#440 - Gavin or Google 13

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss RTX, Gavin or Google, bathroom habits, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 10, 2017

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free


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Transcript (in progress):

I don't know about you but I love the fucking Podium and I feel like you should be giving a lecture like a discussion this welcome to advance podcast 401 yes thank you for coming out the teaching assistants will be handing out the syllabus I hope you all did your summer reading list with a boring right now crabs at other places but just not in front of other people there's a good chance that in the spring of 2018 I'm going to be teaching a class at the University of Texas just down the road it's all what I probably ruined it by saying it out loud but we've been leaving till I've been talking with some people there the United like a no point when you're doing that will you get a reaction that's not good wait what are you teaching what are you teaching stop it what are you teaching being a badass what's the introductions about your name on it right now people want to know who I am I just realized we sat in the right order but our drinks were backwards my drink was over there and Bernie's was here so I just swapped them and then everything's fine Gavin Barbara Burnie and shake and I was worried we were going to have you guys throw up on the bed and that would be weird marketing that was disgusting and then that lady from the audience came up and drank that oh I forgot she's out she's in the back all the way to the bathroom I see message there's a dog over here no no no panel it is the cutest fucking dog I've ever seen it has a vest on is it one of those don't pet me dogs could we chat the fashionable vest hey super stylist when you see a dog in a place where you normally don't see dog and then and it's the a dog why did you see a dog does not normally a dog in the airport set the best on this is don't pet them not all the time you just don't pay attention to the vest time at the grocery store the other day yeah that's weird what is it now you can just take your dogs everywhere that's a new thing ever seen the rule by the way in the New York City subway system you can only bring a dog in the subway we can fit in the bag so now people have like rottweiler size backs they put their dogs into is pretty great it's really all the dogs I see why cats are always about this job let me be like maybe you're rewarding it for like a bad behavior or like in the not whatever it's supposed to do Behavior you know their work yet make me feel nice no no no yelling from the audience I said that as you get older 10 years ago you would have screamed at him now he's just like the dad disappointed I don't make me turn this podcast around hahaha you don't know who I am don't don't piss Gus off otherwise he'll put metal detectors to get out of this room so help me and then we'll all live here forever I don't think they would mind I don't think they would you eat first so this something to talk about a lot of volunteering to be but y'all look delicious unreleased Crystal how to find like a grass-fed person so vegetarian I do feel like right but don't like muscle body fat have no more but he's younger too and he's already medium reddish tinge that we like the person at least want to eat is poly Gus just you're just too skinny Gus would be turned into a kebab meat spit I think that's kind of meat for anyone the belly I've never heard of that pork belly is anybody else creeped out by the one person watching up there in the Wind he's like not even fully in the window he's like off the side just kind of peeking what is that area code that looks like Inception every time we have like a bigger people you guys always want them to do like cracking your knuckles all together doing something all together could we could everyone at the same time say the word moist like like one to one gross Paris what would it be like if everyone if everyone got wet at the same time. Could you let ring it out into a jug like total can you collect what how much moisture does a room this pig have in the genital area I'm worried about the ringing it out what do you bring squeeze the labia Mexican lucky girl big rice in it surgery to retry the big group podcast tradition 3-2-1 to review this is your first podcast panel ever what are you so here's what we going to do just like you said moist shame on you we are all three two one and everyone in this room is going to crack your knuckles no shouting during it or anything just enjoy that horrific sound you're about to hear so here's the way to work 3 to 1 crack everybody ready alright listen don't hurt yourself you know your limits 321 so bad so good every year it's so good I could see the people's looks on their face for go from excitement to so disturbing where it would be like a firework that you see in the distance where you see them all go like that and he like was in here like a couple of delays alright what is you saw a dog in the supermarket I want to bring up a discussion that you and I had previously okay I mentioned that I moved to LA I was there for two months and I bought butter while I was there and I bought four sticks of but I took some anticipating this argument I took pictures I have a fucking video here's what I went to the grocery store Jen can we show the video so this is the dairy section at the local grocery store show me the single stick of butter in this huge display of butter hey there's a coupon to 455 should have taken I keep on right here I can show you from my refrigerator the pack of 2 and if I look online right now I can find you the pack of one you can see I took this one who don't exist I'm sure you the box I even took a close up that says what did I say Gavin sticks you know you can order online if you had a cold mailbox that's absolutely true security invention stick anyway just buy the whole thing I said that I moved out of my place in Los Angeles after 2 months and I had three sticks of butter left and cuss went on this like shaming care where he was like you bought four sticks of butter in your condo why do you use that much butter and then you said you didn't but you had it all left over if I last three less he's like will just buy one stick of butter and I'm like you can buy sticks of butter and he was like absolutely and he has to go online to get it took a photo of two from my fridge next time I'm at the grocery store I didn't prepare as much as you I'll take a photo of the one and I'll send it to you I've never eat you to look at that entire case I told to go to the Whole Foods at 6th and Lamar that's where I who buys who buys that boxer in Stick form that's right Freedom who buys in tub form tops where it's at I sweat everyone just put half and half a stick it up again put little paws by it's the same butter for according to Gus and a half that you would take to go through the butter that's why I buy stick system I'm the one that's not crazy up here I think I'm the big deal is a lot of recipes go by like half stick or quarter stick of butter that will be a screenshot aren't there different sizes of butter I could have swore it there's like okay I bought like a little time like smaller sticks of butter that I like what's our argument but those are like small sticks you don't buy those in like you can't buy just one of the half sticks what if you have a bundle of sticks careful shoving stuff down your throat typically is hard right typically a sausage and you just shoved it down the Gully scrape but I feel like butts it would be great practice for shoving like what you just push it down your esophagus the fuck a wouldn't reach I can only get it down to about here with a really aggressive you couldn't take it from there no but I think what I'm doing is using to like and then I would know when to stop you know make a tie a string to the last one of ya get back out and then all of a sudden you glad you both four sticks of butter I'm glad we talked about this are you wanting to practice shoving stuff I'm just saying if I was going to stop I definitely start with a stick of butter by what would be better ice ice ice melt before you die what's up what they do it stop the couraging them you know Gavin while you're trying out putting things in my not trying anything the butter could be helpful somewhere else too so what else should we talk about no longer you work on it the easier it would guess if you think about it from body heat the stuff that would rip out would be insane if you like the stuff you pour on popcorn it's going to mow up there hey girl in the back really need you to buy 30 minutes we have a new concoction for you xxx black shirts work it out it back just so we're clear once a week on the spot at last call then we sat down and I realize that Shannon was there and I thought oh shit Shannon's like a real improv person and I got really nervous so I started drinking I was like well it didn't make it any better choke on something go to think that was actually really cut down in the final version like we was happening life you started turning purple why do we cut it out candy Blanchard dead? Too far I like it thank you I'm very selfish person is I saw this happening and I thought I might have given the Heimlich because he's probably going to puke on me if I do that sounds like the internal struggle of is Andy worth it is he worth having to wash your shirt like my arms right cuz I would have been able to use it before he died who is save the most people what we come up with right from starvation or credited with somebody who can swear you quickly shouldn't be able to grow food that 7 billion people is a lot of people in the world but feel like I'd like I was in the airport the other day and I think about just how many people are just stacked in there but then I get on the plane and I fly and there's nothing for miles and miles we have you convinced everyone that we show that everyone could live on a very small footprint if you live like in a density of like a Manhattan but people just take up a bunch of land would being really efficient right now with all of this in this room you can only have like half a stick of butter each the other day it was like a shot by one guy supplies all the cheese to every major Pizza chain in the United States elian's Barber about the super off Domino's Pizza Hut Papa John's and Little Caesars and he was like a billion pounds of cheese a year what's so special about this guy who knows he clearly found a way to combine like milk and sawdust for the cheese quality of all those products I really do you have a sponsor I want to start a cheese company Jasper Jagger cats my next my next business my next venture why would you reward such Behavior Nelly on the whole Margarita thing you guys don't know what I'm on to redo we made this way right now I have any of you gone to any of those restaurants alright that Commission on each one of the first stop that we made has been overrun by RTX it sending it right down the road from us to do if people wanted to take a picture outside our high-security fences they can do that but yes so we did this food blog and what are the stops that we've made was to a place that we have mentioned many times on the podcast before we stopped at Home Slice Pizza which is yes a wonderful pizza place and I'll send if you haven't eaten there before he like New York style pizza you can just head that way and Congress Craig across the bridge how do you know which way you're facing right there dude totally instinctively can I read a little Wikipedia entry about margarita pizza restaurants in one day so we were going to go light at home slice and just all eat a slice of cheese pizza but Ellie being British ordered the pizza and she ordered a margarita pizza which came it was like bread with tomatoes on it and basil and like a couple like balls of cheese would they white gooey liquid play was equally as perplexed as she said in her country Margarita Pizza is cheese pizza and what is Wikipedia can vouch pizza margarita also known as Margarita Pizza in the u.s. is a typical neapolitan pizza made with tomatoes mozzarella fresh basil salt and extra virgin olive oil that is it says origin let's see if I'll see if I can find your stupid version in here has anyone been to Via 313 if you're an awesome for any more days you should absolutely go there they have the best pizza in my opinion in the city feel like pizza really good Detroit style pizza but it's a pizza that is currently experiencing Urban Decay solely being reclaimed by Nature government bailout do we suffer from Detroit put your hands up for Detroit really from Detroit well now you got out congrats don't have to go back know you probably die of heat exposure while you're here how's everybody doing drinking water yeah we planning a event in Austin Texas in July was really really moving thinking our part you know we can change it right you just move it we really can't what it's really difficult to Convention Center gets booked so far in advance. You're in convention center the reason RTX is held this week in the reason we got it in 2012 for the 4th of July weekend is because it's so hot nobody else ever wanted to hold a convention it was the only weekend available in the entire year for the convention cities guys the most dedicated convention attendees of the entire year Foul Play and then be told you I like yeah Austin's just not like a summer distantly will try to get away from here we're just a bunch of indoor kids stay in the AC and not go anywhere can't believe video games to play to switch which is in a real video game system so what are you saying that's right I think the 2012 RTX was just this Hall so where you all are up to that wall like this was it and 4500 people attended and I think this probably 4,500 people in the audience right now so this is the size of the first RTX in the conveyor wow I am so sorry and right over there is where the guy talked to me in the bathroom while I was peeing after what have your reunion every year thing of that this is the first year you and I guess aren't working on RTX which is very very very weird people keep coming to us like talking about stuff and like yeah you should really let Bethany know the people were actually in charge Vin different time though yeah I feel like it's like you have this baby and then you give it to someone else and you're like to take care of this baby and will drop it what did you do that for isn't yet that's it was it right away sorry I dropped your baby but it's been it's been cool to see the amount of growth and the things that are happening this year like I think I think I think that the Animation Festival has been absolutely crazy all the stuff together for the programming for that it's super impressive I didn't think that we were going to talk about Jen Locker bloodfest at all finally found in Father's we never talked about that ride like that that's a new animation people walking out of the genlock shirt on yesterday I was like volume are you talking about you know me okay it's a new animated show that Rooster Teeth is working on his new 3D animated show and it's going to be like super badass with mechs we are making a Mech show we should be there today she was doing it so it's so cool and it's it's it's far enough along and development you know the way we handled development at RoosterTeeth is we hear a lot of different pitches against camp Camp as an example for years and years we've been encouraging Jordan swears to direct an animation project cuz he did has done such a tremendous job basically as a one-man shop for so many years for the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Kia he told me something interesting about RTA I don't know if it's happened yet but the first episode not directed by him is in the pipeline yeah it's going to be out really soon cuz he's trying to encourage him to you think about not animating because he's bad artist but you know he doesn't erect an animated series in four years and so got together with Miles and they came in with three different pictures for shows we essentially settled settled on camp Camp as the one we wanted to go forward with that wouldn't development they started building assets if it's some tests we greenlit a further and then now it's doing into the second season of the show and it looks tremendous Insight launch for the show so when we look at those things I mean you know that development cycle that I just described in like 30 seconds can sometimes be 9 months to 18 months before you are able to talk about it publicly and Jen lock is at the point right now where we're moving forward on it and they have this incredible like series Bible I love that things like a concept art and everything in development for it and it just like this thing is one of this thing it will never publish her put out there is one of the coolest things I've ever seen is make is that Jen lot Bible it's really cool like I had it in my car yesterday it was on my back seat before they did at the hotel as I better not leave that there because I didn't want to be responsible for home today another thing that we announced Matt kind of just randomly dropped at the founding fathers panel today is that you know when we made Lazer team we said we wanted to be making more feature films and then because Lazer team did so well on YouTube Red they immediately Finance the sequel to the series and so we can meet early then I had to because we're tied to a financing partner on that they have their own kind of like PR announcements that they like to do they want to let other people know that they have big shows and development so they wanted to announce Lazer team to right away but we actually had already begun development on our next feature film which is not a laser team movies call bloodfest it's a horror comedy that starts shooting at the end of next month so we're starting production bloodfest right away it's one of those things we talked about all the time and I'm notorious for slipping up and revealing stuff that I shouldn't I do it all the freaking out the entire everyone along the way and I think I'm grateful that I made it through the shows before they did you hear that Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man did you hear that they won't let him read the script for Infinity Wars because they know that he'll give away something in the interviews so they just tell him his lines and that's it totally fine with it spoiler of things I'm surprised what I think anyway going back to where we started it's been great to see the amount of girls with RTX this year and I think I probably the biggest surprise I didn't know about it until we publicly announced it was the fact that Andy Serkis came and that we had a screening of War for the Planet of the Apes absolutely did you guys go with Andy Serkis and Jill the Terry the visual effects supervisor for the movie and it's just like it's so nuts because you know you look at like what's that July 8th right tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of a movie called Tron which was the first movie to really feature computer visual effects and yeah it's awesome and we all love it but it's lousy I mean it's like they were rendering computer Graphics when they couldn't even see what they were working on until they render it out the frame it was all just like math equations I read the light bikes with just done by typing numbers into a program and then had to see if actually what I like they imagined it happened see what they were doing is mental but War for the Planet of the Apes it comes out next week so I won't spoil anything I just want cuz I was doing the cutest it was in front of people who had just seen the movie but I still had his knee jerk reaction about not seeing any spoilers but they don't like what they have so many scenes in that movie with no dialogue where everything is just faces like people looking at each other or an ape with a human looking at each other and they cut back and forth between the CGA and a Human filmed face you would not have been able to do that stuff like 5 years ago even it just the that difference infidelity would have just like thrown you away I feel like this is in the french fries this is a tough movie because like in the earlier movies it's obviously like the Apes they still act like they don't necessarily talk in the last movie the kind of talk a little bit but it still very ape like we starting to make that turn these in the original movies you know they're obviously people in ape suit so they walk like humans so we're making that turn where they're trying to become their becoming more human so you really have to rely a lot more on that CG to sell it and make it work but all the reviews I've seen have been amazing so far to Terry said they no longer use the word motion capture that the terminology they don't call it motion capture they call it very specifically performance captur because it's not just motion you know they're there now trying to dig I have the technology point for the trying to catch her emotions more so in they are trying to capture a motion with just think an interesting distinction but it just shows how far everything is come ashore did you like a lot of facial capture to now on the face and Camera specifically for that she's kind of like in his own realm for acting in performance because he works on stuff that's live action but then he's like the Premiere Performance cash register at me when she say so and let's say you showed up to the set for Planet of the Apes 3 War of the planet for the planet you should have that in the director Matt Reed said alright we're going to different with it we're going old school or did you all practical effects your way to put prosthetic makeup on you like in the sixties film but way better you know when you're going to do that would your approach be different for this character Caesar if it was a motion capture versus if it was prosthetic makeup and he said absolutely not purchase it the exact same way just give us the highest Fidelity performance that he can and then you know gets it done and you have you love this they talk about how when you make a movie A lot of times you can go back and you do with call ATR where you rerecord lines and if you fuck something up and you didn't record it right you have to go back and watch your character talk in screen while you say the line over and over again until it matches it's it's kind of painstaking process you can also change some lines to fix them story stuff they can do that with emotions like facial emotions they can go through and tweak things or they can say hey the way this scene ended was the way we wanted you so go back in the facial rig and just rerecord your face with a new his Mormons and they just plug in the face over the old one is crazy this is crazy see if like they just replace people I get a version of The Hobbit where you know he play Andy Serkis play Smile get in addition to playing Golems back out Wars The Planet of the Apes because it was fucking awesome to have Andy's circus at RTX off and we're here Ryan Reynolds please play working on Deadpool to right I think he tweeted the other day they started filming with Ryan Reynolds shirtless I'll call him up it's okay hey Dad who's a good person we should have for our takes longer for a keynote speaker Dan it wouldn't be no dude hippie looking up what Aquino was in his foot I heard two responses from the audience it was Dan and the Queen video me to British people now I'm sure the events team is working on that to figure that out yeah you know I don't know you're lying I can sorry tell you response me de leave me alone I'm too busy so what is been your favorite pounds been on Safar calf or favorite thing that you've done so I could derail we can get more drinks involved I also heard that we might we might play a game on this podcast but like like like Checkers The Game of Life mouse trap million dollars but I think it's tomorrow don't make him I'm playing these days battlegrounds dude let me tell you something did you get with the latest patch of Battlegrounds dataminer went through it you know they'll find stuff that's not in the game yet someone found a reference to a poisoned Apple really okay I think that's really cool implication if you could find poison and leave poison food for other players like where they think they're getting Health power up but it's actually a hinderance I see what you saying poison apple or they can put apples in the game before somebody shoot you like an asshole from a bush but the whole time you're living on energy drinks and painkillers that game is so much fun and you know busy boys down to 30 minutes out I found that I found this that doors open let's go over here I found this I found that let's go over here who the fuck just shot it that's how my experience works but I actually find out I got this is the best part about being a parent is the parent of two video gaming kids is I found out that Teddy is a ringer at Battlegrounds it because I'll be dead and I'll be I'll be crawling cuz I'm knocked out and I'll be going to charge into a building with a shotgun and knocked out sweet of the back there playing Destiny with Teddy was tough because I would only get to do it once and then everybody would do a raid and they go well we have five people can we just have to Teddy and not hear you we're little tiger from vaiven you terrible right there been real life they're not trying to kill each other does not like a hundred people guns hunting every time something goes wrong even playing that goes wrong it's always someone else's fault you just drop dead in front of us cuz you a pissed-off how old are things for too long buddy have a good memory establishing quickly it's turned nothing much better person play I bet no one in this room has been directly wronged by Gus pickle if you want raise their hand what's not bad I was like 3 or 4 people Hayashi actually we were talking about I come up here real quick and talk about the experience of watching me on the pop a beer and talk about he's friends with me sticking my 12 year old on Gamers all over the world thought you have I acted like there's a first time I was hearing at the can I tell them what happened on the open Panel I like this don't worry you might not like us actually so we were in the middle of our always open Panel I think we're talking about poop shocking I know you do and I actually need to do that right now do you mind if I leave and come back so in the middle of our fucking panel Ashley goes to take a dump she's going to do it goes tweet about it's because Ashley has now developed this new thing she does where she likes to touch her boobs with other ladies boobs and she's trying to do it with everyone at the company that's a good goal that she has I thought there was just with me so you just going around like smearing your Raccoon as many people as you can Gavin you want to make me jealous I like the we were both going up for the same thing is that you don't do it in front of me see them do it but I don't get to see you too like you just rub your nipples together in front of 4004 What the freaking out if he saw into the future the record I would have done that with the fortunate over and then Fortune year-olds parents would have been we knew it we do hey I have an idea what's up anybody want to fight Gavin or Googl no okay alright we are going to play Gavin or Google Now Barbara and Gus if you're not familiar with the rules of Gavin or Googl here's the way it is played I take the wonderful brainless Gavin Free and I give him a three or four word phrase then I take that same three or four word traits and I type it into the popular search engine Google and I see the autocompletes that Google offers when I do that and I take the weirdest query that comes from Gavin and the weirdest one that comes from Google and I compare them and we try to figure out who said it Gavin or Google what is my Google Google Gavin which one said it let's find out I'm feeling lucky again one of these days can we play Gavin or Bing what every Barbara Bing shortly and I think you need the most amount of people to get the stupidest answers there probably sick of what they're getting all right let's play Gavin or Google the first phrase that I typed into Gavin and I typed into Google was do cats know do cats know one of them either Gavin or Googl said do cats know when you turn off the light which is a great question because just recently actually cat nutmeg was in the middle of the like the bathroom rug just sleeping in the middle of the night and I walked into the dark and full on stepped on nutmeg and she must have just seen me like coming like hey what's up and then I just have to push she must be like what the fuck is wrong with you you're crushing that pussy oh my God no idea that we can't see in the dark right they have no clue all of a sudden and we step on their tails or something like that alright the other one the other response I got was do cats know why people want to squeeze them do cats know why people want them and then do cats know when a person turns Health lights I'm going to make a leap here go ahead I think whoever or whatever is talking about the lights is I think they're wondering if cats know that humans directly affect the lights that we can hit a switch and turn them on or off that being said I think that one is Google I think I think Gavin said do cats the squeezing one because Gavin likes to squeeze things and whenever he sees a cute animal he goes like this so that's accurate by that you know Joel does the same thing Hootie and then you just like slaps it on the sides of its body yeah he'll stand like a cattle be walking and Joel straddle it on either side was like and then he bends down and goes on either side with his hands like he's never like he's read about people petting cats and he's just trying to figure it out it is depends on her side and uses his poor kid he just says that he got you can toss salad in a non-sexual way it's a thing people do on it yeah but I don't know Gavin cuz I feel like if you were in a salad bar where they only serve salad and the name of the strip club and the waiter asks you do you want me to toss your salad you would still laugh even in that yeah but it done it's funny but yeah makes that dressing in well I'll give me one of those online sticks of butter and you guys can go to work alright so you both actually had the same answer you both Gavin said the cat's know why people want to squeeze them congratulations Jarhead you in the audience realize that Gavin was the squeezing people one I do I'm curious to Google I would like the answer the question do cats know when we turn on the lights you just got to click on it if out I said we work stuff in and I see an auto complete that doesn't end up being recorded anywhere right what do you mean your search history yeah like do I have to hit enter to do it because it's obviously taking the data as I'm typing it right like it as you go right so busy collecting the data then using it right yeah so that people type in didn't it was too cheeky to press enter how do I bury a I wonder if we could get someone who heads up like Google search search division to come on the podcast one day and talk about metrics and things like that so I met a guy VidCon he came up to me after panel and he he didn't want to be identified so I'm totally breaking that Kung Fu chilly but he was the guy who he's one of the main guys who works on the content ID system that identifies like clips on YouTube and you know the algorithm that identifies if they violate copyright or whatever if you like to try benify but does not like to be identified that he doesn't like him very much alright the next Rays that I typed into Google and gave to Young Gavin Free was where where is where do for is it ok Google where is where is the first thing that came back where is the internet exactly where where is the internet and the other one that came back is where is the world's first Pooh right now I'm talking through this okay where is the internet exactly is someone wondering what country has jurisdiction to regulate the internet you're giving a lot of credence to Gavin and Google buddy I'm going to think that one's Gavin the internet where is the internet yeah and Barbara sing the poop one Barbara has taken obvious obviously the fact of the word poo was used should have been poop poo fecal matter or like anything that's more I guess official Turnberry Gavin word want me to some point life is just like cells dividing the stuff but at some point something took a dump where was it and what was it do you think it how big was this dumb what was some where is the first of everything the next race that I typed in was are polar bears are polar bears... First response I got was are polar bears even worried though are they worried Holly really all that concerned about everything and the other one was are polar bears just regular bears that have not walked far south enough yet oh God both of those are so fucking dumb can you read them again are polar bears just regular not for her no self I'm going to go with are polar bears worried though is Gavin and it's two things that polar bears could potentially be worried about it's the melting ice cap less place for them to hunt and stuff and the second is there brittle Peanut Big snapping off-road about I'm going to do the opposite I'm going to say polar bears haven't walked far south as Gavin Rosanna we have a tie alright we're going to go first on this one who the fuck would ask that question the brittle penis bones that has a bone in his knob but apparently CFCs and that no making his bones grill so the Shag snap the knobs and then they can't make new polar bears that vacula the dick bone right you weren't on that podcast when we have cellular page on okay Montebello Bollywood vampire movie know it sounds like what does a roll of the tongue is real boy there we go that was a stretch they have to psych themselves up for that one be aware that's like booing and applying to be the title of my autobiography I guess you can to answer first I'm going to have to correct answer so Barbara okay its first diseart tiebreaker what is it what is the record at RTX Regan I think I'm still winning this is how many people... How many people... How many people does it take to officially be a crowd how many people does it take to officially be a crowd question and the other one was how many people high is the Moon not not that ridiculous very happy that I'm going first because how many people high is the Moon is 100% Gavin I don't know unless he was trying on purpose to be smart to fuck us up the tiebreaker Cupid still rating Champion Barbara dunkelma did you find out how many people has the moon how far away is the Moon in Greens 8000 Miles Away I think come on the spot right yeah blah blah blah the Moon will say the synopsis on Wikipedia says 238900 miles 238900 Mi so we'll do shut up dude I'm doing it right here x 5280 ft how tall is the average person 5857 percentage of feet social six feet then it's 210232000 to the same thing I mean not just a bunch of other people too but I'm from The Lego Movie Lego Batman Lego Movie Lego Batman Batman send another Rose to free through but also who is the person on the bottom that has 210 million people standing on their shoulders I think is volunteering or it can the equivalent we do the calculation of ants like to hit your the moon so do you think there could be enough to get stack up to reach your face from where from where from Cleveland from the ground from where can you say all the ants climb to my nose the moon how many ants would it take to get to 50 thousand deaths could do that in one little stem know why do we get people doing the Christmas tree shape and just Mission Mall in and then take a lot more that person who's like gets to the moon going down towards the surface of the Moon you're coming off stand on the moon and then what back towards the middle that makes sense to me at some point you're going down there you go up towards the moon at some point in the middle of why like the middle gravityzone will be really needlecraft be heavy you just like I said right now the moons revolving around the earth even more complicated for the moon to come across like is all we should be there you send a bunch of people to the Moon pyramid up lunch people on Earth and then as it comes by with high five the very tough it just the best hi-five I like that idea I see somehow convince people that this was a worthy Endeavor and we start do it I'd like the aliens that are watching us cloaked in the a triple be like what the fuck are they doing now what would the velocity of that hi-five be so they wouldn't even be a satisfying it would just like it because all this is your one person goes to the Facebook and one person goes through this room when I'll do it man I really do want to try it now they do that what's the thing they do in some countries where they had the pole and they were they they don't like in Spain what is this biggest they do this they stack up and they go up a pole in like they'll W dude holding a pole I can't see my feet but like Jan on the pole and then somebody else goes his back and doesn't keep people bored as fuk you know that this is this is how I use Google all the time what's the crazy Europe thing where they climb a pole that's what crazy thing crazy Europe is the distance from an auto completed this is how we need the broadcast Booth they have that up Dutch Sports European Auto that's the pole vaulting in the marsh then I'm telling you it's thing yeah find it here it's crazy they have a festival anybody run away from the bowl and then they run up a pole what's that it's a solstice they do it for the videos online or like somebody just taken at the fall and take a header from like 80 ft. It's crazy I don't know how they convince people to do it every year due to chase the the wheel of cheese down the hill is that Scotland where they do that cheese Rollin yeah that's wicked would you go do that when will go chase let's absolutely do that is anyone from the is anyone from the sales team out there can you make that happen nope don't see anyone that will talk to them later I'm not going to do it I have a little Bakula and I don't want to went to that place for eclipse in New York City Fortress 2 different I mean we ate cheese as opposed to Chase and cheese and getting hard for me to do different things with a stick of cheese and stop don't send me down that rabbit hole with Google what are some events would you go if we found it would you go run with the bulls no no no I think it's bad ass for the bowl for the first like 30 minutes you know most funniest ever had that's a good dream come true keep saying bowl like bowl and I keep imagining like a little glass bowl like running down like clanging around let you run with a glass book about like a weird conventional weird event like what would you go to and then just trying to identify those kinds of things so I love this this idea where you identify an unusual Gathering and you want to go and experience it yeah you don't people were trying to conjecture like what the next docs are going to because you what do you consider the ASMR doc to me again you can stay out to be a Bernie or Gavin. Like Jeff a tattoo is Gus head unconventional why would you assign one person to it the a topic for a documentary that would be like that it's like it's usually like Focus if you'd like one of the key personalities you know which we try to put that in a kind of front and center the Vlogs I was trying to come up with stuff to do for that you know but I don't know I have to think about it have you just did nothing no wait just like sat on your couch in your underwear for the whole Vlog make you act your real life know cuz you can't do that someone real ones that one I'm sure if you tell me that was a guy in the window who yelled that do not someone made it into the room lets you upload it was you napping in your underwear on a couch for 8 minutes do you think people wouldn't watch that I'd watch it it should be used sitting down and falling asleep within a minutes I will do it I will do a vlog where I fall asleep it'll be like 2 minutes of content and then 8 hours of video though cuz I'll be asleep and I can't turn off the camera there's there's a YouTube channel I think we talked about on the pockets before this oh YouTube channel of a guy who films himself sitting cross-legged steering and a camera smiling for hours at a time it's kind of scary nobody wants that though you watch it you watch that guy how bored of contents on the enough to be here do you have any internet and porn there's no reason to be bored Gus and I when we were being I was thing about this the other day the Internet and mobile phones in particular have ended boredom like if I go somewhere and they say it's going to be a few minutes or are the doctor can't see you right away I'm like I don't give a shit I'll just sit here and do what I normally do you know and I'll just do it in your office as opposed to you know before mobile phones you just sit there and stare at the wall I almost like having the weight now where I go places cuz it's like a time to just decompressing check email and I do all your shit that you weren't able to do during the day it's like awesome send it boredom in a weird way you know people aren't alone with our thoughts and things like that but it's okay I don't have that feeling of being bored very often you have to be to come up with a good idea I think yeah you do have to be bored to come up with a good night's like a reset for the mind add Barbara that he brought it out of so glad it was a revelation to learn the Gavin has never ever washed his but that's exactly what you said so Gavin talked about how he's in the shower and he doesn't use his hands on his but he just kind of what do you bend over and open it and let stuff like the water go in I mean if you want like I do cuz I'll grab a cheek with each an what's a spread of a just be like how to solve like it's self cleaning with brush off any debris and the wall is Flushing through there anyway and oser alright alright I don't want to touch my anus in my fingers why you were those in that but what I have done in like Suds from my body I like some soap shower gel I put on this side of my hand and I'll just like karate chop in the crack I didn't like this is so blah everything out with some Soapy Suds how many karate chops maybe like five the thing is the reason I don't do more it's cuz it sounds like I'm wanking just like I want to go but I want to go back to the quick poll I want to go back to the original method of grabbing the sheets and going much whatever that is does anyone show up as anyone else wash themselves that way you're free one nobody but you do what's that show up on my hand out swamp ass what are the rest of you do because it going to public swimming pools I just lay down a bar of soap in my bathtub and I sit on the duh I just eat a sponge and Shug dishwashing and then it works itself out in about 24 hours I know this is good okay who does not pee in the shower you did not sound shocked yeah of course it's weird it's okay other one another old podcast favorite who sits and wipes are you going to raise my ham for this one you're my people who stands and wipes that's not all the hands I thought everyone a lot of people didn't vote their butts butts sitting was sitting was higher standard me feel self-conscious about it so now I try to sit and I'm always scared that when I do it my hands going to go into the toilet water so much distance between us in the war to know how far away she is just like to her it's all imagination of a distance to know she knows it's there I don't like hanging down make a pair of balls a lot of people say how do you watch the old saying I've got a scrubby with Gus going to be really today either swap it out every now and then change it once something you put it down and it was like well maybe this will be a fun adventure in a long X Ghost in the supermarket I would rather do that with my fingers there guess what I can do neither you just like you've never wash your friends cry chop can I be a shirt you put that in the soap up deep clean you know you should get you should no one's answering me this which is probably some of the hands of her missing you should just get one of the detachable things and just let that do the work if you don't touch anything you just get the thing with the thing and you go and you have one sounds really expensive let's save the 30 bucks and never wash your butt that's the right that is the highest level of Queen dick dick when you were living in in the UK are Bid days a thing in the UK that or is that just yes separate one it wasn't like the Japanese fancy toilet was like a total of the problem is you going to put an outlet in a bathroom sink Barbers next Barbers next pole that plugs into the wall it's like just a toilet seat attachment and the other day there is a huge thunderstorm here and also know my power went out which might like everything that was plugged in or like anything that was attached to the internet went off and then it's like came back on so my Alexa started like powering up but my day also started powering up again so like was like hello and then at the same time I just blah stink without asking any questions clearing itself out because it's restarting but it was like everything is coming to life it just comes at sprays what would you like one that had like a little hand that just so of karate chop when when I went to I was going to bring up something else about the I went to Korea a few months ago and the hotel I was staying in had a bad day and they had maybe the most aggressive icon on the bidet control for showing what a bidet does oh wow oh wow it's on the inside icon shows like water shooting up inside of you in the butt I thought you almost got Standing Ovation from the Dunkel men's down there you all just lost one metal detector for tomorrow do you want to lose to but okay so the worst function on the bidet is the dryer and here's I don't use it anymore cuz the first time I used it you don't realize you're sitting on it and then you use the dryer and it just like blows all the air through all your bets like out like between your legs or your noses like a dry blow yeah that seems like a bad designs clothes if you use the dryer on a bidet Pro tip why could it Blow downloads go ahead was that blow up around that stink get it down straight down the middle and play dry off all the butt coming out why can't a bidet blow down imma look it up why can't a bit day what is that one it's going to be bad it takes me awhile to find good ones there's nothing you know how to complete from I can't of a day cuz I can do everything bidet and then you came to countries that didn't that would be a big adjustment to go the other way like if you live in a toilet paper country when you go to add a country that's not so bad it's when you go to has neither the chain country hola people all over the world do it all the time they do in worse situations and I'm doing it so there's karate chopping away I mean we literally have 10 minutes left should we do questions we let's do a couple we have like after getting up don't bother yeah yeah we've already had we have more than enough of the next 10 minutes we really do all lightning around right all right so let's start over here with questions I have to first one we all know Gus drunkest night is cheese Master what is the rest of your night by far is Disney help desk night oh my God it's an RTA wouldn't get so drunk on that he was trying to smash my phone and it's only I wrestled with him for like 2 hours and then just threw man in elevator and said you're somebody else's problem now just hit all the buttons and got out of the elevator also could you guys who all worked on the RT I mean RvB could you sign this I mean afterwards we can catch it over here to sign nope sorry issue play me okay I'm stupid look who it is how are you doing I'm doing well and I actually I do have a question but first I wanted to be like a creepy kiss ass for a second go ahead which one of you you think is the better person first Gus I do think you're great but I kind of have like this biostorage thinking Burnie is one of the best people I've ever met who is your favorite character to voice and why I bet you probably been asked that before but refresh my memory but I'm having a blast voicing Taeyang in chibi specifically that is like that's a lot of fun yeah I mean I had a blast you in Ruby proper I don't know I feel like I've done more chibi lines then I have proper Ruby lights you know my ass is well she is really really hope My Little Pony if you were surprised for watching episode of camp camp and when it came up the nearest was a girl in episode was like there's a girl that I miss that and then I watch the audience had that huge reaction in the same way and then let's play The Only One alright I just shout out to hand out for those of you who don't know Hannah a few years ago she was in the car with five Hughes 1 or 5 people in the car they hit Hugh Jackson on their way to RTX from the East Coast unfortunate three of her friends died and Hannah was severely injured went through a long recovery process she finally made her trip to RTX last year made it all the way here and it is now a guardian this year love you Hannah this is a question for Bernie do you think RoosterTeeth will ever Try It cast for film and television review again movie based one we did it again we'll see we we talked about it a lot it does seem like you would work but we don't have a good track record in doing that you may be the no could probably do a better job maybe then we could so speaking of the world's greatest head massage. I was headed near that area last fall and I looked into possibly meeting Baba to get a head massage for his channel but when I went to his channel I saw that it's still the two videos you guys made is that people not wanting to put their videos on bubba or it just do not have access it's tough because Bob doesn't even have a phone that you can reach him on so it's really hard to coordinate any lives in a very rural part of India so it's hard to coordinate help me out I got a glimmer of hope being able to help him take the next step in that where there's an ASMR artist called ASMR Barber he currently has a crowdfunding campaign running to bring Baba to the US and go on a tour so if you like Baba the cosmic Barber you should check that out it doesn't look like it's going to fund unfortunately had a very lofty goal but maybe hopefully Baba comes to us we can figure something out or maybe we can bother to come to RTX London that's all we have time for maybe 2 more real quick can I get change for 20 I'm out of all y'all who would you fuc marry kill all of us slavers going to fuck Gavin that Tesla I guess foot Gavin because I feel weird about that with Gus do you sing I see how it is I'm going to same way I think I would kill Gus I'd marry Barb and I would have a very magical evening with Gavin we we get I love you like I'm the complete opposite can I kill Gus still though obviously okay okay funny story while I was worrying is not going down Nitra street bike runs this homeless guy he was freaked out saying this face to face of a monster or afraid burn victim when we had our office downtown we still have our office at 7th and Congress the building no longer exists I know what you're going to say I had the worst run-ins with the homeless everyday one time I was walking across the street and this homeless woman was walking across and she stopped She had a thing for Gus she stopped me look me in the face and said I know you and I said oh yeah she said you raped me once violent no I do not know you kept walking very loud too another time I was leaving the office that's wrong number ever I was in the office leaving I called my wife I was on the phone with her walked out down to the street a walking down the street and a homeless person saw me she got up in my face was staring at me I put the phone and I said what what do you want and she said you can't ignore me and kick me in The Shins and ran off so I don't know how good we we don't we don't get along also see two different homeless tits the same week I did like separate tits though in separate women anytime you know if your old office it's really kind of strange to go see it it's down at 7th and Congress it's now a Sofitel Hotel but it's almost like they set the hotel back further than a lot and they maintain the structure of the old two-story building that was there sold office and then put a hotel on top of that doesn't exist sitting there in now drink like at the lobby bar or something weird question here is the wall witnessed of each other that is the epitome of your personalities like what is the most added Gavin is being interesting question that's an interesting question I got a few more time I could definitely come over that if I can think of that Gus storming out of the van when I asked him if you want to go to Vegas Burnie not stopping asking if I want to go to Vegas so here's what he said if you ask me go to Vegas one more time I swear I said that's not what I said if you say Las Vegas one more time you said are you that mad you would really get out of the van if I say Las Vegas again and at that point it's a challenge to me cuz I have just said I'm going to leave and you immediately say it back to my face yeah that was the moment that was at how to say it's also like the older moments after that when he claims that he's right that's like my whole experience with guys who would have left Gavin Ruby and I can't think of it in particular but there's something incredibly stupid that we did while traveling together I'm sure like we ended up somewhere where we weren't supposed to be or really bad that we can't pinpoint a specific stupid moment in front of me and security there was some massive delay that I didn't get through security for 15 minutes after that and the plane was leaving and Gavin just got on the plane and left without me didn't tell the flight crew or anything that I was on my way seconds behind me a security more than eight minutes behind me on the plane somehow you are that's not my fault it was his showing at the plane yet for you and then leave you anybody else anything else I do think about that a little harder that's a really good question we should cover that in the next thank you for coming out RTX podcast 2017 thanks everybody