#441 - Who Broke the Door?

Join Bethany Feinstein, Patrick Matthews, Chris Demarais, and Burnie Burns as they discuss RTX incidents, Harry Potter World, a brand new game, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 14, 2017, sponsored by ProFlowers (http://bit.ly/2kI2inb)

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Transcript (in progress):

hello and welcome to a very special Thursday night podcast special because it is our post RTX Austin 2017 now we have to say Austin right you can just say we can't just say RTX for the heads up the ensure names with K everybody look at the receipt Bobcats and Burnie Burns Tyler Matthews version of you today p.m. at 4 I saw him with a glass of plastic champagne flutes drinking champagne and Red Bull Mimosa combo what is that a better day today cuz you didn't have been thing you do the Harry Potter thing I mean it's like people are going to places to do VR I don't think we're going to do with that was my favorite one that we did just a couple months ago play broke it so I dropped it cuz I've been drinking and it shattered the tick and then I didn't know Saturday this isn't working it's weird I don't know and they're like I will fix it for you for free and no problem I got another one and then the neighbors now that I'm a Harry Potter expert what one did you get I got like one of The Originals that's not like a copy of somebody else's but after Wiles like ugly and stupid like all these other ones are way cooler so I went back outside hey can I trade out this one for like a Sirius Black wand cuz Sirius Black has really cool want to do that I want to do it so that's what's that one out then I have one right and then on the last day I was like what is interactive things like I did me any good when I'm not here and then the collectors one which is cheaper is like it's got an iron core where is the interactive one hollow heavier don't need actual unicorn hair in Phoenix Feather system so that I went to the store and I'm looking at and I didn't have my receipt in the Box Keystone but I did because I gave a more expensive wand and took a cheaper because they're going to think they bought the cheaper $40 while they're going to pull it out and I was right there like they'll switch it out wow okay we'll talk more about them a little bit later and podcast right before we do something else that's fine you ever been Harry Potter World I went when it first opened I want to go again because they have new stuff that you got two tickets now though butterbeer drink that whole thing and then ride a ride home with you guys like sweet yes it is one of the greatest bands of my existence that my kids don't like sweet stuff you can't brag I can't ride them I mean for anything so you got to finish your meal or you will get dessert and like I want to search it once in his life and the JD drank half because this has too much sugar that's literally what he said and so I was like can your problem where it is where they scan it and then the next time you can go back that ride was hurting again so you've already gone to the front of the line once you got to go to the normal 920 minutes in this case so we got like in around the first Bend and then I saw that it was just like an open chain to the other every kind of walked into the front of the line line they were going to scanner badge anymore they were just going to see that we had them at that point I know how events work but I didn't know it was going to be the end of the line standing so I thought we could just step in there we had a family discussion about it about whether or not we wanted to be scumbags and collectively decided to be I was out-voted 221 know we don't I want to be like me about to express tickets does that work is that cheaper change every single day so I always had like a not detected not to um you have to be like a thumbprint or fingerprint and every single time it would be like doesn't work maybe like five four finger undershirt try it again and it would be like three or four times before my finger would with you something wrong that real I don't believe it's true they're going to memorize for later Christmas Christmas fingers to look at my phone can you unlock it with your finger doesn't work it's locked out like that grease all over it for my greasy fingers let me ask you guys a relationship question I had this thing where she knows my passcode and her thumbprint is on my phone you know cuz I didn't hide it was also like this in her phone for a long time and one day I don't know what happened that's not the case of her she has a different path and I can't get into her phone anymore she said it was from an update about that was at South Essex a lot of trust anyway I don't think I've ever give anyone my passcode to my phone Chris I would give anybody my browser history that one of your brain if I can read like my search history for a month straight I would hate myself probably do you mean that I like to try to look up don't know I'm trying to look up Gavin or Google stuff all the time first of all you know what it's like polar bear penises because we're talking me that a polar bears piece it's an actual bone and it's one of the effects of climate change now it's making their baculus brittle and they're breaking their penis bone so then they're just like it gets Red Eagle polar bear yes I know they could lie like that they caught in a moment can you tell us what you do as well I'm not sure I showed up and they let me stick around there was a PA in live-action then production coordinator and then it switched over to events and now I'm going to Ben's coordinator lights off everything bad that happened you can play all of our internal booths the brush Square stuff probably some other stuff here in there good time Friday night I had to I got the honor of doing the Cuban a for the visual effects supervisor of the Apes me events department so all all of our tx's let's play lives all that good stuff like stripped underneath me now so that I can give it to them yeah I don't know coordinator over here can you do it I got my ticket I'm going to let him read the infinity Wars scrip the big ones the Avenger scripts because he keeps jacking he just talks meet you do release information too soon 20 for me like I get the text like a late night you know like okay Bernie just told someone there told everyone about like this new guess that's coming like fuck okay well we still have all these other people in the next week I'll Bernie just told him about that too and I'm like fuck okay watching some panel with Brandon streaming and you know it's a project that we didn't even know he was Lazer team but his before we knew we were working on Laser team and we're working on a feature house like we are that's how I found founding fathers panel he just like you know when we're making our next Future Past crazy I just dropped it like suddenly but he gets on my case whenever I do that you weren't with me yet it'll be your niece Madness like being like our partners in that handle that portions of thankfully it was kind of like out of our hands I think we were actually pretty good this time around but I know it RTX in the past I've had to pay for things that were damaged really would like 2015 I had to pay for a new hotel door to the presidential suite why because of a certain someone in the but they thought they thought Gus and Esther were having sex in there but they were not and so the presidential suite has a door and another door cuz there's like a kitchen area and then like the main entrance huge by the way we get a lot of rooms at these hotels around me now like it's a nice little place for like our guest to Meter whatever so but you can see so I guess this person late night I can't say it stitches department store so I guess the next more like we need to talk about something serious or into the presidential suite like the main door that it like going to 10 deal I got kind of crazy and it was someone on your master account and fuckmylife like who could this be and then I heard who it was and I was like God damn it and the person do you like where they so they because they didn't they thought someone was in the room because the key wasn't openings or actually the key worked but you know the the last thing was on and tell is that he know and that's the one that work because they block the doorknob easy going out the other door new door to the JW Marriott presidential suite can get the deal for you anymore room cuz I'm assuming we've still had the idea was the idea was that I went to an event in New York that YouTube put on and they rent out for like 200 creators they rent hotel rooms in a really nice hotel like when he's like hipster hotels in Lake Village Inn in Manhattan and then they also got the presidential suite two floor really feel like something to eat a movie Badass hotel room and their solution for that was they gave all of the creators that YouTube a card to go into the penthouse whenever they wanted to wait rooms will be can just go there at all hours night that end up being the coolest part of the event because you just got to hang out with people so many collaborations for things I saw four years were made it that so I suggest the Bethany hey do we get something like that for the hotel we should leave it open to our tickets and how will we have that for the Hilton like you guys had the Suites at the Hilton what about the presidential suite at when we can all go into that and that's not even try to pay it more than the door or the service people that's why I got to have like two tubs of ice cream and I'm going to order this I'm going to order that what a bunch of Jackass so we don't have that privilege anymore so but we do have the room to room over here I mean we're not going to say yes or no to 20 can I ask you a question can I see a question I want to answer this question honestly did the person who broke the door did they stay in at this year now cuz if that person fucked it up for everybody else so now this is selective thing so now you're like yeah okay well metal have a next year I'm sure Kyle of matter Azurill hear about this be like now I'll just take that you guys have the Hilton take a corner Hotel two blocks to get there I mean it was like a prayer a party my Snapchat on Wednesday with Patrick I can't go back and look at it now when I saved the events team moved in on Wednesday and it got pretty wild to get a little bit I had to delete some stuff what song is in pain my pants were getting really heavy he was getting in like could you get drunk a drug watch the fuck out seriously just remember Matt Matt Holmes face cuz it Patrick was like feeling up like in the winds are about that and the men and I was like he's fine and he's like it it's fine it's fine just just let him grow be done in a second like am I getting fighter who did didn't you did not to tell us about the door after do you want to say I kill who I think is Molly Ali Ali you ain't even on the company's money and the upside for them was that they were going to get to watch Gus have sex I mean that I will say this much we don't have proof that it was this person we are trying to combine two situations that happened that night as to who could have gone up there couldn't stand there card the same Hotel damn that I no longer have access to a parent to come over and hang out with us JW Marriott in the event RTX Austin is takes place in the Austin Convention Center there is kind of like a sister hotel to the Convention Center Hilton Hill have to walk outside to get across the street to get to the Hilton across the one like commuter rail track we have an alarm at wakiki you hear you it's been great for the evening activities like you it gets so tight scheduling wise for some of us at RTX that I had to do the Cuban a frandy circus for Warfarin planet apes but I couldn't see the movie right because I was on the red versus blue panel while the movie was being screamed so I was like I can't date for movie on screener for it so I learned you guys soulmate Patrick might be there they had a tech test at 9 in the morning so I went and watched war from Planet of the Apes at 9 in the morning and then when do the convention for the rest of the Miss able to the Cuban a screening of it a little bit which sounds totally awesome you know but then Michael came in and tried to break the door Michael Wright does Michael Jackson have sex I know I even heard the same nothing has been proven nothing to be held up in a court of law 2500 bucks I'm positive I know what the keys I gave out this year how do you break the door like you can't get in there it's over the handle was and this the Jada be the only been open a couple months and we were staying there and another incident had happened and so it was broken all around like for someone kicking in the handle try to kick in the door that's all we can figure out back to see that's crazy I thought they were just but I saw it happen and it probably was totally blame it on purpose about the fact there were about to have an ad read but there is something specially want to do tonight I would like a new dad here in a second and while we're doing that you guys are about like I said you got this so one of my absolute favorite things is that Bethany will occasionally reveal the fact that she doesn't know a basic bit of information about The World At Large lot of you that wasn't the case it was like the weekend I was hired to ask me questions and one of them was like what about it what about it what you want I mean I use my vagina last month okay but that doesn't make sense right it's just the word thyroid thyroid say that she made a mistake cuz she recently visited San Francisco because she didn't want the prisoners to grab her I didn't know they were prisoners what's the other one vagina hole one she thought the computer monitor will the computer she did go to do things about what did you think the box was that was next to your computer the laptop which I used to think was called Laptop until 10 was like it sits on your lap in your lab in your left so Gentlemen please change your wardrobe for the game Booby play after this and I'm going to tell you all about our sponsor for this evening predictability is 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I want to play a new game this evening I'll explain the rules to you and then we start the game so let's roll the intro we're going to play our new game which is called Bethany no stuff worlds let's find out what the world says the John rice you're added so okay help me out here so I've always pronounce your name as Bethany Finestein but then you were insured on relationship goals as Feinstein that's wrong that's wrong did you want to write a proper pronunciation pronunciation I don't know but afterwards we should go the other way if the game goes well okay then you're not going to answer Bethany okay what's going to happen is our panel of academics over your Chris your graduation is on backwards play I kept switching Ross that's also a my head I have an enormous that I took the kids to a Dodgers game and they have the fitted caps which is always like you know people get situations and they can trigger and they get anxiety that's my thing cuz I'm like none of these hats are going to fit all the way to like seven and a half and that's the highest that they stock and it's like not even close I got to wear like a size 8 hat it's ridiculous okay a question about the world and then we're going to pause better you can say you can Buffalo to see whether you can definitely know this not you can game these people if you want to like you told him everything she knows everything he knows it or she does know when you get a point if you're right now additionally if you know the answer yourself Patrick got to be careful cuz she can see your wife bored you can also write you can I get a bonus point is well are you guys ready to play Bethany know stuff now yes or no stuff alright Bethany the first question I'd like to ask you is internet's right away what is the difference between arteries and veins in the body what's the difference between what is the difference between arteries and veins what is the difference between arteries and gauge panel of academics is furiously riding her as you can just like paraphrase on your ear answer the scientific term locked in tally driving anywhere the closest to me we will start with you does Bethany know the answer to what's the difference between arteries and veins no no okay and then Patrick what you say I say no the human body the arteries are inside your body I think may have blood in them sometimes I think I think your veins are blue or on the outside so you describe things that are different about arteries and Jay's but I would have to say no she didn't know the difference between arteries and veins so each of you now get the point I'm not detract thank you very much I don't think I'll need to know I said arteries don't have blood wow okay that's arteries go north-south play some almost correct arteries carry blood away from the heart veins carry blood back to the heart that's really good to know so listen you have a good defense do you love the only always have plans are Inside Out Boy next question for Bethany Lowe stuff is as you know Bethany do I periodic table of elements tells us all the basic building blocks of the universe so I'm going to read you a list of things to know and I just want you to tell me how many of these things appear in the periodic table of elements things you tell me which the number of them I'm going to give you 8 things broccoli you tell me the number of them that are element fire water mineral wind energy and Diamond okay I go to get a real quickly if you want summertime fire dirt water mineral wind energy and diamonds so you guys just have to answer what am I getting Bethany knows how many of those are elements and then you have to get the correct number yourself okay Chris I'll go with you. You think she knows the answer or not don't give us your answer using no no you don't think so either Bethany how many out of those elements in the periodic table did but I think I'm something else you know details too much all you need to do the number she is correct of those were elements so you guys can get the zero hydrogen oxygen if you break it down here can all be broken down into that for on that made me laugh the most was dirt instead of Earth Chinese the different Chinese elements of nature in there so what's up with your tally so far points on the first round okay Bethany Bernie you are organizing an event Beltway I'll go back to 22nd would you like to Anatomy cuz I like this what does your liver do and then additionally for bonus point where's the located in your what does your liver do and where is it located so this is just too yes or no Skies you look confident Patrick Jerome made of everything has not and I'm definitely doing now whether or not Bethany knows where is it in the body I'm feeling good guys okay what you say Chris will she know you're not yes you know what about the second one know what it does what are your Patrick will she know the answer of what does the liver do and will then she be able to answer where it is not another name for what is the function of the liver I think it has to do with alcohol go ahead it's just the alcohol center of the body or the brain or somewhere play function of it supposed to keep the toxins out that is correct it cleans the blood cleans toxins of the blood and alcohol would be one of those days and it is located somewhere here where is it and your stomach where is your liver the big massive thing that whole thing that I don't think that's why you know it's up here what did you say for the second one Chris got it she knew what it did but she didn't know where it was and toxins and I said around your chest good job of locating the got rich and it got region I said so is it a specific place all the time alright she would be one last one in case there's time we have tiebreaker I think it's tied up right now Breakers you know we live in a solar system it has a number of different in it I'd like to be Bethany to name the planets coming out from the Sun in order and your guys have to guess how many she will get correct how many planet names she will get correct and if you want to do a bonus then you will have to write them in the correct order as well I'll leave it take for you guys I'll even take you to writing I'll take first initials of everything I don't have faith in anybody in this one I would know across the board on this one so we are attempting to the name all of the planets in our solar system coming out from the Sun in order in order from the Sun I'm going to start with the Sun Chris would you say how much you going to get right to win short so why don't you go ahead and tell question again okay and I don't know if anyone counts Pluto is a big ring so I didn't ask about the Civil War II what was the debate about it but let's see 4.0 Mercury or Venus can you are smarter than you know I was just saying that Neptune in actually switch orbit so sometimes during this is closer and sometimes Neptune's plus out of urine if they flip flop flip and flop it's actually true look it up smarty pants are the first edition of Bethany Patrick in for the next one the next one we were holding an event across the Atlantic Ocean for holding RTX London one of the biggest battles in any War ever was the invasion of the beach of Normandy on D-Day in World War II where is Normandy where is Normandy when will you guys just have to say what did I bet you'll know this and then you have to tell us where Normani Diaz let's confidence look at the confidence of Bethany's face knows this she thought they were prisoners in Alcatraz today is your word for it I need a friend to like watch me do it Barbara it's all your arteries what did you say she'll know it I mean yes I also said yes he said she will know it what are you asking specific can you get the Earth I'm going to say what country but is it a country Normandy so you both were correct you get theirs Normandy right there's a northern region of France so Chris what I got two answers both correct friend and you got friends as well guy sitting in her first game of Bethany no stuff in a tie so congratulations to our to Randy Champions Patrick and Chris Damaris got to be a tradition of nothing what would you do the tassel going back over there now that's okay I am actually really pressed and I only have him as a permanent guest on the pottery in geography like I don't know anything about it for anatomy keep in what century was King Arthur the ruler of England Century just guess it 12-12 Century guys going to repeat that I was going to say okay I should have brought that like The Sword in the Stone that was not a real a real hero right now I should know what are we announced for that for that show that we announced anything besides any gas burning including including anyone really okay that's all they're talking about that Patrick and I will be there so don't worry sexy question that maybe you can shed some light on this and I've seen fan to ask this wealth is not sold that event it sold out in how much time working so why not just say everything about it we're not trying to sell tickets it was only in there was no reason only because we were focused on Austin that's it was just like the focus was Austin making sure people were focused on you know excited about that show and yeah bring Live Events as they get bigger and bigger there's always challenges that we have this year the challenge was metal detector this is been a this is been a season of Live Events not just for us but everyone that wear safety has suddenly and probably long overdue has Canal come to the Forefront of that we have to have safe events we have to make sure you know their metal detector security checks and things like that place that I can think where we did that previously was it packed East in Boston and that was after the Boston Marathon bag checks and it's like that and so Anime Expo had some trouble with it on Saturday which was their first day we had some trouble with it on Friday but then you guys I guess burn the Midnight Oil and figured out how to solve that problem day out of the five RTX is I've been apart of now three being three Austin to Sydney and you know we take it seriously like our team was up super late we were not sleeping we were trying to come up with like a game plan to like fix it we felt that the ball was dropped you're not going to like blame you know blame anyone but like Jalen like you know it was on us to like figure out the solution and we had to feel comfortable with what we wanted to do and so we came up with this plan all of us you know working at the VIP party like in the corner like we literally were in the corner of the VIP party on the floor the laptops out people were trying to bring us drinks or like give us a couple hours and then we'll have a drink it's kind of scary cuz we decide to say this is the best plan and go for it and the next day it was like it kind of just worked in the guys are amazing like lifting the Guardians someplace on Saturday are average line wait was 6 minutes we see a lot in video games when do you know the designer video game for years nearest until you turn on the servers you Deb no idea until you like put into a live production environment and the history of RTX is kind of a test me that where the very first RTX we had we were going to sell 200 tickets to that event we broke the ticketing system and I sold 535 tickets will be $600 but was actually 5 it was the exact same number that we oversold the lazer team thing for it was last year I don't I cannot to bring the stuff up right before TX because I want to put ideas in anyone's head either so I just a weird thing we have a big event like that the last time I say it so for the first time ever having metal detectors because that it's like you put that last year someone pulled the fire alarm was that last year the year before on Friday did the fucken fire alarm we all had to evacuate the convention center while they went through and searched everything and it just like you know obviously want to bring that up right before an event because that can put that idea in someone's head out of our team because you know Alex was the only one that was with me last year so it's essentially you know a whole new team that came together and Patrick obviously has been at RT for 2 years too but like to only have not have run at the time I mean the five of us just works really well together I was really happy Alex yes she was with us she got to see it and I had my JW contact the next morning she was like yeah like we were tagged in all these like Instagram and Twitter like post and it was of you guys pulling your pants down tell me the photo she was happy with it the same thing you did you know shame on you you know I don't think I pulled the outline through my underwear hey Bethany no stuff that's literally you truly tweeted about Alcatraz today to do that more often question question no right people that like that of course but it's always fun when you have a question that the person answering does know the answer to but everyone else does that's kind of a hard thing to find like what is typically obvious or well-known information and the one person just doesn't know it but I got to say came up with the idea at like 10:30 a.m. and then immediately started talking people John rice to your through together the ends like Graphics Le create the music I said theme song composer he made the track like I think I provided the lovely vocals for it I just said everybody the vocal track and then everyone built off of that so busy now they're like if I time I would work on that but do you have one drop of they were doing make sure you told me about a year-and-a-half ago that you wanted to do with me it was nice when I wake up in the snail catraz to eat about anything that we started talking about but then you can Place using the hashtag RT Podcast and I think Ellie has used that the hashtag to put up the intro for Bethany knows stuff so you can take a look at that what are we allowed to reload to same thing by Ortiz London at all do we have peanut speaker not yet I would like to go to lunch first year Adventure toughman really always are that mean when we did our text Austin that was a tough year was in a hotel Ballroom that's where it started and then a field next to the studio we have the first night was in the I can't remember where but it was a big ball of John where you at the first RTX DoubleTree like and 183 Lowe's in the Drury Inn in downtown all the way across town from where the second day of him was so I was there too yeah I think I lost it I don't know if I have all my badges either RT Podcast to watching life so I guess it's the first member I'm sorry inspired slow-mo guy shirt that we went on sale at RTX and I fell in love with it cuz we were coming to the signings they were wearing it and I wanted to repay Gavin for all the years that he has worn a rooster teeth shirt in his Slow Mo Guys videos which is literally every single video he's ever done for the sum of the channel except for maybe like a couple of like being sponsored ones or something I think I literally thinking every single video he's worn a rich t-shirt of some kind we would get them wardrobe anything we get him a new any black now has to be washed can I go to if we lost the file like a digital file I would reach the Gap in before he worked for us cuz he archive everything we did yeah my personal website I used to store like on Burnet are used to store and directories like oh here's them after my house when at a party I would send people up the link to the map to my house and he was living in England England if he was like 16 and he started sending me the stuff in the directory like you found in front of back door to get in there director you got me like a map to my house and everything and yeah for sure just day 5 and then different project which we have an announcement so tell us about day 5 how did that go let me know I'm super excited because you never made which is High Praise from a number of different things so he's a huge fan to put it lightly I mean it's bigger in every way like especially the world show the world is a really cool stuff like some of the locations in particular that we had to build you guys had some unique challenges as well I mean we filmed in RTX Australia starts with me and then we are also filling out in the desert for several weeks 30 in the morning to get ready because I was working on that time and I met a guy that was he did sound and he told me that he photosynthesize energy by watching the sunrise so we watch the sunrise together and he said he didn't have to eat as much sunlight for the elements Patrick I know that to you that you didn't guess like even one I really am I thought about water and Diamond I got you walk me through it why diamond where. Maybe that was like silver gold diamond I didn't even know what carbon means but like what was the first one you said on the list I don't know that salt on there anything for you you got all that stuff right you know history and geography in there that's where it really gets me the history of World War II we were clearly there you go who are our allies who's the enemy Russia belong to you said Russian don't terminate in a very real and they were the Far Eastern front and fame shut the World War II was fought besides Europe what are the what are the replace was it was it was it battles in other parts of the world are they in those countries are just listen more continents Megan alright so who is it so who the enemy was Germany who were who were fighting alongside Germany can you name any go ahead just one Italy Italy but when you do that I don't know this is a Jeff does he told me I was right when I guess like when did America get discovered and I was like 75 and I landed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution the Declaration of Independence it was that just a Texas thing or like for the US which one the Declaration of Independence and Canada clear your date to me I got to go with the political stuff next and what was the other one you asked about the Constitution has our rights like carrying guns that's one of them freedom of speech yeah yeah yeah are we still are supposed to answer something history of History where did you want to go to embarrass ourselves and someone told me recently that the the pound I was going to ask you if you knew the currency of London but right now this company has in you I asked other people for questions it's some of the questions I got were and you can tell me this like what's the currency that used in Honolulu what's the name of it but isn't that part of the United so far down after brain go there with American dollars now it actually have a decent time for decent amount of money before I go to London and everything look like it was double the price of used to fish and chips for like 24 bucks but then you realize the pounds yeah and it's not that I'm wishing on the British economy while we show up for RTI said it like the stolen one or is your back illegally traded without is my backpack what have you stolen in your life what have your bags and then as soon as we got in the minivan to go home my parents could smell it from the back seat and they like where'd you get that like Bubblegum and they took us back to Target talk to the manager separately when we couldn't here and said I want you to scare the shit out of my kids so that they never steal again and so they satis up on this counter at Target and the manager came out and gave us this really Stern talking-to about how you could go to prison you could end up there forever and cried and cried and like we never sold again my dad made me go back turn it yeah it sucks I kind of opposite for me cuz when I was kid we would always steal gum from Walgreens I can put in your sock like while you're pretending to look at other stuff right exactly walk out and I never got caught and I did it for years and then I grew up I stole one that's a Sirius Black's wand gotta pay for it very public okay now this is not an interactive right so the interactive one is hollow you could smack the shit out somebody with that one the interactive sensor heater does things they could be way fucking better their life takes forever and then they got to be like slower and do it this way and you're like okay well how about you just have somebody back there for about another doing something another waiting to take their turn to do the exact same animation and interactive miss you no no super into it for like the first day and then like the second day I was just like you were like why did I even ask our social media for the person who says they bought a wand at Harry Potter and they got the wrong ones and there's nowhere in that will be owned it was a better what I don't want it was $6 more happy it's funny because the interactive one is only $6 more than the non-interactive one but this is why stickers better so 80 Cortez you said I should ask you about the Civil War discover America in 1775 so where was the civil war between 1812 Michael Edward in our own country well that's debatable can you take the light board and draw a hexagon will you take the time to do it it's a complicated structure I think I can get in close ladies drawing those are you listening on audio podcast I'm not pretty is it 6 mailed it you're hard to stop I thought you're going to be easier to start she any Blanchard to do it and then if you take me to London and you put me on the list I will go do that thing where they rolled cheese down the hell I know maybe I think if you get there first you get to get it but I think a hill in Scotland I want to say that's, and it's like a serious Hill it's like 75 degrees angle is what it looks like it's about to roll a wheel of cheese down it and then once a wheel starts rolling everyone can run after it and buy run they basically just fall down a cliff try not to the first and then what would he get when you get it then it's all like dirty in grass search for fucking thing of cheese that's it that's not like I can run down that hill without busting my ass what is that like a week itchy's call that was so like hope. Surely they're sure they do so next time we'll have to focus more on history and geography questions for the next version of Pasadena stuff current events when are taxes going on do we miss anything big Charlie day just wanted to say the Twitter can we just take a break from Trump for one day because I know there's going to be something there's going to be some huge Calamity like he's wearing you know the Russian flag on a shoulders or some shit and both sides are go crazy about it can we just not do that today can we just not talk about them today give me dedicate a day to something else now that's me crazy but the current and I'm not blaming the president and Anna playing the media it just combination is frenzy that everybody's in where is just like we can't talk about anything fucking else but her up but speaking to drop what happened did you sometimes have been no really I mean for what for him firing Comey blocking the investigation that does have to go through Congress which is going to be tough in that environment distinction to like Bill Clinton was impeached but not removed from office so those things you things don't go hand-in-hand like I hear it can be confusing for people who aren't part of this country acts like he went through the process of impeachment which is called being impeached and even Nixon was not impeached he just resigned from office before he could be basically clear that he was going to be an I don't know historically Bethany you live in DC anybody else impeached Louise Bennett something what's the Sam Adams Thomas Kinkade RC 2nd 63 I think Alexis would you didn't know it didn't know Andrew Jackson who is third Ronald Reagan how back it off he's like I got nothing to do with this and Jefferson Lenape Johnson ladybird he said James Madison King Arthur SpongeBob who who broke the door oh yeah question for you do you know what's soaking is so can come up with this or even worse I would be afraid I would come up with something even grosser and then I would really like for veal something like you know is it where you like in a hot tub for a long time and then I'll got it so boring to get a life we can just tell you it is anyone else John anybody want to do this in like very religious like Mormon communities where you stick your penis in a vagina but you don't thrust you just let it soak which is just is is that likes regular sex no but so can you just let it thanks but that means in religious communities it's not sex because you're not actually penetrating you're just hanging out someone a dude could come instantly and that still sex you just put it in like that. can you could just you could have you been there you can buy their insert or do I would say that like soaking is what she's describing is you do that exclusively and don't do anything else but you're telling me you never for like paws even as long as a minute or two minutes and then soaking can you stop how many back to soak back to the Ford extended. Time just be sitting there you've never had sex before and you're told that it's wrong and that's the best that it's going to get there's no way that if you've never had sex before and you have your penis in the vagina you can just sit there while I don't think that you just said that are the tell Doug what do you think would be more Awkward a traditional soaking or if you did it orally where in the mouth and even Reddit wear if you're naked you're naked but if you put on shoes you feel more naked even if you feel more exposed yeah if you have if you put on put on Tennessee from if I had clothes on all over me but had a very distinct empty space right here I'd feel even worse than folding ache like what shoes in particular like if you put on pants you feel half naked but if you put on shoes you feel more naked answer like you got naked and then put on your shoes I got to go somewhere run out but naked I think that's why I like doing it with shirts on cuz I feel like it's like wrong he gets a reaction to some like it I don't have a problem on you or on your partner either but I take them off because I've heard it's a point of contention people don't like you don't like that doesn't like socks on my yo like slide across the floor like a risky business what is exhaust pipe in a car do smoke comes out of it yes smoke I wanted you to give a specific answer there was someone I knew at one point in my life where she thought the exhaust pipe was thrust like it was like on the back of a spaceship she thought it was like a jet flies and if you block the tailpipes my car couldn't run because the momentum or whatever it is didn't work she thought that's what the car but not by the gas have you ever driven off with the gas tank the gas thing still the Palmdale just like flopping sings the no no no no no no I mean when you're at the gas station you put the gas in your car I need to rip the gas pump off at did that last week when you're not gonna pay for that or they're like blamed it on Allen that day you getting those things and they will charge you for that I have done that I have looked up you know what the pneumatic you but the drive-through yeah I did that one time I have I have that I used to put bottle caps in there hey if you guys don't you guys when you use Nate and you check to make sure there's none of those card readers on them you know I'm done I saw that today yeah off and I never got painted ATM I've gotten I've gotten to a point in my life now where I just don't take back coin change. Like if it like I was at Starbucks today and I ordered a Starbuck and I got it and I'm a starving my coffee and it was 3:48 and I gave I accept that for bucks I gave him 4 bucks I said Thank you and I just walked away so it's like but I feel like I just gave him a really bad to lose it kind of shity tip and then I've got the bucket of change at home and I'm just like then you got to go up and be like I'm like the change in my change from money and I feel like I can't afford rent so I'm here yeah those vending machines in grocery stores here in Texas they might be all over the place I don't know I don't look out for your buckets and change into it and then it's sorted and then everyone the stores looking at you talking loud noise startled that they could at the end of the summer they can clean the house and they can keep all the change if they took it making course found $250 change is about somebody lesson on economics was like I gave him a jar to start them off and then they went through everything the house money change and I got like 250 bucks why did they find the most changed like your house is super super clean when when they were like what is the different like for and they would have been 7 probably teach about money and saving money and stuff like that totally fucked that up cuz you give a 7 year old 125 box to play millionaire you know how much money they had and we went in there like what's it counted wrong I sent to look they take a percentage they take a they take their Center like that plays for the machines they were like that should be like $0.05 that's how much they should you take 7% from 250 bucks 10% is $25 and the tip you tip I always tip at least 20% at least a minimum 20% to make it hard for me even if service is bad I think about the full operation of the restaurant not just you know what what like one component was bad and I don't want everyone to get screwed over I don't know I always to 20% at least do you wish that they would just include in the prices for the shuttle from the long-term parking and shuttle person I didn't know that apparently you are I'm sleep but that's their job have to have cash do it another penis I wouldn't neither confirm nor deny that I move smart move that's the way to do that penis in arts yeah I bet people are fucking all over the place before bathroom for sure I heard it I think it was I had to speak for all the doors that have been kicked in and that's where people have had sex of the event we're have about fifteen thousand so we'll be announcing that in the next few weeks not going to be very many so when we announced it be we can weekend so we will make sure that marketing puts out a couple things I either an e turn our on Twitter or website but just keep an eye out because whenever we released those limited that limited amount that will be it we will not be able to add anymore cuz we'll be at capacity will you announce anybody before that who's clearly I mean you did like all the panel can I name anyone anyone to think outside the box Patrick Stewart okay you said that you had in mind came to my office and maybe next year and Jenna Jameson you're going to keep this is where it gets personal interview and your family talk to my employees they'll know what I don't know what we won't know Christy closing top hot alright well thank you joining us on this special Thursday edition of the podcast we will see you back here on Monday for our regular broadcast