#437 - People Were Bored

Join Becca Frasier, Brandon Farmahini, Jordan Cwierz, and Mariel Salcedo as they discuss cease and desists, the great milk war, capital punishment, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 29, 2017, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt)

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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast I am Brandon, I'm Becca, it runs in the guts that you really wanted to be in the seat now it came to me and Patrick we also have Patrick touch cells are in RC cars at work on it that is a very depressing song tell her where are you in a dungeon somewhere alright forget to say thank you to audibl wonderful sponsor for the podcast so thank you very much all day they are you don't wanna reach into the graphic thanks for inviting me audibl so straight there's a podcast I think last week was it was the thing that you and I are leaving the company okay so over the five-year span you've gotten further and further away from I'm trying I started like I stayed with you for like 2 months until I find an apartment that was very far away from you you live with me and then we also sat next to each other at work like you see how small this couches another building like 2 miles away now yeah then you went to a different building here and then now you're just like you just left heading back now because yeah so we're getting a house and I are getting so we found this place and we really liked it and then I realize that Jordan was moving into the same neighborhood and yeah I forgot I didn't know that's where we were going to this place and then I was just like oh my God Jordans can be so annoyed that I'm moving in next moving into the house that I wanted to get really that was like our favorite house that is a slap in the face but we were saying like maybe we'll be friends with whoever moves in the time being I appreciate all you guys are inviting me again when you get this are you going to continue or bitching yard I'm going to I'm going to retire the grass oh my God this is a great idea of people be mad if I explain some dude in California send me his grass know you're missing an important part they're his dogs can pee and poop on it that is how much grass it's about like 4 ft by 2 ft let me ask you this do you like having a bathroom in your house or would you prefer to have an outhouse somewhere oh okay wait I think this is what's between having like a porta potty or real bathroom this isn't I mean what I'm not going to just like piss on the floor as you know the option is want to go out in the snow on the ground for you to Alex it's chilly it does not get in because now she can't stand the extreme cold or the extreme heat very poorly constructed. Please every two weeks to get new grass in California and I roll it in there and so the dogs anytime of day or night that just go out there and do the business in the next two weeks after that you can put it in your house people are pneumonia and you want to throw up where is this see you know what has like two inches of soil to sucks up to hearing I'm not getting paid so look at the dog I know right that's a lot now we have 3 but it's still a lot of poop is it weird that I want to buy like a super fancy toilet for my house that's really the only thing I'm exciting about putting in my house yeah it's in my house but you need a grounded power outlet how long is white noise like so a mask the sound of your pee if your pee shy heated toilet bidet sprayer that has like all sorts of ranges of intensity it's incredible it's hard to go back to normal toilet after using one so I thought about getting one for Michael for his birthday 1 year but it was a huge process because you have to get the outlet installed see what you have to do is get it for somebody at Christmas so you can wrap it and take it out of the cardboard box just wrap it as a toilet and put it in front of the tree so you just have like a wrapped toilet seat shaped box so there's no toilet no I want something fancy I want to walk into the bathroom and just see this just like just get a bidet just go all out like get a toilet and a bidet my dog now I'm super happy you're here. I remember when you were just Contracting with us 709 we would always look for a way to include sister just because like hearing you like in the booth doing sister lines is like my absolute favorite thing in the world what a fanboy no career after Blood Gulch I think you have the most inappropriate line female ejaculation really though I'm just that seem so mild what's the worst one that you think like the one about he wants to be known as the girl who said 7 or she can do the lines for us but guess what generally who wants to be known as the girl who said 7 a portion so long time ago yeah so like I'm always afraid like when Gus isn't here is like saying the wrong thing yeah we should be leaving this up to you actually I know it's so Ariel do you want to run them know thank you when we did last year there are so much stuff that will come up and want to talk about in the news but the lawyers were like you can't say this you can't say that you can't say it is podcast of you can't say this I don't know what female ejaculation just like walked away and then last week tonight have you guys you guys watch Last Week Tonight so couple weeks ago they want to do a story on call cuz like Kohl's like the big topic right now owner said there's a coal do of the popular coal company which I will not name because I am I do not see the show reached out to him and his company before they actually did the broadcast and ask them to comment on something so the company knew that they were going to do this story so they sent John Oliver show a cease-and-desist letter before the broadcast of the show with and that the end of her like we knew we know we're going to get sued like come at us and like two days later they can hook it up to the cease-and-desist before they done anything to send like tiny local newspaper I end of the Time Warner and someone else like I'm slightly up the chain from HBO Indian talking about but not I feel like he's very like you never been sued but we did get a cease-and-desist letter from was it from the state of Texas, knowledge we tried to get a license or Rooster Teeth license cuz the state of Texas license plates I want to license plate and so we send in the application and I guess somebody from the license plate office DPS of Texas researched our company and they found this short we did where Matt it was Madden Tom Booker red DMV location and Matt was there to try to get a different license plate cuz the one that he got sent from the DMV was like you know I'm less Boys Northlake traffic on Booker pulling out more inappropriate license plates but they look too good I guess and they were like yeah sociated with this but this was during the recession 69 Tell Young Matt was still looks good I'm still handsome I didn't say how long ago was that find out can you believe it 2003 cuz it was in the mission with the neck I mean the back part of it yeah for like live-action filming and stuff in soundstage with a giant green screen and then they're like everyone was in their bodies turns into a bunch of people to know whatever works me of this blog that I read is called mcmansion hell I love that basically she like this girl who cheetah lava architecture she's kind of an architecture critic so she'll take like gross poorly designed mcmansions and take out take pictures from like Zillow and stuff and kind of like annotate over them about like what the fuck went wrong here and why it looks bad and she actually like Wright's detail articles as well on like architecture Theory and stuff happens and Stein soup that's how you can tell them she got sent a cease-and-desist and so she had to take her site down for a little bit she just realized it today and the e f f is helping her and like they send a statement and they just talking like demolish slam dunk Zillow thing and so they're like she's like yeah coming back Zillow that is it in a few months I wonder what it's been up to so it's a good blog I recommended I got fat Segway again before and I found out from my in-laws Mexican people have to tell you straight up I know you're happy in marriage cuz you have a lot of weight and I have one of those smart scales I hadn't gone on it and I got on it and it was like frozen spinach day and stuff like he like basically nothing and said I sell the most frustrating article Russell Wilson who apparently there's a big guessing who is Russell Wilson he is a professional athlete that much is to be more specific a basketball player on the Oklahoma City Thunder I think it's Ciara's husband I think that's his name Sierra Sierra want to stink oh marriage I mean this because they're like he was saving himself even though she went to some really good school you can't have sex if you have sex at BYU phone so I know everything about it will you have any insight thank you for removing that from your primary store you and you play now It Burns Burns fat apparently just like no milk no I guess no no are no Dairy no wheat and all protein so no gluten earlier because I love things including a trailer right a food trailer that's just says it's like other food gluten-free so it like makes it's super difficult to like yeah I understand how this word for 800 calories I think my my body would explode that estimate to hell like finely-tuned his body is cuz like it just burns calories and he's got to have 4800 at minimum yeah wither away like Michael Phelps like hay like the moon every day I was in the nation I hope when you think about metabolism everybody will think faster slow and it's not metabolism is ultimately hot or cold the definition of a calorie is a heat energy unit I feel like she saying is so of calories and metabolism is a function of heat and if that is a lipid and only converts to energy in a hot environment it makes sense that you can eat a certain amount of calories to generate enough heat to burn fat and the counter and it's counterintuitive to every civilian out there what's the nutritionist name. Philip Goliath face what is the same diet what does that name the meat sweats you need to be fucking Rich to hire this guy dying like any kind of wheat gluten products I like at least a month at least a month ago month and if you weeks maybe and I've lost like 10 pounds been working as your family and my family no don't see them often now but they always call you like flakka or just going to go to the out just fat never see ever they're assholes so I have a weird relationship it's a good relationship I always feel like he's disappointed because I'm not you know you guys know again look at them yeah this last time though since I was trying to lose weight when I drink I'm only drinking red wine cuz it's probably the best thing alcohol you drink to lose weight you can at getting you drunk and not feeling you up I'm drinking red wine okay so no no okay I better skip come back you got me we we went we were out getting dinner and he just ordered a beer and then I ordered a red wine and he like looked at me and it's beer and then he's just like I will also have a red wine like it was some kind of like weird like you think you're better than sitting yet I know I thought you felt emasculated no no no or he was like because I remember the last time when was involved it was when I proposed to Paula and we are all in like the bar area and he brought up some wine to serve but I was eating cookies and dipping them in milk I think you were doing this immediately before you propose to your wife you know that was for play the most adults probably also how it got that yes on Twitter yeah yeah yeah I don't drink but I don't same people I can see I get where he's coming from in his argument sluggish or he was just saying that like adults don't need it and you should help me because that's like what you don't need a lot of things we still do it is awesome if it's cold and then you pour yourself a glass that is not like milk so we did about okay like if you eat something spicy to obviously miles is from milk Eddie against milk and his Arguments for all babies go drink milk you babies understand like I didn't choose any side publicly I was just yell or stupid for having this argument in the first place won't be like to argue what's the thing like most people in the world are lactose intolerant because their culture they don't drink milk when they exactly because you don't need it which I think is what Eddie was saying that you don't need it when you're running debate between science and emotion so you logic-based so would it bother you drinking milk from a different animal like goat milk other animals who milky would not drinking cow milk is because they're easily domesticated and then the reason they people drink goat milk is because goats in their area what time is still not great like bizarre mammal you can think of dolphin milk forget it I don't know if platypus platypus milk would be a delicacy I'm sure they do they lay eggs but they do lactate okay trust me I play one on TV when did everything the opposite direction because it's funny so my body sucks like really does like I had like any paint Sai one of the doctor and they're like to get tendonitis in your patella it's also called jumpers need you play basketball a lot I was like know that I give you anything where you jump and I'm like not in the last decade whenever the Texans score touchdown I get excited yeah so not often and yesterday I saw a article about a guy I think it was in Britain he got hit by a bus like I'm talking like the front of the bus like knocked him down to a pub and get to drink and I'm just like that was me like nothing's going to stop and then went to the puppy there was a during the London attacks I think there was a guy who was in one of the bars that those guys came in and he yelled something like something about his football team and then started fighting actively like trying to fight them off and like got stabbed and everything he was like like he's like I can't remember what team is part of like what he likes but he just kept yelling. Those guys from the movies like Manchester United's like two beer bottles with his eyes oh I think I think we have the video do we have the video bus so yeah here's the bus goes to Bourbon in say relaxed or would you rather just be like I'm going to die hundred percent if you were murdered how would you like to be murder I think about this a lot because I'm convinced that come across is going to kill me I get to do a lot of training also on the other side least like to be murdered so like in a realistic way or like a stupid like movie way and how many ways can you get a big five methods got shot choked poisoned the piano while I was going to that I can in like there's that episode of Boardwalk Empire where that guys fighting five minute fight oven struggling in a bathroom what a movies ever double tap so that might work directly in the brain does it make them want to murder me some pletely throat yeah it's just remember when you were like you play Madden and then like I be trying to sleep and then you would be like banging your controller on the coffee table should be like a controller a controller shape hole in your technically in your bedroom playing Madden I just don't Sleep Inn in bed and my better my bad I slept on the couch she sleeps in his grass patch on the patio sometimes just cuz I like watching TV but most the time I have sleep in bed cuz I'm married but single I always slept on the couch that's the thing as I can't go to how I submit a bed because I'm in the bed it's time for sleep when I'm going to couch I'm just like I can't fall asleep on the couch I'm going to couch and I'm like immediately gone so you just fall asleep in places that aren't places you should fall asleep yes it's exactly call it while you drive sometimes like whatever you do don't fall asleep while you're driving and then you fall asleep no but now I'm worried about it maybe that'll be the way tie-dye tell me about way to go sign that you hit that you hit the British guy going to the pub okay what what the revered in some place that he shouldn't make that I know you're yeah that fucking video from sword Friday is basically it's like the last Friday of the semester I think he was like the School of Architecture something they would bring out these foam swords and everyone would gather on guad across from the union and like the coop and every time there was a red light in the crosswalks turn on everyone would just likes warm out there and beat the shit out of each other with swords so the last year that they did it or they know they did anyway the light turned red and this guy jumped out turn asked was he not that's the and then as soon as I hope we never get to see it cuz it's so good I'm afraid of what you're going to have to I think they're like beating their swords like fight over this video being the song God way to the middle of the street was a stupid thing to do anyway but they're they beat each other and then like someone someone's like constantly watching the light and like yelling search people to run back so anyway one here this kid and kisses or something he was like friends of friends that I kind of knew him jumps out and immediately just gets fucking hips out and he stood out and immediately gets people looking for buses I don't know but like he walks that he gets up inside because I had to go where we like going to work and I was driving by and there's like a bunch of ambulance and stuff in but he just sitting that he's completely fine and I'll ask my friend tonight UT we always dreamed about getting hit by a bus cuz of the rumor was he got hit by a bus they would have to pay your tuition for the rest of the rumor that purposely trying to convince his roommate to kill himself because she was dating a guy and she kept like egging him on your lap kill himself she was dating him and his ass Ike or she I think of that twitch streamer and she shot her husband in to do a stunt it was like he was like holding a textbook or something like the bullet will stop the book and she shot through the book and kill them she was like pregnant but like I think her last tweet was like oh we're about to do this really stupid video for YouTube like just everyone knows it was his idea not mine oh my God so I was like I was looking into it all I got I need to know more because I need to know more by everything actually went on to their things and they have like one of the thumbnails it's of her if she's like in a car and just as guilty and nervous oh my gosh another video where there's other video where he's like they're basically just like this like young super young couple that like just want to be Water Casino yeah there were like super young and the things that he says in the in one of their videos is like you guys don't get mad at me cuz I do a lot of stupid shit but that's just kind of who I am they're just like so really isn't that tragic you just went out like I mean I just sucks you know it really fucking stupid thing to go out for YouTube or live on worst way to die is it like a like poisoned by something or being eaten by something like this and getting hit by a bus sorry it's all I can think about by your pregnant wife. Slowly smashed by a steamroller scap ISM or the boat to a method of execution tree trunks with just a head hands and feet that would be force-fed milk and honey to the point which they develop I had to go and then the eyes and Malcolm Jenkins to attract insects man I went to in San Diego there's a Torture Museum yeah I went there in like that none of that was as bad as what you just said somewhere that I traveled and you know this one's in the Tower of London to London for like they show you the talk like that the common way today about how during the worst torture device I saw was one that's just a long it's like a 4ft tall Spike and just kind of comes to a point and they set you on top of it but first and you just go ahead and 1st is it paper yes as it have the same results if it were in this is all messed up now but I think it's only because we have iPhones so you know in France and in New Orleans and you know I'm sure there a lot of other places they have public executions everybody would go out and then be like yeah chop his head off cuz there's just nothing else to have fucking books of the Bible and books exist is the weather like we'll just like it was like 13 1200 when when did public execution stop I think that is what is an executed there's observation rooms for family you eat the 1455 1455 I don't know maybe 50-60 years ago cuz you go take tours in any of us it'll be like we used to hang people here have it like they didn't say those public though I mean the electric chair people would go to those executions to write all I know is what I've seen the electric public so it's probably in the US television is why we don't have cupcakes new form of entertainment with a story on television you know just you know anything the entertainment in general I think just kind of gets people out of it I mean I can execution Robbie can I find balance oh my god look I'm okay I think you are so public executions were so common it's ridiculous for anyone to think here that if they were alive at that point they wouldn't go to a public one tonight or not you beat me to the iPhones I got nothing now I think what you're trying to say is the iPhone didn't kill it but other forms of entertainment did iPhone just being like a silly metaphor for it bite I took offense to it complaining about how people use literally like we're but before we had a nut very boring debate literally I want to thank audibl for supporting this episode of a Rooster Teeth podcast audibl has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows news, Deanne more audio books are a great way to listen to keep yourself entertained while you're driving you're at the gym or shopping it's super super easy and even if it's like a spur-of-the-moment thing like before you go in the car ride we went down to Brownsville and I just grab it bought something real quick and then we listen to it the whole way down and so audibl is offering a free audiobook with 30 day free trial if you want to listen to it go to audibl and check it out it's audible.com / RT and browser unmatch selection of audio content download a title free and start listening it's that easy I start listening to the doctor cats audio series it's super super super funny I used to watch the TV show back in like the 90s like the late 90s on Comedy Central know there was an audiobook version that's awesome of like being in therapy and he's talking to a therapist played by Jonathan Katz who the created the show and then they take that audio in the animated and you see you know the comedian inside therapy room and then there's b-roll of like acting out that what they're talking about, like the receipt animated adventures what are those I thought you'd have something again what are you trying to set me up and you know comedians have a messed up mind so to hear me therapies is super super funny highly recommended by the beginning of the earth and it's like 30 bucks I've been trying all this year book three three bucks an elastic fibers question to Hotshot stub says it's called the Judas cradl cool used on men and women who committed sexual crimes in a pencil man cruel and usual punishment on sexual crimes I mean you know but you get it right I don't believe in capital punishment I believe in like I can get if you want to like like if somebody wrong me like murdered somebody close to me probably murdered murdered I would not want them to be put to death by the government but I might want to kill him I don't know I got you understand that people wanting to kill and like you know back before you know justice justice like you're going and law Humanity like I'm so no retribution killings can I still be against capital punishment but I can see wanting it like I'd probo I would not be happy I'm not going to open this can of worms yeah yeah there's not any more about everybody's focused on you know bunch of other stuff right now everybody likes our capital punishment was the last time you saw a headline about capital punishment it's one of those weird things that people there was alright this is right okay one of the fattest true things he did cuz he couldn't start ruling on everything cuz you know a lot of litigation at re-started was a appeal from a state Patrick look at it I think it's Emma they were low on their death penalty chemicals right like lethal injection chemicals and like the companies that make lethal injection chemicals or stop making it cuz they don't want it to be used for that purpose so it was like the expiration date was coming soon so they scheduled like 10 executions Arkansas Arkansas like Arkansas schedule the like 10 executions in like you know a week span and the Supreme Court was deadlocked for 4 and then the new Justice came in and argued for four rules for Arkansas so then all those people got put to death and I'm not going to say like one was right when was wrong but it's like can you imagine your decision is resulting in like 10 people being like that when you look at it like when you look at it as like an Arbiter of the law right like he's just doing his job to interpret the law I think it's very easy to disassociate yourself from the results but if it were me I'd be like fuk I just kill those purpose but I still think it has to affect you in some way I mean you're going to be our next Supreme Court Justice I'll be like the most like blinders like I only know no human lies into account just whatever the law is and you have to do that at a certain point if you are always making decisions that could potentially be emotional for you you just have to step back and be very binary black and white about it I guess doctors have to do that too they make a lot of subjective calls some of them are right some wrong terrifying before we got on this I just want to plan out a fun fact about Dr Kat one of the few shows to use the thing called squigglevision which I'm fine with an animation tool that I like saying because it's called squigglevision it just makes the outline creates so that you don't have to do it by hand Andalusian called boiling lines which makes it look more hand drawn and shows like Dr Kat swear they're very static not move around a lot of creates the illusion of movement so yeah I will say I never really before I started working here in turning here I wasn't even started watching animated adventures because it was the shortest thing in like that like I'm really quite understand what it was I just knew that you were the name behind it so when I first started working here and I met you was like lots Jordan like I didn't give a fuck about anyone else so just so you know just randomly and start making that was because I was bored out of my mind and then California there's this quickly as you can see there's a gen-xer that people associate with Millennials now I guess there's always occur damn youths like what's your favorite party oh yeah but besides that girl out a little bit I'm really excited about sugar pine 7 and Steven suptic you guys really are Andrew and so if you were the first ones to tell me about him until I started watching his videos and guys fucking hilarious like like nerds online can tell me to watch it all I want like you guys ride panel what what what was the club last year little bit about it it's just like basically the lgbtq yeah we just have a panel I mean I like the yellow make it up this year like I mean like new people are kind and it seems like they're from what I've seen in the app there's a greater representation of letters and it's grown and it's it's so great that we have so many people or such an inclusive play the rainbow IZ Over the Rainbow Curse dude over the rainbow and always that there are actually people that I didn't know where buyer day or whatever in the company until we did the panel so it was really kind of cool to kind of meet each other that way everyone here like get to could be more comfortable around each other and stuff like that to the community to say they see people who they might have not known or they just have someone else that they can relate to in a different way it seems everywhere and nowhere all at once yeah in rtaa we always have to make a special intro video likely we got it done we got done early this year and it's going to be crazy but that I think that is my favorite part is like playing that video and sing everyone's reaction and like I never showed it to Guster Bernie beforehand either how do you get away with that just the RTA panel is pretty fun because we always do a dumb entrance and then we don't even really talk about it just like me Gus and Burnie taking questions and making fun of each other so I would look forward to the day when I will never forget I hate that song about a million times and then like spinal the stock footage behind for all the backgrounds was also night were like I think I had to get a special account for like some stock footage website and Brandon had to help me track everything down so yeah we purchased probably like 500 current stock images for the show last remember Chris and I light the hardest experience we ever had fighting stock footage was footage of dogs having sex personal stash a lot of tricks to make it look like more so it's just that was a business inside business Chris and I were going to go into producing a lot of dumb Becca stuck in my leg I mattered it like that sucks but yeah that bound to me about 15 minutes and when I say literally I mean literally looking for the right image of a girl smirking it was the most cream mind-numbing Lee thing and it was just amazing at how many different photo stock photos exist of that like I can't imagine how difficult that I mean if you're ever bored and there's no public executions going around go to like a a stock website with news istock photo a lot and go to the videos and watch some of the ridiculous videos out there like there's one where it's like this big group dance scene in an office since all these corporate guys in suits and like the boss like breakdancing who decides what they film for stock footage though because it seems like there were any real use for some of the stuff they do stock quote are the Search terms and they searching for and put their stuff on there in hopes that someone will find it and buy it so I think photographers try to make their images of marketable and have Mass Appeal as possible within their or something just go for where where it's like 1980 Santa in a hot tub drinking some Kool-Aid girl eating salad laughing at salad girl laughing at salad and it was like all this like this dark stock footage it was just like her no kids with guns and really weird Erin has one of our production artist and animation she has like I don't know why she has a library field of old ladies holding up guns and we got action images of Aaron but I love the way people interact with her on Twitter because she doesn't ever tweet anything it's just people like tweeting from their own personal accounts about her and she just like responds like the legend Grows by everyone else is pretty hardcore Grange fucking awesome what we work on that so I put this out there to people cuz I do feel like I'm the only one here before way to have much time left but how many you guys out there would go to a public execution if you did not have computers TV foggy in anything Patrick if you could kind of monitor that how much time just hashtag RT Podcast playing it's going to be cheap it's a king free no come on what is it a beloved King at home to go to a public execution if they're getting the Judas cradl can you put it out in like the city Square in like you walk by every day and progress sleep a pointy it's amazing like this is what Engineers were working on this is like you had your smartest mind we need the brightest the best and the brightest to figure how to murder people way there's little advanced math I can argue that some pretty dumb people invented these ways to kill people who knows who knows so I'm obsessed with technology taking over during song okay like I think last time an essay like basically creating systems that are so Advanced that they can't keep them safe like back door isn't like basically they've created all these loopholes and I didn't read the article I will admit I read the headline basically like you know back doors into people's phones and all these different little vulnerabilities that they can be exploited by other people homeboy I really would like I know it's not a very like tangible thing you can be afraid of it's not like you know somebody coming in to your house and murdering you like how freaked out I feel like we should be as concerned with that stuff as we are about people coming into our house and murdering us but it's kind of hard to like Quantified in your head and make it feel like a genuine concern like digital things that like are presented to be friendly that you have to worry about like I think last week it was like robot cops I forget where in Dubai like big smiles today it was this year's member couple years ago Amazon announce the Drone package delivery and you know we made a short about it I saw something today about their pregnant the logistics of it and instead of just keeping them all at their warehouses they would build giant what look like beehives and all of the drones would be in there and then they would like emerge from The High episode in this last season about basically all the bees died and they make bee drones to pollinate the flowers and then someone hacks into them and uses the Beast it's totally free up with a drone red so right now it looks like 75% of the people who have responded would absolutely go to an execution tell me if we did these poles during the podcast more I would run to Cadence good King if you didn't you know I'm not gold Gathering it's kind of like you have drinks is it true that like when you get decapitated you still alive for a little bit Ella's manhole Monday they document like there's movement and blinks and a jolt like a chicken with its head cut off lady who farted I'm really getting the head not that I feel like I just be self-conscious and I in on my body my head would hit the ground and roll and be like oh my God that's what my body looks like I have seen in my uncle's house I think I would take advantage of that and that moment like you've never seen your face look weird yes the TV I'm pretty bad watching TV and in an episode completely in the world and the way they resolve that at the end of the episode is find another world that's not destroyed in which they are killed so like they go to the world and they find their dead bodies and it's like the shows gory like they see themselves just like the I just like falling out of the socket I'll bloody well then they dig a grave for themselves and then bury themselves in the backyard yeah but it's like fairy yourself and then like take your own place and then later on like more tea is like telling somebody about it like everyday I eat breakfast 20 yards from my rod handle or something it's on Hulu Anna movie where the effects are so good they were actually see themselves like watching Game of Thrones cast I know it's like everybody got done chopping off the head that's a weird job right like if you're the Executioner with the axe I want a New Orleans an do a tour like a death to work and there's like a guy who's famous like that's what he did just chop people that like this job for a really long time is famous one of these one of these times I want like I want you to say something ridiculous and then we cut to a close up of you when we come back by and we're gone we just can't deal with your dumb question fiction matches reality yeah tell me about it thanks for watching thank you to everybody who joined us this a lot of fun and we'll do it again next week before RTX switching you guys know though we have something new coming up the super exciting so check out this video announcing a brand new broadcast show straight out introducing the greatest gaming tournament competition show in the history of gaming competition tournament show history not a tournament tournament just a gaming competition sourdough this many Earth for it's dark and crevice sweaty places to find all the many greatest Gamers who may or may not be on this Earth nope just the Austin area San Antonio and I think maybe one guy from Nacogdoches and maybe a trophy a very very small tiny trophy on this very great set welcome to Tuesday night game fight our newest competition show where we take a team's coach by some of your favorite personalities as they battle each other in a head-to-head matchup every single week in a full-blown anything goes twists and turns gaming challenge show action starts July 18th and is available lot at 5 p.m. for our first members so you better get that membership if you want to watch the greatest show ever of all-time 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