbox you don't want to go down the road and buy milk everyone would buy them lock and cool that's exactly the kickstarter it's not real cold secure delivery box can be installed to the outside of your property receive all your chilled and non chilled shopping to get your free lock and cool just use the Technic LP on Twitter just tweeted my next door neighbor just texted me making sure I'm alright because she heard men yelling the outdoor fridge argument is on it was like a business by a fucking fridge and put their milk in in epic team-based massively multiplayer online action console game dedicated to tank combat World of Tanks console has a special offer for new players who sign up this month go to the link below grab your free tank garage lock and three days of Premium game time while this last number registration code is limited World of Tanks console was built from the ground up for consoles taking full advantage about PlayStation and Xbox unique capabilities to Chicago from 8 Nations to also includes legendary tanks from World War II the battlefields are enormous and detailed if he drove right of train plus weather affects you can take part in joint operations to track and Destroy enemy units engage in head-to-head tools for Speed and reaction time or critical for victory regular updates offer new content and weekly special events so don't forget to sign up this month go to link below grab your tank free garage 3 days of Premium game time while this last number you play registration code is limited and can also see right there click on that or type that in reach your tank I got so much shit by the way for saying the Shia LaBeouf is a good actor is that on here was here did you talk to about Fury his work is good on cruises soon as he's on the screen it's like by that yeah and he's the kid that is always like yeah around Will Smith harassing him yeah he was like Disney or something who's like he's a whole yeah I think a Shia LaBeouf I watch the why was the first one with you Journeys in his prime and I need that long that we watch the first Transformers together I watch black small with Joe and Jack when I was visiting Austin in 2009 hell yeah that's funny yeah I had a great time I think is Transformers the last movie I've seen with you again since then start from like a screening of something you did did you not see hardcore Henry together I was there okay yeah we didn't go together but we're about there by that man ever Wonder Woman Amazon stuff beginning a lot I really like the bit where she's like on the ground then she get the flashlight to ye said and then she's like I'm going to get up now for No Man's Land run over the cliff fuck the fucking hero I have a huge crush on Gal Gadot what movie is banned send Lebanon radio maybe because she's Israeli and was in the Israeli Army as well it was movie with a strong female lead how much do bears like I mean it's not like she was helpless without him it was like more of like the kind of fish out of water thing instead of like the man saving the day in like dragging her along for the movie yeah what was the female villain have been stronger people the lady the the scientist at the end of it seems insignificant like I'm waiting for her big moment to come do things like a red herring thing where they're like there's like a misdirect or something well it was the identity of some of they were trying to figure out also you know Darlene who the villain is the movie over where did my hair love the facial hair that existed when I was a kid and I never had something like that when I was a kid growing up you know it's crazy it's crazy that we made it this far your reaction is when they heard from lots of different women is crazy to me made it this far 2017 before you have that kind of thing they had like women and our finally ready to do is like a variety to direct big budget movies live grades I'm sorry I live in Hurt Locker with years ago old dude Hollywood is dying off that's the only reason I like the compraventa anymore sweet as the most things I was ready to fight every single man that walked out of the movie theater that like all the guys not theater were a little afraid of the women in there because we felt very empowered like ready to beat someone up like just for fun I thought Lucy Davis she was a dawn from the British off yeah yeah I love interest in the office well there's a point with her where her room there was one of the only narrative problems I have with the movie wonder woman gives her something she should have never given to her that was like not even like a moment it was a moment of hesitation and agree with that and also a woman should dinna fight with her probably you know and I don't know without going to deep into it I just think it like that thing had a lot of the more she would have been protective of that thing would have made you know later things more relevant that's close I can say yeah yeah I got you and Superman versus Batman give me super dawn of Justice in the fight with you today there was nothing that can hurt her she was like not even breaking a sweat in that fine I was like this is not exciting is it the characters got no just going to be easy and some of them be really hot one treat her like males you beers like she couldn't get banged up you know or beat up you know where be in danger of dying you know that would get old fat Superman is the heat-ray you know who gets shot in the eye with a bullet you can't do anything about it she was just know it's like the current super mandatory yeah the one that wasn't any good playing Superman it was the one where Kevin Spacey was Lex Luthor wrong that is dead is the line just for like 10 years ago Brendan Roth is that the same guy know the ones it from like Superman Brandon Routh what was the Mary make a poner 2006 no idea I need him Romanian are side by side that looks like the same dude to me May The Chins little different one of those British which Henry Cavill I heard something the other day that blew my mind a little bit my little brother just graduated from University and someone said that now colleges are going to be getting applications from people born in 2000 that blows my mind people born in 2000 when you want to try something real fast keep saying why does everyone forget about the zena Ripley from Aliens I mean come on okay like I said Ripley from Aliens was 40 years ago by Zina was 20 years ago the point is it doesn't have red versus blue how about that happen mention Ripley that we did we I don't know what's the first thing would not say it's the first time I've ever seen it so I feel like it's a big milestone it is a tent pole superhero movie that they're going to build a franchise with that's it and it's a good superhero universally liked on movies I now recognize the same I would be great if you just said nothing after that statement having worked on movies I'm not going to say it did I recognize the same set of woods in so many movies this place just outside London Woods way that they have this really tall thin trees that's why we shall out that show I've seen those woods in like Avengers and Wonder Woman I got some old Eastwood no they don't try and make it look unique in anyway so it's like the same location so many times in the same in some different movies you know I don't live over tonight New York like doing something do I have to sign it night for it Hollywood free money donation fairy light bulb make a glow in the dark lights white was the same with the Snow White movie look up the summer for watching we will see you again next time I don't know bye love you bye bye