#435 - Solid but Not Hard

Join Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Jessica Vasami, Tyler Coe, Jon Risinger and special guest Adam Kovic as they discuss teleporting vs flying, intimate photos, ridesharing, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 22, 2017.

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Recorded: 2017-06-23 22:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to a special Thursday edition of receipt podcast I'm Gus this is Jessica she's Nicholas who's going it's Brandon here in the back so that was smooth never was told people are asking is this at Cobalt Khloe's asking I don't know what I'm missing out on but any clue why does the secondary podcast going on right now so as part of our summer schedule we decided to add a second RT Podcast on Thursday and have it be kind of a test but I feel like we're kind of boxed in on Monday right like there's only so much we can do if people expect a certain formula so we thought why not add a second show where we can do things a little bit differently and maybe some stuff that wouldn't fly on Monday that way people don't feel like they're missing anything like we're not taking away their Monday Xperia you still have that but we can try new things maybe a little different with the format a bit on Thursday so I thought you hated me I'm very shocked but I'm on this be the cool thing about adding the second show is like I said we're not boxed in which not like oh he looks like this or expect they don't like this and like that look it's all added if it's all on you it's all extra so let's just what will mess with your very nice person who hate you you fucked up like 5 minutes for the show guess you played spin-the-bottle before how'd it go I guess the girl did you like it someone said so if you were asking why this army people upset I will explain Adams about to leave yeah I have a flight in about 30 minutes hi hey I just wanted to throw out some I want to give some visuals to the fact that people don't have beards and that's okay he also may have been drinking earlier if you can't tell always open Fox you up on The Flintstones right Frozen last year should be till they're not like you have a short ones I've ever met ya thoughts also I'm leaving in about 30 minutes as well I have another meeting I see this project right away by least see gauge used to the Thursday time frame I double booked so I'm going to be here a little bit damn it dude keep it on the down-low tell it people want to wait did you smack did you smuggle this muggle what did you smuggle are the real story no bit did you smuggle some well I sure did women have two holes you know I'm just saying it's more than people have though things and people have been in my butt which is fine that's totally its 2017 I'm totally cool with that question can I guess which hole it was there's your vagina drunk show me to be easier to use how do you get it out if you put stuff in the back how to get it out shove stuff up there and they can't get it out this is what I've always thought to do actually is to get you know tampons have a string attached them just get a very large somewhat large tampon with a string attached to put it in like a tampon and you just pull out with a parachute always thought that time release capsules of alcohol would work well in the club so before you how much is a drink cost $12 and it dissolves and then after each shot in your stomach why not that because when we get to do the tampon soaked tampon I'm sorry the you can do that I could put a vodka-soaked tampon up my a whole Gus but I'm a man what was that jackass Steve-O didn't like Chucky with his older believe in Tennessee cuz it was called the Tennessee butt chugging fraternity guys for doing that Jessica level of 1/8 alcohol in the blood that is so Jon my friend Adam if you ever been to the downtown Los Angeles area there's always a place like the trying before you going to the clubs de papel yeah and it's a time-release capsule so by this is my invention by the way I guess I shouldn't really be promoting it and then there's like that's just in the parking lot it's hard to walk through downtown LA and not be injected with Heroin how about Philip Seymour Hoffman that cuz that's what he did and then somehow just why Gus he's fucking famous like then who do you call when we used to do this contract work out in La at a studio out there and there was someone there's an employee at that place whose sole job was to get you drugs cuz I went there job time I don't want to really get into specifics about it but it's like if you wanted anything there was someone you just told that person what you wanted and that person's job was to go get drugs and bring them back we should somebody here whatever would like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank stop now you're thinking what was the one that was saying that I had more caffeine really I think the other day where is back in the airport this is the saddest thing I think bottle of blue in it wasn't good is that what we're going to do it was an LA thing maybe I don't know I think it would like a sir that's his natural habitat 849 for alcohol drink that music Big Falls and you get like a six pack for $3. I can send can of beer where did you did you drink alcohol on high school and a point on the border crossing no I took out my beard relatively late I don't think I could win I couldn't really grow a beard probably until I was like 22 maybe man I like that I can remind was like 15 and I of the voice so I was buying beer gas stations convenience or try alcohol free photo of myself when I was 17 year old photo of myself little baby guys the other day you were 17 I know my age of consent in every state and in Texas it is 17 that's creepy what the light Starcraft really dangerous shit I knew a lot of people that drink that actually in college because I think it came out when I was in college I'm 29 now cuts off he goes great and actually illegal in some states with alcohol let me see if you have a Honda CRX you can feel it I want you to say I have your idea what's that Anarchist Cookbook haven't memorized do I want to fly again and where are you at central question for my wife the other day she does would you rather operate or fly to teleport teleport after I don't remember in a Harry Potter like you to hear it now if I ask nicely would you do anything this access the Scottish guy getting like the whole movie yes yes I couldn't understand her time because why wouldn't you tell barcycle say like we went on a flight together like you could just teleport there while I have to sit on a plane in my I guess I could just sit on a plane with you but I would be like antsy because I could just leave for an experience that like I'd rather fly then then then teleport you teleport yourself like ten thousand feet up in the air you're flying also depends on how fast you fall anywhere in the known universe or Beyoncé teleportation I can go to like different planets in different universes that he died instantly there he can teleport only if you've seen it no no teleport at things in proxim is your touching so you can take some people asses question like are you only like 20 miles an hour really boring Brothers play only at the same speed as you could run I like Adams flying planes are worse that's a lot of work what is it that is propelling you and how do you control how fast you go Superman fly hold on hold on a sec like I can just jump and move I'm I'm confused I don't know I don't know the physics I don't know the rule I think the Superman it's just mostly he's mentally controlling his head like he controls his gravity around the sun right through the sun it allows him to control themselves to the Flying Fish Captain Sully all day long you can be running into these Tyler I'd rather just go either this is honestly my fantasy of why I prefer flying and that's because with flying you'd be able to just go up into the sky where no one else is an actually just be away from everybody like in a place that living no one could be and that's part of my loaner mentality you thinking that sounds fantastic be well I think with that you got like your bowel just to change as well build adapt to higher altitude if you want to be alone and go to Antarctica if you ever if you ever been just like in you're in a situation that night and I kind of just be so cool to go straight up like a hundred feet and just build like just be up there and just like look around and no one's up there and you can just still here so if you have to fucking Antarctica you can XD just be in Austin so like okay we always had Mama's were like oh yeah I know what I'm doing it's fine like I know how to like what did you said that anything like that one time it doesn't work we like it doesn't work that one's I might with my phone and then you go wait a minute it's not that easy there's a difference between stumbling and forgetting how to walk that's the difference now bummer just shut down you're walking capability up and fall you might just kind of like now we're change out what happens if you're flying or your and then like the minute it doesn't work and you're sort of gliding like wait it's not working do you flip out and forget how to do it depends on how how much practice he have the same as a kid when they learn to walk they might like not be good at walking first but as adults now the muscle memory is there that we don't get that cord if you're handicapped do you want to teleport or flight your handicap like if you're in a wheelchair I think it flying would probably be more fun more exhilarating you have to take the chair with you your man yeah maybe you can teleport and you were just like passed out or just almost passed out drunk like think of all of this stupid decisions you make teleporting someplace when you're completely hammered either wake up and you got like all the Fort Knox gold in your living room like someone's going to be looking for this with you in Birds if you like when that dead baseball I hit that Bird Johnson I need to know the name of the first all about it though how long has baseball been around 120 years that sounds about right such weird story videos one where the bird explodes and then one more guy hits a homerun in the ball hits a car driving by where it's like how many games are there a year 180 per ton in the legs due to fuck me right like that's no one's you play anything that long run and the skin fell off the lights actually cuz he's married to a DJ name she's really good but he like married remember I was going to house music documentary and he was just hanging out off since I like jamming to her jeans like fucking rookie of the year right there that's cool if you do anything else I'm looking them up right now he married a DJ smart what happened to the kid in Angels in the Outfield at a time, selling IMDb the fuck am I looking at the wrong thing was in the outfiel what Saints fuck we need to be loved The Sandlot that was my face Randon that one guy that's in every baseball movie ever made no holy shit yes it was yes it was because I was he doing that was nice he would have been 13 it was him it was it super sad like the whole reason he wanted the angels to win was cuz he had a deadbeat dad on a motorcycle classic Disney movie cast we are doing a charity fundraiser right now we're partnering with omaze and you can visit the fundraiser at omaze.com RoosterTeeth does which cool prizes in there I think the grand prize is a plat or calling at a platinum pass to RTX Austin 2017 and I believe you will win airfare to combination to 2 RTX in a couple of weeks and you'll get a special pass it to VIP pass but it will also allow you to access some backstage areas and have lunch with a couple of hours to complaining first ever VIP concert flown out and put up in four star hotel so go to omaze.com / you can check it out and one other thing someone else wanted me to mention the marketing wanted me to show the shirt off look at the cameras are new shirt I like that it's going to debut at RTX as well and you'll be able to buy it there and then we'll have it on the store sometime after that shout out to Tobin leave for Designing that sure is like a super fan for pork and air people are messaging me about you your flight leaves in an hour and you're still here by 6:45 I'm calling it right now dude traffic is unreal Elaine's you to come together it's only to have their own dedicated Lanes so much better I had a situation with the Lyft driver to mature is how you guys are reacted this and I got to get to the whole story before you think I've gotten an offensive part I got picked up at the airport by a Lyft driver and I don't normally get this but when he was on his way he texted me he was on his way and I was like okay that's kind of nice not usual but it's kind of nice he arrives and is nice enough puts my in my bags in the back and then I realized that he is Def which was like okay cool that makes sense why he texted this wasn't the problem the problem was then we got in the car and he smart very smart I was using an iPad to communicate with me by using like a big texting his pipe at the problem was he starts driving and leaving the airport and we're leaving you at the airport and he's holding at the iPad typing into it in front of his oh God steering wheel and like but nothing like even like important he's saying like how was your flight and that kind of thing I know you like you know her like we will arrive soon and I'm like I'm just thumbs up and just trying to get in to stop typing on this iPad because he's holding it four hidden like doing well very scary but I could express that at all I was just like no that's against the law yeah yeah anything I mean even like someone just texting while they're driving is still scary like in his far as the driver in front of you to be safe I think he actually asked you type in how was your flight when I was in a week and as I called it and you know just like your drivers and it was a woman is like a woman's name oh that's kind of what I feel like most of the time and she like drove by like she could say it was a weird circumstance like like I'm going to walk to Walk half a block down cuz I know it'll be easier for you to get me over there so can cool chapeaus up you know the car get in and they look big like make sure the right ride he said yeah and I look at her and I'm like in my mind I'm like are you on your way like are you a model or something like what the fuck is it like it was one of the most beautiful women I saw all week in La while I was there was my Lyft driver I was like is this like I started looking for a hidden camera put her in she was super nice and look just right at the hallway drop me off as like alright see you later it was like first name I don't know usually go off that what did like it just seems like it was a sad as described in the most beautiful woman he's ever seen you as nice as the last 10 years are Batman and Robin's like 15-20 years old in might be at this point I can you do your thing we had in the Gamescom cologne and there was like janitors when I like why are you cleaning up trash in your beautiful don't have the same dad and that's great seems like Gunther I don't know she's just procreating perfect he's like older in the proto-man designed to determine Stone was an semen and Tropic Thunder when she didn't she wasn't in that comes out which came out this year I'm just saying that she's actually in a bunch of a bunch of other stuff I just haven't heard of a lot of this someone else or like Clarissa Explains It All Melissa Joan Hart one of your bags from ELR nice one of your bags from El Arts yep it's definitely next my desk it's been there for half a year right what's the John Hart don't you think we should just to confirm that's what they call them in the stores booby down blouses me check your phone she probably fall asleep she has tweeted what you see I know you have 12700 goes out what's too many treats I think that's Jackson people I think once at this point once you're over $20,000 it's probably too much but even at 20,000 starting a little nervous but I'm like a been on forever I don't know on the new app I can't see how many tweets I've done it sucks you are not Tyler Co on Twitter what are you he's our dad was a fan of my own radio show 23 almost like 500,000 white Thunder I saw that I was like I didn't make my Twitter old man when it comes to technology Patrick Patrick jerseys funny so cute it's like it like in a road trip here like the one guy in the back in the middle C trying to lean in and was open to experiencing for no no one's actually inviting me on a road trip but I imagine that's what it's like our guy that's you just don't like you're in the middle of my diamond diamond up fucking middle you let me sit there because I have that I don't know what it is not there because I don't like people sitting in the middle been scarred from middle people what was happening I could you just sitting next to me is worse thing that could have happened I sent the front all the time can't do stuff in the car anymore without look forward to be able to ride roller coasters and everything Harry Potter ride the ones that like spin you around you look at the screen that's not good hoof and look at like the machines on my please God will this end young verrall made my birthday in produce radio show for sports station here in Austin for about 4 years and I needed a Twitter handle this Paquin Twitter wasn't really a big deal and then somebody came up with it because I just like Barry White my voice is like thunder all that shit so they they have that so actually I remember when I first started here you came over to me about like 4 months any like yeah we're going to need you to change no I didn't see we're going to need you to Patrick did you know that was his Twitter handle what did you think when you not not until I told you about it you told me you were the one even tell me about it yeah well now Brandon asked me what is Twitter handle was and that's when I looked it up and I was like oh yeah it's a boy style yeah I did I think it's it's better now and that would not be my porn name what's your name what would your name be Tyler the whole is that a good name Patrick and then your mother's maiden name I know your porn name is this question this question those questions are like security questions on website my God no don't say that all of your news from your iPhone you have any news I mean I have news about the people but I've never sent a dick pic never one once your fucking liar boss a little bit of a slut the Foo Fighters I liked about you but the penis what is it when your butthole is that what you like or someone else's peanut Google good parks to the story that ended in you playing in that as yours yeah you like hey you want to see my dick and you online or like all this would be up to no I mean you're a little tan your little bit beige I don't know what you are but like straight Lil B it'll be fun but do you have to Google like 10 dicks do you know big dick and then he'll just go through them and figure out which one best fits right yeah definitely been said some dip mix electric guy he knew what would be good you know what she would probably love right now or he picture of my dick and so I am that's all you speaking I am I am speaking for like women or just beautiful in general there beautiful fully clothed sings light sexual like more mental and emotional type of things so mean you can be sent a dick pic and you can I can recognize that's a really nice dick but I'm not going to be like oh my God I am just all of a sudden dripping wet right now no it's not like that quote was a pretty funny purple whipped cream on it or something it was like I've never sent them they're like the chest in like I Indiana traffic being born name your mother's maiden name what was I going to say I'm kind of arrogance the guys just staying home and you know of my big beautiful dick when reality girls just like at Skyline is just vastly different than When You're Sober if you want to call it that like after you're done like if you lose your whatever you think about all the things that you were like going on in your head and you were looking at you like that's disgustin the mirror you got too much what do you do it afterward I probably try to go make a snack or something bad after you note what was the word we use blue jeans blue jeans when do they sploosh sploosh mean something weird to me that the people who are watching live relevant to this discussion to give their input and I think Patrick could you monitor that she like a drinking game or something like never have I ever said let's just talk about our sex lives I mean the internet bright okay so Tyler he's just a maybe never have I ever know each other a little bit better they know you and then like if you have I don't think I've ever heard never have every popular game you would say something that you have never done never have I ever been arrested and everybody else in the group they listen and if they have done that then they have to drink Tyler you got have been arrested this point so RT Podcast and Patrick if you could monitor that and let us know we have a good one you have been in danger getting arrested yes what was happening which time the one that you got the closest to think emotions are kind of got arrested on my birthday my 18 birthday it was like a big one in like it was mine obviously I'm trying to make sure I don't include certain details this is harder than it looks but you know doing some stuff but it was all fine in the end that was my amazing story. That was never out in handcuffs I was sat down on the ground side like I went to Alcoholics Anonymous awareness a different type of alcohol awareness so it's kind of funny actually like you go to AA alcohol where Anna's to learn how to get how to get alcohol on a boy that the law is it's pretty amazing Never Have I Ever Had a fake ID no I don't but I wish anime ever had a fake ID hold on we're trying to find a bottle opener to do any of that kind of stuff I was boring so boring fuck you I love me feed my boyfriend at the time I was 19 or 20 and he was 21 so like I could never go out with him go to the bars and stuff and it really sucks so I ended up getting a fake ID of a girl that resembled me she definitely like if you put the ID next to my face there was definitely a difference and basically so I use a use it a couple times it worked all that was great so then one night I'm like dress to the nines feeling really good this is in college and I get up to the bar and I'm with my friend and I give it to the bartender and he's looking at it and he's just like do you have do you have another form of identification on you and I was like now I only brought cash I don't like to run my credit card out and he's just like huh looks back at it looks at my friend and he's like what's her name and he's like Ashley because he knows my real name we doesn't know the name that's on my card I didn't prep him like Hey somebody asks you this is my name and he's like no way from me which was such a smart move for him to look up the people named will have to go in but I was like great that's super awesome and super smart data bacterin letter in his life ended with how bad it was and how she was trying to get away with it I just remember the story of I did do something bad and involved a fake identification item and it was when I was in high school and I live in California the majority of me and my friends all had Disneyland passes so we would go to Disneyland all the time to hang out cuz we were close enough we all the pastor we just go there and hang out but what am I bodies didn't have one but because I traveled with a bunch of generic looking white guys we went in the park there's a part of the park where there's you can still reach through a gate if you wanted to hand someone something I handed him mine and he went right back through and use my Disneyland Passport with a photo on it to get into the park and and we stole from Disneyland still worked at work no problem what did you steal from this from at demo teeth never have I ever dump someone over a text I have never dumped anybody oh man that sounds terrible as I say that no number don't do anybody over text now it didn't break up as much anymore as they do you one person just stops I was going to stop talking to them formation of this is over and you've been ghosted are you going to get ghosted all the time on like dating apps on a date and then apparently like that it seemed like she liked it and then she did and I was really upset cuz like I this track record that was really really good cuz I've perfected the dating model I called my Golden Triangle but sounds really skeezy watch what is it going triangle it's just a dating formula for like I've been going to the same places for a first date six years Tyler Co experience I pretty much going on and I don't do this to my life question I want to fall in love and have kids in the white picket fence and then divorce her and get another one in another state maybe one more after that Tyler and we get that going we can go to to get married California shitstain country wife actually married tax benefit does a totally screwed over if you're not married and you're like a single dude who makes even just a little bit of money you're up to it so I don't know if I want to deal with that man I don't have them all the time though I just live in a different house your house and I will keep saying in my apartment and then we can just be like I'm some weekends I have my kids really weekends I have my husband know I should I should just behind that literally I don't need to choose that I don't know if you're a bottom or top you admitted earlier I have little fingers little pinkies here in their little tickle tickle I can talk I promise I'll be there have you ever had anything up your butt I talk crazy no not my butt let me say no let's go what about your butt is there's nothing good going on back there you don't know that you have a hairy butt oh yeah leave it but she thought it was weird sounds like I don't have a pretty but I actually don't like that question about the shooting about real question not trying to be fun to be like do you shave in yeah they'll but yeah like yeah around the hole and down the perineum hey I got to go in there you go that's a shame I but you mean like your when I was younger yeah yeah you know anymore you don't need impress when you are crazy here in Fresno I'm basically married so yeah man aren't you engaged when's the big day next fall but we have a season do you have a non-refundable deposit no not until you have money a true romantic back friends are real and do that if you knew that if there were like robot cops like patrolling would willingly give robot cops scare you more than a regular Cup Final go to robot cop scare me to robots I've never had a bad situation out play small places like malls in stuff what's a robot cop are we can find a picture of it why do they give it black eyes and no mouth because you would not want to steal in front of that they don't want to fuck what I thought all robots were supposed to be based around like not making humans feel like they're scared around them stop scared of cops okay I'm calling it that's the port first Stormtrooper that question first Stormtrooper that's where it's going to start how fast do they run maybe the wheels Chen they're older on wheels or thrown Wheels fuck that that's easy he has right now is going to be a real thing they just stood there was a article I don't know if you can find this patches nautical recently I'm about to butcher this cuz I'm not a fucking scientist but there was a story about they created like shoe Bots kind of like they did remember the first time and then it got overloaded and made it like a hitler-loving buy you the same thing came up with their own language that nobody could decipher that happened yeah it's it's if it makes you feel better I think disease is going to wipe us all out before I was first is a nuclear you think it's a disease probably men like I can artificially bug especially if it's like no symptoms at first ever play the games like a pandemic disease to wipe out all of the world like it is it if it's Airborne if it's a virus or bacteria and then life that's great give her destroy the world times to get through all the stuff in the game the iPhone like the goal is to ion for some things to like in like to be in everybody and not kill them all if I could you kill the Planet Too Soon they can't you know what's the weather looking for they can't in fast they can't I'm having a blast I don't know like dying before everyone has the disease can also stop it because if they die when they have a disease there's no one that's a lie this disease they can't actually infest everybody so there's points like we have to like take over the whole world you're so many games was just like hey want to be God but man was it some men just want to watch the world burn you know I should give it a try then I'll let you know my thoughts use to do and I honestly cannot remember when we had cell phones are especially for dinner whenever I go into the bathroom and I don't have my phone I will grab my shampoo bottle I'll do anything but it's something I'm trying to work on Playboys next to the toilet I know magazine does like the you had books books you read on the toilet I don't remember that time your thing is it supposed to keep their and only read when you're on the toilet on the toilet like based on how many times are you taken to our ships were you know you should and then I just stay in the bathroom for like I mean I take long but I take more so take insanely long showers waiting on you jacking off in there I'm just I'm making some person I'm with you can't ejaculate for like 45 minutes and there will not saying you ejaculate for 45 minutes and say sometimes it takes you that right there in the shower when I know when somebody is taking a long shower I know they were masturbating no that's not the song Sometimes you what is the longest you've ever masturbate without coming for me it's like I've gone like at least an hour what is the fun in that my life sucks sometimes it's almost like you have to force yourself to go jack off diameter of masturbation that's what it is this white and I so like 5 minutes tops 5 minutes to ejaculate it back or what hell am I living in where I can't come fast how often are you coming to the time then maybe I know what it's right on the opposite side for a girl to be like I enjoyed having sex I did not orgasm but I enjoyed having sex I have the same thing when we're married you don't have to finish if you don't want to I would kill to have a fourteen-year-old boner I take to go to sleep I wish I could have my fourteen-year-old donor back this side of the frequency hardness what's the Raging boner so hard I have not been that hard and forever like Hard Solid but I'm out hard price Tyler you doing it for another 2 hours after that have you already wiped or is it just sitting there I just try not to finish up solutely what do you think of to not finish yes fuckmylife probably why depressing it is El your life in your presence is it so much will you think about it too much and all of a sudden you lose it completely and you can't get it back it's always there who knows the drill for 29 years it is that number as well has been on my body since I was born that's correct has it been two knows the drill has it has it known the boners for 29 years was cruising late at 1 but like you have touched your penis every day since your life but probably how's your testosterone I was a good it slow right now I'm I haven't had my medicine little while because of a change in medication and insurance bill this is interesting okay so I found out recently talking to an email I found it recently I had to get a new pre authorization for my medication I take synthetic testosterone and I've taken it since I was 17 so Edition need to be any more authorization for my insurance do this but I had to go to this whole Hoops to do it again because apparently some pharmaceutical companies are now marketing testosterone like on TV ads as a way for guys to like compete aging and and to get younger and so end and testosterone is like a really expensive and also like basically legal steroid that insurance companies are like fuck that and they're making people get go through like Super Hoops till I get there to start when I get from rude prove that you need it sweetheart that's so weird that guys would actually think that like that's going to make them younger I think it's just one of those stupid man things really like yeah I want to be more man I want more testosterone which makes you like Harry and like I'm switching over to like topical testosterone because the other shots just aren't working anymore where does that go doctor if you are going to get like a topical cream in it is testosterone that's got to be the first question right or can I borrow it actually more like gel-like then cream like and it's it's almost like a very kind of like consistency you're so you have your supposed to put it on your back shoulder supposed to rub it up here and rub it up here and I think the four of us been told like arm but you don't you don't put their same with the with the injections they tell you de one do not inject this into your genital region that stuff will happen man I wonder if people have I'm sure they have what's like the whole thing like why do Starbucks cup say do you know this thing is hot now because some idiot and Brandon some idiot took their right there the logic behind it absolutely do that on the next show can we please do that actually giving you any medicine before you know how are you fucking with this my balls for any reason he might have where can I buy open in a relationship for the first time you asked me to give your medicine I thought you were fucking with me which is great joke on someone else to take injections for their entire life to be a man and for what it's like I've been able to give it to myself sometimes and then I've had to have other people give it to me and Andy's giving me an injection and then you have a few times now we're literally I went to John's house and he's like hey I need you to help me and I'll do this on my ride so we got it was house that's what I'm going to take it it's literally like a scene from like Pulp Fiction like remember when that you put the needle in his shorts and he's like just stop it in right there and I was like God damn this is awkward and I don't know if I want to do this now it's weird to stab somebody help me out is the flight to look in John's eyes when I do it and then even though I have another can you put the push the plunger to penetrate me and then I was able to take over and finish the job be honest if he didn't tell you where to put that injection he just said I need you to inject me this needle testosterone would you think his balls it's a perfectly reasonable curfew so Andy is giving me an injection and the first time Andy ever did as I have a very specific procedure because of this phobia that I have to follow this procedure to give me a shot and that is um I'm going to get it all set up I'm going to get the medicine in the knee don't like that I'm going to sterilize everything that I'm literally going to hand you the needle I'm going to take your hand I'm going to place it where it needs to go and then you take over and put it in and so and what it is is I'm going to count to three and under you going to put it in the first time and II did it I said I'm going to count to three you going to do it and I went 1-2 and he thought you meant on three going so he surprised me and went I went one too many went and I went and he freaked out and pulled hit alcohol we had to restart and we had to I had all right we're going to do that again we're going to get a new needle and we're going to try that all over again without it and he had to go in one two three anyway then we can find it is a fun little game word Andy just stab me can we finish on one more and if I ever do you have a good morning Patrick use a sex toy but I think everybody right yeah Tyler you never use a sex toy on somebody General give her purchase a sex toy direct you can Amazon Prime octopi yeah they're called massage things instead of on Amazon mechanics you called them dildos or anything like that or vibrators cuz it's can't be a sex toy but I didn't know about the thing oh yeah there's a whole subreddit just on rabbit box but it's in your butt but you have a tail but it's just like chilling in your butt actually it's it's really classy like I've always wanted like a monkey tail it would probably be done a RT Podcast an extra RT Podcast will figure it out so hopefully the rest of the shows are nothing like that yeah there are no rules so we'll just fucking I don't know we'll try some shit some shit will work some well six people on the set did not work so thank you too Adam Co they can stop by Gus sorola thank you Patrick thank you Patrick being over there still so pretty still so pretty and that's it I guess we'll see everybody next week and will show coming up for first members