#438 - No Room for Butter

Join Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns and Jon Risinger as they discuss, Amusement Parks, Tesla's new Model 3, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 3, 2017, sponsored by Maltesers (http://bit.ly/2rxjbDQ), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg)

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

song now playing on spot in this week brought you by malteser Casper and me Anderson Edition Gavin supposed to be on today but he had some car trouble because I wanted to talk to him about something I have something I'm doing this week that is going to interfere with something I'm going to start doing on a more macro level so I have some Rhino was recently diagnosed with diabetes and said he's going to kick in some peace and he's going to like lose a bunch of weight I'm doing it I'm right there with you yeah solidarity let's go let's figure this out like after who the way everyone everyone always wants to turn into a competition I mean I don't want turn to a competition with myself and myself loving so I'm going to do that and then I got another friend I think he's talked about it publicly boogies about to have surgery and he's going to go to Weight Watchers you guys know Boogie so you want to talk about you and hila 83 which was I didn't think it was really cool to see them and the start with Ethan we didn't relationships with him didn't start possibly do remember that. One of his videos it was a big hubbub of zexy the first time I heard it at that whole thing that he was going through was with full screen yeah yeah that's a bad start and he goes George strompolos the CEO of full-screen reached out to him talk to him and now they're like Good Buds we talk all the time that's been like you know George is really smart dude lot of experience online video started at YouTube then lasting started. No he knows the whole system so you know Continental sometimes grab stuff and pull it down unfortunately depending on where you are in the world of YouTuber and history in YouTube you don't really have a choice of either claim it and take it down in the person's video goes away or you could monetize it yeah I take away their money so it's like it's like there's no real good options other word for a long time but they're at more options all the time anyway today but I'm in kind of a fasting mode anyway because I'm doing something really stupid at the beginning of a weight-loss opposite of what you would do if you were in a contest John does you guys really quickly Quiznos week I thought it was a different that there's like there was the easy answer sometimes fuchsia so that's Friday we talked about places to eat in the podcast all the time and also on Twitter I don't know if you guys get this a lot I know you do cuz they tend to tag us together but people will just write to me and say hey I'm coming to Austin this week now where should I what I'm all the time like okay I can ask a question enough I can't answer it every single time so we're creating the answer to that question is that we're doing on Wednesday are we doing on Wednesday so we're making a video where we're going to we're going to eat at all the cool restaurants in Austin but all in one day and we're going to start at like 9 a.m. and we going to go to like Torchy's Tacos for breakfast I'm just going to get gas to do this where to go to Torchy's don't want to see everywhere we go but where to go to like all the big ones you've heard of and I think the cap or at the end of the day is Gordo's the donut restaurant do you like Homeslice place like that why do you want me fat again I see this is my problem John don't eat doing don't eat tomorrow you'll be okay its 9 meals you have to eat enough calories in the middle of the day like the vomitorium break can we go to throw up now see what they would go to the vomitorium to vomit to the continued to feast and be decadent they did do it in exit an arena okay will they have they had to vomit thing in Hunger Games eating now she's making that reference adult novel also today RTX event tweeted a whole list of places you can either come into town what's our first place we're hitting Torchy's for breakfast I like that how much do I have to have a chance to take a break and Mulligan at certain places okay but there is there is if it's a competition so we're going to see we can make it the farthest competitive to this really bother me because I also don't like being fat you should okay get the get the get this going to Capitol it's true but here's the big debate in the movie made the list you got to go for a burger in Austin where you go keep in mind what we mention the podcast everything else I have my preference I don't think is what would the audience just made a face when he said that hopdoddy is the most overrated an hour and a half and I like I like going to Terry's I like you to check was also there but it wasn't very Austin his nuts what is right there is not an Austin burger place at Whataburger cups in it what was that looks like one of those open world games in the orange and white striped cups everywhere Grand Theft Auto The Burger Place what's wrong with that is the same thing with like a home slice right Homeslice they have sandwiches I would never go to Homeslice and Order sandwiches at home slice or the other day even California Bunch have you been to Del Taco okay that the thing we speak and I even said about Del Taco was that they sold hamburgers at Del Tacos like their burgers are actually not that bad but it's like it's like if you got to do The Jacka box of the worst thing in the world what they're horrible the deep fried mac and I don't care it's so bad it's like a taco more like a Mexican pierogi you know it's like sealed and fried and it's a hate them so much but they're good someone already screenshotted my face he said he thought people would say is the place I've been hopdoddy I think maybe once or twice here mostly based on the fact that I also meant by the way they also have them in La now and there's a Tyler Tyler stab saying rezendeevil have two cups in it Resident Evil that's right was Resident Evil thank you very much Tylenol and get one of their burgers and see a movie you can see I could use even talking about buffalo cauliflower bites don't have more Village you be home I'm at Village at Muller okay it's like brisket made into a brisket do we know what part is being ground for the rest of it's just good to get the check was for the burger place the one that did the reason why I didn't want to choose mighty fine is that it's the one restaurant that's the furthest away farthest away from the convention center in Austin or there's Frost and Austin and they're like far north and when you walked home slice yes that's our day started reading how's your day good how about you mighty fine it'll get you but it's been interesting though because in setting this up we wanted to contact lot of the restaurant and say hey do you want to come out have like the owner the manager tell us about your restaurant cuz a lot of these are locally owned as well or started in Austin and I in the response has been interesting like we're going to micklethwait mickelwait Nickel wait to find out we did it's mickelwait but couldn't she was wrong never been so good but did the big booby told them Le called and apparently she told him you wanted to sing or coming into like yeah whatever you know it's like we will see if we have time for it but then apparently that we go look up RTX and look up Richie to come back at the end of cording to Mike there is a mighty fine trailer on Barton Springs Road New Chuy's there is and then we could knock out a trailer a trailer and a mighty fine one go only talked Friday I'll talk to her and see what she has to say about it sorry I just I discovered a trailer recently that I'm in love with biscuits and groovy is an end it was fantastic in the morning breakfast all together with a biscuits and gravy Bowl every listen to podcast right now still hungry from all this if you're saying it's midnight and y'all are talking about food not do this to me so I'm going to do on my Instagram I'll give you some live streaming I'm moving everything like ages Periscope 4 livestream can I use Snapchat Instagram stories now all that shit I'm moving things like a smart know as much as I get somewhat Shady the fact that Instagram like the whole I made that thing that you feel like an asshole it's part of the social media landscape that people are going to migrate if they like some sort of experience better if they can get a joint experience on there and think that they could and everything else for me I just like that I could just fall back on Instagram one because I consolidate after hate opening a bunch of social media apps I don't like doing that and to like I had it I had a more established audience in Instagram and I ever had Snapchat some like by my Snapchat I'm trying to mail the control room and image of the emails are all gone now so oh I want to move the conversation away too far but he mentioned live streaming you know be a periscope Instagram I want to talk about it last week on the podcast but didn't get around to it apparently live streaming has been banned in China because the government no views it as a broadcast medium that they cannot control the message of the government told the three largest social media Platforms in China that to disable all her life even functionality no no one's been told if it's a temporary thing or two permanent thing yeah just got with weirdest previously banned erotic eating of bananas on life dreams in China eat a banana and erotic fashion I want to see a line of government mount bolt net not eat a banana eat it that's that's off the erotic chart right when you get a radical you to Cherry bananas to close to watch somebody bite into it so it's like up until the moment when they actually do eat it then they can be erotic but they when they take the bike I'm out did I see did you see what was the game that came out at E3 that was the Pirate game see if the absorb skull and bones or he's the one that has like the more like cartoon it looking one in Griffin McElroy like when he just took a bite out of the banner likelihood of in the game and he's like on his they were doing a recap and he went off half the banana was having his mouth chewing on it to the end of airlite with all video they made it made the best sound that he died a unopened banana for lack of a better term and you can snap it you just really quickly map in half clean Little Monkeys don't peel it the way we do and everyone swears to me that way like you're taken Apple let's say you bring this up I keep forgetting you can either so I keep giving my kids apples and then I keep forgetting to the debt to talk to them about something that I know and then I forget to keep Nike free to talk to my kids so you supposed to that some point what points was that your kid bananas and apples and then it's not until they hand it back to me that I remember but to tell them to stop eating at a certain point cuz my my dumb kids keep eating all the way through to the core and they're giving me like this half mangle just stemple string I don't like you can stop when you get to the really crunchy part here to use too many apple seeds roasted apple seeds and I think they have like a little bit of sign on from the top down and there's no court like people eat from the sides and they eat in towards the core I just eat the entire Apple from the top. So you need the court yeah basically yeah but it's not the same experience what's right now it blew my mind it blew my mind if you just take the same out to eat from the top down you basically eat the entire apple and spit out the seeds I feel like you're just praying totally not look it up I where do I find this out didn't we do this on the podcast it sounds familiar you eat the keys right but it is it's way more efficient like when you're not philosophical you like there's no court there's no cause you the photo or something no I was going to hear I'll just show you on my phone so I had a great vacation I wasn't there last week I spent like we just had the kids and I had like 9 days in a row together uninterrupted and it was great and the game with the LA Dodger games yeah that was my like I'm not a sports person at all but I have such fond memories of games in that area and will not like that's the game we went to the Dodger games Prime real estate in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood and the city just went in and evicted everyone like them out of their house and then I think that they're going through that right now with the football stadium they're about to bill because one of these you do when you go to La's people always talk to my two things how to drive from one place to another since I've said this for years so I don't like that she built a whole schedule of the California where you want to live like you think you're moving La you definitely live here in the only person who is like that was Justine scared of Playa Vista I think it's Inglewood which is not is it any single one who was close to the airport yeah it is so it's not a great neighborhood but they're about to put the stadium in there and so they're going to the price for the Chargers or the Raiders because I was in LA last year and people were walking around on Sunday with like football gear on like going to the game I think they were playing the Eagles and so the Eagles and Chargers gear and I was like where what city am I not used to seeing people walking around in football gear in El Bazar this year this coming season and the Raiders are coming to White still have the Raiders and the Chargers you'll have the two two two teams in La yesterday basketball teams two and then they have Dodgers and then the Anaheim Angels Anaheim ever all that time yeah they were little I mean this when I went to Delaware they Lissa's Los Angeles Los Angeles Dodgers versus the black hole of like like sports teams in the AL sports teams going to be in La all you have a football team forever me which is crazy to the second biggest Market in the US and they didn't have a football team which is the biggest sport arguably you tell us about your vacation we were wrong the Raiders going to Vegas the Chargers are the Rams Cardinals maybe Alaska that's you started playing last Alaskan Haiti's Net game fight to the Dodgers game then we went to the next day we went to the beach Santa Monica beach by the way nobody that goes to the beach it's pretty uncrowded for La there's a lot of beach but there's also a lot of peaches outside of La like what Malibu like Redondo like a Newport that's like I think south of Connecticut Mexican like you want to go to like Long Beach or Santa Monica in like that yeah right exactly to believe that what is that remind you of anything remember after the bailout in 2008 know the banks went down and they will ship run of money government has to bail us out yeah we have no choice otherwise this country is over our economy is dead she got a Bayless out there's a huge bail out yet and I watch The Big Short I know and I had a retreat that same fucking week or the week after and a huge five star resort where they rented the whole thing out and the brought all the execs to have this big Retreat I think they passed out bonuses there to run and then it was like you fucking idiot and then there was all this people who were defending singing or no these are the people they have bonuses for doing sales in the people in the group that did well directions to good people that are making it doesn't matter just don't do that this week just fucking cancel the event there's a good Nazis or they booked it before the room John Jersey had a Statewide government shutdown gridlock right so they put a bunch of people on furlough and as a result of it did to close all the state parks because there's no one there to work them nobody could go to the beach this weekend except for Chris Christie and his family so there's photos of him and his family on this empty beach with nobody else around what is the beach is closed but not for him in his family yeah did you sat on the beach by themselves on the beach that he was asked did you get any sun he said no then they were the photos came out the reports I quote he was at the beach because he said yeah box it all what is Spicer who said it but like everyone was making fun of it which was a dumb thing to make fun of it was just the latest thing we just need it to smile that people were making exactly we're making fun of trump for and but I guess Spicer felt the need respond to it and was like oh no it means something what did we just like spiraling down the drain of idiots the waves that maybe he'll cancel out you just can't get it we ever have like any kind of Crisis here at the company I'm just going to I'll just I'll stab John and then it'll be fine and then we'll just talk about that and then the next day after like why did Bernie said John what did you something else will blow up somebody's car where you want to go just keep doing that over in about my car where do I get stabbed Hillary that's right here I want this episode of podcast is brought to buy Casper Casper's an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost Casper's revolutionising the mattress industry by cutting the cost of doing resellers and showrooms and passing that savings directly to the consumer 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So you don't have to lie down in the showroom because that's weird you can see the initial $50 for the mattress purchase Laguna kasper.com RT entering promo code RT that's kasper.com promo code RT terms and conditions apply free shipping a return to the US and Canada to need a bed Casper people asking all the time right there even $50 off go do it Sports podcast Casper bed that's a good question I think Casper the ghost I don't know I never thought about it cuz you don't need better than when you're dead wow wow hey guess what are you on the RoosterTeeth wireless network or the guest one kick it on there you won't let me tell us what's wrong what's going on they change it one couple weeks ago since it is can I text it to you or to do that to me password put it in the like a sweet little put in a little love note for me Casper what do the beach I did I wasn't wearing his baseball cap I didn't take everyone else off the fuck out what Harry Potter world as you know I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world that are sad silly because I have been exposed to it so bad watched one Harry Potter movie A Night at the first part of the kitchen to get ready for it we got all the way through 3 Assad Dhabi again is very excited to see that it suck and Harry Potter World fucking incredible where's your Fair Park ride there where you like ride on a quidditch broom and everything else it is incredible it is so much freakin fun to do it like one of them is it like the old like for example at the Back to the Future ride or something for your in a Contraption not really moving but the VR helmet makes it feel like you are nope you ever see those videos of the idiots in like some industrial complex with a huge robotic arm and he's traffic I do it and swing him around that's what it's like you're in that at one point you go all the way up which I can tell must be like is a whomping willow ticket there you go by the Whomping Willow and it likes the branch wings and you end up on your back completely on your back like what feels like it's like a full roller coaster dude it's great it's go to go to Universal Studios and go to this thing it's the Harry Potter it 150 minutes a we showed up all my God wait at Universal Studios for 40 bucks fish you are fat, you can't hit fat camp my phone can you be on the 40 task but you can get a pass that let you go to the front of the line was our 40th president of make sense Peter front-of-the-line pass you go to the front of the line you never say you were Burnie Burns either think it's going to take some parts are harder and I actually I get back to this too I got a couple things I get back to you you're probably my kids phone that I haven't you got to get me some parts are harder guys use the park there so hard we don't you have you been to any music part since you've been on camera Street I don't know what is airports are like the only place I expect to get stop the music parks are like 3 times what airports are like you know what it's like it's not more there and I had experience here that actually we went to the front of the line for the Harry Potter ride with some other stuff Transformers ride is also tremendous then later they were they get this front of the line pass let's just go back into the Harry Potter thing again went back the front wheel works once you buy a VIP pass like 400 bucks for the day set it off and we so we went back then we had to wait in line but was like 90 minutes and will you know what let's do it we had so much fun with God aniline and I had a weird experience there was you know you eat it back and forth shit 90 minutes and over again so there was a guy who very clearly recognize me like a very excited when he saw me and we made eye contact and I was totally ready to say hello to him we passed each other said we didn't say hello he just got his camera out like this and you just go like this with me and my kids I was like I see no shy or whatever no big deal then we pass each other he was further away he got them the phone and was like pointing and talking to someone pointing at me like that smells like I was like maybe his friends are rich Defender whatever too but then that kept happening like we could passing each other and then he would just do this like just fill me like when the kids me go by like this did it happen like 4 times if it shows like kids are goats get out of line and I've never had that experience before in my life you didn't say a word you know just didn't just get the feeling he's going to tell he's with his mom his mom is like like to try to push his hand we talk about anything he was trying to do that we never had that experience before ever and just had to get online and go but I saw like probably separate other people said hello just like normal you know what I mean that was Tola normal experience what house are you I am Hufflepuff of course you are except it must grab the back of it cuz you're like a huge articulated arm through the arms under it at the moment maybe it is dude it's incredible they made me realize that VR will be a destination experience yeah I feel like it seems like I thought of them at home yet all the desktop application there's no he didn't make it there's no compelling story there's no compelling killer software for it right now I thought we would definitely have something by now Alchemy Labs was like the stand out of people making job simulator in the Rick and Morty it's like fucking nailed it a light saving your blocking Super Bowl title of the shit out of me from Jacob butterbeer butterbeer Israeli cream soda with butterscotch on top you can get bottles of alcohol it's okay like after the fifth one I was like a company that makes actually just bottles of you can just buy yeah it's not like actually licensed by I think they're called something something cauldron but yeah and it's pretty good I don't have the kids are Ravenclaw I'm sorry each of them or what are you so there are you get ropes how did not get ropes they went got I was just going to bring things to life in the shop Windows overall great experience Harry Potter World cannot recommended enough either Orlando or the Los Angeles area when I went to the last Amusement Park theme park I went to was Universal when they opened up like The Simpsons area a couple years ago the one in Orlando and I went down there and I went to Moe's Tavern and I can't tell you how disappointed I was that flaming Moe's don't have alcohol in them when we going to do anything in most Tavern of alcohol nothing in most Tamara but there was a bar across the street so anything you got in those passwords going to reach you but I won't and that's for our Network right yes or no alcohol in the tavern but there was alcohol in The Simpsons World area logic right I've no idea what did you order in Moe's Tavern but you have to know what you want the kids have butterbeer sounds like they care about the kids having a theme for kids drink butterbeer in Harry Potter World if the kids want her bringing him look at me for no one either we could stop people from ordering alcoholic beverages that are not of age of what it is you would not mess with that if I was a theme park like an alcoholic butterbeer and non-alcoholic but it's in the most Tavern in a place Tavern that had alcohol by its can't have it is what I'm saying here in a theme park running a business adult cartoon listen people spend shitloads of money on their kids you know that's going to spend one of your kids I just throw apples up on top when you're 21 we can talk about it station license the Flaming Moe I think the Bars were bars can make flaming but at the theme park you wanted to be able to for the kids to be able to have its a beer at the Dodger game it wouldn't take it was in Ark about it called cop over yeah that she might a cross the border she might have tasted the minor league team that was my Grandad at his house in the kitchen whole time we told you to hit when I talk to them did you see we still haven't gone through Bernie's vacation really fast on a Blazer it Harry Potter World awesome then the next day we did it's so cool and then the day after that was the universe like what the center of the universe is according to scientists listen to do dance know it did make me want to go back to watch I'm not having this conversation what do you think about jazz I got it I've got a but I dition to go to Let's Jazz about it what else did you do on your vacation Bernie by the pool to waffle waffle red velvet waffle in the chocolate waffle number to the heat goes to his home screen he has like an iPhone 5 I think he goes to his home screen and it's all just colors like it's all bands of color like there's purple like his folders purple blue red and here I hold it up that you sent me a screenshot these are actually his icons yeah and it's listed as orange like he puts he organizes all of his apps by color that's like why would you do that I go is it just for Aesthetics that you do that because no that's why I organize it and then I was like I put mine in like entertainment or whatever you wear with Twitter I like to think I'm Michael where's Netflix's like well it's either in accounts or it's an entertainment it was actually a brilliant way to sort icon apps so I sort things like you do and I know like for me Twitter's and social Netflix's and video there's not in a folder similarly colored away from each other on the right like with me pictures of to keep the weather channel app and the United as far away from each other's possible invariably click on the other one when I'm looking for one that I always pick the wrong one maybe GameCenter they look like the still installed for a while I did when I check my fog of the world ranking and always go to photos of the first just seemed like an aesthetic reasons to do it but then I realized from a functional level he just I've seen people organize their screens in that way but not like put him into folders where they done or just for aesthetic even Lewis does that never seen people who will have a page of apps that they don't use but they just use the letters that are part of the icon to spell words for free fun Spotify titles of songs make a lined out all the different lights and everything else to did you hear about that new dating app called first were coming after you by the way home what is no no no is it before he's played the John the new dating app called first what is it it is I don't know is it something where if you get match with someone to get bonus points to be the first person to talk I'm going to say I got to come back to that second tooth I'm going to say it's for virgins and only virgin on this dating app Gus I don't know how you verify that do not see anyone's photos you basically create a date or look for a date looks like sign up right now like okay I want to go to the Drafthouse at Mueller on Thursday at around 7 p.m. and I'm willing to pay for the movie and then on the other side of the prospective man should be like yeah I kind of want to go yeah I'll agree to that date like that sounds like something I wanted to or you can say like I want to eat at this restaurant on this day at this time but I want to split the bill or you can go looking for someone who proposed People based solely on what you want to do not on like anything else that's a no that sounds that's a hard-nosed lot of people want to do stuff I do but I don't want to go on dates with them that sounds like a really go on a date with Attractive people going to right I'm attractive my days I want to go to the gym where I go all the time you go to gym all the time to run outside I want to because it's like all these layers I posed the question on Twitter today Tinder baby out there like a baby that exactly why I met my wife on Tinder we had a baby that's not what I mean I mean there's a baby that exist because people hooked up on Tinder and course and they decide to keep the baby and Dallas baby exist just because Tinder even though couple didn't stay together that's the kind of thing you know like when there's a blackout September that was think about you guys what a my favorite subreddits is there's a tender subreddit which is just funny screencaps but which I could just admit you know whatever you said what do you mean you married 11 years my phone have you asked me what's between hot and that one and you know it just didn't seem like a thing I don't I don't know if I would have ever used it almost worried it's like ad match I just don't like people streak at my profile and just posted everywhere but that doesn't happen to anybody else at the company you single do you explain to me tender virgin how does the process work your own tender what happened like from my Cranium profile from logging back in their faces concerned of people and they just have their picture there and you can either meet Lee swipe left or right left is no right as yes or yeah and it kind of shows like they're on the description of their profile and maybe their job title in and where they how far they are from you so let's get out of here right is rise to go and then he reigns yeah if you want to know more about you can tap on their profile and see more of their photos and now they've added more more like information to like the app and like you can get Instagram connected to in Spotify connect if I swipe right then I'm just waiting for them to find my profile and for them to swipe right as well once two people to swipe the right on each other then you get a notification you've got a match to quit when I was quite old for it so if you swipe right on someone algorithmically is it more likely that they're going to see you like do you get surface better or is it still a rag don't think so because they have other features that are paid features that can allow that kind of stuff to happen more things like super likes yeah it is not even a joke there is paid when features on Tinder but then you have a match and then conversation window opens in the app that is blank than what happens someone starts the conversation but who starts the conversation every CD is it opens up and that at all all the screenshots of sink are the guys have the opening line I think there's still some weird of between when it's a guy and a girl match you're talking about yeah yeah yeah weird I'm putting himself out there I like you I like you let's do this coming out of a long-term marriage and a knock at the end of the day where I felt kind of like Tom Hanks to my stories that I was I was off the dating market for over a decade now I'm back okay let's go ahead a little bit sorry sorry so 50 right now I'll rattle now I'm loaded up Tom Hanks scene from Cigna Seattle where he's being explained like how dating Works in like like he's explained that you don't both people pay and and it's now equal opportunity but now it's still considered like I've gone out with people with girls that are like they just wait for me to pay and that kind of thing and I'm like and I'm like a gentleman so I'm like okay I guess I'll pay and that kind of thing and same with talking first got the guy has to lead bullshittin everybody if you use the first after you could designate ahead of time to put the bill I'm definitely not making this a blanket statement of all women but I'm saying that is a big trend on Tinder which is a thing as white apt started which are like girls first apps okay so I create a profile on Bumble and get a match like that yeah but the guy can't contact the girl the girl has contacted guy has to be started by the girl I need to take a leak I think it's giving empowering them to not it's a reaction to a trend on another wild Wiley use that that's what Bumble is mumbles like it doesn't make sense like why would you do this it's because another apps that's not the case what do you think that like some stupid shit that people say it like pick-up lines or just like you know garbage statements of people say on Tinder I think it's because it's like just a bunch of guys are just like playing numbers games and try to cut through all that noise and trying to make an impression you still on watch master of none have you I haven't where he has his one joke that uses the line that's been ruined apparently the Whole Foods open and he gets asked on a date if he's that line with everybody and then he says he doesn't and then later in the episode he starts in the conversation is exact same to eat opening line I mean I mean I don't think I ever had an opening line for anything but yeah you're just just scraping at some way to start a conversation I guess Amazon I thought there was rumor of Kroger buying them basic grocery store right one of my favorite business stories of all time was Austin is the home of Whole Foods and I don't know if it's currently the CEO of Whole Foods but I Sumit is there was two years ago that though the CEO of Whole Foods devalue a competitor weather I don't know if they were going to print them or something was at Sprouts and create alt accounts on for and I'm not really sure how it was discovered on member the story and he was discrediting Sprouts yeah and that was what this altar did like all them they don't know what to doing over there to keep fresh I like thinking that's going to devalue the gas company to where he can either buy it or run it out of business and then he started like complimenting himself like he was in his new haircut I think it looks great guys nothing better than to get on and make me salt accounts and make it look better some deep valleys you got a fucking through ship back at yourself to deflected a go look stupid but I know of a multi-billion-dollar corporation alright I finally got the Puerto Rican internet God damn you get on the while I'm having a conversation give you a break so you can okay take one of mine everyone this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by maltesers so thanks to malteser sponsor this episode of the RT Podcast maltesers are now in the US to celebrate when the play little game who's bulk with maltesers to see who the ultimate foosball champus on play John I'm actually going to be at their booth at one point hop right into it I'm going to play foosball with malteser as the ball and that's the way I used to back to when I was in high school in like dead like camps and stuff like that hold in the open app throw it over here to play I don't care what you feel John how you doing John well I got in there last one good luck twice don't bring puppy the most athletic thing I've seen you guys do ever no no I went big wiener winner winner malteser Timbers Golf you're a horrible horrible and it was out and then watching it back you sounded like lunatics yelling so much during that that firefight another guy trolls bullets like on the wall next to me like I wasn't like I didn't want you made it sound like I walked in front of you I will tell you what I will tell you open fire like you did later in its calling your shot on confirmed that one wasn't looking for no there's one guy comes out of the house and you all start freaking out you like him get all the way around the corner and see somebody like line them up get them pop up and get them in position where I can take him to that game is so fun thank you so funny and it gets better all the time let me tell you something they release screenshots in a month and already put 80 hours into it that's fantastic so that should be a case study for how to do an early access game they are doing everything right updating on a regular basis to listen to players I mean projecting things are going to be doing in later updates with the zombie stuff in the bowl thing and everything up the first party one that they're developed so blue whole release it when you become me know what you mean no player of zombies are play with all the zombies are player controller so your first squat you know what you'll see me in her face so when you set up the game right before we go into the custom match yes you say if you say like for example for player teams the first team before players is humans and then everyone else to the 96 / zombies so is it just is it a randomizer of who gets to be what they what we realize what they do is in the plane the zombies will go into first person mode and look at you to see when you jump out of the plane damn so you'll jump out and then just going to be waiting for you on the ground yet I got a question if it's really fun on the topic of science play after this you too excited to help us stop it the other day and John having to get online yes I put up a video of the match before you showed up but that's a sentence you thought you say in your life I called it out before we did it says Mission crossbows but and then I got to do it in the game you're just magical magical sometimes you can call shit that happened to put it out there I got to say this game is like the only thing I don't like about this game and I really don't like it I don't like the acronym I don't like pubg because your fault it's not the game look up with also complaining to me he was like I just wish the beginning of the game to started a lot faster and picked up a second just jump in the more populated area school I don't like waiting a minute a Lobby then another minute the plane 45 seconds I'll shoot no no no it's fast enough and the last part of it takes for fucking ever your finessing finessing I guess the time to look around and see who's around shelter kill people in one hit. Melee and guns need if I have it like a Red Bull and I drink it right after what would you change I mean the thing that bugs me the most they're already going to fix it's always been the vaulty mechanic over Low cover yeah but that's already going to be addressed I wish that cars were a little better but yeah you know what I feel like they flip over like it's like office in your flying to the air let me run through Haystacks stop and you like a boulder is the most BS physics ever absolute the tiny little ones they will not stop it like that I'm thinking hay bales your tongue about the Haystacks a little like oval Mounds yeah not the big round things in the middle now okay you're the bail against the Bales or is Bill just a small rectangular does he have it that's mean what's the big round large round bale so I would do right away Critters like you know like all the someone over there yeah I like that sharks you can move the house and not make noise sharks it would you like you don't make any noise me to go for a lot less okay yeah there is no to nose always I do take my shoes out of that sound different me to take the shoes I discovered everyone to take all your clothes off and then going to the plane you can leave them in that in that pretty little tender you can't give her the pair of shoes I thought I would move picking up close to a different key they said they fix that hole revive thing and I seriously was next to a car in had a buddy down went to revive him in a very heated firefight and movie got in the car and then we both died I was like nope not fixed yet no yeah but I'm definitely move close to a different key you hate because of you complain about it in the in the in the in the get the jeans out with the exact same on the floor that I would do that way more frequently I used to he gave me a good reason not to do it too dude behind a rock and his little duster was like fluttering behind like how from the rocky alright so this is my limit what I can if I have no clothes on and look at your bar you could examine it in your underwear what are you doing then just saying not your thing I knew was that would break the ability to lock a weapon so that you don't accidentally like oh I have a fully loaded Scar and it's like I'll give it to my crossbow then down the road it's like I don't even using a crossbow and even justify if I switch a gun and the guns got accessories that the accessories all expand from the gun I can program expand on the ground so I can go pick the gun back up take the scope of short-range weapon is number one and my medium or Long Reach weapon in na it depends if I have a shotgun shotgun to his number two number two Zoes my burst weapon for going into a house yeah I guess I'm the opposite of my long-range gun is one good-looking M16 or M4 but if I have like a car 98 I will have that instead of a shotgun I've got that in the second time I hear you say that once it switches over to consoles you'll switch to consoles I don't know it's probably said that when they announced it but I don't care and playing this game on we brought an Xbox one out to LA to the kids if they know they have an Xbox to play yeah and I load up an Xbox game in a long time playing updates damn just like a playthrough dark carnival and PC game or not I really am I play more if you see anything else did you see you on bus going on so they're going to have the Tesla Model 3 gotta guess Friday serial number one will be done this Friday to that when I said that with her briefly talking about science the estimated that by December they will be producing 20000 cars in August they're going to do 100 cars in September to do 1500 and I by December the beheading 20000 cars what's the explanation behind that the like the stunted release of these things in the limited amount is it just sheer resources availability why isn't just why is there was like wiser waiting list in that kind of thing I've never had that sounds like developing the technology okay build a battery who won that isn't Jordan on the waiting list for Jordan one of the guys Joel Rubin was Ruben okay yeah I think you're right what are you doing to do with your with your there's a lot of weird Prius as being a particularly in aggressive cars I'm going to be glad I'm glad that my Tesla showed up and it's kind of derailing the dealership model did the Jamaica fucking pissed off you mention my purse got the fucking pissed off at my Toyota dealership I bought that car from last week sent last week I got an email from them and I get all my service done there because I've got like a service contract to warranty built-in with the car all of that I got an email from them that was like page confirming we're going to be seeing you at 9 a.m. on July 7th for your appointment that you scheduled let us know if you can't make it and then very bottom was like BTC Department Department fuck is that so I Googled it Business Development Center so wasn't them know it was them but it's like their sales guys who like trying to get me to go down there to like or at least get you to call right because like fuck you I miss the first day of RTX I wasn't you say fuck you I never made this appointment as I don't screw with me don't try to get me there for no reason so fucking mad fucking just trying to do whatever they can to get you back in there can you screw you over mostly it's just nothing what's going on that they just want to call my phone and not do anything they want to verify the numbers act like 2 or 3 times a day I feel like it's just a random number calls screening for those in that incised of the California area code 810 it's California area codes on my nope ain't nobody California talking everywhere I mean a couple weeks ago AT&T release the app you can put on your phone that blocks numbers that people report is being spam what I did I got a call I was at Harry Potter World the kid cops nothing declined it another call comes in different number different city doesn't know what the same thing I declined again they call back again two minutes later answer the phone or a local security company in the Austin area we won the combined Assassin's Creed home I said I'm fine my security straight I said it just fine I got a full system at home everything set thank you though cameras and everything and that okay well you know we should be in the area when I said I'm not even there I'm on vacation for the next week so I can't use back spine hung up and I went that was a huge mistake nothing came of it though nothing to return from my vacation with the boys and I'm fine I'm back in Austin now congratulations my place in La trying to looking out a more permanent solution will see what happens but the time being I'm bad but Austin resident again that was a long 2 weeks I was gone too much to leave it I want to be back to the hundred degree temperature in this fucking miserable did you hear the other day that they were flights cancelled at the Phoenix Airport because it's too hot for plane to take off what is that how does that happen I guess the temperature at the airport I want to say with years I'm sitting it okay comes thinner so Plains can't generate lift to take off exhaust depending on your altitude and humidity in a bunch of factors of his not like one overall temperature they said that they actually hit that condition at the Phoenix Airport and no plans were allowed to take off it's amazing that he that's in Arizona it's on it's unbearable because I used to have family that was in there as long as there's I go there and I like more than anything I've ever visited like going from a air-conditioned place to the outside was like and like going through yeah terrible got to lean into it Arizona's just like a husband is awesome I think I'm being a pretty windy city it's bring both get one and then when it's hot and it's like a blast furnace it also we have a weird thing here at Stage 5 where we all work in this environment that is set up for stages so there's not a lot of gnats there's no natural light and is very low ambient light is placed through dim all the time so you walk out that door it's like see anything it's also sometimes to gamble by after we're done with the podcast cuz I'm used to it normally being dark I still haven't made the adjustment to do not blame me but it made all my sound ringing and I couldn't hear anything I've seen blinding like there is a yeah I have a conversation last night with my buddies I was playing and I was like I often forget to have that I have grenades and I forget to use them cuz I'm just like not even thinking about using it as a tactic the most useful when I used to smoke I pick them up all the time though whatever mood lots of times I forget in the moment around the entire around walking around picking stuff up they didn't run into another person not a single other player until they're only 6 people left in the game we were four of them so they were four on one on one handed a motherfuking chicken dinner in the best part was the last guy and just Jeremy not spoil anything but Jeremy is really good tactic Jeremy went out to find him and said when he shoots me and Ryan said he's like he knew he just wanted to like disorient the guy he want to kill his line of sight you put the guy that you would do it was such a funny moment I learned a game mechanic the hard way and that game once with a buddy where you know like when you're in GTA and you're in a passenger in the car and like you start hold the trigger you can like when you're ready for your arms out the window hold that you can be out there kind like that he was driving in the car with me and in Pub and he pulled out a grenade God I just held onto it and I said you're going to kill us she's like not and then we both explode in the car together in a car all roads lead back to us talking about pubs we can stop let's talk about something people who is this Twitter Aria homes agent Valkyrie TV is saying that the Phoenix grounding was just for Regional Jet it was just a Bombadier crj aircraft certain and that's bigger yeah like 7:37 then she is he or she is correct 737 had a higher temperature at that it could still fly to What's Rita which United had one of those Bombadier crj on fire yesterday in dendron if y'all saw that photo the plane landed on the Denver Airport and then on the run away one of its engines caught fire guess if there's a time like thank God it didn't happen I'll just a little earlier what does a foetus of people like on Twitter tweeting like as they're leaving the plane the engine on fire bouquet that's scary to talk to my kids cuz I lived in other weird Le like living is french fries there a live in a high-rise like on the 23rd floor of this building cool downtown LA cuz I never done that before did I want the kids to have that expense to it like living in a high-rise in the urban city center downtown alleys pretty sketchy though what do you go one block in the wrong direction it's like it up in Skid Row Journey 3 down it sounds like you just calling Skid Row but it's like a tent city it's I've never seen a clear demonstration of the Gap in wealth in this country downtown LA huerta's you can be in that area and then you can just be looking to dry up at Hollywood Hills in a vacant lot the one block over in the streets with fires in things like that 80s movie it was it was in each thing experience because I don't typically associate the high-rise building urban city center with Los Angeles no more like sprawling you know like it kinda like in Texas were people up to have more houses or apartment complexes but it was fun I enjoyed I enjoyed being there but I had to have a whole conversation on my kids about earthquakes experience and you said that with a smile I thought you be jealous if they did I want to look up a research on what to do if your high rise where to go E30 one of these days I'll get it okay I'm open to a little scary stuff turn it leaving Austin I'm a Texas resident you just said you're coming back my kids are here like ours here my house is here and everything I spent a lot of time in LA I had to go out there cuz we working on some stuff in LA and then it would be nice to go back I go to La so much it got very addicted to being able to just get on the plane with nothing and just go to my place and I like I had no later so much it made sense to get a place for two months to rent a place and it's go back and forth was was great and the hotels will be down south in a place everything here seems like a reminder this is also brought this for months now they're simply the softest most comfortable underwear you'll ever wear once you try the mind you won't want to wear anything else unless you're naked or in a swimsuit I still save me any better for every other second your life there's meundies every pair meundies is sustainably sourced from you got it you got that leave you every pair of 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Com / Rooster Teeth right now that's me Andy's roosterteeth.com RoosterTeeth thank you to Me Andy sponsoring this podcast and Ferb make yourself comfortable underwear still celebrate Illinois side I thought they had anyone but not used to get to celebrate ones thanks Mandy I found that's awesome someone Photoshop bernius Chris Christi one of the dumbest start-up ideas ever that I know will infuriate Bernie this is a company that they just raised 64 million dollars in series C financing companies called clutter spell it look normal really what they'll do is they'll come to your house and anything you wanted like let's say instead of getting a storage shed you give them all of your shit like I don't have room for this ticket they take all of your shit away the photograph at all and give you a web interface so you can see all of your stuff like oh I wanted that lap back and you like look through your website and click on the lamp and then they bring the lamp back to you what is like a storage unit that you don't ever go to but you can recall your stuff on demand is the storage room would like Amazon Prime kind of thing that would make sense to me and then it shows up at your hotel it's late and then they take it away and they clean it and press it and everything in the bring your clothes yeah that makes it kind of makes sense this one is like I don't have enough room in my house for all of my shit so I'm going to pay someone to take it so I can look at pictures of it online and then if I want it then I'll pay them to bring it back I'm so meticulous about that like I'm like I'm borderline minimalists although I know people who are minimalist I'm not that but I don't if I don't use something I don't want it in my house and I will sell it or give it to somebody else you all the time I gave Elia Google home that got sent to me I said I'm never going to use this I could have kept it a fucking box or put in the corner of my house cuz I hear this is yours take it tell me what it's like tell me if you like it or not so do that all the time I mean I can just take whatever I want to watch your house honestly it's out in LA I had to like get everything out and had a fridge and it's you know it's a good summer condo so I had food that was left I had like a butter I know he's one stick of butter at three sticks of butter left I had some cheese jumping like I'm not going to take this in a plane so I also don't want to throw away three perfectly good sticks of butter cuz what you have because I mean the seems like just a bad thing to do yeah but he's insulting to leave it for the housekeeping crew assuming that they might want it it isn't something I don't think I don't think I would ever take any food left in a fridge that I am now residing right by him in a stick it up by the pack with for you can buy a mistake or two sticks I buy them in packs yeah because you're living at home you're not like I'm going to move somewhere for 2 months every morning three pack 3 sticks of butter leftover left I have to get butter out of 4 sticks of butter Plastics but they come in the same Quantum buy single tickets to look for Stetson to me they have a single stick and they also have a to stick to go to look to the Whole Foods down at 6 in the morn oh they have is when he doing Lance I'm fucking thought yesterday you what's wrong with you people are good water this weekend I was cooking for the first time ever I did some literally no butter cut up some peppers and I did this problem again this fucking hot peppers in my eyes that had to have been fun it started like a first was like a little tingle I was like I was grilling as I got make sure got some smoke in my eyes and it just like start increasing slowly as I know I touch my eyes I didn't wash my hands oh it's not fun I did that once with Icy Hot and my dick was terrible it was bad just didn't wash my hands off all the way and then I think I had Justin's myself or something something using sensation so jealous somebody just tweeted at me with his girlfriend and or wife I'm going to make an assumption there but there's a couple tween that means it go we went to this place it's amazing we saw them Bernie's looks like I can't tell where you are and what's the place there that cheese place I went to a New York little scrape you directly place you can't go anymore I'll be able to really look at my heaviest short I was Gus what I still was beard yeah and then at that point from to 6190 but I just didn't fight like starving and losing weight and walking all the time and I got down to the 190 weight and I was in actually now the director of Red vs. blue season 15 Joe Nicolosi he did a short called kittywood Studios and I was the CEO of the company that makes all cat videos for the internet Steve Jobs mom and I was like I don't know how you describe it I was like oddly thin like skinny fat is what Ashley called it and it was really dislike for five Museum I start working out to build muscle and they got up into the shape probably like the leanest I ever was with the most amount of muscle mass was probably right after the Amazing Race cuz I got really serious about short shorts or halfway that before you guys were doing like getting a chicken crazy and then Amazing Grace continue that that Trend cuz of your eating habits on the thing in the came back pretty pretty tiny I probably lost 10 lb after that I'm just running and everything else like I have to or something it just like I think my body wants to weigh ideal weight is a two of us had somewhere there and right now I weigh about 228 I'm trying to get down to 200 and I got to stop doing this my like cuz I can do it and I just decide to not do that cuz you enjoy life again I also found out about the body's metabolism is that when you gain weight to a certain point it actually is very difficult for you to maintain a lower weight cuz your body wants to get back to that weight will fight to get back and they specifically were talking about contestants on the show The Biggest Loser so if you're not familiar to show in the US where to get people like four or five hundred pounds and some of the people lose like 300 lb in the season or something to continue it almost have to eat like 1200 calories a day to maintain and because if they eat anything more than that their body just like paxson's like wants them to get back to that that's so bizarre because I learned a lot about fitness and health nutrition that I didn't really get a lot of that growing up you know and so weird if I could be fit stuff was the bottom of the pyramid was under the Nixon like corn and wheat or just like I mean by themselves are not bad but what they do to like in Rich them and everything else is just gets off the charts so I watch my kids with that and sugar and everything else I mainly just like trying to know keep them check trying to keep healthy I'm trying to get JD to go to the gym he is like you know so much energy in the gym said of growing okay so there it is the old food pyramid bunch of fucking bread than a pumpkin pumpkin really good for you some sword so I hate sword what's the top alcohol its fats oils and sweets use sparingly so we're cigarettes instead of people that exercise you like a doctor in a singing all of that it was like oh cut out meat and just go back to eating bread you know that that's a low-fat or like there was all these low-fat snack foods when they were all just lazy carbs and sugar there was like a snack Wheels remember those replace it with something else I know the guy who worked on an electric commercial and that was like a fat replacement but your body can process and it was but you just ended up sitting out a bunch of fat or oil so we actually had a warning that it would cause anal leakage add when my friend works at the commercial you to sign a waiver said he couldn't say anything disparaging about the product at the time you know we're like for a certain amount of time after working on it and all the food than the craft service table all olestra that was a very brief blip on the food radar fully biodegradable bag remember that nobody wanted to use it some guy did like a decibel Test on YouTube with it and yeah like confirm it's loud contains olestra olestr may cause abdominal cramping loose stools and anal leakage olestr inhibits the absorption of some vitamins vitamins a d e and K has been added horrible still you drinking a glass of Teflon what do you use are you sticking shit to the bottom of your frying pan and I just eat the pizza didn't use butter he said he is better guy carry carry yourself so what kind of pan do you use stainless pans for a while but then you know I like it for high temperatures but searing steaks and stuff like that but other than that it's like I don't know how much other use for cast iron cooking bacon oh speaking of bacon let me see Nokia on Netflix yet movie just came up this weekend super pigs they're huge and they're going to help and going to help people out because they take less food they produce more me no more environment-friendly Skull Island Kong Kong Skull Island but you're at a party III just seem like a totally normal dude just like I think it was the first movie directed Roots Music Video stuff and no I mean I like a lot of a cat's got John Goodman Tom Hiddleston Samuel Jackson what's-her-name Captain Marvel Brie Larson gas great rooms great fun movie to watch while help build a very good movie the rough movie to watch roughraff watch first trailer for Jumanji yeah I'm so upset cuz it looks just like I poo poo Adventure movie that has nothing to do with the prime is like it's like it's not even Basin very much of it on the original like Jumanji game in the Jumanji movie video game and then they have avatars they turn into an as what you see eventually do you think that in the movies going to happen that they come out of the video game with a real world there's enough footage in the trailer that show that they're going to be living in this world we're not going to jump back out unless they're the avatars again cuz they're not going to like jump away from being the Rock and Jack Black and Kevin Hart and all that kind of thing really couldn't afford them for a ton of time does the 44 a little bit of time I'll become different people in it that I'm just tired of these remix and I just like you got a movie don't call Jumanji called some of the stupid name like that I could be like Instagram to Snapchat don't like it okay maybe it was called you monkeys with awful and it first of all Jim Henson animatronics look awesome John fabric blaming able to watch the footage he just stopped when you were shooting at him in the middle of field shooting at music or he ran away from the fist fight leaving John die when you clearly said let's take this guy out and have been punching him you'd have been fine we should give him like typewriter like the guy and he's running out the typewriter he won't shoot anybody and I'll just be scared all the time maybe he'll learn you know help us out but I can feel like if I'm in a fight with Blaine to help you fuck up to you because you went down I'm going to be League got up and started fighting was it was a high-pressure situation like there was no data to heal cuz the guy knew the guy was coming around the rock we only time we were suppressing back on the beach we were like firing so we could move up easily while doing that I knew on that side W have no line on it you shooting on the other side of the rock to the house visit a very nuanced balance between emotion and strategy but I came around the corner turn right that guy's face to the shotgun shot him and down them and it's a guy that killed Gus and I knew his body was behind me on the Rock and I still just stand there and kill them anyway it done that I should leave him I'm leaving down and if we get killed who cares if he revives buddy I just got to go after the other guy with more bullets and I did what killed me was reloading on that guy was going on the Rock and I was trying to reload while he came around in the shop me I may still had it in time but if I didn't have to deal with the reloading I could have just followed him all the way around the rock until I had a very Schindler's List moment in the game where just so you know that he is trying to execute Ralph Fiennes is trying to kill Jew with his gun and he keeps like unloading or it won't fire I had run this moment yeah but I have those moments ride a guy down and he was probably scared for him because I was out of bullets and so I'm just sitting there loading up my shotgun as he's down the ground and no one's around him he's waiting for me to load and I went alright in the end of them have a similar moment like that that I didn't somebody else where I know he was talking to his friends because I was just sitting in the house at heard them all stuff around so I sat there watching the door open with a crossbow down instantly and then he's crawling and he's like trying to crawl towards the door then it stopped then stops and looks back at me cuz he's reporting his buddies and I'm just like reloading stream of methodical and quiet the ground-up airplane earphones were just tubes yeah they weren't electric wires that led the speakers they were just open to like a stethoscope that went into where I don't know why I just thought about that when I was on the plane the other day I made a fucking rookie mistake coming back would you do very much stuff cuz I was moving out of the place to Via suitcase I ran out of room really fast so I had to drop giving it take away from this podcast is your relationship with butter the butter on the plane that's what I'm doing with my time to give you a bread like I got my phone but some we get to the checkpoint and where the little bin we going to put your watch and everything and I'm putting stick of butter in there but I so I packed us up and I guess at your recommendation I got a pair of those Bose headphones in a Bluetooth in then have a wire on his well because you need a wire to do anything on the plane Bluetooth joining the fucking phone I check my bag and I forgot that I keep that in the front pocket of that bag and I check my bag with my earphones in Arizona on the plane I'm three hours on the plane them like they're destroyed or destroy the ring light that she bought for E3 coverage like an LED like it's a ring it's just what it sounds like it's a ring of light you put a cam in the middle of it and she had that and it was just she left it there and sounds like shit when we dislike a $250 ring light for the next people did that back so I bases put it back in the box and then just took it and checked it and put the tag on it said they're hope that didn't work totally fine then came out pristine totally fine so I have some people I know about the people on inside a cargo hold like this is how we blow the bags I just Rangers snack or like here's the way that we load up to there's like four people around the world who work at Air Force you send me like really cool behind it was that mean that Qantas plane actually she works up there somewhere it's meet since I love playing so much I'll fly and so much to get to see I even showed me like one of them showed me underground or like behind the scenes like when you check your bag and it disappears like where does it go like what is all of that look like or is it a little bit of baggage handling and a guy's butt hole did you read it they won't let Tom Holland read the script from finity more they just give him his lines in his scenes yeah cuz he messes up in interviews all the time spoil stuff didn't read the script tell if they're not letting him read the words of the previous line that's funny yeah even like the different Spider-Man RTX my part in that is on Friday you are I need to pretty open mean 880 circus is doing the keynote yes for RTX which is fucking awesome Yes and we're doing a screening that night for war of plant of the Apes going to intro it and then I'm going to do a Q&A sit down with Andy Serkis and the visual effects director for the film I'm so jealous Paramount for RTX a question to ask Andy Serkis just tweet about me on look if you wants to meet you friend John term for what he does like I know that it will generally say motion-capture but what he does is far more than motion-capture it's almost it's a performance capture of a tight but it seems like it's much deeper they saying that they're saying that this could be the year that they can make an ounce Oscar category like or he could come through and get an Oscar nomination does she need to be a big Groundswell for that for the last two movies I actually think that they need to do that because I actually think the window of that type of performance is going to get kind of smushed by technology where is going to be possible for a while and then going to reach point where we what you're passing on County Jail an amazing like the first one singing Dory buddies filmed in James Franco movie the sequel James Franco is gone arises the first one we rise Franco in Dawn would be Harry Potter names on the packaging on the DVD covers which are in the digital library it very clearly says in the bottom right-hand corner one two three like just you can't fuck it up it was funded as walking with Andy we were trying to remember all the names of the Transformer movies we got next Blue reconstruction was meant to be like a stand-alone story yeah but then expanded to me came Revelation and the recollection of the recollection series write all the renames that was a mistake it was made it confusing we end up numbering them later and people want to do it but yeah you should it's very easy to go see you know Planet of the Apes 3 and did keep it all the time you should be Phantom other things to talk about Buy in the post-show I'll talk to you about Iran article but Millennial birth rates which I went to you me and also about these would you say Afghani or Afghanistan or Africa Afghanistan girls the robotics team that were denied visas to come to the u.s. TV RTX podcast episode will be back again the Monday show we'd live again in 2 weeks and I will be live streaming on my Instagram will be live streaming the food challenge ever doing on Wednesday I will be eating the food and dying I'm eating some food I'll be doing hello everyone working overseas podcast