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Rooster Teeth ends the cease fire with Jack

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Recorded: 2010-01-13 23:20:50

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the recap hey I'm Geoff Ramsey Angela view man I would totally do burni to myself translate very well thanks for sticking with us thanks kemosabe with two A's Keith kemosabe Keith Lewis I feel like we're starting the second drunk tank of the day the guys are doing well on the radio as I'm driving into and they were saying I guess that the Austin Police Department is doing like field sobriety training for the cadets this Friday so they're taking volunteers and you can go out there to the school for all the cadets training and APD will give you all the booze you can drink between 4:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. we have a margarita machine Reddit every so often The Chaperone and Ben to the field and the Big Catch is you have to show up on an empty stomach man I can do that I'm still looking for a link or information every found anything that's going to be the most applications a week and a half having a chaperone if she was like I need someone you know to help calm you down if you get fucked up are we allowed to film it will be entrapment if you know you go out what was the filming Right View that 4 tickets to some kind of prize thing and they would show up and they just arrest everybody feels kind of like the same thing is going to help the community a field full of drunk people and somebody's not going to live off the cops run here the email that a your grandma's so us so that's our project for Friday we have to go get drunk with the police and I hope to God we can help the city of Los time so down with that that sounds like fun I really get back it'll be the first scientific experiment in history that actually has a margarita machine in the talking about like what we don't know the fuck I don't know the guy look like burni and Jack baby Photoshop a face onto his bicep 68 and he weighs like 300 pounds and I don't have to remember that two years you can like the white version of and show them where he was like 4 inches taller than anybody else in the field and got knocked out of the playoffs Patriots final score of the Texans and that hurt him quite a bit and the Bengals that is they weren't ready for that was crushed when he has a bad game Ochocinco 4 hachig over that's great man awesome I just we should be clear Jack Johnson is the guy who plays The Beaver Number 85 he wanted to put his jersey Ochocinco and the NFL wouldn't let him so he legally changed his last name it's and it's time to go back to high school Spanish your guess you can help me out totally correct was James Franco of the football great time doing was being an idiot name Geoff you being the person the only person change their name in short to be serious chat Ochocinco will be changing his name to Chad Hachi go into 8 and 5 in Japanese a lot of paperwork changing it's not it's really not the aftermath spider Rose this backlog of paperwork there still some stuff that hasn't changed Ochocinco you can in Ochocinco defense you can walk out of the courtroom right now and in two hours walk out with a new name that's not the hard part post to Geoff in the office and for the last three years after he changed his name to Geoff Lazer Ramsey to hell because insurance on your car for 6 months your credit card changed pics of documentation showing that I mind if you just put your thumb over that part of the car and nobody ever notices his parents don't even ask for your ID right now yeah I think like a credit card rules you don't have to have an ID to use a credit card I don't know and he went to go park and he gave me his credit card in his wallet at me to pick up the tickets at will-call and I gave the lady burni driver's license and burni credit card and she looked at the driver's license and looked at me and looked to the driver's license is said that the burns was Wichita like your fake ID to get alcohol that then the onus was on you that it absolves the bar or the building of any kind I don't think that's true that's not true and there's nothing open on Sunday alcohol 4 in the grocery store at like 3 in the morning on a Tuesday and bought like vodka that's a sad story right there by 4:30 until the sun comes up pretty sure there is a whole bottle of water with vodka in New Jersey the liquor stores closed at 7:30 p.m. gas stations patience is like a the police we just go have some leak from the us some years ago I still have full service gas station this two states Jersey and one of the Rose in Oregon they can't sell at least we're Griffin girl they don't sell beer and wine and liquor in the same place so like if you want to buy liquor you got to go to the liquor store and if you want to buy beer and wine you go to dinner Len star member went to Utah for Sunday and so we had to buy liquor from the states to sign up for a membership to the bar and drink there and that's where you go to get liquor alcohol from me states where is Texas you drunk for free was trying to come at 12 again for some reason and I went to the gas station and I couldn't find a line at the gas station I went to Amsterdam and I think Jason was trying to gather up and talk to her then after he's like we need another round of drinks and she has what we wanted it was like what's your favorite like they're all good only have one beer the rest of your life what is it expensive but it's this restaurant because they served because it was imported was $5 a bottle wax nostalgic of I was one of the best hit old lady that got us drunk in the end and that lady is the devil in britai and her daughter in it and she was she was from the Netherlands their daughter had an Irish accent some reason was really weird and we sat down there we were waiting to eat at a Mexican the worst Mexican restaurant on the planet and they put ketchup on but I and so we didn't order was kind of friendly so she was like I don't you don't know anything I'll just bring stuff to you and it should come you should be like and everything a different class every day so fucking bad the next day 10. There's something a little what they were so what was this place worse or better this does Mexican food was it worse or better than Taco bil in Melbourne Australia really it was I can't even explain to you it was like nothing you've ever had before so weird was so gross I would say that Mexican food of all the Cuisines is the most inconsistent based on where you're eating it of any one of those and that's probably the first place and it was like the pizza combinations bizarr was like it was like pizza that's not the same thing Columbia was grossed out because it Howard the Duck Howard the Duck cut off the Tentacles from that monster he says it's like salami and in my head I was always like tentacles black pepper nugget in a piece of salami over the Oscar Mayer stuff it would and it was the worst peppercorn does something right that would be like getting punched in the face by a pepper mill or something so should we talk to you see Alabama games this is the last Thursday turned out to be a really good game it basically bright does the end pump we lost our starting quarterback on the 5th of end of play of the game 4 us you to win Colt McCoy went down I got really nervous a 45-second should have in the first half if you would have told me if you can okay starting quarterback Colt McCoy quarterback is going to go down your first drive and then we're going to leave by 90 points and now you actually gave me the runs finger hit of the score from two yards out that he would have scored from 98 yards out over the whole does ridiculous it was that we put in that truck in front of him to go there is it shaved a rhino or something The Walrus a guy was massive number 54 to pick up the phone bowl and Gilbert Gilbert the tackling in practice so I won't hold that against them in the stands Texas would have been much better if they had it right we had in that game he was and he was on probation or something that would be a little different from most a year old true freshman playing in the national championship game only until about the second half whole the end of the first quarter and then the most this and cortisol and Dobson you look nervous but they finally like was actually throwing passes he looks pretty solid he didn't die just like instantly die after that was in the 200 the first half which was kind of the running back for not catching that Greg Davis is the offensive coordinator for Texas by the way we've had our ups and downs there was an attempted Pastor Gilbert like Walk off the Earth your shoulder does a Colt found Gary Stout in the literally the next cut was a shot of Benzie on the side was extremely awesome in a great mood and was really gracious with the exception of Dan godlin really he's just bitter and angry and kept getting me pissed off text whole show gu was drunk at the to go from zero to hammered when one drink he was right before the game started pretty much the same commercials so weird like a groundhog I think it was real every sports game for the rest of my life in a movie or something you game next season definitely depending on how well the teams look no I wouldn't think we'd be able to rent out the Alamo for Texas oh you this Saturday because it'll be a Saturday game and so that's off hours so I want to be shocked if it's the weekend though if you're willing to pay for it I'm going to bed it's cool they might be contractually obligated 4 movies are there bil around the discussion of college football was you talking some coaching changes going on so what do you think about it carefully then us straight I'm going to come with me and bring your talking about football and I'm not with him but I think he's just a jackass so when he was actually was offensive coordinator qualicare was there then he left to go to the Raiders actually I don't know if I don't know what he did there on the field head coach or what but he was with the Raiders and then left the Raiders after having a horrible season there with the Tennessee coach last year Tennessee brought them to want to say 7 and 6 maybe or there's games is there own problems just over over 500 us his pick him up because they've got three weeks til signing day and thank you to the current head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers football team the Oakland Raiders of the NFL and the offensive coordinator for the 1990 graduate of Bloomington Jefferson High School in Minnesota 1993 7534 year old Colt us same age as me his annual salaries two million dollars fuck him and what the hell Max Macon 5 million year now and it wasn't the same us his head very quickly into Notre Dame territory where they're going to be adjusting your coaches over and over again for the next couple of years to find somebody who can is Right a few of the offensive and defensive coordinator can you to University of Texas at UT But like everyone there will be no use in waiting around for another I mean he's got enough to last for another decade I think Jac General allow the school about the University coaches is the bigger school for football and University of Southern California University of Texas show as their contracts are public domain because they're States University you can pull up his contact information on the front page of the hundred thousand dollars the the announcers kept saying they were keeping you out of the game to save his pro career and that doesn't mean he couldn't throw the stuff in the locker room trying to get back on the field coaches terrible talking a picture of you for the compliment I did with his girlfriend proposed to his girlfriend really really hot chick from the stands you seen all the shots of his parents he proposed to her on the 50-yard line at the stadium here in Austin at night and the Jumbotron with her name will you please marry me Superman screen in the world and her name was on it and that meant so much to her she's like I always wanted to go if you really love the way you can pull gold out that the largest Ochocinco still in Japan I would just be like whatever football your life I mean really got to go out of your this is it listen Quran hey babe what a post pattern big future XBox in the Next Room his headset Astro gaming headsets his head admits this I've missed this Daily Sun the achievement unlocked you I was working a pink Xbox controller somehow did you see over push to Spring 2011 Jimmy speculative speculation might have been they are because they put out a fucking trailer for the game I mean call me crazy what you talking game footage or trailer and marketing for the game you can expect to see them within the next 12 months I mean it'll be two years since they put out the trailer before they put the game and the time before that was completely different I don't care as long as you're looking for content has movie schedule through 2013 what are the internet information so much more readily available now can somebody explain to me the relationship between Sony and Marvel and how why Marvel doesn't own the rights to Spider-Man movies I think Sony purchase the rights for the mark hit it was talking about them losing it with this movie I'm sure if you don't do something a certain amount of time it reverts back to the original owner I don't know they probably option the property in the end everyone in the first three Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man only John Malkovich was does lighting outdoor was lined up for a whole show Howard Stern to make a Mulcher is Howard Stern a good actor though Superman yeah that's always fun I think the nuclear 4 was released man did you know that in that movie I don't know who is to replace radiation man or if it was their first attempt to make radiation and whatever he's called in the movie that bizarr oh and they have it they had a live action bizarr oh and they shot with it and there's a battle sequence between Bizarro and Christopher Reeve Superman I have no memory of that it was in there it was cut and then they were and what they just had him earlier the movie comes out was just time and it was terrible in the relative world of Superman 4 but just in general it was fucking her end us what was the link to that so now Sam Raimi said of ending Spider Man 4 is working on the World of Warcraft movie your mother last year at this and tell me that they're not concerned about Superman how long it takes eventually this happens in every comic book franchise you have your superhero right and then eventually they make the arch-villain who is essentially just the superhero what a bad version of it you know you have venom 4 Spider Man and then Carnage on top of that too because that wasn't enough right and they're like machine is going to be in the next Iron Man still around he turns bad I mean I think he's sorry why doesn't fight back man why does he have to fight Green Lantern right now they just figured that everything probably even care yeah Square Shield anywhere Blackie was the black uniform the version of Captain America is really weak it's pretty Len it's always been me if it gets so old I don't know why characters their on a thin line between good and evil is like this is what you could have been and it's an easy way to mirror there like the good guy as a bad guy to copout his term 700 inches deep and you've got nothing much probably started as a villain from Daredevil and never finished it last 10 seconds the funniest thing a stupid watches 5 million you know the host of The Tonight Show was a big deal to everybody people like a scandal though I guess that's definitely it screen this big divide between the people who like live in the people who like own and it seems like them people that like I honestly I support of that old way of doing things and like sort of an older generation of people that think you know his horrible jokes actually know what's going on in in the opportunity to find his ground on his 4 months in the hole kick the Great Wagon this hairdo did his whole show as Jay Leno the entire show with guest music guest everything Universe and everything kind of voice time he was playing a character the whole time and it was great and Chevy Chase what to do with a giant live the top interesting it was funny Olivet Community you shouldn't disappear Christmas Vacation Meet the Robinsons you know I don't know why everyone's in such an uproar over to me what's the goddamn show there wouldn't be any country Twitter and the internet which is becoming champion of failures root for underdogs we're going to root for failure to wait till something failures and then it was important to you that we got the fuck actually internet success so Chuck came back on the air after like daily renewed for a third season it was on the internet was still adamant about wanting him back now we knew him for a whole full season and the end the ratings for their Premiere we're better than anything from last season who is this guy named actually was on last night so I thought his swing was kind of funny when was it that the age do you to little older so I can be first time playing was like you know whole life sounding Army sergeants will come with me I'll help you will get through this together and now it's like screaming was on there in Halo you want to know know know the time and Modern Warfare 2 has taken all that away from from Halo 3 that's if you have I was on Halo 3 really playing and it's all guys that are either in college or out of college and the other and it's a lot more fun you know one thing is pretty cool I saw Nelson post of the top 20 most played games of the year Halo 3 is that the top still two three and four were all modern warfare Call of Duty games Halo man time the top spot but you know I mean Halo 3 also get 10 months that Modern Warfare 2 did not it's true but it was also a two year old game man it's crazy that is crazy but as long time ago and is the most played game a two year old game what was on the list I think somebody animalist but the Left 4 Dead 2 demo was was another day what do you think that is a sign of the economy I guess so right now or something? Do you think maybe it was end of the year or will allow the end of the year Chesapeake you I don't remember that I'm online now it doesn't matter slashdot the other day and yes I do read slashdot post it a very cool article that made me happy and it was about the death of endings in video games or how there are less and less ending is now in video games where that's what game started until high school and harder and harder and harder and try to beat yourself and they said that they were saying that now that games the people who develop Game ending to have a 5.4 the games and everything else in the store when you jump from leak chapter 11 and chapter 14 I don't like that and it's like they obviously that's in there now come out so that will be the DLC Packs it's like that modern game has shifted away from having a clear-cut ending in towards indefinite entertainment instead with the rise of achievement frequent content updates an open-ended World it seems like Publishers and developers are doing everything they can to help this trend and it just in to go to detail for the actual article here but it's cool talking about the truth Roo Army of Two 40th Day I think we put about $5 into it and that was even a little slow because we were and it's even more fun game and I'm going back to him playing right now fucking levels in that game and I didn't like I played it in November and then I'm going back right now I'm playing again but instead of 15 levels and an eight-hour game or 10 or game was just a really good levels are fun to play over and over again like I never Left 4 Dead 2 which I would be totally happy to go through and play with you jack levels 1 through 7 again because they were so much fun and it was so well designed you know I don't feel like I got enough how you feel about something like 4 story missions Grand Theft Auto 4 the time to do it in The Saboteur was also another game to get that work you could do it your main storyline missions with the same time you could see other missions that were available to go do the side missions you can take you know the game itself might take you 6 hours but if you wanted to you could extend that experience to whatever feels good 4 you talking about she's going back to him playing it I feel like two different game because he was talking about he was talking about I was talking about he had never seen and I feel like that's awesome totally optional right in the place from Bioshock especially if you take out the Big Daddy battles which are basically the same thing over and over you have to do that I don't know you could you could have if you would make it harder to finish I think as you get power ups in that kind of thing but if you take those out that is probably a 4 Hour game maybe 4 or 5 hours how long did it take you to go back again two Chambers value I don't think people should measure games on how long they take to finish without realizing it probably probably 5 or 6 times three different threads you can take I'm not going to say what if anything so to get to that point you can see the ending to fight through this battle that takes probably about 15-20 minutes of some of the hottest guys in the game fighting over and over again yeah just getting to the end the first time and then we finally got there and realized there's other ways we can end it the other way so probably another 2 hours to get to the second ending and then after that we took a break and we came back and it was just turn to pick the ending and the power went out and then the next time next time so the next time we make it to the game and it's Geoff Stern to select the ending and Geoff Pixar on ending in a nice-looking about it what did you do what have you done that and sure enough it was then I got angry for 20 minutes or so and then we tried again and got the other ending this is it right after the first one the co-op gameplay aspect was a big deal the game itself didn't do 200 Spartan rating this but yeah definitely it was it was a different gameplay mechanic as far as I know no matter what you and I are you going to do with the face now where you can actually design your own face mask really need somebody we should we should do that from there my buddy was Rhode Island state to realize that there really another penis the leaves another curse word delete was an approval process or was it a this police thing it was policing as it would go up in and they take it down it was it was a screening process it would go up in an approval process a lot of liability when you make it when you have to wait 200 NBA game the game it's been the last on the 31st the last day they can do it together I'm going to do it only if missing from the only 999 actually you can sign in players two three and four as guests and they can I think every single person can come organize geof and I receive the Army of Two 40 day a little early to work on some in there and look there's an airplane worldwide and the first day we got it I'll look at it three players are playing World Wide in two more geof us I hate that shit unless you're part of game us and I turned it off or we get free police games game as an article about it you know some things that put people up in arms you are very big and of the Canon of Halo about Department used about Spartan threes so I don't think that way I thought and reason existed that time or something that's what the question is that does Bungie have to follow the extended Universe story line if that's accepted can and I mean I don't know a novel Universe the first part but you know but then does Halo Wars have extended to know I think Halo Wars is part of the story if I remember correctly cuz even even at Halo Wars there was a time line where you can see how it fits into the overall timeline of Halo I would argue that the novel Fall Of Reach fit in the time as well until somebody made a prequel game the next Roo WebMD this brand new or his tweets or what but I read another comment from an internet post that said it looks just like Halo 3 just like the last one is ever the case Halo 3 would look just like Halo 1 trailer Wild Wings and watch the first 5 Seasons of Red vs Blue vs reconstruction and I remember making the multiplayer beta video Halo 3 shrimp party or whatever the time we were cutting between Halo 2 and Halo 3 and I was like I was able to was a great-looking three years or whatever and we would be in Halo 3 yeah I just recently went to the entire Halo 2 campaign that is a long campaign wow I hadn't played in years do I have to pee sobriety play a fucking nightmare I have a PC in my house right now I have one here that I that I can play like team games on but I don't have something capable the home and the trailer for Lego Universe the Lego MMO just came out and it's going to be peachy only yeah I have the same problem Griffin really wants to play Star Trek online and I do too actually I don't have a PC so I can get parallels boot camp rebooting booting a Mac you really had no problems with it whenever I had to use some software that I have for a business that doesn't work on a Mac because it's busy 4 that the sound pops out hole atwork 4 soundtrack what of 4 auditions Adobe Audition and I never had that problem but you're always screaming about it I think it's time a wireless keyboard I need the keyboard is not active I can see that I was trying to figure that out exercises a PC two because the voice filter that we have 4 Red vs Blue is one filter that's only available in a certain sound program on the PC that's not on the Mac take pictures like pay the guys who made that filter to make it soundtrack 4 over your phone died us had to be called on a Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico when we do that and hold music it was some kind of phone system where we hear this you know I don't time music it was but it was Puerto Rican marimba music so we have that Catalina PC just to feel two people dialogue it's almost like the secret formula for you don't they have only a cup of grease for McDonald's what they put in everyone's fryer that comes from the original store that's notch get like a starter cut that they put in there so be interesting to look like there's a restaurant that I really like in Austin a hamburger place called Top Notch if everything's there and he wouldn't let anybody else including his family members who were also running you come into work before then every morning he had to shut the restaurant down and to break into a safe two weeks after he died trying to recover the was always there that's great well that's cool I mean that's cool was like that's a place that my dad went to with his mom when you know my grandmother when they were when he was a kid and is still around like 32 but I can't see her like that a lot of Dirty Dozen nearly as dirty as it used to be years ago in 20 his house hit freak them out that's awesome burni be is out of us making out Witcher die from from 8 p.m. the back door is usually unlocked how to great idea I may I made it Roaring Fork from you you might or you might I don't I don't have a pretty cold on it actually right now I forgot the actual specific way you can become a of something you have to have the most check in over the past two months and you have to have on your profile I just think I'm putting this because that's what Joel or Jack wasn't there everybody like George I could just going to slowly walk in the dead of winter when all the way to does the word part that was just watching football because it's a sports bar you over watch some football games that are you know if you want to go watch it with friends that don't live here you might as well go somewhere that is games on Sports Bar talking care of it sits lower lower and it's more expensive and there's not girl xombi you find a bar on 63rd doesn't have a television showing a sports car I'm going to miss the cold weather that it's going away from us are you going to let me hold of one I would say winter in and through the summer because I can't wait for hundred bucks geof top was filmed this year and that being the opening film is pretty much push me over the edge I want to see that movie I can't you can't get as much personally geof I jack I to thank you I got a nice compliment for $400 I'll give you a police screen you are nobody else in the film all the parties were there preferred about you 4 Series over lunch only is only ass $400 what you're trying to do was your mistake is if I were you I would never see them again because you start with and that's called your impression in a positive way of the movie and I think you think you're going to be able to recreate that and you're not going to be able to the opening night screening of that movie at the South by Southwest will be very very similar to what we thought being that it's going to be a group of people that absolutely want to see that movie live and are going to have a great time soundtrack that you really like Superman music and Batman music stuff but there's a lot of stuff that was in there that was permanently show different guess what it's not as bad as what you paid for her but if you're going to say this $400 includes any point what is as good as that nothing's going to be as good as but never thought like they threw up there will never be screen than the one we saw at the Drafthouse for me that sounds awesome which was awesome don't try to read college 4 as own natural lasting 9 days that I get to see a lot of movies and go drink a lot of alcohol for trying Liberty is on what is in your head as you're not going to bil to match that was pretty awesome when it the first time it was called a professional better you talking about and something that people not appreciating it what was it the film festival when you show someone a video that you really like and then your two minutes and you'll find me the video when you realize no one that your show you to like sit like Len got show this as fuck friendship because it was awesome real life vs. the internet for free video and it was an instant idea it was like an internet browsing session but in a movie theater and they had a connection of was at the Lincoln Center New York and people would call that they wanted to show them to me flash cartoon called Zombie Xbox Army hit was hit was on Newgrounds or something I think and it was about a five-minute flash cartoon and a couple jokes went by and it just wasn't hitting with the audience was clearly not responding to this fearful the kid Panic kick it absolutely lost it all hit was the first time I've ever seen someone in the audience bomb bring your own steak night it was like can you bring a VHS tape and then they would have liked best of night and found movie night this has to be found somewhere is a guy's papers and collect stuff off the ground and it makes a magazine of it I've never really read it but I heard it was on the floor SimCity found growing up and it wasn't funny I was just on expected more found footage watch paranormal activity movie and basically the same way that wasn't what happened to and then yeah man it's like when you're looking down a long hallway to a door in the middle of the night kind of thing you know that's cool I don't like that in my head Joel did not he did not get it you could drive me to hell anytime about the only thing that you led to the defeat at this is so much fun to watch it's like a pirate what you need to be like that Sam Raimi movie or that someone desperately trying to be Sam Raimi like it's is so doing a great job everybody actually yes ass whole your bag that you think of 375 this coming the interactive about anything the film + interactive the Platinum is the everything that I would never set foot in a live music show as a one hundred percent agree with any in your life I don't like live music form live it's like wow this is a mediocre version of the song I like on the radio head that way and I realize that but I just don't want to hear the Polish finished version I don't like I don't listen to in my car to get to the one song I don't want to pay $400 that's understandable was like $700 ending what was up with that make you feel girl live show cancelled is the hot chick on Avril Lavigne States Sheryl Crow staring at the moment it's not a comfortable feeling I saw Metallica last year at South by Southwest a 2 secret activations show when they were they just announced the Metallica Guitar Hero whatever that was probably one of the best concerts I've been to my life because there's like everyone there love the music and they literally Greatest Hits compilation of Metallica everything you wanted to hear tickets on your desk what's up that's actually he's playing is 25 $1,200 and $25 activities at of Love show I disagree with you on that like I prefer I prefer live music but I want to so many shows as a kid growing up that I don't even know what I'm 4 or 5 years only ever seen it allow that again and I hate to say it but I could never see another the rest of my life I will say living in Austin time I get really tired of the live music scene here cuz like every Bar in Austin has a stage and every time was like if you go out Thursday Friday Saturday night you're going to go to a bar and there's going to be a crappy band playing two places that have cover bands Len we go to different bars ever go to a bar that has a band playing there's no bars that have anywhere I stay away from bars Atlanta Bartok to beat of music that would make it hard your bars on 6th Street to have live bands let me see all of the bars in the majority of the bars on 6th Street have live music right you can argue that point okay I mean it's a rock and hit one easily Clips album came out last month 14 really weird that we worked with you would agree completely great leak 20 4 2014 and when I woke up I grab your hair we can do that Travis his laptop for the past hour I think he's been trying to get two I got whatever don't know my style I could ruin your story right now for everybody Tavor fringe science portion of the podcast so did you read the team one of the explanations for why the UK is completely Frozen right now what's up this is just kind of something that looks like a picture of the island of Britain of Great Britain only flooded but it doesn't have hit Icelander Sweden temperatures because it gets some kind of Gulfstream over the hell that I go through there and makes them a little bit more temperate and they're just not getting it now 10 straight days of snow there we never had in his entire life from the Pakistan daily and the reason is because of the time hole leak and leak over norwa is what causes a punch through the troposphere us did because we were running experiments and a high energy into the atmosphere and hole straight through the troposphere the spiral pictures from Norway 4 that we had we had like 2 weeks ago I completely believe that spider ring of this one some high-energy beam we had previously reported on on December 10th report titled attack on God Heaven live of Norwegian Sky kick 4 a planet this massive thermal inversion has been Anthony Newman and assistant general manager for risk management at Mitsubishi Corporation Tokyo is reporting today that the entire northern hemisphere would be great Danger from the Sun Prince of the global event being the destruction of billions of dollars for the crops in the world already nearing the end of its ability if you can send me the link because I can never find what the fuck is that Pakistan daily daily. PK is it from infowars.com please send me that one actually fired the missile high-energy beam fire Graham what's in an end so many so many so many big words I totally this resulted in a catastrophic pump of our planet's thermosphere the satellite into the troposphere and unimpeded thermal inversion Superman Xbox but I have a question here wouldn't the space shuttle launch and do the same thing that we pump screen the troposphere and the thermosphere that what they call it the hole allow is it only going to get worse or will eventually first US and caused by the West these reports for the war that by the puncturing of our atmosphere by the HAARP Radars our planet has also been quite needlessly exposed to the growing threat posed was by the giant mysterious object currently approaching us which we previously reported on our January 3rd report titled Russia prepares for asteroid strike as new common your stupid was first documented in 2005 and information in the article the Silver Surfer show up I'm going to be free this is a black this life found my hitting the earth going to go up to a hold of the troposphere if you could permit only likes me she's gone from suck to blow something you thank you thank you thank about the ending of game is now coming to an end was coming up here or should I say his ticket