#439 - I See The Food, I Eat The Food - RT Podcast

Join Burnie Burns, Ashley Jenkins, Jon Risinger and Trevor Collins as they discuss The Black Death, Bowel Movements, Fast Food and more on this week's RT Podcast! 

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Recorded: 2017-07-07 17:00:00

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Jon Risinger, Ashley Jenkins




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Transcript (in progress):

momentary gas is not the chair welcome you go to the Rooster Teeth podcast the Thursday 1 Thursday Thursday Edition official name yet for this podcast your host of host Jon Risinger where's my kids don't like it he did it on the patch she get that dude you say something we kill one of the guys gave me a large podcast for buying four sticks of butter see if you could buy single stick of butter I just I'm not give me the podcast him until RTX which is this weekend wait and save it for that I'm furious with Gus the ordinary cuz I'm buying butter and I bought four sticks of butter you know he's not in charge of giving you raises anything like that right unless you I am actually to get single stick of butter at a convenience store something somewhere that's meant I think the opposite going to CVS or like or like Walgreens for butter can you get a case that's 50 yd long if there is a single stick option it's going to be in there anyway I'm getting ahead of myself for the powerful Ashley when I ask you a question so this something Barb was talking about the podcast we just had to sexual discussion before the we were looking up fidget spinner poor you look up a lot of yo yo yoyo yo yo yoyo young girls that lives search records forevermore Barb told us this story about when a guy is growing up and he wants to check out his bits he just looks down and everything he wants to see his out yeah but that's what being an outing if late ladies want to check out their pets to can't do it so Barbara talked about the act of getting a mirror I got to get like all I can't like so have you done this really never did this discussion it takes a while to get to see it but I've seen it you at did you go on Adventure 2 chair to find your butthole not just like this you know you curious you want to see all your body parts be unseen yeah it's better because she realized that doing doggy style get her boyfriend can see her but her realize that I don't know how you don't figure that out and so-and-so Sun the she had this Revelation is not like no more doggy style cuz you'll see my butthole did he's like let the cat out of the bag to speak did he tell her that it was in an interview this moment of like a revelation of like oh my God just insert up in and then I'm brellas over it track from what they're staring of how did you guys fair at the end of yesterday so you should probably clarify apparently you had a new pooper mine was fun mid food tour one yeah he was in the middle of the Monday podcast the three man podcast that we had with Gus and shows up to Austin they just start tweeting us asking is what they should do in Austin like that where's the next restaurant that I can eat it's like I have the video for you so we went out we chose what turn up the eight restaurants if you want to come Joe's we went and ate at 8 of our favorite restaurants all in one day like back to back to back to back to back starting at like 1030 we just know how to order a cheese pizza that's a cheese pizza Reynosa apparently this is a British things are all upset that you slice a weed already cuz I wanted to meet but you get like everyone was like sounded like they were upset that they have the margarita was very upset that you can pick off the bits that's what did you guys get all the different meals like breakfast lunch dinner food yeah go ahead food is a very divisive topic a lot of people eat food at a lot of people have opinions about the food today I'm pretty sure a lot of people I'm done I'm done with food in one day I get it that's the thing we found a headline for a gaming headlines about people who are I want to pronounce um breathe Ariens that that Proclaim they don't know I first time in a long time without eating and they even profess that they only eat like some fruit or once once they feel like they want to have some food or if they're in a public setting where they feel the pressure of eating I'm around other people but then she claims that she claims that she went through full pregnancy without eating horrible advice you're something under through the thing but it didn't talk about anybody actually like like confirming this other than this is their story they tell night well we started the day we went to Paco's Tacos or we go breakfast tacos is good we were going to be painted shoes also we want to go to the place we talked about a bunch on the pace yourself you said you kicked off the whole eight I did find the first place more barbecue barbecue barbecue and they the same as everybody else and then we went to queso and I had queso and a margarita drink that is by far the most in the comments from people who live in Austin that's very divisive it is because we chose curas which is the Mexican food place on Oltorf but man the people in Austin are very particular about their Tex-Mex queso and barbecue is like a big discussion in Austin of like you can even ask people in Austin like what's your favorite barbecue place and they built almost like not answer because they would stay some people just don't even one and it's almost like politics you want to talk about like if your Democrat Republican be longer and also yeah maybe they don't fight about it they just want to like their damn barbecue like it's consistent cuz I can go to multiplications and we can same thing and it's same quality and I just a really good barbecue and even their sides are good their breads good for the food because it's not close which is weird cuz there's Rudy's is the one place in Austin where there's a bunch of them but they're all none of them closing where is Ellis a few minutes worth of uber as opposed to what the nearest one for Rudy's is 15 minutes over the nearest gout the crazy thing was we did this whole shoot yesterday we were out from 10 in the morning until like 6 at night doing this 8 meals in a row and we have a lot of footage of us on the road no traffic the entire day I watch the video strange very strange that in the afternoon like you can what's the 5th of July so people can be like girls on over from the 4th it could be that a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday blows the whole week it up a lot of time yesterday thinking that it was Thursday is a great app for that I did the same thing I was freaking out yesterday thinking it was Thursday I did that Monday was an extra weird week for us though because Tuesday was 4th of July and then tomorrow we're also out of the office for RTX So Yesterday sort of was the Thursday of this week even though it was also Carnival Monday it was the Thursday and the Monday of this week our lives are hard but after that we went we were going to go to Perry's for steak cuz it's right close to Convention Center the couldn't cuz we were so far ahead of schedule that it wasn't open so instead we went to Frank gourmet hot dogs tell me what the Frank and then we went to Gordo's for dessert we would have but we knew that I still haven't gone in the you should have stuck around I'm sorry on where we just cycled Emmaus specially after you watch the episode we had yesterday want to deal with that I thought that was really drunk I work with them and then then there's gummy Gus and Shannon were fine but it was it's on the spot Jenna McCormick because you wanted to be available for on the spot just gets mad on 4th of July what does gets matter on 4th of July 10th anchoress and hard to deal with can two things it's RTX any kind of still has like reactions to even though he's not running a fireworks in the morning I swear they were like right outside our window it sound like someone in our driveway firing a gun there were a lot of people firing like putting fireworks off in like a nearby area and there's a good chance just some dick bags decided to go up 4 a.m. and let them Fireworks off there and it just may be the wind carried them close I don't know but it was it was weird it was very loud what is it goes up in the Wind Blows it towards the house that would happen yes it's one of those if I don't know I don't know what the weight of a firework is but they can blow video I've always wondered if this would happen it was in LA to find a Roman Candle at a palm tree and that little Crown at the bottom of the palm tree was completely in the neighborhood was literally the Dead Leaves of the palm tree that gather around the bottom of the of the of the top part of the secondary we were in a few months ago and saw a palm tree shedding it it was actually kind of scary but when they fall like you realize how big those are that Keith Richards of the whole story If This truly from memory Patrick Keith Richards was in the Caribbean and he was climbing a palm tree to get a coconut and either before between hit his head or the coconut hit him on the head and it was a life-threatening injury but it seems Richard so he can't die either way of course in Mortal he's a mortal he's going to work somewhere that's like 60 to 62 years old when he did that 585 Clement of palm tree I'm doing pretty well I won't be able to find my iPhone cable tonight that I remember that is like in my brain taking up information of space and I won't be able to remember something very basic tonight I have moments like that I suck from likes I can sing the theme song to Duck Tales but I can't tell you probably 80% of our presidents like why why is that in my head but I can't tell you like the pyramid table though I don't know if you need to be memorizing the periodic table in other areas of my life I can't apply knowing you know the different teams of the X-Men to anything in my life I think about like you know like post-apocalyptic skills that are necessary in a life give the table of elements for the apocalypse back in time it's like what's it and Dark Ages what can you do to stay alive like what I don't know prostitution like they have discovered most of most of technology and so do you have a basic understanding of simple chemistry even things like radiation to agriculture or when I was like going through college I was like if I was to put it back in time and I didn't want to do any of it like none of that farming stuff for whatever to keep farming I was like okay I need at least know how to make gunpowder can you can then you can Excel then you that guy or your which and they just burn you I have fun where you go one of the ingredients I can get the charcoal if I can maybe get to Sulphur cuz it going to identify I have no clue where to get saltpeter like I would have no idea how to ensure I know it's all. What was the last thing you just said is it is dead I'm dead in the dark gauges made gunpowder I think I've gotten to the end of my memory capacity and I'm just deleting stuff as I go throughout every single day of my life weird suspicion that my memories just not great the weird suspicion that my birthday couple different times it's my birthday and we're in bed until the weekend or something it's like 10:30 in the morning Chad said anything yet so I'm curious how long is it Go and she's she's on scrolling to Twitter are you one of those people that really cares that much about your birthday know that I don't ever say happy birthday to people on Twitter from like once I do that I'm doing it every day you know and it's like if I see them in person I'll make a point to say it but if I don't then I'm like that I might treat it if I like feel bad or something like you're an adult you're an adult we don't need a salt happy birthday this is nice too much more important thing when we all knew less than 300 people but now that we have email and chat rooms and big company personal is it looks like everyday 365 if you work at a company like we do of 300 people it's every other day at least it's somebody's birthday cakes for kids birthday no never never I sometimes can't remember what exact day my youngest birthdays on some reason one year I ate my brain thought is different day and then that is just now stayed with me right it's like it's either like 17th or 19th and I always second-guess myself I don't know my mom's birthday and I don't know my brother's birthday I know her birthday and I like I've got it I'm like it's middle of September ish and my brothers is it around Valentine's Day parties when your little brother by the way probably use that you can like I was like checking my calendar like let me make sure in my in my diary that my day is free to go to my little brother's birthday bash passport stolen when she lived in Australia and she went to the US Embassy so it was everything that identified my keys it had my passport it had my US driver's license which is what I was driving on at the time there it had the keys already it had like just everything so I couldn't get anywhere I had no money I had no ATM card to go get more money I had no identification of any kind it's actually really Terror I bet that when you stare in your life you realize it like you could be in some very real trouble because as a human you don't exist I got four pockets and I'm always patting your wallet amongst your pockets for safety telling myself right pocket wallet last back pockets phone or something like that but I don't never do it like I don't have a standard I just I just throw it in whatever pocket all the time I have there's a rule I might tend towards the right side cuz it with my phone cuz it's in my right handle yet but yeah if you lose everything about our national security which is that I turn up to the Embassy the next day crying and they gave me a passport and they were like I was I was like yeah I know my dad's birthday but I was prettier my mom is I know my social security card and they were like Isis word like my dad had lived but I didn't know any current address is this was this must have been 6 years ago 7 years ago but your fantasy was like I do know they were still like you're cool and to this like to this day that's the password that I use is the one I got there also I had to borrow like 10 bucks from a friend to go down to Kodak to take a new passport photo and so it's it's next day crying all night staying on you know of the sofa and then getting up and crying more at the embassy in the morning they like go down to go down to the Kinkos or the Kodak or whatever and then stand in front of the thing that's my passport photo it's slower steaks and being in another country but it was I wanted to go I want to go for a run downtown I like running around like Zilker and in downtown area a lot and I parked at a lot that's underneath the freeway underneath Mopac by the Nature and Science Center Park there took an extra long run and got about Pride about to so miles away from my car and it started heading back an extra long run for me so don't shame me for not running a million miles how long depends if I said you ran 5 miles straight is that like you're not doing that or that's a typical yeah I like this guy yeah long does it go back to working out and that kind of thing so fat butt does it matter if you invent Gunpowder the website called caveman chemistry teaches you how to do this and look at this website that's the internet should be like it looks like from the the videos on YouTube where the guy makes primitive technology did like a charcoal furnace that yeah I saw that I'm sure he's always hitting front page of Red Lions and the guy doesn't show up love stories needs people who watch those they're going to survive in the to help me that's going to be capable of making you would know enough to know how to do it but you don't know how to get the things right so I know how to make that thing I don't have the strength to pull it together and sat on my ass all day watching his videos about the human brain is the showtime writing and writing motor you like coming up a topics for the podcast is that I'll go I have a great idea and I'll go write that down cuz you're going to forget it and it's like more like no no no then two hours later I'll go shit I had that idea when I was at the supermarket and I had the idea what was the idea don't remember but I can remember how good it was great idea where you had it and what the circumstances were leading up to it I'll get the human brain remember that it had an idea but not what the idea of what is easier for you remember that you had all I was such a great time when I had that idea where the fuck it was discovered the Post-it notes thing on Windows you know how you can use posted on your on your way just like I don't know like I've never used that awful yeah they're pretty awful I started using it just a remember some of those smaller things now I got to fuck ton of them and I never look at them because so many licks it maybe. Just told me about battery about Terry Pratchett on BBC and this is months ago and so we were we were out we're having drinks and I just went hey Siri when I get home remind me to watch the Terry Pratchett documentary on BBC every time I get home for the last several heads here to watch that documentary clearly me please that's funny I never I never created a see now you know I get it now and I'll make sense ashle Jen the beef I got to get my daily information actually has locked me out of her phone we used to have this policy we discover the city 3 we used to have this policy was she had my password I still believe we can try this if her thumbprint is still in my phone she can open my phone but I can't I'm out now like her phone had some alert on it or something and I went to give it to her and I went to unlock your phone to call us update and it defaulted I used to have like I have my my 4 digit code and although actually is really cool you can do make like you can do full letter as you can do anything you want for a passcode now but I had a 4 I had a 4-Digit passcode you know what that is it defaulted back to 6 and it said you have to set it up and then I can go in and change it to 4 and your fucking got that far cuz I'm give a shit so it's a six-digit pin but it reset everything I did we add my own stupid phone Prince to think of the noise of them who remember this update what we can go look through the patch notes and see if there was anything I don't remember I have no recollection of that look at is the memories. What is the latest primitive technology video on his Channel right now this one was I don't know something ready probably used to Clay lower tactical primitive technology I'm sure we mentioned it in the podcast before it's a dude I want to say is Russian I don't know why I thought he was like like like like New Zealand Islander really Far Cry Primal information on his site she has way more information we have no talking about him yeah and all he says is that he's actually out in like a preserved Forester that he's not like trespassing or something like that and put sagis that's contradictory I just said but yeah he's got no information his way through the Stone Age where he's making tools that he can use to then make other thing he never uses a premade tool we always like it sometimes it's a stacking kind of system where he shows you how he makes fire than you shows you how to make charcoal and then shows how to make jar so then he can actually not carry water culture and any bills the Colosseum in heads fights with animals made out he's made a bow and arrow he's made a spear chucker like as I can throw her kind of thing you made a single stick of buck dissing The walks off makes a new tool comes back and then does it yet like to make it easier he's always Barefoot disc out of stone by rubbing it on another Stone then he had to drill a hole in the middle of it so just got a rock and just went like this for what look like 4 weeks he's he's even split entire tree trunks by bring a little hole and then burning through it and then using them like jumping on the on the tree trunk to snap it and keep the heat like he never takes an axe anything them all the way back to like you know a hundred thousand BC have like 25 of charcoal I think this is this video that was like in California he was my he was my post apocalyptic Dino golden ticket ship went down I'd go visit him and then live with him for forever and we have discussions on like what were scenarios you're supposed to do I'll be right back I'm a go get something but I have something but talk more about this guy in some like just Millennial like Urban boy just hanging out in the and he's just complaining the whole time he's like when do you make the AC he's just kind of like holy clothes is not even talking or Apostle or whatever to sip it put of a soft you can boy we could send him, like freedom on primitive technology Steven makes me feel tough Everyone likes him he didn't know exist and would like thank you Steven we feel better now soft Chicken Boy super Panic frenzy for a long time and she got really frustrated with him oh my God what is you did find something what you got there burned what did you bring do I you're going to break a camera I'm going to give him phone cables now I'm not sure do I agreed not to talk about him and this is my disaster preparedness box but you're only was it sitting at your old house is there saltpeter in there and how many animals are in there yeah it was in the garage there's several perfect that's an emergency blanket how many condoms are in their one used condom everyone has to share the one gas in my life this way this I'm not sure no I don't think so hold on I want to try to think I am protected from his suits so this is how paranoid I am this is a what's the worst that could happen that's a rubber Reservoir that you put in your bathtub so you can fill it with water so you have a bathtub full of drinkable water that's going to stop individually all this time school together manic do you have a Subterranean like you can eat dinner do you like lifter hat in your yard and in your home now that you just kind of flap open you're actually like that if I did I would not tell you I'll find it and hear it at the bottom of that are you my mummy nice Doctor Who reference let you know this I got you I was going to say it has to like dude I can say is that fair to say so just a single day goes on a single Marine rations like I'm so how does the light Nails biscuits like I think you're holding three days worth of food your hand says 18 servings 18 servings / 3 6 days well no you definitely would need more than than one serving this is a calories I think that's 3600 calories you're holding your hand and you can sustain yourself on 1200 calories a day I think that's what those things last revised them somewhere and they live they live for you want to eat them have rubber gloves Ramen I've seen no weapons yet more of them I mean I have weapons but I'm keeping in my garage in a vacant house he don't like just like knives what's that stuff anymore hand sanitizer just leave Weaponry of an abandoned house and it gets stolen I want to know what this tastes like is there is there a Best Buy food turn off coupon for the date where's the date 114 he was my logic when I bought the rations I basically have enough ration I have January 2019 Chow Down but doesn't seem very long for like a ration I've had them for a while okay I've had him for probably like three years well John Deere 55 years before cuz I talked about it but I did never had like showing this little kid coconut I got to say I don't like coconut and work my way up to a friar and then fry this because coconut fried thinks maybe take a little coconut sure sprinkle a little salt peter on it you look how just got to find a saltpeter that's like 300 calories in that one bite you just took probably it's not but it's really not that bad this is not that bad it's definitely something that is all I had to eat you have to eat to survive the rest of your life over to be John cereal cereal what kind of cereal that's the marshmallows with lucky charm I'll give you can take your face you can see is that the tagline cinnamon toast cruch guess it hell I could taste you can see I thought it was kids don't know what causes than a sister doesn't think it's also precursor to diabetes it is the other one they don't care cuz I don't want some that she's only sweet aren't you in this came up in the comments of the food log or gluten intolerant what happened with that I repeat it evolved really or is it just like you're one of these gluten fat people that just like finally was like alright I'm done with this clue dare you okay I beat my Affliction and you want to sell you that I cheated abusive all started and I will say that I actually was getting sick all the time maybe a week of no flu symptoms and then get sick again I'd like to see the numbers and kidney stone it's like a little spiky ball that you have to look at them up close you see how they don't like salt and minerals in passing kidney what is that the more common in men I hadn't heard that but if it's true then why is that why do women get headaches and why have you not said that openly that I don't get a headache once a year and headaches on a monthly basis for me at least it also I noticed what has like bycicle I also noticed differences in my circulation my hands and feet will get what's colder during certain blood types of galaxy do you know they say that's one of the reasons why is not back by Medical Science this is a crackpot thing I read online what type of people really believe in that is the regular depletion of iron in the body and it having holding too much iron in your body is what slowly damages your body over time I'm on the other things and that's why I meant die faster cuz they don't have they don't have a regular occurrence in which they bleed so I should blood wet join heart disease yeah we have Leach party social thing someone's going to go back in time and introduce that as a medical thing you just cause that true you told me is really like that are the Dark Ages the Middle Ages the Dark Ages what was the plague when the people get played they lured bubon deal with a place that's right you know that 1150 I'm going to say it was before I got to really like magic I can think of a lot of things that I can remember happening what's the plague when will the Roses I had to but then this is like cuz we got to think there's like Cottages their cities there's just not soap like people shiting in the streets okay I like that's what spread disease that to my kids by leaving to the Getty museum in LA and then all these Renaissance Era paintings and I was like what you don't know from this painting is how bad that CitySquare it would have been horrific because nobody has any kind of deodorant or soap and everyone's dumping there she was just really marketing account like diamonds that it didn't exist really before the early nineteen-hundreds no one cared about body odor it was just a thing that you had and then marketing made it some things you should be ashamed I'm likely perfume back then there was perfume for sure but there's like a lot of people got married in June and had because recently had your bath and you were only just starting to smell flowers with cover it yes on 1346 to 1353 replay that's bad you're a lot of a lot of percent do you know that there is your percentage of anglo-saxon people or people of anglo-saxon Heritage who have an immunity to HIV and it stems from the plague in Europe 10% of white people are immune to HIV survivors like a gave them some sort of like crazy like they were like they survived were you in the 10% now I would love to take a DNA test do you like you can help people with your blood to be shark to be immune don't think so you can you put your your super blood in a vial you spin around a bunch of times and you take the clear part and you give it to people and be like this is your medicine and then they're also immune you spend your blood really fast in turns in like it separates the gluttonous I had I got kidney stones and then I've went in and with that I was like right that I don't know this connect to this but I just feel like crap can we make the blood taken got allergy test they said you're you're you're allergic to gluten stop eating it and so I did I even got a upper endoscopy to see if shove stuff down your throat to see if y'all done in yeah I buy something bread night and I stop getting sick cuz I was also getting sick of us after every single meal he likes like stomach pains and then I stopped and I was fine for a while and I actually had like issues whenever I would eat bread and then I discovered some pills that we're almost kind of like exlax if you would let with with lactose intolerant not lactate lactate that's what it and there's like the same kind of thing I start taking that had to take a high dosage not get a reaction to bread but I could eat some bread or is good for like if I accidentally had some gluten I could take it and then I just started kind of like taking less than a couple times I forgot to take it and then all of a sudden my I can eat bread again so nice picture and I don't like those people that just think that there gluten intolerant or think they have like Celiac or something like that I went to the doctor I had a doctor take my blood and say you have allergy and I went okay and now I I mean I had bread and all yesterday with the food tour I'm fine I had talked about a video previously where someone was asking people what gluten is and no one knew the protein inside of wheat germ that gives read its elasticity which is why bread has that stretching stretching your nature to it all the things that makes bread Goods it's like why when they're making dough that there they need it in that kind of thing is it's to activate I'm totally speaking on my ass and watching a lot of Great British Bake Off but it would say it's essentially that's what you are trying to to make connections up you trying to make those those protein connections to create the elasticity it was weird to hear about the science behind the things that you do commonly with food Alton Brown I feel like going back to 180 I can be a chef I can make somebody a cheeseburger what would you mean I can make that I can put it what if it's too who's going to sleep I don't know I don't know but it's too dissimilar to use to make that what if what if you don't have a butcher that means it cuz there's no they've had a burger before you just take it whatever you can find the other likes to make a bun with breadstick slice it in half long ways and I'll do the rest I mean red velvet cake ice cream without an ice cream maker yeah it's a mixture of basically two containers and with as we're talking like old times is this nowadays you can just use to plastic bags little plastic bag has your ingredients like milk and your sugar whatever you want to Flavors you want and then the other back you're about to hit something that's going to be possible to get go ahead ice what the fuck I'm going to go where the ice is made and then winter and it was like I want this skip the kids die but this is okay I am where's the Court Jester that bad at his job that's my job and told her maybe you're not understanding just Old English you just couldn't possibly and I can barely understand the letters that they have of like things that Lincoln wrote like the way that he's not even barely get through that and that's the way he wrote yeah I like the his vocabulary in the way the year old like even that's steps away from how we write and talk now I kind of met that's that's what a hundred plus years you know two hundred years we hear something in Old English so this is The Lord's Prayer in Old English can music streaming song from the century in Santa's Western Saxon Livery dialect of Old English what's traumatic come on dude it sounds like today always have droning horns during the yeah but they don't even look right I can call you and I assumed I assumed that I would just immediately be burned at stake if you want to know like that's the witch burning iPhone this is going to sound weird the most important thing on it will be the light to probably yeah just the flashlight free one charge for the 24 hours you've got it you got you've got twenty-four hours to be declared a powerful sorcerer with your portable light that really I think that's your best ride that's the whenever people come to say show us another miracle and I cannot lie I think a part of the Marvel like you've captured their image could unless you're like well I've got your soul now big for their soul back absolutely they won't really be blamed for whatever natural disasters happen you would what is it with humans and looking towards like so something bad happens they must be the really wouldn't say the the next good thing it's almost like we try to blame things on everybody success has a hundred fathers and failures of the Clinton exit what's a going to that always amazes me about religions when people have a harder it's like they have more faith in God like God is testing then things will harm you know I'm a terrible joke was like what in the world for the guy who is person in the world and so I believe from calling the story correctly Satan says to God of course job is a faithful servant of yours look at all the things he has in his life you know if children he has a nice estate he has a bath once a year so God Burns all the crops Christan Head To Toe in boils loses everything he has and instill Joe won't give up his faith in God says you have in your life in the Middle Ages with the mudraker for the fields got three other sticks coming out of it and then just with the Holy Grail where the old lady is just making mounds of that's 99% of the people alive at a time that's their experience do you think that existence you know they're crazy people that make really like the abstract art now and you like you just go to that person's kind of weird maybe there was a tapestry like sewer or whatever or artist back in the day they're just drawing people doing the weirdest shit in the right someday they're going to think we were fucking make a guy with a stick-in-the-mud like that happened but they're just like someone's going to believe this to be symbolic pitching a big project it's like look we have the mud if you just give them even get out of here this could be us no one actually did that I like the beginning of any pits go on okay bring it in step by step to don't know step 3 profit choked up the food Vlog which is out now was very very controversial we got hammered choices it's not mighty fine is a serious you define an example of hamburgers and awesome instead of this other play one of the comments was great it was like 7 restaurant that's all they have in Austin how big is that sounds like we didn't go to everyone about every single thing is that there's a guy I just visited like my family and they live in like a smaller town in Georgia and they get excited know that are you from Georgia now California out there any place a costly live in a smaller town in so like getting a fast food chain or getting another more accessible like Chick-fil-A or something Dairy Queen and I realize that here in Austin all this world in like on this trip I mean mighty fine was the closest thing to a a chain it was a chance of chain but like weed I don't eat a change reaction because you're just so many independent places to choose from we're just we're just overwhelmed with so many choices of independent places restaurants that used to eat at all the time when I lived in California when it's just I was lazy and went to Chili's or or or Applebees on it like a decade okay good cuz I don't need to go there to get pasta no one needs to go to also really like there's they do a potato and sausage soup and breadsticks feel like that's like the AT&T data Unlimited say Monsieur whatever on Garden in Paris like they just like you very very much Dollar on Peggle Scott going to New York and go and get a New York Pizza New York slice Andy Cortez hasn't had a Big Mac baby Cortez hasn't had macaroni and cheese I haven't had a Big Mac until a couple weeks this is it right here anymore that's why I don't specify what does Fairlife work here because you can dodge a big Big Mac I don't know a very easy one I just simply avoided Big Macs and I realize when I was like 15 you know kids are creatures of habit the eat one thing you got two kids you know this you like try something else like no I'm at this restaurant I eat this one thing at this restaurant that's what I do like you I don't want any McDonald's ago today I'm going to try the talking about that is the McDonald's and McDonald's is a place at some point Place senior for nobody's ordering a Big Mac for a 4 year old for that but I'm talking about a full grown adult is a point what you transition from the cheeseburger to the Monday before the age and he Cortez's what did you heard that the Big Mac as it exists now is not the Big Mac that was it's now essentially a little mad everything's big in the Jimmy Uso's I heard the Big Mac got smaller than when I was a kid because I just like cheese and maybe lettuce but just cheese on my burger but then I started looking a Big Mac I was like what's that extra piece of bread there for no reason what's that mrs. miscellaneous odd I don't know what size it for the Patties or like to Oz there's like it's pathetic so I never really did it because he would like a waste of not rather get protein rather than just like a load a bun is team just like a wad of bread with a dribbling of juice and Juice the others that's their sauce in whatever the patties are Big Mac is based beef patty day exactly repetitive child food the one of my favorite things growing up was going to Taco Bell and getting their chili cheese burrito tell ya Ali to call that the that another name for wasn't yeah but she was a lot of people's kind of colloquialism for Toledo in front of chili cheese burrito right now they're so awesome I always think that and then but the regret is starting to hit sooner and sooner it used to take at least 2 hours after eating something for their regret resetting now it says soon as I'm eating it I'm eating it I'm still craving it and but my brain is still messed like this is a terrible Bells never a good idea King The Diamond Head Big Mac to head the cheeseburgers at the quarter pounder how long is left on team but instead you see that on the different but everything else in the Connells I want you to leave here tonight or I want to go to McDonald's or Burger King lights come on but it said fuck this Fortune start making you sandwiches all the time he talked about they had like four things on the Taco Bell menu that was it bean burrito I think it's a soft taco with a new edition okay here is you know all these things double-deckers you know now they have the naked tacos Locos Doritos and then they also needed making Doritos that were Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos that's just that's just maybe the reservoir I never understood is baked potato flavored Pringles sour cream and chives in the bacon stuffed is the recording one person who did work at McDonald's for a long time said that originally the Big Mac was made with two pieces of quarter meet now it's made with two pieces of 10-1 meat which means 1.6 oz so it's about 10 20 oz lighter than meat McDonald's does a lot that's a big difference no longer exceptionally Junior matting the portion sizes like skewing towards the easy carbs and sugar like now Cokes are the size of a small Paint Bucket and you get basically you get a full pound of fries if you order large fries which is just crazy the redeeming quality of McDonald's is and always will be their french fries a lot of things about chains like you know no one's fries hold up as the way McDonald ashle what you think in and out fries or Superior to McDonald's in Idaho what you want you really careful not to fry shame because I swear to God there is no way in and out fries compared to McDonald's this is that us know in the comments below or none french fries or Fry's can I don't care and there's not enough said nothing beats Burger King fries though because shut up like onion ring who was excited about the whole thing you like if you are the fries and get the curly protracted I got you what I'm talking about you're waiting for someone excuse me I think there's a mistake he gave me and I didn't ring it in the in the middle of the ring but it's not like it's not a little ring a bunch of french fry sizes of layers and apparently Burger King just takes like the fourth letter from every onion in the world because they're all he's faxing now we're all the big rings from you not use him pushing a restaurant somewhere else like I just like probably again like talking about how long it's been since I've been to change places been like a decade since I've had like a Bloomin Onion I tried to get you to Outback Steakhouse all the time because she lived in Australia she won't do it on principle I'm not allowed Outback Steakhouse Australia tempting to take Australian just for the fun of it the drawing-room yeah we learn this one which was Steakhouse in Australia lot of places besides us a big deal about the steakhouse is the sauce that they make is that at Outback and the stain I don't have that house out back at all like branded that way it's just it's a gimmick dude I hate in it so it's a place that's like designed to sell sauce and they just like make the steaks because the sauce okay you know what a Titan turn a Titan this animal were what's the temperature in Hip sagging a little bit is happens to all of us after thank you Google photos of all the chili contest that are on the wall looking care about going to restaurant chili don't go to Wendy's chili yeah that's okay I like to be a part of the chili guys chili with beans in a week somehow gone from discussing like surviving in primitive times to discussing what are favorite food that a fast food restaurant are you mess it up in what you do I didn't do anything Trevor did it you broke it well. I'm on the microphone so it's just what have you eaten today I'm still not hungry 700 calories yesterday and you miss the last two so you didn't go to Frank I did chili cheese dog and then I had a Gordo's I don't know what that Gordo's would have been at least another osting with a gourdough Donuts alone would have been another eight hundred thousand calories yesterday people but I'm on a much smaller diet of that and so it was a lot your average diet and I was like to maintain my weight as is is like a thousand calories a day yesterday and I didn't again the rest of day once I let you guys well I would hope not you had seven meals I was actually like I got home and I went for a run just to deal with it feel bad when I think about eating like I might have given myself in the kitchen I had gotten these pumpkin seeds and I want to try them because they had just arrived from Amazon until I open them at 8 them and Ellie was over at the house editing the thing and both eliane a she heard me opening the packets like eating what does appetite left after what we went through it that's the way it's like what is a huge problem we have that his wife could eat no lean and so between the two of them they like the platter clean to eat elite want to treat myself after I've been a good girl I like I will eat it out and the last one will probably last like 6 months I open a box of cereal Jesus Christ I will go straight through the bottom of that he has discipline at the grocery store where he will just not buy the bad thing I bought all the things and then I just have them in the house for months so that when I want one I have the things that I really appreciate it by myself is that I can maintain a very diet because then I just don't buy the things that there's nothing in my house right now and some boring food because I very strict and his friend fuck set up though John kids pretty healthy stuff as well and I have a few things in the house that maybe I wouldn't eat like I have some crackers and stuff but for the most part my kids member we talked about this throw apples at them one thing that they like for some reason does he like shity Ramen like the top Robin Hill eat that he also like to take it out the awesome kids favorite but then also like to see it in fact his one criticism of our food tour I know he's one criticism of our food tour yesterday was that include his favorite if we went had soup or Ramen during the food or I would have died if I get like full-on soup like totally different feelings feel like drinking a hot liquid it just makes you sweat in your light comfortable the sushi would have been good seafood on yesterday's food to her is that Seafood doesn't mix with a lot of the types of food so we had like it doesn't go well with BBQ or pizza just in your stomach after words that all that chemistry is not very nice chemistry so we all would have gotten just super but I haven't had a mean people in normal poop strongly agrees with my philosophy of I see the food I ate the food they like they did reasons why we have such a bad habit with food but they have these I know how to scribe exit Burnie come in we have Burgers I don't know how to read like staring at it for like two full minutes salivating it's like she knows if you had a container like a fry container it's got big puff Cheetos they know the Kirby ones talking about the mac and roonies inside the cheat see you work any way over did you know she can we get me when somebody else come on what you doing over there add decision behind the blonde hair I wanted to do it like several months ago and then you go for white I was get to it's a long story I wanted to do sell me when along like a couple months ago and then it seem like a lot of people that are in our circle like the receipts fear kind of like started doing some of their hair so like playing whatever I'll just not do it and then our chance we coming up I figured I've never done that before I'll do white because it's like the opposite and it's easy to go back if I decide to go back I just want to say it's like a platinum blonde now I mean but I don't know if I'm going to know what I bleach it again toning it I'm so sorry supposed to get my haircut and highlights and you're supposed to get those on the same time it's been like 6 months since I've got an I just can't I'm useless it takes fur for long hair this is a full day commitment to get anything done to it I will go in at salon at 10 a.m. and I will come out at 3 p.m. and it is a nightmare and I just can't do it anymore just doing this like the two nights that I did it the bleaching and then the rinsing that out and then the toning and the rent thing and then like the whatever treatment you want to use to make sure your hair with the in between this and just terrible I have a lot of respect for people who can maintain a really bright colored hair mostly because I realize how much upkeep that takes their recoloring it every week to take that bright colors pink hot pink the what's-his-face to cut your hair last time when had his in touch of my hair this is last week and we had to talk about here cuz I wanted to call him are prevailing what you doing who wants to do something white and then do some sort of like yes but he but he talked me out of it for the most part because he talked about how much damages your hair and that you never get to go back to how it was in my hair is like very particular right now does he mean never as in you have to wait for it to grow out or like yet one strand that touched with long hair does a commitment cuz that's not like you can just cut it and then grow back if I'd love to try colors I just don't dare there because if it goes Super wrong then I feel like I've had issues with my hair before once I accidentally got a perm because they called it a body wave and it sounded really nice and then I was like that and then start doing the chemicals and put the reason of this is a perm you're giving me a perm you just run in the bathroom dunk your head in the sink and it was just a damaged my hair to the point where I'd be in the shower I like washing my hair and just the ends would break off like in my hand as I'm like like like falling water down through the hair just like normal I meant like imagine his bottom part just cracking off it was you pulling full of my hair breaking off at once it was a nightmare so I'm super worried about sing anything dramatic to my hair cuz it's by the time it is as old as this hair is like this but I have in getting that back is not that bad like getting a full like shoulder length hair like that's a lot even like they're like that's a long time there's and there's so many awkward stage in between that you just hate yes terrible pet food and then disappeared out of the conversation over here thinking of how I can say to the discussion about the Reddit user who is threatened to be doxed by CNN absolutely ridiculous so let's talk about it GIF Ken how do you say let's not argue okay if gift stop it Trump body-slamming somebody running logo on their face and he tweeted that diss that somebody made if I'm the user who is a Reddit CNN at the same time was claiming that it was calling for violence against people in the Press honestly I don't seems like a little bit of a stretch to me you know honestly like I get it but at the same time seems like a Lil Bit of a stretch and then CNN did a really weird thing though which I most people are against where they said you said we've identified the user you spoken to use ring had to give us his identity as part of it because he apologized he's a private citizen I'm paraphrasing here we're not going to reveal his identity because he feels bad about what he did the apologize for it and that will remain the case as long as nothing changes like if he doesn't feel bad about it something to release information against him know if he says anything of you makes another gift Jiff and then about Trump gifts them it gives them his name doesn't eat that point become a source yeah that they would have to be like at the Glee they're not legally obligated to protect the stores but ethic like that the first rule is protect the source or is it then is it a different category of revealing resources doxxing I think of is like like you know a bunch of Internet Crusaders finding someone's personal information online and then sharing it if it's like a journalistic source it doesn't like doxxing so much as unethically review Blitz threatening their they're saying we won't shirt as long as he's a good boy they know they shouldn't but they're making the threat publicly it's a little bit weird but it doesn't feel like doxxing is the word that applies there it feels like it's a slightly different thing maybe it's the scale of it I don't know what the meal then some another anonymous user on the internet like revealing the information something else it's almost like one person went off in like I'm ready to go find out whoever this person isn't I'm going to break this story and then like like it got a little out of hand all the way to this point in the end of the big deal that he made the GIF when people make gets like that constantly it's more of a big deal that it was then used by our president not the only where the story stops why is it care who made the God damn gift said about it and said it decided to withhold the meme makers name however quote is it from CNN As Told To Us by The Washington Post because he is a private citizen who is issued and extensive statement apology showed his Remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending post and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again because you think is real CNN thought that they've revealed information that they would cause them even more backlash if they were to be like you know gaslighting some dude on the internet and then they lose I get that but with all those little qualifiers they stuck in here's why we decided not to tell you his name is because you said he's sorry it's like you know if somebody actually committed a crime so bad do you say gave as opposed to saying we don't want to we don't to say this guy's name because then you'll hate us more that use an another excuse of why they don't want to reveal his first name it'll just say they they use that as the excuse the image itself is threatening it's it's just a stupid meme what we have now in this world I was just going to say this country but now the world is when you align with some politically you just kind of like fall into step with that now and like you are on the same side of the political scale as CNN should still have the wherewithal to realize that this is not appropriate and I think honestly I think you have a higher obligation to call out the bad behavior of people who on your side of the political Spectrum more than you did in the people in the other said you did was fucking terrible and the really weird thing is too I just heard this Washington Post article about CNN and everywhere else I've heard about CNN being reported with seeing a threat a DOCSIS kid The Way Washington Post put the headline was how CNN managed to anger Everyone by finding and then shielding the creator of the Trump wrestling meme what is the Washington Post with the couch this as another press organization that's the line with them so it's like oh did they were shielding and they weren't threatening him they were telling him how they were protecting is anybody got the sense they were protecting this guy's identity they were just like average of like did you get the feeling the whole threatening to like if he decides to threat of revealing it is in essence still protecting it the threats there of like it my God if he does some other batshit but they've they've they are they have the information and are saying we will not reveal what's the weather like that's a nice name you got there be a shame you figured out how they wronged you in who did and they go okay but you know like I was like you know is a real douchebag is John this is CNN hire more theoretically like professional level this would be held to a higher standard memes on the internet I'm saying the either should just text your friend to like you know he's a source to keep it Anonymous or they be like yeah you know random dude made a thing online and and and Trump used it in a tweet not revealing his name is the correct thing is cracking the weird thing is reporting on the fact that they're not revealing and why they're not give me like maybe like how you piss me off at the bar the other night and I were to let you know I did not punch you in the face it's like okay that's that's the normal behaviour not punch me in the face so you're saying here you want to punch me in the face so you're saying that they upon figuring out who did this should not have made a story about the fact they figured it out anything if things change that's the whole thing so you're in charge of seeing to add add the the the the the Raptor going to take they have figured out who made this gift what do you do the the creator of the wrestling meme was found and he issued an apology so don't see the makes another store be saying and we know his identity and we could tell you what his identity is if he's a good boy I don't know it's it's their way of like maybe trying to get people to not do that which else's work on internet you can't tell the internet tell maybe that maybe that's because of what's going on with journalism in the way that they're being portrayed by certain people on the internet and certain political figures that there may be there on a defense mother they never been in before maybe they're feeling that pillar for answering the guy also had anti-semetic and other racist memes as well yeah I mean it's like I'm a firm believer if you put something out online you should put your name on I don't have to I don't get to get a fake identity you know if I just bugs me when people that go back and forth with somebody and I grew up using internet I love it that's why I made this company because it came out of my love for doing things online yeah, and it deletes our accounts like I don't get the luxury of deleting my account if if I'm wrong you know the mean I still have to my name I can't delete my name you know I just can't do that so I mean it's it's an option I suppose I mean it's there if you if you want if you're not required to be on social media not required to have any presents on their end so if you decide that you don't like what's happening on there you can just go from 8959 you know what I mean you have that luxury and some people still do or people who are not their name on it. It's also there's the kind of feeling behind if you're going to say something behind an anonymous face maybe you shouldn't be saying that in the first place but you shouldn't be like take it back if someone responds like the person you talking about like the back and forth that your dad a couple times where it's it's I think there's a view that I don't know if you've done with this where there's a few that people can say stuff to us those of us who are little bit more I'm in a forward-facing position on social media that you're not allowed to respond or using different flavors of that community and it is a difficult because you can't have a conversation without it going to dance and sometimes that conversation involves responding to people who are criticizing you and so on but if you respond only to praise then you're ignoring the critics if you respond to the critics in your second community on them so they can be a difficult balance but it's funny that we're dealing with the sort of thing now I remember when the internet was first getting rolling when it was don't give anyone your name ever internet don't let them know where you live not yet don't give them any information about yourself and now I'm like this app won't take my credit card information and I can't get my real name on this new social media the ACT what am I going to do with people won't know it's me it was it was like as late as 2010 or later when we would reguly talk to people who like they want the kids want to buy a red versus blue DVD in the mother would call me like I'm not supposed to put my credit card online so can I just do it over the phone it's really it's are you still on the people things you can't put your credit card online to buy something like did you choose convince the moment she typed in her credit card online it's just a thousand charges and credit card rebe cancel you know and there's a lot of people felt that really long time to your home get in their car and then they'll take you somewhere and charge your credit card take your self back in time like 20 years and tell yourself all these things any point in this operation you had to talk to a human being alright well we are on time the RTX is this weekend what you guys looking most forward to for RTX are text Austin I mean this is the sun's because it's on the spot but the thing I look forward to all your loss my used to do a lot of I'm looking up different of a very large audience I'm very much looking forward to that hateful eight of stuff there's one there's a ton of theirs that we got to be IP party on Saturday night there's always looks like Matt RTX we have special screening of War for the Planet of the Apes and apes speak That Could by Andy Serkis when you're going to ask USCG ideal it's the right now the season 2 premiere of debuting Bible to new episodes of the new Castlevania series at RTX new Netflix series and then Adult Swim is having an hour of new programming did they are showcasing at RTX as well as well as many other special guests and refining our Texas at the point now where were regular reading about people who are just coming to RTX that we know like player unknown Battlegrounds really excited that he was going to be coming you play Zombies Right Now podcast will be live from RTX or recorded live at RTX will see you then thanks bye bye thanks for nobody