#436 - Solid D

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Miles Luna, and special guest Sally Le Page as they discuss the Koopalings, luck and statistics, strange sexual situations, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 26, 2017, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), Dollar Shave Club (http://bit.ly/2rYSFna), World of Tanks (http://bit.ly/2rYMaRs)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

give me a call on my God play The World of Tanks Blaine got excited when we do the show live on Monday nights this doesn't make it into the final YouTube version we play a little promo for the cock block which is all of our Lives stream podcast on Monday and then we play the podcast intro and then we start the podcast we went through the cock block video and as soon as it ended playing with very excited I hope we get that in there before the podcast to get to dinner released Gavin are you sure don't blame a miles so it's kind of weird this is my friend's phone calls being on at the beginning and not just staying on as a guest during the South by one was that a two years ago and before that wasn't from the beginning that I was going to spill my drink on your laptop of the beginning why why don't really watch the old ones would be interesting to see if you're any different now than you were then was it that they were referring to what did I cover in that video so for example just reliving my getting the plane on treadmill because I might be my new meaning of the whole thing I'm self-conscious about seeing themselves like an old video I just I think I used to be Surfin improved there is this one video it's the when I was the naked intern where I sure Alice and everybody's that photo and they send me shit about me being naked and I fucking hate how I looking at video I got to get awful what's wrong with it I just don't like I feel like I don't look as good as like you are real piece of shit you look like on the piece of shit you look like a million times better than I do and you like another class tonight remind me he plays and that was the first song as by day by day sounds fun thing to be a great day because that's going to be a story that they tell later that day to someone else it's become like we've become pretty decent size to a lot of it you have to set the point where like we'll be on an emergency and have to go I'm talking dressed as Solid Snake what the fuck my job is crazy this rules but when you do that so frequently and you know you're tired you work in a million things you sometimes forget that like literally anybody else that isn't working in this field is going to like you're not going to believe what I just saw that there was a man crawling on the floor of the Bandit on his head what do you think I was doing like I know when we did the Fallout immersion I had to get makeup to make me look like a cool so I'd like all these open sores and is it really gross and we should we fill most of the day at one location then at night we switch to a different location we all have to drive there is less than what Blaine put me through what you eat toads in the park dumb shit people are there taking photos you look like today because of the surrounding area and I asked you and asked you over and over I was like are you sure you're comfortable to this you can hop down downtown dresses Tinder and Bumble respectively and my people are alike like we're going around like swiping and stuff that was pretty fun town so a lot of Taurus tire and wheel shakes very things that and since I've moved to Oxford as well Theory turocy I'm just so used to seeing people dressed up to take little outfit you just like you just want yeah that's just some kind of weird RC the big Shakespeare Theater they do these open days that you guys do all these kinds of the stage makeup one when I must have been about 10 and then like I cut and so I just walking through town with my mom and we get the latest looks ugly people coming out if I send the next day today isn't it screams every time your mother looks at you like a straight from the set of day 5 I died for the makeup and stuff and I go straight to plane to England I forgot about it oh my gosh I was just like really dark bags like I've been awake for 5 days but I woke up to my Denny's like that don't like seeing that are dress up on the street this other guys like any time you go to New York and their street performers those guys are like scary movies like super happy and stuff like that in like if anybody takes a picture with him that's mask comes off his money it's like this makes me sad and it's the same thing I don't get people paying to take pictures with people dressed up as that you do know that's not me wonder when you go get that costume excited when I think is the the weirdest this when people take photos with like the stars on the sidewalk if you're taking a photo of a sidewalk like not even like the handprint one of the footprints just like the one play exactly take a picture of a British Empire State Building up in like begging for money. Am I had got a party city hosted the people that's like this dude looks like Captain Jack Sparrow if you were to dress up like an hour to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow I'd look like chubby Captain Jack Sparrow looks like Captain Jack Sparrow and he walks like he's I see a gun Elmo playing guitar I'll be like okay that's kind of cool okay cuz he's actually like he's offering some sort of service like people are obviously with you it weirds me out and I don't like it but it's a weird world man so what is Vegas make you sad is it the same thing it's just like okay so first off I'm not great at gambling what's your favorite game biggest for the most game if I go to Vegas now I will just bet 20 bucks on either red or black and then win or lose I'll be done at school you have the greatest luck of anybody block have an equal opportunity with a possible I don't know how but then the probability of you having seven rows one of the seven which is one of Augusta maximum losing 7 times in a row so I'm very interesting basketball is about luck but Facebook is a Sportsman's out there to stop right good luck then you're going to end up having bad luck and it's just like the chances of you throwing say 6 heads in a row you're going to end up getting some titles probably next will they they don't depend on each other just on average if you're going to have 12 throws on average going to have six heads and six tails so if you've already had six heads if I should say that one is not found on the other I know that starts cakes but it's it's going to average out and say good things come in waves and followed by bad things. Sound down if I go if I say to him just keep putting down a thousand put down two thousand and then he's really in the hall will he eventually break even pay the problem is that those events are independent so the outcome of one does not affect the outcome of the other so even if you have rolled so even if you thrown 99 heads on your 100 toss there is still going to be a 50-50 chance of heads or tails which is so that's why they got you and gambling that always go to be the next one right surely I can sleep it landed on 0 to 100 every time things and so this is the same thing with traffic accidents is it up speed cameras weather as been a whole Space of traffic accidents and I'm like wow we put up the speed camera and now all the accidents of stuff isn't that amazing or is she just regressing to the mean so the main is a does a stunted level at which accidents happen that happened to be a spy Claudia by chance so by chance again is most likely be to be at this middle thinks if you think the Bell, but it was some extreme that won't end of the backup is going to usually full somewhere in the middle and not looks like it's going down those accidents went somewhere else but if you're spending money on cameras and not say spending money on precautions do actually help save lives and prevent accidents that's why your camera down yeah but the president affect the results because there is a camera do you not enough to want the funding in camera I'm going to hit my brakes to stop at a yellow and I feel like that would cause an accident more than me to the yellow I guess we're all trying to say here is that we suck at driving me crazy people need to be consistent and predictable in there try is simony advocates for machine driven cars for cheap oh okay but then you go to program in the car is going to kill you kill one person or three people I think I believe it's a website where they're kind of crowdsourcing a lot of that decision making you different scenarios like either going to die or these pedestrians are going to die these are adults these are children these are animals which is the better of some sort of Terminator style code you were speaking of earlier in front of the pavement and what's what like that's minute thing that's been going around awhile what's been like the most consistent results of people election so if it's three people veces one pass inside the setup is ugali like a tram over a train if you're not American not like a pushcart is it's another runaway train and you push or leave it as it's about to go down one or two tracks as three people strapped one track and this one person struck to the other if it's about to hit three people but you can push it in order to be one most people will push but still it's that having to push that lever is is taking action everyone else says that it then it becomes a kite you know I will push the labor and diabetic so it's just one person that makes sense actually going really really fat person who by pushing them off the bridge it will stop the trip so you just got one right now it will stop the train from hitting those three people will you push someone off the bridge in Athens killing them but I pulled right in the middle of it going to the other V so then the wheels go and then it only the push the one ready fat guy off that will stop the train or let those people die Braven spot is cuz they just needs to be something that will sacrifice a decision so just be randomized every time but Audrey and just throw out you do want it to be run because I need car Unison call Baez that they are going to station a death machine that will run to me kill them given the opportunity then you just exactly. 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It's darker I won't be Bang Are you seriously asking that question I mean okay I have no idea where depicted as Bowser's children K and stated to be his offspring eventually Miyamoto a firm than Nintendo's current stories that the Koopalings are not Bowser's children in 2012 leaving Bowser jr. as is only the biggest news recent last name of the song we finally tell us and what's his name is like one of them Morton oh yeah is also his official name is Morton Koopa jr. volumes tattoo lettering face with a mohawk he's like a turtle Dragon live versions of as a prequel Koopalings of Koopa kids I think they were Koopa Kids rigid s what I remember what happens when baby Mario competes against regular Mario where is the cannon they're like if they're playing in Mario Kart the Baby Mario from Yoshi's Island take it away hey left me speechless Starlight Super Smash or Mario Kart Mart in just typing you guys sound like talking about this PlayStation or Wii European play any of the Final Fantasy 6 you just come home from school now in the garden that's cool Gemma looks really jealous yeah Mike on this crap what do people think of Gavin's people like like like okay so I'm a Texan so I think that is the same place we don't sound cuz I thought the probability was low that you guys are from the same place I'm just throwing out words that sound so sorry we weren't we were just out with Bowser we don't know who Bowser's lady friend is correct I think it's a big old Turtle coming out of Morton Koopa jr. will all the Koopalings are named after famous musicians there's one enough to Beethoven one another is Ludwig what means like a rock singer Iggy Pop I never put this together where my money is named after Wendy Williams off of the lawn at in Dragon Ball Z characters are named after vegetables they are the list of names in the vegetables and I just like slowly got crushed and they serve the best they served us but I sent it to it till it broccoli no it was like I don't know but we looked at it after they told look at it look at me when Dad Goku's dad is literally named after this vegetable that's really more prominent in Japan and then that's when mardock yeah yeah yeah yeah do you want to say Larry Koopa is not named after anyone in particular they literally said he just looks like a Larry that's right again recently find the full name of Yoshi in some it's some documentation talk to me like it's some wild eyelashes oh my God Turtles we got the conversation going on yoshisaur munchakoopas yoshisaur much do the entire length of my eyebrow and I kept them here and she named my one super long eyelashes a vehicle so we have someone here on Twitter who is Sharon Western bring it says this person is from the north of England and I think both Gavin Free and salad page are southern oops well that's offensive what's an insult for guy that's not cool now you saying that forever so now man what's up with you forever and sealant for chicken or a term of endearment for a young woman but it sounds like a fucking racial slur your goddamn Chuck right if they say it like that Venom behind the in it Chuck nasty I don't like it but even we learn that it was okay we're walking the airport is like so we'll remember when we order the truck to My Face store they told me they were hanging out yeah we're going to brunch boys and we start talking about like the weird things that happen during sex I don't either just you and him went to brunch some high school friends, see some high school coffee sounds good it was a new one it's not like shaped like it's like also uses she pays it knows no she Patriots a special place pastry but it rocks it up like that and said there's a whole nother thing is that it looks the same except it looks different it looks like the ingredients different or is it a pawn shop in the same way that computer recognition systems have travel time between fried chicken and Labrador slip it in different ways just like ass Labradoodle on a corgi butts and loaves of bread or hot dogs I'm like okay if you're dumb computer can't tell you but in a loaf of bread look like the computer can recognize fucking anything like the fact that we've come this far and Technology that's pretty neat I don't have today. Like who makes a picture and turns into like a scanned PDF thing and I can tell my bank I got more money by taking a picture of a piece of paper with my phone credible yes every now and then I just go on on this crazy thing and it was like what are you high right now fuck you got to stop and appreciate what you have that picture is pretty similar I would like both so you're hanging out with your high school friends you're eating a chocolate croissant and someone was like or Panic popular bread with chocolate the Spanish the pain pain we good so we are talking about what's the weird thing that we've done you don't want to describe the table it went what's the weirdest sex thing you've ever done and we all took a moment to think and that's when I realized so I dated this girl in college and we've been dating for a little over a year and she told me she wanted to role play and I was like yes gas like D&D but with my penis and she want to role play and I was like alright so what did you would you have a mind like a like a schoolgirl thing like just had this fantasy of that for a while I'm like please tell me like well do you mind being a character and like fuck it I'll be I'll be here at the fuck you want me to be who you want me to be and she said Heath Ledger's Joker God was she serious so did you have sex while making Joker faces and I'll tell you how it started I walked in the room and went inside I died I bet you nailed it cuz you're pretty good at the inside what about your boner evening of passionate murderous psychotic love me so he had he has a circumcision shows like you want to know how I got these scars look at me you made that joke at brunch is the whole reason you wanted me to tell that story so you can tell that Grill just give me you had the craziest sex I've ever heard of and what did she have to role-play also or is it just did did you arrive no God no she was like not bad love you unique planner it was not this not this thing right like I'm I'm it you know I'm never going to see that girl again I'm not going to talk about I'm not going to say your name like I do not want to I can't believe me to say the seriously kinkshame another person I think if you're into something weird can you find someone that's like willing to do that that's fucking rush I'll be here but you won't like it but if it makes you happy I'll run with it but don't you think that maybe she should have met you half way and said you're going to be saying you're going to be the Joker and I'm going to do nothing she gave me your best little push hey I've always I've always wanted to have someone stick a finger in my butt like you go okay well let's talk about that I'm not cool with that or you know it's like you talk about this stuff because there's some things that like you can't just let you know like you have to ask about certain things I guess like I can't just go up to like a person dating like so I'm thinking we recreate my favorite scene from Cowboys & Aliens tonight what the wait what that's fine I can it kill that's good that's good it was yeah I know that was that was tough never broke character so you know yay me that was a horrible price I went it was okay is anyone feel comfortable texting then let's not you know make everybody up that's very fair enough then the Layton great Heath Ledger's no no no way I could ever be that too unusual another the strange thing that ever happened was once years ago I was dating this girl and I don't know what possessed us but we were when we first had her place and then we started making out to her bedroom make it out in the living room and her roommate showed up supposed to cut it like try to get dressed very quickly and quietly lower roommate walking in the front door and then living it up the fridge and act like we were looking for stuff like hiding behind the fridge door was a long haul with more time to get up about the fridge hey what's up porn hub my brain and my mind Palace that seem plays out with you guys totally nail it you get all the clothes back on you got the fridge door open just time you're like hey Rachel I buy that one and then you close the fridge door and you're just throbbing a recognized just sticking out to the fly in your pants down to the bedroom wall to the fridge I don't know what there I don't know if we did the right if we made the right decision to those who just like Heat of the Moment no time to think that she is the course of action we're taking the remix no I don't think so what you just said also sound like the lyrics like an 80s action song Heat of the Moment there's no time to think this is the coolest action which ever I was in the closet I think that was in the best you don't know the layout of that home but there's no closet so we think it was I don't remember there being a closet aggression I would have had like roommates walk in while me and the partner are naked in the mergis kind of like hey how's it going and just like people have sex you know it's whatever I'm assuming you naked pictures of you on the internet says she looks like Justin Bieber concerts that I took that joke from from Justin Bieber's Boyfriend Ryan by the way I can say that joke I'm sorry what did you think of it it was so big like crazy that was so many people there so yeah it was because the European one out here and they been and it was literally 10 times smaller or as the vet come once and people talk about the screaming and I kind of think that's going to be screaming at Kay's little thing goes but even just the stages what does an audience if they support something that they don't people I really feel summer concert and not just me that has left me matching them like surrounding a person and their head goes like this and then exploded just running and screaming and then just more people see the running and so they start joining in not knowing who is at the front that's the worse but my side of things is great I'm going to hang out with that I've educational people will get the network in that one interact with fans like I much prefer or that kind of thing for July 7th tickets Castle Isle big picture questions that I've just found out almost an apparently that's the reason why that decline is cuz the cops going wrong table more like this some kind of pollution that's making their penis bones week it's making that call and they and they snap that cause an evolutionary time and there's a penis museum Iceland vegetable can I have my first erection I thought of bone from my hip in this place and got into my junk and that's what I thought about her was cuz it makes sense a boner there is okay and what's the best thing I feel like you for that sure but I just love the idea of the Mis play I'm sorry that just made my night I feel like I feel like that's okay now like I feel like you say what did you go around like when you're a collection know if you get something about erections on the British we don't know it's just more you can have involuntary ones like when you're an infant's but then it goes away really don't get them again until like close to puberty what did the temperature put a sleeper hold on that corner but what about the circulation what the circulation maybe I don't know it was just a solid D you got to put on that shit Gavin that's what good coaching's about calling it out what it means to be says like episode 2 episode tile every day this week what makes the polar Badcock go snap off that will be the baculum so kisses like this say that says yeah is it a whole way or is it like coffee depends on different animals I think there was some animals that have multiple phones you show us using one of these two please okay so if this is about to the exit row on this location to him out but that does the big problem when we have no idea what the females of the species okay I tried versus a chode is a long and skinny penis a chode is a mushroom that's the ticket about polar bears how expensive that the vacuum up all but if it's going to be something to do with brittleness it's going to be something to do with what's happening is I guess pcbs which are polychlorinated biphenyls are causing a lower bone density all I know is next time I have sex I'm going to dress up like a vampire to be like I am and I'll have a big boner the band back in 2001 when people don't use it but it's still like a CFC question I need to do an ad read before you get back there weird on my polar bears this is this is education that's the word people are learning stuff so this is a great time to remind this episode of podcast is also brought to buy Dollar Shave Club you know why is the smarter Choice when it comes to shaving awesome life hack and a no-brainer choice you no longer have to slip to the store to buy a cheap disposable razor that gives you a cheap shave or spend a fortune on razors of gimmicky Shaving Tech that you don't need their dr. 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Carver's shave butter for only $5 with free shipping after that razor just a few bucks a month that's a $15 value for only 5 bucks in your first month box you get an awesome awesome awesome way to handle a full casetta for cartridges and a tube of their shave butter no hidden fees no commitments cancel anytime you like you can only get this offer exclusively at Dollar Shave club.com RoosterTeeth Let's dollarshaveclub.com Thank You Tasha Club hey I got a question if you had to role-play as one of Batman's Infamous supervillains thank you what are you what did you watch some sort version of call that Russian but it was you know why the fuck would you choose the penguin are you think it's funny the girl laughing at me funny okay what are you going to do all that you walk in the room is as as Batman's arch nemesis the penguin boy alright well I'm dry as a bone right now you need better than that I guess it wouldn't I mean that have to be specifically requested to go into that hoping for the best is nothing to happen is how you successfully pull off the Penguins roleplay right all right you go out you plan for this night you got you buy an umbrella you retrofit that thing with a fucking dildo in a bunch of other we are toys there because the he's known for kids hitting webcast in the umbrella and his gadgets you pulled out using me like he did his homework I'm going to die sexy Gavin Jesus trip on my flippers open space of the fat woman that she's a thief a cat she has stuff with whips you kids like you have a lot of pussy puns poison ivy you can use some stuff up fasten on Harley Quinn Joker's girlfriend she's crazy she's got all swords and gizmos She's Got a New York accent and pigtails so I had you know we we did spot a science for a while with Sally that start with a female character and we like science questions that people submitted and we went through the whole the whole season and I still had questions that we never got to so I want to run through a couple hear that I ever sent you these written by one of these I read somewhere and in the other ones I think I found last few months you've written down some from our discussions on the podcast so I think this one that doesn't have a question and I think I know what the question was supposed to be is the use of cesarean section for delivery of babies having an effect on Evolution because there wasn't there was a study printed recently that said that more and more women are having been forced to have cesarean sections because the birth canal is too narrow to give birth naturally people getting bigger things first I should point out because it got some sorry coming to let me look at the school it was publishing peanus which I thought you might find funny therapy things it's going to be the baby is getting bigger the pelvis is getting smaller or some weird combination of that or just Obstetricians are choosing to have that patients go for C-section when they only needs of vaginal birth so you've got the argument as a fancy we should say that for the vast majority of human history pregnancy is been a very dangerous thing and a full full of women have died in it I think it's somewhere around one and two hundred women used to drive from Champa and so as soon as we stop reducing those that used to be a huge selective pressure because that's enough people to die and as soon as we start seeing fewer deaths from that we would using the selective pressure which means that things that when that didn't used to be adoptive can still happen and not be taken away from the gene pool there's a big argument of okay so why do we have such big babies compared to a pelvis shape because we we have this small pelvis hole and the baby's head can be something like that it's really tight fit and it is is a very hard question because this does cause a lot of problems and we used to think that it was because you was standing up for the shape of your pelvis needs to be different for upright movement verses on all fours and not means or pelvis had to be smaller and so that's caused a problem should I saw something few years back where it's more subtle than that because we talked about this in the pregnancy episode of a spot of science there's this big conflicts between the mother and The Offspring call it Paradise ring complex because the cat you like that biology and it's the embryo the features The Offspring wanting to take his money results from the mother as possible and the thinking of had in the actually I might want a second child so I'll say something back and it's this big trade off and so it's kind of the point of the the baby wants yet is all you think of babies tested the the the in the mother's blood I mean not wrong and it's the time which the baby has taken as many resources and the mother has stopped the baby from taking that many results of diets when it's not so much its head is now if it grew anymore had to get too big that it call me born they're all going to be situations by big and would be selected against if we didn't have C-sections because probably both mother and child who died during childbirth quite possible that we were in the same way when they turn off the time people that had other breathing difficulties or the one in some way resistant to illnesses are there so many reasons why people should die but we looked at the numbers and it was $13,000 so the number here is cases where the baby cannot fit down the birth canal in the 1960s it was 30 and 1000 and today its 36 and 1000 which sounds like a lot she's an extra 6 in a thousand and yes that's happening since the 1960's so biologically with talking about two-and-a-half 3 generations or just quite a lot but yeah I suppose also we don't know how many of that is it wouldn't I'm aiming to fit down the birth canal but they had a C-section anyway like maybe for another reason like growth hormones in southern foods you think that affect people are getting like bigger cuz I know that like I mean it's kind of gross but I had a friend who had a daughter and then we're going to feed her like milk from like a Kroger because it's like their breasts would develop sooner supervisor supervisor developing quicker because if giving growth hormones to cattle goes into the milk or not I don't know if assassin I'm not going to say either way I will say in the UK on fatty Sutton that that's not an issue because I would imagine in any country it will be very tightly regulated although I do know that the US has blacks and regulations in the good to know that if they think it's so much of an issue but I can say that would growth hormones and present in quantities in the milk that was sufficient to affect our own growth that might be a problem but it stopped all day that in sufficient quantities which is a big if and I'm fairly certain they wouldn't because that's the sort of thing but giving government regulations all Bethel? Cat used up in terms of how many kids she can have so I'm not so sure about humans but the flies that I work with and then fruit flies if you can use up a mother so that she has more of her offering early around in her life and that she either doesn't have as many offspring I rule that she dies faster and this is one of the reasons why we think that people age or just any animals age cuz it's ready would you think if you're going to survive Eeveelution you want to have as many kids as possible and possibly live in set the longer between the more kids you can have in a lifetime so if you can be producing for longer that's great but we see all these deteriorations of the body why aren't we investing more in preserving bodies because aging isn't inevitable that awesome species that basically don't age Turtles plates off and they have so at the end of each chromosome to the little hobbit at the end of the lace and that protects the end of the crime is unraveling each time it gets coffee and that's cool the team and not Tina make it shorter and shorter each time at coffees and that's one of the big things about aging and you cannot something cold to them arriving full-size to hear cuz why not allowed to extend that to protect the cop but then if you mess with that then you got things like consoles that wouldn't do anything but you should still try to push all of our reproductive energy into life at the sacrifice of a health in later life of Sinatra conscious or an individual level but if you can have more kids early on then you'll show him the time between Generations so the you actually over roll reproducing and propagating jeans Foster and so one of the big theories at the moment is maybe it's because the evening shanarri history distractions assess the successful strategy has been to have all of your kids early on but that puts his tremendous strain on your body so it's actually worn out at the end and then you start getting all these aging cancer the facts on early twenties or something off the majority of animals age what is the definition of millennial what's like could you have a mother who's the mom no nevermind what's the show called Teen Mom and I think this can happen I think you were born in 1992 do you have PhD or you going to have that moment and that's awesome do you say yeah I mean girls going to have children at age 11 age of 12 they shouldn't but they can pick it up you don't like right now I mean ugly is older for the officials according to iconoclast the first of all animals were born in 78 which would make me melt on the Old Witch's not that that doesn't fly you fly we can use reports millennial generation born between 77 and 94 New York Times Peg Millennials at 76 - 90 + 78 - 98 + Time Magazine put Millennials a 2001 completely derail this conversation but a while ago we were talking about how early you can have honors well my parents watch this show so they can just text me what kind of your first boner no no no the thing that she knows who I was dating was no she said when you were too we are in the checkout line at Sears and you rather loudly announced mom my penis is sticking up so I don't know what happened I think I feel like Willy Taj anything weenie weiner weiner and then I don't remember I like I just wrote we talk I talk on this Barbara apparently like some little girls would say I would refer their vaginas there Johnny and I hate that I hate that word so much I'm not a fan of sweets I think it was tried a campaign to get a decent name for the vulva for girls ad because they had a good name for boys to talk about the penises it was a huge the Jordan everything the word for girls genitals equivalent to Willie for boys Outlets chase nipple for a girl's genitals boy and you snipped or something that's like when my mind wasn't a good colloquial word to replace Volvo involved with the equivalent was just too clinical you have never been talking using like baby talk to talk to a child what you're teaching them one set of words that then they have to forget and then learn a new set of words but the words begin a child's life like you said teeth is a child it's like don't get used to those milk tea they're going out play where your skin falls off in the new skin is Anthony I think there's some humor in a grown adult size penis a knob for refer to as a novel the time this day we know even though it's more safe than Cock A Link to the Past me be the most bizarre male sex toy I've ever seen earlier today I leave my umbrella umbrella Dallas still thinking of the penguin I bet it has something to do with with stimulating the whatever that thing is in your couch Sally Guillermo specific Alexa hey Sally what's the weird thing that tickles your goose when your sack in your ass you better get it you're getting closer actually okay it looks like a Fleshlight but it's got three canisters one that simulates a mouth one that stimulates of vulva and one that simulates an anus and then they each vibrate automatically it have like good different K stroking mechanic on the chair so you can real real different you could switch between all three of them side-by-side like you're playing a harmonica with your dick theoretically sounds like boys we can all have this what's that little one of the ends that the butt yeah it's really creepy because they talk or was it they talk about how I'm never going to look at whacking all the same way you son of a bitch fucking that box underneath and ruining his hard-on and then did the creepiest oh it's a Target weird to begin with but the creepy part is they had a world's most beautiful vagina contest to figure out what to model the vagina today we took it in to be cleaned it the world's most beautiful vagina that's a vulva that's the second for sure full of a sleeve weird the vag do they put mold inside all I mean there's there's Services you can mold your dick and get a dildo May that's like a buzz feel like feeling in vagina though and waiting for tactical yeah but this is another cool thing in science penises and vaginas female but it's on here is that all the sides that go with a hole in it so much harder to study the next reading object but what size does sexism penises more interesting do we know more about mountains and K vaginas are way more interesting point is is that a penis is going to go into a vagina vagina is going to have a penis going into a evolutionarily and so you should be looking at the two together but it was about 70% of the studies occasional up two penises and those about 20% the only looks at both in about time send it anyway thing people are much more obsessed about penises and they all about vaginas yet we now have much better Matthew software so yes it's hot as if I was studying fly female reproductive tracts as we called them you going to dissect out the trash from the female which is hotter than dissecting out the say the stuff in the female and then this will squishy so it's quite tell us a thing with gay humans being so much more accepted that it used to be will Evolution follow like the genetic part of being gay to the point where if your lesbian your vagina is better suited for shocking a woman they would never change independently of what your mind is often you don't you have to take in reproduction I think that it would say it was lesbians with her is this with more desirable vagina shapes that we're talking about yeah just like a change to the vagina I don't know if there's a whole question about whether homosexuality is adoptivo tools and stuff oh yeah oh it's totally don't feel like middle school sex ed class with all of you trying to be so professional don't they just found his mail now just cuz it's easier to observe milk what then is to observe female I mean oh so Jessica something happens in animals doesn't tell us anything about human morality as much as it's great as a gay person to see people say hello what happened tonight so it's no nachos like yeah but you will get like cannibalism and mother and infanticide and siblings siblings side and all of these other horrible things that happen in nature just cuz it's not will it doesn't mean that I would totally eat a human if I could if you could or if you had tried I want to I'm not saying I'm going to go out and be like Jared I'm not going to do that if I went somewhere where there was like a farming system setup for humans and it was raised and it was acceptable to eat and it was this was designated for consumption and it was on the menu at a restaurant I would order it tastes like human equivalent come from all the podcast I'm very uncomfortable by this is for a YouTube video extracted some of the meat from his leg the fuck out of here please I want to see what I buy my nails yellow time I need to get some scary house I feel like just go to Switzerland of somewhere you know where that would they just do what they want with you I don't know if I would feel better about it if someone next to me order the human and we're like I can't possibly finish this last Planet Sub in to be like hey I got you shower would you eat between all of us it's not like a picking some way you can say I don't know if I don't see you as someone who'd even lick a human-like would you lick Blaine no no that's a shame he's never I wouldn't look how either I wouldn't like a pig is a pig say music in steel cut is like a kind of like it was just sticking a tube of methyl into his thigh muscle really painful the you and dollar car ad actually used pirated music console World of Tanks is an epic team-based massively multiplayer online action console game dedicated to tank combat World of Tanks console as a special offer for new players who sign up this month go to the link below grab your free tank garage lot and 3 days of Premium game time while this last number of registration codes is limited World of Tanks console was built from the ground up for consoles taking full advantage of a PlayStation and Xbox is unique capabilities choose your combat vehicle from 8 Nations it also includes legendary tanks from World War II battle fields are enormous and detailed a future variety of train plus weather affects you can take part in joint operations to tranq and Destroy enemy units engage in head-to-head tools where your speed and reaction time are critical for victory regular updates off her new content and weekly special events don't forget to sign up this month go to the link below grab your free tank garage lot 3 days premium game time while this last number of you play registration code is limited so make sure you go now thanks to World of Tanks for sponsoring this episode of she's potty faded that so your head came out of that explosion the other night about American soldiers for the Second World War 1 how to act when they went to Britain is that stuff about how is like and it showed two soldiers get off the train and one of them is black and the woman in the train was not very nice to meet you both like shakes the white soldiers hand shakes the bike so just had and then the guy turns to the cameras like that kind of conversation can happen over here it's less social Prejudice is it was Blake and reminding people that like black and white people one segregated in the UK but the fight that's like to the camera be like to see a lot of that here don't be alarmed I love that you had segregation but apparently the sum of the u.s. places where they would go to Villages and stay there they would try and enforce segregation and country that have it so America to get back early so just trying to focus on the local people like older white women with dots with the black soldiers just like piss off of American soldiers that was such a recent time yeah the video had to be made to warn people but not to be as racist when you're in England Patriots Yeah well I mean he was like my friend who is from tell me about his land holy hell it's terrifying he's like yeah I get randomly selected for security said she's 18 times of flight and how he's finally has to turn in how do you say you will get poop pulled into the food it will take about an hour my life could be like the Westboro yelled at for calling someone black recently the best thing about this guy and he was like you talking about what boys are like up today turn it very much African American Soldier same person that requested the Heath Ledger sex she took a race and ethnicity in the media study in college take that course and wanted to ask a question and what she said she's me so when colored people and then the whole audience went on the front of his like I'm going to stop you right there that's not a hundred percent of phrase that's okay to use anymore so I do they get mean it's an interesting thing to bring up no no no one is replying on Twitter yet no no one is talking about world war Civil Rights and civil rights in this country and how so late that was happening Kennedy even I think we all understood that you were talking about the loving day like 2 weeks ago which was the 50th anniversary of interracial marriages become illegal in the United States what do you think about robots tell me what the current one only just became last couple years I've had I think it's going to be it is already as micity again how about 6 the wave of nationalism that has swept the entire Globe it's everyone's you're trying to look out for their own country and for their own people right now I think we're entering of we have kind of entering a very nicely isolationist. Of history and I think we're starting to see a bit of a rebound from that in a bit more globalization but one thing I had a Janice reporting from Syria the off to all of the nose off to Trump's Muslim ban feel like does this change how you perceive devices like yeah actually we realize how many Americans are supporting Muslims because of older the protests affect the politics because they made the news that they would like oh wow we didn't realize that so many people wear in support of us and that was an amazing thing to say and so I do wonder if the backlash is going to be great if I mean I honestly say in the thing that finally brought all the people together was when a horrible alien monster seem to be threatening the world Donald Trump Anonymous yeah yeah they claim and again I do not believe this I want to start off the story by saying I do not believe this Anonymous that they have files and information from NASA that they've been reading over stuff a written statement put out and they think NASA is about to announce the fact that they have found intelligent alien life based on based on public statements they've made and based on Fallout 2 access to that are connected in life from half-way cause you know they saw how far away is Starbucks I am 100% off of free today think that ass is going to announce I'll be the first to admit so you like I think everybody can relate to like that one likes any racist grandpa or like maybe like semi races like that first off there are shades of racism there is the horribly angry kind of them is a kind that's like really this person is a product of the time that they lived in or the circumstances that they live through while maybe they're fearful or don't like it's still wrong but like they're so let it right moment it was tonight the night was filled with your drunk interview I didn't say something racist today no you didn't know you didn't we had we had I don't know if there was an intern or contractor but a temporary keep time employee person that was helping run a camera that night and this person was a female but I think I'm going to make sure I get this right identified his mail and had like a male name they would use I'm going to say it let's call them Gary need another name an apple introduce me they introduced himself to me as Gary the first time I met them and I was like oh okay sweet that's the name and then at one point I was talking about someone else about this person I don't like all yeah she's awesome and then the personal song You Creep lyrics to me and said he's awesome I was like oh okay right yes sorry and I remember feeling really flustered and confused because like this was just something I wasn't used to so I have to like constantly making mental effort to be like Gary you're the dude and they would be like thanks man and their fucking fantastic but like in that I remember in that moment thinking I could see myself in decades if I had a child they bring home like a friend or someone and I'm like hey what's going on dude in the first me like I'll actually I'm or my son or daughter being like this is a this person identifies as a female and then meet me like I'm sorry I might give me like I'm so sorry he's from another time he's from another time and I don't know I just that I think about that sometimes it isn't writing another YouTube event that would gendered like nonspecific bathroom and I was like oh sweet you gonna yeah but then I still have the moments panic when I would walk out of the cubicle and I see a girl in the mirror I'm going to the wrong bus from now animal sound really old one day he thinks his behavior will die off as the generations continue on that like you think the fact that her story this morning about a a dude who was arrested in San Antonio at Iron Maiden concert oh boy that's my home City lately show that they found him because I guess he had a warrant out because for aggravated kidnapping and his friend had post on her Facebook pictures of Iron Maiden tickets am going with this guy and here's the our tickets so please like oh they're looking for that guy we know what is going to be to play one of the concert the rest of them and they posted a photo of him and the dudes owl tattoo with giant swastikas right here on his neck like we're still at that point I don't know I don't want to draw the leaf that we're going to be done with this future tattoo artists who will cover ups and other things for free history of time and then life and then like you know if they've changed why make them live with it on the skin I'll just cover up for them it's pretty amazing how people with such a strong opinion can absolutely 180 I'm so sorry I was cooking my life it's amazing people flip on something they thought so strong who has now left them I know nothing big cuz that's like you would entire social life she's had to leave behind and doesn't communicate with him anymore and talking about that change and how we lost a bit was three people talking rationally to her on Twitter and not just like saying oh my God you bigger whatever so I can't remember who will immediately respect a person more if they hear the Muse the phrase earnestly you know I've never thought about it that way before I think a person's ability to consider the fact that they may be wrong yeah they had them is mine blocks off unbelievably important and it's getting worse and worse because like if I can take like it's very easy to spread misinformation that's why you people being like no you get your climate change deniers and you got your flat earthers and like you have the president literally lying to people about certain things about the parasite I'm not going to I'm sorry I'm sorry but like now take the gun away from my head but you know it's like it's not something that I think is really important I remember there was a moment I was like I was interning I was I was helping out on an emergency twas still in college and I was talking to some dude that had been in the industry for a while and he was asking about classes I was taking I remember I said well I'm not going to take that is in because I'm already I'm like I'm pretty good at that I think I went okay I'm sure you can edit a video but I don't think you're good at that like was like being able to edit and then his understanding the theory behind it and why editors choose like do certain things and all that stuff like I would really recommend taking that course I remember I was mad but then like later that later that day was like kind of like he's right and I should probably at the very least suck it hurt me to take his car so you know he's on editing and films that don't mention editing software to it's all about the thought process behind us and I think that's really tough with I'm going to say Twitter specifically is a really shady way to talk about politics and important things because you're limited to 140 characters all that gives you enough room for is to get out your like tldr which typically comes across as Brash or rude or inform like you spell fights on Twitter like when people start hey please stop all you're doing is fighting with a random person on the internet I Just Energy could be spent better somewhere else I don't like today cuz they announce the mini Super Nintendo yeah yeah yeah sorry just like I just push the picture of the European one which is very colorful and the American one which is powerful and I was like some sort of shaky, not I just left the NF can you use Sally if we can find one for some reason but now it's going to be this big it is it looks like the original of very true they eat us one is pink color purple is it like the see-through purple of the N64 controllers for know that they made the original NES like a flip up and look at slot loading thing because they wanted to make it look the VCR unless like a game console cuz of the game Crash brought in the robot so it would look more like a toy and video game console I think what it was actually is official we got to wrap up here so thanks everybody for watching will see you guys on Thursday with our Thursday edition of our podcast who's on it tuna Texas tuna Texas tuna Texas tuna Texas what is the widest tree tuna Texas tuna Texas many sandwich Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas